Did you see in The Celt (1938 to 1949)?

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January 10th 1938

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January 10th 1938:


YMS Annual General Meeting .Chairman Rev.John Maguire Secretary Denis Long Vice Chairman Phil Ruddy Treasurer Mick Fox. Spiritual Director Father Joe Sheridan. Comittee John M Breen Paddy O Reilly Gerry Lovett Joe Cullivan and J McCann. Admitted as members Edward Garry Bertie Soden Edward Gorman Jim Fay Stan Mullery J Lynch John Maguire Kevin Green Michael Sheridan Sean Sheridan Rev T O Dowd Jack Moore B Haig F Cahill L Fitzpatrick Kevin McEntee Thomas Igoe Michael Murray and John Donohoe.

March 15th German troops pour across the border to take over Austria. The German Fuehrer was welcomed by tumultuous crowds in Vienna. Both Britain and France have objected strongly to this union.

April 26th 1938 End of Anglo Irish Economic War the Treaty Ports retained by the British are restored to the Irish Free State and all punitive tariffs between the two nations have been lifted.

June 30th: 1938


ouglas Hyde becomes the 1st President of Ireland in modest splendour at a ceremony in Dublin Castle.

September 13th 1938:


athedral Committee meet in Temperance Hall. Cavan Reps. John F O Hanlon P N Smith Patrick O’Reilly Tom Burke Benny Whelan John Brady Paddy Gaffney Patrick McCarren Peter Soden Barney O’Reilly Benny Smyth Tom McGuinness Phil Cassells Vincent Cullen and John Magee.

September 30th 1938:


avan retain their All Ireland Minor Crown. John Johnston and Paddy Conaty are the Slasher's representatives.

Same Week: Father Malachy Byrne is proposed for membership of Cavan CYMS by the Adm. Father John Maguire and seconded by Rev  Father Joe Sheridan (Spiritual Director).

October 9th 1938:


aretaker of Cavan CYMS Michael Smith (‘Darkie’) 9 Owen Roe applies for an increase of 5/- per week. The Committee grant him 2/6d which brings his weekly wage to 17/6d.

Neville Chamberlain returns from Munich declaring ‘Peace in our time”. Everything Hitler looked for he granted in a Munich accord. Winston Churchill called it a sell out to Hitler and sending the wrong message with regard to Britain’s stomach for a war. Accord betrays all guarantees give to Czchech Government as Hitler’s troops massed in vast numbers take over Czechoslovakia.

October 29th 1938:


YMS Annual General Meeting: President John M Breen Vice President H L Smyth Treasurer P O’Reilly Secretary Billy Browne. Spiritual Director Father J Sheridan. Committee L Wall Joe O’Rourke B Clarke and Phil Ruddy NT. also present were Joe Finnegan Jimmy Finlay Matt McCutcheon Jimmy Brennan Tom Fitzpatrick John Mulloy Packy Leonard Jim Rafter and Pat McGovern.

November 10th 1938 Thousands of Jewish shops and homes vandalized across Germany. Herman Goering says “they should have killed more Jews and broken less glass”!


January 15th 1939


YMS General Meeting: President Phil Ruddy, Spiritual Director Rev J Sheridan CC, Secretary Gerry Lovett, Treasurer Mick Fox. Committee: J Tracey P J Smyth P O Reilly

Same Week: Monthly meeting of Cavan Urban Council Miss Mary Brady presided other members present were Phil Ruddy NT (Vice Chairman),T F Flynn, Aidan Geraghty, Sean Magee, Joe McKiernan, John Moore and Pat Quinn. Messers J J McGuinness (Town Clerk), Paddy Gaffney BE (Town Surveyor), Packy Cullen (Town Superintendent), Jimmy Fitzpatrick (Waterworks Caretaker) and T Smyth (Weighmaster) were also in attendance.

January 30th 1939


eath in France of the poet William Butler Yeats at the age of 73. “His lyrics were created out of the substance of this country”

February 3rd On his 57th birthday in Paris James Joyce celebrated the publication of his third novel ‘Finnegan’s Wake’

February 11th 1939:


avan beaten by Bangor(10 points to Nil) in second round of Provincial Cup Rugby at Dromkeen Loreto College .Cavan team. F Griffin Rev W J Steele, Alan Pollock, M O Beirne, V H Howard, Victor Barham, B Farrell, Dr.F P E Smith, CJ Wright, Edward O Hanlon, Rev RC H Turkington, B Gilmour, M Flannery, J Stewart,  Rev M Porteous.

Same Week: Billiards Inter Town league featured teams from Cootehill, Monaghan, Belturbet and Clones

February 18th 1939:


avan CYMS announce their first Annual Whist Drive in the Temperance Hall on the 28th of March 1939.Prize money £6 with tickets priced at 2/-

Same Week: The Celt announce the death of Pope Pius X1 in Rome.

Table Tennis: The match between the Town Hall and the CYMS was postponed as a mark of respect to the late Pope Pius X1.

February 20th 1939:


unaway Rascal owned by Mickey Reilly Publican Upper Main Street into Round 4 of  the Irish Derby Stakes in Clonmel

March 4th 1939:


enediction and Te Deum in old Cathedral in thanksgiving for the election of Pope Pius X11.

Same Week: Anglers Club: Officers elected for 1939:Chairman J F O’ Hanlon, VC James Donohoe (College Street), Treasurer Mick Smyth, Secretary Alan Pollock, Committee: Johnny Donohoe, F E Kennedy, George V Maloney, M Lee, A J Murdoch, E H Kennedy, Ernie Smith, E White, Andy McEntee (Junior) and Austin Brady.

In the final of the Young People’s Cup in Clones on Tuesday night E .Lendrum beat W Brownlee and received a cue in case.

Same Week:Camogie County Board: Paddy Reilly Athbara (Chairman), Miss O Reilly (Killygarry) VC, Secretary: Rita Sullivan (Cavan) and Treasurer Mrs Hennessy (Cootehill).

March 29th 1939:


nd of Spanish Civil War as General Franco claims Madrid and many of the Republican combatants have fled to France. As many as a half million casualties died in the bitter civil war. Many of the Republicans have already fled to France.


April 15th 1939:


avan Catholic Boy Scouts Broadcast from Radio Eireann. The Boy Scouts Harmonica Band under their conductor John Donohoe (Scoutmaster) with John Sharkey using “his splendid baritone voice” to sing ‘Come Back Paddy Reilly’. Robert Ryan played a solo of ‘Ave Maria’ followed by contributions by E Geraghty and Phillip Smith. Seamus Gilheaney made the introductions on the microphone. Band-Tremolos Charles Donohoe, Eamonn Geraghty, Robert Ryan, John Sharkey, Kevin Sheanon, Philip Smyth, Gerald Cassidy, Patrick Halligan, Freddie Finlay, Sean Smith, Terry Cassidy, Sean Greene and Brendan Miney, :Organs Patrick Breslin, Dennis Brennan, Joe Ryan, Tony Brady and Jim Fay. Altos Kevin Miney, Michael Cosgrove, George Leddy, Jackie Fitzpatrick. Thomas Duffy, Vincent Donohoe, Joe Hickey, Peter Sexton, Norbert Igoe, Michael Smith and Brendan Dunne,

Same Week: Tommy Farr beat American Clarence (Red) Burmann on points at Harringay Arena London.

September 9th 1939


utbreak of World War 2-“long conflict expected” Hitler after months of building up troops on the Polish Border marches into Poland and takes control of ‘the Polish Corridor’ . France and Britain issued ultimatum to pull out of Poland ignored and Neville Chamberlain on a bright sunny day declared that Britain was now at War with Germany. To the East of embattled Poland the Red Army are massed in what observers says is a clear indication that Hitler and Stalin have agreed to carve up Poland between them.


October 10th 1939


ridie Kelly, Mary O’ Connell, Mairead Murray, Isolda Dolan Mary Timlin head the list of Honours in Intermediate Certificate at Loreto College.

Same Week: General Help wanted by October 18th 1939 reliable, steady girl for Business house .Plain cooking. Salary 35/- per month (rising).

October 21st 1939:


illygarry beat Crubany in County Camogie Final Replay. Killygarry: Bridie O’ Reilly (Capt.), Nora O’ Reilly, Julia O’ Reilly, Kathleen O’ Reilly, Kathleen Smyth, Mollie Donohoe, Peggy Lynch, Ailish McMahon, Moya Donnolly, Kathleen Brady and Lizzie Conaty. Rita Sullivan captained Crubany.

November 11th 1939:


est cooking and eating apples 1/- per stone. William Gordon Killyfassey.

Daring raid by IRA on Ammunition Depot at the Phoenix Park. As much as a million rounds of ammunition are missing after the raid on Christmas Eve 1939.

December 30th 1939 Worst night of German blitz on London as the Germans try to burn this great city to the ground. Saint Paul’s burnt to the ground on a Sunday night at Christmas when the Germans estimated the British would be less prepared to defend themselves. It is estimated that 4,000 people per night are being killed all over Britain by Nazi Air Raids.



January 20th 1940:


YMS Committee: President John M Breen, Secretary Billy Browne, Treasurer Guard L Wall, Spiritual Director Father Joe Sheridan. Committee: Phil Ruddy Joe O Rourke B Clarke and Hughie Smyth .Father John Maguire Adm. addressed the meting

Same Week: Annual Meeting of Drumcrave Band Committee elected were Mr B Young (Chairman),P Smith (Treasurer),Andy O’ Brien (Secretary) Committee J Leddy, Robert McCabe, T O’Keeffe, M Coyle, W Sheridan and J O’ Reilly.

William Joyce a Galway man and former associate Oswald Mosley broadcasts nightly to Britain and Ireland from Berlin. His scaremongering broadcasts are meant to sap the spirit of the British people but instead the aptly named ‘Lord Haw

Haw (Speaks with a grand upper class English voice) has become an object of derision

February 3rd 1940:


avan Legion beat Enniskillen at home: T Coyle 150 beat Adams 121,Michael Breslin 222 lost to H Morris 250,Tom McCusker 250 beat J Presley220,J McIlvanna 121 lost to T Morris 150,P Smith 127 lost to J Jones 250.Tom McCusker made breaks of 23,32,27,38,26.Michael Breslin had breaks of 48 and 22.

Two Irish men Peter Barnes and James McCormack were executed by hanging at Birmingham Jail for their part in the IRA Coventry Bombing last year. The evidence condemning them was far from convincing . All Sporting and Entertainment events in Ireland are cancelled in protest.

February 10th 1940:

Publicans in Cavan town increase the price of a bottle of Guinness to 7 pence.

March 3rd 1940:


lones were at home to Cavan CYMS on last Sunday, the visitors winning by three games to two. Clones names first; D Maguire 181 Joe Higgins 250,J Rooney 247 Hughie Smith 250,M Connolly 150 Joe O’ Rourke 73,Garda H Duffy 138 Mick Fox 150,L Brady 250 Gerry Lovett 239.

Same Week: The prize for the highest break in the Enniskillen tournament was won by Michael Breslin (Cavan Legion) with a break of 47.

April 17th Hundreds die in terrible bombing in Belfast. Mr DeVelera sent seventeen units of Dublin Fire Brigade to help fight the numerous fires as Germany tightens its grip from the air. De Velera commented the people in the North were our own people after all!

May 11th 1940 Winston Churchill faces a huge task as he takes over as Prime Minister in England which is almost on its knees from Germany bombardment. His first words are I offer you nothing but blood sweat toil and tears but our eventual victory over this evil enemy is assured. Meanwhile Germany who have taken over almost all of Europe including Scandinavia are turning their attention to France. William Joyce a Galway man and former associated of Oswald Mosley is broadcasting each night from Germany. He has become an object of derision with his bold broadcasts of imminent doom for Britain.

August 22nd 1940 Exiled Bolshevik leader Leon Trotsky was murdered in Mexico City yesterday proving that Stalin’s Arm is indeed long. The killer Ramon Mercader got close to Trotsky by posing as a supporter before smashing the back of his head with an axe pick

October 13th 1940:


YMS Annual General Meeting: President Gerry Lovett, Vice President Mick Fox, Treasurer C Burns Secretary Eugene Monahan, Spiritual Director Father Joe Sheridan. Committee John M Breen Billy Browne John Weston and Pat McKiernan.

October 26th 1940:


illiard Fixture November 3rd CYMS home to Clones, November 10th away to Cavan Legion, November 17th away to Belturbet CYMS, November 24th away to Clones, December 1st home to Cavan Legion. Saint Michael’s Enniskillen regret “due to World War 2 they are unable tot take part this season”.

November 2nd 1940:


mergency Committee: Bishop Patrick Lyons (Presiding) Father John Maguire, Secretary H F Kennedy (Hibernian Bank).Committee Rev Shire, Patrick McCarren, Frank Lee (Tullyco),Matt Boylan (Butlersbridge), Con P Smith, John F Conaty, John F O’ Hanlon, Patrick Greene (Saint Patrick’s Terrace) and E H Kennedy. Paddy Gaffney (Town Surveyor) was appointed Air Raid Warden for the town with power to co opt Assistant Air Raid Wardens for the outlying areas

Same week Red Cross: Father John Maguire, Senator Paddy Baxter, Surgeon Cullen, P N Smith, J F O’ Hanlon, James McDermott, H F Kennedy, Alan Fagan, J G Butler, Seamus Gilheaney NT, Mrs McMullin, Mrs Patrick McCarren, Miss Maggie McCabe and DT Dwane who proposed a vote of sympathy to Doctor Clarke Tower Hamlet on the recent death of his wife

November 23rd 1940:


YMS beat Cavan Legion by 4 games to 1 away. Joe Higgins (CYMS) 250 beat Tom McCusker 239,while Packy Leonard beat Stan Mullery by187 to 175

Same Week:

Certificates Presented by Irish Red Cross: Doctor Clarke (Tutor) and Dr. T P O’ Reilly (Examiner). Recipients were Lilly Beatty, Olive Black, Kay Brady (Maurice), Kathleen Lunn, Kathy Smyth, Theresa Smyth, Rita Sullivan, Maureen Mullery, Maggie McCabe, Billy Browne and Tom Fitzpatrick.

December 7th 1940:


YMS beat Cavan Legion 3 games to 2 (Home):Joe Higgins 169 lost to Tom McCusker 250,Packy Leonard 250 beat Stan Mullery 169,H L Smith216 lost to Michael Breslin 250,Joe O’ Rourke 250 beat J McAviney 218,Gerry Lovett 250 beat J O’ Neill 228.Breaks:Leonard (CYMS) 62,29 (twice),27,19:Joe Higgins 32,26:Hughie Smith 31,27 Joe O Rourke:27,25.Gerry Lovett 22 (twice):McCusker (Legion) 41,20.Breslin 25,22.McAvinny 25,22.O Neill 28,29,27.


January 14th 1941:


eath in Zurich Switzerland of peritonitis of the Dublin author and playwright James Joyce at the age of 59. He recently fled from his home in German occupied France. In 1922 James Joyce shocked and divided the literary world with his experimental novel Ulysses

February 15th 1941:


arm of land with dwelling place and out houses £500 secures.

Same Week: Wanted immediately young man to milk and do general farm work £9 per quarter.

March 8th 1941:


otatoes at all time high price of 1-03d per stone.


Same Week: Condolence to Mrs Joseph Hickey on the death of her brother Patrick Carville Mullingar.

March 15th 1941:


ndrew McCarren J P CUDC died at his residence ‘Brookvale’ after a long illness. He is survived by his wife and sons  Patrick, Andrew, Tom, Dr. John. his daughters Mrs Kiernan, Margaret English and Sister Mary Paul of the Holy Rosary Convent Killeshandra. Member of the first Cathedral Committee of 1917,his was the first donation of £500 which he continued to supplement over the years. As a mark of respect, at the request of Bishop Lyons John Sisk and Company ceased all work on the new Cathedral during his Removal and Funeral.

Same Week: Death of Bertie Wellwood CE‘Springville’ (Rick and Carmel Lewis’ House).Distinguished Engineer with Cavan County Council.

Train to Railway Cup Final on Sunday 18th of March price 6/6 from Cavan, Ballyhaise or Redhills.

Tom McManus Contractors finish the new TB Hospital at Lisdarn at a cost of £90,000

March 29th 1941:


avan CYMS Boxing Club Training in Temperance Hall next Sunday and Wednesday.

April 2nd 1941:


ames Cullen and Sons Connolly Street were the lowest tenders for the supply of chairs to the Town Hall at 4/6d each Similar chairs supplied by the firm to the Town Hall thirty years earlier are still in use.

April 23rd 1941:


undreds dead in Belfast Air Raids as Britain is bombarded by the German Lufthansa

German troops take over Greece symbolically raising the Swastika over the Acropolis. British and Greek troops fled south to embark to England.

June 2nd 1941 North Strand in Dublin is extensively bombed with 30 killed and 2,500 people being made homeless. German bombers dropped landmines on Dublin’s North inner city causing devastation and chaos. Assurance sought from German authorities in Berlin for apology and assurance that this act of terror and destruction will not be visited again on neutral Eire.

Meanwhile Germany surprisingly turns its attention against Stalin led Russia after signing non aggression pact with Stalin. As many as 100 Divisions massed along the 1800 mile border with Russia from the Arctic Circle to the Black Sea. Russians flee in bewilderment and disarray. Hitler is hoping his Blitzkrieg tactics will see him capture Moscow before winter sets in and not be caught like another dictator Napoleon in 1812 when he had to beat a very hasty and blood retreat from frozen Russia.

September 15th 1941:


avan Slashers end Cornafean’s 6 in a row attempt and win the County Final(1-04 to 1-02) in ‘stormy’ conditions. Team: Pa Sheridan J Browne Frank Dowling James McGahern Tom Cahill T P O’ Reilly Josie Greenan B Hunt Mick Fallon E McEntee Paddy Conaty (captain) Joe Devlin John Johnston Paddy Lynch and M J (Sonny) Magee.

September 27th 1941 Kerry beat Cavan 9 points to 4 to win their 6th Junior crown at sparsely attended Croke Park where there was no band no parade and no match programmes. Cavan and Kerry supporters failed to travel due to War time restrictions and it was left to Kerry and Cavan people working in Dublin to cheer on their favourites. Cavan won the toss and elected to defend the Railway goal with a slight breeze in their favour but a blinding sun in their eyes It was Kerry’s 2nd All Ireland Championship in a week having beaten Galway comprehensively a week ago in the Senior Final.Magnificient display by Kerry who were man for man at least 3 stone bigger and stronger than Cavan who missed the brilliance of Michael Fallon and Simon Deignan from their Ulster Final team. Kerry used their high catching and kicking game to effect while their forwards combined brilliantly but did not breach the Cavan goal magnificently guarded by Des Benson Kerry led by 5-3 at half time after dominating the first half. Kerry again dominated the 3rd quarter with only the magnificence of the Cavan defence saving them from a massacre. Both teams played a high brand of fast open football with Cavan inclined to bunch more and their catching was not as impressive as Kerry. Cavan had undergone Collective Training for the game but Kerry trained normally and many of these players are destined for greatness in Kerry Senior teams. Cavan J D Benson Croghan Tom Cahill Cavan Slashers J F McGahern Captain Cornafean M Argue Bailieboro James Reilly Bailieboro Patrick Coyle Kill Josie Greenan Cavan Slashers and Willie Doonan Cavan Slashers T Hennessy Cootehill B Hunt Cavan Slashers Josie Devlin Cavan Slashers Phelim Coyle Kill James Coyle Kill and PJ Clarke Bailieboro.Subs J McGahern Cavan John O Reilly Bailieboro T Roe Killinkere J Conroy Killinkere J J Cassidy Arva Kerry J Sheehy Tralee T Barrett Dingle T Brosnan Dingle D Lyne Killarney DJ Healy Tralee M McCarthy Castleisland T Sullivan Dingle James Kennington Austin Stacks J Murphy Listry P McCarthy O Rahilly’s W O Donnell Tralee P Sexton Killarney T Long Dingle T Lyne Tralee P O Donoghue Tralee.

IRA Chief of Staff Stephen Hayes presents at Rathmines Garda Station saying he had been held in captivity and tortured at a nearby house for the last two months by Republican enemies.

November 22nd 1941:


iring Fair: Experienced Farmhands from £18 to £25 per quarter (kept).Youths from £11-10s-0d to £14-0-0d.There were only 3-4 girls and these were all engaged at £8-£11 (kept) for the quarter.

Same Week


YMS branch in Ballinagh “Society fosters the spiritual, intellectual, social and physical welfare of its members”!

December 8th 1941:


apanese Raid on Pearl Harbour “awakes the sleeping giant”. Japanese attack came completely without warning against neutral America after Japanese Premier Hideki Tojo had told the US “there is nothing to fear in this war”. President Roosevelt will address Congress to morrow and is expected to announce that the USA of America are now at war.  Four state of the art battleships are sunk fifteen warships badly damaged 188 USA Air Force planes destroyed another 159 badly damaged . Over 2,400 people lost their lives most of them naval personel.r



January 22nd 1942:


ramatic Society Cavan: President John Fay-Smith ,Mary Brady CUDC (VP), Michael Harding (Treasurer and Secretary).Committee Andy O Brien, Maggie McCabe, Josephine O’ Reilly, J Maguire, B Boylan. Catering: Dermot Morgan, Seamus Gilheaney and John Fay-Smith.

January 28th 1942:


YMS 3rd Annual Invitation Dance on Sunday 1st of February.

.February 14th 1942


eath of Mrs Rose Young (Wife of Tommy Young) Ashe Street.

Same Week: Eamonn DeVelera (Taoiseach) at Cavan Convention of Fianna Fail in the Courthouse).

February 28th1942


apacity attendance for a glittering night of boxing in the Town Hall. Cavan CBSI outclass Cootehill by 8 bouts to 6.:6st 7lbs:Tom O Connor beat F Brady Cootehill with a series of uppercuts in all three rounds. Vincent O Connor lost to the more experienced N Fay. Middleweight: Tom Dale beat F Bell in a ‘splendid’ contest. Lightweight:. The heavy punching John P Smith beat M McCoy in the bout of the night. Bantam: Michael Agnew lost to E Mullen tko round 3.Brendan Dunne beat Tommy Swarbrigg –Dunne finishing in style. Welterweight: .John Sharkey lost to J Gallagher after a very bright start. .Officials and Judges Rev.Fr McGloughlin (President of the Irish Boxing Association).T Cawley (Secretary of the Ulster Boxing Assoc.)Referee J Sayers (VP of Ulster Boxing Assoc.) .JF O’ Hanlon was MC. Timekeepers Guard L Wall and J C Howley while Dr.Jack Sullivan and Dr T P O Reilly attended the ‘wounded’.

March 7th 1942:


YMS Whist Drive breaks all records with 88 tables in action. Winners: Top Score Jim McCabe Latnadrona £6.Ladies K McCabe Cavan (1st) £1-10s-00d,.The following all from Cavan receive £1 Miss Clarke (Swellan),Mrs GV Maloney, Miss A Morgan, Miss M Holding, Miss Clarke, Mrs Maisie Magee, Mrs P A Smyth, Mrs Patrick McCarren, Miss Rita Sullivan, Miss Finlay, Mrs Vincent Cullen, Mrs Ned Kinsella, Mrs Phil Reilly Imperial Hotel and Mrs Boles. Gents: Jerome Casey, Pa Sheridan, Master Tony Brady ,T Conlon, W Sheridan, JJ Kennedy, P Greenan, D O’ Brien, Jim Fay J Smith, Jim Rafter, Tom McCarren, Rev. Jimmy O Reilly, Robbie Woods, G Kane, J Delaney. Raffle for a side of ham(Presented by McCarren’s) Winner Miss Anderson N T Castletara

March 14th 1942


eath of Mrs  Margaret Frayne sister of Kathy and Benny McManus Upper Main Street.

March 28th 1942:


ord Farnham’s timber mill burnt down despite gallant efforts of Fire Tender manned by Jimmy Dawson, Louis Mallon and Phil Writt.

June 23rd 1942 Stalin’s non aggressive pact with Hitler is in tatters as German troops massing on the Russian border for several weeks invade the vast country. A staggering 100 Divisions along the 1800 mile border from the Arctic Cirle to the Black Sea invade Russia . The Russians are taken totally  by surprise and retreat in disarray. Vast and hostile terrain and Hitler must ensure that he has the War with Russia wrapped up before the onset of winter which his troops may not be as well prepared for as his Russian counterparts.

October 3rd 1942:


edication of New Cathedral. Stewards provided by the Confraternity, Saint Vincent De Paul and Cavan CYMS. Town decorated in National and Papal colours. Poor Clare Convent together with residents of Church Street and Urney Terrace outstanding display of flags and bunting. Cathedral Committee Cavan Reps. John F O Hanlon (Chairman),P N Smith, Joe McKiernan, John Clarke, Patrick Reilly, Benny Whelan, Johnny Brady, Paddy Gaffney, Patrick McCarren, Peter Soden, Barney O Reilly, Benny (Mopsy) Smith, Tom McGuinness and Phil Cassells.

