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January 5th 1981 Con P Smith donates 5 ½ acres of land fronting on to Cathedral Road to be developed as Memorial Park to the memory of his son Con A Smith who was killed in a plane crash in June 1972.Andy O Brien states the gesture is typical of every gesture of Mr Smith towards his native county and birthplace of Lavey. Paddy Conaty paid fulsome tribute to the Manager John Cassidy for his skill in negotiating such a wonderful amenity for future generations of town’s people. Andrew Boylan stated that it was a very generous donation and the Smith family always had the welfare and development of Cavan town at heart.-- Straight’ but the horse is withdrawn from the race. John McGinnity’s sold the Ticket.

Death of Patrick Browne native of Cavan town after spending 49 years in England at the age of 70.Survived by his brother Billy, sister Bernadette Loughnane Owen Roe.Rev.Felim Kelly officiated at the funeral on Christmas Day from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Sympathy is extended to County Manager John Cassidy on the death of his brother Rev Peter V Cassidy Society of Saint Columban Dalgan Park on Christmas Eve. He was also a brother of Rev Michael Cassidy,Rev Martin Cassidy and Sister Justin Columban Sisters Hong Kong. Funeral in Swinford County Mayo.

Loreto College receive a certificate of merit at Young Scientist of the Year for project which proves that the water in Cavan town has been unfit for human consumption for years.Orla Tierney (7),Helen Murphy (17) and Aideen Tierney (16)  hope that a new scheme due for completion later in the year will solve the problem.

January 11th 1981 End of an era as Brendan Murray purchases the Poor Clare Convent for a figure believed to be in the region of £75,000.He is applying for planning permission for conversion of the ground floor to retail and offices.

Same Week. Tony Looney replaces long serving Cavan Gaels Chairman Brendan Keaney at the helm of the town club while Phil Murray replaces Gabriel Kelly as Trainer.The Gaels are once again named Club of the Year by Cavan County Board.

Dome Celestine Cullen OSB son of Maura and the late Surgeon Bertie is appointed Abbott of Glenstall for an eight year period.

Death of legendary Cavan footballer Packy Masterson Bruise Arva.Winner of 17 County Senior Championship medals with Cornafean and 9 Ulster Senior medals with Cavan. Played with Cornafean until he was 55 and prominent member of the County side from 1913 to 1928.

Death of Jimmy Higgins Drumalee at the age of 69.Native of Moneycass Stradone.Employed by Cavan County Council. Survived by his wife Margaret sons Peter, Brian and Patrick and daughter Eileen. Father Felim Kelly officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Donegal defeat Cavan in McGambley Cup tie in Tierquin by 7-3.The visitors had the more powerful forward division.

Frank Tully (Lantern Inn) and Andy McConnell (Kesh Bar) present Sister Paul Saint Phelim’s with a cheque for £333 for the Patient Comfort Fund.

Overall winners of Road League 1981 Boy’s Under 17 Senan O Reilly, Senior Ladies Lyla Cafferty, Boys Under 11 Donal Murray.Kingscourt are overall team winners and retain the Gypsum trophy.

January 16th 1981 Departure of Tony Darcy from Cavan. Native of Kilrush,he was a teacher in Saint Felim’s Boys School for a period of 10 years.Prominent in the running of the Community Games,Cavan Athletic Club,Boy Scouts and Cavan Gaels Juveniles.

Same Week Ronald Reagan is sworn in as the 40th President of the USA with the promise of a period of economic revival in the USA.

January 23rd 1981 Presentation to Nurse Nan Galligan on the occasion of her retirement after 23 years with Cavan Clinic is made on behalf of her colleagues by Dr.Tadgh Lynch Director of Community Care in Cavan/Monaghan

January 30th 1981 Gene Fitzgerald Minister for Finance hammers ‘the old reliables’ in stiff ’Election’ Budget.Petrol is increased by 15p a gallon while 12 p on the glass of whiskey,6 p on the Pint and 10 p on a packet of twenty cigarettes. Registration fee for cars is increased from £10 to £20.Contributory Old Age pension rises to £30-65p while unemployment benefit is increased to £24-55p.

January 30th 1981 Cavan AC are looking for new members .Contact Paul Myles (Coach),John McDermott (Secretary),Paddy Dillon or Tom O Connor.

Same Week 4th Cavan International Song Contest in the Sports Centre from 24th April to 26th April 1981 has a prize fund of £7,000.

Cavan Town B are 2nd in the table of The Longford League defeat Castlepollard 4-0 at Derrycramph.Tom (Bomber) Byrne (2) Gene Cullivan and Brian Smith scorers for Town.Team John Heffernan,Cecil O Reilly,S Keoghan,Peter Burns,Brian Smith,Jerry Egan,J Carmichael,Hughie Murray,J Smith,T Byrne and Gene Cullivan.12th man John Murphy,13th man H P Clarke.

February 6th 1981 Government decide to liquidate the McCartin Group after examination of the Company’s affairs.Tommy McCartin is frustrated and angry at the decision.

Same Week Patrick Dowd native of Ardmagh Redhills is the new County Manager in Cork succeeding Michael Conlon who has joined the Cork Savings Bank.

Johnny Wilson Minister for Education turns the first sod for the new£360,000 Sports Complex at Drumalee.

Chamber of Commerce announce new trading hours of 8pm on Friday and 7 pm closing Saturdays.

County GAA 1981 President TP O Reilly Vice Presidents H L Smith, Tom Reilly and Patsy Lynch, Chairman Phil Brady, Vice Chair Jim McCorry,Secretary Michéal Greenan,Assistant Secretary Andy Feeney,Treasurer Tom Boylan,Registrar Brendan Keaney,Central Council Jim McDonnell,Ulster Council PC Donohoe and Andy Brennan,Youth Officer Aidan Dwyer,Irish Officer Fr. Dan Gallogly and PRO Eddie Brady.

Cumainn Rinnce and Cabhain 1981 Chairman Tony Fay,Vice Chair Seamus Fay,Secretary Susan Brady,Treasurer Mrs Caslin,Assistant Treasurer Mary Smith.

Death of Jim Kelly at the age of 62 in Middlesex late of Tullac Mongan.Member of the British Army during World War 2 and fought at Dunkirk and Antwerp.Survived by his wife Bridget,sons Jim Tommy,Paddy,Gerry,John and daughter Kathleeen.

Cavan Town defeat Cootehill away by 4-0 in Jackson Cup Peter Burns (2),Martin Maguire and Hubert Smith the scorers..

February 13th 1981 Stardust inferno in Killester Dublin claims the lives of  of 49 young people with 200 injured.

Elaine McPhillips is pictured on 1st Cavan VEC Computer Course at the Regional College in Dundalk.

Same Week George 2nd (Dog) is the new mascot at Cavan Military Barracks.

Sympathy is extended to Nancy Sorahan on the death of her mother Annie O Callaghan at Moynehall.aged 86,she was a native of 47 Bridge Street Cootehill

February 27th 1981 Sudden and tragic death of Paul Smith aged 16 while out training for the Cavan Half Marathon.Student in Saint Patricks College, gifted pianist and accordionist with the Breffni Boys Band.He is survived by his father Jack mother Una, sisters Rosalie,Catherine,Frances,Freda,Nuala and Aileen.Rev Tom McKiernan assisted by Father Fintan McKiernan officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Same Week Victor Reid sells his 30 acre farm at Drumconnick for record £77,000.the property has vast potential for building sites which are fetching up to £10,000 in the area.

After 26 years Boy Scouts Pantomime pulls the final curtain. In recent years crowds had been dwindling and talent was very hard to source.

Cavan Town B defeat Suedy Celtic Moate in Longford League by 4 goals to 1.Cavan Town B John Heffernan,Cecil O Reilly,Damien Keoghan,B Burns,H Smith,G Smith,Hughie Muray,J Maguire HP Clarke,T Byrne,Germaine Cullivan.12th man Martin Cosgrove,13th man K Smith.Scorers for Town B Bomber Byrne(2),Gemaine Cullivan and J Maguire

Chamber of Commerce 1981 President Eddie Brady,Vice President Phil Gilbride,Joint Secretaries Leo McDonald and Maureen Barrett,Treasurer Michael O Connell.

Engagement announced between Prince Charles aged 32 heir to the  British Throne and Diana Spencer 19 year old daughter of Earl Spencer and the Honourable Mrs Shann Kydd.The wedding will take place in Westminister Cathedral in the the Summer.

Ireland is once again top of the EEC Jobless League with 125,100 out of work according to the Central Statistics Office.

Cavan AC Girls Under 10 win the Road League (Catherine O Reilly,Claudine Kiernan,Karen Lambert,Mairin O Donnell,Pauline Brady and Niamh O Reilly. (Pictured)

March 6th 1981 Jim O Leary, Frank McCormack and Rick Lewis are running in this year’s 1st London Marathon for Cavan Re Hab.

Same Week Mary Tully 22 years old from 15 Saint Brigids is National Weight Watcher of the Year losing 5 stone 9 lbs.Presented with her award and £150 at Reception in the Gresham Hotel Dublin. She is eldest daughter of Paddy and the late Rose,has 3 brothers and 3 sisters and is presently engaged to Belfast man Malcolm Lee.

Sean Farrell is selling the Farnham Hotel standing on 2 acres centrally located with 45 bedrooms at Public Auction in Dublin on March 12th 1981.

Death of Mrs Jane Duffy Annagelliffe and late of Owen Roe. Native of Pottle Poles. Survived by her husband Paddy (Post Office)  sons Hubert ,Paddy and daughter Anna Mae.Rev Anthony Fagan presided at the funeral from the Cathedral to Butlersbridge

.Death of John Galligan Kilnavara at the age  of 69.Former Overseer at Cavan Council Yard.He was a bread salesman for Pat McDonnell’s Bakery in the early years.Active in local politics for a number of years where he played a major role in the numerous elections of John Tully (Clann Na Poblachta) to the Dail.Secretary of the Cavan Public Utility Service.Keen GAA fan he followed the fortunes of Cavan and the local Gaels where his son Oliver is a leading member .Survived by his wife Jeanie,sons Sean,Oliver,daughter Kathleen.Rev Des O Dowd officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

March 13th 1981 Rick Lewis beats Larry Burke in the Final of the Squash Tournament at the new Saint Pats Sports Complex while Seamus Watters beat Father Ray Brady in the Racquetball Final 26 points to 21.

March 20th 1981 New 50 bedroom hotel on 14 acre site at Killygarry being built for Brady Brothers by Hamilton Contractors Shercock at a cost of £2 million.

Same Week Department of Agriculture Offices being decentralised to Cavan.Building will commence shortly adjacent to Cavan Courthouse on site formerly owned by the Council.

Eighteen counties represented in 1st Cavan Half Marathon in which Jim McGlynn of Donore won the title in a time of 62 42 seconds minutes for the journey of 13.1 miles around by Crossdoney/Ballinagh and back to Cavan.Local based Billy Gallagher (Roscommon Harriers) 2nd and Noel McCarron (Letterkenny ) was 3rd.Louise McGrillen takes the ladies title with Lyla Cafferty first local in a very impressive time of 90 minutes while her brother Hugo was 1st local overall in 16th place  Field of 213 took part.

Oscar Traynor Cup  North Eastern League defeat Donegal League 4-2 in Letterkenny to advance to the 3rd Round of the Competition.Cavan representatives on the team were Declan Keoghan,Dessie Gardiner,Hubert Smith and Martin Maguire

Saint Patrick’s Day 1981  Cavan Town defeat Clones leaders in North Eastern Lague by 4 goals to 2 at Dercramph.Scorers for Cavan Brian Webber,Bomber Byrne(2) and Dessie Gardiner.

Death of James A (Hamish) Gordon in England. Son of the late AW Gordon Farnham Street aged 66.Trained with Rolls Royce after he left Cavan 40 years ago and later opened a thriving  Garage and Engineering business in Shroud Scotland. Survived by his wife Janet,son WA Glenn and daughters Elizabeth and Gaye. A Gordon was garage owner in Cavan, instigator of the long distance Magnet Bus,founder of the Magnet Cinema and Stradone Park Laundry.

Death of Brigid Allen Saint Brigids Terrce.funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Oliver (Misey ) Crowe sponsors billiard competition in the Cavan CYMS while the winners of the Pot Black are Mickey Breslin and Laurence Flood who beat Kieran Cullivan and Patrick Donegan by 2 frames to Nil.

Death of Michael Jordan Drumelis well known angler in the area.Gardener in Lisdarn,native of Kilcrona Stradone.Survived by his wife Rose.Father Felim Kelly officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Laragh.

March 27th 1981 Sudden death of Brendan Dunne 71 Church Street at the age of 54.Valued and highly respected member of the Anglo Celt staff.First class operator ,he adapted to all the recent changes in newspaper production.Member of the successful Cavan Harps teams of the late forties ,he won Senior League honours with the them.Promoted the delicate negotiations that led to the formation of the Cavan Gaels in 1957.Member of the first Boy Scouts Recording Harmonica Band.he played a pivotal role in the formation and growth of the organisation .Two minutes silence was observed before the start of the Cavan Gaels/Mullahoran match as a mark of respect.Members of the Boy Scouts and his colleagues in the Anglo Celt formed a guard of honour at the funeral.Brendan is survived by his wife Kathleen, son Tony,daughters Jacinta and Noleen and was predeceased by his daughter Brenda just a few years ago.Father Felim Kelly officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Same Week Cavan Town defeat Clones 3-1 in Mallon Cup Semi Final Brian Webber (2) and Brian Carmichael the scorers for the Town.

New extension at Fox’s carried out by Onslow Bredin while the shop fitting is by Midland Shop fitters Athlone.Old James Fox came to work in the ‘White House’ in 1905 and purchased the business in 1916.Now third generation shop as Jimmy son of Seamus has joined the trade.

Death of John O Reilly Golf Links Road at the age of 66.Process Server to County Register’s Office for a number of years. On his retirement he opened a very successful shop in the front room of his residence. Very obliging and industrious the Shop was much frequented by locals and golfers alike. Prominent member of the Cathedral Confraternity.he is survived by his wife Bridget,sons Sean,Patrick,Breffni,daughters Evelyn,Bernadette ,Helen,Philomena,Pamela, Geraldine,Noeleen and Marie Jane.Rev Father Des O Dowd officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Attempted assassination of American President Ronald Reagan in Washington as he is shot in chest. his Press secretary James Brady is seriously injured when shot in the head as the Presidential Party alighted from their cars to attend a function in a Washington Hotel.

April 3rd 1981 36th Cavan Drama Festival Open Section won by 33 Players Dublin with ‘Kenneddy’s Children’.At the conclusion Brian Sullivan Festival Chairman thanks Cavan Urban and County Council for financial support,Pat Nally VEC.Town Hall Supper Room Staff and Mai Cullen Caretaker.he concludes by wishing Margaret McCabe and Sara Cullen a speedy recovery to good health.

Hacklers are out of their depth” with their adaptation and performance of Jenet’s ‘The Balcony’ at Cavan Drama Festival.Hall packed to rafters for the performance but by the end half empty as Barry Cassin Adjudicator said the Hacklers didn’t have the experience to tackle this play and their choice of play was a mistake.The only redeeming characteristics was the lighting and sets were very good.

Same Week Invaders Win Blayney Blitz against stiff opposition from 32 teams from Monaghan,Louth,Meath and Armagh.team Eamonn Murray,Billy Doonan (goals)Jimmy (Inky) Sheridan,Adrian Ronan and Brian O Grady.Sub Hubert Smith Team Manager Ray Greene expressed total satisfaction with his team’s sparkling performance

Brendan Harding obtains his Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons. Brendan qualified as a doctor in 1975 is son of Nellie and the late Michael Rock Cross

Death of Benny Dowd member of old respected Cavan family late of Cullies.Survived in Cavan by Kathleen Carroll Highfield Road.

April 10th 1981 Cavan Gaels represented by Michael Leddy,Greg Sheridan (Capt),Maurice Brady,Paul Leddy and Dominick Sheidan win the Ulster handball League 1981.Pictured receiving their trophies from Denis Condon representing the Sponsors AIB

Same Week Terry Argue Managing Director of AOR is appointed Commissioner for Oaths for the Cavan District Court area.

Death of Margaret (Maggie) McCabe late of Town Hall Street.Native of Belfast the family were burnt out during the progroms against the Catholics in the 1920s.Family founded the Erskine Hotel (Sally Wests).Founder member of Cavan Drama Festival and Chair of the Ladies Committee.Talented member of the old Cavan Players.She was recently made an Honary Patron of Cavan Drama Festival.Beautiful singing voice she was a member of the Cathedral choir under Father Vincent Buchanan and later Father AB McGrath.Took active part in the fight for Independence as a prominent member of Cummann na mBhan.She was a lifetime memberof the Legion of Mary.Survived by 1 sister Lisa Mary in America.Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Johnny O Hanlon is appointed Marketing Manager of the Anglo Celt.He is presently Agri Field manager with Wexford Creameries since 1976.Married to Gabriella (Dunne),they have 1 daughter.

Clones and Cavan Town play out a 4 all draw in Final of Jackson Cup at Belgium Park Monaghan.Scorers Dessie Gardiner (2),Brian Carmichael and Declan Keoghan

Same Week H Block hunger striker Bobby Sands defeats Harry West in the Fermanagh /South Tyrone By Election

Superintendent Jim McNally on behalf of the Community wishes District Justice Sam Shaw a happy retirement

April 17th 1981 Pat O Keefe sends off 6 in fiery bad tempered Derby between Drumlane (4) Belturbet (2) at Rory O Moore Park.

Same Week Death of Jennie Breen widow of the late John M .During her time in Cavan was a very popular resident.Survived by her sons Rev Dan,Rev Sean,Kieran,Oliver and daughters Peggy and Ita.Funeral to Glencullen.

Breffni Boys Band Committee 1981 Chair May Reilly,Secretary M Hill and Treasurer P McCabe.

Ray McSherry Minister for Agriculture negotiates a Farm Package for Irish farmers in Brussels. butter goes up by 12 p per pound as all farm prices are dramatically increased.

P J Carroll and Tom Lynch resign as Team Manager and selector of the Cavan senior team.Accuse Phil Brady (Chairman) of continuous interference in recalling former players to the panel.Gabriel Kelly is appointed to “bring back sanity to Cavan football”.

Cavan CYMS 50/50 Draw 1st £100 Brian Smith Emmett Place,2nd £20 John Donohoe Congo Bar,3rd £10 Patrick Monaghan.£5 each Paul Kinsella,John Costello,Sean Guider and Delia Murphy.

Chamber Delegation of Seamus Fox Eddie Brady and Phil Gilbride lobby the Urban Council to preserve the Market Square as a Parking Area.Describing the recent submissions of Cavan Youth Club to landscape the Square as impractical and unrealistic. Seamus Fox points out that if the Square was properly marked out over forty cars could be accommodated. Andy O Brien while welcoming their submissions says that all interested parties will have to be considered before the Council can make a final decision.

Louis’ Lions the Kings in Cavan Pub Quiz. Defeat Jimmy Magee’s Imperial in the Final of the Cavan Town Pub Quiz. Pictured are John Sullivan, Noel Finn, Ray Bannigan,Harry Hunt.Tom Tierney (Quiz Master) Pauline Smith (Re Hab),Louis Blessing,Cissy Blessing,Pat Timmoney (Reserve) and Wally Myles (Guinness).Imperial were represented by Mary Haron,Paul Dolan, Kevin Lavelle and Donal o Reilly.

April 24th 1981 Noel T Reilly son of the late Michael and Mrs Reilly 3 Ashe Street qualifies as a Chartered Accountant. Obtained his B Com in 1979 from UCD and did his apprenticeship with Oliver Freaney and Company.

Same Week 18-12 to win the World Snooker Championship .

Same Week Jimmy Smith College Street has just returned from a “fascinating” trip to Russia where he was a judge at an International Gymnastic event. He is presently Chairman of the Irish Sport Activities Federation. Over 150 children in Cavan are involved in Gymnastics supervised by Ray Carr, Paddy King and Jenny Harte in the Vocational School on two nights per week.

Same Week Urban Council announce the following grants for 1981 £500 to International Song Contest,£250 to Drama Festival,£200 each to Breffni Boys Band and Boy Scouts and £50 each to Arts Society and ISPCA

May 1st 1981 New Military Barracks to be sited at Pullamore on the Dublin Road. County Manager John Cassidy says that this is his preferred choice as the County Council raise a loan of £44,700 to supply sewerage and services to the new barracks.

Same Week Sudden death of Frank Goodman at his residence ‘Casa Maria’ Earlsvale Road .Native of Colga Inniskeen,he worked in the Land Reclamation Offices in Cavan for over 30 years. Deeply religious Frank was a very active member of the Saint Vincent De Paul and Saint Josephs Young Priests Society. Outstanding gardener, he was generous and helpful with his advice and tips on the finer arts of horticulture. He is survived by his wife Maura, sons Padraig,Francis,Micheal,daughters Sister Christina, Anne,Marie and Breege, Funeral from  the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Cavan CYMS receive amenity grant of £2,000 towards their refurbishment of their premises.

Death of Mary (Mamie ) Geraghty  of Coleman Road at the age of 63.In business in Bray for over 40 years and had come on holiday for Easter to her sister Noelle. Survived in Cavan by Rosaleen Coyne Saint Phelim's Place and Noelle O Reilly Coleman Road.


May 8th 1981 Larry Burke’s team with 120 points win the Squash Tournament at Saint Pats Complex. Team Larry Burke, Pat Swaine,Brian Brady Paddy Malone and Sean Shanaghy who beat Joe Fletcher’s (114 points) team in the final.

Same Week Death of Robert (Roy ) Simpson  of Swellan in London at the age of 48.Over 20 years in England, he is survived by his wife Brenda, sons Leslie and Roy, his mother Elizabeth, brothers Tommy,Ken,Jim,sisters Violet, Betty and Irene.

Social Services 1981 Chairman Father Des O Dowd, Vice Chair Sister Michael, Secretary Patsy Reilly Smith Assistant Secretary Dolie Brady, Treasurer Peter Coogan,Assistant Treasurer Patsy Lemon.

Death of Bobby Sands the first hunger striker to die on ‘Dirty Protest’. Margaret Thatcher British Prime Minister repeats her determination never to grant political status to terrorists groups such as the IRA as hundreds of supporters go on a rampage in Dublin city centre.

Multiple Sclerosis Society 1981 Chairman Shirley Sheriff, Vice Chair Willie Sherriff, Secretary May Daly, Treasurer Mrs S Dolan.

Town is closed for three hours 11 am -2 pm for the funeral of the late Bobby Sands MP who died on hunger strike in the Maize Prison. During the continuing hunger strike a public rosary is being recited in the Market Square each night at 9 pm.

Death of Peggy Soden daughter of Pete and Mrs Soden Main Street (Tesco) in Dublin. Outstanding nurse she was Matron of the TB Hospital at Peamont for many years Funeral from Church of Our Lady of Victories Ballymun to Killygarry where Father Des O Dowd Adm assisted by Monsignor McManus PP Crosserlough officiated.

Jim McNally is appointed Chief Superintendent for Cavan/Monaghan.Aged 54,Jim is a native of Wexford and joined the Garda in 1948.Served in Dublin Cork, Kilkenny, Westmeath before coming to Cavan from Granard in 1967.Regular member of the Irish Fly Fishing Team, he has two sons Francis and Michael and 1 daughter Maura.

Death of Father John J McGuinness late of Ashe Street and Africa. Uncle J J McGuinness was a former Town Clerk in Cavan. His mother was a member of the Sharkey family in Drumalee Cavan. Funeral in Cork. Survived by brothers Father Michael OFM Cap New Guinea and Tom in England.

4th Cavan International Song Contest  Open is won by Peter Beckett singing ‘Runaways’ while Ian Corrigan comes 1st in the Cavan Section with the beautiful ballad of ‘Mary Somers’ composed by Therese O Donnell.Same team join with Mattie Smith to win the Gospel Section with ‘No Room for Jesus’.Best Female Artist Jacqueline Maloney. Audience Prize Felicity Sheridan singing ‘By The Sweet Annaleee’.Disaster was averted on the 1st night when Mattie Smith lead guitarist with Ian Corrigan and Style suffered extensive burns to his hands from an electrical fault. He was rushed to the nearby Surgical Hospital but was later released after treatment for shock and burns..

Clones beat Cavan Town in Mallon Cup Final 3-1 at Derrycramph. Dessie Gardiner put Town in front but Clones hit back with late goals and a controversial penalty to shade the honours. These two teams play in the Jackson Cup Final at Border Park Clones next Sunday..

Dr Darragh Smith and Michael Callaghan beat Michael Jermyn and Brian Lynch in Brian Murphy Memorial Final at County Cavan Golf Club

Strenuous opposition to the proposed silting of the Military Barracks at Pullamore.Anger expressed at meeting in Kilygarry Community Centre where a Commite consisting of Chairman Francis Galligan,Vice Chair Petrea Ruddy, Secretary Jimmy Hyland,Assistant Secretary Bernadette McGovern,Treasurer Kay O Mahony was elected .

May 15th 1981 Pope John Paul II is shot and seriously injured during his weekly public audience in Saint Peter’s Square.10,000 look on in horror as 24 year old Turkish terrorist Ali Agca pulls a gun and shoots the Pope at close range as he tours the Square in Popemobile.After a 5 hour emergency operation the Pope later makes a miraculous recovery.

Same Week 4th Annual Buy Irish Week sponsored by Cavan Junior Chamber is launched at Cheese and Wine Party in Lakeland

100 people in Cavan and 98 in Monaghan are awaiting hip replacement surgery. This is the highest figure outside Dublin and Cork.

Protest meeting by Pullamore Residents against the proposed siting of Military Barracks in their area is postponed to next Monday as a mark of respect to Catherine Hyland Mother of Jimmy who is Secretary of the Action Committee.

Eddie Brady (President) on behalf of the Chamber of Commerce appeals to the Urban Council to improve the appearance of the town by arranging to have the streets swept during the peak tourist months of the Summer.

May 22nd 1981 All premises in the town are closed for the funeral of each of the Hunger strikers from 12 am-2 pm.Brian McKeown Sinn Fein PRO expresses gratitude to the traders for their much appreciated mark of respect and criticises those who do not comply.

Same Week Death of Catherine Hyland relict of Patrick late of Pullamore.She is survived by her sons Michael,Jimmy,John and Benny. Father Tom McKiernan officiated at the funeral from Saint Brigids Killygarry to the adjoining cemetery.

David Deegan will deliver this month’s lecture at Cavan Gardening Club on Roses cultivation, weed control, pest control at Cavan Vocational School.

Caroline O Reilly (White Dove) accompanied by her band ‘The Apaches’ sings her hit single ‘Where Do You Go’ on Saturday night’s Late Late Show.

County Cavan Golf Club Membership Rates 1981 Men £68 Ladies £45,Family £102.Cavan Ladies  win The Hilton Shield beating Nuremore in the Final. Team Mary Donohoe,Patricia Tracey,Kathleen Young,Dolie Brady and Gay Condon.

Albert Reynolds lays the foundation stone for the new Posts and Telegraphs Depot at Moynehall which is being constructed by P Elliott and Company at a cost of £1.25 million.

Marie Monaghan from Cavan town wins the Lady of the Lakes title promoted by Cavan Junior Chamber and sponsored by the Lakeland Hotel.

Ian Paisley’s DUP gain ground on the official Unionists at Northern Ireland Local Elections. Official Unionists 151-27,DUP 142 +68,SDLP 103-10,Alliance 36-32 and H Block 21.

May 29th 1981 Tragic death of 7 year old Sharon Smith Creighan.Preparing to travel to dancing lessons involved in traffic accident outside her own home. Only daughter and eldest child of Victor and Marie Smith. Remains received in white coffin by Father Tom McKiernan. Father Felim Kelly officiated at the Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry cemetery. Guard of honour formed at both funeral and removal by her classmates at Corlurgan school.

Same Week Anselem Lovett tops the poll and is elected on the first count  as Chairman of the Irish Industrial Council of the National Union of Journalists.

Death of Peter Paul (Pete) Smith Church Street at the age of 80.Member f the old established Smith family of the Courthose.His father was Joe Smith while his mother was Mary Ann McGurk sister of the legendary Mick from College Street. Joined the Free State Army in 1922 and emigrated to the USA in 1928 where he took an active part in the World War 2 movement working in a ammunition factory after his application to join the army was refused on medical grounds. Outstanding soccer and hockey player his career was cut short by an ankle injury. Retired in 1964 and returned to his beloved Cavan where he was a much sought after social companion and friend. Survived by his brothers Barney Hughie Sisters Winnie Eileen and Joesephine.Father Des O Dowd Adm. Officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Cavan Gaels are on a weekend trip to Tralee staying at the famed Imperial Hotel and they will play the local Austin Stack’s club in a challenge on Sunday returning to Cavan on Monday.

Retirement of  Right Rev E B Moore DD as Bishop of Kilmore.He was ordained in 1930 having been an outstanding scholar at Trinity College Dublin wining 1sts in Divinity and 1st Class Moderator. Appointed Archdeacon of Glendalough in 1957.He was appointed Bishop of Kilmore and Elphin in 1958.Consecrated Bishop by Archbishop Gregg on January 6th 1959.

President’s Prize (Jack Binchey’s ) at County Cavan Golf Club is won by Terry Smith Carl Gilsenan 2nd and Jim Beirne Best Gross.

June 5th 1981  Bridge Captain’s Prize (Evelyn O Connor) 1st N/S Father Thomas Woods and Kay Henry E/W Maura Goodman and Elizabeth Galligan.Best Gross Jim Burke  and Pat Plunkett.

Same Week Death of Kathleen Cooney Wolfe Tone Street at the age of 84.Native of Finternagh Bailieborough.She was sister of Father James Cooney and is survived by her brothers Patrick John and sisters Lea Maggie Lilly and Mary (Lee) Wolfe Tone Street. Funeral from the Cathedral to Drumavaddy.

Death of Sara Cullen at the age of 61 after a long illness. Assistant County Librarian for the last 43 years. She had many publications to her credit including Books and Authors of County Cavan (Published 1959) History of the 2nd Cavan CBSI in conjunction with Danny O Hanlon and only last year published  The History of Castlerahan.Chairman of Cumainn Seanchais Breifne from 1979 to 1981.She is best remembered for her dedication in building up the Reference Section at Cavan County Library. Established Cavan Girls Club and was the main motivator in the success of the club from 1950 to 1971.The club met in room called Gannon’s Hall which is now part of Eleanor Fay’s Drapers Upper Main Street. Outstanding Secretary of Cavan Drama Festival from 1969 to 1975l she helped establish the event as one of Ireland’s premier drama festivals. Sara was a founder member of Cavan Credit Union and acted as both Chairman and Secretary overseeing the establishment of many branches throughout the County. Deeply religious she was Curia President of the local branch Legion of Mary and her life was an example to all particularly the young girls who came under her influence in the Girl’s Club. Her good friend and colleague in Cumainn Seanchais Breifne Bishop Francis McKiernan attended the reception of the remains in Saint Mary’s Castlerahan and Rev T Murray CC officiated at the funeral to Saint Mary’s Cemetery.

June 12th 1981  Sudden death of Brian Gaffney Kilnavara at the age of 48.Native of Ardkill.Played football in his youth with Drumavaddy and was a member of the Gaels coaching the under age players. Loyal and industrious worker with Monery By Products. Survived by his wife Angela son Brian and daughter Angela, brothers Sean Michael and sister May.Rev Father Felim Kelly  CC officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Drumavaddy.

Same Week Paddy O Reilly is elected Chairman of Cavan Urban Council succeeding his Fine Gael colleague Senator Andy O Brien. Patrick Conaty is elected Vice Chairman. The new Chairman is a Commissioner for Oaths  member of the Board of B and I Lines and a staff member of the Anglo Celt.

Untimely death of Tommy Goldrick Cill Mor at the age of 67.Native of Drumrora Crossdoney he was an Inspector with the Department of Social Welfare for over 30 years. Area Director of the Irish Red Cross and served in the Irish Army during the Emergency. Quiet and unassuming Tommy served the Community with distinction.Rev Felim Kelly presided at the funeral from the Cathedral to Drumcor where members of the Irish Red Cross formed a guard of honour and the coffin was draped in the tricolour.

Death of Rosaleen Sheridan John Paul Avenue wife of Hughie. Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies. Outstanding wife mother and neighbour. She was kind and charitable to all.

June 19th 1981 Election Results Cavan /Monaghan 1st Count John Wilson (Fianna Fail) 9,424,Kieran Doherty (H Block) 9,121Tom Fitzpatrick (Fine Gael)7,267,Jimmy Leonard (Fianna Fail) 6984 Robert Faussett (Fine Gael),6,785,Rory O Hanlon (Fianna Fail) 6,662 John Conlon (Fine Gael 6,431,Michael Smith (Fianna Fail 3,331,A Murray Fine Gael) 2,565 and Mona Hoban (Fine Gael) 1,741.Elected John Wilson,Tom Fitzpatrick,,John Frank Conlan,Rory O Hanlon and Kieran Doherty. The 26 year old anti H Block candidate and native of Belfast Kieran Doherty who is serving 22 years in the Maze replaces Jimmy Leonard (Fianna Fail) who describes himself as “a Political victim of the Northern Ireland troubles.” The National picture is Fianna Fail 78 Fine Gael 65 Labour 15 and Independents 5 with Garrett Fitzgerald favourite to replace Charles Haughey as Taoiseach.Tommy Owens Returning Officer for Cavan/Monaghan returns thanks at the Count in Cavan’s new Sports Complex particularly thanking Mel Keaveney who took charge of the count Michael Geraghty The Tabulator and Con O Dwyer the Garda Siochana particularly Supt. Jim McNally and his Clerk Michael McCarthy.Thanking the members of his own staff in the Registrar’s Office he singled out Rose Mary Brady who carried out the critical work in her usual efficient style.To facilitate the patients in Saint Felim’s Hospital a polling booth was located in the Hospital for the 1st time much to the delight of the Matron Sister Mercy.

Same Week Death of John (Jackie ) Agnew Emmett Place at the age of 50.Quiet inoffensive and very kind neighbour Jack worked for over thirty years in McCarren’s.

Factory. Survived by brothers Jim Brendan Ernie Dessie and sisters Lily and Pearl.Father Anthony Fagan presided at the funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Death of Jim Lyng Kilnavara at the age of 66.Rates Inspector with Cavan County Council. Native of the Rower Village County Kilkenny, Jim took an active part in the Emergency joining the Irish Army rising to the rank of Captain. After the War he was appointed Custom Official and served in Shannon and Omeath.Rates Inspector with Dundalk Urban Council he joined Cavan County Council in the same capacity in 1950.President of Cavan Town Cumainn Fianna Fail at his death.He is survived by his wife Margaret sons Jim Michael daughter Sister Ann. Father Felim Kelly and neighbour Father Martin Cosgrove officiated at the funeral at which the Guard of Honour comprised members of Cavan Town Cumainn Fianna Fail. Interment in Cullies.

