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 January 3rd 1991 Cavan By Pass to start in 1993.John Wilson Minister for the Marine announces that the Cavan By Pass Project is included in the Government’s Programme for Roads and other Infrastructure. The road will start  just North of Butlersbridge and continue to Annagelliffe on the main Cavan /Dublin road.

Same Week Lorna Elliott is conferred with her BSc SRV and H Dip Ed.at Trinity College. Educated at Saint Louis National School Rathmines Poor Clare’s Cavan Loreto College Cavan and Bolton Street College of Technology. Lorna is eldest daughter of Jim and Breda Elliott Drumelis Cavan.

January 10th 1991 High winds of 75 MPH and persistent rain hail and snow sweep the country for a week leaving power lines down trees uprooted and millions of pounds damage in its wake. Emergency compensation fund set up by the Government to deal with the disaster. River Erne rises to record levels leaving many families in the Crossdoney area cut off from supplies. Only the Royal School in Cavan is open after the Christmas Holiday and Ivan Bolton says that the reason is that “we have a high percentage of boarders among the student body”!.

Same Week Death of Tommy Ruddy Church View at the age of 75.Confined to wheelchair in recent years Tommy was the recent recipient of a motorised chair and could carry on a normal life in the town. Popular and well known figure in the social life of the town Tommy’s handicap was no drawback to his enjoyment of life. Native of Drumard Tommy spent the greater part of his life in England. Survived by his brother Paddy sisters Margaret (Smith) and Ellen.Funeral from Saint Patrick’s Drumcor to the adjoining cemetery.

Brian O Reilly Laragh wins a record 8th Senior Men’s Cross Country title with Liam Reilly Laragh 2nd and Paul Myles (Team P Elliott) 3rd at Crover House.Catherina McKiernan wins the Lady’s 3,000 in a canter from Colette Fitzsimmons (Laragh).Despite the dreadful storms the course is ideal and firm conditions in bright sunny weather favoured the event.

Death of James Smith ‘The Lodge Kilmore’ at the age of 76.Worked as a clerk  in O Reilly’s Taylor and Tweedys for over 50 years. His accuracy and attention to detail were hallmark’s of his work as were his honesty and integrity. When P J O Reilly took over the firm in 1968 James continued with PJ until his retirement in 1980.Survived by his son Sam daughters Sylvia  and sister Edie Condron Ballyhaise.Funeral from Kilmore Cathedral to the adjoining cemetery.

Death of Michael (Mick ) Lyons Drumalee at the age of  88.Originally from Shantemon Mick was a very well known farmer in the area. Playing member of the old Behey Benburbs Mick maintained his interest in the Drumalee and Cavan teams up until his death. Predeceased by his wife Mary he is survived by his son Joe daughters Margaret Sue and May.Funeral from Saint Brigid’s Church Killygarry to the adjoining cemetery.

January 17th 1991  27 year old Ralph Dunne Drumaloor with his Cluker Spaniel Roycroft Socialite (Garfield) is  the 1st ever Irish winner of the Croft’s Supreme Champion at the annual show in the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham.

Same Week Brian Johnston County Manager announces that the County’s storm damage bill amounts to £1.25 million and they are sending the bill to the Department of the Environment for payment

Gabriel Cullivan Town Clerk in answer to a question from Paddy O Reilly says “there are now 40 people on the housing list in Cavan and all houses in the recent Kllymooney Estate Development have been let”.

Death of Hugh (Bud ) McNamara Fairgreen at the age of 75..Teamed up with brothers Pappy Tom and Jimmy to give a life time of loyal service to Crubany and later Cavan Harps. After his playing career was over he  became one of Cavan’s best known referees travelling long distances by bike to officiate. Later on he gave great service to well known inter county referee Fintan Tierney acting as umpire at many of the big televised games from Croke Park. His companions were Tommy Garvey Sean Brown Tommy Brown Paddy O Reilly UDC.They actually officiated at 6 Junior All Irelands from 1964 to 1970 1 All Ireland Minor (1971) and several National League Finals. Founder member of Cavan Gaels in 1957 Bud always took the view of what was good for the long term future of the town. He was employed for 42 years as a Maintenance Man for Cavan Urban Council. He was a great all rounder and could be seen one day repairing a handle on a door and next repairing the roof. Acted as Santa Claus for many years at Cavan Christmas tree and his wonderful sense of humour and enthusiasm for the role endeared him to generations of Cavan children. Prominent member of Cavan Fire Brigade he risked his life on many occasions to rescue people and property .It was a common sight in Main Street to see Hugh hurrying to a fire at all times of the night and day. Wonderful man for Cavan town and all things Cavan. He afforded his premises and privacy of his home to help the Smyth family establish the Cavan Cable Television in 1972 asking no reward but affording every help and cooperation he and his family could  possibly  afford. As a member of many of the local voluntary organisations his sense of charity and good neighbourliness was one his greatest strengths and assets. Great lover of Irish traditional music he was an outstanding accordion player. Survived by his wife Kathleen sons Tom John daughters Mary and Breda.Body removed from house on fire tender and brought to the Cathedral where a Guard of Honour drawn from Cavan Gaels and Fire Brigade lined Farnham Street. Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Peter Galligan from Rathcorrick and the Anglo Celt makes another generous donation of £1,500 to Sally Pratt Treasurer Cavan Branch Multiple Sclerosis Society proceeds of a new Year’s Eve function in the Carraig Springs .

Death of  John P (Jackie) Fitzpatrick Coranure.One of Cavan’s best known characters as a Pump Attendant at Richmond’s later Tractamotors.Jackie had a great sense of humour never without a smile and a joke for the many customers night and day. Native of Roscrea County Tipperary, he was son of  J P and Grace Fitzpatrick. His father moved to Cavan as Manager of the old Gas Works in Abbey Street in the early 1930s when Jackie was very young. Played violin and piano very experienced and obliging forming part of the orchestra at all the major functions in the Town Hall. His teacher was the legendary Michael Farrell Ashe Street. Survived by his wife Annie son Paul and sister Patsy Smith. Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Death of John King Poles at the age of 66.Well known farmer and musician John played saxophone first with his brother Peter later with John McCarthy (Clones)  Pat Kelly and his Band and in latter times The Serenaders .Staunch member of Saint Vincent De Paul John and his neighbour and friend Luke Fitzpatrick visited all of the hospitals in the area every week bringing joy and comfort to many. Prominent member of both Killygarry and Cavan Cathedral Choir. Survived by his brother Peter .Funeral from Saint Brigid’s Killygarry to the adjoining cemetery.

Death of  Dr PA (Tony) Farrelly ‘Dunganny’ Lisdarn at the age of 62.County Physician at Saint Joseph’s Lisdarn and later Cavan General Hospital. Native of Carnaross County Meath born in 1928 he was educated at Saint Finian’s Mullingar and UCD graduating in 1952 with MB B Ch BAO (Honours).Received his fellowship from the Royal College of Physicians in 1955.Became an MD in 1956 and obtained a DCH in 1957 and M D Obstc.RCOG in 1959.House Surgeon in the Richmond Hospital 1952-1953 when he became House Physician. Later took up the post of Senior House Officer at the Royal Infirmary in Sheffield and was appointed Registrar in Sheffield from 1954 until January 1955.Returned to Ireland in February 1955 and became Senior RMO at Saint Kevin’s (now James Hospital) in Dublin until 1958.Regional Physician Sligo/Leitrim and Donegal and House Surgeon in Obstetrics  at Heathfield Hospital Birmingham. Served in various hospitals in varied capacities in the Birmingham district before being appointed  Medical Registrar at Derbyshire Royal Infirmary from July 1961 to May 1962.Appointed Consultant Physician at Saint Joseph’s Lisdarn in May1962 and continued in the post in Cavan General Hospital. Dedication to duty and his many patients saw him working up to his death from a terminal illness. Past Presesident of the Irish Medical Association and President of the World Medical Association in 1975 as a result was conferred with a second fellowship of the Royal College of Physicians in Ireland. His special interests in medicine included cardiology and respiratory medicine. Outstanding golfer he was Captain of County Cavan Golf Club in 1972 and played great golf off a 7 handicap. Along with another great golfer Jim Beirne won the Daily Mail Foursomes Irish section but beaten in the Quarter Finals of the Match play at the Woodhall Spa Course in Lincoln. International yachtsman, he was a member of Skerries and Howth Yacht Clubs and sailed his boat ‘Crystal Clear’ in both the Fastnet and Round Ireland races. Founder member and Director of Cavan Crystal he was also held interests and shareholding in many other companies. He is survived by his wife Dr.Bridie Farrelly sons Dr.Shane Cormac daughter Dr.Ashling and his 94 year old Mother Mary Farrelly Trim. Bishop McKiernan was joined by Bishop Michael Finegan Bishop of Killala (cousin of Mrs Farrelly’s) in concelebrating the Funeral Mass in The Cathedral with interment in Kilmessan cemetery. Medical colleagues and members of Cavan Golf Club formed a Guard of Honour at both the removal and funeral.

 US led military force of 30 countries launched ‘Operation Desert Storm’ to start the Gulf War bombing Baghdad. President Bush has promised to destroy Sadam Hussein’s “nuclear potential”.  Neutral Ireland is drawn into the conflict by allowing US air force planes to refuel at Shannon Airport.

January 24th 1991  Gulf War continues as American troops begin the process of removing Sadam Hussein and his army from Kuwait. A USA led military force of 30 countries launched ‘Operation Desert Storm’ Anglo Celt publishes a seven day report of the conflict which is expected to last months rather than weeks.

Same Week Caprina Carroll is conferred with her BSc  Management (Honours ) degree at Trinity.Caprina is daughter of Gerry (Late College Street) and Eilish Carroll Knocktemple Virginia.

Sister Theresa Mee a member of the Poor Clare Order in Cavan for over thirty years is killed tragically while crossing the road in Liverpool.73 year old Sister Theresa a native of Curraghboy Athlone entered the Poor Clare Convent with her sister (Oliver) in 1940 and was on the teaching staff in Cavan until 1969.She was planning to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of her profession this year was predeceased by her sister (Sister Oliver ) in 1979.Bishop Francis McKiernan was the chief celebrant at the funeral Mass in the Poor Clare Convent Chapel and interment tool place in the adjoining cemetery.

Caren Coyle’s  ‘Young Ones ‘ Crèche 9 Military Row is nominated as Ulster’s representative in the Liga National Finals next month.

.Father Thomas Woods and Kay Henry win the prestigious Kathleen Sullivan Memorial Trophy at Cavan Bridge Club. Maura Goodman and Elizabeth Galligan were 2nd.

Death of William (Willie ) West Church View expert gardener and one of the town’s most colourful characters. Superb gardener with the touch and feel of the artist his legacy to the town is the beautiful rose garden adjacent to his home at 1 Church View. Native of Cortober Killykeen he came to Cavan in the early 1950s lodging with Mrs Moorhead in College Street. Mode of conveyance was his bicycle on which he carried all the many tools of his trade. Worked diligently but was a great conversationalist and very knowledgeable on all subjects particularly gardening..Rev Mark Lidwill in tribute to Willie said that no matter what time of the night or day you called to Willie the bike was outside the front door open and Willie inside keen to hold a witty informative conversation laced with plenty of good humour and laughter. Survived by his brother George sister Miriam. Funeral following Service from Cavan Parish Church to the New cemetery.

January 31st 1991 Albert Reynolds (Minister for Finance) introduces a Bridging Budget to continue with the economic recovery in the countdown to the Single European Market in 1992.

Same Week This week’s recital at Cavan Gramophone Society will be given by Vera McMahon.

Brian Johnston County Manager announces that Planning Permission has been granted for the £3.50 million Dunne’s Stores Development at the junction of Ashe Street and Church Street.

Brenda O Hanlon Senior Executive Wilson Hartnell and Company Public Relations and recent Personal Campaign Co Coordinator for Mary Robinson is appointed Operations Director of Co Operation North. Brenda is daughter of Edward and Airmid O Hanlon ‘Glenair’ Cathedral Road .

February 7th 1991 Death of Margaret Sheils Drumelis at the age of 78.Native of Dundalk she was 48 years in Cavan where he husband Ned is a well known tradesman. outstanding musician she was an accomplished pianist. Predeceased by her son Patsy she is survived by her husband Edward son Edward daughters Margaret and Sandra. Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Same Week Chairman of the Pauwels Group Victor Pauwels is honoured with a Civic Reception hosted by both Cavan County Council and Cavan Urban Council at the Courthouse.Pauwels are currently manufacturing 8,00 transformers per annum which are exported worldwide and 185 people are employed at their Cavan plant.

 Cabra Castle Kingscourt on 80 acres.Former ancestral home of the Pratt family is sold by Arab business man for £1 million to the Corscadden family of hoteliers. Contains 3 conference centres but only 24 bedrooms.The castle recently underwent a huge refurbishment costing in the region of £1 million but unrest in the Gulf has forced the seller to dispose of the property.

Cavan Town beat Corbawn 2-1 at Derrycramph to maintain their position at the top of the Meath and District League. Losing 1 nil at the interval the home side lifted their game in the second half and goals from Dessie Gardiner sealed the issue to record a brilliant victory against their nearest rivals for the title. Team John Heffernan Jerry Clarke  Tom Byrne Gene Cullivan Packy Kiernan Hughie Murray John Pat Reilly  Dessie Gardiner and Paddy McGovern Subs Gerry Nevin

February 14th 1991 County Council follow the example of Belturbet Town Commissioners by hosting a Civic Reception for Ralph Dunne and his Croft’s Supreme Champion Garfield in Cavan Courthouse.

Same Week Death of Maurice Brady at the age of 84.Founder member of the well known drapery firm established in 1937.Household name for quality and value in the drapery business. Native of Staghall Belturbet Maurice served his time in Leonard’s and following his marriage to Kay Magee Staghall opened his drapery store the same year. This shop has expanded down the years and now encompasses three adjoining premises. Now managed by his sons Maurice and Sean and a Lady’s Department managed by his daughter in law Kathleen. Outstanding footballer with Cavan Slashers Maurice won a Senior County medal in 1931 and played for many years on the Junior County team.Foundrer member of Cavan Gaels in 1957 .Along with Tommy Gilroy Maurice was a lynchpin of the Finance Committee and held the post of Treasurer for a number of years. Played a major part in the acquisition and financing of the Terry Coyle Park from the old Show Society on the 6th  November 1963.Brainchild behind the very successful bingo sessions which have been run in the Town Hall since 1964 and were the major source of finance for the Club. Celebrated the Gaels 1965 1975 1976 and 1978 County Senior Championships which vindicated his commitment and that of his close fiends Tommy Gilroy Eugene Monaghan and Paddy Conaty to the cause. Received the Club’s Hall of Fame award at their Silver Jubilee Celebrations in the Lakeland in 1982.Above all it could be said of Maurice he led by example his integrity decency and enthusiasm at work and play was an inspiration to young and old. He is survived by his wife Kay son Father Raymond  Sean Maurice and daughter Sheila. Father Raymond was the chief celebrant at the funeral Mass where Guards of Honour were provided by Cavan Gaels. Interment took place in Killygarry.

Sudden death of Thomas Boylan Tierquin at the age of 60.Warm friendly disposition his leisure time was spent fishing while he had a great interest in the welfare of the Cavan GAA team.Survived by brothers P J Packy Charlie  Eddie  and sister Anna May. Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Cavan Men’s Basketball team beat Oldcastle 63 points to 36 to retain their League title .Coached by Charlie Donohoe the team were firing on all cylinders. Scorers  Tommy Fitzpatrick 20 Brendan Sweeney 18 Chris Rowley P Hennessy and B Mullin 8 each. Cavan Lady’s defeat Oldcastle 54-23 in the curtain raiser with Fiona Gallagher  scoring 20 points  C Smith 16 G Farry 8 R Keenan 6 and S Dunne 4.Later in the week Cavan Lady’s defeated Magheracloone by 40 points to 24 playing delightful champion style basketball which should see them crowned champions.

Death of the very well known Sarah McCann Moynehall at the age of  84.Spent most of her life as a Cook particularly the Imperial Hotel. Later she joined the Domestic Staff in Leonard’s and attended to the daily needs of the many gardai and teachers who resided there.Survived by her sister Josie in Ballinamore.Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Paddy O Reilly at meeting of Cavan UDC calls on the Tanaiste and  Minister for the Marine John Wilson and the other Cavan Oireachtais members to bring pressure on the Government to locate a small computer factory in Cavan. In quoting figures from the local Social welfare Office Paddy says that the unemployment situation in Cavan has reached crisis proportions with 740 males over 25 and 249 females unemployed a rise of 15% on the 1990 figures. Paul Dolan says that the figures quoted by Paddy are a ‘tragedy’ and points out that most of those locals going on to third level are leaving the country. Paul calls on the IDA to intervene and says that the establishment of a computer based factory would give the local situation a welcome boost.

February 21st 1991 Morgan McMonigle 7 Earlsvale Road prominent member of Cavan Judo Club wins a bronze medal at the Irish Judo Championships in Finglas.

Same Week John Tiernan County Engineer publishes a detailed summary of  estimates for the repairs and maintenance of County Cavan ‘s roads .County Manager Brian Johnston in thanking John Tiernan says that the report shows that it will cost £40 million  to restore and maintain the roads in the County over the next 8 years. Brian says that the County is now a laughing stock of the country with the poor state of the roads and says he has arranged an immediate meeting for the Council to make representation to Padraig Flynn Minister for the Environment. Meantime the many road action committees have come together and formed one county organisation and intend to stand in the local elections.

Sudden death of Dorothy O Rourke Saint Martin’s Estate at the age of 58.Member of the Smith family an old and well respected Cavan family she was a native of Owen Roe. Survived by her husband John (Foley) O Rourke  sons Thomas Joseph Sean Billy and Tony and daughter Marie.Rev John Murphy Adm officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Death of 10 year old Emma Dunne at her home 73 Harmony Heights after a long illness. Survived by her parents Jack and Kathleen brother Shane and sisters Sandra and Martina. Funeral following Mass of the Angels from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

National Blood Transfusion Service award the following Gold Pelicans Tom Donohue 6 Tullac Mongan Frances Galligan Kilnavara Father Sean Mawn The Presbytery Eilish O Connell Corlurgan Paul Cooney Rosculligan Gerry Cusack 15 Saint Phelim’s Place  Mary McDowell Saint Brigid’s Terrace and Rose Reilly 94 Main Street. There was a total of  614 donors attending the recent Mobile Clinic in The Day Centre Cathedral Road.

Death of John Foley Former Superintendent Ballyhaise Agricultural College.Aged 66 John was a native of Castlemaine County Kerry. Qualified in UCD after a period working in America. First appointment was as House Master in Ballyhaise for a period of 5 years followed by House Master Clonakilty  and Principal of Ballyhaise in 1986.Survived by his wife Philomena son Adrian daughters Denise and Grainne.Father A B McGrath PP assisted by Father Peter McPartland CC and Father Bernard M Frawley CSSP Rockwell College officiated at the Funeral from Saint Mary’s Church Ballyhaise to Castletara cemetery.

Death of Tom Jenkins at the age of 70 .Native of Town Hall Street he was son of Harry (Painter) and Mrs Jenkins District Nurse Town Hall Street. Outstanding painter and decorator he worked with the family firm for a long number of years. Spent a period of time working in England. On his return painted a number of murals in pubs throughout the area and also decorated and painted statues and other religious objects. Great character with a wicked sense of humour Tom spent the latter years of his life with the Community in Kilnacrott where he was befriended by visitors and congregation alike and assisted in the shop selling religious objects of devotion. Survived by his brothers Brendan Paddy Jackie  Clyde and Des and sister Melba. Funeral from the Cathedral following concelebrated Mass to Killygarry.

P Elliott and Company continue their expansion in the Dublin area with £4 million contract for the construction of headquarters for the European Foundation at Loughlinstown.They are also constructing an extension at Cathal Brugha Barracks for the Department of Defence and have just completed a new Supermarket for Superquinn at Lucan.Sales of houses at their Shrewsbury Hall Shankill development continue to be brisk while sales of the Glenlara houses in Cavan are better than expected-12 being sold sine the start of the year. Work will start soon on the provision of Student Accommodation in Maynooth while work is continuing in Navan with the construction of the new A I B.Noel Elliott says that already P Elliott and Company have an order book in excess of £17 million for 1991.Work will commence shortly in conjunction with Dunne’s Stores on the demolition of the old Surgical in Cavan.

Cavan Access for The Disabled 1991 Chairman Aidan Crossan Vice Chairman Gerry Ellis Treasurer Peter Garry Secretary Sean Gallagher PRO Mary Fay. Committee Michael McCarey Eilish Mulhern Alice Gormley Paul Dolan Mel Greaney Petrea Ruddy Phil Cullivan and Andrew Boylan TD.

Margaret McCorry Drumalee Belturbet opens the new Sewing Centre  at 48 Main Street next door to ‘Linen and Lace’. Margaret daughter of Annie and the late Jimmy Saint Phelim’s Place offers a complete spectrum of clothing alterations and repairs as well as hand made wedding dresses etc.

Catherina McKiernan retains her Nation Senior Lady’s title in Limerick finishing 50 seconds ahead of Ann Keenan Buckley (Clonliffe Harriers)

February 28th 1991 Paul Kelly Solicitor Church Street is appointed  Deputy County Coroner to his father John V County Coroner. Paul succeeds Dr.Charles Lorrigan who has retired.

Same Week Martin Donohoe wins the National Readoiri Accordion Finals in Crossmolina.Number of TV appearances to his credit and his album ‘Free Spirit’ continues to sell both here and in the USA..

Winners of Captain’s (Peter Keogh) Drive In Competition at County Cavan Golf Club 1st Cian O Connor and Paddy Walsh 70 ½ 2nd Matt Murray and Adrian Donohoe 71 3rd Charlie Corr and Michael O Beirne 71.

Death of Gerry Greene  Drumlish County Longford and Mill Rock Cavan at the age of 73.Family owned a Corn Mill at Mill Rock and a Flax Mill at Tierquin and were one of the most esteemed Cavan families being involved in the business life of the town for over 100 years. Gerry was a Welder by trade and worked with McCormack’s in Killeshandra McCarren’s and Ballyhaise Co Op as well as carrying out his own private work at his workshop on the Mill Rock. Known by all young and old Gerry was a font of information on all things mechanical and his opinion was sought  and treasured on many local matters of historical importance. Predeceased by his wife Kathleen Gerry is survived by his son Joe and daughter Kathleen brother Francie and sister Cissie.Funeral in Drumlish.

Death of the legendary Gerry Arthurs from Keady County Armagh at the age of 86.Secretary of the Ulster Council of the GAA  from 1934 to 1976.He served under three Cavan Presidents Seamus Gilheany Andy O Brien and Phil Smith. Umpire for Cavan’s historic All Ireland win in the Polo Grounds New York in 1947.

NAWI (National Association of Widows of Ireland) Chair Helen Timmoney Secretary Maura Goodman Treasurer Annie Young Committee Pauline Brady M Gorman Nellie Harding Mary Keoghan  Doreen Lord  and M Hannigan.

Cavan Lady’s Basketball team win the League with 42 points to 22 points win over Killinkere at Cavan Sports Complex. The power of Rose O Reilly the impressive rebounding of Evelyn O Reilly  and the ball carrying skills of Maeve Sheridan  together with the emerging young talent of Sorcha Dunne and Niamh Hannon were the highlights of a game where Cavan displayed all of their multiplicity of talents and skills to clinch another League title to add to the Men’s title recently won. Scorers Rose O Reilly 22 Evelyn O Reilly 7 Sorcha Dunne 6 Niamh Hannon 4 Maeve Sheridan 2.

March 7th 1991 Patrick Cosgrove Cavan Boxing Club is once again crowned Ulster Light Flyweight Champion after an impressive display against  the young up and coming Sean Pyper in the Ulster Hall in Belfast. Patrick last held the title in 1986 and is known in the sport as ‘The Cinderella Man ‘ being in the shadow of Wayne McCullough. Despite pulling a muscle in his back Patrick boxed skilfully and with great courage to gain a unanimous points victory over his young inexperienced opponent. Patrick now joins Johnny Mitchell Thomas Benn  and Thomas McCaul as current Ulster Champions boxing out of Cavan Boxing Club and all trained by Brian McKeown.

Same Week Death of Kathleen Halligan ‘Shamrock Hotel and Restaurant’ and late of Swellan at the age of 76.Employed in the Shamrock Hotel for over 50 years her courteous gentle and caring nature endeared her to everybody. Survived by her brothers Paddy and Teddy. Funeral Mass celebrated by Father Martin Cosgrove Fr.Felim McGovern and Father John O Rourke CC in the Cathedral with interment in Cullies cemetery.

Next recital at Cavan Gramophone Society will be given by Peggy Johnston in Killeshandra House.

Death of Tommy Higgins Shankill.Member of one of Cavan’s most distinguished tailoring families, Tommy worked al his life in Saint Felim’s Hospital. Survived by his wife Rose sons Tommy Oliver and Eamonn daughters Rita and Bernadette. Funeral from Saint Brigid’s Church Killygarry to the adjoining cemetery.

Cavan Icebreaker’s Christmas Swim raises a record £5,543 for Cavan/ Monaghan Spina Bifida Society.

Rachael Scorr the talented Cavan Gymnast wins her first Tumbling All Ireland Gold in Sligo. Sarah McMonigle and Lorraine Hill had an outstanding performance in Regional Girl’s B Competition. Jim O Leary Cavan was the Chief Judge assisted by Mary Hughes (Cavan) and Kathleen Murphy (Castleblayney)

Noel Conaty and Bernard Cosgrove (Cavan Motor Club) are 3rd in the Carrick on Suir Forest  Trials. They are now 3rd overall in pursuit of the National title and 1st in their Class.

March 14th 1991 Cavan Civil Defence team retain their county Championship at the Slieve Russell Ballyconnell.Team Aine Beirne Mary Smith Sheil Cooney Ann Marie Maguire Carmel Prior Susan Smith Nuala Delaney John Maguire and Francis Deignan.Instructor Gene Good.

Same Week Cavan County Council follow the example of Cavan Urban Council by hosting a Civic Reception for Stephen Crowe Edermine  and Noel Lee Behey heroes of a recent fire at Drumalee where the two men rescued infants Daniel and Stephen Little from certain death after a fire broke out at their home. Veronica Sharkey (Chairman) presents Noel and Stephen with inscribed scrolls and Cavan Crystal at the Council Chamber in the Courthouse.

Cavan Vocational School beat old rivals Bailieboro  1-9 to 1-5 to win the County Vocational Championship Final replay at Breffni Park. Scorers for Cavan Paul Kinsella Colin Sheridan 0-1 Michael Lee and B McKiernan 0-1.Team Mel Doherty Oliver Costello Michael Wall Martin McCormack Brian McKiernan Tomas Gormley Charlie Noonan Matthew Boylan (Capt.) Paul Kinsella Michael Lee Colin Sheridan Adrian O Kelly Damien O Rourke Brendan Tully Johnny Lynch. Subs Stephen Keoghan for John Lynch J Cahill for B Tully.

Pula Myles wins the Road League for Team P Elliott with his impressive win in the 4 mile Senior Men’s Race in Kingscourt edging out Martin Lee (Lavey) and  Eugene Sheridan (Lavey) in to the minor placings.

Ann McKiernan ‘Jezann’s Boutique’ Bridge Street opens new extended showroom. Now the leader in lady’s fashion in the  North Midlands. Pictured at the joint Fashion Show in the Slieve Russell joining forces with Patrick Blessing’s ‘Fitting Image’ are Ann McKiernan (Prop Jezann’s) Bernie Tully (Model) Ann McKiernan (Jezann’s) Don Crotty (Model Fitting Image) Patrick Blessing (Prop Fitting Image) Packie Kieran (Model) and Colette Tully (Model).

Cavan Under 16 Boy’s Basketball Team Winners of the Blitz competition in the Sport’s Complex. Pictured Pat Smith (Coach) Michael Lynch Padraig Martin David Lynch Sean Sharkey Danny O Hanlon James Mooney and Simon Sharkey.

Ann Lambert and Hazel Gumley members of Cavan ICA win Scholarships to A Grianain after winning the Soda Bread competition sponsored by Niall Crowe and Town of Monaghan Co Op.

March 21st 1991 Rita O Reilly daughter of Paddy and Rita Moynehall is the winner of the competition confined to the O Reilly Clan for a place to represent the Clan at the Annual Cavan Girl Competition during the forthcoming Lakes and Vales Festival. Rita has 7 brothers and two sisters and her hobbies are basketball and dancing. Presently studying Business at the College of Further Studies Rita completes the course with a final year in Athlone RTC.

Same Week Birmingham Six are released following their appeal at the Court of Criminal Appeal in London. Lord Justice Lloyd in reviewing the evidence and legal argument orders that the six men be set free. Paddy Hill Richard McIlkenny Hugh Callaghan Gerry Hunter John Walker and Billy Power were imprisoned for alleged involvement in  the Birmingham Pub Bombings in which 21 people died on November 21st 1974.

Oliver Malone Chairman of Cavan Urban Council opens the new well appointed Bridge Street Car Park. The Contractors were TPS Ballyhaise with the foreman being Michael Smith Ballinagh Road. The Architect was Philip Cullivan of Gaffney and Cullivan.

Cavan retain their Ulster Vocational title with outstanding replay win against Derry in Omagh 1-8 to 1-4.Tomas Gormley Michael Lee and Man of the Match Colin Sheridan were the stars for a brilliant Cavan team performance. Scorers Colin Sheridan 0-4 Brendan Cullen 1-0 Ronan Tynan 0-2 PCauldwell Justin O Halloran 0-1 each.

Record turn out for Cavan’s Saint Patrick’s Day Parade .Led by a colour party of the 8th Battalion FCA accompanied by 7 bands and dozens of floats. Mel Doherty MC kept the parade moving at a brisk pace on a cold but dry morning. Reviewing Stand is tastefully decorated with myriad of Spring flowers by the local Gardening Club. Winners of the Float Competition Best Overall Cavan Pony Club Best New Entry County Cavan Golf Club Best Commercial Fresh To Day Best Environmental Cavan UDC Best Youth Band Bruskey  Best Youth Club Cavan Gymnastics Club.

Cavan Rugby Club beat Collegians away by 34 points to 12 to win the League scoring 7 brilliant tries in the process. Among the scorers were Cyril O Keefe Man of the Match Number 8 Sean McKiernan Kevin Jackson  and John O Kane. They are now in the play offs for the Harden Cup and for the first time in their history will play  Junior Rugby next season in Ulster.

March 28th 1991 Jim Taylor Dublin Road Ballinagh is awarded the Gold Drop following his donation of his 50th Pint to the Blood Transfusion Service.

 Same Week Richard Graham Playing off 25 wins the 18 hole Single Stable ford at County Cavan Golf Club with 39 points 2nd is Ray McDwyer (23) 38 points 3rd Johnny Costello (4) also 38 points. Jim Beirne (4) won the Gross.

David Johnston’s team just pips Rick Lewis’ team by 8 points to 6 to win the Dr John Sullivan Racquetball competition at Saint Patrick’s College Sports Complex. Team Frank Kennedy  Louis Blessing David Johnston (Captain) Allison Smith Sean Leddy  Johnny Walsh and Eamonn McEntee Brian Smith. Team B Seamus Watter’s Team wins the Plate John Hannigan Eddie Coleman Paul Ronan Tony Smith Felicity McGrath Eamonn Hartmann and Ann Lawless. While Mick Ryan is Runner Up in the Senior Singles Final in Arklow.Losing 15-11 15-10 to Noel O Callaghan Fermoy County Cork.

Tommy McCloskey leads Bailieboro to their 2nd consecutive Sean Shields Trophy and £200 following their win against Arva Venturers in the Final at Cavan CYMS.Tommy was also the winner of the highest break of the tournament scoring 43 in the Final.

Disappointing performance by Catherina McKiernan in finishing 65th in the Lady’s World Cross Country Championship in Antwerp.Catherina had finished 40th last year and much more was expected from the Cavan athlete who lead home the Irish Ladies Team and finished 5th overall in the Grand Prix winning $4,000 for her Trust Fund.

Death of Phil Martin Florencecourt at Cavan General Hospital. Survived by his mother brothers and sisters. Funeral from Saint Matthews Drumavaddy to the adjoining cemetery.

Mary Jo McGahon Cavan Gardening Club organisers of the Daffodil Day in aid of the Irish Cancer Society is pictured with Sister Alocque Holy Rosary Sisters and Rose and Criodha Smith Glenside Road outside of Donohue’s Food Market Bridge Street.

April 4th 1991 Celebrating the 75th Anniversary of the Easter Rising sponsored by Cavan County Council. Well known local athlete Catherina McKiernan reads the Proclamation from the steps of the Courthouse with the Chairman members and executive of Cavan County Council in the background.

Same Week Death of Louise  Maud Bonney Saint Phelim’s Place at the age of 77.Native of Moyvalley County Kildare and had lived in Cavan town for over 35 years. Predeceased by her husband Edward she is survived by her daughters Mae Eve Angela Loretta and Gay. Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

The Hackler’s final performance of Sam Shepperd’s ‘True West’ takes place in the Rugby Club. Stars of the show are Karen Coyle as Mom and Paschal Lyons. Sound Kevin O Donnell  Lighting John Conlon Settings Jim Griffin and Barry O Brien and The Director is Christine O Brien

Senator Jim McKiernan from Owen Roe is selected Irish Australian of the year at Annual Dinner at New South Wale Parliament House in Sydney. Jim emigrated to Australia in 1969 and is presently Chairman  of the Parliament’s Friendship Fund.

Veronica Sharkey Chair Cavan County Council raises the new Cavan flag at the Courthouse for the 1st time assisted by Sergeant Joe Looney and Captain Terry O Connor D Company8th Infantry Battalion FCA.

Mickey Breslin Chairman Cavan CYMS presents Michael Walsh and Declan Brady with their prizes following the Junior Snooker Doubles Final.Nevin Fitzpatrick and Declan Lynch were Runners Up.

Peter Quinn from Teemore County Fermanagh succeeds John Dowling to become the 31st President of the GAA at the Annual Congress in The Burlington Hotel Dublin. He is the 5th Ulster man to hold the honour and first since Paddy McFlynn Down in 1969-1972 Alf Murray (Armagh )Seamus McTiernan (Antrim) and Paddy McNamee (Antrim).Peter Quinn holds a Masters Degree in Financial Accounting from Queen’s University Belfast.

Paul Myles continues his excellent form by clinching the 3rd Leg of the Road League in Kilnaleck.in the Senior Men 12,000 before a large attendance in perfect weather conditions.

April 11th 1991 Jimmy White and Steve Davis meet the travelling CYMS Club at the Benson and Hedges Irish Open at Goffs County Kildare. Pictured with the two stars are Peter Walsh Michael Walsh Brendan Breslin Richard Graham Michael Jermyn Patrick Graham Michael Graham and Desmond Gardiner.

Same Week The Department of the Environment allocates £274,0000 for the demolition and rebuilding of Breffni Terrace.

Death of Harry Egan Father Murray Park Dundalk and Saint Bridget’s Terrace Cavan at the age of 53.He spent the last 30 years in Dundalk  where he was employed by PJ Carroll Cigarette Manafacturers.Prior to leaving Cavan he spent some years in Smith’s Garage. Good humoured and very pleasant disposition Harry had numerous friends both in Dundalk and Cavan. Survived by his wife Margaret son Tom  daughters Mary and Tracey and his Mother Margaret Egan Connolly Street brothers Leo Paddy Jimmy Noel Gerry and sister Annette. Funeral from Saint Nicholas Church Dundalk to Saint Patrick’s cemetery Dundalk with a Guard of Honour provided by his work colleagues in Carroll’s.

Death of John Callaghan Shankill  at the age of 90.Very well known respected farmer in the area. Survived by his sister Rosé. Funeral from Saint Brigid’s Church Killygarry to the adjoining cemetery.

Cavan Gardening Club raise the impressive total of £4,600 on Daffodil Day 1991.Driving force behind the venture is May Jo McGahon College Street assisted by Teresa Downey Wesley Anderson Rose Phalemy  Gladys Mee and Rose Smith.The amount raised in 1990 was £3,232.Fresh daffodils all came free courtesy of Farnham Estate and Coles’ Nahilla House Cloverhill.

Oliver Bourke M Agr.Sc. is appointed to fill the vacancy of Principal at Ballyhaise Agricultural College vacated by the late John Foley. Oliver has been a member of the staff in Ballyhaise College since 1977 and is presently County Cavan Livestock Adviser.

Albert Hickey from Church Street son of Ena and the late Tom is appointed  Food Services Manager at the University of London Canada. Albert is married to Susie and they have 4 children Jerry Tara Shannon and Kyle

Father Joe O Hanlon presents a copy of his latest book ‘Dance of the Merry men’ to Tom Sullivan acting County Librarian. Father Joe is a lecturer in Theology Studies at The Franciscan Study Centre Kent Canterbury.

Mary Leech Rachael Scorr and Aine Hughes win All Ireland Senior Women’s Gymnastic title at the National Championships in Clondalkin.

Leitrim piloted by P J Carroll win their 2nd Connaught Under 21 title when they beat Galway 1-7 to 0-9 at Pairc Sean McDiarmada Carrick on Shannon.

Patrick Cosgrove is National Senior Light Flyweight winner at the National Stadium without throwing a punch. The Ulster Champion was given a walk over in both the Semis and the Final and was selected to box for Ireland in the forthcoming International against Spain.

Father Dan Gallogly will give a lecture entitled Sean McDiarmada and the Easter Rising in the Teacher’s Centre Main Street in conjunction with the 75th anniversary of the Easter Rising.

.Colin Deans former Scotland and Lions Captain lectures in the Rugby Club on numerous aspects of physical fitness and commitment and general discussion on team sports.

April 18th 1991 Judy McEntee appearing elegant and composed from 61 Church Street is the lucky winner of £12,000 in the Winning Streak game at the National Hospital Kilmainham and later televised by RTE.Judy is wife of Andy McEntee former Chief Reporter and Deputy Editor Anglo Celt and many of her family were in the audience lending support.

Same Week County Cavan Under 18 soccer panel under the management of Paddy Sheridan (Cavan Town) and Colm Carolan (Cabra United) Panel Dominic McDaniel Jonathan Graham Rory Smith Niall Carolan Charlie Noonan Joe McCarthy Colin Sheridan Paul Kinsella Brendan McCormack David Morris Gerry Morris Sean O Connor Eddie Johnston Michael Lee Mark Smith Michael Wall James Owens and Joey McDonald.

Sympathy is extended to Johnny Smith Kilnavara on the death of his mother Rose Smith in Ballyjamesduff.

 April 25th 1991 John P Wilson Tanaiste and Minister for the Marine opens the magnificent new Garda Barracks in Farnham Street in the company of Rory O Hanlon Minister for Health Veronica Sharkey (Chair Cavan County Council) Patrick Culligan (Garda Commissioner).Bishop Gilbert Wilson Bishop of Kilmore Ardagh and Elphin joined Monsignor McManus in blessing the building.

Same Week Death of Miriam Reid Killygoan at the age of 82.Member of a well known and  highly respected family she lived in Derrycramp but was born  at Coratobber Killykeen.Predeceased by her husband Victor and survived by her son Freddie daughters Poly Victoria and Winnie.Funeral from Kilmore Cathedral to the adjoining cemetery.

Basketball Club 1991 Chairman Christopher Rowley Vice Chair Fiona Gallagher Secretary Maeve Sheridan Joint Treasurers Grainne Quinn and Adrian Donohoe. PRO Noel O Gorman and Paul Hennessey

Cullen Cup 1991 at Cavan Bridge Club is won by Mrs T Reilly and T Carroll 2nd Jim Burke and Pat Plunkett 3rd Kay Henry and Father Thos. Woods.

Death of Bridget Sexton at the residence of her daughter Rita Sheridan Drumalee at the age of 88.Native of Grousehall the family are one of Cavan’s most respected and well known. Predeceased by her husband John son Pee she is survived by her son Michael daughters Bea  Kathleen Rita  and Bernadette. Funeral from the Cathedral to Clifferna

May 2nd 1991 Father Dan Gallogly is appointed Parish Priest of Mullagh to succeed the late Father Patrick Morris. Father Gallogly served on the staff in Saint Patrick’s College for a total of 29 years. President from 1981 -1990.Curate in Drung from 1962-1964.Son of the late John and Mary E Dinurace Ballinamore.Noted authority on local history he is presently writing the History of the Diocese of Kilmore.President of the Ulster Council of the GAA.

Same Week Troy Sheehan 2 Saint Martins receiving his First Communion in the Cathedral wears the medal worn by his grandfather John McDowell 21 Tullac Mongan at his First Communion in the Old Cathedral 50 years ago. The medal has also been worn by John’s three sons John Charlie and  Finbar.

Whist Drive in aid of the Lourdes Invalid Fund in the Farnham Hotel. Top Score George Whitley 1st Lady Emily Stewart 2nd Lady Teresa Kearns 3rd Lady Shirley Pratt.1st Gent Sean Leinster 2nd Gent  Phil Lee 3rd Gent Fred Stewart. Booby Prizes Norah Woods and Patsy Lee.

Mandy Moore from 14 Fairview opens ‘The Black Box Boutique’ at the Tower Court Shops Poor Clare Convent.

Deidre Murray wins £3,000 in the National Lottery Lucky Streak game at the Royal Hospital Kilmainham and later televised by RTE.Deidre purchased the winning ticket in Pat McGovern’s.

Cavan Rugby team beat Enniskillen 30-14 in Fletcher /Pollock Cup Final to bring a great season to fitting climax. Team Sean McPhiilips Luigi Caffola Frank Walls M Lyons Michael Gilsenan C Barry-Murphy Mick Kane Gerry King P Rodgers George Crowe Dunne S Devine J Jackson Winston Morrison. and Sean McKiernan.

May 9th 1991 Saint Patrick’s College Equestrian Team compete for the first time at the Secondary Schools All Ireland Championship at the RDS.TeamAonghus Hannon Brian McConnon Robert O Reilly and Mervyn Clarke.

Same Week Death of George Heaslip formerly from Denn in Belfast. Survived by his wife  and family.

Breffni Branch of O N E make a presentation to Felix Gormley of Cavan Cystic Fibrosis. The organisation continue to send people on the Kilmore Diocesan Pilgrimage to Lourdes

Saint Felim’s Boys School represented by Larry Burke Thomas Flynn Ciaran Cassidy and Keith Nelligan are the winners of the  County Cavan Quiz organised by the National Council of Parents in the Kilmore Hotel. .

Over 100 attend Cavan Badminton’s fond farewell to their long time venue at gala evening in Protestant Hall. John Rork and George Heaslip (Kilmore) have the longest association with the Hall recall playing there in 1927.Willie Lowe (Kilmore) recalls vividly some of the epic events from badminton competitions in 1932.In the last game to be played in the Protestant Hall a Kilmore Selection captained by Jackie and Mervyn Lindsay beat a Cavan selection of  John O Reilly and John Leech.

Seamus Nolan is appointed Manager of the Kilmore Hotel. Very experienced he is a native of Donegal and has worked in the Hotel trade in Donegal London and Dublin.

Cavan Musical Society launch their new season in Blessing’s Loft with the announcement that this year’s musical by the Society will be’Finian’s Rainbow’ with rehearsals starting on May 15th.Enquiries to Ciaran McDonnell or Ann Murphy.

May 16th 1991 Death of Terry Brady Saint Brigid’s Terrace at the age of 67.Very popular member of the Community his gentle and obliging disposition endeared him to everybody. In his youth worked with Tommy Montgomery and later with McCormick’s Hatchery in the Egg Market. In latter times he was employed by Cavan Urban Council for 19 years mainly working at the Town Hall. Terry was a expert on drama and knew all the background to the big shows in the hall and spoke very knowledgeably but always with humour about his many experiences. Great interest in all sports Terry could discuss any topic with the most knowledgeable of people. Survived by his wife Bridie son Dermot. Guard of honour from Saint Louis Convent Carrickmacross where Dermot is a teacher on the staff. Funeral Mass celebrated in the Cathedral celebrated by Father John Murphy Adm and interment took place in Cullies.

Same Week Death of Annie Elizabeth Treacy Farnham Road at the age of 72.Member of the West family Kilmore she was very popular in the Community. Took a great interest in the welfare of others she was on the Committee of the Welfare Home and the National Widows Association. Very involved in Church affairs she was a very prominent member of the Mother’s Union. Predeceased by her husband George in 1981 she is survived by her son Robert daughter Mildred and brother Robert in Derryheen.Funeral following Service in Cavan Parish Church to Kilmore.

Corruption charges are levelled against Larry Goodman’s Beef Company in an ITV World In Action documentary. Later the Government set up a Tribunal of Enquiry to investigate the claims.

Death of Terry Reilly Shankill Lower at the age of 72.Keen fisherman he was a regular in Behey Hall during the Winter months for the Cards.Prdeceased by his wife Maria. Funeral from Saint Brigid’s Killygarry to the adjoining cemetery.

Ray Carolan from Church Street former Cavan footballer is elected President of the Irish Limousine Cattle Association. Ray has been a member of the Society for the last 7 years and was Suckler Farmer of the Year in 1988.

Cavan Gaels win the Minor League Championship beating 14 man Kingscourt in a thrilling encounter in Breffni Park. Man of the match was Tomas Gormley with his high fielding and clever distribution of the ball ably assisted by his midfield partner Johnny Graham. Michael Wall Patrick Graham and Charlie Noonan were the outstanding defenders while Colin Sheridan ably assisted by Andrew McEvoy were the forwards in form for the Gaels. Team Eddie Johnston Mel Greaney Michael Wall  Patrick Graham Barry Hanrahan Charlie Noonan Mark Gillick Johnny Graham Tomas Gormley Mark Leddy James Doonan Andrew McEvoy Colin Sheridan Joe McDonald and Enda Crowe. Sub Michael Graham for Joe McDonald.

Greg Sheridan (Cavan Gaels) and Patsy Hand (Kingscourt) win the All Ireland Masters A title at Croke Park defeating the fancied Wexford pair Ned Buggy and Jimmy Goggins 21-10 in the tie breaker.

May 23rd 1991 Archbishop Cathal Daly is appointed a Cardinal by Poe John Paul 2.Will receive the red hat from the Pope on the 30th June.

Same Week Death of Jimmy McCormack Saint Mary’s Terrace at the age of 82.Native of Glencurran he had just celebrated the 60th Anniversary of his marriage with his wife Elizabeth and Family.Worked as a Mechanic with Dermot Morgan for 40 years and later worked in Jackson’s. At night Jimmy was the local projectionist and in the War Years travelled with the proprietor Ned McKiernan Provincial Cinemas to Bailieboro and Arva on a tandem bicycle carrying the films on their back.Honary President of Cavan CYMS Jimmy served for a long number of years as Chairman .He was most notable as Caretaker where he made a huge contribution by his presence and good humour to the survival of the CYMS in the Hut Years. Guard of Honour at his funeral supplied by his colleagues in Cavan CYMS.Survived by his wife Elizabeth sons Teddy Seamus Sean and daughter Noeleen (O Brien) in Dublin.Funeral from the Cathedral to Upper Lavey

Martin McHugh the star Donegal centre half forward will play his 100th competive game for Donegal when they meet Cavan in the 1st Round of the Ulster Championship in Ballybofey.Martin made his debut for Donegal on October 4th 1980.

Death of Billy Downey Drumalee at the age of 73Member of a well known old local family Billy worked with George Fagan’s Elliott’s and Francie Smith in Ballyhaise from where he retired a few years ago. Active member of Drumalee GFC.Outstanding fisherman he enjoyed a day’s fishing for trout on Lough Sheelin.Last of a family of 4 Billy is survived by his wife Mary sons Kevin and Jim. Guard of Honour drawn from Drumalee GFC.Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Sister Mary Farrell Loreto is appointed Mother Superior in Fermoy County Cork. Well known organist and musician in Loreto and the Cathedral. Father Gerry Kearns Musical Director Cavan Cathedral makes a presentation on behalf of the choir at function in the Farnham Arms Hotel.

In an ITV ‘World In Action’ Programme corruption charges are levelled at beef baron Larry Goodman.The Government set up a Tribunal of Enquiry to investigate the charges.

May 30th 1991 Death of Andy Burns 5 Jubilee Terrace at the age of 56 at Beaumont Hospital in Dublin.Involved in the skittles darts shooting and fishing Andy was a well known figure down the water. Founder member of Breffni Gun Club Andy also enjoyed a game of cards during the Winter.Very industrious builder he worked for a number of local firms. Survived by his brother Johnny sister Mary and Nancy .Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Same Week Tim Fitzpatrick Loch Gowna playing off 18 wins the prestigious Dr.Cullen Cup at County Cavan Golf Club.Dessie Gardiner playing off 13 shot a 64 for 2nd place in an entry of 94.

Cavan Bridge Club Captain’s Prize (Imelda Brady) winners N/S O Carroll and Evelyn O Connor E/W Todd Davis and L Brady.

Percy Hampton World War Pilot Banker and Stockbroker returns to the Royal School where he was born in 1897.His father James Hampton was the 16th Principal of the School from 1891 to 1913 when the family emigrated to Canada .Ivan Bolton the 21st Headmaster of the Royal school presented Percy with a suitably inscribed Cavan Crystal bowl while Percy by way of appreciation presents the Royal School with a further cheque of £1,000.During his long life he has made regular donations to the upkeep and development of the school amounting to £6,000.Check for News Items

June 6th 1991 The £3 million film ‘Playboys’ commences shooting in Redhills.Starring Robin Wright and Albert Finney in a 1957 rural village setting .Other members of the cast are from Dublin and many locals will play supporting roles during the two month period of shooting and compiling the film which is expected to be a huge tourist boost for Redhills.

Same Week David Small reports that May was the driest month for over 100 years with just 3/16 of rain falling on two days While the mean temperature was 11.15 and the warmest day 21.7 C (71 F).

Laurence Flood defeats Patrick Graham in the Final of the Elegant Gems trophy presented by Jimmy Scanlon Junior.Beaten Semi Finalists are Patrick Brady and Stephen Maguire.

Donegal score a merited double over Cavan in the first round of the Ulster Senior and Minor Championships in wind swept Ballybofey.In a well contested Senior match Donegal exerted full control in the final quarter to record 1-6 without reply winning the game by 2-14 to 0-12.Scorers for Cavan were Ronan Carolan 0-4 Pauric Lynch 0-2 Stephen King 0-2 Niall O Donnell Jim O Reilly Dessie Brady and Laurence Brady 0-1 each. Stephen King was voted Man of the Match by the Ulster Gaelic Writers Association. A record crowd of 15,000 paid gate receipts of £40,000.In the curtain raiser Cavan opted to play with the wind in the first half  and lead at the interval but in the second half the Breffni men could only manage three points and Donegal ran out easy winners  3-7 to Cavan’s 1-8 Scorers for Cavan J McCarthy 1-1D Maguire 0-3 Colin Sheridan 0-2 and Michael McManus 0-1.

Death of Phil Gaffney Main Street at the Mater Hospital at the age of 73.Man of outstanding stature and good humour Phil was a talented gardener and cultivated gardens at the back of his house for commercial sale of vegetables in the 1950s.Later opened a very successful shop and finall a restaurant .On retirement he worked part time as a Petrol Pump attendant at Smith’s Garage and Clarke’s Cullies. Native of Corislaea Drumkilly, Phil was an outstanding footballer in his youth and played at all levels with Crosserlough.Never missed a game in Breffni Park Phil was an authority on gaelic football and wonderful company. Survived by his wife Margaret sons Ben Gerard daughters Greta and Ann. Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Death of Eugene Flood Moynehall at the age of 66.well known local farmer he had a mixed herd of cattle. Inherited the farm from his father and studied advanced agricultural methods as a student in Ballyhaise College.Survived by his wife Alice son Vincent Noel Brendan Eugene and Leo daughters Maureen Carmel Ailish and Ann. Father Sean Mawn CC officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Ballinagh cemetery.

Death of Annie Brien late of Mitchell street in England at the age of 87.member of the well known old Cavan family the Connolly’s .Sister of the late Barney Saint Brigid’s Terrace. Survived by a son and daughter and brother James in London. Funeral in London

June 13th 1991 Paddy Conaty is presented with an inscribed silver tray on the occasion of his retirement from Cavan County Council after 41 years service. Andy O Brien is the recipient of another tray for 35 years service.Veronica Sharkey John Lovett are not seeking election due to the expected stiff opposition from the Road candidates and are also presented with inscribed trays by the County Manager Brian Johnston at a function in the Farnham Hotel.

Same Week Cmdt.Matt Murray Joe Nylon and Ray Fay will represent County Cavan Golf Club at the Carroll’s Pro Am in Killarney just before the Irish Open qualifying from 41 other teams at competition in Cavan.

Cavan Lawn Tennis Club 1991 Chairman Noel O Gorman Secretary David Jackson and Treasurer Joyce Jackson.

Cavan Tidy Towns donate £150 to Cavan UDC for the purchase of shrubs for the town.

Winners of Girl Guide’s Draw for June 1st Anthony and Catherine Reynolds 2nd Mary Theresa O Rourke  3rd Breda Smith and 4th Helen Louise and Lorraine McNamara.

June 20th 1991 On the eve of the Local elections the Tanaiste and Minster for the Marine John Wilson announces a Capital grant of 80% of the total cost for Cavan Swimming Pool. The Committee have the other 20% earning interest for them in the Bank. Brian Johnston announces that already £25,000 preparatory work is completed at the Sports Complex and Cavan County Council will now seek tenders for the erection of the pool.

Same Week Father Michael Goodman is ordained in the Cathedral by the Bishop of Kilmore Francis McKiernan. Pictured after the ordination are the Goodman family Sister Chris Marie Padraig Father Michael Maura (Mother) Francis Breege and Ann. Michael is son of Maura and the late Frank Goodman Earlsvale Road.Social in the Town Hall following Father Michael’s First Mass in the Cathedral music by Dessie Ronan MC Mel Doherty and presentation to Father Michael of an inscribed Cavan Crystal bowl.

Death of Jack Reilly Edinticlare at the age of 74.Well known farmer and cattle dealer. Travelled long distances buying cattle and was known and respected by many.Founder member of Killygarry GFC he never missed a home game. Predeceased by his first wife Mary he is survived by his wife Annie sons Raymond Kevin Ambrose and Joseph and daughter Susan. Carmel Mary.Rev.Liam Kelly officiated at the funeral from Saint Brigid’s Church to the adjoining cemetery t

Tom Sullivan wins the President’s (Seamus Fox) prize at County Cavan Golf Club.PJ Creamer is the Runner Up 3rd Paddy Keavney Johnny Costello Best Gross Majella Brady 1st Lady.

22nd Diocesan Pilgrimage to Lourdes led by Bishop Francis McKiernan adapts the theme  ‘Priests for the Church –Priests for the World’.The new banner restored by Joan Cusack from Shankill is much admired .

Cavan Musical Society’s Finian’s Rainbow Lead parts-Finian Gerry O Keefe Woody Terry O Connor OG Adrian Ronan Maude Maura Reynolds and Sharon jointly by  Geraldine McDonnell (Smith) and Carmel O Donohoe (Duffy) Rehearsals begin in September

June 27th 1991 41 year old Cavan based Garda Paul Myles wins a Bronze medal at the World Police Games leading his team to the Silver medals in outstanding display in the Veteran’s 5,000 metres. Paul is a native of Dublin and a  member of the Team P Elliott Team and is stationed in Cavan since 1972.

Same Week The 2nd Cavan Boy Scouts Troop celebrate 60 years in existence and 21 years at their Den on Coleman Road with Mass in the Den celebrated by Father Torlac O Reilly Regional Chaplain. Assisted by Canon Des O Dowd PP VF Cootehill and Father Anthony Fagan CC.

Cavan Gaels continue their sparkling form by winning the Roinn A Under 12 League title in Breffni Park beating Bailieboro 2-17 to 1-6.Scorers for the Gaels Michael Mooney 0-4 Paul O Donnell 0-4 Jarlath Smith 1-1 Brendan Jermyn 0-3Donal Gaffney 1-0Paul Brady 0-3 Donagh Reilly and Dominic Reilly 0-1 each. Team Eoin Elliott  Karl Crotty Francis Galligan Paul Reilly  Brian Johnston Seamus Martin Donagh Reilly Paul Brady Kenneth Coyle Brendan Jermyn Paul O Donnell Michael Mooney Jarlath Smith Donal Gaffney Hugh Leech Subs Dominic Reilly and Cormac Nelligan.

July 4th 1991 Cavan County Council Elections result in 4 Roads Candidates elected to the new Council three of them at the head of the poll in their respective areas. Delores Smith in Cavan Winston Turner in Bailieboro and Matthew Fitzpatrick in Belturbet.Seamus Harten of CRAG was also elected in the Ballyjamesduff area where the most notable casualty was Senator Joe Reilly (Fine Gael) Anglo Celt comments that it is the clearest possible call that the roads issue is the top priority for the new Council.

Freddie Gibson Breandrum Farnham is elected President of Cavan Lions Club to succeed Brendan Young.

Same Week Gold Service medal is presented to Father Torlac O Reilly Regional Chaplain CBSI.Danny O Hanlon Assistant Regional Commissioner is the recipient of a silver medal presented by Bernard O Connor Field Commissioner at Boy Scout’s Regional Shield Finals.

Cavan County Council Elections Cavan Area 1st Count Dolores Smith (Independent) 1,001 Andrew Boylan (Fine Gael) 895 Gerry Murray (Fianna Fail ) 891 Andy O Brien (Fine Gael) 670 TP Smith (Fianna Fail) 654 Paddy O Reilly Cavan (Fine Gael) 641 Diarmuid Wilson (Fianna Fail) 553 Joe O Reilly (Fine Gael) 529 Patrick Conaty (Fianna Fail) 497 Breda Elliott (Fianna Fail) 367 Paul Dolan (Labour) 320 Joe Ennis (Sinn Fein) 292 Mary Smith (Independent) 106.Dolores Smith  Gerry Murray Andrew Boylan Andy O Brien Paddy O Reilly TP Smith and Patrick Conaty elected in that order at Cavan Sports Complex.

July 11th 1991 Frank B O Rourke son of Frank and Theresa Market Square is appointed  Chairman ICS Building Society. Frank is deputy chief CEO Bank of Ireland .Served the Bank in Longford Ballinasloe and Dublin. Frank is also Chairman of Dublin Grand Opera Society.

Same Week Angela Gaffney is elected Chair of Cavan Urban Council becoming the first female member of the Fianna Fail party to hold the post. Tom Wilson (Fine Gael) is elected Vice Chairman. Angela calls for a Dialysis Unit to be located at Cavan General Hospital as a matter of priority as many locals are travelling to Beaumont Hospital a couple of times a week.

John Smith on behalf of the Cathedral Choir makes a presentation to Father Gerry Kearns (Choirmaster) to mark the silver jubilee of  Father Kearns’ ordination to the priesthood.

Cavan Day Breakers are County Champion Skittles team following their win in Killeshandra.Team Gerry Galligan Michael O Neill (Capt) Paddy Galligan Joseph Tilson Seamus  Brady and Peter Reilly.

Cuamainn Seanchais Breiffne 1991 Chairman Tom Sullivan Treasurer  Brid Myles Secretary Bridie Fay-Kennedy.

Fianna Fail and Fine Gael fail to reach agreement with the CRAG representatives and form an alliance to rotate the Chair at both Cavan County Council and Cavan Vocational Education Committee. Andrew Boylan (Fine Gael) is elected Chairman .

.Catherina McKiernan retains her lady’s 3,000 metres title at the BLE National Senior Championships at Santry winning from Sinead Delahaunty Kilkenny in a time of 9 minutes 10.93 seconds-three seconds faster than her time last year.

Pearl and Valerie McClean from Castlepollard open the newly refurbished Ark Restaurant formerly Rosie’s and the Galley. at Upper Main Street (Opposite the Pound Archway) Pamela Strong sister of the proprietors is the Manageress while Paula Kane is the Chef.

July 18th 1991 Branch of the Labour Party launched in Cavan following the outstanding performance of Paul Dolan in securing 320 1st preference votes in County Council lections in  Cavan. Chairman Tom O Connor Vice Chair Phil Cullen Secretary Tony Tully and PRO Paul Dolan. It was  unanimously agreed to name the branch ‘The Andy Burns Branch’ in memory of the late Andy Burns Jubilee Terrace .His family had a long association with the Labour Party until Andy’s sudden death in May of this year.

Same Week Cavan Tennis Club represented by Joyce Jackson Millie Cosgrove Caroline Connolly and Irene McCabe lose 3-0 to a stronger Wexford side in the Final of the Leinster League Division 2 in Mullingar. Under 16 Girls and Boys teams to play Enniskillen Kerry Finlay Ciara Gaffney Yvonne Kelly and Orla Malone. Boy’s Team Stephen Elliott Kerrill Gaffney Niall Gaffney and David McIntyre

July 25th 1991 3rd Lakes and Vales Festival is opened by the Tanaiste and Minister for the Marine John P Wilson.

Same Week Death of Annette Murphy Farnham Street at the age of 67.Native of Cavan town she was born at Upper Main Street (Joe Finegan’s) daughter of PJ and Margaret Galligan who ran a very successful hardware business from the premises. After her marriage to well known Cavan auctioneer Brian she resided in Ballyjamesduff for a number of years before returning to Cavan in 1963 to assist in the development of Murphy Quinn who were the biggest auctioneers in the area for a long number of years until Brian’s premature death. Survived invasive throat surgery and carried on a normal life. Outstanding gardener she specialised in shrubs and roses. Survived by her sons Paddy and Brian daughters Eileen and Annette and sister Kay. Father John Murphy Adm. officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry cemetery.

Death of John Coyle formerly Upper Main Street at his residence 41 Highfield Road. Outstanding character John was aged 77 and a native of Drung.He was an excellent tradesman specialising in all aspects including plumbing and carpentry where he showed his experience gathered on the building sites in England. John ran a very successful taxi business specialising in the long trips to and from Cobh Co. Cork for the trans Atlantic passenger ships to the USA.Excellent card player and great wit and humour, John never missed a session of Bingo in the Town Hall. The family ran a very successful sweets vegetables ice cream shop at the butt of the Half Acre. The shop was open from early morning to late at night 7 days a week and run by John’s wife Margaret (Nee Brady) who excelled in dishing out generous portions of great value to all the young population in the area until their retirement in 1972. Survived by his sons Sean Brendan daughters Susan Kathleen.Very Rev John Murphy Adm officiated  at the funeral from the Cathedral to Drung cemetery.

Patient numbers are 26% up on last year at booming Cavan General Hospital.PJ Clarke tells a meeting of the North Eastern Health Board that people are flocking to the Surgical Medical and  Paediatric units from all the neighbouring counties. It is intended that further services will be available to meet the unexpected high demand.

Angela Gaffney Chair UDC presents President Mary Robinson with the medal of honour at the Civic Reception to mark the new President’s first official visit to Cavan.

Population of Cavan continues to fall according to the 1991 census. There are now 52,756 people resident in Cavan compared to 53,965 in 1986.

Aileen Leavy is selected the 3rd International Cavan Girl at a Gala Function in the Kilmore Hotel compered by Ronan Collins. Native of Woodside New York the 21 year old High School teacher was here in Ireland 14 years ago and was nominated by the Cavan Association in New York.Ailen has 4 sisters and 2 brothers at home in New York. Her mother hails from Kerry while her father is from Longford. Michelle Moran and Mary Fay put in dynamic work in organising the contest ably assisted by Breda Elliott Peggy Sharkey Maeve Sheridan (1990 Cavan Girl) Marie Doyle and Lorna Elliott.

August 1st 1991 Down captained by Paddy O Rourke beat Donegal to win the Ulster Senior Championship 1-15 to 0-10 before 30,000 spectators at Saint Tiernach’s Park Clones. Greg Blayney is Man of the Match as Down continue their tradition of winning in 1961 1971 1981 and now 1991.They will now play Kerry in the All Ireland Semi Final in Croke Park.

Same Week Official opening of Ken Simpson Park in Derrycramph.Plaque unveiled to his memory by Gene Cullivan Chairman Cavan Town FC before a large attendance including Moira (Wife) and Jim Simpson (brother). The grounds were later blessed and dedicated by Father Johnny O Rourke CC.

Death of Mary Fitzpatrick Rathcorrick at the age of 85.Member of the Lynch family from Crubany she had an endearing personality and outstandingly generous and charitable. Predeceased by her husband Patrick and daughter Elizabeth she is survived by her sons Father Benny  CC Bruskey Jim and daughters Ann Maura and Madeline. Funeral following concelebrated Mass in the Cathedral to Killygarry cemetery.

Death of Patrick (Paidgins) Woods Saint Phelim’s Place and Mullingar at the age of 50.Member of the Customs and Excise for nearly 30 years he served in Donegal and Tullamore before being posted to Mullingar in 1960.Founder member and outstanding half back  for Cavan Shamrock’s football team. Member of Mullingar Musical Society and Mullingar Golf Club. Survived by his wife Christine step children Lisa and Ciaran brothers Sean and Robert and sisters Ita Betty and Mary. Funeral from Mullingar to Glasnevin.

Music Academy of Cavan founded by Christina McDwyer outstanding results in exams under the auspices of the Royal Irish Music Academy Dublin.

August 8th 1991 Senator Joe O Reilly is conferred with his MA (Hons) History including European Integration and Growth and Development of the EEC.

Same Week Hilary Barry is the winner of the President’s (Marese Binchey) Prize at County Cavan Golf Club 2nd is Vera Malone 3rd Kathleen O Gorman Best Gross Majella Brady. Best 1st Nine Bridie Eames Best 2nd Nine Felicity McGrath..

Sustained round of applause for Father Liam Kelly who is leaving the Parish after one year’s sterling service on transfer to Killinkere.Native of Aughawillia Ballinamore where he is a personal friend of the author John McGahern. Father Kelly was extremely popular during his short but fruitful stay in the Parish.

August 15th 1991 Central Café owned by Sean and Francesca McManus is sold  for £70,000.The purchasers are Peter and Bridget Galligan Glasscarrick Mullahoran.

Same Week Colm Connaughton (Anglo Celt) and Genie O Neill Ballyhaise are married in the Cathedral later Colm’s father Tom took a special photo of the day when the Bride and Groom are pictured with the Presesident Mary Robinson at the Wedding Reception in the Slieve Russell.

Cavan Town FC 1991 Chairman Paddy Sheridan Vice Chair Gene Cullivan Treasurers Patricia Walsh Moira Simpson Maria Ellis PRO Paul Cox Selectors Francis Ellis Hughie Murray John Sheridan and Dominick Lynch.

Sympathy is extended to Garda Sergeant Danny Thomas Gortnakesh on the death of his father Peter at his residence ‘Rolea House’ Doonan Donegal Town. Survived by his wife Kathleen sons Danny Sean and Peadar and daughters Mary Ann Roisin and Eileen.Funeral from Saint Mary’s Church Killymard to the adjoining cemetery

A Alecock is the winner of the Captain’s (Kay Henry) Prize at County Cavan Golf Club 2nd was Delores Brady while Mary Malone was Best Gross.

Down’s flair and speed destroys Kerry 2-9 to 0-8 before 40,166 spectators in Croke Park in the All Ireland Semi Final. Incredibly Kerry have never beaten Down in the Senior All Ireland Championship.

Service of Morning Prayer celebrated by Archdeacon George Millar Rev Stanley Johnston and Mr Charles Mullen with Lelia Hastings on the organ is broadcast live on RTE from Saint Felim’s Church Kilmore.

Death of Very Rev Canon Vincent Duffy Parish Priest of Knockbride at the age of 73.Native of Lear Bailieboro he was ordained on the 18th of June 1944.Distinguished Bursar and Professor in Saint Patrick’s College from 1950 to 1964.Funeral following concelebrated Mass in Saint Brigid’s Knockbride West to the adjoining cemetery.

August 22nd 1991 Francis Milner son of Mary and Frank Highfield Road is conferred with his B.Agr. Sc. (Honours) Commercial Horticulture at UCD.Francis was educated at Saint Felim’s Boys School and Saint Patrick’s College.

Same Week Josephine Brady Ballyjamesduff is appointed County Librarian .Educated at the Poor Clare Convent Ballyjamesduff Loreto College Cavan and UCD where she obtained a Library Diploma. Currently completing her degree in Politics and History at UCD. Second Lady Librarian to be appointed Brid Sheridan held the position from February 1947 till October 1977.Josephine has worked in the Library service in Dublin Mullingar and Navan.Resided in Cavan town for a number of years at Church Street. Her father Donal was Proprietor of the White Star for a number of years while her mother was formerly Maura Boland from Ballinagh.Five children in the family, Donal is County Librarian in Waterford while Frank is the well known International athlete.Cormac is a Psychiatric Nurse in London while Rosaleen is living in Dundalk Josephine’s first priority is the conversion of the Old Market House in Bailieboro into a Library and Exhibition Centre.

Death of James Brady 55 College Street and late of Fairtown Castletara.Very popular resident retired to Cavan ten years ago and made friends and acquaintances in the town at large. Survived by his sisters Maureen and Rose. Funeral from Saint Patrick’s Castletara to the adjoining cemetery.

Hardline Communists oust President Gorbachev in a coup but Boris Yeltsin triumphs over the coup leaders and emerges as the dominant figure in Russia helping to pave the way for democracy.

Sean Coyle with 45 points wins his first Major at County Cavan Golf Club when he wins the Ford  Golf Classic sponsored by Jackson’s at County Cavan Golf Club 2nd is Kieran Barry Murphy with 42 points 3rd Paddy Walsh with 41 while Cian O Connor had the best Gross with 34 points. A record field of 151 participated in the competition.

Sympathy is extended to Gene Murphy Farnham Road on the death of his father Gene Cootehall Boyle County Roscommon. Predeceased by his wife Mai ,Funeral from Saint Michael’s Church Cootehall to Ardcarne cemetery

Bridge Club 1991 President Peggy Willock Captain Carmel Fitzpatrick Vice Captain Val Maguire Secretary Maura Goodman Assistant Secretary Tommy McCormack Treasurer Kathleen Clarke.

‘L’Amour Lingerie’ opens at 11 Ashe Street

Meath’s strength and determination decisive as they overcome Roscommon 0-15 to 0-11 in the All Ireland Semi Final and now play Down in the Final in September.

Lord Farnham retires from active farming on his 1,300 acre estate near Cavan.300 of the acres have been used for intensive sheep farming in recent years and he intends to rent this acreage but continue with his first love forestry of which 450 acres are already planted with trees.

August 29th 1991 Aine Hughes Rachael Scorr and Mary Leech are selected on the Irish senior team for the European Sports Acrobatics in Lisbon. All three have represented Ireland at Junior level but this is a step up in class.

Death  of Steven McCarthy late of Regaskin in Dublin at the age of 50.Quiet and well liked spent some time in the USA after his marriage. Suffered ill health and retired early  from the Irish Army. Survived by his wife Bridie (Walsh) sons Steven and Declan and daughter Sharon parents and brother Sean. Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies cemetery.

Death of Kathleen Phair Coolboyogue.Very popular character she was a regular at the Cavan Gaels Bingo on a Friday night in the Town Hall. Great neighbour and friend Kathleen had a good word to say for everybody and was known throughout a large area of County Cavan. Predeceased by her husband William she is survived by her son Seamus and daughter Mary (Comiskey).Funeral from Saint Aiden’s Killygarry to the adjoining cemetery.

Harry Smith Clini Fund presents 30 matching duvet bed covers and matching surround curtains to Saint Oliver’s Ward Saint Felim’s Hospital. Costing £7,000 Harry is pictured making the presentation to Sister Fiona (Assistant Matron Saint Felim’s Hospital).

September 5th 1991 John Denning son of Pat and Mary Drumcrave is conferred with his BE (Civil) Engineering at UCD.Educated at Drumcrave NS and Saint Patrick’s College Cavan and UCG.

Same Week Carmel Fitzpatrick Drumelis is the new Captain of Cavan Bridge Club.

Death of William Tubman Drumard House at the age of 77.Native of Dereena Milltown outstanding cattle farmer and good neighbour and friend in the Farnham area. Survived by his wife Mary daughters Moya (Woodhouse) and Emily. Very Rev.Dean Charles Coombe officiated at the funeral from Kilmore Cathedral to the adjoining cemetery.

Sister Elizabeth Byrne of the Loreto Order makes her final profession in the Cathedral at which the chief concelebrant was the Bishop of Kilmore Francis McKiernan assisted by Fathers John Murphy Adm. Felim McGovern Sean Mawn Pat Brady (Knocktemple) Gerry Alwill (Saint Patrick’s College) and Paul Murphy Chaplain Trinity College. Sister Susie teaches Religious Education at Loreto College. She is the first Loreto nun to make her final profession in the Cathedral and has been teaching Religious Education in Loreto for the last two years.

The affable Dubliner Christy Byrne wins the Captain’s (PJ Dolan) Prize at County Cavan Golf Club with 86 points (44 and 42).Played over  2 consecutive Sundays in ideal weather conditions Gabriel Kelly playing off 14 shot a brilliant 46 on the first Sunday to lead the competition while Paddy Haren also off 14 shot the same score on the second day to clinch 2nd place with an impressive 85 points (39 and 46) Pat Cahill was 3rd with 79 points Johnny Costello won the Gross with 67 while Sean Galligan won the Past Captain’s Prize with 75 points and Terry O Reilly the Over 55 prize with 77 points.

Pictured is Declan McCaul (Founder) and the committee of The Mick Leddy Memorial swim presenting cheques for £1,050 to Saint Christopher’s Hospice Cavan and £3,00 to The Laura Parker Fund proceeds of their annual swim in Annagh Lake.

Angelo Smith 21 Keadue Cathedral Road Rita Martin Derrycramph Finola Gallagher 23 Harmony Heights Pte John Brady Military Barracks Sergeant Austin Masterson Military Barracks and Brendan Donoghue are among the recipients of gold and silver pelicans from the Blood Transfusion Board.

Presentation to Father John Murphy Adm and Father Gerry Kearns CC on the occasion of the Silver Jubilee of their ordination in the Cathedral.

‘Bannister’ ridden by Shane Donohoe gives Shane his 1st winner of the new Jump Season. opened at 14/1 and backed down to 15/2.The horse is owned by Mrs J Wonnacot

To mark the Golden Jubilee of the Cathedral in 1992 a full time Boys Choir is being organised. Auditions will start shortly.

September 12th 1991 Sudden death of Tommy Doyle 25 College Street at the age of 45.Native of the town. Well known and highly skilled carpenter Tommy was popular with all and known as a very decent friendly character. Survived by his wife Rhona (Smith) sons Mark Jason and Daryl daughters Franchesca and Sharon. Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Same Week Death of Hugh Smith in Flushing New York .Ran a very successful Garage business at Coleman Road where his wife Betty also ran a Singer Sewing Centre. Mechanic by profession he worked as a fitter in McCarren’s and mechanic in  Jackson’s before emigrating in the mid 1950s.Survived by his 13 children and 25 grandchildren.

Bronze medals for Cavan Lawn Tennis Club in National Community Games in Mosney County Meath. Beaten by the eventual winners Cork in the Semi Finals. Team Orla Malone Yvonne Kelly Kerry Finlay Ciara Gaffney David McIntyre Kerrill Gaffney Stephen Elliott and Niall Gaffney.

Norma Murphy Alasdair Lang  Pauric Reilly John Kelly and Jenny McGlade complete the hazardous and prestigious Liffey Descent canoe race.

Eileen McGerty Inishmore Butlersbridge is elected Lord Mayor of the Bridge when she raises £10,199 for the new hall.

Rev.Thomas Mannion O Praem Williamstown County Galway is ordained at Holy Trinity Abbey Kilnacrott.The ordaining prelate is the Bishop of Kilmore Francis McKiernan.

Mary Ann Henthorne  celebrates her 108th Birthday and is congratulated by Nurse Ann Redahan and Matron Aidan Browne in Saint Phelim’s Hospital. She is now officially the oldest person in Ireland.

Paul Myles is the Anglo Celt Kilmore Hotel Sportsman of the Month for his exploits in the World Police Games in Memphis Tennessee.

Margaret Shannon and Marese O Rourke open Cavan Secretarial Services in Town Hall Street specialising in Word Processing and Wedding Stationery.

Kingscourt led by Joe Dillon hammer Crosserlough in poor County Senior Final 3-11 to 0-10 to record their third consecutive County Senior win.4,000 people paid gate receipts of £14,987 in perfect weather conditions. Cavan Gaels force a draw 2-11 each with defending Champions Bailieboro in the County Minor Final curtain raiser thanks to a 62nd minute point by Paul Kinsella.Scorers for the Gaels James Doonan 1-1 Sean Barry 1-1 Colin Sheridan 0-4 Paul Kinsella 0-3 Johnny Graham and Mark Leddy 0-1 each.

September 19th 1991 Plans for the proposed pedesrianisation of Bridge Street drawn by Patrick Shaffrey Architect are presented to the members of Cavan Urban District Council. It is unanimously agreed that no action will be taken until the residents and traders in Bridge Street are consulted and agree to the plans.

Same Week Death of Dr Maire Naughton Area Medical Officer NEHB since 1983.Native of Ashford Ballinasloe she qualified as a doctor in 1978 and spent some time in the Sudan with Goal in 1986.Funeral from Saint Michael’s Ballinasloe to Creagh cemetery.

John Conaty opens the new extension to his premises at Tullac Mongan by introducing a Bakery where bread and confectionery is available fresh every day. John has enjoyed 10 years successful trading on the premises and is open 7 days a week.

Down led by Paddy O Rourke hold on to beat Meath 1-16 to 1-14 in a very exciting All Ireland Final before 64,500 in Croke Park. Down led by 1-14 to 0-6 with 20 minutes left but a Meath revival inspired by the great Colm O Rourke just failed to stop Down who wee recording their 4th All Ireland triumph in their 4th final. Scorers for Down Ross Carr 0-5 Gary Mason 0-4 James McCartan 0-3 Barry Breen 1-0 Eamonn Burns 0-2 Greg Blayney and Mickey Linden 0-1 each.

September 26th 1991 Catherine Johnston Cullies Cavan is conferred with her BE (Hons) Mechanical Engineering Degree  at UCD.Catherine is eldest daughter of Brian and Mary Cullies and was educated at the Dominican Convent in Wicklow.

Same Week Charlie Haughey is Guest of Honour at a gala reception in the Kilmore Hotel to mark the retirement of Paddy Conaty after 41 years loyal service to the County Council Urban Council Health Board and Cavan Vocational Educational Committee. Presentations are made to Paddy and his wife Kathleen as Charlie Haughey wishes them both good health and long days.

Joseph Duffy son of Brigid and Raymond Main Street scores 9 straight As in his Intermediate Certificate at Saint Patrick’s College. Congratulated by Father John McTiernan President who says it is the best result ever achieved by a student in Saint Patrick’s College.

Cavan Gaels beat Bailieboro in replay at wet and blustery Breffni Park 1-6 to 0-4 to win the Cavan Minor Championship.Colin Sheridan’s goal just after half time swung the game in favour of the Gaels in game spoiled by the weather conditions and slippery ball. Feature of the game was the appearance for Cavan Gaels of Michael Graham who was joined on the same team by his uncle Patrick. Scorers for the Gaels Colin Sheridan 1-1 James Doonan Paul Kinsella Mark Leddy Johnny Graham and Sean Barry 0-1 each. Team Eddie Johnston  Enda Crowe Michael Wall Patrick Graham Mark Gillick  Charlie Noonan Barry Hanrahan Johnny Graham Thomas Gormley Mark Leddy Sean Barry Michael Graham Colin Sheridan Paul Kinsella James Doonan.Subs David Noonan for

 James Doonan.

October 3rd 1991 Cavan Chamber of Commerce 1991 President George Crowe Vice President Eddie Brady Secretary Gerry Egan Treasurer Peter McGinnity PRO Terry McGovern.

Same Week Death of Ellen (Lena) Cosgrove Emmett Place and Wolfe Tone Street at the age of 82.Member of the Johnston family one of Cavan’s oldest and most respected sporting families. Predeceased by her husband Patrick (Packy) she is survived by her daughter Maureen (Murray ) brother Frank and sister Nora. Funeral from the Cathedral to Butlersbridge cemetery.

Sean Walsh presents the Sean Walsh perpetual trophy to Father Liam Kelly fro the best performance on the Rann /Killykeen swim this season at Function in the Farnham Hotel.

Dr.Eamonn McDwyer is appointed to the Medical and Dental Post Graduate Board by the Minister for Health Rory O Hanlon TD.General Practitioner in Cavan for the last 20 years Dr.McDwyer is married to Marlis (Smith) herself a doctor and they have 6 children.

Cmdt. Dermot Cogan Commanding Officer in Dun Ui Neill Barracks is chosen by the EEC to monitor the peace situation in Yugoslavia and will be based in Zagreb. Dermot has served in the Lebanon in 1978 and is a former Aide De Comp to President Patrick Hillery.Married to Margaret Finlay they have two children Der and Louise.

October 10th 1991 Cavan Badminton 1991 Chairman Matt Grogan Vice Chair Robbie Lindsey  Secretary Mary Thornton Match Secretary Lila Lindsey Treasurer Fidelma Hamilton PRO Eamon Condon.

Same Week Arlene Smith (Team P Elliott) is awarded the first athletics scholarship at UCD.Studying Architecture Arlene will be coached by the legendary Noel Carroll former Irish record holder for the 800 metres and half mile. Pictured at the UCD Campus at  Belfield are parents Jimmy and Gertie Smith along with Arlene and Noel Carroll

Patrick Brady’s team win the Cavan Gaels’ Under 10 League and the Elegant Gems trophy when they beat Tommy McCormick’s team in an exciting final where each man displayed great determination and skill.Patrick Brady’s team Gareth Flynn Philip Elliott Patrick Brady (Capt) Rory Dunne Colin Hanna Paul Flynn Michael Goldrick Damien O Connor and James Smith.

Captain Michael Smyth formerly Upper Main Street and son of Bridie and the late Philip is part of the United Nations Peace Keeping Force monitoring the peace in Angola South West Africa. An instructor in the Military College in the Curragh, he has served overseas with the United Nations on two previous occasions in the Lebanon. Michael is married to Bernadette (Mullery ) and they have two children Stephen (9) and Niamh (6).

Harry Hunt Solicitor heads the poll for Cavan/Monaghan constituency representation on the National Council of Fine Gael.

Hunt/Maloney Trophy at County Cavan Bridge Club 1st Ms A Carlin and Ms M McCormack 2nd Maura Goodman and Elizabeth Galligan 3rd Ms E McEnri and Mrs M Henderson.

October 17th 1991  Tragic death of Patsy Kelly wife of Sean V Kelly Solicitor and County Coroner following a road accident at Belan Moone County Kildare when her car was in collision with a landrover.Patsy was a native of Killbandrick Redhills aged 59 she was from a family of 9.National Teacher she taught in Treehoo School for many years. Spent a period of time in the USA before taking up her teaching post Member of County Cavan Golf Club Corlurgan School and Loreto College Parent’s Association. “Confident in manner and cheerful in disposition she could take everything in hr stride”. Guard of Honour at the removal formed by students from both Saint Patrick’s College and Loreto College She is survived by her husband Sean sons Paul John David and Colm daughters  Suzanne Helen Miriam and Yvonne. Father John Murphy was the chief celebrant at the concelebrated Mass in the Cathedral with interment in Killoughter Redhills.

80.Original member of the Fire Brigade and was instrumental in developing the fire service in Cavan following the Convent Fire of 1943.Spent a total of 42 years with the Fire Brigade and was Station Officer for a number of years. Worked in the Egg Market and later Tommy Montgomery’s for a number of years before going to Dublin where was also engaged in the Egg trade. Great all rounder he was an Ambulance Driver in Saint Felim’s for many years and also delivered the Anglo Celts on a Thursday night to the Bailieborough/Shercock area. Best known in latter years for his role as the Sacristan in the Cathedral for 12 years.Dick brought a great style and class to the job where everybody was on the friendliest terms .Survived by his wife Mary sons Joe Paddy  Jimmy Dick Sean Eamonn and daughters Mae Noreen Teresa Bernadette Eileen and Margaret. The coffin was carried on the fire tender as members of Cavan Fire Brigade formed a Guard of Honour at both the removal and funeral. Father John O Rourke officiated at the Funeral Mass from the Cathedral to Butlersbridge cemetery.

CYMS 1991  Honary Presidents Joe Finegan Edward Sharkey Michael Breslin Sean McManus and Pat McGovern. Chairman  Michael Breslin Vice Chairman Richard Cassidy Secretary Jim Fraher Assistant Secretary Michéal Smyth  Treasurer Paddy O Reilly and Sean Coyle Chaplain Father John Murphy Adm.

Sympathy is extended to Sean Gurhy Kinnypottle on the death of his mother Kathleen Gurhy Omard Kilnaleck.

October 24th 1991 ‘Shapers’ Health and Beauty Salon’ opens at 82 Main Street over Brendan Young’s shop The proprietor  is Bailieborough native Margaret Duffy. Lorraine McDowell is the Toning Therapist  and Aine Enright is the Beauty Therapist at ‘Shapers’

Same Week Michael Walsh is the winner of the Junior Snooker competition at Cavan CYMS.

Mairéad Lynch daughter of Michael and Bernadette Oldtown is professed a nun at Saint Clare’s Convent Harolds Cross.

October 31st 1991 Andy McEntee 61 Church Street launches his book ‘Memories of a Lifetime in Journalism’ surrounded by family and friends. Pictured is Andy presenting a copy of his book to Willie O Hanlon Managing Director Anglo Celt with Edward former Editor and his son Johnny Editor looking on .

Same Week Sean Brady 58 Pearse Street son of Kay and the late Maurice Brady is presented with the prestigious Gold Drop and Scroll by the President of Ireland Mary Robinson in recognition of donating 50 pints of blood to the National Blood Transfusion Board.

Singer Sewing Machine Centre Church Street celebrates their 21st Birthday. Owned by Paddy and Patricia Barry with Eileen O Keefe chief sales director and demonstrator. They opened their 2nd branch in Athlone in 1976 3rd in Sligo in 1987 and plan to open a fourth in Letterkenny later this year. Cavan Singer Centre are the main Singer franchise for Meath Offaly Roscommon Longford Cavan Monaghan Leitrim Sligo and Donegal.

Packy Doonan completes his 4th marathon coming home in a time of 5 hours and 15 minutes in the Dublin City Marathon. Martin Sexton Cavan completed the course in 4hours and 28 minutes. This year’s race was marred by the sudden death of one of the athletes Laurence Holohan Castlecomer County Kilkenny during the race.

Noel Monahan well known Cavan writer and poet’s new book of poetry ‘Opposite Walls’ is featured and reviewed on RTE’S ‘Poet’s Chair’.

November 7th 1991  Tom Smith Managing Director T P S Contractors sign the contract to demolish and rebuild the 20 houses at Breffni Terrace at a cost of £600,000.

Same Week Death of Hugh Lennon Earlsvale Road at the age of 73.Native of East Belfast with Cavan connections Hugh worked as a Clerk in Belfast before coming to Cavan in 1972 where he worked as a part time Barman in McGinnity’s where he was popular with everybody. Deep interest in Classical music he had a very good record collection and gave recitals at Cavan Gramophone Society on a regular basis.Survived by his sister Patsy he was predeceased by his sister Anne in 1983.Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Same Week Death of Bridget Monaghan Rathcorrick at the age of 83.Well known farming family in the area. Deeply religious she was the last of a family of 3.Predeceased by her husband Patrick she is survived by her sons Tom and P J daughter Mary (Galligan) in Rathcorrick.Funeral from Saint Dympna’s Lower Lavey to the adjoing graveyard.

November 14th 1991 Charles Haughey reshuffles his Cabinet Rory O Hanlon new Minister for the Environment John Wilson Tanaiste and Minister for the Marine while Bertie Ahern is the new Minister for Finance Albert Reynolds is left out of the Cabinet.