War News Tide begins to turn for the Allies as America enters the War and puts the crack Japanese Navy to flight in the battle of Midway in the Pacific as General Nimitz claims to have sunk three Japanese Aircraft carriers and damaged up to 12 Aircraft carriers in one of the biggest Naval battles ever recorded which ended on June 8th 1942. Montgomery wins the Battle of Alamein in North Africa. British troops broke through the Axis lines and the enemy are in full retreat. The Germans have lost 60,000 men and Field Marshal Rommel their ace strategist has been relieved of his duties by Hitler on November 5th 1942.

Russian troops break through the besieged city of Stalingrad and punched a hole in Axis lines they have reached the River Don and ensured supplies to the beleaguered city. For months a massive force of 22 German Divisions has been laying siege to Stalingrad where Russian forces led by General Chuikov have been clinging to nine miles along the Rive Volga. Some are estimating that casualties have already passed the million mark by the end of November 1942.

In Ireland the Emergency is in full swing with electricity cut off for most of the day. All private motoring is banned with bicycle sales soaring through the roof. All fuels are now rationed as are most foods. Walkers through the Phoenix Park have rechristened the main road as ‘The Old Bog Road’ because of the piles of turf being cut and stacked there. While many city dwellers have been allocated allotments to grow vegetables in the Phoenix Park. Deer had become a problem eating the vegetables until the Government ordered a cull and many Dubliners were delighted to taste venison for the very first time.

Meanwhile the Yanks are at war with Japan and have just inflicted their first defeat on Japan at Medway in the battle for the Pacific. Three Japanese air craft carriers were sunk and a dozen Japanese war ships in the biggest ever sea battle stated Admiral Nimitz in charge of United States troops in the Pacific.

Air Marshal Sir Arthur Harris ‘Bomber Harris’ broadcasting to Germany tells the German people to expect devastating air raids from Britain every night hail rain or snow.

German troops meanwhile in one of the worst atrocities of World War Two clear the Jewish ghetto in Warsaw slaughtering over 50,000 Jews in a carefully planned mass murder in September 1942

October 17th 1942:


ig crowds at Cavan Carnival in giant marquee erected at the tennis courts Town Hall.




February 6th 1943:


DF Whist Winner Top Score 170 (£5) George Lynch (Sligo),1st Lady Mrs Peter Mullen Man Street(157),2nd Mrs McGillicuddy (Farnham Street) and 3rd  Mrs R N Wellwood (Cootehill Road) tied at 146 each.1st Gent Patsy Smith (162),2nd Gent George Ponder (150).Raffle for a tyre was won by Miss Maggie Hickey Main Street. John M Breen was MC and P N Smith returned thanks to the patrons for their support.

Same Week: Cavan Players President Tom Fitzpatrick, Maggie McCabe (VP)

Secretary and  Treasurer J C Howley. Committee: Andy O Brien, Seamus Gilheaney and M J Magee.

February 17th 1943 Russia begins liberating the cities held by the German invaders and have pushed German troops back toward their own borders. After their success in Stalingrad the Russians reclaimed the cities of Rostov Kursk and Voroshilovgrad and Kharkov.

May 18th 1943 Dambusters from the RAF daring raid on German dams flooding vast areas of the German countryside in the Ruhr and Eder valleys. They blew a huge hole in Mohne Dam and destroyed the Eder Dam the biggest in Europe flooding vast areas of the surrounding countryside.

February 27th 1943:


ragic Convent Fire-35 children dead in Cavan Orphanage in the early hours of Wednesday 24th .Dead are named as Mary A Harrison aged 15 (Dublin),Mary Hughes 15 from Killeshandra, Eileen McHugh from Blacklion aged 15, Kathleen (12) and Frances (9) McKiernan Virginia, Mary (15) and Margaret (10) Lynch of Tullymongan Cavan, Josephine (15) and Mona (11 ½ ) Cassidy from Belfast, Kathleen Reilly (14) Butlersbridge Mary (12) and Josephine(10) Carroll Castlerahan, Mary E (16) and Susan (14) McKiernan Dromard Cavan, Rose H Wright (13) Ballyjamesduff, Mary Barrett (12) and her twin sister Nora Dublin, Mary K Kelly (10) Ballinagh, Mary Brady (7) Ballinagh, Dorothy Daly (7) Cootehill, Mary Ivers (12) Wicklow, Philomena Regan (9) Dublin, Harriett(11 ½) and Ellen (8 ½) Payne Dublin, Teresa White (6 ½) Dublin, Mary C Roche (6 ½) Dublin, Ellen Morgan (10) Virginia, Elizabeth Henphy (4) Swords County Dublin, Mary P O Hara (7 ½) Kilnaleck, Bernadette Seridge Dublin, Katherine (9) and Margaret (7) Chambers Enniskillen, Mary Lowry (17) Drumcrow Ballinagh, Bridget (17) and Mary(18 ½) Galligan Drumcassidy Cavan and Mary Smith (30) a cook employed in the Poor Clare Convent. Louis Blessing and Matty Hand first on the scene. The latter states that “all the switches in the Convent were in the off position when examined by him at 2 am on Wednesday”.

Same Week: Inquest  Dr. J Stuart opened the inquest into the fire at the Poor Clare Convent  on Wednesday night in the Courthouse. Jury: James Gough (Foreman),R S Black, Tom McKenna, Maurice Brady, Frank O’ Rourke, James Boles, John Kennedy, Ned Cinnamond and Tommy Mc Donald.

Eddie and Bernard Flood Funeral Undertakers Abbey Street assisted by their nephew Jimmy Meehan arrange the Removal and Funeral from the Cathedral of Saints Patrick and Felim Cavan to Cullies

Same Week: CYMS Table Tennis Jim Fay beat A Galligan, Dickie Mullery beat Peter Soden. Final Dickie Mullery beat Jim Fay. Eamonn Dwane refereed and Gerry Lovett made the presentations.

March 20th  1943


YMS Whist Drive 90 tables.Top Score D McDermott (Tully Killeshandra) received 2 Ton of Turf..Other winners were Kathleen Sullivan Church Street and Mick Fox Main Street. The raffle for a ham (donated by McCarren’s) was won by Kathleen Maguire Tullyco. Father Malachy Byrne thanked the patrons while Gerry Lovett was the MC.

Same Week: Feis Breifne fixed for Breffni Park on the 6th of June. Brother Florence and Rev. Terence McManus co-opted to Committee.

April 20th 1943:


avan CYMS Table Tennis beat Monaghan away. Winners of the singles for Cavan were Peter Soden, Dickie Mullery, Jim Fay, Sean McConnell, Tommy McCormick, Eamonn Dwane and D T Dwane. Visitors entertained to a lavish tea .On return to Cavan the Secretary (Eugene Monahan) was instructed to formally thank the Monaghan club and invite them to visit Cavan.

July 3rd 1943:


avan Mineral Waters buy the old Boy’s School at Dublin Road for£1,200.


Same Week: A Veale (County Manager) announces that each Blood Donor is to receive an ex gratia payment of 1 guinea (£1-1s-0d.).

Death of Jim Sexton (Carpenter) and Peggy Brady sister of Vera Upper Main Street.

B Kelly’s 5 Bridge Street broken into.£50 in cashbox together with quantity of cigarettes, till and takings 37s/6d missing.

Same Week: De Valera re-elected Taoiseach.

August 7th 1943 Hamburg in ruins as over seven square miles of this great city are obliterated and the city reduced to smouldering debris after eight days continuous bombing by RAF planes. The worst fire storm yet swept the city last night resulting in over 50,000 deaths.

Meanwhile Italy has surrendered to the Allies. General Ike Eisenhower tell Italians that all Italians who help to repel the German invader will have the full support of Allie troops. Germany still has 18 Divisions massed on the borders in Italy.

Stalin Roosevelt and Churchill meet for the firs time at summit with Joseph Stalin very suspicious of both British and American intentions declaring that he is intent on the destruction of Germany and Soviet occupation of the country following the War. Roosevelt tells Churchill to act diplomatically as they don’t want to rock the boat at this delicate juncture of the War.

August 28th 1943 After defeating Monaghan in the Ulster Final before a disappointing crowd of 2,500 due to war time restrictions on travelling Cavan played a very strong Cork team in the first meting between the two sides in the Championship. As with many Cork teams they were physically stronger but spoiled outfield play with poor finishing Cork led by 1-5 to 0-3 at half time. Cavan closed the gap in the early stages of the second half with 2 points and then Joe Stafford struck with a great goal after 13 minutes to level the game .The rest of the game was fought out in a welter of excitement with Cavan scoring 2 points to Cork’s 2 to give them a narrow 1-8 to 1-7 victory and meting with newcomers Roscommon who had just got the better of a wasteful Louth team in the second Semi Final. Immediately after the Semi Final Cavan decided to go in to Collective Training at Cherrybank House Cornafean but delayed setting up Camp until the 15th September thereby only having one hard week and one tapering down week instead of the usual 3-4 weeks.Cornafean was chosen as it was the home place of Big Tom and John Joe O Reilly had a hall nearby where the team could train in bad weather had a twice daily bus service to Cavan and the train service was close at hand at Crossdoney Junction. Under retired Sergeant Reilly from the Curragh assisted by Willie Young former Cavan goalie and former captain Sergeant Jim Smith the regime consisted of early rising 5 mile walk breakfast hard physical work out lunch then at 4 ball work and more physical work before dinner rest 2 mile walk Rosary Bed at 10:45 lights out at 11.The Chef at the camp was Thomas Smith Emmett Place Cavan.J D Benson and Barney Cully were unable to attend due to examination commitments. After defeating Louth 3-10 to 3-6 Roscommon immediately returned to Collective Training and had a challenge game against Galway which resulted in a 4-6 to 1-3 victory in Ballinasloe.In charge was W Keogh Athlone and it was the 3rd time that Roscommon had gone into Collective Training this year which Andy McEntee in the Anglo Celt reckoned was a total overkill and would render them stale and listless. Meanwhile on the home front Cornafean defeated Mullahoran 3-7 to 2-4 to win the County Senior Championship they last held in 1940 on a wet day where the slippery ball did not help matters.Mullahoran led by 2-2 to 0-5 after playing with the breeze in the first half. Big Tom PP Galligan and Seamus Maguire were the stars for Cornafean.Pasy Lynch Bailieboro excellent referee with Upper Lavey Fife and Drum Band supplying the music.

September 25th 1943 Roscommon who usually play in blue will now avoid a clash of colours by wearing their new outfit of primrose with blue collars and cuffs. They have never reached an All Ireland Senior Final before but were Connaught Champions in 1905 1912 and 1915 they also won the Junior All Ireland as recently as 1940 and were All Ireland Minor Champions in 1939 and 1941.On the Cavan team selected at a meeting of the selection committee in Cherrybank House only Big Tom O Reilly remains from the 1933-1935 winning team while Paddy Boylan was an All Ireland winner in 1935. Cavan J D Benson E Finnegan Barney Cully PP Galligan Gerry Smith Big Tom O Reilly Captain Simon Deignan Mick Higgins and John Joe O Reilly Donald Morgan Paddy Smith Paddy Boylan T P O Reilly Joe Stafford and Seamus Maguire. Subs J W Martin B Kelly T Cahill H Rodgers J Keogan W Fitzpatrick Pat Clarke and G Darcy. The team will leave Cherrybank House on Saturday for Crossdoney Junction and travel to Dublin by train where they will stay in Barry’s Hotel. Both teams will be guests of the Theatre Royal at a Gala presentation in the theatre on Saturday night. Roscommon F Glynn J Cummins Will Jackson J P O Callaghan B Lynch Bill Carlos W Hennessy Liam Kilmartin Eamonn Boland Phelim Murray Jimmy Murray Captain Donal Keenan Dr D McDermott Frankie Kinlough and J McQuillan.In the build up to the game the Cavan Association in Dublin will hold a banquet for the team in the Gresham on Sunday night while later they are guests at the Ceilidhe in Rathmines Town Hall dancing 8-3 music by the Shamrock Ceilidhe Band  Cycle Park Trams 14 and 15 Admission 3/6.The Roscommon Reception will be held in the Mount Café with the President of Ireland and Roscommon native Douglas Hyde refusing an invitation to attend but sending best wishes and greetings. Andy McEntee in his summing up says that Cavan must not underestimate the newcomers from the West “mark your men cut out the solo runs let the ball do the work keep hand passing movements to a minimum and win the battle at centre field then Cavan are well on their way to their 3rd All Ireland crown.”

October 2nd 1943 Cavan and Roscommon draw game of lost opportunities 1-6 each before a huge War time crowd of 68,023 who paid gate receipts of £5,314. Replay on October 10th.With the Minister of Supplies restricting Roscommon and Cavan to 1 train each there were scenes of riots and stampede at Cavan Station as the train was rushed and extra carriages added. 54 young boys from De La Salle School under Brothers David were on board as a treat following the recent ceremonies in the new Cathedral. The return fare for adults was 16/- children half price. The wiser travelled by car saving coupons for weeks for the necessary petrol to complete the journey. The wisest of all decided to cycle and there was a huge influx of cyclists from North and West for the game. Cavan started brilliantly with Paddy Smith scoring a point from the throw in gradually they exerted the pressure and Roscommon seemed to have stage fright as Cavan led by 1-4 to 0-1 point after 20 minutes Cavan’s goal coming from Joe Stafford. They missed a bagful of scorable chances playing with the breeze into the Railway goal and should have been out of sight by half time Gradually Roscommon began to exert control at midfield with Eamonn Boland and Liam Gillmartin getting the measure of John Joe O Reilly and Mick Higgins. Cavan had to bring Big Tom to midfield to try and break their grip. Points from Liam Gillmartin and 2 points from Felim Murray from Knockroghery threw Roscommon a life line and left them trailing by 1-4 to 0-3 at the interval. Playing into the Railway goal and the advantage of a stiff breeze Roscommon went on the attack from the throw in and their captain Jimmy Murray had a great goal followed by a Donal Keenan point to tie the game at 1-4 each after 15 minutes of the 2nd half. Roscommon sensed victory now and in the 18th minute Phelim Murray sent over the lead point from play. In a rare Cavan attack Seamus Maguire secured possession and sent over a great Cavan point to leave the game 1-5 all after 20 minutes. Roscommon missed from play and frees in their anxiety to exert their superiority.Donal Keenan pointed a free after 27 minutes but Cavan were not finished yet and John Joe O Reilly sent over the equaliser with time almost up. In a last desperate attack Joe Stafford secured and was fouled within range of the goals the large Cavan crowd thought the referee was awarding a free in but he called for the ball and then summoned Jimmy Murray Captain of Roscommon and Big Tom the Cavan Captain telling them that the Central Council had decided at the last minute under pressure from the Government to play extra time if the teams were tied at full time because of the travel restrictions imposed by the Emergency. After briefly consulting with one another both captains refused the proposition and the replay was fixed for Sunday October 10th.Staticistics

Frees                Wides

Cavan               17                     11

Roscommon      25                    17

Scorers Cavan Joe Stafford 1-2 Paddy Smith 0-2 Seamus Maguire and John Joe O Reilly 0-1 each 1-6 Roscommon Jimmy Murray 1-1 Phelim Murray 0-2 Donal Keenan 0-2 and Liam Gillmartin 0-1 1-6.Referee Sergeant P McKenna Dublin

October 9th 1943 From their headquarters at Cornafean Big Tom says we will do it this time the team are sharp and fitter than in the first game. The atmosphere and spirits within the camp are upbeat and Major Murphy Sergeant O Reilly and Willie Young are confident of victory. Andy McEntee says" play as a team there’s always something around the next corner no matter how bleak the outlook". The Selectors M J Magee P J Masterson Patsy Lynch J O Reilly Tom O Reilly (Mullahoran) J Maguire Templeport Louis Blessing Tom Gilroy and H L Smyth meeting on Sunday evening at Cornafean announced the following tram to play Roscommon Cavan J D Benson E Finnegan Barney Cully J Martin Gerry Smith Big Tom O Reilly Captain John Joe O Reilly Simon Deignan and T P O Reilly Donald Morgan Paddy Smith Mick Higgins Paddy Boylan Joe Stafford and H Rodgers. Subs B Kelly J Kerrigan T Cahill J Keogan Seamus Maguire W Fitzpatrick. Roscommon F Glynn J Cummins Will Jackson JP O Callaghan B Lynch Bill Carlos W O Hoare Liam Kilmartin Eamonn Boland Phelim Murray Jimmy Murray Captain Donal Keenan Dr D McDermott Frankie Kinlough and J McQuillan.The game will start at 3 sharp and 15 minutes extra time will be played if the teams are still locked. If weather favourable thousands of boys and girls are cycling to the game. Cavan team will attend the Ceilidhe in Rathmines Town Hall with music by Austin Stack Ceilidhe Band dancing 9-2 admission 3/6.

October 16th 1943 Roscommon brilliantly defeat Cavan in All Ireland Final Replay at Croke Park by 2-7 to 2-2 before a crowd of 47,196-20,830 less than at replay who paid gate receipts of .Roscommon supporters outnumbered the Cavan contingent 2-1 and the trains jammed only a few weeks ago were half empty with only 220 boarding at Cavan 50 in Ballyhaise arriving at Amiens Street at 12:20.The Westerners learnt more from the drawn game and the experience was telling despite only getting a 50/50 share of the ball at centre field.With 15 minutes remaining and Cavan launching a torrent of attacks to close the gap came the incident that both spoiled and decided the game when Cavan’s most dangerous forward Joe Stafford was hauled down rugby style by 2 Roscommon defenders lashing out at them in a bid to loosen their grip Owensie Hoare went down injured and sensationally the referee ordered Joe Stafford off despite his protests of innocence and refusal to be victimised. Big Tom O Reilly the Captain intervened and Stafford thus became the first man ever to be sent off in an All Ireland Final. Big Tom took the free awarded for the foul on Stafford and immediately afterwards Cavan again gained possession and John Joe O Reilly closed the gap to 3 points. Roscommon had the remaining scores and ran out deserving winners by 5 points. In the last play of the game Phelim Murray gained possession and boxed over the 7th and last Roscommon point with the Cavan backs appealing to the referee that he was clearly in the square .In the melee that ensued the referee was assaulted. With the kick out came the final whistle and Roscommon deservedly became the 1943 All Ireland Champions The Artane Boys Band O Toole Pipers paraded the teams on a dull and threatening day. Cavan won the toss played with the wind defending the Canal End. After the crowd had stood and joined in the singing of the National Anthem and Faith of Our Fathers the referee P Mythem handed the ball to Most Rev Dr Walsh the Archbishop of Tuam who threw in the ball to start the All Ireland Final replay of 1943.With the slippery ball many of the players  wore gloves with showers falling before and during the game. Scorers for Roscommon Donal Keenan 0-5 Frankie Kinlough 1-1 Jim McQuillan 1-0 and Phelim Murray 0-1 Cavan Joe Stafford 1-0 Paddy Boylan 1-0 Tom O Reilly and J J O Reilly 0-1 each.Mr Gardiner NT President of the GAA presented the Sam Maguire Cup to Jimmy Murray the Captain of the Roscommon team who was chaired from the field by thousands of exuberant supporters. In his victory speech Jimmy Murray said that “Roscommon had waited over 50 years for this honour and after winning the Minor All Irelands of 1939 and 1940 together with the Junior All Ireland of 1940 they had moulded together a team worthy of the achievement”. He paid tribute to Cavan for a good sporting hard fought encounter over 2 games.

October 23rd 1943 M J Magee Chairman H L Smyth Secretary Tom O Reilly Captain Joe Stafford TP O Reilly and Barney Cully are summoned by the Central Council to a disciplinary hearing at Croke Park.Later it was learned that 2 of the Cavan players were suspended for life following the assault on the referee at the recent All Ireland Senior Final.

Cavan Team Defeated by Roscommon 1943-1944

Back Row (Left to Right) Barney Smith M J ‘Sonny’ Magee (Chairman Cavan County Board) Mick Higgins T P O Reilly John Joe O Reilly C Kelly Frank Comiskey Johnny Wilson Jack Boylan and Hugh L Smith ( Secretary Cavan County Board). Front Row (Left to Right) Michael Cully Seamus Morris Peter Paul Galligan Paddy Smith Simon Deignan Gerry Smith Eugene Finegan and Tony Tighes.


October 21st 1943 Luxor Cinema in Clones introduces strict sexual segregation with men sitting one side and women the other side. Married couples will however be permitted to sit together and the Management said it will not be necessary for them to produce a marriage certificate

November 6th 1943:


avan Carnival Queen.36 Finalists. Top six Ms Vera Brady, Betty Cullen, Kathleen Sullivan, Laila Fay, Noel Mulligan and L Cauley. Laila Fay daughter of Gerry Fay V S (Moynehall House) was crowned Carnival Queen with Kathleen Sullivan second. Bella and Rosemary Power took numerous photographs of the beautiful ladies in evening wear. M/s Tom Hickey ,Tommy McCormick, Jerry Lyons, L Wall, Sean Sodden, M J Smith, P G Smyth, P J Galligan and D T Dwane were the stewards and officials. Eugene Smith (Church Street) MC kept the capacity crowd informed of the various procedures.

Same Week: Winners of Dancing Competitions at Cavan Carnival: Waltz Frank Carroll and Maisie Donohoe,2nd Company Sergeant O Hara and Joan Ronan,3rd Joe Devlin and M Reilly. Foxtrot: Frank Carroll and Maisie Donohoe 2nd Noel Smith and Honora Gauthier,3rd Trooper Mangan and Vera Brady. Valeta Waltz: Michael and L Agnew,2nd Joe Brady and Y McGuinness. Hookey Kookey: Henry Agnew and Miss L Agnew.

November 30th 1943:


YMS Whist Drive; Top Score John Daly Bridge Street,1st Gent Dr. Sean Reilly Athbara,2nd Gent J McCabe (Killygarry) and J Clarke (Swellan) tie.1st Lady Mary McGovern Church Street,2nd Lady Mrs Sean Soden (Main Street)

Same Week: Amplification for hire call ,write or phone Smyth’s 60 Main Street Cavan Phone 88.

December 11th :1943


illiam Ferris buys ‘Lakeview House’ Redhills and 76 acres of land for £2,500.

New cinema in Clones introduces strict sexual segregation with women sitting one side and men the other side. Married couples may be accommodated without producing marriage certificate.




January 22nd 1944


YMS Annual Dance in Town Hall music by McMahon Brothers Clones.

Same Week: Death of Miss McGloughlin (Sister of Mrs Slacke) owner of the ‘Breffni Restaurant’ Main Street she was a former Domestic Economy Instructress with Cavan County Council.

February 5th 1944:


abour Dance.1st. Kathy Mallon and Packy Carroll,2nd  M O’ Reilly and Joe Devlin,3rd Molly McNally and Mr Cusack (Butlersbridge).Raffle for Cigarettes Mr Slowey Bunnoe and Freddy Greene.M C James Carroll.

Same Week: Children’s Allowance Act 1944.

Death of Mrs A Brady Tierquin (aunt of Paddy Conaty Senior UDC)

De Valera back in Cavan for Fianna Fail Convention.

March 4th 1944


eis Breifne; Committee Phil Ruddy NT U D C (Chairman), Mick Sheridan T D (Vice Chair),Mary Brady (Treasurer),T M Gilroy (Secretary) Committee: Gerry Lovett, P Keaney N T,D T Dwane ,Brother Florence, Rev. P Gaffney and Rev Terence McManus.

Border between Ireland and Northern Ireland is sealed after Churchill orders that all travel between the two States cease for security purposes. All travel between the British mainland and Ireland is banned for the duration of the War.

American’s launch Pacific assault storming ashore at Los Negros in the Admiralty Islands in ‘Operation Brewer’. The aim is to loosen the Japanese hold on the Pacific by dislodging them from their positions island by island.


March 11th 1944:


YMS Annual Whist Drive. Top Score (£20) Eugene Monahan (Main Street) Ladies 1st Miss Brannigan and Miss McDonagh (Tie),3rd Lady Miss N Galligan. Gents 1st J Morris, 2nd Johnny Woods, there were forty other prizes and 92 tables competed. Raffle for Ham (donated by McCarren’s) T Condon Main Street. Phil Ruddy MC and Father Malachy Byrne returned thanks to the patrons and sponsors.

Same Week: Death of T J Smyth BL 100 Main Street (Myles O Brien’s Shop) “removes one of Cavan’s ablest sons”-he was legal advisor to William Carson

T M Gilroy has been appointed Rate Inspector for the County.