The Consecration of the new Bishop of Kilmore Rev W Gilbert Wilson will take place in Saint Ann’s Cathedral Belfast.

Shergar ridden by Walter Swinburn wins the Epsom Derby.

Presentation to Sister Carmel by Father Des O Dowd Adm on behalf of her colleagues in the Social Services (Pictured) Sister Carmel has been appointed Superior of The Convent of Mercy Belturbet.

June 26th 1981 Cavan Gaels on weekend trip to Tralee staying in the famous Imperial Hotel. Play Austin Stacks of Tralee on Sunday before journeying back to Cavan on Monday.

Same Week Tom McCusker will play Martin Jermyn in the Final of the Snooker Handicap at Cavan CYMS on Sunday at 4 pm.

Cavan hosts very successful County Fleadh opened by National President Leabras O Murcu.Chairman of both the local and county committee is Paddy McEntee while Bridie Galligan is an outstanding Secretary.

July 3rd 1981 Dr Garrett Fitzgerald is elected Taoiseach by 81 votes to 78 for Charles J Haughey.Tom Fitzpatrick is appointed Minister for Fisheries and Forests.Profesor Jim Dooge is the new Minister for Foreign Affairs while Michael O Leary is Tanaiste and Minister for Labour.

Same Week 12th Kilmore Pilgrimage to Lourdes consists of a record 407 pilgrims including 55 invalids.Chief Brancardier Andy Gilchreest,assistant Chief Ray Carr, M/S Terry Argue, John Conlon,Gene Cusack (Lavey),Brendan Hannon,Michael Johnston, Gene Murphy, Gerry McCormack, Gerry McGauran (Manorhamilton) and Edward McMahon (Denn).Chief handmaid Philomena Coleman, Assistant Maureen Watters,Ms May Cullen, Gladys Donohoe, Maura McEntee,Margaret O Brien and Petrea Ruddy.Matron was Peggy Willock,Assistant Matron Tom McNamara.

Farnham Day Breakers win three in a row County Title at Fays Yard Killeshandra when they beat Urney 3-1 in the Final. Team J J McKiernan (Capt),M O Neill, M McKiernan, P Galligan, G Galligan. Subs Norman Mills and Joey Connolly..

Sean O Reilly (Laragh ) wins the 1,500 in 4 mins 8.9 seconds and the 5,000 in 16 minutes 6.2 seconds both records at Cavan Track and Field in Stradone.Aidan Watters (Cavan AC) wins the 100 metres in record 11.60 and 200 metres in 23.00 at the same Meet. Patrick Kiernan (Cavan AC) wins the Boys Under 15 800 metres in 2:58.1 and completes the double with a record 12.00 in Boys Under 15 80 metres dash.

Cavan Lawn Tennis Club defeat Belreask (Navan) 9 games to Nil in Leinster League. Winners for Cavan were Bill Fleming,Marie Henry, David Jackson ,Doreen Cassidy,Eamonn Condon,Joy Walsh, Brian Webber, Delores Brady. In the Community Games Final Cavan defeated Ballyconnell. Cavan Team Gerard McIntyre, Noreen Cassidy, Bernie Condon and Padraig Fitzpatrick


July 10th 1981 Tercentenary celebrations to mark the martyrdom of Saint Oliver Plunkett on the 10th of July 1681 at Tyburn take place at Lougcrew Oldcastle where Bishop McKiernan preaches the homily to the huge crowd of over 7,000 saying “Only for Oliver there would be no Faith no Irish Catholic Church before his arrival the numbers of priests had shrunk to 16”

Same Week Cavan are defeated 4-0 in Community Games Soccer Final at Derrycramph. Team Don Crotty,Dermot Cosgrove,Barry Galligan,Jason Swaine,Fergal Maguire,Ciaran Byrne,Andrew Grifith,Philip Shanaghy,Leo Costello,David Melia and Cian O Connor.Team Manager Gerry Egan

Louis’ Lions defeat  Monaghan in Ulster Final followed by Claremorris in Semi Final of All Ireland Pub Quiz. they were  pipped on the post by Park Inn Waterford in the Final in the Great Southern Hotel Galway.Over 2,600 teams took part and the entire proceeds went to the Re Hab. Louis’ Lions John Sullivan,Ray Bannigan,Harry Hunt and Noel Finn.

Patrick Kiernan, Mark Ward ,Donal Murray,Niall Lynch, Michael Fallon, Una O Connor,Doris Fitzpatrick,Aideen Gormley,Susan Ward,Emer O Reilly  win the Cavan Finals of the Community Games and are bound for the National Finals in Butlins..

Major refurbishment work at Cavan CYMS consisting of new floors rewiring of premises, plumbing etc is being carried out and the Club will be closed until September. There are over 100 members of the Club and it is expected that the revamped facilities will attract even more members to this very popular venue.

Death of Sister Mary Joseph O Donohoe Poor Clare Convent.. Native of Kerry she was a Primary school teacher in the school. Father Noel Dermot O Donohoe assisted by Father P J McManus PP VG and Father Fergus officiated at the funeral from the Convent Chapel to the adjoining cemetery.

Death of Rose Ann Lee Corlurgan at the age of 66.Native of Belturbet and relict of Patrick who died 16 years ago.She is survived by her sons Patrick and Seamus.Rev Tom McKiernan officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Death of Gladys Graham Caughoo at the age  of 78.Relict of Jack well known farming family. She is survived by her sons Willie,Harry,daughters Mary,Carrie,Eva,Renee and Gladys.Rev Dean Turkington presided at the funeral from Kilmore Cathedral to the adjoining cemetery.

July 17th 1981 Shock resignation of Anthony Leddy President of the ICMSA since 1978 ,he was just elected for another 3 year term but his continued support for an amalgamation with the IFA forced him out of office.

Same Week ‘No Name Club 1981’ Chairman Brian Lee, Vice Chairman Louis McQuaid,Secretary Geraldine Crotty,Assistant Secretary Nellie McIntyre,Trreasurer Nicholas McCarthy,Youth Officer Kevin Brady.

Mr and Mrs Mick Lyons from Drumalee celebrate their Golden Wedding Anniversary  with a reception in The White Horse Hotel. They have a family of 3 girls 1 boy and 6 grandchildren

July 31st 1981 Death of Kathy Conaty (Nee Smyth) Earlsvale Road and late of Connolly Street. Third eldest daughter of Michael and Mary Josephine Smyth 60 Main Street.She married Benny Conaty from Alackan and they ran a thriving Public House in Connolly Street. Retired to live in Earlsvale Road after Benny’s death. Deeply religious and charitable, she was a member of the recent Kilmore Pilgrimage to Lourdes. Predeceased by her brother Mick (December 7th 1976).She is survived by her sisters Alice,Molly,Teresa,brothers Teddy, Paddy and Tommy.Rev Anthony Fagan presided at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Same Week Death of Reggie McMahon at the age of 76.Native of Clones ,he came to Cavan as an Insurance Agent but very soon took over the County Hotel (Slowey’s) from the retiring Freddie Swann.Later he opened the New County on the Farnham Road and with his wife Maura ran one of the most lucrative B and Bs in the country. Noted singer, he was a member of the Protestant Church Choir and member of Masonic Lodge. He is survived by his wife Maura and son Alan.Rev Dean Turkington presided at the funeral from the Cavan Parish Church to the New Cemetery. Lady


August 7th 1981 Kieran Doherty TD for Cavan Monaghan dies on hunger strike after 73 days which is just one day less than the record set by Cork Lord Mayor Terence McSweeney in 1920.Kieran’s Director of Elections Caomhin O Caolain pays tribute to his courage and commitment in graveside oration at Milltown cemetery Belfast while Charles Boylan County Council in his oration  appeals to the British Government to end their stubbornness and negotiate the reasonable demands of the prisoners. He is the 8th Hunger Striker to die. Kieran Doherty secured 9,121 votes at the recent General Election and was elected TD for Cavan/Monaghan.Two TDs from the Republic attended the funeral in Belfast Niall Blayney (Independent ) and Niall Andrews (Fianna Fail).All business premises in the town were closed all day on Tuesday as the funeral was taking place in Belfast.

Same Week Drumalee qualify for the Senior County Final for the 1st time ever. Ollie Leddy, Felim Costello and Paddy McGovern the stars of their 0-14 to 0-7 victory over Ballinagh in the Semi Final. They now play Kingscourt Stars in the Final.The Club will be officially opening their mew grounds at the end of September and are flying out to the USA in October.

Prince Charles marries Diana Spencer aged 20 at Westminster Abbey. Vandals attempting to cut the links to the Cavan Cable Television System are foiled by the Gardai.The exquisite wedding gown was designed by David and Elizabeth Emmanuel

Tullac Mongan Sports Tiny Tots 1st James Cawley,2 Christy Benn,3 Sabrina Cooke.Girls (Aged 4) Amanda Murray.Girls (5 Years )Sinead Connolly 2 Justine Collins,3 Kathleen Cawley.Girls (Aged 6) Karen McCaffrey,2 Katherine Heffernan,3 Frances Graham. Girls (Aged 7) Leona Collins,2 Nicola Kavanagh 3 Fidelma Sheridan. (Girls Aged 8) Joanna McDonnell 2nd Anne Monaghan.Girls (Aged 9)Pauline Clarke,2nd Lucinda Cooke,3rd Nicola Graham. Girls (Aged 10) 1st Sinead McCaffrey,2nd Marie Gumley,3rd Eileen Cawley.Girls (Aged 11) Tracy McCaffrey,2nd Jacqueline Gumley 3rd Bernadette Cawley.Boys (4years)1st Steven Ferncombe,2nd Desmond Gardiner. Boys (5 Years) Tommy Smith,2nd Michael Graham,3rd Richard Graham. Boys  (6Years)Johnny Mitchell,2nd Seamus Maughan,3rd Patrick Graham. Boys (7 Years)1st Colin Sheridan,2nd Charles Noonan,3rd Sean Clarke. Boys (8 Years) 1st Damien Johnston,2nd Pauric McCaffrey 3rd Andrew Gumley.Boys (9 Years) 1st Tony Murphy,2nd Felix Johnston,3rd Thomas Smith. Boys (10 Years) Sean McCabe,2nd Noel Smith,3rd Robert Johnston. Boys (Aged 11) 1st Edward Cooke,2ndJimmy Coyle,3rd Karl Dunne. Mother’s Race 1st Elizabeth Coyle,2nd Imelda Shields,3rd Mary Murray. Father’s Race 1st Andy Murrray,2nd Pat Maughan,3rd Christy Benn. Grandmother’s Race Mrs JJ Dunne (Farnham)2nd Rosie McCaffrey,3rd Eileen Graham.

Huge welcome for Tom Fitzpatrick on his arrival home as the new Minister for Forestry and Fisheries.

Death of Harry Richmond Tullymongan House.in Saint Luke’s Rathgar Dublin 6 at the age of 64.Well known retail and wholesale merchant in Cavan situated where the present Tractamotors stands. His father Frank started the business there with a Sawmill and later Harry opened a thriving Hardware and Grocery shop. Premises destroyed by fire in 1956 and Harry suffered a loss of £12,000 as the premises were not insured. Later sold the business to Tractamotors. Richmond's were known for their decency and concern for the poor and very charitable in their extension of credit. For recreation Harry kept a boat on Stradone Lake where he enjoyed many happy evenings fishing and relaxing. Member of the Select Vestry Church of Ireland. He is survived by his wife Iris NT, son Trevor, daughters Audrey, Margaret, and Joanne.Rev George Millar officiated at  the Funeral from Cavan Parish Church to the New Cemetery.

August 14th 1981 Christopher A Smith River Street son of Benny and Fanny receives his B Sc at UCD. Educated at the Poor Clares,Saint Felim's Boys,Saint Pat’s and UCD. Presently doing a course in Production Management with Anco.

August 21st 1981 Andy O Brien heads the poll on Labour Panel and is returned to Senad Eireann.Seamus Dolan and Jimmy Leonard are also elected for Fianna Fail to the Senate.

Same Week Musicland’ sold for record £90,000 (noel Tierney’s) at Public Auction. Auctioneers are P B Gunne who have plans to open their first branch in Ballsbridge Dublin shortly. Brian Finlay recently acquired the premises of MHR (Andy Slowey's).

Sympathy is extended to Jack Rehill Drumnavanagh on the death of his brother Philip Caulfield Tullyco Cootehill.

Cavan Tennis Club play Mullingar in the Final of the Leinster Cup. Team Bill Fleming, David Jackson,Eamonn Condon, Barry Walsh, Maire Henry, Norman Cassidy, Sheila Cassidy and Delores O Reilly

Death of Elizabeth (Betty) Hickey at Baggott Street Hospital Dublin at the age of 60.Gifted actress and ballroom dancer. In latter years she was more involved in local shows as a make up artist. Great personality and genuine welcome for everybody. Ran a high class sweet, cigarettes and confectionery shop with her sister Margaret opposite The Poor Clare Convent .Lady of great Christian values she was very charitable and concerned for those less well off. Survived by her brothers Benny, Paddy and her sister Margaret.Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry..

Bishop McKiernan assisted by  Most Rev Dr.Howe Columbans and Bishop T J Brosnahan of Sierra Leone join with 27 priests in the celebration of the Golden Jubilee of 9 Holy Rosary Sisters in the Convent in Killeshandra.Jubilarians Sr M Augustine Cahill (Downpatrick) the 1st Superior General of the Congregation.,Sr M Thomas Callanan (Dublin),Sr.M Rosari Comer (Williamstown County Galway),Sister M Theresa McCarthy (Belfast),Sister Imelda Maguire (Magherafelt County Derry), Sr.M Carmel Marron (Shercock), Sr M Vincent O Donohoe (Loughrea County Galway),Sister M Bernadette Monmouth England and Sister M De Rio Rosi Dublin.

August 28th 1981 Cavan Lawn Tennis Club win the Leinster Provincial Towns Cup for the 1st time defeating Mullingar 7-2 before a large crowd in ideal weather conditions at the Cavan venue. Team Bill Fleming, Marie Henry, David Jackson (Captain), Noreen Cassidy,Eamonn Condon, Sheila Cassidy, Barry Walsh and Dolores Brady.

Same Week Death of Maggie Scott Connolly Street at the age of 72.member of an old and respected Cavan family she worked wither sister Nan in the County Clinic for 21 years. She is survived by her brother Billy Moynehall. Rev George Millar officiated at the funeral from Cavan Parish Church to the New cemetery.

Anglo Celt will be 30 p from next issue

Vincent Pilkington from Cootehill smashes his own world record when he plucks a turkey in 2 minutes 31 seconds knocking  13 seconds of his old mark recorded in the Guinness Book of Records.

Death of Annie Coleman College Street at the age of 84.Spent nearly all of her life in America but came home 10 years ago. Predeceased by her son Benny McManus, she is survived by her sister Katie. Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Parish Mission to commence in September for a period of 1 month. Eight Missioners from the Redemptorists Order will reside in Parishioner’s houses during the Mission

Death of Bryde O Reilly Farnham Street at the age of 55.A native of Kilmacow County Kilkenny .Came to Cavan in 1953 as Poultry Instructress in the West Cavan area. Founder member of Cavan Community Games and Cavan Athletic Board. Her family are all outstanding athletes with both Cavan AC and Laragh. Member of the Re Hab and The Social Services. Treasurer of the Community Games, her detailed accounts were meticulously kept. Talented  golfer, she was a member of Belturbet Golf Club. She is survived by her husband Sean MRCVSI, daughters Therese, Louise, Emer, Niamh, sons Sean, Liam, Senan and Nathan. Guards of Honour from Cavan Athletic Board and Cavan Community Games at the funeral where Father Dan Sheridan officiated from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Owen Carron 26 year old single schoolteacher from Florencecourt (Anti H Block) beats Ken McGinnis (Official Unionist) by an impressive 2,230 to win the Fermanagh South Tyrone Westminster seat vacated by the death of Bobby Sands MP.

Cavan Badminton Club winners of the Breffni League and Knock Out Cup (Pictured) John Reilly, Millie McCaren, Rosemary Harrington, David Small, Mary McDaid, Hugh Leech (Captain) and Denise Traynor.

Maura Mullen wins the Lady President’s (Joan O Hanlon’s ) Prize at Cavan Golf Club

September 4th 1981

Tragic death of John McGerty Butlersbridge in collision with a lorry adjoining his home in Butlersbridge.Aged 69 he worked with Cavan County Council on th4 tar lorry and for a period worked with Major Purdon. His kindness and generosity were well known and appreciated by everyone. He is survived by his wife Rose, sons Hughie, Jimmy, Gerry and daughters Rosemary, Annie Patricia Alice and Caroline. Funeral from Saint Aidan’s Church Butlersbridge to Butlersbridge Cemetery


September 11th 1981 Official opening by Phil Brady (Chairman County Board) of the magnificently appointed Saint Felim’s Park Drumalee.Bishop Francis McKiernan blessed the complex. Over 1,000 attend the official opening of the park which cost over £75,000 to develop. Later Cavan have a facile win over Roscommon 3-12 to 1-9.

Same Week Death of Tommy O Reilly ‘The Regal’ in his mid 70s.Native of Unchinagh Ballyhaise.He was Chief Waterworks Superintendent in Cavan for over forty years. With his wife Ann ran a high class confectionary business. Founder member of the Christmas Tree Committee. Member of Cavan Fire Brigade for over 30 years, he attended at the grim scene that was the Convent Fire in February 1943.Member of the Boy Scouts and Drama Committee, he was a very prominent efficient steward at the major functions in the Town Hall. Deeply religious and charitable, he was a prominent member of the Saint Vincent De Paul and Saint Joseph’s Young Priests Society. Survived by his sisters Eileen and Helena. Funeral from Castletara Church to Butlersbridge Cemetery.

Tom Donohoe of 6 Tullac Mongan is the winner of the top prize of £100 in the CYMS 50/50 draw.2nd Martin Loughmann Military Barracks £20 and 3rd Jim Ivers Military Barracks £10.

Cavan Gaels Minors defeat Crosserlough in Semi Final Replay to qualify for next Sunday’s County Final against Arva/Killeshandra.

Andy Brennan wins The Captain’s (Denis Condon’s) Prize, Best Gross John Costello,2nd Johnny Woods 3rd,Dr.Tadgh Lynch. Ladies Patricia Treacy Gents Category Prize Father Des O Dowd and Lady’s Category Prize Dorothy Neary.

September 18th 1981 Jimmy Tully Minister for Defence accompanied by Army Chief of Staff and Senior Officers visits Cavan Military Barracks at Wolfe Tone Street.

Same Week Cavan Gaels Minors are comprehensively beaten by Arva/Killeshandra captained by Cathal Brady in Minor Final 2-10 to 1-05.Gaels Paul Leddy, Adrian Donohoe, Finian Reilly, Tommy Sexton, Jimmy Sheridan (Captain), John McHugh, Fergus McCarthy, Pauric O Connor, Declan McKiernan, Kevin O Grady, Eamonn Brady, Paddy McGovern, Peter Higgins, John Conaty and Brian Lynch. Subs Damien Leonard for John Conaty, Enda Cullen for Adrian Donohoe,Patrick McKiernan for Fergus McCarthy. Coach Michael Flynn

Drumalee fight back to earn a replay against Kingscourt Stars in a Final that only came alive with the Drumalee revival in the second half. Small crowd of 3,500 paid gate receipts of  £6,433.Scorers for Drumalee Paddy McGovern 0-4,Joey O Keefe 0-2,Andy Monson, Philip Maguire, Phelim Costello, Owen Fay and Micheal Greenan 0-1 each. Drumalee Noel Maguire, Ollie Shanaghy, Fergus Costello, Gerry McCabe, John Costello, Cyril O Keefe, Sean Leddy, Ollie Leddy, Joey O Keefe, Andy Monson, Paddy McGovern, Philip Maguire, Phelim Costello, George Crowe and Owen Fay Subs Micheal Greenan for George Crowe, Tommy Costello for Ollie Shanaghy. Team Manager Tommy Flynn. Referee Jimmy Cooney (Killinkere).Due to Drumalee’s trip to the USA taking place on Friday week, Cavan County Board have fixed the replay for next Sunday at 6 following the All Ireland Final between Kerry and Offaly.

Rev W Gilbert Wilson former Dean of Connor will be installed as the new Protestant Bishop of Kilmore, Elphin and Ardagh in Saint Ann’s Cathedral Belfast on Sunday. Preacher will be Rev Gordon McMullan  Bishop of Clogher.

Jerry Galligan of Farnham is presented with the Tony Kerrigan trophy as the winner of the County Cavan Individual Skittles title

September 25th 1981 Fintan Tierney is honoured by The National Referees Association when inducted into The Hall Of Fame and presented with a Beleek Pottery plaque at a reception in the Clarence Hotel Dublin..Native of Granard Fintan refereed the All Ireland Junior Finals of 1964,1966,1968,1969,All Ireland Minor of 1971 and the All Ireland Senior of 1972.

October 2nd 1981 Bishop asks that all Church Gate Collections be taken up away from Church property on opposite side of the road.

Same Week Breffni Boys Senior Band in operation since 1967 is disbanded. Junior Band catering for 9-10 year olds now numbers 15 .John Donohoe continues with the Band as Bandmaster but outlook is grim.

Great enthusiasm for the Redemptorists Mission which lasted for 1 month. Mass being said in many households and business premises including the premises of the Anglo Celt. Crowds attending the Cathedral morning and evening ceremonies are testament to the success of the Mission. 8 Redemptorists priests led by Father Frank Mullahy and including Father Tom Hogan, Father J Travers, Father T McCluskey ,Father J Hanna, Father J O Malley, Father C Kiernan and Father P Doran.

Check for Kathleen Leonard’s Obituary Reference Ann Fallon Date etc.

October 9th 1981 Brian Sullivan Bridge Street is elected Vice Chairman of the All Ireland Amateur Drama Association in Athlone.

Same Week CYMS await the new Minister for Fisheries and Forestry's Tom Fitzpatrick to officially open their magnificently refurbished premises in Farnham Street. which have been carried out at a cost of £7,000.Rrewired,replumbed,new flooring and carpet tiles. Curtains fitted, new outside signage and tables recovered and reupholstered. Committee Hon Presidents Andy Cafferty, Jimmy McCormack and HL Smyth. Chairman Ned Sharkey, Vice Chairman Jimmy Mulcahy, Secretary Gerry Higgins, Assistant Secretary Pat Kinsella, Registrars Pat Wall and Michael Breslin, Youth Officers Tom Crowe and Pat Kinsella, Treasurers Paddy O Reilly PC and HL Smyth, Spiritual Director Father Anthony Fagan.

Aidan Watters wins the National Junior Heptathlon title in Tullamore..

 Jim Prior Secretary of State for Northern Ireland announces reforms of the Northern Ireland prison service which are generally acceptable to Sinn Fein and lead to the end of the 5 year H Block Protest

Johnny and Mrs Donohoe celebrate the Golden Jubilee of their wedding with a reception in the Percy French Hotel Ballyjamesduff. They were married in Saint Brigids Church Killygarry on the 23rd September 1931 by Rev John O Reilly Adm. They have 4 sons,5 daughters and 22 grandchildren

‘Astronauts’ Farnham are Cavan and All Ireland Champions. Pictured are S Brady, Michael Logan, Noel Phair, M McKiernan, John Dunne, C McGahern, S Dunne, J Tilson and John Joe Dunne.

Cavan Town defeat Longford Town at Abbeycartron 4-0 Team H Smith, Peter Burns, Jim Ivers, Damian Keoghan, Cecil Reilly, Gerry Egan, Hughie Murray, Brian Carmichael, Thomas Byrne, Dessie Gardiner and Gene Cullivan.

Cavan beat Ballymoney 13-9.the pack was superb. Paul Hayes at Scrum Half has the ability but still needs a lot of coaching. Winston Morrison was playing his last game for the club before returning to College 1sts play CIYMs at home while the Seconds powered by Peter Pollock, Noel McGlade and Mervyn Lyndsey travel to Dungannon this Saturday

Death of Jennifer Binnions at her home in Kilann County Wexford. Native of Drumelis she was daughter of Barbara and the late John Ryan. Survived by her husband Alfred son Leslie ,Mother Barbara and sister Diana.

October 16th 1981 Death of the legendary Pat Smith Cootehill at the age of 96.Member of Cootehill Town Commissioners for 75 years, he was 62 years a member of Cavan County Council being Chairman for 25 years. Fourth generation to be born in the same house in Bridge Street Cootehill. he is survived by his son Andrew, daughters Mary and Clare. Rev Eddie Byrne assisted by Monsignor Jimmy O Reilly officiated at the funeral from Saint Michael’s Church Cotehill to Middle Chapel Cemetery.

Same Week Cavan International Song Contest is moving to Ballinagh at the request of RTE who have tentative plans to cover next year’s event. Paddy O Reilly (Chairman UDC) states he will do everything in his power to see that RTE are in Ballinagh next Spring.

Retirement of the great Sister Mercy (Rooney) after 38 years devoted service to the patients in Saint Phelim’s Hospital. Born in Rosinver County Leitrim youngest in a family of 8 girls and 4 boys. She qualified as a Nurse in the City Hospital in Belfast before entering the Mercy Order on September 24th 1941.Received into the order on thr 25th of March 1942,she was professed in 1944 and later appointed to Saint Phelim's Hospital where she served until her retirement in 1981Appointed Matron in 1959 of the 310 bed Hospital, she brought about a revolution in care for the elderly. She encouraged donation of expensive gifts like rotary beds etc and was instrumental in providing entertainment for the patients on a regular basis. Talented producer of two tops of Breffni winning teams, both herself and Ann Lennon also produced shows that won the Players Wills in Kilnacrott on a number of occasions

Cavan Athletic Club Chairman Jim Mooney,Vice Chair Jim Ward, Secretary John McDermott, Assistant Secretary Geraldine Crotty, Treasurer Finbar o Mahony, PRO Jim O Leary.

Bridge Club AGM Captain Annie Brady, Vice Captain Una Smith, President Dermot Morgan, Secretary Kay Henry, Assistant Secretary Jim Scanlon, Treasurer Peggy O Reilly.

Pat Denning is elected Vice President of the Armagh Provincial Council  of Saint Josephs Young Priest’s Society while Father Phil Brady (Doobally) is appointed Chaplain.

Cavan play Offaly in the All Ireland Ladies Football Final in Ballinasloe. Offaly are the favourites as they won the competition in 1979 and are Leinster champions since1964!

Cavan Town beat Valeview (Dublin) in 2nd round of Leinster Junior Cup at Farnham. It was 3-3 at full time but Dessie Gardiner, Brian Carmichael and Damien Traynor sealed the issue in extra time.

October 23rd 1981 Death of Kathleen Leonard Main Street at the age of 72 at The Mater Hospital Dublin after a brief illness. Member of the very well known Bredin Family from Kiltyclogher County Leitrim. Came to Cavan just over fifty years ago to work in Leonard’s High Class Gent’s and Lady’s Drapery. Among her workmates was Vera Brady later to write her own chapter in the National Drapery History and Matt McCutcheon later to open his own business in the town. Kathleen later married Jim Leonard and assisted her husband in the running of the business until they closed in 1962.She worked with her good friend Vera Brady for a period in the Drapery Business. before opening in their extensive premises a high class Boarding House where up to 20 guests mostly members of the Gardai were expertly catered for in a home from home environment. She was very fair industrious and good humoured her quiet and undemanding demeanour endeared her to all young and old and she had the knack of knowing everybody’s first name and making people feel unique in her presence. The local Gardai many of whom were former guests in Leonard’s formed a Guard of Honour at her funeral. She is survived by her daughter Ann son in law Des with whom she recently lived brothers Charlie and Jimmy (Bredin) sisters Madge and Cissie. Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Same Week Tributes are paid to John Sharkey and Sarah Cullen founder members of the Credit Union at 13th AGM. Sara died in May 1981 while John died in October 1979.

Offaly beat Cavan 1-11 to 4-0 in All Ireland Ladies Final.Brigid Sheridan of Cavan is voted player of the match.

Cavan Town Community Games Chairman Ray Griffith,Vice Chair Tom McHugh,Treasurer John McDermott,Secretary Tony Looney and PRO Paddy Carroll (UDC)

Terry Murray M Ag Sc will deliver the lecture at Cavan Gardening Club in the Lakeland Hotel on developing a garden for the first time.

Death of Charles Sheridan Saint Brigids Terrace at the age of 86-.survived by his sons Buddy, Bernard and daughter Elizabeth

October 30th 1981 Margaret McHale is the 1st Bean Garda in Cavan town. She is a native of Ballycastle County Mayo.

Same Week Cavan CYMS 50/50 Draw:1st Patricia O Reilly College Street €100,2nd Eamonn Mulcahy Cavan County Council €20 and 3rd Frank Farrell Bridge Street €10.

McDwyer/Lennon and Company are refused Planning Permission to retain their sign at Drumfarn House Railway Road. Paddy O Reilly (Chairman) suggests that the Town Clerk contact Ray McDwyer diplomatically and suggest a plaque on the wall. Paddy Carroll states in the event of other houses being let as offices the place will be littered with signs.

Official opening of Telecare Town Hall Street. Ray Fay and Nigel Pratt are pictured in Service Van demonstrating the new JVC video cameral to Brendan Jenkins.

Paul Myles (Cavan Garda) finishes 45th in the Dublin City Marathon in a time of 2:30.5,000 finished the race and Paul was the first Garda home. Billy Gallagher Roscommon Harriers) 23 year old employee in McCarren's finishes 7th in a time of 2:21.Hugh Leddy completes his 1st Marathon in a sparkling 2:55 alongside fellow Cavan AC clubman Rick Lewis. Jimmy O Leary finishes in a time of 3:28,Seamus Fallon 3:50 Paddy Haren 3:24,Noel Teehan 4:40 and Kathleen Tonge Physical Education teacher in Loreto 3:56.

November 6th 1981 Pictured) Geraldine Powell celebrating the 1st Birthday of Cavan Pre School Playgroup surrounded by her 20 pupils and Nurse Farrelly (District Nurse), Mary Treacy (Senior Social Worker) and Sister Oliver (1st teacher)

Same Week Death of John McSherry at the age of 81.Native of Dromahaire County Sligo. Joined the Gardai in 1924 and served in Glenamaddy Ballymore, Stradone, Kingscourt, Kilnaleck and Clones before coming to Cavan. Retired to live in Dublin in 1961.Won the Garda handball championships on a number of occasions and also played football for Stradone. Took active part in the War of Independence. Company Commander of 1st Battalion Old IRA in Sligo. Survived by his wife Eileen, sons Diarmuid, Eugene, Sean, Raymond and daughter Colette. Funeral from Saint Patrick’s Mount Argus to Mount Jerome.

Sister Eithne Loreto Convent is fatally injured when struck by an ambulance while crossing the street adjacent to the Cathedral on her way to the Novena to Our Lady of  Perpetual Succour. Prior to coming to Cavan in1978,Sister Eithne served the Loreto Community in Bray and Rathfarnham.

Cavan AC win the Boys Under 12 title at County Cross Country in Bailieboro Team Pictured) are Michael Fallon, Francis Mooney, Leo Costello, Don Crotty, Donal Murray and Stephen Connolly.

Paddy King President of the Irish Dental Association has been awarded Honary membership for life of the American Dental Association in recognition of his huge contribution to the development of Dentistry.

Cavan Gardening Club now 5 years in existence  Chair Viola Cole, Vice Chair Jimmy Scott, Secretary Bridie Galligan, Treasurer Stanley Booth. Committee David Deegan, Gladys Mee, Gerry Brady, Pearl Small, Kathleen Armstrong, Joe Nargi, Lena Reilly, Amelia Melia and Patsy Culligan

Gabriel Reilly son of Joe formerly of Drumcrave now domiciled in North Wales on his way to Jordan to design a new harbour for the Jordanian Government. Civil Engineering degree at Liverpool University where he won the Thomas Ryder Wilton award with first class honours on graduation.

November 13th 1981 Maureen Cosgrove opens her beauty Salon ‘Ladies Only’ in Ashe Street. Free Consultation Phone 32346.

Same Week NEHB state that there are 15 patients in Saint Phelim's who could be discharged if they had any proper homes to go to

Winners of Urban Council Garden Competition 1981 Zone 1 Vegetables John P Walshe 17 Saint  Patricks Terrace, Amenity Thomas Meehan 33 Saint Phelim's Place. Zone 2 Vegetables Hughie Clarke 19 Tullac Mongan, Amenity Felix Sheridan 34 Tullac Mongan. Zone 3 Vegetables Owen Mullen 1 Jubilee Terrace, Amenity Seamus Fay 1 Owen Roe. Zone 4 Vegetables Hughie Sheridan 26 John Paul, Amenity Frank Lyons 25 Saint Martins. Zone 4 Vegetables Mary E Murray 28 Tullac Mongan, Amenity Charles Moore 13 Fairview.

Death of Ex Garda John Marron at the age of 75.Native of Drumgowna Carrickmacross.Served in Athlone, Mullingar, Raphoe and Granard before retiring in 1956.Keen golfer and Winner of the Captain’s Prize at County Cavan Golf Club in 1952.Survived by his wife Bridie and daughter Katherine.

Death of Vincent Dunne in the USA. Emigrated in 1928,served in Cavan as a Postman and won Senior County medals with the Slashers in 1922 and 1927.During World War 2,he served in the US Merchant Navy.

Death of Nicholas Halligan formerly of Swellan at the age of 60 in Birmingham. before emigrating in 1964 he was a store man with CIE.Played football with Cavan Harps. Survived by his wife Moya, sons Nicholas, Edward and daughter Geraldine. Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Sympathy is extended to Peggy Brady on the death of her Mother Sarah Naughton Curraghboy Athlone at the age of 92.Predeceased by her husband Michael, funeral to Kiltoon cemetery.

Recorded Music Society 1981-1982 Chairman Mervyn Johnston, Secretary Angela Smith,Treasuer Sheila Crotty,PRO John Smith.

November 20th 1981 Cardinal Tom O Fiach delivers the address at the Silver Jubilee Lecture of Cumainn Seanchais Breifne in the Kilbrackan Arms Carrigallen .Bishop Gilbert Wilson, Bishop Frank McKiernan. Father Killian Mitchell (Chairman) presided. Founded on the 13th of January 1956,there are over 600 members of the Society worldwide

Same Week Patricia Fannin of Drung is in the last four of ‘Nurse of the year’ on RTE sponsored by Loucozade. Presently serving in Manorhamilton,Patricia qualified in 1974. Finals are being televised by RTE.