Same Week Brian Johnston County Manager proposes that a sum of £10,000 be allocated for travelling and entertainment expenses to the Chairman of Cavan County Council. Andy O Brien is vociferous in his opposition to the proposal.

Death of J J (Jack ) Smith Alackan and Killiney Dublin at the age of 74.Founder and Chairman of J J Smith Construction and Plant Hire Dublin. After graduating from Saint Patrick’s College started his own construction business and in 1946 formed the Company with his brothers Tom and Paddy. Based on the Naas Dual Carriageway JJ Smith was a household name for large construction work in the capital specialising in factories and Machinery Plant Hire.President* of Saint Patrick’s College Past Pupils Union from 1971 to 1975 and was a great supporter of all things Cavan. Survived by his wife Daphne sons Bernard Eugene Raymond and Gerard daughters Dorothy Marian and Bernadette. Brother of Mrs Anna May King Poles House. Funeral from Our Lady of Perpetual Succour Foxrock to Dean’s Grange cemetery.

Cavan Rugby Club bat Instonians 28-3 after leading 6-3 at half time in 1st round of the McGambley Cup at Swellan.Outstanding line out work by Donal Keoghan and Christopher McCarren ensured ample procession for the home side who are improving every week and now gelling as a team contending for honours. Team M Brady P Keavney  P Kiernan S  B R Trenier A Lovett (Captain) M Kiernan L Kiernan Luigi Caffola Donal Keoghan Christopher McCarren H McCann J McCormack Andrew McCarren M Gilsenan and Peter Pollock

November 21st 1991  Patrick Elliott is conferred with his BSc Quantity Surveying Degree from Heriot Wall University in Edinburgh. Recently received his Diploma in Quantity Surveying from Limerick College of Art Commerce and Technology.Educated at Miss Cairns Academy Rathgar Saint Felim’s Boys School Saint Patrick’s College and the Limerick College of Art Commerce and Technology.Eldest son of Jim and Breda Elliott Drumelis.

Same Week Brendan Young Eugene O Callaghan and Gareth Morgan al members of the staff of McDwyer/Lennon and Company graduate after their Institute of Chartered Accountants Final Exams.

Carrie and Debbie Smith continue successful trading at Cavan’s only dedicated Lady’s Lingerie shop ‘L’Amour Lingerie’ in Ashe Street. Carrie says “Gone for the 90s is the conservative look and definitely in is the more voluptuous look this is due mainly to the arrival on the scene of Pop Superstar Madonna.!

Cavan Gaels three in a row  County Quiz Final Champions in the Kilmore Hotel sponsored by Ramor United GFC.Team J J O Reilly (Captain) Paddy O Reilly Philip Finegan  and Conal Clarke. The Quizmaster was Peter Brady (Kilnaleck).

Sympathy is extended to John P Smith Glenside Road on the death of his brother Peter Post Office Ballinagh.

November 28th 1991 Andrew Griffith Drumnavanagh is conferred with his Bachelor of Technology Construction Management at Waterford RTC.Educated at Saint Felim’s NS Cavan Vocational and the College of Technology Waterford. Son of Ray and Annette Griffith 1 Drumnavanagh Farnham Road.

Same Week Sharon Murphy Farnham Road  is conferred with her BA degree in applied Languages at Dublin City University. Educated at Loreto College Cavan and Dublin City University. Daughter of Gene and Betty Farnham Road.

Tragic death of 24 year old Hugh Galligan from Farnham in head on collision with a car driven by Brian Little Cootehill.Hugh was a front seat passenger in a car driven by Martin Connolly Farnham. Both drivers were taken to hospital and Brian Little was later transferred to Beaumont.

Brian Sullivan Glenside Road is appointed a Peace Commissioner by the Minister for Justice Ray Burke. Brian is a native of the town Chairman of Cavan Drama Festival and is employed with Bord Telecom.

Father John Murphy Adm and the local committee of Access for the Disabled are building ramps at both side doors at the Cathedral to facilitate wheelchair users. A handrail is also being fitted on the steps from the Presbytery to the Cathedral. Funds have been allocated for the work from ‘The People in Need Fund 1990’

Surgical Hospital and the Old Nurses Home disappear from the Cavan landscape to make room for the new Dunne’s Stores Development. The Contractor is P Elliott and Company while the Demolition Sub Contractor was Ted McCormack Glengormley.

The Derragarra Inn are again the winners of the County Cavan Black and White Pub of the Year while McGinnity’s Bridge Street are the best newcomers for 1991.

Eugene Leddy is featured in this week’s Celt to celebrate 40 years of Comhaltas Ceoltoiri Eireann.Born in Strone Butlersbridge in 1913 son of Patrick and Mary (Nee Mangan).His mother was a native of Claremorris County Mayo and Eugene traces his musical ability to his mother’s family –she was a good accordion player and excellent singer. Received his first fiddle lesson from Michael Casey Belturbet when he was 13 he soon became well known throughout the area at Feiseanna and Sessions. Formed his 1st band in 1938 and first broadcast from Radio Eireann in 1942.Members of the 1st band were Eddie and Paddy McPhiilips (Butlersbridge) Jack Reilly Pete Galligan Johnny McGerr (Cavan) John Fannon (Castletara).Continued to broadcast regularly from Radio Eireann he made his first Ceili record in 1960.Toured Ireland and Scotland with his famous band and played with many well known musicians including Sean Maguire Jim McKellop Dermot O Brien Matt Cunningham and Joe Burke .Eugene and his wife Ann have 8 children Mary Anne Philomena Kathleen Vera Oliver Sean and T P.His daughter Kathy Durkin is an International recording artist and recently scored a number 1 hit with ‘Working Man’ Semi retired from the music business he teamed up with Martin Donohoe and bazooka player John Campbell to win the Ulster Senior Scor in 1987.

Gerry O Keefe as Finian McLonergan and Carmel O Donohoe- Duffy as Sharon McLonergan are the the stars of Finian’s Rainbow presented by Cavan Musical Society to packed houses in the Town Hall Buzz Collins played by Majella Carroll Sheriff John McCaffrey Maude Maura Reynolds Henry David Reynolds Woody Mahoney Terry O Connor Óg (Leprechaun) Adrian Ronan Senator Billboard Rankin Gordon O Bric Geologists Jimmy Galligan Tommy Sharkey Three Gospellers Martin Maguire Patrick McKiernan Pauric Smith Deputies Harry Lynch and Thomas McKiernan. Producer was Marlis McDwyer Musical Director Marion Ballesty –Keoghan Choreographer Paschal Lyons Stage Manager and Lighting John Conlon Stage and Set Design Eamonn McLaughlin Set Construction Jim Mooney Danny O Hanlon and Eamonn McLoughlin Programme and Poster Design Priscilla O Gorman Wardrobe and Make Up Maureen Cosgrove’s Salon Mary O Connor Rosemary Lennon Trish Ronayne Ann Sexton Marina Wharton Geraldine Lennon Box Office Maura Sullivan and Goretti McDonald Front of House Staff Harry Gibbs Fergus Reynolds Kevin Lavelle Niall Crowe Mairead Elliott Margaret Cogan and Ciaran McDonnell.The hits from the show which was later turned into a film starring Petula Clarke and Fred Astaire are ‘How are things in Glocomorra?’ ‘Look to the Rainbow’ and ‘Old Devil Moon’

December 5th 1991 Death of Mollie Higgins Drumalee at the age 86.Last surviving member of a family of 4 .Member of one of the best known and most respected old Cavan families. Keen Drumalee fan she seldom missed a home fixture. Her late brother Barney was on the staff of the Anglo Celt for over 40 years. Friendly respected and well known character in the Community Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry cemetery

Same Week Kingscourt born Shane Connaughton is the Rehab/Anglo Celt Person of The Year at Gala function I the Kilmore Hotel.

County Cavan Golf Club 1991-1992 President Seamus Fox Captain Terry O Reilly Vice Captain Jimmy Sheridan Secretary Donal Crotty Treasurer Jim McDermott Assistant Secretaries Niall Walsh and and Eddie Cosgrove.Patricia Treacy from Swellan is the new Lady Captain for 1991-1992 succeeding Kay Henry.

Death of Peter Joseph ( PJ )Boylan Tierquin at the age of 68.Outstanding footballer with Cavan Harps and member of the League winning team of 1949.Worked on the outdoor staff of Cavan Urban and Cavan County Council. Survived by his brothers Charles Edward and Paddy  and sister Anna May. Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Castleblayney Faughs captained by Eamon McEneaney are the new Ulster Club Champions defeating Killybegs by  0-8 to 0-6 in a lack lustre low scoring game at Healy Park Omagh.Nudie Hughes shot three unanswered points in the first three minutes and Killybegs only amassed 1 point in the first half played on a beautiful sunny day with perfect underfoot conditions.

Deidre Lynch of Cameo Florists will give a demonstration of Christmas Flower and Wreath Making at Cavan Gardening Club.

Jimmy Dolan beats Michael Smith in the Final of the AOR sponsored tournament at Cavan CYMS.The beaten semi finalists were Laurence Flood and  David Connolly.

December 12th 1991 Cavan Urban District Council strike a rate at the third attempt of £34.37 in the £-an increase of 5% and water charges are increased by £10 to £85.

Same Week Seamus Farrelly from Crosserlough buys the Lavey Inn for £305,000.Seamus has a wide experience of the bar trade having worked as Manager of The White Horse Hotel and more recently Bar Manager in the Farnham Hotel in Cavan.

Co Cavan members of the Mother’s Union present wall murals and toys to the Children’s Ward Cavan General Hospital costing more than £1,000.The murals were painted by Mel Doherty from Gortnakesh.

Liam Galligan Golf Links Road is awarded his BSc at UCG.Educated at Farnham and Saint Patrick’s College .Liam is son of Sean and Mary Galligan Golf Links Road.

Alan Treacy from Swellan is awarded his Diploma in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Design Engineering at Humberside Polytechnic. Educated at Cavan Number 1 The Royal School Dundalk Grammar School .Alan is eldest son of Robert and Patricia Treacy Swellan Cavan.

Death of Marie Cahill formerly Marie Keaney from Crubany at the age of 64 in Willesden London. Worked in Sullivan’s Sweet Shop and later in Dublin before emigrating in the early 60s.Predeceased by her husband Jim five years ago and is survived by her  son Tom in Northampton and Sue Fitzpatrick Rathcorrick.Funeral from Mary Magdalene Church Willesden to Kensalgreen cemetery London.

24 hour Rehab fast is being undertaken by Corporal Dennis Hanrahan Carmel O Donohoe (Rehab Staff) Jimmy Mulcahy (Cavan Fire Brigade) and Dan McQuillan (Rehab Staff).All proceeds go to the local branch of Rehab.

Tribute in this week’s Comhaltas Column celebrating 40 years of CCE to Paddy McEntee Cullies Cavan. Native of Maudabawn employed with Cavan County Council as a stone breaker before taking up his appointment as Porter Saint Felim’s Hospital a position he held for 27 years until his final illness. His father Robert (Bob) McEntee was born in Seaford Street Belfast and taught Paddy the violin at home from a very early age. They came to live with Paddy’s uncle Hugh McEntee Corfas Kill Cootehill when Paddy was just 12 years old Paddy was appointed Chairman of the Cavan Town branch of Comhaltas in 1977 and was later Chairman of the County Board. Won the ‘Ulster Fiddler of Oriel ‘title and received a diploma in music sponsored by the Department of Education and Comhaltas.Members of the Hospital Staff and members of Comhaltas formed a guard of honour at the funeral while there was a graveside oration delivered by Brian Ó Mordha which was followed by a lament on the uileann pipes by P J Flood and Richelle Murray on tin whistle. Survived by his wife Maura and brothers Harry Eddie Jimmy and Hugh

Central Café in Bridge Street reopens after extensive refurbishment under the name ‘Galligan’s’ owned operated and managed by Peter and Breege Galligan Mullahoran.Patricia Gardiner formerly the Cook in the Omega Restaurant in Belturbet is the Cook in Galligan’s which is open 7 days a week from 10-10.

December 19th 1991  Aindreas McEntee is appointed  Assistant News Editor of The Evening Press. Began his career in journalism as a Junior Reporter with the Anglo Celt in July 1973 he later joined the Press Group in 1975.Son of Andy and Judy McEntee 61 Church Street.

Same Week Death of Bridie Elbert in London at the age of 48.Daughter of Tommy and Mary Lynch Tullacmongan, she and her husband managed the Springfield Tavern in Clapham London for over 20 years.Befoe emigrating Bridie worked as a Dental Receptionist with Mr Barney Corr Farnham Street. Survived by her husband PJ daughters Fiona and Yvonne and son Patrick. Funeral following Mass in Saint Mary’s Church Clapham to Streatham Vale cemetery

Johnny McCormack is awarded Clubman of the Year at County Cavan Rugby Club. Outstanding player and administrator since the inception of the Club.

Sineád McCaffrey College View is awarded the National Certificate in Business Studies (Secretarial) at Athlone RTC.Educated at Saint Clare’s Loreto College The College of Further Studies Cavan. Sinead is daughter of Peter and Rose College View.

Cavan Gaels beat Coalisland 2-5 to 1-5 in the Saint Paul’s Ulster Minor Championship at Michael Brewster Park Enniskillen. Now play Clonitibret Monaghan at the same venue in the Ulster Semi Final. Scorers for the Gaels  Mark Leddy 1-0 Michael Graham 1-0 Johnny Graham 0-2  Colin Sheridan 0-2 and Philip McMahon 0-1.

Cavan Gaels 1991-1992 Honary President Paddy Conaty Honary Vice President John (Foley) O Rourke Chairman Oliver Galligan Vice Chairman Frank Farrell  Secretary Philip Finegan Assistant Secretary Michael Flynn Treasurer Patrick Conaty PRO J J Reilly Irish Officer Paddy Reilly.

Judith Cullivan  daughter of Phil and Dolié Cullivan Camelot weds  Daniel Murphy Grove House Salem Court Rathgar in the Cathedral.(Photographed).

December 26th 1991 £687,000 Grant aid awarded to Cavan Equestrian Centre Latt for the development of a new Cavan Horse Centre for the sale of non thoroughbred horses.Mervyn Clarke announces that work on the £2 million centre has already started.

Andrew Boylan TD opens the Cavan Arts Society Art Exhibition in the Protestant Hall.36 artists are exhibiting over 150 paintings. May be the last exhibition to be held in the Hall but Andrew expresses the hope that a similar exhibition centre be made available in the new Library on th same site.

Same Week Death of John Patrick Smith Latt and late of London. Survived by his wife Bridie daughters Kathleen and Pauline. Funeral from the Cathedral to Butlersbridge cemetery.

Death of Thomas Dunne Edenticlare at the age 71.Well known farmer he was a very talented musician and played with a couple of dance bands including Peter King’s. Survived by his sisters Maura and Josephine. Funeral from Saint Brigid’s Church Killygarry to the adjoining cemetery.

Mark Anthony Terry from Dudley England is awarded  his BA Hons Dip MSS at the University of Stirling Scotland. Mark is a grandson of Michael and Theresa Bravendar 34 Saint Felim’s Place Cavan

Andy O Brien will start this year’s Icebreakers 24th Christmas Morning Swim at Rann while Doctor Paddy Faulkner will be standing by as Medical Officer. All proceeds go to the Children’s Ward Cavan General Hospital.

January 2nd 1992 Death of Jim Kelly Connolly Street at the age of 84.Master tailor with Tom McKenna for over fifty years. Jim was neat tidy and very skilful. Outstanding footballer with Cavan Slashers and later Cavan Harps. Jim formed a lethal partnership with his brothers Gerry Tom and Fred to bring many Championships to the town .Founder member of Cavan Fire Brigade Jim was instrumental in reforming the Brigade following the tragic Convent Fire of February 1943.In all Jim gave over 50 years loyal dedicated service to Cavan Fire Brigade. Cycled to fish every Sunday in the company of his great friend Packy Carroll Saint Phelim’s Place.Survived by his sisters Molly and Margaret (Egan).Guard of Honour at both the removal and funeral formed by Cavan Fire Brigade. Father John Murphy Adm officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Same Week Cavan Post Office sell 9,000 sheets of Christmas Stamps an increase of 2,00 on last year. Their offer of 13 stamps for the price of a dozen was well received.

Phelim Cox popular Northern Sound DJ scores a massive hit with his ½ hour link up to Sydney Australia .Vince Murray Producer of the show in Sydney said they had received hundreds of calls from listeners complimenting Phelim on his wonderful friendly professional presentation. Another link up is scheduled for the end of January 1992

Killian McGuiness Careers Guidance officer at Loreto College is awarded his Masters Degree in Education by the University of Ulster.

Fees for Driving Test shoot up to £30 buses and mini buses £50 and heavy trucks £60 from January 1st 1992.

Death of Ann Reilly Poles  in London. spent the last 37 years of her life in London. Daughter of the late Ned and Rose Ann Reilly she is survived by her brother Sean sisters Jo (Molloy) Noreen (Agnew) Eileen Greta and May .Funeral  on New Year’s Eve

Cavan County Council heated debate at the lack of provision for social Housing in the new 62 house P Elliott and Company development at Keadue Lane (Carrickfern). Brian Johnston County Manager announces that full planning permission has been granted for the 62 ‘quality sites’.

Father Dan Gallogly PP Mullagh launches the History of Ballinamore ‘Sliabh an Iarainn Slopes’ in McAllister’s Hotel Ballinamore.First copy is presented to Bishop McKiernan fellow historian and native of the area.

22 year old Catherina McKiernan continues to sweep all before her at National and International Cross Country. Unbeaten in the World Cross Country Challenge her sights are firmly fixed on the World Cross Country Championships in Boston this March.

Cavan Gaels beat Clonitibret 1-10 to 2-2 in Saint Paul’s Minor Championship Semi Final at Michael Brewster Park Enniskillen. They now meet the Derry champions Bellaghy in the Final in Belfast. Over 300 supporters travelled to Enniskillen on Saint Stephens Day to cheer on the team and a bigger crowd is expected to travel to Belfast to support them in the Final.

Gail Anderson and Diarmuid Argue are the youngest swimmers among the 50 participants at Cavan Icebreaker’s 24th Christmas Morning Swim in mild dry weather conditions at Rann. Séan Walsh recorded his 24th swim in a row while Nola O Hanlon plunged for the 16th year. Michael Breslin and Aidan Crossan were presented with a special award for completing their 5th in a row while Elizabeth Smith received a plaque to mark her 15th consecutive swim

January 9th 1992 Dr.Colm Henry is conferred as a member of the Royal College of Physicians. Educated at the De La Salle School Saint Patrick’s College and UCD,he is son of Bill and Kay Henry 2 Earlsvale Road.

Same Week Cavan Gaels 1-7 just fail to Bellaghy 2-6 from Derry in the Saint Paul’s Ulster Minor Championship in Belfast  on New Year’s Day. Cheered on by a huge travelling support a last minute point for Bellaghy cruelly sealed the Gaels’ fate. Playing against the gale force wind the Gaels conceded a very dubious penalty as Bellaghy raced into a 5 points lead .The Gaels fought back to only trail by 2-4 to 1-3 at the interval. The Gaels failed to press home their advantage in the 2nd half with the aid of the strong gale force wind and inexperience cost them the title. Scorers for the Gaels  Mark Leddy 1-2 Johnny Graham 0-2 Colin Sheridan 0-2 and Paul Kinsella 0-1.Team Eddie Johnston  Mark Gillick Michael Wall Patrick Graham Enda Crowe Charlie Noonan Barry Hanrahan Johnny Graham Thomas Gormley David Noonan Paul Kinsella  Mark Leddy Colin Sheridan Sean Barry Michael Graham. Sub James Doonan.

Seamus (Lilter ) Fay is this week’s featured artist in the Comhaltas column Winner of 4 All Ireland Senior Lilting titles 1959 in Thurles  1960 Boyle 1961 Swinford and 1969 in Thurles.Born in 1932 Encouraged by Bridie Galligan Killygarry to enter the competitions Seamus was already very well known in local circles. Seamus has two brothers Doney (Famous Drumalee Marksman) and Owen three sisters Rita Kitty and Eileen. Rita is an accomplished fiddle player while Owen plays the button accordion. Got most of his material from his mother Kathleen and Grandmother Margaret McKiernan Knockahista Denn and listening to good traditional records and tapes. His idol is Pat Kilduff from Athlone a Lilter featured on the Chieftain records. His father James came from Pullabawn and his mother Kathleen McKiernan hails from Knockahista Denn.They married in 1930 and often danced ceilidhes and sets in Gaynor’s house in Pullabawn.Mrs Gaynor herself would play the melodeon for more than 30 dancers who came to her house two sometimes three times a week.Kathleen Seamus’ mother learned the melodeon and the tunes from Mrs Gaynor and to this day is an accomplished musician and lilter.A good lilter needs a good ear and must be inherently good at music.Seamus Fay says “lilting  is an art that cannot be taught formally”.

January 16th 1992 Jonathan Young Cootehill Road is conferred with his Honours degree in Computer Applications at DCU.Jonathan was educated at Saint Felim’s Boys School Saint Patrick’s College and is son of Brendan and Kathleen Young Cootehill Road.

Same Week Arlene Nee ‘Proprietor of ‘The Body Studio’ presents a cheque for £1,000 to Cavan Multiple Sclerosis Society the proceeds of  sponsorship for 100 mile cycle on exercise bikes at ‘The Body Studio’.

Death of Nora Kavanagh Church View and Wolfe Tone Street at the age 73.Member of the Johnston family Wolfe Tone Street one of Cavan’s oldest and most respected families. Despite poor health particularly over the last eight years Nora was always cheerful and happy. Survived by her husband Michael daughter Kathleen Jerson  (Lincoln) and brother Frank. Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies cemetery.

Death of James (Jimmy) Kellegher Drumlark at the age of 87.Porter for over 40 years at the Hibernian and later Bank of Ireland Cavan. Native of Tierquillan Crossdoney great sense of humour ready witt and deep knowledge of current affairs endeared him to all who had the pleasure of being present in his company. Outstanding craftsman he was particularly adept at carpentry where he made wheelbarrows and even cart wheels for local farmers. Could turn his hand to any trade with equal success. Great interest in traditional music he was an excellent gardener and for many years grew his own vegetables at home in Drumlark.Supporter of the County GAA team and Drumalee GFC he never missed a home match. Survived by his wife Rose sons Brother Damian Superior Saint Benildus Kilmacud  and Sean daughters Josephine  and Patricia. Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

January 23rd 1992  Fergal Maguire is conferred with his BSc in Quantity Surveying at Heriot Wall University  Edinburgh and with a Diploma in Quantity Surveying from Limerick College of Art Commerce and Technology. Fergal is youngest son of Paddy and Helen Maguire Drumelis Cavan. Educated at Corlurgan NS Saint Patrick’s College and Limerick College of Art Commerce and Technology.

Same Week Sean Doherty alleges that Charlie Haughey knew all about the phone tapping that Doherty had authorised as Minister for Justice on the phones of Bruce Arnold and Geraldine Kenneddy.Moreover Doherty alleges that he handed Charles Haughey the full transcripts of the bugging.Dessie O Malley Leader of the Progressive Democrats is “shattered” and in the event of a Vote of No Confidence in Charles Haughey the support of the Progressive Democrats would be very doubtful. Albert Reynolds Bertie Ahern and Mary O Rourke are the three candidates tipped to take over from Charles Haughey who has been 12 years leader of Fianna Fail.

Pictured are Margaret Loonam Emmett Place and Kitty Candlen Keadue at the Senior Citizen’s Party in the John Sullivan Centre.

Death of Susan Connolly Saint Brigid’s Terrace at the age of 86.Member of the Lee family one of the oldest and most respected Cavan families. Great interest in Bingo she played 7 nights per week and was known throughout a large area. Predeceased by husband Bernard (Barney) survived by her sons Larry Bernard Simon James David and Gabriel daughters Jean and Helen.Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Death of Thomas Augustine (Gus) Kenny Lisheen Farnham Road  at Cavan General Hospital at the age of 82.Prominent and popular National Teacher for over 40 years. Native of Sligo served in Dennbawn for 9 years  then spent 1 year in Balinamore before coming to Killygarry as Principal where he served for a period of 31 years and retired as Principal in December 1975.Chairman of Cavan Branch Fine Gael, he was also  a member of the National Adoption Board for a long number of years. Prominent member of  County Cavan Golf Club Gus was Captain in 1957.Outstanding footballer in his youth he was a very prominent member of Cavan Slashers winning  County Championship medals along with his good friend and fellow teacher the great M J (Sonny) Magee. His son Niall who was also a National Teacher was tragically lost at sea while bird watching in Donegal at Christmas 1984.Serene easy going intelligent nature were hallmarks of his personality and greatness. Made a huge contribution to the Community by his work with charitable organisations including the Saint Vincent De Paul and spent most of his retirement time engaged in matters relating to the National Adoption Board. Survived by his wife Kathleen sons Gerard Ross Aidan and Kevin daughters Toni Carmel and Ursula. Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Popular Northern Sound/Shannonside DJ and presenter of Open House Phelim Cox has been nominated for a Hot Press award following the success of his link up with Sydney radio in Australia.Phelim will now make the link up a popular feature of his very popular show.

Clair McCartney a student at the Royal School is the winner of  Environmental Essay sponsored by the Bahai Community in Cavan .Clair received a cheque for £100 and £50 cheque was donated to Ivan Bolton Headmaster for Equipment at the Royal School.

Sudden death of John Connolly at the age of 30 in Kildare. Son of the late Tommy Connolly he is survived by his mother Rose (Nee Carroll Townparks Ballyhaise) wife Susan sisters Carol and Louise in London.

After spending £250,000 on the Clubhouse and grounds at Swellan Cavan Rugby team play their first game against Carrickferfus on the main pitch and the following day entertain  the Garda Club on the same pitch in the Acheson Cup. Most of the final work was done voluntary by the members and the grounds will be officially opened  on 5th September 1992 with Ulster Juniors taking on an ex International side.

Rachael Scorr the talented Cavan gymnast wins the All Ireland title for the Club in Douglas Cork. Rachael scored 9.1 on the vault and clinched the title by  earning a score of 8.87 on the floor exercises.

Cavan Wheelchair Society 1992 Chairman Patsy Maloney  Vice Chair Patsy Little  Secretary Kathleen Greenan Treasurer Kathleen Brady and Nominee to Regional Council Thana McDwyer.

January 30th 1992 Bertie Ahern introduces his first Budget as Charles Haughey prepares to step down from office. Tax Bands are reduced by 4% on Standard and 2% on the Higher PAYE Rate. Petrol is reduced by 9p a gallon. Vat increased from 12 ½ % to 16% and cigarettes are increased by 16p for twenty.

Same Week Death of Brigid Young Drumcrave at the age of 79.Eldest daughter of the late Bernard and Mary Ann Young Drumcrave.Popular neighbour and friend she was an authority on the history and traditions in the Drumcrave area and the history of the well spread out Young family. Took a deep interest in the welfare of the old and the sick and was a welcome regular visitor. Member of the famous Killygarry Camogie team of the 1930s who won 12 County Senior Championships. Among her contempories was Rita Donnelly Molly (Donohoe) O Brien and Rita Sullivan. Survived by her brothers Very Rev Canon John A Young (Carrigallen) Joe and Michael sisters Maureen and Clair. Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Cavan Ceanntair Fianna Fail pass a motion proposed by Danny Brady (County Council) and seconded by P Sheridan calling on the Tanaiste J P Wilson TD to put his name forward for the expected vacancy in the office of Taoiseach !

Death of Mary Kate (Mollie) O Dowd at the residence of her daughter Rosaleen Doherty Gortnakesh after a short illness at the age of 86.Native of Latnadrona Stradone  she was predeceased by her husband James and son Philip. She is survived by her  son Michael daughters Maura Patricia  and Rosaleen .Father Michael Cooke CC and Father Torlac O Reilly PP Drung were the main celebrants of the funeral Mass at Saint Mary’s Crosserlough and burial was in the adjoining cemetery.

Kathleen Sullivan Trophy at Cavan Bridge Club.1st and Best Gross Kathleen Clarke and Vera McMahon 2nd Sheila Burke and Josephine McEntee 3rd Todd Davis and Leo Brady

Death of  Kathleen Galligan Thomascourt at the age of 82.Member of the well known Smith family from Lisduff who are well known farmers in the area. Deep religious conviction she was dedicated to the welfare of her family. Predeceased by her husband Tom she is survived by her sons Peter Phil Chris Barry  and John daughters  Kathleen and Margaret. Funeral from Saint Felim’s Ballinagh to the adjoining cemetery.

February 6th 1992 Death of Ellen Lee  formerly Wolfe Tone Street and Ashe Street  at Saint Felim’s Hospital at the age of 74.Native of Curkish Ballyhaise she enjoyed gardening or accompanying her husband Phil for a day’s fishing on the Erne or Annalee.Great neighbour and friend she was extremely charitable and spoke well of everyone. Deeply religious she took a full part in the local sodalities and organisations in the Parish. Survived by her husband Phil son Patsy brother Bernard (Cavan) and sisters Rose (Cavan) Margaret Brigid and Teresa. Her youngest son David died on the 30th January 1985 –the same date 7 years later as his mother Ellen. Funeral following concelebrated Mass in the Cathedral at which the main celebrant was Father John Murphy Adm.Interment in Killygarry cemetery

Same Week Catherina McKiernan is the Supreme Sports Personality for 1991 in the Irish Independent/Jury’s Hotel poll.

Albert Reynolds beats off the weak challenge of Mary O Rourke TD to become Taoiseach after the last minute withdrawal of the Minister for Finance Bertie Ahern.Rory O Hanlon Michael O Kennedy  Gerry Collins Ray Burke and Mary O Rourke are some of the big names left out of the Cabinet. The youngest member of the Cabinet is Brian Cowen who was appointed Minister for Labour. John P Wilson remains as Tanaiste and Minister for the Marine.

Rosaleen Keegan from Deredis opens ‘Occasions’ at the Convent Shopping Centre.Rosaleen has over 15,00 greeting cards in stock for all occasions and has worked for more than 5 years in the greeting card retail business in London.

February 13th 1992 Charles Haughey on his last official day in office unveils a plaque in Ballyconnell marking the completion of the Ballinamore/Ballyconnell Canal. accompanied by his wife Maureen and daughter Eimear he is Guest of Honour at a dinner at the Slieve Russell Hotel hosted by the ESB.Former Senator and present member of Cavan County Council Andy O Brien is pictured as Charlie autographs his Menu as memento of his last day in office after 12 years at the very centre of Irish politics.Charlie Haughey was first elected to Dail Eireann in 1957 at the age of 31.Minister for Justice 1961 Minister for Agriculture 1964 Minister for Finance 1966 (regarded as the greatest in the history of the State).In 1970 dismissed from the Cabinet by Jack Lynch charged with importing arms tried and acquitted. In 1977 he was appointed Minister for Health and Social Welfare (introduced the free travel pass and free TV license for Pensioners) 1979 Elected Leader of Fianna Fail and Taoiseach.

Same Week Cavan UDC pass a vote of sympathy with Michael Cryan Anglo Celt reporter on the death of his father Sean Cryan.Paul Dolan states that “the late Sean Cryan made the reporting standards of the Irish Press legendary when it came to impartiality and fairness”

Death of Sister De Paul Boucher Loreto College and Arva at the age of 75 at Cavan General Hospital. Spent her last ten years in Cavan and worked previously as a Home Economics teacher in Balbriggan Omagh Rathfarnham Wexford Kilkenny  and Saint Stephens’ Green Dublin. Survived by her brothers Fathers Liam and Harry Con (Arva) and Frank (Dublin).She was predeceased 18 months ago by her brother Father Noel SPS Kiltegan.Funeral from Loreto College to the Community cemetery.

National Association of Widows of Ireland Cavan Branch 1992 Chairman Mrs H Hannigan Secretary Maura Goodman Treasurer H Keoghan Assistant Treasurer Mrs P Brady Committee Helen Timoney Doreen Lord  Patricia Reilly-Smith Mrs P Small Annie Young and Eileen Hannigan .

February 20th 1992 Brian Smith of Killygarry beats Vincent McCormack 21-19 to win the 1st ever New Pin trophy at Saint Patrick’s Sports Complex. In the Plate Final Felicity McGrath beats Louis Blessing 15-9.Prizes presented by John Hannigan New Pin Cleaners.

Same Week Jonathan Graham Colin Sheridan Charlie Noonan Michael Lee and Joe McDonald are selected to represent the North Eastern League at the European youth’s tournament in Paris.

February 27th 1992 Andrew McCarren Managing Director McCarren and Company appeals to SIPTU to agree to the introduction of a 35 hour week as the Company are experiencing temporary difficulties in trading position. Early indications are that SIPTU will oppose this move which would mean a loss in earnings for their members of £25 each per week.

Same Week Death of Austin Reilly Pullamore at the age of 61.Founder member of Killygarry GFC Austin maintained a deep interest in the welfare of the Club until his death being Chairman and Vice Chairman and very active in fundraising for the development of their magnificent new grounds at Crubany.Extensive farmer he took a great interest in all aspects of agriculture and was a prominent member of Cavan IFA.Founder member of Killygarry Community Hall he was an outstanding fund raiser and oversaw the social and economic development of the area. Survived by his wife Dympna sons Kevin and Austin daughter Lucinda mother Kathleen  brothers Brendan Finbar and Malo sisters Clare Monica and Celeste.Guard of honour from Killygarry GFC while the coffin was draped in the red and black colours of the club. Father Gerry Kearns was chief celebrant assisted by Father Charles O Gormon and Father Cathaldus McKiernan in the Cathedral .Interment took place in Killygarry cemetery

Cavan Rugby Under 16 squad defeat Monaghan at Swellan Park 7 points to 4.Karl Deegan the try scorer from a kick ahead by James Loughnane(captain).Darragh King kicked a penalty to give the young Cavan lads a well deserved victory.

Pat O Brien beats Mattie Reilly in the Jim Fay Memorial Final at Cavan CYMS.Beaten Semi Finalists were David Connolly and Patrick Graham.Jimmy and Tommy Fay presented the trophy which they donated in memory of their father a long time member of Cavan CYMS.In the administrative side of the Club Richard Cassidy replaces Mickey Breslin as Chairman of Cavan CYMS while the new Chaplain is Father John O Rourke who replaces Father John Murphy Adm.

Eddie McCormack and Joe Johnston win the Terry O Reilly Captain’s Drive in at Cavan Golf Club with a 67 ½ 2nd Brendan Donohoe and Philip Cullivan with a 68 while Willie Harrington and Declan Brophy were 3rd with a 68 ½ .110 competitors took part

Cavan Gardening World opens on the Dublin Road offering a wide variety of flowers and plants and a complete gardening solution. The proprietor is Declan Greene H Dip Hort. Assisted by his parents John and Seamus Greene.

Greatest ever exhibition of Cross Country running by Catherina McKiernan as she completes her hat trick of National Inter Club championships at Santry Stadium Dublin.Catherina finished the 6,000 metre course in a time of 20.48 300 metres ahead of second girl Una English (DCH) 21.40 with Teresa Duffy (Beechmount) 3rd in 21.46.Only Deidre Nagle in the 1970s and Ann O Brien 1968-1971 have completed the hat trick before.Catherina will now concentrate on the World Cross Country Championship in Boston at the end of the month.

March 5th 1992 Pictured -Paddy (Rock and Roll) Reilly celebrates his 14th birthday (56) in the Kesh Bar on the 29th February in the company of his wife Rita family and hundreds of friends.

Same Week Sudden death of Hughie Smith Swellan and Breandrum Farnham at the age of 50.Outstanding footballer with Cavan Gaels he won a League medal with the Club and featured on the first Gaels’ team to contest the 1958 classic County Final. Member of the County Minor team that narrowly lost to Dublin in the 1959 All Ireland Minor Final. In recent times Hughie was a member of the various committees and helped out at training and acted as an umpire for the Gaels. Emigrated to England in 1960 he married Mary Murray from Jubilee Terrace and remained in England until 1966.Took up employment with McCarren and Company for a number of years. Later set up his own gardening chimney and window cleaning business.Oustanding gardener and general handyman no task was too large or too small for Hughie to tackle with great style reliability and application. Cleaned chimneys and windows and had hundreds of satisfied customers in the area. In recent years Hughie turned his hand to running with great success and was one of the leading veteran athletes in the country over the last ten years representing ‘Team P Elliott’ and competing with great distinction annually in the Dublin City Marathon. He also found time for fishing on the Erne waterway and was an outstanding card player. Great company Hughie loved a sing song and his party piece was ‘Carrickfergus’which he belted out with great passion and feeling delighting his many listeners. Survived by his wife Mary sons Terence and Daire daughters Siobhan and Orlaith his mother Mary brothers Oliver and Liam. At the removal and the funeral the coffin was draped with the Gaels’ jersey and a Guard of Honour was formed by members of the Club. Father John Murphy Adm. Officiated at the funeral Mass in the Cathedral  to Killygarry cemetery.

Sudden death of the great Mick Delahaunty at the age of 76.One of Ireland’s greatest dance band leaders for over 50 years. Native of Clonmel County Tipperary he collapsed and died as he stepped from the stage of the Greenwood Inn Ardpatrick County Limerick after saying goodbye to the 350 patrons in what was billed as his farewell appearance

Death of John J (Jack ) Allen Derrycramph at the age of 77.Native of Rock Corboy Edgeworthstown County Longford Jack came to Cavan in 1950 and worked in Jackson’s Garage until 1967 where he was employed as a Salesman and was Manager of the Tractor Division. He was the first Manager of Jackson’s fleet of buses and was instrumental in putting Jackson’s on the International Tours business. Later appointed an Insurance  Assessor he also ran a very successful footwear business opposite the Farnham Hotel (PJ O Reilly’s Auctioneer).A man of good humour and friendly manner he was a keen fisherman on Lough Sheelin and on many of the Mayo lakes including Lough Corrib  and Lough Mask. Lived at Cootehill Road for a number of years before selling his house to Finbar O Mahoney (Ulster Bank).Survived by his wife Lily sons Kenneth and William .Jack was the last of a family of five. Reverend Mark Lidwill officiated at the funeral from Corboy Presbyterian Church Edgeworthstown to the adjoining cemetery

Patrick (Buddy) Kiernan and HKM Milling announce major sponsorship deal for Catherina McKiernan who is voted Anglo Celt /Kilmore Hotel Sports Personality of the Year.Big Tom O Reilly also from Cornafean is inducted into the Hall of Fame at the same function in the Kilmore Hotel.

Death of Ena Lampar in England. Member of the well known and highly respected Leddy family from Owen Roe and Rosculligan.Survived by her son Eamonn and daughter Nairissa.She is survived by a number of nieces and nephews locally including Dympna Molloy Una Graham Sean McKiernan. Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

John P Wilson Tanaiste and Minister for Defence and the Gaeltacht opens the new Cavan UDC Chamber at the Town Hall.Designed by Gaffney /Cullivan the Contractors are TPS Ballyhaise at a cost of £50,000.Angela Gaffney Chair Cavan UDC is pictured making a presentation to May Cullen former caretaker in the presence of three County Managers John Cassidy Dave Mackey and Brian Johnston.

Cavan Musical Society 1992-1993 Chairman Terry O Connor Secretary Maura Reynolds Treasurer Tony Coyle Committee Dermot McMonigle Claire Finlay Mildred Morton Fergus Reynolds Danny O Hanlon John McCaffrey Josie Coyle and Jim Mooney.

March 12th 1992 Paul Harrington and Joan Lea singing ‘Sometimes’ Composed by Bill Bonner win the 1st Prize and £2,000 at the 14th Cavan International Song Contest at packed Kilmore Hotel. Contest confined to 1 night with the backing from pre recorded backing tracks  rather than the Earl Gill Orchestra. Jury Phil Cullivan Maura McNally  David Donaghy (UTV) Barbara McKeon (Irish Press) and John Kennedy son of the legendary Jimmy Kennedy former patron of the contest. Larry Gogan was MC and the winning song will get its first public airing on Friday night on the Gerry Kelly Show on UTV.

Same Week Paddy O Reilly proposes to Cavan County Council that a civic reception be accorded to Cardinal Cathal Daly on the occasion of his visit to Cavan for the Cathedral Golden Jubilee celebrations on 28th June at which 12 Bishops will attend.

Barney Eastwood wins record libel damages from Barry McGuigan and Channel 5 Video Limited. During an interview for the ‘Barry McGuigan Story’Barry alleged that Barney Eastwood had forced him to defend his World Featherweight title against Steve Cruz in Las Vegas in June 1986 despite the fact that he was suffering from a damaged ankle and an infection of the ear.

Friends of Cavan General Hospital established at meeting in the Hotel Kilmore Chairman Willie O Hanlon Vice Chairman  Margaret Scott Joint Treasurers Ray McDwyer and Brendan Young Secretary Andy O Brien Assistant Secretary Canon George Millar  and P R O Dr. Frank Walker.

Death of Mary Ann (Cissie) Sheils Crosskeys  at the age of 76.Native of Lower Lavey  she was a member of the well known and highly respected Tierney family. Predeceased by her husband Edward she is survived by her sons Oliver (Farnham Hotel) and Paul in Dublin.

Dessie Gardiner beats James Loughnane to win the Garda Community Shield presented by Inspector Tony McLoughlin at Cavan CYMS.

To celebrate 50 years in the Construction Business P Elliott and Company are running a feature promoting their new private housing development at Carrickfern Keadue Lane.

March 19th 1992  Outstanding Saint Patrick’s Day Parade in which over 80 groups bands and organisations take part on a cold but dry Spring Day.Mel Doherty at his brilliant best as MC while George Crowe President of the Chamber cut the tape to start the parade through the gaily bedecked streets of the town. Best Floats Commercial (£400) Homemakers  Cultural Earthwatch and Breffni Heritage (£200 each) Senior Bands Saint Mary’s Derrylin Junior Band Kileshandra Youth Club. Cavan Gymnastic Club were adjudged to have the best display and won the overall award with the cup being presented by George Crowe President Cavan Chamber of Commerce to Jim O Leary Cavan Gymnastic Club

Same Week Welcome Inn Captained by Tommy Smith beat ‘Cross’Stradone at Ivy Bar Cootehill to win the County Cavan Darts League. Team Tommy Smith Vincent Brady J P McPhiilips Michael Gumley Stephen Dunne and Paddy Quinn.

Sympathy is extended to John McGinnity on the death of his brother in law Hugh Connolly Cloncoose County Longford at the age of 64.Hugh is survived by his wife and 13 children. Funeral from Saint Mel’s Cathedral to Ballymacormack cemetery.

March 26th 1992 Catherina McKiernan wins the silver medal and the overall Grand Prix and $10,000 following her great run in the Women’s World Cross Country (6,000 metres) in Boston where she was just beaten on the home straight by defending champion and New Hampshire native Lynn Jennings representing the USA.The winner had the greater sharpness and speed over the closing stages showing the benefit of her recent season on the indoor American circuit racing short distances.Albertina Dias of Portugal 3rd just 1 second behind Catherina .Lady’s World Cross Country 6,000 metres Lynn Jennings (USA) 21.16 Catherina McKiernan (Ireland) 21.18 and Albertina Dias (Portugal) 21.19.Catherina is accorded a huge welcome back to Cavan and Cornafean on the Monday evening following the event in Boston.

Same Week Ian Corrigan Milltown Belturbet celebrates 25 Years in Show business with the release of his new album ‘Ian Corrigan 25 Years Later’ at the Slieve Russell Hotel Ballyconnell.

Cavan CYMS team to meet Drogheda  away in the All Ireland Snooker Championship Finals. Team Laurence Flood Daryl Doyle  Pat O Brien Mattie Reilly Jimmy McGuigan and Bernard Sharkey.

Geoffrey O Keefe  a final year Student at Sligo RTC was awarded the best supporting actor at the  recent Music Art and Drama (MAD) Festival in Dublin in the Sligo RTC Drama Society’s production of  ‘Sequence of Events’. He also won the same prize at last year’s MAD Festival in Cork..Geoffrey is a prominent member of the hacklers Group and son of Dennis and Ann O Keefe 7 Harmony Heights Cavan..

April 2nd 1992

Norman Cinnamond who is retiring after 43 years service to Jackson’s both as a Director and member of staff is made a presentation by David Jackson on behalf of the Management. Phil Murray makes a further on behalf of the staff to the very popular Norman.

Same Week Cavan County Council Cavan Urban Council Ulster Sports Council Athletics County Board BLE  and various Town Commissions join her colleagues on the staff of Cavan County Council to welcome Catherina McKiernan home and make suitable presentations to the World Cross Country Runner Up. Angela Gaffney Chairman Cavan UDC presents Catherina with the Council’s gold medal of merit. The only other recipient of this medal is the President Mary Robinson.

Albert Reynolds on his first visit to Cavan as Taoiseach is made a presentation by Cavan County Council and presents a Cavan Crystal Globe to Catherina McKiernan. Peter Hayden (County Secretary) was the Master of Ceremonies.

Death of Ireland’s oldest woman Mary Ann Henthorne Caulfield Tullyco Cootehill she was due to celebrate her 109th Birthday in September. Born Mary Ann Brady on the 8th September 1883 she was a native of Carrickallen in the Parish of Laragh.One of 9 children she married Tom Henthorne who was 35 on the 22nd July 1914 when she was 31.They had no children. Funeral from Saint Brigid’s Church Laragh to the adjoining cemetery.

Fidelma Carolan Church Street Cavan elected President of the Student’s Union at the University of Ulster in Coleraine .Educated at the Poor Clare’s Loreto College  Fidelma is daughter of Ray and Una Carolan Church Street.

Corn Mill Theatre Group Carrigallen win the Open Section  with their production of ‘The Communication Cord’ at the 46th Cavan Drama Festival in the Town Hall. Gus Ward of the Corn Mill Group is Best Producer while Seamus O Rourke Corn Mill Group is the Best Actor.Sliabh Aughty Drama Group Mountshannon Whitegate County Clare win the Confined Section with ‘the Walter Macken play ‘Home is The Hero’. Biggest applause of the night was for May Cullen retiring Caretaker of the Town Hall who gave the Festival 30 years loyal service as after taking over from her husband Packy who was Caretaker for the previous 31 years. At the end of their 46th Drama Festival in the Town Hall the Chairman makes a presentation to May Cullen long time Caretaker of the Hall.

The Adjudicator was Biddy White Lennon.

Cavan 1st XV beat De La Salle Palmerstown at Swellan Park 27 points to 26.Team Eric Trenier P Rodgers  G King Declan McCaul Kevin Jackson R Brady  Winston Morrison Sean McKiernan Jimmy Jackson C Hentloud J Brady Philip Brady Frank Walls (Captain) Owen Roe Skelly  M Lyons M Kane. The game was organised by former Cavan player Paschal Lyons.

Kevin Ronan at the age of 24 is appointed Assistant Manager at Information Technology Centre Bank of Ireland Cabinteely Dublin 18.Educated at Saint Felim’s Boys School Saint Patrick’s College and the College of Commerce Rathmines.Kevin is son of Leo and Una Ronan  Shangri –La Highfield Road Cavan.

Bus driver Patrick Cusack from Crubany  is Guest of Honour at his retirement party in the Slieve Russell. The cake was baked in the shape of a bus with candles as lights. Patrick was joined by his wife and 9 children including Rose who flew in from Israel while a further 5 members travelled from England. Patrick gave 26 years loyal safe service to CIE.

April 9th 1992 Death of Packy Clail Saint Phelim’s Place at the age of 80.Born on the 11th of August 1911 in River Street Packy described himself as a ‘labourer’ following in the footsteps of his father who was a Building Labourer. Worked with both the ESB and Post Office for a number of years as a Casual Labourer. On the outbreak of World War 2 he joined the British Army where he saw action in France Belgium and Holland. Discharged with honour in 1946.Married the beautiful Mary B O Rourke from Owen Roe in 1939 they had a family of 12 -7 girls and 5 boys. Stood in the Local Elections of 1974 for Cavan Urban Council as an Independent Packy polled an impressive tally of 38 votes. against even stiffer opposition in 1979 Packy increased his first preference vote to 47.Packy never took things too serious and everything was done with an impish grin and twinkle in his eyes. Put down his failure to gain a seat to “lack of funds lack of friends and the International situation”! Daily Mass goer and Communicant Packy was extremely kind charitable and good humoured.”When Packy Clail walked through the town the whole Community smiled” The Town mourns his passing but his memory remains for ever. Predeceased by his wife Mary B Packy is survived by his sons Edward Gerard Kenneth Martin and Danny daughters Mary Patricia Pauline Fidelma Norma Louise and Jacqueline and brother Edward in Swellan.Funeral from Saint Clare’s Church to Killygarry.

Same Week Mary Ann Smith aged 82 dies tragically from suffocation in fire at her home at Wolfe Tone Street. Quiet and popular she spent some years in America and was very religious and charitable. Funeral from the Church of the Immaculate Conception Drung to the adjoining cemetery.

Death of Margaret (Maggie) McNamara Lurganboy at the age of 80.Member of the Rahill family she spent some years in America with her husband Pappy Made many friends since her return to the town she was a woman of great willpower and determination .Survived by her son Paddy daughters Phyllis and Ann in the USA  brother Jack and sister Rose. Funeral from Saint Brigid’s Church Killygarry to the adjoining cemetery.

Cavan CYMS beat Drogheda CYMS 3 games to 1 to qualify for the Ulster Final against Belfast  in Dundalk.

War in the Balkans as Serbian forces lay siege to Sarajevo. Limited UN force was powerless to prevent the slaughter which  is the worst in Europe since World War 2.

Bridge Championship 1992 1st O Carroll and Evelyn O Connor 2nd Kathleen Clarke and Vera McMahon  Nett 1st Lucy Hayes  and Ann Gaffney 2nd Maura Goodman and Elizabeth Galligan.

Swellan Drama and Comedy Theatre is formed by Paul Cox (Phone 61131) and Peter O Hanlon (Phone 31664) for further details of this season’s programme.

Bank Strike nationwide full support is announced from the Cavan/Monaghan Bank Officials Association. Locally the Banks are continuing to offer a restricted service.

Louise Tilson Derryheen Butlersbridge celebrates her 100th Birthday at the Omega Nursing Home in the presence of  Sheena Johnston Secretary Mother’s Union  Peggy Wilson President of the Mother’s Union Dr Gilbert Wilson Bishop of Kilmore Ardagh and Elphin Alwin Tilson (daughter)  Rev Mark Lidwell Arch Deacon Derek Johnston and Freddy Tilson (son).

Francis McDermott (Agent for Gael Linn) presents Brian Lynch with this week’s top prize of £1,000 in The Well Bridge Street.

Quinnsworth out of the ashes open their new Superstore at Car Park. The Manager is Tony Talbot  who is a former Manger of Providers since 1978.Successfull introduced the Quinnsworth brand to Cavan in 1983.Tony is married to Pat a Nurse in Saint Felim’s Hospital and they have 4 grown up children. Valerie Fanin is Manager of the Fruit and Veg Department while Eugene Greenan is Manager of the Delicatessen Robert Fanin is Manager of the Meat Counter and 21 year old Jenny Packenham is Customer Services Manager. The ecumenical blessing of the new store was performed by Rev Mark Lidwell and Father John Murphy Adm.

April 16th 1992 Valerie Finnegan is pictured purchasing the first  Nilfisk GM 200 cleaner in County Cavan from Daly Electric The Arcade Cavan looking on are Ann Marie Harten Sales Manageress and Brian Daly (Proprietor)

Same Week Death of Peter Fitzpatrick former Law Agent for Cavan County Council in Cootehill at the age of 83.Married to Rose (Nee Taggart) Church Street Cavan. Peter is survived by his wife Rose sons John Peter Tom Patrick Dermot Martin  and Michael daughters Una (Sister Patrice)  Jane Kate and Maria  and brothers John Scotshouse and Tom former TD Drumelis Cavan. Canon Des O Dowd was the chief celebrant at the concelebrated Mass in Saint Michael’s Church Cootehill to the New cemetery.

Icebreakers present the impressive total of £4,825 to the Children’s Ward Cavan General Hospital proceeds of their Christmas swim and annual raffle.

Terry O Connor (Chairman) announces that Cavan Musical Society will perform Lerner and Lowe Musical based on Pygmalion by Bernard Shaw ‘My Fair Lady’ for this year’s 4th production of the outstanding Society. The Producer is Noel Monaghan Frances Galligan is the Assistant Producer and Choreographer Musical Director is again Father Gerry Kearns and Dermot McMonigle is the PRO.Songs from the Musical ‘My Fair Lady’ include ‘Wouldn’t it be Lovely’ ‘I am getting married in the morning’. ‘Why can’t a woman be more like a man’?

Mary Leech Aine Hughes and Rachael Scorr win their third consecutive National Senior Trio Gymnastic Finals at Cavan Sports Complex. They are later accorded a Civic Reception by Cavan Urban Council and made a presentation to mark their achievement by the Chairman Angela Gaffney.130 athletes from all over Ireland competed in the National Finals in the Sports Complex Cavan.

Royal School Cava win the Girls Secondary Schools County Basketball title. Team Denise Mundy Celina Stuart Mary Chambers Michelle Adare  Linda Doughty Jennifer Hall Wendy Griffith  Ruth Foster Diane  Henry Linda Martin and Andrea  Arnold. The Team Manger was Chris Rowley (Sports Master).

Saint Patrick’s College win the All Ireland Handball Doubles Colleges Under 17 title with Daniel McEntee and Neville Doyle. Father John Gilhooley was Team Manager and Coach.

April 23rd 1992 Poles Co Operative buy Cavan Mart from Eugene and Tom Brady for £243,000.Leslie Naye is Chairman Poles Co Op Peadar Conaty Secretary and Shay Power is Manger Poles Co Operative. The mart will now be known as Cavan Co Operative Mart. The Mart is later officially reopened by the President of the IFA Alan Gillis.

Same Week Cavan Mineral Water’s traditional lemonade wins the premier award at  British Bottlers Contest in London. Contest held every 5 years on the last occasion Cavan Mineral Waters won the gold medal for Lemonade and their famous Ice Cream Soda.

Lions Club present a cheque for £1,5000 to Cavan CBSI to build a surround wall at their premises on the Coleman Road.

Students of Saint Clare’s representing Earthwatch are winner s of the Environment category in the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade are pictured receiving their award from Eddie Coleman (Cavan Chamber of commerce) Mona Crowe (Principal Saint Clare’s) Imelda Shields Kathleen McMahon Mary McAdam Eddie Coleman Mary Gormley Deidre Boylan Sister Ann and the students of Saint Clare’s,

April 30th 1992 Yankee Doodle Staff Town Hall Street  weighing a combined total of 94 ½ stone are on a ‘Slimathon’ for the upcoming Telethon in May to raise funds for local charities. Colette Donohoe  Ann O Neill Martina Crowe Bernie Brady Maureen McCaffrey Rita Smith Dawn Brady and Aishling McCarthy.

Civic Reception with Chairman Angela Gaffney presiding accorded to Rachael Scorr Mary Leech and Aine Hughes of Cavan Gymnastic Club to mark their recent hat trick of All Ireland titles.

Ciaran Tackney son of Mr and Mrs Michael Tackney Killyrue Cootehill  is the first person to take a Pure Music degree at Maynooth College .He has recently orchestrated numbers for The National Symphony Orchestra .Ciaran is a noted organ scholar and soloist and a leading member of the Cavan Singers.

Ann Leddy Carrickane daughter of Charlie and Mary Leddy weds well known International show jumper Simon Trent from Drumcrow Stradone in Saint Brigid’s Church Killygarry.

Cavan Town win the North Eastern Under 18 League Cup Final in a scintillating display of class and ball skills beating Bohermeen by 5 goals to 0 at United Park Drogheda. Cavan led by 3 goals to nil at the interval. Team Mel Doherty Michael Wall Joey McDonald Charlie Noonan Jonathan Graham Colin Sheridan James Doonan David Noonan Michael Lee ( captain) Mark Leddy and SeanLynch.Subs Patrick Graham for Sean Lynch and Michael Graham for Joey McDonald. Michael Lee the Cavan Town captain was a popular and well deserved Man of the Match.

May 7th 1992  Presentation to the retiring Chairman of Cavan CYMS Mickey Breslin by Richard Cassidy Chairman and Paddy O Reilly Treasurer. The Breslins have a long association with Cavan CYMS and Michael (Senior) is President of the Club.

Same Week Saint Pat’s Pony Club take part in Secondary Schools Final at the RDS.Team Darren Kellett Garrett  Reilly and Mervyn Clarke.

Thomas Benn becomes the first boxer from Cavan BC to win National titles in successive years at the National Stadium Dublin.

Bishop Eamonn Casey of Galway resigns following the revelation that he is the father of a teenage boy. The boy’s  mother is American Annie Murphy. Bishop Casey was a man of great personal charm and was very popular in both Galway and Kerry.

May 14th 1992 Maura Reynolds Co Coordinator Cavan Telethon announces that a sum of £32,000 was raised during the annual People in Need fundraiser in County Cavan. Maura thanks her fellow workers and officers Martina Smith Noreen O Reilly Fergus Reynolds Marian O Reilly –Smith Rosemary Lennon Mary Smith Ciaran McDonald Harry Gibbs and Teresa Kitson.The coverage of the events in County Cavan on RTE is criticised by Maura and the generosity of the people and fellow workers is applauded.

Same Week Saint Phelim’s Boys School represented by Noel Cassidy Ciaran McKeon Aaron Kennedy Terence Reynolds Ciaran Duffy qualify for the All Ireland Final of the Schools Quiz organised by the National Parent’s Council which takes place in Jury’s Hotel Dublin. Pat Ryan (Principal) and Finian Farrell (Teacher) are the joint Team Managers

Loreto College Equestrian team finish 6th out of an entry of 70 teams at the All Ireland Secondary Schools Finals at the RDS.Team Ashling Fitzpatrick Aoibheann Bartley and Natalie Clarke with Mervyn Clarke (Senior) Chef d’Equipe.

Premier of the ‘ Playboy’ takes place in the Savoy Theatre in Dublin All proceeds are being donated jointly to the National Cardiac Association and Saint Christopher’s Hospice Cavan

Cavan UDC express unanimous deep disappointment at the decision to locate the County Museum “in a low centre of population” in Ballyjamesduff.Some members call for a total boycott of the project while Paul Dolan states that the Council’s historic memorabilia including documents and papers should be kept in the Town Hall.

Royal School team at Schools Final in the RDS Helen Nixon  Sharon Wiseman Denis Nixon and Francis Nixon Chef d’Equipe.

Patrick Graham and Tommy Smith beat  Michael Graham and Gerry Brady in the Final of the Elegant Gems Snooker Championship in the CYMS.Both receive trophies and 2 de luxe quartz watches from Jimmy Scanlon Proprietor of Elegant Gems..

Irish Kidney Association announce that they are prepared to equip a unit at Cavan General Hospital for Renal Dialysis providing that the Department of Health pay the running costs of the unit which is expected to be in operation by 1993.

Cavan Celtic produce a power packed display to defeat  Agher 2-1 in the Final of the League Cup in sun drenched Dromin and win their first trophy in the 1st year of their formation. Mickey Lee played a captain’s part in the middle of the field while Colin Sheridan was outstanding up front with great support from James Doonan and Mark Leddy.McDonald and Graham (J) were solid for the winners at the back.

May 21st 1992 Tommy Smith retires after 45 years loyal service to Blessings Michael Rooney (Guinness Group Sales) is pictured making a presentation to Tommy with  Susan (Cissie ) Blessing in attendance.

 Same Week Philip Brady opens his magnificent new Gent’s Outfitters shop at 89 Main Street. Philip’s good friend playwright Shane Connaughton performed the opening ceremony for his fellow Redhills native. Philip learnt the trade and served his time with Brendan Young with whom he worked for over 21 years. Present at the opening ceremony were Philip’s wife Rosemary another Redhills native and 3 children Shane Sinead and baby Caoimhe.Philip is one of the few players to win Senior and Intermediate County medals in the one year pulling off the feat with Annagh Senior Champions 1975 and Redhills Intermediate Champions in the same year.

Death of Patrick Brady Coratubber.Retired farmer he ran a small business from the premises and the local bazaars and fundraisers were held here .Very active in Fianna Fail politics being Secretary and President at his death of the Castletara Cumann.Survived by his wife Kathleen daughter Eileen (Briody).Funeral from Saint Patrick’s Castletara to the adjoining cemetery.

Cumann Seanchas Bhreifne 1992 Patron Bishop Francis McKiernan President Phyllis Farris Chairman Tom Sullivan Vice Chairman Brendan Coulter Secretary Bridie Fay-Kennedy Treasurer Brid Myles Editor Father Dan Gallogly PP Mullagh.Committee Maura Nallen Phyllis Killduff Maura Sullivan P Lynch H Johnston  Rev Pat Brady Seamus Dolan Tom Barron Anthony Vesey G Tierney Joe Cullivan Jim Taylor and Father Killian Mitchell.

May 28th 1992 Derragarra Inn Butlersbridge is sold for £320,000 to Monaghan solicitor Patrick Macklin who was acting on behalf of well known Monaghan business family the McKennas.

Same Week Thanksgiving Service in Cavan Presbyterian Church following renovations and for the work of Billy Moorehead.The guest speaker will be  J Matthews (Lurgan) former Moderator.

Anthony Sheridan from Granard wins the Cullen Cup with a score of 66 at County Cavan Golf Club.106 competitors took part and Anthony was playing off a handicap of 9.

Paddy Ronaghan shows superb camera skills and captures the atmosphere in the RTE feature ‘From Beverley Hills to Redhills’ the story of the filming of the Sam Goldwyn film ‘The Playboys’ in Redhills.The narration is by Shane Connaughton who expresses love and affection for the days of his youth spent in Redhills.Interviews with locals Phyllis McAdam John James North (Blacksmith) Johnny Little and John Clancy together with Milo O Shea and Albert Finney. Mark Ronaghan was the outstanding Sound Engineer while Martin Donohoe wrote and played the haunting musical score for the feature.

Ann Donohoe on behalf of the Loreto Class of 1958-1962 presents a substantial cheque to Sister Delors Principal Loreto College Cavan during the 40th Anniversary celebrations at Loreto Convent.

Damian O Reilly scores a miracle point to rescue Cavan three minutes into injury time in their thrilling 1st Round Ulster Championship clash against Donegal at sun soaked Breffni Park before an attendance of 12,000 who paid gate receipts of £36,000.The teams end level at 1-15 each and the replay is in Ballybofey next Sunday. Scorers for Cavan Fintan Cahill1-4 Ronan Carolan 0-5 Damian O Reilly 0-3 Stephen King Michael Fagan and Vivion O Dowd 0-1 each. Donegal inspired by Cavan born Donal Buggy overwhelm Cavan 1-11 to 0-6 in the Minor game. Third consecutive defeat for Cavan in the first round of the Ulster Minor Championship. Scorers for Cavan Johnny Graham 0-3 Paul Kinsella 0-1 and Frank Mulligan 0-1.

June 4th 1992 Sudden death of Ann O Grady Earlsvale Road at the age of 61.Native of Kinsale County Cork, she was a Nurse by profession and married her late husband Brian when he was Town Clerk in Kinsale in 1957.Later they moved to Letterkenny and in 1964 back to Belturbet.Suffered a great tragedy in her life with the death of her eldest daughter Maura aged 7 ½ in 1966.Took a great interest in gaelic football and in particular Cavan Gaels with whom Brian and Kevin starred. Brian actually won Senior medals with the Gaels Blayney Faughs and Navan O Mahoney’s where he is now based. After the death of her husband Brian Cavan County Development Officer, Ann devoted herself to the welfare of the family and local charitable organisations of which she was an active member. Founder member of the Catholic Marriage Advisory Council and active in Saint Thomas Conference Saint Vincent De Paul serving in the clothes shop in River Street. Above all Ann was a great neighbour and friend who made a huge contribution to the welfare of the Community in her adopted Cavan. She was predeceased by her husband Brian in 1986 and is survived by her sons Brian and Kevin daughter Noreen brother John in Kinsale and sisters Mary  Dympna  and Teresa. Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Same Week Carmel Fitzpatrick’s Captain’s Prize at Cavan Bridge Club 1st N/S Margaret McGilly and Imelda Brady 1st  E/W Vera McMahon and Kathleen Clarke. The Gross E/W  was won by Pat Plunkett and Jim Burke Ann Gaffney and Lucy Hayes won the Gross N/S.

Bridge Club 1992 President Peggy Willock Captain Val Maguire Vice Captain Lucy Hayes Secretary Ena Hickey Assistant Secretary M McCormack Treasurer Imelda Brady.

Patsy Boyle Menswear celebrates 25 years in business. The Manager of the Cavan Store is Phelim Pritchard assisted by Henry Jordan. Patsy Boyle is a native of Bough Cootehill and served his time with Gargan’s of Cootehill from 1952-1956 later appointed Manager of Murtagh’s Carrick on Shannon .In November 1966 purchased  Bernard McCabe’s well known Newsagents and Stationer premises at Bridge Street Cootehill where he opened his first shop in 1967 Later opening shops in the adjoining towns of Monaghan and Cavan.

Cavan are swamped by Donegal 0-20 to 1-6 in the Ulster Championship replay in Ballybofey.Fourth consecutive year that Donegal have beaten Cavan at this stage of the competition.13,000 (3,000) from Cavan witness a much hungrier speedy and skilful Donegal tear Cavan apart and after Phil Smith’s dismissal after 25 minutes play 14 man Cavan were never in contention. Scorers for Cavan Damien O Reilly 1-0 Ronan Carolan 0-3 Gerry Sheridan Barry McCardle and John Brady 0-1 each.

June 11th 1992 Ann Donohoe running in this year’s Evening Press Mini Marathon for Trocaire.

Same Week Cyril Kelly Derrynoose County Armagh is appointed a Judge of the Circuit Court. He is a brother of Dr.Patrick Kelly Consultant Psychiatrist at Cavan General Hospital.

Val Maguire ‘Saimer’ Cullies is the new Captain at Cavan Bridge Club.

Cavan Celtic finishes second in the League after just one season in existence. Formed by Pat Graham John Graham Billy O Rourke Gerry Nevin and Francis Graham. The Celtic’s outstanding player is Jonathan Graham with star goalkeeper Dessie Cullen .Experience being supplied by the veterans Robbie Bury Francis Mooney and John Crotty .The 2nd team is powered by star players in Terry and Tony Murphy David Pryce  Joey O Rourke John Flood and Mick Nevin.

Donal Sharkey son of Pat and Veronica Drumalee is ordained a priest at Saint Patrick’s College Kiltegan.Father Donal is met on the outskirts of the town and the procession continues to a large bonfire at the house in Drumalee where Paddy King (Chairman Organising Committee ) Father John Murphy Adm welcome Father Donal home. Oak tree planted at his home in honour of the occasion. Father Donal said his first Mass in Mullahoran on Sunday and was assisted in concelebrated Mass in the Cathedral on Tuesday by Father John Murphy Adm Father John O Rourke Father Sean Mawn .Father Donal leaves for the Missions in Brazil in July

Cavan Tennis Club defeat Trim 4-0 in the Meath League Team Phyllis McGurk  Carmel Gaffney Pat Donohoe  and Dara Donohoe.

Cavan Gaels beat Bailieboro 4-9 to 1-1 to win the County Cavan Under 10 Community Games title. They now go on to contest the Ulster Championship with the winners qualifying for the National Finals in Mosney County Meath. Scorers for the Gaels Nicholas Walsh 2-4 Sean Reilly 2-1 Gavin Duffy 0-2 Team Frank Ward Connor Rabbit  Enda King Fergal Brady  Fionan Coyle Cormac Dunne Clive Lowry Sean Reilly  Gavin Duffy Shane Gunning  Eamonn Reilly (Captain) Nicholas Walsh  and Alan Coyle. Subs used Niall Collins and Noel Mooney.

June 18th 1992 Pictured after their ordination by the Bishop of Kilmore in the Cathedral are Fathers Paul Prior (Ballyconnell) Gerry Prior (Leitrim) Michael Molloy (Laragh) and Kevin Fay (Gowna) .

Same Week In Cavan 44% of the population have Medical Cards while in Monaghan 42% of the population have cards.

Darragh Connolly from Killeshandra pictured is  the winner of the Fiddle competition in slow airs at Kilnaleck Fleadh Cheoil.Darragh is a pupil of  PJ Flood Belturbet and son of Brian Cavan County Library.

Brendan McFadden playing off 15  with a score of 46 wins the President’s (Seams Fox’s ) Prize at County Cavan Golf Club in ideal weather conditions with the course in excellent condition and 218 competitors took part. Willie Harrington (7) is 2nd  with 42 points  Jimmy Veale (23) 42 points 3rd.Terry Smith (6) had the best Gent’s Gross of 33 points Mary Dempsey won Lady’s Prize Kathy Durkin 2nd with 46 points Connie McEntee 3rd with 45 points. while Mary Malone with 33 was the winner of the Lady’s Gross.

Death of Johnny Martin Saint Aidan’s Terrace at the age 82.Worked with Cavan County Council as a Lorry Driver for over forty years. Member of an old Cavan family his brother Henry was  Court Clerk in Carlow.Johhny was a great character very well known and respected in the town. Daily modest flutter on the horse Johnny was an expert on form and past performance on the turf. He was a mine of information on past history and events in the town and had a wonderful memory and recall. He is survived by his son Hughie and sisters  Nellie and Annie in New York.Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Father John McTiernan welcomes back the Saint Patrick’s College classes of 1961 and 1962 to the 40th Reunion in the College.Dr Francis McKiernan Bishop of Kilmore and Professor in Saint Patrick’s College presides at Banquet in the Kilmore Hotel. Saint Pats won the McRory Cup in both 1961 and 1962 powered by such players as Tommy Monaghan Tom Sheridan Fr.Phil Brady (Captain 61) Peter Pritchard Jimmy Stafford and the incomparable Ray Carolan

Cavan CYMS Under 13 team beat Arva to win the County Community Games title. Team Cormac McCartney  Damien Donohoe Paul McCartney and Marty Loughman.Brendan Breslin is Team Manager.

June 25th 1992 Massive Yes for Maastricht European Treaty. Over 56% of the population cast their votes and Nationally 69.1 % were in favour while 30.9% were against. In Cavan/Monaghan with only a 53% turnout 69.5% were in favour 29.8% against with 6.7% of spoiled votes.

Same Week Sean O Reilly Drumalee  has been appointed Engineering Manager for the Cavan area of Telcom Eíreann Native of Tullyvin was educated at Tullyvin NS Cootehill Vocational School and Kevin Street College of Technology. He is married to Phyl and has a family of 4.

Lady President’s Prize (Nellie Harding’s) at County Cavan Golf Club.Airmid O Hanlon was the winner with 46 points 2nd  Gay Condon with 44 and 3rd Kay Henry  Marita Leech was the winner of the Gross with 24 points. In excellent weather conditions and the course in immaculate conditions 90 ladies and 76 men competed.

Death of Ernest (Ernie) Agnew at Saint Phelim’s Hospital  at the age of 58.Quiet and unassuming Ernie was a great character and wonderful company Worked both in the Egg Market and Tommy Montgomery’s. Survived by his brothers Dessie and Brendan and sister Pearl. Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Earthwatch 1992 Chair Helen Cherry Secretary Marleen Ver Vort Treasurer Patricia Monaghan and P R O Mary McAdam.

Silver and Gold Pelican Awards from the Blood Transfusion Unit. Geraldine Tynan Drumelis Mary McNicholas Creighan Catherine Cusack (Gold) Stradone Irene Bergin 35 Wolfe Tone Street Mary Smith Swellan Eddie Conaty 19 Glenlara  Maureen Coyle 7 Swellan Court  Margaret Gorman-Quinn Drumalee  Padraig Dillon Tierquin Patricia Reilly Keadue Lane and David Johnston 9 Saint Mary’s Terrace

Boy’s Jubilee Choir Cathedral of Saint’s Patrick and Felim Cavan Brendan Lewis Barry Carmichael Michael Goldrick Paul Flynn Jonathan Greaney Damien Donohoe Barry Brady Ryan Sheridan John McMahon Tómas Leonard Hugh Leech Justin Murphy Cormac Lewis Karl Crotty Der Coogan Brendan Jermyn Karl Cronin Donal McCoy Sean Sharkey Ciaran Duffy and Pauric Brady. Musical Director Father A G (Gerry) Kearns CC.

July 2nd 1992 Cardinal Cathal Daly is accorded a Civic Reception by Cavan County Council before attending the Golden Jubilee Celebrations in the Cathedral where The Bishop Francis McKiernan presided and Father Gerry Kearns conducted the magnificent choir with Kieran Tackney on the organ. Later there was a Social in the Town Hall where all the local musicians together with the Webber School of Dancing contributed to a memorable evening and Father John Murphy made a presentation to Father Gerry Finegan to mark the Silver Jubilee of Father Gerard’s Ordination in the Cathedral in 1967.Siver Jubilee Book launched by the Bishop Francis J McKiernan edited by Patsy Lee contains  articles such as ‘An Altar Boy Remembers’ by Paddy Reilly from Keadue an interview with John Sisk now 81 whose firm were the main contractors ‘Cathedral Choirs’ by Sean Woods ‘History of the Diocese’ by Father Dan Gallogly .It contains a detailed history and photographs of the main events to take place in the Parish over the last 50 years including the Convent Fire of February 1943.There are 240 photographs included and printed on superior quality paper and binding ensuring that the book will last for another 50 years. It is on sale at £5 each or 3 for £10 and makes an ideal gift for friends and relations from the Parish at home and abroad. Great interest is shown in the collection of artefacts relating to the Cathedral on display for the Golden Jubilee in the Gallery of the Cathedral. The exhibition includes articles and vestments from the Latin Mass old sanctuary lamps pictures  Stations and Statues from the old Cathedral .To catch the atmosphere of Benediction and Corpus Christi Processions of the 1950s a visit to the Gallery during the Golden Jubilee celebrations is a must. Great credit for the collection and exhibit must go to Ray Carr Earlsvale Road.

Same Week Untimely death of Paul Fitzpatrick Rathcorrick at the age of 27 at Cavan General Hospital. Worked for 12 years in ‘Jackie Smith’s Footwear’ business where he was popular with both customers and staff. Gained a Diploma in the footwear business and his courtesy and knowledge of the trade were obvious to all who dealt with him. Survived by his parents Jim and Sue brothers Patrick James and Michael sisters Marion Elizabeth and Susan and his uncle Father Benny Fitzpatrick. Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Hugh Gough’s house is hit by lightning during severe Summer storm. Large chunks of the chimney were hurled by the thunderbolt onto Hugh’s car causing extensive damage both to the car and next door where the ceiling in an upstairs room collapsed.

Declan Finegan opens new  modern Supermarket and Service Station formerly Willie McCormack’s at Coleman Road opposite the Scout Den.Pictured is Declan Finegan Teresa Finegan Theresa Rudden (Staff) and Niall Rudden (Staff).

July 9th 1992 Cavan Gaels win the Ulster Under 10 Community Games Final and Leo Carolan Cup beating a fancied Rostrevor side in Monaghan.In the Semi Final the Gaels overcame Lisnaskea 2-7 to 1-5 and later in the day beat Rostrevor from Down 4-4 to 0-8.Gaels were dealt a severe blow as their star man Nicholas Walsh had to cry off due to illness. They now play the Connacht Champions in Mosney on the 30th August. Team Frank Ward Conor Rabbitt Enda King Fergal Brady Fionan Coyle Eamon Reilly Clive Lowrey Sean Reilly Gavin Duffy Shane Gunning Cormac Dunne Damian Farrell Cian Elliott Niall Collins Alan Coyle. Sub Noel Mooney. Team Manager Eugene Reilly.

Same Week Retirement presentation to Con Sexton who served 21 years Eddie Ryan 18 years and Mick Walsh 18 at Dun Ui Neill Barracks.

Death of Maureen (Gannon) Dunn Dalkey County Dublin and late of Brookvale Cavan at the age of 88.Eldest daughter of the late Joseph P and Mrs Gannon Brookvale former Accountant for the old Cavan Committee of Agriculture. Her Grandfather John Gannon( J P)  was Chairman of the Town Commissioners when Breffni Terrace was built to replace the 40 houses in  Mud Wall Row in 1880 Survived by her husband Peter former Managing Director of well known tobacco pipe makers Kapp and Peterson. Reverend Des Forristal PP Dalkey assisted by Rev John Killeen and Rev T McGovern were chief celebrants of her funeral Mass in The Church of the Assumption Dalkey to Glasnevin cemetery.

Death of Kathleen Bravendar Swellan at the age of 67.Member of a very popular and well known old Cavan family .Survived by her husband Joe sons  Jody Christy and Tommy daughters Lily Katherine and Geraldine. Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies cemetery.

Cavan Gaels beat Crosserlough 3-7 to 1-4 to capture the Roinn A Under 14 League title. First Under 14 title since 1988.Scorers for the Gaels David Ryan 1-1 Declan Brady 1-0 Paul Brady 1-0 Cathal Collins 0-4 David McKearney 0-1 and Donagh Reilly 0-1.Cavan Gaels Niall Johnston Seamus Martin Declan Gillick Francis Galligan Paraic Byrne Brian McDonald Ciaran Rabbitt Cathal Collins Niall Gaffney (Captain) Declan Brady Barry Lambert David McKearney David Ryan Paul Brady and Michael Mooney. Sub Donagh Reilly.

The legendary Dr.Brian Gallagher Cootehill retires from Medical Practice at the age of 60.Son of the late Thomas Bernard and Eva Gallagher Brian and his brother Charlie starred on the Cootehill Celtics treble winning team 1953-1956.Member of the Cavan panel for the 1952 All Ireland Final won Ulster Senior medals in 1954 and 1955 and a regular on the Railway Cup Ulster team of the period.Dr Brian was educated at Saint Patrick’s College and UCD.He is married to Grace and they have 4 girls and two boys Brian is a doctor and Francis a Dentist.

Irene McCabe beats Minny Cosgrove to retain  the Lady’s singles title in the Final at Cavan Lawn Tennis Club while James Lynch (Trim)  beats Eamonn Condon in the Men’s Final. David Jackson and Irene McCabe won the Mixed Doubles beating the Cootehill duo of Mike Stevenson and Catherine Farrell in a 3 hour marathon epic. James Lynch teamed up with club mate Liam Walker to beat Eamonn Condon and Gerard McIntyre in the Men’s Doubles Final. Derek Eakin Cootehill beat John Connolly in The Men’s Plate Final while Maura Lattimer also Cootehill beat Angela Gaffney Cavan in the Ladie’s Plate Final. Irene McCabe teams up with her sister Caroline Connolly to retain their doubles title beating the Cootehill pair Lynn Whelan and Catherine Farrell in the Ladie’s Doubles Final.

Sean McIntyre now joined by his son Gerard celebrates 25 years in business in Cavan with another massive Sale stating that “The Devil you know is better than the Devil you don’t know”!

July 16th 1992 Tom Wilson is elected Chairman of Cavan UDC with Dr.Eamonn McDwyer appointed Vice Chairman. Tom Wilson was proposed by Councillor Paddy O Reilly and seconded by Oliver Malone.

Same Week Death of Johnny Burns  late of Tullac Mongan at the age of 72 in England. Over forty years in England he was an outstanding boxer in his youth and always kept in touch with home spending Summer holidays in Cavan. Survived by his sons Michael and Jimmy daughter Mary brother Michael and sisters Mary Elizabeth and Bridget. Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Farewell function in the Farnham Arms for Father Donal Sharkey who is off to the Missions in Brazil for an initial 3 year period. Father Donal is son of Pat Chairman Drumalee GFC and Veronica former Chairman of Cavan County Council.

Thomas Benn is honoured by Cavan Urban Council for his outstanding achievements as a Juvenile Boxer retaining his National title and representing Ireland in the sport.

Thomas Byrne from John Paul Avenue is honoured by Cavan Urban Council for his outstanding bravery and courage in rescuing a young child from death as a result of a fall into the Town Reservoir.

Garda Mick McCarthy Farnham Road receives the belated medal of honour from the ISPCA for his part along with 7 of his colleagues in breaking up and apprehending the organisers of a Cock Fight at Leggakelly in 1967 where hundreds of spectators had gathered to bet on contestants from both sides of the Border. The organisers were apprehended and convicted.

Cavan Gels win the Under 17 Roinn A  Schools League at Breffni Park.

Mickey Breslin and Dermot Burke team up again to beat Dermot Healy and David Small in the Men’s Doubles Final of The 1950-60s tournament at Cavan Lawn Tennis Club. In the Lady’s Final Nora Maloney and Paula Phelan beat Doli Smith and Valerie Smith.(Pictured)

July 23rd 1992 Sean Coyle from Church Street scoops £500,000 Jackpot in the National Lottery Draw. Watchmaker in Jim Scanlon’s Jewellers Town Hall Street. Sean is one of 10 children and lives with his mother Kathleen in Church Street.Sean states that he will seek advice and invest the winnings but intends to keep his job in Scanlon’s. The winning numbers which Sean has been using for the last two years are 2 4 716 18 and 23.He is Treasurer of Cavan CYMS and Cavan Icebreakers.

Same Week Death of Father Malachy Byrne PP Carrigallen at the age of 86 .Recently celebrated the 60th Anniversary of his ordination. Native of  Drumhurt Cootehill son of the late Terence and Margaret Byrne. Educated at the local National School and Saint Patrick’s College he was ordained on the 5th June 1932.Spent six years in Brentwood before being appointed Curate in Cavan in 1938.Remembered in the town as an outstanding priest he did much to establish the CYMS Club and visited the sick and infirm on a regular basis. Appointed Curate in Laragh in 1953 he had plenty of time to fish the local river which he knew intimately. In 1967 he replaced his life long friend Father Charles Cartwright as Parish Priest in Carrigallen.Outstanding leader and Parish Priest he built the new school there and worked tirelessly to improve the facilities for the parishioners. His hobbies were fly fishing at which he was International standard walking and gaelic football. On the occasion of his Golden Jubilee in 1982 Father Malachy donated the Cross of the Ascension that hangs over the Altar in Saint Mary’s Church Carrigallen.Remains were received by Canon John A Young and Rev S Sexton C C.Chief celebrant of the concelebrated Funeral Mass was the Bishop of Kilmore Francis McKiernan and internment took place in the adjoining cemetery

Donegal beat a fancied Derry side 0-14 to 1-7 to win the Ulster Championship in Clones before an attendance of 30,000.Mediocre display by 14 man Donegal in the first half. After the interval against the stiff breeze they turned on the style to swamp the Oak Leaf men.

July 30th 1992 Eileen Maloney (Pictured) well known local Cavan personality is pictured having a frank exchange of views with the very attentive John O Connell Minister for Health on his visit to Saint Phelim’s Hospital.Dr O Connell later states that his preferred option is to close Saint Phelim’s Hospital and expand the Geriatric Services at Saint Joseph’s Lisdarn.

Same Week Death of Terence (Terry) Murray John Paul Avenue at the age of 71.Outstanding character he had a passionate interest in sport particularly gaelic football and was a member of Cavan Town Ceanntair Fianna Fail. Spent many years in England where he sustained a head injury but that never bothered Terry who was an excellent neighbour charitable to a fault and great conversationalist recalling people and events from the town of his boyhood and early youth. Agent for the Mater Hospital Pools, Terry found time to exchange pleasantries with all his customers on his weekly rounds and was never in a hurry. Survived by his wife Rosaleen son Liam daughters Elizabeth Rosanna Deidre Sineád and Teresa  brother Jimmy and sister Molly .Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Cavan Lawn Tennis team beaten in the Final of the Meath League by the specialists Kells 3 ½ to ½ .Cavan Caroline Connolly Irene McCabe David Jackson and Eamonn Condon.

First ever Sunday Race Meting in these islands at Doncaster. Father John Banbury conducted an ecumenical service before the packed grandstand before racing began. Father Bambury’s niece Barbara is married to Jimmy Finlay son of  Rose and the late Jimmy Finlay Cavan

Congratulations to Father A B McGrath PP Castletara on celebrating the Golden Jubilee of his ordination at a function in the Community Centre in Ballyhaise.Joined by his sisters Kitty McGrath and Sister Loreto, Father McGrath is the recipient of a colour television bound copy of the works of Gerard Manley Hopkins  Cavan Crystal Chalice and Airline tickets to Lourdes. His sisters are made a presentation of a bouquet of flowers each by Father Peter McPartland CC Castletara.

At the monster draw in the Slieve Russell in conjunction with ‘The One Day Wonder ‘Martin Gaffney of the Abbey Bar is the winner of the star prize of Membership for Life of the Slieve Russell Golf Club. The proceeds were in aid of Saint Luke’s Hospital Rathgar Dublin 6.Later the ticket was auctioned in the Slieve Russell and realised a total of £10,500 paid by Packy McKiernan Ballyconnell.

Sean Coyle pictured with his family on their way to collect Sean’s jackpot Prize of £497,000 Mary (Tynan) Michael Kathleen Coyle (Sean’s Mother) Sean Margaret (O Hanlon) Kathleen (Cahill) Patricia (Halligan) Philip Frank Charlie and Tom..

Brendan Walsh Motors are appointed Main agents for Honda Cars in County Cavan at a Press Reception in  The Kilmore Hotel.

Maurice Brady opens newly extended store at Main Street to “bring traditional shopping into the 90s”

‘Donohoe’s Foodfare ‘celebrate the opening of their new  Abattoir at Bridge Street. Butcher’s shop on the site originally established by Roy Huston later carried on by Ronald and son Griffith Black who sold the business to Phil in 1962 (Phil started with the firm as a bicycle delivery lad in 1946).The premises originally were only 1,000 sq feet but Donohoe’s have expanded the premises to an incredible 15,000 sq feet including Customer Car Park. Phil Donohoe is Managing Director and is joined in the Company by his two hard working sons Desmond and Philip.Donohoe’s new Abattoir is the first to be granted a license in County Cavan by the Minister for Agriculture and Food in compliance with Abattoir Act of 1988.

August 6th 1992 Eamonn Rice wins the Captain’s (Terry O Reilly’s) Prize at County Cavan Golf Club 2nd Enda Corr  3rd Paddy Walsh Brendan Donohoe Best Gross 1st Lady Hillary Barry 1st Over 55 Jimmy Sheridan.1st Student Cian O Connor and 1st Past Captain Denis Condon.

Same Week Death of Laura Crossan 71 College Street at the age of 72.Prominent member of the Apostolic Society and the Children of Mary she was an outstanding neighbour and friend. Survived by hr husband Paddy daughters Mary and Margaret her brother John P Smith (Glenside Road) sister Delia .Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Death of Margaret (Peggy) Brady 22 Drumnavanagh at the age of 82.Predeceased by her husband Paddy (Naricks) who was the well known proprietor of the Meadow View Lounge. Very popular lady particularly with children. Deeply religious she was a member of the Rosary Group and Cavan Prayer Group. The children of Drumnavangh formed a guard of honour at her removal and funeral. Survived by her brother John sisters  Katie Annie and Rose Higgins (Shankill Cross) Funeral following Requiem Mass in the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Sympathy is extended to  Mary Carroll 41 College Street on the death of her brother Tom from Castletara.Worked for many years in the Agricultural College in Ballyhaise.Small farmer he always worked for the betterment of the area. Prominent member of  the local Fianna Fail Cumainn .Keen follower of the fortunes of Cavan and Ballyhaise GFC.Survived by his wife Helen  brothers John and Pat and sister  Margaret (Maggie).Funeral from Saint Patrick’s Castletara to the adjoining cemetery.

August 13th 1992 Cavan Icebreakers Paddy Lyttle and Brenda Montgomery swim the choppy 4.5 miles Lough Sheelin. Paddy finishes in a time of 3 hours and 13 minutes while a delighted Brenda is pictured finishing the gruelling swim in a time of 3 hours and 33 minutes

Same Week Cormac Dunne of Dunne/Ryan Solicitors is appointed to the Broadcasting Complaints Commission by the Minister for  Communications Maire Geoghegan Quinn.