June 7th 1944:


peration Overlord-Allied troops land in Normandy D Day. Among the first to land on Normandy beaches is well known English born ‘Cavan man’ Don Parker who later settled in Cavan and worked for many years from his home at Earlsvale Road. He never missed a reunion with his friends of that time and travelled frequently to Normandy to remember those friends who gave their live so that we might lead ours in a civilised Norman society. Don died in 2013 aged 91 years and is buried in Saint Brigid’s Cemetery Saint Brigid's cemetery Killygarry.

July 21st 1944 Hitler survives Bomb Plot at the Wolfschanze underground complex in Prussia. A bomb was placed underneath an oak table at Hitler’s feet by General Graf Klaus Von Stauffenberg. It is believed that the weight of the table saved Hitler’s life and all the conspirators have been hung.

August 26th 1944 Paris is liberated by Allied Troops headed by French General Jacques Leclerc liberating the French capital from four years of German rule. Leader in exiled Charles De Gaulle is expected to proclaim a new Republic to morrow.

November 4th 1944


at Hourican from Gowna buys the ‘Central Bar’ (M E Smith’s) for £1,750.

Same Week: Brother Dermot thanks the Labour Band for attendance at the School’s Football Finals.


November 11th 1944:


ntimely death of  Dr. John McCarren at his residence ‘Brookvale’ ,brother of Tom and Margaret English.

Phil Cassells 61 Upper Main Street (Merchant) and Elizabeth Johnstone Coleman Road (Aunt of Wilfred ) and sister of John and James Johnstone also died during the week.

November 18th 1944


umber of men hired at £29 to £30 for the half year (£10 less than last year).There were no girls

Same Week: Among those who entertained the patients at the new Tuberculosis Hospital at Lisdarn were; Comic Song and Dance Jimmy Mallon. Members of his band supplied the music with Robert Ryan on the piano and Joe Mullery (Violin). Maura Smyth, Vera Brady, J P Smith, John Sharkey, Jimmy Moore, Freddie Finlay, J Connolly and Trooper Wallace also performed Musical Items. Bella Power and her troupe performed Irish Dance Recitations were by Michael Harding and J Hannon .Frank Carroll and his partner Maisie Donohoe gave an exhibition of Tangos and Old Time Waltzes F Smith was M C and the Matron Miss Crowley returned thanks on behalf of the Staff and Patients.

Same Week: Phil Galligan sold the ‘Eagle Bar’ with two small farms of land (24 acres) for £3,100.

December 23rd 1944:


YMS Whist Drive: Top Score Mrs Boles (Town Hall St),1st Lady Miss R Connolly (Johnny Bradys), 2nd Lady Mrs Mackey Coleman Road. 1stGent Pat McGovern (John Magee’s Bridge St.), 2nd Gent Mr P Healy (Main St), 3rd Gent Mr J Brady (Danesfort). Prizes were Turkeys and Geese. Gerry Lovett was a hardworking MC.

January 3rd 1945 Margarine is back on the shelves in the Republic after an absence for a number of years. A ration of two ounces per person per week is expected to be introduced next month



February 16th 1945:


oe Higgins tailor Bridge Street makes a break of 101 in Billiards Competition (presented with the cue) beats Joe O Rourke in the Final.

Same week: Leo Ronan, Tommy Duignan Pete Donohoe Liam Maguire and Jim Brady all win their bouts in Longford Boxing Tournament. Mattie Thorne was knocked out. Guard L Wall (Trainer)

February 23rd 1945:


YMS Annual Whist Drive:107 tables with hundreds turned away in pursuit of the 50 attractive prizes. Top score  Mr Flanagan Crosserlough (£10), 1st Lady Mrs E Mullen Railway Road (Coat Length), 2nd Lady R Kelly Town Hall Street (Silk Set), 1st Gent Leonard Dillon Bridge Street (Suit Length) 2nd Gent T McCaffrey Jnr Ballyhaise (Suit of Underwear). Raffle for the Ham presented by McCarren’s-Mr Tumelty Bridge Street Gerry Lovett was the MC.

Same week: Cavan Players entertain the patients with ‘Mixed Blood’ at a most appreciative Sanatorium

New Boxing Club: ’Saint John Bosco Cavan’. P N Smith Patron Chairman John M Breen, Pat McDonnell (VC),L Wall (Sec),Bill Bergin (Assistant Sec.) and Treasurers Jim Leonard and M O’ Rourke. Committee Rev Malachy Byrne, E T O Hanlon (Jnr),Sergeant William Thorne, Stan Mullery, Harry Dale, Vincent Cullen, J Marron, Sonny Magee, Alan Pollock and Lieut Joe O’Leary. Club to be affiliated to IABA.

March 24th 1945:


YMS Ceilidhe on Saint Patrick’s Night attracts over 300 patrons. Liam Kelly Bailieboro was MC and the Moate Ceilidhe Band supplied the music. Kathleen Lunn, Kathleen Donohoe and Miss McNamara gave a display of Irish dancing.

Same week:: Barney Brady buys 30 acres of land with road frontage at Carrickane (adjacent to Loreto College) from the reps of the late Andrew Mc Carren for £700.

March 31st 1945:


egion of Mary Whist: Promoted by Cavan CYMS. Top Score Mrs Lovett,1st Lady Ina Soden,2nd Nurse A McCabe,3rd Kathleen Marron.1st Gent Peter Mullen,2nd DT Dwane  and 3rd H L Smyth.

Same Week: Tommy Duignan and Jim Brady selected to box at Featherweight in the National Championships at the Stadium.

May 3rd 1945 Taoiseach DeVelera in one of the most controversial acts of his stewardship pays a visit to the German Embassy in Dublin to convey his sympathy and respects to the German people on the death of Fuehrer Adolf Hitler by suicide in a bunker in Berlin.

June 19th Sean T O Kelly the Fianna Fail nominee is the first elected President of Ireland only after a recount in a three way battle for the ‘Park’.

August 9th 1945:


tomic Bomb is dropped by USA airmen on Hiroshima. All human and animal life is obliterated as Japan still continue to hold out but the second atom bomb on Nagasaki brought Japanese involvement in World War Two to a devastating end with their unconditional surrender on September 2nd 1945. It is expected that the fall out from these two bombs could affect all life for another seventy years.

September 16th 1945:

John McCormack famous tenor dies in Dublin from pneumonia at the age of 61. He sang at the Eucharistic Congress Mass in 1932 when up to two million heard him sing ‘Panis Angelicus’ .

August 4th 1945 Cavan over run Fermanagh in Ulster Final 4-10 to 1-4 after leading at the interval by 1-6 to 1-2 at Saint Tiernach’s Park Clones. Cavan opened up in the 3rd quarter and with 15 minutes to go the crowds were streaming to the exits. A large crowd paying gate receipts of £840 witnessed a well contested first half but Cavan’s class and experience were the deciding factors in a one sided second half. MJ Murtagh from Down was the referee while Canon Marron PP Clones threw in the ball to start the Final. All modes of conveyance were pressed into service including donkeys carts horse traps and thousands of boys and girls in the glorious sunshine cycling the short journey to Clones and back. Cavan will now play Wexford in the All Ireland Semi Final and the winners will play Cork who beat Galway 2-12 to 2-8 in the other Semi Final.The Cork team contains only 5 of the team that Cavan defeated in the All Ireland Semi Final of 1943.

August 25th 1945 Cavan beat Wexford 1-4 to 0-5 in the All Ireland Semi Final at Croke Park. Scorers for Cavan Joe Stafford 1-0 Simon Deignan 0-2 Mick Higgins 0-1 free and Peter Donohoe 0-1 overhead kick 1-4 Wexford P Kehoe 0-3 D O Neill 0-2.Brendan Nestor Galway was a fair and competent referee while the Artane Boys Band and Gorey Pipers paraded the teams.

1st Half


















2nd Half





































Cavan will now go into collective training at Bingfield House Crossdoney courtesy of old loyal Gael J Maguire.

September 1st 1945 G N R announce passenger service to the All Ireland Final on Sunday September 23rd while G S R has ceased passenger services from Cavan Station “which is a further manifestation of its incompetence”.Mullahoran retain their Senior County title in a very disappointing final against Bailieboro Shamrocks 3-8 to 1-4 at Breffni Park after leading by 2-3 to 1-2 at the interval.Mullahoran had 5 of the Senior county team on duty and Patsy Lynch presented the Plunkett Cup to veteran Tom O Reilly at the conclusion where Herbie Clegg was as usual a sound referee Louis Mallon and Bartley Smith operated the scoreboard in a most efficient manner. Cavan Labour Band paraded the teams and played the National Anthem before the game. Cavan have a number of challenge games lined up including Roscommon the reigning Champions at Hyde Park and Meath at Breffni Park in preparation for the Final.

September 15th 1945  G N R are making arrangements to carry over 900 on passenger train from Cavan on September 23rd leaving at 7:30 and returning at 6:30.To facilitate those travelling to the game Masses will be celebrated in the Cathedral from 6:30.The team will be guests of the Cavan Association at a Banquet in Clery’s with dinner at 6:30 admission 10/-.The team will later attend a Ceilidhe in Rathmines Town Hall with dancing 9-3 to the Austin Stack Ceilidhe Band. The team continue their training at Bingfield House under Hughie O Reilly and John McGeough Masseur rising at 8:30 full list of physical activities rest and massage before rosary and lights out at 11.Chef Tommy Smith from Emmett Place is in charge of the kitchen and all the players and staff are loud in their praise of the quality of his cooking and the general accommodation at Bingfield House.

September 22nd 1945  Cavan team selected at meeting in Bingfield House Brendan Kelly Bailieboro Tom O Reilly Cornafean Captain Barney Cully Arva PP Galligan Cornafean John Wilson Mullahoran John Joe O Reilly The Curragh Paddy Smith Stradone A Tighe Mountnuggent Simon Deignan Mullagh A Comiskey Mick Higgins Mountnuggent T P O Reilly Ballyconnell Joe Stafford Killinkere Peter Donohoe Kilnaleck PJ Duke Stradone.Subs Jack Boylan J W Martin PA O Reilly Owen Roe McGovern T Casserly Phil Brady Dessie Reilly.9 of the players are past pupils of Saint Patrick’s College and Jack Boylan of Mullahoran makes way for A Comiskey in the only personnel change of the team who beat Wexford in the Semi Final. Cork M O Driscoll D Magnier P Murphy C Cronin P Cronin T Crowley D O Connor F Donovan Eamonn Young Eamonn Casey Harry O Neill Michael Tubridy Jack Lynch John Cronin Derry Beckett Cavan will leave for Dublin from Crossdoney by bus on Saturday where they will make their headquarters in The Belvedere Hotel Great Denmark Street.

September 29th 1945 Cavan’s Bold Bid Bad Luck. Great game with Cork. Big blow before the game when Mick Higgins cries off after suffering injury in training. Cavan playing with wind and sun defended the Canal goals in the firs half but were led at the interval by 1-4 to 0-5 before a crowd of 67,329 who paid gate receipts of £5,558.The gates were closed 2 hours before the throw in with thousands clamouring for admission. The Cork supporters were in the ascendancy-many of the Cavan supporters failed to travel and the train from Cavan was only half full with 420 leaving from the town-many opted to stay at home and listen to the broadcast because of the severe weather conditions with thunder and lightning throughout the morning and another major factor was the relatively high return ticket priced at 16/10.Prersident Sean T O Kelly on his arrival at Croke Park was escorted across the pitch to his seat by Seamus Gardiner NT President of the GAA and Padraic O Keeffe Secretary of the GAA.Bands in attendance were Cavan Labour Saint Malachy’s Belfast Cork Volunteer Pipers Saint Laurence O Toole and the Artane Boy’s Band who paraded the teams and played the traditional Faith of Our Father and the National Anthem. Cavan won the toss and elected to play with the strong breeze and sun in the first half defending the Canal goal. In the first half controversy surrounded the great goal scored by Simon Deignan in the 30th minute which was flagged and put up on scoreboard before members of the Cork team surrounded the referee who then went back in to consult his umpires who crossed the flags to disallow a perfectly legitimate goal because the half time whistle had sounded when the ball was on its way to the net. Cavan were in the ascendancy for long periods but failed to convert their superiority into scores and more often than not shot for goals or sent wide from favourable positions. Cork on the other hand snapped up every chance that came their way and their 2 goals one early in the game by Tubridy and the second one by Derry Beckett when they broke away following a period of sustained Cavan pressure in the closing minutes proved decisive and decided the game. Cavan had 10 50s 4 in the first half while Cork had one in each half. After great work by Duke and Stafford T P O Reilly had the first point for Cavan after 3 minutes. Cork swept downfield and 2 of the Cavan defenders collided and Tubridy stole in to score Cork’s first goal after 3 minutes. In the 9th minute Tony Tighe received a great delivery by John Wilson to score Cavan’s second point. Then Peter Donohoe fetched a great ball to place Stafford for another Cavan point 1-0 to 0-3 after 12 minutes play. Play swung to the Canal goal and Derry Beckett sent over from 15 yards after Eamonn Young was fouled 15 yards out.Tubridy who was giving Big Tom a lot of problems sped through to score another Cork point on 20 minutes. All Cork at this stage and Peter Paul Galligan’s clearance was blocked down by Harry O Neill who again sped past a ponderous Big Tom for another Cork point and necessitated Barney Cully switching places with Big Tom. Peter Donohoe was causing problems to the Cork defence and when he was pulled down away out on the sideline Joe Stafford brilliantly converted the free. Then Tubridy again receiving from a clearance by Jack Lynch went on a solo run and shot over a glorious Cork point for a 4 point lead. In the 28th minute the very sound Paddy Smith made another great clearance that found T P O Reilly who scored a beautiful Cavan point. Cavan in a bid to close the gap before half time forced 2 50s before John Joe O Reilly found Simon Deignan who cut through the Cork defence shooting low and hard past O Driscoll for a great Cavan goal which was subsequently disallowed to the amazement and disappointment of the Cavan followers Cork 1-4 Cavan 0-5.Cork playing with the wind and sun attacked the Railway goal from the throw in and Derry Beckett sent over a great Cork point and a 5 point lead. Cavan swung into the attack with Donohoe Stafford and Jack Boylan prominent before placing Stafford who shot low and hard but brilliantly saved by O Driscoll.Cavan swept back into the attack and after sustained pressure Stafford shot over from 20 yards. Further Cavan points followed until the 15th minute of the second half Cavan were only 2 point behind. Cavan wasted 2 50s and a 40 yards free with Lynch and O Driscoll resolute in the Cork defence. Tony Tighe and Simon Duignan were wide after great work by John Joe O Reilly. Cavan forced another 50 but Jack Boylan was wide again. Then Comiskey who was playing well at centre field found Stafford going through the Cork defence pulled down for a free which he converted himself to leave 1 point between the sides with 3 minutes left for play. Cavan committed all their players forward in search of the equaliser or even winner but a smart clearance by the Cork defence found Cavan napping and Derry Beckett stole in to beat the Cavan keeper for the winning goal for Cork on 30 minutes. John Dunne Ballinasloe who was an impartial referee but failed to punish the Cork pulling tactics and his decision to disallow the Cavan goal at the end of the 1st half will forever remain a mystery. Cork 2-5 Cavan 0-7.Cavan Brendan Kelly Bailieboro Tom O Reilly Captain Cornafean PP Galligan Cornafean Barney Cully Arva John Wilson Mullahoran Cmdt John Joe O Reilly Cornafean Paddy Smith Stradone Tony Tighe Mountnuggent Simon Deignan Mullagh T P O Reilly Templeport A Comaskey Mullahoran Jack Boylan Mullahoran Joe Stafford Killinkere Peter Donohoe Kilnaleck and P J Duke Stradone.Subs J W Martin Templeport P A O Reilly Templeport Owen Roe McGovern Swanlinbar T Casserly Bailieboro Dessie O Reilly Stradone and Phil Brady Mullahoran.


Defeated Finalists 1945 Back Row (Left to Right) Hugh L Smyth (Secretary Cavan County Board) Dessie O Reilly Owen Roe McGovern Peadar Doyle Phil Brady Johnny Wilson Peter Paul Galligan Peter Donohoe Tony Tighe Brendan Kelly Mick Higgins Barney Cully Hughie O Reilly J W Martin Frank Comiskey. Front Brian O Reilly Paddy Smith Jack Boylan P J Duke ‘Big Tom’ O Reilly (Captain) Simon Deignan T  P O Reilly John Joe O Reilly P Reilly and Joe Stafford.


October 27th 1945.


ugene Leddy’s Band on Radio Eireann. Members consisted of Pee Galligan, Jack Reilly, Eugene Leddy, Paddy and Eddie McPhilips, Jim Fanning, John McGirr and Gerry Breen.

Same Week:8th Annual General Meeting of Cavan CYMS.

November 20th 1945:


eath of Doctor Terence O’ Reilly former Cavan M O H. Father of Rev. Turloc O’ Reilly, he was married to a sister of T P McKenna M P (“T P was best Parliamentary speaker since Parnell”).

Same Week: Jimmy Mallon and his Famous Band at Drumcrow War Pipers Dance.

Jim Brady beaten on points in Enniskillen, Paddy Fay and Johnny O’ Rourke both knocked out after a promising start.

December 1st 1945:


eter Soden’s Drapery Store Main Street sold to Providers for £9,000 (Tesco).Pat McDonnell’s Bakery buy Tommy Brady’s for £4,100 (Joe Dunne Insurance)



January 16th 1946:


avan CYMS beaten by Belturbet:3 games to 2.Gerry Lovett 147 beaten by S Rodgers 200,H L Smith 162 beaten by J Sullivan 250,Joe Higgins 250 beat Alan Henderson 100,Joe O’ Rourke 170 beaten by J Kennedy 250,Tom McCusker 250 beat Herbie Small153.Best breaks were made by Tom McCusker 48,44 and 47 and J Sullivan 39 and 31.

‘Lord Haw Haw’ William Joyce born in New York of Irish parents is hanged for treason in the Tower of London. He broadcast German propaganda to Britain during World War Two

February 2nd 1946:


YMS Annual Dance Music by the ‘Savanah Dance Band’.

Same Week: Eddie Halligan and  Aidan Geraghty retire as signalmen with GNR Railways.

March 16th 1946:


YMS Whist Top Score Mike O’ Dowd N T Kilnalack Butlersbridge,1st Gent Phil Lee,1st Lady Mrs Bell ‘Arch Café’ Main Street.

Same Week: Soden Family are wished  Bon Voyage in Gannon’s Hall having sold their premises to Providers for £9,000 (record Price for Cavan).John Moore ‘Corner House’ Bridge Street also retired to Dublin (Father of Rev Jack Moore).

March 23rd 1946:


om Fitzpatrick buys the house and offices of F E Roe (Solicitors) in Farnham Street for £1,050.

Same Week: Mrs McCollum Drumconnick dies at the ripe old age of 103.

Labour Band Whist: Top Score Mrs O Gorman Drumbo (152),1st Lady Vera Brady Main Street(139),2nd Mary McGovern Church Street (138),3rd Lady Mrs L Flynn Swellan(134) 1st Gent: Mickey Burns Mitchell Street (160),2nd Gent Mr Ferris Greenfield (141) and 3rd Gent Mr J McGovern Laragh (140).

April 6th 1946:


avan Drama Festival: Ballyjamesduff CYMS win Section A and the Dr Lyons Cup for their presentation of ‘Autumn Fire’ produced by Paddy Cusack Solicitor. Cootehill won section B with the ‘Far Off Hills’ while the Cavan Players were winners of section C for their production of  ‘Spring’ .Cavan Players: Charles Donohoe, Maggie McCabe, Betty Cullen, Andy O’ Brien ,Maura Smyth and Michael Young. The producer was Betty Cullen and a special award was made to Mick Young for his whistling of the ‘Lark’.

November 9th 1946:


agees (Tom Boylan’s) burnt to the ground. Joe Cullivan (Capt Urban Council Brigade),Guard L Wall, Jimmy and Barney Finlay heroically prevent fire spreading to adjacent houses in Bridge Street and College Street.

Same Week: Cavan retain Camogie title beating Cross by 6 goals to 1. Outstanding for Cavan were Moya Donnelly, Kitty Reilly, Ann McKiernan and Kathleen Conaty.

July 6th 1946 Sean McBride son of Maud Gonne McBride and former IRA Chief of Staff founds a new anti Fianna Fail party known as Clann Na Poblachta. It is intended to appeal to young urban voters fed up of Civil War politics.

October 1st Tom Finney scores the late winner as England beat Ireland 1-0 at Dalymount Park before a packed attendance of 31,988.

October 5th Thousands of parents take to the streets to support the Irish National Teacher’s Organisation who are on strike for better pay and conditions.

November 23rd 1946:


iring Fair first Class farm Hands £30 to £35 per quarter,2nd Class £24-£28,Youths £15 to £18.No girls.

Same Week: McCarren’s Annual Staff Dance; Music by ‘Stephen Garvey’s Number 1 Band’.

National teachers on protracted long strike for better pay and conditions are supported in protest marches by parents groups out in sympathy with the over worked and under paid teachers.

Walt Disney visits Dublin and has a meeting with Folklore Commission in search of tales and information on Irish leprechauns for a film he hopes to make called ‘Darby O Gill the Little People’

December 7th 1946:

Record 36 Swans on Green Lake. Billy Weir (old resident) says “this is a sure sign of a hard winter”!

Same Week: Presentation (engraved silver watch) to Mary Clarke (telephonist) who is joining a Religious Order. Annie Brady Jack Norry D T Dwane Oliver Finlay and Mr McKenna (overseer) pay tribute to her at Farewell Presentation  in the Post Office.

December 14th 1946:

Death of Edward Breslin Coleman Road (Train driver with GNR).

Same week: Una Boyle (3) and Mary English (daughter of Eamonn and Margaret English) lost in drowning tragedy while attending a birthday party in ‘Brookvale’ they fell into the raging river Kinnypottle in full winter flood at the back of ‘Brookvale’

Pensions Committee: Father Jimmy O’ Reilly, Arcdeacon Shire, Rev Wm McDowell, Senator D McCabe, M/S M J O Brien, M Dowd Co C.O Smith, Mick Sheridan T D, Charlie Reilly CoC, J M Daly and T Flynn.


January 25th 1947:


ocial and Presentation in Gannon’s Hall by Helen McCarren and friends to her friend and neighbour Vera McManus who is going to England to study Nursing.

Same Week: :Post Office Dance in Town Hall with the ‘Red Swallows Band’ from Armagh.

Motor car belonging to Tommy Smyth Butlersbridge stolen but later found abandoned in Williamstown County Galway. There was no damage but the petrol tank was empty!.

Death of James Larkin one of the founders of the Irish Labour Party in Dublin. He was the central figure in many industrial disputes in Dublin including the ‘Great Lock Out’ of 1913.

Worst snow storms in living memory hit Ireland as many places cut off in Wicklow and across the country in four feet snow drifts. The bad winter weather started with snow in January and  continued until June 1947. In addition the Harvest was the worst since the Famine with all schools closed and Public Servants Army etc bussed in to save the Harvest which was in danger because of the dreadful weather.

February 24th 1947


YMS Billiard team beat Clones by 4 games to 1.Tom McCusker 300 beat H McElroy 67,Joe Higgins 250 beat Hughie McCarney 183,H L Smyth 150 beat L Brady 127,Michael Breslin 150 beat Jimmy Rooney 146 and Johnny Woods 147 just lost to Michael Connolly 150. Cavan CYMS are declared winners of the League with Clones 2nd and Enniskillen 3rd.

Same Week Don Dale wins his 1st Round Bout, but is knocked out in the Final of the All Ireland Army Championships by Private Cotton.

March 8th 1947:


ountains of Snow: Fell for 23 hours on Monday night /Tuesday morning.  McDonnell’s Bakers run suspended when Johnny (The Captain) Smith and his helper Pat Smith had to abandon the van at Castletara Cross, they walked the full 6 ½ miles to Cavan in a freezing blizzard .John Galligan abandoned his run in Newtowngore staying over the night and then walking to Killeshandra for a lift by car to Cavan. There were 10 foot drifts of snow on the Ballinagh Road. Green Lake becomes a ‘Skating Rink’ for the benefit of the citizens of the town.The Freeze up lasted almost 6 weeks and was the worst in living memory.

Same Week: CYMS Whist Drive Postponed until further notice-due to bad weather.

April 7th 1947:


eath of Henry Ford pioneer of the Model T motor car and the world’s richest man. He pioneered the car assembly line giving every household a chance to own a Model T car.

