Life Memberships

A voluntary organisation, such as our own, would be able to function without the backing of, and assistance given by, our many members. Amongst our most prominent backers are our life members, a group of men and women who have have chosen to be part of the C.Y.M.S. Saint Felim's Branch for the rest of their days. Listed below are these members, sorted by surname for ease of reference. Addresses and other contact information has been withheld for data protection reasons.

Plaque listing the Life Members of the Club.

Title First Name(s) Surname
Mr. Liam J Allen
M/s. Tom and Phyllis Boylan
Mr. Andrew and Margo Boylan CC TC
Mr. Patrick Boyle
M/s Maurice and Kathleen Brady
M/s Thomas and Angela Brady
Mr Paddy Brady
Mr Damien Brady
Mr. Michael Breslin
M/s. Margaret and Noel Byrd
M/s Richard and Margaret Cassidy
Mr Kim Cheung
Mr. Frank Conaty
M/s Patrick and Margaret Conaty TC
Mrs Teresa Connolly
Mr David and Marion Connolly
Mr Enda Corr
M/s Charlie and Stella Corr
Doctor Louis and Betty Courtney
Mr. Sean Coyle
M/s Frank and Ann Coyle
M/s PJ and Madeline Creamer
Mrs Maureen Crowe
Mr. Kieran Cullivan
Mr. Brian Cunningham
M/s Pat and Mary Denning
M/s Mel and Rosaleen Doherty
M/s Philip and Ashling Donohoe
M/s. Eamonn and Gladys Donohoe
Mr. George Donohoe
M/s Adrian and Val Donohoe
M/s Arthur and Theresa Downey
Mr Karl Dunne
M/s Gerry and Ann Egan
M/s Noel and Katherine Elliott
Mr. Malachy Elliott
M/s Aidan and Mairead Elliott
Rev. Father Anthony Fagan PP
Mr. Frank Farrell
M/s. Tommy and Margaret Fay
M/s Jimmy and Veronica Fay
M/s Declan and Theresa Finegan
Rev.Father Gerard Finegan
M/s Thomas and Carmel Fitzpatrick
M/s. Laurence and Pauline Flood
Mr Ciaran Flynn
M/s Garrett and Ann Fortune
M/s Martin and Agnes Gaffney
M/s Michael and Margaret Geraghty
M/s Harry and Jeanette Gibbs
M/s Richie and Theresa Graham
Mr. Keith Guilfoyle
Mr. John Hannigan
Dr. Eamon and Maureen Hartmann
M/s Rory and Elizabeth Hayden (Solicitor)
M/s Jimmy and Josephine Hyland
Mr. Thomas Kelly
Mr. Sean V Kelly (Solicitor)
Rev Father Oliver Kelly PP
Mr. John Kinsella
M/s. Charles and Mary Leddy
M/s Michael and Maura Leddy
M/s John and Mary Loughnane
Mr Jeremiah Loughnane
M/s Anselem and Kathleen Lovett
M/s Jim and Bridie Lyng
M/s David and Marion Mackey
Mr. Martin Maguire
M/s Eamonn and Bernie Malone
M/s Oliver and Vera Malone
M/s George and Maura Maloney (Solicitor)
Mr. Sean Martin
Mr. Declan McCaul
Mr. Thomas McCaul
Mr Ray McDwyer
M/s Peter and Sadie McGinnity
Mr. Terry McGovern
Mr Hughie McGovern
M/s. Gerard and Giselle McIntyre
M/s Tom and Kathleen McKenna
Mrs Ann McKiernan
M/s Pat and May McKiernan
Most Rev. Doctor Francis McKiernan RIP
M/s Thomas and Ann McKiernan ( jnr)
M/s John and Helen McMahon
Mr Kieran McMahon
Rev John McMahon PP
M/s Paddy and Mary McManus
Monsignor. Patrick McManus
Rev.Father John Murphy PP
M/s Brendan and Kathleen Murray
Mr. Michael O Brien
Mr. Mark O Brien
M/s Myles and Helen O Brien
Mr Pat O Brien
Rev Canon Desmond O Dowd (RIP)
Mr. Edward O Hanlon
M/s John and Jacqueline O Kane
Mr. PJ O Reilly
M/s Paddy and Anna O' Reilly TC
Rev.Father John Phair PP
Mr Cristopher Quinn
Mr Mattie Reilly
M/s. Jimmy and Peter Scanlon
Mr Damien Scott
Mr. Michael Sexton
M/s Martin and Martina Sexton
M/s Gerard and Geraldine Sheehan-Tynan
M/s Sean and Mary Shields
Mr Barry Shields
M/s Leo and Lorraine Slacke
Mr. Michael Smith
Mr. Noel Smith
Mr. Harry J Smith RIP
M/s. Brendan and Ann Smith TD
Mr. Oliver Smyth
Mr. Micheal Smyth
Mr. Brian Sullivan
Mr. John Talbot
M/s. Brian and Josephine Tierney
M/s. Joe and Helen Tully
M/s Peter and Helen Veale MPSI
Senator. Diarmuid and Marion Wilson
M/s Thomas and Ursula Young