P B Gunne sells Mohill Livestock Mart for Eugene and Tom Brady for an undisclosed sum. The Mart has a turnover of £5.5 million per annum and can accommodate 1,000 cattle on mart days.

Darragh Donohoe from Drumalee displays the magnificent 7 lbs 10 oz trout which he caught on Lough Sheelin.

Mary O Hanlon (Nee Smith) Kilnavara is awarded the Diploma in Interior Design and Decoration. Mary has studied at The Rhodec Interior School of Design for the last two years.

Gerry Leinster 36 Wolfe Tone Street Cavan is married to Majella Brady Marian Park Belturbet at The Church of the Immaculate Conception Belturbet.

August 20th 1992 High drama as PJ Carroll is elected Team Manager of the Cavan County Football team after a tie with Paddy Maguire Redhills on 46 votes each. The Chairman Peter Brady casts his vote in favour of PJ and simultaneously announces that he will not be seeking the Chair at the next Convention in December. Later PJ announces that JJ Reilly (Cavan Gaels) John Mulvaney (Ramor United) Thomas McDermott (Gowna) Tom Lynch (Mountnuggent) will be his selectors for the coming season.

Same Week Donegal beat Mayo 0-13 to 0-9 to qualify for their first All Ireland Senior Final at the 5th attempt. They will now play Dublin in the Final in September.

Niall Gaffney is the Star of the Junior Open Lawn tennis Tournament at Cavan Lawn Tennis Club.Niall wins the Boys Under 16, teams up with David McIntyre to win the Boy’s Under 16 and is just beaten when paired with Brian McDonald in the Boy’s Under 14.Malachy Elliott Director of Homemakers presents Niall with the overall trophy for the tournament.

August 27th 1992  Death of Paddy Masterson Saint Patrick’s Terrace Swellan and GNR and CIE at the age of 80.Native of Ballylough Athlone .On the staff at the Great Northern Railways until it closed in December 1959.He later took up a similar position at the North Wall in Dublin in January 1960 and retired in 1975.One of the town’s great characters Paddy was a mine of information and enjoyed a chat with all his old friends and neighbours. Survived by his wife Mary daughters Patricia  and Una.Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Same Week Jimmy Sheridan and Clair Thomas win the Mixed Fourball Better Ball competition at County Cavan Golf Club with a score of 51 points.2nd was Willie Harrington and Patricia Treacy with 50 points and 3rd Eddie McCormack and M Treacy with 47 points.

Death of Josephine Kinsella College Street –she celebrated her 93rd birthday on the 9th August. Native of Clones but came to Cavan with her husband Ned who was a train driver with GNR in 1940.Extremely popular and charitable she took an active part in Church affairs and was a prominent member of the Children of Mary. Predeceased by her husband Edward she is survived by her sons Gerry Ted Peter Liam Seamus John and Pat daughters Sister Jacinta  Bernadette Maureen Anne and Kitty. Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry cemetery.

Death of one of Cavan’s most distinguished citizens Oliver Finlay Highfield Road at the age of 70.Son of John and Mary Finlay Bridge Street –Oliver’s father was a well known pig dealer working mainly for McCarren and Company. Joined the Department of Posts and Telegraphs after his formal education at Drumcrave and Saint Patrick’s College. Later joined the Department of an Taoiseach where he worked in the Government Information Services. Later spent a two year spell as Senior Secretary Department of Agriculture before moving to Arus an Uachtarainn where he was Personal Secretary to Eamonn De Velera Erskine Childers and later Cearbhail O Dallaigh.Later during the Presidency of  Patrick Hillery Oliver was promoted to  Assistant Principal and Assistant Secretary to the President .He was in charge of organising State Visits and was Press Secretary to President Hillery.Met with President Kennedy in 1963 Pope John Paul 2 in 1979 and hundreds of other visiting statesmen and diplomats. Returned to Cavan in 1982 after taking early retirement at the age of 60 and enjoyed robust health among his friends and neighbours. Prominent member of Saint Vincent De Paul Oliver took a leading part in the development of the Night Shelter and Accommodation for the Homless.Oliver’s acts of charity and kindness knew no bounds. Outstanding gardener hecontinued to cultivate his vegetable garden until his sudden and unexpected death. Leading Bird Watcher and Naturalist Oliver knew the names and locations of all the myriad birds that had their habitat in the hedgerows around the countryside where he walked daily. Fluent Irish speaker Oliver was a member of the Navan Road Conraidh Na Gaeilge while in Dublin and took a deep interest in all things Irish.Vice President of Saint Peter’s Conference Saint Vincent De Paul at his death. Father John Murphy Adm in tribute to Oliver said that “Oliver’s attendance at daily Mass was the hinge on which his life revolved”. Survived his sisters Nellie Harding Farnham Road  Nancy Nolan Dundrum and  Bernadette Carroll Castlepollard.Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Gay Condon is the winner of the Granny’s Competition at County Cavan Golf Club with her neighbour and friend Airmid O Hanlon 2nd.

Death of Susan Maguire Drumlark at the age of 69.Native of Lacken she was a member of the McGauran family .Keen football fan and  weekly Bingo player. Her husband won 6 County Senior Championship medals with Mullahoran.Outstandingly charitable and excellent neighbour and friend. Predeceased by her husband James she is survived by her sons Paddy Tom John Martin Philip Noel Brendan and Desmond and daughters Eileen Sheila and Anne .Funeral from the Cathedral to Butlersbridge cemetery.

Death of Eileen Smith Lurganboy and formerly of Kilnavara at the age of 77.Member of the well known Smith family from Corahoe Stradone.She was a top class Camogie player in her youth with Lavey GFC.Predeceased by her husband James two years ago she is survived by her sons  Terence John Hugh Noel and daughters  Mary Eileen and Kathleen. Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Farewell social and presentation to Father John O Rourke who is leaving the Parish .

Benny Fitzpatrick CC Drumkilly is made a presentation by John Keady NT on behalf of the people of Drumkilly as he leaves the Parish to serve on the Kilmore Mission to Minna Lagos Nigeria.

Fire destroys Uncle Sam’s Restaurant in College Street on Sunday night. Staff evacuated the premises as soon as the blaze was noticed but such was the ferocity of the blaze that the front window blew out in a matter of minutes. Proprietors Sean McGuigan and Oliver Malone tell the Anglo Celt that happily there was no injuries but damage runs into tens of thousands. of pounds. On Monday night the Bridge Hotel was engulfed in flames Paddy Jordan and his wife from Gort Co. Galway guests in the Hotel were brought  to safety on a ladder by the Fire Brigade. Brigades from Cavan Belturbet and Cootehill fought the blaze which was brought under control within forty minutes. It is reckoned that the fires in both premises were caused by an electrical fault.

September 3rd 1992 Cavan Gaels win the Under 10 National Community Games Final in Mosney.1st Cavan team to win a Community Games Gaelic Football Team Gold. In the Semi Final they defeated  Coole –Whitehall (Westmeath) 5-1 to 1-3 with star forward Nicholas Walsh hammering home 4 goals Alan Coyle added to the total with a personal tally of 1-1.In the Final after a titanic struggle in fine conditions the Gaels beat Moyne (Tipperary) 2-2 to 0-6.Nicholas Walsh again the star with two brilliant goals and points by Gavin Duffy and Damian Farrell sealed a memorable result. Their victory is the result of two years of painstaking coaching by Team Manager Eugene Reilly supplemented by  Finian Farrell and brothers JJ and Paddy Reilly .The victory was achieved after a total of ten games played  where the team showed exceptional skill and commitment. Team Frank Ward Conor Rabbitt Enda King  Fergal Brady Fionan Coyle Eamonn Reilly (Captain) Clive Lowry Gavin Duffy Sean Reilly Niall Collins Cormac Dunne Damian Farrell Shane Gunning Nicholas Walsh and Sean Coyle.

Same Week Karen Gilbride is conferred with her B Ed (Hons) at  the University of Wales. Educated at the Poor Clare’s Cavan Loreto College and Swansea Institute of Higher Education. Karen is daughter of Phil and Bridie Gilbride ‘The Diamond Belturbet and late of the ‘Melvin Bar’ Cavan.

Sudden death of Joseph Smith John Paul Avenue son of Jon and Theresa Smith at the age of 17.Peparing to travel to the Community Games in Mosney he felt unwell and died a short time later. Second tragedy in the family as Joseph’s brother Martin died suddenly 4 years ago. Bright and popular he had a host of friends. Survived by his parents Johnny and Theresa brothers Peter Steven John Harry Jimmy Noel and Charles sisters Peggy Bridget Susan Christine Kathleen Geraldine Mary and Teresa. Guard of honour formed by his football colleagues and friends at the removal and  funeral to Cullies cemetery.

Death of the well known and much respected Rosita Christie Keadue Lane at Our Lady’s Hospice Harold’s Cross Dublin. She was the first employee that Vera Brady employed when she started her chain of Fashion Shops and the last person to leave her employment after her retirement. Rosita was a gifted dressmaker and loved dancing in her spare time. Above all she was a great and devoted Christian and member of many of the Church organisations including the Children of Mary. Daily communicant she did the Holy Hour every night in either the Convent or the Cathedral. Survived by her sister Mary Anne. Funeral from the Cathedral to Ballinagh cemetery.

Lady Captain’s (Patricia Treacey) at Cavan Golf Club 1st A McNally  2nd B McCabe  Gross Mary Malone and Past Captain Gertie Walsh.

Death in London of Kathleen Donohoe (Nee Smith)  Drumgola at the age of 72.Spent the last fifty years in England .Outstanding Camogie player in her youth she lined out with the famous Killygarry Club of the era and was also on the Cavan team that played Dublin in the All Ireland Junior Final of 1933.Survived in Cavan by her brother John a patient in Saint Felim’s Hospital.

David Small the Anglo Celt weatherman reports that August was one of the wettest in living memory with 7” of rain and a mean temperature of 13.75  with the highest temperature 20.50 and lowest 6.

McGinnity’s Cavan is County Cavan Pub of the Year for 1992.Now goes forward to the Provincial and National Finals. There was a record entry for the competition of 750 nationwide.

September 10th 1992 Rachael Scorr with a world class performance wins the individual Gold Medal for Gymnastics at Mosney for Tullac Mongan.

Same Week Gerry Murray the Chairman of Cavan County Council makes a surprise presentation to Andy and Molly O Brien on the Golden Jubilee of their marriage in the Council Chambers in the Courthouse. Presenting Andy with a Cavan Crystal bowl and Molly with a bouquet of flowers the Chairman praises Andy for being a great family man and Molly with being a mother and wife of a politician which requires great patience and tact. Molly O Brien (nee Donohoe) is a first cousin of Gerry Murray’s father.

Death of Betty O Callaghan (Nee O Neill) 10 Highfield road after a short illness. Member of one of Cavan’s oldest and most respected families. She was President of the Saint Thomas Conference of the Saint Vincent De Paul that opened and ran the very successful ‘LykNu’ shop in Emmett Place. Predeceased by her husband Tom in 1953 and brother Frank in 1979 (Founder member of Cavan Rugby Club).Remarkable courage in the face of many adversities she battled against serious illness for many years and died suddenly in the end. Survived by her sister Mary.

Official opening of Can Rugby Club’s new grounds at Swellan by Brian Turtle Vice President Ulster Branch assisted by Thomas Young President of the Cavan Club in excellent weather conditions before an attendance of over 300.The grounds were blessed by Rev.Mark Lidwill and Father John Murphy Adm.Later in the afternoon Cavan First XV were outclassed and outmanoeuvred by an Ulster XV boasting some of the biggest names in the game. Fine performances notably by James Brady at full back Johnny McCormack and Winston Morrison in the lineout and scrum. In the curtain raiser Cavan Under 16 Captained by Carl Deegan gave a text book display of open exciting rugby to overwhelm a very competent Enniskillen.

Death of Mary Masterson Saint Patrick’s Swellan just a few short weeks after her husband Paddy Member of the well known Carroll family an old and very respected Cavan family. Woman of strong faith and very skilled with both knitting and needle work. Survived by her daughters Patricia and Una brother Paddy sisters May and Agnes..Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies

Collection of works sculpture and paintings by 13 of Cavan’s leading artists in the Protestant Hall. Exhibitors Jane McCormick Patricia McKenna Garry Clarke Bernard Reynolds Alita O Brien Teresa Flynn Pauline Halton Peter O Hanlon Leoni Lynch Priscilla O Gorman Monica McCormack Kieran Cullivan and Edwin Lynch.

Patrick McKiernan from Harmony Heights is running the New York Marathon for Cerebral Palsy. Pictured is Niall Fox (Sponsor) kitting Patrick out with a pair of Adidas runners for the marathon.

September 17th1992 Anna Brady and Rita Sheridan organises two lorry loads of clothes food footwear and other essentials for the suffering people in war torn Bosnia. Pictured are two of McCarren’s refrigerated trucks full to the brim with Paddy Reilly and Phil Kiernan the drivers. Anna pays tribute to Andrew McCarren and Jimmy Hyland for their unbounded generosity and hard work in packing and unloading the containers.

Same Week Bishop Francis McKiernan opens the  Cavan Parish record exhibition on the theme ‘Population Decline 1800-1900’ in the Courthouse mounted by Mary Sullivan co-ordinator and staff outlining the increase of population before the Famine and then falling dramatically to the end of the 19th century.

Death in New York of Ann Edgar formerly Farrelly Saint Felim’s Place Cavan .Daughter of Annie and the late Patrick Farrelly she lived in Cavan until she was 17 Employed as a Cook in the Community General Hospital for 19 years before retiring in May. Ann was a member of Saint Catherine’s Roman Catholic Church Mount Penn. Predeceased by her husband James who died in 1984.She is survived by her son James Maureen Josephine and Patricia and 3 brothers Patrick Francis and Hubert.

September 24th 1992 Sean Hegarty native of Scotstown is appointed Post Master in Cavan Post Office. Served in Monaghan Carrickmacross and Castleblayney.Sean is married with 4 children

Same Week Golden Jubilee Novena in the Cathedral conducted by 5 Redemptorist priests from Dundalk who are visiting every house in the area .The 5 priests are Fathers Tom Faulkner Sean Bennett Joe Naughton Willie McGettrick and John McAlinden.

Over 540 attended the Blood Transfusion Board’s Mobile Service. Gold awards were presented to Dolores McCaffrey Main Street Hazel Pickens Farnham Road Eamonn Mulcahy Antiduff Ballyhaise Margaret Duffy Lower Lacken Ballinagh Deborah Cox 5 Killymooney Drive and Edward Cosgrove Coolboyogue

Death of Margaret Coughlan formerly of Emmett Place in Bristol. Member of the Farrelly family Snakiel Killeshandra.Quiet gentle decent charitable neighbour and friend. Predeceased by her husband Martin she is survived by her son and daughter. Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Donegal beat Dublin comprehensively by 0-18 to 0-14 to win their first ever All Ireland Final before a crowd of 64,547 in Croke Park Dublin and bring the Sam Maguire back to Brian McEniff’s native Bundoran for the first time. Scorers for Donegal Manus Boyle 0-9 Declan Bonner 0-4 Martin McHugh 0-2 James McHugh 0-2 and Tony Boyle 0-1.Team  Gary Walsh Barry McGowan Matt Gallagher Noel Hegarty Donal Reid Martin Gavigan JJ Doherty Anthony Molloy Brian Murray John McHugh Martin McHugh Joyce McMullan Declan Bonner Tony Boyle and Manus Boyle.Sub Barry Cunningham for Brian Murray after 44 minutes. Manus Boyle with his magnificent tally of 9 points was Man of the Match.

Death of John McCabe Billis at the age of 80 after a long illness. Employed with Cavan County Council and the ESB for many years up to his retirement He was a native of Drumryan Shankill and was predeceased by his wife Madge 9 years ago. Survived by his sons Jim Sean Edmund Vincent Kieran P J and Gerry daughters Una and Bernie sisters Mary and Bridget McCabe Drumryan.Rev Sean Mawn officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Meath snatch victory from the jaws of defeat with last minute goal in injury time to defeat Armagh 2-5 to Armagh’s 0-10 in the Minor All Ireland  Final winning their second Minor title in three years.

Death of Tommy Lyons at his residence in New York at the age of 90.Emigrated to the USA over 70 years ago. Native of Shantemon he was famous for his annual visits home to Cavan where he looked up all his relations and friends-came until 4 years ago when beset by old age and ill health. Ran his own Beer Garden and Hackney Business in New York. He was predeceased by his wife May and is survived by his daughters Kay Mary and Ann and brother James in Killycannon Ballinagh Road.

Retirement presentation to Vincent O Connor  Drumelis former Social Welfare Supervisor for County Cavan. Pictured is Vincent O Connor Oliver Nixon  Regional Manager North East Social Welfare (who made the presentation of a gift cheque and engraved mirror) Angela O Connor and Gaye Fannon who presented Angela with a bouquet of flowers.

Sympathy is extended to Frank Farrell Drumnavangh on the sudden death of his brother Patrick in London. Native of Aughakine Aughnacliffe .Outstanding footballer with Columcille GFC along with brothers Peter Thomas Philip and John members of the Columcille club formed a guard of honour at his removal and funeral. Survived by his wife and family.

Pictured is Margaret English Lady Captain County Cavan Golf Club 1942 with Seamus Fox (President) Nellie Harding(Lady President )and Patricia Treacy (Captain 1992) at a function in Margaret’s honour in Aranmore Clubhouse.

Presentation by Willie McCormack on behalf of Cavan Motor Club of cheques to Cystic Fibrosis and Spina Bifida. Pictured are Peter Garry (Cystic Fibrosis) Mary Keoghan (Cystic Fibrosis) Willie McCormack (Cavan Motor Club) Petrea Ruddy (Spina Bifida) and Susan Meehan (Cystic Fibrosis).

October 1st 1992 Tom Wilson (Chairman Cavan UDC) and his wife Kathleen welcome Stephen Roche and the Nissan Classic to Cavan for the 1st time. The event got wide coverage in the Press and on RTE television bringing excellent tourist promotion to the town and county. Riders complete two laps of the town before setting off on the 2nd Stage from Cavan Motors Ballinagh Road to Galway.

Same Week County Cavan Golf Club regain the Cavan/Monaghan Alliance Cup beating 9 other teams at County Cavan Golf Club. Team Jimmy Veale Terry O Reilly (Captain)Anthony Sheridan Declan O Reilly Des Cummins  Paddy Malone Cian O Connor Tommy McKiernan and Eddie Cosgrove.

Cavan Badminton Club 1992 Chairman David Small Treasurer Matt Grogan Secretary Jimmy McGlade Club Captain Marian  Reilly Match Secretary Terence Brady and PRO Liz Hayden

Cavan Tennis Club defeated 3 ½ to 1 ½ by Navan in the Final  of the Leinster Town’s League. Cavan Team Joyce Jackson Caroline Connolly Dominic McCabe and David Jackson.

Lily Prendergast a native of Dunmore County Galway is pictured with Tom Wilson (Chairman UDC) and Gerry Murray (Chairman Cavan County Council) at the Art Exhibition she organised in the Protestant Hall. Lily’s daughter Mary Sullivan is co coordinator at Cavan Genealogical Centre.

Jim Hyland Pullamore and Madeline Kiernan Kilnaleck are married at Saint Mary’s Church Crosserlough.

Mel Doherty “Cavan’s answer to Leonardo De Vinci” is pictured putting the finishing touches to the mural at O Brien’s Newsagency at the junction of Ashe Street and Main Street.

Seamus Watters Cavan Racquetball Club wins the Silver medal at the All Ireland Over 35 Championships in Castlebar County Mayo. Michael Mullhall (Kilkenny) defeated Seamus 15-9 15-8 in the Final.

Ramor United captained by Kevin McDonald  beat Bailieboro Shamrocks 1-9 to 0-11 points in an entertaining Senior County Final before an attendance of 5,000 who paid record gate receipts of £16,051.Derek McDonnell (Ramor United) was Man of the Match.

In the Minor Final Mullahoran beat Garymore Gaels 1-10 to 2-22 in a one sided affair.

October 8th 1992 Abbott of Glenstal Dom Celestine Cullen OSB is appointed Abbot President of  the Benedictine Congregation of the Annunciation which has 30 houses scattered all over the world. Dom Celestine is the eldest son of the late Dr.Bertie and Maura Cullen Farnham Street and 1st cousin of Jimmy Cullen Cathedral Road.

Same Week Pope John Paul 2 beatifies 17 Irish Martyrs including two from the Diocese of Kilmore Conn O Rourke and Bishop Patrick O Reilly in Saint Peter’s Rome. John Wilson (Tanaiste) leads the Irish delegation which includes 2,000 pilgrims from Ireland and all of the Irish Bishops including Bishop McKiernan (Pictured with Pope John Paul 2) on the five year Ad Lumina trip to the Vatican.

Francis and Josephine Galligan open their new Driving Range at Pullamore.Marked out by 100 metres 200 metres 250 and 300 metre segments. The Professional to the Golf Range is Brendan McGovern from Headfort Golf Club Kells who is available to give lessons tips tuition and general help with the game. Bucket full of balls cost £2-50 while clubs are available at £1 each. Opened for business only three months the Galligan’s started with a stock of 10,000 golf balls but due to pilfering they have only 6,000 golf balls left. The protective net around the Range was supplied by Donegal All Ireland footballer Manus McManus.

Ciaran Beirne is conferred with his 1st Class Honours Degree in Science at UCG.Educated at Saint Felim’s Boys and Saint Patrick’s College,Ciaran is son of John and Therese Beirne from Drumalee.

Jason Brady is awarded a Scholarship at Cavan Vocational School to study Euro Languages at Saint Peter’s College Wexford.He is son of Tommy and Bernie Brady 9 Saint Martin’s Cavan.

Joe Neary Creighan retires after serving the Council for twenty years as Senior Executive and Assistant County Engineer. Brian Johnston County Manager in tribute says that Joe Neary was an industrious approachable man who had made a major contribution to Cavan.

Cavan Basketball team coached by Charlie Donohoe are to be sponsored by Harp Lager. With the addition of  the very tall Paul Daly from Carrickmacross and Dermot Murray from Portlaoise the team including young stars James Mooney Ronan Hannon and Brendan Sweeney are planning to make a major  assault on honours in the Midland League.

October 15th 1992 Patrick (Buddy) Kiernan from Aughakilmore Kilnaleck donates £50,000 to the Friends of Cavan General Hospital for the purchase of a Cat Scanner.

Same Week Jacqueline Maloney Coras Point wins ‘The Iron Bear’ and $500 in the Vilnius Lithuania Pop Singers Contest. There were 24 other nations taking part.

Pictured are Tony Tully Paul Dolan UDC Ann Gallagher (Candidate Cavan/Monaghan) Tom O Connor and Ray Kavanagh (General Secretary Labour Party) at the launch of Labour’s general election campaign in the Andy Burns Centre Ashe Street.

Death of Mary Downey Killynebber at the age of 74.Native of Dromahaire County Leitrim Mary was extremely generous and charitable and was involved in many Cathedral activities. Predeceased by her husband Billy who worked n Fagan’s and Provider’s as Yard Manager 18 months ago she is survived by her sons Kevin and Jim and sister Peggy (Clarke) in London. Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry cemetery.

Catherine McCusker (Cavan CBSI) (pictured) makes a presentation to Father Johnny O Rourke Chaplain Cavan CBSI who is leaving the parish to work on the missions in Africa.

Presentation to Joe and Dorothy Neary on the occasion of Joe’s retirement as Senior Engineer with Cavan County Council in the Kilmore Hotel. Pictured are  Brian Johnston (County Manager) Peter Paul Hayden (Secretary Cavan County Council) Gerry Murray (Chairman Cavan County Council) Joe and Dorothy Neary and John Tiernan (County Engineer).

Cavan Gaels beat Saint Finbar’s 5-9 to 3-1 to win the Under 14 Roinn A Championship title in Breffni Park.Cathal Collins and Niall Gaffney dominated midfield supplying their forwards with plenty of scoring opportunities. Gaels played delightful fast open football carving out numerous chances. Team Niall Johnston Séamus Martin Declan Gillick Francis Galligan Padraig Byrne Brian McDonald Ciaran Rabbitt Cathal Collins Niall Gaffney (Captain) David Ryan Barry Lambert David McCarney Michael Mooney Declan Brady and Paul Brady.Subs Donal Gaffney for David Ryan (injured).

October 22nd 1992 Health Board are moving all of the Services from Cavan County Clinic to  Saint Joseph’s Hospital Lisdarn which has recently been renovated at a cost of £100,000.

Same Week Cavan Gaels win the Roinn A Under 14 School’s Championship beating Saint Finbar’s 5-9 to 3-1 at Breffni Park. Powered by Niall Gaffney and Cathal Collins who supplied ample ball to their forwards to run up a winning score. Team Niall Johnston Seamus Martin Declan Gillick Francis Galligan Padraig Byrne Brian McDonald Ciaran Rabbitt Cathal Collins Niall Gaffney (Captain) David Ryan Barry Lambert David McKearney Michael Mooney Declan Brady  and Paul Brady. Sub Donal Gaffney for David Ryan.

Mervyn’s Service Station and Mini Market celebrates 21 years in business. Pauline and Mervyn Clarke opened their thriving business in 1971 .Mary Galligan is the Manageress of the Mini Market while Terry Sheridan is the Manger of the Service Station.

New look for Cavan Chamber of Commerce with Cormac Dunne (President) Michael O Brien (Secretary)  and Hugh Lennon (Treasurer)

Newly formed Cavan Celtic beat Ballybay 7-1 in a scintillating display of attacking football.Star of the show was centre forward Finbar Crowe with a hat trick. Team Martin Lewis Mick Nevin Jonathan Graham Sean McDermott Stephen Egan Francis Costello Sean Kildufff Gerry Nevin Billy O Rourke Finbar Crowe and John Crotty.Subs Francis Graham and Brian McMahon.

National Council for the Blind indicate that there are 90 people registered  as blind people in County Cavan (15 with no sight) all are over 65 .Full time Social Worker is Bernie Rawle and she can be contacted at the  Social Services Centre at Cathedral Road. National Council for the Blind was formed in 1932 and offers free aid and assistance to blind people nationwide. The services provided include home visiting communications and technology training and rehabilitation.

Cavan Town 2nds beat Enfield 4-2 in the Meath and District League. Mickey Lee Parrard Rudden Billy Sheridan and Mickey Lee with the insurance goal in the last minute following great work in the Cavan goals by Mel Doherty. Team Mel Doherty Hubert Smith Martin Cosgrove Hughie Murray Hugh Nevin Parrard Rudden Tommy Walsh J Jermyn Laurence Lee Billy Sheridan and Mickey Lee.

Hugh Lennon (Treasurer) and Cormac Dunne (President) present Cyril Smith of ‘The Loughtee’ Lounge with his prize which he won in the Chamber of Commerce October draw.

Michael O Callaghan Captain of the Gaelic Footballers Golfing Society presents a cheque for  £750 to the Saint Peter’s Conference Saint Vincent De Paul Night Shelter for the purchase of a semi industrial washing machine. Pictured is Brendan Donohoe  (PRO Golf Society) Michael O Callaghan Sister Margaret Maeve Curtin Tom Tierney (President of the Conference)

October 29th 1992 Cavan CYMS 1992Hon Presidents Joe Finegan Pat McGovern Michael Breslin and Edward Sharkey Chairman Richard Cassidy  Vice Chairman Tommy McKiernan Secretary Jim Fraher Assistant Secretary Michéal Smyth Treasurers Paddy O Reilly and Sean Coyle  Spiritual Director Father Gerry Prior .Committee Karl Dunne Jimmy McGuigan Bernard Sharkey Patrick Brady David Connolly Gerry Brady Kenneth O Keefe and Brendan Breslin.

Same Week Salute to John McGinnity Bridge Street inspirational businessman who made aviation history on Sunday 17th July 1949.Party of passengers left Cavan on two buses led by County Manger Dermot McCarthy. Welcomed at Dublin Airport by J Murphy Sales Superintendent Aer Lingus and brother in law of Gerry M Lovett Cavan. After lunch the first party of 26 boarded the Aer Lingus Saint Colman and took off for a bird’s eye view of County Cavan taking in such well known landmarks as Lough Ramor Lough Sheelin The Cathedral The Military Barracks Breffni Park and the vast Erne waterway including Cloghoughter Castle. The trip lasted 1 hour and they covered 150 miles in perfect visibility. Party 1 Thomas Reilly Patrick Carroll Robbie Woods T Woods Billy Meehan C Deignan John McCann Brendan Coulter John McGinnity P Brady George Ponder Jimmy McCormack Seamus McCormack (Junior) JJ Cassidy Dessie Dunne  Frank Carroll B McDermott  Miss T McGahern  Miss Mooney Phil Wright  C Harbinson  J Reilly John Sharkey  Noel Barratt Mary B O Donohoe and N Mullen (Oldcastle) 2nd Flight Dermot McCarthy (County Manger) J McCarthy  Miss M McCarthy Sergt.J McDonagh G S Miss K O Brien Miss I Lynch  Miss G Galligan Miss  Peg Smith Miss H Hunt M/s Mickey Hickey Jimmy Brennan M Reilly J McKiernan  J Reilly Benny Conaty  J Lynch Paddy Mullery  Noel Smith Michael Breslin S McLaughlin Charlie Greene Paddy Smyth Tommy Smyth  Phil Reilly T Keaney and Joe Greene. John McGinnity was born in County Monaghan but from the age of three grew up in County Fermangh.Completing his secondary education at the Christian Brothers in Omagh,he emigrated to England in 1938.took up employment at Fairey Aviation makers of aeroplanes for the British Navy. John was employed as Technical Assistant  in full time research for Aerodynamics. He returned to Ireland after the war and bought John Moore’s Public House known locally as Slither Reilly’s. Appointed Cavan’s first agent for Aer Lingus John and his family developed a huge business attracting a clientele from far and near.

Pop star Madonna has hit with ‘Sooner or Later’ at the Music Academy Awards. Gives birth to a 6 lbs 9 oz girl named Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon in The Hospital of the Good Samaritans in Los Angeles. The child’s father is her personal trainer Carlos Leon.

 Charles Robinson Milltown is National Bee keeper of the Year’ Robinson Brothers’ makers of exquisite hand crafted furniture. Charles keep 9 hives with 5,000-7,000 bees in each hive.

Paul Connolly of the Trinity Island Players follows up his successful 1st play ‘Earthquake’ with ‘ Flood’ which was enthusiastically received in Belturbet Cootehill Carrigallen and Waterford. The producer is Clair McDermott  with cast of Carmel O Donohoe Marie Finn Gerry O Keefe Damian O Brien and Niamh Doyle. Paul is working on the 3rd part of his trilogy ‘Fire’ which is expected on stage in two years time.

November 5th 1992 Cavan Musical Society will perform the Tim Rice Andrew Lloyd Webber musical ‘Joseph and his Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat’.They had originally planned to stage ‘My Fair Lady’ but did not have the talent in depth to stage a show that demanded considerable professional assistance.

Same Week Death of Tommy Smyth Butlersbridge at the Erne Hospital Enniskillen. Born in 1905 at 60 Main Street Cavan Tommy was son of the late Michael J and Mary Josephine (Nee Maloney) Smyth. Tommy served his time in the old  Electrical Company in Abbey Street which was later taken over by the ESB which he joined in 1926.In 1950 Tommy went out on his own and was Electrician to many of the local institutions including the Anglo Celt Loreto College Saint Patrick’s College Poor Clare Convent and the Surgical Hospital. Despite being deaf Tommy was neat and thorough and an outstanding craftsman and his work when completed seldom needed a lot of maintenance. In his youth Tommy’s mode of transport was motorbike and he attended functions far and wide on the bike with his fellow bikers Jack Sullivan Joe McGovern Joe Taggart Jimmy McEntee and brother Mick. After his marriage to Janie Smith moved to Butlersbridge where the family ran the very well known Public House and Grocery in the village .Outstanding angler Tommy could turn his hand to both coarse and fly fishing with equal success. He was predeceased by his wife Janie ten years ago and is survived by his sons Terry and Tommy and daughter Marie brothers Paddy and sisters Molly and Theresa. He was predeceased by his brothers Teddy (Historian) and Mick (Electrician).Funeral from Saint Aidan’s Church Butlersbridge to the adjoining cemetery.

November 12th 1992 John P Wilson’s political career comes to an end after 18 years of outstanding service to the Constituency. The end of the 26th Dail came when the Progressive Democrats led by Des O Malley refused to back a confidence motion in the Dail and the minority Fianna Fail Party were defeated by 88 votes to 78.Polling day is on 26th of November. Among the candidates is Brendan Smith (John Wilson’s Private Secretary) Ann Gallagher from Castleblayney representing Labour and Mary Smith SRN Main Street Arva who is standing as a Pro Life candidate. There are in all 13 candidates contesting the 5 seats in Cavan /Monaghan.

John Wilson was born in Callanagh Kilcogy.Got his early education in Clonoose and Cloncivid  National Schools and Saint Mel’s College Longford. Went to Maynooth to study for the priesthood in 1942 and after leaving there went to UCG The University of London and UCD where he graduated with a first Class Honours Arts Degree. Started his teaching career in Saint Mary’s College Galway then Saint Kieran’s Kilkenny and Finchley Grammar School London. Returned to Ireland and was Professor of Classics at Saint Eunan’s College Letterkenny then later Saint Gonzaga’s College Dublin UCD and finally Saint Patrick’s College of Education Druimcondra Dublin. Elected to the Dail for the Cavan/Monaghan Constituency in 1973 he served as Minister  for Education (1977-1981) Minister for Posts and Telegraphs and Transport (March to December 1982) Minister for the Marine (1989-1992) and finally Minister for Defence and the Gaeltacht from 1992 until his recent retirement).Appointed Tanaiste in 1990.Served under three Taoiseach Jack Lynch Charles Haughey and Albert Reynolds. Outstanding footballer in his youth John won 5 Ulster Senior Championship medals 2 All Ireland Senior Championship medals and a National League medal with Cavan and numerous County Senior Championship medals with his beloved Mullahoran Dreadnoughts.Renowed for his great wit and his ability as a linguist and diplomat led the Irish delegation at the Stormont talks on the future of Northern Ireland. Played a vital role by his intellect and sound argument to convince his fellow Ulstermen that there was nothing to fear in their relation with the Republic. Prior to this he had been a member of the New Ireland Forum.

Same Week Richard Graham wins the Junior County Cross Country title for Team P Elliott in soft windy and slippery conditions over 10,000 metres in Bailieboro.Backed by Paddy Dillon and Packy Doonan Team P Elliott also win the Team prize.

President Bill Clinton is returned as President of the USA for a second term.

Top ten as voted by the readers of the Anglo Celt for Rehab Person of the Year 1992 are Madeline Argue  Elsie Blakely Father Peter Casey Pat Denning Ray Dunne Felix Gormley Etta McGearty Patsy Lee Catherina McKiernan and Kathleen Richey.

Cavan Rugby 3rd XV go under to Armagh 4ths 17-6 in first round of the McGambley Cup in Armagh. Outstanding displays by Mark Elliott Jim Quaide John Conaty and David McCormack was not enough to win the game against a much stronger Armagh team.

November 19th 1992 Adge King B AgSc.is appointed CEO  of the Cavan/Monaghan Rural Development Co Op Society (Leader)Adge will be well known to farmers as he was formerly with Golden Vale and is a former prominent Cavan and Laragh United footballer.

Same Week Anna Brady and Rita Sheridan organisers of the Relief for Bosnia appeal thank all those who supported the recent fundraising events and Andrew McCarren Jimmy Hyland and driver  Tom McGovern for the transport in transferring two lorry loads of relief supplies to their Central Depot in Dublin.

The Quinn Group purchase the Hillgrove Hotel in Monaghan for a figure believed to be in the region of £1 million.

Death of Frances Flood  12 Bridge Street at the age of 88.Wife of the late Barney Flood Bridge Street she was in the flowers and undertaking business for over 60 years. Member of the very well known Meehan family she was actually born in Dalkey County Dublin but came to Cavan when her father James was appointed Horticultural Officer for the County during the Re- A forestation programme. The family later set up in business and she was educated at Rosculligan National School and the Vocational School. Her father was a founder member of Cavan Feis and  the family cultivated a love for Irish music literature and dancing .Member of the Cavan town Camogie Club for a number of years in her youth. Predeceased by her husband Bernard and son Jack survived by her sons Bert Tommy  daughters Anna Olive Nuala Agnes  Mary Clare and Colette .Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Tom Hussey of the Cavan Cardiac Association is pictured presenting Maurice Nelligan National President of the Association with a cheque for £29,000 raised by the Cavan Branch of the National Cardiac Association during the last year.

Michelle Maguire Cavan Vocational School is the winner in the Leaving Certificate Section of the Cavan Lions Club Art Competition .The overall winner is Ahsen Nadeen .

John P Wilson Tanaiste and Minister for Defence and Gaeltacht performs his last public function when her opens the Cavan Arts Exhibition in the Protestant Hall. Among the visitors are Mel Doherty and Andy O Brien.

Quinnsworth Fruit and Vegetable section is the winner of the Regional Fruit and Veg Store of the Year. Valerie Fannin Manageress receives the award from the Sponsors ‘Chequita’ at a banquet in Malahide Castle.

Jackie and Pat Smith celebrate 20 years trading at 41 Main Street under the style’ ‘Mullen’s Footwear’. Jackie pays tribute to the recently deceased Paul Fitzpatrick who spent 11 of his 26 years working in the Store. “He was an inspiration to both his colleagues and customer” Jackie’s son John is studying for a Degree in Business Studies but is very enthusiastic in the shop and spends all his spare time helping his busy parents.

Paul Connolly is conferred with his degrees in Construction Studies from Carlow RTC and Diploma in Construction Management from CoAct Limerick in Waterford RTC while his brother Stephen is conferred with BA Honours in Business Studies in University of Limerick. Both were educated at Saint Felim’s National School Saint Patrick’s College Rockwell College Cashel and are sons of Joe and Frances ‘Windy Nook’ Keadue Lane Cavan.

November 26th 1992  Fathers Benny Fitzpatrick Oliver O Reilly and John O Rourke leave for the Kilmore Diocesan Mission to Lagos which was established in 1983. They will team up with Fathers Oliver Kelly and Leo O Reilly who are ministering in the Parish of Minna.The reason that the Diocese can afford to send 5 priests is that parish priests throughout the Diocese are working long beyond their retirement age!

Same Week Saint Felim’s Hospital launch their much awaited book ‘Down Memory Lane ‘in the Lakeland Hotel. All the proceeds from function the sale of the book the go to the Harry Smith ‘Saint Felim’s Clini Fund’ which has already raised over £100,000 for the patient’s comforts.Catherina McKiernan is guest of honour and launches the book. Pictured are John McGibney (Patient) Eileen Malone (Patient) Aiden Browne (Matron) Susanne Gunn ?? Breege Graham Harry Smith Catherine McGurran Sister Fiona (Assistant Matron) and Doctor Charles Lorrigan.

Brian Johnston is Cavan Person of the Year at the Dublin Association 34th annual dinner in the Green isle Hotel.

Death of the very popular and well known Philip (Phil) Gaynor Pullabawn.Phil was well known and very visible as he always rode a scooter around the country. Extensive farmer and great neighbour and friend Phil was a gifted gardener and grew all his own vegetables. Survived by his wife Ellen and son Donal.Funeral from saint Matthews Church Drumavaddy to the adjoining cemetery.

TPS Limited complete the erection of 17 houses and 6 flats at Carraig Beag Lisdarn at  cost of £600,000 ??

President Mary Robinson presents George V Maloney and James A Fay with gold drops for donating 50 pints of blood to the National Blood Transfusion Unit at a cermony in Dublin.

December 3rd 1992 Nationwide swing to Dick Spring’s led Labour almost results in Ann Gallagher taking a seat in the 5 seat Cavan /Monaghan Constituency. Astute vote management by Fianna Fail who polled only 44.30% of the vote results in Rory O Hanlon Brendan Smith and Jimmy Leonard retaining the three seats with Brendan Smith taking the seat of John P Wilson with whom he worked for many years as Private Secretary Seymour Crawford ousts his running mate Bill Cotter to take the Fine Gael seat in Monaghan while Andrew Boylan retains his Fine Gael seat in Cavan. First Count Dr.Rory O Hanlon (FF) 7,125 Brendan Smith (FF) 7,063 Jimmy Leonard (FF) 6,555 Bill Cotter (Fine Gael) 5,291 Seymour Crawford (FG) 5,192 Andrew Boylan (FG) 4,763 Ann Gallagher (Labour) 4,543 Caoimhin O Caolain (SF) 4,197 Joe O Reilly (FG) 3,942 Michael Smith (FF) 3,551 Winston Turner (Independent) 1,825 Mary Smith (Independent) 686 J Ferguson (Worker’s Party) 157.Count under the Supervision of County Registrar Tommy Owens in  Saint Aidan’s Comprehensive School Cootehill.

Same Week Death of Joe Smith late of Owen Roe at the age of 72 in England. Survived by his wife and family in England sisters Sheila Pryce Marie Smith Owen Roe and Annie in  Limerick. Predeceased by his brother Michael and sister Dorrie O Rourke .Funeral in England.

Death of Margaret (Maggie ) Lyng Kilnavara at the age of 69.Native of Cooley County Louth she worked in the Strand Hotel Omeath in her youth. Met her husband John hen he was stationed in Dundalk with the Customs and Excise. Survived by her sons Michael and Jim daughter Sister Ann Convent of Mercy Newry and her sister Sister Agatha Trinidad. Funeral following concelebrated Mass in the Cathedral to Cullies cemetery.

Death of the great Maysie Magee Saint Felim’s Place and late of Upper Main Street at the age of 79.Member of the old distinguished Sullivan family Maysie was born at Upper Main Street (Eason’s).Educated at Drumcrave and Sion Hill Blackrock County Dublin where she completed her secondary education qualifying in Domestic Economy and later Piano and Voice Training. Taught privately in Cavan and at Saint Patrick’s College where her students excelled in the annual music exams from the London School of Music. While at Sion Hill Maysie won the Gold Medal for Singing at the annual Dublin Feis Ceoil and was offered professional voice training in Italy but declined. Organist in the Cathedral  for many years and was particularly active in Church Liturgy during the years when Father AB McGrath was Musical Director in the Cathedral. Maysie gave long dedicated service to all the local Musical Societies including the Pavilion Catholic Boy Scouts  Catholic Girls Club and the two Cavan Musical Societies of first AB McGrath of the early 1960s and the present Society of which her niece Frances Galligan is a founder member. Tops of Breffni and Tops of the Town. Married to the famous Cavan Slasher’s All Ireland footballer Sonny Magee winner of All Ireland medals in 1933 and 1935 and himself a gifted comic in the old Pavilion Pantomimes -along with Frank Lynottt they were household names for comedy throughout the country. Lifetime member of Cavan Golf Club. Multitalented Maysie was quiet and self effacing offering hints and tips without imposing herself. “She was the Saint Cecelia and Phil Coulter of her era and will be sadly missed by a Community to whom she contributed so much”. Her husband MJ (Sonny) former Principal of Farnham School died  in November 1977.She is survived by her brother Doctor Benny Stamullen County Meath and many nieces and nephews. Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Cavan UDC pass a vote of congratulations to Kieran Parker Earlsvale Road on achieving his Doctorate in Medieval History at Trinity College recently.

Death of Arthur Conaty Annagelliffe at the age of 70 at Cavan General Hospital. Son of the late John F and Bridget Conaty well known farmer in the area he had a milk round in Cavan town for many years. Survived by his brother Paddy  sisters Kay (Galligan) Sue Bridie Gretta and Rosaleen.Funeral from Saint Brigid’s Church Killygarry to the adjoining cemetery.

Cavan Urban Rate is increased by 5% to £36-08 while the Water Charge is increased from £85 to £90 and the Refuse and Sewerage Charge increases from £20 to £25.

Martina Walsh proprietor of ‘Split Enz’ is the popular winner of the £500 in the Cavan Chamber of Commerce October Draw.

John Haren Elmbank Cavan is conferred with his BSc (Honours) in Analytical Sciences at Dublin City University. Educated at Saint Felim’s Boys School Saint Patrick’s College and DCU John is eldest son of Paddy and Mary Haren Elmbank Cavan.

December  10th 1992 

Cavan CYMS are All Ireland Club Champions at Ringsend Dublin. Huge entry from all over Ireland for this prestigious snooker competition. Represented Ulster in the Finals and defeated  Saint Joseph’s Kildare in the Semi Finals 3-0 and in the Final they beat Saint Columbas Dominick Street Dublin 2-1.Pat O Brien was beaten in the first game but Laurence Flood and Mattie Reilly stormed back to win their games 3-0 and the Championship 2-1.Members of the Panel Laurence Flood (Captain) Mattie Reilly Pat O Brien Daryl Doyle  Jimmy McGuigan and Bernard Sharkey.

Same Week Kathleen Richey from Blacklion is the Anglo Celt/Rehab Person of the Year at the annual banquet in the Kilmore Hotel.

Delia Pryce Owen Roe is conferred with her National Diploma in Fine Art at Sligo RTC.Delia was educated at the Poor Clare’s Loreto College and Sligo Regional College ,she is daughter of Mary and the late Joe Pryce Owen Roe.

Sympathy is extended to John Lennon on the death of his brother Jim at Lisameen Moatfarrell County Longford. He was a well known farmer and had been ill for sometime. Son of the late James and Helen Lennon  survived by brothers John Enda daughters Veronica and Ann. Funeral from the Holy Trinity Church Ballinalee to Saint Emer’s cemetery.

Jimmy Sheridan is appointed Captain of County Cavan Golf Club succeeding Terry O Reilly while Kathleen O Gorman is appointed Lady Captain succeeding Patricia Treacey.

Church and General Insurance sponsors announce that well known local DJ Phelim Cox is appointed Safety Warden for County Cavan.

Team P Elliott host the National Inter Counties BLE and BLOE Championships in Ballyhaise at which over 1,700 athletes are expected to compete.

County Cavan Golf Club 1992 President Norman Cinnamond Captain Jimmy Sheridan Vice Captain Phil Cullivan Secretary Donal Crotty Assistant Secretaries Niall Walsh and Vincent O Connor  Treasurer Jim McDermott Assistant Treasurer Eddie Cosgrove.Ladie’s Section 1992 President Helen Timmoney Captain Kathleen O Gorman Vice Captain Mary Galligan Secretary Evelyn O Connor Assistant Secretary Majella Brady Handicap Secretary Gertie Walsh and Treasurer Mary Donohoe.

December 17th 1992 Brendan Keaney (Cavan Gaels) sweeps aside the challenge of Father Dan Gallogly 183 votes to 67 to win the Chairmanship of Cavan County Board succeeding Peter Brady who did not seek re-election.

Same Week Tom Wilson Chairman of Cavan UDC turns on the new fountain opposite his premises ‘The American Bar’ which was erected vat a cost of £40,000 of which £25,000 was contributed by the International Fund for Ireland. Watched by Brendan Smith (Town Engineer) Paddy O Reilly UDC  Brian Johnston (County Manager) George Crowe UDC and Gabriel Cullivan (Town Clerk) The fountain was earlier blessed by Father John Murphy Adm.

Pauline Faulkner Farnham Street is conferred with her Bachelor of Radiology at UCD.Pauline was educated at the Poor Clare’s Loreto College and UCD.She is daughter of Dr.Paddy and Carmel Faulkner Farnham Street.

Death of Edward (Ned) Sheils  Drumelis at the age of 83.Native of  Castletara the family spent a number of years in Kilnahard Drung before moving to Cavan and Drumelis.Followed in the footsteps of his father Patrick and learned the trade of building and particularly plastering with Clerkin’s of Monaghan where he served his time to the Construction business. High class tradesman and plasterer Ned worked with J J Smith and Onslow Bredin.Keen interest in greyhounds and horses he seldom missed a meeting in Longford Clones or Dundalk and reared and trained greyhounds as a hobby. Predeceased by his wife Margaret two years ago and son Patsy 11 years ago he is survived by his  son Edward daughters Sandra and Margaret .Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Frank and Mary (Sissy) Finegan Banahoo celebrate the Golden Jubilee of their marriage. They were married on the 26/11/1942 in Drumavaddy Church by Father Michael Young PP.They have 9 children and 26 grandchildren. Frank is a  twin brother of Joe Finegan Merchant and Funeral Undertaker Upper Main Street and uncle of father Gerard Finegan Pastor Sarasota Florida USA.

Doctor Ciaran Parker ‘Loughavena’ Earlsvale Road is conferred with his MA and PhD at Trinity College Dublin. Educated at Corlurgan NS and The Royal School Kieran is only son of Don and Mary Parker Earlsvale Road.

Mark Cullivan Gortnakesh is conferred with his B Sc (Honour) in Polymer Technology at Athlone RTC.Educated at Corlurgan and Saint Patrick’s College Mark is son of Joe and Anna Cullivan Gortnakesh.

Terry Argue presents the AOR Insurance trophy to Bernard Sharkey who beat Daryl Doyle in the Senior Snooker Final while Jimmy Egan presents The Egan Jeweller’s Cup to Gene Smith who defeated Tony Smith in the Junior Snooker Final at Cavan CYMS.

County Cavan GAA 1992 Honary President Patsy Lynch  Honary Vice Presidents Jimmy Dalton J Smith J Martin and G Smith Chairman Brendan Keaney Vice Chairman George Cartwright Secretary Tony Looney Assistant Secretary Gerry Soden Treasurer Tom Boylan Development Officer Shane Dempsey PRO Barney Cully Central Council Representative Phil Brady Ulster Council A Farrell and J Rothwell Irish Officer T Reilly Youth Officer Thomas McDermott

December 24th 1992 19 year old Padraig McCann is fatally injured when the car which he was driving is involved in a crash on the main Cahir to Mitchelstown Road on his way back from Cork. Colin Sheridan from Harmony Height Gaels and County Minor star is detained in Cashel Hospital but is reported as satisfactory. The dead youth is son of Dessie and Mary (Nee Graham) McCann Drumoy Belturbet.His mother Mary is a daughter of Annie and the late James Graham Saint Felim’s Place the latter also killed in a car crash on the main Cavan/Dublin Road.

Same Week Cavan GAA Golfing Society are back again with another presentation of £800 to The John Sullivan Home accepted by Ena Fortune Treasurer of the Friends of the John Sullivan Home. Pictured are Brian Tighe (CGS) Oliver Galligan (Chairman CGS) Ena Fortune (Treasurer Friends of John Sullivan Home) Ann Conaty (Matron) and Brendan Donohoe (CGS)

Andrew Griffin from Drumnavangh is conferred with his Post Graduate Diploma in Project Management from Trinity College.Son of Ray and Annette Griffith Drumnavanagh Andrew was educated at  Saint Felim’s Boys Cavan Vocational School and Waterford Regional Technical College.

Death of Lily Allen Derrycramph  at the age of 62.very well known character in the area she was a member of the Eccleston family from Drumcoghill Cornafean and later Corr .Lily worked in Black’s Newsagency for a number of years and later helped her husband Jack in his footwear business opposite the Farnham (PJ O Reilly and Company)Survived by her sons Keneth and William brother George and sister Greta (Keyes) Funeral following Service in Cavan Parish Church to Convoy cemetery Edgeworthstown.

Cavan Pony Club results  of draw 1st Tracey Molloy Behey  2nd Nuala Corrigan Belturbet and 3rd Kathleen Johnston John Paul Avenue .

Renewal; of the Pioneer movement in Tullac Mongan area when 75 young people are enrolled by Bishop Francis McKiernan at a ceremony in the Cathedral. Mary Smith receives the Golden Pin for 50 years abstention while Packy Doonan is the recipient of the Silver Pin for 25 years abstention from alcoholic drink. Among the Committee pictured are Ann O Donnell (Highfield Road) Ann McKiernan Theresa Downey and Mel Doherty (Chairman).

December 31st 1992 Colin Murray Director of Cavan Fabrics announces the Company’s decision to close.50 employees are made redundant on December 21st  1992 .The Company are best known for their fashion label ‘Shady Lady’ but Colin says the dumping of cheap fashions and fabrics on the Irish Market from abroad chiefly from the United Kingdom and Dunne’s Stores decision to hold a 20% Discount Christmas Sale left trading conditions impossible and heralded the closure of the factory and the loss of the 50 jobs.

Same Week Death of Mary Smith Corahoe better known as Mrs Fred .She pocessed so many outstanding qualities it would be impossible to list. Courteous kind friendly charitable a devout Catholic loving wife mother and grandmother. Predeceased by her husband Fred in 1978 she is survived by her son Matt and daughter Maureen (McEntee).

Paddy Donohoe retires after 46 years loyal and devoted service to Cavan Post Office. Management and staff make a presentation to Paddy of a full set of golf clubs. Pictured at the presentation in the Post Office are  Tom Kelly Luke Sexton Liam McCabe Enda Smith Pat Quinn Pat O Reilly Jimmy Fay Kathleen Greenan Sean Woods Paddy and Mary Donohoe Hughie Clarke Tony Coyle Sean Hegarty (Post Master) Gerry McCullough and Martin Johnston.

January 7th 1993 Merger of Northern Sound and Shannonside brings howls of protest from both Monaghan and Cavan County Councils. The Monaghan body are to meet the IRTC and executives of Northern Sound  objecting in the strongest possible manner to the merger. The Radio Station’s CEO John Morrin later comes back ‘with his guns blazing’ “saying the commercial affairs of Northern Sound/Shannonside are private and not a subject  for entertainment by those who make unprofessional misinformed comments about the Company’s business strategies”!

Same Week Customs Posts throughout the border region close for the last time due to the EEC free trade.

Cavan Icebreakers Committee are pictured at their 25th Swim at Rann Point Chairman Paddy Lyttle  Sean Walsh Founder and Joint Treasurer Sean Coyle Joint Treasurer  Willie Mimnagh Secretary .Diarmuid Argue from Latt is made a presentation of a plaque as the youngest boy to take part in the swim while Gayle Anderson from ‘Country Sunshine’ 7 Keadue Cathedral Road on her 5th swim is the youngest girl. Later Paddy Lyttle presented a cheque for £3,322-50 to Val Maguire Chairman of the Cavan Branch Irish Kidney Association.

 Cavan Motor Club 1993  Eamonn Davy Vice Chairman Willie McCormack Secretary Gerry McIntyre Treasurer Des Lowry Registrar Alex Coleman PRO Des Crossan.

Ciaran Tackney receives his BA (Honours) degree from Saint Patrick’s College Maynooth.Eldest son of Michael and Pauline Tackney, Ciaran was educated at Dernakesh NS Saint Aidan’s Comprehensive School Cootehill and Saint Finian’s Mullingar.

Death of Hugh P Brady 73 College Street at the age of 66.Joined the Royal Navy as a boy and spent a lifetime travelling the world far away from his native town. Survived by his son Danny mother Annie (Nan) Brady brother Peter and sister Joan. Funeral on Christmas Day from the Cathedral to Ballinagh cemetery.

Record Christmas trading in Cavan town despite the recession. Robert Goode of GT Electric states that people were buying larger articles for the house including fridges  washing machines and dishwashers and cookers while Jimmy Scanlon of Elegant Gems stated  said it was slow to start but the last few days were hectic with watches chains bracelets and rings the popular items this Christmas.

January 14th 1993 Albert Reynolds announces his new Cabinet which contains no Cavan or Monaghan representative. John P Wilson has retired and Dr Rory O Hanlon is not included.Tanaiste and Minister for Foreign Affairs Dick Spring Minister for Finance Bertie Ahern Minister for Social Welfare Michael Woods Minister for Justice Maire Geoghegan-Quinn Minister for Agriculture Joe Walsh Minister for Employment and Enterprise Ruairi Quinn  Minister for Defence and Marine David Andrews Minister for Tourism and Trade Charlie McCreevy Minister for Transport Energy and Communications Brian Cowen Minister for Equality and Law Reform Mervyn Taylor  Minister for Arts Culture and the Gaeltacht Michael D Higgins  Minister for Health Brendan Howlin Minister for Education Niamh Breathnach Chief Whip Noel Dempsey and Attorney General Harry Whelehan.

Sudden death of  Bolus Kamel Hanna MB BCh FRCSI and FRCS (England) Surgeon Cavan General Hospital. Eldest of 7 children son of  Senator Kamel Hanna  and Mrs Hanna Bolus was born into a privileged family in Cairo in 1934.His father was educated at Oxford and his mother studied at the Sorbonne in Paris. His grandfather was the Egyptian Ambassador to Austria and frequently entertained the Emperor Franz Joseph .Conferred with an MB Bch at Cairo University in 1956 he became a fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland in 1967 and a Fellow of the English Royal College of Surgeons in 1968.Appointed Registrar General Surgery at Letterkenny Hospital in July 1966 and developed a deep love for Donegal and its people which he cherished until his death. Later served in Saint Finbar’s Hospital Cork Altnagelvin Hospital Derry and Registrar General Surgery Tipperary North Riding .In 1972 appointed Surgeon Our Lady’s Hospital Cashel and in 1974 he was appointed Cavan County Surgeon replacing the retiring Surgeon Paddy Maloney. Represented Egypt at long distance swimming and one of his early tutors was the famed Johnny Weissmuller (Tarzan)-Bolus’longest continuous swim was for 22 hours. Swam regularly at Annagh Lake covering vast distances with apparent ease and style. Coptic Christian Bolus was a deeply religious and charitable man. Survived by his wife Mary and his many friends both here and further afield.Funeral following Ecumenical Service in Cavan General Hospital. Coffin carried from the hospital to the hearse by the Porters through a Guard of Honour consisting of colleagues and staff. Interment took place in Kilmore Graveyard. “He waked with Princes but never lost the common touch”!

Peter Galligan from Rathcorrick is back again with his New Year Party fundraiser with star attraction Mary Duff. Peter is pictured presenting a cheque for £1,330 to Theresa Callaghan and Maureen Watters Cavan Town branch of the Friends of Cavan General Hospital.

John Hayes from Alackan is conferred with his B Ed (Honours) degree at the University of Birmingham. Son of John and Maureen Hayes Alackan he was educated at Crubany NS and Saint Patrick’s College Cavan.

Fatal accident at John Sullivan Home when Joseph O Reilly aged 81 widower from Arva killed outside the Welfare Home as he returned from  an outing just after 12 midnight. The car in which he was a passenger was in collision with a car coming from the Farnham Street direction.

Death of Mary Kate O Reilly Drumascridian Crosserlough and Earlsvale Road at the age of 90.Daughter of the late Steven and Mary O Reilly she devoted her life to the welfare of her family. An outstanding pianist she excelled at Crochet she was a valuable member of Co. Cavan ICA.Held in the highest esteem by her neighbours and friends for her jovial charitable nature. Predeceased by her husband Patrick and son Noel the well known Crosserlough Cavan and Ulster footballer of the 1950-1960 era She is survived by her sons Sean Patrick Sylvester daughters Kathleen Eithne Evelyn Nan Pat Alice and Teresa. Father Michael Cooke CC and Father Harry O Reilly officiated at her funeral from Saint Mary’s Crosserlough to the adjoining cemetery.

Death of Benny Smith Glasdrummond Poles at the age of 76.worked in Providers for a number of years and later with Cavan County Council. Survived by his wife Susan son Brian and daughters Sue Ann and Patricia and sister Mary (Gilroy).Funeral from Saint Brigid’s Church Killygarry to the adjoining cemetery.

January 21st 1993 Pat O Regan outstanding compositor and proof reader with the Anglo Celt retires after 34 years service to the paper. Pat proof read both the paper and publications published by the Anglo Celt and was rated as the best in the country at his job. Among the publications that Pat assisted in was Bishop McKiernan’s ‘Diocese of Kilmore Bishops and Priests 1136-1988’ along with thousands of other publications printed by the Anglo Celt. As a token of their gratitude and appreciation the management and staff present Pat with a colour television a wallet of notes and inscribed pen and a bouquet of flowers for wife Jean and wish himself and Jean many happy and healthy years of good health in retirement.

Same Week Cavan Town ICA celebrate 40 memorable years. President Eileen Conaty Vice President Pauline Brady Secretary Rosaleen Doherty Treasurer Hazel Gumley and PRO Angela Flynn. Voted County Cavan Guild of the Year in 1991.Along with their application to their own programmes of self improvement and arts and crafts the Guild is an invaluable help to Cavan Social Services and Saint Vincent De Paul assisting in the meals on wheels and the running of the Lyknu shop in Emmett Place. Following a meeting called by Margaret Mullery and May Reilly (College Street) on the 22nd January 1953 in the Town hall it was decided to forma Guild of the ICA President Margaret Mullery Vice President Mrs Henderson Secretary Dorie Smith Assistant Secretary May Reilly Treasurer Miss J Smith. Committee Margaret English Olive Black and Miss McManus.The annual subscription was fixed at 2/6.Dorie Smith (Farnham Street) was later to be elected National President of the ICA from 1958-1960.Founder member still alive include Phyllis Farris Mollie Finnegan and Patsy Reilly Smith.

Kathleen Sullivan Trophy at Cavan Bridge Club 1st Pat Plunkett and Jim Burke 2nd Leo Brady and Todd Davis 3rd (Joint) Dr Paddy Faulkner and Peggy Willock and Kay Henry and Ena Hickey

Hospice Draw Silver Circle Winners 1st £500 Joe Johnston 22 Saint Felim’s Place  Promoter’s Prize Margaret Cooke 2nd £300 Fiona Kelly 17 Highfield Road Promoters Prize Teresa Kitson Saint Mary’s Terrace. 3rd £200 Terese Beirne Drumalee Promoter’s Prize Brid Myles.

Cavan Fire Brigade publish  their new book ‘Out of the Ashes-a Chronicle of 50 years of Cavan Fire Brigade 1943-1993’.The Editor is Danny O Hanlon Kilnavara.Museum at Cavan Fire Brigade premises showing the equipment used in the early days of the Fire Service in Cavan. The book is launched by Michael Smith Minister for the Environment at a function in the Station.

January 28th 1993 Death of Delia Gumley Drumalee.Renowed for her concern for the sick and the infirm she was a gifted housekeeper and worked for among others the late Joe McGovern in Church Street.Member of the Lynch family The Fairgreen Cavan she celebrated her 81st birthday last week. Predeceased by her husband Pat 11 years ago she is survived by her son Dessie and sister Annie .Outstanding Camogie player and member of the famous Killygarry team who won 10 Senior County Championships in the 1940s she also lined out with the County team. Well known figure around the town cycling to her various places of work. Father Gerry Kearns CC officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry cemetery.

Same Week Cavan Bridge Winners of the team of four Val Maguire (Captain) Willie Finnegan with Edward O Gorman and Charlie Corr.

February 4th 1993 Superintendent Michael Lee retires after 39 years service to the Garda Siochana.Prior to the District Court Judge D McCardle pays tribute  to the retiring officer saying “Superintendent Michael Lee was a man of enormous integrity and contested each case in a fair and vigorous manner”.

Same Week McDwyer/Lennon and Company  purchase the County Clinic for £185,000 by Public Tender. The 8,000 square foot 3 storey building is situated on 1.6 acres and was originally built as The Sanatorium for the treatment of TB.Later it became the County Clinic - all the services are now being relocated to the Complex at Lisdarn.

Death in Birmingham Hospital of  Maureen McCabe formerly Campbell from Saint Aidan’s Terrace. Daughter of Bartley and Elizabeth Campbell the family came to Cavan about 50 years ago from Carrigallen .Survived by her husband Sean sons John and Andrew and sister Kitty.

February 11th 1993 15th Cavan International Song Contest 1st prize and £1,000 goes again to Ireland  with ‘Where Have you been lookin?’ sung by Brid McKeown 2nd Ireland £500 ‘Dream’ sung and composed by Ed Williamson 3rd and £250 Bulgaria ‘Fear of Love’.Pat The Cope Gallagher Minister of State at the Department of Arts Culture and the Gaeltacht in opening the Festival said that the Cavan International Festival is the only remaining festival of its kind in either Great Britain or Ireland. Local members of the Jury were Philip Cullivan and Maura McNally..

Same Week Fergus Reynolds and Noreen O Reilly Joint Treasurers of the People in Need Telethon announce that a massive total of £35,000 was raised by the event.£10,000 is allocated to Saint Christopher’s Hospice £10,000 to The Irish Kidney Association to equip the new Dialysis Unit in Cavan General Hospital £3,000 for Spina Bifida £2,000 to Saint Vincent De Paul towards the upkeep of the Night Shelter for homeless men £1,500 to Saint Clare’s Killymooney Pre School and £1000 to the Association for Children and Adults with learning disabilities.

Death of Hughie (Black Hughie) 32 Tullac Mongan at the age of 72.Born in Glasgow Hughie came to live in Alackan at an early age and after his marriage to Kathleen lived at 32 Tullac Mongan.Outstanding mechanic with The Smith Motor Group later Tractamotors Garage and McCarren and Company. Enjoyed the company of friends and had a wide variety of tastes in music. Suffered severe burns  while employed with Flood’s Taxis but made a great recovery. Survived by his wife Kathleen sons Noel Hubert  Gerry and Andrew  daughters Maura Peggy and Kathleen. Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Welcome Inn win the Cavan County Darts League on the double at McCabe’s Mountain Lodge .The Men’s team beat the Kesh Bar in the Final Team JP McPhiilips Stephen Dunne Colm Smith Tony Smith  Michael Gumley Gerry Gumley and Paddy Quinn. While their Lady’s team of Peggy Lee Olive McIntyre Rose Byers and Nuala Smith win the Ladie’s Final at the same venue.

Death of John James Little Mons Terrace at the age of 85.Native of Butlersbridge and predeceased by his wife. he is survived by his son Stephen. Following Mass in the Cathedral the funeral took place in West Yorkshire.

Death of May McCormack Maghera Virginia. Widow of the late Eddie McCormack Main Street. Came back to Maghera with her infant son Tommy in 1935 and managed her father’s shop until 1963 when the family moved to Dublin. She played the Church organ and trained the Church choir in Maghera for over forty years. Survived by her sister Josephine McEntee (Cavan) and her son Tommy.

February 18th 1993 Poor Clare Convent Fire of 23rd February 1943 to be commemorated in both the Cathedral and Cullies cemetery.Pitured are The Bishop of Kilmore Francis McKiernan Sister Margaret Sister Ursula Sister Helen at the mass grave in Cullies which has been totally refurbished with the names of the 35 people who died in on of the worst tragedies in recent Irish history. Along with the 34 orphans Margaret Smith (80) an old employee of the Institution lost her life in trying to rescue the children she had looked after for so many years. The list of the dead who perished in the fire are   Mary A Harrison aged 15 (Dublin),Mary Hughes 15 from Killeshandra,Eileen McHugh from Blacklion aged 15,Kathleen (12) and Frances (9) McKiernan Virginia, Mary (15) and Margaret (10) Lynch of Tullymongan Cavan, Josephine (15) and Mona (11 ½ ) Cassidy from Belfast, Kathleen Reilly (14) Butlersbridge,Mary (12) and Josephine(10) Carroll Castlerahan, Mary E (16) and Susan (14) McKiernan Drumard Cavan, Rose H Wright (13) Ballyjamesduff,Mary Barrett (12) and her twin sister Nora Dublin, Mary K Kelly (10) Balinagh,Mary Brady (7) Ballinagh,Dorothy Daly (7) Cootehill,Mary Ivers (12) Wicklow, Philomena Regan (9) Dublin, Harriett (11 ½) and Ellen (8 ½) Payne Dublin, Teresa White (6 ½) Dublin, Mary C Roche (6 ½) Dublin, Ellen Morgan (10) Virginia, Elizabeth Henphy (4) Swords County Dublin, Mary P O Hara (7 ½) Kilnaleck,Bernadette Seridge Dublin, Katherine (9) and Margaret (7) Chambers Enniskillen, Mary Lowry (17) Drumcrow Ballinagh,Bridget (17) and Mary(18 ½) Galligan Drumcassidy Cavan and Mary Smith (80) a cook employed in the Poor Clare Convent. Out of the ashes of the tragedy arose the National Fire Service established in every county with a qualified Engineer as Fire Chief and a financial budget to invest in equipment and training. Fire alarms and inspection of fire equipment became mandatory and regulations governing dance halls cinemas  and institutions were considerably tightened in the interest of fire prevention and safety.

Same Week P J Clarke CEO North Eastern Health Board tenders his resignation to  a stunned board on health grounds. His retirement is effective from June 30th 1993.The Chairman states “we are losing a Champion who had the interests of the patient at the very centre of his thinking”! He will be replaced on a temporary basis by Donal O Shea CEO North Western Health Board until a permanent appointment is made.PJ Clarke was a career Civil Servant serving 8 years with the Department of Posts and Telegraphs 1 year in the Department of Finance 8 years as Programme Manager North Eastern Health Board and 12 years as CEO North Eastern Health Board. His greatest achievement was the intricate negotiation in the erection of the new Cavan General Hospital which will stand as a monument to his integrity industry and perseverance.

Catherina McKiernan is made a Life Honary Member of County Cavan Golf Club- parchment presented at a function in the Clubhouse by the Captain Jimmy Sheridan.Catherina is a daily visitor to the course during the cross country season and does the bulk of her training there.

Sympathy is extended to Mrs Mary Owens Oldtown on the death of her  father Paddy Bannon Corlesmore and also to his sister Bridget Sheridan (Drumalee).

Cavan Musical Society present ‘Joseph and His Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat’ in the Town Hall. Joseph Paul McKiernan Jacob John McCaffrey Potipar Paschal Lyons Pharaoh Don Crotty and Potipar’s wife Tina Farrelly.

Sympathy is extended to Madge Conlon on the death of her aunt Sister Rose Quinn at the Convent of the Sacred Heart Cedar House Dublin.Native of Monaghan she was 87 and served in Leeson Street Roscrea Armagh and Scotland.

Ireland’s High Court prevents a 14 year old girl from travelling to have an abortion in England. Although the Supreme Court later overturns the ruling the so called X case leads to bitter debate and a Referendum on Abortion. Eventually the right to travel and the right to abortion information is enshrined into Irish Law.

Michéal Greenan is reappointed Team Manager of Drumalee defeating John O Dwyer for the post while former Drumalee star Joe Gormley is appointed manager of his native Sean O Heslin’s Ballinamore taking over from Brendan Burns. Joe spent two year 1973-1975 in the USA and came to Cavan in 1979 setting up the very successful J and M  Motors. He is a former Leitrim inter county footballer.

February 25th 1993 Bertie Ahern Minister for Finance in his first budget for the Fianna Fail/Labour Coalition Government imposes a 1% levy on all wage earners to help ease the unemployment situation.Increse in Carer’s Allowance from £53 to £59-20 to encourage the care of old people in their own homes. Vat Rates of 15% and 23% are merged to give a single rate of 21%.Children’s allowance is increased to £20 a month for the 1st 2nd and 3rd child and 4th and subsequent children to £23 per month.

Same Week Jimmy Sheridan Captain drives into office with a ‘screamer’ right down the middle of the 1st fairway at County Cavan Golf Club.128 took part in the Drive In competition in perfect course conditions 1st Ralph Rodgers  and Tony Smith with 64 ½ 2nd Johnny O Hanlon and Niall Crowe 66 ½ 3rd Pat Ryan and John Tighe with a 68 ½ .

Death of Sean Sheanon late of College Street in Lincolnshire at the age of 68.Emigrated to England over 40 years ago and worked as a mechanic in the Vauxhall company in Luton. Survived by his wife Ann sons and daughters. Funeral in England.

Farnham Astronauts captained by Michael McKiernan win the Woodford Stars’ Benny Ollwill tournament sponsored by the Shantully Inn. Team Noel Phair Michael Gumley Paddy Gumley Margaret Brady Thomas Brady Norman Mills and Michael McKiernan (Captain).

Death of Eileen McKiernan Fort View Cottage Swellan at the age of 51.Looked after the family after the early death of her mother , she was an extremely friendly pleasant and charitable lady .Very active member of the ICA she recently took part in the 40th anniversary celebrations. Survived by her father Paddy brothers Pat and Michael sisters Julia and Bridget. Funeral from the Cathedral to Drumcor with a Guard of Honour provided y Cavan Guild ICA.

Mass of the Triumph of the Cross is celebrated in Saint Clare’s Church by Father John Murphy assisted by  Fathers Gerry Ollwill Terence McManus PP Ballinamore and Rev Gerry Prior. in memory of the 36 victims who lost their lives in the Orphanage of Saint Joseph’s  Industrial School of the Poor Clare Convent on the 23rd February 1943 The Bishop Francis McKiernan presided. Carmel Donohoe was the Soloist with Father Gerry Kearns on the Organ. The Lessons were read by Sister Helen Mother General of the Poor Clare Order and Sister Margaret (Cavan).The Gifts were carried to the Altar by Monica Fay Mary Murphy Sister Moninna and Sister Anne.Amomg the attendance was Brian Johnston County Manager Peter Hayden County Secretary Tom Wilson (Chairman Cavan UDC) Val Maguire (Fire Chief) and members of the Fire Brigade and Red Cross all in uniform. Earlier in the day wreaths were laid  on the grave at Cullies cemetery by Sisters of the Poor Clare’s and representatives of Cavan Urban Council.

Thank You Maria Francis and especially Kenneth Ellis thank all who supported the Charity Night in the Lakeland in aid of Saint Bridget’s Ward Our Lady’s Hospital for Sick Children Crumlin.Special thanks to Paul Cox and the Bands who gave their services free Medicine Jar Woodstock Midnight Run and Queen of Hearts.

Cavan County Clinic closes its doors as a health facility. Originally built as a Fever Hospital in 1822 served as The Tuberculosis Hospital throughout the 1930s and 1940s until the advent of Penicillin and other drugs to control the scourge of TB that affected almost every family in the Community. On the 5th April 1943 the building closed as a Tuberculosis Hospital and the patients transferred to the new Tuberculosis Hospital at Lisdarn.Officially opened as the County Clinic on May 23rd 1955 the staff at the time were (Pictured) Ita Kelly (Jubilee Nurse) Nan Murphy (Flood) Clerical Staff Mary McManus (Public Health Nurse) Mary Smith (Public Health Nurse) Vera Smith (Coulter) Clerical Staff Bridie Eames (Health Inspector) Margaret Reilly (McMahon) Dental Attendant  Nellie Smith (Gargan) Head of Clerical Staff Anna T O Reilly (Public Health Nurse) Sean Kelly (Health Inspector) Jack Keegan (Health Inspector) and Michael O Callaghan (Porter).

March 4th 1992  Minister for the Environment Michael Smith presents long service awards to Cavan Fire Brigade personnel Val Maguire (Fire Chief) Danny O Hanlon (Sub Station Officer) Joe Duffy Jimmy Mulcahy (Station Officer) Frank O Keefe Pat McMahon (Assistant Chief Fire Officer) and Mattie Reilly. The Minister also launched the book’ Out of the Ashes’ a chronicle of fifty years of the Fire Service in Cavan since the tragic Convent Fire compiled and edited by Danny O Hanlon.

Same Week Patrick and Pauline Cosgrove of Breffni Terrace introduce their new baby Jennifer to the Minister for the Environment Michael Smith who seems fascinated with the attention of the new baby.

Thomas (accordion) and Darren (banjo) Maloney win the Musical Group Section for Killygarry at the All Ireland Readoiri Finals in the Community Centre Ballyconnell.

Bishop Gilbert Wilson performs his last official function when he confirms 34 children (32 from the Royal School) in Cavan Parish Church.

Molly Hickey organiser of the launch of Ken Browne’s tape ‘After all these years’ donates the proceeds of the launch to Cavan town branch Irish Kidney Association gratefully accepted by the Chairman Val Maguire.

Cavan Musical Society have a sell out hit 6th Musical with their adaptation of the Andrew Lloyd Webber/Tim Rice  production of ‘Joseph and His Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat’ in the Town hall. Outstanding performance by Don Crotty as Pharaoh  where Don rocked his way through the part giving encores to the enchanted audience for his Elvis like take off. Well done to France Galligan who produced  lively graceful entertainment with superb timing flowing choreography and dazzling costumes. All was backed by choral excellence and  the musical expertise of Fathers Gerry Kearns and Charlie O Gorman with an Orchestra that would have done the RTE  SO Proud”!

Death of Harry Donohoe late of Bridge Street in Jackson Heights Queens New York at the age of 55.Son of Pat and Elizabeth Donohoe Bridge Street. Emigrated in 1958 having worked in the family licensed premises. In New York Harry was employed with the Long Island Railway and later spent over 20 years with the New York Transit Company. Always kept in touch with home and was always a welcome visitor to Cavan where all his friends had many happy memories of a good loyal and decent  friend. Survived by his wife Mary son Christian mother Elizabeth brother Paddy sisters Monnie and Anne.Mass in Saint Brigid’s Church Killygarry for the repose of his soul. Burial took place in New York.

Jim Burke and Pat Plunkett team up to win the prestigious Cullen Cup at County Cavan Bridge Club 2nd Tony Kelly and Frances Giggins (Clones) 3rd Evelyn O Connor and Ena Hickey.

John Ensor wins the Boys Under 12 All Ireland Gymnastic title for Cavan in Portlaoise.

Kathleen O Gorman hits a spectacular drive to officially begin her year in office as Lady Captain County Cavan Golf Club.

Eilish Donohoe Dublin Road brings more honour to Cavan Guild ICA in their 40th year when she wins 1st prize in the Inter Federation Irish crochet table centre competition.

Catherina McKiernan wins her 4th consecutive National cross country title at the Phoenix Park in perfect weather conditions in a fast run race over 6,000 .She finished 30 seconds ahead of Ann Keenan Buckley to complete her preparations for her assault on the World Cross Country title in Valderama Spain at the end of March.

Cavan boxing club’s Thomas Benn wins his 3rd consecutive National Juvenile title at the Stadium in Dublin in 45 kilo class.Thomas beat Colm McAllister (Oliver Plunkett BC Belfast) 13-4 in the Final. His sights are now set on representing Ireland at the Olympic Games in Atlanta USA in 1996.

March 11th 1993 Death of Betty Brides 5 Keadue Cathedral Road and late of Upper Main Street at the age of 48.Native of Clonmakin Newtownbutler County Fermanagh her father was A Customs Officer. Later worked in Ernetex in Clones before marrying her husband Tommy who was working as a Barman in the town.Moved to Cavan they ran ‘The Avon Lounge’ for a number of years before buying ‘The Old Mill Bar’ from Gerry and Marie Keating with whom they forged a lasting friendship. Betty was in charge of the catering and although limited by space she could provide for hundreds of people in a short space of time particularly after Cavan Gael’s football games when the patrons would spill out into the Archway and Main Street. Founder member of the Pre school Playgroup in Saint Augustine’s Hall  Betty was also a member of the Parent’s Committee Saint Felim’s Boys School. Never in a hurry Betty had time to converse with everybody and was extremely popular. Survived by her husband Tommy son Tomas daughters Joanne Marina Paula and Rebecca brothers Andy and  Bernard sisters Flo and Mary. Guard of Honour at the funeral provided by Cavan Gaels. Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Same Week Des Cullen Wolfe Tone Street is elected Chairman of the National Labour Youth .Founder member and Treasurer of the Johnny Burns Cavan Branch of the Labour Party in Cavan. Son of Phil and Patricia Cullen Wolfe Tone Street Des is on the teaching staff of the Royal School.

Derbhle Crotty is currently starring with the Gallowglass Theatre Company in ‘Measure for Measure’ by William Shakespeare. As the play is on the Leaving Certificate curriculum the Company will be visiting 28 centres throughout the country.

Inspector Jack O Connor Ballyconnell is appointed Superintendent for the Cavan/Monaghan division. Jack joined the Garda in 1964 and his first posting was to Kilnaleck.He has served almost 30 years in the Cavan/Monaghan area.

Minister Michael Smith on his visit to Cavan County Council announces that over £7 million will be spent on the primary roads in County Cavan this year. The Department are allocating a grant of £6.4 million an increase  of 18%.

Popular local Garda Michael McCarthy Farnham Road retires after 36 years service in Cavan and Stradone.Native of County Westmeath Michael played football and hurling with Stradone and won a  Senior League medal with Cavan Gaels in 1959.One of the original stars of the Gael’s club which was founded in 1957 Michael later coached many of the successful Gaels  Under Age teams and piloted Cavan Gaels to a Senior Hurling Championship in 1983.Michael is married to Pat (Brady) and they have 5 children.

Tony Coyle ‘Avilia’ Highfield Road is presented with his Golden Drop by the National Blood Transfusion Board Carysfort University for donating 50 pints of blood.

Cavan Chiropodist Audrey King is conferred with her  B Sc (Honours) in Podiatry at Brighton University. Audrey is daughter of Dr Paddy BDS and Evelyn King Drumalee.

Richard Graham (Team P Elliott) creates history by winning the Road Championship 10 kilometres for men in excellent conditions in Bailieboro.Emulates the feat of his older brother Michael who won 3 consecutive titles in the mid 1980s. PJ Lee (Inny Vale 2nd and Brian O Reilly (Laragh) 3rd.

March 18th 1993  Death of one of Cavan’s greatest characters Frank Brady formerly of the Ulster Arms Main Street at the age of 63 in London. Trained as a Pastry Chef at the Scottish School of Catering in Glasgow where he remained for 3 years. Later took up the position of Chef in the Ulster Arms and the establishment was known far and wide for the excellence of its cuisine. Took part in all the local Pantomimes and was one of the big stars of the ‘Tops of Breffni’ shows in the Town Hall during the 1960s.Frank was funny and good humoured with a wicked senses of humour. Moved to Dublin in 1969 after the sale of the Ulster Arms. Later was appointed  Assistant Manager of the Catering Department of the BBC in London a position he excelled in until his recent retirement after over 20 years outstanding service. Friends were drawn from all walks of life Frank could cut through pomp and fraud with a few well chosen words and a twinkle in his handsome eyes giving no offence. Member of Cavan Golf Club Frank preferred the Social end of the activities. He is survived by his brothers Jack (Cavan) Tony BDS and sister Laura (Phelan) in Wexford.

March 25th 1993 Death of Mickey O Brien Killynebber at the age of 77.Member of one of Cavan’s best known and most respected families. Prominent farmer and member of Poles Co Operative Committee where he represented farmers of the area with great vigour and determination. Well known musician he played the saxophone in such well known dance bands as the ‘4 Micks’ and the ‘Radio Band’ from Killygarry who were all the ‘rage ‘ in the 1940s.Outstanding actor with the old Magnet Players one of his outstanding roles was that of  Marcy in the George Shield’s ‘Rugged Cross’ being voted best actor at all the Festivals the Magnet Players entered in 1945-1946.Supporter of the Blueshirts in the 1930s Mickey was to the fore in the formation of a vibrant Cavan town branch of Fine Gael. He was Honary President of Cavan Town Branch Fine Gael at his death. Mickey was an extremely industrious man and could turn his hand to any task with good humour and expertise. Delightful company he could light up any party and play any instrument-in recent years he was very proficient at the tin whistle and joined all the local music sessions. Survived by his wife Margaret sons Sean Barry Ciaran Derek Damian  and Jim daughters  Maura Anna Alita and Catriona brother Andy  and sisters Cherry and Rose. Guard of Honour at the funeral formed by  Cavan Fine Gael. Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Same Week Cavan Aluminium have the winning float at Cavan Saint Patrick’s Day Parade with CEO Paddy Grogan acting as Barrister at the Beef Tribunal.2nd Fresh To Day Cultural Section Cavan Musical Society. Parade led off by a colour party from 8th battalion FCA under the command of Lieut.Terry O Connor.75 groups took part including 10 bands from Cavan Northern Ireland and Monaghan.Watched by a record crowd the parade took 1 ½ hours to pass the Reviewing Stand where Mel; Doherty was an outstanding MC and Tom Wilson Chairman of Cavan UDC took the salute.

Liam (Rocky) McCaul retains his Ulster Juvenile  title at 39 kilos at Dungiven with a spectacular unanimous verdict over James Crossan Killybegs.The 13 year old McCaul now has his sights firmly fixed on winning a National title at the Stadium at Easter.

April 1st 1993 2nd consecutive silver medal for Catherina McKiernan at the World Cross Country Championships in Amorebieta Spain. The event on very firm flat conditions was won by the Portuguese Albertina Dias who passed Catherina with 1,000 metres to the finish in a fast run race.Catherina regrouped but try as she would couldn’t close the gap on he fast finishing opponent who was much more suited to the warm dry and flat conditions  resembling a road race.Catherina had beaten Albertina twice in recent competition but the Portuguese came good on the biggest day of all.Catherina once again wins the women’s world grand prix and $10,000.Lynn Jennings from the USA the reigning World Cross Country Champion was 3rd.

Same Week Brian Wall MRCVSI is made a presentation of a painting depicting a group of horses by local artist  Robert Scott on his retirement as Veterinary Inspector McCarren and Company his wife Nancy is presented with a bouquet of flowers.

Tragic death of Germaine Cullivan  when his motor bike struck a ditch at Upper Derragarra Butlersbridge in the early hours of the morning. Eldest son of Gene and Gertie Cullivan Clones Road Butlersbridge.Educated at Drung National School and Cavan Vocational School Germaine was a very talented sportsman excelling at soccer where he played a leading ole in the establishment of Cavan Town FC-Germaine was Player of the Year in the Meath and District League for the 1987/1988 season. Worked for a number of years in Cavan Crystal and later Pauwels Trafo before emigrating for a period to Paris where he worked in Euro Disney. Outstanding musician he could play any tune on the guitar but loved Rock and Roll. One of the few locals who were proficient at Karate Germaine was a multi talented happy go lucky individual beloved by all who had the privilege of his company. Survived by his parents Gene and Gertie brother Gene  and sisters Gemma Giselle and Grainne .Guard of honour formed by members of Saint Aidan’s GFC and Cavan Town FC.Father Gerry Prior assisted by Father Torlac O Reilly Father John Murphy Adm Father Tom McKiernan Father Paul Prior Father Anthony Fagan and Father Benny Maguire concelebrated his funeral Mass in Saint Aidan’s Butlersbridge with interment in the local cemetery.

Death of John Thomas (Jack) Haddock at the age of 94.One of the oldest and most respected Cavan families they were caretakers at the New cemetery. Jack loved snooker on the television and had been watching the World Finals prior to his death.Born on the 21st March 1899 Jack was employed as a Van Driver with Stradone Park Laundry starting in 1929 and driving until it closed in 1966 when he transferred to the Court Laundry. His first job was with Gordon’s Garage  where he learned to drive and fix motor vehicles a trait that stood to him all his life enjoying an accident free driving record over a 60 year period. Outstanding badminton player in his youth he joined among others Reggie McMahon in forming a club in Burrows Hall in Stradone in 1940.Never took a holiday he spent his spare time looking after and servicing the Stradone Park Laundry fleet. Survived by his brother Bobby. Funeral from Cavan Parish Church to the New cemetery.

Pat McMahon Assistant Chief Fire Officer is made a presentation on the occasion of his retirement from County Cavan Fire Service.

Craig Powell Annaglough is conferred with his Chartered Institute of Accountants Certificate at a reception in Jury’s Hotel. Craig is son of Derek and Geraldine Powell Annaglough.

Death of Robert John Mackeral ‘Ardvana’ Farnham Road at the age of 88.Native of Stonebridge Clones he was a partner with John Kennedy in Cavan’s best known store George Fegan’s.Earlier he had worked in Patton’s of Monaghan where he met his business partner John Kennedy and they purchased George Fegan’s in 1939.They turned the premises into a thriving grocery and hardware business known and respected throughout the entire area. Store badly damaged by fire in 1965 and they subsequently decided to retire in 1975.Member of the Presbyterian Church and a Sunday School Teacher. Treasurer of the Presbyterian Church his integrity efficiency and business acumen were marks of his character. Secretary and Treasurer of the Protestant Hall. Distinguished member and Treasurer of the Masonic Order Robert’s charity and goodness knew no bounds. Enjoyed fishing and exploring the waters at Rann and Killykeen where he could have some quiet quality time for himself. Predeceased by his wife Lilian he is survived by his son Bill daughter Jean and sister Mina .Rev.Jean Mackeral grand niece of Robert officiated at the service in the Presbyterian Church Farnham Street and interment took place in Kilmore cemetery.