Drumshanbo’s first Bean Garda Michelle Mannion 21 year old eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs Tom Mannion is posted to Carrickmacross where she is the 1st ever Bean Garda to serve there.

Aideen Gormley of Drumnavanagh is once again Cavan’s BLOE Athlete of the Year.

Terence McDonagh son of Terence and Kathleen McDonagh is dead on admission to Surgical following a fall from a caravan being towed by his father. The McDonagh's have 11 other children.

Saint Joseph’s Young Priests 1981-1982 President Patsy Maloney, Vice President Maureen Brady, Secretary Margaret Smith and Treasurer Pat Denning, Chaplain Father Des O Dowd.

Death of Sister Mary Bernadine (Hannon) at the age of 71 former teacher of Domestic Science and Sacristan in Poor Clare Convent. Funeral from the Poor Clare Chapel to the adjoining graveyard.

Drumalee Residents Association 1981-1982 Chairman Terry O Reilly, Secretary Kathleen O Gorman, Treasurer Brian Cumiskey. Committee Tommy Smith, Mary Glavey, John O Reilly, Sean Sharkey and Frank Connolly.

Paddy O Reilly Chairman Cavan UDC (pictured) is made a presentation at the launch of the Irish language book Anois is Aris by the author Deirdre Davitt Bord na Gaeilge.

November 27th 1981 Beda McCabe is the new Lady Captain at County Cavan Golf Club

Same Week  Cavan Gaels avoid the drop to division 2 with their unexpected victory over top of the table Ramor United at Terry Coyle Park.

Death of Honora (Honnie) Smith Saint Patrick’s Swellan at the age of 58.She was an outstandingly successful dancer in her youth and later set up a dancing school ‘Honnie Gauthier’s’. Very popular and friendly, she was the last surviving member of Harry Gauthier’s family who was a train driver with GNR. Survived by her husband Noel,sons John, Michael, daughters Siobhan and Madeline. Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Death of Elizabeth Simpson  Saint Patrick’s Swellan at the age of 68.Member of one of the oldest and most respected families in the town ,she was a member of the well known Agnew family. Very prominent member of the Irish Red Cross for over forty years, she figured on Provincilal and All Ireland winning teams led by Eileen Maloney. She is survived by her sons Tommy, Kenneth, Jim, daughters Violet, Betty and Irene

Martin Maguire is called up for trial with Junior Inernational team following his outstanding display for Cavan Town in their 3-1 defeat to holders Saint Teresa's in the  FAI Junior Cup at South Circular Road Dublin.

Down beat Cavan 4-3 to 2-1 in Ulster Senior Camogie Final in Dungannon. Scorers for Cavan Bernie O Callaghan 1-1 and A Sullivan 1-0 .Team Ann McKiernan Hastings, Catherine Cusack, M McMullin, Lorraine O Neill, C Clarke, Noeleen Kiernan, M McDermott, E Clarke, M Carroll, A Sullivan and Bernie O Callaghan. Ann McKiernan in the Cavan goal was voted Player of the Match.

Death of Frank Fitzpatrick Military Row at the age of 85.Porter on the railways with both GNR and CIE. Outstanding member of Cavan CYMS, Frank was a gifted member of the famed CYMS Solo School. Served the Club as Caretaker for a number of years and was  an inspiration to the younger members when the Club moved to the Hut in 1961.He was a first class handballer and his jousts with HL Smith were legendary. Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Icebreakers Committee 1981-1982 Chairman Sean Walsh Vice Chair Willie Mimnagh,Secretary Elizabeth Smith, Treasurer Rosaleen Keegan. Committee Alex Moran, Enda Smith and Jim Gilhooley.

December 4th 1981 Cavan Association in Dublin Claim to Fame Awards 1981 Sport Aidan Watters and Paddy McDermott (Culture). Cheque for £8,000 presented to Our Lady’s Hospital for Sick Children Crumlin..

Same Week Pictured is Edward T O Hanlon ‘Glenair’ Cathedral Road son of Edward and Armid receiving his Diploma in Communications at College of Commerce Rathmines. First of its kind in this country. Edward was educated in Cavan at De La Salle and Cavan Vocational School.

Father Dan Gallogly replaces Father Colm Hurley as President Saint Patrick’s College. Father Hurley is appointed Curate in Killeshandra.

Hacklers bid for further honours at One Act Drama in Wexford with Shaffer’s ‘Black Comedy’. Paddy Murray is the only surviving member of the All Ireland winning cast while Ray O Connor produces the show.

Pearse Documentary Exhibition circulated by the National Library is now on display at the County Library Farnham Street. Children’s Week is also in full swing prompting Richard Morgan Coras Point to write in Letters to the Editor his thanks and congratulations to Cavan County Librarian Donal O Gorman and his staff for a wonderful effort.

Cavan Town defeat Timahoe 2-1 away in FAI Junior Cup. Scorers for Cavan who went 1-0 down after twenty minutes were Jerry O Keefe and Brian Carmichael. Team John Heffernan, Damian Treanor, Jim Ivers, Cecil Reilly, Damian Keoghan, Jerry O Keefe, Brian Carmichael, Martin Maguire, Hubert Smith, Des Gardiner and Gene Cullivan Sub Hughie Murray for Cullivan

620 donors at Blood Transfusion Service. Success is largely due to Eileen Maloney who has been coordinating the event since 1954

December11th 1981 No Files


December 18th 1981 No Files



December 25th 1981 Junior Snooker Competition sponsored by Oliver Crowe is won by Padraic Smith with John Fitzpatrick runner up. The other  Semi Finalists were Simon Buckley and Paul Leddy

Same Week Continued outcry over the proposed development of the Saint Francis Halt. Mary Keoghan states it is very unfair to continue to hoist this problem on the people of one area of the town without any prior consultation".Mrs Annie Murray states that the accommodation for the itinerants should be spread out, they didn’t want them in Moynehall or at the Triangle but further development at Tullymongan was creating a Ghetto. Andy O Brien agrees wholeheartedly but says the problem arises as a result of the generosity of the Poor Clare nuns who are continuing to dispose of their lands free of charge to house the itinerants.

Bank Overdraft accommodation was approved by Cavan UDC at £60,000

January 1st 1982 Despite the damp dismal weather and the first early closing on Christmas Eve the town enjoyed an excellent Christmas trading season.

Same Week Icebreakers live up to their name by smashing 2 inches of ice to facilitate their 14th Annual Christmas Morning swim in sub zero temperatures. .Senator Andy O Brien sent the 50 swimmers on their way.The youngest girl was Eilish Mimnagh while 12 year old Gordon Tilson was the youngest boy. Sean Walsh was completing his 14th swim while Nola O Hanlon lead the Ladies with 7 consecutive swims. Surgeon Bolus Hannah presented the Certificates.

Annalee Boutique owned by Fintan and Mary Tierney host very successful Fashion Show in aid of Charity in Jackson’s Showrooms during the Christmas Carnival Motor Show.

Sudden death of John Brady  Tullac Mongan on Saint Stephen’s Day at the age of 61.During Emergency served in the Medical Corps Irish Army. Active part in Church affairs John was extremely decent and religious. Survived by his wife Annie sons Jim Sean Christy daughters Terese Kathleen Elizabeth Philomena Jean Dympna and brother Terry. Military honours at the funeral with coffin draped in tricolour. Interment in Cullies.

Death of Margaret Mary McCabe Earlsvale Road at the age of 79 .Native of Drumgoon.Member of an old respected farming family, she was a Nurse by profession and spent most of her life nursing in Dr. Furlong’s Nursing Home Wexford. Survived by her brother Patrick at home and sisters Bridget and Susan in Cavan.Rev Dan Sheridan officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Kill Cemetery.

Death of Mary (May) O Connor (Nee Boylan ) ex NT Coratuibber.Predeceased by her husband Kevin she is survived by her sons and daughters. Funeral in Dublin.

January 8th 1982 Death of Margaret (Ettie) Mullery Town Hall Street. At the age of 85,her late husband James Stanley owned a thriving garage in Town Hall St. and also had a garage adjacent to the Bus Office. Last surviving member of the O Reilly Family Town Hall Street.  She was the founder member of Cavan branch ICA serving on the committee for many years.Active member of Cavan Red Cross,Breffni Boys Band, Apostolic Workers. Predeceased by her husband Stanley and youngest son Jim in April 1973.Survived by her sons Paddy,Stanley,Dickie,daughters Maureen (Hand) Margaret (Lee) and Winnie Conlon. Rev Des O Dowd officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Same Week Death of Patrick Kirby at the age of 79 in England .Before emigrating 20 years ago he was a master butcher in Hickey’s of Bridge Street. Survived by his wife Kathy,sons Paddy, Eddie, Peter, daughters Myra, Vera, Betty, Grace, Bridie, Erin and Rosie. Funeral to Killygarry Cemetery.

Death of Michael Clarke Annaglough at the age of 69.Retired farmer,predeceased by his wife Katie 10 years ago. Survived by his daughter Kathleen and Theresa. Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Death of John O Connor Saint Brigids at the age of 30.Survived by his parents ,brothers and sister. Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Death of Eileen Smith Saint Martin’s at the age of 63.Native of Aughacashel Ballinamore,she was predeceased by her husband John (Johnny The Captain) and just recently by her granddaughter Sharon. She is survived by her sons Brendan, Shane, Victor, daughters Ann and Rita. Father Anthony Fagan presided at her funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

C 60 are the featured band in McGinnity’s Bier Keller this weekend.

Dickey Mullery is closing his workshop in College Street. Call to Number 5 Saint Phelim’s Place to collect items in for repair.

January 15th 1982 Tom Fitzpatrick’s seat on Cavan Urban Council is to be filled by Oliver Malone Coras Point.Tom is returning as a Minister in the National Government

Same Week Worst snow storms in 20 years. High absenteeism at the local factories but Council are continuing to grit the roads and schools remained closed. Business in the shops is brought to a stand still. Pat Nally VEC Education Officer is snow bound at his home near Mullingar.

Tragic and untimely death of Mary Donegan (Nee Cosgrove) Jubilee Terrace at the age of 41.Survived by her husband Thomas (Tony), sons Patrick, Jimmy, Steven, Thomas, daughters Helena, Barbara, Catherine and Amanda.

Death of Paddy Reilly Lisdarn at the age of 79.Spent many years as a Porter in the Surgical Hospital. Took active part in the War of Independence and later joined the Irish Army. He is survived by his wife Josephine, sons John Joe, Paddy, daughter Josephine and Angela.

Death of Billy McCabe Saint Aidans Terrace  at the age of 59.Well known donkey and goat trader. Hardworking ,quiet, decent and successful business man. Survived by his wife Bridget,sons James, Martin, daughters Valerie and Ann. Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

January 22nd 1982

David Deegan will give the lecture at this week’s meeting of the Gardening Club on ‘Potting Plants’

Same Week Tommy Cullivan makes his debut in the National Concert Hall where the admission is priced at £3.

Death of Elizabeth Tierney Caretaker Vocational School Farnham Street at the age of 94.Native of Carrickmacross .pleasant smile and greeting for everyone. She is survived by her son Brian and funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Tragic death of the great Edwin Carolan of Cavan and Cavan Gaels fame. Played in three All Ireland Finals 1948,1949 and 1952 winning 2 All Ireland medals. Played with UCD, Ulster and Ireland ,winning numerous Railway Cup medals and 1Sigerson Cup medal. Helped to establish Cavan Gaels and won a 1958 League medal with the town team while stationed at McCarren’s Factory as Veterinary Inspector Great character off the field, noted pianist and singer. He was the life and soul of every party. Native of Mullagh. survived by his brother Pat (Solicitor),Cecil and sister Mary. Funeral from Saint Mary’s Church Moynalty to the adjoining cemetery

January 29th 1982

Jim Kemmy brings down the Government by voting against the proposed imposition of VAT on children’s footwear (82 to 81) proposed in John Bruton’s ill fated Budget. Garrett Fitzgerald is forced to call a General Election with Polling in 3 weeks time.

Same Week Noel Murtagh (Kingscourt Construction Group) qualifies as a Solicitor will practice under the name FN Murtagh Kingscourt.

New £2 million water scheme for Cavan is now being commissioned. MOH checking the water quality, cleaning the pipes etc. Situated at Tullinchin Clifferna the new reservoir can provide 1 million gallons of quality water daily. Residents will no longer have to boil the water before use.

Jim McDonnell is the new Chairman of The Regional Fisheries Board at AGM in Ballyshannon.


February 5th 1982 Cavan Town beat Castlepollard 4-3 in the Longford Subsidiaries Cup after extra time. Teams tied at 3-3 at the end of 90 minutes. Hubert Smith scored direct from a corner to break the deadlock. Team John Heffernan, Peter Burns, Jim Ivers, Cecil Reilly, Declan Keoghan, (Capt), HP Clarke, Hughie Murray, Gene Cullivan, Myles McEntee, Dessie Gardiner, Bomber Byrne. subs Hubert Smith for Clarke, Michael Kelly for McEntee.

Same Week Greg Sheridan beats younger brother Dominick 21-9,7-21 and  21-13 to clinch the Ulster Open Singles Handball title at Saint Patricks College Complex.

February 12th 1982

Kathleen Tonge raises £526 for Central; Remedial Clinic in recent Dublin City Marathon. Her great effort is acknowledged by the Clinic which was founded in 1955 by Lady Valerie Goulding and Kathleen O Rourke who now assist over 1,000 people annually.

Same Week  Death of Michael Loughnane Owen Ro e at the age of 59.Native of Ballinasloe,he was a member of the Irish Army during the Emergency. Survived by his wife Bernadette, sons Billy ,Michael, daughters Marian,Kathleen,Honora,Bernadette and Rose. Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

New mechanical filter is fitted to Town water supply at a cost of £60,000.Filters 400,000 gallons daily.

Death of John P Walsh Saint Patricks Swellan at the age of 71.Native of Crossmolina County Mayo.First came to Cavan 50 years ago and worked with J J Smith Building Contractor before joining the Smith Motor Group. Served as a member of Cavan Urban Council from 1955 to 1967 and was deeply interested in the welfare of the town. Predeceased by his wife Nora, he is survived by his sons Teddy, Gerry, Jimmy, Michael, Martin, Connie and daughters Eileen and Nora. Father Anthony Fagan officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Cavan Rugby Club win the Carroll's Match Play Quiz with compeer Jimmy Magee beating the reigning Champs Cavan Gaels Team: Sean Coyle, Sean McKiernan and Noel Finn pictured with the team are Hugh Leech (Carroll's), Mick McCarthy (Captain County Cavan Golf Club) and Jimmy Magee (RTE.).

Saint Pat’s Musical Society will stage their new musical Guys and Dolls in the College Concert Hall. starring Angela O Reilly, Jarlath McKenna and Karen Coyle. Musical Production Father Gerry Kearns, Choreography Frances Galligan. The script is by Bill Henry. Admission is £1-50 and booking at Young’s Newsagents Cavan.

Bridge Club Best N/S Gross Pat Plunkett and Mrs P Carroll, E/W Willie Finegan and Val Maguire. Best Gross Jim Rafter and Dr.Paddy Faulkner.

Mamo McDonald The Diamond Clones is elected National President of the ICA. Widow of the great Eugene McDonald who played football for both Cavan and Monaghan, Mamo is a native of Tuam County Galway.

Cavan Chamber of Commerce 1982 President Eddie Brady, Vice President Phil Gilbride. Secretaries Jimmy Scanlon and Margaret Brady, Treasurer Michael O Connell

Barry McGuigan scores a 3rd round stoppage against Ian Murray at the World Sporting Club in London to record his 7th successive win in professional ranks.

Gabriel Kelly and Hughie McInerney are appointed Senior and Under 21 Coaches to Cavan County team. Contest for both jobs where P J Carroll was the unsuccessful candidate.

February 19th 1982

Tommy Owns County Cavan Registrar gains national prominence as RTE ‘To Day To Night’ devote a full programme to him explaining the intricacies of the Proportional Representation voting system of which he is the acknowledged authority in this country.

Death of William George Hussey former Editor of the Argus. both Michael Hand editor of the Sunday Independent and Kevin Marron got their early training in the Argus where George was Editor for 31 years. Survived by his wife Anna sons Tom and James. Funeral from Termofeckin Church to the New cemetery.

February 26th 1982

General Election results in hung Dail. Nobody won but intense negotiations are in progress. Fianna Fail 81,Fine Gael 63,Labour 15,Others 7.In Cavan John Wilson 9,776 headed the Poll and was elected on the 1st Count.1st Election count to be held in Cootehill since Arthur Griffith's success of 1918 when Joe Smyth Courthouse Cavan was Returning Officer. His son Hughie has officiated at every election held in County Cavan and was the senior member of the counting staff in Cootehill

Same Week Death of Brigid Dempsey Saint Martin’s at the age of 73.Spent over 20 years in England. Predeceased by her husband John, she is survived by her son Billy, Frank and daughter Mary. Father Felim Kelly officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Ireland beat Scotland 21-12 to win the Triple Crown and all Ireland rejoices at the feat of Ciaran Campbell and ace kicker Ollie Campbell.

New telephone kiosk for Drumullen will be installed within the next few weeks.

Donal Brady BA DLT is appointed County Librarian in Waterford. He is son of Mr and Mrs Donal Brady Ballyjamesduff and formerly of the White Star Cavan. Donal was Assistant Librarian in Waterford and Executive Librarian  Clare County Council before his most recent appointment.

Mick McCarthy drives in as captain County Cavan Golf Club 1982.

March 5th 1982

Cavan beat Larne 9-4 in wet and mucky Tierquin Eric Trenier dominated the scrum. Magnificent display against a team who are 3 divisions higher in Ulster rugby. Cavan now play NIFC away in Forster Cup Team Brian Lee, Gerry Lennon, Ray Charles, P McDonnell, J Farrell, Cyril O Keefe, Sean McPhilips, Eric Trenier, PJ Quinn, Sean McKiernan, Tom Farrell, Joe Gormley, Nigel Heaslip, Willie Morrison and Michael Johnston. Seconds beat Shortts' away and this weekend travel to Belfast again for game with Annadale.Team Sean Coyle, Richard Graham, S Bradley, D Coyle, R Dunne, D McBreen,Michael Keenan, Peter Pollock, Noel McGlade, Tommy Owens, S Devine, J Lynch,C Farrell, Pat Lee and C King.

Same Week After gale force winds which blew down many of the remaining aerials in the town a spokesman for Smyth’s Cablevision said that the demand for connections to the service had increased ten fold.The Celt remarks “it is an ill wind that blows nobody any good”!

Death of Alec Sell in London at the age of 60 predeceased by his wife Margie McCaffrey two years ago. Survived by his sons John and Mark. Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Over 500 entries already in for the Mitsubishi Cavan Half Marathon. Over 800 are expected to compete on the day.

Notice: Doctor Eamon Hartmann and Drs McDwyer are no longer in partnership. Dr Hartmann has commenced practice at 57 Church Street while Drs Eamonn and Marlis McDwyer are at 18 Farnham Street (opposite the Protestant Hall)

March 12th 1982

Saint Patrick’s Day Parade reorganised. Enquiries Jimmy Scanlon Town Hall Street.

Same Week Boy Scout’s Annual Investiture by Bishop Francis McKiernan assisted by Father Des O Dowd and Charles O Gorman.

Cavan Town are perched on the top of both the Longford and North Eastern League following resounding victories over Castlepollard 6-0 and Monaghan Celtic 3-1.

Redevelopment of Cavan Lawn Tennis Clubhouse is underway at a cost of £23,000.Membership of the Club which is over 100 years old is in excess of 120.90% of the playing membership are under 16.

John Wilson is appointed Minister for Posts Telegraphs and Transport in new Fianna Fail Government led by Charles Haughey with support from Independents Neill Blayney and Tony Gregory. Charlie Haughey refuses to appoint George Colley Tanaiste..

March 19th 1982

Senator Andy O Brien failed to secure a Fine Gael nomination to contest the forthcoming Seanad Electons.He headed the Poll with 87 votes on the Labour Panel at the last Election in the Summer. Member of the Senate since 1969,it means that Cavan /Monaghan will have no Fine Gael representative in the next Senate. Andy is a member of Cavan County Council and of the General Council of County Councils, Chairman of Cavan Vocational Committee, member of NEHB and Cavan UDC.

Same Week Despite inclement weather  the 1st Saint Patricks Day Parade in 10 years organised by the local Chamber of Commerce passes off successfully. Heading up Connolly Street and down Farnham Street from Dunnes Stores Car Park over 50 floats led by a colour party from Cavan FCA. It took over 1 hour to pass the reviewing stand opposite the Market Square and highlight was a fly over by  members of Abbeyshrule Flying Club.

Hacklers will stage ‘The Field’ on the opening night of Cavan Drama Festival in the Town Hall .They have competed in Festivals in Tubbercurry and Longford where Paddy Murray was awarded the gold medal for Best Actor. Cast Leamy Michael Reilly, Bird Paddy Murray, Mick Flanagan Tom Caslin, Maggie Butler Catriona O Brien, Mamie Roisin O Connor, Bull Terry O Connor, Tadhg Jimmy Fox, Sergeant Derek O Brien, William Kevin O Connor, Dandy Patsy Lee, Dandy’s Wife Ann Donohoe, Father Murphy Charlie Donohoe, Bishop Harry Hunt. Producer Ray O Connor, Back Stage Make Up Patsy Lee and Mary O Connor, Costumes Sally Reynolds and Jane Lumley, Lighting John Conlon, Stage management Damian O Brien and Michael O Raghaille. Set Design Alita O Brien and Damian O Brien. Sound Joe Keenan and Nigel Pratt. Others Erick Johnstone Jackie Kaugers, Ann Marie Cusack, Paddy Dillon Anne O Neill, Gene Finegan, Mick O Brien, Paul Kelly, Paul Dolan, Ann Ryder and Laurence Lee.

Cavan Gael’s Hurling Committee 1982 Chairman Tom Kelly, Secretary Peter Veale, Committee Finbar Noonan, Tommy Sheehan and Pat Nally.

Cullen Cup for Bridge 1982 1st Vincent and Vera Kelly (Bailieboro) 2nd K Mackie and J McGurk (Ballybay) 3rd Jim Burke and Dermot Morgan (Cavan) Best Cavan Pair Kay Henry and Father Thomas Woods.

Pictured are the Juveniles from Cavan Rugby Club  who beat Fivemiletown 24-0 to win the Breifne Cup at Killygarry. D McCabe, B Jermyn, B Murray, Nathan Reilly, (Capt), Cian Murtagh, J Munnelly, N Farrelly, S McDermott, Pat Lyons (Trainer) Michael Walsh, Packy Kiernan, R Verling ,A Carroll, Tony Talbot, Niall Walsh, Noël Foster and John Loughnane (Coach). Packie Kiernan ,Cian Murtagh and Sean McDermott outstanding players a field

Death of Paddy Smith former TD and Government Minister at the age of 81.Represented Cavan in the Dail for 54 consecutive years (1923-1977) .In 1923 he was returned as the youngest Deputy to Dail; Eireann at the age of 23.Served in several Cabinets as Minister for Agriculture. He resembled Jim Larkin in stature 6 foot 2 inches and was an outstandingly passionate public speaker. Elected to Cavan County Council in 1934,Chairman of Cavan County Council from 1936 to 1941. Among the attendance was President Paddy Hillery and Charles J Haughey (Taoiseach) who gave the graveside oration describing Paddy as a formidable man and gifted orator who loved his country but most particularly his native county of Cavan. Father Edmund Burns was chief celebrant of the funeral Mass in Saint Michael’s Cootehill to Knockbride West Cemetery


Girls Under 12 Grace O Mahony, Claudine Kiernan, Niamh O Reilly, Doris Fitzpatrick, Pauline Brady ,Martina O Donnell and Karen Lambert win the Road Championship for Cavan AC.

March 26th 1982

Death of Rita Lawlor relict of Phil (Cavan Golf Club). Native of Dalkey. Lady of gentle disposition, held in high esteem by her neighbours and friends. She is survived by her sons Jim, Phil, daughters Helena and Margarita. Father Des O Dowd Adm officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Kilygarry.

Same Week Death of Mary (Minnie) O Rourke 43 College Street at the age of 82 on holiday in Limerick with her niece Ursula when she became ill. Survived by her sisters Eileen and Annie. Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Michael Shields (Duncairn Harriers Belfast) wins the Mitsubishi Half Marathon in a time of 65:55 followed home by Billy Gallagher (Roscommon Harriers ) in 66:26. 1st Lady C Martin (Dublin City Harriers)1st Lady’s Team Loreto College Cavan. Men’s Teams 1st Duncairn Harriers Belfast 2nd Belfast Olympic,3rd Mullingar Hariers.4th Monaghan Phoeniox.1st Local Lady Lyla Cafferty. Over 500 runners walkers and joggers finished the 13.1 mile course through Crossdoney/Ballinagh and back to Scout Den Cavan

.April 2nd 1982

Death of Edward (Ned ) Bonney at the age of 78.Native of Carlow town,resided in Cavan for the last 29 years. Outstanding hurler in his youth, he won several medals in his native Carlow.Electrical Foreman with Post office Engineering Branch.Survived by his wife Maude,daughters Mae,Evea,Angela,Loretta and Gay.Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Same Week Budget 1982 Vat up from 15% to 18%,Petrol Up 8P a gallon,Luxury GoodsVat up from 25% to 30%.Social Welfare increases of up to 25% across the board.

Youth Club decides to fold due to continuing lack of interest and recent vandalisation of the premises.

Retired Persons Committee 1982 Presidents Father Des O Dowd and Canon George Millar,Chairman Tommy Smith (Drumalee),Vice Chair Eileen Maloney,Treasurer Bella Power,Secretary Patsy Smith (Rock Cross) Committee Phil Lee,Nora Brady,Jim and Molly Finegan

Cavan Red Cross win County Novices title in Bailieboro.Team Peter Galligan (Captain) Mary Smith,Sheila Carpenter,Anne Lawless,Kathleen Swaine,John Maguire and Francis Milner. The Instructor of the winning team was Jean Goode Cloverhill

Leixlip win the Open and Dr Patrick Lyons Cup at Cavan Drama Festival with their play ‘Rosencrantz and Guilderstern are Dead’.Brendan Cauldwell (Adjudicator) commends the Hacklers for their production of ‘Sive’ on opening night  while Brian Sullivan Festival Chairman decries the lack of public support for this year’s Festival

April 9th 1982

Same Week Laity Week 1982 Chairman Tom McKenna,Secretary Joan Ward.This years’s theme is ‘Christ in the Workplace’

Party of 33 in Cavan Gael’s first ever trip abroad to London.guests of Parnells and London County Board.large party went to White Hart Lane to see Spurs beat Ipswich 1-0 on Easter Saturday.

Dr BK Hanna has transferred his residence from 3 Keadue Cathedral Road to Lismore Lodge Phone (Residence) 37216 or Hospital 31211

April 16th 1982

Tom Desmond County Engineer states that the roads in County Cavan are in an appalling state due to an accumulated deficit from Central funds of £30 million.A County Rate of £15-91p in £ is struck an increase of £2.875.

Death of Percy Mulligan Drumgola at the age of 65.Noted farmer and landscape gardening contractor.Survived by his brothers William and Charlie and sister Maud.Rev George Millar officiated at the funeral from Cavan Parish Church to Ballyhaise.

Death of Norman Fagan Crimlin at the early age of 23 in The Richmond Hospital.Self employeed mechanic he is urvived by his mother Anne brothers Edwin and Belder  sister Dolly.funeral from Denn Parish Church to the adjoining cemetery.

Cavan Gaels party of 33 are guests of Parnell’s London on their first ever trip abroad over the Easter weekend.Beat a London selection in challenge game by 0-14 to 0-9.On Saturday some of the party took the opportunity of visiting White Hart Lane where Spurs beat Ipswich Town 1-0 in The 1st Division Championship.



April 23rd 1982

Oliver Malone is co-opted on to Cavan Urban Council to fill the vacancy created by the retirement of the Ceann Comhairle Tom Fitzpatrick. Oliver is the well known Restaurant owner and is son of Jim and Kate Malone Gaelic House. Married to Vera, they have 2 boys and live at Coras Point

Same Week Tony and Claire Finlay open their new House of Fabric to day (Beside PA Smyth's) Phone 32335

Cavan 1st XV win their first Ulster League title beating Cooke,and Rainey in their final two games to clinch the title but Seconds lose their final league game at home against NIFC to finish second in their League.

Death of Rose Doherty relict of Joe Saint Brigids Terrace at the age of 89.Native of Edgeworthstown.She is survived by her sons Sean,Mel,daughters Mary Jo,Margaret,Bridie and Agnes.Rev Anthony Fagan officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Death of Margaret Cassidy relict of John Owen Roe at the age of 81.Native of Clonfad Portlaoise.she resided in Cavan for over fifty years and her first home was in Puddin Lane (adjacent to Tesco).She is survived by her sons Sean,Richie,,Paddy Oliver,Jim,daughters Annie,Maura,Kathleen.Rev Anthony Fagan officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Rosaleen Smith beats Olive McIntyre Ballyconnell to win the County Cavan Darts Final in McGinnitys.There was an entry of 16 girls for the competition.

Cavan Gardening Club Annual outing to Enniskillen will include visit to The Daffodil Show at  Castle Coole Manor.

Death of Patrick Brady late of 92 Main Street where the family ran a public house up to the late 40s.Former Post Master in Dolphin’s Barn..Father Anthony Fagan officiated at the funeral to Cullies.

Paddy O Reilly (Chairman Cavan UDC) is pictured admiring the chain of office of Manchster Mayor Hugh Lee on a visit to Cavan. Looking on are Tom and Carmel Fitzpatrick and the two first ladies Lucy Lee and Anna O Reilly.

April 30th 1982  Cavan Town beat Monaghan United 3-1 at Clones to capture the Jackson Cup.Brian Carmichael Noel and Hubert Smith the scorers.Great season for the Town capturing the Subsidary Cup Longford League and Mallon Cup.Martin Maguire is voted  Dundalk Referee’s Player of the Year and made a presentation after the conclusion of the Jackson Cup Final.Team John Heffernan Hughie Murray Brian Webber Adrian Ronan Declan Keoghan Cecil O Reilly Brian Carmichael Hubert Smith (Captain) Dessie Gardiner Martin Maguire and Noel Smith.Team Manager Joe Johnston.

Same Week Death of Margaret (Mollie) McNally College Street at the age of 75.Outstanding Dressmaker she was a quiet respectable and religious person.Survived by her sisters Anne and Tina.Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Tidy Towns Committteer 1982 Chairman and PRO Paddy O Reilly UDC Joint Secretaries and Treasurers Margaret English and Peace Adams.

Foroige Club club founded in Cavan 30th April  1982.Committee Chairman Eilis Brennan Secretary Mark Kinsella Treasurer Aidan Carroll and PRO Mark Mulvaney.Over 100 youths attended the 1st meeting and several projects are already in the pipeline.

Breffni Shield winners 1982 at County Cavan Golf Club team represented by Mary Malone Evelyn O Connor Kay Henry and Kathleen O Gorman


May 7th 1982

Mary Igoe College Street Cavan relict of John (Saddler) celebrates her 100th Birthday surrounded by family and friends.

Cavan Town adds the Mallon Cup to League and Jackson Cup in all conquering Season.Last did the treble in season 1976/1977.In the Mallon Cup Final they defeat Monaghan 3-2.Dessie Gardiner opened the scoring with Martin Maguire scoring from a penalty.Hubert Smith broke the deadlock and shot the winner with time almost up.

Same Week Kathleen Tonge,Tony Dunne,Rick Lewis and Hugh Leddy are among the 18,000 starters in the London Marathon while Michéal Smyth and Jim O Leary finish together in a time of 3:54 in the 1st Belfast Marathon which was staged in gusting winds and won by local school teacher Greg Hannon in a time of 2 hours and 20 minutes.

Argentine cruiser ‘The Belgrano’ torpedoed in South Atlantic.Fate of the 1,000 on board uncertain.Despite its position outside the exclusion zone Margaret Thatcher insisted that the Belgrano was a threat to British forces in the Falklands.A Government spokesman in Buenos Aires described it as “ a treacherous act”

May 14th 1982 Vincent Walshe is appointed a Director of Lakeland Tourism.Vincent is Company Accountant at the Anglo Celt.

Same Week Cavan Urban Counil receive a letter from Allen and Halpin on behlf of the Church Body asking for immediate clean up of the New Cemetery surrounds.May Reilly states that it is time for action as this problem has ben put on the long finger far too long.

At the same meeting the Council meet a deputation from ‘The No Name Club’ Gene Murphy Maura McNally,Andrew McCarren and Paddy Murphy.Gene Murphy states that the Club is for all of the Community and everyone is welcome.Dr Eamonn McDwyer expresses great delight and congratulates the No Name Committe and Mrs Mary Keoghan wishes them every success.

Killymooney Drive new Council development of 56 houses nears completion.large number of applicant vetoed by the County MOH.

Caroline McCabe is conferred with her B Education Degree.Daughter of Beda and the late Dominick Farnham Street.

Gerard Smith 6 Jubilee Terrace son of Sean and Kathleen Smith is one of the winners in National Savings Art Competition for Secondary Schools.

Cavan win the County Community Games Final for draughts Team Damien Johnstone,Alex Leech,Michael Fitzpatrick ,Paul Tighe,Jonathan Cosgrave ,Patrick Connolly and Ray Griffith (Team Manager)

County Cavan ladies retain the Hilton Shield Team Kay Henry,Evelyn Beirne,Beeda McCabe,Margaret English and Kay Gorman. While Derek Alcock and Paddy McCormack win the Brian Murphy trophy for 1982.In the Kilmore Cup Joe Neary and Norman Moore are the winners.

Death of Pat Smith Killygarry at the age of 55.Extensive farmer,he was Chairman of Poles Co Op, founder member of Killygarry GFC and active member of the old Magnet Players (‘Righteous are Bold’ and ‘Rugged Path’).Rev Des O Dowd Adm officiated at the funeral from Saint Brigids Killygarry to the adjoining Cemetery.

May 21st 1982

Cavan Rugby Club 1982 President Mick Crosby,Vice President Noel Elliott and Joe Fltcher,Secretary Peter Pollock,Treasurer Paddy McManus,Match Secretary and Coach Ken Ruddock,Joint PRO Tony Dunne and Eamonn Boylan,Captain Sean McKiernan,2nds Captain R Sharpe,3rds Captain Martin McCabe

Same Week Cavan Town Soccer club continue their all conquering season .This time winning the  Longord League with a record 43 points,8 points clear of Runners Up Mostrim Athletic.

May 28th 1982

Willie O Hanlon wins the Presidents (Jack Binchey’s Prize) at County Cavan Golf Club.