September 20th 1947:

Bishop. Lyons, Paddy Reilly (Athbara),Andy McEntee ,Brother Dermot, D T Dwane (Postmaster),Mary Brady (CUDC) and Mr Tighe of Ballyjamesduff (Tony’s Father) are among the first to ‘wire’ congratulations to the Cavan team on winning their 3rd All Ireland tile. in New York on September 14th 1947. In Cavan town bonfires were lit and crowds were cheering and singing until long after midnight.

Polo Grounds New York 1947 It took two hard games for Cavan to overcome a young fit spirited Monaghan team in the 1st Round of the Ulster Championship. In the first game at Breffni Park they drew level with Cavan with just a minute left. Then Cavan were awarded a penalty. John Joe O Reilly shot for a goal and the Monaghan goalie saved to leave the final score Cavan 0-9 Monaghan 1-6 The replay was even more exciting than the drawn encounter. The teams were level six times in the hour but Cavan pulled away with two points from Edwin Carolan before Val Gannon made a brilliant save to deny Monaghan in the closing minute of the game Cavan 1-11 Monaghan 1-9. These two games did much to mould Cavan into a winning team. They easily accounted for Tyrone in Dungannon 4-5 to 0-2 in the Ulster Semi Final Over 30,000 travelled to Clones and braved torrential rain to witness the 1947 Ulster Final between the defending Champions Antrim and Cavan. Cavan had undergone Collective Training for the game and tore into Antrim looking for revenge for their 1946 defeat  Cavan led by 3-2 to 0-2 at the interval. But the game was far from over with Antrim fighting back to score 1-4 against a single point by Cavan. With 5 minutes to go and Antrim rampant but inclined to over play the ball when scores were there for the taking Cavan tore up field for Peter Donohoe to score a point that left Cavan safe and give them a 3-2 to 1-6 winning tally. Cavan were back in training in The Imperial Hotel (Byers) Ballyjamesduff where Hughie O Reilly and Johnny McGeough Masseur put them through their paces from 7:30 am the morning to lights out at 10:30. for the All Ireland Semi Final against the raging hot favourites Roscommon whom Cavan had never beaten in the Championship and who were unlucky to concede a replay and the title to Kerry in 1946.Roscommon totally underestimated Cavan and were so confident of victory that a presentation was made to each of the players of a suit length suitable for the hot humid New York weather. When news of this reached Cavan, players and supporters alike were doubly determined to see the Primrose and Blue hammered for their arrogance. As Mick Higgins was leaving the field of play after beating Roscommon he remarked to the nearby Phelim Murray“Phelim you will hardly have much use for that suit length now”!. All over the county the Cavan colours were everywhere and there was the air of a Final about the game with over 60,000 in attendance. Fast furious uncompromising and extremely exciting game. Cavan raced into a 3 point lead before the Roscommon team exerted complete control at centre field where Eamonn Boland and Mick Culhane were rampant. Cavan had experienced trouble all through their campaign with a weak centre field. Approaching half time Cavan made the switch that won the game moving Tony Tighe and Mick Higgins to centre field and Phil Gunner Brady and Donegal native Columba McDyer to the three quarter line. With the scores 0-3 0-3 each approaching half time Tighe collected the ball soloed through the Roscommon defence to place Peter Donohoe who crashed the ball to the net to leave Cavan ahead 1-3 to 0-3 at the interval. Cavan continued to attack in the second half playing great interchange football but the Roscommon defence stood resolute with Jackson Casserly and Brendan Lynch magnificent. Cavan had little to show for their dominance and beautiful team work until the 19th minute when Tony Tighe took a pass from T P O Reilly and careered towards the Roscommon goal. His shot from nearly 30 yards hit the stauncheon at the back of the goal and rebounded back into play as the umpire waved the green flag to signal one of the greatest goals ever scored in Croke Park. Roscommon tried their best to come on terms but were hindered by an injury to Jimmy Murray (Knockroghery) the pivot of their attack and a disallowed goal by Jack McQuillan.Great display by Cavan winning 2-4 to 0-6 and awaiting the winners of the Meath Kerry game at Headquarters on the following Sunday. Cavan Val Gannon Mullahoran Willie Doonan Cavan Harps Brian O Reilly Mullahoran Paddy Smith Stradone John Wilson Mullahoran Cmdt J J O Reilly Captain Curragh Lieutenant Simon Deignan Mullagh Phil Brady Mullahoran Columba McDyer Cavan Slashers Tony Tighe Mountnuggent Mick Higgins Mountnuggent T P O Reilly Ballyconnell Joe Stafford Arva Peter Donohoe Mountnuggent Edwin Carolan Mullagh.John Wilson replaced PJ Duke injured in the Ulster Final.The sense of euphoria and celebration far outweighed anything experienced before and Cavan returned to a heroes welcome on Monday night where over 3,000 were on hand to form a parade led by the Drumcrave and Cavan Labour Bands to the Market Square where bonfires burnt in celebration the stars and stripes and the tricolour were flying from nearly every building and the town bedecked in blue and white. The following night Tuesday the team were welcomed by a further 3,000 people in Ballyjamesduff where they had trained for both the Ulster Final and All Ireland Semi Final.Lavey Band led the parade to the Imperial Hotel with speeches by Tony Tighe T P O Reilly and Patsy Lynch Chairman of the County Board. Throughout all the celebrations Hughie O Reilly sounded a note of caution saying “we have won nothing yet-we won’t be satisfied until we win the blue riband of gaelic football in New York on September 14th.

August 16th 1947 Roscommon Herald in its report of the game acknowledge that Cavan were the superior team in the Semi Final and wishes them good luck in the Final against Kerr in New York. “ We look forward to meting you and beating you again in the near future”! The Meath Chronicle praise the leadership on and off the field of John Joe O Reilly and says Cavan were tuned up the limit both individually and as a team. Despite the presence of the Artane Boys Band and Most Rev Dr Kyne Bishop of Meath throwing in the ball Meath were soundly beaten by Kerry in the second Semi Final 1-11 to 0-5 before a record crowd of 65,000.That night a Banquet was held in Clery’s Restaurant for the victorious Kerry team with Very Rev T Canon Lyne presiding who attributed Kerry’s great win to the generosity of Dennis Guiney owner of Clery’s and said that no 2 better teams could represent Ireland in New York than Cavan and Kerry. The following day they made the final arrangements for their trip to New York and returned to full time training in Killarney on the Tuesday. In making arrangements for the trip to New York Cavan County Board met with Patsy Lynch presiding. He told them that both teams could bring 22 players an increase of 1 and 4 Officials. Despite manoeuvres to have PJ Masterson Cornafean included it was decided that the two officials would be The Secretary H L Smith and Chairman Patsy Lynch.M J Magee seconded by Andy O Brien Ulster Council proposed that Cavan would go back in to training in Ballyjamesduff for a period of 10 days under Hughie O Reilly and Johnny McGeough.Tommy Gilroy Stradone seconded by Tommy Meehan Cavan Slashers proposed that the Cavan party of 26 would include the key figures of Hughie Reilly and Johnny McGeough and that Jim Duignan brother of Lieutenant Simon Deignan be included. The two teams would fly out from Rinnana on Monday 8th September while the rest of the party would leave Cobh on the Mauritania on the 3rd September. It was decided to apply to the Ulster Council for a grant of £300 towards the Players Welfare Fund.MJ Sonny Magee Ulster Council said that he wished to congratulate Cavan and assure them of the support of all Ulster undivided. He was confident that “when they met again he would be welcoming Cavan back to these shores as the new All Ireland Champions!” During the time that they were away PJ Masterson Vice Chairman and Paddy Reilly Athbara would be at the helm of affairs at home. Meanwhile the GAA issued a statement saying that the Goal Umpires would be the Provincial Secretaries Gerry Arthurs Armagh H O Mahony Cork J Bannon Sligo and T Kilcoyne Galway while Martin O Neill Wexford would referee the game. The two linesmen would be chosen in New York by Padraic O Keefe Secretary General of the GAA who said that a crowd of 55,000 was expected and trains would run from all the Eastern cities as far away as Boston. The pitch at the Polo Grounds was 25 yards shorter and 10 yards narrower than Croke Park while the nets were being supplied and brought to the States from Saint Brendan’s Club in Birr County Offaly. Meanwhile Radio Eireann announced that their commentator Michéal O Hehir was flying out to New York and would broadcast the game which is set to begin at 8:30 Irish time. Transmission will begin at 7 with a special feature entitled ‘60 years of Gaelic Games’ narrated and produced by Patrick Purcell. The live broadcast will begin with a recital from the 280 piece New York Police Band.

 August 30th 1947 Val Gannon Brian O Reilly Edwin Carolan Peter Donohoe Joe Stafford John Wilson  Paddy Smith Simon Deignan Phil Brady Columba McDyer Tony Tighe Mick Higgins TP O Reilly PJ Duke  Hughie O Reilly and Johnny McGeough would all fly from Rinnana on Monday 8th September while John Joe O Reilly and his wife Olive would fly out on the following morning Tuesday the 9h September. The party travelling from Cobh on September 3rd are Terry Sheridan Owen Roe McGovern Willie Doonan John Joe Cassidy Tom O Reilly E Teevan Brendan Kelly Jim Duignan Patsy Lynch Chairman and Hughie Smith Treasurer. Only Willie Doonan of the selected team decided to travel by boat. The return trip will be on the much more luxurious and faster Queen Mary which will put into Dun Laoghaire on Friday 12th October. Hughie O Reilly Cavan Trainer was born in Cork City in 1902 and played football and hurling there until the death of his father who was a native of Tullyvin.Returned there with his mother and brother Tommy well known Cootehill referee. Played with Laragh Rovers and was a member of the Cavan All Ireland winning team of 1927.Played in the All Ireland Final of 1928 when Cavan leading by 2 points were beaten by a ball thrown into their net by the Lily Whites.Centrefield in 1933 and Captain in 1935 when Cavan won their only two All Ireland titles. Trained Monaghan in 1930 and Cavan in 1945 when they gifted the All Ireland to Cork.He is a man of limitless energy and an accomplished hurler. Hughie is a Road Ganger with Cavan County Council The Masseur John ‘Johnny’ McGeough was born in Castleblayney and came to prominence as a Postman in Scotland. In 1890 he was best athlete in Post Services Sports from 600 yards to 5 miles.7 times Scottish mile record holder and twice 2nd in AAA Championships at Crystal Palace. Best time for the mile of 4:44 while his 4 mile record stands at 21:06.Mile Champion of Ireland and Scotland in 1907.He had 30 major championships to this credit when he retired in 1911.He reports that all the Cavan players are co-operating wholeheartedly and successfully to the gruelling training. Andy McEntee of the Anglo Celt  states that when visiting the Hotel in Ballyjamesduff he was struck by the harmony in the camp and Hughie O Reilly reported all were fit eager and ready to battle. Hughie Reilly says the team are now fitter mentally and physically than for the Semi Final with a regime that starts at 7 Am with a 5 mile walk and physical exercise ball practice and sprinting before  Rosary and lights out at 10:30 pm.Hughie says they are a great bunch of lads easy to coach and very focused on the task ahead. They should be good enough for good news on the radio from New York on September 14th”!.The big bombshell was that Columba McDyer was getting married in Ballina Conty Mayo on the following Wednesday but would be definitely flying out with the team on Monday 8th September. Andy McEntee in his build up for the game warns Cavan to have 1 if not 2 good place kickers available and on target as the pitch being 25 yards shorter will afford more than the usual quota of scorable frees.

September 6th 1947 Good news for Cavan as PJ Duke injured in the Ulster Final is declared fit to play in the All Ireland Final at the Polo Grounds New York. To accommodate PJ Edwin Carolan drops to the bench and will wear the Number 16 shirt. Team Val Gannon Mullahoran Willie Doonan Cavan Harps Brian O Reilly Mullahoran Paddy Smith Stradone John Wilson Mullahoran Cmdt JJ O Reilly Captain Curragh Simon Deignan Mullagh PJ Duke Stradone Phil Brady Mullahoran Tony Tighe Mountnuggent Mick Higgins Mountnuggent Columba McDyer Cavan Slashers Joe Stafford  Peter Donohoe Mountnuggent and TP O Reilly Ballyconnell. Subs Edwin Carolan Mullagh Terry Sheridan JJ Cassidy Arva O Roe McGovern Templeport Tom O Reilly Cornafean E Tiernan Brendan Kelly Bailiebrorough Jim Duignan Mullagh.

September 13th 1947 Cavan and Kerry teams leave for New York on board the Mauritania on Wednesday September 3rd arriving in New York on Monday September 8th to be greeted by scorching heat. Many of the players were completely taken back and were heard to say “how can we play football in this heat”?. Leaving Ballyjamesduff where the town was en fete and the entire population came out to bid them adieu they later arrived in Dublin as guests of the GAA to witness one of the great hurling All Ireland Finals in which Kilkenny beat Cork by a point. They later had tea in Lawlor’s of Naas before heading for Limerick where they were welcomed by former Cavan and Slashers great Colonel JP Murphy. Accommodation was not available but they stayed over in Ennis County Clare and returned to Rinnana the following day where they were guests at a luncheon hosted by Rev Canon Hamilton PP Newmarket on Fergus who had proposed at Congress that the All Ireland Football Final of 1947 be played in New York to honour those who died or emigrated during the Great Famine. There to see off the Cavan contingent were Dr Phil Carroll Medical Adviser to the team Donal Morgan old Cavan footballer Donal Brady Ballyjamesduff Miss Tighe sister of Tony Ernie McPhilips Virginia while Danny O Rourke Ballyhaise went ahead by ship. The remainder flew from Rineanna the following Monday September 8th leaving at 6:25 pm and arriving in New York at 11:25 pm Irish time on Tuesday after a gruelling 29 hour flight via Santa Maria in the Andores Gander and Boston they finally reached New York.They were all given a typical New York welcome with a cavalcade of 30 cars headed by 18 cops on red motor cycles with screaming sirens driving through 7 miles of main streets. In Broadway confetti and ticker tape drifted down from 40 storey buildings. At the City  Hall they were received by Mayor Bill O Dwyer a native of Bohola County Mayo and a crowd of 5,000 people. He welcomed them as ambassadors of Ireland. The New York Police Band played Irish airs and Sean Feeney the well known Irish tenor sang ‘The Rose of Tralee’ while Frank Ryan sang ‘Come Back Paddy Reilly to Ballyjamesduff’ The procession then proceeded to the Hotel Roosevelt for an official luncheon. After a good night’s rest the two teams limbered up Kerry at Gaelic Park and Cavan at Cortland Park where both teams reported a clean bill of health. It was announced that a film would be made of the game and be on general release on the 20th September while extra time would be played if the game was being drawn after 60 minutes.



September 20th 1947 On the morning of the match the two teams and officials attended High Mass at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral where they were officially welcomed from the pulpit by Rt Rev Monsignor Flannelly on behalf of his Eminence Cardinal Spellman as “sporting ambassadors of Ireland whose sons and daughters had built this great Cathedral which was a monument to the faith and generosity of the millions of Irish that sought refuge in this great land. The altar speaks of 700 years of religious persecution for our faith and as visiting Irish athletes you can be proud of the great Irish people who came here and built this great Cathedral.” Afterwards the visiting party were introduced to Cardinal Spellman of New York. Each of the party kissed his ring and he spoke to each one of them asking their county of origin in Ireland. He gave to each of them a Miraculous medal when Willie Doonan received his he whispered to the nearby Mick Higgins “I hope we get the real medal this evening”. In attendance was Monsignor Middleton Fathers James Griffith Edwin Roderick Thomas Donnellan and Charles McManus (All Irish apart from English born Monsignor Midleton) Despite reports to the contrary it was a scorching hot day with only a slight breeze as the two teams emerged from the Dressing Rooms at 3:15 American time to be greeted by the 280 New York Police Band and 2 Pipe Bands who paraded the teams playing O Donnell Abu and The Minstrel Boy. There followed the singing of Faith of Our Fathers The Star Spangled Banner and the Irish National Anthem. The pitch was brown rock hard with very little green grass and was watered by watering cart just an hour before the game. A crowd of 34,941 paid gate receipts of $ 152,000 (£38,000) The two teams lined out as selected Cavan Team Val Gannon Mullahoran Willie Doonan Cavan Harps Brian O Reilly Mullahoran Paddy Smith Stradone John Wilson Mullahoran Cmdt JJ O Reilly Captain Curragh Simon Deignan Mullagh PJ Duke Stradone Phil Brady Mullahoran Tony Tighe Mountnuggent Mick Higgins Mountnuggent Columba McDyer Cavan Slashers Joe Stafford Killinkere Peter Donohoe Mountnuggent and TP O Reilly Ballyconnell.Subs Edwin Carolan Mullagh Terry Sheridan Killinkere JJ Cassidy Arva O Roe McGovern Swanlinbar Tom O Reilly Cornafean E Tiernan Templeport Brendan Kelly Bailiebrorough

 Kerry Dan O Keefe D Lyne Captain Lieutenant Joe Keohane Paddy Bawn Brosnan Jackie Lyne D Carey Eddie Walsh Eddie Dowling E Gaga O Connor T O Sullivan D Kavanagh Bat Garvey F O Keefe Tom O Connor and Paddy Kennedy. Kerry started like a whirlwind and registered a wide from the throw in. Tom O Connor had a point for Kerry after 3 minutes and after a 30 yards solo run Garvey sliced open the Cavan defence to shoot a great goal for Kerry after only 5 minutes. In their 1st  attack Peter Donohoe gained possession and was pulled down taking the free and the point himself to open the scoring for Cavan after 6 minutes. After a Kerry attack was broken up Cavan swept back downfield when John Wilson side stepped Garvey to find Higgins who was pulled down as he headed for goal Peter Donohoe pointed the resultant free after 7 minutes. Play swung quickly back up field and Tom O Connor fielded brilliantly lost his marker and gave Val Gannon no chance in the Cavan goal. Kerry were now ahead by 7 points and many of the spectators in the white shirted crowd wondered how Cavan ever got to the Final. Despite trogan work by Willie Doonan who cleared his lines twice before Tom O Connor had the now vociferous Kerry support on its feet again after 9 minutes when he shot another point after O Keefe had been fouled to give Kerry an 8 point lead-time for drastic action and Hughie O Reilly was ringing the switches bringing 19 year old Tony Tighe and Mick Higgins to centre field in place of Phil Brady and PJ Duke the latter taking over from John Wilson to mark the mercurial Batt Garvey who had been involved in all of Kerry’s scores. From a beautiful fetch and pass by Tighe Columba McDyer shot a brilliant Cavan point but Eddie O Connor quickly replied with a Kerry point after a flash of genius by the Kerry forward line interchanging at speed. Then Higgins found McDyer who found Donohoe soling through the Kerry cover before being dragged down for a free which he converted himself.Tighe was now supreme at midfield and after a brilliant catch set off at speed on his own for the Kerry goal only to be pulled down Peter Donohoe converting the resultant free. Tighe then caught the kick out brilliantly placed Joe Stafford for a great Cavan goal. Cavan were now rampant and had shaken off their early lethargy and then Duke placed Phil Brady who found Tighe who passed to Donohoe who placed the in running Mick Higgins for the goal of the Championship in the 28th minute and brought the entire Polo Grounds to its feet to acclaim a wonderful score. Cavan were all over Kerry now and missed several chances of scores before the half time whistle sounded with Cavan ahead 2-5 to 2-4.During the interval Mayor O Dwyer of New York addressed the Irish people listening to the broadcast saying “it was a pleasure to see this game here to day. Since emigrating from Ireland I have longed to see the All Ireland Final played in my adopted city of New York. Both teams are a credit to Ireland”. The President of the GAA Dan O Rourke a native of Roscommon said as he looked out on the Polo Grounds “it was a wonderful sight with spectators witnessing a wonderful game –one of the greatest ever in the history of the GAA”. Cavan were first out of he dressing rooms after showering changing and drinking copious amounts of water at half time with the words of Hughie O Reilly ringing in their ears “you are in the lead and well fit to win it now” and Kerry making them wait in the sweltering sun for a lengthy period before emerging in their green and gold jersies and white baseball caps. Cavan were on the attack from the thrown in but repulsed by determined Kerry defending then Kerry swept up field only for Kavanagh to be fouled by John Joe Reilly with Tom O Connor shooting the equaliser after 2 minutes play. From Doonan’s long kick out Donohoe fetched and passed to Higgins who was pulled down in flight and Donohoe converted the free to give Cavan a 2-6 to 2-5 lead. From the kick out Tony Tighe went high to fetch and was nearly killed when Brosnan and Eddie Casey caught him in a sandwich but Tighe passed on to Higgins clean through only to be denied by a great save from Dan O Keefe who was lucky not to be charged across the line by the inrushing TP O Reilly. In the next minute Higgins again fielded and was pulled down only for Peter Donohoe to send over another Cavan point 2-7 to 2-5.Following great work by JJ O Reilly TP O Reilly was in on goal when pulled down and Donohoe converted the free 2-8 to 2-5.After prolonged Cavan pressure Kerry broke away and Gaga O Connor scored a beautiful point for the Kingdom 2-8 to 2-6.In the sweltering heat the younger fitter Cavan team ran riot and dominated play. After 3 more Cavan wides Higgins sent over 2 beautiful points from play in the 26th and 28th minute 2-10 to 2-6.After great play by the Cavan forwards in which Higgins was pulled down when heading for goal Peter Donohoe had the final point for Cavan. Kerry true to their reputation stormed up field looking for a goal but their only reward was a consolation Gaga O Connor point after great work by Doonan Smith Duke and JJ O Reilly who sent Cavan on the attack again. The Final whistle saw winners and vanquished in sporting embrace of each other. They had played a classic All Ireland Final and thrilled the spectators in the Polo Grounds and the millions listening to Micheal O Hehir’s commentary all over Ireland. Martin O Neill of Wexford was a fair impartial referee who let the game ebb and flow to its conclusion. Figures of the game showed that Cavan scored 2 goals 11 points to Kerry’s 2 goals and 7 points shooting 12 wides to Kerry’s 9 they had 2 50s none for Kerry and were awarded 18 frees to Kerry’s 15.The members of the victorious Cavan team were carried to the dressing rooms on the shoulders of proud Cavan emigrants who milled around the dressing room to acclaim their heroes particularly Peter Donohoe Mick Higgins Tony Tighe PJ Duke Captain John Joe O Reilly and Willie Doonan as they made their way to the coach and back to their headquarters in the Roosevelt Hotel. Scorers for Cavan Mick Higgins 1-2 Joe Stafford 1-0 Peter Donohoe 0-8 and Columba McDyer 0-1.Kerry Garvey 1-0 Eddie Dowling 1-0 Gaga O Connor 0-5 Paddy Kennedy and Tom O Connor 0-1 each. Kerry used 4 subs while Cavan used none At the Commodore Hotel 1,400 attended the official banquet of turkey and trimmings. The Officers of the GAA sat at the top table Mr McNamara President of the New York GAA presided and the toastmaster was Pat O Dwyer brother of the Lord Mayor. Before the speeches which lasted for over 3 hours Cavan were presented with their All Ireland medals while the speakers initially congratulated the teams and organisation the speeches took on a more political hue with impassioned pleas for an end to partition. John Joe Sheehy of Kerry said “we have our games our culture our language we appeal to this great power that is the USA to intervene and restore our country”. A sentiment echoed by many speakers including the President of the Munster Council Denis O Mahoney. In Ireland people listened to the games at home in pubs and in dance halls throughout the country. When the final whistle went they poured out on to streets laneways and rural roads embracing neighbours friends and even enemies whom thy had not spoken to for years in unbridled joy at the wonderful tidings from America. In the Magnet Cinema in Cavan Jimmy McCormack the Projectionist kept the customers happy by improvising slides which superimposed on the film the latest score when the final result came up hundreds rushed out to join the thousands of people dancing in the streets with bonfires blazing at every vantage point. Throughout the North whole families gathered around the wireless enthralled by the New York Pipe Band playing O Donnell Abu The Minstrel Boy and the singing of Faith of Our Fathers Amhrain Na Fiann and The Star Spangled Banner. Many poured into the streets shouting “Up Cavan and Up Ulster”. Thousands poured out of houses in the Falls Road after the broadcast ended soon after 10 embracing and shouting “Up Cavan Up Ulster” while many of the houses sported Cavan and Ulster flags. The crowd was swelled by people returning from cinemas clubs and dances and rejoicing went on until well after midnight. Meanwhile back in New York the following day both teams had a long lie in and were served a hearty breakfast around midday. All the players were fit and well and no serious injuries were reported from the Cavan or Kerry squads. Arthur Daly in the New York Times acclaimed both teams for their sporting behaviour in a tough spectacular all action encounter. “Donohoe is the Babe Ruth of Gaelic Football. He is Dead Eye Dick with his accurate kicking. Cavan were younger and fitter and able to carry their hand passing game with speed and deadly accuracy while Kerry with their more direct approach of catch and kick played into the hands of the Cavan defence. It was amazing and uplifting to see two teams after kicking the stuffing out of one another go over and embrace one another at the end of a great Final. If it was here they would surely each want to land another blow.Tighe of Cavan came in for dog’s abuse knocked out three times he came back for more each time. Outside the stadium an impromptu Fleadh Cheoil took place with musician singers and dancers displaying the custom and traditions of Ireland oblivious to the deafening roars of the nearby subway”. Harold Rosenthal in the Herald Tribune says “The name Donohoe 23 year old Publican’s Assistant rang out all over New York and throughout Ireland last night to acclaim the Cavan sharpshooter who was instrumental in landing Cavan’s 3rd Senor All Ireland title. Long afternoon of fierce battling in unrelenting heat where hard knocks were the order of the day and each embraced friend and foe at the end of the game”. Chris Kiernan in The Daily News said that “Cavan completely outplayed out kicked and out manoeuvred their opposition after a very shaky start. Bruising battle complete with sustained fast action and reckless play” Wedger Meagher brother of the famous Laurey Meagher of Kilkenny writing in the Daily Mirror “Cavan played a brilliant type of football in electric atmosphere cheered on by ecstatic crowd after a disastrous start. Kerry relied too much on their traditional catch and kick which was easily dealt with by a sound Cavan defence”. The Irish World said “it was a glorious game and glorious victory clean tough and fast it was well refereed” The Irish Echo said “it was a great game with the better team winning. Important in the fight against partition that victory should go to Ulster this year” As Mick Higgins said many years later “this was the experience of a lifetime the enthusiasm and generosity of our hosts was incredible we were treated like Royalty”. On Monday both teams were guests of City Commissioner Nolan at a lavish Reception at City Hall. On Tuesday many of the party went to visit relatives or went to the seaside at Brockway Beach where they were the centre of attention and acclamation. Wednesday was a visit to the City Police Headquarters where they were entertained by the Commissioner as honoured guests of New York City. In the afternoon they journeyed out of town to visit West Point Military Academy which was of particular interest to Cmdt JJ O Reilly Lieutenant Joe Keohane and Lieutenant Simon Deignan.They were accorded a warm welcome by the thousands of young cadets and were guests of the Military High Command. The highlight of Thursday was a motor boat tour of the harbour taking in all the islands that make up New York and visiting Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. On Friday night there was a challenge game under artificial light at Gaelic Park between a Cavan/Kerry Selection and New York after which the Cavan team were guests of honour of the Cavan Association in New York Annul Dinner where they were the recipients of a special presentation. On Saturday night the Kerrymen’s Association had their team as special guests at their Annual Dinner when each member of the team was presented with solid gold watches. Meanwhile back at home Micheal O Hehir’s broadcast is acclaimed as one of the greatest acts of communication and skill in the history of Irish broadcasting and ensures his place in Irish folklore. Thousands of telegrams continue to pour in among them Bishop Lyons Mr Tighe Bank Manager Ballyjamesduff DT Dwane Cavan Post Office Michael J Smith Town Clerk on behalf of the people of Cavan town Paddy O Reilly Treasurer Cavan County Board Andy McEntee Breffni Bar 57 Main Street and President of Cavan GAA on behalf of the Gaels of Breffni Brother Dermot Bagenalstown and formerly De La Salle Cavan Miss Mary Brady Chairman Cavan UDC and Paddy Smith TD Chairman Cavan County Council. The only casualty was John Sexton former Cavan and Monaghan footballer who cycled to Killadoon on Sunday to referee the Cornafean V Mullahoran League encounter to be informed that the game had been cancelled John returned to his caretaker’s house in Breffni Park in good time for the broadcast from New York. In Croke Park Tyrone won their first All Ireland Minor title beating Mayo 4-4 to 4-3 after trailing by 4-2 to 0-2 at the interval. Star of the show was Eddie Devlin a student at Saint Patrick’s College Armagh. An early McCaffrey goal in the 2nd half grabbed victory from the jaws of defeat and ensured an Ulster double for the very first time. Team M Bradley L Campbell R McNulty V Cullen M Vaughan Eddie Devlin M Cushnaghan B McGrath S Poyntz A Martin M Dargan J McConnell B McCafrey T Sullivan and P Donnelly.