Mary Clemenger (Nee Conaty)Alackan eldest daughter of Rose and the late John Conaty is conferred with her BSc (Honours) degree in Biological Science in Surrey College of Technology UK.Mary has worked as a Nurse for the last 20 years but is continuing to teach and do post graduate studies at the University of Surrey.

Rev Dr Jack Weir the former Moderator of the Presbyterian Church is Guest Speaker at a meeting organised in the Teacher’s Centre by County Cavan Ecumenical movement.

April 8th 1993 Cavan Rugby Club regain the Elliott Cup for the 1st time in 10 years by beating Sligo 22 points to 5  in a titanic struggle at Swellan.Man of the match was Ralph Trenier who gave an outstanding display and made the game safe for the home team with a try in the last few minutes which Michael Kane converted. Team Mick Kane Ralph Trenier J Webb F Walls Philip Brady Cyril O Keefe C Hartland I Fanin P Rogers Eric Trenier M Brady Kevin Jackson Jimmy Jackson Winston Morrison and Sean McKiernan.

Same Week Death of Peter Mullen Coleman Road and formerly Mullen’s Footwear 43 Main Street at the age of 86.Native of Monaghan Peter established his footwear business in 1936 having served his time in Markey’s of Monaghan and Morris’ of Arva.Outstanding businessman he cycled around the country during the War years selling leather grindrey and footwear to the many country shops. Peter and his wife Elizabeth retired from business in 1972 and sold the premises to one time assistant and life time admirer and friend Jackie Smith. Peter was a distinguished member of the local branch of Saint Vincent De Paul and Treasurer of the local branch.Valued member of Cavan CYMS his contribution to the welfare of the club was immense and he was a member of the famous Solo school. Survived by his wife Elizabeth and sister Nan. Mass in Sacred Heart Nursing Home Clones followed by interment in Latlurcan cemetery Monaghan.

Death of Father Anthony Smith  Kilmore at the age of 79.Born on the 30th July 1913 son of the late Catherine and Michael Smith Drumbrucklis Ballintemple.He was twin brother of Father Gerry Smith SSC.He was the last Kilmore student to study for the priesthood in the Irish College in Paris. Survived by his brothers Father Gerry and Michael and sisters Peggy Kathleen and Nellie (McKiernan).Bishop Francis McKiernan was the chief celebrant at the funeral Mass in Saint Patrick’s Church Drumcor to the adjoining cemetery.

April 15th 1993 Brian Johnston (County Manager) proposes that £5,000 be put aside each year for the purchase of local works of art. Brian further suggests that all of the living Chairmen of Cavan County Council have their portrait painted for reference by future generations.

Same Week Sudden death of Sean McCabe 6 Saint Aidan’s Terrace  at the age of 60.Member of the well known McCabe family who were actively involved in the export of goats and donkeys (for the English Seaside trade) for over a century. Disabled for the last twenty years Sean was always pleasant and cheerful good friend and charitable neighbour. Worked in company with his brother Billy a trade they inherited from their father and grandfather. Survived by his brothers Oliver and Kevin and sisters Susan Mary and Susan. Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Cavan Gels Under 12 win the first Hughie Smith Memorial trophy beating Kingscourt 2-10 to 1-1 at Terry Coyle Park. Captain of the winning team is Paul O Donnell and Player of the Tournament is also Paul O Donnell (Cavan Gaels).Awards presented to the winning team by Mary Smith (Hughie’s widow) and evergreen Gaels’ and County star the incomparable Philip (Lightning) Murray. Teams from Lisnaskea Monaghan Harps Kingscourt Kells Ballybay Oldcastle and Cavan Gaels took part.

Drogheda businessman Malachy McCloskey buys the famous Greene’s Mill in the centre of the town off College Street for a sum believed to be in the region of £40,000.He intends to restore the Mill to  full working order as a corn mill and make it a tourist attraction. Patrick Shaffrey (Architect) is looking after the design while Walter Myles  will coordinate the restoration .

Cavan Vocational School wins the County Football Championship for the 3rd consecutive year beating Bailieborough Community School 1-9 to 0-10 in the Replayed Final. Team Mel Doherty  Darren Brady Michael Wall David Clarke Carl O Rourke Damien Cahill Dermot Cronin Adrian O Reilly (Captain) Brendan Tully Jerome Kiernan David Noonan Fergal Boylan Michael Graham Ollie Sheridan and Noel McPhilips.Sub Kevin McCormack for David Clarke.

April 22nd 1993 Brian Finlay ‘White Plains’ Keadue Lane former member of the Mighty Avons Showband and well known impresario and promoter  is chosen for the Irish Jury for the Eurovision Song Contest to be held in Millstreet County Cork. The Jury will be watching the contest in the RTE studios in Montrose.

Same Week Harry Hunt Solicitor Earlsvale Road Cavan is appointed Fine Gael Organiser for County Cavan. Harry is a member of the Regional Council of Fine Gael.

Greg Sheridan (Cavan Gaels) and Patsy Hand (Kingscourt) win the All Ireland Silver Masters A title for Cavan at Croke Park.

Death of Molly Kelly Connolly Street at the age of 87.Member of one of the oldest and most respected Cavan families. Worked in Kilkenny in her early days but her life was devoted to looking after her famous footballing brothers Gerry Tom Jim and Fred. Survived by her sister Margaret (Egan) last of a family of 8.Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Saint Francis Girl Guides Company Cavan have their annual outing to Dublin where they attended the Gaiety Theatre’s production of ‘Robinson Crusoe’. Denise Downey Aine Cahill  Maire Barr And Dervala O Hanlon participated in cookery competition in Drung.while  Sorcha Dunne Miriam Kelly Aine Byrne Charlotte Mulvaney and Catherine Reynolds are presented with certificates in recognition of their services and commitment to the Guides.

Stain Glass Window exhibition in the Cathedral. The windows are the creative design of the great Harry Clarke who was rated the greatest of his generation .All of them were painted by Harry in the years between 1919-1934.He took about 6 months to paint and create each window such is the exquisite detail in each window. Father John Murphy Adm says the windows totally transform the appearance of the interior of the Cathedral and appeals to local families and benefactors to purchase the windows for the Cathedral at a price of £10,000 each. Subsequently all the windows are sold in a matter of days and are now a permanent feature of the Cathedral in Cavan.

April 29th 1993 Death of Kate Malone formerly of the Gaelic Bar Rossa Place at the age of 74.Member of the well known farming family Crowe’s from Coolbawn Corlesmore she was married to Jim Malone a native of Carrickmacross and one of the most respected Pig Dealers in the Region. Became a Publican late in her life after rearing her family and carried on a most successful select trade in a very attractive premises. Founder member of Cavan Tidy Towns Committee and Vice President of Cavan branch Fine Gael. Founded the Padre Pio Group in Cavan she was a frequent visitor to the shrine and monastery of Padre Pio in Medjugourie .Survived by her sons Eamonn JP and Oliver daughters Mary Catherine and Deidre and sister Nellie. Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Same Week Plaque unveiled in Cavan Courthouse to the memory of Cavan native Thomas A Finlay SJ (1848-1940) founder of the Irish Co Op movement Thomas A Finlay the Chief Justice unveiled the plaque to his great grand uncle of the same name.

David Connolly wins the Elegant Gems competition at Cavan CYMS beating Jimmy McGuigan in the Final. Specially commissioned gold medal presented to Richard Graham in recognition of his recent athletic achievements winning the Cavan Junior Cross Country and Cavan Senior Road Championship in the one year.

Death of Mary Tubman Drumard House Farnham at the age of 82 she came from a very well known farming family. Predeceased by her husband William she is survived by her daughters Mina Woodhouse and Emily (Dundas) and brothers Victor and Freddie and sisters Ann (Johnston) and Willa (Humphries).Funeral from Kilmore Cathedral to the adjoining cemetery.

Seamus McIntyre the only local winner in the Cavan Racquetball Open tournament at Saint Patrick’s College .Seamus bat his fellow clubman Johnny Walsh in the Final of the Men’s Novice Singles.

Death of Mary Smith Corawilla Carrickaboy at the age of 97.Took an active part in the War of Independence as a member of Cumainn Na MBhan.Predeceased by her husband  Andrew she is survived by her brother Jim (Augnaskerry) .Full Military Honours accorded by  personnel from O Neill Barracks Cavan at her funeral from Saint Brigid’s Church Killygarry to the adjoining cemetery.

May 6th 1993  Rev Michael Mayes Church of Ireland Archdeacon of Cork is appointed Bishop of Kilmore Ardagh and Elphin in succession to Bishop Gilbert Wilson who has retired. Michael Mayes was born in Belfast in 1941.Educated at  the Royal College Armagh and Trinity and London Universities. From 1964-1968 he was Curate in Portadown County Armagh. Later spent 6 years on the Missions in Japan. He has been Archdeacon of Cork since 1986.

Same Week Sudden death of Margaret Tully Gartbrattan at the age of 42.Deeply involved in many local organisations as well as rearing 4 small children. Native of Tullamore.Herself and her husband  Sean ran a very progressive farm as well as an  Agri Supply business. Treasurer of Cavan Swimming Pool Committee she was also Treasurer of the Re Hab Committee .Her work for both organisations were unsparing and she was a key factor in the Cavan Swimming Pool Committee amassing the funds to bring their dream of a first class pool for Cavan to fruition. Prominent member of the Farnham School Parent’s Association. Survived by her husband Sean children David Edward Raymond and Miranda and her Mother Peg (Murray) Tullamore.Funeral from Saint Patrick’s Church Drumcor to the adjoining cemetery.

Lucinda Cooke is crowned Cavan Rose of Tralee 1993  at a function in the Kilmore Hotel.

Death of Bernadette Young Drumcrave after a short illness at the age of 60.Native of  Killamority Templeport she was a member of the Gough family from a farming background. Worked in the Licensed trade with Terry Dolan in Ballinamore and later worked in PN Galligan’s of Bridge Street. Great neighbour and friend she was always available to help a neighbour. Member of the Board of Management of Drumcrave National School which generations of the Young family attended. In recent years her husband Joe was struck down with illness and Bernadette had the responsibility of looking after the farm and family of 7 which she did in a splendid way. Planted trees on the road adjacent to her farm as a reminder of our mortality and how short life really is. Survived by her husband Joe sons John Joseph Bernard and Malachy daughters Mary Ann and Bernadette brother Seamus  sisters Ita Frances  and Philomena.She was sister in law of Rev  John A Young PP Carrigallen.Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Death of Tony O Rourke at the age of 53  in Leeds and formerly of 5 Saint Aidan’s Cavan. Worked with P Elliott and Company before emigrating to England where he continued to work in the Construction business. Took ill and died suddenly after a very short illness. Very popular in the town he was a keen fisherman and loved to explore the local waterways at Killykeen and Rann..He is survived by his wife Patricia three daughters and two sons and by his brother Johnny former Chairman of Cavan UDC and brothers Benny Dominic and  Paddy. Predeceased by his sister Kathleen .Funeral in Leeds.

Niall Collins Paul O Donnell Saint Felim’s NS and Barry Kelly Saint Mary’s Ballyhaise are the winners of the Mars Soccer skills competition held in the RDS Dublin. Presentation to the winners took place at half time during the Ireland Denmark World Cup game at Lansdowne Road.

May 13th 1993 ‘Run of the Country’ by Shane Connaughton follow up the very successful ‘Playboys’ is to be filmed in County Cavan as a production for Channel 4 television.

Same Week  Sympathy is extended to Ena Hickey Elmbank on the death of her brother in law Colonel Harry E Arthurs in Atlantic City USA winner of the coveted ‘Purple Heart’ for bravery during World War 2.His ashes will be interred in Arlington Cemetery.

1st stage of the FBD Rás from Dublin to Cavan finishes at Bridge Street corner with over 100 riders taking part. Winner is Mick McKay from Liverpool from David Hourican and 3rd Kenny Riddle. Paul McCorry 23 year old rider from Butlersbridge is among the finishers into Cavan. Only took up the sport 4 years ago he is an Analyst Programmer with Irish Life.

May 20th 1993 Foroige Open Achievements Day is held in the Community Centre in Stradone and opened by Anglo Celt/Rehab person of the year Kathleen Richey.The Cavan stand is manned by Clair Haren and Flair Kinsella (Pictured).

Same Week  Philip Doherty from Corlurgan NS is following in the footsteps of his illustrious father Mel. Philip is overall 2nd in National Handwriting Competition hosted by the INTO while he is the National Winner of Category 3rd and 4th Class. Son of Mel and Rosaleen Gortnakesh Cavan..

Enda Galligan Annagelliffe a student at Saint Patrick’s College wins the Gold Medal at the Community Games Art Finals in Bailieboro Community School.Enda will now represent the County at the Community Games Finals in Mosney.

Thrilling 1st round battle between Cavan and Monaghan in the Ulster Senior Championship at Saint Mary’s Park Castleblayney before an attendance of 12,000 who paid gate receipts of £60,000 ends in a draw with a great fight back from Monaghan who closed down a five point lead from Cavan in the last ten minutes. Scorers for Cavan Ronan Carolan 0-10 Donal Keoghan Stephen King Seamus Donohoe Thomas Smyth and Fintan Cahill 0-1 each. In the Minor match a fancied Cavan team were far too strong for Monaghan on a score line of  Cavan 2-17 Monaghan 0-13.Scorerers for Cavan Roy Brennan 0-7 Peter Reilly 1-2 Brendan Dolan 1-0 Barry Rudden 0-3 Michael Graham 0-2 Frankie Lovett 0-2 and David Fagan 0-1 each.Eamonn Gaffney of the Ulster Sportswriters Association presents Ray McCarron (Monaghan) with his Man of the Match award.

Cathal McCarthy with a 67 wins the prestigious Cullen Cup at County Cavan Golf Club on a perfect day. Philip Brady with 67 also was 2nd while Jim Fraher 68 was 3rd.The Gross was won by Pat O Connor with a 74.Category Winners Jackie Sheridan 70 Ray McDwyer 68 and Brian Fitzsimons 69.

May 27th 1993  Death of Ellen Mansfield widow of the late James P Mansfield former County Engineer Cavan County Council. She is survived by her sons Father Eamonn CSSp and Jim daughters Mary Una and Ursula. Funeral from the Church of the Sacred Heart Seabury Malahide to Saint Finian’s cemetery Sutton.

Same Week Sympathy of the Community goes to Mervyn and Mary Owens formerly of Oldtown now living in Reading Berkshire England on the tragic death of their eldest son Keith in a freak playground accident. The Owns have 1 other child Tommy aged 7.

June 3rd 1993 3 year old Padraig Duffy from Kilnavara injured in a road traffic accident at John Conaty’s shop Tullymongan.Later removed to Beaumont Hospital where his condition is described as ‘critical’

Same Week  Dennis O Keefe will attempt to row the entire length of the Shannon from Dowra to Caraigaholt in Clare.In 1985 Dennis rowed the Erne from Butlersbridge to Ballyshannon a distance of 84 miles.

Cavan Bridge Club 1993-1994 President Joan O Hanlon Captain Lucy Hayes Vice Captain E McEnri Treasurer Vera McMahon Secretary Ena Hickey and Assistant Secretary Kathleen Clarke.

Saint Felim’s Boys School captained by Paul O Donnell win the County INTO Inter Schools 7 a side tournament. Pictured are Paul Flynn Tom McCormick Paul O Donnell (Capt) Padraig Smith Shane McGlade Pierce Whelan Shane Moran Richard Graham Cian McCabe David McCormack.Finian O Hanlon Trainer John McHugh (Coach) and Pat Ryan (Principal).

Rejuvenated Monaghan hammer Cavan 3-10 to 2-8 in the Ulster Senior First Round Replay at Breffni Park before another crowd of 12,000 with gate receipts totalling £60,000.1st time ever that Monaghan have beaten Cavan in a 1st round  Ulster football championship game at Breffni Park.Eamonn Gaffney Ulster Sports writer Association honours another Monaghan man David Byrne as Man of the Match.

June 10th 1993 Michael Doheny Saint Felim’s Place displays the magnificent 6 lbs trout caught by him on Lough Sheelin using a ‘Spent Gnat’ fly.

Abbey Set Printers Farnham Street in conjunction with ‘We Frame It Ltd Dublin’ partnership is launched by President of the Chamber of Commerce Cormac Dunne who is framed by Abbeyset’s Geraldine McDonnell.

Death of Kathleen Maguire (Nee Fitzpatrick) College Street at the age of 52.Native of Redhills she lived in the town for the last 30 years. Employed at Cavan Social Welfare Office she was a quiet helpful and reserved lady.Survived by her husband Peter son Peadar daughter Karen and sister Mary (Smith).Rev B Doyle officiated at the funeral from the Church of the Immaculate Conception Staghall to the adjoining cemetery.

Same Week  Tim Hennessey  playing off 16 is the popular winner of the President’s Norman Cinnamond’s Prize in which there was a record entry of 244 at County Cavan Golf Club 2nd is Pat Comerford and 3rd Oliver Malone. The Gross was won by Declan Young and Kathy Durkin was the winner of the Ladies’ Prize.

June 17th 1993 George Crow resigns from Cavan Urban District Council for personal reasons. George was co-opted on to the Council in 1984 to replace the recently deceased May O Reilly College Street. Later elected at the local elections of 1985.Popular member he was an outstanding Chairman of Cavan Urban Council in 1989/1990.George will be replaced on the Council by Patricia Graham 13 Saint Martins Estate a Member of Cavan Vocational Committee and Secretary of Tullac Mongan Development Committee. Patricia was proposed by Paddy Conaty and seconded by Susan Harrison at the recent Fianna Fail meeting. Patricia is married to Patsy and they have 5 children.

Three tenders for provision of 11 bathrooms in Owen Roe Terrace  S Kiernan Longford £315,000 Carmac Contractors Longford £368,279 and TPS Ballyhaise £264,043.

Same Week  Mike Reid aged 39 from Hillview Road Enniskillen is the winner of £1.8 million in the National Lottery. Married to Ann McCaffrey from Saint Martin’s Estate Cavan they have three children Sophia (11) Lyndsey (8) and Joseph (6).Mike is son in law of Charlie McCaffrey.

Barry Brady beats Brian Gurhy in the CYMS Junior Snooker  Final.John Gurhy and Stephen Maguire were the beaten Semi Finalists.

John Clarke from Swellan is on his way to a weekend for two at Ashford Castle Cong County Mayo courtesy of John Donohoe Congo Bar and Tennent’s Lager following his win in a dart competition at the Congo Bar.

Tom Donohoe is commissioned as Scout Leader Catherina McCusker is Unit Leader Fiona McKeon is commissioned as the Beaver Leader while Maureen Coyle is the Assistant Beaver Leader.

Cavan Lady’s County Cavan Tennis team win the Leinster League Division 2.Pictured are the team Joyce Jackson  Milly Cosgrove Irene McCabe and Caroline Connolly.

June 24th 1993 Death of Brian Tierney Farnham Street at the age of 77.Empoloyed as a Bus Conductor with  GNR and later clerk with CIE at the Cavan Office.His mother Elizabeth was Caretaker of the old Cavan Technical School and later Brian assisted in the duties for which he was granted free accommodation as a gesture by the VEC to the family for their services. He was the recipient of a presentation from the VEC last year for his services. Funeral from the Cathedral to Butlersbridge.

Same Week  Shane McGlade Saint Felim’s Boys School will represent Ulster at the INTO School Skills demonstration at half time during the All Ireland Senior Final between Derry and Cork.

Death of Mary Markey (Nee Cullen ) Julianstown and Farnham Street Cavan at the age of 59.Only daughter of the late Surgeon BT and Maura Cullen .Outstanding tennis player and golfer she was a past Captain of Julianstown Golf Club. Like her parents Bertie and Maura Mary was an excellent Bridge Player. She took a full part in Church affairs and was a lifelong member of Julianstown Church Choir. Founder member of Julianstown Girl Guides she was an outstanding wife and mother. Survived by her husband Patrick daughters Mary Clare  Maeve  and Jenny sons  Bernard Niall Patrick  Johnny and Brian brothers Dom Celestine Barry Niall and Maurice and her sister Rosemary (Dillon-Leech).

Ireland beat Italy 1-0 in the first World Cup Game at the Giants Stadium in New Jersey. The winning goal being scored by Ray (Razor) Houghton after only six minutes play.

24th Annual Kilmore Pilgrimage to Lourdes led by Bishop Francis McKieran.Party of 320 including 58 invalids. Experience very poor stormy weather rain hail thunder and lightning then bright sunshine. They are greeted on arrival home in Dublin by a torrential downpour making it one of the wettest June days in years.McGinnity Travel were in charge of the travel arrangements while Wharton’s and Martins Bawnboy ferried the pilgrims to and from the airport. The carrier was Air Toulouse who have a monopoly on this year’s pilgrimages to Lourdes. Chaplains to the Sick Fathers Peter Casey and Martin Gilchreest Medical Officers Dr.Jimmy Fay and Dr Fergus Cronin Chief Brancardier Ray Carr Chief Handmaid Philomena Coleman Matron Peggy Willock Assistant Matron Breege Graham.

Homosexuality was finally legalised in Ireland when Minister Maire Geoghegan Quinn legalises homosexual acts between consenting adults aged 17 and over in new legislation passed in the Dail.

Death of Ellie French eldest daughter of Percy French at the age of 99 in Suffolk England. The sisters visited Cavan in 1989 where they unveiled a plaque at 16 Farnham Street to commemorate the fact that their father lived there from 1881 to 1888 and was at the time Inspector of  Drains with the Board of Works. She is survived by her sister Joan aged 90 in England.

Frank Lyons of 25 Saint Martin’s is pictured with his magnificent 6lbs 4 ozs trout caught on the Mayfly in Lough Sheelin.

July 1st 1993 Vera Malone wins the President’s (Helen Timmoney’s Prize) at County Cavan Golf Club 2nd Maisie Freeman and 3rd Breda McGonnell .Mary Malone won the Gross.

Same Week Death of one of Cavan’s greatest sons Con P Smith Aylesbury Road Dublin at the age of 88.Set up his first garage in Mullagh but came to Cavan setting up a shop and store on the site of the old mill at the entrance to the town. Selling radios bicycles the odd car and accessories Con built up a thriving business. After the intervention of World War 2 Con had to shelve plans for the development of the Main Austin dealership which he acquired in 1937.In 1947 he succeeded in getting the Ferguson tractor dealership and set up a factory to rebuild Ferguson tractors which captured national prominence retailing at below £500.He was helped greatly in this huge venture by his son Con A who was born in 1927 and who  was studying Architecture in UCD at that time and decided to concentrate on business at home in Cavan. One of the  most important and strategic appointments he made was a certain Brendan Murray who was a genius in the servicing and reconstruction division. Con P  left the running of the business to a younger generation and acquired the ‘The Tearmann Hotel’ in Termofecken with 550 acres of land which his wife Ann a gifted caterer and manageress operated and later sold to fledgling ICA-‘An Griannan’.Meanwhile the garage business continued to thrive and Smiths opened a nationwide retail car and tractor sales and service division with the head office at 69 Lower Leeson Street Dublin. Later they acquired the Irish distribution rights for Renault cars which were assembled in Wexford.By June 1972 the Smith Group employed over 1,500 people nationwide. Then came the greatest tragedy in Con’s life when his son Con A was killed in the Haynes Air Crash while on his way with 11 other top Irish businessmen to Brussels Con P was Director of Providers Limited now Quinnsworth Cavan Engineering (Pauwells Trafo) Cahill’s and Gowren Motors distributors of Peugeot cars. He was also a well known Auctioneer He donated the land on the Cathedral Road to be developed as a Park in memory of his son Con A. The Park and the development by Cavan County Council and in particular the outstanding work of Town Horticulturist Bernadette McGovern and her team is a fitting tribute to both men. In recent years he became deeply interested in charity work including the Saint Vincent De Paul The Mental Health Association and The Cavan Men’s Association in Dublin. Predeceased by his wife Anna a native of Mullagh and his son Con A Con P Smith is survived by his son Dr Charlie (Head of the Central Mental Hospital Dundrum) and daughter Maura. Funeral from the Church of the Sacred Heart Donnybrook to Upper Lavey cemetery.

July 8th 1993 Maeve O Connor BE is conferred with her Masters degree in Engineering Science at UCD.Daughter of Tom and Evelyn Elmbank Cavan. Maeve was educated at Laragh NS Loreto College and UCD.Employed by Expert Edge Computer Systems Ballsbridge.

Same Week Michael Mayes is consecrated Bishop of Kilmore Ardagh and Elphin by Bishop Robin Eames in Saint Patrick’s Cathedral Armagh. Among the distinguished guests was the Catholic Bishop of Kilmore Francis McKiernan, Bishop Mayes will be installed in Kilmore Cathedral in September.

Donegal and Armagh draw an exciting game in the Ulster Semi Final before 20,000 spectators in Breffni Park.

Terry Argue Latt Cavan is the new president of Cavan Lions Club.

Paul Myles the Cavan based Garda representing his native Donore Harriers wins the 400 and 800 metres at the Garda Championships.Paul won 3 gold 1 silver and 1 bronze medal and was voted Athlete of the Championships.

July 15th 1993 Dr.Eamon McDwyer Proposed by Paddy Conaty and seconded by Paddy O Reilly is the new Chairman of Cavan Urban Council. Paddy O Reilly was unanimously elected Vice Chairman.

Same Week  Death of Margaret (Cissie) Green at her residence The Mill Rock Cavan. Member of one of Cavan’s oldest and most respected business families. Part time Rates and Rent collector with Cavan Urban Council. Employed also in the Clinic and Courthouse with Cavan County Council. In the season Cissie also worked with Tommy McCormick in the Elmbank Hatchery. Great character and friend Cissie knew all the people in Cavan town and was most charitable and kind particularly to those not well off. Gifted pianist Cissie could light up any party she chose to participate in. Her father was a large landowner in Streete County Westmeath and set up a Corn Mill at the Mill Rock meadow meal Indian corn and oaten meal were produced. They also had a flax mill at Tierquin which was a hub of activity in the 1920s -1950s.Survived by her brother Francie Legan County Longford. Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Donegal hammer Armagh 2-16 to 1-7 in replayed Ulster Semi Final in Breffni Park before an attendance of 18,000 paying gate receipts of £150,00.Donegal were quick out of the blocks and led Armagh by 1-4 to Nil after 12 minutes with the goal coming from John Duffy. Donegal the reigning All Ireland Senior Football Champions will now play Derry in the Ulster Final in Clones.

Sympathy is extended to Bridget Gaynor Highfield Road on the death of her brother Frank late of Garymore in Dunshaughlin at the age 50.

Paddy Little Cavan Icebreakers completes the gruelling 8 ½ miles swim of Lough Allen in a time of 6 hours and 15 minutes in aid of the Children’s Ward Cavan General Hospital.

Kingscourt defeat Cavan Gaels 1-7 to 0-6 in the Under 12 League Final in Cootehill.Outstanding game with play flowing freely from end to end. Scorers for  the Gaels were Paul O Donnell 0-2  Tommy McCormick 0-2 Paul Flynn and Shane Beirne 0-1 each. The Gaels got off to a great start and led by 0-5 to 1-1 at the interval.Kingscourt were dominant in the second half restricting the Gaels to just 0-1 point.

July 22nd 1993 Derry defeat Donegal the All Ireland Champions in a mud bath in Clones by 0-8 to 0-6.Conditions were dreadful and the game should not have been fixed for Clones as the ongoing development contributed to the waterlogged pitch. The Roslea end of the Park was totally under water and conditions for both players and the 27,000 spectators were  dreadful. Tomas McDermott was the referee from Cavan but came under pressure from the Ulster Council to proceed with the game which should most certainly have been postponed. Anthony Tohill of Derry was voted Man of the Match. In the curtain raiser Tyrone beat a very fancied Derry side 1-9 to 1-5 with Man of the Match Gerard Cavlin contributing a personal tally of 1-6.

Same Week Dennis O Keefe from Harmony Heights Cavan is heading for the Guinness Book of Records following his solo rowing feat in his boat ‘Sheelin Lady’ the full length of the Shannon from Dowra to Carrigaholt in County Clare .The last 14 miles were negotiated despite appalling weather conditions. The row of 232 miles took 8 ½ days.

Death of Nan Galligan at her residence Moynehall at the age of 67.Native of Larigan Carrickaboy she was a public health nurse by profession. Worked in the County Clinic for over 30 years and before that The Old Sanatorium and Saint Felim’s Hospital. Great neighbour and friend providing comfort and expertise in times of distress. Survived by her brothers Ned John Pat and Andy sisters Nellie and Mollie. Predeceased by her sister Sister Gabriel some years ago. Funeral from the Cathedral to Drumavaddy cemetery.

July 29th 1993  Tim Fitzpatrick from Gowna is the winner of the Captain’s (Jimmy Sheridan’s Prize) at County Cavan Golf Club.2nd was Michael O Beirne 3rd Gene Murphy and Johnny Costello had the best gross over the two day 27 holes competition.

Same Week  Death of Father Des Maguire in San Francisco at the age of 64.Member of the Society of Saint Columban Dalgan Park. The Maguires were all born at Bingfield Cornafean moving later to Oldcastle. Starred at left back on the winning Cavan team of 1952 with his brother Liam for Cavan and Brendan aged 19 in opposition on the Meath team at centre field. Survived by his brother Liam in Ballybay sisters Kathleen (Dublin) Ellen (Longford) and Mona (Athboy) Funeral in San Francisco.

August 5th 1993 President Mary Robinson who is also President of the Irish Red Cross appoints Una McGurk from Ballyjamesduff the new Chairman of the Irish Red Cross Society. Educated at Saint Clare’s Ballyjamesduff  Loreto College UCD and Kings Inns Dublin Cavan Una is a Barrister at Law. Daughter of Tom and Ethel McGurk Ballyjamesduff she is a sister of Phyllis McGurk Keadue. Una is Chairman of the Employment Appeals Tribunal and has been on the Central Council of the Irish Red Cross since 1991.

Same Week John McEntee is appointed Editor of the London section Sunday Express. Former Royal and Media Editor with the Sunday Express. John began his career as a Junior Report with the Anglo Celt continuing a family tradition going back to 1886.Son of Andy and Judy McEntee 61 Church Street. Married to Colette Fitzpatrick from Puteghan Belturbet they have three children Laura (13 ) Paul (12) and Jack (3).

Death of Dolores Moore Saint Brigid’s Terrace at Saint Luke’s Hospital Rathgar at the age of 48.Daughter of the late Edward and Rose Moore Dolores was an outstanding local personality. Served her time to the Bar trade gaining experience both here and in England. Outstanding Darts player Dolores won the County Championship on several occasions and was a member of both the Town and County  darts teams. Worked with John Donohoe in the ‘Congo Bar’ in recent years Dolores could keep an entire bar happy with the latest chat and craic and serve each one in record time. Decent charitable and extremely popular her death at such an early age is a huge blow to the Community in Cavan. She is survived by her brothers Jimmy Edward Peter and Gabriel and sisters Annie (Lawlor) Peggy (Donohoe) and Martha (Cahill).Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies cemetery.

August 12th 1993 Niall Coulter son of Brendan and Vera Creighan is conferred with his BSc degree in Polymer Technology.Educated at Corlurgan NS Saint Patrick’s College and the College of Technology Athlone.

Same Week  Death of Jane Galligan Kilnavara in the John Sullivan Home at the age of 86.Member of the well known Smith family from Pullamore she spent a number of years in Chicago before marrying bead salesman John Galligan and settling down in Kilnavara.Predeceased by her husband John in 1981  she is survived by hr sons Sean and Oliver her daughter Kathleen (Crowe) Carrick on Shannon.Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Fathers James Carroll (Killeshandra) Harry Boucher (Arva) and Dr Joseph Gray (Bishop of Shrewsbury) celebrate the Golden Jubilee of their ordination in the Cathedral. They were ordained on the 20th June 1943 by Bishop Patrick Lyons in the first ordination ceremony held in the Cathedral. Fathers James Cosgrove Jim McCabe and Sean Reilly who were ordained on the same day have passed to their eternal reward.

Death of Peter King Poles at the age of 80.Native of Lavey and well known farmer in the area. Founder member of the Drumcrave Brass and Reed band he was also a prominent member of Poles Co Op and Virginia Milk Products. Officer and member of Stradone GFC and Laragh GFC .He was also instrumental in reforming  a Camogie team attached to Killygarry GFC.Well known and very talented musician he starred first with ‘The King Brothers’ and later formed his own very successful band ‘The Peter King Dance Band’ playing both accordion and fiddle while his brother John doubled on the piano and fiddle. Peter King’s dance band was known throughout the land as one of the finest on the circuit and had a full diary at all times. Survived by his wife Rose sons Dermot and Aidan  daughter Colette in London.Peter was the last of a family of 5.Father Pat Brady officiated at the funeral from Saint Brigid’s Church Laragh to Killygarry cemetery. Guard of Honour provided by Laragh United at the removal and Poles Co Op at the funeral.

August 19th 1993  Brendan Smith TD marries Ann McGarry in a private family ceremony at Saint Columba’s Ballybrack  Dublin. The bride is a native of Cellbridge County Kildare and a nurse in the Mater Hospital.

Same Week  Death of Paddy Kelly formerly of the Park Lane at the age of 83 in Cavan General Hospital. Born at Swellan Cross .After he married the late Sue Galligan came to live in the famous small house on Breffni Park Lane. Outstanding driver and hackney man. Paddy drove for the late Bishop Lyons and Bishop Quinn. He took a prominent part as a driver in assisting Flood’s and his good friend Jimmy Meehan in the removal and funeral of the victims of the Poor Clare Convent Fire in February 1943.He was also personal chauffer to John Sisk Contractor during the building of the Cathedral. Kind and courteous Paddy was an outstanding friend and neighbour. Survived by his daughters Anna (Folkes) London and Mollie (Kiernan) Cavan and his sister Annie (Cosgrove) Funeral Mass celebrated in the Cathedral by Father John Murphy Adm and  burial in Killygarry.

August 25th 1993 Cliodhna Shaffrey resigns as County Cavan Arts Officer post she held since 1988 to take up the prestigious post of Arts Officer for Dun Laoghaire and Rathdown.Cliodhna is a native of Monkstown County Dublin and daughter of Paddy and Una Shaffrey both architects.

September 2nd 1993 Cavan Mineral Waters and its subsidiary City Mineral Waters are taken over by United Beverages. Both the present directors Brendan and Dessie Coulter will remain on with the Company as will the remaining 17 employees. The famous Cavan minerals will now be produced and bottled in Dublin and Dundalk. Founded in 1927 by John Coulter and John McShane the Company acquired its present premises when the old Boy’s School closed in 1943.John Coulter later bought out John McShane’s share  in 1956 making it a wholly owned Coulter family enterprise.

September 9th 1993 Pauline McKenna from  North Monaghan is appointed News Editor of Northern Sound radio.

Same Week Michael Hugh Gunion Mayes is installed as Bishop of Kilmore Ardagh and Elphin at a ceremony in Saint Felim’s Cathedral Kilmore.Among the packed congregation were representatives of all denominations public representatives and community leaders

 Team of Jimmy Smith Pauric McEntee Maisie Freeman and Breda McGonnell win the Kathy Durkin Golf Classic at County Cavan Golf Club.

Mary Smyth daughter of Tommy and Bridie Butlersbridge is pictured playing in the Mini Sevens hurling competition at half time in the All Ireland Senior Hurling Final.

September 16th 1993 Tara Sullivan Anglo Celt in an exclusive interview with Terri Shannahan CEO Jobman  reveals that the Company are supplying  super thermal pile jackets to the Irish troops serving with the UN in freezing Bosnia.Jobman are building a reputation for quality clothing at reasonable prices and will exhibit at the prestigious A+A Exhibition in Düsseldorf Germany. Terri expresses concern for the increasing labour costs in Ireland but says in order to maximise output she divides the work force in cells-5-6 per cell. Each cell can produce an amazing 700 thermal pile garments per week !

Same Week  Kingscourt captained by Padraig McCormack are back as Cavan Senior Champions following their 2-8 to 0-8 win over Gowna in cold overcast Breffni Prk.Hero for Kingscourt was once again super sub Alan Gargan who scored the decisive goal for Kingscourt 31 minutes and 34 seconds into the second half to put the issue beyond doubt against a determined Gowna side who are drawn from 7 town lands on the Cavan/Longford border. Man of the Match is Joe Dillon Kingscourt.

In the Minor Final Mullahoran make it two in a row when they defeat Kilbride 1-12 to 2-6 with Ciaran Reilly (Mullahoran) voted Man of the Match.

Cavan 2nd XV defeat Randallstown 20 points to Nil at Tierquin in an outstanding performance. Captained by Gerry King they had star performers in Darragh King Frankie Lovett in attack and in defence. In the pack Stephen Smith Larry Kiernan and Jimmy Jackson outmanoeuvred their opposite numbers and provided good quality ball for their fast running backs. Team Frankie Lovett A Pratt Cyril O Keefe Johnny McCormack J Tully Darragh King M Keenan L Kiernan Gerry King (Captain) John Conaty G Flood Jimmy Jackson M Gilsenan and Sean McKiernan.

Deidre Lynch Cameo Florists College Street receives her certificate of full membership of Interflora from the Vice President G Murray.

September 23rd 1993 Ireland is the safest place in the world for a woman to give birth according to the latest report from Unicef.Only two deaths for every 100,000 children born are due to problems relating to pregnancy or giving birth. The figure for the UK are 8 and 13 respectively for every 100,000 births.

Same Week  Cavan beat Tyrone in Omagh to qualify for the Masters Football Final against Kildare in Longford next Sunday. Scorers for Cavan were Ollie Leddy 1-1 John Joe Martin 0-2 Brendan Smith 0-2 Mickey Reilly 0-2 and Haulie Reilly 1-2.

Superb Derry captained by Henry Downey reach their destiny winning the Sam Maguire for the 1st time beating Cork 1-14 to 2-8 in the All Ireland Final in Croke Park. Coached by Eamonn Coleman they continue the Ulster dominance of the Sam Maguire in recent years.

Death of Ann Marie Reilly  late of Silverwood Templeogue.Predeceased by her husband James she is survived by her daughter Deidre (Hyland) Clarebawn and son Sean in Templeogue.

Drumcrave win the Roinn A  Under 16 title beating Saint Mary’s in ideal weather conditions by 2-8 to 1-8 at Breffni Park.Drumcrave got off to the best possible start with goals from David McIntyre and Declan Flood leading their shell shocked opponents by 2-1 to 0-1 after only 10 minutes. Scorers for Drumcrave David McIntyre 1-2 Declan Tighe 1-0 Declan Flood 0-3 D Keogh 0-2 and  Micheal Fitzpatrick 0-1. Team Declan Lyons David Faulkner John Woods Rory McGowan P Keogh S Sharkey T Young Declan Flood  Declan Tighe Mark Ferncombe  D Keogh Micheal Fitzpatrick  David McIntyre Andy McConnell M Quinn.Subs Tomas Flynn for M Quinn  T Lyons for Andy McConnell

Brian Tierney Ballyhaise is promoting the biggest Bingo ever held in this country at the Equestrian Centre on the 7th of November .Proceed are in aid of the Cat Scan appeal and Ballyhaise Development Association.

Retirement of Hugh Gough Central Fisheries Board Officer. Native of Church Street Hugh followed his father into the licensed trade in Church Street.Joined the  Central Fisheries Board in 1969 and went to live in Cathedral Road where he transacted most of his business being responsible for The Erne and Upper Shannon Waterways. Championed the Farm House Holiday scheme of the late 1960s Hugh signposted all of the local lakes  and mapped the local fishing waters for the benefit of visiting anglers.Set up the National Coarse Fishing Federation acting as Secretary and affiliating to the international body. At the conclusion of the recent ‘Ace of Clubs’ fishing competition which Hugh initiated the visiting coarse fishermen made Hugh a presentation in recognition of the huge contribution he has made to the development of coarse angling tourism in this country. A true pioneer Hugh modestly admits that through his initiative the 1st  Farm House Holidays were started in Cavan the first public angling display maps were located in Cavan the first angling brochure was published in Cavan and the first angling signs on coarse fishing were erected in Cavan.

Cavan Industrial Cleaners expand to include  The Roped Access Division. Already completed work in accordance with ISO 9000 at HKM Milling Ennis Ballyconnell Lakeland Dairies .Ron Tidey from West London and his wife Mary formed Cavan Industrial Cleaners in 1972 and now employs 8 full time staff and 16 part time. Based at their home in Butlersbridge Ron and Mary intend to move to a new centre in the County Cavan Enterprise Centre Dublin Road

Ray Bannigan Pat Timmoney (Captain) Harry Hunt and Gerry Soden representing Noel Brady’s win the  quiz competition in aid of Saint Clare’s School Cavan.

Death of John Joe Keogh Pullamore in Manchester at the age of 60.Emigrated in 1956 he was in the haulage business in England for over twenty years. Chairman of the Cavan Association in Manchester for over ten years he made sure that anybody who came to live in Manchester from Cavan were well looked after and settled in their new environment. Survived by his wife  Mena mother Maura brothers Brendan PJ  and sisters Margaret Eileen and Kathleen. Funeral from Saint Brigid’s Church Killygarry to the adjoining cemetery.

September 30th 1993 Cavan win their 1st Senior Masters Football title beating Kildare 2-7 to 2-5 at Michael Fay Park Longford. Feature of the team was the three Reilly brother from Ashe Street Cavan who have already amassed a total of 9 County Cavan Senior Championship medals between them with their Club Cavan Gaels. Scorers for Cavan Dessie Gardiner 1-1 Haulie Reilly 1-1 Ollie Leddy 0-2 John Joe Martin Mickey Freehill and Mickey Reilly 0-1 each. Team Michael Lyons (Drumalee) Pauric Brady (Lacken) Captain  John Joe Martin (Thomas Davis) Joe Reilly (Bailieboro) Johnny Sherlock (Kingscourt) Paddy Reilly (Cavan Gaels) Hubert Brady (Mullahoran)J J Reilly (Cavan Gels) Brendan Smith (Redhills) Pat Moran (Belturbet) Haulie Reilly (Cavan Gaels) Michael Reilly (Redhills) Michael Freehill (Killdallen) Ollie Leddy (Redhills) and Dessie Gardiner (Cavan Gaels).Subs J J Murphy (Belturbet) for Pat Moran  Dessie King (Lavey) for J J Murphy.

Same Week  Death of Elizabeth Mullen late of Mullen’s Footwear at the age of 91.Native of Tunnyduff Bailieboorough.Founded the Company along with her recently deceased husband Peter in 1936 and retired in 1972 handing on the premises to their former employee Jackie Smith.Mullen’s footwear was a household name for quality and value in Cavan. Deep religious conviction she was involved in many of the Church activities. Outstandingly charitable and decent she was a very popular person in the shop and well known for her kindness and generosity to the poor and deprived. Aunt of Rev.Eugene Clarke  PP Drumcor, she  was predeceased by her husband Peter only 9 months ago. Survived by her nephews and nieces. Funeral from the Cathedral to Lathlurcan cemetery Monaghan.

Winner of the Past President’s (Peggy Willock’s) Prize at County Cavan Bridge Club 1st N/S Ena Hickey and Kay Henry  1st E/W and Gross Maureen Green and Angela O Reilly.

Death of Una Smith in Peamont Hospital Dublin at the age of 77.Widow of the late legendary Dr.FPE Smith (Darragh) Farnham Street Cavan. Daughter of the late Dr  Joseph C McMullin and Feances McMullin ‘ Inis Fail’ Cavan County Surgeon.Una was one of the best known and highly respected Domestic Economy Instructors in Ireland. Educated at the Sacred Heart Convent Roscrea and Loreto College Cavan she was a founder pupil in Loreto the school being founded by the Loreto Sisters in 1930.Trained as a Domestic Economy Instructor at Beaufort College Rathfarnham and Saint Catherine’s Sion Hill. She taught at  Drishane Convent Millstreet  Co Cork Bush Technical School Shinrone County Offaly and in Saint Clare’s Ballyjamesduff from 1965 to 1981.Past Lady Captain and President of County Cavan Golf Club.Una had a deep generosity of spirit and caritas that captured the respect and affection of all who knew her. She was predeceased by her husband Darragh and is survived by her son Nicky daughters Britta Cassandra Thecla  Fiona brothers Dr J P Art and Don together with 10 grandchildren. Father Oliver Kelly CC officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

James Kiernan Irish International Show jumper is leading rider at the first Cavan Equestrian Centre 4 Day International Horse Show. Pauline Clarke proprietor presents James with a Horse Solarium valued at over £1,000.

October 7th 1993 Des O Malley resigns as leader of the Progressive Democrats. He will not seek re-election at the next General Election and a new leader will be selected next week.

Same Week County Cavan Golf Club win the Ronan Rafferty trophy for Juveniles. Team Killian Mulcahy (Captain) Gene Smith Edmund Malone Cathal O Connor and Fergal Dunne. Hugo Smith and Kerill Gaffney were the reserves and Vincent O Connor Team Manager. Trailing 10 ½ to 9 ½ against Mourne from the 1st leg in Newcastle they won the 2nd leg at County Cavan by  the decisive margin of 18-2 to win the title and now rated the best Juvenile team in Ulster.

Deidre Mimnagh Moynehall is conferred with her BSc (Honours) at UCD in Industrial Microbilology.Educated at Corlurgan NS and Loreto College Cavan. she is daughter of Willie and Mary Mimnagh Moynehall Cavan

Armagh and Galway clash in the All Ireland Junior Camogie Final in Breffni Park. Last time a Camogie Final was played in Breffni Park was when the Ulster Senior Champions Cavan clashed with Dublin in a drawn All Ireland Final of 1941.Dublin winning the replay at Croke Park. Cavan team captained by Mollie Donohoe (Killygarry) Team Kathleen Smith Rita Sullivan Mollie Donohoe (Captain) Mae Meehan Vera Brady Clare Leonard Madeline Farrelly  Kathleen Reilly Kate Fitzpatrick  Alice Lee Moya Donnelly Mae McBreen Peggy Lynch Carmel Fitzpatrick Julie O Reilly .Team Mentors Andy O Brien and HL Smith. Picture is by Rosemary Power Coleman Road.

October 14th 1993 Monaghan to Cavan sponsored walk raises £6,760 for the Cavan/Monaghan Dialysis Unit at Cavan General Hospital. Pictured are Fergal Kiernan (Assistant Treasurer)  Jimmy Mulcahy (Walk Organiser) Val Maguire (Chairman Cavan Branch IKA) Molly Hickey  Seamus McConnon (Secretary) Petrea Ruddy Hughie Cosgrove and Margaret Creedon.

Same Week  Cavan Rugby Club in their first outing under their New Zealand Coach Dean Watkins hammer Newry 1st XV 43-7 in Newry. Eddie Moore on the wing had a field day running in three tries for Cavan. Team Eric Trenier  P Rogers I Fanin  R Brady B Dunne Winston Morrison (Captain) D Watkins B  O Kane C Hartland C Barry Murphy Philip Brady M Kane R Trenier Eddie Moore and B Doyle .

Armagh beat Galway 2-10 to 0-6 to record their 1s ever All Ireland Junior Camogie Championship at Breffni Park to add to their League crown won early in the year. Galway were simply washed away and swamped in a tidal wave of emotion and skill displayed by the Armagh girls.

October 21st 1993  Years of  intensive fundraising are brought to fruition with the presentation of 7 Dialysis machines to Cavan General Hospital Dialysis Unit by Cavan/Monaghan Kidney Association.

Same Week  Bishop Michael Mayes in his first public function ordains Sandra Lindsey wife of Rev Cecil Lindsey the first ever woman Deacon in the Diocese of Kilmore at Saint Felim’s Cathedral Kilmore.

Death of John P Smith Glenside Road  at the age of 68.One of the best known singers and musicians in this area. Born in College Street he joined the staff of the Post Office 48 years ago as a Telegram Boy  and later as a Postman. John P started on the trusty bike cycling thousands of miles in the course of his duty but drove one of the first Post Vans in Cavan. Exceptional talent with strong tenor voice he was a member of the Cathedral Choir for  over 40 years .Star performer he took a leading part in many of the Musical Societies Productions with Musical Director Father A B McGrath. Member of the winning teams including Saint Felim’s Hospital in the Tops of Breffni.Gifted trumpeter with the Des Jenkins Orchestra and Pat Kelly Orchestra  played in al the big centres nationwide including the Top Hat Laurel Park and The National John P was chosen to sound the salute on the trumpet at the Consecration of the Cathedral on the 14th September 1947.In recent years John P played a pivotal role in the revival of Bunnoe Brass and Reed Band not only playing with them but instructing them as well. Founder member of Cavan Credit Union in 1968 John P was always concerned for the welfare of others and was  a pillar of the Community.Bunnoe Brass and Reed Band marched in procession at his funeral sounding the salute at the Consecration and last post at his burial. Cathedral Choir sang in tribute to their late distinguished colleague with Dessie Ronan on the Organ. John P is survived by his wife Rose sons John Francis and Rory daughters Gabrielle and Ann and sister Delia. Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry cemetery.

Presentation to Tom and Kathleen McKenna by their neighbours and friends on the occasion of their retirement of a painting of their premises in Main Street by Agnes Flood (daughter of Bert and Nan formerly of Bridge Street).

Benny and Adeline Moore Mace Super Save Supermarket are made a presentation on the occasion of their retirement after 25 years in business by their friends and neighbours. Pictured are Connie McEntee Myles O Brien Terry Argue and Shane Dempsey who made the presentation. The shop was packed to capacity with well wishers. After the retirement of The Moore’s and McKenna’s only two Family Grocers remains in Cavan ‘Hourican’s ‘Upper Main Street and ‘Pat McGovern’s’ Connolly Street!

Cavan Gaels score a facile win 8-7 to 0-8 over Saint Finbar’s in the Roinn A Under 14 Final in Breffni Park. Forwards ran rings around the beleaguered Saint Finbar’s defence. Scorers for the Gaels Michael Mooney 3-2 Keith Coyle 3-0 Donal Gaffney 2-2 and Paul Brady 0-3 Team Eoin Elliott Darren Rabbitt Seamus Martin Paul Brady Jarlath Smith Karl Crotty Shane McGlade Paul Brady Francis Galligan Brendan Jermyn Kenneth Coyle Michael Mooney Mark O Reilly Donal Gaffney and Paul O Donnell.Subs Tommy McCormick for Brendan Jermyn Donagh Reilly for Paul O Donnell  and Cormac Lewis for J Smith.

October 28th 1993 Paddy Reilly Virginia Chairman of Cavan County Council signs the contract with Cedar Construction Developments Sligo for the building of the new Cavan swimming pool at a cost of £1.7 million at a ceremony in Cavan Courthouse. It is expected that the state of the art pool will be completed within 15 months. It will include 25 metre pool L shaped Kiddie’s Pool Jacuzzi Stream Room Solarium Coffee Dock General function room and kitchen facilities. The pool  designed by Gaffney Cullivan Architects adjoins the Cavan Sports Complex at Drumalee.

Same Week Death of Sergeant Liam Maguire Ballybay at the age of 67.Hero of the 1952 All Ireland Final when he joined his brother Father Dessie on the Cavan team at right half back while his younger brother Brendan at 17 lined out for Meath at centre field. Born in Bingfield Crossdoney and played Senior football with Cornafean Oldcastle and Ballybay Pearse Brothers. Joined the Garda Siochana in 1957 and posted to Julianstown County Meath later posted to Ballybay where he spent 36 years on the beat. Great interest in youth and under age football he ferried young players the length and breath of Ulster. Outstanding Inter County Referee he took charge of all the famous Down and Derry clashes of the late 1950s and early 1960.Refereed the Ulster Final of 1961 when Down defeated Armagh in the Final. Appointed to referee the All Ireland Final of the same year when Down defeated Offaly before a record attendance of 91,000.He was a brave and no nonsense officer. In May 1963 he defused a bomb hidden under the Auctioneer’s podium at Ballybay Mart using a long pole with a nail to separate and remove the detonator. For his bravery he was awarded the Scott medal. Survived by his wife Mona son Aidan daughters Elizabeth Miriam and Lorraine. Cavan Monaghan and Ulster GAA representatives attended his funeral from Saint Patrick’s Church Ballybay to the adjoining cemetery.

Cavan Chamber of Commerce 1993-1994 President Cormac D Dunne Vice President Hugh Lennon  Secretary Michael O Brien Treasurer Hugh Lennon PRO Martin Carroll.Committe Gerry Egan John Connolly Tony Smith Eddie Coleman Jim McCartney Myles O Brien Peter McGinnity Ciaran Murray Jim Smith Shirley Sherriff Terry McGovern Tony Finlay Nigel Pratt Peadar Leddy and Jimmy Scanlon.The Treasurer (Hugh Lennon) reported that income reached £20,0015 with expenditure at £17,048 leaving a Credit Balance of £2,967.

Roddy Doyle wins the Broker Prize and £20,00 for his novel ‘Paddy Clarke HA Ha Ha’ .Doyle enjoyed international success with his first novel ‘The Commitments’ which was turned into a popular film.

Tom Hussey 55 Carrickfern and College Street completes the Golden Pages Dublin City Marathon (26.2 miles) in aid of the Irish Heart Foundation.

Brian O Grady (Navan O Mahony’s) bids for his 5th Meath Senior Championship medal when O Mahony’s clash with Skryne in the decider in Navan.Brian has also won Monghan Senior medal with Castleblayney Faughs and Cavan Minor and Senior medals with Cavan Gaels in 1978 (the latter won on the same afternoon when Brian was also voted Man of the Match in the Minor decider).Brian was born in Letterkenny but reared and educated in Cavan he is eldest son of the late Ann and Brian O Grady former County Development Officer in Cavan. He is presently domiciled in Navan where he works with Allied Irish Banks. Brian was an ever present at right half back on the Navan O Mahony’s 4 in a row team 1987-1990.

November 4th 1993 Death of Maureen Hunt Farnham Street at the age of 89.Native of Castlerea County Roscommon where her father Daniel Nolan was Manager of the Ulster Bank Maureen and her late husband Gerry took over the dental practice of Mr Burnett in Farnham Street. Founder member of Cavan Bridge Club she was Captain and President of the Club she and her husband had a passion for the game and Gerry represented Ulster and Ireland on several occasions. Maureen was Captain of County Cavan Golf Club in 1947 while Gerry was Captain in 1943.Bridge though was their 1st choice and they hosted Bridge sessions in their house in Farnham Street with visitors from all over the adjoining counties. Maureen took a prominent part in the religious and social life of the town and was a prominent active member of the Legion of Mary. Father John Murphy Adm officiated at the Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry cemetery where members of the local Bridge Club formed a Guard of Honour .She was predeceased by her husband Gerry and is survived by her sons Gerry Dermot  and Harry and daughter Miriam.

Same Week Geraldine Coyle 65 College Street PJ Galligan Pullamore Rose Mary Lennon 21 Drumnavanagh and Teresa Finegan Drumheel Cavan are awarded Gold Pins by the Irish Blood Transfusion Service when 599 donors gave blood during their recent visit to Cavan.

The Maloney family from Glassdrummond Poles are pictured on the front page as they renew acquaintances after 43 years separation. Ann Packy Mollie Benny Peggy and Sean.

Minister for the Environment Michael Smith accepts Cavan Urban Council’s quote of £430,000 for the erection of 14 OPDs at The Sports Centre. The Contractors are Sean and Rosemarie Kiernan Moyne Construction while the Architects are Gaffney Cullivan .

Paul Connolly ‘Windy Nook’ Keadue Cathedral Road marries Fiona Meighan Highfield Road in Saint Brigid’s Church Killygarry with the reception in Cabra Castle Kingscourt.

Kelly Ann Kinsella 39 Wolfe Tone Street is conferred with her Nursing Diploma in Redding Berks University.Eduicated at Crubany Loreto and the College of Further Studies. Kelly Ann is the eldest  daughter of Peter and Hannah Kinsella.She trained at Wrexham Hospital Slough.

Glenda O Reilly graduates with a BSc degree in Marine Science at UCG.Native of Roscommon she is grand daughter of Seamus and Hannah Fay 11 Owen Roe Cavan

Pictured is Tony and Maureen Jackson  at the Harvest Moon dinner dance in Hicksville Long Island.Maureenis a native of County Galway while Anthony is a native of Wolfe Tone Street and is the Presenter and DJ on WRHU New York  radio each Saturday.

November 11th 1993 Over 10,000 attend the biggest Bingo session ever held in this country. Over 200 buses and 4,000 cars ferried the huge crowd from every county in Ireland in search of the top prize of £10,000 00 which was shared by punters from Donegal and Tyrone. With a total prize fund of £32,000. Sponsored by Ballyhaise GFC and Ballyhaise Development Committee this is their third major venture under the leadership and direction of Brian Tierney having successfully run the Member’s £100,000 draw and The Ulster Poker Classic.

Same Week  Death of well known Cavan character Margaret Loonam Emmett Place at the age of 80.Member of the old and highly respected Johnston family (her mother was Cartwright) family Margaret was the most beautiful woman in Cavan in her youth and was much sought after as a partner. Known as ‘Amy Johnston’ she bore a similarity in appearance to the American aviator of the same name. Married Bob Loonam an Engineer in the Department of Posts and Telegraphs from Athlone they reared a very large family and lived in Emmett Place. She was well known for her forthright views on all subjects both local and international and could express them in a succulent witty manner to the delight of her company. Great neighbour and friend her generosity of spirit knew no bounds and her sense of pride in the town was always evident. She attended all of the Bingo sessions in the Town Hall and her comments and calls were priceless and made the night for the large assembled host of friends and callers. She was predeceased by her husband Robert F 19 years ago and is survived by her sons Barney RogerAnthony Austin daughters May (Kavanagh) Kathleen (Bury) Caroline (Coen) Frances Margaret (O Malley) and Alacoque (Pryce). Minutes silence for the repose of her soul at Friday night’s Bingo in the Town Hall. Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Social Services Whist Drive 1st Nellie Gilroy 2nd May McCaul Hatcher May Gumley 1st Gent  Oliver Leinster 2nd Collette Teahan and Gent’s Hatcher John Brady.

Death of Thomas (Tommy) Argue Cavan Street Cootehill at the age of 83.Popular and highly esteemed member of the Community. Predeceased by his wife Bridget in 1967.Tommy is survived by a family of 12 Father Pat SSCC Raymond Jim Eugene Terry John Kevin Noel Gerard Mary Chrissie and Joan Very Rev Canon Des O Dowd officiated at the funeral from Saint Michael’s Church Cootehill to the adjoining cemetery

Bishop Michael Mayes is accorded a civic reception by Cavan County Council when the Chairman Paddy O Reilly presents the  Bishop  with an inscribed Cavan Crystal lamp.

Derbhla Crotty stars with Alan Devlin in the TE 1 production of ‘Gold in The Street’ a drama for television written by Thomas Kilroy and directed by Thaddeus O Sullivan.

Marie Byrne Drumnavanagh is conferred with her Registered General Nursing degree at Redding University Berkshire England .Marie completed her training at Wrexham Park Hospital Slough and is a past pupil of Saint Clare’s Loreto College and the College of Further Studies. She is daughter of Malachy and Veronica Byrne Drumnavanagh .

Butlersbridge Development Committee 1993-1994 Chairman Michael Mulvey Vice Chair Hugh Leddy Secretary and PRO Veronica Shannon  Assistant Secretary Mary McCorry  Treasurer Colm O Reilly and Assistant Treasurer Peadar Leddy.

Mr Liam McMullin MB BSc FRCI has been appointed Locum Consultant at Cavan General Hospital. Son of Joseph P McMullin Consultant Surgeon Saint Vincent’s Hospital and grandson of the late J C McMullin former Cavan County Surgeon from 1935-1952.

Richard Graham (Team P Elliott) continues his unbeaten run within the county when he storms to victory in the Road League in Cootehill completing the 8,000 metre course in an excellent 26 minutes. John Joe Rogers and Martin Lee (Innyvale) filled the minor placings.

November 18th 1993  Sudden death of Wesley Anderson ‘Country Sunshine’ 7 Keadue Cathedral Road at the age of 43.Popular and highly esteemed Advertising Manager with the Anglo Celt. Began his career with the Anglo Celt 25 years ago and served as  top class Printer Camera Technician and latterly Advertising Manager he was also Octave of ‘Top Note’ fame and his weekly shobiz column was read far and wide by performers and punters alike. On leaving the Royal School he studied Horticulture and was in fact offered a position in the Botanic Gardens which he refused in favour of a job at home with The Anglo Celt. Son of Jack and Iris Anderson Derrylane Killeshandra Wesley was educated at the local National School The Royal School and The College of Technology Bolton Street. Prominent member of Cavan Tidy Towns Committee Cavan Gardening Club Cavan Table Tennis Club and Cavan Mental Health Association he was also a founder member and committed activist of the ‘No Name Club’ and abhorred the abuse of drugs and drink being a non smoker and abstainer. Acted as MC at Cavan Equestrian Centre where he created a gracious and pleasant atmosphere for the many visitors. Intense interest in the welfare of the Church of Ireland Wesley was  Assistant Treasurer of Cavan Parish Church  member of the Select Vestry and on the Board of Governors of the Royal School. He was also a member of Ecumenical Movement and could see the benefits of Church Unity. Wesley’s main priority was his family and the welfare of his wife and three daughters whom he adored. Bishop Michael Mayes presided at the removal of the remains from Cavan General Hospital while the officiating clergy were Reverend Mark Lidwill Rector Cavan and Reverend Lister Scott Curate Assistant Cavan/Killeshandra.Among the clergy present were Revs W D Johnston Archdeacon of Kilmore Canon R Richey Very Rev John Murphy Adm Father Sean Mawn CC Chaplain Cavan General Hospital and his old friend Archdeacon of Kilmore Rev GA Millar. The clergy officiating at the Funeral Service in Cavan Parish Church were Very Rev Dr J C Coombe Dean of Kilmore Reverend Mark Lidwill Reverend Lister Scott Reverend Cecil Lindsay and Father John McTiernan President of Saint Patrick’s College  Father John Murphy and his dear friend Father Brian Darcy who preached the Eulogy. His showband friends led by Kathy Durkin sang ‘Amazing Grace’ at the graveside in the New cemetery. My good friend and next door neighbour Wesley is survived by his wife Dorothy daughters Michelle Elaine and Gayle his mother Iris brother Ivor sister Pearl and his many relatives. friends and neighbours

 Same Week  Death of Alan McEntee late of 3 Saint Felim’s Place in England. Survived by his wife Veronica mother brothers Tom and Michael sisters Aggie and Margaret. Funeral in England.

Death of Paddy Smith ‘Dunbar’ Saint Johns Trim County Westmeath and formerly Alackan Cavan at the age of 75.Eldest son of the late John and Mary Anne Smith Alackan.Educated at Killygarry NS Saint Patrick’s College Cavan. He began a long and distinguished career with the Bank of Ireland in 1937.Manager in Bailieboro 1968 he was appointed Manager in Trim in 1976 until his retirement in 1982.Received the Bene Merenti medal from Pope John Paul II for his outstanding service to the Saint Vincent De Paul Society which he served with unstinting zeal for over 53 years. Outstanding footballer Paddy won two Louth Senior County medals with Yung Ireland’s Dundalk and another with Saint Mary’s Ardee in 1948.Incredibly while serving in Armagh he won another Senior Championship medal with the local club Eire Og.In 1943/44 he played with Down winning a McKenna Cup medal in 1944.In 1945 Paddy was transferred to Granard and joined his first Cavan Club Stradone.Starred in the Ulster Final of that year winning his first Ulster Senior medal but failing to Cork in the All Ireland Final.Winner of two All Ireland medals with Cavan whom he represented against Kerry in The Polo Grounds 1947 and Mayo in 1948 and winning a National League with Cavan in the same year. Member of three Ulster Railway Cup teams he retired from playing in 1950 but continued his interest in the game by training Saint Patrick’s Wicklow to the three in a row Wicklow Senior Championships of 1959-1961 while working with the Bank of Ireland in Wicklow town. Pivotal to the revival of Saint Mary’s GFC while in Granard he was also a  noted actor and won the Gold medal for his part in ‘Money Doesn’t Matter’in1947 at Cavan Drama Festival. In recent years he excelled at Golf and was Treasurer of Trim Golf Club for the last 7 years. Guards of Honour formed by his surviving colleagues of the great Cavan All Ireland teams. He is survived by his wife May (sister of Louth football star Kevin Behan) daughters Una Maria and Anne brothers Donie Killygarry sisters  Philomena (Foley) Ballyhaise and Bee (Burns) Enniskillen. Funeral from Saint Patrick’s Church Trim to Saint Loman’s cemetery.

Votes of sympathy to the Anderson family are led by the Chairman Dr Eamonn McDwyer at Cavan UDC saying “Wesley gave of his best to his family and the Community” Paddy O Reilly said “Wesley was highly respected throughout the area and he would be very badly missed by his colleagues and staff in the Anglo Celt”.Terry Argue said that “Wesley was unique his good friend and neighbour for 16 years. He was a supremely talented and charitable individual”. Brian Johnston County Manager said “Wesley was a very intelligent industrious hard working man and the town would be much the poorer for his loss”.

Cavan Association in Dublin  select well known Cavan Country and Western Singer and Butlersbridge native Kathy Durkin as Person of the Year. Presentation at Gala Ball on the 27th of November in Westmanstown Sports and Leisure Centre Clonsilla.

November 25th 1993 Death of Michael Francis (Frank) Milner ‘Prague Villa’ Highfield Road at the age of 64.Native of Ennis County Clare he was employed with the Department of Posts and Telegraphs. Came to Cavan from Belturbet in May 1966 and held the post of Post Office Clerk until his appointment as  District Postmaster in Cootehill in 1983 a position he held until his recent retirement. Man of great humour and friendship he had a very pleasing personality and endeared himself to al who had the pleasure of meeting him. Leader in Cavan Boy Scouts he was a very keen gardener and horticulturist and decorated the scout Den at Coleman Road in a blaze of flowers which were a joy to behold each Summer. Frank is survived by his wife Mary son Francis sisters Maud and Elizabeth. Funeral from the Cathedral to Saint Michael’s cemetery Cootehill.

Same Week Winner of this week’s £500 in the Hospice Draw is Alice Elliott Church Street 2nd £300 Bridie Packenham C/o Quinnsworth and 3rd £200 Gerry Nevin Killymooney Drive Cavan.

Death of Brigid Keoghan late of the Hibernian Bank Cavan and Greystones County Wicklow. Native of Cahersle Tralee County Kerry.Herself and her husband Leo (Manager Hibernian Bank) were very popular members of the Community before their retirement to Dublin. The family were highly respected and talented and took part in all the Musicals particularly The Pavilion and Father AB McGrath’s Cavan Musicals .Predeceased by her husband Leo she is survived by her sons Paddy Terry and daughters Olive Kathleen and Sister Imelda. Funeral from Saint Brendan’s Church to Dean’s Grange cemetery.

Death of Desmond Maguire late of Drumlark in Middlesex England at the age of 35.Son of the late James and Susan Maguire he worked in Harrod’s Store in Knightsbridge and was a regular visitor home. Survived by his brothers Paddy Tommy John Martin Philip Noel and Brendan sisters Eileen Sheila and Anne.Funeal from Saint Aidan’s Church Butlersbridge to the local cemetery.

December 2nd 1993 Gabriel Cullivan Town Clerk is promoted to the position of Administrative officer Cavan County Council. Very popular and efficient Town Clerk over the last 10 years. Tributes paid to him at meeting of Cavan UDC “County Council’s gain is the Urban Council’s loss” Paul Dolan added that Gabriel’s greatest attribute apart from his courtesy and efficiency was his ability to get good value for the Council’s money no matter where it was spent!

Same Week  Total overhaul of expenses and travelling allowances paid to County Councillors results in average salary of £46 per week.

Harry Hunt is appointed Constituency PRO for Fine Gael. Harry is County Organiser and National Council Representative for Fine Gael.

Death of Thomas Smyth 10 Jubilee at the age of 89.member of a very well known old Cavan family Thomas was deeply religious and charitable. Predeceased by his wife Mayjo (Nee Murray) he is survived by his son Tommy. Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Ciaran Beirne Drumalee is conferred with his MSc (Food Science) at UCD.Educated at Saint Felim’s NS Saint Patrick’s College and UCG.Ciaran is son of John and Terese Beirne Drumalee.

Death of the very popular Margaret Cosgrove Lake View Cavan at the age of 55 at Cavan General Hospital. Memorable Cavan character she was  particularly fond of children. Survived by her parents Paddy and Maggie  brothers Hughie Martin Patrick sisters Kathlen Bridie Phyllis Veronica Christine Frances and Rosie. She was predeceased by her sister Mary Donegan some years ago. Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies cemetery.

Ann Donohoe Keadue Cavan is this week’s winner of the £500 in Cavan Hospice Draw.

Presentation to long serving Teddy McCormack and his wife Pauline and Charles and Marion Green on their recent marriage at Cavan Gaels function in the Farnham Hotel. Later Teddy was made a presentation at the GAA Convention in the Kilmore by Brendan Keaney Chairman Cavan County Board for his long years of dedicated duty as Masseur to the Cavan team.

December 9th 1993 John Gurhy wins the Garda Community Shield at Cavan CYMS presented by Garda Paul Myles. John beat Kenneth O Connell in an exciting final. Stephen Maguire and Kevin Donohoe are the beaten Semi Finalists.

Same Week  Cavan/Monaghan Irish Kidney Association are voted Cavan organisation of the Year at the Anglo Celt/Rehab awards in the Kilmore Hotel. The award was accepted by Bernard O Brien. Over 400 attended the glittering ball where Maxi was an outstanding MC and Cynthia Poyntz Chair Cavan Rehab introduced the various speakers and thanked the great support for the Rehab.

Centenary Committee County Cavan Golf Club 1993-1994 President Norman Cinnamond Centenary Captain Donal Crotty Vice Captain Willie Harrington Secretary Jimmy Sheridan Treasurer Jim McDermott Assistant Treasurer Eddie Cosgrove Course Convenor Niall Walsh Handicap Secretary Paddy Haren Committee Philip Cullivan Brendan Donohoe Dr.Paddy Faulkner Sean Galligan Tommy (Nakajima) McKiernan Paddy Maguire Oliver Malone Donal Shanaghy John Talbot and Brian Tighe.

Sheila Pryce 20 Owen Roe is the very popular winner of this week’s £500 in the Saint Christopher’s Hospice Draw.

Killygarry School will celebrate its centenary in 1994.a Committee has been formed and a commemorative booklet planned. Information from Margaret McGovern (Cahill) Drumaughra or Angela McEntee (Smith) Pullamore Phone 32391.

Death of Bridget Agnes McDermott late of Owen Roe at her home in Finsbury Park London at the age of 89.Formerly Cissie Higgins from Moneycass Stradone.Marrid James McDermott in 1924 and came to live in Cavan where she resided until the family emigrated in 1956.A quiet saintly woman devoted to her family and the Church.- her home in Finsbury Park was a meeting place for the local Rosary and Prayer group. Always got the Anglo Celt each week and herself and the family retained a great love for Cavan and Home. Her son Kevin wrote the much acclaimed poem ‘My Native Cavan Town’ and the book ‘The Time of the Corncrake’ ‘Predeceased by her husband James she is survived by her sons Jim Sean Patrick Kevin and daughters Margaret and Rose.Funeral following Mass in Saint Meltus Church Tollington Park London.

Richard Graham (Team P Elliott) wins the Ulster Intermediate 10,000 metres road race in Stradone 2nd Brendan Sherlock (Monaghan Phoenix) and 3rd Martin Prunty (Monaghan Phoenix).Great performance by the young Cavan man who led from the gun and won by a considerable distance with the Monaghan Phoenix pair Sherlock and Prunty disputing the minor placings. 1st team Monaghan Phoenix 2nd Innyvale 3rd Newry Shamrocks.

Terry Argue President Cavan Lions Club presents a cheque for £1,500 to Eoghan Doherty Friends of Saint Luke’s Hospital Rathgar Dublin 6 with fellow Lions Ray Carr P J Dunne and Michael O Brien in attendance.

December 16th 1993 Ciaran Coulter is conferred with his B Sc (Hons) in Computer Applications at Waterford Regional Technical College. Educated at Corlurgan Saint Patrick’s College he is son of Brendan and Vera Coulter Creighan Cavan.

Same Week  Death of Mary (Maisie) McCormack Tullac Mongan at the age of 73.Member of the well known Donohoe family she was a native of the town.Prdeceased by her late husband Tommy in 1967 Maisie continued to raise and nourish her large family which she did admirably. Involved with many local committees and organisations she was a member of the Boys Accordion Band and took a very active part in the running of Cavan Carnival. Member of the Parents committee Poor Clare Convent and Tullac Mongan Residents Association.Maisie loved a night out and a sing song and was an accomplished singer and story teller. Above all she was a loving mother of 14 children 20 grandchildren and 2 great grand children. She is survived by her sons Eamonn Paddy Gerard Jimmy and Michael daughters Mary (Fleming) Eileen (Kinsella) Kathleen (Sexton) Anna (Oaks)  Bernadette (Deegan) Mela (Smith) Jeanette (McCourt) Jacqueline (Doyle) and Margaret. Funeral from the Cathedral to Drumavaddy cemetery.

Catriona McKiernan wins her 5th consecutive Inter Counties title at Dungarvan County Waterford. Back in 2nd 47 seconds behind Catriona was Maureen Harrington from Kerry.Catriona says it was a most enjoyable race no pressure at all and better than a training run on her own.!

County Cavan Golf Club Lady’s Centenary Committee President Rose Fox Captain Mary Galligan Vice Captain Ann Smith Secretary Majella Brady Assistant Secretary Ann Fallon Treasurer Mary Donohoe and Handicap Secretary Gertie Walsh.

Death of Bridie Galligan ‘Rose Cottage’ Drumelis at the age of 68.Daughter of the late Elizabeth and Michael Galligan Annagelliffe.Worked 1st in McCarren’s for 1 ½ years Gaffney and Cullivan Architects for 15 years and the County Committee of Agriculture where she was Chief Clerk to  a number CAO.Later worked with Teagasc and Acot.Very active in the Gardening Club Cavan ICA Beekeeper’s Association ISPCA Cavan Ecumenical Association and long time Secretary and founding member of Cavan Branch Comhaltas Ceoltoiri.Survived by her brothers Paddy (Coventry) and Michael (Leitrim).Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry cemetery

FW de Klerk and Nelson Mandela share the Nobel Peace Prize for their work in helping South Africa move towards majority rule.

December 23rd 1993 Editor and Staff of The Anglo Celt in wishing their readers a Happy Christmas says “In the last 25 years never has Peace on this Island been so clearly within our grasp. This Christmas Peace and Joy to the people of Ireland”

Same Week Doctor Eamonn McDwyer Chairman of Cavan UDC on behalf of the Council confers the Medal of Honour on Willie P O Hanlon Managing Director Anglo Celt Monsignor PJ McManus PP VG Crosserlough Anselem Lovett President Saint Vincent De Paul and Paddy Conaty (Senior) long time member of Cavan County Council and Cavan Urban Council. The medal designed by the Chairman’s wife Dr Marlis McDwyer is conferred on the 5 worthy recipients for their outstanding service to the Community.

Arthur and Betty McKenna celebrate the Golden Jubilee of their marriage with a reception in the White Horse Hotel Cootehill.Maried on the 24th November 1943 they have 8 children (5 daughters and 3 sons) and 11 grandchildren.

Sean McElgunn launches his book ‘Songs of the Windy Erne’ at a reception in Morgan’s Bar Belturbet.

Tony Looney recently returned as Secretary Cavan County Board of the GAA is appointed Postmaster in Shannon. Native of Kerry Tony was 20 years in the local Post Office .Himself and his wife Joe (Weir) are wished every happiness by the entire Community they served so well.

Karen M Cullen receives her BCL (Honours) degree at UCD.Karen was educated at the Poor Clare’s Loreto Convent College of Further Studies Cavan and is youngest daughter of Jimmy and Josie Cullen Cathedral Road Cavan.

Mick Crosby and Paddy McManus founder members of Cavan Rugby Club jointly present a cup for competition in the Annual Charity fixture at Christmas each year. This year Louis’ Lions take on the Alligators (President XV) .Later Philip Brady Secretary of the Club presents the proceeds of the game £315 to Noreen O Reilly Treasurer of Saint Christopher’s Hospice.

Richard Graham wins the County Cavan Cross Country title in Lavey over a fine course of 12,000 metres but in poor weather conditions. Liam O Reilly (Laragh) 2nd and Brian O Reilly (Laragh) 3rd.Owen McPhilips made it a great day for Team P Elliott winning the Veteran’s Race 2nd Martin McKenna and 3rd Tony Dunne (Team P Elliott).

Barry Elliott on behalf of Homemakers and P Elliott and Company presents a cheque to Team P Elliott members  Packy Doonan Tony Dunne Richard Graham as sponsorship of the club for the 1994 season.

December 30th 1993 Mystery £2.3 million winner of the Lotto Jackpot in Ballyhaise.Ticket sold by Susan Brady daughter of Austin and Rose The Post Office Ballyhaise.

Same Week  26th annual Icebreakers Christmas swim draws a record crowd on a chilly Christmas Morning to Rann Point.

Death of  Winifred Healy at the residence of her daughter Una (Smith) Errigal Cootehill.Native of Finea she came to Cavan with her sister Maisie Slacke and opened the famous high class confectionery and Restaurant ‘Milshéan Breifne’ Main Street (Irish Nationwide) in 1945.Accomplished confectioner and pastry chef she learnt the trade from her aunt Jane McLoughlin who was the Domestic Economy teacher in the old Cavan Technical School. Very keen on Drama and the Cavan International Song Contest she never missed a night  at Cavan Drama since its foundation in 1946.Excellent card player she excelled at poker and many heavy sessions were held in the family living quarters over the shop. Survived by her sons Tony and Dermot  daughters Miriam (McGilly) and Una (Smith) sisters Maisie Slacke and Nancy Kinane and brother Seamus. Funeral on Saint Stephen’s Day  from Saint Bridget’s Church Kill to Castletown cemetery Finea.

Sinead Ronan (Lyons School of Dancing) will represent Ulster in the World Championships in the Burlington Hotel. Won 2 medals and a place on the Ulster team following the recent Championships. First time a member of the Lyons School of Dancing has been honoured at Provincial level. Sinead is daughter of Paul and Fanoni Ronan Drumelis.

Cathal O Reilly Poles is conferred with his Mechanical Engineering (Honours) degree at Trinity College Dublin. Educated at Killygarry NS Saint Patrick’s College and the College of Technology Bolton Street he is son of Paul and Kathleen Reilly Poles.

Carmel Loughnane and Joanne O Neill on behalf of the 4th year students at Cavan Vocational School present Gerry Tynan President Saint Vincent De Paul with a cheque for £400 towards the cost of the Night Shelter at River Street.

January 6th 1994 Marie Schwab gives birth  her 1st child Melanie at 12.20 am on New Year’s Day.Dr John Monahan Gynaecologist performed the delivery.Melanie weighing in at 7 lbs is daughter of Marie and Sam Schwab Keadue and the Old Priory Restaurant is the first child to be born in Cavan/Monaghan in 1994.

Same Week Death of the legendary John McGinnity formerly Kelly’s Terrace and Cathedral Road at the age of 80.Well known businessman and pioneer of air transport in the area. John came to Cavan just after the war in 1946 with his wife Josephine and purchased the licensed premises of John Moore on the corner of Bridge Street and College Street. In 1947 John established a Travel Agency having had experience of the aeroplane business in England. In 1948 John began to organise small tours to the USA and Lourdes. Among the GAA Clubs who travelled under his guidance were Crosserlough/Lavey in 1969 Crosserlough/Ballyhaise 1979 Killaney Monaghan and Ballinamore 1985 and Templeport/Arva 1990.His outstanding organisation of the annual Kilmore Diocesan pilgrimage together with frequent trips to the Holy Land Rome and latterly Saint Killian’s Shrine in Wurtzburg Germany won for him and his family an enviable reputation for outstanding organisation courtesy and efficiency. Above all John had a great sense of humour and no matter how  serious the situation John could reduce the anxious clients to laughter and proceed to ensure their total comfort and safety. On the 17th July 1949 John organised the famous flight over Cavan led by the County Manager Dermot McCarthy for 52 locals which took in al the major landmarks and was talked about for years afterwards. John established an outstanding relationship with Aer Lingus over the last 44 years and was the recipient of many awards from the national carrier. Born in County Monaghan from the age of three he grew up in Rosslea County Fermanagh. Completed his education at the Christian Brothers Omagh and later emigrated to England where he worked  with Fairey Aviation who made aeroplanes for the British Navy where he remained until 1946 when he returned to Ireland and bought John Moore’s Public House then known as ‘Slither Reilly’s’. Founder member of Cavan Tourist Association John was Chairman for 30 years eventually handing over the mantle to Eddie Brady but remained on as Vice Chairman. John was on the Board of North West Tourism Lakeland Tourism and member of Cavan Enterprise Board.Founder member and Chairman of Cavan Licensed Vintners Association. Great love for sport John was generous to the Cavan Shamrocks presenting the club with the famed McGinnity Cup and replicas in 1965 played yearly at the Club’s headquarters at Tierquin.John was shrewd and decent with outstanding foresight. he passed on these business skills to his family and his motto was always the customer is king and if you want him to come back treat him like a king.Prdeceased by his son Noel –John’s funeral took place on Noel’s Birthday, he is survived by his wife Josephine (Nee McCaffrey) sons Peter Sean and Michael daughters  Marie (Galligan) Kathleen (Young) Sheila Josephine (Smyth) Dympna (Gilsenan) and Rita. Bishop Francis McKiernan was among the large congregation at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Cavan County Golf Club launch their Centenary celebrations in the Clubhouse with the President Norman Cinnamond Captain Donal Crotty and Lady Captain Mary Galligan cutting the Centenary cake. Many events are scheduled for centenary year including the publication of the Club’s History written by Phil Cullivan.

Robert Loonam Drumconnick is conferred with his BEng (Honours) Degree at Greenwich University in London. Educated at Farnham NS Vocational School and the Regional Technical College in Dundalk, Robert is son of Roger and Angela Loonam Drumconnick Cavan.

Death of Paddy Smyth 7 Cootehill Road and  late of 60 Main Street at the age of 82.Son of Michael J and Mary Josephine Smyth Paddy was born on the 4th March 1912.Educated at Drumcrave and Colwyn Bay Radio Institute in Wales where he qualified as a Ship’s Radio Officer.With his brother Mick founded the electrical business of Smyth’s 60 Main Street in 1929 gradually replacing the Bar and Grocery that existed there. Known throughout the area for his deep dedication and great skill in repairing radio televisions and all manner of electrical equipment- if Paddy couldn’t fix it you threw it out ! Among those who came under his tutelage was his nephews Patsy McConnell and Niall Smyth Paddy Ronaghan Philip Goldrick  and Mickey (Markey) Carrickmacross.Known all over the world as EI 9 J Paddy was an outstanding Amateur Ham Radio Operator quick to help and encourage others interested in the hobby who were always welcomed to his ‘Shack’ at Annalee House Cootehill Road. Loved to fish on the Erne waterway with good friends Joe Greene Peter Paul Brady and Robbie Woods all of whom incidentally were on John McGinnity’s Cavan flight on the 17th  July 1949 a memory that Paddy never forgot. Predeceased by his brothers Mick Teddy and Tommy sisters Alice and Kathy he is survived by his sisters Molly and Teresa. Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry cemetery.

David Small The Anglo Celt weatherman reports that December was the wettest since records began with 7 3/8” of rain. Highest temperature was 13 C while the lowest was 5 C

Tony Talbot Manager of Quinnsworth for the last 16 years is made a presentation by the staff to mark his retirement .Pictured are family and staff Gerry O Connor Derek Talbot Ann Smith Siobhan Finnegan Robert Fannin Pat Talbot (Wife) who was presented with a bouquet of flowers Tony Talbot David Curtis (Assistant Manager) Eugene Greenan Patrick Sexton Laura Talbot Margaret Murphy Noel Johnston and Tom Comaskey.

January 13th 1994 Tony Looney resigns as Secretary Cavan County Board GAA to take up his new position as Post Master in Shannon. Tony was 27 years in Cavan .Native of Kerry he devoted himself to the development of the GAA particularly at youth and schoolboy level. Founder member with Fintan Tierney (Butlersbridge) of Féile Na No Og.Outstanding Cavan Gaels’ clubman he played a leading part in the fundraising efforts and was a Caller at the weekly Bingo session in the Town Hall.

Same Week Death of Catherine Coulter late of ‘Saint Clare’s’ Dublin Road Cavan at the age of 90.Native of the Armagh side of Newry and came to Cavan in 1929.Prdeceased by her husband John who founded Cavan Mineral Waters with John McShane in 1927 which has been carried on by her sons Desmond and Brendan. Endearing personality she was popular with everybody and had a particular charity and kindness for the less well off in the community. Travelled extensively with her husband both at home and abroad. Predeceased by her husband John in 1979 she is survived by her sons Brendan Desmond and daughter Maeve (Crowe) Arva .Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry cemetery.

Pauwell’s Trafo syndicate are believed too be the holders of the Ballyhaise purchased winning Lotto ticket worth over £2.3 million. Willie Reilly Alo Prior and Gerry McCarron are believed to be the lucky winners.

Catherine O Brien from Carrigallen is appointed County Cavan Arts Officer to replace Cliodhna Shaffrey who has taken up a similar position with Dun Laoghaire Borough Council.

Death of Johnny Leonard ‘Saint Martin’s’ Keadue Lane at the age of 75.Native of  Dresternagh Ballyhaise he came to reside at the top of Keadue Lane in 1975.Predeceased by his wife Elizabeth just two years ago and is survived by his sister Nan in Belturbet.Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

First major event of 1994 as International Year of the Family is a Conference sponsored by the Bahai‘s Community in the Mansion House followed by a recital by the Dublin Symphony Orchestra. Large crowd from Cavan expected transport arrangements from Frank Kennedy ‘7-11’ Dublin Road Maurice Pickett 049-38387 or The Library Farnham Street.

Eamonn Gaffney in an extensive interview with Eimear Rice the first girl to work as an ESB Electrician in Cavan says that Marie is a 4th generation Electrician. Her great grandfather Paddy Rice from Cootehill worked with the ESB on the  Rural Electrification Scheme while her grandfather Tommy Rice also from Cootehill worked with the ESB until his retirement in 1978. Her father Tony Rice served his time with the ESB and was Town Electrician in Castleblayney before taking up an appointment as Lecturer in Electrical Engineering at Dundalk Regional Technical College.

January 20th 1994 Fiona Brennan is conferred with her BA BAI (Honours) degree in Mechanical Engineering at Trinity College .Educated at Saint Clare’s Crubany NS Saint Joseph’s Secondary School Longford she is the only daughter of Jimmy and Kathleen Brennan Main Street Cavan.

Same Week Majella Carroll (Nee McCaffrey) will sing the Northern Ireland entry in this year’s 16th annual Cavan International Song Contest to be held next month in the Kilmore Hotel. With entries from the UK Ireland Turkey  Romania Lithuania. The main sponsors are IMRO with Irish Cement and Tennent’s sponsoring the minor prizes. The Contest will be officially opened by Pat (The Cope) Gallagher Minister of State at the Department of Fisheries and the Gaeltacht

Death of Elizabeth Quinn Towns Park Ballyhaise at the age of 70.Resident in Ballyhaise for over 40 years she was a member of the well known Fay family from Owen Roe. Survived by her husband Patrick (Pa) sons Seamus  PJ Sean Francis Tom and triplets  Eugene Charlie and Gerry daughter Mary (Walsh) brother Seamus (Cavan) Tommy (Birmingham) and Norbert (London) and sister Phyllis (Cavan) .Funeral following Requiem Mass in Saint Mary’s Church Ballyhaise to Cullies cemetery.