June 4th 1982 Pope John Paul 11’s historic 6 day visit to Britain. Bishop McKiernan in Britain for the visit.

Same Week Death of John Anderson MA Royal School Cavan at the age of 84 following an eye opration in Dublin..Native of Portadown,he was educated at Dundalk Grammar and Mountjoy School.Later entered Trinity College where he obtained his MA.His first posting as a teacher was to Morgan School Cstleknock.Came to Cavan’s Royal School in 1924.Oustanding Headmaster  he undertook vast changes in the school and from a a student body of 20 increased  to day’s 146.Kept up to date in all aspects of education and during his time he restored the building to its original grandeur,.Opened the school to all denominations and improved the recreational facilities to a high class.Ordained a Minister in 1930,he was appointed Bishop’s Chaplain a post he held until his death.Keen interest in Agriculture he was a prominent member of the old Cavan Agricultural Show Society.Partnered Gordan’s in the setting up of the Magnet Bus Service which made travel possible for all within the Cavan area.Deeply religious and long serving member of the Select Vestry and was a Parochial Nominator.His 1st wife Martha died in 1945 and he remarried in 1948.He is survived by his wife Kathleen (Kay) and sons Douglas  Henry Clive and Bill and was predeceased by his son Cyril.Rev RCH Turkington assisted by Rev George Millar MA officiated at the funeral service in Cavan Parish Church.Interment in Drumcree Cemetery Portadown.

Gerry Mulligan is appointed Regional Manager with Irish Life.Experience of the Insurance business in both London and AOR Cavan while Michael Lyons is appointed Inspector for National Mutual Life.

Donnacha O Dualaing will pass through Ballinagh and Cavan next Wednesday on his Ireland Walk in aid of the Irish Wheelchair Association.In Cavan he will be officially welcomed to the town by Paddy O Reilly Chairman Cavan UDC the Lavey Band and local members of the Wheelchair Asociation.He will complete the walk at the Derragarra Inn Butlersbridge later on Wednesday evening.

June 12th 1982

Paddy Carroll Highfield Road is unanimously elected Chairman of Cavan UDC succeeding his Party colleague Paddy O Reilly.

Same Week Tom Fitzpatrick is appointed Fine Gael Spokesman on the Envioronment

Death of Kathleen (Kato) Morgan Coleman Road at Saint Joseph’s Hospital Lisdarn.Long time Cashier in the Magnet Cinema.She worked as a Clerk in The County Engineer’s Office for a number of years.Outstanding golfer she was Lady Captain at County Cavan Golf Club in 1946.Handcap Secretary for over 30 years such was her dedidication and quality of service that she was made an Honary Member of the Club.The Morgan family are one of the oldest and most respected business families in the town with close associations to the motor trade.Survived by her brother Dermot sister Eileen .Father Felim Kelly officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry cemetery.

Eamonn Hartmann beats Willie Harrington 3/2 in The Member’s Cup Final at County Cavan Golf Club.Holes in one for Billy O Neill at the 8th and Jimmy Veale at the 4th.

Paddy Power Minister for Defence appoints Eileen Maloney Glenaulin Cootehill Road to the Central Council of the Irish Red Cross for another three year period until 1985.Member of the Red Cross since the Emergency Eileen is presently Area Commandent for County Cavan.

June 26th 1982

Death of John Maguire Drumbar at the age of 72.Gardener with Farnham Estate he retired 4 years ago .Member of the LDF during the Emergency,he was President Cavan Town Cumainn Fianna Fail.Survived by his wife Margaret son Sean and daughters Kathleen Peggy and Nancy.Father Antony Fagan presided at the Funeral from the Cathedral to Drumcor at which a Guard of Honour was provided by Cavan branch Fiann Fail.

Same Week Death of Sergeant Peter Maguire at the age of 47 while managing the Killeshandra team in Intermediate Championship at Breffni Park.Native of Cavan town Peter joined the Garda in 1956.Served in Roscommon Dublin Granard before going as Sergeant to Killeshandra.Member of the executive Garda Sergeants and Inspectors Peter was Secretary of the Cavan/Monaghan division.Prominent referee he later turned to coaching Under Age teams with great success and had hoped to guide the Killeshandra team to Intermediate victory.Chairman of the Park Volleyball and Hall committees in Killeshandra.Peter was a tireless worker for the promotion of the Community.He was just in the process of moving home to Bailieborough when he was suddenly struck down.Son of the late Garda John and Stella Maguir Saint Patrick’s Swellan Cavan Peter is survived by his wife Julia daughters Eileen and Barbara brothers Jerry John Dessie and sisters Stella and Kathleen.The coffin was draped in the tricolour and his colleagues in the Garda and Killeshandra GFC formed a Guard of Honour at the Funeral in Saint Brigid’s Church Killeshandra where the chief concelebrant was Father Colm Hurley CC.Interment in Saint Ann’s Cemetery Bailieborough

Death of Alexander HD (Sandie) Gordon in Belfast at the age of 68.Proprietor of Stradone Park Laundry until its closure in the 1960s.He was also proprietor of the Magnet Cinema Gordon’s Garage Farnham Street and the famous Magnet Bus Service-the first bus service in the Cavan area.Retired from farming following an accident in Stradone where he was gored by a bull and seriously injured.Moved to Belfast where he was actively engaged in Church affairs.Member of the Select Vestry and the Orphan Society.In his youth he was an outstanding boxer and badminton player and later assisted as a tutor and Coach.He is survived by his wife Joyce daughters Sandra Dawn Gayle and brother Grant in Edinburgh.Funeral to Kilmore Cemetery.

Aidan Watters runs 11.60 for 100 metres followed by 23.00 for 200 metres.Sean Reilly runs a brilliant 1,500 metres for a record time of 4:8:9 at County Cavan Athletic Finals in Stradone.

July 2nd 1982 Andy O Brien (Fine Gael) is elected Chairman of Cavan County Council while Paddy Conaty (Fianna Fail) is elected Vice Chairman.

Same Week Sudden death of Patrick (Pee) Connolly  Saint Brigid’s Terrace at the age of 49.He had just returned with his wife and family from attending Mass when he took ill and died a short time later.Outstanding huntsman with Dog and Gun he was obliging industrious and charitable to neighbours and friends.Prominent member of Cavan Fine Gael Pee could alwys be relied upon to erect advertising hoardings posters introduce the candidates in his area to neighbours and suppoerters etc and to bring the old and incapicated to vote on Election Day.Survived by his wife Mary sons Barney Michael david daughters Carena Julia Helen Ann and Sinead brothers Barney Larry Sion james David and Gabriel.Funeral from the cathedral to Killygarry.

Hacklers AGM 1982-1983 Chairman Nigel Pratt Vice Chairman Jimmy Fox Secretary Ann Lee  Treasurer Terry O Connor Production Director Ray O Connor.

Sympathy is extended to Helen Carroll Highfield Raod on thedeath of her father Malachy Colreavy Drumanmore Bllinamore at Our Lady’s Hospital Manorhamilton.

Death of james Brady Annaglough at the age of 86.Popular farmer and neighbour in the area he died at the residence of his niece Bridie Gilsenan Lisreagh.Funeral ffom the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Father Malachy Byrne PP Carriagallen and long time Curate in Cavan is joined by Bishop McKiernan clergy and friends in celebrating Mass for the Golden Jubilee of his ordination in Saint Mary’s Carrigallen.

Marita Leech wins the Lady Captain’s (Beda McCabe) Prize at County Cavan Golf Club 2nd was a very young Majella Brady 3rd Gertie Walsh while A McNally had the BestGross.

July 9th 1982

Cavan Community Group 1982 Chairman Dominick Sheridan,Vice Chairman Rita Martin,Treasurer Donal O Gorman,Their aim is to provide playing areas and recreational facilities in the town for the youth.The Adventure Playground at Saint Phelim’s Place is complete and further developments are planned for Fairview and Saint Clare’s school.

Same Week Cavan led by Ciaran Byrne win the Cavan Gaels Juvenile League at Terry Coyle Park.beat Galway captained by Leo Costello 1-2 to 0-2 in Final.Scorers for Cavan John Haren,Ciaran Byrne and Joseph Monaghan.Cavan Team Martin Egan,Peter Cassidy,Fiachra Creegan,Fergal McManus,Tony Murphy,Ciaran Byrne,David Melia John Haren,Joseph Monaghan,Pauric McCaffrey,Liam Galligan and Noel O Reilly.Galway Darren Doyle Paul Jermyn Jason Bravendar Brian Galligan Leo Costello (Capt) Stephen Johnston Eddie McCormack,Niall Lynch,Ciaran Coulter,Peter McGovern and Jimmy Pryce.

Death of Henry Smith 7 Glenside Road at Our Ladie’s Hospice Harolds Cross.Native of Capragh,his father was NT Balinarry.Henry lived for some years in Belturbet before coming to Cavan.Outstandinghandballer he could take on and beat skilled opponents half his age and beat them handsomely.It was Henry as Chairman of the Handball Committee who was chief motivator in the establishment of handball and the building of the ball alley close to his residence.A retired official of CIE ,he also worked in the local Post office.He is survived by his wife Mollie,sons Barry,Brendan,Kevin,Noel and Gerard,daughters Marie,Ethne and Breege.Funeral from the Cathedral to Mullahoran

Tragic death of 5 year old Ciara Mairead Smith Latt after a long illness .Survived by her parents Terry and Siobhan brother Turloc,sisters Aoife and Eadaoin.Father Felim Kelly officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Death of Joe Harbinson late of Bridge Street.Native of County Tyrone he had a licnsed premises in Cavan for a number of years.Survived by his wife Julia and funeral took place in Slough England.

July 16th 1982 Feile Na Nog in Cavan.teams from almost every county in Ireland parade to Breffni Park Erin’s Isle defeat Salthill Galway in a thrilling final in Section A while Clonmel Commercial defeated Rathnew in the B Competition in Killeshandra.50 Clubs in all participated in a very successful tournamaent and the players enjoyed their weekend in Cavan.

Same Week Cavan Gaels Siver Jubilee 1957-1982.Dinner in the Lakeland Hotel following Mas for Deceased Members and Friends in the Cathedral.Tickets JJ O Reilly,P JCarroll,Tony Looney Chairman or Tommy Gilroy Vice Chairman.

Armagh captained by ColmMcInstrey beat Fermanagh in Ulster Football Final before an attendance of 18,000

Suden death of Eamonn Cusack late of Saint Phelim’s Place at the age of 29.Employed by Dublin Corporation ,he was 10 years in Dublin.Survived by his wife Carmel and 2 sons,brothers Felim,Gerry,Pat and Hubert sisters Monica,Teresa and Bernie and parents Tommy and Eileen Saint Phelim’s Place.Funeral to Saint Fintan’s Cemetery Sutton

Gardening Club outing to Mount Stewart, bus leaves from Rose Garden Farnham Street.members are asked to bring a packed lunch.

Maurice Jackson presents Henry Ford II (Grandson of the Founder) with a Cavan Crystal bowl on his visit to Killarney where Ford announce a £7 milion investment in the Cork Assembly Plant for the production and assembly of the new Sierra.

New 24,000 sq feet IDA Factory will be constructed by P Elliott and Company at Pullamore Dublin Road.(Headquarters of P Elliott and Company 2007)

Cavan Lawn Tennis Open Week Special Singles Martin Cosgrove beat B McIntyre,M Maguire beat A Hayes.Under 14 E Fitzpatrick beat P Maguire,Girls J Brady beat B O’ Reilly (Belturbet).Winners of  Open Men’s Singles M Buchanan (Stckallen),Ladies A Donnelly (Stackallen)

Sonia Sheridan daughter of John and Kathleen from 3 Fairview wins the Under 10 trophy and title for Irish Dancing at Ballyconnell Festival

Cavan Community Games Finals 1982 Boys Under 10 Hurdles Damian Johnston,Girls Under 17 Relay Louise Ward Aideen Gormley,Imelda Lynch,Theresa McHugh and Maeve O Connor.Girls Under 12 100 metres Claudine Kiernan.Marathon Anselem Lovett.

Death of Mary Maguire at the age of 67.Former Vice Principal of Cavan Vocational school.Native of Kilann Shercock,she was educated at Carrickmacross NS,Saint Louis Carrickmacross and UCD where she obtained her BA.She was a teacher in Cavan Vocational Schol for 40 years.Secretary of Cavan branch TUI,active member of Cumainn Seanchas Breifne.Rev John Young officiated at the Funeral from Saint Ann’s Church to Bailieboro Cemetery

Redevelopment of Cavan Town’s home ground at Derycramph at a cost of £9,000.this year the Club had their best ever season winning 3 Cups and 2 Leagues.with their recent win in the Longford Subsidary Cup Cavan Town are rated one of the top Junior sides in the country.

July 23rd 1982

Death of Brigid McCabe ‘Knockvile’ Earlsvale Road ar the age of 78.Native of Drumgoon.all the three sisters were nurses.After obtaining her SRN in Dublin,she worked first in the TB Hospital Lisdarn and later in Saint Joseph’s Hospital Lisdarn. She was an outstanding gardener.Survived by her brother Parick,sister Susan and niece Ann.Rev Dan Sheridan officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Drumgoon Cemetery

Same Week Boy Scouts numbering 39 under the leadership of Karl Murray,Tony Darcy and Paul Murray depart for their first camp in Lahinch County Clare since 1969.

July 30th 1982 Opening of the £2 million 40 bedroom Hotel Kilmore.All bedrooms have the latest direct dial system installed together with Cable Television.The manageress is Mary Morrissy who trained in Waterville County Kerry,she has 9 years experience of running the Highland Court Hotel in Donegal Town.

August 6th 1982 Captain Joseph Scanlon son of Jim and Maureen Franncis Street is awarded a BSc at UCG

Same Week Ian Corrigan Lord Mayor of Belturbet sends the 250 athletes on their way in 1st running of the Belturbet Half Marathon on a scorching hot day.The course was via Drumalee-Butlesbridge and back to the Rory O Moores Complex.Winner is Jim McGlynn (Donore Harriers) in a tine of 64 minutes and 43 seconds.Billy Gallagher the Roscommon Harrier based in Cavan was 2nd in a time of 66-47.

Martin Donohoe is the Ulster Senior Button Accodion Champion pictured with the Elmbank Trophy he won at the Fleadh Cheoil in Cootehill.

Barry Murray’s A team coached by Pat O Keefe win the Drumalee Juvenile League following final victory over Mark Lyon’s team 3-7 to 3-5.Barry Murray was the outstanding player afield scoring 2-2 ably assisted by teamates Jason Swaine Sean Barry,Kevin McGovern,Pauric Woods and keeper Declan Lyons.The losers were well served by Darragh Donohoe,Mark LyonsFinbar Cahill and Jim Griffin.The teams were paraded around the field led by the Balyjamesduff Youth Band.The Sheridan perpetual trophy and plaques were awarded to the winning team after the game while the losers received valuable medals. Team A Barry Murray (Captain) Jason Swaine Padraig Woods, Declan Lyons Kevin McGovern,Keneth O Keefe,M Collins,N Shanaghy Sean Barry T Lynch,C Griffin and S Olwell.Referee Tommy Lyons

August 13th 1982 Death of Mary Boyle Hillcrest Culies at the age of 48.Native of Ttycusker Arva.In poor health for some time,her sight had been failing following an accident at home.She is survived by her husband Sean,sons Philip,Sean,Kevin,Dessie Raymond,Paraic,Adrian,Kieran and daughters Mary,Deborah,Geraldine and Siobhan.Father Dan Sheridan officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Same Week Patrick Connolly SC tenders his resignation as Attorney General to Charles Haughey after Malcom McArthur (murder suspect) was arrested at Connolly’s residence in Dalkey.John Murray SC was later appointed the new Attorney General

Death of Christy Wilson former Game Keeper at the Farnham Estate at the age of 77.Well known farmer in the area.Rev.Dan Sheridan officiated at the funeral from Saint Aidans Butlersbridge to Annagh Cemetery

Another brilliant win for Eamonn Murray and his Invincibles in the Lavey 5 a Side Tournament.Beat the Beer Garden Ballyjamesduff in a one sided Final by 3 goals to 0.Goals were scored by brothers Noel and Hubert Smith and this year Billy Doonan replaced Charles Greene in goals.Presented with the Elliott trophy and plaques after the final

Fifteen year old Breda Sheehan becomes the first girl to swim the 3 ½  miles from Hinds Shore to Killykeen in a time of 1 hour 25 minutes just 25 minutes outside the present record set  by Sean Walsh.

Billy Gallagher (Roscommon Harries) wins the Ulster Marathon in Letterkenny in a time of 2 hours and 22,24th was Hugh Leddy in a time of 2 hours 53 minutes.Kathleen Tonge 4th lady in a time of 3:40 while Michéal Smyh finished in 3:44

NEHB announce  that the new Cavan General Hospital will have 336 beds,cost £20 million and employ 570 people initially.Hope to seek tenders in the Spring of 1983 and admit 1st patient in 1986.

John Clancy Derragarra Inn is selling his collection of priceless antiques comprising 400 lots at Auction.The sale includes a horse drawn hearse in mint condition.

Death of Margaret Smith Newsagent Bridge Street at the age of 68.Inherited the business from her parents Mr and Mrs T A Smith.Endeared herself to everyone and was very efficient and reliable..Secretary of Saint Joseph’s Young Priests Socieyt,she was actively involved with the Children of Mary.Lifetime member of Cavan ICA.Played camogie for Kilygarry and Cavan,she was also an accomplished badminton player.Both her late brothers Jack and Gabiel emigrated to the USA.Margaret is the last of an old respected Cavan Family. Funeral from the Cathedral to Kilygarry.

August 20th 1982 Patrick Connolly The Atprney General tenders his resignation to an Taoiseach Charles Haughey after it was revealed that Malcom McArthur suspected of two murders  was living with Connolly in his apartment in Dalkey.

Same Week Mary Smith President of Junior Chamber presents two trophies to Eugene Markey Manager of Patsy Boyle’s for the best window display during recent ‘Buy Irish Week’ sponsored by the Cavan Junior Chamber.

Gertrude Brady daughter of Mr and Mrs Terry Brady Kinaglere Coverhill is  conferred with her BA degee at UCD.Educated at Coolboyogue Loreto College and UCD Gertrude is daughter of Terry (County Registrar Court Messenger) and Mrs Brady Kinlaglere Cloverhill.

August 27th 1982

Controversial re run of the Girls Under 12 Community Games Final takes place in Virginia results in clear win for Cavan AC over Kingscourt to send them on their way to Butlins.Team Pauline Brady Claudine Kiernan,Ethne Smith,Karen Lambert and Grace O Mahony

Same Week Pictured is Patrol Leader Carl Murray receiving the Rev B McAleer trophy from Chief Scout J D Halley at Larch Hill Dublin.Patrol Carl Murray (leader) Fintan Tierney Tomas Smyth Michael Lynch Francis Milner Ronan Fitzpatrick Michael Fallon and Gerard Boylan.

Bridge Club Winners Peggy Willock and Paddy Carroll.Best Gross Kay Henry and Rev Father Thomas Woods.

September 3rd 1982

C 60 are a big hit with teenagers all over Ireland.Saturation coverage on radio,television and newprint.Toured the country with Bagatelle and were the main attraction at open air concert in Drumalee.Over 40,000 have heard them perform during their brief career.Group comprises of John Hannigan from Ballyshannon,Paul Cox from Killeshandra and Brian McCormack and Norman Breslin from Cavan town.

Same Week 30,000 applications for 500 jobs in Irish banks.AIB have had 20,000 applications and now require 5 Grade Cs or better in the Leaving Certificate just to get on the list

September 10th 1982 June Greenan (Bravendar) wins the Glamorous Granny Competition at Butlins and will represent Ireland in the World Finals in Brighton.

Cavan Anglers Club celebrate their Golden Jubilee with gala ball in the Kilmore Hotel.

Cavan Town Unde 10 Draughts team win the Ulster Final in Letterkenny Team Paul Tighe (Captain),Micheal Fitzpatrick, Damien Johnston and Patrick Connolly.

Born in Cavan 39 year old Tom Gear is featured as one of Ireland’s leading jewellers and goldsmiths.Premises at Aungier Stret Dublin, Tom is married to Irene and considered one of Ireland’s leading craftsmen.son of Mr and Mrs William Gear late of Cathedral Road,Tom was educated at the De La Salle school and Saint Patrick’s College.

Army beat the garda in dour Mcgiinty Cup 7 a side Final at Drumalee.Plenty of goalmouth thrills but defences were on top.Bomber Byrne broke the deadlock with a fine opportunistic goal to give the Army their first McGinnity Cup.Peter Mcginnity later presented the Mcginnity Cup to Army skipper Desie Gardiner.Winning Team John Heffernan D Bergin Thomas( Bomber) Byrne andy McEvoy Jim Ivers  Dessie Gardiner Cecil O Reilly  Robert Bury and Martin Joyce

Dr William Philbin retires as bishop of Down and Connor to be replaced by Cathal Daly formerly Bishop of Ardagh and Clomacnoise who was ordained for Down and Connor 41 years ago.

Tragic death of John (Jack) McGerty Clones Road Butlersbridge at the age of 60 as he was returning to his home from an outlying farm.Knocked from his bicycle by a passing lorry.Native of Cloverhill,he is survived by his wife Rose and large family

Severe weather conditions as Sean Walsh swims the treacherous Lough Currane from Church Island to Waterville.Accompanied by his boatman Phil Cullen Sean eventually arrived safely to be greted by Mick O Dwyer who hosted a dinner in his honour at the famous Lake Hotel Waterville.Baloons in the colours of Kerry and Cavan were released to recall the Silver Jubilee.of the famous Polo Grounds Final

September 17th 1982

Alex Dempsey wins the Captain’s Prize ( Mick McCarthy) Father Peter Smith was 2nd with Derek Melia 3rd.Best Gross was Jim Beirne while Philip (Lighting ) Murray won the Beginner’s Prize.

Same Week Princess Grace of Monaco is tragically killed when her car skidded of a French mountain road and plunged 120 fett into a ravine.

The 20 house Ard N Greinne housing scheme is completed at a cost of £½ million.The Building Contractor is Tommy Gilsenan Lisreagh while Gaffney and Cullivan are the Architects.

Laragh United defeat Bailieboro Shamrocks 1-10 to 1-3 in Cavan County Final.Small attendance of 2,500 who paid gate Receipts of £5,300 got little to relish and little to cherish.

September 24th 1982 Cavan Gaels pubish Silver Jubilee Booklet. Compiled by P J Carroll,Paddy  Reilly and brother JJ consists of 140 pages priced at £1.Contributions from Brother Cyril,Jimmy (Inky) Sheridan,TM Gilroy and Jim McDonnell

Same Week Paddy O Reilly Chairman Cavan Tidy Towns Committe welcomes this year’s mark for Cavan of 97 which is an improvement.Paddy calls for more litter control, more bins preferably with lids and a complete clean up of the town river which is costing Cavan vital marks every year and at present was used as a dumping ground.

Community Concern 1982 Chairman Brian Lee (Ballyjamesduff) Vice Chair Kathleen Donohoe (Mullahoran),Secretary Geraldine Crotty (Cavan)

Brian Smith Shankill Upper is tragically killed in accident while working on the new sewerage scheme in Ballyhaise.He is survived by his wife Susan and two young children.

Juvenile Rugby at Cavan club built around regulars Bomber Jermyn Aidan Carroll Niall Murray Nathan O Reilly Noel Farrelly John Munnelly Brian Higgins Patrick Kiernan,Sean McDermott.Panel strengthened by the return of Cian Murtagh and David McCormack (Captain ) returning after injury.Pat Lyons and John Loughnane are the Team Coaches

Death of Sarah (Sadie) McManus at the age of 85.Native of Clones, she was the last surviving member of the Chapman family.Nursed in England for a number of years where she ran a Nursing Home in Brighton and Hove with her sister Ann.Returned home to marry Joe (Blacksmith on Farnham Estate).Survived by her husband Joe.Canon Millar officiated at the funeral from Cavan Parish Church to New Cemetery

Death of Betty Ryan at the age of 62 Farnham Road.Native of Botanic Road Dublin and spent the last 15 years in Cavan.Very active in Boy Scouts she was  Secretary for over 10 years.President of Cavan Guld ICA,she was a member of the Cathedral Choir and was very involved with looking after  the disabled .She is survived by her husband Michael,sons Jim and Michael,daughters Patricia and Betsy.Father Dan Sheridan officiated at the Mass in the Cathedral and Father Des O Dowd officiated at the graveside in Glasnevin.

Death of Tommy O Mahony Saint Brigid’s Terrace at the ageof 52.Very wll known likeable character.Survived by brothers John,Charles,sisters  Peggy,Brigid and Esther.Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Death of John O Neill Bridge Street at the age of 75.Native of Dungannon,spent the last 50 years in Cavan.Member of Cavan UDC ,John was involved in many business ventures fom his premises in Bridge Street.Spent a long period in New York.Gifted snooker player,he also lined out wih Cavan Harps in his youth.Predeceased by wife Anna (7 years ago) John is survived by his sons Frank (Clones UDC),John,daughters Eilish,Nancy Joan,Geraldine and Jean.Father Felim Kelly officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Death of John Keoghan 29 Tullac Mongan at he age of 65.Played football for Owen Roes Crubany, Cavan Harps and the County team.Played against Kerry in the All Ireland Junior Final in 1941 and was on the subs bench in Cavan’s Senior Final defeat to Roscommon in 1943.Native of Drumbess Killeshandra,he was a founder member and promoter of Cavan Gaels GFC in 1957.Survived by his wife Mary (Cavan UDC),sons Declan,Kieran,Sean,daughters Marie Kathleen,Patricia,Ann,Dympna,Cliona,Noreen,Martina, and Nuala.Rev Des O Dowd Adm officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Retirement of Josie Sheridan as Postmistree Upper Main Street.Deserved fulsome tributes paid by all members of Cavan UDC Paddy O Reilly said “for a period of over 30 years she served the people of the town with unequalled courtesy and efficiency”.Paddy Conaty stated “Josephine Sheridan would be imposible to replace”.Dismay was expressed at the Department’s decision to close the sub Post Office in Main Street and not seek a replacement for Mrs Sheridan.

Big increase in number of itinerants seeking shelter at the Cock Hill has lead to an unhealthy situation where they are parked on both sides of the road.Dr McDwyer staes that among the itinerant population particularly in Dublin Cavan is known as a ‘safe haven’ and ‘soft touch’!.

Andy O Brien in a detailed report to Cavan Urban Council reveals the startling facts that Cavan has a huge drink problem and the drug problem in Cavan town should not be under estimated.Qouting Dr Owens Saint Davnets Hospital Moaghan who stated that 6% of the population had a severe drink problem.the number of bar extensions granted has rocketed to 40,000 per year nationally.Dr Eamonn McDwyer in congratulating Andy O Brien and Dr P Owens said since 1978 the drink problem in Cavan had been snowballing.He was totally against the epidemic of granting Bar Extensions for the least cause and suggested that the Council approach the District Justice and ask him to curtail this practice.

Petrol rockets up aagain by 6 ½ pence a gallon .Premium grade is now £2-52p per gallon while the cheapest is £2-43p per gallon.

October 1st 1982

Sterling display by Offaly denies the Kingdom the 5 in a row 1-15 to Kerry’s 0-17. Seamus Darby’s goal in the dyng moments swung the title to Offaly for the 3rd time.Offaly’s fitness proved decisive.Scorers for Offay Mat Connor 0-7 Seamus Darby 1-0 Brendan Lowry 0-3 Johnny Mooney 0-2 Pat Fitzgerald Sean Lowrey and Liam Currams 0-1 each.

Same Week Population of Cavan Urban is now 3,240 it has grown by 21 in last two years.The population of County Cavan is 53,855.In 1841 before the Famine the population of County Cavan was 243,158

October 8th 1982

Heave against Charles Haughey fails after a marathon meeting of the Parliamentary Party.Charles McCreevey’s motion asking for the resignation of Haughey defeated by 58 votes to 22.Des O Malley and Martin O Donohoe resign from the Cabinet

Same Week Cavan Gaels celebrate their Silver Jubilee with games in Terry Coyle Park where the Championship wining teams of 1965 and 1975 renwed rivalry with their opponents Baileboro Shamorocks and Crosselough.Reception for the teams afterwards in the Cavan Gaels Clubroms where Tony Looney (Chairman) presented plaques to the competing teams.Rev Fathers P J Gargan Michael Cooke and Felim Kelly celebrated Mass fo deceased members of the Club in the Convent Chapel.At the gala Silver Jubilee Ball in the Lakeland.Guests of honour were the  founder members Monsignor J J O’ Reilly,Rev PJ Gargan,Jimmy Sheridan,Maurice Brady,Hugh (Bud) McNnamara,Johnny O Rourke Tommy Hughes,Eddie Quinn Sean Galligan,Seamus Fay Tommy Gilroy’Pappy’ McNamra Paddy Conaty and Andy O Brien.Tommy Gilroy was the recipient of a special award to mark 25 years outstanding service to the Club and other guests included Brother Cyril,Gerry Brady Father Des O Dowd Adm and Phil Brady Chairman of Cavan County Board.

Margaret English Chairman Cavan Tidy Towns Committee pesents her trophy to Best overall group Saint Clare’s accepted by John Clarke at a Social in the Scout Den. Death of Molly Gilchrist late of Pullamore and Connolly Stret at the age of 94.Native of Pullamore came from a very well known and highly respected farming background.Had a shop in Connolly Street (Egan’s ) for a number of years.Later ran a very successful Nursing Home with her sister in Dunlaoghaire.Rev D O Dowd officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Cavan Anglers Club celebrate their Golden Jubilee when over 250 gusts join them in the Kilmore Hotel for a gala Dinner.Toast of Ireland proposed by Ray McDwyer(Chairman),Our Guests was proposed by Sean Young,Toast to Cavan Club was proposedby PF Byrne Secretaryof the National Body.Master of Ceremonies was G V Maloney.Present was the grand old man of Cavan Angling Johnny Donohoe who has been treasurer since 1975.Distinguished record of the Club 158 members have been capped for Ireland.

October 15th 1982

Death of Alice (Babs) Donohoe Bridge Street at the age of 76.Ran a thriving Restaurant in Bridge Street.Member of the well known Brady family from Tierquin Actively involved in the ICA Saint Joseph’s Young Priests Society and the Apostolic Society.Her kindness and gernerous disposition endeared her to everyone.Celebrated the Goldenn Jubilee of her marriage to Johnny last year.She is survived by her husband Johnny,sons Father Pat,Noel,Eamonn,daughters Anna Essie Celine Margaret and Alice.Concelebrated Mass in the Cathedral at which her son Fr.Pat was chief celebrant and Bishop McKiernan presided.Father Tom McKiernan officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Butlersbridge Cemetery.

Same Week Maura Nulty Tierquin receives her SRN at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast

Helen Timmoney is the new Captain of County Cavan Bridge Club for 1982

Cavan Town defeat Carragh Celtic 3-2 in FAI Junior Cup at Donore Naas after being 2-0 down at the interval.Brian Webber (header),Martin Maguire (penalty) and Maguire again with the winner in the last minute.

Brita Smith Farnham Street is voted best supporting actress for her portrayal of Sister Agnes Paul in ‘Semi Private’by Edwards and McLiamoor at the recent Dublin Theatre Festival

October 22nd 1982

Cavan Athletic Club 1982 Chairman Jim Mooney  Vice Chair Jim Ward Secretary John McDermott Assistant Secretary Catherine Gormley Treasurer Finbar O Mahoney and PRO Tommy Connolly.

Same Week Kathleen Tonge Loreto College and a prominent member of Cavan Athletic Club will spend a year in Indonesia providing information and training on self help.

John De Lorean the American car manufacturer to close his plant in West Belfast with the loss of 2,600 jobs.

Bishop Frank McKiernan blesses and officially opens the new Convent House (Ard Mhuire).The present Community are pictured at the cermony with Bishop McKiernan Sisters Lucia Dympna Angela (Mother Abbess) Olive Margaret Ann Ursula and Marguriete

Tributes are paid to the late John Keoghan at Cavan UDC meeting. Andy O Brien and Senator Andy O Brien recalls John’s exploits on the football field with Cavan Harps and Paddy Conaty praises him for his dedication to the formation of Cavan Gaels in 1957.

Sympathy is also extended to the O Neill family Bridge Street on the death of John a former distinguished member of the Council.

There are over 200 exhibits at the Art’s Society Annual Exhibition from Cavan Meath Donegal Fermanagh Belfast and Sligo in the Library.

Cavan beat Longford 6-3 to 1-0 in 1st Hurling county game since 1968.They now hope to gain entry to Division 4 of the National League.Team Enda Sheridan (Capt) P O Sullivan GArgue B Callaghan T Doyle N Brady Jim Ivers G Farrelly Martin Joyce PJ Kelly J Courtney Jim Kelly  D Hamilton G Quaide and M Delaney

Paddy O Reilly PC UDC elected to the Executive Fine Gael (Public Representatives Panel) at Fine Gael Ard Fheis in the RDS

October 29th 1982

Pope John Paul 2 has a very warm welcome for Bishop Frank McKiernan on the latter’s ‘Ad Lumina’ 5 yearly trip to Rome.

Same Week New £5 charge for all attending out patients clinics in Public Hospitals.Medical Card holders are exempt

Eddie Brady donates a perpetual trophy to Cavan Hurling Board Included in picture is Donal O Gorman (Secretary) Christy McCormack (Chairman ) Finbar Noonan Pauric Caffrey (Treasurer)and Pat Nally PRO

November 5th 1982 Cavan’s  ‘No Name Club’ is launched in the Lakeland Hotel providing entertainment in a non alcoholic culture.It is an alternative to the Pub Culture so prevalent to day.Wesley Anderson was MC  and also present were Andrew McCarren Chairman  Gene Murphy Organiser along with Committee members Ann McGovern Tom Clarke Donal Crotty Marie Morris Rev.Charles Heery Monica McElvaney Maura McNally Paddy Murphy and June Simpson.Movement started in Kilkenny in 1982 and is active in 20 other towns in the country.

Same Week Cavan Motor Club 1982 Chairman Willie McCormack Vice Chairman Tommy Curran Secretary Mrs Curran Assistant Secretary Dessie Crossan Treasurer Vincent Walshe and PRO Douglas Mahood.

Another General Eection Charles Haughey’s Government loses the vote of Confidence by 82 votes to 80.This will be the second election in 8 months.

Lord Kilbracken wins the Times of London Prize for his recently published ‘Easy Way to Bird Recognition’ which has already sold 10,000 copies.

Death of Russian Premier Leonid Breshnev in Moscow at the age of 76.