Willie Doonan left and Paddy Kennedy (Kerry) race for procession near the Cavan goal !


Mick Higgins gets his shot in despite the close attention of Kerry’s Willie Casey and Paddy Bawn Brosnan.


A Moment of Victory

Cavan team and officials celebrate in the Dressing Room after their historic victory over Kerry in the heat and humidity of the Polo Grounds on September 14th 1947



September 27th 1947 Cavan and Kerry teams left for home on the 26th September on the luxury liner The Queen Mary which will put into Southampton from which the party will transfer by train to Holyhead and journey to DunLaoghaire on Friday morning 3rd October. Before leaving New York Micheal O Hehir was guest of the Dublin Association who made him a presentation to commemorate his memorable broadcast while Padraic O Keefe General Secretary of the GAA and H O Mahoney President of the Munster Council were Guests of Honour of the Cork Hurling Club while Gerry Arthurs of Armagh was Guest of Honour at The Armagh Association function. Before leaving New York each member of the Cavan team was presented with a wallet of notes by the Cavan Association. The teams and officials continued to enjoy New York hospitality and visited Radio City Music Hall where they were shown around and entertained to luncheon. They took in shows on Broadway and the latest movies-everywhere they were feted and treated as honoured guests of the city of New York At home a special Reception Committee was formed headed by Seamus Gilheaney NT Father Patrick Gargan Saint Patrick’s College and Treasurer Paddy Reilly Athbara.



Cavan and Kerry teams received at Arus an Uachtarainn by President and Mrs Sean T O Kelly on the morning of their return from New York. Also in the picture is on Taoiseach Eamonn De Velera and Mr Patrick Smith TD Minister for Agriculture and a native of Cootehill



The Champions 1947

Back Row Eddie Tiernan T P O Reilly ‘Big Tom’ O Reilly Peter Donohoe Tony Tighe Johnny Wilson  and Phil Brady. Centre (Left to Right) James McGeough (Masseur) Willie Doonan Terry Sheridan Val Gannon Simon Deignan Columba McDyer  P J Duke Hughie O Reilly (Trainer). Front Row (Left to Right) Hughie L Smith (County Board Secretary) Joe Stafford Owen Roe McGovern John Joe O Reilly (Captain) Edwin Carolan Paddy Smith and Patsy Lynch (Chairman Cavan County Board). Missing from picture Mick Higgins J J Cassidy Brendan Kelly and Brian O Reilly.




October 11th 1947 Champions come home over 15,000 at reception in the Farnham Gardens. Arriving at Dun Laoighaire on the morning of October 3rd both parties were greeted by the Lord Mayor of Dublin and entertained to a hearty breakfast in the Salthill Hotel Monkstown. Making their base in Barry’s Hotel they were given a civic reception in the Mansion House and in the afternoon journeyed to Arus an Uachtarainn where they were greeted by President and Bean Ui Ceilidhe Eamonn De Valera Taoiseach and members of the Cabinet including the Minister for Agriculture Paddy Smith from Cootehill. That night the entire party were guests of the Central Council in the Gresham Hotel where the Cavan captain Cmdt John Joe O Reilly was presented with the Sam Maguire Cup by Dan O Rourke TD President of the GAA. Present were members of the Cavan and Kerry County Boards as well as members of the Central Council who had sanctioned the game at Easter. Many invited guests from Cavan town including Marona Foster Dr Jack Sullivan Andy and Molly O Brien Market Square MJ and Maisie Magee as well as Paddy Treasurer and Mrs O Reilly from Athbara. On Saturday the two teams were guests at a Dublin City Cinema where they viewed a newsreel of the Final before making the final preparations for home and meeting old friends and acquaintances in Barry’s Hotel. After attending Mass in the city the Kerry and Cavan parties went their separate ways with Kerry returning to Killarney by train while Cavan began their triumphant journey where they were greeted all along the way by people waving Cavan flags until they got to Navan where they were accorded a Civic Reception and on to Kells where the cavalcade was officially welcomed and led by the Kells Brass Band to the outskirts of the town. On the Meath/Cavan border over 300 cars greeted the cavalcade and they were officially welcomed home by the Parish Priest on behalf of the people of Maghera. Virginia was a sea of blue and white and thousands lined the street to catch a glimpse of their heroes. At 3:30 precisely the cavalcade inched its way into Cavan town to be greeted by a banner adjacent to flag and bunting bedecked Lake View proclaiming ‘Welcome Home the Champions’ Every house in Owen Roe Mitchell Street Saint Brigid’s Jubilee Saint Mary’s Saint Patrick’s Wolfe Tone Street Coleman Road and O Rahilly Street were decorated in bunting and flew both the Cavan and National flags with many American flags among the display. Mallon’s in O Rahilly Street had a beautiful banner with Breifne Abu and the Sam Maguire super imposed. The De La Salle School flew both Papal and Cavan colours with a banner across the road ‘Cead Mile Failte to the Champions’. On a beautiful Autumn day 16 bands took part in the procession with pride of place leading the parade to the Cootehill Brass Band in honour of the Cavan trainer Hughie Reilly. The team bus driven by  Patrick Donaghy Saint Mary’s Terrace brought up the rear with the members of the team and the magnificent Sam Maguire Cup clearly visible.Cootehill were followed by Bailieboro Brass Band Drumcrow War Pipers and the following fife bands Castletara Drung Drumcrave Lower Lavey Laragh Killann Mullahoran Clifferna Cavan Labour Band Denn Drumany and Aughavas County Leitrim. The FCA under Lieutenant Jimmy McEntee and 2ndb Lieutenant Jim Scanlon formed a Guard of Honour at the Farnham Gardens and later helped with the stewarding while the De La Salle Boys team led by Brothers David and Michael held a banner proclaiming ‘Champions of 1957’.Incredibly for the second successive time John Joe O Reilly like Hughie Reilly in 1935 was not present to carry the Sam Maguire Cup (John Joe was assisting the Curragh in a Kildare Senior Championship Semi Final) and left the task to Vice Captain Joe Stafford until he arrived later in the evening at the Banquet in the Farnham Hotel.15,000 people crammed the Farnham Gardens entering via Cafferty’s House in Ashe Street. The team were greeted by Bishop Patrick Lyons Bishop of Kilmore and Bishop Moynagh Vicar Apostolic of Calabar and a native of Mullahoran all members of the team and officials kissing their rings. Addresses of welcome were read by Michael Harding Cavan County Council Michael J Smith Town Clerk Cavan town PE Clarke on behalf of the people of Cootehill JD Quinn on behalf of the people of Belturbet. Bishops Lyons and Moynagh spoke first followed by Dan O Rourke President of the GAA Patsy Lynch Chairman Cavan County Board who paid tribute to the “Mayor of New York W O Dwyer for affording the touring party the freedom of the city Lieuts McDermott and Ryan who were their guides throughout their stay there- they saw more of New York than many people resident there for over 25 years. He also paid tribute to Cardinal Spellman and Monsignor Flannelly Adm Saint Patrick’s Cathedral. To the people of New York particularly the Cavan Association for their hospitality and generosity that ensured that they did not come home with empty pockets. Most of all the people at home who made this great day possible by their support and generosity in contributing to the Training Fund. Cavan could not have got to the Final and their support meant that when they took the field in New York they were the best prepared Cavan team ever to contest a Final.” The next speaker Hughie O Reilly was accorded a rapturous reception and opened by saying “Thank God we are home again safe and sound and all the boys of Breffni were magnificent in winning the Sam Maguire in style in the only All Ireland ever played outside Ireland and I hope it is the last. Thank you to our loyal supporters who helped us achieve this great day and with their donations supported us through a difficult Ulster campaign and the Semi Final against Roscommon. We thank our own kith and kin in that land across the sea who opened their homes and hearts to us over the last three weeks. God send the day when the youth of Breffni will be able to get a decent living in their own native land they so dearly love” To close the meeting the Cootehill Brass Band struck up the National Anthem all present joining in the Chorus. Supt Murray was in charge of the Gardai who directed traffic with Inspector Brett Sergeant Thorne Sergeant McDonagh. The Banquet in the Farnham Hotel followed at which all the clubs in the County were represented Cavan Harps were represented by Paddy Conaty Chairman Paddy Boylan Treasurer Paddy Brady Secretary Bartley Smith Vice Chairman Michael Walsh Johnny O Rourke Noel Halligan P Dunne Phil Lee John Keoghan and Poppy McNamara. The toast ‘Ireland’ was proposed all standing to sing the National Anthem. ‘Our Guests of Honour’ (Bishops Lyons and Moynagh) proposed by Seamus Gilheaney and replied to by Bishop Lyons MJ Magee (Ulster Council) proposed the toast ‘The GAA’ replied to by Dan O Rourke President of the GAA and Andy McEntee President of Cavan GAA.Father PJ Gargan proposed the toast ‘All Ireland Champions’ Hughie O Reilly replied praising Monaghan Tyrone Antrim Roscommon and Kerry for the manner in which they accepted defeat at the hands of Cavan in this year’s Championship. Prolonged applause greeted the arrival of JJ O Reilly Captain of the Cavan team who apologised for being late due to another engagement in Kildare. He “hoped that winning in New York would inspire the youth of the County to play the game and uphold Breffni tradition and that this victory would make up to the Cavan supporters their years of frustration in their quest for All Ireland honours.” The banquet concluded with the playing of the National Anthem.

Cavan Welcomes The Champions

The bus carrying the victorious team moves down Farnham Street to the  Reception in the Farnham Gardens



Joe Stafford carries the Sam Maguire to the platform in the Farnham Gardens where the team and officials were received by Dr Patrick Lyons Bishop of Kilmore.




Over 25,000 people gathered in Cavan to welcome the victorious Cavan team home. The parade through the blue and white bedecked streets of the town stretched for over a mile and included 14 Bands.


Bus carrying the victorious Cavan team passes the Courthouse on its way to the Reception in the Farnham Gardens at the intersection of Farnham Street and Ashe Street.



November 1st 1947:

Peter Paul Brady (Town Hall Street ) and Barney Brady (Connolly Street ) bag 13 pike fishing at Killygoan. The largest was a monster of 27 ½ lbs.

November 8th1947:


YMS are among the organisations making a presentation of a new radio to Bishop Lyons on his return from seeing Pope Pius X11 in Rome where he presented ‘The Cathedral Book’(detailing the construction of the new Cathedral) to “a very impressed and grateful” Holy Father.

Same Week: ‘Eagle Bar’ remains unsold with the highest bidder being Mr. Moran Bridge St. with a bid of £4,500.

November 15th 1947:Talent Competition in Scout Den. Singers 1st Bridie Gaffney,2nd Petsie Lawlor,3rd Teresa Fitzpatrick,4th  Peter Moore.5th Louis Smith and 6th Phyllis McNamara. Impersonators 1st John Fagan,2nd John Fitzpatrick. Instrumental 1st Leo Ronan,2nd Paddy O Neill.

Same Week: Mrs R Ladley Bray has purchased the ‘Magnet Bar’(‘Blackhorse Inn’) formerly owned by J Melican for £2,150.

Perl Leonard (Church Street) has been called to the Civil Service. She was educated at the Poor Clare Convent and Saint Louis Convent Monaghan.

November 20th 1947:

CYMS Whist: Top Score Frank Fitzpatrick (Military Row),1st Gent Joe O Rourke (Market Square),2nd Gent Sean Smith (Main Street).Ladies 1st Mary McGovern (Church Street),2nd Lady Miss Norton (Town Hall Street).

Same Week: Frank Conlon buys residence on Cathedral Road for £2,125 (Byrnes beside Helen Carolan).

‘Eagle Bar’ is sold to Harbison Bros Moneymore  Co Derry for a record £5,350.

January 31st 1947 World mourns the death of Man of Peace Mahatma Ghandi. Mr De Velera addressing an election meeting in Boyle county Roscommon said “our two peoples felt they were brothers in a common cause”


February 20th 1948:


ommy Connolly buys his private residence in Church Street for £2,500.(Seamus and Mary Munnelly’s)

Same Week: Downbeaters supply the music at Annual Boy’s Scout Dance.

Brendan Stronge son of Mickey and Mrs Stronge Saint Bridget’s Terrace takes 1st place in Ireland in the Post Office entrance exams.

First Inter Party Government (Fine Gael, Labour and Clann Na Poblachta) led by John A Costello.


May 15th Earl Fitzwilliam whose Irish seat was at Coolattin county Wicklow and Lady Kathleen Hartington daughter of Joseph Kennedy former US Ambassador to Britain are killed when their chartered air plane crashes in Southern France.

Ireland at last win the Triple Crown after 49 years of striving to win this elusive prize . They defeated Wales by two tries sis points to one try three points at Ravenhill Belfast. As a result of this great win Ireland also won the Grand Slam having beaten France earlier in the season.

Emil Zatopek Czech runner star of the London Olympics winning the ten thousand metres and finishing  second in the five thousand metres. Fanny Bankers Kohn won four gold medals competing in the Olympics for her native Netherlands.

May 17th 1948 Egyptian planes bomb new Jewish State capital of Tel Aviv. Destroying the Port . Meanwhile five Arab armies are marching toward Jerusalem and the Holy Land. Egyptian sources said that they had captured Gaza and were less than forty miles from Tel Aviv. Troops of the Transjordan Arab Army occupied Jericho. Egypt Syria Transjordan and the Lebanon have crossed the River Jordan in the western drive for the Mediterranean.

October 2nd  1948:


avan win their 4th all Ireland Senior Football crown. Belfast readers say “Cavan justify Ulster’s faith and confidence”, while the prisoners in Armagh Jail send their congratulations to the players and fulsome praise for the commentary by Micheal O’ Hehir a sentiment also expressed by ‘Cavan supporter in Liverpool’.

August 7th 1948 Appeal for funds to train the Cavan team for Semi Final clash with Louth after their easy victory against Antrim 2-12 to 2-4 in the Ulster Final in Clones before an attendance of 32,000 paying gate receipts of £2,125 on a beautiful Summer’s day.JJ O Reilly Captain was the Man of The Match and the rock on which many of the Antrim attacks perished. Cavan were a much slicker outfit than last year with Tighe and Brady supreme at centre field and Sherlock later sprung from the subs. Cavan led by 1-6 to 1-3 at the interval. The Anglo Celt Cup presented by the new Editor of the Anglo Celt ET O Hanlon who congratulated both sides on a splendid match. Scorers for Cavan Peter Donohoe 1-4 Edwin Carolan 1-1 Mick Higgins 0-2 JJ Cassidy 0-2 Simon Deignan Victor Sherlock and Tony Tighe 0-1 each.

August 26th 1948 Cavan concede 4 second half goals but defeat Louth 1-14 to 4-2 in the All Ireland Semi Final before 51,000 who paid gate receipts of £4,657 at Croke Park with a strong gale force wind blowing from the Canal goal. Cavan won the toss and elected to play with the gale force wind and sun in their backs defending the Canal goal and led by 1-10 to 0-1 at the interval and nobody rated Louth’s chances even with the gale force wind. Sherlock and Brady were dominant throughout at midfield and with JJ O Reilly Willie Doonan Paddy Smith PJ Duke and Simon Deignan superb in defence Cavan fell into the trap of trying to get goals to polish the Louth men off  but it was Louth who got the goals and they were rampant in the second half. Brian O Reilly at full back was the weak link and J Benson in goals although beaten 4 times brought off some great saves. Higgins and Donohoe steadied the ship while Edwin Carolan Joe Stafford and JJ Cassidy were inclined to shoot for goals. When Louth closed to 1 points with 10 minutes left Donohoe and Higgins led the way with superb Cavan points in the last 10 minutes as Cavan regained the upper hand to ensure that they meet either Mayo or Kerry in the 1948 All Ireland Final on the last Sunday of September. Scorers for Cavan Peter Donohoe 0-8 7 frees Mick Higgins 0-5 I free Tony Tighe 1-0 and Edwin Carolan 0-1 while Hardy 2-0 Fegan 1-2 and Mooney 1-0 replied for Louth. Team JD Benson Croghan Willie Doonan Cavan Harps Brian O Reilly Mullahoran Paddy Smith Stradone PJ Duke Stradone JJ O Reilly Curragh Simon Deignan Mullagh Phil Brady Mullahoran Victor Sherlock Kingscourt Tony Tighe Ballyjamesduff Mick Higgins Kilnaleck JJ Cassidy Arva Joe Stafford Killinkere Peter Donohoe Kilnaleck Edwin Carolan Mullagh Subs T P O Reilly Ballyconnell Barney Cully Arva Owen Roe McGovern Swanlinbar John Wilson Mullahoran Terry Sheridan Killinkere Vincent Gannon Mullahoran and Paul Fitzsimmons Maghera. The following Sunday Mayo who had survived a replay and extra time to take the Connaught title against Galway 2-10 to 2-7 in Roscommon turn on the style at Croke Park before 51,305 paying £4,588 to hammer Kerry 0-13 to 0-3 with Kerry failing to score in the 2nd half against a young fit physical Mayo team who will now meet Cavan in the All Ireland Final. Tyrone meanwhile qualified for the All Ireland Minor Final beating Galway 2-7 to 2-2 in Ballinasloe they will now defend their crown against Dublin in the All Ireland Final.

Cavan parade to victory over Mayo in the All Ireland Final of 1948. Led by the Artane Boys' Band are John Joe O Reilly (Captain) Peter Donohoe Des Benson Brian O Reilly Mick Higgins Simon Deignan P J Duke Joe Stafford Paddy Smith John Joe Cassidy Willie Doonan  Edwin Carolan Victor Sherlock Phil Brady and Tony Tighe.