Vincent Craig is the winner of the Senior Squash tournament sponsored by Woodchester Bank at Saint Patrick’s College .Seamus Watters was Runner Up. In the Novices event  Eddie McCormack played outstanding squash  to overcome Declan Moran while the Intermediate event was won by  Joe O Connell with Jim Lord Runner Up. the prizes were presented by Tom Gunning Woodchester Bank Cavan.

January 27th 1994 In a budget described as “Rebalancing” Bertie Ahern Minister for Finance awards the Social Welfare recipients a 3% rise !

Same Week Bishop Michael Mayes and Reverend Mark Lidwill are joined for Service in Cavan Parish Church by Rev John Murphy Adm to celebrate Church Unity Week.

Eamonn Gaffney in another exclusive interview this time with the new Arts Officer Catriona O Reilly reveals that she is a native of Carrigallen educated at Carrigallen NS Newtownforbes Secondary School and Maynooth University where she took her BA in English Geography and Socilology.After graduation worked for a year at the famed Corn Mill theatre Carrigallen where she liasioned with the Arts Council Drama Festivals and County Councils as well as taking charge of the bookings. Later did youth work in Galway before taking up an appointment with the Genealogy Centre in Longford where she worked on databases containing details of people’s births marriages and deaths.Exprienced the depression and hopelessness of unemployment before applying and obtaining the vacant post of Cavan Arts Officer in succession to Cliodhna Shaffrey.

Death of Lily O Reilly ex NT Earlsvale Road.

Helen Timmoney and Vera Wilson win the prestigious Kathleen Sullivan Cup at Cavan Bridge Club 2nd Maura Goodman and Elizabeth Galligan and 3rd Todd Davis and Leo Brady

Gold Pelican Awards for  Eithne O Hanlon ‘Saint Martins’ Creighan Bridie Smyth Butlersbridge and Cecil Gilpin  Coraspoint.

Death of Winnie Nargi in Belturbet.Memeber of the famous Smyth’s of the Courthouse family she spent most of her life in the USA before returning with her husband Joe to live in Belturbet 20 years ago.Daughter of the late Joe and Mary Ann (McGurk) Smyth her father was Returning Officer for Cavan and one of the 4 reformers of the GAA in 1903 .Her brother H L was Secretary of Cavan County Board GAA or 37 years 1937-1974.Survived by her husband Joe and sister Eileen Earlsvale Road. Funeral

Sandra Carroll and Pamela Sexton  representing Cavan Gymnastic Club take Gold at the Ulster Final of the  Irish Open Sports Acro Competition.Fionnuala Carroll and Sarah McMonigle win Silver medals while Aine Hughes making a comeback took gold in her speciality event Tumbling.

Peter Rafferty Lakeland Hotel is the new sponsor of Cavan Lady’s Basketball team Pictured  sporting the new outfits are  Rose O Reilly Lynda McDonnell Evelyn O Reilly Mary McEnroe Caroline Griffin Teresa Geoghegan Marian Bradley Fidelma Sheridan Caroline Smith Finola Gallagher and Maeve Sheridan with their Coach Dermot Murray.

February 3rd 1994 Barbara Fortune is appointed Advertising Manager with the Anglo Celt to replace Wesley Anderson whose tragic death occurred on the 11th of November 1993.Barbara joined the Advertising Department in 1989.

Same Week Death of Margaret Fitzsimmons Earlsvale Road at the age of 80.Native of Latnadrona Crosserlough she was a very well known figure in Cavan town and endeared herself to all who had the pleasure of meeting her during her 20 years in Cavan. Devoted wife and mother she was above all a great family woman and her charity and goodness had no bounds. Daily visitor to Cavan Cathedral she was involved with several Church societies and her concern was always for the poor and the less well off. Throughout her life she lived in several locations as her husband Joe was a much travelled National Teacher and former Principal in Kilcogy.Predeceased by her husband Joe she is survived by her sons Pauric and Liam daughters Una Anne Eimear Cáit Mairéad and Fidelma.Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

February 10th 1994 Maureen Coyle from Drumcrave is the lucky winner of this week’s Lotto Jackpot of £900,006 sharing the prize with two others. Married to Phil the couple have three children Cait Sinead and Garret. Maureen works with her husband Phil in Saint Felim’s Hospital and will travel to Dublin with the family to collect her share of the Jackpot. Her brother in law Sean Coyle from Athbara Close won £496,548 in the Lotto in July 1992 while her neighbour Willie O Reilly from Drumcrave is one of the Pauwell’s Trafo Lotto Jackpot winners who recently scooped £2.3 million.

Same Week Death of Kathleen Flood Abbey Street. Native of Corraghoe Stradone  she was a member of the much respected Nelson family.Member of Cavan ICA she was also a Children’s Nurse for a period. Following the death of her husband Jack in 1983 she took over the family business and the family have expanded the taxi and car hire trade to being the leading players in Cavan. Deeply religious and charitable she had a great devotion to Padre Pio and travelled on pilgrimage to his shrine at Medjugorie.Predeceased by her husband Jack she is survived by her sons Laurence Edward and John daughter Corina mother Susan. Guard of Honour at her funeral provided by members of the Staff. Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Turkey win 1st prize in the Cavan International Song Contest held in the Kilmore Hotel. The Turkish song ‘Like a Gift’ was sung by Turkish singer Ardel Celik and scooped the top prize of £1,000 sponsored by IMRO Ann Hamilton singing ‘Say Something’ was 2nd for the United Kingdom and received £500 sponsored by Irish Cement and Romania were 3rd with ‘You’ve Captured My Heart’ .Majella Carroll singing the Northern Ireland entry received a special prize of  Belleek Porcelain sponsored by Cavan Gifts.

Death of Margaret O Brien Killynebber at the age of 72.Native of Cutragh Lavey she was a member of the well known Kane family .Famous for her portrayal of the ‘Possessed Girl’ in ‘The Righteous are Bold’  for which she won many awards with the Killygarry Players in the 1940-1950 era. Both her husband Michael and herself passed on a love of the theatre to their family Outstanding Camogie player with Crubany .Above all she had a devotion to the welfare of her family and was unbounding in her goodness and charity. Predeceased by her husband Michael she is survived by her sons Sean Barry  Kieran Damien and Derek and daughters Maura Ann Alita and Catriona..Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Clive Gardiner Kilnavara and Saint Felim’s Boy’s School is the winner of the 7-13 age group for the design of a new call card for Telecom Eíreann.Pictured being presented with his prize by the Minister for Education Niamh Breathnach and the CEO of Telecom Eireann Fergus McGovern in Buswells Hotel Dublin.

Death of Mary Gilchreest 3 Saint Mary’s Terrace at the age of 85.Outstanding Cook Mary worked in all the Hospitals and Institutions in the Cavan area. Great contribution to the Irish Red Cross. Mary cooked the Dinner for the Christmas Party in the Day Centre hosted by the  Red Cross. Spent a number of years in England before returning in the early 1960s to assist her sister Kathy in looking after their mother. Great neighbour and devoted friend she knew all of the old Cavan families and could recall events and people from the early years of the century. Survived by her sister Kathy and brother Tommy (London).She is also survived by her sister in law Rita Gilchreest (Brady) nieces and nephews. Father Gerry Prior officiated at her removal and funeral from the Cathedral to  Cullies.

Gerry Soden the 35 year old Laragh United club man from Pottle Poles is elected Secretary of Cavan County Board to replace Tony Looney who is leaving Cavan for Shannon.Gerry defeated Castlerahan clubman Tony Brady 62-29 in a vote for the position. He is a former Assistant Secretary since 1987 of the County Board and served 4 years as Secretary of the Minor Board. Gerry is employed with the Department of Agriculture as a Meat Inspection Officer in McCarren’s Factory.

Sympathy is extended to Mary Pryce Owen Roe on the death of her father Peter (Pea) Gaffney Pollreagh Mountnugent .Peter and his wife Eileen recently celebrated the Golden Jubilee of their marriage in the Cathedral of Saints Patrick and Felim on the 24th November 1943.His wife Eileen was formerly McNamara from Connolly Street.

Mary Fay representing Cavan is the winner of the Regional Finals of the Housewife of the Year compered by Gay Byrne in the Slieve Russell Hotel Ballyconnell.

Death of Johnnie Brady in Bognor Regis at the age of 84.Son of the late Bernard and Alice Brady ‘The Old Globe Hotel’ (Later The Ulster Arms and  Dunne’s Stores).Educated at Cavan National School Saint Patrick’s College he emigrated to London and served his time to the bar trade in Luke Brady’s a native of Ballyjamesduff.Joined the British army on the outbreak of World War 2 he had a distinguished war record. Returned to the bar business and acquired his own premises in Cumberland Stores in Regent Street .Jack was Vice President of London Irish Rugby Football Club for over 20 years and took an avid interest in the game travelling to all the Home Internationals. Retired to Bognor Regis  he never lost his love for Cavan and the families who lived there. In latter years he became an excellent golfer and was attached to the Bognor Regis Club. Predeceased by his wife he is survived by his son Terence daughter Ann brother Paddy (Cullies) and sister Nora in Town Hall Street.

February 17th 1994 Martin (Bud) O Neill ‘Quaver’ takes over the ‘Top Note’ column in the Anglo Celt. The position became vacant after the sudden and untimely death of ‘Octave’ Wesley Anderson on the 11th of November 1993.

Same Week Tragic death of Annie Mitchell 22 Saint Martin’s Estate at the age of 65 following an accident at Moynehall.Annie was walking back to town when she was struck by a car and died later of her injuries in Cavan General Hospital. Outstanding character she was a very well known respected figure in Cavan and noted for her charity and devotion to her family. Survived by her husband Eddie son Johnny and daughter Patricia. Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Death of Matt Fitzpatrick ‘Hillview’12 Athbara Close at the age of 69.Native of Tullyinchin Mountain Lodge he was in business for over 40 years in Cavan and latterly Bawnboy.Spent over 18 years in England before coming home and opening a shop opposite the legendary Pat McGovern in Connolly Street. Keen football fan he followed the fortunes of Laragh United and Templeport at club level and never missed  a county game in Breffni Park. His comments and observations on all facets of life were very interesting and delivered with great authority and vigour .He is survived by his wife May .Reverend Gerry Cassidy CC Bawnboy officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Bawnboy.

Death of  James (Jimmy ) Lyons Killycannon at the age of 84.Native of Shantemon he left there to work in Bray and Lucan returning after 5 years to purchase a farm at Killycannon .Hardworking he cultivated large plots of vegetables notably potatoes and was an expert pig and cattle breeder and a well known figure at the old fairs and in recent times the marts. Keen GAA fan his lifelong passion was Drumalee whom he supported faithfully and vociferously. Last of a family of 4, he was a keen musician and played with the Castletara Fife and Drum Band. Outstanding at tug of war he represented both Castletara and Behey.Founder member of Cavan Clann Na Poblachta with the Charlie Reilly Drumherrish and John Tully TD and continued to work for John’s election until the latters death. Survived by his wife Brigid sons Sean Tommy Jimmy and daughter Breda (Connolly) Drumalee.Funeral from Saint Felim’s Church Ballinagh to the adjoining cemetery.

Don McMullin former proprietor of the ‘Rivals Inn’ (Lakeland Hotel) is appointed Adjudicator for Cavan Drama Festival 1994.Don a native of Cavan and son of the late Joseph P McMullin County Surgeon is 21 years in Cork and is a former Manager of the Irish Ballet Company The Everyman Theatre in Cork. Director of the Irish Theatre Company.Member of the Arts Cultural Relations Group and is presently General Manager of ‘The Feedback Theatre Company’ in Cork

Sympathy is extended to Comdt. Der Cogan Gormanstown and Drumelis on the death of his mother Etna Cogan Gabriel Terrace Friar’s Walk Cork at the age of 81.Native of Kilkenny City she was a member of a well known Kilkenny family.Predeceased by her husband Dermot former Past President of the League of Credit Unions in Ireland and is survived by her sons Frank John Der and Billy and daughter Etna. Funeral from the Church of the Assumption Ballyphehane to Killingley cemetery.

Peadair’s Bar managed by the proprietor Michael Graham beat the Kesh Bar 13-5 at McCabe’s Lounge Mountain Lodge to win the County Cavan Smithwick’s Dart League £400 and the Perpetual Shield. The Kesh Bar who were also defeated in the Final last year by the Welcome Inn receive £250 together with a perpetual Shield and the beaten Semi Finalists  receive £100. Peadair’s Bar Team Tommy Smith Stephen Dunne Patrick Quinn Vincent Brady Colm Smith Michael Gumley and Gerry Gumley.

Loreto College celebrate the bi centenary of the birth of  Mother Francis Teresa Ball who founded the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary on November 4th 1882.Founded the first house named ‘Loreto’ in Templeogue and all the houses at home and abroad were afterwards called ‘Loreto’. Loreto College Cavan was founded in 1930 and the present pupils are preparing a play entitled ‘The Great Achievement ‘ detailing the story of Francis Teresa Ball which is presently being presented in the College .Narrator  Roisin Thomas Jesus Killian McGuinness Anna Ball Joanne Carolan Young Frances Claire Thomas Frances Catherine Thomas Mrs Ball Helen Milligan Dr Murray Sinead Gibbs  Dr Troy Catherine McGuigan Sister Baptist Jennifer Gormley Sister Ignatia  Michelle Kelly  Father Horan Jennifer Corr Father Bourke Sinead Murray Sister Scholastica Emma Cusack Maid Ciara Kenny Portress Ciara Hannon Peggy Paula Hayes Tom Tara McCann Patrick Aoife Argue Jack Paula Duffy Mary Yvonne Hand Dan Sinead Dunne  Bob/Judge Georgina Crowe Marie Pamela Milligan Joan Deidre McCann Margaret Lorraine McMahon Eileen Sharon Smith Ann Fiona O Reilly Agnes Aisling Gumley Mona Lia Kinane Sheila Orla Galligan  Ethel Gina Donohoe and Our Lady Joanne Agnew.The producer was  Ann Tiernan.

February 24th 1994

Death of the legendary Pat McGovern late of Connolly Street and Glangevlin at the age of 75.One of Cavan’s hardest working and most successful businessman Pat pioneered late night shopping in Cavan remaining open until 11 7 nights a week. Native of Legless Glangevlin Pat came from a farming background his home was at the foot of the Cuilcuigh Mountains where sheep farming was the main source of income.Came to Cavan to serve his time with Sean Magee (Tom Boylan’s)  in 1932 where he remained until 1952.Founder member of Cavan CYMS in 1936, Pat always held the Club in high esteem and was President at his death. Passionate about football Pat followed the county team with great interest and enthusiasm cycling to Dublin on many occasions during the petrol shortage of the War Years in the 1940s.Always kept in a prominent position as a symbol of hope the photograph of the presentation of the Sam Maguire to John Joe O Reilly following Cavan’s narrow All Ireland Final win against Mayo in 1948.Took great pride in the achievements of Cavan Gaels with whom his son Terry starred. Pat was a realist and knew that the glamour of the old Harps and the tradition of the Slashers had to be abandoned in favour of one united town team with proper under age structures. Survived by his wife Angela sons Terry Rory and Edward and daughters Catherina Geraldine and Sinead.Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Multi talented Rachael Scorr  wins Gold at the All Ireland Gymnastic Championships in Carrick on Shannon. Rachael competing in the Lady’s Novices over 15 event  on floor and vault scored 9.00 on the floor exercises and 8.6 on the Vault.

Same Week Richard Graham (Team P Elliott) continues his winning form with victory in the last leg of the Road League in Crossdoney over 6,000 metres. John Joe Rogers stuck with Richard over the first three mile but when Richard kicked for home there was no response from Rogers or 3rd placed Brian O Reilly.

Darren Egan  Creighan is presented with the Eli Lilly Chemistry Prize at UCG.The award is presented to the outstanding first year achiever in Chemistry. Darren who is studying     Chemistry and Applied Chemistry at UCG was presented with an inscribed Waterford Crystal Clock and a large cheque. Darren is son of Leo and Bridget Egan Creighan Cavan.

Jimmy Hyland Director McCarren and Company makes a presentation to Tony and Pat Talbot at the Kilmore Hotel to mark Tony’s retirement as Manager of Quinnsworth.

Development of the Dunne’s Stores Complex at Church Street is granted full planning permission and work on the store and the underground car park goes ahead from next week. County Manager Brian Johnston expects work to last at least 18 months. Paul Dolan in tribute to the County Manager says that between the work on the new Swimming Pool and the Dunne’s Stores Complex an investment of £15 million is being made in Cavan town. Terry Argue congratulates the County Manger for his initiative in going to the Dunne family directly to ensure that this shopping complex becomes a reality for Cavan.

Cavan Rugby Club retain the Elliott Cup defeating County Sligo 20 points to 3 at Strandhill Sligo. Cyril O Keefe’s return to partner Philip Brady brought about a great sparkle in The Cavan team who ran in 4 tries to a solitary penalty goal for Sligo. Team Eric Trenier L Kiernan I Fanin R Brady B Dunne Kevin Jackson Winston Morrison (Captain) C Hartland P Lynch Philip Brady Cyril O Keefe R Trenier M Lyons K Barry –Murphy.

March 3rd 1994 Death of Henry Basmajian ‘Rosette’ Carrickfern at the age of 41.Due to have a bone marrow operation in April possibly from his own frozen marrow bone. Born in Alepo Syria in 1952 of Armenian parents. Henry lived in Paris for 6 years and London for 5 years where he met his wife Margaret (English).Worked as PRO for the Bank of Commerce and Credit International in Knightsbridge. Better known as Henry Bass he went into the video business and after a period as  a very successful wholesaler set up video retail outlets in Cavan Cootehill Ballinagh and Navan.Natural flair for business and hard work he was extremely charitable donating frequent sums £500 to Cavan Gymnastics and the same figure to The Re Hab.First man to have a mobile phone in Cavan Henry was very up to date on developments in computer technology and the vast business opportunities it opened up. He was fluent in English Armenian French Arabic Italian and Turkish. During the Armenian disaster of 1989 which cost the lives of 50,000 of his fellow countrymen Henry and Margaret launched an appeal raising over £8,000 for the relief of the survivors of the earthquake. Survived by his wife Margaret daughter Anahid father Antranik mother Anahid brother Harout sister Silva also survived by his grandparents who live in New Jersey USA.Father John Murphy Adm assisted by Father Gerry Prior celebrated the Funeral Mass in The Cathedral where a Guard of Honour was formed by the students from Loreto College.Interment took place in Cullies.

Same Week Caoimhe McCabe Loreto College is presented with the UCD Cup by Cynthia Poyntz (Chair Cavan Re Hab) as winner of the County Cavan Debating Competition at Saint Patrick’s College.

Hospice Draw this week’s winner of the 1st prize and £500 is Jackie McQuaid Quinnsworth Promoter (£50) Irene Bergin Cavan.

Pat Plunkett  and Gerry Mackle are the winners of the prestigious Cullen Cup at Cavan Bridge Club. 2nd Vera and Vincent Kelly (Bailieboro) while Maura Goodman and Elizabeth Galligan are the Best Cavan Pair.

Yvonne Donohoe a pupil at The Vocational School Cavan is the North East Regional Winner in the BIM sponsored Cookery competition in Newcastle County Down. Pictured with her teacher Clair Browne –Reilly and Joan McManus (BIM).

Cavan CYMS fail to retain their Al Ireland title in the CYMS Finals at Headquarters in Ringsend.Laurnece Flood Pat O Brien and Mattie Reilly beat Limerick in the 1st Round Saint John’s Belfast in the Semi Finals but are beaten by Saint Patrick’s Fermoy in a titanic final where Laurence Flood played the outstanding snooker of the tournament. Mass for deceased members of Cavan CYMS is being held in the clubrooms next week. The celebrant is Chaplain Father Gerry Prior.

Mary Joe McGahon Teresa Downey from Cavan Gardening Club and Moya Carroll the Daffodil Nurse for the terminally ill launch this year’s Daffodil Day in Cavan which is expected to raise £5,000.

March 10th 1994 Death of Margaret O Reilly Corfree Lough Gowna at the age of 90.Winner of 7 All Ireland Ballad Singing Competitions. Many recordings to her credit she was a frequent contributor to Ciaran Mac Mathuna’s programmes on RTE.Hary Bradshaw RTE has recently recorded a life profile of Margaret and archived her recordings in RTE .She is survived by her son John (Corfree) daughters Detta Kathleen (Derryheen).She was grandmother of Bernadette McGovern (Cavan Town Horticulturist).Funeral from the Holy Family Church Gowna to the adjoining cemetery.

Same Week Jerry Graham Crochet Entertainments presents ‘Showcase’ in the Lakeland Hotel with Show Bud Rose McConnon Sean Woods Tommy Reilly and the man himself Jerry Solo. Admission is only £1.Jeryy is over 34 years in show business and can attend to all your last minute enquiries for artistes at short notice. Supplies a printing design and  sales repair service for musical instruments as well as a video and photographic service. One stop shop for all your entertainment enquiries. Jerry Solo recently released 2 tapes which are selling very well. Contact Jerry at 39 Highfield Road 049-31848.

Tommy Lyons Drumalee is elected Assistant Secretary Cavan County Board defeating Martin Cahill Denn by 51 votes to 41 in a contest to fill the vacancy created by the promotion of Gerry Soden to Secretary.

Outstanding production of Lionel Bart’s ‘Oliver’ by Cavan Musical Society running to packed houses in the Town Hall for 5 magical nights. Show is a producer’s dream where continuous movement and fast upbeat numbers like ‘ Consider YourselfGot to Pick a Pocket or Two’ and ‘It’s a Fine Life’ give the cast an opportunity to express their full range of talents. Cavan Musical Society is a huge asset to the town  and it is very encouraging to see the interest being taken by so many youths of the town in its development. Principals Oliver Tom McCormick and Mark Scorr Mr Bumble Terry O Connor Widow Carney Carmel Lewis Noah Claypole Jimmy Galligan Mr Sowerberry Harry Lynch Mrs Sowerberry Maureen Crowe  Charlotte Valerie Finegan The Artful Dodger Barry Brady Fagin Paschal Lyons Nancy Carmel O Donoghue Bet Karen Coyle Bill Sykes Peter O Hanlon Old Sally Valerie Finegan Mrs Bedwin Margaret O Reilly Mr Brownlow Harry Lynch Mr Grimwig Jimmy Galligan.Producer Frances Galligan Musical Director Father Gerry Kearns Orchestra Leader Ciaran Tackney Set Design Peter O Hanlon Set Construction Danny O Hanlon and Jim Mooney  Lighting John Conlon and Brian Sullivan Amplification Nolan’s Castlepollard Make Up Roisin O Connor Gene Cullivan Bill Henry Tina Farrelly Patricia McConnon Costumes Catriona O Brien Ann Murphy Geraldine Crossan.Stage Crew Danny O Hanlon Jim Mooney Tom Donohoe Jim O Brien Karl Kinsella and Rossa O Regan. Programme Cover Design Priscilla O Gorman Front of House Fergus Reynolds Nial Crowe Kevin Lavelle and Ciaran McDonnell. Box Office Maura Sullivan MC Fergus Reynolds. Orchestra Stephen McGee (Trumpet) John Swane (Clarinet/Flute)Peter Watson (Percussion) Garvan Gallagher (Trombone) Ciaran Tackney (Piano) Joe McEnhill (Horn) John Hannigan (Guitar) and Herman Busschotz (Double Bass).Presentations of specially engraved stained glass trophies presented to the Producer Frances Galligan and the Musical Director Father Gerry Kearns to mark their involvement in their 25th Musical Production. Carmel Lewis Karen Coyle Carmel O Donoghue Josie Coyle and Maura Sullivan were all the recipients of special presentations at a party for the crew and cast in the Kilmore Hotel.

March 17th 1994  Mel Keavney is promoted to the position of Secretary Border Regional Authority.

Same Week Death of Joe Young Drumcrave at the age of 70.Ill for seven years he was confined to a wheelchair. Outstanding farmer member of and Chairman of Poles Co Op.Member of Drumcrave Fife and Drum Band Joe was a very talented musician and known far and near as a member of the famous ‘Magnet’ Dance Band. Prominent member of the LDF during the Emergency. Very progressive farmer with the assistance of his wife Bernadette and the family increased his original 30 acre holding to over 80 acres. Predeceased by his wife Bernadette (Nee Gough) just 9 months ago Joe is survived by his sons John Joseph  Bernard and Malachy daughters Mary Ann and Bernadette brothers Michael (Dublin) Canon John Young PP Carrigallen and sisters Clair and Molly. Father John Murphy Adm was the chief celebrant of the Funeral Mass in The Cathedral assisted by  Monsignor Edward P Tully Belturbet Very Rev Canon Dessie O Dowd PP Cootehill Canon John Young PP Carrigallen Monsignor Charles Young Sacramento California Father Patsy Young PP Dromahaire and Rev J P Sexton CC Carrigallen.Bishop Francis McKiernan presided. Interment took place in Cullies.

Whist Drive in aid of Cavan Social Services.1st Lady  Phyllis Reilly 2nd Lady  Rose Hennessy Lady’s Hatcher Josephine Brady 1st Gent Phil Lee 2nd Gent Matt Farrelly Gent’s Hatcher Patsy McConnell.

March 24th 1994 Catherina McKiernan dons the mantle of favourite for the Women’s World Cross Country Championships in Budapest following her 2 consecutive runner up positions in Boston and Amorebieta Spain.

Same Week The Royal School win the All Ireland Under 16 Basketball title beating Saint Ailbe’s Tipperary 39-34 in a thrilling and emotionally charged final at the National Basketball Centre in Tallaght.Team and Scorers for the Royal School Michelle Adair (18 points) Amanda Keith Lorraine Bennett Pamela Myers Sandra Heaslip Sandra Chambers Dianne Merry (10 points) Jennifer Hall Carmel Moore Elaine Fannin Selina Stewart (3 points) and Lynn Cowan (8 points ).Team Manager Chris Rowley Team Trainer Des Cullen.

Death of John Joe Reilly late of Kilnavara on Saint Patrick’s Day at the age of 89 in London. Carpenter by trade he emigrated in 1948 and was followed by the other members of his family in 1954.Predeceased by his sons J J and Paddy he is survived by his wife Agnes sons Larry Aidan and Peter daughters Rosena and Agnes.

Stephen Maguire beats Rodney Lyons to win the Junior Snooker Championship at Cavan CYMS. John Paul Mongan and Tommy Smith were the beaten Semi Finalists.

Opening of Lloyd’s Barber Shop under the management of Lorraine O Neill adjacent to Quinnsworth..The proprietor is Lloyd Donnelly a native of Mohill with branches in Mohill Longford Lisnaskea and Enniskillen and is a 3rd generation barber his grandfather Peter having founded the concern in Mohill was followed by  his son Tommy into the trade.

Death of Mervyn Stewart Johnston suddenly at his residence ‘Manderley’ Swellan  at the age of 57.Manager of the local branch of ‘The Hibernian Insurance’ Mervyn was known throughout a wide area. Businesslike manner coupled with a great sense of humour were hallmarks of his character. Joined The Employers Assurance Corp. Monaghan and Northern Employers in 1956 where he remained until 1960 in that year he came to Cavan as an Inspector of the Group and was promoted Manager in 1976.Later  the Company were taken over by Hibernian Insurance and Mervyn continued to expand the Cavan branch attracting many more customers to Hibernian who had a full package of quality insurance products. Native of Belturbet where his father  Bill was a guard the family later lived in Farnham Street opposite (Johnston Central Library).Took a keen interest in Church affairs Mervyn was a member of the Select Vestry of Cavan Parish Church and their representative on the Kilmore Diocesan Synod where he served as Treasurer, he was also a member of the Kilmore Diocesan Council. Prominent long serving member of the Church of Ireland Cavan Parish Choir. Represented the united Diocese of Kilmore Elphin and Ardagh at the recent election of Bishop Michael Mayes. Educated at  Belturbet National School and the Royal School Mervyn served his time to the Insurance business in London. Active member of the Gramophone Club the Cavan Singers The Chamber of Commerce The Arts Society County Cavan Golf Club and the old Photography Club which he founded with his good friend Matt Connolly (Chemist). Mervyn was also a gifted pianist. Antiques collector of note Mervyn was an expert to spot a bargain and knew the resale price of old clocks tables chairs presses and furniture which he restored and sold on at a profit. Fond of fast cars Mervyn was a founder and life long member of Cavan Motor Club .Survived by his wife Peggy son Mark daughter Alison and Laverne his mother Maura and his brother Arch Deacon  Derek Johnston Belturbet.Funeral from Cavan Parish Church to Cloverhill cemetery.

Maura Sullivan presents a  large cheque to Sean Kelly President of The Cavan Branch Saint Vincent De Paul proceeds of a recent sell out concert by the Cavan Singers.

Bishop Francis McKiernan and Bishop Michael Mayes cut the tape to start this year’s Saint Patrick’s Day Parade through the streets of Cavan. Biggest parade ever it took 90 minutes to pass the Reviewing Stand opposite the Post Office where once again Mel Doherty was an outstanding M C on a bright cold dry day. Floats Commercial 1st and £150 Cavan Aluminium Cultural 1st and £150  Cavan Bosnia Appeal Youth Joint 1st Cavan CBSI  and Cavan Community Playgroup.

Liam ‘Skippy’ McCaul Andrew Murray Garrett Flynn and Thomas Benn are the Cavan Boxing Club winners at the Mid Ulster Championships in Lurgan.Now head for the National Championships in Dublin where Murray in particular having won 11 of his last 12 bouts could add a National Juvenile title to his many honours. Patrick ‘Tyson’ Connolly and Jonathan Higgins were unlucky in their finals and finished runners up.

March 31st 1994 Catherina McKiernan’s magnificent run in Budapest is rewarded with another silver medal. The winner  Helen Chepngeno of Kenya raced away at half way to splinter the field and secure the gold medal.Catherina finished very strongly  over the man made obstacles moving past old foes Fereira and Albertina Dias (Portugal) to secure 2nd place in the last few strides.Catherina also wins the Grand Prix and $10,000 for the 3rd consecutive year.

Same Week Brendan Howlin Minister for Health opens the new Lisdarn Unit for the Elderly and the Community Service Unit at Saint Joseph’s Lisdarn which will cater for Cavan’s needs in the care of the elderly into the next century. Bishop Michael Mayes and Bishop McKiernan bless the new centre.

Death of Margaret Egan Connolly Street  at the age of 84.member of the well known Kelly family from Connolly Street. Opened the famous Egan’s Mini Market to cater for late night shoppers in 1956 and enjoyed a lucrative local loyal trade. Decent obliging and strong willed  she was very charitable and concerned for the welfare of those less well off with whom she came in contact with daily. Predeceased by her husband Harry and son Harry .Survived by her sons Leo Paddy  Jimmy Noel and Gerry daughter Annette (Griffith).Father Gerry Kearns CC officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Death of Dympna Griffith Belgium Park Monaghan on Saturday at the age of 86.Mother of Ray Griffith Anglo Celt  Annette Griffith her daughter in law suffered the bereavement of her mother’s death on the previous day. Dympna Griffith’s husband James died some years ago. Survived by her sons Ray and Ronnie (Ex Mighty Avons) daughters Sylvia and Sally. Funeral from Saint McCartan’s Cathedral Monaghan to Lathlurcan cemetery.

Sundrive Players Dublin win the Dr Lyons Cup and the Open Section at Cavan ‘s 49th Drama Festival in the Town Hall with Brian Friel’s play ‘A Month in the Country’ Ray O Connor Trophy for most promising young actress Aisling Ardiff (Sundrive Players) Best Actor Tom Singleton (Sundrive Players) Best Actress Una Crawford (Sundrive Players).Best Stage Set Lifford Players with ‘Dancing at Lughnasa’The Confined Section and AOH Cup ‘was won by Claregalway with ‘Comparitas Lir’.The adjudicator was Cork based Cavan native Don McMullin.Next year the Festival celebrates its Golden Jubilee with a 12 day programme from 22nd March to 2nd of April 1995.

Presentation to Tom and Evelyn O Connor in County Cavan Golf Club on the occasion of Tom’s retirement from Cavan County Council after 35 years service.

April 7th 1994 Brendan McCann native of Belturbet and Vice Principal Loreto College since 1978 is appointed Principal to succeed  Sister Marian Larkin IBVM.

Same Week According to the 1991 Census 13,544 people in County Cavan can speak Irish an increase of over 1% on the 1986 figure. In every county in Ireland there is an increase in the numbers speaking Irish particularly among the younger population.

Opening of the Woodford Canal after 120 years when the Minister for Justice Maire Geoghegan Quinn and Brendan Smith TD pilot the ‘Erne Dawn’ from Belturbet to Ballyconnell and anchor at the new jetty there.

Death of Katie Jermyn in her 91st year at Saint Felim’s Hospital. Native of Wolfe Tone Street she was a very friendly jovial character who could see the bright side of every situation no matter how dire. Enjoyed the Bingo sessions in the Town Hall and a daily punt on the horses. Kind neighbour and great company. Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies cemetery.

Terry Sexton from Swellan well known in the Construction business in New York for the last 10 years and former carpenter with P Elliott and Company is on a two month business tour of the Orient taking in China Japan Thailand and Hong Kong. Terry who is President of Chieftain Construction in New York was home in Cavan for his sister Catherine’s wedding last October.

Death of Nellie Crowe late of  Church Street at the Erne Hospital Enniskillen. Member of the old and well respected Crowe family Coolbawn Corlesmore Nellie was a dressmaker by profession and carried on a very successful practice in Arva for 25 years. Served her time in Dublin she had a reputation for skill and excellence. Deeply religious person Nellie was a daily Mass goer and attended all the religious functions in the Cathedral. Retired to live in Cavan over 20 years ago and was extremely happy in Church Street where she was known as a good neighbour and friend. Last of a family of 9 her sister Kate Malone died very recently. Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Pauline Clarke Proprietor of Cavan Equestrian Centre presents the Wesley Anderson Perpetual Shield to Colm O Dwyer Ashbourne County Meath winner of the CD Class riding ‘Clean Flight’ at Cavan Equestrian Centre. Wesley was a most popular and much respected Commentator at The Centre and died last November 11th .Best turned out rider during the Winter League was Mary Gaffney Butlersbridge  who was presented with a Swatch watch.

Dublin based Lawyers Sean Harten and his wife Joan McEntee are Guests of Honour at the New York Cavan Association Annual Dinner.

Saint Patrick’s College host European Day in the College. President Mary Robinson is Guest of Honour. The exhibition is put together by Father John McTiernan (President )Ray Dunne (Career’s Officer) and Bernard O Brien (Project Coordinator).Saint Patrick’s College is linked with Spain Greece and Luxembourg and  the exhibition stands represent the 12 member states of the European Union. The exhibition is the brainchild of Jacques Delors President of the European Commission. Head Prefect Stephen Smith presents a hand made  inlaid clock made by Robinson’s of Milltown to the President as a memento of her visit with husband Nick to the College on a beautiful Spring day.

Historic GAA Congress in Ballyconnell home of the 1st Ulster’s founded in 1885.The 350 guests and their wives will witness Peter Quinn who was born in Teemore just 1 mile from the town hand over the Presidency of the GAA to Jack Booth man the first Protestant and member of the Church of Ireland to be elected President of the GAA.Cavan County Council refuse to grant aid the Congress many of the members feeling that their application was inappropriate for an organisation of their size and strength. Civic reception accorded to the delegates in the Courthouse at which the new President Jack Boothman and outgoing President Peter Quinn attended.

Death of Sean Hanley  B Agr Sc CorasPoint on Saint  Patrick’s Day at the age of 38.Native of Clonmoylan Ballyshrule County Galway Sean was employed  by the Department of Agriculture in Cavan. Educated at UCG and UCD  where he graduated with an Honours degree in 1977.Worked for 2 years with East Galway Co Op before taking up an appointment as a Land Commission Inspector based in Cavan. Secretary of the North East Region of the Agricultural Science Association. Member of Cavan Social Services and the Parent’s Committee Farnham National School. Keen gardener and outstanding badminton player recently he took up golf and was a leading member of the Junior Cowdy 1993 team at County Cavan Golf Club. Keen gaelic football and hurling fan he took justifiable pride in the recent hurling breakthrough of his native Galway. Outstanding neighbour friend abut above all a devoted father and husband. Survived by his wife Mary sons Shane and Cathal daughter Ailish and his parents Tommy and Mary. Funeral following concelebrated Mass in the Cathedral at which the chief celebrant was Father Sean Mawn  assisted by Father Colm Hurley PP Killeshandra Father John Murphy Adm Cavan. Father Pat Conaty Father  Patrick Naughton Father P J Kelly Father Willie Moran all from Woodford County Galway and Father Sean Lyons Abbey Loughrea.Guards of Honour formed by  his colleagues in the Department of Agriculture and Food  members of the Agricultural Science Association and pupils from Farnham National School. Interment took place in Saint Patrick’s cemetery Drumcor. Later the CEO of the North Eastern Health Board Donal O Shea publicly acknowledged the receipt of £200 from Mary Hanley Coras Point towards palliative care nursing in the area.

Cavan Ladies  sponsored by the Lakeland Hotel win both the Cup and League in the Cavan and District Basketball  League.Mohill were runners up.Cavan Ladies Team 1994 Rose O Reilly Lynda McDonnell Evelyn O Reilly Mary McEnroe Caroline Griffin Teresa Geoghegan Marian Bradley Fidelma Sheridan Caroline Smith Finola Gallagher and Maeve Sheridan with their Coach Dermot Murray.Fionola Gallagher is voted Most  Valuable Player of the Season.

April 14th 1994 Finola Maloney 34 year old staff nurse in The Coombe Hospital loses her life in tragic accident at her home in Sandymount.It would appear that Finola’s clothes caught fire as  she relaxed in front of a gas fire.Finola was daughter of George and Maura Maloney Drumelis.

Same Week Mary Fay is  Regional representative in the Housewife 94 sponsored by Calor Gas at the University of Limerick. The contest will include 5 other contestants and will be compered by Gay Byrne and transmitted live on RTE television. Mary who has a degree in Marketing is Customer Relations Manager at The Slieve Russell Hotel. She is married to Ray and they have three children. She is a member of Cavan Access for the Disabled and Cavan Musical Society.

Sean Monaghan from Tullacmongan wins £22,000 and a weekend for two in Ashford Castle in The Lucky Streak game show compered by Mike Murphy on RTE.Angela McGovern of Pat McGovern’s is the seller of the winning ticket.

Death of Frank Walsh Cullies at the age of 78.worked with the Land Commission for many years. Staunch GAA supporter he was Vive President of Drumalee GFC at his death. Played with Behey Benburbs  Drumbo Harps and Ballyhaise.Member of the Drumalee Club since 1931.Worked in Dacey’s and Cahill’s of Latt before taking up a position with the Land Commission.Survived by his sister Mary (Smith ) Cullies. Guard of Honour formed by Drumalee GFC at Removal and Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies where Father John Murphy Adm officiated and the coffin was draped in the Drumalee colours.

Sympathy is extended to Ann Lennon Earlsvale Road on the death of her brother Patrick J Murray Greenfield House Longford at the age of 50.Extensive farmer he is survived by his mother Brigid brothers Desmond Tom Aidan and Ciaran sisters Anne Olivia Pauline Marian Fionnuala and predeceased by his father Thomas some years ago. Funeral from Saint Mel’s Cathedral Longford to Ballymacormack cemetery.

Students from Loreto College Cavan take part in Gala Concert to mark the Bi Centenary of  the birth of the foundress Sister M Teresa Ball IBVM in The National Concert Hall in Dublin. Over 600 students from 25 Loreto colleges all over Ireland took part in the concert.

Funeral of Finola Maloney who tragically died  following a fire at her house in Sandy mount Dublin. Second eldest daughter of George and Maire Drumelis Finola was a very dedicated senior nurse in the Coombe Hospital where she was attached to the intensive care unit. Took a great interest in her patients often following up their progress and welfare at home. Abiding love of her career and her Hospital for which she was an avid fundraiser. Wonderful zest for life  and loved a stiff challenge participating in sky diving para gliding white water rafting skiing scuba diving and was also a trainee private pilot. Accomplished pianist she had a beautiful singing voice. Member of the organising Committee of the Cavan International Song Contest her vivacious character and wonderful sense of banter endeared her to everybody and smoothed over all sorts of problems with a smile. Along with her father George and a family friend flew to Rome for The Easter Urbi at Orbi Blessing from Pope John Paul 11 last weekend. Removal of the remains from Dublin City Morgue with Father Pat Carroll C C officiating.Remains received at the Cathedral by Father Sean Mawn CC.The celebrant of the Funeral Mass was old friend and neighbour Father Cathaldus McKiernan Mullahaoran.Among the mourners was Finola’s relation Chief Justice Tom Finlay and leading members of the Judiciary and Diplomatic Corps. Survived by her father George mother Maura sister Jacqueline brother Paddy grandmothers Eileen Maloney and Margaret McGilly.Burial took place in Drumcor cemetery.

April 21st 1994 Death of Paddy Ronan in Cork at the age of 74.Native of Saint Patrick’s Terrace Swellan Paddy was multi talented winning a  keenly contested  All Ireland. Talent competition in 1937 along with  Francis Brennan of Wolfe Tone Street. Member of the famous Boy Scouts Harmonica Band Paddy and his friends made annual broadcasts from Radio Eireann..Employed by the ESB Paddy worked in Cavan Navan and Dundalk before going to London where he was employed by Camden Borough Council and The Ministry for Defence as an Elevator Inspector. Paddy’s vivacious character and great sense of humour were the hallmark’s of his delightful character. Survived by  wife Margaret 5 sons and two daughters brother Leo in Cavan Joan (Courtney) Cork Kathleen Cunningham (Cavan) and Joy in Southwort Oxon England. Funeral from Mayfield Cathedral to Saint Catherine’s cemetery Cork.

Same Week Sharon Smith from Tierlahood Stradone opens her Beauty Salon ‘Finishing Touches’ at 34 Main Street (over McDonagh Shoes).Offering a full range of body treatments and toning suitable for all ages. Sharon is daughter of Sean Smith well known Plant Hire Specialist. Learnt her profession at Coogan Bergin College Dublin.

Death of Gertrude Lynch Brookside and  23 Farnham Street at the Sacred Hear Nursing Home Clones at the age of 89.Native of The West End Kilkee County Clare she was wife of the late Timothy Lynch Solicitor of Martin Lynch  Tierney and Company and was mother of Doctor Tadhg Lynch former Cavan MOH and Director of Community Care for Cavan/Monaghan.Nurse by profession she received her education at the Richmond Hospital and won the Silver medal on graduation. She worked for a number of years in Saint Felim’s Hospital and in the Annex of Saint Felim’s following the early death of her husband. Survived by her son Doctor Tadhg and sister Tina (Kilkee).Funeral from the Cathedral to Ennistymon County Clare.

Ivor Fannin is voted First Team Player of the Year at Cavan Rugby Club while Alan Pratt is  2nd Team Player of the Year and the old master and veteran Johnny McCormack is presented with his award as the Best 3rds Player of the Year at the end of Season Dinner in Cavan Rugby Club. The awards were presented by Cyril O Keefe (President) and Winston Morrison (Captain).

President’s (Joan O Hanlon’s )Prize at Cavan Bridge Club 1st N/S and Best Gross Kay Henry and Ena Hickey 1st  and Best Gross E/W Mrs B Donoghue and Mrs  A Brady

Many tributes paid to retiring County Cavan Secretary Peter Hayden at Cavan UDC meeting in the Town Hall. Paddy O Reilly  says Peter was always courteous efficient and helpful and wishes him and his wife Pauline a long life of health and happiness”.PaddyConaty Terry Argue Paul Dolan  all spoke paying fulsome praise to the great work Peter accomplished as County Secretary over the last 22 years. Peter Hayden in reply said that he always found the Councillors very dedicated and hardworking very receptive to explanation and had a good grasp of Local Government.

Cavan Industrial Cleaners founded by Ron and Mary Tidy are short listed for the ACC Bank Small Business of the Year Award in The Business Post.Founded in 1973 with just £79 a couple of ladders and a small cleaner CIC now enjoys a turnover of  over £200,000 per annum and has satisfied repeat clients all over the region.

Death of Captain Eddie Cassidy Church Hill Clones. Native of Rosslea County Fermanagh he joined the Reserve Force during the Emergency and emerged in 1946 with the rank of Captain. Set up business in Belturbet before buying a public house in Fermanagh Street Clones in 1948.Worked tirelessly for the promotion of Clones and the welfare of his family.Fianna Fail activist he served on the Board of CIE from 1961 to 1969 and was long time member of Clones Urban and Monaghan County Council. He opened a shop dealing in exclusive fabrics ‘Fabric Folio’(Cavan Books) in Cavan and managed the shop with his wife Sadie who died in 1977 until he retired to Clones in 1978.Survived by his children Eugene Pauric Kathleen  Mairead Eamonn Thomas Frank Father Nicholas Seamus Marian Geraldine Tiernach Christina Stella Lonan Niall  Paul and Sinead.Funeral from the Sacred Heart Church Clones to the adjoining cemetery.

Cavan County Council and Cavan Chamber of Commerce join forces to make a special presentation to Joe O Reilly one of the leading religious tour operators in this country. With the emergence of Mullagh and Saint Killian Joe is running tours from Germany to the Saint’s birthplace in Cavan and he predicts that this market  will expand dramatically in the years ahead. Joe is son of Barney O and Mrs O Reilly Bridge Street (McCaul’s) and is a brother of Philomena Coleman.

April 28th 1994

Death of the well known Patsy Reilly Smith late of Bridge Street and Rock Cross at the age of 73.Native of Ballina County Mayo  the family came to Cavan when she was 14 years old. Her father was Manager of the old Gas Yard in Abbey Street. Married Charlie Reilly in 1939 when she was 18 and worked in the Reilly Insurance business in Bridge Street which she continued to run after the early death of her husband. Member of The Social Services .She was a founder member of Cavan branch Comhaltas Ceoltoiri along with Dr Brian Galligan and Bridie Galligan.She was also involved with the CCE at Provincial and National level. Very active in the Cavan ICA she was a founder member of the local organisation 40 years ago. Member of the Irish Red Cross The National Association of Widows (NAWI) and The Itinerant Welfare Association. Distinguished member of the Cathedral Choir for over forty years she sang with the Choir at the Papal Mass in The Phoenix Park on the 29th September 1979.Married return Yank Bernard Smith a native of Corriga Crosskeys in 1959 and the family moved to live in Rock Cross from Bridge Street. Predeceased by her two husbands Charlie Reilly and Bernard. Smith in 1966.She is survived by her daughter Grainne.Father Gerry Kearns CC officiated at the Funeral in the Cathedral at which Sacred Music was rendered by her colleagues in The Cathedral Choir. Burial in Killygarry.

Same Week North Eastern Health Board in conjunction with Saint Christopher’s Hospice and The Irish Cancer Society open Cavan Day Hospice for the terminally ill-developing the Palliative Care Service for the terminally ill in their own home .It is estimated that 126 people in Cavan die every year from cancer.

Launch of Phil Cullivan’s outstanding ‘History of County Cavan Golf Club’ in the Clubhouse by the Captain Donal Crotty and Ian Bamford President of the Golfing  Union of Ireland. Phil held the crowd in rapture as he outlined the origins of the Club in Killymooney its members and above all the characters notably Phil  Lawlor Darragh Smith Bob Henderson and Dermot Morgan. Marvelling at the Club’s survival through two World Wars Economic War and the founding of the State he sketched the history of the founding fathers particularly the O Hanlon Gannon and Finlay families and their continued involvement with the Club a century later.

Death of Tommy McGuigan Saint Bridget’s Terrace at the age of 65.Very industrious man Tommy worked for several of the local builders  firms including P Elliott and Company Tom McGurk and Onslow Bredin.After a hard day’s labouring Tommy liked nothing better than to spend an evening in the garden and had the finest collection of vegetables and flowers in the town. Extremely obliging he helped out all the local organisations and was on the committee of the highly successful Cavan Carnivals of the late 1960 run in aid of the Breffni Boy’s Band. Spent over 30 years in England and worked on all the rebuilding projects in Leeds after World War 2.Frequent visitor to Elland Road he took great pride in the Billy Bremner led teams of the 1970s who swept all in front of them at domestic level in England. Tommy knew many of the team personally and socialised with them very often at the Prince’s Hotel in Leeds. Survived by his wife Elizabeth sons Michael Tommy Jimmy and Laurnece.Funeral from the Cathedral to Drumcor.

Lorna Tilson Drumullig Butlersbridge celebrates her 102nd birthday with a reception in the Slieve Russell Hotel Ballyconnell.She is presently a patient in The Omega Nursing Home Belturbet.

Death of George Leddy College Street and Coranure at the age of 68.Native of College Street son of the late George and Ann Leddy born in 1926-his father was a very well known baker in the town. Painter by profession George worked for both Cavan County and Urban Councils and the North Eastern Health Board. Projectionist in the Magnet Cinema up until its closure he retained a great interest in films and was an expert on recalling the old blockbusters. Great GAA fan and supporter of the Drumalee Club. Survived by his brother Charlie sisters Kitty Sister Monica and Sister Louise Bernadette and Phyllis. Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

May 5th 1994 Doctor Declan Bedford is elected President of the Irish Medical Association. Native of Terenure Dublin Dr Bedford is married to Colette Dunne and lives in Navan.He was Senior Medical Officer for County Cavan from 1979-1985 and is presently Director of Community Care with The NEHB.

Same Week Andrew Moore from Cavan wins a scholarship worth £1,300 to study French sponsored by Aer Rianta and Veha Radiators. Presentation in Buswell’s Hotel. Andrew is presently s  a student in Saint Patrick’s College.

Rachael Scorr wins the All Ireland Tumbling Gold medal with 3 outstanding tumbles at Clondalkin.Delighted Jim O Leary (Coach) puts Rachael’s continued success down to hard work dedication and the improved facilities and equipment at Cavan Gymnastic Club.

May 12th 1994 At a reception in the Kilmore Hotel The Chairman of Cavan Urban District Council presents the retiring County Secretary Peter Hayden with a magnificent scaled replica of the Town Hall. Pauline Peter’s wife is the recipient of a bouquet of flowers.

Same Week Outstanding Urban District Councillor Paul Dolan drops a ‘bombshell’ by announcing his retirement from Cavan Urban Council after the next month’s Local elections where he is not seeking re-election for personal and political reasons. Glowing tributes paid to Paul for his dedicated 9 years service to the Council  “Sincerity integrity and intellect will be missed by the incoming Council”!

Exhibition by well known artist Michael Cullivan is opened by the former Tanaiste and Member of the Arts Council John P Wilson in the Courthouse.Containg 41 beautifully presented oils and acrylics the exhibition will run for 3 weeks.

Charlie McGettigan and Paul Harrington  give Ireland their 3rd Eurovision winner in a row with their run away victory singing their own composition ‘Rock n Roll  Kids’.Their achievement is eclipsed by the spectacular debut of ‘Riverdance’ during the competition’s interval

Death of Father Joe Young retired PP Drumlane at the age of 71.Native of Castletara he was born on the 8th June 1923 son of the late Patrick and Kate A Young Aghateeduff Castletara.Ordained in Maynooth on the 20th June 1948 he spent 7 years on the Missions in Ogola Nigeria. On his return appointed curate in Killinkere later 7 years as curate in Drumkilly Appointed curate in Shercock in 1975 and was appointed Parish Priest of Drumlane in 1982.Honary President of Drumlane GFC he carried out extensive refurbishment to Staghall Church and was very popular and industrious in all the parishes he served so industrially Survived by his brother Oliver (Cavan) Charley and Brian (Antiduff) and his sister Maureen (Tackney) Virginia. Most Rev Dr McKiernan was the chief celebrant of the funeral Mass in The Church of the Immaculate Conception Staghall with burial in the adjoining churchyard.

May 19th 1994  Retiring Judge David P Sheehy is made a presentation of an inscribed Cavan Crystal Bowl while his wife Helen is presented with a bouquet of flowers by County Cavan Solicitors in The Park Hotel Virginia. Pictured are Jacqueline Maloney (Secretary ) George V Maloney (President) and Helena Brady. A presentation was made during the evening to Joan M Smith to mark her 51st year in legal practice.

May 26th 1994 Shannon/Erne Waterway is officially opened by the Tanaiste Dick Spring and the Northern Ireland Secretary Sir Patrick Mayhew at colourful ceremonies on both sides of the border near Ballyconnell.Joint British/Irish venture the total cost of the new waterway is £30 million.

Same Week Superintendent Colm Rooney is appointed Chief Superintendent for Cavan /Monaghan.Native of Mayo he is married to Dympna and they have 2 children.Garda in Monaghan from 1971-1978 promoted to Sergeant in 1978 and posted to Swanlinbar .In 1980 promoted to Detective Sergeant  stationed in Dublin. In 1986 Inspector crime task force and in 1987 Detective Inspector Anti Terrorist Unit. Transferred to Ballyconnell as Superintendent in 1989 and later promoted to Border Superintendent resident in Monaghan.Colm is in his last year of studying for a BA in Public Administration.

Death of Bridget Harwood Cullies at the age of 78.Native of Drumcalpin but lived in Kilvanney Ballyhaise where her husband William was involved with farming. Bridget herself worked for several families in Cavan town and was a most diligent worker. Deeply religious she was an annual visitor to Knock shrine and visited the Marian Shrine at Lourdes on two occasions. Last member of the very well known and highly respected Connolly family. Predeceased by her husband William  and her daughter Mary Josephine .Survived by her son Patrick (Cullies) John (Leeds) Ross (Canada) and daughter Margaret (Cahill) in Ballyjamesduff.Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Cavan CYMS unveil ambitious plans for the development of their premises and demolition of their present accommodation the ‘Hut’ at Farnham Street Drawn up by Bryan O Reilly envisages the development of the snooker facilities on a top floor situated above two retail units. The estimate cost of the development is £100,000 and  a major fundraiser in the form of a Golf Classic sponsored by TPS Ballyhaise with chief organiser Jim Fraher takes place at County Cavan Golf Club at the end of May 1994.Present Committee Chairman Richard Cassidy Vice Chair Tommy McKiernan Secretary Jim Fraher Treasurer Paddy O Reilly PC UD C C Assistant Treasurer Sean Coyle .Committee Bernard Sharkey Keneth of Keefe and Pat Kinsella.

Death of Nellie Kelly (Nee Burns) in Manchester at the age of 70.Native of Mitchell Street she spent the last fifty years in England. Survived by her husband Jim and son Roy. She is the last surviving member of a family of 5.

Down’s Syndrome Cavan 1994 Chairman Charlie Smith Secretary Ala Pickett Treasurer Maud Myles PRO Philip Gray.

Cavan Bridge Club Captain’s Prize (Lucy Hayes) N/S Paddy Reilly and  Mrs Carolan 2nd Leo Brady and Todd Davis  E/W Eddie O Gorman and Charlie Corr  2nd Mrs M Green and Mrs A O Reilly Gross N/S Kay Henry and Ena Hickey Gross E/W Aileen Timmoney and A Gaffney.

Monaghan score a double over old rivals Cavan in The Ulster Minor and Senior Football Championship in perfect conditions before 8,000 spectators at Breffni Park. Sixth successive time that Cavan have been knocked out of the Senior Championship in the first round.PJ Carroll Team Manager and his trainer Tony Dunne together with selectors J J Reilly Larry Mulvaney Thomas McDermott and Tom Lynch announce their retirement after the game. Seniors Monaghan 3-10 Cavan 1-12 Scorers for Cavan Ronan Carolan 0-6 Peter Reilly 1-0 Fintan Cahill 0-3 Adrian Lambe 0-1 and Damian O Reilly 0-1.In the Minor game dismal performance from Cavan as they go under to visitors Monaghan 1-8 to Cavan’s 0-10.The only forward of note Damian Keaney from Killygarry scored 9 of Cavan’s total with Sean Donnelly adding the other point.

Cavan Rugby Club AGM Club President Cyril O Keefe Vice President Ray Bannigan Secretary Philip Brady Assistant Secretary Sean Coyle Treasurer Paddy Keaveney Assistant Treasurer David McCormack Entertainments Manager Anselem Lovett Bar Convenor Sean McKiernan and PRO Eugene O Callaghan

John Kinsella beats Pat O Brien to win the Elegant Gems Competition at Cavan CYMS.

June 2nd 1994  Eileen McEnri (Belturbet) is the new Captain at Cavan Bridge Club for the 1994-1995 season.

Niall Collins Billis is the winner of the School’s soccer skills Under 11 contest sponsored by Mars/Fas at Schoil Mhuire Latton Castleblayney while Sean Johnston also Saint Felim’s Boys School is the winner of the Under 9 competition. World Cup mania hits the country as Ireland beat Italy 1-0 (Ray Houghton) in their 1st World Cup game in the Giant’s Stadium in New York.

June 9th 1994 Salute to Don Parker Earlsvale Road Cavan’s hero of D Day 50 years ago. Native of North Hampshire and member of the Glider Pilot Regiment .Took off at 1 am on D Day and landed his glider plane containing 5 paratroopers a jeep an anti tank gun beside the Orne Canal in France and came under intense fire from German snipers from a nearby Church tower. Don radioed  for artillery fire and they promptly removed the Church Tower and contents. Relief arrived at 3 pm and Don was promptly sent back to England sleeping all the way home on the ship. On September 17th 1944 Don was back again with his glider landing just outside Arnhem.(‘A Bridge Too Far’) On the ground fighting for 6 days he was injured twice in the leg  and taken prisioner.Spent the rest of the War as a Prisioner of War in the most appalling conditions being forced to march for many days without food. Eventually ending up in a camp in Stalag Luft 7 in Poland Don and his colleagues were eventually set free by the advancing Red Army. Don returned to Arnhem in 1989 where the survivors of the Battle were honoured by the  Queen of the Netherlands and the Dutch Government. The prize winning paperback by Cornelius Ryan on the Battle of Arnhem was later adapted for the bock busting film ‘A Bridge Too Far’

Same Week John F O Neill President of the Golfers Union of Ireland presents specially engraved Centenary cuff links to Donal Crotty (Captain ) and Norman Cinnamond (President ) as County Cavan Golf Club continue to celebrate their Centenary. While Richard Cassidy and Father Gerry Prior (Chaplain) present Norman and Donal with a special trophy during the CYMS 1st Golf Classic at The Club.

Tommy Kenny Martin Carroll and Pat Swaine open their exclusive Old Abbey Glass Showrooms in College Street. They have a combined  total of 70 years experience of glass crafting. Veronica Kenny is the Sales Manageress. Premises officially opened by Cormac Dunne President of the Chamber of Commerce with Brendan Smith TD Andrew Boylan TD and Brian Johnston County Manager in attendance.

Special presentations to Connie McEntee on the occasion of her retirement after 49 years service to Cavan County Council. Paddy O Reilly Chairman Cavan County Council made the presentation on behalf of the members and staff while Maura Keaveney presented

Connie with a bouquet of flowers and John McTiernan (County Engineer) made a suitable presentation from her colleagues in the County Engineer’s Office.

Cavan Gaels are worthy Under 16 Division 1 Champions following their victory over Crosserlough by 4-12 to 2-4 in Breffni Park. Foundations for victory laid in lightning start the Gaels led by 2-7 to 0-1 after 12 minutes and led by 2-11 to 0-1 at the interval. Scorers for Cavan Gaels Declan Brady 2-1 Michael Mooney 1-2 David McCarney 1-2 Mark Reilly0-2 Barry Lambert 0-2 Paul Brady 0-2 Cathal Collins and Niall Gaffney 0-1 each. Team Niall Johnston Ciaran Rabbitte Declan Gillick Francis Galligan Paraic Byrne Seamus Martin Brian McDonald Niall Gaffney(Captain) Cathal Collins Michael Mooney Paul Brady David McCarney Mark Reilly Declan Brady and  Barry Lambert. Sub Donal Gaffney for Mark Reilly.

June 16th 1994 Patrick (Paddy ) Sexton NEHB worker from Saint Patrick’s Terrace tops the poll on his 1st outing for Fianna Fail at Cavan Urban District Council. His party win a majority increasing their representation from 4-5 sets for the 1st time in their history. Well known Cavan businessman Oliver Malone is the big casualty for Fine Gael while Des Cullen retains the Labour seat with a narrow 34 votes victory over Fine Gael’s Elizabeth Wilson-Higgins taking the last seat.Fianna Fail 5 Fine Gael 3 and Labour 1.Electorate 4,200 Total Poll 2,436 Valid Poll 2,421 Quota 243 First Count Paddy Sexton( Fianna Fail ) 285 Elected Paddy O Reilly (Fine Gael) 260 Elected Veronica Sharkey (Fianna Fail) 241 Eamonn McDwyer (Fianna Fail) 222 202Andrew Boylan (Fine Gael) 218 Paddy Conaty (Fianna Fail) Patricia Walsh (Fianna Fail) 195 Terry Argue (Fine Gael) 189 Brian McKeown (Sinn Fein) 124 Des Cullen (Labour) 122 Elizabeth Wilson-Higgins (Fine Gael) 110 Oliver Malone (Fine Gael ) 105 Angela Gaffney (Fianna Fail) 98 Vivion Butler (Fine Gael) 50 .

Same Week 25th Annual Kilmore Diocesan Pilgrimage to Lourdes takes place in excellent weather conditions. The Kilmore Pilgrimage coincided with the Military Pilgrimage when soldiers from all over the world gathered on this special occasion to pay tribute to comrades who died on D Day during the Normandy Landing 50 years ago.

Joe McCartin Pat (The Cope) Gallagher and Mark Killalea are returned in the European Elections for Connaught Ulster.

Death of Antoinette (Goldie) Fleming Drumbar at the age of  after a long illness borne with fortitude dignity and perseverance. Native of Castleblayney she was daughter of the late Dr Sylvester and Mrs Nin Healy.Her mother was a member of the Dollard family well known in the printing business in Dublin. Wife of Patrick Fleming former CEO Cavan VEC they came to Cavan in 1957Active member of Cavan Golf Club she was Captain in 1967 and took a pivotal role in the development of the fledgling club both as a Committee member and player. Closely associated with the development of Cavan Lawn Tennis club all of her family were outstanding players When the family moved to Booterstown in 1980  when Paddy was appointed CEO Dublin County VEC the family kept in touch with Cavan and it was no surprise that they returned to live here at Drumbar on Paddy’s retirement in 1989.Popularly known as ‘Goldie’ she was a vastly talented and versatile artist she displayed her work both paintings and sculpture at many exhibitions and was an annual contributor to the Cavan Arts Society Exhibition. Lady of refined tastes and gentle disposition with impeccable manners she was an outstanding wife mother and member of the Community in Cavan. She is survived by her husband Paddy sons Bill (Carlow) John (Dublin) daughters Evelyn (Grosch) Florida Louise (McKenzie ) Dublin and Dr Jane (Higginson ) Stratford on Avon. She was sister of Joy McCarren Drumbar.Funeral from the Cathedral to New cemetery (Ardla) Skerries.

Cavan Lawn Tennis Club turn on their new floodlighting which means they can play tennis the whole year round .

Paddy McAdam Carrickfern scoops the Jackpot £500 and Promoter’s Prize £50 at the Cavan Hospice Draw.

Paddy Conaty nominated by poll topper Paddy Sexton and seconded by Patricia Walsh is unanimously elected the new Chairman of Cavan Urban Council.

Death of Charlie Young Antiduff Ballyhaise.Brother of the late Father Joe Young PP Staghall Belturbet.Charlie was a very well known farmer kind neighbour and gentle friend. Cousin of Canon John A Young Drumcrave and Father Eddie Brady White Fathers Africa. He is survived by his brothers Oliver and Brian sister Maureen. Funeral from Saint Patrick’s Castletara to the adjoining cemetery.

June 23rd 1994 Death of Seamus O Reilly Elm Mount Park Beaumont and Drumherrish Cavan in the Mater Private Nursing Home. Employed by the Department of Agriculture in Abbotstown.Survived by his wife Eileen son Gerard brothers Sean Matthew Cathal Oliver and Eugene  sisters Anna and Teresa. Funeral from the Church of the Nativity of Our Lord Beaumont to Fingal cemetery.

Same Week ‘Razor’ Ray Houghton’s goal is enough to send the country into ecstasy at World Cup USA as Ireland deservedly beat Italy. Italy eventually recovered from their bad start to contest the World Cup Final where they were cruelly beaten by a penalty goal by Brazil .

June 30th 1994 Death of Sheila Burke ‘Lima’ Drumnavanagh after a long illness. Native of Killetra Mallow she came from a farming background. Her husband Jim is a retired Officer of the Department of Agriculture. Family held in the highest esteem for their charitable and social work. Sheila was an example of the Christian way of life and everybody she met or called to the house was regally entertained. Member of Cavan Bridge Club she was  deeply involved with activities of a charitable nature being a member of the Social Services The Altar Society and a Minister of the Eucharist bringing Communion to the sick and house bound. She is survived by her husband Jim daughters Maura (Cullen) Philadelphia USA Mary (Corrigan ) Moate County Westmeath and Margaret (Duffy) Gurteen Killeshandra.Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Same Week Work commences at last on the £3.5 million Shopping Complex for Dunne’s stores at Church Street. Final documents between Dunne’s and the Builders P Elliott and Company are signed to day. Work is expected to last 12 months.

Death of Oliver Young Drumnavangh and late of Antiduff Ballyhaise.Very well known businessman in the area he had a pub grocery drapery and general supplies store in Ballyhaise before moving with his family to Cavan town in 1968.Continued to operate the drapery business started by his brother Sean in Church Street. Formed an Auctioneering alliance with his friend Eddie O Gorman and they became the biggest concern in the area for a long number of years. Treasurer and Vice President of the Cavan Chamber of Commerce for almost 25 years Oliver was a voice of reason and moderation and he was a guiding force in the establishment of a vibrant thriving Chamber representing all the traders of the town. Deeply religious he was a man of great charity and forbearance and spoke well of everybody. Third member of his family to die within the last few months brothers Father Joe and Charlie died recently. Survived by his wife Mary sons Ciaran Garrett and Paul brother Brian and sister Maureen. Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Saint Joseph’s Young Priests Society are looking for new members following the success of their recent Pilgrimage to Knock when a bus load from the town travelled to the Marian Shrine. Enquires to Patsy Maloney Secretary Main Street

Thomas McEvoy B Com MBS is appointed Assistant County Cavan Development Officer. Graduate of UCG Thomas comes to Cavan from the University of Limerick.

July 7th 1994 Charles and Bridget Burns late of the white Star Church Street Enniskillen are pictured celebrating the Golden Jubilee of their marriage in the Grann Enniskillen with Father Jerome Maguire (cousin of Charles) who officiated at their wedding in the Pro Cathedral in Dublin 1944.double wedding as Bea’s sister Veronica Smith married Joe Dunne Castletara in the same cermony.The couple have 9 hildren and 29 grandchildren. Bridget (Bea) is a member of the well known highly respected Smith family from Alackan and sister of Philomena Foley Ballyhaise and the late Paddy Smith Trim former Cavan all Ireland footballer.

Death of Hanna Fay nee Shannon Plush Butlersbridge.Rrelict of the late Thomas. Survived by her brothers and sisters.Funeral from Saint Aidan’s Butlersbridge to the adjoining cemetery.

Monsignor McManus and Noel Martin two of the original founders of Cavan Credit Union are honoured with a presentation at the Silver Jubilee Celebrations in the Kilmore Hotel.

Centenary Captain’s Prize played over 27 holes on perfect conditions on Saturday. Weather turned very nasty overnight and Sunday’s 9 holes were played in a downpour resulting in many of the 259 competitors abandoning their round.Eamonn Rice winner of the Captain’s Prize in 1990 and 1992 brought all his experience to the fore to shoot  rounds of 68 and 30 to win by ½ shot from Father John Gilhooley on 98 ½ Paddy Haren was 3rd with 99 ½ Cian O Conor wins the Gross with 74 while Donal Brady with 65 was the winner of the Saturday and Michael O Beirne with 67 winner of the Sunday. Dennis Condon shot a hole in 1 on the Par 3 4th hole. Interesting fact that Eamonn Rice’s father has won the captain’s Prize in his native Castlecomer as did his mother and his sisters win the Ladies’Captains Prize at the same course.

Ann Marie Lynch is this week’s winner of the tp prize of £500 in the Saint Christopher’s hospice Draw Kitty brown the winning Promoter receives £50.

Myra Kennedy Rock Cross member of the local Bahai community is on a 2 week trip to Russia to help with the wheat harvesting and promote the well being of women in rural Russia.

Pictured at the ongoing development of Green’s Mill The Mill Rock are Malachy McCloskey (Boyne Valley Honey) Grainne Shaffrey (Site Architect) and Walter Myles (Manager Green’s Mills).

Butlersbridge section of Jack’s army are pictured in Orlando Florida following Ireland’s exit from the 1994 World Cup suffering a comprehensive 3-0 defeat to Holland.Pictured are Giselle Cullivan Gemma Gilroy Caroline Henry Billy Gilroy Gerard McIntyre Sean O Reilly and Sean Henry.

July 14th 1994 Mary Fay of Harmony Heights is appointed Cavan’s first Traffic Warden. Gabriel Cullivan Town Clerk assures the Cavan motorists that there is nothing to be afraid of and that a ‘softly softly’ attitude to parking indiscretions will be adopted by the Council. The on the spot £15 fine will only be issued to persons who continually flout the parking regulations in the town.

Same Week Anthony Vesey (Fianna Fail) is elected Chairman of Cavan County Council succeeding Paddy O Reilly (Fine Gael) from Murmod Virginia.

Down captained by DJ Kane defeat Tyrone 1-17 to 1-11 before a record attendance of 35,000 paying gate receipts of £200,000 in new look Saint Tiernach’s Park Clones refurbished at a cost of £1.5 million. In a poor curtain raiser Armagh Minors were too strong for Down on a score line of 3-13 to 1-7.Referee of the Senior Final was Thomas McDermott of Killeshandra awarding 2 penalties to Down one of which Man of the Match Mickey Linden converted.

Gold Awards at National Blood Transfusion Unit.Mary Cusack Kinnypottle Cavan Fergal Connolly 51 Carrickfern Kevin Bravendar 11 Swellan Court Roe Sexton Corfeyhone Poles Teresa Finnegan Drumheel Catherine Cusack Killymeehan Stradone  Liam De Paor Loreto Reverend Mark Lidwill The Manse Keadue Lane Eileen Lynch Annaglough Sister Annette Coyle saint Phelim’s Hospital and Maureen Leinster 36 Wolfe Tone Street.

Joseph Doonan  Saint Martin’s Estate is this week’s winner of the top prize of £500 in The Hospice Draw. The winning promoter is Dominic Johnston who receives £50.

July 21st 1994 Andy O Brien is unanimously elected Chairman of the VEC succeeding Clifford Kelly (Fianna Fail).Andy paying tribute to Clifford says that this will be his last year as Chairman and he would like to put on record Clifford Kelly’s wonderful interest in the development of education in County Cavan. Andy concludes by paying tribute to John McKay CEO and staff saying it is an honour to have such able committed and industrious people working for theVEC.

Same Week Father and son pairing of Gene Smith and Gene Junior defeat Jackie Sheridan and Bernard Johnston in the Final of the Kilmore Cup at County Cavan Golf Club.

Cavan Gaels defeat the holders Kingscourt Stars 5-3 to 1-6 to win the Under 12 Roinn A League in dreadful weather conditions at Breffni Park. The Gaels showed great skill and team work in their fifth consecutive Final appearance and their ability to score goals was the difference between the two sides. Scorers for the Gaels Nicholas Walsh 2-0 Richard Graham and Niall Collins 1-1 each Sean Reilly 1-0 Alan Coyle 0-1.Team Frank Ward Eamonn Reilly Fergal Brady Paraic Smith Barry Brady Enda King Fionan Coyle Gavin Duffy Sean Reilly Niall Collins Edward Halligan Cormac Dunne  Damian Farrell Richard Graham (Captain) and Alan Coyle .Sub Nicholas Walsh .

July 28th 1994

Ann O Reilly is the winner of the Centenary Lady Captain’s Prize (Mary Galligan) at County Cavan Golf Club Dolores Brady is Runner Up and 3rd Kathleen Young Majella Brady had the Best Gross. Patricia Treacy was  winner of the Past Captain’s Prize.

Same Week P J O Reilly Auctioneer O Reilly Taylor Tweedy is joined in the business by his two sons Martin James and Eamonn Francis following their successful application for an Auctioneers license granted by Justice Dermot McCardle at Cavan District Court. They will continue to combine their farming interests with the auctioneering.

Death of Pat Cosgrove 15 Lake View at the age of  83.Well known businessman Pat travelled the country to fairs and fetes selling clothes and footwear which he sourced in Scotland. Dapper and very well spoken Pat was an outstanding dealer and was known throughout a wide area. Predeceased by his daughter Margaret he is survived by his wife Margaret sons Hughie Martin and Pat  daughters Kathleen Bridie Veronica Phyllis  Rose Chrissie Frances .Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies cemetery.

‘Dreamchaser Productions’ headed up by Cavan born CEO Ned O Hanlon  responsible for the recent U2 TV and Video production ‘Zoo’ win the International Monitor award in the documentary category with ‘Miss Sarajevo’ in Washington DC.

Death of Barney Lynch Crubany at the age of 75.Native of  Carrickaveedan Lower Lavey he worked with the ESB all of his life and cycled long journeys to work during the Rural Electrification. Keen GAA supporter he followed the County Seniors and Killygarry GFC.Member of  Killygarry Fianna Fail Cumann .Outstanding worker and very religious and charitable. Survived by his wife Kathleen sons Ned Brian PJ  Josephine and Theresa and sister Bridget Livingstone (Reask).Father John Murphy Adm assisted by Fathers Felim Kelly PP Benny Fitzpatrick Lagos  Felim McGovern Cavan officiated at the Funeral Mass with burial in Killygarry cemetery.

Brian Connolly County Library is organising an Exhibition on The Railway in Cavan Courthouse. Brian has just purchased on behalf of the Library Railway prints from the 1950s and 1960s and is seeking old photographs and memorabilia Phone 04-31799.The last train left Cavan on the 1st January 1960 while the Narrow Gauge Railway  was discontinued from March 28th 1959.

Sean Masterson playing off 15 with a score of 45 wins the Centenary President’s (Norman Cinnamond) at County Cavan Golf Club.2nd was recent Captain’s Prize winner and very much the man in form Eamonn Rice playing off 9 with a score of 43 3rd Arthur McManus  (16) with 42.Pat Comerford (7) won the Gross with 33 Ken Cinnamond The Visitor’s prize. Sandra Kelly with 46 wins the Ladies’ while 2nd is Maura Dunne with 44 and 3rd Noreen O Reilly with 42.Mary Malone won the Lady’s Gross .

Maisie Freeman wins the Ladies’ Centenary President’s Prize (Rose Fox) at County Cavan Golf Club 2nd Dorothy Neary 3rd May McKiernan while Marita Leech won the Gross.

Leitrim captained by Declan Darcy win the Connaught Senior Championship and the Brendan Nestor Cup for the 1st time in 67 years when they defeat Mayo 0-12 to 2-4 at Doctor Hyde Park Roscommon amid unbridled scenes of joy. Leitrim’s 10th Connaught Final and only their second triumph- last time in 1927.They will now play Dublin in the All Ireland Senior Championship semi Final in Croke Park Dublin. Coached by Mayo native John O Mahony many of the players and mentors pay tribute to the great foundation established by Cavan natives P J Carroll and Aidan Crossan during their recent tenure. Scorers for Leitrim Aidan Rooney 0-4 Padraig Kenny 0-2 Declan Darcy 0-

Colin Hannon defeats Karl Crotty to win the Coleman Cup at County Cavan Golf Club.

August 4th 1994 Martin McHugh Donegal football legend is appointed Team Manager of the Cavan Senior and Under 21 teams for a 3 year period. Native of Kilcar County Donegal Senior All Ireland winner in 1992 3 Ulster Senior medals 1983 1990 1992 4 Railway Cup medals All Ireland Under 21 winner in 1982.All Star in 1983 and 1992 Texaco and Player of the Year 1992.Martin is a Representative in this area for Martin Donnelly Hardware Glasnevin .Many of the Cavan supporters are hailing Martin as ‘The Messiah’ who is going to lead Cavan back to the Promised Land!

Same Week  John and Mary Rose Tully Mount Prospect celebrate the Golden Jubilee of their marriage in Saint Patrick’s Church Drumcor  on the 26th of June 1944 by Canon Keoghan.Family reception in the Restaurant at Killykeen to mark the event.

Sudden death of Brian Donlon at the age of 56 .Native of Swellan Brian worked as a lorry driver with George Fagan’s Provider’s  P Elliott and Company. Active in the organisation of the swimming and life saving courses at Lavey Lake. Survived by his  wife Kathleen sons Derek Raymond and Darren daughters  Ann Marie Bernie Grainne Prominent member of the Pioneer Association the members formed a Guard of Honour and the coffin was draped in the Pioneer flag. Father Benny Maguire assisted by Father Benny Fitzpatrick Lagos (Friend of Brian’s) were the chief celebrants at the funeral Mass in Lower Lavey Church. Burial in Cullies.

Death of John Cosgrove BE  Keadue Lane at the age of 65.Managing Director of Monery By Products for over 30 years John oversaw its growth and development.Native of Granard John was educated at Saint Mel’s College and UCG where he graduated with a degree in Enginering.Served in the Irish army for a number of years stationed at the Curragh.Later worked with Longford County Council and was the Chief Engineer on the magnificent stretch of road from Edgeworthstown to Longford. Designed The Granada Ballrooms in Kingscourt and Granard for his friend Tommy Kiernan Granard. Emigrated to England to gain more experience and worked in the Planning Department of Lancashire  County Council. Returned in 1964 at the request of his father in law Tom McCarren to manage the development of Monery By Products. Long time member of Cavan County Golf Club he followed the fortunes of the local GAA rugby  and soccer clubs. Actively involved with Cavan Tennis Club he was a very enthusiastic tennis player and served on the Committee along with his wife Sheila. Founder member of Cavan Motor Club he was an extremely brave pilot and with GV Maloney as Navigator they were an unbeatable combination. Prominent member of Cavan branch Fianna Fail. Great supporter of Knock Shrine he was a personal friend of Monsignor James Horan and promoted the funding and development of The Marian Shrine at every opportunity. John was a good decent charitable man who never let anyone know the extent of his goodness and generosity to the poor. Survived by his wife Sheila ( McCarren) son Martin daughters Maureen (Kelly) and Millie (Gilsenan).Father John Murphy Adm was the chief celebrant of the Funeral Mass in the Cathedral assisted by Father Frank Kelly PP Granard  Father L Kearney Bunnoe and his dear personal friend Father Cathaldus McKiernan Mullahoran.Guard of honour formed by his colleagues in Monery By Products. Interment in Killygarry cemetery.

Sympathy is extended to Betty Finnegan College Street and Jackie Smith Farnham Road on the death  of their uncle James Fitzpatrick in Pennsylvania at the age of 90.Native of College Street he emigrated to the USA in 1929 and worked there as a Landscape Gardener. Regular visitor home his last visit was in 1985.Survived by  wife Mary son Jimmy and daughters Mary and Rita.

Veronica Sharkey Cavan UDC was chosen as Cavan County Council’s representative on the County Cavan Tourism Committee. Proposed by councillor Michael Giles and seconded by Michael Smith.

Retirement of Bill Henry after 50 years service to the Insurance business is remembered by friends family and colleagues at a function in the Kilmore Hotel. Bill joined New Ireland Assurance Company at the age of 19 in his native Sligo in 1944.Transferred on promotion to Dundalk in 1950.Transferred to Cavan in 1954.In 1959 Bill joined the Yorkshire Insurance Group and qualified as a Fellow of the Insurance Institute of Ireland in 1967.Graduated with a Bachelor of Law as an external student of the University of London in 1970.After the Yorkshire Insurance Company were taken over by General Accident Fire and Life Assurance Bill served as Inspector for them until his recent retirement. Bill’s interest include Drama-he was an outstanding actor in his day but confines himself to backstage particularly make up and Direction. He is a long time member of County Cavan Golf Club. Among the attendance were members of Bill’s family Liam Henry and his wife Marie Seamus Henry and his wife Anne Dr Emer Henry Dr Colm Henry  Dr Gemma Browne (daughter) Maura and her husband Fintan Duffy. Presentation of a colour television and bouquet of flowers to Bill and his wife Kay by colleagues and friends at function in the Kilmore Hotel.

August 11th 1994 Maura Reynolds convenor for the Cavan Telethon announces that £27,000 was raised in Cavan this year while the sum nationally rose to £3 million to be distributed to charities throughout Ireland.

Same Week  Killygarry National School celebrate their centenary with the launch of the centenary book by the Bishop of Kilmore Francis McKiernan in The Kilmore Hotel Pictured are Paddy Fitzpatrick (Editor) Margaret McGovern (Joint Secretary) Dr McKiernan Angela McEntee (Joint Secretary) W P O Hanlon (Anglo Celt) Francie McDermott (Chairman) Michéal Reilly (Principal) Francie Galligan and Patsy Lee (Designer).The magnificent book fully illustrated is available at £4.

August 18th 1994  Maisie Freeman with 45 is the very popular winner of the Centenary Lady President’ Prize () at County Cavan Golf Club May McKiernan 2nd with 43 3rd Maura Keaveney with 41 Marita Leech Best Gross 29 (9 holes)

Same Week  Colin Haren defeats Karl Crotty to win the Coleman Cup at County Cavan Golf Club.

Tragic death of the very popular Ann McKiernan late of 5 Ard Na Greinne in London while visiting her two sons Richard and Roger.Native of Blackpool Ann came to Cavan 20 years ago and married Francis McKiernan Ard Na Greinne.Worked in Jobman.Her hobbies were Gardening Bingo and TV. Member of the Tullac Mongan Community Games Committee and The Youth Club. Extremely quiet and sophisticated she was an excellent neighbour and friend blending in to the easier pace of life in Cavan perfectly. Survived by her husband Francis sons David (Cavan) Richard and Roger (London).Interment took place in London. Requiem Mass celebrated in Saint Clare’s Church the capacity attendance included all her neighbours and friends.

Sympathy is once again extended to Mervyn and Mary Owens on the death of their infant  son Ciaran.The couple lost their child Keith in a freak playground accident in 1993.Residing in Reading Berkshire the couple have one other son Tommy. Mary is a native of Urble Carrigan while Tommy is from Oldtown.

Darragh Connolly is pictured playing the Uileann Pipes at the Shane Connaughton Readings in the Farnham Hotel sponsored by the Cavan Arts Office.

Barry Walsh Swellan and Orla O Reilly Poles are married in Booterstown Church Dublin. Barry is son of John and Cecelia Walsh Glenlara Swellan while Orla is daughter of Paul and Kathleen Reilly Poles.

Junior Open Championship at Cavan Lawn Tennis Club Under 10 Singles Sean Johnston (Cavan) beat Charlie Usher (Kells) Boys Under 14 Eoin Elliott (Cavan) beat Cathal McDermott (Longford) 6-3 4-6 6-3 Boy’s Under 16 singles Niall Gaffney (Cavan)beat Paul Finnegan (Kells) 6-3 6-3 Boy’s Under 12 Doubles Pauric Smith and Fergal Brady (Cavan) beat Cian Elliott and Gavin Duffy 6-0 6-0.The standard of tennis was very high in all sections with competitors from Castlepollard Athboy Laytown Bettystown Dundalk Dublin Kells Stackallen Longford Mullingar and Roscommon.

August 25th 1994 Dublin beat Leitrim 3-15 to 1-9 in the All Ireland Semi Final in Croke Park  before an attendance of 50,000.The 12 point losing margin does scant credit to the performance of the Connaught Champions who were out muscled by a strong skilful Dublin team playing at their best. Among the attendance (Pictured) was Declan Moran and his wife Michelle from Earlsvale Road The house was bedecked in the Leitrim colours with a banner proclaiming loyalty to George Dugdale and his men. Dublin will now meet Down in The All Ireland Final in September.

Same Week  Ted Smith and his wife Alice who were married in Saint Ann’s Church Warrington celebrate the Golden Jubilee of their marriage in Ted’s native Cavan. His father was a steward on the Farnham Estate and he has come home every year since they emigrated over 60 years ago. Ann is an English girl and they have three children Marjorie Florence and  Antoinette.

Republican splinter group The INLA gun down Ireland’s most notorious criminal Martin Cahill known as ‘The General’ in broad day light at Cowper Downs Rathmines.

September 1st 1994 Death of the very popular Phil Goldrick Drumrora Crossdoney. At Our Lady’s Nursing Home Edgeworthstown.Small farmer he worked for an Post delivering the mail for many years and was a very industrious hard worker. Very pleasant decent man he always had time to chat with friends neighbours and colleagues who he served with great loyalty and generosity. Survived by his wife Kathleen (Nee Reilly) sons Philip Thomas Michael Kevin Padraig and daughters Breda Marion and Bernadette. Funeral from Saint Patrick’s Drumcor to the adjoining cemetery.

Same Week  PJ Carroll is appointed Team Manager of the Sligo Senior and Under 21 teams. He will be assisted by Tony Dunne who will train the team.

Saint Joseph’s Home for the Elderly opens at Lisdarn.Small compact unit the days of 300 bed Geriatric Hospitals like Saint Felim’s are over. Midland Construction Kells  are the Contractors .Paddy Reilly from Belturbet and Mary McAvinue from Castletara are the first patients transferred from Saint Felim’s Hospital to Saint Joseph’s Lisdarn.

 Ceasefire announced by IRA all shootings bombings and other military actions are suspended. Drama as Charlie Bird is chosen by The IRA to relay their unconditional ceasefire to the Irish nation. First announcing the dramatic news on the Myles Dungan Show on RTE radio before sharing the glad tidings with the rest of the world media.

Death of Ena Fortune Tullylough House Drumelis at the age of 65.Native of The Ward County Dublin member of a very well known family in the motor agriculture and legal profession.Ena was an expert on pedigree cattle and a judge at all the big  Agricultural Shows. Expert on the latest farming methods. Her house was open to all and she welcomed young and old rich and poor to Tullylough House. Great interest in the welfare of the old and vulnerable in Society she was Treasurer of the Friends of John Sullivan Home and visited the premises almost daily. Recently instrumental in the supply and erection of at the Home of a sun lounge her only concern was the patient’s welfare. Very involved in the meals on wheels where she visited the homes of the elderly and had first hand knowledge of their circumstances. Great love for all animals she was a frequent visitor to the races at Roscommon Ballinrobe Sligo Kilbeggan Navan and Galway. Survived by her husband Garry sons Johnny Garrett and Aidan daughters Marie (Henry) and Dolores. Father Fintan McKiernan CC Killasnett officiated at the Funeral Mass in the Cathedral. Burial in Butlersbridge.

On the day that the IRA announce their Ceasefire a report by Kevin Gardiner of Investment Bankers Morgan Stanley calls Ireland’s economy ‘The Celtic Tiger’ and the name stuck ever after!

September 8th 1994 Taoiseach Albert Reynolds meets greets and shakes the hand of Gerry Adams in full view of the world media at Government Buildings following the announcement of the IRA Ceasefire.

Same Week  Death of the legendary Seamus (Ba) Fay 1 Owen Roe Terrace at the age of 65 following a long illness. Accomplished singer he had a very wide and varied repertoire and could interlace his songs with anecdotes and short funny stories to give his listeners a wonderful night’s entertainment. Won many talent contests in his youth he entertained the patrons  from the stage in The Magnet during the Interval and provided the same service for a number of years for patrons in the Town Hall. His fee for the service was 2/6 and he always gave great value for money leaving his many fans looking for more.Very involved with Doctor Brian Galligan in the foundation of Comalthais Ceolteoiri Eireann and Cumainn Rinnce and Cabahain Seamus travelled long journeys to participate and promote Irish dance and song.Impecably groomed and of handsome appearance Seamus had a great zest for life and was a wonderful husband and father for his three children. Easy laid back style Seamus modelled his singing style on the well known Derry Singer Michael O Duffy and was equal or better than the Derry singer. First class ballroom dancer he won many prizes for Irish and Ballroom dancing. Worked all his life in the nearby Cavan Mineral Waters where he was very popular with both management and staff. Outstanding gardener the lawn at the front of the house would do credit to Wimbledon and his cultivation of flowers  brought about constant colour changes at his beautifully maintained home. Survived by his wife Bridie sons David and Stephen daughter Aisling (Farrelly) sister Phyllis and brother Nobby.Funeral following Requiem Mass in The Cathedral to Cullies cemetery.