Dick Spring 32 year old Deputy from North Kerry is elected the youngest ever leader of the Labour Party.he defeated Michael D Higgins by 12 votes to 2.Dick states that his 1st priority is to unite the party in preparation for the General Election.

Death of Mary Igoe at the age of 100.Celebrated her Birthday in May with congratulations from among others Paddy Hillery (President).He husband John was a Saddler in Main Street for a long number of years.She is survived by her sons Tommy Josie Norbert daughters Maureen Bridget and Ina also by 33 Grandchildren and 89 Great Grandchildren.Rev Joe O Hanlon (grandson) officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Alberto Salazar wins he New York Marathon with Billy Gallagher and Tony Dunne finishing in 2 hours and 22 minutes and 2-49 miutes respectively

Death of Joe Cullivan Cathedral Road at the age of 87.Very well known plumber. Served his time with his uncle Jack Power Coleman Road.Worked with both Cavan County Council and Cavan Urban Council.Won a senior County medal with Cavan Slashers in 1925 when he was goalkeeper having played outfield for the club for many years.Noted singer he was a member of the famous Father Willie Buchanan Choir in the Cathedral.Founder member of Cavan CYMS,he was an outstanding billiards player and great wit.Survived by his wife Mary,sons Gene Phil Michael Joe Tommy Ciaran,John daughters Mary Anne Catherine and Mildred.Funeal from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Fiann Fail headquarters at 75 Church Street are to be named Paddy Smith House after the late Minister.Cermony will not take place however until the premises are debt free.There is still £10,000 owed .

Table Tennis 1982 Chairman John Acheson ,Treasurer Lyla Cafferty,Secretary Winnifred Acheson and PRO Fergus McCauley.

Pacelli Lynch son of Benny and Mrs Lynch Drumcrave  is conferred with his BSc in Production Engineering in the University of Limerick.

Cavan Urban Council are to build sixty more houses at Tullac Mongan (Kilymooney Drive) Paddy Conaty proposes that a number of private houses be included in the sheme.The Department sanction the urban council’s plans for 8 old folk houses at thebottom of Cock Hill opposite Singers

November 12th 1982

Cavan Gaels represented by the Sheridan Brothers Greg and Dominic Jack Foley  and Maurice Brady win the Ulster Handball title.Maurice Brady the star as he wins the decisive game against Belfast.Only two aces separated the sides at the end but Cavan Gaels as Ulster Champions march on to play Moycullen in the All Ireland Semi Final.

Same Week Death of Annie Cullivan Alackan at the age of 86.Former national teacher until her retirement in 1961.She taught in Coolboyogue Crubany and Poor Clare Convent..Outstanding camogie player for the famous Alackan Club, she won a Senior County medal in the 1920s.Survived by her sister Susan Lee.Funeral from Saint Brigid’s Cemetery Killygarry to the adjoining Cemetery

Death of Rose Earley late of College Street in Glasgow at the age of 61.Formerly Rose Carroll,she was in Glagow for the last 27 years.She was sister of the late Jamesie,Packie and John Carroll and Mrs May Reilly College Street.Survived by her son Paddy and daughter Kay.

First Car Auction at Jacksons Farnham Road .Over 100 cars entered and Maurice Jackson says he will need a much bigger venue to cater for the crowds.

November 19th 1982

Itinerant problem again on the Agenda at Cavan Urban Council.Paddy Conaty said the itinerants were moving too near the new housing estate John Paul Avenue.Mrs Koghan was totally against a halt at the present site.with children going to school and the increased influx of intinerants with caravans it would be much better to move them out to a peripheral area.Dr McDwyer said that unfortunately the itinerants tended to gravitate to sites near town centres.The Council should limit the number of caravans coming in .

Same Week C60 do the warm up for the Taoiseach Charles Haughey in Fianna Fail Rally in the Market Suare.Scout Den is used as a Polling Station for the 1st time but the appalling weather did nothing to attract out the voters

Carden Competition Zone 1 Vegetables Keneth’ Terrace. Zone 2 Vegetables Frank Ellis 13 Tullac Mongan,Amenity Mary Keoghan 29 Tullac Mongan Zone 3 Vegetables Martin O Neill 18 Breffni Terrace,Amenity Mary Higgins 7 Breffni Terrace.Zone 4 Vegetables P Johnston 16 Owen Roe Amenity Jim Byrne 40 John Paul Avenue Zone 5 Vegetables Tommy Meehan 33 Saint Phelim’s Place,Amenity Bridie Boylan 16 Breffni.Annie Murray ponted out that there was no vegetable garden in number 16 Lakeview and Packy Doonan 10 Lakeview was promoted to 1st Prize..

The traditional concert organised by the Social Services and starring the Comaltais Ceoilteoiri Group, Fitzerald Ceildhe Band Bundoran,Anton Mac Gabhann,Jim McGreevey,Seamus McMathuna and the Pride of Erin Ceildhe Band from Leck Fermanagh.Pat McCabe was Fear and Tigh.Father Desie O Dowd Adm (Chairman) thanked Paddy McEntee and all the Committee for a wonderful concert which was very well supported as usual.

Death of Mary Cullen Saint Phelim’s Place.Native of Trehoo Redhills she was a member of a very well known and respected family.Ill for a number of years,she is survived by her husband Benny son Pady,daughters Frances and Bernie.Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Icebreakers 1982 Chairman Sean Walsh,Vice Chairman Willie Mimnagh,Secretary Elizabeth Smith,Treasurer Enda Smith.Committee Johnny McCormack,Alex Moran Brian McCormack Jacinta Walsh Jim Gillhooley and John Wall.

Death of Benny Smith Kilnavara star athlete in his youth.Survived by his wife Anne son Patrick and daughter Theresa.

Death of Jeannie Smyth Butlersbridge at the age of 84.Member of one of Cavan’s best known and most respected families.Generous to a fault she bestowed lavish hospitality on her friends when they visited her in the ‘Bridge.Survived by her husband Tommy,sons Terry and Tommy,daughter Marie.Rev Father Phelim Kelly officiated at the funeral from Saint Aidan’s Church Butlersbridge to Saint Aidan’s cemetery

George Crowe is honoured by the Leinster Junior selectors at tight head prop against Ulster in DublinNow a member of Longford Rugby Club.

Dr Daragh Smith Ophthalmic Surgeon is made  a presentation by Cavan Branch Irish Medical Association at a functionin The Kilmore Hotel.on the occasion of his retirement.

November 26th 1982 Third General Election this year sees 74,454 Cavan/Monaghan voters going to the polls in atrocious weather conditions.Scout Den is used as Paolling Centre for the first time with Conor Daly Polling Officer and Maureen McNamara Polling Clerk.The count will take place in the Cootehill Comprehensive School with County Registrar Tommy Owens officiating.

Retirement presentations to Dr Charles Lorrigan Ballyhaise Dr Billy Arnold Gowna and Dr FPE (Daragh) Smith in the Kilmore Hotel by colleagues in the Irish Medical Organisation.Bouqet of flowers for each of the doctor’s wives.

December 3rd 1982

Fiann Fail 75 Fine Gael 70 Labour 16 Workers Party 2 Independents 3.Labour hold the balance of power and Dick Spring is likely to support Garett Fitzgerald for Taoiseach

Cavan/Mnaghan First Count John Wilson (Fianna Fail) 10,779,Tom Fitzpatrick (Fine Gael) 9,165,Jimmy Leonard (Fiann Fail) 8,611 Rory O Hanlon (Fiann Fail ) 8,372,John F Conlan (Fine Gael ) 7,560 Ann Cahill (Fine Gael) 5,106 Hugh McElvaney (Fine Gael) 3,852 Michael Smith (Fiann Fail) 3,639,S O Neill-Mac Gabhainn (Independent) 143.John Wilson,Tom Fitzpatrick,Rory O Hanlon Jimmy Leonard and John F Conlan elected .Labour/Fine Gael Coalition are favourites to form the Government

December 10th 1982

Niall Crowe is the new Captain for 1983 at County Cavan Golf Club while the Turkey Competition on Sunday was won by Harry Gibbs with Paddy Barry 2nd Terry Smith 3rd and Willie Finegan 4th

Same Week Rachel Cullivan daughter of Phil and Dolié ‘Camelot’ Cootehill Road is awarded the Joseph Mary Plunkett Scolarship.Presently a student of Loreto College Cavan the scholarship is worth £1,642  per annum for the period of her University studies.

End of an era as Tommy Farrelly’s Ashe Street closes.Owned by Michael Gilchreest a nephew of Benny O Rourke who is moving to a bigger premises.Originally opened by Tommy Farrelly as a Fishmonger Confectionery Store specialising in Bull’s Eyes.Later operated by his right hand man Benny O Rourke who continued the tradition.

‘Happy Valley Chinese Restaurant’opens at 79 Upper Main Sreet (Sheridan’s Post Office) with Full Wine License

Garett Fitzgerald is elected Taoiseach  by 85 votes to 79 for Charles Haughey.Tom Fitzpatrick is the new Ceann Comhairle.Dick Spring is Tanaiste and Barry Desmond is appointed to the key ministry of Health

Cavan Gaels beaten by a very strong Ballymore Eustace Kildare 116 to 96 in All Ireland Handball Final at Longford Slashers new Sports Complex.Dominick Sheridan was the Gaels’only winner of the day but Maurice Brady, Greg Sheridan and Jack Foley played some outstanding handball all year to reach this stage  in All Ireland Handball Final The Gaels are the first side from Ulster ever to reach a handball club final.

December 17th 1982

Death of Jim Leonard Main Street at the age  of 67.Son of the late  Andrew and Bridget Leonard  Drapers Main Street.Jim and his wife successfully carried on the business until 1962.Later they rented the shop premises notably to Mary Glavey (Killykeen) and an old employee of Leonard’s Vera Brady and opened their large centrally situated residence to boarders.Up to 20 people staying at a time most notably members of the Garda.Lifetime member of County Cavan Golf Club,Jim was an excellent golfer and Captain in 1953.Founder member of Cavan Bridge Club,he was an outstanding exponent of the game and figured in all the early inter club successes .Served in the LDF during the Emergency (1939-1945).Member of the old Pavilion tennis club took an active part in the famous annual Pantomimes.His wife Kathleen died last October and his health had deteriorated in recent times.Survived by his daughter Ann and son in law Des.Father Dan Sheridan officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Same Week Community Games 1983 Chairman Ray Griffith Vice Chair Tommy Connolly Secretary Derek Powell Asistant Secretary Maureen Crowe Treasurer John McDermott and PRO Paddy Carroll.

Death of Fleming Small Drumconnisck at the age of 71.Native of Farnham.In his youth he worked in the County Cavan Stores before joining the Canadian Roayal Air Force for the duration of World War 2.On his return to Ireland worked with Aer Lingus as a fitter before returning to Cavan and Jacksons Garage where he was in charge of the Parts Department for over 30 years.Keen angler and gunman, he was a member of both the Cavan Anglers and Cavan Gun Club.Outstanding gadener ,he was an active enthusiastic member of Cavan Gadening Club from the start.Survived by his wife Pearl son David daughter Margaret.Funeral from Cavan Parish Church to Kilmore Cemetery.

December 24th 1982

Leading girl in this year’s Icebreakers Christmas Swim is Nola O Hanlon going for her 7th in a row while Sean Walsh is the leading man  on his 15th in a rrow.Plaques for Diarmuid Wilson Michael SmithDeidre and Elizabeth Montgomery for 5th in a row.Certificates will be sponsored and presented by Francie Smith Building Contractor Ballyhaise.

Same Week Freddie O Mahony Poles daughter of Kay and the late Denis is conferred wih her MSc at UCG.Educated at Killygarry NS,Loreto Cavan and UCD where she obtained her BSc.She is presently studying for her H Dip Ed at UCG

Death of Jack Donnelly Corasalee at the age of 74.Member of the famous Donnelly Brothers Ceidhe band.Deeply religious,he was a member of the Men’s Confraternity.Survived by sister Moya.Rev Tom McKiernan officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

 Death of Charlie Smith Corahoe.hard working farmer,he resided with the Youngs since he was 6 years old and worked on the family farm.Keen Drumalee and Cavan football supporter.Father Patsy Young assisted by  Father Felim Kelly officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Garett Fitzgerald is elected Taoiseach by Dail Eireann and his first act is to appoint Tom Fitzpatrick Ceann Comhairle.Pictured arriving at Dail Eireann is Tom Carmel and family.Alan Dukes is the new Minister for Finance John Bruton is at Industry and Energy Austin Deasy Minister for Agriculture Gemma Hussey Minster for Education Peter Barry Minster for Foreign Affairs Michael Noonan Minister for Justice Jim Mitchell Minister for Transport and Communications Liam Kavanagh Minister for Labour Dick Spring Tanaiste and Minister for the Environment Paddy Cooney Minster of Defence Barry Desmond Minister for Health John Boland Minister of the Public Service Paddy O Toole Minister for the Gaeltactht Forest and Fisheries Sean Barrett Minister of State at the Department of the Taoiseach while Peter Sutherland is the new Attorney General

After many years in the wilderness Cavan Gaels  beat Killinkere with a very young team in the Final of Division 4.Hopes are high of a return to former glory in the new Season.Cavan Gaels 1-07 Killinkere 0-4 Team Paul Leddy  Johnny Farrelly Bernie Quinn (Capt) Jim Sheridan Fergus McCarthy John McHugh Sean Carolan Eamonn Brady Noel Reilly John Conaty Padraic O Connor Michael Flynn J Henry Michael McNally and Kevin O Grady. Scorers for the Gaels Kevin O Grady 1-0 Padraic O Connor 0-2 and  Liam Henry John Conaty Noel Reilly Michael Flynn and H Lynch 0-1 each

Sally O Brien arrives in Dublin at last. Her first call is to the Harp Bar on O Connell Bridge (Pat O Reilly Ballyjamesduff prop).Sally’s real name is Vicky Michelle an English actress

Boys Choir from Saint Felim’s School accompanied by Teresa McKiernan on guitar raise £79-24p singing carols  in the Market Square and Dunne’s Car Park.

Death of Mary Smallhorn Coleman Road at the age of 79.Native of Ballybay County Monaghan a member of the well known Linden family.Oustanding Contralto voice, she took part in many productions both in Ballybay and Cavan and was a member of Saint Patricks Choir Ballybay and the Cathedral Choir in Cavan. Deeply religious and committed member of the Children of Mary, she made the annual pilgrimage to Lough Derg and Lourdes and was charitable and friendly to everone she met Gifted fundraiser she was responsible for the contribution of an average £1,000 per annum to Parish funds through her annual jumble sales in the Town Hall. In December.this year the sale realised over £1,400 towards the Parish.She was Honary President of Cavan Fine Gael.Predeceased by her son Paddy and husband Jack (winner of All Ireland medals in 1933 and 1935)..Rev Tom McKiernan assisted by Father P McDonnell CC Ballybay officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Ballybay.

December 31st 1982

Sea search continues for Niall Kenny Farnham Road who slipped from a rock while bird watching at  Dunfanaghy County Donegal.Strong swimmer on entering the water Niall proceeded to dispose of his heavy boots and float while his companion Michael Sheil Dublin raised the alarm.One of a family of 8 children of Mr and Mrs Augustus Kenny Farnham Road.Special prayers for his safe recovery were recited at the Novena in the Cathedral.Aged 30 years Niall was Headmaster in Crubany NS having taught in Arva and Dublin,.he is survived by his wife Pauline mother and father brothers Gerard Aidan Kevin Rossa sisters Ursula Carmel and Antoinette.The body was never recovered despite extesive searches by the Army Helicopter Unit and local fishermen

Same Week 37 swimmers are sent on their way by Senator Andy O Brien at Rann Point in the annual Icebreaker’s Christmas swim.Present were Tom Fitzpatrick the new Ceann Comharle Bolus Hannah (County Surgeon) Francis Smith Cavan County Council,Frank Ellis (Lord Mayor ) and Gene Cullivan Cavan Water Safety Association.

Maureen Gaffney Swellan obtains her B Ed at Carysfort College Dublin.She is presently on the teaching staff of Drumcrave NS.Nuala McGrath of Glenside Road also obtains her B Ed at Carysfort and is presently teaching in Saint Canice’s Finglas.Both girls receivd their education at Saint Clare’s NS and Loreto College.

January 7th 1983

Sea search continues for the body of local headmaster Niall Kenny  along the Noth West Coast of Donegal.Search is continuing along a 50 mile stretch of Hornhead/Dunfanaghy.Search being coordinated by Cavan and Donegal gardai and many locals have travelled to Dongal to assist in the search.

Same Week Death of Barney Sullivan late of Mitchell Street in the USA at the age of 76.Before emigrating he worked in McCarren’s factory

Three more Cavan gardai pass out of Templemore Training College  Michael Kelly Highfield Road son of Pat and Margaret will be stationed in Drogheda.Kieran King son of Mr and Mrs Matt King ‘Poles House’  will be based in Dalkey County Dublin and Paddy McMahon son of Leisha and the late Paddy Billis who will be stationed in The Phoenix Park.

Grainne Smith (Pictured) daughter of Patricia Smith Rock Cross obtains her degree in Legal Science at Trinity College.Past Pupil of Loreto and Saint Clare’s.

Cavan Credit Union 1983 Chairman Rt Rev Monsignor Patrick McManus Vice Chairman Michael McEvoy Secretary MaryKeoghan Treasurer Vincent Walsh.Committee David Deegan Noel Martin Mary Pryce Derek Graham Sean Maguire John P Smith Charles Fleming Marie O Reilly Philip Cullen Noel Egan and Kevin Lavelle.Father McManus pays tribute to the retiring Secretary Tony Coyle saying he was one of the most outstanding Credit Union men he ever met.His dedidication to the job since the start of the movement in Cavan, holding the onerous posts of both Secretary and Treasurer was outstanding and has played a large part in the establishment of Cavan Credit Union..

Kingscourt retain the Gypsum trophy following the 4th leg of the League in Cavan.Winners for Cavan AC girls Under 13 Fidelma Carolan Grace O Mahony Ann Cullen Niamh O Reilly Pauline Brady and Doris Fitzpatrick. Cavan Boys Under 13 Noel Galligan Ciaran Beirne Leo Costello Donal Muray Michael Fallon and Niall Lynch.Final Placings Kingscourt 128 Bailieborough 112 and Cavan AC 84.

Cavan AC announce that this year’s Half Marathon will be sponsored by Mitsubishi Electric on Sunday 27th of March.

Cavan Town AFC had their most successful season in 1982.Winning six cups The North Eastern League The Mallon Cup Jackson Cup i The North Eastern League Longford League The Lyons Cup Subsidary Cup and Runners Up in the Counties Cup

Cavan Rugby Club won the Ulster Intermediate League 1982

During 1982 Cavan Lawn Tennis Club built their new clubhouse and had all the courts tarmacademed and floodlit.Their Open Week was dominated by players from Stackallen in Meath but there were a number of excellent local performances

Due to pressure brought by Hugh Leech Chairman Cavan Badminton Club, the height of the ceiling in Cavan Sports Complex is raised to over 35 feet and meets major International requirements.The Club have plans to bring  full International matches to The Cavan Sports Complex..Ireland Number1John Taylor (Dublin) won the Men’s Singles Open while Wendy Orr and Mary Dinan won the Ladies Doubles all are seasoned Internationals.

January 14th 1983

Sudden death of Jack Flood Abbey Street at the age of 54.He was in the hackney business for over 30 years.Twin brother of Bert, originally it was Jack who was the butcher in Bridge Street but later their roles were reversed and Jack took over from twin Bert as Hackney Man.Accomplished huntsman,Jack was cheerful and charitable and great company to meet and converse with.He is survived by his wife Kathleen sons Laurence John Edward and daughter Corine.His mother Frances is still alive and living in the family home in Bridge Street.Rev Tom McKiernan officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry

Same Week Death of Rose Ann O Hagan Tierquin at the age of 67 relict of Benny who died 30 years ago.Survived by her sons Eugene Liam Bernard Nicholas Frank daughters Margaret Bridie Ann and Helen,She was predeased by her daughter Susan who died following an accident in Preston in 1967.Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry

Sympathy is extended to Josie McDonagh on the death of her father Henry O Toole Cappagh Road Barna County Galway

Cavan’s No Name Club moves to The Hotel Kilmore for new season.Features the famous Cross/Mullagh Wren Boys in full programme this week.

Niall Walsh is Golfer of the Year at County Cavan Golf Club.

January 21st 1983 Jim McDonnell is appointed Chairman of the Northern Regional Fisheries Board

Same Week Sunday’s Lamb Competition at County Cavan Golf Club 1st Brian Tighe 2nd Paddy Haren and 3rd Val Maguire Best Gross Terry Smith

Sudden death of Willie Sheriff ‘Carlyle’ Swellan at the age of 55 shocks the community.Native of Kingscourt, he was over 25 years in Cavan and for a period was area manager of Chrysler Cars Ireland.Member of Cavan Parish Select Vestry and of Kilmore Diocesan Council.He also held a number of positions in The Masonic Order and was a Sunday School teacher in Cavan Parish Church.Member of the Protestant Hall Management Committee.Chairman and founder member of Cavan Multiple Scelorisis.Stood as an Independent at local elections to Cavan County Council and would have been elected but for the lack of transfers from the major political parties.He is survived by his wife Shirley son Edwin and daughter Karen.Bishop Gilbert Wilson Canon George  Millar and Archdeacon George Corrigan (Kingscourt) conducted the service in Cavan Parish Church and burial in Kilmore Cemetery.

Death of Billy Weir in Liverpool at the age of 42.Worked at Cavan Mineral Waters and later emigrated to Canada for a period of 20 years He returned to Liverpool just three years ago.Survived by his brothers Alec Paddy sisters Lily Josephine  and Peggy.Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies Cemtery.

Gardening Club this week’s talk is by Dr Niall Gallagher B Agr Sc on the construction and maintenance of rock gardens.

January 28th 1983

Controversy erupts over the Tower Hamlet site as the Urban Council take the site back from the Board of Works for not proceeding with the development.The Board hits back by erecting a sign in the dark of night stating  “Site for New Garda Station and Government Offices By Order of The Board of Works”.Paddy O Reilly proposes  that the Urban Council seek a Court Injunction to stop the Board developing the site against the wishes of the Urban Council.Seconded by Councillor Oliver Malone.

Same Week Boy Scouts stage their one night Revue in the Town Hall.Among those taking part were Joe Gormley (banjo) Matt Donnelly (accordion) Ann McKiernan The Mulloys from Behey Martin Donohoe Ulster champion accordionist.Revival 50 and the Stars of the Show the acclaimed C 60.Compered by local Cavan comedian Mel Doherty .Musical accompaniment was by Peter Veale and Father Charles O Gorman.

Cavan Rugby Club draw with Australian Tourists at Swellan Park in 10-10 thriller.Robbie Lyndsey Sean McPhillips Noel McGlade Winston Morrison Shane Devine very prominent for Cavan while Sean Coyle and Ray Charles were outstanding in defence.Cavan had the best of the exchanges but didn’t capitalise on their chances on a very muddy pitch which the Australians got it hard to adapt to.

Death of Mary Ann Donohoe College Street at the age of 80.She was the last of a well known and respected family of 6.Reverend Tom McKiernan officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Kilygarry.

John Sheridan son of John and Mary Sheridan Moynehall passes out as new Garda in Templemore.Aged 21 Garda Sheridan has been posted to Donnybrook Dublin.

Death of Elizabeth Galligan at the residence of her daughter Bridie Drumelis at the age of 76.Native of Mohill, she was a member of  a well known family in the area.Quiet and unassuming she was deeply religious.Survived in Cavan by her daughter Bridie and son Tommy .Rev Anthony Fagan officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

February 4th 1983

Andy O Brien returns to the Senate at the head of  the Labour Panel.

Same Week Opening this Friday 4th February 1983 Homemakers beside Imperial-they have everything for the DIY.(Multisound)

Cavan Tourists Association 1983 Chairman Eddie Brady Voce Chairman John McGinnity Treasurer Brigid O Hanlon  and Treasurer Brendan Coulter.Eddie Brady pays fulsome tribute to the retiring Chairman John McGinnity for his long and dedicated service to the organisation.

February 11th 1983

Gerard Kelly B Com ASCA secures 1st place in Ireland in his final Accountancy exams.Pictured with his wife Eileen receiving his prize from Allied Irish Banks.He was also awarded the bronze medal for 3rd place in the World where there are over 60,000 studying for Accountancy.Gerry is Audit Manager with McDwyer and Lennon and is a native of Clones.

Same Week Death of Peter Watters ‘Ard Mhuire’ Cathedral Road at the age of 54.Native of Ardara County Donegal,he was resident in Cavan since 1955 Employed as Agricultural Officer with Farm Development Services at the  Department of Agriculture.Before coming to Cavan worked with the Department in Castleisland  County Kerry Kildare and Wexford.Keen GAA supporter he had equal allegiance to both Cavan and Donegal.Lifelong member of the Pioneer Total Abstinence Society.Very popular with his work colleagues who visited him regularly during his final illness.Survived by his wife  Maureen in Cavan.Rev Anthony Fagan officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry where among the attendance was an old friend of Peter’s Niall Blayney TD.

Annual Wheelchair Dinner in the Golf Club with musical and comic contributions from Dermot Smith and Tommy Reilly.Dancing by the Webber School of Dancing Mel Doherty was a most entertaining MC.

VAT rises to  from 18% to 23% and the top rate from 30% to 35 % which will add 3 ½% to the cost of living .

Third attempt to oust Charles Haughey as the Parliamentary Party after a12 hour meting votes 40-33 in Charles’ favour .Sean Doherty and Martin O Donohoe resign from the Party.

Chamber of Commerce 1983 Presidebt Eddie Brady Vice President Catherine Jenkins Secretary Jimmy Scanlon and Treasurer Michael O Connell.

Seamus Fay (Lilter) is voted Personality of the Year in Drumalee GFC fundraiser.

February 18th 1983 83% of Irish homes now have colour television

Same Week David McMullin BSc Carrigaline Cork wins Graduate Felowshiop to Arcadia University  Nova Scotia University.Son of Don McMullin formerly of the ‘Rivals Inn’ Coleman Road ,he is grandson of the late County Surgeon J C McMullin

Second annual dinner for the travelling community organised by Our Lady of the Wayside Saint Vincent De Paul in The Day Centre Cathedral Road attracts an attendance of over 100.Master of ceremonies is Mel Doherty while contributions from the Webber School of Dancing,Matt Donnolly TheMulloys and member s of the travelling community with Rev Des O Dowd Adm on the accordeon

Card Drive in Kilmore organised by Iris Richmond and Willie Scott raises £400 for the handicapped of the area.

E T is the big Box Office hit in America Britain and Cavan where there are long quques for the matinee performances at The Magnet Cinema..

Gabriel Kelly and PJ Carroll are elected unopposed to the positions of Senior and Under 21 County team managers.

Breffni Park is chosen to host the Railway Cup Finals where Munster play Leinster (Hurling) and Ulster play Leinster in football on Saint Patrick’s Day.First time the event has been fixed for an Ulster venue.

Niall Crowe and Gay Condon drive in to office as the new Captains of County Cavan Golf Club.First time the two Captains have driven in together in the 89 year history of the Club.

February 25th 1983 Cavan Town go top of the league with 2-0 away victory over Monaghan.Dessie Gardiner the hero with a goal from play and later a goal from spot kick.

Same Week Philip Smyth NT Rock Cross Cavan is the new President of the Ulster Council of the GAA for a three year period .He is the 3rd Cavan man to hold the position. Following in the footsteps of Benny Fay 1923-1924 and Senator Andy O Brien 1971-1973.

March 4th 1983

Powers Supermarkets purchase the well known Cavan landmark Providers and will open a branch of Quinnsworth on the 28th March 1983.The Directors of Providers are Paddy Gaffney BE Con P Smith and Percy C Kilroy.

Same Week Cavan Angling Club 1983 President Johnny Donohoe  Chairman Ray McDwyer Vice Chair Wilie Scott Treasurer Michael Walshe Secretary Michael Fitzpatrick.

Death of Molly Soden Church Street  at the age of 92.Only child of the late Mr and Mrs Owen Soden NT Principal in Drumcrave NS.Chief Clerk in County Registrar’s Probate Office for over 50 years.She served under Hugh H Moore Thomas Gilsenan and John P Dowd.She was President Cavan Town Fine Gael.Expert at crochet work,she won many awards for her craftsmanship.Took an active part in the War of Independence as a member of Cumainn Na Mban.Father Anthony Fagan officiated at the funeral fom the Cathedral to Killygarry

Jim O Leary Race Director reports that there are already over 500 entries for the Mitsubishi Half Marathon in Cavan on the 25th March 1983.

Death of the great Johnny Hueston Wolfe Tone Street at the age of 74. Native of Unshinagh Ballyhaise,he later moved to Darragarra Butlersbridge then to Wolfe Tone Street for his retirememnt.Brilliant craftsmman he could expertly repair clocks watches to lawnmowers bikes and motor cars.No job was too small or too big for Johnny and very reasonable charges levied for his labours.Survived by his wife Margaret sons Francis and Sean daughters Anna May Angela Christina and Rosaleen.Rev Felim Kelly officiated at the funeral from Saint Aidan’s Butlersbridge to the adjoining Cemetery.

Cavan International Song Contest carries a prize fund of £8,000 for this year’s contest.

Carmel Duffy is Mary Magdalene while Finbar Donohoe is Jesus Christ in the Musical ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ at Saint Patrick’s College.Jackie McLoughlin is Herod Orchestra Father Gerry Kearns Tom Meehan Michael Meehan and Sean Conaty Sound Brian Sullivan John Conlon Choreography Frances Galligan Costumes Rev John McTiernan and Sister Rosari Piano and Director Bill Henry.

Finbar Nolan from Gowna 7th son of a 7th son retuns to Cavan and will hold Clinics in The Lakeland Hotel every Monday and Wednesday.

C 60 Group are heading for stardom.appearing this week locally at Peppers Nite Club and Saint Joseph’s Hall Bal yjamesduff

March11th 1983

’ Hey Marian’ sung and written by Brian O Reilly Cork winner of section A in Cavan International Song Contest in The Kilmore Hotel.Philip Cullivan and Ronan Collins RTE shared the Compering duties.Star of the show are local group C 60.Music by Earl Gill.Jury Chaired by Brian Finlay and the contest was opened by Ceann Comhairle Tom Fitzpatrick Backing Eileen Reid Aileen Pringle and Andrea Gill

Same Week Death of Brigid Young Billis relict of John A at the age of 83.Native of Cormeen Stradone,industrious charitable lady she was a fervent supporter of Cavan Drama Festival and passed on a love of the theatre to her family.Member of Cumainn na Mbhan during the fight for Independence.Keen supporter of the bingo sessions all over the country.She is survived by her sons Tommy Sean Father Patsy Brendan.Her son Father Patsy was chief celebrant of Mass in the Cathedral assisted by Fathers John A Young Joe Young Very Rev EP Canon Tully PP (cousin) John Maguire CC Belturbet Father Des O Dowd Adm and Father Anthony Fagan.Internment tok place in Cullies cemetery.Among the attendance was the Bishop of Kilmore Francis McKiernan.

Pauline Brady and Niamh O Reilly are the first two home in the Girls Under 12 Road Championships in Cavan while Hugo Cafferty is followed home by Tony Dunne and Brian O Reilly Philip Clarke and Rick Lewis in Senior Men 10,000 metres in which there was a record field of over 40 athletes.Boys Under 14 David Duffy and Niall Murray are 1st and 2nd

Death of Catherine Donohoe College Street at the age of 84.Relict of Matt (Plumber) ,she was a native of Emyvale .Decent religious and great neighbour and friend.Survived by her sons Paddy  Matt and Joe and sister Agnes in Emyvale.Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry Cemetery

38th Annual Cavan Drama Festival in Town Hall is offically opened by Bishop McKiernan

March 18th 1983.

Cavan Gardening Club are running a bus to the Enniskillen Daffodil Show  on 9th of April.Tickets available from Bridie Galligan ‘Rose Cottage’  Drumelis.

6th Cavan International Song Contest in The Sports Centre.The comperes are Phil Cullivan and Ronan Collins .Guest artistes are local group C60 and multi instrumentalists Gerry O Connor.Appearing each night at the Festival Club after  the Song Contest are C60.The music for the Contest is again being provided by Earl Gill and his Orchestra.

March 25th 1983

Saint Patrick’s Day Parade commences from Dunnes’ Stores Car Park via Connolly street .Recod entry of over 50 floats.Parade led off by FCA Colour Party and band of the 2nd Battalion Cathal Brugha Barracks Present on the Reviewing Stand are Frank Ellis (Lord Mayor) Paddy Conaty (Cavan County Council) Paddy Carroll (Chair UDC) Senator AJ O Brien Tom Fitzpatrick (Ceann Comhairle) John P Wilson TD Bishop Frank McKiernan Father Des O Dowd Adm Canon George Millar and Eddie Brady (Pesident Cavan Chambr of Commerce).50% increase in the number of floats and 10 bands attend from all over Cavan Fermanagh and Monaghan.

Same Week Sean Sheridan is promoted to Town Clerk Letterkennyy after 3 years service to Cavan Urban Council Paddy Carroll and Paddy Conaty wish Sean and his wife the best in Letterkenny“he was always very helpful and understanding”

In the couse of a discussion on the poor facilities at Cavan Surgical Hospital Senator Andy O Brien states that a “staggering 10,000 people are treated at the Hospital annually”.He expressed amazement at the great work the staff are doing under the most appalling conditions.Paddy Conaty and Oliver Malone state that the present facilities for outpatients is inadequate.

Death of Clement Flood Military Row.Retired farmer, the family came to Cavan five years ago.Survived by his wife Margaret daughters Ann Pauline and Rosaleen.Father Des O Dowd officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Drumavaddy.

Mattie Hand well known ESB official collapsed and died at the age of 72 at evening Mass in the Cathedral.The last ries were administered to him by the celebrant Father Anthony Fagan.Native of Mount Street Dublin Matty was one of the first on the scene of the Convent Fire in February 1943 when he rescued many of the orphans from the burning inferno.Gave evidence at the inquest stating that all switches in the Convent Laundry wer in the off position when inspected by him at 2 am on the morning of the fire.Served the ESB for over 40 years as Area Supervisor,Matty was of jovial nature and ready wit.member of Cavan CYMS, he served on all the major Committees attached to the Cathedral.Survived by his wife Maureen (Mullery).Rev Felim Kelly officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Kilygarry.

Ulster managed by Bundoran Hotelier Brian McNiffe regain the Railway Cup played in appalling weather conditions in Breffni Park beating Leinster 0-24 to 2-10 before a crowd of 4,418 who paid gate receipts of £5,499 to witness a very exciting game that finished level for the 70 minutes but Ulster’s superior ftness told in extra time.Jim Rreilly was the only Breffni representative but Paddy McNamee was introduced as a substitute.In a dismal Railway Cup Hurling Final Connaught beat a listless  Leinster team 0-9 to 1-5.