October 2nd 1948 Cavan still champions Mayo conquered 4-5 to 4-4 in pulsating Final while Tyrone make it an Ulster double for the second consecutive year. An official attendance of 76,645 paid gate receipts of £6,129 with 25,000 locked out 2 hours before the Senior game. The Cavan team were first out of the dressing rooms at 3:05 to be greeted by a tumultuous roar looking slim and trim very fit and a credit to trainer Hughie O Reilly and John McGeough. Then came the arrival of Sean T O Kelly and the playing of the Presidential salute at 3:10.3:15 The stadium erupted with the entry of Mayo who were accompanied as is customary in the West by a mascot. A large kite in the Mayo colours hovered high above the stadium and a rabbit was released in the Mayo colours. Not to be outdone Cavan supporters released a hare in the Cavan colours both animals rescued before the start by the stewards. The teams lined up behind the Artane Boys Band who paraded the teams to deafening cheers then followed the playing of Faith of Our Fathers and Amhrain na Fiann. The Archbishop of Tuam Most Rev Dr Walsh was escorted on to the pitch by Dan O Donnell TD President of the GAA and introduced to the two captains Cmdt JJ O Reilly and Sean Forde both kissing his ring. He then proceeded to throw in the ball and the All Ireland Final of 1948 was on. Cavan won the toss played with the elements wind and sun in their backs on a dry sunny windy day into Hill 16 goal and led by 3-2 to Nil at the interval after Mayo had held them to just two points with 21 minutes gone. From the start Mayo walked into Cavan and the play was rugged in the extreme with a deep lying defence pushing the dangerous Cavan forward line out towards midfield where Cavan were dominant with cousins Phil Brady and Victor Sherlock supreme and easily eclipsing the vaunted Eamonn Mongey and Padraic Carney who resorted to boxing the ball in the second half. On 21 minutes came the moment of genius from 20 year old Tony Tighe when he went high to fetch the ball over 40 yards out and soloed at lightning speed through the heart of the Mayo defence passing quickly to John Joe Cassidy who continued the solo run and sent back to Tighe running at lightning speed who unleashed an unstoppable shot past Byrne that almost tore the back of the Mayo net. Cavan were rampant now and Mayo so composed and clinical in their approach lost their composure and fell back in defence allowing Cavan to play their own fast speedy brand of interchanging football which resulted in a great goal again by Tony Tighe. Deignan intercepted and found Stafford  who passed to Edwin Carolan and on to the elusive Tighe motoring like a greyhound crossed the ball to left finding Joe Stafford Tighe then took the return to blast the ball past Byrne for the goal of the 1948 Championship Cavan 2-2 to Nil. Then after prolonged pressure Cavan were back again with Victor Sherlock soloing through a now shaken Mayo defence to find the net from 30 yards out Cavan 3-2 Mayo Nil. Cavan continued to press all the way to half time but were intent on carving out openings for goals instead of taking the points that presented themselves and would prove invaluable before the end. The hurricane freshened in the second half with Mayo now defending the Canal goal. After 1 minute played Mayo had their first point from Sean Mulderrig after they had forced an early 50.Then on 5 minutes JJ O Reilly took a very hard knock dislocating his shoulder and having to be replaced by Owen Roe McGovern from Swanlinbar .No sooner had JJ left the pitch than Mayo struck for their first goal on 6 minutes from Peter Solan after Des Benson dropped the ball under pressure from Sean Mulderrig.There was no panic in the Cavan ranks despite some very hard over robust Mayo tackling and Cava struck back with Donohoe sending over another Cavan point. From the kick out Owen Roe McGovern found Higgins who at full speed ran through the spread-eagled Mayo defence side stepping Paddy Prendergast for a great Cavan goal to leave the score 4-4 to 1-1 after 10 minutes of the second half-many of the huge crowd felt sorry for Mayo who were receiving a football lesson and likely to get a trashing from this superb Cavan team. Cavan played a containment game and with 16 minutes gone in clearing his lines Paddy Smith caught superbly and passed to Doonan who turned inside to kick with his left foot but the ball was blocked down into the net by a superb block by Tom Acton . Mayo were suddenly in the game and running rings around Cavan scoring when Tom Acton struck again for another close in Mayo goal on 15 minutes. On 18 minutes Joe Gilvarry was pulled down in the square after Brian O Reilly had saved a point blank shot from close range from Peter Solan. Padraic Carney’s penalty was superbly struck to leave Mayo only 2 points adrift with over 10 minutes left 4-4 to 4-2.Immediatly Paraic Carney was back with anther point 4-4 to 4-3.The Sean Mullderrig got free on the left found Eamonn Mongey to level the game at 4-4 each in the 24th minute. Cavan hit back in style Mick Higgins gained possession passed to Joe Stafford who was pulled down while going through Peter Donohoe took the free from 30 yards out but missed by inches. From the kick out the ball fell to Sherlock who placed the inrushing Edwin Carolan who was pulled down going through and Peter Donohoe converted the free from 25 yards out in the 26th minute. Then Higgins and Sherlock combined with John Joe Cassidy who was once gain pulled down Donohoe’s free from 25 yards out hit the right hand post and back into play where John Joe Cassidy gained possession with the goal at his mercy but shot wide after 29 minutes play. Play swung up field and one last chance for Mayo to draw the game Carney’s shot was cleared to touch by Des Benson but from the resultant free Mayo were awarded a close in free. Padraic Carney was entrusted with the free straight in front of the post with over 31 minutes of the second half gone. Tactically aware Mick Higgins was back helping his defence and blocked down Carney’s kick but the ball came back to the Mayo forwards who were quickly closed down by the Cavan defenders and the ball went wide. Bill Doonan took the kick out sending the ball over 50 yards in the teeth of the gale force wind and the referee blew the full time whistle to give victory to Cavan and the Sam Maguire for the second consecutive years. Scorers for Cavan Tony Tighe 2-0 Victor Sherlock 1-1 Mick Higgins 1-0 and Peter Donohoe 0-4.Mayo Acton 2-0 Padraic Carney 1-1 Peter Solan 1-0 Padraig Mullderrig 0-2 and Eamonn Mongey 0-1.Cavan were much the better tam and threatened to blow Mayo away in the 2nd half but poor defensive work John Joe Reilly’s retirement and Mayo’s brave fight back almost scuttled the Cavan bandwagon. Andy McEntee list the number of heavy fouls against key Cavan players s who required medical assistance to continue John Joe O Reilly 2 Tony Tighe 2 Victor Sherlock 3 Simon Deignan Phil Brady Edwin Carolan and Mick Higgins 1 each. In addition Willie Doonan played with a heavily bandaged hand having been involved in the rescue of 2 people from a blazing house in Mitchell Street Cavan earlier in the month. The injured John Joe O Reilly was escorted to the Hogan Stand to receive the Sam Maguire from the President of the GAA Dan O Rourke who described the game as “a fine hard sporting encounter between two evenly matched teams” while JJ O Reilly called for 3 cheers for the vanquished Mayo team lifting the heavy Sam Maguire Cup high into the air with one hand. Later the Mayo trainer Mr Courell made history by visiting the Cavan dressing room paying tribute to the Cavan team and back room staff particularly Hughie O Reilly Johnny McGeough and Dr Philip Carroll. It was the first time that a beaten trainer made this gesture. In the Minor Final Tyrone beat Dublin 0-11 to 1-5.Later in the evening the All Ireland Senior and Minor medals were presented to Cavan and Tyrone at a Ceilidhe in the Mansion House after which Cavan were entertained to Dinner by the Cavan Association in Dublin at the Metropole Hotel at which there were over 500 in attendance while across the road in Clery's Mayo were entertained by the Mayo Association with 400 guests in attendance. Cavan Team J D Benson Croghan Age 25 Willie Doonan Cavan Harps 26 Brian O Reilly Mullahoran 25 Paddy Smith Stradone 29 PJ Duke Stradone 25 JJ O Reilly Curragh 29 Simon Deignan Mullagh 25 Phil Brady Mullahoran 23 Victor Sherlock Kingscourt 24 Tony Tighe Ballyjamesduff 20 Mick Higgins Kilnaleck 26 JJ Cassidy Arva 26 Joe Stafford Killinkere 30 Peter Donohoe Kilnaleck 23 Edwin Carolan Mullagh 20 Subs TP O Reilly Ballyconnell Barney Cully Arva Owen Roe McGovern Swanlinbar  John Wilson Mullahoran Terry Sheridan Killinkere Vincent Gannon Mullahoran and Paul Fitzsimmons Maghera. Mayo T Byrne Patrick Quinn Paddy Prendergast Sean Flanagan J Forde Paddy McAndrew Jim Gilvarry Eamonn Mongey Padraic Carney Willie Kenny Tom Langan Joe Gilvarry Peter Solan Tom Acton and Sean Mullderrig. Referee PJ Flaherty Tullamore was very lenient in his interpretation of the rules and generally let play flow freely from end to end.



Figures for the game

1st Half


















2nd Half


















Full Time





















Cavan returned home on Tuesday night and were met at the Meath border by a cavalcade of cars and Cavan flags and bunting with a banner proclaiming Cavan as the 1948 Champions. In Cavan town at Owen Roe Terrace there was a banner with ‘Welcome Home the Champions’ and all the houses in the terraces were festooned with blue and white flags and bunting. A Torchlight Parade formed at Harry Richmond’s led by the Cavan Labour Band and thousands of supporters. with bonfires at the junction of Main Street Mitchell Street as well as at Wolfe Tone Street. They were officially welcomed by Seamus Gilheaney Chairman of the Welcoming Committee NT speaking in both Irish and English in the Market Square.Mr Gilheaney said that this was a continuation of the golden age of Cavan football winning their 4th title and retaining the Sam Maguire. Cavan would be back within a month victorious in the National Football League Final where they were once again due to play Cork in the Replay.Mr Michael J Smith presented JJ O Reilly Cavan Captain with an address of welcome while JJ thanked his colleagues on the team the back room staff particularly Hughie O Reilly Johnny McGeough and Dr Phil Carroll. Cavan had the best supporters in the land and they were generous in their donations to the Training Fund and the fitness required to win a tough hard All Ireland like Sunday against a gallant Mayo team who gave their all in their quest for victory. Finally John Joe said the future of the great tradition of Breifne rested in the hands of the youth who he encouraged “by constant practice discipline and good sportsmanship to carry the torch lit by our forefathers”. There followed the playing of the National anthem and the team were then escorted to the Farnham Hotel for a Banquet hosted by the Cavan County Board GAA.The Cootehill Brass Band who were late arriving then paraded the town much to the delight of all present. In the Minor game which preceded the Senior Final Tyrone retained their title 0-11 to Dublin’s 1-5 after the teams were deadlocked at 3 points each at the interval after Dublin had the benefit of the elements in the 1st half. Man of the Match was Eddie Devlin who started at centre half back and in the second half dominated play at midfield for Tyrone while Barney Eastwood was the leading Tyrone forward.Des Ferguson and Cyril Freaney were the pick of the Dublin team. Tyrone J McGahern D Donnelly M Connolly E Knox L Campbell Eddie Devlin P O Hanlon S McGrath H Hartop J Reilly M Dargan Barney Eastwood L Devlin JJ O Hagan J Twoomey.Over 2,500 people greeted the Tyrone team on their return home to Dungannon by rail on Monday evening.

All Ireland Champions 1948

Back Row (Left to Right) T P O Reilly Tony Tighe Brian O Reilly Des Benson Victor Sherlock Peter Donohoe Phil Brady P J Duke Mick Higgins John Joe Cassidy and Johnny Wilson. Front (Left to Right) Simon Deignan  John Joe O Reilly (Captain) Willie Doonan Joe Stafford Edwin Carolan Paddy Smith Owen Roe McGovern and Val Gannon.




October 30th 1948 Cavan make it a glorious double when they beat Cork 5-9 to 2-8 in the replay of the Irish National Insurance Company National League Final in Croke Park before an attendance of 26,576.Scorers for Cavan Joe Stafford 2-1 Peter Donohoe 1-3 Tony Tighe 1-1 Edwin Carolan 1-1 Mick Higgins 0-2.Cavan led at the interval by 3-7 to 1-5 Cork O Donovan 1-4 Duggan 1-0 Daly 0-2 Hartnett and B Murphy 0-1 each.Tom Barry the Cork trainer hailed Cavan as “the 15 Giants of gaelic football”. The team were entertained to Dinner in Barry’s Hotel by the Central Council and later were feted at a Function in the Regent Hotel in Howth hosted by the Cavan Association in Dublin. Pat O in the Irish Times remarked “Not so much Cork played badly but Cavan made them look bad.The backs were solid and played as a unit with Seamus Morris manning the sticks. Philip Brady with his height weight and sheer strength was a colossus at centre field particularly in the second half when Cavan’s superior fitness began to reap dividends. He got wonderful assistance from PJ Duke of UCD who matched Cork players in catch and kick who were much taller and stronger. The Cavan forward line gave an exhibition in collective team work sprinting at speed and passing and receiving in full flight seldom if ever seen before in Croke Park. The Cork defence that contained 5 of the team that beat Cavan in 1945 were over run and Cavan punished them with 5 superbly taken goals.” Cavan Seamus Morris Arva Willie Doonan Cavan Harps 26 Brian O Reilly Mullahoran 25 Paddy Smith Stradone 29 Owen Roe McGovern Swanlinbar 19 JJ O Reilly Curragh 29 Simon Deignan Mullagh 25 Phil Brady Mullahoran 23 PJ Duke Stradone 25 Tony Tighe Ballyjamesduff 20 Mick Higgins Kilnaleck 26 JJ Cassidy Arva 26 Joe Stafford Killinkere 30 Peter Donohoe Kilnaleck 23 Edwin Carolan Mullagh 20 Subs T P O Reilly Ballyconnell Barney Cully Arva John Wilson Mullahoran Terry Sheridan Killinkere Vincent Gannon Mullahoran and Paul Fitzsimmons Maghera.Owen Roe McGovern replaced Victor Sherlock who was not eligible to play for Cavan while Seamus Morris replacing Des Benson in goals from the team that won the All Ireland in September. Martin O Neill Wexford Secretary of the Leinster Council GAA was an outstanding referee who managed to keep the game moving and still remain unobtrusive. The Artane Boys Band paraded the teams played the National Anthem before the game and entertained the crowd at half time with selections such as ‘The Banks of my own Lovely Lee’ and ‘Come Back Paddy Reilly to Ballyjamesduff’

National League Winners 1948

Back Row Left to Right Patsy Lynch (Chairman Cavan County Board) Tony Tighe Des Benson Brian O Reilly Victor Sherlock T P O Reilly Mick Higgins Peter Donohoe Barney Cully Johnny Wilson J J Cassidy Edwin Carolan and Paul Fitzsimmons. Front Row ( Left to Right) Willie Doonan Val Gannon Simon Deignan John Joe O Reilly ( Captain) Phil Brady Paddy Smith Owen Roe  McGovern Terry Sheridan Seamus Morris  P J Duke and Joe Stafford.


November 6th 1948:


YMS Weekly Whist Drive £6 in Prizes each Sunday night in CYMS Hall.

Same week: Saint Joseph’s Young Priests Society Meeting  George Maloney (President) also present Rev. P J Gargan, Mrs Maura Cullen Con P Smith, Tommy Reilly (Regal),Michael J Galligan Patrick McCarren and Michael Delaney.

Harry S Truman is the new President of the USA defeating Dewey in cliff hanger with many predicting that Dewey would succeed Roosevelt with ease but Truman upset the applecart.

November 13th 1948:


dvert: “Cavan’s Sole Air Agency. If you intend going to America or anywhere else contact John McGinnity Bridge Street .NB No booking fee nor is a deposit necessary”.

Death of Andrew Sharkey Drumalee, Mary McNamara Kilnavara and Mrs Smith Abbey Street.

November 20th 1948:


YMS Whist Drive Top Score £3 and numerous other prizes.

December 4th 1948:

CYMS Whist Winners. Top Score Kathleen Sullivan Church Street,1st Lady Mrs Packy Leonard (Bridge Street),2nd Lady Mrs H O’ Rafferty(GNR Station),1st Gent Jim Scanlon on a cut from John M Breen.

December 7th 1948:


T Dwane retires as Postmaster to his farm in the Golden Vale Limerick. Committee making the presentation. Jerry Lyons (Chair), Fr. Hugh McGrail (CYMS), Tommy McCormick, M J Smith (Town Clerk), T J Fitzpatrick, Supt Joe Murray, E T O Hanlon, Bernard Stacey and Michael Harding (Acting Secretary Cavan County Council).

December 18th1948:


avan Boxing Championships in CYMS Hall. Packed to capacity on both Friday (Semi finals) and Saturday (Finals).Results After a sensational win knocking out the more experienced John Joe Dunne in the Semi Finals, Teddy McCormack surprisingly out boxed the seasoned campaigner Pete Donohoe to claim Boxer of the Tournament. Other Results. S McSharry beat G Gogarty, Paddy McNamara beat P Sullivan, F Fitzpatrick beat K Kirby, Eamonn Donohoe beat Charlie Moore, Pete Lawlor beat Paddy Cassidy, Paddy Duffy beat Andy Burns, Patsy Lawlor beat T Smith, Sean (Spider) Donohoe beat Leo Ronan and J Smith beat Jerry Kinsella. Jim Brady was referee: Judges John Donohoe Tim O’ Riordan and Dr. F P E Smith. Timekeepers: Charlie Greene and D McSherry. Certificates were presented to the winners after each bout by Mr Rafferty (GNR).Father Hugh McGrail thanked everybody who took part in the ‘Saint John Bosco Championships’ and said that “boxing provides a fine training for young boys as it teaches a chap to take as well as give a hard knock”!

December 25th 1948


ichael Strong’s (Postman) Farewell Presentation in the Town Hall. Foresters Committee present wallet of notes to their departing Secretary after a splendid tea provided by the Ladies Committee. Molly McGurk ,Frank O’ Keefe and several other members of the Foresters sang accompanied on the piano by Robert Ryan. The night ended with the singing of ‘Auld Lang Syne’ and the National Anthem.

Same Week:: ‘Des Fretwell and His Famous Band’ Salthill provided the music at the successful Boy Scouts Dance in the Town Hall.


January 15th 1949:


irst Pavilion Pantomime ‘Cinderella’ on Thursday, Friday and Sunday played to “enchanted” packed houses Cinderella Do Do O’Hagan , Prince Charming Maura Smyth, Baron Corny Michael Walsh Ugly Sisters Kitty Sullivan (Dandelion) and Nell Arnold (Dewdrop), Joxser and Jameser Sonny Magee and Frank Lynott,  Buttons Sue Loane  Fairy Queen Rose Magee Demon King Jack Poyntz, Mad Surgeon Pat McKiernan, Usher Cyril Arnold, Nurse Mary Bergin. Children: Jerry Lyons Peter Finnerty Margaret Smith. and Sean Breen. Girls Maura Baxter and Lorna Leonard. Attendants Dinny Whelan and Pat Flood. Fairies .Corina Sullivan Margaret Sullivan and Lorna Smyth Choreographers Vera Brady and Maggie Hickey Producers Tom Hickey and Jack Poyntz Musical Director Maisie Magee, Stage Managers Dinny Whelan and Cyril Arnold, Costumes Moya and Vera Brady ,Make up Betty Fitzpatrick ably assisted by Mr and Mrs Paddy Cusack (Ballyjamesduff).Sonny Magee painted all of the ten different Settings. Chorus Ms Pat Cullen, Betty Hickey, Helen McCarren, Eileen McCarren and Maureen O’ Reilly, M/s Frank Carroll, Terry Cassidy, Paddy Donoghoe, Seamus Gilchreest, Willie O Hanlon and Gerry Maloney. Musical Accompaniment by J W Twoomey (piano) and Stan Mullery (drums and effects).  Lighting and Amplification Mick Smyth 60 Main Street Cavan


January 22nd 1949:


aurice Brady has purchased his shop and Premises from Mrs B Whelan for £1,850.

January 29th 1949

CYMS Annual Whist.: Top Score(£20) Robert Gray Mons Terrace, Ladies Mrs P A Galligan Bridge Street,2nd Mrs James Smith Coranure,3rd Mrs Turbett Clones, Gents 1st Tom Maguire (Tullyco),2nd P McCaffrey (Glenview),3rd T McGovern (Derryheen).Lowest Score: Mrs Bell (Arch Café),Consolation Prize Mr P Smith (Cloverhill).Winner of the Raffle for a ham (Presented by McCarren’s) Sean McConnell (Ashe Street).

World is shocked at the treatment of Cardinal Mindzenty Primate of Hungary as a Communist Court sentences him to life in jail and  penal servitude for ‘ treason conspiracy against the Republic and currency speculation’. His picture is now very  well known on the front pages of the Irish media.

March 12th 1949:


atrick Kirby (Butcher in Hickeys) won the gold medal and £50 in the National Irish Hides Improvements Competition in Dublin.

Same Week: Ireland retain the triple Crown with 5 points to nil victory over Wales in Swansea.

Sean (spider) Donohoe fails to make it three in a row in the 7st 7 lbs weight at Ulster Boxing Championship Finals while his brother Eamon suffers a very controversial points defeat in the 4st 7 lbs weight.

Joe Louis retires after 12 years at the top and the fight for the vacant World Heavy weight crown will take place in June between Ezzard Charles and Jersey Joe Walcott in Chicago.

March 26th 1949:


nimated exchange of ‘Letters to the Editor’ sparked by comments made by Gerry Lovett about flax growing culminates with a letter from C Heaslip Chairman of the Cavan Farmer’s Association. “Save me from my friends the idea of Mr Lovett-a teacher and with an address at Cathedral Road Cavan and Senator Paddy Baxter a politician dictating to the farmers is a typical example of how the farmers are being used as tools”!

Same Week: Cavan Drama Festival: Ballyjamesduff CYMS win the Dr Lyons Cup for ‘Michaelmas Eve ’Etna Fay Best Actress. Hugh Lee Cup (Confined) Virginia Dramatic Society for the ‘Crow’. Anglo Celt Cup (One Act Play) Cavan Players for ‘The Good and the Bad’ ,Producer Betty Fitzpatrick. Cavan Players: Maura Smyth, Pat Dooney, Jack Poyntz, Eugene Monahan, Charles Donohoe, Andy O’Brien and Tom Fitzpatrick.


Sudden death of Tom Sullivan PC 1 Main Street. Tributes from Tennis Club and Drama Festival Committee who carried the coffin in relays from his home to the Cathedral of Saints Patrick and Felim Cavan.

April 9th 1949


YMS Ceilidhe and Old Time Town Hall Easter Sunday Night.

Death of Mick Walsh (Wolfe Tone St.) expert bugler with the old Cavan Militia Band also Reggie Cinnamond (Belfast) and Mrs R A Brown (Owen Roe Terrace.).

Same Week: Rinty Monaghan retains his Flyweight Championship of the World before 8,500 “adoring fans” in the King’s Hall  Belfast beating the European Champion Maurice Sandevron (France ) on points.

This years most successful Hollywood  film is ‘Samson and Delilah’ with Austrian born Hedy Lamar. British films ‘The Red Shoes’ and ‘Hamlet’ carry off the Oscars and the ‘Third Man’  with Joseph Cotton and Orson Welles is a huge international hit. Locally in Cavan the Magnet Cinema is doing very big business filled to capacity 750 people every Sunday night with crowds estimated at around 400 for the rest of the week. The Town Hall runs films once a week and on Sunday afternoon matinees and is packed to capacity 500 for these performances . The admission price is four pence for the Matinees. Interesting that the two projectionists in the Town Hall and Magnet Cinema are brothers Tommy and Jimmy McCormack with the latter in the Magnet seven nights a week while Tommy and the proprietor Ned McKiernan bring their Town Hall Show to Bailieboro and Arva. During the War when petrol was scarce and rationed they often travelled on tandem bike to the county venues with the films strapped to Tommy’s back.

April 16th 1949:


reland becomes a Republic on Monday (Easter Monday) April 17th with celebrations all over Ireland and in Dublin thousands gathered to celebrate and cheer as illuminations provided by giant spotlights and a twenty one gun salute on O Connell Bridge ushered in the new Republic of Ireland. Members of the Diplomatic Corps will call on President Sean T O Kelly at Arus an Uachtarainn to congratulate him and present their credentials.. Messages of congratulations and  good wishes pour in from Poe Pius XII  King  George President Truman USA President Einaudi of Italy President Sao Shew Thalk of Burma and the Government of the Australian Commonwealth and many others. Thus the Proclamation of a Republic be the Leaders of the Easter Rising of 1916 now becomes a reality.

Same Week: Tom O’ Connor, Johnny O’ Rourke and Paddy Donnelly represent Cavan Harps on Cavan Junior County team to play Monaghan.

Ena Hickey beats Mrs Turkington (Bailieborough) to win the Ladie’s singles final at Cavan Open Badminton in the Pavillion while J Shaw (Mullingar) beat W Burns (Oldcastle) .Ena Hickey teamed up with J Shaw to win the Mixed Doubles Edward and Willie O’ Hanlon won the Men’s Doubles. Tom Fitzpatrick (Chairman) in presenting the trophies thanked all who helped with the tournament particularly the Protestant Hall and the Ladies Catering Committee

April 30th 1949:


Ntimely and unexpected death of Bishop Patrick Lyons aged 74. Lying in state in the library at his residence for two full days. All businesses come to a halt as thousands accompany the remains on Friday evening to the Cathedral. Requiem Mass on Saturday attended by the President Sean T O’ Kelly, Taoiseach John Costello and Tanaiste William Norton. Sean Breen (mitre bearer),Matty Connolly Jerry Lyons Tommy Flood D McKenna Michael Cullivan George Gear Anselem Lovett Michael Farrell and Leo McDonald were altar servers at the funeral. CYMS supply the stewards who met at 4 pm in College Grounds for the Removal on Friday and 10 am on Saturday for the Requiem Mass in the Cathedral.

Same Week: Before suspension of the Forester’s Carnival due to the death of Bishop Lyons. Fancy Dress Prettiest 1st Madeline Donohoe (Abbey Street) ‘ Apple Blossom Time’, 2nd Anne English ‘Gypsy’,3rd Collette Flood  ‘Buttons and Bows’. Most Topical 1st Mary O’ Hanlon ‘Divided Ireland’, 2nd Anne Bergin and the Misses Smiths Roscommon ‘AntiPartition’,3rd Clair Flood and Essie Donohoe ‘Best Years of Our Lives’. Most Humorous 1st Paddy Mullery ‘Bellman’,2nd Master Brady ‘Brown Bomber’,3rd Mary Connolly and Mary McKenna ‘April Showers’. Old Time Waltz 1st J J O’ Reilly and Miss McDermott,2nd Freddie Finlay and Miss A Smyth.

June 27th 1949 In brilliant sunshine more than 80,000 men and women pack Croke Park reciting in unison the words of the Heroic Offering  the climax of the celebrations marking the Golden Jubilee of the Pioneer Total Abstinence Association.

July 13th 1949 Death of Douglas Hyde first President of Ireland. Eminent Gaelic scholar and writer and founder of the Gaelic League. He was aged 89 and had been in failing health for some time.

August 6th 1949:


alerie McCarren (14) reaches the Leinster Junior Tennis Final in Dublin.


September 3rd 1949:


avan Lawn Tennis Club Farnham Street beat Pavilion Cavan5 matches -1: Mixed Doubles: Rev G Cave and Mrs Reardon beat Dickie Mullery and Vera Bready (Sherlock),Jack Halpin and Mrs Flannery beat Jack Poyntz and Mary Gear, Dr  Flannery and Miss R Harman beat W Burns and Mrs Campbell. Clive Anderson and Miss M McGauran lost to Dessie Tweedy and Mrs P Burns, Captain and Mrs Saunderson beat Tommy McCormick and Sheila McCarren, Bill Anderson and Mrs Clarke beat Tom Cinnamond and Do Do O’ Hagan.