Saint Patrick’s area win the bronze medals in Chess at The National Community Games in Mosney.Team Ciaran Duffy Seamus McDermott Cormac Lewis Brian Johnston Enda Mullhern Noel Cassidy  and Paul Ryan

Martin McHugh’s chooses hiss Mickey Reilly (Redhills) Donal Donoghue (Laragh) and Paddy McNamee (Ramor United) Alice O Reilly (Cootehill) is Physio to the team Dr Paddy Rudden Medical Officer. Later Joe Doonan National Athletics Coach and coach to Catherina McKiernan agrees to train the team.

Cavan beat Castlebar 31-10 to retain the Larry Burke Cup at Cavan Rugby Club. Bigger heavier and more experience pack the difference between the two sides. Jackson brothers Winston Morrison and Pat Rodgers immense. David Sharpe Owen Roe Skelly  and Eddie Moore defended and attacked  in style at the back. Team Owen Roe Skelly Eddie Moore Philip Brady Cyril O Keefe M Kane P Lynch David Sharpe S Smith Pat Rodgers Ian Fanin B Dunne Kevin Jackson (Captain) Jimmy Jackson A Pratt and Winston Morrison.

September 15th 1994 Proposal to cut wages by 15% at Cavan Crystal due to increased competition from cheaper Waterford Crystal products.

Same Week  Breege Kelly is appointed County Secretary to succeed Peter Paul Hayden who has retired. Native of Kilmeena Westport she is the first woman in Ireland to hold such a senior Executive post in Local Government.

Judge Donal McCardle leads the tributes to retiring Inspector Tony McLoughlin at Cavan District Court.35 years a Garda all but one of them spent in District Number 5.Judge McCardle says that Tony was a man of great courtesy and integrity who contested each case on its merits and with great compassion affording the bench every co operation. George V Maloney and Mrs Joan Smith join in the fulsome tributes to Tony who will be greatly missed in the Force but will continue to live in Ballinagh.

Sullivan’s Sweet Shop 1 Church Street is sold for £110,000 in trust  to PJ Cusack Ballyjamesduff.Later it emerges that the purchaser is well known Cavan businessman Peter McDonnell who has other property interests in the town.

Gowna win their 2nd Senior Championship defeating near neighbours Mullahoran 1-8 to 0-9 in rain soaked Hugh O Reilly Park in Cootehill before an attendance of 4,500 who paid gate receipts of £18,000.Earlier Saint Finbar’s led by Karl O Rourke (Drung Drumgoon and Kill) beat Saint Killian’s (Killinkere Maghera and Cuchullains) to win their 1st ever Minor football championship 1-10 to 0-11 in a downpour. The games were played in the Hugh O Reilly Park in Cootehill as part of the Centenary celebrations of Cootehill Celtic.

September 22nd 1994 Centenary celebrations continue at County Cavan Golf Club with presentations to Cmdt Matt Murray and his wife Mary now resident in Ennis. Matt is a former Secretary of the Club. Presentation to Greenkeeper Sean O Reilly and his wife Martina to mark Sean’s immense contribution as outstanding Greenkeeeper for the last 25 years.

Same Week  Lillian Smith is the winner of the £500 1st prize in The Hospice Draw while 2nd was Mickavia Gumley Breffni Terrace The Promoter was Jacqui Lewis.3rd and £200 Anna Mai Farrell Butlersbridge.

Mickey Linden inspires Down captained by D J Kane to their 5th All Ireland victory beating Dublin 1-12 to 0-13 in Croke Park. James McCartan’s first half goal was the difference between the two sides and sent Down in at half time leading by 1-8 to 0-7.Mickey Linden Man of the Match produced an electrifying display and was involved in nearly all of Down’s successful attacks. Scorers for Down Mickey Linden 0-5 James McCartan 1-0 Gary Mason 0-3 Ross Carr 0-3 and Gregory McCartan 0-1.

Nellie Gilroy and family donate the TM Gilroy Cup to be awarded to the County Intermediate Champions each year.Cornafean play Laragh United in the Final on Sunday in Breffni Park. Ironically Tommy was a native of Cornafean and his first club was Stradone !Tommy was later instrumental in the foundation and development of Cavan Gaels and deservedly voted Centenary Clubman of the Year in 1984.

September 29th 1994 Noel Michael Elliott ‘Seven Oaks’ Cullies is conferred with his B.Agr. Science (Honours) Forestry at UCD.Noel was educated at Saint Felim’s Boys School Newbridge College and UCD.He is son of Noel and Katherine Elliott Cullies Cavan.

Same Week  Death of Joseph (Joe) Finegan 3 Brookside and late of Upper Main Street. Native of Banahoo Joe came to Cavan to serve his time to the Hardware business with Sullivan’s Lower Main Street. Later met his future wife May Rodgers from The Naul County Mayo then serving her time in Con Reilly’s (Jimmy Brennan’s).Founder member of Cavan CYMS Joe wrote a wonderfully crafted account of the early days of the organisation in their Golden Jubilee Booklet of 1986.Set up an outstanding grocery hardware and funeral undertaking business having bought Galligan’s in 1940.His attention to detail and quiet efficiency as an undertaker were legendary and the standards he laid down are still the mark to which present undertakers aspire. Served Mass in the Convent Chapel for over thirty years every morning. Predeceased by his wife May survived by his son Father Gerard Sarasota Florida Mary (Tunney) Aine (Connolly) Catherine (O Leary) Bridget (Duffy) and Josephine sister Mary Brady brothers Benny and twin Frank. Funeral following concelebrated Mass from the Cathedral to Killygarry.Bishopp Francis McKiernan represented the priests and religious of the Diocese at the funeral.

Edward Doyle and Flex win The Harp Classic and Grand Prix at Cavan Equestrian’s Centre 2nd 4 day Indoor Horse Championships There were 40 events 1200 jumping rounds and competitors from England Sweden Finland Ireland and Dubai. The leading rider of the Show was Conor Swaile.

Anthony Vesey Chairman Cavan County Council officially turns on the floodlights at Cavan Tennis Club.Una Byrne wins the Girl’s Under 14 and 16 Club Tournament. Under 16 Boy’s Niall Gaffney Boy’s Under 14   Eoghain Elliott the Boy’s Under 12 Pauric Smith and Boy’s Under 10 Sean Johnston.

Laragh United led by Patrick Sheils defeat Cornafean 0-13 to 2-6 in the Intermediate Final in Breffni Park and are the first holders of the T M Gilroy Intermediate trophy. Presented by Ellen and Dessie Gilroy before Sunday’s Final.Stradone were the first Club that the late Tommy Gilroy represented at County Board.

Rick Lewis wins the Over 40 All Ireland Racquetball Championship at Saint Patrick’s College Brian Smith (Cavan) winner of the D Singles while  Pat Baker (Cavan) is the winner of the D Novice’s title. The two courts at Saint Patrick’s College were supplemented by the three courts made available at The Comprehensive School Cootehill and the host club organised and ran the tournament to their usual exacting standards.

Cavan Gaels beat Kilbride 1-14 to 1-13 after extra time in the Under 16 Division 1 Final Replay at Cootehill.Man of the Match Cathal Collins secured victory for the Gaels in the last minutes of extra time with a brilliant goal which sealed the issue for the Gaels who add the Championship to their League success garnered earlier in the year.Scorers for the Gaels Cathal Collins 1-5 Barry Lambert 0-3 David McCorry 0-3 Niall Gaffney Mark Reilly and Michael Mooney 0-1 each.Team Niall Johnston Ciaran Rabbitte Seamus Martin Francis Galligan Pauric Byrne Declan Gillick Brian McDonald Cathal Collins  Niall Gaffney (Captain) David McCorry Barry Lambert Michael Mooney and Mark Reilly.

October 6th 1994 Dominic Egan a native of County Clare is appointed Curator of the Cavan Museum in Ballyjamesduff.Educated at UCD Sydney University and the University of New England. Dominic has worked in Britain Europe Africa Australia and New Zealand establishing museums and reinvigorating older institutions.

Same Week  Death of Anne Monica (Mona) Kane Drumelis.Survived by her husband Paddy sons John Patsy and Hugo and daughter Maura.Funeral from the Cathedral to Drumcor.

Jacqueline Flood daughter of Vincent and Mary Flood Coleman Road weds Sean O Reilly son of Cathal and the late Nan Drumgola in the Cathedral.Reception in the White Horse Hotel Cootehill.

Ann Poulter late of 5 Breffni Terrace daughter of Clare and the late Michael Gumley dies in Farnborough England at the age of 34.survived by her husband Ken mother Clare sisters Mary Margaret and Eileen brothers Paddy Noel and Michael (Glennon).The family return thanks for the hundreds of mass cards and letters of sympathy sent by kind friends and neighbours.

National Blood Transfusion award Gold Pins to Joey Mills Kilmore Vincent McCormack 43 Church Street and Bridie Moore Moynehall.

Cavan Town Soccer Club impressive 3-2 win over Trim Town at Derrycramph in the Meath and District League. Man of the Match was Michael Graham who posed problems for the Trim defence with his jinking runs.Michael was taken down inside the Box early in the game and James Doonan converted the resultant spot kick.Michael was back again before half time to score a magnificent solo goal while Robbie Bury sealed the issue with a great goal powerfully headed into the roof of the Trim net. Team James Heffernan Dermot Carmichael John Flood Thomas Byrne Padraig Fitzpatrick Johnny Graham Gerry Clarke James Doonan Jim Fallon Robbie Bury and Michael Graham.Sub Thomas Murray for Robbie Bury (Injured) and Paddy Murray (Not Used).

October 13th 1994 Tony Finlay Farnham Road is elected President of Cavan Lions Club succeeding Terry Argue.The Cavan Lions are celebrating their 10th Birthday this year.

Same Week  Death of Michael (Mick) Murphy Drumbo and Dublin Road Cavan while servicing a boat engine at Lough Sheelin.Native of  Lahardane County Mayo he came to Cavan to work as a Diesel Mechanic with Jackson’s before setting up his own business. Reckoned to be a mechanical genius he specialised in lawn mowers chain saws and  small cutting appliances. Patented  the first saw to cut through wood and concrete on the change of a disck.Survived by his son Edward daughters Celia Christine Theresa and Sheila.Funeral from the Cathedral to Saint Aidan’s Butlersbridge.

Peter McDonald General Merchant Drumalee sells his business and residential premises to returned emigrants from the Ballyconnell area Seamus and Carmel O Neill for a figure believed to be in excess of £200,000.The Auctioneers were AOR while the Solicitor having carriage of sale was Cormac D Dunne.

Dominick Sheridan in his first veteran year is crowned Waterford Crystal World Masters Handball Champion at New Market on Fergus County Clare. From an entry of 50 including entries from North America and Australia Dominic showed his class and fitness preparing specially for this tournament for the last 12 months. Waltzed through the competition showing his class and skill beating Michael McCarron from Monaghan 21-16 21-15 in The Final. Maurice Brady and Greg Sheridan fought their way to the Final of the World Masters Doubles but too many hard games on their passage took their toll and they were beaten by much fresher opponents Breen and McCarthy 21-14 21-8 in the Final.

October 20th 1994 New Garda Inspector John O Hara is welcomed at Cavan District Court by Patrick E Thornton state Solicitor and Fiona O Reilly District Court Clerk who promise their full cooperation in the prosecution of cases. Judge Donal McCardle welcomes the new Inspector as an old friend saying he has the height of respect for his ability and integrity and has known him for years as an outstanding officer.

Same Week  Fergal O Hanlon is conferred with his B Sc (Distinction) in Maths and Computer Science. Educated at Saint Felim’s Boys School Saint Patrick’s College and Saint Patrick’s College Maynooth.Fergal is presently studying  for a Higher Diploma in Computer Engineering at the University of Limerick.

Storm clouds gather over Saint Norbert’s Kilnacrott as pressure mounts on the Abbott Father Kevin Smith O Praem to resign over his handling of the Father Brendan Smith affair. Father Smith a convicted paedophile is presently serving 4 years in a Derry jail for sexual abuse of 8 children over a 24 year period.

Fiona Faulkner is conferred with her RGN at Beaumont Hospital. Fiona is daughter of Dr Paddy and Carmel Faulkner Farnham Street. She was educated at Saint Clare’s and Loreto College.

James Conneely C/o of the Night Shelter is the winner of the Drumalee Lotto Jackpot of £2,400.The ticket was sold by Brian Lynch ‘The Well’ Bridge Street.

October 27th 1994 Rt.Reverend Kevin A Smith 64 year old Lord Abbott of Kilnacrott resigns in the wake of allegations regarding his handling of the Father Brendan Smith case.The retiring Abbott is a native of Cormina Mountnuggent and educated at Saint Patrick’s College. Cavan.He was ordained Abbott in June 1969.

Same Week  George Dugdale 15 Cherrymount son of Joseph and Ann Mohill County Leitrim is conferred with his MA (Honours) at Queen’s University Belfast.

Death of Maureen Colette Higgins Pullamore and New Jersey wife of Michael survived by her sons Kevin Brendan and Paul brothers Tom and Peter.Funeral in New Jersey.

Death of well known popular farmer Frank Smith Derryheen at the age of 73.Survived by his wife Mary daughter Anna son Gabriel.Funeral from Saint Aidan’s Church Butlersbridge to Saint Aidan’s cemetery.

Death of Mary Elizabeth Creane formerly of ‘Sunnymeade’ Cathedral Road in Lisburn.Native of Drumgully Newbliss.Married William Robert Creane Director of Fegan’s and Company Main Street.Family of 2 daughters Margaret and Patricia (Pat).Outstanding member of the Presbyterian Church and a member of the PWA took a leading part in the development of the Church while in Cavan and when she went to Lisburn continued her deep interest in the welfare of the local Prsbyterian Church.Reverend Gary Trueman presided at the Funeral Service in Belfast while the Reverend Jean Mackeral officiated at the interment in the New cemetery Cavan.She is survived by her two daughters Margaret and Pat.

Sean and Greta Boylan retires from the licensed trade after 24 years.Charity football match and reception in pub to mark retirement with all proceeds being donated to Bosnia by Sean Greta and Drumalee GFC.

November 3rd 1994 Kilnaleck natives Michael Gray (41) BL and Alan Cooke (50) Quantity Surveyor are presumed dead following the crash of their light Cessna aeroplane on the short flight between Guernsey to the Isle of Man.

Same Week  Death of Maura McMahon formerly The County Hotel Bridge Street and The New County Farnham Road.Native of Ballydehob she married Reggie McMahon when she came to Cavan over 40 years ago and they opened the County Hotel (Slowey’s) at the junction of Main Street and Bridge Street. Outstanding Manageress and Cook she catered equally for tourists and commercials. Later sold the County Hotel to WE Berney and moved to Farnham Road where she continued to operated a Guest House to the same exacting standards. Very sociable and friendly she was a leading member of the Social Services and a regular card player at both Whist and Bridge where she made a legion of friends. Winner of many Garden competitions for her year round display of flowers at ‘The New County’ Reverend Mark Lidwill Rev Norman Lynas Dean of Ossory Church officiated at the funeral from Cavan Parish Church to Clones. Survived by her son Alan.

Death of Kathleen Maguire Tullyco Moynehall.Native of Hermitage Crossdoney she was a member of the well known and highly respected Sheridan family. Last of a family of 11 all of whom excelled in various business and agriculture ventures. She was a member of the famous Tullyco Camogie team who won several County Championships in the early years of the Association. Her husband Tom died 30 years ago survived by her daughter Josephine (Leonard) Tullyco Moynehall. Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Gene Cullivan retiring after 41 years as National Teacher in Drung is made a presentation of a wallet of notes while his wife Gertie receives a bouquet of flowers. The presentation was made by Gene’s old friend and fellow town native Father Torlac O Reilly. in attendance are Gene’s two daughters Giselle and Grainne both educated at Drung NS.

Gerard Keating son of Gerry and Marie late of Gerry’s Bar Main Street is conferred with  his degree in Finance from Iona University USA where he is on an athletic scholarship.

Kathleen and Tom Wilson are made a presentation by Marian Smith on behalf of their many customers and friends as they retire from the Licensed trade at Upper Main Street after a period of 25 years.

Phil Murray and Tony Smith win the Brian Murphy Memorial Cup at County Cavan Golf Club beating the fancied Pat Ryan and Brian Johnston in the Final.

November 10th 1994  Congratulations to Jane Mary Sheridan from Farnham as she celebrates her 100th Birthday at home with her family neighbours and friends. Her husband John James died in 1962 but Jane is still hale and hearty and she has a son daughters grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Same Week  Death of Florence Connolly Drumelis.Relict of Thomas she is survived by her son Tommy daughters Maisie Frances Phyllis and Lilly. Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Barry McCaul son of Vincent and the late Ina Bridge Street marries Breda Cullen in The Church of The Immaculate Conception Coronea with the reception afterwards in The Kilmore Hotel.

Top ten for the Anglo Celt Rehab Person of the Year as chosen by the readers of The Anglo Celt includes Mary Lovett Sean Foy (Cootehill) David Ensor (Ballyconnell) Sean O Hare (Butlersbridge) Reverend Alan Chalmers Ton Finlay (Cavan Lions) and Kathleen Fitzsimmons (Cystic Fibrosis).

November 17th 1994  Labour walk out of Government with Fianna Fail over The Taoiseach Albert Reynolds’ alleged misinformation of the Dail over The Father Brendan Smith Paedophile case.Later Albert reluctantly resigns over the technicality and is replaced by Bertie Ahern as Taoiseach.

Same Week  Charmaine Clarke daughter of Willie and Mrs Clarke Cornacrea Cavan is conferred with her BE Education (Home Economics) Honours degree at Saint Angela’s College Lough Gill Sligo. Educated at Kilmore NS Royal School Cavan and the Church of Ireland College of Education Rathmines Dublin 6.Charmaine is presently continuing her studies on a scholarship to Keene State University New Hampshire USA.

Malachy Young Drumcrave is presented with his award as Top Achiever in work experience at UCD. Malachy holds a B Agr Sc degree from UCD.

Death of Mary (Maisie) Henry Kilnaglere Butlersbridge at the age of 59.Great supporter of all things for the betterment of the Community including being an ardent support of the Bridge football team. Survived by her husband Peter sons Oliver Paul Sean Seamus and daughter Louise. Funeral from Saint Aidan’s Church to the adjoining cemetery.

Michael Swords Tullyco House Moynehall and John McInerney Pullabawn are presented with their Golden Drop Pins for their donation of 50 pints of blood to the National Blood Transfusion Board.

Death Robert (Bobby) Haddock member of one of Cavan’s oldest and most respected families dies at his residence 42 Glangeriff Parade North Circular Road Dublin at the age of 83.worked with GNR and transferred to Connolly Station on the closure of the Cavan depot. The family originally lived in Town Hall Street but transferred to the Dublin Road when being appointed Caretakers to the New cemetery. When working with GNR Bobby lived in Redhills along with his sister Frances. Brave honourable man he joined the LDF for the duration of The Emergency (1939-1946).While stationed at Connolly station he defused a bomb and carried it to safety. Last of a family of 7 best known of which were Jack (Stradone Park Laundry) Harry (Caretaker (New cemetery and Grounds man for Archdeacon Shires and Cavan Parish Church) Funeral from Cavan Parish Church to the New cemetery.

McGinnity’s Golf Society is formed Captain Noel Fay Secretary Adrian Ronan Treasurer Gerry Egan Committee Martin Sheridan Denis Hanrahan Joe Johnston Jackie Sheridan Bernard Johnston Dessie Gardiner Peter McGinnity and David Shields .

Martin Gaffey 63 Church Street marries Siobhan Moyles of Drumcrow Ballinagh in Saint Patrick’s Church Drumcor.The Reception was held in The Kilmore Hotel.

County Cavan Lawn Tennis Club 1994-1995 Captain and Chairman Carmel Gaffney Secretary Valerie Finnegan Treasurer Joyce Jackson Junior Liaison Officer Mairead Elliott Committee Eamonn Condon David Jackson Margaret O Reilly  Marie Marsh Dermot McMonigle and Wayne Cronin. It was reported that the Club had now 3 teams playing in the all year round Meath League and was in a sound financial position. The perimeter fence and the playing surface could be improved with an anticipated grant from the Lottery.

Cavan boxing Club win three Ulster Juvenile titles at the Ringside Club in Coalisland County Tyrone.The tall Andrew Murray boxing in the Boy 2 36 kilo retained his title  with a 3rd round stoppage of Eddie McCaffrey from Donegal .Andrew will now defend his National title at the Stadium in Dublin. Garrett Flynn wins the Boy 3 36 kilos with a decisive 12-4 victory over Jason  McCabe Corpus Christi Belfast.Kierna Fitzpatrick from Ballyhaise wins his 1st Ulster Juvenile title in the 51 kilo class.

November 24th 1994 Nevin Maguire of McNean’s Bistro Blacklion is voted Ireland’s Young Chef of the Year. His prize is two months training in ‘The Lea Linster’ in Luxembourg.

Same Week  Eamonn Tully from Kilmore is appointed Head of Curriculum Development with Tegasc.Educated at Kilmore NS Saint Patrick’s College and UCD where he graduated in 1970 with a degree in Animal Production. Awarded a Masters from UCD in 1972 he is over 20 years in the Agriculture business and comes from a farming background in Cavan.He will continue to be based in Kildalton Agricultural College.

Ray O Reilly a native of Watford London and of Bawnboy parents celebrates the1st birthday of ‘Cavan One Hour Photo’ at his Bridge Street premises adjacent to Donohoe’s Foodfare.

Cavan Musical Society will stage the Sound of Music as their next production in The Town Hall in 1995

17th International Cavan Song Contest to be staged in February 1994 carries a prize fund of £4,000.

Peter Sexton Saint Patrick’s Terrace is conferred with his degree as a Bachelor of Business Studies at The Regional College Athlone.Son of Lilly and the late Terry Sexton 3 Saint Patrick’s Swellan.

Geraldine Gilsenan daughter of Tommy and Anna Lisreagh marries Hugh Rice son of Hugh and the late Bridget Rice Lurgan County Armagh in The Cathedral Cavan.He Reception was in the Hotel Kilmore.

Philip McDonald retires as Porter in Cavan General Hospital. Presentation by his colleagues pictured are Nan Fitzpatrick Mary McDonald (Philip’s wife) Peter Anderson Gene Smith Cathal Donohoe PJ Rooney Paddy Sexton Ciaran Rooney and Charlie Smith. Philip from Crubany was the recipient of a colour television while his wife Mary was presented with a bouquet of flowers.

‘Talking Heads Hair Design’ owned by Ann Walsh (Nee Cox) celebrates its 10th Birthday founded on the 4thDecember 1984 next door to Eamonn Condon’s ‘Sports Shop’.Staff include Irene Johnston Cavan who is 7 years with the firm Fiona Galligan from Denn 5 years  Kate O Reilly Bailieborough who specialises in scalp massage and Yvonne Halton from Ballinagh who heads up the new Men’s Hairdressing Division. ‘Talking Heads’ is an accredited centre for the adjacent Cavan College of Further Studies Work Experience in Hairdressing. The College are now offering a diploma course in hairdressing.

County Cavan Rugby Club celebrate their 21st Birthday with a gala dinner in the Kilmore Hotel. Harry Hunt is Club Man of the Year and pictured are the Presidents since the foundation of the Club Mick Crosby 1974-1976 Noel Elliott 19777-1979 Joe Fletcher 1979-1981 Paddy McManus 1983-1988 Thomas Farrell 1990-1991 Thomas Young 1991-1993 and Cyril O Keefe 1993-194.

December 1st 1994 Kathleen Fitzsimmons from Corduff Ballinagh is The Anglo Celt/Rehab Person of The Year for her outstanding work in raising funds for the Cystic Fibrosis Association. She is directly responsible for raising over £70,000 via the annual Daniel O Donnell concert in The Community Centre Ballinagh.Kathleen has two children who suffer from Cystic Fibrosis.

Same Week  Michael Monaghan son of Michael and Maudie Wolfe Tone Street is conferred with his BSc (Honours) degree in Computer Applications with 1st Class Honours at Dublin City University. Educated at Saint Felim’s Boy’s School Romani College Dublin and DCU.

Death of Donald Brady Abbeyside Dungarvan Ballyjamesduff and the White Star Cavan at the age of 75 in Dungarvan.Top gaelic footballer of the 1930s unique achievement of winning All Ireland Minor medal with Louth in 1936 beating Kerry 5-1 to 1-8 while a student at Saint Mary’s Marist College in Dundalk and the following year winning an All Ireland medal with his native Cavan when they won the All Ireland Minor title beating Wexford 1-11 to 1-5 in Croke Park. Helped Ballyjamesduff win the County Junior title of 1936 when they beat Drumlane in the Final, First cousin of the incomparable Tony Tighe Donal was on the brink of breaking into the Cavan senior team when struck down with a knee ligament problem which halted his footballing career. Born in Ballyjamesduff where his father James ran a very successful Bar and Grocery trade. Among those to serve their time in the premises was the well known Showband impresario and former Manager of the Royal Showband Connie Lynch.Donal later opened the very successful ‘White Star’ in Cavan where he became a household name in the business life of the town before selling the premises to Seamus Caffrey to take up an appointment as a Representative for Irish Cement. Married to Maura Boland from Ballinagh they had a family of 5 and moved to Dungarvan.County Waterford in 1987.Two of the family are County Librarians Donal in Waterford and Josephine in Cavan. Survived by his wife Maura sons Frank Donal and Cormac daughters Rosaleen and Josephine.Funeral from Abbeyside Church Dungarvan to Saint Laurence’s cemetery Ballinroad County Waterford.

Cavan Celtic beat Clones 3-4 in Clones to maintain their position at the head of the Meath and District League Gerry Nevin Francis Mooney and Billy O Rourke’s strength skill and determination were the decisive factors in a great win of a thrilling game with Mooney scoring the winner late in the game. Cavan Celtic led at the interval by 3-2 Team Pat McCabe Stephen Dunne Joey O Rourke Joey O Donnell Mick Nevin Martin Lewis Francis Mooney Billy O Rourke John Nevin and Hughie Sheridan.

Death of Babs Creenan (Nee O Brien) in Dublin. Native of Church Street her father was Law Clerk in Cavan in the early years of the century.Babs was an outstanding actress and Producer with the old Cavan Players of the 1920-1935 era. Among her contempories were such stars of stage and musicals as Paddy Hickey Benny O Rourke Jimmy Mallon and Jimmy Fox. She directed the award winning ‘Paid in His Own Coin’ by the Cavan Players during its long run in the Town Hall in 1930.Prominent member of County Cavan Golf Club. Survived by her husband James daughters Barbara and Lorna.

Cavan UDC pass a vote of sympathy with the County Librarian Josephine Brady on the recent death of her father Donal in Dungarvan County Waterford. Proprietor of the ‘White Star’ Donal and his family lived in Church Street for a number of years. He was the only man ever to win all Ireland Minor medals in consecutive years with two different counties from different provinces.

Cavan Town  score a 1-1 all draw away to Skryne  in The Meath and District League in their top of the table clash in the 1-1 all draw t Michael Graham outstanding player on the field scored the equaliser for the Town when he took the ball on his chest swivelled and volleyed to the Skryne net. Outstanding for the Town were Paddy Murray and John Flood.Town James Heffernan David Jermyn Paddy Murray John Flood Padraig Fitzpatrick Gerry Clarke Jimmy Fallon Robbie Bury Billy Sheridan Thomas Byrne and Stephen Ferncombe.

December 8th 1994 Vicky McDwyer only daughter of Ray and Thana McDwyer Farnham Street is conferred with her BA (Honours) degree at UCD.Vicky was educated at the Poor Clare Convent Cavan Alexandra College Dublin and UCD she is continuing her studies for a Master of Arts in European Studies at UCD.

Same Week  Death of the very popular Mary Bridget McCarthy 23 Farnham Street at the age of 86.Native of Rochfordbridge County Westmeath she came to Cavan to work in the practice of Martin Tierney Solicitors in 1920 which was taken over in 1945 on the death of the Principal Tadhg McCarthy by Tom Fitzpatrick in 1945.Mary continued to work in Fitzpatrick’s until her retirement twenty years ago. She was a very able knowledgeable and wise Law Clerk popular with both customers and colleagues. An accomplished golfer she was a Past Lady’s Captain of County Cavan Golf Club. Founder member and Captain of Cavan Bridge Club. Great love of classical music she was a member of both the old Gramophone Society and The Recorded Music Society who give recitals on a monthly basis in Killeshandra House. Funeral from the Cathedral to Ballivor New cemetery.

Cavan Musical Society who have chosen ‘The Sound of Music for their production in early 1995 have chosen the members of the Trapp family from hundreds of volunteers who auditioned for the parts.Liesel Catriona Murray Frederick Cormac Lewis Louise Noreen Sheridan Kurt Anthony Corr Bridgette Leah McDwyer Martha Sineád Ronan and Gretta Roisin Lyng.

Joseph Michael Weir son of Alex and Bridie Weir 4 Fairview is conferred with his National Diploma in Computing at the Regional College Dundalk.He was educated at Saint Clare’s Saint Felim’s and Saint Patrick’s College Cavan.

December 15th 1994  Diocese of Kilmore will provide the new Archbishop of Armagh and Primate of All Ireland.Monsignor Sean Brady PP Castletara is the surprise choice and is appointed coadjutor Archbishop of Armagh and will be ordained in February 1995.He will succeed Cardinal Cathal Daly who will retire from the Archdiocese in two years time.Monsignor Brady was born on the16th of August 1939 son of Andrew and Teresa (Nee Smith) in Caulfield Tullyco Cootehill in the parish of Laragh.Attended the local National School and started Saint Patrick’s College in 1952.Entered Maynooth to study for the Priesthood in September 1957.Took his BA in Ancient Classics in 1961.Studied at the Lateran University in Rome and was ordained a priest on the 22nd February 1964 at John Lateran in Rome. Granted a License in Sacred Theology in 1964 he took his Doctorate in Canon Law in 1967 and his H dip Education in Maynooth in 1968 .Professor in Saint Patrick’s College from 1967-198 and Diocesan Secretary for 7 of those years. Appointed Vice Rector of the Irish College in Rome in 1980 and rector in 1987.In 1993 having returned to Ireland he was appointed Parish Priest of Castletara replacing the recently deceased Father AB McGrath. Executive of the National Conference of Priests in Ireland Assistant Secretary to his great friend and mentor Bishop McKiernan for the organisation of the Papal Visit to Ireland in 1979.Member of the Inter Faith Group who toured the Holy Land in 1993.Outstanding footballer with Saint Pat’s Stradone and Cavan Gaels with whom he won a Senior League medal in 1962,he played Minor and Senior football with Cavan. Elected Central Council Delegate in 1980 he was County PRO for a number of years and edited along with Ray Dunne the Gaelic games publication ‘Aisling’.When in Rome he opened up the Irish College to visitors from Ireland to stay during the Summer months in particular and it was he who arranged a Papal Audience with Pope John Paul 2 during Italia ‘90 for Jack Charlton and The Irish team .Officiated at over 200 Irish marriages during his time as Rector and Vice Rector.He is the 4th priest from the Diocese of Kilmore to be elevated to the Sea of Armagh following in the footsteps of Edmund McGauran (1587-1593) Hugh O Reilly (1628-1653) and Michael O Reilly (1749-1758)

Same Week  Richella Murray daughter of Phil and Kathleen Billis Cavan is conferred with her BSc (Honours) degree in Environmental Science and Technology at Sligo Regional Technical College. Educated at Saint Clare’s and Loreto College Cavan.

25 year old Cathriona McKiernan wins the 1st ever Ladies’ European Championship in Ainwick North of Newcastle England. Great display of determination speed and agility brings her 1st Championship Gold.

Death of Kathleen Kenny Farnham Road relict of Gus ex NT in Sligo at the age of 78.Popular member of the Community she was a member of the McManus family who were the premier building contractors in Cavan and built  Saint Joseph’s Hospital Lisdarn.Predeceased by her husband Gus and son Niall who was lost at sea in January 1975 .Prominent member and Past Lady Captain County Cavan Golf Club she was very religious charitable and aided her husband Gus in his work for the Adoption Board.She is survived by her sons Gerald Rossa Aidan and Kevin daughters Toni Carmel and Ursuala.Funeral from The Cathedral to Killygarry.

 Oonagh O Connor youngest daughter of Tom and Evelyn Athbara Cavan is conferred with her B Eng.(Honours) degree at UCD.She was educated at Saint Clare’s Loreto College and UCD.

Over 200 colleagues and friends pack into the Kilmore Hotel as Cavan County Council make a retirement presentation to Peter Hayden and his wife Pauline. Peter served as County Secretary from 1972-1994.Many tributes led by the Chairman of Cavan County Council Anthony Vesey and County Manger Brian Johnston Peter is described as a man of integrity friendliness and gentlemanly nature highly efficient in all responsibilities entrusted to him”.He is presented with a beautifully Robinson hand engraved coffee table Hi Fi System Inscribed Cavan Crystal decanter and a cheque towards the cost of a Cruise. Pauline is presented with the customary bouquet of flowers.

Father Sean Mawn and Rev.Mark Lidwill (Chaplains at Cavan General Hospital) bless the new Dialysis Unit at Lisdarn prior to the commissioning of the £350,000 unit which has been equipped with 7 Dialysis Machines by The Irish Kidney Association.

Tragedy strikes Enniskillen businessman Gordon Wilson for the second time in 7 years when his only son Gordon is killed instantly when his car is in collision with a lorry on the Newtownbutler Lisnaskea Road 14 miles from Enniskillen.Gordon and his wife Joan lost their daughter Marie a Nurse in the 1987 Remembrance Bombing in Enniskillen. They have one other child Julie Ann.

Cavan Vocational captained by Michéal O Rourke  regain the County Under 17 title when they defeat Bailieboro Comprehensive 2-7 to 1-9 in desperate conditions gale force wind sleet and rain at Breffni Park. Scorers for Cavan Michéal O Rourke 1-1 S O Rourke 0-2 P Clinton 1-0 E Gilsenan 0-1 M McBreen 0-1 D McCarney 0-1 and B Lynch 0-1.

John P Wilson former TD and Tanaiste is the Cavan Man of the Year at The Dublin Association’s Annual Dinner in a packed Westmanstown Sports Complex in Clonsilla.His citation reads “Best Known and Most Distinguished Politician in Cavan’s History”.

December 22nd 1994 Friends of Cavan General Hospital place an order worth £335,000 for the supply and installation of a Cat Scanner at Cavan General Hospital. The NEHB are making alterations to the Scanner Room and the new equipment will be operational from May 1995.

Same Week  Maria Ryan daughter of Pat and Ann Drumalee is conferred with her B Ed (Honours) at Saint Patrick’s College Drumcondra.Maria was educated at the Poor Clare’s Ballinagh NS and Loreto College.

Death of William (Bill) Owens at the age of 55 at home in his native Oldtown.Emigrated to England over 30 years ago and worked on the buildings before starting his own very successful contracting firm working in London England Scotland Wales as well as Ireland North and South. Diagnosed early in the year with a terminal illness he decided to come home and live out his last days in the bosom of his family in Oldtown.His good friend Joe Mulcahy visited Bill each day and his spirits were maintained and lightened by the company and concern of his old friends and neighbours. He is survived by his wife Sandra 2 sons Rory and Ryan his mother Margaret brothers Thomas George Mervyn sisters Doreen Harriett Pearl and Sylvia.Reverend Mark Lidwill presided at the funeral Service in Cavan Parish Church with burial in the New cemetery.

Claire Smyth daughter of Thomas and Claire Killycannon Ballinagh Road is conferred with her B Ed.(Honours) degree at Saint Patrick’s College Maynooth.She was educated at Corlurgan NS and Loreto College.

Cavan just get the better of Donegal in the top of the table rugby clash at Swellan Park.Slugish performance by Cavan a try by David Sharp on the stroke of full time flatters the home team who will have to improve if they are going to win the League.Team Eric Trenier Ivan Fanin R Trenier Kevin Jackson Jimmy Jackson Winston Morrison Fergus Crowe David Sharpe Paschal Lynch Owen Roe Skelly Cyril O Keefe C Flanagan Philip Brady and Sean McDermott.

December 29th 1994 45 foolhardy souls take part in the 27th Icebreakers Swim at Rann Point in freezing conditions.

Same Week  Andy and Anna May Smith Alackan celebrate the Golden Jubilee of their marriage with Mass in Saint Brigid’s Church Killygarry with a reception in the Lakeland Hotel attended by their 7 sons 4 daughters 44 grandchildren 7 great grandchildren and hundreds of neighbours and friends.

Death of Maisie Slacke on Saint Stephen’s Day at the residence of her niece Una Smith Errigal Cootehill at the age of 94.Outstanding confectioner and baker she ran the old Cavan landmark ‘Milseanac Bhreifne ‘with her sister Mrs Healy just opposite The Bank of Ireland.Way ahead of their time their premises were a Mecca for young and old-the even supplied ‘broken buns’ at a penny to hungry patrons who could not afford the more expensive fare. Later opened the Breffni Café at the back of their premises and served meals all day .Enjoyed a game of cards particularly poker which she played with friends and neighbours for modest stakes. Great interest in music and drama they were regular visitors to the Town Hall for both the Pantomimes and the Drama Festival. Survived by her brother James (Ballinagh) and sister Nancy (Kinane) Drumullen.Funeal from the Cathedral to Castletown cemetery Finea.

John F O Reilly President of The Golfing Union of Ireland unveils the Centenary Plaque at Cavan Golf Club.

Michelle Jermyn Wolfe Tone Street is the Christmas winner of the £500 in Saint Christopher’s Hospice Draw The winning promoter is again Ethna Sheridan Highfield Road.

January 5th 1995 Niamh Lee Latt Cavan is conferred with her BA (Honours) degree in Hotel and Catering Management at the Regional Technical College in Galway. Daughter of Brian and Carmel Lee Latt, Niamh was educated at the Poor Clare’s Loreto College and the Regional Technical College in Galway.

Same Week  John Bruton is elected Taoiseach by Dail Eireann to succeed Albert Reynolds who was ousted by the Labour Party for alleged withholding of information with regard to the Father Brendan Smith paedophile case.

Death of Rose Costello Coratubber survived by her son Louis brothers James daughters Mary Peggy and Breedge.Funeral from Saint Patrick’s Castletara to the adjoing cemetery.

Death of Owen O Hagan Tierquin at the age of 83.well known and highly respected farmer in the area. Owen was a very keen enthusiastic Beagle Huntsman and a prominent  member of the Killygarry Harriers. Very religious and charitable his dapper and friendly disposition endeared him to everyone. Survived by his wife Margaret brother James (Glasgow) Susan and Katie (Cavan) and Delia in Manchester.Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry cemetery.

Dominick and Gay Cadden take over ‘The Well’ in Bridge Street from Brian and Marie Lynch. Dominick is well known in the area having worked with Thomas and Kathleen McKenna Main Street since he was 14.Son of Rose and the late Dom Cadden Post Office Loughduff.Gay is a daughter of Paddy and Gay Jackson former All Ireland Ballroom Dancing Champions from Ballinagh.Dominick and Gay have two children Donal and Ursula.

Death of James McKiernan Drumullen  at the age of 84.worked in the Forestry Section Farnham estate and later in Monery By Products in Crossdoney.Outstanding coarse angler he fished all of the waters at Killykeen Derryheen and Rann.Keen huntsman he was a member of Cavan Dog and Gun Club and was out hunting every weekend during the Winter. Survived by his brothers Patrick Thomas and John Joe sisters Margaret Sheridan and Ann Gilchrist.Very Rev Eugene Dowd PP officiated at the funeral from Saint Patrick’s Drumcor to the adjoining cemetery.

January 12th 1995

Patsy Carolan Building Contractor Bailieboro is appointed by the Department of Education to build the new Farnham school which will have 4 class rooms general purpose room library toilets and a large play area.

Paul Quinn son of Sean and Bernadette Ballyhaise is conferred with his BA (Honours) degree in Accountancy and Finance at Dublin City University. Educated at Saint Mary’s NS Ballyhaise Saint Patrick’s College and the Regional Technical college in Letterkenny where he obtained his National Certificate in Business Studies with Distinction.

David Small The Anglo Celt’s weatherman states that 1994 was the wettest year since the late 1940s with an incredible 44 ½ “ of rain and moisture on 248 days.Heaviest rain was on the 7th of September when 1 3/16 “ recorded at Loreto College. The highest temperature was 24.50% on the 23rd of July and the coldest night was the 16th February when a temperature of -6.5% was recorded.

Oliver Smyth is pictured presenting a Sony Mi Di Hi Fi system to June and Anthony Leinster Bailieboro winner of the Smyth's 60 Main Street Cavan  /Anglo Celt Christmas competition also in picture are Barbara Fortune and Bernadette O Dowd Anglo Celt Advertising Department.

Gerry Curry Ivy Kenny and Arthur Mullen are pictured at the Annual social Services Christmas Party in the day Centre Cathedral Road.

Geoffrey O Keeffe eldest son of Ann and Dennis O Keeffe 11 Harmony Heights is pictured receiving his Diploma  in Art and Design (Teachers Honours) from the National College of Art and Design Dublin. Educated at Saint Felim’s NS Saint Patrick’s College Sligo Regional Technical College and the College of Art and Design Dublin Geoffrey is on the staff of Colaiste Coilm in Swords

January 19th 1995 Death of Jack McGovern Shankill and Birmingham at the age of 83.Founder with Andy Kelly  of the Cavanmen’s Association in Birmingham. Did great work for the emigrant population and was particularly helpful to new arrivals from Cavan. Annual visit home where he always helped out on the family farm in Shankill.Predeceased by two brothers Ned and James he is survived by his brother Pat in London. Remains flown home for burial. Funeral from Saint Bridget’s Church Killygarry to the adjoining cemetery.

Same Week  Deidre O Reilly Drumalee is conferred with her Bachelor of Arts degree in Ceramics at The National College of Art and Design Dublin. Educated at Saint Clare’s  Loreto College and Galway Regional Technical College, she is daughter of John and Phyl Reilly ‘Edelweiss’ Drumalee.

January 26th 1995 Temporary lay offs at McCarren’s due to shortage of pigs. Pat McKiernan Union representative says that 8 men have been laid off and that they are in deep discussion with the Management over the number of pigs killed per week and the knock on effect for jobs conditions and wages at McCarren’s.

Same Week  Pauline Clarke Cavan Equestrian Centre is pictured presenting a cheque for £500 to Noreen O Reilly Treasurer Saint Christopher’s Hospice and Etna Sheridan (Committee Saint Christopher’s Hospice).

Leo Brady and Tod Davis win the prestigious Kathleen Sullivan Cup at Cavan Bridge Club 2nd are  Kay Henry and the evergreen Ena Hickey and 3rd Jim Scanlon and Kathleen Clarke. The trophy commemorates Kathleen Sullivan (Nee Sullivan)  a native of Ballylongford county Kerry and wife of the legendary Jack Sullivan Church Street. Kathleen represented Cavan and Ulster in many Bridge tournaments and was a founder member of Cavan Bridge Club.

John Farrelly 5 Tullac Mongan and McCarren’s is this week’s very popular winner of the £500 in the Saint Christopher’s Hospice Draw The winning Promoter and winner of £50 is Sue Galligan(Nee Cafferty).

Richard Graham makes a winning comeback after injury when winning the final leg of the Road League in Lavey over 6,000 metres. The overall winner John Joe Rogers (Inny Vale) was second.

County Cavan rugby Club score a magnificent win over Armagh away by 19 points to 11.Cavan got it very hard to adjust to the superior pace and fitness of their opponents but kept plugging away and were rewarded when their Captain and man of the Match Kevin Jackson got over for two second half tries after Armagh led at the interval and coasting by 6- points to Nil. Just on full time Mick Kane got over in the corner to make victory secure for the visitors. Cavan Sean McDermott Mick Kane Philip Brady C Flanagan Owen Roe Skelly P Lynch D Sharpe S Flood P Rodgers J Fannin B Dunne R Trenier Jimmy Jackson Winston Morrison and Kevin Jackson (Captain).

Cavan Musical society are staging ‘The Sound of Music in the Town Hall and photographed are the members of the Von Trappe family Anthony Corr Sinead Ronan Cormac Lewis Leah McDwyer Roisin Lyng Karen Coyle Peter O Hanlon Catriona Murray (Marie) and Noreen Sheridan.

February 2nd 1995 Liz McManus Minister for rural Development pictured opening two new Cavan Housing Schemes at Elm Grove and Athbara Close.Pays tribute to the Architects Gaffney Cullivan and the builders Sean Kiernan Moyne County Longford and TPS at Athbara.Later The Minister visited Saint Francis Halt and spoke to some of the residents who have happily settled there.

Same Week  Death of Annie Smith Carrickane at the age of 80 at The Sacred Heart Home in Clones. Native of Aghabog County Monaghan.She was for many years the Cook in Saint Felim’s Hospital. Gentle quiet religious and charitable she was predeceased by her husband James an Ambulance Driver with The Health Board. Survived by her daughters Mary Collette and Breda (London).Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

P Elliott and Company are in the last stages of the construction of Dunne’s new Store at Church Street.The Company fitted the windows to the store last weekend and hope to have it ready for business in April. Next phase of the work is the installation of a new car park in Hickey’s and McEntee’s back garden and a shopping arcade with offices opposite the new store. Meanwhile hundreds turn up for the interviews for the new jobs at The Kilmore Hotel. A Dunne’s Stores’ spokesman says they are creating an additional 80 jobs in Cavan as well as maintaining 70 part and full time jobs at their Main Street Store.

February 9th 1995 Lee Reed and Roger Cook win the Cavan International Song Contest at The Kilmore Hotel with their composition ‘Only you Can Break My Heart’ presented with The Cavan Crystal Bowl and £1,000.The winning composers are Internationally well known having written hit songs ‘Delilah’ and ‘Its Not Unusual’ for Tom Jones ‘The Last Waltz’ for Englebert Humperdink and the Carpenter’s Herman Hermit’s hit ‘Kinda Hush’.

Icebreakers 1995 Chairman Alex Moran Vice Chairman Edward Quinn Secretary Don Fannon Assistant Secretary Jacinta Donleavy Treasurer Sean Walsh and Assistant Treasurer Eddie Quinn.

Death of Sergeant Pat Gaffey late of Greystones and 63 Church Street at the age of 51.Educated at the Poor Clare’s De La Salle Crubany NS Saint Patrick’ College and Saint Mary’s College Dundalk Pat was eldest son of Garda Bill and Roseanne Gaffey 63 Church Street. Joined the Garda in 1963 and gave 32 years loyal and energetic service to the force becoming Sergeant in the course of his career. Big and strong Pat  took no nonsense and was an outstanding enforcer and protector of the law. In his youth played a lot of handball particularly at the nearby Cavan CYMS where he was also an outstanding billiards player. Survived in Cavan by his mother Roseanne and brother Martin and in Greystones by his wife Irene and 3 children Cormac Valerie and Karena.Funeral from the Church of the Holy Rosary to Rochford cemetery.

Death of Rosemary Power Coleman Road at the age of 83.Daughter of Jack and Mary Power her father was an extensive Plumber in the town and all of the subsequent plumbers like Joe Cullivan and Matt Donohoe learnt their trade there. Trained as a Photographer with Kodak in Dublin. Later worked in the Rates Office of Cavan County Council Excellent photographer Rosemary’s work was always top class and she presented her work beautifully displaying the best of the portraits in her window at Coleman Road. Specialised in passport schools and wedding portraits Always attempted the unusual in both her profession and her hobbies and actually grew peaches in a shaded spot in the back yard. Founder member of Cavan Drama Festival she was Assistant Secretary for many years. Survived by her sister Bella (Power’s School of Dancing).Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies cemetery.

Death of Tom Keaney in Northampton England. Outstanding footballer with Lavey he won a Junior County medal in 1949 to be followed in 1950 by a Senior medal. Worked in Michael Reilly’s Garage Farnham Street for a number of years as a Mechanic before emigrating to England. Survived by his wife Vera sons Brian John and Paul daughters Monica and Angela. He was a brother of Sue Fitzpatrick Crubany. Funeral took place in Northampton.

Pictured is the 1928 Owen Roe Shamrocks team named as M Leddy Ben Simpson Michael Stronge Paddy Lee John Keoghan Peter Moore Jimmy McNamara S Brady Michael O Connell and Pappy McNamara Charlie Moore Bobby Haddock Ned Simpson James Smith and P Lee.

February 16th 1995 Big Tom star Cavan footballer of the 1930s and 40s dies at his Rathgar home in Dublin 6 at the age of 81.Noted builder and property developer. Won 9 county championship medals with Cornafean 7 as Captain from 1932-1943.Won an All Ireland medal with Cavan in 1933 at the age of 18 and two more in 1935 and 1947 when he finished his intercounty career on a high note with victory over Kerry in the Polo Grounds New York on September 14th 1947. The team was captained by his brother the incomparable John Joe Reilly. Member of the first Ulster team to win the Railway Cup in 1942 he won two medals in all with Ulster. Played in 3 losing All Ireland Finals against Kerry in 1937 when he gave his greatest ever display in Croke Park Roscommon in 1943 and Cork 1945.Funeral in the Church of the Three Patrons Rathgar to Derries cemetery Killeshandra.(Check George Cartwright’s Up The Reds)

Same Week  Death of James Richard (Richie) Butler Church Street in Miami. Son of the late Jean and James Butler Bank Manager in Cavan in the 1940s.Survived by his brother Walter sisters Dorothy and Karena wife Veronica sons James and Keelan daughters Sarah and Rachael. Funeral from Saint Edward’s Catholic Church to Palm Beach Crematorium. Interment later in Killygarry.

Brendan Gilsenan 21 year old son of Tommy and Anna  Lisreagh takes part in ‘Winning Streak’ from Sligo winning £16,000 in the process. Bus load travel to Sligo to cheer him on and Reception in The Kesh Bar on his return.

Cavan Singers win The Conagra Perpetual Cup at Carrickmacross Choral Festival and qualify for the ‘Choir of the Year’ Final in Navan. Cavan Singers 1995 Sopranos Carol Brady Frances Cullen Betty Carolan Tina Farrelly Clair Finlay Mary Gaskin Jeanette Gibbs Siobhan Gray Judith Hayden Mary Kelly Mary Loughran Marina Lynch Miriam Maguire Laurie McElgunn Clare McHugh Eithne McKay Ann McKiernan  Winnie O Reilly Ann Smyth Irene Smith Mary Sullivan Maura Sullivan and Ann Tully. Altos Mags Amond Josie Coyle Frances Galligan Mary Haren Carmel Lewis Ann McCabe Loreto McCormick Sally McKenna Phyllis McMonigle Frances Mulcahy and Aine Sullivan. Tenors Louis Callaghan Niall Crowe Thomas Duffy Seamus Greenan Peadar Lyons Brian McGill Gene Murphy Michael O Beirne Dermot Smith. Bases Phil Cullivan Seamus Kiernan Dermot McMonigle David Murphy and Walter Myles. The Musical Director is Father Charles O Gorman son of Eddie and May Upper Main Street Cavan.

Cavan finish 3rd in All Ireland inter county Judo competition in Maynooth.Team Manus Monaghan Linus McDonnell Terry Hyland Brian McCusker and Damian Smith. Girls Clair McGahern Valerie Brady Eine Monaghan Leona Cusack and Eyvonne McGahern.Coaches were PJ McGahern and Adrian Boyle.

February 23rd 1995 Monsignor Sean Brady is ordained Co Adjutor Archbishop of Armagh before a capacity distinguished attendance at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral Armagh. Cardinal Cathal Daly Archbishop of Armagh at the age of 77 is the ordaining Prelate  assisted by The Papal; Nuncio Archbishop Emmanuel Gerada and Auxiliary Bishop of Armagh Dr Gerard Clifford .30 other Bishops including Bishop McKiernan of Kilmore concelebrate Mass. Archbishop Brady pays tribute to his parents Andrew and Anna T saying he chose the 19th of February for his ordination as it was his parents’ Wedding Anniversary. He thanks them for the gift of life and handing on the faith to him and their gentle witness to the following of Christ.

Same Week Death of Elizabeth Donohoe Drumhilla Poles relict of the late Andy. Funeral from Saint Dympna’s church Lower Lavey to the adjoining cemetery.

Death of Frank Finnegan Banahoo well known farmer and business man in the area. Twin brother of the late Joe Finegan formerly Upper Main Street he is survived by his wife Mary sons Michael Martin Oliver and Declan daughters Theresa (Callaghan)Maria (O Reilly)Pauline (Dineny) Loreto (Kearns) and Bernie (Reilly).Funeral from Saint Dympna’s Lower Lavey to the adjoining cemetery.

Brendan Smith is appointed Spokesman on Youth by the Fianna Fail leader Bertie Ahern with particular emphasis on the development of youth services between Northern Ireland and the Republic and within the European Union.

Death of Mary Greenan Drumalee.Member of a very well known Cavan family who took an active part in the fight for Independence. Lived most of her life in Belfast and England before coming home to retire. Survived by her brother Tommy sister Betty brother in law Benny and sister in law Ailish.Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Death of Mary ( Cissie) Leddy Coolboyogue wife of the late Pa well known Bandleader of the 1950s .Member of the very well known Brady family She is survived by her son Patsy daughters Mary (Fay) Kathleen (McCormack) and Patricia she was a cousin of Father Oliver O Reilly well known in Camogie circles in the County. Funeral from Saint Aidan’s Butlersbridge to the adjoining cemetery.

Presentation in The Derragarra Inn to Ann Smyth Rock Cross by The Parent’s Association in Butlersbridge on the occasion of her  retirement from Butlersbridge National School.

Brian Galligan ‘The Favourite’ 33 Bridge Street graduates with his Diploma in Mechanical Science from Maynooth.He obtained his BSc in Maynooth in 1993.Educated at  Saint Felim’s Saint Patrick’s College and Maynooth, Brian is son of Edward and Ann Bridge Street.

Noel Galligan obtains his Higher Diploma (Honours) in Information Technology Production Engineering at The University of Limerick. He graduated with a BSc from the University of Limerick in 1992.He was educated at Saint Felim’s Boys School Saint Patrick’s College and the University of Limerick and is son of Edward and Ann Galligan The Favourite 33 Bridge Street Cavan.

Death of Ursula Appolloni (Nee Carroll) in Toronto  Canada at the age of 65.Born in Church Street she was younger daughter of Thomas MRCVSI and Erin Carroll. Educated at Saint Clare’s and the Dominican Convent in Cabra she continued her studies in Liverpool;where she met and married Lucie Appolloni and went to live in Italy acquiring a working knowledge of Italian. Emigrated to Canada in 1965 she created a sensation when she unexpectedly defeated NDP leader Danni Lewis and was elected to the Canadian Parliament in the Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau’s Party. Appointed Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Defence she fought 3 more General elections and was returned to Parliament each time until her retirement in 198Appointed Editor of Correspondence at Health and Welfare. She is survived by her brother Donal (former Chief GAA Reporter with the Irish Independent) Ted MRCVSI and sister Marie (O Hagan) in London. Predeceased by her husband  Lucie She is survived by 2 sons and 2 daughters in Canada. Funeral in Toronto.

Gold Pins for donation of 50 pints of blood are awarded by The National Blood Transfusion Board to William Lynch 8 Saint Felim’s Place Frank Harten 8 Farnham Road Thomas Sheridan Killynebber Michael Smith ‘Teach Nua’ Creighan Gabriel Cullivan Alackan Brian Lee Latt and Michael O Beirne Stragelliffe.647 donors attended the recent Mobile Clinic in the Kilmore Hotel.

March 2nd 1995 The High Court appoints Hugh Cooney Accountant as Examiner of the troubled Cavan Crystal Limited. The Company have incurred losses of £650,000 over the last two years.

Same Week  Saint Felim’s win The Inter School Quiz competition sponsored by Cavan Credit Union. Team Damian Farrell Cian Elliott Conor Lavelle Conor Harrington with Finian Farrell Team Manager.

Roisin Thomas Loreto College is off to Germany to study languages courtesy of a scholarship won on the exceptional results in her Junior Certificate Examination Pictured with her teacher Maria Finn.

Death of Owen (Owenie) Fay Pullabawn .Well known industrious farmer very dedicated well known and highly respected. Tall strong and very skilful he was a winner of an Intermediate County medal with Tullyco in 1925.Joined the Cavan Slashers and won several Senior County medals in the period until 1937.All Ireland Junior medal with Cavan in 1927 he was a member of the Cavan senior panel for a number of years.Very interesting conversationalist and outstanding card player he enjoyed 25 and Whist and was a well known figure at all the local drives. Outstanding huntsman he was a member of a number of clubs and was a weekly participant during the Winter months. Predeceased by his wife Bridget he is survived by his sons Seamus and Owen  daughters Mary and Margie. Owen was the youngest and last of a family of 13.Funeral from Saint Matthew’s Drumavaddy to the adjoining cemetery.

Cavan Urban Council Patrick Conaty Chairman accord Dominic Sheridan (Cavan Gaels) World Masters Handball Champion a Civic Reception in the Town Hall. Presentation made to Maurice Brady and Greg Sheridan who were runners up at the same Championships.

Allison Webber is admitted as a Registered General Nurse at Sligo General Hospital. Educated at Killygarry NS Loreto College and Sligo General Hospital she is daughter of Brian and Margaret Killygarry.

Fiona Webber is conferred with her BA (Honours) degree at UCG.Educated at Killygarry NS Loreto and UCG she is daughter of Brian and Margaret Killygarry.

Ulster captained by Mickey Linden  win their 6th Railway Cup in a row at Saint Tiernach’s Park Clones beating Leinster 1-9 to 0-8.Man of the Match and top scoreer was Ronan Carolan of Cavan with 1-4 Peter Canavan 0-2 Paul Brewster Brian Murray  and Mickey Linden 0-1 each.

Loreto College are just pipped in the Ulster Colleges Camogie Final in Crossmaglen by Saint Mary’s Magherafelt 1-3 to 1-1.A disputed goal for Magherafelt sealed the issue .Scorers for Loreto Joanne Hayes 1-0 and Marie Brady 0-1.

March 9th 1995 Presentation to Daniel O Donnell to mark his 10th consecutive appearance at The Cystic Fibrosis Concert in Ballinagh.Presentaion made by Father Johnny Cusack and Kathleen Fitzsimmons (Secretary and Cavan Person of The Year)

Same Week  Dreamchaser Productions owned by Cavan man Ned O Hanlon are the winners of a Grammy Award for the live production of the U2 Zoo TV link to Sydney

John and Eileen McQuaid from Virginia are the winners of the Cullen Cup at Cavan Bridge Club 2nd are Evelyn O Connor and Olivia Carroll .

Hugh McGovern beats John Kinsella to win The Jim Fay Memorial trophy at Cavan CYMS.Mark O Brien and Daniel Sheehan are the beaten Semi Finalists.

Social Services Whist 1st Josephine McGinnity Ladies’ Hatcher Mary Milner.

Richard Graham wins the Road Championship 10,000 metres in cold and wet conditions in Butlersbridge 2nd John Joe Rogers (Innyvale) and 3rd Philip Clarke (Laragh).

March 16th 1995 Loreto College win the Regional Finals of The Young Entrepreneur of the Year sponsored by Forbairt at The Regency Hotel in Swords with their project ‘Bakewell’ selling homemade cakes and confectionery. Team Evelyn Franks Aisling Gaffney Gino Donohoe Orla Galligan Colette Downey Aideen Harten and Martina Kelly. Loreto now go forward to the Finals in The Royal Hospital Kilmainham.

Same Week  Joan Quinn is the new Manger of the Ulster Bank Cavan. Native of Finaway Ballyjamesduff.She is with the Ulster Bank 26 years and served in Edenderry before going to Edgeworthstown for 4 years as the 1st ever Lady Manager  in the Ulster Bank Group.Married to Christopher Quinn they have 4 children.

Heather Developments (Noel and Catherine Elliott) apply for planning permission for a £2 million development on 2 acre site opposite the new Dunne’s stores in Church Street.The development will consist of 18 retail units with offices and apartments on the 1st floor. There is also provision for a car park to accommodate 143 vehicles with entry from Church Street and exit to Cock Hill only. The new Dunne’s Stores will open on April 4th next and the Dunne’s Main Street branch is being retained to sell household and garden equipment.

Death of Patrick (Pat ) Brady Crubany and Killymooney Drive at the age of 82.Worked all of his life with Cavan County Council. Brother of Kathleen Lynch Crubany.Funeral from Saint Brigid’s Church Killygarry to the adjoining cemetery.

Mark Elliott (P Elliott and Company ) presents Hugh Lennon Chairman Cavan Chamber with a cheque for £1,000 sponsorship for this year’s Saint Patrick’s Day Parade.

Declan Moran Earlsvale Road the 1994 Cavan Singles and Doubles Badminton Champion will defend his titles but is seeking a new partner as George Dugdale is injured and unable to partner Declan this year in the defence of the titles.

March 23rd 1995 Golden Jubilee of Cavan Drama Festival. Tom Fitzpatrick presents The Betty Cullen Cup in memory of his 1st wife who as the instigator for the Festival in 1945 and a leading star with the Cavan Players. Jim Scanlon presents The Scanlon Perpetual Shield for the Best Set in The Open Section. The Committee are launching a Golden Jubilee book edited by Phil Cullivan recalling the events and achievements of the Drama Festival movement in Cavan.

Same Week  Death of Angela Ashton (Nee Reilly)  in Newcastle England.Native of Lisdarn.Assistant Manageress in Woolworths before emigrating to England. Outstandingly kind charitable and efficient. Her late father was a very well known Porter in The Surgical Hospital. Survived by her husband John daughter Ann brothers John Joe (London) Paddy (Lisdarn) and sisters Josephine .Funeral in Newcastle.

Death of Garda Tim Mulvey in Granard where he served for the last 31 years having been previously stationed in Cavan.Maried his wife Mary Margaret a Nurse in the old County Hospital (Saint Phelim’s)Survived by his sons Thomas Declan Vincent and Adrian.

Cavan Branch of SIPTU 1995 Chairman Edward Brady Vice Chair James Lyng Trustees NJ Finn Kevin McKiernan and Peter Sheridan.

Saint Patrick’s Day Parade led off by a colour Party of the 8th FCA 8th Battalion in showery cold conditions. Gerry McCullough features as ‘Gas Man’ for Finnegan’s Float Coleman Road and other outstanding displays by Cavan Drama Festival celebrating their Golden Jubilee. The MC as usual was Mel Doherty.

March 30th 1995 Catherina McKiernan’s 4th consecutive Silver medal in the World Cross Country  and 4th consecutive Grand Prix win in Newcastle England.Deratru Tulu of Ethiopia the 23 year old reigning Olympic Champion (Barcelona) has too big a finishing power and leads the field home in a very fast 20.21 for the 6,000metres with Catherina 2nd  8 seconds behind and young Kenyan star Sally Barossa 3rd a further 10 seconds behind Catherina.

Same Week  Death of Kathlen Lee Latt at the age of  76 following a long illness. Very industrious friendly person she was very religious and continued to farm after the death of her husband Bernard in 1971.Frequent visitor to the Town Hall for the Bingo she was an accomplished knowledgeable gardener.Survived by her sons Brian John Joe Patrick  and Philip (London) daughters Colette (Maguire) Bernadette (Smith) Maura Corbett and Philomena in Dublin .Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Golden Jubilee Dinner in The Kilmore Hotel celebrating 50 years of the Cavan Drama Festival is graced by Tom Fitzpatrick Chairman 1945-1949 and 1957-1962 Edward O Hanlon Chairman from 1950-1956 Philip Cullivan 1963-1974 Bill Henry 1975-1977 and Brian Sullivan 1978-1983.The Master of Cermonies was the outstanding Peter Brady the present Chairman.

Franchesca Nicola Doyle College Street Cavan weds Hary Alj Ahmid from Alexandria Egypt in New York. The Bride is daughter of Rhona (Smith) and the late Tommy Doyle College Street.

Clive Finlay launches C J F Technology located at Cavan Business Park on the Dublin Road. Specialising in Computer Printers and Computerised Accounts on call 24/7 Mobile 088-544224.Technical support provided by Joe Weir a native of the town and a Graduate of Dundalk Regional Technical College and GFK Technology .Clive is son of Brian and Phyllis Finlay and is a Graduate of Letterkenny Regional Technical College and GFK Technology.

April 6th 1995 £6 million Dunne’s Stores at Church Street is officially opened by Catherina McKiernan presented with a bouquet of flowers by Marie McKenna longest serving employee with Dunnes’ In Cavan.The Mangers are Kevin O Reilly Pat McNiffe and Maureen Keogh and the store will employ 80 people. Margaret Dunne MD Dunnes’ Stores flies in by helicopter with her son Michael and coming through the door remarks “fabulous excellent really nice” as she sees the completed 32,000 square feet store for the first time and is welcomed to Cavan by Anthony Vesey Chairman Cavan County Council. Last minute hitch when Father John Murphy Adm and Canon Mark Lidwell of the Church of Ireland refuse to bless the new store on account of Dunnes’ policy on Sunday trading. Injunction  granted in the High Court on the day before the opening brought  by Dr Aine Sullivan 33 Church Street against Meandering Limited and P Elliott and Company Church Street restraining them from developing the store other than in accordance with the plans sanctioned on September 4th 190.Judge Brennan grants the application with costs to the plaintiff and P Elliott and Company are directed to apply for retention of any alterations to those plans within 21 days.

Same Week  Death of Patricia(Patsy )Lemon ‘Cluain Iseal’ Earlsvale Road at the age of 82 in Our Lady’s Nursing Home Edgeworthstown.The family consisting of her sister Annie and brother Hugh came to live in retirement in Cavan in 1972.Secondary Teacher by profession Patsy taught with The Dominican Sisters in Belfast Rathmore and Ballymena. Member of the Apostolic Workers in Cavan she was extremely religious and cultured. Member of the Recorded Music Society she and her brother Hugh regularly gave recitals at the weekly meeting in Killeshandra House. Her mother was one of the very well known Brady family from Ballinagh and they were related to the Sheridan’s from Urney Ballinagh.Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

The Drumlin Players from Monaghan/Cootehill with ‘The Gigli Concert’ win the Dr Lyons Cup for the best play at The Golden Jubilee Cavan Drama Festival. Best Producer and 1st holder of the Betty Cullen Cup is Larry McCluskey Drumlin Players Best Actor Vincent Wheatley Temple Players Dublin in ‘Da’ by Hugh Leonard Best Actress Bronagh O Brien Cornmill Theatre Carrigallen Best Set and Jim Scanlon Cup is won by The Drumlin Players Adjudicator’s award (Barry Cassin) Hugh O Brien Drumlin Players Most Promising Young Actor and Ray O Connor  Trophy Andrew Murray Temple Players.Dr Marlis McDwyer Cavan was presented with a Scholarship to Drama Summer School for her outstanding production of  The Belturbet Dramatic Society’s ‘Dancing at Lughnasa’.Pomeroy Players County Tyrone were the winner of the AOH Cup for best play in the The Confined Section with ‘Philadelphia Here I Come’

Edith Florence Tilson Bridge Street dies at the age of 87.Daughter of John and Sarah Quinlan well known and highly respected business family. Native of the town she inherited the light grocery and confectionery business from her parents. All night shop open 7 days per week to facilitate their customers. Edith was an extremely hard worker and was assisted by her husband Cecil and the Noble sisters in the running of the very busy business particularly at night. Her husband Cecil a well known War veteran and administrator of the British army pensions and benefits was a Law clerk in Allen and Halpin and died in 1968.Survived by her sons Bill and Cecil and daughter Edna (Wiggins) in England. Reverend Mark Lidwell officiated at the funeral from Cavan Parish Church to the New cemetery.

Packie Doonan 10 Lake View completes his 1st London Marathon on a very respectable 5 hours 54 minutes and 41 seconds for the 26.2 mile journey through the streets of London.

Cavan lose to Ards in McGambley Cup Final  in Ravenhill Belfast .Great support for the town team with hundreds of cars and three buses making the journey to support the team. After a good start this young team lacked the experience to capitalise on their early chances giving away needless penalties and after the interval were always playing second fiddle to the Ards men. Team Gerry King David McCormack Gareth Flood John Conaty (Captain) Fergus Crowe Alan Pratt Barry Mulvaney Packie Kiernan Turlough Smith Fergal Reilly Mark Lyons John Loughnane Derek Woods and Brian Doyle.Packy Kiernan scored the unconverted try for Cavan.

April 13th 1995 Death of Paddy Owens Town Hall Street at the age of 69.Native of Kells master tailor he worked with Thomas McKenna for a number of years. Man of great intellect and knowledge he was an expert in Table Quizzes and his services were much sought after. Survived by his daughter Carol.Funeral from Saint Columcille’s  Church to Saint John’s cemetery.

Same Week  Sympathy is extended to Mary McGoldrick NT Drumalee on the death of her mother Elizabeth McGoldrick in Manorhamilton.Survived by her sons Michael and Joe daughters Mary and Eilish.Funeral from Saint Clare’s Manorhamilton to the adjoining cemetery.

Margaret McGilly and I Brady are the winners of the President’s (Joan O Hanlon) Prize at Cavan Bridge Club 2nd and Best Gross Pat Plunkett and Father Peter Smith E/W Helen Timmoney and V Wilson 2nd Vera McMahon and Kathlen Clarke.

Maurice Brady teams up with Dominick Sheridan to win the All Ireland Masters Doubles 40x20 for Cavan Gaels at Croke Park beating the Wexford pair of Tony Brennan and Frankie Hillis 21-14 21-14 in the Final. Maurice and Dominick won the All Ireland Under 21 title in 1973 and are congratulated on their return to Cavan by The Chairman of the Handball Board Father John Gilhooley

Cavan CYMS are closed as a mark of respect to the late Jeremiah Newman Bishop of Limerick Patron of the Association who has died .The Committee meeting scheduled for this week has also been cancelled.

April 20th 1995 Donal Keogan and his wife Karen  open the new Space Age Disco at their recently acquired ‘Carraig Springs Crosskeys.Ireland’s Number 1 DJ from  2 FM ‘Hot Line’ Tony Fenton is resident each weekend to spin the latest discs.

Same Week  Frank O Rourke former General Manage of the Bank of Ireland and Chairman of The Dublin Opera Society’ is Kevin Hough’s guest on this week’s Theatre Nights’ on RTE radio. Frank is a son of the late Frank and Teresa O Rourke former Merchant Market Square (Jenkins).

April 27th 1995 Death of Rose Galligan Glasdrummond Poles .relict of Patrick she is survived by her sons Andy PJ  and Jimmy daughters Theresa Rosaleen and Mary. Funeral from Saint Brigid’s Church Killygarry to the adjoining cemetery.

Same Week  Theo Dorgan Director of Poetry RTE launches Noel Monaghan’s collection entitled ‘Snowfire’ at Bewley’s Café Grafton Street Dublin

Cavan are deprived of the Ulster Under 21 title by Donal Buggy’s late point for Donegal in the Ulster Under 21 Final in Brewster Park Enniskillen.Donal Buggy scored 6 points of the Donegal total of 1-9.Scorers for Cavan Roy Brennan 0-4 Dermot McCabe 1-0 Peter Reilly 0-3 Michael Lee and Frankie Lovett 0-1 each. Cavan did not perform to the same excellence as they displayed in the earlier rounds against Antrim and Armagh and found Donal Reid’s men very hard to penetrate. Donegal are going for their 3rd All Ireland having won at this grade in 1982 and 1987.The replay is fixed for next Sunday at Brewster Park Enniskillen.

Glory for Andrew Murray as he retains his Boy 2 36 kilo title at the National Stadium in Dublin. Andrew has now won 2 All Irelands and 2 Ulster titles in the last two years. And beat M Delaney (Marble City) in the Final 18-6.Ciaran McCarthy made a great bid for a second title for Cavan winning 6 bouts to get to the Final but came up against a tough uncompromising fighter in Pat Dyer Goggins Boxing Club Bandon in the Final losing to the gritty Corkman on a disputed 19-14 points decision in the Final.

Conor O Flanagan is 1st team player of the year at County Cavan Rugby Club while  James Loughnane is the 2nd team player of the year and Sean McKiernan the 3rd team player of the year. Awards presented by Cyril O Keefe at the President’s Dinner in the Clubhouse.

May 4th 1995 Rory Hayden son of Peter and Pauline Cullies is appointed State Solicitor for County Cavan. Rory a native of Tullamore County Offaly was educated at Saint Patrick’s College and UCD  where he took his BCL (honours) in 1980.Apprentice to George Maloney Farnham Street  he went into partnership with Garrett Fortune before opening his own practice in Farnham Street 5 years ago. He is brother of Paul Town Clerk and has one sister Eilish O Brien in Cork. He succeeds PV Thornton Solicitor Bailieboro and both will continue their own extensive law pactices.Rory is very well known in the town having spent his student holidays working as a barman with John Donohoe in the Congo Bar where he endeared himself to staff and customers for many years.

Same Week  Death of John Smith late of 59 Main Street and Behey at the age of 80.Son of Mr and Mrs Peenie Smith John was born at 59 Main Street (Vale’s) where his father carried on an extensive licensed trade before opting for farming at Behey.Staunchly Republican background the family took a very active part in the War of Independence and in the subsequent Civil War against ‘The Free Staters’John worked for a number of years with Floods as a driver and undertaker before falling ill with a very severe case of skin cancer. On his 1st visit to Knock in 1962 he was miraculously cured and his skin and complexion regenerated. Spent  the last 32 years in Saint Felim’s Hospital where he acted more like a member of the staff and Public Relations Officer than a patient and relished in recalling his life and times around Drumalee and Behey.Extremely musical he was an expert on the bones and spoons and loved to accompany traditional Irish musicians both live and on the radio. Prominent member of the Drumalee  Club both as a player of real talent and Secretary. He was President of the Club at his death. He was one of the guests of honour at the Papal visit to Knock and introduced to the Pope as one of the miraculous cures at the Marian shrine. Predeceased by his brothers Peter Charlie and Eddie and sister Kathleen .Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Cavan 1st XV win the Fletcher /Pollock Cup bating Enniskillen  19-10 t Swellan Park. This season they have already won the Elliott Cup  The Burke Cup. The Captain Kevin Jackson was Man of the Match and was in the thick of the action all afternoon scoring a try  and making the other one for Pat Rogers. Kiernan Richey added to the total with 3 penalties.

May 11th 1995 Cavan’s oldest citizen Louise Tilson dies at the Omega Nursing Home in Belturbet at the age of 103.Native of Drumullig Butlersbridge.Along with her late husband Arthur she worked hard on the family farm and was very religious friendly and charitable. Member of the Church Choir in Derryheen , she never missed ‘Songs of Praise’ on BBC1 and was an avid follower of the UTV soap Coronation Street .Survived by her  sons George and Fred and daughter Olwyn.

Same Week  Death of Annie Cosgrove relict of Jack at 1 Keadue beside the John Sullivan Home at the age of 92 .She lived much of her life in River Street where her husband Jack was a Postman. Survived by nephews and nieces. Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Tommy McKiernan Chairman Cavan CYMS presents the Elegant Gems Cup to Pat O Brien who beat Mattie Reilly in the Final at Cavan CYMS.

Death of Elizabeth (Pearl ) Small Drumconnick at the age of 74.Native of Cork city her husband Fleming came to Cavan more than 40 years ago to work in Jackson’s after World War 2 where Fleming was a distinguished member of the RAF .Pearl took an active part in the social and cultural life of the Community and was a valued member of the ICA Mother’s Union and Gardening Club. Survived by her son David daughter Margaret in Belfast. Reverend Mark Lidwell officiated at the funeral from Cavan Parish Church to Kilmore cemetery.

Dominick Sheridan continues his winning ways with All Ireland Master Singles title beating  Tony Breen Wexford in the Final at Croke Park.

Donegal are far too strong for Cavan in Ulster Under 21 Final Replay at Brewster Park winning as they liked by 3-11 to Cavan’s 1-11.Scorers for Cavan Roy Brennan Anthony Forde 0-3 each Peter O Reilly 0-2 and Michael Reilly Paul Kinsella and Michael Lee 0-1 each.

Bernadette Kiernan opens the 299th Nectar Health Store in Cavan

May 18th  1995 Catherina Murray recent star of the Cavan Musical Society’s ‘Sound of Music’ is awarded 1st place in the Soprano Section at Newry Feis.Cathriona at just 16 years old attends professional voice training session in Dundalk each week given by the well known Geraldine Magee.

Finian Sheridan beats Marty Loughman in the Final of the Junior Snooker competition at Cavan CYMS.Brian Gurhy and James Kelly are the beaten Semi Finalists.

Death of Charlie Moore 15 Fairview at the age of 62.Master Baker Builder and Boxer. Charlie worked for over 20 years with Pat McDonnell’s as a Master Baker before taking up work with Onslow Bredin and J J Smith as a Builder and Tradesman. Outstanding boxer original member of the famous John Bosco Club in the Market Square among his colleagues were Eamonn (Frosty) and Sean (Spider) Donohoe and the incomparable Jim Brady. Victim of a home town decision in the 1952 Ulster Finals in The Kings Hall when he clearly won the fight but the title was awarded to a local Belfast boxer. Founder member of Killygarry Boxing Club he later threw in his lot with Kilmainhamwood and steered his talented sons Kevin and Emmanuel to National Boxing honours. Great character always in good humour with a house full of children and laughter. His idol was his namesake Archie Moore former Light Heavyweight Champion of the World. Survived by his wife Bridget sons John Anthony Martin Kevin Cathal Emmanuel Finbar and  daughters Annie  (Farrelly) Carmel (Shalvey) Mandy (Crowe) Emma (Galligan and Patricia brothers Liam and Emmett sisters Molly and Ina.Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Jacqueline Sweeney a student at Cavan Vocational School is awarded a scholarship to study French at the Euro Language College in Dublin. She is pictured receiving the award from her teacher Sheila Coyle.

Môn 3 yellow judo belts for Manus Monaghan Pauric Cahill Brian Dolan and Henry Quinn Leanne Cahill Clair McGahern Padraig King Shane Dolan and Gerard McCaffrey while Yvonne McGahern and Linus McDonnell are awarded their Orange Belts.

May 25th 1995 Ray McDwyer is appointed Receiver to the financially troubled Cavan Crystal. Ray will continue to trade and buy in stock. The Company are believed to have debts of over £1 million with the Revenue owed £650,00 and The ICC and Foir Teoranta making up the reminder of the Creditors. His main stated priority is to safeguard the jobs of the 58 workers at the plant. Founded in 1970 by a number of local businessmen. The company after a very promising start has experienced numerous trading problems due to the recession and the dominance of Waterford Crystal in the market place.

Same Week  Serious injury to 20 year old John Paul Avenue native Michael Sweeney as he was cleaning a silo at Bailieboro Co Op..Initial indications are that he has fractured his spine. Rushed to Saint Mary’s Hospital Navan and transferred to the Mater Hospital for further observation and treatment. Michael is son of John and Christina Sweeney John Paul Avenue and is employed by Cavan Industrial Cleaners.

Death of Anne Patricia ( Nan ) Flood Lismore House Crossdoney.Member of the well known Ballyjamesduff business family the Murphys.She worked in the old Health Board before marrying Bert Flood in 1956.Assisted Bert in the running of his various business interests first as a Hackney and then Butcher Farmer and latterly Licensed Vintner in the Meadow View Lounge. Nan was deservedly popular and was a keen card player. Member of Cavan ICA she displayed her work at many of the shows and exhibitions in the area. Survived by her husband Bert sons Bernard Louis Simon and Garrett daughters Ann Frances Siobhan Sinead and Agnes. Music at the Mass was supplied by The Bunratty Singers with soloist Sheila Murphy (Sister in Law).Very Reverend Eugene Clarke PP was the Chief celebrant assisted by Fathers Pat Bannon Cathaldus McKiernan Fr Mulloy PP (Mountnuggent) and Father Gerry Prior celebrated her funeral Mass in Saint Felim’s Ballinagh with interment later in Killygarry.

June 1st 1995 Liam McMullin MBBSc FRCSI is appointed Consultant Surgeon  at Saint Francis’ Medical Centre Mullingar.He is grandson of former County Surgeon JC McMullin who retired in 1952.

Same Week  Storm clouds gather over the future of McCarren’s Bacon factory as Pat McKiernan Secretary of SIPTU remarks prior to crisis meeting that the proposals offered are the undoing of 35 years of progress in the welfare of the workers. He wants all monies outstanding to McCarren’s to be paid and the Union were seeking an outside source to examine the financial position of McCarren and Company who have been in existence in Cavan since 1860.

8 students in Ballyhaise Agricultural College are travelling to  the 8th Pig and Poultry Fair at the National Agricultural Centre at Stanleigh England courtesy of the Brian O Grady scholarship sponsored by AW Ennis Ballyconnell.Brian is the late County Development Officer for Cavan.

Death of Henry J (Harry) O Connell BE ‘Rock View’ Ballyhaise at the age of 71.Native of Bellurgan Dundalk Harry was a brilliant student at Dundalk CBS and in the Leaving Certificate was placed 1st in Ireland for Irish.Later studied Engineering in UCD and again was the outstanding graduate of his day. Joined Dublin Corporation and was appointed Chief Housing Officer for Cavan County Council in 1953.Later he succeeded Aidan Madden as Chief Fire Officer for Cavan. Went into private practice and with his network of friends and contacts built a huge reputable practice. Himself and his wife Peggy bought the old derelict site at Derragarra Butlersbridge in 1962 and turned it into the lucrative Derragarra Inn. Harry and Peggy worked long hours and were excellent hosts for the legion of tourists and locals who thronged the venue. Sold the Derragarra Inn to John and Angela Clancy in 1969 for a figure in the region of £14,000.Outstanding Golfer Harry was Captain of County Cavan in 1975 when by coincidence his sister Joanne Walsh was Captain in Dundalk. Later two tournaments were organised in Cavan and Dundalk to celebrate their Captaincy and Harry teaming up with Joanne won both of them. Larger than life character Harry’s company wit and good fellowship were highly treasured and he had a legion of friends all over the country. The Course at County Cavan Golf club was closed on the day of his funeral as a mark of respect. Survived by his wife Peggy sons Carl and Lee daughters Rosemary and Josephine. Funeral from Saint Aidan’s Butlersbridge to Saint Aidan’s cemetery.

Paddy and Mary Malone playing with Therese and Pat O Connor are the winners of the 2nd Annual CYMS Golf Classic at County Cavan Golf Club with a  s core of 53.9 points 2nd PJ Dolan’s Team with 56.3 and 3rd Tony Smith’s Team with 56.8 George Donohoe’s Team was 4th with 57.1.

Terry Murphy beats John Wall to win the Pool tournament in Joe’s Bar (Jimmy Brennan’s) .Trophies presented to winners and highest break John (Boy) Lynch by Joe Brennan Proprietor Joe’s Bar.

Death of Violet Warrington formerly Rahulton Butlersbridge in Canada.Survived by her brothers Harry (Butlersbridge) Dick (New Zealand) and Willie (Lisnaskea) sisters Kay and Mary. Funeral in Canada.

June 8th 1995 Christopher Jermyn aged 18 Breffni Terrace catches a 8 ½ lbs brown trout in Lough Sheelin using a brown sedge fly.

Cavan Bridge Club’s Captain’s Prize (Eileen McEnri) 1st E/W Enda Monaghan and Noelie O Brien 1st N/S Elizabeth Galligan and Aileen Timmoney.Best Gross E/W Ena Hickey Best Gross N/S Kay Henry.

Saint Felim’s Boy’s team to represent Cavan in the All Ireland Quiz Final Conor Harrington Conor Lavelle Cian Elliott Damien Farrell. Pat Ryan (Principal) and Finaian Farrell are the travelling coaches to the team.

Outstanding display by Tullac Mongan light welter representing Cavan Boxing Club William Lee as he scores a deserved majority decision over Michael Towe from Clann Eireann Irish and Ulster Champion in the Eddie Shaw Memorial tournament in Lurgan County Armagh. The very promising Cavan boxer dropped the champion with a volley of punches in the final round putting his opponent down for a count of 8 before receiving a deserved majority decision over the home boxer.

June 15th 1995 Cavan beat Antrim 2-11 to 0-8 in the 1st Round of the Ulster Championship at sun kissed Breffni Park before a large attendance of 10,000 in Martin McHugh’s first Championship game in charge of the Breffni men. Cavan’s first1st First Round success in 7 years .Star of the show was 19 year old centre half forward Peter O Reilly from Knockbride with two early goals .Cavan will now play Monaghan in the Ulster Semi Final in Clones. Scorers for Cavan Peter O Reilly 2-0 Ronan Carolan 0-7 Adrian Lambe 0-2 Dermot McCabe and John Brady 0-1 each.

In the curtain raise Cavan beat Antrim 3-8 to 2-9 in the Ulster Minor Championship in a game of 2 halves where Cavan led by  3-7 to 0-1 at Halftime but Antrim totally dominated the second half allowing Cavan to score but once while they were unlucky not to at least snatch a draw. Scorers for Cavan John Maguire 1-2 Michéal O Rourke 1-0 Declan Tighe 1-0 Larry Reilly 0-3 Brian O Callaghan R  Rogers and Andy McConnell 0-1.

Same Week  Death of the outstanding Phil Cullivan B Arch‘Camelot’ Cullies  at the age of 61 after a long illness. Grievous loss to Cavan town and County. Son of the late Joe and Mary Cullivan Philip was their second eldest child and was born in a very humble dwelling in College Street. Educated at the Old Boy’s School (Reilly’s) De La Salle’s Saint Patrick’s College and UCD Phil graduated with a B Arch (Honours) in 1957.First joined Cavan County Council and worked there until 1960 when he formed a partnership with Paddy Gaffney who was then long time Town Engineer. Wonderful talent Phil arrived on the scene just at the right time post Vatican 2 and designed nearly all of the alterations to the Churches in the Diocese of Kilmore as well as designing new churches in Ballyjamesduff Laragh Lavey and Virginia. Father Liam Kelly’s book ‘The Churches of The Diocese of Kilmore ‘with photographs by Colm Connaughton graphically records Phil’s genius in opening up the churches and completely highlighting the altar as the centre of Christian worship. Phil brought a freshness and a new dimension to his work opening up all the old structures and buildings with light and bright colours. Undertook the refurbishment and design of the Town Hall in Cavan and as a finishing touch painted all the old windows and doors red which made the place more inviting and comfortable. Phil’ talents knew no religious or political divide and he carried out extensive work at Cavan Parish Church most recently to the Spire of the old edifice. In his spare time Phil was an accomplished artist paining and drawing on canvas and oils. Each year some of his work came up for auction at the Annual Arts Exhibition and always sold out. Outstanding member of Cavan County Golf Club playing off single figures he was Captain Secretary and Trustee for a long number of years. Piloted the development of the course and the purchase of Aranmore and the McCarren lands for the development of the new Club House and 18 hole course in 1970.Phil had the intellect presence and diplomacy to bring everybody on board with the same enthusiasm to a project as he himself displayed. In his early years Phil was a prominent member of the Cavan Rugby Club doing sterling work in the lineout as a second row forward. Later he played football with the Slashers before throwing in his lot with Cavan Gaels for whom he starred in the early years winning a County League medal in 1959.Member of the Cathedral Choir under Miss Roche and the late Father AB McGrath Phil starred in the famous Saint Patrick’s College Operas which took place in the early 1950s in The Town Hall when among his compatriots was TP McKenna from Mullagh.Founder member of the Cavan Singers Phil was a member of some of their most recent triumphs in Song Festivals in Ireland and Wales. Actively associated with Cavan Drama Festival for the last forty years Philip was Chairman from 1963-1974 and acted as MC and PRO for over 40years.Despite his illness Phil was commissioned to write the History of County Cavan Golf Club to coincide with their Centenary in 1994 and The History of Cavan Drama Festival to coincide with their Golden Jubilee in 1995. Both books were published and are a testimony to Phil’s love and dedication to both organisations.Enthusiatic supporter of the Cavan International Song Contest from the start .In recent years Phil was a valued member of the Jury. Cavan Singers performed ‘Consolation Number 2’ by Phil’s brother Tommy with words by Oliver Saint John Gogarty at the Requiem Mass in the Cathedral. Phil Cullivan one of Cavan’s greatest sons is survived by his wife Dolié son David daughters Rachael Judith (Murphy) mother Mary brother Gene Michael Joe Tommy Kieran and John sisters Mary Ann Katherine and Judith .Guards of honour formed by member of Cavan Golf Club Cavan Singers and Drama Festival Committee at the funeral where the chief celebrant was Father John Murphy Adm.Interment took place in Cullies. 