Cecil Boyd Rochford well known British horse trainer of 13 classic winners dies at his residence Kilnahard Castle Ballyheelan County Cavan at the age of 95.

April 1st 1983

Over 800 compete in Mitsubishi Cavan Half Marathon won by Gerry Deegan fom Waterford in a new course record of 63 minutes and 38 seconds.

Same Week Charlie McCreevy who was recently expelled from the Fianna Fail Parliamentary Party gives the lecture at Cavan Arts sponsored symposium in the Kilmore entitled ‘Electorate and their Politicians’.

Monaghan shock Cavan to win the Forsters Cup Final in rugby 9-3.Noel McGlade at Hooker the hero taking several balls against the head but Monaghan manged to win the game on limited possession and totally against the run of play.Cavan the League leaders thus suffered their first competive defeat of the season.Team S McPhillips Frank Walls P McDonald Ray Charles Brian Lee Cyril O Keefe Paul Hayes Eic Trenier  Noel McGlade PJ Quinn Tom Farrell Michael Johnston Gerry Lennon Winston Morrison and Sean McKiernan.

Brian Sullivan Chairman of Cavan Drama Festival announces a very successful year at the closing of the Festival in the Town Hall.Christopher Fitzsimmons (Adjudicator) awards the Lyons Cup and Premier prize in the open to  33 Players Dublin for ‘All My Sons’.Carrigallen take the Confined with ‘Black Stranger’ while Josie Henry Belturbet is awarded Best Actress in the confined.Special award for ‘Most Promising Young Actor’goes to Jimmy Fox of the Hacklers for his portrayal of Gethin Price in ‘The Comedians.’

April 8th 1983

Extensive three page feature on GT Electric where Robert Goode is Managing Director Lily Johnston Accounts Norbert Van Crammon Tools Department Jim Anderson Sales Representative and Violet Hamilton Sales Domestic Goods.

Same Week Death of Father Matthew Fitzpatrick Rathcorrick in Tennesse USA on Saint Patrick’s Day at the age of 89.He was ordained in All Hallows in 1919 and served as a priest in Tennesse for 64 years.

Death of Mary Manning Wolfe Tone Street at the age of 67.Relict of Thomas she was a quiet hard working decent woman.Bore all her many illnesses with courage and fortitude.Survived by her daughters Marie Kitty and Peggy.Rev Dan Sheidan officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Cavan Town Soccer Club win the presitigious Isle of Man 5 a side tournament over the Easter weekend team Charlie Green Noel Smith Tommy Fay Michael Kelly Charlie Prendergast Martin Maguire and Adrian Ronan.

Cavan Rugby Club take the Ulster Intermediate Title defeating Rainey 10-3 in their final match of the season.Front row led the way with Tom Farrell assisted by Gerry Lennon Eric Trenier and PJ Quinn initiating the rolling maul.Their try scorer was Second Row Sean McKiernan.Cyril O Keefe and Paul Hayes outstanding all afternoon while Michael Johnston and Winston Morrison dominated the lineouts.

Death of Mary Caroline (Carrie) McGuinness in London at the residence of her daughter Caroline Moore and son in law Jimmy.She was wife of the late JJ McGuinness Town Clerk Cavan and Belturbet from Farnham Street . Survived by 1 son and daughters.Funeral from Edmonton Church to the adjoining cemetery.

Draughts Under 14 A Team Paul Tighe Michael Collins Eimear McConnon Brendan O Connor Sean O Donnell Robert Johnston and Brian Galligan

Death of Barney Smith 1 Saint Michaels Place Naas.Member of the famous Smyth's of the Courthouse family,Barney was closely associated with the Cavan teams who won 5 All Ireland titles between 1933 and 1952 being First Aid Man.Plasterer by trade Barney was employed  as a maintenance man by the Army in Naas having worked with Murphy Builders in Dublin.He learned his trade with Tom McManus and Company in Cavan.Chairman of Nass Branch Fianna Fail,Barney was a Peace Commissioner and a  member of Naas Urban Council for a long number of years.Member of the Fire Brigade Social Services Saint Vincen De Paul Society.He was a member of Naas GFC and their delegate to Kildare County Board.Predeceased by his wife Sarah ,he is survived by sons Joe,Bernard and daughters Mary and Ann.Funeral from the Church of our Lady and Saint David to Saint Corbans Cemetery.

Michael Leddy (Cavan Gaels) is the Ulster Golden Handball Champion.Gave a brilliant display in his 15-14 14-15 and 15-6 victory over 45 year old MJ Kelly Tyrone.

David Mulhern B Com from Sligo is the new Manager of the Re Hab in Cavan

April 15th 1983

Barry McGuigan is the new British Featherweight Champion.StopsVernon Penfrase in the 7th R.ound.The new champion is managed by Barney Eastwood and trained by the outstanding Eddie Shaw.

Same Week Death of Elizabeth Brady (Nee Kelly) Connolly Street and Dublin.She moved to Dublin some years ago and was mother of the late great Jim Brady fomer star professional boxer and employee of the Anglo Celt.She is survived by her daughters Myra Bernadette Imelda Dorothy,sisters Molly Margaret (Egan) brothers Fred and Jim

April 22nd 1983

Denis F McDwyer youngest son of Ina and the late Peter McDwyerBelturbet qualifies as a Solicitor and is attached to the staff of M/s Allen and Halpin Cavan.Married in 1972 he has a family of 4 sons.

Same Week Application by Benny Hannigan for the erectionof a Funeral Home at the rear of 18 Farnham Street is turned down on the grounds of poor access causing a traffic hazard at junction of Farnham Street.Paddy Gaffney Town Surveyor points out that this is  a right of way and that it would not be suitable particularly for large gatherings such as funerals and emovals.

Phyllis O Reilly takes over as Town Clerk once again, this time on the occasion of the promotion of Sean Sheridan to be Town Clerk in Letterkenny

Death of Ellen McCaffrey late of Breffni Terrace in England where she resided for the last 15 years.Survived by her husband Christy sons Charlie Christy and Billy and twin brothers Peter and Charlie,sisters Betsy (Reilly) and Mamie (Weir).

Death of Joe McManus relict of Sadie at the age of 93.Blacksmith by trade ,he spent some time in America before returning to work on the Farnham Estate .Skilful and efficient Joe was the last of a rare breed of craftsmen.Rev George Millar MA presided at the funeral from Cavan Parish Church to the new Cemetery

Choice weekend in Loreto Convent .applicants must be 20 years or older.Bookings to Ron and Mary Tidy Butlersbridge 049-31961

Cavan Town Darts Finals in Meadow View Lounge attracts a capacity attendance Results Ladies Delores Moore beat Patricia Walsh 2-1 Delores receives the Phil Gilbride trophy and £40 while Patricia  receives the Sean McIntyre trophy and £20.Semi Finalists Rosaleen Smith and R Sheridan £15 each.In the men’s final Hugh McDermott’s better finishing saw him edge out Patsy Kane in the best of 7 final.Hubert receives the JJ Higgins trophy and £100 while the gallant Kane who scored several 180s during his late comeback is rewarded with the Sean McIntyre trophy and £40.

April 29th 1983

Martin Bravendar is pictured with a 12 lb specimen trout he caught spinning at Deredis .It is the largest trout ever caught in these waters.Martin Junior (4) and Sister Charmaine (1) look on delighted with their father’s good fortune!.

Same Week Loreto Senior and Junior Choirs under their music teacher Kathleen Fitzgerald win the Senior and are second in Junior at the Slogadh Finals in Wexford.Michael O Connell Bank of Ireland Cavan is pictured presenting the trophy to the winning Loreto Choir.

Death of James Smith Clarebawn at the age of 55. Member of a most respected family.Ran a grocery and confectionery business from the house for a number of years and later worked in Jacksons Garage.He is survived by his sisters Ellen (McCarthy) and Janie.Funeral from Saint Felim’s Ballinagh to the adjoining Cemetery.

Death of the very popular Michael (Mickey ) Walsh Regaskin at th age of 48.Spent a considerable time in New York where he worked for a Security Company before coming home and taking th position of Caretaker Cavan Vocational School.He endeared himself to all and was equally popular with both students and teachers.In his youth he was an outstanding player with Drumalee.Survived by brothers Patsy Sean Tommy Frankie sisters Susan Kathleen Rosaleen Bridie Betty Mary and Anne.Father P Flynn officiated at the funeral from Saint Mary Ballyhaise to Cullies.

Cavan Town win both the Draughts and Badminton Finals at Ulster Community Games

Death of Mary O Connor Saint Brigid’s Terrace at the age of 62.Member of the well known and highly respected Cartwright family,she was a quiet decent charitable woman.Survived by her husband John sons Mark David Tom Rory daughters Madeline Linda and Jean.Father Tom McKiernan officiated at the funeral fom the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Death of Andy Dowd Saint Martins Estate.Native of Gaybrook Mullingar,Andy was an extensive farmer.Retired to live in Cavan 20 years ago.His hobbies were gardening and music and he was a very talented fiddle player.First cousin of Nan McKiernan College Street .Father Tom McKiernan officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Untimely death of Stella Hill Stragelliffe at the age of 34.Survived by her mother (Nora) sisters Bernie and Rita.Predeceased by her brother Joe who died in a motor crash some years ago.Funeral from Saint Brigid’s Church Killygarry to the adjoining Cemetery.

Death of Besie T McCaffrey widow of Patrick formerly of the ‘Old Globe Hotel’ (Dunnes Stores  Main Street).After leaving Cavan the Lavey native spent most of her time in America before returning to live in Dublin

Saint Felim’s Boys School and Farnham NS meet in the Final of the Inter Schools Draught Tournament in the Scout Den.Teams Saint Felim’s Paul Tighe (Captain) Sean O Donnell Pierre Kinsella Michael Collins and Pauric Dempsey.Farnham Hazel Elliott (Captain) Patrick Connolly Jonathan Cosgrove  Ruth Loughrey and Jack Sullivan.

Death of Joseph Livingstone Reask at the age of 74..Native of Clifferna,he worked with Cavan County Council outdoor staff.Survived by his wife Bridget and daughter Pauline.Funeral from Killygarry to Cliffena Cemetery.

May 6th 1983

Posts and Telegraphs detect 15,000 TV Spongers in the first 2 weeks of the present campaign.

Same Week C 60 are on their way to the top.Band consists of Brian McCormack (Vocals and Guitar) Norman Breslin (Guitar) John Hannigan  from Ballyshannon (Guitar) and Paul Cox (Drums).’Searching for Love’ huge hit and their new release ‘Hold on to your Dreams’ is getting local and national airplay.

1st Anglo Celt /Re Hab Person of the Year local nominations are Sister Assumpta Gene Murphy John O Connor Sadie Kenneddy and Harry Smith.The Winner will be chosen at the banquet in the Hotel Kilmore on the 19th of May 1983.

Death of the popular Benny McGilly Clones and Farnham Street at the age of 73.Native of Newtownbutler spent most of his life in Clones.He was quiet likeable and very religious.Survived by his wife Margaret sons Sean and Brian daughters Maura and Ailish.Rev Des O Dowd Adm assisted by Canon S McNaboo PP VF officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to The Sacred Heart Cemetery Clones.

Death of Madge McCabe Billis at the age of 71.Native of Behey Stradone ,she was extremely well known poular and highly respected.Survived by her husband John sons Jim Sean Edwin Vincent Kieran PJ and Gerard daughters Una and Bernadette.

Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Death of William Tilson Drumullen at the age of 78.Survived by wife Phyllis  son Josie daughter Kathleen.Funral fom Kilmore Cathedral to adjoining Cemetery.

Death of Henry (Harry) McCauley Drumconnick at the age of 70.Native of Kill Cootehill .Purchased a farm many years ago and came to live in Drumconnick.Survived by brothers and sisters.Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry

Dara Donohoe will play Brendan Carmichael in the Junior Snooker Final at Cavan CYMS

Breffni Boys Band 1983 Chairman Paddy Carroll Vice Chair Annie Murray (UDC) Secretary Patricia O Riordan Treasurer Paddy McCabe  Assistant Treasurer Molly Donohoe.

Cavan Town clinch the 1st Dundalk/Cavan/Monaghan League with 2-0 win over Belturbet.Scorers Martin Maguire and the insurance goal from Charlie Prendergast (header) from Ronan cross set up by Gardiner.Team Charlie Green Brian Webber Noel Smith Sean McKeown Peter Burns Brian Carmichael Adrian Ronan Martin Maguire Dessie Gardiner Charlie Prenderfast Gene Cullivan and Pat Farrelly.Sub Bomber Byrne for Farrelly.

May 13th 1983

John Nallen is appointed Manager of the Ulster Bank Cavan to succeed the retiring Finbar O Mahoney.Outstnding footballer with Galway Mayo and Cavan.John won a National League medal with Mayo in 1954 and is the holder of 2 Railway Cup medals with Connaught.Served in Tralee Balyjamesduff and Granard before being appointed Manager in Cavan.

Same Week Cavan Town fail for the second successive year to win the Counties Cup  in Longford League when they are surprisingly beaten by Templevilla 4-2.Gardiner

Ronan and Maguire were not at their best at midfield.

May 20th 1983

Holy Rosar Sisters Killeshandra are relocating to a new £800,000 Convent in  Cavan on site beside the Cathedral.Pictured are Jim Elliott BArch (P Elliott and Company ) Contractors Sister Kate Caffrey Bursar General Alice Elliott (P Elliott and Company) Ptrick Gaffney BE and Phil Cullivan (Gaffney Cullivan Architects ) and Patrick Duffy (Quantity Surveyor) Dublin)

Same Week Uproar as no local firm are included in the 7 to tender for Cavan General Hospital.Paddy Conaty at meeing of the Board states “we have in Cavan the finest building contractor in this country who has competed and beaten most of the 7 on the list.(P Elliott and Company)”

Cavan Gardening Club are planning an outing to the Botanic Gardens and Malahide Castle

Robbie Byrne is drafted into the Cavan Town midfield for winning top four performance against Monaghan at Belgium Park.Greene Burns and Webber outstanding in defence while up front Cullivan and Gardiner wreaked havoc.

May 27th 1983 John O Connor Cavan Sculpture is Cavan Person of the Year 1983 at the Anglo Celt/Rehab banquet in The Kilmore Hotel attended by over 400 guests.John’s citation reads for “service to the Community in the figh against alcoholism and his immense contribution over many years to the entertainment cultural and social life of the area”

Same Week Death of Matt Fay Upper Main Street  at the age of 86.Owner of a very select grocery and bar at Upper Main Street.Took active part in the war of Independence as member of Lavey Battalion old IRA,he was interred in Ballykinlar from 1921 to 1922.Emigrated to the USA in 1924.At his death he was President of the Roger Casement branch Provisional Sinn Fein Cavan.Matt is survived by his wife Elizabeth daughter Monica.The coffin was draped in the tricolour and guard of honour was formed by local Provisional Sinn Fein members at his funeral in the Cathedral and burial in Killygarry .Father Felim Kelly officiated.

Barry McGuigan stops Parisian Sammy Meck with a flurry of punches at the Navan Confernce Centre.Referee Fred Tiedt stops the bout at the end of Round 6.

Great win for Cavan 1-12 over Derry’s 0-11  in 1st round of Ulster Championship in Ballinascreen before an attendance of 3,000 nearly all from Cavan.Brian O Grady who was introduced as a sub in second half Cavan Gaels’ only representative.

Death of Joe Mulcahy Emmett Place at the age of 57.Member of a popular and much respected old Cavan family.Survived by brothers Dick Jimmy sisters Kate Maisie and Margaret

Senior Hilton Shield won by home side at County Cavan Golf Club. Cavan Ladies Madge Boucher (Captain) Kay Henry Bridie Farrelly Maureen Hartmann Kathleen O Gorman

Cavan Gaels led by Joe O Connor beat  Ballintubber by 4 points at the opening of the new Ballintubber Ray Predergast Park in County Mayo.

June 3rd 1983 Sergeant Liam Maguire bravely defuses a bomb from beneath the Auctioneer’s Stool at Ballybay Mart.He is later the  the recipient of the Scott medal for bravery.

Same Week Corpus Christi Procession from the Cathedral will this year makes it way around the Triangle via Cathedral Road and back in by Cootehill Road for Benediction at the Cathedral.The procession will be held after the 7:30 pm Mass and led by Bishop McKiernan.

Lester Pigott aboard Teenoso sweeps to a record breaking 9th Epsom Derby triumph.Irish challenger Carlingford Castle in 2nd place.

Sympathy is extended to Father Torlac O Reilly CC Drung on the death of his mother Mary T O Reilly relict of Doctor TP former Cavan MOH.Native of Mullagh she was one of the famous McKenna family.Funeral Mass celebrated by Father Torlac in Saint Ann’s Bailieborough and interment afterwards in the adjoining Cemetery.

Philip (Lightning ) Murray wins the President’s (Jack Binchey’s) Prize at County Cavan Golf Club  with a nett 63,Peter Veale is 2nd with the same score but inferior back 9.Terry Smith Best Gross.

Horsedwawn hearse for the funeral of Philip Mee of Inishmore Butlersbridge.Six horse guard of honour drawn from Fermanagh Harriers.All business premises close as the impressive cortege makes its way through the town.

June 10th 1983 Tragic death of Bridget Fay Moynehall at the age of 75 as she was making her way to 10 am Mass in the Cathedral in collision with a tanker killing her instantly.Contoversial local figure, she was a champion of Itinerant Rights and was largely responsible for the erection of the Tigins at Gallows Hill.Native of Corglass Crosskeys,she was a National Teacher in Banahoo and later Castletara for a period of 45 years.In the evenings she cleared the kitchen and taught the underprivileged in her own home.She was a fervent follower of  Archbishop Lefeyres opposition to the expulsion of Latin from the liturgy of Mass and other Vatican 2 changes.Lifetime member of Drumavaddy PTAA,active member of the Pro life Anti Abortion Campaign.She had a great love of Irish and all things Gaeilge.Active part in the War of Indepence as a membe of Cumainn Na Mbhan.Stunch Republican and member of the Roger Casement Branch of Provisional Sinn Fein Cavan Town.Her husband Dan died 22 years ago ,she is survived by her sons Tony Paid Danny Tom Paul Colm daughters Sheila and Ann.Funeral from the Cathedral to Drumavaddy Cemetery.

Same Week Dermot Healy is the winner of the Tom Guller UK Prize and £500 for his ‘Banished Misfortune’ short story collection entitled ‘Fighting with Shadows’.Dermot recently wrote the screen play for ‘Our Boys’ film.

Paddy Carroll is the first Chairman of Cavan Urban Council to wear the new Chairman’s Chain presented by NoelTeahan on behalf of the Bank of Ireland (pictured)

June 17th 1983

Rachael Cullivan ‘Camelot’ Cullies and Belinda Carroll 10 Highfield Road are the winners of the  Arab/Irish National Essay competition.There were over 4,000 entries.

Same Week Jimmy Kenneddy Patron of the Cavan International Song Contest and composer of many hits including Red Sails in The Sunset South of the Border Hokey Cokey and Run Rabbit Run is awarded the OBE in Queen’s Birthday Honours List.

The Tackneys (Pictured) talented family from Maudabawn Cootehill Seamus Eileen and Kieran all individual winners at Cootehill Fleadh Cheoil

14th annual Pilgrimmage to Lourdes includes 70 invalids led by Bishop McKiernan and Monsignor P J Mcmanus PP VG.

Father Donal Kilduff and Benny Fitzpatrick are the first pair of priests ordained the same day from the Parish.Father Donal is son of Kevin and Phyllis Swellan while Father Benny is son of Mary and the late Patrick Rathcorrick Cavan.Following their ordination and first Public Mass in the Cathedral a social was held in the Sports Centre at which a capacity crowd attended

Pauline Faulkner from Farnham Street and Saint Clare’s is the first local winner of the Niall Kenny Memorial Scolarship presented at Cavan Teacher’s Centre.

Death of Ben Simpson late of Owen Roe in England at the age of 70.Worked with GNR before emigrating .Playing member of Owen Roe Shamrocks.He lost his 1st wife Annie 3 years ago.Survived by second wife Martha sons Ben Edward daughters Marie and Hannah and sister Hannah Fay Owen Roe.Funeral in England.

Demot Smith wins the Dr.CullenCup with a 69 Nett

Lorraine O Neill from Fairview Cavan a playing member of the Cavan and Castletara Camogie teams is Senior Camogie Player of the Year for 1982-1983

June 24th 1983

Annie Murray (Fine Gael) is elected Chairperson of Cavan UDC following in the footsteps of her husband John (Fianna Fail) who was elected Chairman in 1957.Annie is pictured complete with the new Chairman’s chain recently presented by the Bank of Ireland.She is the 1st lady to be elected Chairman since Mary Brady over 30 years ago.

Same Week Cavan beat Tyrone in Ulster Championship in Breffni Park 0-11 to 0-10 before an attendance of 8,000.Cavan come from behind with Martin Lynch (Ramor) the hero with 2 frees from the sideline to score the last two points.

Sean McManus is featured in McGinnitys singing all your favourites accompanied by Bill McCusker on the piano.

July 1st 1983 Death of Dermot Morgan Farnham Street at the age of 80.Son of the late Edward and Mrs Morgan his father was a teacher in the old Boy’s school Dermot was educated at the local National School and Saint Patrick’s College.Cavan’s Mister Golf he was Secretaryr of County Cavan for over 30years Assistant Secretary Trustee and Course Manager.Captain of the Club in 1961 he was made an Honary Member for his lifetime of dedicated service.Founder member and Captain of Cavan Bridge Club.After finsishing school he served his time to the motor and mechanical business with JS Mullery Town Hall Street before opening his own Garage and Motor Sales business in Farnham Street from where he retired twenty years ago.Outstanding footballer with Cavan Slashers he was the winner of several Senior Championship medals with the town team and among his teamates was Louis Blessing Jack Smallhorne Jack Clrke and MJ (Sonny) Magee.Guard of honour formed at both the funeral and removal by members and committee of County Cavan Golf Club.Survived by his wife Maisie and sister Eileen.Father Des O Dowd Adm officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry

Same Week Killygarry win their 1st ever Roinn B Under 14 title against a fancied Gowna side in Breffni Park.Trailing by 1-2 to 0-4 at half time Kllygarry turned  on the power in the second half with outstanding individual displays from David Lovett in defence John T Gilsenan at midfield and Don Crotty and Darragh O Neill in attack.scorers for Killygarry John T Gilsenan 0-4  Fintan Galligan Darragh O Neill 1-0 each Don Crotty 0-3 and Niall O Reilly 0-1 .

Delores O Reilly from Drumalee is the winner of the Captain’s (Gay Condon’s ) Prize at County Cavan Golf Club Miss A McNally 2nd and 3rd Geraldine Crotty .Best Gross was Madge Boucher.

July 8th 1983 Captain Percy Gilchreest and Lietenant Terry O Connor are the winners of theEastern Command Team Pistol Shot.Terry was 3rd in the individual event

Same Week Death of Paddy Smith Dromkeen in Runcor Cheshire at the age of 69.Spent the last 50 years in England.Survived by his wife Delia sons John Bernard and Gabriel daughters Theresa and Elizabeth sisters Rita (Runcorn) Alice(Belfast) and Brigid and Eileen in Cavan.

Sheelagh Crotty President of Cavan Branch An Taisce is elected to the National Body at their annual Conference.

July 15th 1983 over 400 including 70 invalids on the14th Annual Kilmore Pilgrimage to Lourdes in perfect weather conditions .Led by the Bishop of Kilmore Francis McKiernan.The Director of the Pigrimage Monsignor PJ McManus pays tribute to the people at home who support the Invalid Fund and the young girls from Scotland and Hong Kong who assisted the invalids on this year’s Pilgrimage.

Same Week Death of John Joe Coyle Dublin Road Ballinagh at the age of 82.Native of Latnadrona Crosserlough he followed the family tradition as a tailor of high quality.On leaving school took an oath of allegiance to the Republic and was later arrested by the Black and Tans and interred in Crumlin Road Belfast Mountjoy and The Currgh.Outstanding sportsman he was a very talented footballer with his native Crosselough winning a League medal in 1926.Member of the victorious Cavan Junior team in 1926 winning an Ulster medal and member of the All Ireland winning team of 1927.Crackshot and outstanding huntsman he was known throughout the lenghth and breath of the entire country as a man of great ability tenacity and strength.Guards of Honour formed at funeral to Saint Felim’s Church Ballinagh by the remnants of The Old IRA Brigade and Ballinagh GFC.Survived by his sons Liam Sean daughters Siobhan (Smith) Eileen (Boylan) Carmel (Lee) and Cait (Quaid).The coffin draped in the tricolour was brought to Cullies cemetery where the last post was sounded and burial took place.

Cavan win the Ulster Junior Hurling Championship for the 1st time when they beat Donegal 2-11 to 2-5 at Pearse Park Ballybay.Scorers for Cavan Gerry Quaid 1-2 M Delaney1-1 PJ Kelly 0-3 Jimmy Kelly 0-2 John O Dwyer 0-2 and Tony Doyle 0-1.

Liam Mulvilhill General Secretary of the GAA opens the 2nd Feile Na Nog in Breffni Park Cavan.Winners Group A Saint Nicholas (Cork) Group B Portlaoise and Group C Hayes Middlesex London.

July 22nd 1983 Death of Dermot McCarthy former County Manger Cavan at the age of 77 in Clondalkin Dublin.County Manager from 1945-1972 he reorganised the entire county specialising in the installation of Sewerage Water Schemes and building of houses after the neglect of the War years.Chairman of the old Health Board he oversaw improvements in the Surgical Hospital and the transition of the old TB Hospital at Lisdarn to a Maternity and General Medical Unit.1st Chairman of Cavan Development team he tried to attract industry to the county and encouraged private enterprise.Oversaw the appearance of the County from being drab and unattractive to being voted the Most Imroved entry in 1968/1969 Tidy Towns and the annual National award for the hospital at Lisdarn was very muich as a result of his initiative.Took a great interest in the welfare of his staff he encourage promotion and ambition of talented members and within the ranks under his guidance there were two County Mangers and many others who excelled in LocalGovernment throughout the land.Native of Kilkenny he spent two years in America as a youth and returned to work as a Clerk in CIE later he was appointed Works Manager with The Irish Times  before becoming Accounts Manager wth Cahill Printers.First taste of Local Government was a Town Clerk in Enniscorthy County Wexford from where he was appointed County Manager Cavan in 1945.His hobbies were fishing and cruising on Lough Sheelin and he could contribute to many social gatherings and sing songs his party piece being ‘Boolavogue’which he delivered with great feeling in a strong tenor voice.Survived by his wife Mourice sons Joseph (Chicago) John (Dublin) daughter Mary.Funeral took place from the Chuirch of the Immaculate Conception Clondalkin to Esker cemetery Lucan.

Same Week Cavan are National League Division 4 Hurling  Champions virtue of their 4-8 to 1-8 win over Fermangh in Saint Tiernach’s Park Clones.Man of the Match was John O Dwyer from Virginia who scored all 4 goals.

Drumalee beat Ballymachugh 6-5 to 0-2 in Under 12 Roinn C replay at Breffni Park to win their 1st ever schoolboy title.Scorers Philip Shanaghy 2-3 Tomas Sharkey Finbar Cahill N O Reilly John Kinsella 1-0 each and Brian Cumiskey 0-2. Team B McGowan Fergus Crowe T Kelly Padraic Woods K McGovern Brian Cumiskey Gerry O Keefe N O Reilly Philip Shanaghy Paul Tighe and Thomas Sharkey.

July 29th 1983 Paddy Conaty (Fianna Fail) succeeds his old adversary Andy O Brien (Fine Fael) as Chairman of Cavan County Council.It is Paddy’s second time to hold the position.

Same Week  Donegal’s youth and skill aided by 2 penalties beat Cavan’s strength and commitment  1-14 to 1-11 in sparkling Ulster Fianal played on a beautiful Summer’s day in SaintTiernach’s Park Clones before an attendance of over 30,000 who paid gate receipts of £74,000.Scorers for Cavan Derek McDonnell 1-2 Martin Lynch 0-2 Michael Faulkner Donal Donohoe Jim Reilly Ray Cullivan and Stephen King 0-1 each.

Death of John Moore Thomascourt at the age of 67.Tradesman he was employed as Maintenance Man in theRoyal School.Survived by his brother James sister Violet (Heaslip).Archdeacon Turkington officiated at the funeral fom Kilmore Cathedral to Kilmore cemetery.

Death of Richard Davis Annaglough at the age of 72 while on holiday in Bundoran.Native of Glnamaddy County Galway spent nearly all of his adult life in England until his retirement 9 years ago.Survived by  his wife Mary (a native of Crosskeys) sons Richard John Joe and Kevin daughters Mary and Ann (McDonagh) fueral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Sean Walsh 17 Wolfe Tone Street becomes the first Irishman to swim across Lough Rea in County Galway in choppy harsh conditions against a strong current.The timekeeper was Frank Coyle.

Death of Bernard Harton Creighan at the age of 74.Native of Carnagh Kilcogy one of Cavan’s foremost businessmen.His father was a founder member of Mullahoran Dreadnoughts in 1888.CEO of Harton’s Concret Products.totally dedicated to the development and welfare of his business interests. When he had time liked to travel abroad and enjoyed fishing and greyhound racing.During the War year supplied much of County Cavan with turf from the nearby bogs.Witty friendly and charitable- hard work and high standards were his outstanding qualities.Survived by his wife Mae sons Padraig Bernard Hubert and Sean daughters Anna  Olive Marietta Margaret Catherine Brigid and Teresa in Creighan.Very Reverend T Canon Reynolds PP officiated at the funeral from Our Lady of Lourdes’ Church Mullahoran to the adjoining cemetery

August 5th 1983

Death of Wilfred Johnston late of Railway Road and Saint Phelim’s Place .Suffered extensive burns in fire at his mobile home a few months ago.Master Painter holder of a Certificate in the trade from London City and Guilds.Joined his uncles James and John in the painting business and continued to  ply his trade after their death.Original member of the old Foresters Band.

Same Week Death of Emlyn Lewis Elmbank at the age of 63.Native of Bunny Port Wales Postman in London retired 3 years ago to live with his son Richrd (Rick) in Cavan.Very well known character he was very wity and friendly and did the deliveries for the Garden Centre run by his son Rick.Survived by his wife Win sons Richard David Tony daughters Avril and Pam.

Death of John Downey Killynebber at the age of 67.Brother of Billy,he resided in England for over 30 years.

Tommy Lyone native of Shantemon is pictured on his record 32nd visit home .Emigrated in 1923 and established the famous ‘Lyons Bar’on Broadway.Staying with brother James in Killycannon,he is pictured with his daughters Mary Ann and Catherine helping Tommy to celebrate his 80th Birthday in The Kilmore Hotel.

Pat Kinsella wins the AOR Cup at County Cavan Golf Club with 46 points 2nd J Henry 45 and 3rd PJ Dolan 43.In the Myco Cup M Greene and J Browne beat Jimmy Veale and Bill Henry on the 19th.In the Phil Lawlor Cup Terry Smith beat Harry Gibbs.

August 12th 1983

Army beat the Printers 3-1 to take the McGinnity Cup in Summer 5 a side Final at Drumalee.Isue decided when tragedy struck the Printers their midfield star Adrian Ronan broke a leg and later within five minutes Seamus Watters was injured with a dislocated shoulder.In a tough dour struggle where defences were on top the Army were just about the better team Army Jim Ivers Tommy McMahon Bomber Byrne Dessie Gardiner.Printers Norman Mills Adrian Ronan Myles McEntee Philip Finegan Seamus Watters Martin Maguire and Michael Cryan. Gerry Egan for Adrian Ronan and Finbar Donohoe for Seamus Watters.In the curtain raiser Cavan Blues beat the Red Devils 2-1 to take the Lady’s Title and the P Elliott Cup (Pictured).Team Bernie Gumley Brigid Sheridan Olive Wilson Ita Harton Carmel Reilly Mary Reilly and Agnes Baxter.Tullac Mongan won the Juvenille Cup defeating Farnham Rovers after penalties following 1-1 draw.

Same Week Brendan Young continues to get cheques from anonymous donor in England for the proposed Cavan Swimming Pool this time for £244-64.This man is by far the largest supporter of the Pool and his donations to date amount to £800 states Brendan.

Over 50 swimmers in Annagh Lake Swim for Spina Bifida each person swimming the breath of the lake from the road to the sandy shore.£800 is presented by the swimmers to Andrew Boylan for Spina Bifida.

Death of Mary Greenan Swellan Lower at the age of 68.Popular native of Milltown.survived by husband Eugene sons Paddy Eugene daughters Mary Anna Breege and Margaret.Funeral from the Cathedral to Drumlane.

Invaders win the Lavey 5 A side tournament for the thrd consecutive year beating anoth crack Cavan team the Whackers 5-4 in an exciting final.Invaders Dessie Gardiner Adrian Ronan Charlie Green Tommy Fay Noel Smith Eamonn Murray (Capt) Team Manager Ray Greene. Whackers Paul Leddy John Conaty Jimmy Sheidan Eamonn Brady Kevin O Grady and John McHugh.

Cavan Gaels beat Templeport 3-8 to 1-5 to reach their first County Senior Final since 1978.Goals by Brian O Grady (2-0) and Charlie Prendergast decisive.

Augus 19th 1983

Barry Desmond Minister for Health announces that the proposed new Cavan General Hospital is to be scaled down to a 271 unit (-65 beds) in order to accommodate the continued operation of Monaghan as a 100 bed Unit.Mary Smith storms out of NEHB meeting in disgust while Michael Lynch (Oldcastle) says it is disgraceful to eliminate the Pyschiatric Unit from Cavan a sentiment expressed by Dr.John Owen (Saint Davnets Hospital Monaghan)

Same Week Terence (Terry) Cumiskey is drowned in swimming tragedy at Killykeen.Unmarried plumber from Lisduff.Frank Coyle and Sean Walsh are quickly on he scene but their best efforts to recover the body are thwarted by darkness.The following day Ivan Smith Crossdoney recovers the body of Terry Cumiskey in 20 feet of water.The dead man is one of 8 children of Paul and Mrs Cumiskey Lisduff.

Meryl Foster (Pictured) wins first prize at Arva Show with her Dobberman Pincer dog.

Death of Paddy (Lofty) Higgins of Saint Brigids at the age of 75.Served McCarren and Company as a Pork Butcher for 47 years.Friendly and cheerful Paddy was known and respected by all.An outstanding hurler with Cavan Slashers Paddy was predeceased by his wife Brigid (Sheridan),survived by sons Tony Martin JJ Gerard ,Paul daughters Marie Bernie Angela and Theresa.Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Farewell Social and Presdentation to Denis and Gay Condon in recognition of their 20 years service to the Cavan Town Community in packed Lakeland Hotel.