September 17th 1949:


avan Harps beaten in Senior League at Tierquin by Mullahoran in “an over robust encounter witnessed by over 2,500 spectators”. Harps: John O’ Rourke ,Paddy Conaty, Paddy Brady, Alo Maguire, Willie Doonan, Frank Connolly, Johnny O’ Rourke, Paddy Boylan, Terry Weir, Mickey Walsh, Joe Devlin, John Johnston, Tom McNamara and George Rourke. Tom O’ Connor and Paddy Donnolly were unable to play due to injury.

Same Week: Father Tom McCormick on holiday from Wales with his sister Bee Donohoe Abbey Street. He will as usual attend the All Ireland Final Cavan V Meath in Croke Park.

Dr.John Craig Co M O H is in Denmark to study modern methods of treating tuberculosis while Dr. Kevin Greene (Crosskeys) has been appointed House Surgeon at Cavan Surgical Hospital.

The Republic of Ireland beat England 1-0 at Goodison Park Liverpool to become the first ‘foreign’ team to beat England on home soil. The Irish team was captained by Dubliner Johnny Carey who captained Manchester United to win the FA Cup in 1948.

October 15th 1949:


wen Roe Week: President Father John Maguire Vicar General, Chairman Father Pat Gaffney, Vice Chair P N Smith and Liam O’ Kelly (Bailieborough), Secretaries Fr. Charles Travers and Tommy Hughes, Treasurers Dr. Jack Sullivan and M J Smith, Patrons Tom F O’ Higgins TD (Minister for Defence) Archbishop Dalton and Major General L Archer (Army Chief of Staff). 400 stewards present at CYMS Hall for final instructions. Over 75,000 and 100 bands with 200 banners attend the Parade and Tattoo on Sunday. The entire week was favoured with brilliant sunshine.

Cavan fail to make it 3 in a row of All Ireland Senior Championships when surprisingly defeated by Meath in the Final on a score of 2-8 to 1-6. It was Meath’s first success in the final.

August 6th 1949 Cavan beat Armagh 1-7 to 1-6 in the Ulster Senior Final played at Saint Tiernach’s Park Clones before a crowd of 24,000 who paid gate receipts of £1,960. Tough hard encounter Armagh had chances to win and were on their toes  after 2 weeks of collective training. The outstanding player for Cavan was their captain JJ O Reilly while Phil Brady after an early injury played on despite his handicap and gave a grand display at midfield where Cavan were dominant. Missing Mick Higgins who was injured earlier in the campaign TP O Reilly was an excellent choice as replacement and as always to the fore in the Cavan attack. Cavan led by 1-2 to 0-3 at half time. In the second half JJ Cassidy was injured and was replaced by up and coming College’s player Brian McNamara who gave an excellent account of himself. The Cootehill Brass and Reed Band paraded the teams and played the National anthem before the game refereed by Dr JP O Callaghan from Roscommon. Scorers for Cavan Peter Donohoe 1-2 Edwin Carolan 0-3 Victor Sherlock 0-1 Tony Tighe 0-1.Cavan Seamus Morris R O Connor Paddy Smith Owen Roe McGovern Pj Duke John Joe O Reilly Simon Deignan Phil Brady Victor Sherlock John Joe Cassidy Tony Tighe Joe Stafford Edwin Carolan Peter Donohoe and TP O Reilly. Subs Brian McNamara Willie Doonan P Wall John McCabe Johnny Cusack Des Maguire


August 20th 1949 Meath cause the upset of the Championship when they beat warm favourites Mayo 3-10 to 1-10 in the All Ireland Semi Final in Croke Park before an attendance of 48,200 who paid gate receipts of £4,961.Meath produced a pulsating style in the bright sunshine and were on top in defence and attack where they notched 3 superb goals. Their 3 game Leinster Semi Final marathon against Louth has brought the team on a ton and they will be worthy opposition for the winners of next Sunday’s Semi Final between Cork and Cavan. Scorers for Meath Mattie McDonnell 2-1 Frankie Byrne 0-5 Paddy Meegan 1-0 Kevin Halpenny Peter McDermott and Connell 0-1 each while Mayo replied through Padraic Carney 0-6 Tom Langan 1-0 Flanagan 0-2 Hastings and Peter Solan 0-1 each. Meath led by 0-5 to 0-4 at half time. Because of the clash of colours Meath played in white while Mayo were in red. Meath Kevin Smyth Kells Mick O Brien Skryne Paddy O Brien Skryne and Sean McDermott’s Dublin Kevin McConnell Syddan Jim Heerey Rathkenny Paddy Dixon Balivor Christo Hand Ardcath J Connell Moynalty C Smith Western Frankie Byrne Syddan and Clan na Gael Dublin Brian Smyth Capt Skryne Matt McDonnell Ballinlough Paddy Meegan Syddan Bill Halpenny Syddan Peter McDermott Young Ireland. Frankie Byrne and Peter McDermott had just returned from the 3 day pilgrimage to Saint Patrick’s Purgatory Lough Derg in the week of the game.

August 27th 1949 Cavan football victory 3rd consecutive title in sight beat Cork 1-9 to 2-3 before an attendance of 49,789 paying gate receipts of £5,103.Score does scant justice to Cavan superiority  as Cork scored goals in the first and last minute of the game. Cavan seemed inspired in the absence of Mick Higgins and were determined to reach the Final for their great marksman who was injured in the 1st round of the Ulster Championship.TP O Reilly made a marvellous comeback for Cavan and was always threatening danger around the Cork goal. Towards the end Edwin Carolan received a very nasty knock and was replaced by Brian McNamara who distinguished himself on his first Senior Championship outing in Croke Park and this young student will figure largely in the future Cavan campaigns. Cork played a very spoiling style of play holding Cavan opponents by the arm or jersey as they contested the ball. Cavan were far too fleet footed for this ruse but several of the Cavan jersies were in shred and Victor Sherlock lost his completely early in the second half. Cork led by 1-2 to 0-4 at half time having won the toss and defended the Railway end in the first half. They were breaking even at centre field but should have been further ahead at the break.In the second half Sherlock and Brady dominated midfield supplying the lightning fast Cavan forwards with plenty of opportunities. The half back line of PJ Duke JJ O Reilly and Simon Deignan were unbeatable and seemed to be everywhere when they were wanted. Apart from the goal in the last second Cork scored only 1 point in the second half when Cavan showed their superior fitness speed and team work and taking the lead in the 35th minute which they never relinquished to the end. Scorers for Cavan Peter Donohoe 0-6 John Joe Cassidy 1-0 Phil Brady Tony Tighe Joe Stafford 0-1 each Cork O Donnell 1-0 Hartnett 1-0 Cronin 0-2 Duggan 0-1 Cavan Seamus Morris Arva  Des Maguire Cornafean 19 Paddy Smith Stradone 30 Owen Roe McGovern Swanlinbar 32 PJ Duke 26 Stradone JJ O Reilly Curragh 30 Simon Deignan Mullagh 26 Phil Brady Mullahoran 24 Victor Sherlock Kingscourt 25 Tony Tighe Ballyjamesduff 21 Edwin Carolan Mullagh 21 JJ Cassidy Arva 27 Joe Stafford Killinkere 31 Peter Donohoe Kilnaleck 24 TP O Reilly Ballyconnell 29.Besides the game one of the main talking points was the increase in all admission charges to Croke Park with Hill 16 cost 1/6 and the sideline 3/- an increase of 6d on prices charged at the Meath Mayo Semi Final one week ago. On the way home there was chaos on the roads as well as on the railways as a severe electrical storm broke out with hundreds of cars unable to proceed beyond Dunshaughlin during the 3 hour storm. All trains were running at snail’s pace with all destinations affected. Some of the supporters did not reach home until after 3 am on Monday but there were no accidents or casualties reported. The Cavan team meanwhile will return to their training base in the Park Hotel in Virginia owned by former Cavan footballer Ernie McDonnell at the end of the week where they will be put through their paces by strict disciplinarian Hughie O Reilly assisted by Johnny McGeough Castleblayney.

September 24th 1949 Build up continues for the All Ireland Final between near neighbours Cavan and Meath who will be contesting the Final for the 3rd time having been beaten in 1896 when represented by Pierce O Mahony’s Navan by Tipperary represented by Annaville Rovers by 0-4 to 0-3 and in 1939 when beaten in the Final by Kerry. Meath are in strict training in Gibbstown Navan under the watchful eye of Father P Tully C C Moynalty Chairman of the County Board and Ted Meade former Meath footballer. Cavan are in residence in the magnificent sylvan setting of the Park Hotel Virginia under Hughie O Reilly and Captain John Joe O Reilly while Johnny McGeough Masseur has a separate room for massage and is busy from morning to night. The players are checked out on a daily basis by Doctor Phil Carroll of Bailieborough and are in magnificent shape rising early for their 7 mile walk  physical exercises sprinting and ball practice. The team say the Rosary each night before retiring to bed at 10:30 pm.Training will taper down from the Wednesday prior to the game. The team are accommodated in beautiful rooms with views of the lake and surrounding countryside while the kitchen and household staff under Pauline McDonnell daughter of the proprietor old Gael Ernie McDonnell attend to their every need. The sensational news from the Camps is that Jim Kearney who starred in the last Meath appearance in the Final back in 1939 will partner Matt Connell at centre field while Cavan have selected 19 year old James McCabe from Ballintemple to play at right full back in his Championship début. James is a former Saint Patrick’s College and Ulster Colleges star and played a star role in Mullahoran’s recent County Championship triumph. Willie Doonan is back on the panel but will start on the bench.Des Maguire a Clerical Student in Dalgan Park Navan who played soundly in the match against Cork is not available. Team Seamus Morris Arva 25 James McCabe Mullahoran19 Paddy Smith Stradone 30 Owen Roe McGovern Swanlinbar 33 PJ Duke 26 Stradone JJ O Reilly Curragh 31 Simon Deignan Mullagh 27 Phil Brady Mullahoran 24 Victor Sherlock Kingscourt 25 Tony Tighe Ballyjamesduff 22 Mick Higgins Kilnaleck 27 J J Cassidy Arva 27 Joe Stafford Killinkere 31 Peter Donohoe Kilnaleck 24 Edwin Carolan Mullagh 22.Subs T P O Reilly Ballyconnell Willie Doonan Cavan Harps Brian McNamara Bartley McEnroe and R O Connor. Masses in the Cathedral will start at 6:30 to facilitate those travelling to the game by train bus and car. Meath make one change in their team recalling veteran Jim Kearney to centre field to partner Paddy Connell from Moynalty Meath Team Kevin Smyth Kells Mick O Brien Skryne Paddy O Brien Skryne and Sean McDermott’s Dublin Kevin McConnell Syddan Jim Heerey Rathkenny Paddy Dixon Balivor Christo Hand Ardcath J Connell Moynalty Jim Kearney Frankie Byrne Syddan and Clan na Gael Dublin Brian Smyth Capt Skryne Matt McDonnell Ballinlough Paddy Meegan Syddan Bill Halpenny Syddan and Peter McDermott Young Ireland’s.

October 1st 1949 Cavan dethroned - Meath are the new All Ireland Champions beating Cavan 1-10 to 1-6 before a record crowd of 79,460 who paid gate receipts of £7,057 with 10,000 failing to gain admission when the gates were closed an hour before the match. Meath totally unfancied outside their own county dropped a bombshell and their 3 games against Louth in the Leinster Final ensured that they lasted the furious pace to the end. Indeed if their forwards had to take all the chances afforded them throughout the hour from a dominant Meath defence and outstanding centre field they should have been further in front at the finish The game was not a classic tackling was furious and the Meath defence afforded the vaunted Cavan attack very little chance to get into their fast running smooth hand passing style where only Edwin Carolan and Tony Tighe posed any serious problem with Mick Higgins being soundly marked by the powerful Dixon on his return to the team after injury Peter Donohoe John Joe Cassidy and the veteran Joe Stafford were outplayed by a staunch Meath defence.. Problems in the Cavan defence were manifest from an early stage with the outstanding Peter McDermott giving Championship debut 19 year old James McCabe Ballintemple and Mullahoran a torrid time. Cavan missed Willie Doonan for his high catches powerful forays and lengthy kicking and the game was lost as much on the line as on the pitch. John Joe O Reilly Paddy Smith and PJ Duke were magnificent all through but James McCabe Simon Deignan and Owen Roe McGovern were found wanting under severe Meath pressure.After nearly 20 minutes Cavan switched Tony Tighe to centre field Victor Sherlock joining the half forward line and this move gave Cavan an equal share of procession at centre field for the remainder of the game but removed the goal scoring threat of Tony Tighe from the forward line. The two teams were welcomed onto the pitch to a crescendo of sound with many of the Meath supporters waving green and gold umbrellas in a sea of colour of good humoured crowd mingling together at the Irish event of the year. Among the attendance was the President Sean T ad Mrs O Kelly and Taoiseach Eamonn De Velera.19 special trains ran from Northern Ireland while trains ran from Killarney Kilkenny Athlone together with hundreds of special buses.7 people flew from Dungloe Strand to Dublin Airport arriving within the hour and returning safely in the evening Kehoe President of the GAA escorted Most Rev Dr Kyne Bishop of Meath on to the pitch where he was introduced to the two captains Brian Smith and Cmdt John Joe O Reilly both kissing his ring. Meath won the toss and elected to defend the Railway goal with a light breeze in their back. Dan Ryan Referee of Kerry then handed the ball to Bishop Kyne who threw it in to start the 1949 All Ireland Senior Football Final Meath after storming the Cavan goal had their firs point after 2 minutes  from Mattie McDonnell Brian Smith took advantage of a blunder in the Cavan defence involving James McCabe and Owen Roe McGovern to drive over Meath’s second point after 4 minutes. Mick Higgins was pulled down after careering through the Meath defence and Peter Donohoe opened he Cavan account after 8 minutes with a well struck free. Peter McDermott then grabs procession and soling through the Cavan defence is pulled don for  Frankie Byrne to strike the 3rd Meath pint on 10 minutes. Cavan were still very much in the game and getting their fair share of ball Donohoe Safford Carolan Tighe were involved in a slick move when Tighe was pulled down in sight of goal and Peter Donohoe sent over the free after 12 minutes. On 13 minutes Frankie Byrne had a point from a free at the other end 4-2.The Cavan had a narrow escape when Halpenny rising high above the Cavan defence punched goal ward only for the ball to hit the outside of the Cavan net. Edwin Carolan was causing acute problems for the Meath defence and was fouled when going trough Peter Donohoe failed to raise the ball and Paddy O Brien cleared his lines to acclamation from the Meath supporters after 15 minutes play. Then Paddy Meegan collected the ball passed to captain Brian Smith ho punched over for another Meath point 5-2.After a great save by Seamus Morris for Cavan the ball came to Brian Smith who sent over the 6th Meath point on 20 minutes and Meath were dominant at this stage. Cavan then switched Tony Tighe to partner Phil Brady at mid field with Sherlock going into thr half forward line. In the 27th minute Peter Donohoe was fouled in procession and sent over the resultant free for Cavan’s 3rd point 6-3.From the kick out Connell caught and placed Brian Smith who found Frankie Byrne in space he soloed through before passing to Brian Smith for a great Meath point on 29 minutes 7-3.The referee blew the whistle to call a halt to proceedings in the first half with Meath well on top. The second half opened with Cavan on the attack and Higgins was badly wide in the first attack then Higgins collected JJ O Reilly’s 50 yards kick and was fouled by the Meath defence 21 yards out in front of goal Donohoe converting the free for Cavan’s 4th point. With play swinging to the other end Brian Smyth placed Peter McDermott but he was fouled and Frankie Byrne converted the free in front of goal 8-4.In the 7th minute Higgins Carolan  combined to give Joe Stafford a clear chance on goal but he was pulled down and Peter Donohoe converted the free 8-5Cavan were pressing now and forced another 50 which was caught by both Paddy O Brien and Joe Stafford on the Meath square the referee hopped the ball which Kevin McConnell cleared under pressure only out to Edwin Carolan and Peter Donohoe pointed from an acute angle for the best point of the game 8-6 with only 9 minutes gone. Then Meath had a period of ascendancy forcing 2 50 yard kicks but great work by James McCabe Paddy Smith and Simon Duignan cleared the danger and Cavan were back on the attack again. Looking for a goal to break the Meath resistance Tighe Donohoe and Carolan combined back to Donohoe who was fouled on the 14 yard line in front of goal.Donohoe took the kick himself aiming low and hard but just wide of the right upright. After a brilliant solo run by Paddy Meighan the ball was saved and gathered by Seamus Morris who was charged by Peter McDermott following up Morris was upended and the ball spilled out to Halpenny who shot a Meath goal. Play flowed from end to end with Meath unable to press home their advantage and Cavan came away in a blinding movement with Tighe Higgins and then Carolan who was fouled Donohoe taking a quick free to Stafford who placed Higgins for a great Cavan goal to leave the score 1-8 to 1-6.A minute later Kevin Halpenny was fouled in front of the Cavan posts and Frankie Byrne sent over to make the score 1-9 to 1-6.Cavanthen swarmed the Meath defence pushing all the troops forward in search of a goal but Connell in a break away attack put the issue beyond doubt in injury time. Cavan in their last attack launched by Paddy Smith and Owen Roe McGovern placed Carolan who found Tighe who returned the pass to Carolan in front of the goal Paddy O Brien rushed out and blocked Carolan’s kick clearing the ball to centre field when the whistle sounded to herald Meath as the All Ireland Senior Football Champions of 1949.The Sam Maguire was presented to Brian Smith Captain by the President of the GAA Michael Kehoe NT with 10,000 Meath supporters cheering in front of the Hogan Stand The Meath team were guests of honour at the Meath Association Dinner in Clery’s .Among the speakers was the Bishop of Meath Most Rev Dr Kyne and Father P Tully CC Moynalty who paid tribute to a sporting Cavan team who accepted defeat after a bruising battle in the manner of Champions. Over 300 attended the Cavan Reception in the Gresham and the team were later presented with a gift each at the Ceilidhe in the Town Hall Rathmines hosted by the Cavan Reception Association. Meanwhile the supporters on their journey home ran into thick fog and the journey to Cavan town took over 4 hours while the trains were slowed to a snail’s pace. The Meath team were guests of Aer Lingus on Monday and were brought on a conducted tour of the County where people gathered in every town and village to wave to their heroes. In the evening they journeyed home by way of Clonee and Dunsaughlin before being accorded a civic Reception in Navan where they were guests of Meath County Council and Navan Urban Council at a banquet in the Beechmont House Hotel. Armagh beat Kerry 1-7 to 1-5 to win their 1st ever All Ireland Minor crown-they won the Junior All Ireland in 1926 Kerry led by 1-2 to 0-3 at the interval. Armagh L McCorry E McCann Jack Brattan John McKnight F Keenan Harry O Neill T McConville E Mee C Collins T Connolly Sean Blayney Captain J Cunningham S Smith PJ McKeever B Greene Kerry J Foley Jerome O Shea P Colgan M Galway T Kerens John Moriarity Captain P Costello J Murphy Des Falvey P Coleman P O Donnell Paudie Sheehy M Gallivan Colm Kenneally and R Miller. The victorious Armagh team were later welcomed home by over 1,000 supporters who carried them shoulder high from the Railway Station to a lorry flying both the tricolour and the Armagh colours .The parade  was led by the Armagh Catholic Boy Scout’s Band and the team were entertained to supper in a city centre hotel. In Croke Park at the end of the Minor game Andy McEntee (Sports Editor Anglo Celt) observed a man decked out in the Armagh colours reaching into a basket he was carrying extracting a small ticket on which he wrote the Final Score. He then reached into the basket again and took out a carrier pigeon attaching the glad tidings to the foot of the pigeon which flew around the stadium once before heading across the Railway Wall and straight to Armagh where it arrived within 20 minutes to the delight of the waiting crowds. The broadcast of the Senior game did not begin until 25 minutes after the pigeon had arrived in Armagh!. The defeat of Cavan was overshadowed by the preparations for the Tercentenary Celebrations of Owen Roe O Neill.With shops an private houses putting the finishing touches to their decoration of their homes and premises. The advance Army units taking part in the Tattoo arrived early in the week taking up residence in the Old Sanatorium on Cathedral Road while thousands of soldiers are under canvas in the Show Grounds. Special attention is focussed on the Courthouse where the Military and Historical Exhibition will be housed while the Franciscan Abbey is being prepared for the Presidential visit later in the week. All hotels and guest houses in the area have been completely booked out.


October 22nd 1949:


rama Festival Committee 1949-1950:President Father Jimmy O’ Reilly Adm, Chairman Edward O’ Hanlon, Vice Chairman Seamus Gilheaney, Secretary Tom Fitzpatrick, Assistant Sec Rosemary Power, Treasurer Tom Malone (Hibernian Bank).

Same week: Death of Rev Joseph McDonald C M (Tower Hamlet),Rose Brady(Cullies) and Randall Black (Bridge Street).

November 5th 1949:


ictor Sherlock Kingscourt Cavan All Ireland footballer wins the All Ireland Junior Handball Softball Singles in Navan.


December 10th 1949:


YMS Whist: Top Score: Brian Tierney (Farnham Street),1st Lady Maggie Hickey,2nd Lady Mrs J P Dowd (Farnham Street),1st Gent Diarmuid Lovett,2nd Gent (tie) Sgt. McGrath GS and T Smith (Ashe Street).

Father Hugh McGrail CC leaves Cavan for Kinlough.

Maureen Thorne (Dublin Road) new S R N.

December 17th 1949:


YMS Whist: Top Score Eddie O’ Reilly (College Street),Ladies 1st Miss R Bannon (Main Street),2nd Maggie Hickey,1st Gent James Brady (Farnham),2nd Mr Boyle (Bridge Street).

Same Week: Treacherous conditions heavy snow and frost-John Sharkey had great difficulty negotiating the dangerous roads particularly in the Virginia-Oldcastle area while delivering the Anglo Celts.

 December 24th 1949:


YMS Whist: Top Score: Mrs Pat Marron (Ashe Street),2nd Kathy Murphy (Saint Aidans Tce.),3rd Mrs Bell (Arch Café),1st Gent Johnny Donohoe(Bridge Street),2nd J J Norrie (College Street),3rd J Brady (Thomascourt).


Additional Material from 1949 posted to http://www.cavancyms.com July 7th 2009


January 1st 1949 Busy Christmas Eve in the shops in Cavan. Run up to Christmas very quiet but crowds flocked the shopping areas on Christmas Eve.

Cavan Pavillion Club present Cinderella in the Town Hall with cast of 45.Great music and comedy with topical sketches

January 8th 1949 Social and presentation in the Farnham Hotel of canteen of cutlery to Mrs B Whelan who recently sold her Upper Main Street premises to Maurice Brady.


Death of William H Bennett Gardener College Street.He was brother of John Bennett former employee of GNR.

Darragh Smith and Gerry Hunt in serious accident near Oldcastle when their car skidded on the treacherous roads.

Josephine Sheridan (Nee Donohoe Kilnaleck) and formerly of the Main Post Office is appointed Postmistress at Upper Main Street with her premises situated at Auburn House.

January 15th 1949 Royal Jester with a cast of 75 is staged by the pupils of the De La Salle School in the Poor Clare Convent Concert Hall.

Patrick Reilly is The Jester John Joe Reilly is the Commander in Chief and Sean Woods is the King of The Cavania.

1st ever Saint Patrick’s College Past Pupils Dinner Dance in College. The short appearance of the very popular Bishop Lyons is greeted with loud sustained applause.

January 22nd 1949 Maurice Brady etc

Ena Hickey is badminton singles champion in both League and Championship at the Pavillion Lawn Tennis Club. She is also the Tennis Champion League and Championship. Vera Brady Town Hall Street was the Runner Up and Valerie McCarren the leading juvenile. Awards presented at Annual Pavillion Dinner in the Farnham where Maisie Magee entertained the guests on the piano

February 12th 1949 Richall Caddell buys Connolly’s Boot Store at 59 Main Street (Veale’s) for £2,000.

Cardinal Mindzenty Primate of Hungary disgracefully found guilty of treason conspiracy and currency speculation is jailed for life by a Communist Court in Budapest.

Death of Ann Leddy College Street wife of George Leddy Master Baker.

Miss Joan Gannon staying with her aunt Mrs John F O Hanlon Farnham Street. Joan is employed with Sabrina Airlines and is returning from a conference in Stockholm.

D Greene from Ballygawley Sligo pays a record £4,800 for the Eagle Bar in Bridge Street.