Death of Lydia Jean McFeely BDS  3Earlsvale Road at the age of 83.Native of Bailieboro daughter of the late Hugh Cranston Clark (Last Clark of the Union) and Sarah Mahood also from the Bailieboro area.Educated at Bailieboro NS Wesley College Dublin. Qualified as a Dentist at The Royal College of Surgeons at the age of 22 in 1934.Married Doctor Jack McFeely in 1939 they spent some time in England before returning to Ireland and Cavan where Jean was appointed School’s Dentist for County Cavan a post she retained until 1972 when she retired at the age of 60.Predeceased by her husband Dr Jack in 1960 she sold their large ‘Swellan House’ and came to live in Earlsvale Road. Avid reader she had a very sharp intellect and allied to her sereness as a person she was a wonderful interesting agreeable companion. Regular visitor to the nearby John Sullivan Home she organised Bingo and Whist for the patients with whom she built up a wonderful rapport. Great interest in Classical music she was a member of the Gramophone Club and later the Recorded Music Society to whom she gave many recitals. Encyclopaedic knowledge of Soccer football she never missed Match of the Day and numbered it as her favourite television programme. Survived by her son Dr Niall (Brockfield Ontario Canada) Dr John GP Letterkenny Maryrose (Malone) and Pat (O Neill).Jean was the last of a family of 6.Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Death of John P Burns 19 Cathedral Road suddenly at the age of 61.Native of  Arva received his early education at Arva NS Saint Mary’s Latin School Moyne and UCG where he obtained his degree in Engineering. Worked overseas in London and the Far East before returning to take up a post in Mayo. Joined the Irish Land Commission in Letterkenny coming to Cavan 18 years ago where he was employed by The Land Commission based in the old Magnet Cinema. Later joined the Department of the Environment .Enjoyed the outdoor life he was a keen huntsman and sharp shot. Great interest in horses and show jumping. He followed the fortunes of Cavan and the local Gaels with avid interest and in recent years took great delight in the emergence of the Ulster teams on the All Ireland stage always displaying their colours adjacent to the house at Cathedral Road. He is survived by his wife Mary Clare sons Enda Kenneth Noel and Eamonn daughters Eileen Sinead and Una brothers Fathers Benny and Eddie Burns Noel in Navan and sister Anna Ennis Dublin. Chief celebrants at the funeral Mass in the Cathedral were his brothers Reverend Benny Burns Sacramento California and Father Eddie Burns PP Crosskeys.Burial took place in Killygarry cemetery.

Death of Paddy Lee late of Owen Roe in Staffordshire England at the age of 81.Playing member of Owen Roe Shamrocks he later was a prominent player with Cavan Harps. Returned home on a yearly basis and never lost touch with the old friends and neighbours. Worked in McCormick’s Eggs in The Egg Market before taking up employment with McCarrens..Survived by his wife Lily and the burial took place in Staffordshire.

Shane Ollwill wins Under 20 League and Championship medals with Corinthians in Galway. Medical student at Galway RTC.He is a former prominent member of Cavan Rugby Club and son of Gerry and Kathleen Ollwill Billis..

Dermot Smith launches his new tape entitled  ‘Dermot Smith Sings His Own Songs’. in The Kilmore Hotel attracting a capacity attendance where Felim Cox is the MC.All proceeds go towards the purchase of an ambulance for Romania.

June 22nd 1995 Lily and Benjamin Heaslip Killynanon celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary with a party for family and friends in Saint Felim’s Hospital where Lily is a patient. They were married in Cavan Parish Church on the 18th July 1925.

Same Week  Death of the very popular Vincent McCaul at the age of 62.Son of the late Pat and Ellen McCaul  who owned a bar and grocery in Drumliffe Redhills (Duggan’s). Vincent and his wife Ena( Nee Kelly Bridge Street) bought Barney O Reilly’s in 1960 and continued to develop a thriving business .Keen fisherman he caught some specimen trout both on the Annalee and Lough Sheelin.Tall and bronzed Vincent enjoyed outdoor pursuits and was an accomplished swimmer and cyclist. Predeceased by his wife Ena 11 years ago he is survived by his sons Declan Paddy and Gary daughter Orla (Castlebar) Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

The 26th Kilmore Pilgrimage to Lourdes is led by Bishop Frank McKiernan  Director is Right Rev Monsignor Patrick McManus while his Assistant is Father Colm Hurley PP Killeshandra.The Matron is Breege Graham Chief Handmaid Philomena Coleman. All travel arrangements are handled by McGinnity Travel Wharton’s and Martin’s Coaches.

Eddie McCormack is the brilliant winner of the Captain’s (Willie Harrington’s Prize) at County Cavan Golf Club  scoring an incredible 63 Gross playing off a 5 handicap.2nd was Patrick C O Reilly while 3rd was Mel Greaney.The Gross was won by Tony Smith (7) with a 72.Ladies 1st Angela Cassidy 2nd Sheila McGinnity and 3rd Stella Corr Kathleen O Gorman won the Gross with 24.Perfect day course in great condition and 257 took part.

Death of Thomas (Tommy) Farrelly Corahoe at the age of 75.He was a native of Snackiel Killeshandra and was a very well known farmer in the area. Survived by his brothers and sisters. Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Scout Den is chosen as the location for the new Gael Scoil which will open in September Catherina McKiernan breaks her own Irish 10,000 metres record with scintillating run in Lille France in a time of 31 minute 8.41 seconds. Leaves Olympic Gold and Silver  medallist  Deratru Tulu and Elana Meyer trailing by over 150 metres in the greatest run of her career knocking 10 ½ seconds of her Irish record.

June 29th 1995 McCarren’s Restructuring Plan is firmly rejected by SIPTU in a secret ballot.McCarren’s plan to phase out the manufacture of small items like sausages rashers hams and puddings and have them manufactured elsewhere under their brand name.Under the plan the employment of the Van Salesmen would cease and they would act as Independent operators handling the McCarren brand.65 members of the staff have been laid off since Christmas and Andrew McCarren states in order to compete with the other Bacon Curers in the country particularly with Unipork situated in Enniskillen recently acquired by Monaghan Industrialist Ronnie Wilson they will have to reduce the numbers employed at the Cavan plant to 65.The Company have been incurring substantial losses in the last 18 month.

Same Week  McIntyre’s have acquired the Cavan Fabric building on the Dublin Road and will move their Sales operation there. Their old premises in Abbey Street is being retained as a Store.

Mary Reilly wins the Lady Captain’s (Ann Smith) Prize at County Cavan Golf Club 2nd Patricia Creegan and 3rd Breeda McGonnell.Majella Brady had the Best Gross.

Cavan Gaels continue their winning ways at Under Age level winning the Under 12 title Roinn A beating Kingscourt 6-16 to 2-5 in perfect conditions for fast open football at Breffni Park. Scorers for the Gaels Alan Coyle 2-3 Nicholas Walsh 1-4 Sean Reilly Ciaran Flynn and Sean Johnston 1-1 each Damian O Connor 0-3Niall Collins 0-2and Damian Farrell 0-1.team Patrick O Keeffe Ciaran McGlade Fergal Brady John Murray Liam Rabbitt Niall Collins Sean Reilly (Captain) Damian O Connor Nicholas Walsh Damian Farrell Ciaran Flynn Alan Coyle and Sean Johnston.

Ann Bradley Kells is the winner of the Cavan Lawn Tennis Lady’s Open at Cavan Lawn Tennis Club while Noel Gibbons of Dublin is the Men’s Singles winner. Best local performance was Phyllis McGurk runner up in The Ladies’ B Singles.

July 6th 1995 Cavan beat Monaghan in The Ulster Semi Final in Saint Tiernach’s Park in Clones 1-9 to 0-10 before an attendance of 30,000 on a perfect summer’s day for football. Man of the Match was Fintan Cahill who scored 1-3 of the Cavan total  and Paul O Dowd the Cavan goalkeeper who saved a Monaghan penalty from their sharpshooter Declan Smith just on half time. Cavan’s first Ulster Final appearance since 1983 and the 1st time they have played Tyrone in the Final since 1956 when Tyrone ran out winners by 3-5 to 0-4.scorers for Cavan Fintan Cahill 1-3 Peter Reilly and Ronan Carolan 0-2 each Dermot McCabe and Adrian Lambe 0-1 each. Down defeated Cavan in the curtain raiser the Ulster Minor Semi final by 4-12 to 0-11 having lead by 3-5 to 0-6 at the interval. Down’s early goals decisive. Scorers for Cavan Micheal O Rourke and Declan Tighe 0-3 each Larry Reilly 0-2 D Keogh B Mulvey and R Kiernan 0-1 each.

Same Week  The 150 year old Green’s Mill is back in action after 40 years this time under the name Lifeforce Mill owned by Malachy McCloskey from Drogheda. The Mill is officially opened by Andrew Boylan TD and the ecumenical blessing was by Bishops Francis McKiernan and Michael Mayes.In attendance was Raymond Greene whose father Joe was the last man to work the Mill and during the war year hundreds of farmers flocked there to have their crops refined.

Paddy Sexton Fianna Fail is elected Chairman of Cavan Urban Council.Desmond Cullen Labour is elected Vice Chairman. Both were elected to Cavan Urban council just one year ago with Paddy at the head of the poll.

Sympathy is extended to Kathleen Lyons Cathedral Road on the death of her mother Bridie McCaffrey Clonandra Redhills at the age of 67.Native of Drumbran Cloverhill  she took a leading part in Saint Joseph’s Young Priests Society and The ICA.Survived by her daughters Kathleen and Marian (Vice Principal Dublin City VEC).Funeral from Saint Brigid’s Killoughter to the adjoining cemetery.

Mark Johnston John Paul Avenue  is pictured with his dog ‘Aughadreena Snipe’ which is representing the German Pointer Club of Ireland at The World Gun Dog Championships in Swords.

Cavan Gaels complete The League and Championship double in Roinn A Under 14 defeating Mullahoran 2-16 to 0-6 at Breffni Park. Captained by Paul O Donnell The Gaels led by 1-4 to 0-6 at the interval but ran out easy winners with their fast open skilful play in the second half. They now represent Cavan in The Feile Na Nog in Mayo.

July 13th 1995 Brian Johnston County Manager announces that Cavan’s new swimming pool will open on August the 8th.He has ordered the most up to date equipment for the Sports Complex and when completed it will be the finest facility of its type in Ireland. Tour prior to opening for the local fundraiser and councillors .The local community have contribute £300,000 to the cost including a grant of £10,00 from Cavan UDC while the Department of the Environment have contributed the remainder of £1.5 million. Later Delores Smith at County Council meeting opposes the scale of the charges for use of the pool which are fixed at £1-50 per person £6 for family of 4 and a charge of £1 for the use of the Crèche during normal working hours.

Same Week  A sum of £200 is granted to the CYMS by Cavan UDC for the rebuilding programme. Paddy O Reilly states that full planning permission has been granted for the complex and he expects that the Club will be in their new custom built premises within 2 years.

Stars of the 1960s return to Cavan Tennis Club for Reunion pictured are Dermot Burke Mickey Breslin Moya Maloney Ria Hickey Frances Galligan Mary Haren Carmel Gaffney (Chairman Cavan Tennis Club) Nora Maloney Thecla Smith Frank McCormick Eileen Murphy Valerie Finnegan and Eddie English. The tournament run in conjunction was won by Mickey Breslin and Dermot Burke who beat Eddie English and Frank McCormick in the Men’s Doubles Final and the pairing of Valerie Finnegan and Ria Hickey beat Nora Moore (Maloney) and Carmel Lewis (McCormick).Ria Hickey is a 3 times winner of the Lady’s Open at Cavan Lawn Tennis Club and the outstanding tennis player in Cavan of her generation. Her mother Ina was the star player and Number 1 ladies’tennis and badminton player at Cavan Pavilion throughout the 40s and early 50s winning the Ladies singles and doubles on an annual basis.

The Player of the Year Jackie Sheridan playing with Joe Johnston is the winner of Jackson ‘s Garage prize at Cavan Open week with an outstanding score of 48 while on closing day Terry and Siobhan Smith win the Mixed Scotch Foursomes sponsored by C Furniture. Brendan and Roisin Donohoe were the Runners Up.

Sister Joan Kelly Ard Mhuire is one of the winners of the top 100 letter writers in the An Post competition her letter is published in the book ‘100 of The Best’ which is presented to Sister Joan by John Hynes CEO An Post.

July 20th 1995 Andy O Brien is elected Chairman of Cavan County Council .This is Andy’s second term as Chairman. He is later made a presentation by Clifford Kelly Chairman of the VEC at their Annual Meeting in The Community Centre in Kingscourt to mark 40 years of dedicated service to Cavan VEC.

Same Week  Death of Rose Buckley 14 Killymooney Drive at the age of 54.Member of the Sheridan family Mons Terrace daughter of Jack and Margaret Sheridan. Popular charitable and religious .Survived by her husband Simon sons Simon and Patrick daughter Margaret and sister Margaret. Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Death of Mary Gormley Billis Drumalee as she holidays with her children in Santa Ponza Majorca  at the age of 46.Native of Phibsboro Dublin .After marrying her husband Joe a native of Ballinamore the two of them emigrated to America for a period of 8 years returning in 1978.Joe worked for a period in Tractamotors before they set up Interparts and later J and M Commercials to become one of the big successes in Cavan business life. Mary was very active  well known and popular in the Community and was Chairman of Loreto Parent’s Association. Survived by her husband Joe daughters Jennifer Caroline  Allison Sandra and Gillian and her mother Maureen Burke in Phibsboro Dublin.

Maura Sweeney from Leitrim is the winner of the Sean Walsh Perpetual trophy swimming the Hinds/Killykeen straits in  a time of 1 hour and 25 minutes 2nd was Dessie McEntee in 1 hour and 29 while Paul Connolly was 3rd in 1 hour and 58 minutes.

Margaret Kelly 17 Highfield Road is appointed a Peace Commissioner by The Minister for Justice Nora Owen.

Cavan Gels are soundly beaten by Saint Killians in The Under 21 Final at Breffni Park by 0-11 to 0-9.The favourites were totally outplayed by a very committed cohesive Saint Killians.Scorers for the Gaels Mickey Graham 0-4 Mark Leddy 0-2 Paul Kinsella David Noonan and Killian Fee 0-1 each.

More bad news for Cavan Gaels as their Under 14 hurlers are decisively beaten by Mullahoran on a wet windy day in Our Lady of Lourdes Park Mullahoran.Slow start by the Gaels they trailed by 3-3 to 0-0 at the interval but put up a good show in the second half to lose by 4-6 to 3-1 to a much superior and very skilled Mullahoran team. Scorers for the Gaels Gavin Duffy  1-0 Sean Reilly 1-0 Alan Coyle 1-0 and Nicholas Walsh 0-1.

July 27th 1995  Roisin Donohoe wife of Brendan Donohoe Drumalee is appointed Vice Principal of Cavan Vocational School.

Same Week  Cavan are well beaten by Tyrone 2-13 to 0-10 in The Ulster Senior Final in Saint Tiernach’s Park Clones before a capacity all ticket crowd of 33,000.Tyrone dominated the play from the start and Cavan were lucky to be still in contention with 13 minutes to play 0-9 to 0-12.The introduction of super sub Matt McGlennan who scored 2 goals changed the complexion of the score and the game to give Tyrone victory and The Anglo Celt trophy for the 5th time. Their chief scorer was Peter Canavan with 0-5.Scorers for Cavan Ronan Carolan Dermot McCabe 0-2 Peter O Reilly 0-2 and Tommy Smyth 0-1.Team Paul O Dowd Aidan Watters John Donnellan Gerry Sheridan Aidan Connolly Bernard Morris Damian O Reilly(Captain) Stephen King Tommy Smith Dermot McCabe Peter O Reilly Ronan Carolan Adrian Lambe Fintan Cahill and John Brady.Subs Fergal Hartin for Adrian Lambe and Anthony Forde for John Brady. No local representative from Cavan Parish on the team.

Cavan Gaels continue their losing sequence this time to Kingscourt 0-11 to 1-3 in Breffni Park in the Under 16 County Final. Gaels were totally outplayed by Kingscourt in a bad tempered affair that boiled over in the 22nd minute of the second half when the pitch was invaded by rival officials and subs resulting in some ugly clashes that were no credit to either side. Only Paul O Donnell Dominick Reilly and Cormac Nelligan emerged with their reputations intact.

August 3rd 1995 Ray McDwyer Receiver at Cavan Crystal announces that he is in the final stages of negotiations for the sale of Cavan Crystal to a United States based Tyrone businessman and the brand name will continue to trade. Great achievement by Ray as he has only been The Receiver since May and confident that he can save the majority of the jobs. Pat McKiernan Secretary of SIPTU is delighted with the news and says he has already been in touch with the prospective buyer about an early meeting to resolve any difficulties in the reemployment of the workers at Cavan Crystal.

Same Week  Death of the great Phil ‘Sonny’ Finnegan 35 College Street. Former official with the ESB.Gave over 40 years service to the Board and served in the North East area covering Louth Cavan and Monaghan.Involved in the rural Electrification Scheme of the 1940s-1950s bringing electricity to remote and rural Ireland and in the process transforming people’s lives. Phil was born and reared in Mountnuggent a member of a famous footballing family winning The Cavan Junior Championship of 1943 and Senior Championship in 1946.On the Mountnuggent team along with Phil were his brothers Gene and Jack Tony Tighe and Mick Higgins. Played Senior and Junior for the county Phil had a lifelong devotion to the game and along with his great friends Arthur Downey and Peter Fay travelled the length and breath of the country to support The Boys in Blue. His brother Gene won 9 Ulster Senior medals with the county and was on the losing  All Ireland teams of 1943 and 1945.Took a great pride in the formation of the Cavan Gaels as he knew it was essential that the town have a strong team from such a large pool of players. Outstanding gardener much of his free time was spent in the garden and he was acknowledged as a  Horticultural expert. Tall strong and youthful Phil was very unlucky to be struck down with a debilitating stroke two years ago and spent the last few months of his life a contented happy patient in Saint Felim’s Hospital. Predeceased by his son Gene he is survived by his wife Betty (Smith) he is survived by his sons Gerry Philip and Noel daughters Ann Marion and Rosemary .Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Death of George Fredrick Dancey MRCVS 29 Lower Celtic Park Enniskillen and Cullies Cavan.

Judge Donal McCardle bids farewell to his old friend Sergeant Cathal Kelly as the latter retires from the Garda after 35 years service –the final 18 years spent as Sergeant in Arva.Judge McCardle states that Cathal is reeking with gentlemanliness and always showed kindness and sympathy to those in trouble. A sporting man on and off the field. Miss B Mimnagh Solicitor on behalf of the Cavan/Longford Bar Association states that “Cathal was a true guardian of the peace and the  people he served and took a leading part in the development of Arva.Jim Beirne Court Clerk states that Cathal showed courtesy kindness and co-operation at all times and he wishes himself Evelyn and the family man happy years. Superintendent John Kelly said they were losing an outstanding colleague in Cathal but that he would retire to live in Cavan.

Sudden death of William (Willie) Cleary 10 Saint Martin’s Estate and late of Carrick on Suir County Tipperary. Came to Cavan with the Irish Army over 20 years ago and married Margaret Gumley and settled in Cavan. Popular with everybody Willie had a laid back personality and endeared himself to all the company he embraced. Survived by his wife Margaret (Gumley) daughters Caroline Natasha Pamela and Noeleen  brothers Martin Charlie and Eamonn sisters Margaret and Alice (McDermott).Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Woodbine Rovers are the winners of The Cavan AC 7 a side tournament  at Drumalee.Panel Stephen Ferncombe Thomas Murray (Captain) Paul Sherlock Gerry Clarke Jerry Fallon and James Doonan Robbie Bury Paddy Brady and John Pat Reilly.

August 10th 1995  Congratulations all round as a dream comes true with the opening of Cavan Swimming Pool. The Pool incorporates a Restaurant  Crèche and Children’s Paddling Pool as well as the recently refurbished Sports Complex making it one of the finest facilities of its kind in Ireland. Pictured on The First Plunge are Sharon Patterson (Staff) Ann Coyle (Manager) Ann Cullen (Staff) Thomas Goldrick Beatrice Maloney Jacqueline Maloney (Secretary and Long time advocate) Shay Whelan Lucia Whelan Liam Rooney Pauric Lee and Jennifer Doonan (Duty Manageress).

Same Week  Evelyn Franks from Monery Crossdoney wins two gold meals at  The Irish School of Speech and Drama and in the process is awarded a Scholarship to the Betty Norton Theatre School.

Death of Ellen (Nell )Arnold formerly of Latt Cavan in Dublin. Widow of the late Cyril MRCVSI she was an outstanding golfer and founder member of Cavan Bridge Club. Selected on many of the 1950s Irish International Bridge teams among her outstanding colleagues at Cavan Bridge Club were Gerry Hunt Kathleen Sullivan Ena Hickey and Surgeon Bertie Cullen. Survived by her sons Garrett and David daughters Gwen and Jill. Funeral from the Church of The Ascension of The Lord Lower Balally to Glasnevin Crematorium.

Paraic McEntee wins the President’s (Norman Cinnamonds) Prize at County Cavan Golf Club Richard Casiddy is 2nd and Enda Corr 3rd Edmund Malone Best Gross Owen Elliott is 1st Juvenile while Tommy Malone is 1st Student. The Visitors Prize was won by Cavan native Ken Cinnamond with his brother Frank 2nd.

Eamonn Reilly Frank Ward and Cormac Dunne will represent Farnham School in The All Ireland INTO GAA Exhibition at half time of the Galway Versus Tyrone All Ireland Senior Semi Final.

August 17th 1995 Death of Mary (Molly) Hourican Upper Main Street Main Street Cavan and Pound Archway. Native of Killylea Belturbet .Herself and her late husband Pat from Aughnacliffe in County Longford ran the very successful ‘Central Bar and Grocery’ for almost 50 years. Courteous and welcoming Molly was a great conversationalist and took a personal interest in the welfare of all her customers whom she treated as an extension of her own family. Predeceased by her husband Pat 19 years ago she is survived by her son Philip daughters Ann (Halton) and Frances. Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Same Week World Premiere of Dermot Healy’s play  ‘Last Night’s Feeling’ at the Cootehill Arts Festival in Drumlin House is greeted by rapturous applause from a capacity appreciative audience.

August 24th 1995 Neill McKay Chairman of Ardross International are the new owners of Cavan Crystal. Native of Omagh County Tyrone based in San Diego California Neill states that interviews are taking place each day with a view to recruiting staff and they hope to be back to normal production in a matter of weeks.

Same Week Cathal Collins son of Michael and Mary Billis Cavan scores a magnificent 590 out of a possible maximum of 600 in Leaving Certificate with A1 in Maths applied Maths Accountancy Physics Chemistry and A2 in English is pictured being congratulated by the College President Father John McTiernan.

Eleanor Reynolds (Fay ) is pictured presenting the Ulster Rose Michelle Maguire with part of her wardrobe for the forthcoming Rose of Tralee competition. Pictured outside Fay’s (Founded by Eleanor’s parents in 1937) are Marie Cooney Eleanor Michelle Maguire (Ulster Rose)and Mary Conaty.

Keneth of O Reilly late of 41 College Street is back in Cavan with his wife Irene a French Canadian and son Conor.Keneth emigrated 33 years ago and apart from a brief visit in 1970 has not seen the town since. Amazed at the transformation but sad at the demise of so many of the old business houses of his childhood.Son of the late Edward (Ned) and May O Reilly Kenneth lives with his wife and family in Sudbury Ontario for the last 33 years.

Anne O Reilly is the winner of the Lady Captain’s Prize (Ann Smyth) at County Cavan Golf Club Angela Alcock is 2nd and Marese Binchey 3rd Theresa Keogh is Best Beginner Gabrielle O Hanlon Best 36 and Mary Johnston Best Back 9.

Aoife Lavelle wins Gold for Cavan in the Under 10 Gymnastic Finals in Mosney.Daughter of Mary and Kevin Lavelle Stragelliffe she improved from 9th in last year’s  Under 8 Finals to claim the Gold for Saint Patrick’s area Cavan.

Patricia Moore of 15 Fairview (Pictured) with her un named dog is the overall winner of the Breffni Dog Finals in Cavan

Doctor John Sullivan wins silver and bronze medals at the World Transplant Games in Manchester. Over 1,000 competitors took part but John was the only Irish entry in the swimming events.2nd in the 100 metres freestyle 3rd in the 400 metres freestyle and 40th in the 50 metre sprint. From last May John trained in Annagh Lake 15 hours per week and was in top shape for the Games. Training rounded off in the new Cavan Swimming Pool which he describes as a great amenity for the town.Dr John Sullivan is son of Jack and Kathleen Sullivan late of Church Street married to Irene (Monaghan) from Drogheda they have two grown up children Jack and Tara.

Liam Henry Engineer with Cavan County Council states “Cavan is coping very well with the drought caused by long hot Summer. There is an adequate supply of water and there are no problems here like those in Britain and Northern Ireland

Sudden death of Owen Clarke Alackan at Saint Luke’s Hospital Rathgar Dublin 6.Son of the late John and Ellen Clarke Alackan.Survived by his sisters Rose Mary Eileen and Terese.Funeral from Saint Brigid’s Church Killygarry to the adjoining cemetery.

August 31st 1995 Casey’s of Ballinagh is the winner of the Black and White Pub of the Year for County Cavan.They last won the title in 1985.

Same Week  Death of Theresa (Rita) O Rourke Saint Aidan’s Terrace at the age of 64.Kind gentle and very charitable .Deaf from an early age  her impediment never held her back and she was an enthusiastic follower of Irish music at which her husband George excelled on the spoons and bones accompanying such notables as Seamus (Lilter) Fay. She was a member of the old Cavan family the Bradys.Survived by her husband George sister Kathleen and brothers Tommy and Eamonn.Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Death of Rose Mary Reilly Drumcalpin.Predeceased by her husband Francie she is survived by her nieces and nephews notably the Currys in Ballinagh.Funeral from Saint Mary’s Ballyhaise to Cullies.

Andy Carroll long term patient in Saint Felim’s Hospital secures 1st and 2nd place for hand crafted rug making at the recent Cavan Gardening Show in the Community Centre in Killygarry.

Death of Mary (Molly) Collins Corahoe at the age of 88.Member of the well known farming family the McInerneys from Druminbawn Upper Lavey.Friendly and very religious she was extremely well known in the Community. She was an active member of the Legion of Mary and Saint Joseph’s Young Priests Society. Predeceased by her husband Michael 18 years ago she is survived by her sons Michael and John and daughter Marie (Bray) in England and brothers Mattie Pat and Tom. Funeral Mass concelebrated by Father Oliver Kelly CC and her nephew Father John Cooney CC Milltown in the Cathedral and burial afterwards in Cullies cemetery

Death of the legendary Mary McManus District Nurse for the Cavan area during the late 40s and 50s at the age of 96.Native of Erveny Derrylester Swanlinbar.Trained as a Nurse in Wigan Lancashire and worked first in Dublin then Dungarvan before being appointed District Nurse for Cavan.Very well known figure she visited and lectured in schools dispensaries and homes. Outstanding example of bravery and efficiency in the face of danger from highly contagious TB which raged in Cavan during the 1940s wiping out whole families. She had a great rapport with the patients and was trusted and admired by all. Founder member of The Apostolic Society in the Diocese she founded branches in many of the outlying parishes and gave demonstrations in needlework and design of the missionary garments. She is survived by her brother Ben in Everney Eddie in New York and sister Sally. Funeral from Saint Nailie’s Church Kinawley to the local cemetery where the members of the Apostolic Workers formed a Guard of Honour.

Sudden death of Mary (Molly) Farrell Drumnavanagh at the age of 56.Member of the well known White family from Belturbet she was quiet and religious tending to the needs of those less well off in the Community. Regular visitor to The Holy Rosary Convent for the One Hour Perpetual Adoration. Member of the Cavan Branch ICA she exhibited her work at many of the local shows and exhibitions. Great card player this was her hobby and engaged in poker and 25 on a nightly basis during the Winter months. Survived by her husband Frank sisters Kitty (Cowan) and Peggy (Connolly).Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry cemetery.

September 7th 1995 Homemakers founded by Barry and Malachy Elliott are on the move to more spacious premises on the Dublin Road after 18 years successful trading in Church Street. The shop area of the new store is 4,000 square feet while the Warehouse measures 8,000 square feet and the loading bay and yard another 8,000 square feet. Barry is a qualified Quantity Surveyor and will assist each customer with their individual requirements. The Manager is Paddy Murray who has worked with P Elliott and Homemakers for over 20 years

Same Week  Gerry Smyth of Owen Roe is the winner of this week’s £500 in the Saint Christopher’s Hospice Draw Ethna Sheridan Highfield Road was the winning promoter 2nd prize of 300 goes to Siobhan O Connor Breffni Terrace and Liam and Marie De Paor from Carrickane are the winners of the 3rd prize of £200.

Gaelscoil an Cabhan opens its doors for the first time at the scout Den with Pol De Landra the teacher who specialises in computers and sport. The Department of Education inform the school management that they were recognising the school and it would receive a capitation grant for each child pay the teacher and assist in paying the rent and cost of furnishings. There are now over 200 Gaelscoil nationwide teaching children through the medium of Irish and English.

Michelle bury from Drumconnick marries Hans Lugner Schuabisch Germany with the Reception in the Kilmore Hotel.

Cavan Town defeat  Trim 7-2 in their opening league game at Derrycramph.Michael Graham with a hat trick was Man of the Match while the other scorers were Thomas Murray (penalty) Barry Gardiner Patrick Graham and Stephen Ferncombe.Team john Heffernan Patrick Graham Padraic Fitzpatrick Johnny Graham john Flood Michael graham J Fallon Barry Gardiner Colin Sheridan Thomas Murray and Stephen Ferncombe.Subs Paddy Murray for Stephen Ferncombe.

September 14th 1995 Cavan Urban Council sign the contract for the erection of 10 3 bedroom and 8 2 bed apartments adjacent to Laragh Crescent on the old Dublin Road with TPS Ballyhaise for  a sum of £588,790.Built to a high specification with solid fuel central heating an a garden for each unit.Tom Smith CEO TPS announces that the houses should be ready for occupancy in late 1986.There are now 120 on the Urban Council housing waiting list.

Same Week  Father Torlac O Reilly PP Drung and Father Eugene Dowd PP VF Lurgan are appointed Canons of the Cathedral Choir of the Diocese of Kilmore.Both are distinguished natives of the town.

Eddie McCormack beats Kerrill Gaffney to win the Dr FPE Smith Scratch Cup  at County Cavan Golf Club.

Bailieboro Shamrocks beat Gowna the hot favourites and are the surprise winners of the County Senior Final 0-13 to 1-8 in Breffni Park before a crowd of 4,000 paying gate receipts of £18,00.They won the title in 1911 1952 1957 and their last triumph was in 1964.The tall high fielding Charles Clarke from Bailieboro was voted Man of the Match. In the curtain raiser Crosserlough beat Bailieboro 1-10 to 0-11 in the Minor Final.

Cavan Town beat Rasan Rovers 10-0 at Derrycramph to record their biggest ever win in the Meath and District League. Thomas Murray scored two Michael Graham 2 Padraig Fitzpatrick goal of the game from 30 yards range. Barry Gardiner Stephen Ferncombe Dermot Carmichael Johnny Graham and Patrick Graham 1 goal each.

September 21st 1995 Cavan Branch of SIPTU agree to the Labour Court recommendation to the appointment of a Consultant Niall O Carroll of Stokes Kennedy Crowley to examine the affairs of McCarren and Company.They also accept the redundancy package for 59 of the employees which entitles each of them to 2 ½ weeks pay for every year worked +statutory redundancy and £500 lump sum .

Same Week  Death of Paddy (P J) Carroll 10 Highfield Road after 12 months of failing health. Highly respected and very well known native of the town Paddy originally lived with his family in College Street. Represented New Ireland Assurance for over 50 years Paddy was an outstanding Insurance Man specialising in the early days on a weekly collection which entailed calling on hundreds of people at  the weekends to collect their small premiums.Very pleasant sociable man of great wit and humour he knew the town and its characters intimately and delighted in telling the stories and yarns that are so much part of Cavan’s fabric. Gifted gardener Paddy was neat and meticulous in everything he did and only wanted the best for himself and his family. Followed the fortunes of the Cavan county team and the two town teams Drumalee for whom his son Raymond starred in the 1960s and his near neighbours Cavan Gaels. Member of the 1st Cavan Boy Scout Troop of 1930.He was one of 4 survivors to attend the Golden Jubilee celebrations of 1980 Survived by his wife Kathleen (Dowd from Latt) daughters Marlene (Lynch) and Frances (Harris) in Cambridge and his son  Raymond in Toronto. Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Death of Smith 3 Athbara Close Crosskeys and Killoughter.Cousin of Kathleen Quinn 3 Athbara where he lived out the last happy years of his life. Funeral from the Cathedral to Killoughter.

Death of Paddy Duffy Marahill Ballinagh former official in the Social Welfare Office in Cavan.He was Commandant 8th Infantry Battalion GFC.Survived by his wife Mai son John daughters Ann Denise and Marian. Father Pat Bannon CC and Father Owen Collins PP Ballintemple presided at the Funeral Mass from Saint Felim’s Ballinagh to the adjoining cemetery.

September 28th 1995 Death of Paddy Flynn late of Saint Patrick’s Terrace and New South Wales at the age of 59 in Ocean Shores NSW following a swimming accident where he took ill and was rushed to Potsville Hospital but dead on admission. Strong swimmer and excellent diver he learned the art from Walter Little in Swellan lake adjacent to his childhood home. Son of Mr and Mrs Billy Flynn he was a prominent member of the Boy Scouts attaining the rank of Patrol Leader and a valuable member of the Harmonica Band which made many broadcasts from Radio Eireann in the 1950s.Star of many of the Boy Scouts Pantomimes that packed out the Town Hall in the late 1940s and 1950sServed his time with Tom Hickey as a Dental Mechanic and later emigrated to Edmonton near London where he spent over 20 years at his profession before emigrating to Australia 15 years ago. Predeceased by his parents and sister Mary who perished in a house fire in 1959.Survived by his wife Rosemary (a native of Sword County Dublin) son Mark and daughter Fiona. Funeral from Saint Anthon’s Church  Kingstiff New South Wales Australia.

Same Week  Sympathy is extended to Rose Anne Gaffey on the death of her sister Margaret Fidgeon at the age of 84 in Carrickmacross.

Dublin beat Tyrone 1-10 to 0-12 to break the 4 year Ulster stranglehold on the Sam Maguire Game.Marred by ugly incidents and Tyrone had their last score a point by Sean McLaughlin waved wide .Poor performance by the referee Paddy Russell who failed to exert his control on the game culminating with Charlie Redmond being put off and refusing to leave the field. Like their win in 1983 this was a messy victory but satisfies the Dublin supporter’s lust for success after 12 year waiting in the wings.

Death of the last of the Smyth family Courthouse with the death of Eileen Smyth at the Omega Nursing Home Belturbet.Daughter of Joe and Mary Ann McGurk The Courthouse her father was a founder member of the Cavan Catholic Club in 1885 later incorporated into the CYMS in 1936.He was The Election Agent and Returning Officer for County Cavan before the appointment of a County Registrar.Eileen succeeded her mother as Caretaker of the Courthouse in 1948 a task she continued to excel at until the recent renovations and refurbishment after which she retired with sister Josie to live at 1 Earlsvale Road.Last of a family of 10 -5 boys and 5 girls. Joe Mike Pete Hughie Barney Kathy Winnie Bridget and Josie. Eileen is survived by her nieces and nephews in Naas Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Patrick Sweeney John Paul Avenue marries Jacqueline McQuaid Drumbo in The Cathedral of Saint Patrick and Felim with the Reception in The Kilmore Hotel.

Cavan CYMS are embarking on the construction of their new premises formerly The Hut at Farnham Street .The 2062 foot structure containing two retail units of 777 square feet each has been designed by Bryan O Reilly and the job will cost in the region of £120,000.Formed in 1885 and subsequently joined the CYMS movement in 1936 Cavan CYMS is the oldest organisation of its type in the Diocese of Kilmore.Catering for 80 Juniors and 45 Senior members the Club hope to be able to expand their facilities with the erection of this custom built premises. Chairman is Tommy McKiernan Vice Chairman Richard Cassidy Secretary Pat Kinsella Assistant Secretary John Kinsella Treasurers Paddy O Reilly and Sean Coyle Chaplain Reverend Father Gerry Prior CC.

Presentation to Michael and Helena Crosby on their departure from the town to reside in Bettystown by Cavan Rugby Club of which Mick was the 1st President in 1972.Pictured at Swellan Clubhouse are Mick Crosby Ray Bannigan (President) who made the presentation) Helena Crosby who was presented with a bouquet of flowers by Martina Bannigan (President’s wife) Michael O Kane (Captain) Philip Brady and former President and best pal Paddy McManus.

October 5th 1995 David Trimble is elected Leader of the Ulster Unionists and heads to Dublin for talks with all the leaders of Political Parties in Leinster House. Says it is not realistic to start talks in the North just yet but that the opportunity will come to hold dialogue with all.

Same Week  Death of Sona Smith late of Kevitt Castle in Dublin. Daughter of Dr Fredrick and Isabella Smith her father commenced practice as an Optician in Farnham Street in 1885 and the tradition was carried on by his son Dr FPE (Darragh Smith).Sona was an acknowledge expert in the treatment and care of children  After qualification she worked for a number of years at The National Children’s Hospital in Harcourt Street. Chief Social worker at Our Lady’s Hospital for Sick Children in Crumlin for a period of 25 years.Very caring able and efficient he work for the welfare children under her care was all embracing and legendary. Funeral from Our Lady Queen of Peace Merrion to Ballinagh cemetery.

Surprise 90th Birthday Party for Margaret McGilly present Captain County Cavan Bridge Club and well known poker afficando.Presentation to Margaret in packed Farnham Hotel by the President of the Club Joan O Hanlon.

Celebrating the Centenary of Saint Joseph’s Young Priests Society. Founded in 1895 by Olivia Mary Taaffe a 63 year old widow founded as a spiritual and financial support for students to the priesthood. There are three main principles to membership 1 Prayer 2 Christian Virtue and 3 Modest Support.The organisation has helped over 3,500 students over the last 100 years -110 this year. There are 100,000 members in 400 centres in Ireland assisting 700 Clerical students both here and abroad. Bishop Frank McKiernan will be the chief celebrant of the Centenary Mass in The Cathedral on October 7th at which all of the Diocese 20 branches will be represented.

Margaret Basmajian Manager Visitor’s Centre Lifeforce Mill presents a cheque for £350 to Noreen O Reilly Secretary Cavan Hospice proceeds of a coffee morning in aid of Hospice Home Care in the Lifeforce Mill

Enda Smith Stragelliffe and formerly Emmett Place raises £3,000 for Irish Charity Bothar pictured with the magnificent 6 in calf Fresian heifers on their way to Uganda courtesy of the Cavan postman’s ingenuity.Enda raised £1,100 by holding a Disco in the Carraig Springs, £500 from Poles Co Op and the remainder were all voluntary subscriptions to this 3 rd World Project.

October 12th 1995 Tom Gunning 15 Keadue and Manager of Woodchester Bank Cavan is the new President of Cavan Lions Club succeeding Tony Finlay.

Same Week Anselem Lovett continues his winning run at County Cavan Golf Club. Beat Brian Lynch in the Seniors Final then takes the Phil Lawlor Cup beating the holder Eddie Cosgrove on the 18th.Anselem was also the star player on the winning Alliance team.Cliiped 4 shots by the handicap committee.

Joan Kennedy Smith American Ambassador to Ireland is accorded a civic reception by Cavan County Council in the Courthouse. She was met on arrival by the Chairman of Cavan County Council Andy O Brien the Chairman of Cavan Urban District Council Patrick Sexton Brian Johnston County Manager and Tommy Owens County Registrar. Escorted up the stairs to the Council Chamber where she received a standing ovation from the assembled Council and their guests. The County Secretary Breege Kelly was an outstanding Master of Ceremonies.

Death of Father Eamonn Mansfield CSSP at the age of 61.Son of the late James and Ellen Mansfield Rock Cross. His father was County Engineer for County Cavan from 1949-1967.He was born in Tullamore in 1934.Ordained a priest in 1963 he worked first in Switzerland before going to Mauritius for 29 years. Frequent visitor to Cavan he always stayed with his good friends Mattie and Roisin O Reilly Golf Links Road. He is survived by brother Jim sisters Una Ursula and Mary.Funeral from Kimmage Manor to Glasnevin Crematorium.

Liam Allen leads Killygarry to Under 12 Roinn B Championship beating Killeshandra 3-8 to 1-3.Michael McGovern at centre field scoring 1-2 is Man of the Match for Killygarry.Cup presented to Liam by Killygarry clubman and Chairman of the Juvenile Board Willie Mimnagh.

Ursula Graham Billis Cavan is conferred with her BA degree in European Studies at the University of Limerick. Ursula was educated the Poor Clare’s Loreto College and University of Limerick. She is daughter of Richard and Patricia Graham Billis Cavan.

October 19th 1995 Sean Quinn announces that he is going into General Insurance and will operate the business from a new Administrative Call Centre at Killygarry adjacent to the Kilmore Hotel.

Same Week  John McTiernan County Engineer orders the demolition of the Protestant Hall in the interests of public safety. All cut stone from the building is to be salvaged and the statue of Lord Farnham erected in honour of the Earl  who died in a train explosion on the 20th August 1868 is to remain. The statue was commissioned by Lord Farnham’s tenants and was sculptured by SF Lynn in London. The Protestant Hall was built in 1874 with Fuller of Brunswick Street Dublin the Architect .Built by Hugh Hague father of William Hague who designed many of the  Churches of the time. It was built in a red brick Venetian Gothic style.

New cat scanner is in operation in Cavan General Hospital largely due to the fundraising of the Friends of Cavan General. The first patient to be scanned is Patrick Dolan from Balyjamesduff.Pictured are Alan Coyne (Radiologist) Andy O Brien Chairman Cavan County Council Aileen Maguire (Director of Nursing Cavan/Monaghan) Willie O Hanlon (Chairman Friends of Cavan General Hospital) Ina Mackle (Radiographer) and Hugh O Reilly (Administrator Cavan General Hospital).

New star on the block as Don Crotty wins the Singles at County Cavan Golf Club playing off a handicap of 7 he shoots an impressive 41 Bernard McEvoy is 2nd with 40 and Gene Murphy off 11 is 3rd with 39 points. Anthony Sheridan off 8 wins the Gross with 30.

October 26th 1995  Advert in this week’s Celt for a Mitsubishi Apricot Computer Massive 10 GB of Hard Drive with Pentium 75 Processor only £2,149.

Same Week  Sinead Browne from Pullamore daughter of Joey and Kitty Browne weds Mark Lynch son of Harry and Ellen Lynch Annaglough in Saint Brigid’s Church Killygarry.The Reception was held in The Lavey Inn.

Sudden death of Kenneth O Reilly youngest son of Eddie (Ned) and the late Mary O Reilly 41 College Street at the age of 51 in Sudbury Ontario Canada. His father Ned was a tanker driver with ESSO while his mother was a member of the Carroll family College Street. Only visited Cavan 2 months ago with his wife Irene and son Conor.Educated at Saint Clare’s  De La Salle and for a short time before emigration Saint Patrick’s College. Prominent member of Cavan Boy Scouts.Alway took a great interest in Ireland and Cavan particularly in sport and was an avid fan of Jack’s Army at Italia 90 and actually attended two of Ireland’s World cup games in the USA during World Cup 1994.Got the Anglo Celt every week to keep up with the happenings in the county and town of his birth. Predeceased by his brother Eddie former Area director for ESSO Kenneth is survived by his wife Irene son Conor sisters Marie and Rosaleen brother Mel in Sudbury Canada. Funeral in Sudbury Canada.

Presentation to Phyllis O Neill NT Keadue Lane on her retirement from Crubany School. Pictured are Billy O Neill (Husband) Phyllis O Neill Benny Lynch Chairman of Parent’s Committee Des Coyle (Principal) and Father Oliver Kelly (Board of Management).

Shane O Donohoe 26 year old former National Hunt jockey and his Devon born wife Samantha set up horse training facility at Fairtown adjacent to the main Cavan /Cootehill Road. They have presently 18 horses in the Yard where there is facilities for 20 horses. Shane has installed an all weather gallop which he is extending to 1 mile. Excellent schooling fences and a lunger for breaking horses in.

Reverend Bob Cobain is the preacher at The Presbyterian Harvest Thanksgiving Service at which both the Junior and Senior choir will sing Harvest Praises. All are welcome.

CYMS 1995 Presidents Ned Sharkey and Michael Breslin Chairman Tommy McKiernan Vice Chairman Richard Cassidy Secretary Mickey Breslin Treasurers Paddy O Reilly PC UDC and Sean Coyle Chaplain Father Gerry Prior. Committee Pat Kinsella Edward Smith George White Bernard Sharkey John Kinsella John Sheridan and Peter Kinsella

.Mairead Tully and Pat Fee are married in Rome. Pictured with Pope John Paul 2 who blessed the marriage. Later a reception was held in The Farnham Hotel Cavan and Crookedwood House Mullingar. Mairead is daughter of Mr and Mrs Dominic Tully Drumcrave while Tony is son of Mr and Mrs Pat Fee Bawnboy.

Carmel Shannon Clonnogonnell is conferred with her BA Honours degree in English and Sociology at Saint Patrick’s College Maynooth.Daughter of Gerry and Teresa Shannon she was educated at Ballinagh NS and Loreto College and is continuing her studies for an MA in Sociology at Saint Patrick’s College Maynooth.

Presentation to Andy Gilchreest (Chief Brancardier) and Peggy Willock (Matron) on their retirement after nearly forty years service to the Kilmore Pilgrimage to Lourdes in the Derragarra Inn. Pictured are  Peggy Willock monsignor Patrick McManus (Director) Philomena Coleman (Chief Handmaid) doctor Roy Hayes Doctor Jimmy Fay Father Colm Hurley (assistant Director) Breege Graham (Matron) Father Peter Casey Barney Cully (Chief Brancardier) and father Martin Gilchreest

November 2nd 1995 Ciara Talbot Drumelis is conferred with her BSc in Geology at Staffordshire University in England. She was educated at Farnham NS Loreto College and Ciara is daughter of John and Maureen Talbot Drumelis.

Same Week  Death of former Tanaiste Brian Lenihan in the Mater Hospital. Government minister in 7 different administrations he was over 40 years in politics. Born in Dundalk he was educated at the Marist Brothers Athlone UCD and The Kings Inn where he took his BA BL degrees. He was brother of Mary O Rourke deputy leader Fianna Fail and former Minister for Education.

Nola O Hanlon only daughter of Willie and Nuala O Hanlon Drumelis weds Sean McDermott  son of John and Mary McDermott Kilnavara in the Cathedral of Saints Patrick and Felim .

Special presentation to surviving former members of Cavan Town Council by Fine Gael at their annual AGM in the Farnham Hotel. Maura Baxter Tom Fitzpatrick Tom Wilson Oliver Malone and Paddy Carroll all receive specially commissioned Old Abbey Crystal.

Sergeant Enda Mullhern is the recipient of a presentation made by Superintendent Jack O Connor on the occasion of his retirement from the force after 34 years service mostly in the Cavan District.

Saint Felim’s Boy’s school win Division 2 of  The Church and General School’s Championship beating Crosskeys by 3-8 to 0-8 in the Final in Breffni Park. Best for the winner  were Charlie Halligan in goals M Donnolly C McGlade Sean Johnston Michael Cooke and L Rabbitt.Scorers  Finbar Donoghue 2-2 Niall Collins 1-1Sean Reilly (Captain) 0-2 Damian Farrell 0-1 C Caffrey 0-1 and Kieran Flynn 0-1.

November 9th 1995 Death of Neil Blaney TD for Donegal East since 1948 at the age of 73.Born in October 1922 he took the seat of his late father also Neil and stood successfully in every General Election being elected at the head of the poll on most occasions. Staunch member of Fianna Fail he was a Government Minister in many of their Administrations. Caught up in the Arms Trial of 1970 he was expelled from the Party in 1971 but continued to represent Donegal North East as an Independent until his death. Elected to the European Parliament in 1979 lost his seat on one occasion but stormed back to regain it and served in The European Parliament until his retirement in 1994.

Same Week  Maureen Hayes Alackan representing her mother Bridie wins £14,000 on Winning Streak together with a Mercedes Benz car valued at £25,000 and a Renault Laguna worth £15,000.The show was broadcast from the RTE studios in Donnybrook where the presenter was Mike Murphy.

Paul Darragh wins the Grand Prix at Cavan Equestrian Centre and 1st prize of £5,000 sponsored by Aer Rianta.The competition was the culmination of 4 days of outstanding show jumping in front of capacity attendances each day.

Earthwatch Cavan decide to call it a day after over 6 years in existence. The founder member Helen Cherry says they are quitting because of lack of support particularly over the last 2 years. Founded in May 1989 following a meeting in the Imperial Hotel there was much support for the movement initially but in the end only Mary McAdam Maureen Vervoort Patricia Monaghan and Helen Cherry were active within Earthwatch Cavan.

Mary Rooney 38 John Paul Avenue Cavan is among 83 Irish people taking part in the 500 Kilometre cycle in Athens North Georgia USA in aid of Children’s Research Unit Our lady’s Hospital; for Sick Children Crumlin.Cycling over 60 kilometres each day the group raised a staggering £500,000 for the project.

Vanessa Treacy receives her Diploma in Nursing from Reading University.Eduicated at Cavan Number 1 School and the Royal School Vanessa is daughter of Robert and Patricia Treacy Swellan Cavan.

November 16th 1995 Frances Gardiner Kilnavara Cavan receives her Diploma in General Nursing at Reading University. Educated at the Poor Clare’s The Royal School and Reading University Frances is daughter of Dessie and Anna Gardiner Kilnavara Cavan.

Same Week  Early indications from the polls in Cavan/Monaghan conducted by the student of Cavan College of Further Education indicates that there is a majority in favour of Divorce for the upcoming Referendum. In 1986 the country voted 37 % in favour and 63 % against a change of the Constitution to allow a limited form of divorce.

Sudden death of Rose Ellen Finlay ‘Coolbawn’ 12 Earlsvale Road and late of  Abbey Street and Farnham Street at the age of 79.Native of Coolbawn Lacken Corlesmore she was 55 years in Cavan following her marriage to Jimmy Finlay Building Contractor. Eldest of 9 children of Jack and Ellen McGauran.She was an outstanding wife mother neighbour and friend. Deeply religious in a very practical way she was a founder member of the Lady’s Conference Saint Vincent De Paul. Member of the Age and Opportunity at Cavan Social Services Rose assisted in the preparation of the meals on wheels and other unseen acts of charity. Active member of the Widow’s Association he last public appearance was on Monday when she attended the 90th Birthday Party for her good friend Margaret McGilly Farnham Street. Cheerful disposition she was full of hope and goodness and her only concern was for her family neighbours and friends. In recent years Rose travelled extensively visiting Israel Germany and the USA.Predeceased by her husband Jimmy in 1969 she is survived by her sons Sean Brian Jimmy and Tony daughters Rosemary and Margaret (Coogan) and her sister Margaret (Brennan) in Drumnavanagh.Reverend Gerry Prior and Father Cathaldus McKiernan were the celebrants of her funeral Mass in the Cathedral with burial afterwards in Potahee cemetery.

Death in London of Eamonn (Buster) Murphy at the age of 46.Outstanding footballer in his youth he was also a member of the De La Salle Boy’s Band.One of a family of 17 son of the late Mamie and Spud Murphy Tullac Mongan.Emigrated to London almost 30 years ago. Recently predeceased by his sister Mamie.He is survived in London by his wife and 2 children. Funeral in England.

County Cavan 1st XV win the Elliott Cup beating Sligo 58 points to Nil at Strandhill.Fergus Crowe the Man of the Match capped a brilliant display with the last try picking up the ball fifty yards out and breaking through the cover to touch down under the post. Fergus converted the try himself.

Martin McHugh Cavan Team Manager announces he is strengthening his selectors with the addition of Der Coogan former Nemo Rangers Cavan Gaels and Cork footballer.Der is the winner of 1 Hogan cup medal when he captained Colaiste Criost Ri to All Ireland success in 1967 later in the year he won the first of his two All Ireland Minor medals with Cork repeating their success in 1968.Winner of 2 All Ireland Under 21 medals with Cork he also won a Junior All Ireland medal with his native county.Winner of 3 Cork Senior Championship medals with Nemo Rangers he also won a Munster and All Ireland club medals with Nemo.Came to Cavan on the 22nd of December 1976 he played for Cavan Gaels for one season in 1980.Retired due to a persistent knee injury at the age of 30 his brother Frank was star of the Cork Senior All Ireland winning team of 1973.Der is Battalion Commander Irish Army stationed in Dundalk.

November 23rd 1995 Tragic death of Tom McDonagh at the age of 37 Meath County Council Secretary when his car was in collision with a lorry three miles the Slane side of Ashbourne as he journeyed to work in Navan.He was son in law of Gus and Anna Clail Drumgola and married to their only daughter Colette.

Same Week  David Patrick Lovett Oldtown is conferred with his BA in Public Management. Educated at Crubany National School Saint Patrick’s College Cavan College of Further Studies and The Institute of Public Administration. David is son of Anselem and Kathleen Lovett Oldtown and is presently a Clerical Officer with Cavan County Council.

George Maloney has a miraculous escape from injury when his helicopter crashes in The Cuilcaigh Mountains. Both George and his passenger Eugene McGinnity walked away from the wrecked helicopter unscathed. Had to continue walking for a further three hours they were driven to Swanlinbar by mountain walker Oliver Townsend from Belfast where they reported the crash to the Gardai.George who safely crash landed the helicopter says “I will definitely fly again and the long hike proved that we were fit and well after the ordeal”!

Death of Thomas (Tom) Boyle Cullies at the age of 87.Took an active part in the War of Independence Tom fought on the Republican side in the subsequent Civil War. Very industrious and hardworking he worked on various farms throughout the area most notably Loreto College. Very friendly and well known character. Survived by his nephew Sean Boyle and grand nephews and grand nieces. Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies where the coffin was draped in the tricolour.

Death of Elsie Noble in Cherry Valley Clinic Belfast at the age of 95

.Native of Wolfe Tone Street they were one of the oldest and most respected families in Cavan. Elsie was the last of the Noble family. Survived by her nephew Robert and his wife Renee in Belfast. Funeral to Roselawn Crematorium Belfast with interment of ashes in The New cemetery Cavan.

Bishop Francis McKiernan in his letter on the forthcoming Referendum on The Constitution to allow limited divorce says “Hard cases make bad laws and it seems to me that the introduction of divorce meant to help the minority results in hurting the majority”  !

Death of Ellen (Nellie ) Callery late of Corglass Crubany.Member of the well known Wilson family from Loughduff.Spent the first 25 years of her married life in Crubany before moving to Ballyconnell in 1968 and in 1972 retired to Kells County Meath. Always kept in touch with her old neighbours and friends in Crubany.Predeceased by her husband Phil in 1983 she is survived by her daughters Maria (McCaffrey) and Geraldine(Blaney).

Sympathy is extended to Aidan Crossan College Street on the death of his mother Julia Crossan Convent Road Ballinamore at the age of 80 in The Curragh Nursing Home Kildare.Native of Newtowngore the family were prominent tailors known throughout Cavan and Leitrim for their expertise and quality of their work. Predeceased by her husband Michael she is survived by her sons Paddy Noel Peter Aidan Sean and Damian and daughter Eileen. Funeral from Saint Patrick’s Church Ballinamore to Oughteragh cemetery.

Noel O Reilly son of Johnny and Phyl ‘Edelweiss’ Drumalee takes his B Eng. . (Honours) degree in Electrical Engineering at Bolton University England. Noël was educated at Saint Clare’s Saint Felim’s Boy’s School RTC Dundalk and Bolton University.

November 30th 1995 Ireland introduces a limited form of divorce following the Referendum to change the Constitution.818,842 voted Yes while 809,728 voted No or 50.28 % in favour and 49.72 % against. The Referendum was voted down in 25 Constituencies while 16 voted for change.Counties adjacent to Dublin like Kildare Meath Kildare and  Dublin itself voted heavily in favour while Constituencies down the country voted against the amendment. This was particularly true in the West of Ireland where there was a heavy vote against the change. In Cavan/Monaghan the amendment was defeated by 62.60% to 37.40 %.Mervyn Taylor The Minister for Equality and Law Reform announces that Legislation will become law in the Autumn and the first divorces will be granted in 1997.

Same Week  Father John Murphy Adm officiates at ceremonies to mark the 150th Anniversary of the Famine at Bully’s Acre adjacent to Saint Felim’s Hospital. Deriving its name from John Bull’s acre there was a burial ground adjacent to all workhouses for the victims of the Famine who died from starvation. It is estimated that up to 10,000 are buried in this sacred ground. Sister Fiona Matron and Sister Pius Mercy Order read the Scripture lessons Cavan Gardening Club laid a wreath while the County Manager Brian Johnston indicated that Cavan County Council will erect a suitable memorial to the victims of the famine on the site. Father John Murphy appealed to young people to visit the site and remember the hardships of the unfortunate victims of the Famine.

Terry Keegan of Deredis is appointed a Peace Commissioner by The Minister for Justice Nora Owen.

Pictured on the front page are Harry Hunt and Tom McKenna comparing the tallies at the Divorce Referendum Count in Saint Aidan’s School Cootehill.

Cavan Urban District Council strike a new rate of £40.04 in the pound an increase of 3.75 %.

New SIPTU Offices in Ashe Street are officially opened by Edmund Browne  President of SIPTU.Bishop Michael Mayes and Bishop Frank McKiernan imparted the ecumenical blessing. The Secretary of SIPTU for Counties Cavan and Leitrim is Pat McKiernan and there are 4 employed in the office. Pat McKiernan Senior at the age of 92 attended the opening and is the only Cavan survivor of the National Strike called by Jim Larkin in 1913.

Death of Ned Gavin Cooper Corstruce Ballinagh.Known as ‘Ned The Cooper’. He gained national prominence with appearance on ‘Hands’ on RTE in 1980 and later appeared on ‘People and Places’ and the Late Late Show. Son of the late Joseph and Kathleen Gavin Corcaghan Monaghan Ned was the eldest of 11 children. Left school early in 1934 and served his time with the well known local Cooper Sean McPhillips.After his apprenticeship worked in Cavan and eventually set up his own business in Ballinagh where many of the rich and famous came to visit including Cardinal Cahal Daly who was a great admirer of Ned’s craftsmanship. Later his good friend Tadhg Connolly Sales Manager of Cavan Crystal encouraged Ned to display his work at Trade Exhibitions in Dublin.So great were the orders that Ned had trouble fulfilling them and his exquisite craftsmanship was admired all over the globe.One of the 12 ‘Ballinagh Apostles’ Ned along with 11 others was instrumental in setting up the Community Centre in Ballinagh.Survived by his wife Kathleen son Eamonn and daughter Mary.Funeral from Saint Felim’s Ballinagh to the adjoining cemetery.

Death of Sean McCabe in Bangor County Down at the age of 55.Son of the late John and Madge McCabe Drumcrave.Sean was a very well known long established Hotelier in the seaside town of Bangor. Emigrated almost 40 years ago he went to sea and worked as a Wine Steward on The Liner Canberra Line. Survived by his wife Ann brothers Jim Edmind Vincent Kieran PJ and Gerard sisters Una and Bernie. Funeral from Saint Congall’s Brunswick Street Bangor with burial in Saint Brigid’s cemetery Killygarry.

Pupils of Saint Felim’s Boys school stage ‘Scrooge’ in the Town Hall.Conor Smith-Lynch is Scrooge Nicholas Walsh is Freezing Michael Donnolly Humbled Niall Collins Richard and Sean Reilly Thomas.

County Cavan Fine Gael pay tribute to Andy and Molly O Brien for 40 years outstanding public service to the Community in the Carraig Springs. The presentation was made to Andy by The Minister for Finance Michael Noonan

Cavan Chamber of Commerce 1995-1996 President Hugh Lennon Secretary Michael O Brien Treasurer Jim Carroll Committee Brendan Young Niall Murray Jimmy Scanlon Kieran Murray  Tony Finlay Eddie Coleman Martin Carroll David Curtin and Peadar Leddy.

Fidelma Sheridan Killymooney Drive is conferred with her Degree as a Registered General Nurse at Reading University.Fidelma was educated at Saint Clare’s College of Further Studies Cavan and Reading University and is only daughter of Margaret Sheridan Killymooney Drive.

Cavan College of Further Studies celebrate their 10th Birthday with a Reception for local employers in the Kilmore Hotel. Founded in 1985 with a student body of 75 there are now over 400 enrolled for 22 different courses where 30 staff are employed teaching 22 different classes. Pictured are Sheila Cunningham (Staff) Clair Foley (Staff) Donal Crotty (Principal) Eithne McKay (Staff) and Bernadette Fannin (Staff).

Packie Doonan presents £500 to John McDermott Secretary Team P Elliott the proceeds of his 8th run in the Dublin City Marathon which he completed in 5 hours and 44 minutes.

December 7th 1995 Frank Parker Consultant and member of ‘The Friends of Cavan General Hospital’ accepts the trophy of Rehab Person of the Year on behalf of the ‘Friends’. The trophy was presented by Kathleen Fitzsimons who was Person of the Year in 1994 for her outstanding work with Cystic Fibrosis. Mary Kennedy of RTE was a vivacious Master of Cermonies.

Same Week  Bishop Francis McKiernan at Mass in Saint Mary’s Carrigallen announces to spontaneous applause that their Parish Priest Canon John A Young is to be made a Prelate of Honour and will be henceforth addressed as Monsignor The new Monsignor is a native of Drumcrave.

Death of Mary McCabe Drumryan at the age of 85.Deeply religious she was a wonderful friend and neighbour. Survived by her sister Bridget. Funeral from Saint Bridget’s Killygarry to the adjoining cemetery.

County Cavan Golf Club 1995-1996 President Paddy McManus Captain Johnny O Hanlon Vice Captain Eamonn Hartmann Secretary Jimmy Sheridan Assistant Secretary Bar Eddie Cosgrove Assistant Secretary Course Niall Walsh Handicap Secretary Norman Cinnamond.

Heather Developments owned by Noel and Katherine Elliott are granted planning permission by Cavan Urban Council following the decision of An Bord Pleanala to uphold their decision to grant planning  for their £2 million development at Church Street opposite the new Dunne’s Stores.3 storey red brick building containing 18 retail units 9 2 bed apartments and 6 semi detached houses at Cock Hill. The building will be finished in red brick to blend with the present façade and there will be a car park to accommodate 143 cars at the rear with entry by Church Street and exit by Cock Hill.

Tragic death of Martin McDonagh Saint Francis Halt at the age of 19 following an accident.One of a family of 17 son of  Brian and Margaret McDonagh.Huge turn out of travellers for the funeral in the Cathedral at which Reverend John Murphy Adm presided with burial in Cullies cemetery.

Death of Nelson Eddie Johnston in London. Painter and Decorator by trade Nelson learned his trade from the great Dinny Brennan.Outstanding boxer with Cavan Boxing Club he was trained by the famous Guard Wall. Spent over 40 years in England but was a frequent visitor home to Cavan.He is survived by his wife Bridie sisters Helen Marie Rita and Esther brothers Pat Nicholas Frank Damian Joe John Thomas and Mark. Father John Murphy Adm presided at the funeral Mass in the Cathedral with burial afterwards in Armagh.

Gold Drop Awards for donating 50 pints of blood to the National Blood Transfusion Board are presented to Phil Coyle Alackan Ray Griffith Drumnavanagh Peter Henry Butlersbridge Fintan Tierney Butlersbridge and David Small Drumconnick.The awards were presented by the President Mary Robinson in The O Reilly Hall in UCD.

Fiona McIntyre is conferred with her degree of Bachelor of Business Studies (Honours) at the Regional College in Dundalk. Educated at Saint Clare’s and Loreto College Cavan Fiona is only daughter of Sean and Eta McIntyre Cathedral Road.

Bailieboro Shamrocks just fail to grab a late draw against Mullabawn The Armagh Champions in the Ulster Club Final in Saint Tiernach’s Park Clones losing on the score line of Mullabawn 1-11 Bailieboro 2-5. Failed to get out of the blocks in the 1st half Bailieboro were very sluggish and slow losing at half time by 1-8 to 0-2.The Mullabawn goal came on the stroke of half time. The second half belonged to Bailieboro and they equalised with the last kick of the game but referee Pat McEneaney ruled that he had blown the full time whistle just before the ball entered the net. No Cavan team has ever won the competition in its 27 year history with Crosserlough Runners Up in 1969 Cavan Gaels in 1977 Kingscourt Stars in 1987 and 1990 and now Bailieboro Shamrocks in 1995.Scorers for Bailieboro were Adrian Lambe 1-0 Glen Crossan 1-0 Roy Brennan 0-2 Ciaran Clarke 0-2 and Charles Clarke 0-1.

December 14th 1995 Fergal McManus Golf Links Road is awarded a Masters Degree in Communications from UCD.Educated at Farnham National School Saint Patrick’s College and UCD Fergal is son of Frank and Nora Golf Links Road Cavan.

Same Week  Vincent Walsh Treasurer Cavan Credit Union announces at the Annual General Meeting in the Farnham Hotel a dividend of 4 %.The Union grew by 4% in 1995 with shares totalling £3.8 million and assets of £4.3 million. The organisation founded in 1968 has advanced over £22 million in loans to the benefit of the local community. Operating turnover in 1995 was £11 million and Cavan Credit Union now has 7,800 members.

Sympathy is extended to Rose Fox  Carrickfern on the death of her brother Jim (Smith) Aughadreena Stradone at Saint Luke’s Rathgar Dublin 6 at the age of 75.Worked for a number of years in Cavan Mineral Waters he took up the running of the family grocery business in 1963 following the death of his father. Funeral from Saint Dympna’s Upper Lavey to the adjoining cemetery.

Cavan College of Further Studies defeat Queen’s University Belfast 1-10 to 1-5 in Belfast and go top of the League with 9 points .They have now qualified for the knock out stages after Christmas. Outstanding for Cavan were Shane O Rourke (Goals) Mark McGauran Brendan Dolan Christopher Garry and Niall Sheridan.

December 21st 1995  Archbishop Sean Brady “Cavan’s most eminent citizen” is Cavan Man of the Year at the 37th Cavan Association Dublin Annual Dinner at Westmanstown Centre.Over 400 attended the gala event.

Same Week  Father Donal Sharkey from Drumalee writing in a recent edition of the missionary magazine ‘Africa’ says he was moved when he saw the hunger and longing in the eyes of the poor in San Paulo Brazil. They long for employment for someone to understand them someone to speak for them and defend their rights. In his 3 years in San Paulo he has come to know the God of the poor and it has enriched his faith.!

Death of William Beattie Drumard at the age of 68 .Very progressive farmer he was a founder member of the Sheep Breeders Association. Great outdoor man he was a constant figure on the Killykeen waterway and an outstanding Clay Bird Shot. Church Warden at Kilmore Cathedral. He is survived by his wife Sadie daughters Sandra and Lynn. Funeral from Kilmore Cathedral to the adjoining graveyard.

Cavan Icebreakers 28th Christmas swim is in aid of Cystic Fibrosis. The swim will be started by Andrew Boylan TD and Sean Walsh is going for his 28th consecutive swim while Paddy O Reilly UDC is going for his 23rd and Nola McDermott (Nee O Hanlon) will be presented with a gold medal on the occasion of her 20th consecutive swim which is an Irish fresh water record.

Rick Lewis and Seamus Watters retain their all Ireland Masters title in Arklow.The final was a repeat of last year with the Cavan pair winning 15-8 9-15 and 11-9 in the tie breaker against Philip Duignan (Dublin ) and Pat Traynor (Moylough).

December 28th 1995 28th Annual Icebreakers Christmas Swim in aid of Cystic Fibrosis takes place in sub zero temperatures with a heavy covering of snow and ice at Rann Point. Over 50 hardy annuals participated despite the conditions and gold medal presented to Nola O Hanlon on the occasion of her 20th Christmas Morning Swim which is a record for freshwater swimming on Christmas Morning. Presentations to Tony  McDonnell John McGovern and James Gilhooley who were also completing their 20th swim.Séan Walsh participated for the 28th consecutive time while Paddy O Reilly UDC completed his 23rd straight swim. The proceedings were got under way by the Chairman of Cavan Urban Council Paddy Sexton in the unavoidable absence of Andrew Boylan TD due to road conditions.

Same Week The Sisters and Staff of Saint Felim’s Hospital return thanks to Mel Doherty and Dessie Ronan for entertaining the patients and staff on Christmas Day.

January 4th 1996 The Editor Directors and Staff of the Anglo Celt salute all their readers in this the 150th year of their foundation. Peace and Prosperity to all.

Same Week  Death of Paddy (Patrick) Walsh 57 College Street at the age of 71.Native of the town Paddy  was a Quartermaster Sergeant in the Irish Army based in Custom Barracks Athlone.Paddy served abroad with the United Nations in The Congo. Retired back to Cavan after his retirement 11 years ago Paddy took a full part in Community affairs. Outstanding golfer he formed a lethal partnership with his good friends Jimmy Sheridan and John Talbot. Won several prestigious competitions including the Members Cup.In the Summer months accompanied his nephew Frank Lyons on frequent fishing trips.Very keen card player Paddy specialised in 3 horse 25 and played in The Kesh Bar Eddie O Gorman’s Golf Club and The Eagle Bar every week during the Winter months. Among his adversaries in these keenly fought battles were Patsy Walsh Paddy Graham Séan Smith Michael Smith Jimmy Sheridan John Sheridan Michéal Smyth John McQuillan Phildy Murray Andy Byrnes Pat Kelly Brian and Myles Fitzpatrick. Great interest in sport he had an encyclopaedic knowledge of statistics locally and nationally. Survived by his brothers Michael and John sisters Mary Joan and Sue. Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Death of Michael Donnolly Church Street and late of Klldallen and River Street. Very popular quiet inoffensive person Michael endeared himself to all who knew him. Spent much of his life in the town working in The Poor Clare Convent before going to McCarren’s where he worked until his recent retirement.Youngest of a family of 5 from Klldallen West Cavan. Survived by his wife Mary (Mamie) Nee Weir  and sisters in England and the USA.Father Sean Mawn CC officiated at the Funeral Mass in The Cathedral.

Sister Lily Sexton Swellan Cavan and member of the Sisters of Mercy in Cootehill is the recipient of a presentation of £5,000 from her friends and neighbours at a function in the White Horse Hotel in Cootehill prior to her departure for Zambia. The money will go towards alleviating the plight of the poor and starving in Zambia. Sister Lilly is a daughter of Lilly and the late Terry Sexton Saint Patrick’s Terrace Cavan

Mairead Byrne ‘Brackley Lodge’ Lisdarn Therese Gunning 15 Keadue Cathedral Road and Ann Marie Carroll 9 Earlsvale Road are pictured with their science teacher Tina Farrelly at The Aer Lingus Young Scientist of the Year at the RDS where their project ‘Bio fuels as a source of energy’ was  highly commended. The girls are all 3rd year students at Loreto College Cavan and intend to pursue a career in Science after 3rd level..

January 11th 1996 Seamus Neely is appointed Town Clerk in Cavan. Native of Letterkenny County Donegal he succeeds Paul Hayden who is gone back to the Courthouse. Seamus started his career as a Clerical Officer with Donegal County Council Assistant Staff Officer 1992 appointed Assistant Town Clerk Letterkenny in April 1993.Seamus took up duty as Town Clerk Cavan on January 2nd 1996.

Same Week  Brian Johnston announces that Cavan is to have its first Pedestrian Crossing in College Street adjacent to Tom Boylan’s shop. Work will be carried out on the project in tandem with the new roundabout at The Bus Office.

Eileen Maloney unit for the elderly Saint Joseph’s Lisdarn is the winner from 230 entries of an essay competition run by Cavan Age and Opportunity. In the essay Eileen recalls her school days being educated at  Miss Gannon’s School The Erskine Hotel in 1909 later at 10 years of age she was a boarder at The Sacred Heart Convent Mount Annville Dundrum.She later was educated at Saint Ann’s School of Domestic Economy and Household Management by the Ursuline sisters in Waterford. Eileen’s brilliant essay now goes forward to the national finals.

Sean Murray London guesting for Team P Elliott is the runaway winner of the Cavan Senior Men Cross Country Championships over 12,00 metres at the Inglis farm Stradone Park. He wins the race by a margin of 2 ½ minutes from John Joe Rogers (Inny Vale) and Brendan Fay (Laragh).

January 18th 1996 Death of Annie McNulty Cullies at the early age of 46 after a long illness. Native of Milltown Belturbet she was always available for her friends and neighbour to bring the children to Drumcrave or helping out someone in need or suffering hardship. Dedicated Christian her charity and devotion knew no bounds. Survived by her husband Michael son Tony and daughter Siobhan. Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies cemetery.

Same Week  Sudden death of George O Rourke 4 Saint Aidan’s Terrace. Recently retired from the ESB he was a very jovial friendly character. Outstanding member of Comhaltas Ceoltoiri Eireann George made many broadcasts accompanying Seamus (Lilter) Fay with George keeping perfect time on the spoons or bones. Predeceased 8 months ago by his wife Rita George is survived by his twin brother Philip and brother Johnny.Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Demolition of the historic Cavan Military Barracks. Site was purchased from Lord Farnham in 1710 and the troops served in the Colonies fighting in the Boer Crimean and First World War. Home to the Royal Irish Fusiliers until 1914 on the outbreak of War they moved to Dungannon and hence to France where many of them were killed in the bloodiest War of them all. It is recorded that in 1838 there were 13 officers 286 men and 101 horses housed in the Barracks. After the British vacated the Barracks in 1922 it lay more or less idle until the outbreak of World War 2 and The Emergency when it was home to The Cyclist and Motorist Squadrons of the Irish Army. Later it was used by the Irish Army during the IRA offensive of 1956-1960 and from 1970 to 1990 it housed both The Regular Army and the FCA until their recent move to the custom built Dun Ui Neill Barracks at Pullamore.

Death of the great John (Johnny )Woods Wolfe Tone Street  at Saint Joseph’s Hospital Lisdarn aged 90.Well known local character Johnny retired to Cavan from Dublin in 1970 and blended back great in to the local landscape. Daily Mass goer and Communicant Johnny assisted with Stewarding in the Cathedral and was a regular at all the Church cermonies.Outstanding golfer Johnny won many of the competitions at Cavan Golf Club and played the Course a couple of times a week. Above all Johnny was great company and it was a delight to be in his presence as he recalled the happy days spent in Cavan at the beginning of the century. Last of a very famous family all born and reared on Wolfe Tone Street. Survived by his many nephews and nieces Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

 Sympathy is extended to Pat Ryan Principal Saint Felim’s Boys School on the death of his father Tim Ryan 33 Ard Mhuire Thurles County Tipperary at the age of 92.Survived by his sons Pat and Conor.Funeral from Saint Patrick’s Cathedral Thurles to  Saint Patrick’s cemetery

Cavan Musical Society have chosen ‘Calamity Jane’ as their production for 1996.Choral Musical consisting mainly of male and female chorus pieces.

Dermot Murray (Guinness) and his wife Louise are made a presentation on the occasion of Dermot’s transfer back to Dublin by The Cavan Vintners Association. Dermot is replaced by  Howard Clarke. As Guinness Group Sales Rep for Cavan.

January 25th 1996 Presentation to Denis O Donnell Chairman Cavan/Monaghan Rural Development and Teagasc on the occasion of his retirement.Distinguished farming Administrator and native of Donegal Dennis is a former County Cavan Committee of Agriculture CEO and Founder member of Teagasc in 1991.

Same Week  Death of Kathleen Crowe ‘Moynehall House’ at the age of 82.Member of one of the best known families in The North Midlands. Kathleen was a member of the well known Shanaghy family from Lacken Ballinagh.Suffered a stroke in 1969 and was invalided but this set back spurred her on to even greater heights. Prominent member of Cavan ICA and Cavan Wheelchair Association she was also Honary President of Killygarry GFC with whom her family are forever associated both on the field and administration. Staunch member of Cavan Branch Fine Gael all of the early meetings were held in ‘Moynehall House’ and she forged a very close relationship with Tom Fitzpatrick and Senator Andy O Brien.The Crowe’s hosted the party to turn on the Rural Electrification in the area in 1950 and this facility transformed all the lives in the area for the better.When her husband Frank Crowe and Kathleen came to Cavan they first lived at Drumconnick Swellan and she always kept in touch with her old friends and neighbours in Swellan.Predeceased by her husband Frank son John and daughter Angela (Gaffney) she is survived by her sons Tom Barney Donal George  Oliver Declan and Brendan daughters Helen Chris Kathleen and Teresa and her sister Margaret in London. Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Death of Pat Thornton Drumard  at the age of 67 in England. Worked for 42 years with Nestle Chocolate Company in England. Kept in touch with home and holidayed in Cavan every year as well as getting the Anglo Celt each week. Survived by his wife Margaret (Nee McKiernan) Breffni Terrace. Survived by his sons Michael Eamonn Patrick Vincent James and David daughters Maureen and Catherine. Funeral to Saint Dominick’s Cemetery Farnborough.

Death of May Kennedy Drumgola and late of Town Hall Street and 29 Cathedral Road at the County Hospital in Monaghan at the age of 75.Member of the very well known and highly respected Tweedy family from Duffcastle Crosserlough she was wife of the late Leslie Kennedy Master Jeweller Craftsman and Horologist Town Hall Street who died in 1989.Prominent member of the Church of Ireland Community in Cavan she was very active in the Girl’s Friendly Society.Survived by her daughter Ann (Groves).Funeral from Cavan Parish Church to the New cemetery.

Death of Patricia Inall in Johannesburg South Africa following a long illness at the age of 67.Daughter of Jim and Josephine Morris (The Guy) Ivy Cottage Farnham Road. She was educated at the Protestant School and The Royal School before following her mother into the Nursing profession taking her SRN in London. She was a prominent nurse in Johannesburg and latterly worked  as an Administrator for the Flower Foundation which controls many Nursing Homes in South Africa. Her concern at all times was the welfare of the patient and their families and she was known for her compassion expertise and pleasant manner. Survived by her sisters Joan (Wickham) Dublin and Moira (Henly) Toronto. Funeral in Johannesburg.

Paul Crowe ACCA son of Niall and Maureen Edermine is appointed Director of Golf at ‘The K Club’ in Straffan County Kildare which only opened in 1991.Paul is a former Senior Consultant with Simpson Xavier Horwith Accountants Dublin.

Brian Connolly County Cavan Library is presented with the first copy of ‘The Archaeological Locations of County Cavan’ by Sligo based archaeologist Patrick O Donovan of The National Monumental Services of the Office of Public Works. The illustrations are by Con Brogan OPW and Peter Crossan Bawnboy.There are 1902 known and suspected archaeological sites in County Cavan dating from 4000 BC to the Sweat Houses of the 17th and 18th centuries.

February 1st 1996  Sudden death of Paddy Sheridan Fowl Buyer Drumalee at the age of 81.Native of Ballyjamesduff he moved to Corahoe and set up the famous Sheridan’s Fowl Buyers in 1948.Did a very big trade from his premises in Drumalee-there was activity night and day particularly coming up to Christmas when it was work 24/7 round the clock. Outstanding greyhound breeder and trainer he had many triumphs at Shelbourne Park Harold’s Cross Longford Mullingar Navan and in the 1950s Clones. Always took a keen interest in the County Cavan Coursing Meeting at Crover and had many winners down the years as well as a couple of runners at the Nationals in Clonmel.Outstanding footballer he joined Drumalee as soon as he came to live in Corahoe but after the club was disbanded went to play for Stradone and represented Cavan county team with distinction. Founder member of the Drumalee Club when it was reformed again in 1950 he served the Club as an Administrator since. President of Drumalee GFC at his death. The guard of honour was provided by members of the Club. Survived by his wife Brigid sons  John Hughie Thomas and Paul daughters Helen (Eaves) Carmel (Earls) and Martha. Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Same Week Joe O Reilly teacher in Saint Felim’s Boys School and a native of Mountain Lodge Cootehill is awarded a diploma in Legal Studies at The Institute of Technology Dublin. Joe who holds an honours MA degree was educated at Mountain Lodge NS Saint Aidan’s Comprehensive Cootehill UCD and Trinity College. Member of Cavan County Council and Cavan VEC he is a former member of Seanad Eireann.

Death of Anthony Brendan Sexton Quin county Clare and late of Breffni Park Cavan at the early age of 61.Outstanding footballer in his youth he was son of John and Agnes Sexton Caretakers Breffni Park. His father was a famous Cavan and Monaghan county footballer. Joined the Gardai at 17 and served for a period of time in The Brideswell in Dublin before becoming a very young Sergeant and posted to Quin in County Clare where he served for 25 years and was a leading figure in the Community known throughout the length and breath of the country. Awarded the Scott medal for bravery when he entered a blazing inferno in Quin and brought all of the young children to safety. Took an active part in the sporting life of the area and trained Clooney to Clare Junior Championship in 1966.Great friends with the mighty Billy Morton of Santry Stadium they organised an International Sports Day for Quin every year at which Irish and American stars participated including Ronnie Delaney Noel Carroll Brendan O Reilly Billy Twoomey (USA).Survived by his wife Kathleen  sons Brendan John and Declan daughter Denise sisters Maureen Josephine and Phyllis. Funeral from Saint Joseph’s Ennis to Killygarry cemetery.

2nd Lieutenant Clive Finlay Keadue Lane is promoted to Officer FCA.Clive is only son of Brian and Phyllis ‘White Plains’ Keadue Lane.

Rosaleen Sheridan (Nee Graham) wins £6,000 and a holiday for two in Cyprus on the RTE Winning Streak Game broadcast from the RTE Studios in Donnybrook.

Outstanding display by young James Mooney for ‘Marian’  in winning the Under 19 Basketball title at The National Basketball Arena in Tallaght.Splendid display of defensive rebounding set up his team mates for many scores during the game.

2nd Lieutenant Mark Kinsella is promoted to Officer FCA.Mark is son of Peter and Hannah Kinsella 39 Wolfe Tone Street.

February 8th 1996 Gerry McCormack Billis plays The National Winning Streak Game on RTE for his son David winning £15,000 .The show was compered by Mike Murphy.

Same Week  Ireland represented by Theresa and Pierce O Donnell singing ‘I Will’ wins the 18th Cavan International Song Contest and £1,000 sponsored by IMRO in The Kilmore Hotel 2nd was  Italy and 3rd Turkey. The winner of the Philip Cullivan Memorial trophy for the Best Voice of the Festival presented by his son David Cullivan went to Yesmin Isin (Turkey) singing ‘Summer Love’. Brian Finlay once again featured on the International Jury while Larry Gogan RTE was MC.

Johnny O Hanlon and Marita Leech  Drumalee are the two new Captains at County Cavan Golf Club for 1996.By coincidence Johnny’s grandfather  the famous John F O Hanlon former MP for Cavan was Captain of the Club in 1896 exactly 100 years ago  when it was situated at Killynebber.

Death of one of Cavan’s greatest characters Tommy Greenan Drumalee at the age of 76.Born and reared in Drumalee Tommy had two passions in life football and politics. He was the heart of the Drumalee club and never missed a game from Juvenile to Senior .He had very staunch views and when Tommy spoke you listened- everything was black and white and you were either with him or against him. Butcher by trade Tommy worked first in Sharkey’s Bridge Street later Flood’s and Black’s. Staunch Republican as were all of his family his firmly held view was that Ireland would never be free or a nation until the six counties were restored to its natural hinterland. Resided with his sister Betty and brother in law Benny (Little) in Drumalee. Honary President of Drumalee GFC at his death the Club formed a Guard of Honour at both the removal and the funeral from the Cathedral to Drumalee.

Cavan Gymnastic Club celebrate their 21st Birthday in style with an International competition in the Sport’s Complex.Teams from Russia Scotland Ireland England France and Northern Ireland particiapated.The World Champions Tatiana Panivan and Levan Petrosyn from Russia won the individual awards with a fantastic display of double and treble somersaults. England won the Senior Team award while Ireland were the winners of the Junior Team award. Coaches athletes and visitors from abroad are afforded a Civic Reception by Cavan Urban Council in the Town Hall prior to the event.

Kieran McConnell Butlersbridge is conferred with B Eng (Honours) degree in Polymer Technology at the University of London. Educated at Corlurgan NS Saint Patrick’ College and Athlone Regional Technical College Kieran is son of Andy and Angela McConnell Butlersbridge.

February 15th 1996 Official opening of the new £2.2 million Cavan swimming pool by the Taoiseach John Bruton assisted by Miranda Tully daughter of the late Margaret Tully long time Treasurer and distinguished member of the Swimming Pool Committee. Bishop Michael Mayes and Father John Murphy Adm performed the Ecumenical blessing.

Same Week  The Taoiseach having been accorded a Civic Reception by Cavan County Council and Cavan Urban Council with Cavan natives Andy O Brien (Chairman Cavan County Council) and Patrick Sexton (Chairman Cavan Urban Council) presiding visits the Anglo Celt in Church Street to unveil a plaque to commemorate the 150th year of the Anglo Celt’s foundation in 1846.Welcomed to the plant by Johnny O Hanlon The Editor and later presented with a framed copy of the front page of the first edition by Joan O Hanlon Director Anglo Celt.

Gerard O Reilly Poles Cavan is awarded an Honours Degree in Construction Economics by Trinity College. Gerard who already holds a Diploma in Construction Economics from Bolton Street College of Technology was educated at Killygarry NS and Saint Patrick’s College. He is son of Paul and Kathleen O Reilly Poles Cavan.

Cavan Chamber of Commerce announce that there will be no Saint Patrick’s Day Parade in the town this year. Brian Johnston (County Manager) says that there are far too many parades in the county and that each parade should rotate every few years clearing the way for one County Parade. The reason for the collapse of this year’s parade was lack of support particularly from the Licensed Vintners who are the main beneficiaries. Andrew Boylan states that they need to change the format of the parade. Each year it was the same old faces bands floats and route.Young people are looking for something different and won’t support this old format anymore! Veronica Sharkey calls on the Arts Office to step in and provide entertainment on the Market Square over the Saint Patrick’s weekend.