Retirement presentation to Jim Rafter by his friends and colleagues in Jakson’s Garage after 28 years service to the firm.

Cavan Gaels Under 16 hurlers are pipped by Bailieborough in a thrilling County Final 5-5 to 4-2.Gaels M Weir Paul Jermyn A Carroll George Leinster J Smith Noel O Reilly M Lyons Noel Farrelly Conor O Dwyer (Cptain) S Johnston H Reilly J Dunne Tony Talbot Eamonn Donohoe Peter McCaffrey.

August 26th 1983

Controversy over the proposed down scaling of Cavan General Hospital drags bitterly on.Canon George Millar expresses grave reservations on behalf of the Cavan Mental Health Association.Dr John Owens Monaghan endorses this view and says that it is a grave miscalcualation that pleases nobody.

Same Week Airmid O Hanlon (Lady President ) presents her prize to the winner Kathleen O Gorman (Drumale) Mary Galligan is 2nd and 3rd Stella Corr while Madge Boucher has the BestGross.

Death of Jim Malone ‘The Gaelic House’ at the age of 74.Native of Carrickmacross,he was a pig dealer in several border counties.Succeeded his late father Edward in the trade as adealer in pigs and sheep.Quiet inoffensive manner endeared him to everyone.He spent over 50 years in Cavan.Suffered deafness as a result of a gaelic football clash in his youth while playing for Carrickmacross Emmetts.He was honourable and decent in all his dealings and had an enviable reputation in the trade.Survived by his wife Kathleen (Crowe) sons Eamon JP Oliver daugters Mary Katherine and Deidre.Father Anthony Fagan officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry Cemetery.

September 2nd 1983

Michael Sheridan Drumalee is appointed the new Chief Agricultural Officer for County Cavan succeeding Denis O Donnell who is the new Principal aide for the North West Region of Acot.Michael is a native of Ballinagh

Same Week Jimmy and Andy McEntee are the recipients of long service presentations by their colleagues in the Anglo Celt.Jimmy has been Composing Room Foreman for 56 years while Andy the News Editor has 54 years of unbroken loyal service to the Celt.they are both sons of the late AJ McEntee (Breffni Bar Upper Main Street) who was Sports Editor of the Anglo Celt for an incredible 68 years.Jimmy and Andy are pictured with their wives Josephine and Judy receiving the beautiful Silver Tea Services.

Death of Gerry Maguire at the age of 46.Due to failing health,he retired recently from his post as Manager PMPA.Worked there first with the Smith Motor Group whom he joined as a Petrol Pump Attendant at the age of 16 and worked his way up to the post of Manager in a very short time. “Treated the staff with the same courtesy and pleasant manner as he extended to a customer contemplating purchasing a top f the range car”!In his spare tme he was a wonderful actor from Irish Drama as a youth to the Boy Scouts Pantomimes.Known as ‘Gandi’ he was an outstanding goalkeeper with the old Cavan Shamrocks and formed the Club with Gene Cullivan Andy McGahon Andy Mohan and Joe Storey.Member of the Knights of Columbanus  PTAA Social Services Teasurer with The Breffni Boys Band Brancardier at Loudes and Cathedral Choir.Largely responsible for the outstanding success of the Tops of Breffni talent shows which packed the Town Hall during the 1960-1970s.With Gerry around there was no disputes or misunderstandings in this highly charged atmosphere Gerry diplomatically fairly and firmly sorted the matter out to everybody’s satisfaction..Survived by his wife Eithne NT son Garret daughters Deidre and Irene. Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Father Tom McKiernan CC is transferred to Virginia from Cavan where he served the people of the Parish in an outstanding way.He is replaced by the recently ordained Father John McMahon.

Twins Deidre and Brenda Montgomery in record breaking swim from Hinds Shore to Killykeen in a time of 1 hour and 56 minutes.The 19 year olds are  well inside Sean Walsh’s record.Breda swims on to the Fox Hole where she is again inside Sean Walsh’s record of 2 hours and 50 minutes in a time of 2 hours and 29 minutes.Both are daughters of Dick and Dorothy Montgomery Derrawinna and active member of the local Cavan Icebreakers.

September 9th 1983

Michael Graham clocks an impressive 2 hours and 47 minutes in the National Marathon in Letterkenny Rick Lewis clocks 2-54 Billy Gallagher 3rd in 2 hours and 22 minutes.Danny McDaid wins on home soil in 2 hours and 19 minutes for the 26.2 miles journey.

Same Week Torrential rain and storms hit the area from Friday to Sunday night causing wide scale Power Blackouts.Included( pictured ) are some of the casualties including the massive Hospital Demonstration in theMarket Square and the Captain’s Prize Presentation in Cavan Golf Club.Niall Crowe (Captain) and the organising committee got around the problem in style with the emergency lighting and a plentiful supply of candles.

Death of Frank Brennan late of Wolfe Tone Street at the ageof 64.He was over 30 years in London.Member of the well known painting family The Brennans.He is survived by his wife  Ellen (Nee McConnell Wolfe Tone Street) sons Dsmond Francis Eamonn daughter Margaret and sister Cissie 1 Saint Phelims Place.

Joyce Bree (South Dublin) wins the All Ladies Sub 4 Ten Kilometre Road Race in Cavan in a time of 39:14,Margaret McSharry (Rampart Harriers) 2nd with Lyla Cafferty from the host club 4th in a time of 40:23.There were 119 runners with 96 finishing.

September 16th 1983

Amendment to the Constitution (Prohibiting Abortion) is carried by a 2 to 1 majority 841,233 Yes - 416,136 No.

Same Week Badminton Committee 1983 Chairman Hugh Leech Captain Eamonn Condon Secretary Mauren Crowe Treasurer John O Reilly.

Kitty Dolan 3 Annalee Park Butlersbridge (Pictured) is the popular winner of the Fiat Uno in the Spina Bifida Draw

Cavan Gaels are well beaten by Laragh United 1-15 to 2-6 in County Final at Breffni Park.Tough hard tackling Laragh United refused to let the Gaels play their fast running game with close man to man marking throughout,they were never allowed to play to their potential.Myles McEntee had a brilliant game at full back with good support from Joe O Connor and Sean Carolan.Haulie Reilly and Pat McNamara started well at midfield but faded while up front JJ Reilly and Packie Kiernan were the only forwards able to deal with their close marking Laragh counterparts.Scorers for the Gaels JJ Reilly 1-2 Packie Kiernan 1-1 Haulie Reilly Pat McNamara and Brian O Grady 0-1 each. Team Aidan Elliott (Captain) Jimmy Sheridan Myles McEntee Joe O Connor Sean Carolan Tommy Fay John McHugh Haulie Reilly Pat McNamara Packie Kiernan Padraic O Connor Brian O Grady Noel Smith JJ Reilly and Charlie Prendergast Subs Charlie Donohoe for Padraic O Connor

In a dreadful one sided Minor curtain raiser Gowna beat Denn 2-9 to 0-2 to clinch their first minor crown in 38 years.

Cavan Rugby Committee 1983 President Paddy McManus Secretary Peter Pollock Treasurer Thomas Young Club Captain Cyril O Keefe Match Secretary Ken Ruddock PRO Sean McKiernan..

September 23rd 1983

Death of former Tanaiste and Government Minister George Colley in London at the age of 58.1st elected to the Dail in 1961.Failed in two attempts to win the leadership of Fianna Fail when he was beaten by Jack Lynch in 1966 and his old adversary Charlie Haughey in 1981.Survived by his wife Mary daughters  Blathnaid Barbara and Ann sons Harry Eoin and Patrick.Funeral from the Church of the Thre Patrons Rathgar to Templeogue.

Same Week Cavan Gaels come from behind to force a repaly with the Champions Bailieboro in Senior Hurling Final in Breffni Park.Scorers for the Gaels PJ Kelly 1-1 Jimmy Coen 1-0 Jim Ivers 0-3 and GerryArgue 0-1

Cavan Gaels Under 16s captained by Sean Kilduff are Urban Champions beating Cotehill comprehensively 1-7 to Cootehill’s 1-2.Difference between the two teams was the brilliant off the ball running and skill of the Gael’s forwards.Scorers Fergal O Donohoe 0-3 Damien Creegan 1-1 Conor O Dwyer 0-2 and Peter McCaffrey 0-1.Gaels Aiden Carroll Nathan O Reilly  Sean Kilduff Sean Tully Tony Talbot Cian Murtagh Martin Weir Damien Creegan Conor O Dwyer Niall O Connor Peter McCaffrey Noel Farrelly Thomas Cullivan Paul Smith and Fergal Donohoe.

September 30th 1983

The 7th Cavan International Song Contest to be staged in the Hotel Kilmore on February 11th is to be televised live by RTE.The Competition is sponsored by Emmett’s Cream and has a prize fund this year of £6,200.Entries are pouring in to Ann Lennon and Maura Maloney from all over the world.Des Benson and Associates are handling the publicity and promotion at home and abroad..

Same Week Gabriel Cullivan is appointed Town Clerk of Cavan Urban Council.Housing Officer with Athlone Town Council,Gabriel has served in Drogheda Cavan County Council and the South Eastern Health Board.Native of Alackan Gabriel is married to Breda (Kiernan) from Ballymachugh.

Hugh Cooney of Cooney Bannon and Company is appointed Liquidator of Cavan Crystal Limited.His stated aim is to maintain the jobs of the 90 employees and keep the creditors happy.It is understood that Cavan Crystal Limited have debts of over £1 million including £600,000 outstanding to the Revenue Commissioners.

Pat McGovern the well known Cavan business man from 29 Connolly Street drew the 3rd horse ‘Byford’ in The Irish Hospitals Shamrock Sweepstake run in conjunction with the Kildare Handicap at the Curragh.Pat is now £3,000 the richer.

Antoinette (Goldie) Fleming wins £1,000 in National Church Art Competition wit her sculpture of a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary.She is married to Paddy former CEO Voctaional Schols Cavan and CEO Dublin and daughter of Doctor Healy Castleblayney.

Recored Music Society 1983 Chairman Hugh Lennon Secretary Angela Smith Treasurer Sheila Crotty PRO John Smith Committee Mervyn Johnston Tadhg Connolly Martina Lee Mary Dunne Vinnie O Reilly and Patricia McMahon.1st Recital of the Season by Sheila Crotty.

October 7th 1983

Siting of the proposed new Itinerant Halt is bitterly opposed by the Tenants Association representing all the householders in the immediate area Delegation of Gallows Hill Residents Association meet the Urban Council (Annie Murray ) presiding threatening widespread street demonstrations and witholdingof rent.Peter Hayden says the plans are with the Department and the site is being given free by the Poor Clare Convent.It will be at least a year until there is any definite action.Gallows Hill Residents Deputation Tony McGreevey Michael Graham Kathleen McMahon Kathleen Sexton Elizabeth Monaghand Frankie Johnston

Same Week Lech Walesa Polish Cmpaigner for civil rights is selected as the 1983 winner of the Nobel Peace Prize.

CYMS Committee 1983 President HL Smyth Andy Cafferty Edward Sharkey and Jimmy McCormack Chairman Charlie Leddy Vice Chairman Jimmy Mulcahy Secetary Pat Kinsella Assistant Secretary Mickey Breslin Treasurers Paddy O Reilly PC UDC and HL Smyth Chaplain Father Anthony Fagan.Committee JP Malone Patsy Walsh Tom McCusker Jim Fay Bernard Sharkey Hughie Maguire and John Fitzpatrick.

Jim Scanlon and Maureen Hunt win the N/S and  Sheila Burke and Josephine McEntee are E/W winners at the President’s (Helen Timmoneys) Prize at Cavan Bridge Club.

Maurice Jackson (pictured) presents the magnificient mahogany display cabinet to house all the Club’s valuable trophies to Niall Crowe Captain County Cavan Golf Club while a young David Jackson is pictured admiring the magnificient case.

Otober 14th 1983 Cavan Crystal is to be wound up by order of the High Court despite a prospective buyer showing considerable interest.

Same Week Cavan Rugby Club defeat Malone 15 points to 6 in rugged fast moving encounter in Belfast.Team Erick Trenier Noel McGlade P Murray Tom Farrell S Richmond Gerry Lennon J Farrelly  Winston Morrison Paul Hayes Ciaran O Keefe Gordon O Bric Frank Walls B Sharpe A Atcheson.Cyril O Keefe the scorer with conversion and drop goal.Paul Hayes brilliant solo try under the post.

Jocky Wilson world ranked Scottish darts star takes on the locals in Exhibition in the Lakeland Hotel.

Connolly Brother celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of their foundation (1923) with 4 page advertising supplement in the Anglo Celt.Patrick Connolly purchased the premises (Drapery ) from John Richie and together with his wife Mary converted the business to the sale of fancy goods wallpaper paints delph stationery and toys.Patrick died in 1961 and the business was continued by his son Joe who had joined the firm in1960.With his brother Brian and continued support from mother, he added a department for Souvenirs for the emerging Tourist Market and continued to develop the other lines particularly the toys.Brian died in 1966 and later Joe’s brother Sean returned from England to participate with “distinction in the business” up until his early death in 1982.Assisted by Mary Connolly (mother) until her death ironically on Christmas Day 1980. Joe was later joined by his wife Frances a native of Kells.Connolly Brothers is a household name and it’s Santa and Christmas Club is the biggest of its kind outside of Dublin.

Cavan Gaels first ever Senior Hurling Title won in spectacular style when they beat Bailieborough 2-9 to 1-3 in a one sided Replay at Breffni Park.Their Senior crown is now joined to the Junior crown won in 1964.The Gaels captained by Paddy Ferncomber were in control right from the start Scorers John Heffernan Patsy Walshe 1-0 each PJ Kelly 0-4 Peter Veale Charlie Donohoe Jim Kelly Jimmy Coen and Gerry O Rourke 0-1 each.Team Paddy Ferncombe (Captain) Finbar Noonan Cecil O Reilly Dessie Gardiner Shay Whelan Jim Ivers Tony Ryan PJ Kelly Jim Kelly Declan Maguie John Heffernan Peter Veale Charlie Donohoe Jimmy Coen P Heavey Subs Gerry O Rourke for Coen Patsy Walsh for Heavey Tommy McMahon for Dessie Gardiner.Peter Veale and Charlie Donohoe the only natives on the Gael’s team were both on target with a point each.

Cavan Athletic Club 1983 Chairman Jim Mooney Vice Chairman Jim Ward Secretary Theresa McHugh Treasurer Finbar O Mahony and PRO Tony Dunne.Main topic on the agenda was the proposed new athletic track adjacent to the Sports Complex.

Louise Ward from Friars Walk is the Cavan BLOE All Star for 1983.She is Ulster Junior and Under 16 400 metre champion and winner of the bronze medal at the All Ireland Championships.Member of Cavan relay team who won gold at Under 16 silver Under 17 and Under 18 at National Championships.

October 21st 1983

Death of Mary Finegan (Nee Rodgers) 71 Main Street at the age of 69.Native of the Naul Ballinrobe County Mayo,she came to Cavan as a young girl to serve her time in Con Smith’s (Sibin).Married Joe Finegan in 1941 and opened their own premises at Upper Main Street specialising in hardware bar and funeral undertaking.Religious and charitable she was a member of many Church organisations.Survived by her husbad Joe,son Father Gerard Sarasota Florida USA ,daughters Mary Aine Catherine Brigid and Josephine and brother John The Naul County Mayo.Main celebrant of her Funeral Mass was her son Father Gerard while Bishop Frank McKiernan was in attendance.Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry Cemetery.

Same Week Hubet McDermott and Oliver Quinn present Cavan Doubles Champions at Darts play the former Champions Martin Jermyn and Gerry McKiernan. Full house expected at The Kesh Bar.

Cavan Gaels beat Drumalee 1-6 to 0-6 in local derby at Terry Coyle Park and ensure their survival in Division 1.Myles McEntee Jimmy Sheridan ouitstanding at the back while the half backs of Tommy Fay Joe Mullery and Sean Carolan laid the foundations of victory at half back JJ Reilly continued his recent outstanding form while his young partner Packie Kiernan improved as the game went on.Haulie Reilly was the pick of the forwards with excellent support from the O Grady brothers and Noel Smith.Scorers Kevin O Grady 1-0 Haulie Reilly 0-3 Brian O Grady 0-2 and Pauric O Connor 0-1.Drumalee later beat Ballymachugh at Saint Felim’s Park to ensure their place for another year in the premier Division.

Over 200 exhibits at Annual Art Exhibition in the Protestant Hall.Exhibits from Cavan Monaghan Fermanagh Sligo Donegal Leitrim Dublin Antrim and Holland.John P Wilson TD will perform the opening cermony.

Death of Teresa M (Maud) Fitzpatrick in Lucan.she was a native of Coranure.Survived by brother Jackie and sisters.Funeal to Killygarry.

Jacqueline Maloney represents Ireland at Intenational Song Festival in Prague.Jackie wins the  Federation award for the best young artist at the Festival.

October 28th 1983

Terry Argue 7 Keadue Cathedral Road (Pictured) is elected Chairman of North East Centre of the Insurance Institute of Dublin.AOR have offices in Cavan Dublin and Longford.

Same Week No Name Club 1st outing of the Season ‘With an Evening with Grace’ Speakers John McKay (CEO Voc ) Aidan Carolan (Lombard and Ulster) and Gene Murphy (Chairman) who outlined the Club’s progress to date Grace O Shaughnessy and Ursula Butler gave a 2 hour talk on beauty and fashion.Outstanding Master of Ceremonies for the evening was Wesley Anderson.All proceeds were presented to the Cavan Branch National Council for the Blind.

Death of Mary (Maisie ) McKiernan Owen Roe at the age of 69.Member of the old and respected Leddy family from Rosculligan.Gentle quiet religious and charitable,Maisie was popular with everyone who had the pleasure of her Company.Survived by her sons Noel Jim Mattie ,Sean daughters Rosaleen Dympna and Una .Rev Dan Sheridan officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Al and Mary Thompson Washington State on holidays with Kathleen Smith 8 Tullac Mongan.Mary formerly Lennon well known Cavan family many of whom played football with Cavan Harps.It is Al’s very first visit to Ireland.

Cavan Town Community Games 1983 Chairman Ray Griffith Vice Chairman Tommy Connolly Secretary Derek Powell Treasurer John McDermott Delegates to County AGM Tony Looney Paddy Carroll (UDC) and Tommy Connolly.

Tom McCusker hammers Snooker Super Star Bill Werbenuik of Canada in Exhibition match over three frames in Reasons Night Club Ballyjamesduff..McCusker won all of the frames and had breaks of 36 and 34,he is a former finalist (1953) of All Ireland Billiards Championships.Continues to play snooker on a regular basis at Cavan CYMS.

Oliver Malone is warmly received as he takes his seat on Cavan VEC to replace the present Chairman of Cavan UDC Annie Murray.

Civil service GFC led by Cathal Young and Pearse Gilroy in Cavan for the weekend.Golf Classic on the Saturday and game against the Cavan Gaels on Sunday to round off the weekend.

November 4th 1983

Nuala Smith (Cavan) defeats Olive Mc Intyre (Killeshandra) in the final of the Cavan Darts Championships in McGinnitys.Nuala now represents the County in the All Ireland Darts Championships in Limerick.

Same Week Death of Annie McIlroy at the residence of her sister Bernadette Kenny Owen Roe at the age of 62.Native of Drumbran Cloverhill she was quiet charitable and reserved.Father John McMahon presided at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killoughter

Death of James G Butler former Manger of the Hibernian Bank Cavan .Funeral in Dublin.

Death of Patrick (‘Pound A Day’) Cosgrave at the age of 73.Native of Lake View,he was a clothes salesman and played football in his youth with Crubany where his agility and height were great assets.Keen punter and student of the Turf,he enjoyed a modest flutter on a daily basis and usually came out ahead of the Bookie.Survivd by sons Hughie John and Frank and 2 daughters Marie and Susan..Funeral from the Cathedral to Culies.

Gardening Club Annual Dinner in the Hotel Kilmore.Tickets from Bridie Galligan ‘Rose Cottage’ Drumelis or Stan Booth Culies.

Death of the legendary Agnes Maguire (Aunt Aggie) Bridge Street at the age of 91.Member of the Flood Family,she was active in business up to a few months ago.Ran a very successful drapery business,people flocked in just to be in her Company and seek her advice.When she first entered the drapery,served her time in Johnny Bradys.She was the widow of the late John Maguire Clerk with Cavan County Council.She was a member of the Legion of Mary and an annual pilgrim to Knock and Croagh Patrick.Active member of County Cavan Golf Club from the start at Killynebber and Drumelis.Father Des O Dowd Adm presided at her funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry where there was a guard of honour from the Apostolic Workers of which Agnes was a lifelong active member.

November 11th 1983 Grainne McEntee second eldest daughter of Andy and Judy Church Street is conferred with her BA Mod degree at Trinty College.Eductaed at the Poor Clares Loreto and Trinity.

New Parish of Minna Nigeria for the Diocese of Kilmore.Fathers Oliver O Reilly Peter Casey and Eamonn Lynch are appointed to Nigeria by Bishop Frank McKiernan.

June Maguire (Pictured) 19 Saint Patricks Swellan is conferred wih her BA in Physical Education at Thomond College ‘ Cavan Vocational and Thomond College Limerick.

Huge crowd witness a dart’s classic when Hubert McDermott and Oliver Quinn defend their title against Jett Calders and Tommy Murray in the County Doubles Final in McGinnitys.Calders and Murray race into a 2 frame lead but McDermott and Quinn amazingly reel off the next 5 frames to retain their title with a display of wonder darts.

Fidelma Carolan daughter of Ray and Una Chuch Street wins the Ladie’s Novice Cross Country in Bailieboro.Fidelma came through in the last 200 metres to snatch the title from Maura Murray Bailieboro.

November 18th 1983

“Tenants will not pay the new water rates no mater how good the water is” states Mary Keoghan at Cavan Urban Council.The weekly rents are averaging £8 and a compromise will have to be agreed.Patrick Conaty states that in view of the vast improvement in the Water Supply to the town standards will be lowered if an efficient system of collection of the reasonable water rates are not agreed.Oliver Malone states that £35 per annum seems reasonable but there should be an agreed system of payment and hardship cases should report to the Town Clerk.

Same Week Barry McGuigan is the new Europen Featherweight Champion knocking out Valeria Nati of Italy after 2 minutes and 37 seconds of the 6th Round in the Kings Hall in Belfast.

“Charges for the hire of the Sports Complex are far too high” states Paddy O Reilly at Cavan UDC meeting.It cost £14 per hour to hire the hall as compared to the VEC charge for the Gym at Cavan Vocational School of £4-50 per hour.Oliver Malone states that it is better to keep the price down at least for year 1 in order to get people to use what is a fantastic facility.Andy O Brien warns that  if the Complex shows a loss the Urban Council “will have to cough up” at the end of the year.Meanwhile it is noted that the County Manager has approved expenditure for £1,245 +Vat fo the purchase of a 16 square foot Boxing Ring for the Sports Complex.

Jim McDonnell and Brendan Clarke (Mullagh ) are this year’s nominees for the Dublin Association Claim to Fame Awards for Sport and Culture respectively.

Garda Pensioners and Widows Association 1983 Chairman Peter Coogan Secretary Mary Cunniffe.

Cavan Chamber of Commerce in drive for non food gifts for the needy this Christmas.Several drop off points are being arranged.

November 25th 1983

Louise Ward Friar’s Walk is presented with the BLOE Sportstar Award by John McDonnell General Manager of the Bank of Ireland in The Bloomfield House Mullingar for being the outstanding young athlete in County Cavan.Louise is a member of Breffni Harriers Cavan Town.

Joan M Smith Kevitt Castle Crossdoney is sworn in as District Justice by the President of the High Court Chief Justice Tom O Higgins.Her first assignment was to preside over Carrickmacross District Court.

Mervyn and Pauline Clarke open Cavan Equestrian Centre to the public.Riding lessons for adults and juveniles are held each day.Denise Nelson and Lynn Rankin are the Instructors Patsy McConnell is General Manager while Simon Trent is the Showjumper for The Centre.Mervyn inherited the love of horses from his father James Thomascourt Cavan.The Centre is open 6 days per week and there are presently 80 taking lessons.


December 2nd 1983

George Donohoe opens the huge extension to the Black Horse which recently won the prestigious Black and White Pub of the Year award.Recently purchased the premises of Sean Boylan which his wife and family are now running as a Confectionery shop

Same Week Death of Vera Gilchreest (Brady) at Saint Luke’s Hospital Rathgar Dublin 6.Started her business career with her father Pat who ran a Drapery and Employment Exchange and later worked in Leonards before opening her first store in 1954 at Upper Main Street (Health Shop).Later to open branches in Cavan (4 shops) Longford Belfast Nenagh and Drogheda.She retired after 40 years in business in 1975 and many of her staff set up shops of their own.She was the foremost name in Lady’s Fashions in Ireland for a long number of years.First to introduce rural audiences to the magic ad glamour of the Fashion Shows.As a promoter of business she was way ahead of her time.In her youth she was an outstanding tennis and badminton player and took part in all of the famous Pavilion Pantomimes.Survived by her husband Andy ,daughter Jacqueline,sons Sean and Gary.Monsignor PJ McManus officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Michael Graham and John Wall are made a presentation by the Cavan Gaels Hurling Club (County Senior Champions) in the Lakeland Hotel in recognition of their fundraising for the Club by running in the Dublin City Marathon.

Arts Society 1983 Chairman Mervyn Johnston Secretary Eamon Gaffney PRO Pat Nally  Treasurer Viola Cole.

Eileen Maloney is presented with the Red Cross long service medal for 40 years service  by President Paddy Hillery at Arus an Uachtarainn.She is attached to Cootehill Branch and is Director for County Cavan of The Irish Red Cross.

Father John O Donnell in his farewell address as President BLE at Annual Congress in The Kilmore Hotel appeals for the sport to unite.There are now 5 different athletic bodies in the country and unification negotiations are described as “ painfully slow”.John McDermott at the age of 30 becomes the first Cavan delegate to be elected to the Management Committee of BLE.

Bomber Byrne strikes twice to put Cavan Town into the second round of the FAI Junior Cup atr Drogheda when they beat  Castlevilla Team Charlie Greene,Brian Smith Brian Webber Cecil O Reilly Charlie Pendergast Hubert Smith Robbie Byrne Martin Maguire Sean McKeown Dessie Gardiner and Thomas Byrne.Subs Brian Carmichael for Hubert Smith while 13th Man was Hughie Murray.

Crosserlough GFC celebrate the Silver Jubilee of their 1958 County Championship win (3-7 to 3-4) with a challenge game against the Gaels in Kilnaleck which Crosserlough again emerge victorious by 1-4 to the Gaels’ 0-6.Father Benny Maguire later celebrates Mass in Saint Patrick’s Church Kilnaleck and a social and presentation follows in the Carraig Springs at which each member of the Gaels’ team is presented with a plaque as a memento of the occasion. Gaels John (Foley ) O Rourke Paddy Reilly JJ Reilly Eddie Quinn Eamon McGovern Paddy McNamara PJ Carroll Philip Murray Noel Elliott Jimmy Sheridan Terry Smith Cathal Young and Michael Leddy.Referee Sean (Spear) Lynch.

Cavan Credit Union 1983 Chairman Mary Keoghan (UDC) Vice Chair Mick McEvoy Treasurer Vincent Walshe Secretary Marie Reilly (Ballinagh).

December 9th 1983

President Paddy Hillery is sworn in for 2nd term by the Chief Justice Tom O Higgins.Due to the recession the guest list at the State Banquet at Dublin Castle is limited to 500.

Same Week C 60 launch their new 12 track LP entitled ‘The Band’.Already they have 4 hit singles to their name and are one of the biggest draws on the circuit.The band are managed by former Mighty Avon Peter Smith from Carrickmore Ballyhaise.

Club Tropicana 2 Nighclub is launched by The Farnham Hotel now in the ownership of Oliver and Ann Shiels Carraig Springs Crosskeys..

Vera Coulter is the new Lady Captain of Cavan Golf Club while the President is Airmid O Hanlon Vice Captain Mary Donohoe Secretary Kathleen O Gorman Treasurer Gertie Walsh  Handicap Secretary Muriel Doherty.

Death of Annie Lemon 2 Earlsvale Road at the ageof 74.Came to retire in Cavan with brother Hugh and sister Patsy 11 years ago.She worked as a Civil Servant in Strormont.Member of Cathedral Altar Society ,she was Treasurer of the Apostolic Workers.Her mother was a member of the Brady family Ballinagh.Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Emmetts Cavan International Song Contest Hotel Kilmore Friday 10th February (Semi Finals) and Saturday 11th February 1984 (Finals) live on RTE.130 tickets for both nights are now available at £9.

Band and Choir of the Garda Siochana brilliant recital at Cavan Social Services Concert in the Sports Centre.Conductor Maureen O Reilly Soloists Peter McBrien and Catherine Kenneddy accompanied on the piano by Bernard Geary.Master of Cermonies for the evening Charley Byrne.Father Des O Dowd pays tribute to the band for a wonderful night’s entertainment. and thanks the packed audience

Ray Carolan is the new Team Manager of Cavan Juniors for the coming year 1984.

Cavan Camogie Board 1983-1984 Chairman John Hayes Treasurer Angela Newmann Vice Chairman Hugh Murphy Secretary Philomena Smith and Assistant Secretary Lorraine O Neill

Retirement presentaion to Jim Burke Cavan’s Senior Agricultural Oficer and his wife Sheila at a function in the White Horse Hotel.Jim’s colleagues in the Department of Agriculture present him with two reclining armchairs and a clock as a token of their regard and appreciation for over 40 years service.

Breda O Connor daughter of Tom and Evelyn Rosculligan is conferred with her BA in Economics and Poliical Science at Trinity College.Breda was educated at Saint Brigids NS Laragh Loreto and Trinity College.

December 16th 1983 Tom Fitzpatrich Ceann Comhairle Dail Eireann  and Pat J Reynolds Cathaorleach of the Seanad are received in Private Audience by Pope John Paul 11 in the Vatican .

Same Week PJ Creamer is the new Captain of County Cavan Golf Club.Prsesident Louis Blessing Vice Captain Peter Keogh  Secretary Willie Harrington and Treasurer Vincent O Connor.

Clara Swords Moynehall Noreen Donohoe Killeshandra Fiona Faulkner Saint Clare’s NS Maura and Grainne Corr Saint Clare’s and Fidelma Carolan are the award winners in the Juvenille Garden Competition sponsored by Cavan Gardening Club.Viola Cole (Vice Chair) presents the Margaret English trophy to John Clarke Caretaker Saint Clare’s Convent the overall winners of the competition.

Cavan’s 1st All Ireland Senior Football winning team is feted at the Gala Dinner in The Farnham Hotel on the Golden Jubilee of their 1st victory. Surviving members are Louis Blessing Packy Phair Patsy Lynch Tom O Reilly (Cornafean) Donal Morgan. In 1933 Cavan got a bye to Ulster Semi Final where they beat Armagh. In the Ulster Final they accounted for Tyrone. In the All Ireland Semi Final they beat Kerry in Breffni Park before the biggest crowd ever assembled in the town with trains running from all over Ireland. In the All Ireland Final they beat Galway 2-5 to 1-4 to bring the Sam Maguire to Cavan and Ulster for the 1st time.

Paul Brady and Tony Talbot team up with Michael Graham to win the team award at the Road Races in Cavan. Michael Graham edges out Hugo Cafferty for the individual award while in the Lady’s Margaret McSherry beats the in form Kathleen Tonge. McGinnity’s Pub team are the clear winners of the Business Houses Race with Blessings second. In the wheelchair race Bridget McCabe (Cootehill) has a wonderful run in a record time from Chicago athlete Kevin Bahr.

Sean Walsh is going for his 16th Christmas morning swim in a row while Nola O Hanlon is the leading lady going for her 8th in a row. Icebreakers have decided to award a specially struck gold medal to the 1st Lady and Gent to 20.

Death of James McEntee College Street at the age of 95.Member of one of the oldest and most respected Cavan families, James worked for 50 years with Cavan County Council. Native of Kilann Shercock,he is survived by his wife Annie sons Sean and Seamus, daughters Maureen Rosaleen Nora and Teresa .Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Death of Catherine (Kathy ) Murphy Tullac Mongan at the age of 67.Her husband Paddy died 8 years ago.She is survived by her daughters Rose (McCaffrey) and Kathy. Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

History of County Cavan written by Father Dan Gallogly and published by the Department of Education is launched by Tom Fitzpatrick Ceann Comhairle Dail Eireann.

Campaign for the establishment of a Museum in Cavan is to be intensified by the Museum Committee in 1984

Michael Leddy teams up ith his son Paul to win the Cavan Junior Doubles for Cavan Gaels while later Michael beats Matt Donagh Kingscourt to win the Golden Masters title for the Gaels at Cootehill Comprehensive School.

December 23rd 1983  Don Tidey is recovered alive after a shoot out at Derrada Woods Ballinamore.Later brought to Ballyconnell Garda Station and rejoins his colleagues at Quinnsworth when he is brought to the Cavan Store.He was 23 days in captivity.Young Garda Cadet from Carrickmacross Gary Sheehan is shot dead as is Private Joseph Kelly from Moate.The hunt continues for the kidnappers.Later Mass is offered in the Cathedral for all those engaged in the hunt for the kidnappers.Bishop McKiernan in a moving homily says that the murders were committed in his native parish and he appeal to the people of Aughawilla and Drumreilly to co operate with the gardai in their hunt for those responsible.He extends the sympathy of the people of the Diocese to the family of Garda Cadet Sheehan and Private Joseph Kelly both of whom died in the service of their country.State Pathologis Dr.Harbinson refuses to carry out a post mortem at Cavan Surgical Hospital due to the primitive conditions there.The bodies are later transferred to Our Lady’s Hospital Navan where Dr.Harbinson carries out the post motem on the two young men..

Same Week Hugh Cooney Liquidator of Cavan Crystal announces 34 reduncancies.The remaining staff of 50 are awaiting developments in Mr Cooney’s effort to sell the Company.

Death of Ann (Nan) McKiernan (Nee O Dowd) College Street at the residence of her daughter Patricia in Roscommon.Closely associated with the foundation of Comaltais Ceoltori Eireann of which she was a member all her life.Predeceased by her husband Paddy 3 ½  years ago,she was a native of Kiffa Crosserlough.Survived by her son Gerard daughters Patricia and Frances.Rev Des O Dowd officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

December 30th 1983

Record 50 swimmers at Icebreakers 18th swim at Rann Point.Sent on their way once again by the official starter Senator Andy O Brien.Youngest girl this year is Jean Armstrong while her brother Niall (6) also receives an award being the youngest boy.Joining the dignitaries are Lord Mayor Frank Ellis and Eddie Brady of Cavan Chamber of Commerce who sponsored the certificates awarded to each swimmer.