Work begins on the erection of the new 40 house development at Kilnavara( Saint Felim’s Place).The Council are building the houses in blocks of 4 by direct labour. Somewhat hilly approach but fine elevated site adjacent to Swellan Lake.

February 26th1949  Over 400 attend the Nurses Dance in the Town Hall with music by Jimmy Masson and the Gresham Orchestra.

John Gilchreest Plasterer dies in England. Outstanding member of the first Slashers team of 1888.Survived by his brother Matt in Connolly Street.

Death of Tom Brady Tullyco at the residence of his brother Gus in Church Street. Funeral from the Cathedral.

Death of William Dempsey former member of the British Army and Cavan Labour Band. Uncle of Cavan All Ireland footballer Willie Doonan.


March 5th 1949 1st Cavan Gun Club Dinner 1949.Speakers include Father P J Gargan Jack Halpin Father Charles Travers Saint Patrick’s College and George Maloney.

Patrick Kirby Butcher in Mrs Joe Hickeys 2nd in Irish Hide Flaying at Dublin Abattoir and is awarded with a cheque for £50.

March 12th 1949 Death of Fanny Hewitt former Postmistress at Drumconnick.Funeral from Kilmore Cathedral to the adjoining cemetery

March 19th 1949 Death of Mary Higgins Drumalee wife of Bernard Higgins Drumalee and member of the Anglo Celt Staff. She is survived by her husband Bernard and infant daughter born on Sunday (Mary Higgins-McDonald).Sympathy is extended to the bereaved family by Cavan Urban Council Anglo Celt Staff and the Foresters. Rev JJ O Reilly Adm officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral of Saints Patrick and Felim Cavan of Saints Patrick and Felim to Saint Brigid’s cemetery Killygarry.

March 26th 1949 Sudden death of Tom Sullivan Main Street at the age of 40.Vice President of the Irish RGTDATA. Funeral biggest ever seen in the Cathedral. Survived by his wife Bridie son Brian daughter Marie Ann, Margaret and Breda brothers Doctors Jack and Benny sisters Maisie Rita and Kitty. Tributes and Guard of Honour from Pavilion Tennis Club Foresters and Cavan Drama Festival. Father Charles Cartwright presided at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

CYMS Players with ‘Michaelmas Eve’ the fourth Cavan Drama Festival Best Actress Maura Smith Cavan Players. Best One Act Play Cavan Players with ‘The Good and The Bad’ Producer Betty Fitzpatrick Cast Maura Smith Jack Poyntz Pat Dooney Charles Donoghue Eugene Monahan AJ O Brien and Tom Fitzpatrick. Festival Officers 1949 Patron Bishop Patrick Lyons Chairman Tom Fitzpatrick Vice Chairman Seamus Gilheaney Secretary Miss MF McGeehin Assistant Secretary Rosemary Power Treasurer Tom Malone Hibernian Bank.

Adeline Clerkin Oliver Plunkett House Bridge Street is conferred with her SRN Nursing qualification. Past pupil of the Poor Clare’s and Loreto College.

Death of Reginald (Reggie) Cinnamond son of the late Robert and brother of W E Cinnamond (Ned) Church Street.

Death of Mick Walsh Wolfe Tone Street former member of the old Militia Band he was an expert bugler. Outstanding footballer with Cavan Slashers he won several County Senior medals.

April 16th 1949 James P Mansfield Raphoe County Donegal is appointed Cavan County Engineer. He was formerly Chief Assistant Engineer with Donegal County Council.

Hugh Rafferty retires after 5 years as Cavan Station Master

.Native of County Tyrone he served in Dublin Donegal Armagh Belturbet and Monaghan before being appointed Station Master in Cavan in 1944.

April 18th 1949 Eire leaves the British Commonwealth amidst celebrations in Dublin Ireland is declared a Republic with giant spotlights illuminating the GPO and a twenty one gun salute from the Irish Army to mark the event. Later in the day Ambassadors from all affiliated countries called on President Sean T O  Kelly to congratulate him and the Irish people in taking such a bold move. Messages were received from Pius XII King George VI President Truman among others.

April 23rd 1949 Clive Anderson of The Royal School wins the John Delaney Cup at Sligo Feis Cheoil for Piano.

Sudden death of Jerry Burke Chemist on Good Friday at a very young age. Owner of Chemist shops in Cavan and Drogheda. Native of Castlepollard County Westmeath he was very popular and did an extensive business. Involved in many of the local organisations he was very highly respected citizen whose death has shocked the entire Community. Survived by his wife Nan MPSI sons John Dermot and Kevin parents Mr and Mrs R Burke brother John and sister Maisie. Over 20 priests concelebrated the Requiem Mass in the Cathedral with burial in Cullies.

April 30th1949 Death of John Fitzpatrick Wolfe Tone Street. Member of the outdoor staff Cavan UDC.Very obliging and industrious. Father Malachy Byrne officiated at the Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Congratulations to Molly Reilly who has passed her exams as SRN at Saint George’s Hospital London. She is daughter of Michael and Mrs Reilly Emmett Place.

May 7th1949   Residents of Emmett Place College Street and Wolfe Tone Street continue to erect floral tributes to Our Lady on May Eve a tradition going back hundreds of years and now confined to these three old residential areas of the town.

May 14th 1949 Cavan Carnival Children’s Fancy Dress Prettiest 1st Miss O Reilly Wolfe Tone Street 2nd Doreen Smyth 60 main Street and 3rd Mary Fegan Saint Patrick’s Terrace. Humorous 1st Micheal Smyth and Joe McConnell

May 21st 1949 Feast of Saint John Baptist De La Salle celebrated with free day for the pupils solemn High Mass celebrated by C McNiffe CSSR with Father Vincent Kennedy on the organ and Brother Luke conducting the school choir in the Cathedral and a gala Sports Day in Breffni Park in the afternoon.

May 28th 1949 Death of Mary Dowd mother of County Registrar John P O Dowd at John P s residence in Farnham Street. Father Charles Cartwright officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Middle Chapel Cootehill.

William Devine Foreman on the building of Saint Felim’s Place announces that there are now 9 masons 7 carpenters and 25 labourers employed by Cavan UDC on the scheme Smith of Alackan is the Time Keeper and the houses are being erected by direct labour in units of 4.

Only 6 men attend The Hiring Fair with each fetching £38-£44 for the half year with board. There were no girls offering their services.

Lt Cpl Thomas Higgins son of Jim and Molly 7 Lake View Terrace and presently attached to of the Irish Fusiliers in Egypt receives The George Cross for gallantry and bravery in battle in Palestine. The family moved to England quite recently.



June 11th 1949 Rev Joseph Young CC Aughrim Street Dublin is appointed Parish Priest in Narraghmore County Kildare. Father Young is a brother of Tommy proprietor of the ‘Dublin Bar’ Ashe Street.

Inspector W Brett is appointed to Castlebar. Served the community in Cavan since 1945 he is succeeded by HJ Gillespie from Dundalk.

Death of Daniel Taggart last of a family who were engaged in Coach Building in Church Street for centuries. Educated at the old Christian Brothers and Saint Patrick’s College .He joined the family business as a Painter in the Coach Factory. Outstanding footballer with Cavan Slashers and Cavan Town soccer club. Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Death of the very popular and well known Painter John Johnston Colman Road at an advanced age. One of the last surviving members of the famous foresters All Ireland Congress in 1913.Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

June 18th 1949 Death of Kate Dunne College Street in Mullingar. She was mother of J Dunne Cavan Post Office. Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry

Death of Rose Dempsey relict of James (Harness Maker) Saint Brigid’s Terrace. Father JJ O Reilly Adm officiated at the Funeral from the Cathedral t Cullies.

Edward O Hanlon newly appointed Editor of the Anglo Celt breaks the Amateur Course Record at County Cavan Golf Club with a score of 69.Edward shot an eagle and 4 birdies was out in 36 and back in 33.His scorecard was marked by former Cavan All Ireland footballer MJ Magee.The professional record stands to Phil Lawlor with 68 for the course that has a bogey of 72.

Captain’s (Edward O Hanlon’s Prize) At County Cavan Golf Club 1st Philip Smyth (22) Main Street 68 nett joint 2nd E McGovern (21) and A Vaughan (22) tied with 70

June 25th 1949 Father Torlac O Reilly son of the late TP (former Cavan MOH) and Mrs Reilly Dublin and Earlsvale Road Cavan is ordained a priest at Saint Patrick’s College Maynooth.

Death of Bob Simpson Owen Roe former Signal Man at Cavan Railway station. Funeral from Cavan Parish Church to the New cemetery.

Death of Sarah Richmond Tullymongan House. She was mother of Harry and relict of Frank Richmond. Funeral from Cavan Parish church to the New cemetery.

Con P Smith and his wife Ann buy the 22 bedroom Tearmon Hotel Termofeckin County Louth on 537 acres for £22,000 from the Irish Tourist Board. Beautiful hotel excellent catering in serene surroundings.

June 27th 1949 Over 80,000 Pioneers recite the  Heroic Offering amidst great celebrations to mark the Golden Jubilee of the Pioneer movement in brilliant warm sunshine at Croke Park Dublin.

July 2nd 1949 Cavan the Ulster and All Ireland Champions  beat Antrim 3-7 to 2-6 at Corrigan Park Belfast in the Ulster Semi Final before 15,000 spectators .Cavan led by 2-6 to 1-2 at the interval.

John Maguire aged 12 son of Garda John Maguire Swellan rescues Patrick Fagan also from Swellan from drowning at Swellan lake while Seamus Caffrey son of B Caffrey Postman rescues an entire family from drowning at Bray in County Wicklow. The Anglo Celt calls for the two men to be honoured for their acts of bravery.

George V Maloney Solicitor purchases the premises of Arthur Fagan Solicitor Farnham Street for £2,350.

This year’s most spectacular movie from a re invigorated Hollywood is ‘Samson and Delilah’ starring Austrian born actress Hedy Lamour. However the British films ‘The Red Shoes’ ‘The Third Man’(with Joseph Cotton and Orson Welles) and ’Hamlet’  are huge hits and carry off the Oscars.

Death of Louis McManus son of Patrick McManus JP and former Chairman of Cavan County Council Killynebber. Poultry farmer in Berkshire England since 1928-he retired 2 years ago. One of a family of 10-3 of his brothers were doctors. Survived by his brother Father Vincent CSSR in Australia. Father Hugh McGrail officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

July 9th 1949 Bernard Sullivan with his wife and 2 children former Chairman of Cavan Branch ITGWU is made a presentation by his colleagues at Ceilidhe in the Town Hall with music by the Breffni Ceilidhe Band and Exhibition of Dancing by The Gauthier School of Dancing.

There are now 80 employed at the building of the new houses at Kilnavara including 50 labourers 11 masons 3 Plumbers 10 Carpenters and 2 Apprentices.

Annette Egan daughter of Harry and Margaret Egan Saint Brigid’s Terrace wins 1st place in the Under 8 Reels and Jigs at both Feis Breifne and Ballyjamesduff Feis.

Leo Greene Upper Main Street son of John James Butcher is the lucky winner of the Cake in the Forester’s Draw.

July 16th 1949 Sympathy is extended to Patrick Donaghy GNR Bus Driver Saint Mary’s Terrace on the death of his wife. Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Hugh P McEntee son of Andy and Anna McEntee and a member of the well known McEntee family ‘Breffni Bar’ Upper Main Street is appointed a Rate Collector with Cavan Urban Council.

John McGinnity organises two successful flights on The Saint Colman from Dublin Airport viewing all the main sites in county Cavan.The party was led by Dermot McCarthy County Manager and welcomed to Dublin Airport by SB Kelly PRO Aer Lingus. The guests then had a conducted tour of the Airport which is the most modern in Europe by Matt Leddy Aer Rianta and a native of Innishmore Butlersbridge. At a dinner in their honour they were hailed as pioneers as this was the first flight of its kind for such a large number of people ever organised by Aer Rianta.

Death of Ireland’s first President Douglas Hyde at the age of 89. An eminent Gaelic scholar and writer and founder of the Gaelic League. He had been in failing health for sometime.

Cavan are raging hot favourites to retain their Ulster crown against Armagh on Sunday while Donegal play Armagh in the Ulster Minor Final in the curtain raiser to the big game in Saint Tiernach’s Park Clones.


July 30th 1949 William Maloney eldest son of George V and Eileen Drumbar presently employed with Brown Thomas in Grafton Street Dublin is awarded 1st place in Retail Management at the High School of Commerce in Dublin.

Dympna Smyth Main Street and Mary Connolly Drumelis are awarded their SRN in Nursing by London County Council.

Saint Joseph’s Young Priests Society 1949 President George V Maloney Secretary Sean O Farrell and Treasurer Con P Smith.

2nd Cavan Troop Awards 1949 Inter Patrol 1st Panther Patrol Team Patrol Leader John Walsh P Duffy Sean Woods J Gogarty Paddy McNamara Mel Doherty and Kevin McDermott 2nd Curlew Patrol Leader J Donohoe Peter Maguire Paddy Flynn John Maguire Tommy O Donnell Sean Donohoe Michael Connolly and Barney Loonam. Merit Badges Signalling and Cycling Patrol Leader John Walsh Cycling and Swimming Patrol Leader Joseph Donohoe Swimming and Cycling Thomas Smith Woodwork Metalwork and Blacksmith A Greene Cycling and Swimming Leo Ronan Swimming Blacksmith and Metal work Sean Donohoe Bugling Swimming and Printing Teddy McCormack. The awards were presented by Father Malachy Byrne Chap[lain and Father PJ Gargan Diocesan Chaplain at a function in the Den in Bridge Street at which it was announced that the Annual Camp would take place this year in Enniscrone from the 5th to the 18th of August.

Death of Alice Reynolds wife of Tommy Shopkeeper Upper Main Street. Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry cemetery.

Death of John Haddock Caretaker of the New Protestant Cemetery. Funeral from Cavan Parish Church to the New cemetery.

August 13th 1949 Cavan just beat Armagh 1-7 to 1-6 in disappointing Ulster Final performance in Saint Tiernach’s Park Clones before a crowd of 24,000 who paid gate receipts of £1,960.The youthful Brian McNamara lined out for the injured Mick Higgins who was very badly missed at centre half forward. The Cootehill Brass and Reed Band paraded the teams before the match. Team Seamus Morris  R O Connor Paddy Smith Owen Roe McGovern PJ Duke John Joe O Reilly (Captain) Simon Deignan Phil Brady Victor Sherlock Edwin Carolan Tony Tighe John Joe Cassidy Jimmy Stafford Peter Donohoe and TP O Reilly. Subs Willie Doonan J McEnroe Johnny Cusack Des Maguire Brian McNamara and James McCabe. Scorers Peter Donohoe 1-2 Edwin Carolan 0-3 Victor Sherlock 0-1 and Tony Tighe 0-1.Cavan will now meet Cork in the All Ireland Semi Final in Croke Park.

August 20th 1949 Death of Mary Josephine Smyth nee Maloney 7 Cootehill Road and late of 60 Main Street Cavan. Relict of Michael J Smyth former Chairman of Cavan Urban Council who died in July of 1914.Lady of great charm integrity and humour. Her acts of kindness and charity were legendary. She was an outstanding Vintner and Grocer and was engaged in packing tea and sugar each Tuesday at her premises in Main Street. Survived by her sons Terence (Teddy) Michael (Mick) Tommy and Paddy daughters Alice McConnell Mary (Mollie) Kathy Conaty and Teresa brother George Maloney and sister Sister Angela CSJ Provincial Sacred Heart Convent Leicester Father Jimmy O Reilly Adm assisted by Rev Joe Brady Belturbet Rev Peter O Donohoe CC Dublin and Rev Patrick O Donohoe (cousins) officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry cemetery.

Outstanding display by Cavan as they sweep aside the challenge of Cork 1-9 to 2-3 in the All Ireland Semi Final at Croke Park before an attendance of 49,789 who paid gate receipts of £5,103.They now qualify to met near neighbours Meath in the defence of their title. Scorers for Cavan Peter Donohoe 0-6 JJ Cassidy 1-0 Phil Brady Tony Tighe and Joe Stafford 0-1 each. Cavan who once again lined out without the injured Mick Higgins trailed Cork by 1-2 to 0-4 at the interval but dominated exchanges in the 2nd half. Admission to the Hogan Stand was raised to 2/6 while Hill 16 admission was 1/6.

September 3rd 1949 Sunday Press is published for the 1st time.

Paddy Drum older brother of Tommy Drum (Blacksmith) dies in Scotland.

Hubert Duffy eldest son of Paddy Duffy Owen Roe 1st in County Council and Diocesan Exams for entry to Saint Patrick’s College. Hubert was 7th in Ireland.

Harry B Dawson formerly of Keadue Lodge and now domiciled in New York sends best wishes to the Cavan team in their attempt to win their third All Ireland in a row. Harry was in the Polo Grounds for the 1947 Final and is a personal friend of all the players and mentors.

September 24th 1949 Death of Hugh J Neary son of Peter and RA Neary Market Square in New Zealand. Member of the Police Force he was due to retire home to Cavan in 1952.

Presentation and Social to Francis Smith on the occasion of his emigration to the USA.

Father Charles Cartwright officiates at the funeral of Catherine McGauran relict of James College View in the Cathedral with burial in Cullies cemetery.

October 1st 1949 Meath beat raging hot favourites Cavan in the All Ireland Final by 1-10 to 1-6 to win their first Senior All Ireland in the 62 year history of the competition. Outplayed for most of the hour the decision to leave Willie Doonan on the sideline cost Cavan dearly as Meath’s danger man Peter McDermott ran riot among the Cavan defence. Meath held sway at midfield and were yards faster and hungrier than Cavan. A crowd of 79,460 paying gate receipts of £7,057 with 10,000 locked outside failing to gain admission. In the curtain raiser Armagh beat Kerry to record their 1st All Ireland victory. Scorers for Cavan Peter Donohoe 0-6 all frees Mick Higgins 1-0.The two hour journey home was completed at a snails pace because of the thick fog that enveloped the entire country.

John Joe O Reilly Church Street record haul of fish with pike and perch many of them over 2 lbs.

October 8th 1949 Owen Roe Tercentenary 1649-1949 celebrations in Cavan

Attended by over 100,000.The Military Tattoo in Breffni Park The Military Exhibition in the Courthouse and the final day Mass celebrated by Cardinal Dalton and  parade in which over 25,000 marched in glorious sunshine were the highlights of a packed week of programmes to honour Ireland’s greatest general. Owen Roe was played by Lt E Clerkin FCA Aughaloora complete with white horse. Admission was 4/-(Reserved) 2/- and 1/- for Children.

Carmel McDonnell daughter of Tommy McDonnell and Mrs McDonnell Swellan first place in Loreto College in Intermediate Examination scoring 1st class honours in all subjects is awarded a Scholarship and £60 for being placed 5th in all of Ireland.

Death of Mrs Caffrey Drumalee wife of Paul Caffrey in a Dublin Hospital. Father JJ O Reilly Adm officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Death of Mrs Carroll Creighan Terrace wife of John. Father Malachy Byrne officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

October 22nd 1949 Death of John Walsh in Lisdarn. Former outstanding footballer with Cavan Slashers winning Senior Championship medals. Father Malachy Byrne officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Farnham Cup Final at County Cavan Golf Club is won by R Lynch playing off 17 beating AG Anketell who was playing off 6 in the final.

Death of Father Joseph McDonald Saint Peter’s Phibsboro and formerly from Tower Hamlet Cavan and member of the well known Cavan drapery firm at the age of 58. Educated at Saint Patrick’s College Cavan and Saint Patrick’s Maynooth where he was ordained for the Diocese of Kilmore in 1915.Served Kilmore for 13 years before joining the Vincentians in 1928.Survived by his brothers Philip and Austin sister Mrs Carolan Oldcastle. Funeral from Saint Peter’s Phibsboro to Glasnevin cemetery.

 October 29th 1949 Death of Rose Brady Claude Villa Cullies Cavan. Native of Cormeen Stradone. All her own family were in religion as Sisters and Priests. Predeceased by her husband James she is survived by her sons Father Philip A Brady Galloway Scotland Brian (Barney) James Brady MPSI John AgrSc and her daughter Sister M Ignatius. Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Sudden death of Randall Black extensive farmer and Butcher in Bridge Street at his residence ‘Gartbrattan House’. Funeral from Kilmore Cathedral to the adjoining cemetery.

Cavan Drama Festival Committee 1949-1950 Patron Rev Father JJ O Reilly Adm Chairman Edward O Hanlon Vice Chairman Seamus Gilheaney NT Secretary Tom Fitzpatrick Assistant Secretary Rosemary Power Treasurer Tom Malone Hibernian Bank.


November 5th 1949 Victor Sherlock Cavan and Kingscourt wins the All Ireland Junior Softball singles beating the Leinster Champion M  Fahy Dublin in an exciting Final in Navan. Sherlock won on the score 17-21 21-18 21-8 21-12 before a large enthusiastic gallery.

Death of Cavan’s oldest citizen John Smith Drumbar at the age of 90.Decent  Catholic very charitable and kind. Leading member for over 70 years of the Cathedral Confraternity. He was tall handsome and highly respected. After a stint working on the GNR Railways finished his working life with Lord Farnham of whom he had his cottage rented. Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

November 12th  1949 Death of Rose Strong Saint Brigid’s Terrace in Lisdarn after a long illness. All of her family are now in an orphanage and three of them were home for the funeral of their mother. Father Malachy Byrne officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

November 19th 1949 10 labourers offer their services at Cavan Hiring Feis. All were rented at £39-42 per half year with full board. There were no girls.

November 26th 1949 Paddy Elliott Building Contractor buys Taggart’s Church Street at Public Auction conducted by Frank Conlon for £1,700.TJ Fitzpatrick had carriage of sale.

December 3rd 1949 CYMS 1949-1950 Chairman Gerry Lovett Vice Chairman Matty Corcoran Treasurer Mick Fox Secretary Eugene Monaghan Committee Joe O Rourke HL Smith Sean McConnell and Thomas Smith.

Kathleen Donohoe daughter of James Anglo Celt and College Street passes her SRN in London. Kathleen trained at Saint Andrew’s Hospital London.

December 10th 1949 All Catholic Church bells will ring out in unison at 12 midnight on Christmas Eve to usher in The Holy Year. John McGinnity is offering return flights to Rome with TWA from £54 return.

Father John Hunt replaces Father Hugh McGrail as Curate in Cavan.

Death of Patrick Donlon Swellan at an advanced age. Native of Drumod County Leitrim he formerly worked with the old Midland Railway. Regular member of the Catholic Confraternity in the Cathedral. He was a former Labour member of Cavan UDC .Father Malachy Byrne officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

CYMS Whist Drive Top Score Brian Tierney Farnham Street 1st Lady Maggie Hickey 2nd Lady Mrs JP Dowd Farnham Street 1t Gent Diarmuid Lovett 2nd Gent Sergeant McGrath and Thomas smith Ashe Street (Tie).

December 17th 1949 Maureen Thorne daughter of Sergeant Thorne Dublin Road passes her State Registered Nurse exam at Cornelia Hospital in Dorset.

Trade in the shops in Cavan over the Christmas period was very poor. Christmas Eve brought a late sustained rush with shoppers thronging the town by cars and buses until a late hour.

Death of Michael Lee extensive hard working farmer at Behey. He was father of Owen Lee Porter in Surgical Hospital. Father Jimmy O Reilly Adm officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Death of Terence Smith Labourer Drumalee Cottages. Father Jimmy O Reilly Adm officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

December 31st 1949 Santa Claus Sean Galligan Gene Philip and Joe Cullivan together with the Power School of Dancing entertain the patients in the Surgical Hospital on Christmas Day.

County Cavan Golf Club 50th Annual General Meeting  President John F O Hanlon Captain Bob Henderson Secretary Dermot Morgan Treasurer H Clark. Winners of Majors 1949 Captain’s Prize Philip Smyth Main Street Members Cup FPE Smith Farnham Cup R Lynch O Hanlon Cup Benny Hickey Ladies Captain’s Prize Kathleen Sullivan Church Street Lyons Cup Senior Cup and Perpetual Cup Joan O Hanlon Junior Cup Maisie Magee Cavan.

Cavan Tennis Club 1949 Chairman Tom Fitzpatrick Vice Chairman Jerry Lyons Secretary Tommy McCormick Treasurer Michael J Smith.

January 7th 1950 Over 4,000 people attend the six nights of Cavan Lawn Tennis Club’s Jack and the Beanstalk in the Town Hall. Over 700 children attended the matinees on two Sunday afternoons. Bouquets of flowers and gifts were showered on the cast at the close on Sunday night.

Drumbar House and lands is sold by George Maloney to Griffith Black Butcher Bridge Street.