Death of Michael (Mickey ) Lally Saint Mary’s Terrace at the age of 63.Lorry driver like his late father (Jack) Mickey worked with B and F Stores Ballinagh and earlier with Providers and Fagan’s in Cavan. Man of great physique Mickey was strong and industrious. Enjoyed fishing each Sunday down the water with his good friends like Andy Burns Martin Smith Jimmy Coyle Bill Meehan and John McQuillan.The party usually retired to the Eagle Bar for refreshments before going home before 10.Survived by his mother Sarah brothers Jack Tony Colm and Gerry and sisters Mary and Lila. Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Lecture  on the famous Bishop Bedell in the Teacher’s Centre by Dr Robert McCarthy Provost of Tuam and Rector Galway.Bishop Bedell was a man of great intellect and Bishop of Kilmore from 1629-1642.He is famous for translating the Old Testament into Irish.

Matty  Reilly and Mickey Breslin win the fourball with a score of 30 at County Cavan Golf Club 2nd were Brian Lynch and Anselem Lovett while 3rd on the same score was Charlie Donoghue and Chris Rowley.

February 22nd 1996 McCarren’s workers on 3 day week following the assault on the Irish Pig Industry by British food giant Unigate.All 92 employees are affected. At the start of the year farmers were getting 116p per kilo for their pigs but with the intervention of Unigate prices of up to 131 per kilo are being paid. The Secretary of the IFA Pig’s Commission says that Unigate are a massive organisation slaughtering in one of their units 40,000 pigs per week and if the present trend continues will cripple the industry in the Republic of Ireland. Later it is announced that McCarren and Company are to close for an initial period of three months and the entire work force are put on protective notice.

Same Week  Cavan College of Further Studies qualify for the 3rd Level League Final by virtue of their 4-7 to 1-8 win over Colaiste Ide Dublin. They will now play the Cadet School from the Curragh in the final in Kildare.

Jane McCormack and former Tanaiste John Wilson Vice Chairman of the Arts Council who opened the Exhibition are pictured admiring an abstract Art Production by Jane at the Arts Exhibition in the Hotel Kilmore at which there was over 300 exhibits.

Social Services Whist Drive at Day Centre Cathedral Road 1st Susan Donohoe 2nd Eileen Hannigan Ladies’ Hatcher May McCaul 1st Gent J McGinnity 2nd Gent Alfie Lynch and Gent’s Hatcher Phil Lee.

Doctor Robert McCarthy gives the Bishop Bedell lecture at Cavan Teacher’s Centre organised by Pat Nally.Pictured are Rt Rev Michael Mayes Bishop of Kilmore Ardagh and Elphin Doctor Robert McCarthy Canon Ritchie and Pat Nally.

Hilda Graham LTCL organist at 1st Monaghan will give an organ recital on the new Hammond organ donated by Lisburn congregation at the Service in the Presbyterian Church Farnham Street Cavan at which the Preacher will be the new minister at Monaghan 1st Monaghan Rev Brian Black.

Aileen Timmoney and Aiden Kelly win the Jim Fitzgerald trophy at the National Bridge Pairs Finals in Dublin.

February 29th 1996 Death of Phil McEvoy Annaglough at the age of 40 after a long illness at home. Closely identified with Killygarry GFC he was the spearhead of many of their fundraisers down the years and a valuable member of the Committee. Ran the Kesh Bar for a number of years Phil was popular with customers and staff alike and enjoyed a bumper trade.Survived by his wife Breege son Ciaran daughter Noreen mother Annie brothers John and James sisters Elizabeth (O Rourke) Teresa (Jermyn) Sue (Brady) Mary (Masterson) Kathy (Kerr) and Nancy. Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Same Week  Death of Clare Young late of Glasnevin and Drumcrave at the age of 79.Member of one of Cavan’s most distinguished families she worked in the Civil Service in Dublin. In her youth she was a member of the famous Killygarry Camogie team that won 9 Senior County Camogie titles. She was also a member of the Cavan County team that won the Ulster Championship in 1943 just failing to Dublin in The All Ireland Final after a replay. Survived by her brothers Monsignor John Young Michael sister Maureen (Donohoe).Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Dr S Ryan Head of Acute Hospital Services in the North Eastern Health Board reports on the phenomenal success of the Dialysis Unit in Cavan General Hospital.28 patients have been treated to date all apart from one patient are in the 50-76 age group 1 patient is just 30.Fourteen patients can be catered for daily and there are 3 patients on the waiting list for Dialysis with 3 more awaiting transplants. All have transferred from Dublin Hospitals. The running cost of the unit is £362,821 per annum

Congratulations to Ethna Sheridan Highfield Road winner of the £500 1st prize in this week’s Hospice Draw.Ethna was also the recipient of the £50 seller’s prize.

March 7th 1996 Death of Simon O Hanlon in Saint James’ Hospital Dublin formerly of ‘Glenair’ Cathedral Road at the age of 41. Second son of Edward and Airmid O Hanlon Simon was educated at The Poor Clare’s Saint Felim’s Boys School Clongowes Wood Naas and Trinity College where he took his BA in Business Studies in 1974. Public Relations Officer for Bord Fáilte in New York for the last 15 years. Survived by his parents brothers Johnny Editor Anglo Celt Peter and Ned (Dublin) sisters Morna and Kate both in Dublin. Concelebrated Funeral Mass in the Cathedral at which the celebrants were Father John Murphy Adm Canon Torlac O Reilly PP Drung and Dr Enda McDwyer Professor of Moral Theology in Maynooth.Cremation in Glasnevin crematorium.

Same Week  Jimmy Fay presents the Jim Fay Memorial Cup to Pat O Brien who beat Mickey Breslin in the Final at Cavan CYMS.The Semi Finalists were John Kinsella and Enda Smith.

Mick Clerkin Ritz Records is to appear on the RTE television show ‘Lifelines’ hosted by Sean O Murchu.Born in Aughaloora Kilnaleck in 1940 Mick served his time to the Bar and Grocery business with Pat McDonnell’s later working with his uncle in Clerkin’s where ‘he learned the ropes’ from his uncle a returned Yank and exceptionally progressive businessman. His father played the title role as Owen Roe riding the famous white horse at The Owen Roe Pageant in Breffni Park in 1949.Emigrated to England in 1958 Mick returned as Road Manger of the Mighty Avons in 1965.Quiet shy and extremely handsome Mick lived with his family over the Bus Office for a number of years. Founded Release Records with his great friend Jimmy Magee RTE Sports Journalist and at the time a prominent Disc Jockey. Later decided to concentrate on the lucrative British market and founded Ritz records. In 1972.1st big hit in Ireland was Gloria’s ‘One Day at a Time’ then followed The Furey’s and Davy Arthur’s massive hit ‘When I Was Sweet 16’ which stormed the British Charts to Number 14.The Album later scored Gold in Britain Platinum in South Africa and Australia. Further successes with Foster and Allen following their debut single ‘A Bunch of Thyme’ they recorded 6 successive hits on Ritz. In 1986 came the emergence of Superstar Daniel O Donnell who is still churning out the hits and is a very big success in Britain and Ireland. Among the other artists Mick has signed to the Ritz label are Charlie Landsborough and the American Country King Charlie Pride.

Paddy Cullivan Fisheries Officer with the North Eastern Regional Fisheries Board is made a presentation in The Meadow View Lounge by his colleagues after 18 years service to the Board.

Cavan Wheelchair Association 1996 Chair Patsy Maloney Vice Chair Patsy Little Secretary Patricia O Reilly Assistant Secretary K Heaslip Treasurer Brendan Hannon Assistant Treasurer Michael McNulty PRO Brenda McGonnell.

Death of John Smith  The Lane Crubany at the age of 76.Well known retired farmer. Outstanding footballer with Crubany and later Cavan Harps.President of the Crubany branch Fine Gael. Prominent member of the committee of Killygarry GFC John was a founder member of the club. Survived by his wife Kathleen sons Sean Eugene Martin Anthony Gerard daughters Catherine Frances Pauline and Annette. Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Slieve Rossa Golf Society is founded after a meeting in the premises. Membership is open to all on payment of annual subscription of £10.President Phil Cullen Captain Michael Lyons Vice Captain Kevin Bravendar Secretary John O Dwyer Phone 049-61787.

Cavan College of Further Studies captained by Anthony Sheridan Abbeylara win the All Ireland title and the Higgins Cup by beating the Cadet School The Curragh 1-9 to 0-9 in the All Ireland Final in the Curragh.Great free flowing game Colm McEvoy (Coach) instructed his players  to keep it open and support one another.Scorers for Cavan John Deehan 1-1 Finbar Reilly 0-2 Keith Glennon 0-2 Cathal Keane 0-2 Noel McPhillips 0-1 and Michéal O Rourke 0-1.Team Shane O Rourke Michael Reilly Niall Sheridan (Captain) Mark McGauran Eamon Wall Brendan Dolan Michael Boyle Edward Brady Michéal O Rourke Noel McPhillips John Deehan Finbar Reilly Niall Fitzpatrick Oliver Galligan (Cavan Gaels) and Keith Glennon.

March 14th 1996 Saint Patrick’s College coached by Paddy and JJ O Reilly win the Ulster Under 14 Loch and Uir competition for the first time beating Saint Mary’s Magherafelt 1-12 to 2-8 in the Ulster Final.

Same Week  Death of Rose Ann (Annie) Martin 1 Saint Aidan’s and New York. Daughter of the late John and Mary Martin Saint Aidan’s.Educated at the Poor Clare Convent and Cavan Vocational School she worked first in McCarren’s for a number of years before emigrating to the USA.Predeceased by her parents brothers Henry and Johnny and sister Kathleen. She is survived by 1 sister Nellie (O Reilly ) in New York. Funeral from the Cathedral to the family plot in Cullies.

Death of Margaret Donlon Saint Patrick’s Terrace  Swellan at Saint Joseph’s Home for the Elderly Cavan at the age of 89.Member of one of the oldest and most respected Cavan families Margaret was a Law Clerk in Allen and Halpin followed by a further stint in Louis C P Smith’s where her outstanding ability and experience were much appreciated. Predeceased by her sisters Katie and Bridget.All of the family had close connections with the Magnet Cinema and acted as ushers as well as selling the admission tickets. Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Death of Tommy Cusack Saint Felim’s Place at the age of 79.Took his first job with the Post Office in December 1934 Tommy was a Telegram Boy for a number of years before graduating to the position of Postman in the Drung/Stradone area. Promoted later to Sorter in the Main Post Office in Cavan. Tommy served in various capacities until his retirement in 1979.Great interest in gaelic football he followed the fortunes of the county and Cavan Gaels as well as his native Butlersbridge Saint Aidan’s.Always had a couple of greyhounds in training he raced in Clones Mullingar and Longford with much success. In latter years Tommy suffered from very bad health and was an Amputee a burden he faced with fortitude and good humoured resignation. Predeceased by his son Eamon he is survived by his wife Eileen sons Gerry Hubert Felim and Patrick daughters Monica Bernie Teresa Pauline and Maria. Funeral from the Cathedral to Butlersbridge.

Michael Breslin and Matty Reilly win their second foursome title in a couple of weeks with an outstanding score of 47 points at County Cavan Golf Club Harry Gibbs and Pat Ryan 2nd with 42 points and Oliver Malone and Jim Cleary (Athlone ) 3rd with 41 points.

March 21st 1996  Death of Francis Lee Drumullen at the age of 79.Well known very popular figure in the area. He worked with Liam Bogue in the Sawmills and Brian Wall Veterinary Surgeon for a number of years. Funeral from Saint Patrick’s Drumcor to the adjoining cemetery.

Same Week  Death of Nora (Honor) Quinn Corraghoe Upper Lavey at the age of 48.She was the proprietor of a Takeaway Chip Shop in Connolly Street which she took over from Una Costello Keadue Lane.She is survived by her husband Hughie son Johnny and daughter Liza.Funeral from Saint Dympna’s Lower Lavey to Glasnevin Crematorium.

Death of the very popular Kathleen Fay Drumconnick Swellan Cavan at the age of 87.Native of Knockahista Corlurgan she was very popular and charitable. Outstanding dancer in her youth she formed a winning partnership with the late Terry Coyle Cavan Slashers and Cavan All Ireland footballer. They won many prizes for waltzing throughout the area. Among the stars they competed against were Noel Smith and Honie Gauthier and Frank Carroll and Maisie Donohoe (College Street).Predeceased by her husband James she is survived by her sons Seamus  Donie and Owen daughters Rita Kitty and Eileen. Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Death of the outstanding Eddie O Gorman 62 Upper Main Street and late of Ballyhaise at the age of 78.Born in Coragrive Ballyhaise in 1918. Eddie served his time to the licensed trade with Mickey Reilly Upper Main Street and later with Frank Conlon The Ritz Bar where he also learned the Auctioneering trade from a real maestro. Formed a partnership with Oliver Young they were the leading auctioneers in the town during the 1960s and 1970s. If you wanted a good price or a nice home or business Eddie and Oliver would always oblige in a very professional decent manner where the customer was always Number 1.Having lived at Earlsvale Road where he purchased the property from the Connolly family (Connolly Brothers) Eddie later sold the house and land to Onslow Bredin for the development of Earlsvale Road and with the proceeds bought Clerkin’s 62 Main Street where he set up the premier licensed premises in Cavan town. Great neighbour and friend Eddie O Gorman’s was the first premises where the Pipe or Cable Television went on public display sponsored by neighbours Smyth’s.Thousands flocked to O Gorman’s and later Tommy Bride’s to see colour television in Cavan town for the first time. The future success of the project was a source of great joy to Eddie who promoted the idea from the start. Fortunate to have as his assistant the great Francie McDermott both in the Auctioneering and Bar trade at which both excelled. Among the legendary customers were Patsy Walsh Paddy Graham Dessie Hughes Sean Michael and Peter Smith Mick McCarthy Jimmy Veale Paddy Conaty Senior Paddy ‘ Narracks’ Brady Christy Cox John Sheridan Tommy O Donnell.On the first committee of Ballyhaise Carnival among the members was the future Garda Commissioner Patrick McLaughlin then a young guard in Ballyhaise.Staunch member of Fianna Fail he was Honary President of the Cavan branch at his death. Survived by his wife May (Sheridan) sons Eddie Father Charles CC Cross and Gregory daughters Marie Bernadette and Olivia brothers Monsignor Charles O Gorman Los Angeles Patrick sisters Sunie Kathleen and Anna. Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Dominick Sheridan and Maurice Brady retain the singles and doubles titles for Cavan Gaels in The Ulster Handball Finals. Dominick dug deep to beat old adversary Paddy Duffy Saint Paul’s Belfast 21-16-8-21 and 21-20 at a packed arena in Lurgan County Armagh. In probably his greatest finish Dominick served two aces combined with 4 kills to win the tittle by the narrowest of margins. Dominick and Maurice Brady had a much easier win against Paddy Duffy and Joe McAllister in The Ulster Doubles Final 21-8 21-10 at the Monaghan Harps complex in Monaghan.

March 28th 1996 Christopher Hoey is appointed the new General Manager of Cavan/Monaghan Hospitals. His job is to co ordinate the totality of the two hospitals and co operate with the existing Managers of each hospital.

Same Week Frank and Kathleen O Keefe 23 Saint Felim’s Place celebrate The Golden Jubilee of their Marriage which took place in The Cathedral of Saints Patrick and Felim Cavan in March 1946 with the officiating priest being Father Charles Cartwright. Frank and Kathleen have 6 children and 11 grandchildren.

Jim and Detta O Leary Cavan School of Motoring are pictured collecting their new fleet of Toyota Starlet Cars from Peter O Reilly Sales Manager Erne Motors.

Elliott Landscape Services headed up by Noel Michael Elliott B AgrSc and based at 49 Church Street purchase Cavan Grass Services from Tommy Flynn 33 Cathedral Road.Elliotts’specialise in landscaping of industrial commercial and private premises and have a full portfolio of work in Dublin and the Midlands to show prospective Cavan customers.

April 4th 1996 Sundrive Players Dublin are the winners of the Open Section and Dr. Lyons Cup at Cavan’s 51st Drama Festival with  ‘The Mai’ .Don McMullin was once again the popular Adjudicator. Winners of the Confined Section were Claregalway Best Producer Una Parker Sundrive Players Dublin Scanlon Cup for the best stage setting was won by Cornhill Theatre Carrigallen who staged ‘Lovely Leitrim’Noel Elsworthy from The Coolmine Drama Circle was winner of the Ray O Connor Trophy for Best Young Actor. Best Actor David Greene Le Touche Players Best Actress Joan Morrissey Sundrive Players Phil Cullivan Memorial Trophy for best stagecraft went to Fionnuala English Le Touche Theatre Group Dublin.

Same Week  Death of Agnes O Reilly Barnet England and formerly of Kilnavara Cavan. Emigrated to England in 1954.Predeceased by her husband John Joe in 1964 and later by her sons Paddy and John Joe.Survived by her sons Larry Aidan and Peter daughters Rowena and Agnes. Funeral to Southgate cemetery London.

Royal School Boys Basketball team are just beaten by Saint Columb’s Derry 63-49 in the National Under 19 C Final at The Basketball Centre in Tallaght.They beat teams from Kilkenny Galway and Mayo on their way to the Final and just failed to emulate the success of the Royal School Girl’s team of 1994.They are now promoted to Division B of the National League.Malte Engels was Man of the Match and top scorer with 24 points other outststanding contributions by Stephen McQuade Adrian Grey Chris Byrne Maurice Chambers and Point’s Guard Colin Chambers.

April 11th 1996 Death of Mary (May) Miney SRN O Donovan Rossa Place and Dun Laoghaire at the Royal Hospital Donnybrook Dublin.District Nurse in Dublin for over 50 years May was a great professional and meticulous in her work. Charitable and kind May spoke and acted in a very cultured way and was the main source of medical care and attention to thousands of Dublin people in the days when most births occurred in the home. Survived by her sister Margaret (Kennedy) and brother Paddy in Australia. Funeral from Saint John The Evangelist Dun Laoghaire to Potahee cemetery.

Same Week  Death of Charles James O Donoghue 18 Abbey Street at the age of 81.Son of the legendary James and Marie O Donoghue College Street. His father was a linotype operator in The Anglo Celt for a record 69 years commencing in 1898 and retiring in 1967. He was a brother of Maisie Donoghue who formed a winning ballroom dancing partnership with fellow Cavan native Frank Carroll. Charlie was a gifted actor and member of the Cavan Players for a long number of years in the 1930s 1940s and 1950s.Instrumental with his good friends Tom Fitzpatrick and Betty Cullen in inaugurating Cavan Drama Festival in 1945.Member of the first Cavan Boy Scouts of 1930 he was chosen on the First Aid Team who attended the Eucharistic Conference in The Phoenix Park in 1932.Made several broadcasts from Radio Eireann as a member of the Boy Scouts Harmonica Band. Member of the Cavan Slashers County Championship teams he was long time Secretary of the Club. Outstanding hurler with Cavan Slashers he was a regular on the County team when hurling was strong in the County. Salesman with McCarren and Company for over 50 years-he started when he was 14 and worked until his retirement in 1980.Survived by his wife Noreen sons Charlie and Finbar daughters Madeline (Creamer) Marie (Sheridan) Frances (Mulcahy) Noreen (Brady) and Loreto (McCormick).Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

County Cavan Money Advice and Budgetary Services MABS opens in Cavan. Ann McKiernan a native of Bundoran and former member of the Bank of Ireland Cavan is the Manageress.

April 18th 1996  Dympna O Reilly from Mullahoran and teacher of Irish  and  Geography at Cavan Vocational school is elected Treasurer of the Teacher’s Union of Ireland at their Annual; Congress in Cork.

Same Week Sean Quinn the Ballyconnell based Fermanagh businessman is listed in the ‘Top 500 Richest Men in The United Kingdom’.First appearance on the list Sean enters at 121st in Britain and 8th in Ireland with a total sum of £130 million. Sean who left school aged 15 and his wife Patricia are the Directors and sole Shareholders of the Quinn Group which made annual profits of £18 million in 1995.

 Cavan Wholesale members of the Gleeson Group commence mineral production at the old CMW premises which they have leased from the Coulter family.They plan to employ 10 initially in the production of minerals and Tipperary Water.Gleesons employ 320 people nationwide and have an annual turnover of £40 million.

Death of Peter Connolly Annagellife at the age of 88.Well known highly respected farmer in the Killygarry area. Survived by his wife Philomena sons Father Jim OFM Cap Frank and Peter daughters Mary Carmel Kathleen Ann Eithne Patricia and Madeline. Funeral from Saint Brigid’s Killygarry to the adjoining cemetery.

Cavan Musical Society stage HMS Pinafore in The Town Hall from the 23rd to the 25th of April 1996.The musical was first staged in the Town Hall in 1961 when Séan Bergin played Dick Deadeye this year Séan is back as good as ever as a member of the Men’s Chorus. David Cullivan plays Ralph Rackstraw emulating his late father Phil who played Sir Joseph Peters and produced the show along with the late Father AB McGrath.Airmid O Hanlon played Josephine in the 1961 Production and her son Peter is back this year as Dick Deadeye.Kathleen Sullivan and her sister in law Maisie Magee were outstanding members of the Orchestra in 1961 Kathleen’s daughter Frances Galligan is back this year as The Producer of the Show. Lord of The Admiralty Paschal Lyons Captain Carson Terry O Connor  Ralph Rackstraw David Cullivan Dick Deadeye Peter O Hanlon Bill Bobsby Father Kevin O Donoghue Bob Beckett Alan McHugh Josephine Carmel O Donoghue Hebe Aíne Duffy Mrs Crapps Valerie Finnegan.

April 25th 1996  Death of Mary Ellen Bird Church Street at The Erne Hospital Enniskillen. Native of Denmore Carrickaboy.Retired to Cavan some years ago and purchased a house in Church Street where she lived with her sister Margaret.Took an active part in Church activities she was a regular at Daily Mass in The Cathedral. Survived by her sisters Margaret and Alice (Little) Funeral from the Cathedral to Drumavaddy cemetery.

Same Week  Cavan Vintners in Association with Cavan Chamber of Commerce are running a week long Percy French Festival in August. The Chairman and coordinator is Peter McGinnity.Committee Martin Carroll  Stephen Monaghan Michael O Brien Angela O Dwyer Jim McCarthy Philip Sheridan Jimmy Scanlon George Donohoe (Junior) and Declan McCaul.

Demolition of one of Cavan’s oldest and best known landmarks The Hut in Farnham Street. Built in 1919 as an amenity for the British Troops returning from World War 1.Occupied by  Cavan CYMS from March 1962.Known affectionately as’The Crucible’ it saw sterling snooker and billiards performances from among others Tom McCusker Michael Breslin Packy Leonard (Bridge Street) Joe Higgins Benny Cafferty Jim Fay Joe O Rourke HL Smith and has two of the best snooker tables in the country. Work will commence shortly on the CYMS new premises at a cost of £130,000 and it is hoped that the premises will be completed within a year.

Eileen Maloney ‘Glenaulin’ Cootehill Road and Saint Joseph’s Hospital Lisdarn is the National winner of the Age and Opportunity award with her outstanding essay depicting her school days from Fanny Gannon’s School Cavan Mount Anville Dundrum Dublin and The College of Domestic Economy in Limerick. The award to Eileen was made by Rory O Hanlon TD at a function in the White Horse Hotel Cootehill.

May 2nd 1996 Michael J Bannon MA PhD is appointed Professor of Regional and Urban Planning at UCD.Native of Bawnboy he was educated at the local National School Saint Patrick’s College Cavan UCD University of Alberta Canada and Trinity College where  he took his PhD. He is a nephew of the late Kathleen Bannon (Kathy) Confectioner and Fancy Goods Shop Town Hall Street Cavan.

Same Week Death of Rose Farrell Military Row at the age of 98 in Beaumont Nursing Home Dublin. Member of the legendary Donoghue family from College Street she was sister of Jimmy Donoghue who worked as a Linotype operator in the Anglo Celt for a record 67 years. Her nephew Charlie Donoghue Abbey Street just recently died.Rose was married to James Farrell high class gent’s tailor who had a workshop and fitting room at The Farnham Hotel. Predeceased by her husband in January 1974 Rose continued to live in the family home at Military Row Cavan up to 10 years ago when she went to live with her son Paddy Solicitor in Naas.Tall well dressed  cultured and very beautiful Rose was popular with everybody and took an active part in all Church activities. Survived by her sons Paddy and Desmond daughters Peggy and Eileen and step daughter Maura (O Brien).Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Jimmy and Kathleen Wray celebrate the Golden Jubilee of their marriage with a family function in the Kilmore Hotel. Jimmy and Kathleen were married in The Cathedra of Saints Patrick and Felim Cavan on the 24th of April 1946.

Geraldine Cullen Wolfe Tone Street is appointed Treasurer of Labour Youth. Geraldine has been Equality Officer with the organisation for the last 15 years. Presentation made to Des Cullen former Chairman of Labour Youth at the annual conference.

Social Services Whist 1st Lady Margaret Fagan 2nd Lady  May McCaul Lady’s Hatcher Maureen Scanlon 1st Gent P Reilly 2nd Gent Phil Lee.

May 9th 1996 John Loughnane and his son James leave with the Irish Army for a 6 month tour of duty with the United Nations in South Lebanon. This is John’s 3rd tour abroad having served with the United Nations in Cyprus and the Lebanon while James is on his first tour of duty with The United Nations.

Same Week  Paddy O Reilly UDC PC long time officer of Cavan CYMS wins The Elegant Gems Senior Snooker Championship his first major trophy at the Club in 31 years when he beats David Connolly on the black ball in the deciding frame at Cavan CYMS.Meanwhile the annual CYMS Golf Classic at County Cavan Golf Club is hailed as a great success with the winners the same as last year Paddy Mary Malone and Pat and Therese O Connor with a 62 Gross or 56.1 Nett 2nd were Sean and PJ Masterson Frank Clancy and Tom Sheridan with a 61 Gross 56.4 Nett

Death of Harry Dawson in Limerick at the age of 82.Native of the town Harry was the last of an old distinguished Cavan family born and reared at Keadue Lodge (Kieran Murray’s) Cathedral Road. Emigrated to the USA in the 1930s returned to live in Limerick in 1962.Predeceased by his wife Mae in 1981 Harry is survived by his nephews and nieces. Funeral took place in Limerick.

Bridge Club Championship 1996 N/S 1st and Best Gross Pat Plunkett and Jim Burke 2nd Charlie Corr and Ed O Gorman 1st E/W Lucy Hayes and Eileen McEnri 2nd Aileen Timoney and P McDermott.

Garrymore Gaels bat Cavan Gaels2-11 to 0-10 in an exciting Minor League Final at Cornafean.Cavan Gaels Eoin Elliott Darren Rabbitt Seamus Martin Paul Reilly Carl Crotty Declan Gillick Brian McDonald Cathal Collins Niall Gaffney Declan Brady Pauric Byrne Barry Lambert Donagh Reilly Mark Reilly and Michael Mooney.

May 16th 1996 The Tanaiste and Minister for Foreign Affairs Dick Spring officially opens the new Carraig Beag Housing Development at Lisdarn.Pictured are Paddy O Reilly Brendan Smith Engineer Des Cullen Paddy Sexton Chairman UDC making a presentation to Dick Spring The Tanaiste, Brendan Smith TD Andrew Boylan TD Senator Ann Gallagher Seamus Neely Town Clerk and Brian Johnston County Manager.

Same Week  Brendan McFadden is appointed Town Engineer to succeed the very popular Brendan Smith who is returning to Cavan County Council with special responsibility for the construction of the new Cavan By Pass.

Sudden death of Philip McKiernan formerly of 9 Tullac Mongan in London at the age of 50.Over 30 years in London Philip was a Carpenter by trade and in his early years in London worked with London Transport.Always kept in touch with home and was   here in Cavan with his family for Easter when he appeared to be in excellent health. Survived by his wife Nan (Nee Carroll) sons Mark and Phillip mother Mary brothers Patrick Frank Kevin Tommy Declan and John sisters Josephine (Collins) Babs (Johnston) Helen (Carmichael) Val (Goldsworthy) and Teresa (McClarey).

Sympathy is extended to Tommy Kelly Drumnavanagh Farnham Road on the death of his sister Mairead  O Boyle in Ballina County Mayo. Like most of the Kelly family she worked in the Post Office and was a frequent visitor to Cavan. She is survived by her husband Hugh brothers and sisters.

Cavan Gaels win the Division 1 Under 16 Final beating the holders Kingscourt 1-10 to 0-4 in a one sided final in O Reilly Park Cootehill.But for the poor shooting Cavan Gaels would have won by much more. Richard Graham was Man of the Match with a personal tally of 1-6 Cormack Nelligan 0-2 Paul O Donnell and Tommy McCormick 0-1 each. Team Eoin Elliott Mark Scorr Darren Rabbitt (Captain) Shane McGlade Damien Walsh Carl Crotty Martin McCardle Paul O Donnell Dominick Reilly Tommy McCormick Der Coogan Stephen Gaffney Cormick Nelligan Richard Graham and Jonathan Smith. Subs Paul Flynn for Stephen Gaffney.

Packy Doonan Team P Elliott completes his 2nd London Marathon in sweltering conditions in a time of 5 hours.Packy who hails from 10 Lake View will again be in action in The Dublin Marathon at Halloween.

Team P Elliott Ladies have their 1st County Championship victory in 6 years when they pack very well to win the County Cavan Ladies title over 2,000 metres at the Road Championships in Lavey.Team led by Ann O Donoghue Brenda Montgomery Irene Hatchett Catherine Grogan Carmel Murray and Carmel Dolan.

May 23rd 1996 John Tiernan County Engineer announces that construction of  the Cavan By Pass which will cost £13 million to construct and stretch for over 10 kilometres from Butlersbridge to Annagellife on the Dublin Road will commence in June 1997 .

Same Week  Adrian Ronan beats the holder Seamus Watters 3-1 in the 4th Woodchester Bank County Cavan Squash Senior Championship at Saint Patrick’s College.Jerome Kellegher defeated Paul McGovern 3-1 in the Novice Final.

Tommy ‘Nakajima’ McKiernan playing off 13 with a super round of 63 wins the prestigious Cullen Cup in difficult conditions at County Cavan Golf Club. Jimmy Sheridan off 9 with a 64 was 2nd Tommy Kenny off 21 was 3rd also with a 64.Martin Maguire playing off 8 was the winner of the Gross with a superb 74.

Tribute to Tommy Slowey 3 Elm Grove former Chauffeur to three Bishops Patrick Lyons Austin Quinn and Frank McKiernan who has retired after nearly 60 years service. Native of Lisnageer Cootehill Tommy came to work in Saint Patrick’s College in 1936 preparing and serving food to the students. In 1937 Tommy was requisitioned as Chauffer for the newly elected Bishop Patrick Lyons. Very few cars on the road and even fewer drivers at the time Tommy was taught to drive by his good friend Michael (Mick) Reilly) who was working in Smith’s Garage at the time. Never had a scrape or an accident Tommy drove with great care always leaving for his destination in plenty of time. Tommy laments the modern style of driving in a mad dash and no respect for fellow road users.Tommy is brother of Father Andy Slowey who is a Missionary in South Africa for the last 50 years. His brother Michael still lives in the old homestead in Lisnageer James is in Ballyhaise Gerry is a  former Foreman with Clones UDC  Benny is in Donegal. His sisters are Brigid Smith Keelagh Ballyhaise and Ellen O Reilly who is resident in England.

May 30th 1996 This week’s issue of The Anglo Celt contains a free supplement outlining the some of the main headlines over the last 150 years. Civic Reception in The Courthouse accorded to the Directors of The Anglo Celt.In attendance are past and present members of both the Urban and County Councils as well as Oireacthas members from Cavan/Monaghan.Andy O Brien in making a presentation of a framed citation to the Editor Johnny O Hanlon states that “over the years The Celt has proved a quality family newspaper strongly supportive of the democratic way of life in the area.The Editorial Staff check and recheck their facts and engage in no sensationalism. The O Hanlons are one of the truly great Cavan families”. Paddy Sexton Chairman Cavan UDC makes a presentation of  a Cavan Crystal vase to the Editor to commemorate the occasion. Later in the week the Directors of the Anglo Celt hosted a gala lunch at which the Minister for Enterprise and Employment Richard Bruton was the Guest of Honour. In his speech to the large distinguished gathering in the Kilmore Hotel he paid tribute to The O Hanlon family who have been associated wit The Anglo Celt for 133 years of its existence. “The paper is a huge part of the social cultural and sporting fabric of Cavan and the surrounding counties.”

Same Week  Grand opening of the new £300,000 Farnham National School on a prominent elevated site at Drumelis.This is the 3rd Farnham School since 1801 on the 3rd different site. There are 130 pupils attending the school which has 4 classrooms toilet facilities for each classroom and leisure rooms with a basketball court attached. The Parish paid 15% of the total cost while the Department of Education contributed the remaining 85%.Bernard Donoghue is Principal Noreen Burns Vice Principal and the two other teachers are Eithne Martin and Eugene O Reilly a native of Ashe Street Cavan. Peter McGrath is Chairman of the Parent’s Committee and spearheads the drive for funds to landscape and complete the magnificent school.

June 6th 1996 Death of Conor O Hanlon son of Liam and Hylde O Hanlon Gouldavahan County Limerick and formerly of Columbus Ohio USA.His grandmother is Brigid (Beesie) O Hanlon while his grandfather the late Bill O Hanlon was a prominent member of the ESB in Cavan. Survived by his wife Melinda brother Diarmuid sisters Sorcha and Aoife.Funeral from Saint Nessius Church Raheen to Killygarry cemetery.

Death of Barney McCaffrey in Dublin he was brother of PJ former employee with the Anglo Celt and proprietor of ‘The Hole in The Wall’ Licensed premises. Barney was proprietor of ‘The Red Windmill Bar’ in Phibsboro.Funeral from Saint Peter’s Phibsboro to Fingall cemetery.

Same Week  Death of the very popular Jerry McDonald Creeney Belturbet and Cavan Post Office at the age of 52.Joined the Post Office as a Telegram Boy in 1959 serving in Cootehill Belturbet and Cavan. Transferred on promotion to Ballina County Mayo in 1961 and came back to Cavan Post Office as Counter Cleric in 1965.Jerry was quiet efficient clever and very good humoured. In Cavan he resided with his aunt Rose Moore Saint Brigid’s Terrace. Took a keen interest in sport in general Jerry always backed a couple of horses each day and like his aunt Rose was a great follower of the Turf. Survived by his sisters Mary (Gillen) Betty (Sheridan) and Veronica Shannon.

Cavan Rugby Club play host to The Irish soccer team who are preparing for their forthcoming International against Croatia at Lansdowne Road. Ray Bannigan President of the Club presents Mick McCarthy with a Cavan Crystal bowl as a memento of the occasion attended by thousands of young supporters of The Irish team.

June 13th 1996 Niall Collins from Billis is the winner of the Snickers soccer skills Competition this time in the  over 11 age group.Presentation to Niall winner for the 4th consecutive time at half time of the Ireland Croatia game at Lansdowne Road.

Same Week  Eamonn McDwyer is elected Chairman of Cavan Urban Council for the 3rd time. First elected to the Council in 1974 Dr Eamonn has served as Chairman in 1985 and 1993.Himself and Paddy O Reilly PC UDC are the longest serving members on Cavan UDC being first elected in 1974..

Noel Michael Elliott continues to expand Elliott Landscapes this time opening a new Garden Centre ‘Bargain Garden’ at The Cock Hill in the old Homemaker premises. The Landscape Horticulturist is Fyonce and Gráinne Cullivan is Sales Manager at the Centre.

Cavan Musical Society 1996/1997 Chairman Terry O Connor Treasurer Loreto McCormick Secretary Maureen Crowe PRO Eileen Murphy Committee Frances Galligan Paschal Lyons and Alan McHugh.

Cavan County Council award Cavan Sculpture Jane McCormack £500 to defray the cost of hosting an Exhibition which will tour both Ireland and the United Kingdom next year.

Cavan Team Manager Martin McHugh opens the 2nd phase of Aughnaskerry Drive Development adjacent to the new Cavan Swimming Pool in glorious sunshine. Andy O Brien in a witty address says that “the Developers Sean and Charles and O Reilly of Rimford Development are direct descendents of Myles The Slasher and will be slashing prices all weekend”. Andy as usual was right and AOR Estates on behalf of Rimford Developments sold a record 36 houses to delighted investors over a glorious weekend.

Fathers Noel Boylan Pat Farrell and Paul Casey are ordained in The Cathedral of Saints Patrick and Felim by The Bishop of Kilmore Francis McKiernan.

Marian Leahy C/o of The Abbey Bar is the popular winner of this week’s £500 in the Saint Christopher Hospice Draw. The ticket was sold by her mother Peggy Brady who wins this week’s Promoter’s Prize.

June 20th 1996 The well known RTE Commentator and Gaelgoir Michéal O Muirearctaigh opens the new Gael Scoil Breifne at The Scout Den where Neasa Ni Suilleabhain is the Muinteor and Paeadair Lafferty The Chairman of the Board of Management.

Same Week  27th Annual Kilmore Diocesan Pilgrimage to Lourdes teams up with The Ardagh and Clonmacnoise and the Archdiocese of Birmingham Pilgrimages and enjoys sunny warm weather for the duration of their stay.350 travelled from Kilmore including 53 invalids. This year students from both Cavan Vocational and Belturbet Vocational Schools acted as Helpers. The Musical Director was Canon Desmond O Dowd PP Cootehill. Séan Quinn of the Quinn Group Derrylin sponsored the Raffle while The MS Society provided their ambulance to ferry some of the invalids to and from the Airport.McGinnity Travel headed by Sheila McGinnity handled the travel arrangements with their usual outstanding efficiency and attention to detail.

President Mary Robinson is greeted by the dulcet tones of hundreds of local schoolchildren singing ‘Come Back Paddy Reilly to Ballyjamesduff’ as she is greeted on her arrival to open the new Cavan County Museum in Ballyjamesduff by Brian Johnson County Manager Breege Kelly County Secretary Andy O Brien Chairman Cavan County Council and Dominic Egan Museum Curator.

Cavan after leading Antrim 1-11 to 0-4 at half time weather a second half onslaught from Antrim to deservedly run out winners 1-15 to 1-11 in glorious warm sunshine before an attendance of 8,000 at Breffni Park. Cavan will now play Down in The Ulster Senior Semi Final in Clones. Scorers for Cavan Ronan Carolan 0-7 Jason Reilly 1-1 Bernard Morris Stephen King Aidan Connolly Peter Reilly and Dermot McCabe 0-1 each.

In the curtain raiser Cavan Minors are no match for a much stronger Antrim team going down by 1-11 to 1-7.Poor display by The Breffni men against a weakened 14 man Antrim. Scorers for Cavan Shane Maguire 1-1 Finbar Reilly 0-4 Paul McCabe and Paul Galligan 0-1 each.

June 27th 1996 Members of McCarren’s Staff reject the latest offer from the Management McCarren and Company without holding a ballot and refer the matter to the Labour Relations Commission. Pat McKiernan Secretary of SIPTU says that the latest offer was met with derision by the staff and they rejected it out of hand without a vote.McCarren and Company who have been Cavan’s leading employers since 1860 closed in March as a result of the high cost of pigs and fierce opposition from UK Multinational Unipork. McCarren’s propose the retention of 46 jobs at their plant and awarding redundancy to 67 other workers at the rate of 1 week for every year worked together with statutory redundancy.InMarch the price of pigs was £1.29 per kilo but the problem is exacerbated by the continuing rise of the price of pigs to £1.42 per kilo to day.

Same Week Irish Independent Investigative Journalist Veronica Guerin is shot dead by two men on a motorbike adjacent to the Green Isle Hotel on the Naas Dual Carriageway at Clondalkin.The pillion passenger approached Veronica’s car while stopped at traffic lights and pumped numerous bullets into her upper body.

Death of Joan French in Monks Eleigh Suffolk England youngest daughter of Percy French who lived in Farnham Street from 1881-1888.Jean studied at The Royal Academy of Music and spent her life as an Elocution teacher in various parts of the United Kingdom.

Doctor Paddy Faulkner playing off 13 with a superb score of 63 is the very popular winner of the Captain’s (Johnny O Hanlon) Prize at County Cavan Golf Club 2nd was Paddy O Flaherty playing off 20 with the same score but inferior back 9. Jimmy Stafford off 19 was 3rd with 64.Eddie McCormack playing off 3 shot a magnificent 70 to win the Gross in perfect weather conditions. Norman Cinnamond won the Past Captain’s Prize. Drama at the 8th when Pat Johnston holed his tee shot for a hole in one.

Bridge Street Traders bid farewell to Tom and Kathleen McKenna who are retiring from business. The McKenna family have been in business in Oliver Plunkett Street (The McKenna’s always referred to Bridge Street by this name and had a lifelong devotion to Saint Oliver Plunkett).Tom and Kathleen succeeded Tom’s father in business in 1948 and are wished long life of health and happiness in their retirement by friends and neighbours.

Cavan beat Derry 1-11 to 1-5 to win the Ulster Under 21 Final at Saint Tiernach’s Park Clones. They will now play Meath in the All Ireland Semi Final. Outstanding display by Cavan led by Man of the Match Peter O Reilly Captain they outclassed Derry in all sectors of the field. Scorers for Cavan Roy Brennan 0-5 David McCann 1-0 Dermot McCabe 0-2 Peter Reilly Jason Reilly Mickey Graham and Anthony Forde 0-1 each. Cavan Team Aaron Donohoe Paul Murphy Ciaran Reilly Michael Reilly Mark McGauran Peter Reilly Paul Brady Dermot McCabe Terry Farrelly David McCann Jason Reilly Roy Brennan Mickey Graham Anthony Forde and Larry Reilly.Subs David Fagan for Mickey Graham (Injured) Sean Brady for David McCann.

July 4th 1996  Jennifer Lewis aged 20 is the Mid Cavan entry in the forthcoming Lady of The Erne Final in The Slieve Russell Ballyconnell.Jennifer is daughter of Rick and Carmel Lewis Elmbank Cavan.

Same Week  Robert Maloney Derham  wins the Under 8 Freestyle and is a member of the Cavan bronze winning team at the Community Games Finals at Monaghan Swimming Pool. Robert will now represent Cavan at The Community Games Finals in Mosney.

James Costello Corratubber at home relict of the late Rose.Survived by his daughters Breege O Reilly Corratubber Mary and Peggy in New York son Louis in Kilnaleck and brother Luke.Funeral Mass in saint Patrick’s Castletara with burial in the adjoining cemetery.

Ann O Donoghue Glenlara and Team P Elliott (pictured) presents a cheque for £639 proceeds of her sponsorship in the recent Ladies’ mini Marathon to Joe Jennings Development Officer of Concern.

An Gilsenan of Lisreagh (Pictured) is presented with her cheque for £2,700 after winning the Killygarry GFC Lotto by Paddy Fitzpatrick Chairman and David Lovett Secretary.

Pictured at the film of the restoration in Green’s Lifeforce Mill are Raymond Greene Bridgie Greene Charlie Greene and Valerie and Vincent Conaghan.

Caroline Sharkey from Saint Patrick’s Area wins the girls Under 14 Cavan Community Games Breastroke Final at Monaghan Swimming Pool and will represent Cavan in the Finals in Mosney County Meath.

Farnham Girls Football team win the County Cavan Girls Football Section B Final beating Killyconon (Lavey) by 2-5 to 2-2 at Ballymachugh.Scorers for Farnham were Anita Young 1-2 Valerie Johnston 1-0 Kelly McKiernan Caroline Goergan and Laura King 0-1.Team Tara McKiernan Eimear O Hanlon Nuala –Kate Galligan Gillian Leonard Anita Young (Captain) Caroline Goergan Laura King Valerie Johnston Kelly McKiernan and Lisa Lynch.Coaches to the team were Eugene Donoghue (Principal) and Eugene Reilly (Teacher)

July 11th 1996 Death of the great Seamus Fox Carrickfern at the age of 74.Born in College Street son of James and Mrs Fox Seamus was educated at the local National School Saint Patrick’s College served his time to the footwear business and took over the business after his father’s death which was founded in 1917.Consummate businessman Seamus always had great value excellent stock and every customer was treated and fitted individually. He was fortunate to acquire the services of Sean Bergin in 1972 who had extensive knowledge of the trader having worked in Dublin for a number of years. Built up the business by sheer hard work and enthusiasm he was agent for Clarke’s and with extensive advertising attracted satisfied customers from everywhere. Fox’s After Christmas Sale where Seamus gave a discount of 1/6 or 17% on all stock was eagerly looked forward to and was one of the best known events on the Cavan retail scene. Founder member of Cavan Chamber of Commerce Seamus was very innovative in his thinking and always amenable to the ideas and advice of younger people with whom he had a great rapport. Outstanding actor he was a long time member of The Cavan Players and founder member and officer of Cavan Drama Festival. Always to the fore for Church fundraising events Seamus because of his business acumen was usually appointed Treasurer. He was the inspiration behind the development of County Cavan Golf Club and was the long term Treasurer and Trustee of the Club.Grerat ideas were usually floated at various meetings but Seamus and a few friends like the late Phil Cullivan Darragh Smith and Dermot Morgan brought these ideas to fruition through sheer hard work and dedication. Captain in 1969 he inaugurated the first Open Week which was a great success in splendid weather. President of the Club in 1990 and 1991 Seamus always gave valuable prizes of products of local artistes or craftsmen to the lucky winners and the cost was irrelevant. On the Sunday before his death members of the family brought Seamus to the Club for one last inspection. The magnificent Club with its 18 hole layout and first class facilities would not have happened without his inspiration and faith. Member of  the first Cavan Boy Scout troop of 1930 Seamus always maintained a great interest in the organisation and was available to help out at all fundraising events. Outstanding footballer with Saint Patrick’s College where he won McRory cup medals and with Cavan Slashers Seamus fully supported the move in 1957 to amalgamate the Harps and the Slashers giving one strong town team Cavan Gaels whom he supported at every opportunity. Seamus resided first at College Street and then Church Street spending the latter years at Carrickfern.It was  ironic that Seamus died on the 4th of July as Fox’s shop on Main Street is ‘The ‘White House’ and the name is emblazoned on the terrazzo as you enter the shop. As a mark of respect County Cavan Golf Club was closed on the day of his funeral and the officers and members formed a Guard of Honour at both the removal and funeral. Survived by his wife Rose sons Jimmy Brendan and Niall daughter Rosemary (Lennon) and Geraldine (Flynn) brother Michael in Cornwall sisters Maureen (Madden) in Belfast and Kathleen (O Dea) in Dublin. Chief celebrant at the funeral Mass in the Cathedral was Father Oliver Kelly with burial in Saint Brigid’s cemetery Killygarry.

Same Week  Down’s power and craft sees off Cavan’s stern test 1-13 to 0-13 in the Ulster Semi Final in Clones before a capacity attendance of 33,000 on a beautiful Summer’s day made for good football. Stephen King and Dermot McCabe dominated the game at midfield for Cavan but the forwards failed to capitalise while at the back there were also weaknesses in the Cavan defence. Big talking point for both sides was the inept refereeing performance of the Ardboe referee Jim Curran who had to be escorted from the field as both Cavan and Down supporters tried to physically attack him. Martin McHugh in a rare moment of frustration says that the game was ruined by the inept display of the referee and the Tyrone official should not have been appointed when Tyrone were still in the competition. Greg Blayney of Down concurs but says that it was such a hard physical battle like all Ulster Championship games and really you would need two referees to control the off the ball incidents that occurred. Scorers for Cavan Fintan Cahill 0-3 Dermot McCabe 0-2 Aidan Connolly Anthony Forde Peter Reilly Ronan Carolan and Finbar Crowe 0-1 each. Jason Reilly Fintan Cahill sub Finbar Crowe and goalkeeper Paul Dowd along with Stephen King and Dermot McCabe were outstanding for Cavan.

Cavan Gaels managed by Paddy O Reilly win the Division 3 Under 14 Feile Na nOg at McHale Park Castlebar beating Rhode of Offaly 1-4 to 1-2 in a very low scoring final.Fintan Tierney founder of the Festival presented the Con J Smith Cup (in memory of Con Smith Butlersbridge) to Richard Graham Captain of the Cavan Gaels team.25 players and 3 officials left Cavan on Friday to march in the opening parade in Ballina.Team Patrick O Keefe John Murray Fergal Brady Pauric Smith Gavin Duffy  Eamonn Reilly Barry Brady Enda King Richard Graham (Captain) Sean Reilly Cormac Dunne Alan Coyle Nicholas Walsh Frank Ward Edward Halligan.Subs Used Niall Collins Damian Farrell Cian Elliott Conor Rabbitt Damien O Connor Rossa Reilly John Gurhy Brian Gurhy Darragh Brady and Philip Galligan.

July 18th 1996 Andy O Brien is the man of the moment assuming the office of Chairman of Cavan Vocational Educational Committee at their Annual General Meeting in Kingscourt and relinquishing the Chair  of Chairman of Cavan County Council to the incoming Eddie Feeley from The Gap Blacklion.Compliments paid to Andy from all sides summed up by Independent Delores Smith who complimented “Andy’s impartiality respect and dignity .He brought to the Office wit and charm and made it all enjoyable for everyone”. Andy left the office to sustained applause from all sides of the Chamber. Paddy O Reilly PC UDC is elected Vice Chairman of Cavan County Council at the same meeting.

Death of Hugh Brady 4 Saint Aidan’s Terrace. Survived by his brothers and sister. Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Death of Mai Linehan formerly of Farnham Street and Blacrock Dublin in The Bon Secours Hospital Glasnevin Dublin. Member of the well known Farrelly family from Belturbet.Met her future husband Dr Con Linehan from Kerry in England where both of them worked for a number of years before setting up practice in Cavan in 1968.She was a wonderful charitable decent woman full of compassion for those suffering or sick. Predeceased by her husband Con she is survived by her sons Desmond Con and Sean daughters Maria and Angela. Funeral following Requiem Mass in Saint Brigid’s Church Killygarry to the adjoining cemetery.

Death of Mary Josephine (Molly) Smyth ‘Annalee House’ 7 Cootehill Road at Saint Joseph’s Home for the Elderly Lisdarn.Born at 60 Main Street Cavan in 1906 she was second daughter of Michael and Mary Josephine Smyth Merchants. Her father was a distinguished member of Cavan UDC serving as Chairman in 1909.Molly was very musical and a gifted pianist. She was also an outstanding card player winning several big Whist Drives in The Town Hall. Studied Domestic Economy at Cavan Vocational School she was a gifted cook and housekeeper looking after the family after the death of her mother in 1949. Survived by her sister Theresa and nephews and nieces. Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Death of Paddy O Rourke Saint Aidan’s Terrace at the age of 57.Son of the late Tom and Annie O Rourke  Saint Aidan’s Terrace. Worked in McDonnell’s bakery George Fagan’s and McCarren’s before emigrating 35 years ago. In England he worked first with Sainsbury’s before taking over as Governor of The Lord Nelson licensed premises on the Old Kent Road 20 years ago where emigrants particularly from Cavan were always welcomed and looked after. Survived by his wife Patricia (Nee Gibney) sons Barry Benny and Dominic brothers Johnny Jubilee Terrace brothers Gerald and Tony and one sister Kathleen (Sexton) mother in Law Margaret Gibney.Funeral took place in England.

Death of George West Corratubber Killykeen at the age of 78.Prerdeceased by his brother Billy 1 Church View and sister Muriel (Reid).Funeral from Kilmore Cathedral to the adjoining cemetery.

Sudden death of the very popular Ivis Clarke Thomascourt at the age of 81.Very hardworking woman she helped her husband James on the farm and also kept boarders mostly young member of the Gardai.Wonderful hostess many of her boarders formed a life long friendship with her and always kept in touch both with her and the Clarke family. Member of the well known highly respected Acheson family from Aghaconey Ballinagh.Her cheerful friendly personality endeared he to everyone. Predeceased by her husband James 28 year ago she is survived by her sons Willie Enright Mervyn Harold and Basil daughters Hillary (Bredin) Eithne (Gibson) and Lorna (Scott).Rev Sheila Johnston newly ordained Deacon assisted by Rev Cecil Lindsey officiated at The Funeral Service in Cavan Parish Church with burial afterwards in the New cemetery.

July 25th 1996  Michelle Smith from Dublin wins  Gold in the 400 metres freestyle and 400 metres medley in a new Olympic record of 4-07.25 at the Olympic Games in Atlanta USA.She is going in the 200 metres later in the week.Dr Eamonn Hartmann at a meeting of the North Eastern Health Board calls on the Government to commemorate the event by building a 50 metre Championship Swimming Pool where our elite athletes can train and condition themselves at home.

Laurence Mechanical services Plumbing Heating and Ventilation experts celebrate their achieving the  ISO 9002 Quality Standard. The Directors are Fergal Maguire Quantity Surveyor and Project Manger Brendan Cosgrove Managing Director  and Siobhan Cosgrove who is in charge of the office. Part of the quality award relates to Siobhan’s superb skills in the management of the office.

Felicity McGrath wins the President’s (Connie McEntee’s) Prize at County Cavan Golf Club 2nd was Mildred Judge and 3rd May Hayes.Mary Malone had the Best Gross while Sandra McBride was the winner of the prize for best 1st 9 with Frances Galligan storming home with the best score on the back 9.

Jimmy Sheridan and Clair Thomas  beat Peter and Felicity McGrath to retain the Farnham Cup at County Cavan Golf Club.

Drumalee win the Under 12 Roinn B Championship for the 1st time beating Ballinagh by 5-6 to 0-5 in the final in Plunkett Park Kilnaleck. Drumalee led by 4-2 to 0-4 at the interval. Scorers Colm McCaffrey 2-1 Finbar Donohoe 1-3 Rossa Gaffney 1-2 and Gary Ferncombe 1-0.Team Barry Loughlin Conor Lyons Gary Malone Barry Downey Gary Maguire Cian Donohoe Diarmuid Argue Martin Reilly Finbar Donohoe Sean Lee Colm McCaffrey Jonathan Halley Darragh Gaffney Rossa Gaffney and Gary Ferncombe.

Cavan Gaels win the Roinn A Under 14 title beating Crosserlough 4-7 to 1-7 at O Reilly Park Cootehill to make it 3 in a row for the town club. The Gaels have contested the last 7 finals winning 5 of them. Team Charlie Halligan Brian Gurhy Dessie Scanlon Alan O Riordan Cian Monahan Liam Rabbitt (Captain) Ciaran Graham Michael Cooke Ciaran McGlade Francis Cleary Joseph Kenny Stephen Maguire Ciaran Flynn Damian Brady and Sean Johnston. Subs Paul O Connell and Killian Phair.

August 1st 1996 McCarren’s Management issue an ultimatum to their striking workers to accept the recent package offered to them or they will close the plant for good on Friday August 9th.The members of McCarren’s workforce condemn the threat as unreasonable and give the Union SIPTU the go ahead to initiate legal proceedings against the Company if they go ahead with their threat.

Same Week Percy French Festival promoted by Cavan Chamber of Commerce and Industry in conjunction with Cavan Vintners Association in Cavan from August 1st to Monday August 5th includes a Civic Reception for the Lord Mayor of Bangor and visiting Percy French Societies from Ireland and abroad. The Festival will conclude with Phil The Fluter’s Ball in The Kilmore Hotel on Monday with music by The  Glenn Millar Legacy.

Marie Smith daughter of John and Christine Smith Ballyhaise takes over as manageress of the newly established Bramley Restaurant at The Black Horse Inn. Marie has wide experience of the catering business having worked in restaurants and catering establishments in New York and Sydney. She has managed The Bridge Restaurant for the last 6 years and brings a wealth of experience and flair to this new venture.

Tyrone retain the Anglo Celt Cup beating Down  1-9 to 0-9 before 33,00 spectators at sun kissed Saint Tiernach’s Park. Tyrone were coasting when Down came with a late surge and almost caught the champions at the post. Scorers for Tyrone Peter Canavan 1-1 Brian Dooher 0-3 Adrian Cush 0-2 Paschal Canavan Gerard Cavlan Brian Gormley 0-1 each.

Saint Clare’s Cavan win the Ulster Rounders title at their first attempt beating Annahorish in the Final in Middleton County Armagh by 3-0.Team Áine Duffy 1Yvonne Scully 1 Karen Scorr 1 Julie Graham 1 Monica McDonald Ann Marie Loughman Stacey Boyle Louise Smith and Lynette McCaul.

August 8th 1996 Eugene and Annie Leddy celebrate the Golden Jubilee of their marriage which occurred on the 26th of June 1946 in Saint Bridget’s Church Killeshandra.Eugene is the famous leader of the broadcasting Ceilidhe Band of the same name and the pair are parents of well known International Country and Irish singer Kathy Durkin.

Same Week McCarren’s closes its doors and makes all their employees redundant as a result of the failure of SIPTU to recommend acceptance of the Rescue Package offered by the Company which would have meant McCarren’s operating their state of the art plant with a smaller more efficient workforce of 46 with 67 being made redundant with terms of 1 week for each year worked and statutory redundancy.Sad day for the town and county and a deep sense of loss and shock is felt as McCarren’s had been the leading employers in the town since 1860 and were to the forefront in developing the social cultural and economic life of the area .

Monsoon Monday  descends on Cavan as Weatherman David Small reports that a record 3 ¾ “ of rain fell in one day equivalent to the rainfall for the entire month of July.

Fernando Ribeiro of Portugal storms to the Olympic Gold medal in The Lady’s 10,000 metres Final in a new Olympic record of 31.04.Challenged over the last lap by the fast finishing Junxa Wang of China she sped around the final 400 metres in an amazing 63.8 seconds.Gete Wami of Ethiopia was 3rd in 31.06 with Cavan’s own Catherina McKiernan finishing 11th of the 19 starters in a time of 32.00.74 just outside her personal best.

Death of Paddy McMahon late of 2 Keadue and Behey.Outstanding character Paddy was a gifted mechanic and could repair all manner of machines specialising in cars. Survived by his sister Kathleen brother Phil.Funeral Mass in Saint Brigid’s Church Killygarry with burial in the adjoining cemetery.

Cavan snatch a draw with Meath in The All Ireland Under 21 Semi Final 1-9 to 1-9 before 5,000 spectators at Hyde Park Roscommon with the last kick of the game Roy Brennan’s point following a foul on Killygarry’s Frankie Lovett. Scorers for Cavan Roy Brennan 0-5 Michael Graham 0-2 Jason Reilly Larry Reilly 0-1 each.

Rhonda Tidy is conferred with her B Sc degree with honours in Visual Communications at the University of Ulster in Jordanstown.Educated at Butlersbridge NS Loreto College Cavan Hounslow Borough Council London and The University of Ulster Rhonda is daughter of Ron and Mary Tidy Butlersbridge.

August 15th 1996 Doctor Joanne O Riordan a native of Cork and employed in the Dental Practice of Colm Smith in Cootehill is the International Miss Macra for 1996-1997.

Same Week  Death of Kathleen Keogan 8 Jubilee in Beaumont Hospital Dublin. Employed in the Hotel business all her life she worked in various parts of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland before retiring 8 years ago. Predeceased by her brother John 29 Tullac Mongan she is survived by many nieces and nephews. Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Sudden unexpected death of Rose Fox Carrickfern College Street and Church Street. Member of the well known Smith family from Aughadreena Stradone Rose came to Cavan to work in McDonnell’s Drapery as Bookkeeper and Office Manager for 10 years prior to her marriage to Seamus Fox. Helped to build up Fox’s Footwear into a thriving business and household name before concentrating on rearing her family. Gifted actress she appeared in many shows and dramas in her youth and was closely associated with Cavan Drama Festival. Outstanding card player Poker was her game of choice and during the Winter months formed a school with Nellie Phil Gargan Michael Kathleen Clarke Nellie and Michael Smith. Took an active part in the founding and development of the Ladie’s Section County Cavan Golf Club. She was Treasurer Secretary Captain and President.In latter years she showed her ability as a very good gardener and during the Summer months always had window boxes and hanging baskets displayed to cheer up the passers by their house in Church Street. Predeceased by her husband Seamus on the 4th of July this year she is survived by her sons Jimmy Brendan and Niall daughters Rosemary and Geraldine. Guards of Honour formed by both The Drama Festival committee and the Lady members County Cavan Golf Club at her funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies cemetery.

Alison Lindsay is appointed a judge of the Circuit Court and will serve on The Midland Circuit. She is daughter of Paddy Lindsay former Minister for the Gaeltacht and teacher in The Royal School Cavan .Her mother Moya is a member of the well known Brady family late of the Ulster Arms Cavan and she is a first cousin of Carl Brady Cathedral Road. Alison is married to Ken Cross BL.

Cavan and Castleknock players dominate the honours at Junior Open Week at Cavan Tennis Club. Under 12 Singles Sean Johnston (Cavan) beat Niall Stenson (Mullingar) 7-5 6-3 Under 16 Singles Niall McKeown (Cavan) beat Eoin Elliott (Cavan) 6-2 6-2 Under 14 Doubles Pauric Smith and Sean Johnston (Cavan) beat R Cahill and S Byrne (Mullingar) 6-3 6-4 Under 18 Doubles A Hamill and Niall McKeown (Cavan) beat John McMahon and C McKeown (Cavan).The outstanding girl of the tournament was Sarah McIntyre from Castkleknock.Spanish and French students joined the players from Kells Mullingar Castleknock Stackallen Edgeworthstown Longford and Trim to make this the most competitive and representative tournament in the history of Junior Open Week.

Father Peter Paul  Galligan from Thomascourt celebrates the Golden Jubilee of his ordination at a function organised by his friends in The Cavan Association in New South Wales Australia. Outstanding footballer in his youth he won 6 Ulster Championship medals with Cavan and after his ordination was posted to Sydney where he arrived on Christmas Day 1946.Among the gifts presented to Father Peter Paul was a Cornafean jersey the club with whom he starred and won 7 County Cavan Senior Championship medals.

August 22nd 1996 Roisin Thomas from Gortnakesh is top student at Loreto College with 7As  amounting to 640 points in the Leaving Certificate results .The 7 subjects she excelled in were English Maths Irish French German Physics and Chemistry Undecided about the course of her future career Roisin is daughter of Clair and Danny Thomas Gortnakesh Cavan.

Same Week  Death of Francis Brady 4 Saint Brigid’s Terrace Cavan at the age of 67.Very well known local character Francis enjoyed company and a sing song. Dedicated family man Francis had a great interest in all sports particularly gaelic football.Workedwith The Office of Public Works until his retirement 7 years ago. Predeceased by his son Patrick survived by his wife Mary (May Maguire) sons John Tommy Frank Martin and Paul daughters Mary (Miller) and Sheila (Dosmelle).Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

The Cavan CYMS Hut is demolished making way for a new two storey structure on the same site. Designed by Bryan O Reilly Arch Tech with Midland Design Service Structural Engineers Longford. The Building Contractor is Owen Smith from Aughaloora Kilnaleck.It is expected that work will be completed on the building within one year.

Alan Pratt County Cavan’s dynamic young forward is appointed Captain pf Cavan Rugby Club.

Antonia Hayes is awarded 1st Class Honours B Ed at the University of Birmingham. Daughter of John and Maureen Hayes Annaglough.Antonia was educated at Crubany NS Loreto College Cavan and Newman University Birmingham.

August 29th 1996 Cavan beat Meath 1-11 to 1-9 to qualify for the all Ireland Under 21 Final at Hyde Park Roscommon before a large attendance of 8,000.Cavan on top all through and Meath’s late rally failed to stop Cavan who will now play Kerry in The All Ireland Final in Semple Stadium Thurles.Scorers for Cavan Dermot McCabe 0-4 Jason Reilly 1-0 Roy Brennan 0-3 Michael Reilly Terry Farrelly Anthony Forde and Michael Graham 0-1 each.

Same Week  Death of Kathleen Power 15 Swellan Court in Cavan General Hospital at the age of 68.Native of Wolfe Tone Street she lived there until recently transferring to a larger home in Swellan Court. Outstanding housekeeper Kathleen worked with the McConville family for along number of years when they were resident over The Bus Office. Prominent founder member of the Girl’s Club she starred in all their activities including the annual musicals in The Town Hall when stars such as Michael O Duffy were included on the bill. Suffered ill health for a long number of years she bore her illness with great courage and cheerfulness. Survived by her son Edmund daughter Alice brother Sean and sisters Josephine and Rosaleen.Funeral from The Cathedral to Killygarry.

Death of Ann Quinn (Nee McKiernan) Breffni Terrace in Farnborough England. Survived by her husband Francie son John daughters Anne and Kathleen sisters Clare (Gumley) Teresa (Brady) Nellie (McCaul) Maggie (Thornton) and brother Tommy McKiernan Saint Patrick’s Terrace. Funeral in England.

Deidre Kelly from Shankill is conferred with her BSc Honours degree in Radiotherapy at The University of Ulster Jordanstown.Educated at Drumcrave NS Loreto College Cavan Deidre is daughter of Michael and Kathleen Kelly Shankill Cavan.

In the curtain raiser at Dr Hyde Park Cavan captained by Thomas Davis’ John Joe Martin win the All Ireland Masters title beating Mayo 1-10 to 0-5.J J Reilly (Cavan Gaels) says that this is a bonus after the 1993 triumph. Pays glowing tribute to the Munterconnaught Club who afforded their training and playing facilities to the team in preparation for their successful season. Team Michael Lyons (Drumalee) Fergus Costello (Lacken) Paddy Gaffney (Denn) Pauric Brady (Lacken) Seamus Kiernan (Munterconnaught Peadar Queally (Denn) Ollie Stanley (Munterconnaught) Robbie McDermott (Ballinagh) Adge King (Laragh) Noel Corcoran (Killdallan) Paddy McNamee (Ramor) Mickey Freehill (Killdallen) Pat Flanagan (Aughawillan) John Joe Martin (Thomas Davis ) Captain and Mickey Reilly (Redhills) Subs JJ Reilly (Cavan Gaels for Adge King Hubert Brady (Mullahoran) for Fergus Costello Brendan Smith (Redhills) for Noel Corcoran and Tony Lynch (Drung) for Ollie Stanley.

September 5th 1996 .Claire Thomas wins the Lady Captain’s (Marita Leech’s) Prize at County Cavan Golf Club.Ita Sorahan was 2nd Gertie Walsh Best Gross Paddy Haren Gent’s Prize and Claire Thomas (Junior) The Juvenile Prize.

Same Week Yasmin Maasarani is conferred with her 1st Class Honours BA in The History of Art in The European Union at the University of Leicester England.Yasmin is daughter of Dr Maasarani and Anna (Nee Brady).She is a granddaughter of Patrick and Mary Brady Reask Cavan.

Cavan Gaels beat Crosserlough 4-8 to 1-11 to win the Under 14 League Final in Crosskeys.Outstanding game with two teams of contrasting styles with the Gaels preferring the short passing game to Crosserlough’s direct long ball approach. Even contest The Gaels ability to score goals was decisive and gave them another Under Age title to add to their Under 12 Roinn A won only a few weeks ago. Scorers for the Gaels Alan Coyle 3-1 Cormac Dunne 1-0 Frank Ward 0-2 Richie Graham 0-2 Nicholas Walsh Sean Reilly and Enda King 0-1 each.Team Patrick O Keeffe John Murray Fergal Brady Pauric Smith Gavin Duffy Eamonn Reilly Barry Brady Enda King Richie Graham (Captain) Sean Reilly Cormac Dunne Edward Halligan Nicholas Walsh Frank Ward and Alan Coyle Sub Damien Farrell .

Richard Humpreys from Drumgola is conferred with his Bachelor of Engineering with 1st Class Honours in Electronic Computer Systems at The University of Salford England. Son of Frank and Emily Humpreys Drumgola Richard was educated at Cavan Number 1 and The Royal School Cavan.

Death of Kathleen Lyons (Nee Warrington) Rahulton Butlersbridge in Florida ICA.Survived by her son John daughter Betty brothers Harry (Butlersbridge) Dick (New Zealand) Willie Lisnaskea and sister May in Cumber County Down.

September 12th 1996 Death of Tommy Reilly 4 College Street and Lavendar Hill Enfield London. Top class mechanic and electrician. Along with his good friend George Lunn set up the mechanical and electrical installations in McCarren’s Factory. On call 24/7 Tommy and George were always able to keep the plant ticking over amidst all sorts of crisis and power cuts which were prevalent at the time. Later installed the electrical and mechanical equipment at Monery Bi Products which he maintained to a very high specification. Tommy’s interests were sport and fishing. Never missed an International in Dalymount Park among his travelling companions was Mick Smyth Gerry Kelly and the young Andy McGahon and Gene Cullivan.Survived by his wife Cissie son Robert daughter Maria.Funeral from Saint Mary’s Mother of God Nag’s Head Road London.

Same Week Death of Thomas Tommy) Donovan in England. Survived by his wife Margaret (Carroll) son John and daughter Jacqueline brother Sean in Limerick sisters Nellie Bridie My and Julia. Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Jimmy Sheridan playing off 9 wins the President’s Paddy McManus’ Prize at County Cavan Golf Club with a score of 41 Kevin McGowan was 2nd with the same score while Seamus Smith (18) was 3rd again with a 41 but inferior back 9.Johnny Costello playing off 4 won the Gross Gene Smith (Junior) playing off 8 won the Student’s prize Marita Leech the Ladies’ Prize. Meanwhile in a titanic Dr FPE Smith Scratch Cup Final Eddie McCormick beats Terry Smith on the 36th hole.

Cavan Gaels beat Mullahoran 4-11 to 4-4 in the 1995 Under 14 Championship Final having lead by 1-8 to 2-1 at the interval. Powered by the centre field pairing of Dominick Reilly and Paul O Donnell (Captain) the Gaels dominated the play and should have won by more than 7 points. Team Martin O Reilly Eamonn Reilly Colm McCardle Barry Brady Jonathan Greaney Shane McGlade Pauric Smith Dominic Reilly Paul O Donnell (Captain) Tommy McCormick Frank Ward Pearse Whelan Paul Flynn Richie Graham and Sean Reilly Subs Nicholas Walsh Clive Lowry Edward Halligan Cormac Lewis Fergal Brady Alan Coyle Enda King and Der Coogan.

Barry Hanrahan and Catherine Fegan NCEF Body Studio fully qualified Aerobics and Gym Instructors are offering special terms for use of their Gym in Farnham Street Monthly membership is £25 or Quarterly £50.

Elizabeth Fay relict of Matt Upper Main Street celebrates her 100th Birthday at her home Convent House Cavan on the 10th September 1996.Served he time to the Drapery business and worked in Hannies of Castlerea and Philip McDonald’s Cavan and later Staunton’s of Loughrea.Emigrated to America in 1927 with her fiancée Matt Fay.They were married in Our Lady of Lourdes Church New York in 1929.Elizabeth worked in the well known Bloomsdale’s while Matt was employed in the Grocery trade. Came home for a holiday in 1936 and decided to stay in Ireland purchasing a Public House (Sibin) at 87 Main Street. Lost her beloved husband Matt in 1993.Elizabeth never drank or smoked beautiful elegant appearance she always spoke with a touch of an American accent. Like her husband she was a staunch Republican and remembers in her late teens and early 20st having to  avoid indiscriminate shooting of the Black and Tans who were rampant in Loughrea..Reception in the Kilmore where there were 85 guests comprising her daughter Monica nephews nieces neighbours and many friends. Father John Murphy Adm conveys the congratulations of the President and presents Elizabeth with the customary President’s cheque.

Cavan score an impressive 201 marks in this year’s Tidy Towns competition. This was up from 168 last year a massive increase of 33 marks. Eddie Brady long time Chairman expresses his delight and pays tribute to Bernadette McGovern Town Horticulturist and the staff of Cavan Urban Council.

Cavan Bridge N/S1st Mick Flanagan and Evelyn O Connor 2nd Ena Hickey and Kathleen Clarke E/W 1st Vera Wilson and Kay Henry 2nd Helen Timmoney and May Hayes.

Joe Monaghan  Wolfe Tone Street weds Catherine Willock Drumanespie Post Office Bailieboro in Saint Anne’s Church Bailieboro with the Reception in the Lavey Inn

September 19th 1996 Norah McEntee Harmony Heights graduates as a State Registered Nurse with a Diploma in  Health Studies at Reading University England. She was educated at The Poor Clare’s Loreto College and The Cavan College of Further Studies Norah is a daughter of Sean and Marie McEntee Harmony Heights and College Street Cavan.

Same Week Late point from Colm Coyle secures an undeserved draw for Meath 0-12 against Mayo 0-12 with the last kick of the match in The All Ireland Final at Croke Park with 65,898 in attendance. The ball was kicked from 60 yards and on the bone hard ground managed to bounce over the bar. Mayo were 6 points up and cruising to their first All Ireland since 1951 when a series of incidents occurred to draw the never say die Meath men level.

Death of Very Rev Canon Peter Smith Parochial House Lacken Ballinagh.Very well known character in Cavan town where he was a prominent member of County Cavan Golf Club serving as Captain of the Club Survived by his sisters Mary Rose Tully and Evelyn Agnes..Funeral from Saint Michael’s Potahee to the adjoining cemetery.

September 26th 1996 Karl McEntee Pullamore is conferred with his BSc (General) with distinction in Maths and Experimental Physics at UCD.Educated at Killygarry NS Saint Patrick’s College Cavan Karl is son of Eamonn and Angela McEntee Pullamore.

Same Week  Death of Gerry Brady Poles at the age of 74.First Chairman of Killygarry GFC Gerry never missed a game and was a keen lifelong follower of the county team. Worked for a period of time with Poles Co Operative before joining Cavan County Council. Best of company he was an outstanding conversationalist and could recall events and people with incredible accuracy and humour. During the Winter months Gerry hosted many poker sessions which were a great source of amusement and  interest for friends and neighbours. Survived by his brothers Pat Tommy and John and sister Kathleen. Guards of Honour at both the funeral and removal from Killygarry GFC.Funeral from Saint Brigid’s Killygarry to he adjoining cemetery.

Death of Ann Jane (Nancy) Kinane Farnham at the age of 85.Lived in England for a number of years before returning to Cavan 22 years ago. Member of the very well known Slacke family from Finea on the Cavan side of the Westmeath border .The family played a prominent role in the commercial life of Cavan with the establishment of ‘Milsean Breffni’ and the ‘Breffni Restaurant’ in Main Street (Irish Nationwide).Nancy was an outstanding horsewoman and won many prizes for her expertise in handling horses at the local Agricultural Shows.Died suddenly after attending the book launch of ‘The Bend for Home’ by her nephew Dermot Healy in The White Horse Hotel Cootehill.Predeceased by her husband James a very well known Commercial Representative she is survived by her sons Eric Dermot and Ernest.Funeral from the Cathedral to Finea.

Eugene Reilly and PJ Dunne prelaunch their book at the opening of the magnificent new Farnham School by the Minister for Education Niamh Breathnach.Among the distinguished gathering are Bishop Francis McKiernan Reverend Archdeacon George and Olive Millar Lord and Lady Farnham Father Gerry Kearns Chairman of the Board of Management  Pat McKiernan (Senior) oldest male contributor to book Evelyn Swan oldest female contributor Pauline McKiernan Parent’s Council Sheelagh Gaffney Board of Management Farnham School and Bernard Donohoe Principal Farnham National School.

Gowna claim their third (1988 1994) title when overpowering neighbours Mullahoran 1-14 to 1-08 in a one sided County Final in Hugh O Reilly Park Cootehill before an attendance of 4,000 on a perfect day for football. A very young Mullahoran team will have to await at least another year to win their first senior title since 1963.Dermot McCabe the towering young Gowna centre fielder was voted Man of the Match.

October 3rd 1996 Archbishop Sean Brady succeeds Cardinal Cathal Daly as Archbishop of Armagh and Primate of All Ireland on Cardinal Daly’s 79th birthday. He will be officially installed on the 3rd of November the Feast of Saint Malachy the Patron Saint of the Diocese of Armagh.

Same Week  Elizabeth Fay Convent House and late of Upper Main Street celebrates her 100th Birthday in the presence of friends and neighbours in The Kilmore Hotel. Pictured are Kathleen Caffrey (Niece) Monica Fay (Daughter) and Eileen Breslin (Niece).

Dermot Healy launches his Autobiography ‘The Bend for Home’ in The White Horse .Dermot’s other book successes to date are ‘Banished Misfortune’(1982) ‘Fighting With Shadows’ (1984) ‘A Goat’s Song’ (1993)’The Ballyconnell Colour’ (1993).His plays include ‘The Long Swim’ ‘On Broken Wings’ ‘Last Night’s Fun’ and the Screenplay for the film ‘Our Boys’ about the Christian Brothers role in the Irish Education system.

Heather Developments are selling 18 1, 2, and 3 bedroom apartments at the Newcourt Centre for prices ranging from £44,000 to £65,000.The apartments vary in size from 460 square feet to 1115 square feet. There are 140 car parking spaces at the rear and only 3 of the Retail units remain for Lease. The builders are P Elliott and Company Building and Civil Engineering Contractors and the Design is by Frank Crowley and Associates Harcourt Street Dublin 2.

Tragic death of Barry McCaul Crossdoney and formerly Bridge Street at the age of 30 in a motor traffic accident at Ricehill Crossdoney.He had only returned from England a short time ago .Prominent member of Cavan Motor Club Barry took part in competitions throughout the country and was a very skilled competent driver. Survived by his wife Breda brothers Declan and Paddy sister Orla.He was predeceased by his parents Vincent and Ina..Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry cemetery.

Mick Flanagan and Willie Finnegan win the prestigious Hunt/Maloney trophy at County Cavan Bridge Club 2nd were May Hayes and Pat Smith 3rd was Marina  Hand and Eileen McEnri.

Michael Clarke 2 Killymooney Drive displays the magnificent 2 lbs 2 oz trout that won him the Rene Lachenmair trophy on Annagh Lake. Michael is son of Tom and Angela Clarke 2 Killymooney Drive.

Meath win the All Ireland Final replay with a 2-9 to 0-11 point victory over luckless Mayo at Croke Park before a reduced attendance of 65,802.The game hinged on a controversial decision by referee Pat McEneaney to pick out Liam McHale and Colm Coyle for red cards  after a melee broke out in which 27 players were involved soon after the start of the game. Mayo had their chances and led by two points with 10 minutes to play but powered by captain and Man of the Match Tommy Dowd Meath stormed to their 6th all Ireland Senior title.

0ctober 10th 1996 Death of Frank Coyle Drumryan Poles at the age of 80.well known farmer in the area his help and advise were eagerly sought and treasured by many neighbours. Youngest and last of an original family of 10.Founder member of Killygarry GFC he was a member of the Committee for a number of years and never missed a game. Keen follower of the county team he followed the fortunes of the team in good and poor times. Survived by his  wife Katie  son Tom daughter in law Brid.Funeral from Saint Bridget’s Killygarry to the adjoining cemetery.

Same Week  Death of Mary Bernadette (Maureen) Comaskey Carrickfern and late of Lisduff Ballinagh.Predeceased by her husband Paul sons Terence and Pat she is survived by her daughters Marian Bridget Rita Pauline Jo and Dympna.Funeral from the Cathedral to Drumcor.

Cavan Flower Arranging Club Demonstration entitled ‘Autumn Light’ by Vivion Johnston and Ann McDonald.

World Record Rudd (Roach) catch by Hugh Gough Cathedral Road on the White Lake Tulsk County Roscommon. His bag of 4 monster rudd all over 4 lbs beats the heaviest catch ever recorded in these Islands while his biggest fish of 4 lbs 8 ozs equals the World Record set by Rev F S Alston Norfolk England in 1933.

October 17th 1996 Father Oliver Kelly Chairman Board of Management Killygarry NS turns the first sod for the erection of the new school at Killygarry.Pictured are Father Oliver Kelly CC Catherine Smith Chair Parents’ Association Micheal Reilly Principal and Joe McGovern of P McGovern and Son Bawnboy Building Contractors for the project.

Death of Kathleen (Kay) O Keefe 23 Saint Phelim’s Place at Beaumont Hospital aged 75.Native of the town, the Drumm family lived at Puddin Lane where her father was a well known highly skilled and well respected Blacsmith.Survived by her husband Frank sons Frank (Junior) Gerry Paul daughters Rose Maura and Kathleen. Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Same Week Loreto College present ‘My Fair Lady’ in The College Assembly Hall. Adrienne Carolan is Eliza Killian McGuiness Professor Higgins Patricia O Reilly Colonel Pickering. There is a cast of over 170 who have been in rehearsal for the show since January. Angela Walton is the Musical Director and Jeanette Gibbs Costume Designer.

Death of Tony Brady BDS late of 25/26 Main Street at the age of 70.Member of a very well known Cavan business family who owned The Ulster Arms and the well known drapery store Johnny Brady’s. Qualified as a Dentist in 1952 he took up practice at King’s Road Chelsea and stayed there until his return to Dublin in 1975 where he worked in private practice for a short time before taking up a position with the Southern Health Board in Cork. Retired only 5 years ago. Predeceased by his wife Joan 7 years ago he is survived by hi brothers Jack Cavan and Laura Phelan in Wexford.Funeral in Ballaghadreen County Mayo

Death of Penelope (Penny ) Foster Kilnacreeva Stradone at the age of 50.Born in England but came to live in Ireland some years ago.Loved the Irish unspoilt county side and country lifeWell known in the area for her outstanding knitwear which she produced by hand per order and specification. Survived by her husband George sons James and Eddie. Funeral from Cavan Parish Church to the New cemetery

Social Services Whist 1st Lady Bee Lynch 2nd Lady Teresa McConnell Lady’s Hatcher Kathleen Hyland 1st Gent Packy Brogan Gent’s Hatcher Alfie Lynch.

Elizabeth Logan is this week’s winner of the £500 in The Saint Christopher’s Hospice draw the winning promoter was Jackie Lewis 2nd £300 Ann Crowe C/o The Abbey Bar with the Promoter being Peggy Brady and 3rd Philomena Sheridan 42 John Paul Avenue

October 24th 1996 Sudden death of Michael Murphy 26 Tullac Mongan at the age of 40.Youngest of a large family of 17 son of the late James (Spud) and Annie Murphy Tullac Mongan. Michael worked in Pauwells Trafo and was a highly skilled and accomplished craftsman. Great interest in music Michael had an extensive collection of records and tapes dating back to the heady days of the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. Predeceased by his parents James and Annie Michael is survived by his brothers and sisters.Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Same Week ‘A Quiet Night In’ starring Jimmy Fox and Paul McEneaney in The Farnham Arms Hotel.Paul is a member of the Magic Circle and Jimmy is a master of wisecracks and song having starred in productions in Dublin Cavan Belfast and London.

Monaghan Ladies captained by Margaret Kearns beat Laois in replay to win the All Ireland Senior Ladies’ title for the first time 2-11 to 1-9 before 13,000 spectators at Croke Park Dublin.

October 31st 1996 Death of the very popular Michael (Mickey) Gallimore 13 Saint Patrick’s Terrace Swellan at the age of 50 in Cavan General Hospital. Born and reared in College Street Mickey had a host of friends and was very popular with everybody. Member of the Cavan Boy Scouts from an early age Michael was a member of the 1st Accordion Band and took part in many outings and shows in the Town Hall. Worked as a technician with Telecom Eireann he had a great mind and took a degree in Communications from the Open University through the medium of BBC 2  television. Saw the need for a local small airport to serve the Cavan area and was instrumental in acquiring a site at Grilly Belturbet for such a move. Great interest and knowledge of aeronautics Mickey was a skilled Amateur Pilot. Suffered injuries in a Parachute jumps and an accident at work which resulted in his early retirement. Survived by his wife Josie daughter Denise son Michael mother Mai.Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Death of Hugh McDermott 3 Tullac Mongan Cavan at the age of 65.Man of great  strength and physique Hugh worked with the outdoor staff of the Department of Posts and Telegraphs and physically dug the holes for the telegraph poles to be erected.. Predeceased by his wife Martha he is survived by his sons Hubert Patrick and John daughters Teresa Marie and Catherina.Funeral from the Cathedral to Coronea.

Same Week  Saint Patrick’s College Annual Golfing Reunion at the Slieve Russell is won by Cavan native Timothy Beggs with Pat Reilly (Black Doc and EBS) Oliver McCann Dessie Gilroy and John McKiernan also among the prizes which were presented by the President of the Past Pupils Union Cormac Dunne.

Team P Elliott Ladies score a double in The Ladies Novice Cross Country held in Tanagh Cootehill.The individual winner was Brenda Montgomery with Catherine Grogan 2nd Muriel Hastings 3rd with Kathleen Smith and Irene Hatchett finishing strongly to win the Team Gold. Tony Dunne won the County Cavan Veterans title from team mates Owen McPhillips and Packy Doonan with Team P Elliott taking the Team prize

Derbhle Crotty Cootehill Road has joined the Royal Shakespearian Company for a period of 18 months and will play in Ibsen’s ‘Little Eyolf’ Tennessee William’s ‘Camio Real’ and play Ophelia in Shakespeare’s Hamlet at Stratford on Avon.Derbhle is daughter of Vincent and the late Sheila Crotty Cootehill Road.

The Irish Blood Transfusion Board award Gold Pelicans for donations of 50 pints of blood to Mary McNicholas Creighan Neill Doherty Gortnakesh and Terry Leddy Drumsilla Butlersbridge.

November 7th 1996 Archbishop Sean Brady is installed as the 115th successor to Saint Patrick and Primate of All Ireland at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral Armagh in a glittering ceremony attended by dignitaries of Church and State led by The President Mary Robinson and Sir Patrick Mayhew Secretary of State for Northern Ireland. The 4 ordaining Cardinals were Cardinal Cathal Daly Armagh Cardinal Basil Hume Westminster Cardinal Thomas Murray Archbishop of Glasgow and Francis Arinze Secretary of the Council for the Propagation of the Faith. Archbishop Brady sends greetings to the people of Laragh and Kilmore the Diocese for whom he was ordained particularly the sick and housebound and asks for their prayers as he sets out on his arduous journey.

Same Week  Paddy and Mary Kelly from ‘The Square Bar’ Bailieboro win £3.7 million in The National Lottery Draw. Mary bought the £3 quick pick for Paddy from Drena Clerkin in Larry O Brien’s Bailieboro.Both are very well known in GAA circles and are officers of Bailieboro Shamrocks.

50 year old Bill Clinton is re-elected President of the United States for a second term. He easily saw off the challenge of Republican Bob Dole with a 9% surplus. Described by the Anglo Celt as “the best friend Ireland ever had in The White House” Bill Clinton’s re-election is greeted with joy in Ireland.

Jane Sheridan from Farnham celebrates her 102nd Birthday in Saint Phelim’s Hospital. Pictured surrounded by her family Anne Smith (daughter) Mary Sheridan (daughter) Pauline Brady (daughter) Paddy Sheridan (son) Rosaleen Sheridan (Graham) daughter in law and Owen Smith son in law.

November 7th 1996 Cavan Chamber of Commerce and Industry 1996-1997 President Michael O Brien Vice President Peter McGinnity Secretary Katherine Elliott Treasurer James McCartney PRO Maeve Clarke Committee Hugh Lennon Christine McGuiness Cormac Dunne Dermot McMonigle  Jim Maher Eddie Coleman Peadar Leddy and Martin Carroll.

Same Week  Death of Michael Loughnane 37 Killymooney Drive at the age of 44.Tall and handsome with a fresh complexion and a mop of red hair Michael was a keep fit fanatic and specialised in weight lifting. Never drank or smoked. Enjoyed perfect health all his life but took ill a few months ago. Man of great industry integrity and skill Michael was an accomplished Glass Cutter at Cavan Crystal for the last 12 years. His hobbies were music where he accumulated a very valuable record collection and working out on weights in both The Sports Complex and at home where had a fully equipped gymnasium. Predeceased by his sister Marian he is survived by his mother Bernadette brother Billy sisters Rose (Boles) Bernadette (O Connor) Kathleen and Nora. Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Jackson’s Garage celebrate their Golden Jubilee .Founded by brothers Maurice and Alan Jackson in 1946 when they bought the premises and The Ford and Lincoln Dealership from George  Robinson in Farnham Street for £15,000.In the intervening 50 years Jacksons have sold an incredible 40,000 Ford vehicles and commercials. David Jackson is the Managing Director Norma Jackson Director Norman Cinnamond Director w