Same Week Pope John Paul 2 visits his would be assassin Turkish Mehmet Ali Agea in Rebibba prison in Italy.

Senator Andy O Brien is invited by the Cavan Association in Birmingham to present a cheque to Mrs E Frayne on behalf of the Blind of Birmingham.Guest of honour is the Lord Mayor of Birmingham Councillor B Sewton MBE while the MC was Mel Doherty.

Christmas trading reported as only average as there was a huge trek to the North to purchase electrical  goods and drink.Publicans complain of negligible off license sales but the in house trading was again excellent.

Cavan and Belturbet Fire Brigades called to fire at store at back of Elliott’s Church Street adjoining Homemakers on Christmas Eve.Fire was brought under control in 15 minutes but substantial damage to building materials housed in store.

Death of Bernard Rehill Alackan at the age of 41 on Saint Stephens Day.Well known farmer in the area.Funeral from the Cathedral toKillygarry.

Death of Mary Brady at the age of 85 at the residence of her son Sean Corlurgan .Rev Des O Dowd Adm officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Jim Scanlon is Player of the Year at Cavan Bridge Club where the Christmas winners were N/S Kay Henry and Father Thomas Woods 2nd Jim Scanlon and Maureen Hunt E/W Delores O Reilly and Kathleen Clarke 2nd Joan OHanlon and Mrs Fitzpatrick.

January 6th 1984 Post Office is now run by the new company An Post and to mark the event there is a nation wide Penny Post.Pictured are Postmaster P Curran selling Mrs Annie Murray (Chairman UDC) the very first penny stamp in Cavan Post Office.Many firms availed of the penny offer and more than ten times the volume of trading was carried out by the Post Office on the day

Same Week Death of John Joseph Porter at the age of 70 in Newcastle County Down.Former owner of The County Cavan Stores which he acquired from the Pollock family in 1942.Owner of Clones Greyhound Track ,he also had another store in Fermangh Stret Clones.Later the family moved North to operate the Enniskeen Hotel in Bryansford County Down.His wife Esne died in 1978 and he is survived by his sons Ian Keneth Eric and daughters Evonne Esne and Eileen.Funeral to Drumree Cemetery Newcastle County Down.

Pictured is Cathal Brady conferred with his  Diploma in Motor Industry Management and Cert in Transport Engineering at Bolton Street College.Son of Phil and Maisie,Cathal is an outstanding member of the Arva Intermediate League and Chapionship winning teams of 1983.

Eilish Mulhern Ann Jenkins George Cartwright Pat Ryan and Finian Farrell are the Saint Felim’s team in Regional Finals of the INTO Teachers Club Quiz in Carrickmacross sponsored by the Bank of Ireland.

Sixteen year old Paul Brady Cavan AC is a magnificient 3rd in County Cavan Senior Cross Country at Kill.Brian O Reilly takes gold while Hugo Cafferty is 2nd and Martin Lee 4th.

Terry Smith is voted Golfer of the Year at County Cavan Golf Club and receives his prize from Brendan Hannon Manager ACC.

January 13th 1984 Elegius Limited purchase Cavan Crystal from the Receiver Hugh Cooney.Chairman is Dr.Tony Farrelly Directors are Brian Murphy Paddy King and Liam Farrell who will also act as Finacial Controller of the Company.Shareholders of Elegius Limited are Tom Clarke Jimmy Smith Philip Brady Spencer Harison Brendan Murray (Jnr) and Timmons Trust.

Same Week John McKay CEO Cavan VEC is appointed to the new Schools Examining Board by the Minister of Education Gemma Hussey.

Death of Rita Graham at the age of 66 at the residence of her son Jerry Highfield Road .Native of Upper Main Street,she was a member of one of the oldest and most respected families in the town.Dressmaker by trade, she was very much in demand by all the Fashion Houses particularly in recent years by the Vera Brady Group.Worked in the New Magnet Cinema for the opening years and always had a great intrest and knowledgeof films and pictures.Rita was an outstanding badminton player in her youth and won many of the local keenly contested tournaments of the 1930-1940s.She is survived by her son Jerry and daughter in law Brid.Canon George Millar officiated at the funeral from Cavan Parish Church to the New Cemetery.

World Darts Champion Eric Bristow in Exhibition Match at the The Kilmore Hotel at which Tommy (Pancho) Smith is an outstanding MC.

Noel Hillis is conferred with his Batchelor of Arts in European Studies at NIHE Limerick.He is presently doing a post graduate course in Marketing.Noel is son of George and Hilda Hillis Drumalee.

Sammy Hewitt and Noel Conaty retain their County Crown when winning this year’s Seamus McDonald Memorial trophy by 1 minute.The event was sponsored and organised by Cavan Motor Club.

Fr.Pat Smith and Aidan Watters beat Aidan Fortune and Andy Durkin to win the Doubles at Raquetball tournament in Saint Pats sponsored by Oliver Malone.

January 20th 1984 Rory Hayden son of Peter and Pauline Cullies qualifies as a Solicitor and has joined the practice of GV Maloney.Made his first Court appearance at Cavan District Court.

Same Week Maurice Brady Tony Coyle and Peter Donnolly are pictured handing over a cheque for £650 to Sean V Kelly Cavan Saint Vincent De Paul.The cheque is the proceeds of sponsorship for the Dublin City Marathon (26.2 miles) which the trio completed in style at the end of October 1983.

Death of Tommy (Ashy) Donegan Emmett Place at the age of 82.Last of a family of 3 of a most respected Cavan family.Worked for sometime as a hackney man for Jack McConnell,-he was one of the first drivers of commercial vehicles in the town.Later worked with Pat McDonnell as a general maintenance man at their bakery at 6 Main Street and shop at 61 Main Street.Tommy was  wondereful jovial company and it was a pleasure to share his may yarns and tales of life in Cavan at the turn of the century.Father Felim Kelly officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

1st Mass for Deceased Members and Friends at Cavan CYMS celebrated by the Chaplin Father Anthony Fagan.

Ford closes its Cork assembly plant with the loss of 1,000 jobs.

A young David Cullivan from’Camelot’ Cullies is pictured having won the Intermediate Section in Physical Mathematical and Applied Sciences at the Young Scientist of the Year at the RDS in Dublin.

Martin Donohoe from College Street receives his diploma as a teacher of Traditional Music Sponsored by CCE from Gemma Hussey Minister for Education.

In heavy snow Mark Doyle and Christopher Jermyn are pictured at McGinnity’s on their way out hunting complete with Ferret Spade Crow- Bar Dog and Grub Bag.

January 27th 1984 Tom Desmond County Engineer presents the Council’s traffic plan for Cavan Town to a meeting of the UDC.The main feature is that College Street will become one way towards the Cathedral.Traffic will flow up the Main Street.There will be a new slip road from the Connoly Street Car Park into College Street.

Same Week Alan Dukes’ first Budget hammers the old reliables with cigarettes up 10p beer 2p 8% VAT on Clothes excepting children’s clothes Petrol up 8p a gallon Road tax increased by an average of £14 per year.Social Welfare Payments are increased by an average of 7%.

Ecumenical Meeting in the Teachers Centre is addressed by Rev Donal Kennedy former Bishop of Bombay in a lecture entitled the ‘Voice of India’.Good attendance of people from the town but the atrocious weather conditions prevented people from further afield travelling.Father Des O Dowd Adm.proposed the Vote of Thanks while Canon George Millar seconded.

Death of Mrs J Breen Farnham at the residence of her mother Mrs Sheridan.On the death of her husband Tommy in Omagh 10 years ago, she returned to her native Farnham to live with her mother.Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Sympathy is extended to Lily Galvin of Drumnavanagh on the death of her mother Margaret Morrissey Ahascragh Ballinasloe County Galway.

Lucy Coakley (Loreto College) is the Director of the Teacher’s Centre Cavan for 1984.Board of Management Chairman Richard Morgan Vice Chairman Phyllis McMonigle Treasurer Denise Brady Secretary Ann Marie Bogue.

Death of the legendary HL Smith of The Courthouse at Saint Vincent’s Private Nursing Home Dublin after a long illness.Son of Joe and Mary Anne (Nee McGurk) ,Hughie was born in 1914 into a family steeped in GAA tradition his father being one of the 4 who reorganised the GAA in Cavan  when it was in danger of extinction in1903 and his Mother a member of the famous McGurk family from College Street.Hughie worked as a plasterer with his uncles Mick and Parnell McGurk before being elected Secretary of Cavan County Board to succeeed his life long friend Jack Clarke in 1937.Along with his good friend John Mulloy won a Junior Handball All Ireland for Cavan in December 1930.Hughie was only 16 at the time but his display was remarkable beating the more seasoned pairing of J Stapleton and J Fleming Carlow 20-21 21-13 21-5 21-17 15-21 and 21-20.His partner John Mulloy was a native of Dromod County Leitrim and worked as a Draper in Bridge Street later lineing out with the Slashers and County team.Hughie travelled to America on the liner Mauretania in 1947 and returned with the Sam Maguire as All Ireland Champions on The Queen Mary.Involved as Secretary in the hey day of Cavan football when they won two All Ireland Minor 1937 and 1938 and three All Ireland Senior 1947 1948 and 1952.Decent to a fault Hughie never took the Secretary’s Honarium granted to him by the County Board.His defeat in 1974 was a huge shock to Gaels not only in Cavan but all over Ireland .His last wish was that the Centenary County Final be played in Ballyconnell to mark the foundation of the GAA and The First Ulsters.Involved in all the Church activities,he was Chief Steward at all the big functions at the Cathedral and was actively involved with the Confraternity.Founding member of Cavan CYMS ,he was Treasurer and President at his death.His desire was always to see a vibant Club in the town and he took an active part in the successful transfer and refurbishment of the Hut in Farnham Street.Had the distinction of having offictaed at every election in the history of the state both as a Presiding Oficer and Counter.His father Joe was the Returning Oficer in Cavan for many years before and after the foundation of the State and the family resided in the Courthouse until 1988..He is survived by his sister Winnie Eileen Josie.Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies Cemetery.

February 3rd 1984 Royal School lead the way with the introduction of Computers.Four years ago they introduced an Aple computer and this year have installed the BBC Micro Computer Network System which includes Computer Stations Disc Drives Word Processors and Printers.

Chamber of Commerce 1984 President Eddie Brady Vice President Oliver Young Teasurer Michael O Connell Secretary Jimmy Scanlon and PRO Tony Finlay.

CYMS Farnham Stret is closed as a mark of respect to the late HL Smith President and joint Treasurer of the Club.

Pictured is Richard Mullery 6 Saint Phelim’s Place who was recentlt conferred with his BA BAI in Electrical Engineering at Trinity College.Richard is son of Dickie and Fidelma Mullery.

George Crowe is at tight head prop for Leinster in their clash with the visiting Welsh counties in Donnybrook.

February 10th 1984 Gale force winds of 60-80 mph together with torrential rain lash the country and uproot trees knock power lines and bring havoc to the area.with heavy flooding.

Same Week Death of Agnes Reilly Wolfe Tone Street and late of the Mill Rock at the age of 82.Member of an old and distinguished Cavan family, her brother Paddy was an employee of Smyth's Electrical and member of the old Labour Band.Rev Dan Sheridan officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Celebrating Lisdarn Hospital’s 21st birthday with gala function in The Hotel Kilmore

February 17th 1984

Peter Beckett with ‘How to Say Goodbye’ is the winner of the 7th Annual Cavan International Song Contest and £2,000 sponsored by Emmetts and televised live on RTE.Song written by the Northern Ireland duo of Ted O Neill and Peter Beckett.Section B (£2,000) for Songs about Ireland is won by Ehprem Clarke with ‘Forgotten Child of Ireland’.Magnificient occasion with over 90 RTE staff encamped in the Kilmore Hotel for a week.Rehearsals commenced on Thursday and the stunningt set and acoustics was a credit to all concerned .Producer for RTE was the great Tom McGrath.Earl Gill’s Orchestra was augumented for the event and Peter Beckett and his group provided the backing for all the songs.Paddy O Brien MD of Bailieboro Co Op presented the Emmett’s trophy and £6,000 to the winners.Ronan Collins of RTE was a skilful and entrtaining MC .Stars of the show again were ‘Just Friends’(Carmel Duffy Paula Smith Caroline O Reilly Geraldine Smith and Geraldine O Reilly) who won the Jimmy Kenneddy Award.Best Irish Composer was Charlie McGettigan who was presented with the ACC award by Brendan Hannon Cavan.Staff Co ordinator Social affairs Der Coogan, International Liason Officer Phil Cullivan,.Technical staff Brian Sullivan John Conlon Ray Fay Nigel Pratt.Travel Adviser and Co ordinator Sheila McGinnity .The event was most particularly a magnificient triumph for the two Directors Ann Lennon and Maura Maloney.

Same Week P J Kelly and Tony Doyle from Cavan are included in the Ulster Railway Cup squad.PJ is unavailable for selection as he is presently serving with the United Nations in the Lebanon.

February 24th 1984 Brid Roarty and Helen Bree wins their heats of the Queen of Breffni sponsored by the Annalee Boutique.

Same Week Icebreakers present a cheque for £910 proceeds of their Christmas Swim to Cancer Research Society of Ireland while the Chamber of Coomerce’s Churh Gate Collection realises a sum of £312 to offset the cost of this year’s Saint Patrick’s Day Parade.

Death of Margaret Elizabeth Black Church Street at the age of 83 in Dublin.Native of Derrylin County Fermangh ,she came to Cavan 60 years ago to work in Fegans (Melbourne/Cavan Gifts).Later she married local well known printer Richard S Black who was Secretary of Co Cavan Agricultural Show.Fully supportive of her husband Margaret became a very well known Exhibitor in the Home Crafts at not only Cavan but all the shows within a 20 mile radius of Cavan.She was winner of numerous rosettes for her produce and handwork and hers was the standard by which other entries were judged.She was a founder member of Cavan ICA and prominent in all their activities from the start.After the death of her husband Dicky in 1959 Margaret continued to live in Church Street and was a wonderful neighbour and friend to all .Her charity knew no bounds and she knew rich and poor by their Christian names.She is survived by her sons Richard,Ivan daughters Olive Dorothy and sister in law Olive (Newsagents now O Briens).Canon George Millar assisted by Canon Robert Richey (Blacklion) officiated at the funeral from Cavan Parish Church to the New Cemetery.

Death of Judge Herbert E Wellwood late of Springfield House (Rick and Carmel Lewis) in Dalkey.Judge on the Northern Circuit Court.Outstanding tennis palyer during his youth he organised the famous County Cavan Lawn Tennis Week which attracted all the top players from Ireland and Britain.Gifted pianist ,he was much in demand for all the shows in Cavan Town Hall.His father Bertie was Town Surveyor with Cavan Urban Council and County Engineer with Cavan County Council.Judge Wellwood is survived by nephews and nieces.

County Cavan Rugby Club win the Fletcher/Pollock Cup for the 1st time in 6 attempts beating Enniskillen Bronx 26 points to 10 at Tierquin.Cavan controlled the lineouts and the tight with a very strong pack.The entire team clicked on the day and the scoreline does scant justice to their superiority.Team Sean McPhillips Alfie Acheson Frank Walls Cyril O Keefe Mark Keane John Farrell Paul Hayes Eric Trenier Noel McGlade PJ Quinn Steve Richmond Tom Farrell Shane Devine Sean McKiernan and Winston Morrison.Man of the Match was Winston Morrison who scored 2 tries for Cavan.

In Centetary Year of GAA Cavan plunge to a new low dropping to Division 3 after 1-6 to 0-9 points draw with Wexford.

Warriors win the Saint Aidan’s Sports Complex 7 a side sponsored by the Tudor Inn Cootehill.Team Jimmy Jackson (Captain) Germaine Cullivan Billy Doonan Kevin Jackson Brian Gumley Gene Cullivan with Referee for the tournament being Hughie Cosgrove (Caretaker Breffni Park Cavan)

Death of Sarah (Sadie ) Morris Protestant Hall Cavan at the age of 83.Widow of Harry,she took over the duties of Caretaker after his death and endeared herself to everybody with whom she came in contact.Member of the McMichael family Cootehill ,she is survived by 1 sister Agnes Moorehead College Street.Canon George Millar presided at the funeral from Cavan Parish Church to Oldbridge Cemetery Cootehill.

Sympathy is extended to Tommy Cusack Saint Felim’s Place on the death of his brother Michael in Butlersbridge.Michael was a well known greyhound trainer and bred winners for Clones Longford and Mullingar tracks.Rev Dan Sheridan officiated at the funeral from Saint Aidans Church to the adjoining Cemetery.

Winner of the Cullen Cup at Cavan Bridge Club are P Kelly and Tony O Roche (Royal Tara).Best Cavan Pair were Charlie Corr and Peter Coogan

March 2nd 1984

Student of the Year awards at Cavan Vocational School. Elaine Coyle (Languages) Maura McDermott (Office Studies) Caroline McKiernan (Typewrting) . Genni O Neill Ballyhaise overall winner of Student of the Year.

Same Week Buy Irish Campaign-Window display is sponsored by Ogra Fiana Fail and the overall winner is Jackie Smith Footwear seen here being congratulated by Anselem Lovett Jnr (Chairman) and Donal Sharkey (Secretary).

County Cavan Rugby Club sweep the boards by winning the Forster Cup beating Rainey Old Boys 4-9 at Magherafelt.Cavan dominted the final quarter and hero of the hour was Sean McPhillips who landed a penalty from the sideline 30 yerds out in the dying minutes of the game.

Cavan Town AFC are into the final 16 of the FAI Junior Cup by virtue of their Area Final victory over Horseleap in replay 3-0 at Abbeycarton Longford.Will play Wicklow Rovers in the round of the last 16 at Drumalee.Martin Maguire Hubrt Smith were involved in every move forward and Bury was solid in defence.The trophy and Bank of Ireland Plaque was peesented to Cavan captain Brian Webber.Team Charlie Greene Brian Smith Charlie Prendergast Brian Webber (Captain) Tommy Fay Robbie Bury John Hunt Sean McKeown Hubert Smith Dessie Gardiner Martin Maguire.Subs Tom (Bomber) Byrne for McKeown and Damien Treanor for Hunt.

March 9th 1984 Cormac Dunne Solicitor is elected President of Saint Patrick’s College Past Pupils Union at AGM in the College.

Same Week Souvenir programme for the Wicklow Rovers game is launched by Ken Simpson Chairman Gerry Egan Cavan AFC and Willie O Hanlon (MD Anglo Celt)

Great demand for the Saint Patrick’s Day post cards launched by An Post at 25 p each.

Queen of Breffni 1984 (Pictured) sponsored by McGinnity Travel and organised by Cavan Chamber of Commerce 1st Ann Flood 2nd Margaret Acheson and 3rd Pat Kenny.

Aidan Crossan from the Aughnasheelin Club is Senior Referee of the Year for 1984 in Leitrim.Employed with Re Hab in Swellan Aidan has won Under 21 Football and Senior Hurling Championship medals in Leitrim.Active valued member of Cavan CYMS Committee.In an interview Aidan gives thanks to Drumalee GFC for extending their training facilities to him.

March 16th 1984  Cavan Singers are launched at inaugural meeting in the Vocational School Musical Director is Martin Cahill Assistant Musical Director Ellen Fleming Chairman Phil Cullivan Vice Chairman Walter Myles  Secretary Jeanette Gibbs Assistant Secretary Peter McCaul Treasurer Martina Lee and PRO Mervyn Johnston.

Same Week 1st Family Planning meeting in the Imperial Hotel addressed by Drs Aine Sullivan Seamus Fallon and Pat O Donnell Family Planning Services Ireland.The Chairman for the evening was Rev Peter Tarenton MA Cootehill.

Death of Charles Cawley 3 Mount Saint Francis at the age of 79.Native of Castlerea,he was 40 years in Cavan where he was a successful horse dealer and known and respected by all. Father Felim Kelly presided at the funeral from the Cathedral to Annagh Cemetery.

Junior Pioneers 1984 President Julie Leinster Vice President Emer O Connor Secretary Pauline Faulkner Assistant Secretary Charlotte Mulvaney Treasurers Niall Coulter and George Leinster.

Death of John P McKiernan Corlesmore House at the age of 79.Over 50 years in public life,as an elected representative on Cavan County Council.Chairman of Killeshndra Co Op of which he was a distinguished member since 1936.Great love of the Irish language,he was a fluent Irish speaker.Member of Lacken GFC and Cavan County Board.Predeceased by wife Annie in 1973,he is survived by his son Father Tom Virginia Sean Frank Eamonn Patrick  and Declan.Funeral from Saint Michael’s Church Potahee to the adjoining Cemetery.

Notice:Joan M Smith will return to full attendance at the offices of Alfred Myles Smith 20 Farnham Street and Ballyjamesduff from Monday March 20th 1984.Joan’s sojourn on the Bench  was short lived as she missed the daily cut and thrust of the Lehal Practice she had served for many years.

Death of Sister Margaret Joseph Burns at the age of 94.She was one of the founder mebers of the Holy Rosary Missionary Sisters and a native of Killygoan Killeshandra.Bishop McKiernan in his homily pays trinute to her and says she was “The Link” between the Missionary Sisters and the Diocese of Kilmore.Archbishop John Dooley Columban Fathers Vietnam Archbishop B Brosnahan CSSP Sierra Leone and Rev Michael Comiskey CSSP Chaplain to the Convent joined Bishop McKiernan and the assembled clergy sisters and laity in celebrating Mass for Sister Margaret.Interment was in the Convent Cemetery Killeshandra.

Sympathy is extended to Olive Millar The Manse Keadue Lane on the death of her Mother Henriett (Rita) Hunter at tha age of 86.Native of Sligo she lived in Cavan with her daughter Olive and son in Law the Reverend George Millar for the last 20 years and was popular and very well known in the town.She was an active member of many church organisations and was particularly enthusiastic about the Mothger’s Union.She is survived by her sons Harry Robin Tom ,daughters Olive Ivy and Laurel.Bishop Gilbert Wilson assisted by Dean Turkington Dean Mortimer (Sligo) Arcdeacon GN Cave and son in law  Rev George Millar officiated at the funeral in Cavan Parish Church and interment took place in Kilmacowen County Sligo.

Death of Lily Maloney at the age of 92 in Salthill.Native of Ballinagh she was sister of  GV Maloney Senior and was a distinguished linguist and academic.Worked as an Interpeter in the War Office in London during World War2 and later worked for long periods of time in Russia and America.

Renovated Town Hall to reopen for the Drama Festival.Phil Cullivan was Architect and used his imagination to produce a top class job including new roof and heating system.The windows and doors are painted red and add a bright clean warm feel to the building.The job cost over £90,000.Annie Murray Chairman Cavan UDC performs the official opening just before the launch of the 39th Cavan Drama Festival where Senator Andy O Brien (Festival Chairman) congratulates all involved in the reconstruction of the Hall.

In dreadful underfoot conditions Cavan Town AFC and Wicklow Rovers draw a titanic battle in FAI Junior Cup after extra time.Martin Maguire Noel Smith and Robbie Bury dominated midfield Charlie Greene Tommy Fay Brian Smith Charlie Prendergast and Brian Webber were resolute in defence.Goal was a classic set up by Noel Smith with a deft back heel into the path of Dessie Gardiner who gave the Wicklow Rovers keeper no chance.Wicklow equalised near the end after sustained pressure saw Byrne beat Greene to set up Extra Time.Martin Maguire had ag reat chance to settle the issue but his well directed shot came thundering back off the upright.The referee was Tom Callaghan from Dundalk.

Cavan win the Ulster IntermediateLeague  beating Grovesnor 9 points to 6 at Ravenhill.Cavan become the 1st team to win senior rugby competitions in Ulster and Leinster.They emulate in Ulster their 1st team’s capture of the Leinster Junior Towns Cup in 1978.Cyril O Keefe is pictured showing the trophy to team mates and supporters who travelled in numbers to witness this historic moment in Cavan sport.Team Sean McPhillips Mick Kane Frank Walls Alfie Acheson Cyril O Keefe (Captain) Paul Hayes Eric Trenier Noel McGlade PJ Quinn Tom Farrell Steve Richmond Shane Devine Sean McKiernan Winston Morrison Reerves Gerry Lennon John Farrell and Gordon O Bric.Coach Ken Ruddock

March 23rd 1984

52 new houses to be built adjacent to John Paul Avenue and Ard Na Greinne.Dr Eamonn McDwyer calls for a mix of private and Council houses and asks that there be a better finish with respect to the environment. “The area needs a shop and a telephone kiosk .The phone is hard to get but must be applied for now as it took years to get the one in Saint Martins.”!New car park for Bridge Street.Traders are being asked to donate their back gardens free to facilitate the development.Detailed plans are to be sent to the residents to gauge their reaction.

Same Week Queen of Breffni Ann Flood cuts the tape to start the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade in Cavan.Colour Party led by Lieut.Terry O Connor leads out the Parade from Dunne’s Stores Car Park up Connoly Street College Street Farnham Street and past the Reviewing Stand  at Post Office where MC Mel Doherty was a wonderful commentator of the event.In all 52 floats took part 8 bands fom Cavan Monaghan and Fermanagh .Highlight was the fly past by Abbeyshrule Flying Club.Prizewinners presented with their prizes by the Queen of Breffni Youth Group Cavan Community Playgroup Youth Band Belturbet Most Tuneful Saint Mary’s Teemore Dancing Float Cumainn Rinnce and Cabhain Industrial An Taisce Most Original Kilnaleck ICA Ponies Jim McGuiness Ballyconnell Special Prize Itinerant Children Best Float Kilnaleck Gun Club.The Reviewing Stand was decorated with Spring flowers by the Gardening Club

Norman Breslin of Cavan’s C60 is live on RTE2 Poporama to night.

Death of Partrick (Packy) Carroll Saint Phelim’s Place in Peamont Hospital Dublin at the age of 72.Mechanic with both Jacksons and later Tractamotors.Played in his youth with Cavan Harps but in recent years was an ardent Cavan Shamrocks and Cavan Town soccer fan.He enjoyed many a Sunday fishing at Killykeen Rann etc usually accompamied by best friend Jim Kelly Connolly Street.Survived by his wife Kathleen sons Tommy and Patsy daughters Carmel and Geraldine,brother Frank and sisters Lilly and Maisie.Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Sudden death of Matt Bravendar at the age of 48.Long time Sacristan in the Cathedral,Matt was quiet and inoffensive.Decent and generous he was always meticulously dressed and carried out his duties in an exemplary way despite occasional poor health.Funeral from the Cathedral to Potahee.

James Bradley of Maghers Gardening Centre will give a lecture entitled A-Z of gardening at Cavan Gardening Club where the members are finalising their three day trip to Liverpool Garden Show in June.

Mairead McCahill wins the Final League of the Lady’s Senior at last leg of Road League in Kingscourt.Fidelma Carolan has an outstanding win in Girls Under 15.Cavan Girls Under 14 take the team title with Ciarnaid Hayes Lorraine Foynes Pauline Brady Niamh Reilly and Trina McCorry.

Drumalee score rare win over Cavan Gaels defeating the town side 1-9 to 2-4 at Saint Felim’s Park Drumalee in Division 1 of the Cavan Senior League.Drumalee scorers were Paddy McGovern 1-7 Philip Costello and Philip Maguire 0-1 each.Gaels’ scorers Charlie Donohoe 1-1 Francis Goodman 1-0 Kevin O Grady Packie Kiernan and Pat McNamara 0-1 each.

March 30th 1984 Jacqueline Maloney wins The Festival of Malta 1984.

Same Week PJ Clarke CEO NEHB announces that the building of the  301 bed Cavan General Hospital will commence in 8 weeks.The Contractors are John Sisk and Company.

Cavan Town’s dream of winninhg the FAI Junior Cup are shattered by Wicklow Town who beat the visitors 2-0 with goals from Eugene O Neill and Pat Keogh in each half..

Almost 800 take part in the 2nd Mitsubishi Electrical Half Marathon (13.1 miles).The holder Gerry Deegan successfully defends his title in an amazing time of 62 minutes and 24 seconds,Boston and Dublin Marathon winner  Niall Cusack is second two minutes behind Deegan while Cavan AC recent addition Billy Galagher is 3rd in 67 minutes for the trip Crossdone Ballinagh Cavan.Teams 1st Athlone 2nd Kill and 3rd Portlaoise.Donnybrook CIE best non athlethic club while Michael Graham is the home star with a wonderful time of 70:41 minutes in 8th place.Hughie Smith from Swellan is the first Cavan veteran home in 37th place in a time of 78:55.Tommy’s Bar win the Pub Team award.The lady’s winner is Irish International Gretta Hickey (DCH) just ahead of Hughie Smith in 36th place in a time of 78:26.Cavan AC have now established the Cavan Half Marathon as the top race over the distancew in Ireland thanks to the outstanding promotion and sponsorship of Fergus Madigan MD Mitsubishi Electric (Ireland Limited)

Death of Fintan Kenneddy former President of the ITGWU.Survived by his wife Monica a member of the Sheridan family (Fowl Buyers) Drumalee.

Retirement of Inspector Richard Manning.Presentation by Superintendent Frank Hanley to Richard and wife Mary on the occasion (Picured).

Tom McCusker is Senior Champion at Cavan CYMS beating Bernard Sharkey in the final while Christopher Jermyn is Junior Champion by virtue of his win over Dara Donohoe in a tense hard fought Junior Final.

Ken McKinstrey from Banbridge wins the Hotel Kilmore Stages Rally in snow sleet and heavy rain with John Burns Casrleknock 2nd  2 minutes and 30 seconds behind.There were 103 starters and due to heavy conditions only 70 finished the gruelling course.

Over 800 take part in Milk Run around by Loreto and back to Courthouse (4.8 miles).Top ten finshers are Brian Coleman Kevin Moore P Toal (Scotshouse) Leo Costello Niall Carolan J Bravendar (Ard Na Greinne) David Small Sean Tully (Drumalee) Dara Donohoe and Kevin McConnell (Gortnakesh) who also won the Killygarry Milk Run earlier in the day when over 50 took part.The proceeds are in aid of the Night Shelter for Homeless Men being built at River Street.The NEHB supplement the funds by donating €20,000 towards the project.

April 6th 1984 Cavan County Council after lengthy deliberations decide to raise a loan of £1.6 million to refurbish and reconstruct the Courthouse.Brain Tansey Assistant County Engineer presents and explains the plans to the assembled Councilors.Andy O Brien points out that there is no provision for Caretaker’s premises on the plans while some of the other Councillors wonder if it is economic to keep the present structure and a new custom built structure should be considered.

Same Week Barry McGuigan stops Jose Cobra of the Dominician Republic  after 2 minutes and 30 secods of round 7 in a capacity (8,000) King’s Hall in Belfast.Classic display by the Clones man now leading contender for the Featherweight Championship of the World.

Jimmy Scanon Secretary of Cavan Chamber in a leter from the Department is assured that Paddy Cooney Minister for Defence has sanctioned the new Military Barracks for Cavan at Pullamore.

Notice Philip T Brady Fort View Farnham Road has commenced practice as an Architect at Fort View.

Death of Dick Montgomery Derrawina  at the age of 63.Very quiet and reserved Dick was a very successful and industrious farmer.Survived by his wifeDorothy sons Richard Sean Brian and daughters Breda and Deidre.Funeral from Kilmore Cathedral to the adjoining Cemetery

Cavan Athletic Club win Senior Road Championship for the 1st time at Road Races in Cavan (Pictured).Team Michael Graham Billy Galagher,Tony Dunne Tony Talbot Paul Brady Rick Lewis Michéal Smyth .The Lady’s team captained by individual winner Kathleen Tonge make it a double for the Cavan Club by capturing the County Senior Title.Team Kathleen Tonge Fidelma Carolan Louise Ward Mairead McCahill and Ann Donohoe.

Cavan Badminton Close Championships at Cavan Vocational School Novice Men’s Doubles Francis Galligan and B Smith (Killygarry) beat Des Lambert and Jim O Leary 15-8 12-15 and 15-8

Minor Mixed M Ruddy and M Gannon (Cavan) bat S Scott and L Scott (Kilmore) Minor A Singles Jackie Lyndsey (Cavan) beat P McCullen (Oldcastle) Lady’s Singles A Smith (Kilnacrott0 beat Irene McCabe (Cavan) 11-4 9-11 11-10.Derek Powell

Chairman of the Cavan Badminton Association returns thanks to the players supporters and Jackie Lyndsey  the tournament co-ordinator saying it “was the best tournament to date”

‘Philadelphia Here I Come’ by the Temple Players Dublin wins the 39th Cavan Drama Festival in newly refurbished Town Hall.Biddy White Lennon in adjudication says the play was technically perfect and there was a wonderful variety of pace and mood by the Temple Players in their production.Best actor Victor Wheatley (Temple Players) Best Actress Eileen Wheatley (Temple Players) Best Set (Strand Players Dublin) Best Producer Tony Byrne (Temple Players).Winners of the Confined Section were the Phoenix Players Tubbercurrry with ‘Old Road’ while the Anvil Players from Limerick were second with ‘Sive’.Andy O Brien Festival Chairman pays tribute to Brian Sullivan (Vice Chairman) Secretary Sheila McGinnity,Treasurer Maura Sullivan President Father Des O Dowd Sally McKenna (Head Sub Committee) John Conlon Stage Manager Aileen Timmoney PRO Bill Henry Phil Cullivan  Paddy Donohoe and Peter Brady for their huge support and input to the Drama Festival movement in Cavan.

April 13th 1984 Auxillary Bishop of Dublin Dr.Brendan Comiskey SSCC is appointed Bishop of Ferns.Dr.Comiskey is aged 44 and has been four years a bishop in Dublin.Born in Clontibret Couny Monaghan on the 13th of August 1935 son of Patrick and the late Clare Comiskey.Entered the Sacred Heart Novitiate in Cootehill in 1954 and was ordained priest on the 25th of June 1961 in Cootehill.

Same Week Death of Martin Brady late of Church Street in Dublin.Like his father Gusty and brother Austin Martin was an accomplished skilled plumber.Emigrated to Canada but after the death of his wife Mary decided to return to Ireland .He is survived by his brother Austin and sisters Cora and Joan.Burial in Killygarry Cemetery.

Killygarry Church is reopened after being closed for six months for painting and refurbishment.During the renovations Mass was celebrated in the Community Centre.Bishop McKiernan celebrates the first Mas in the refurbished Saint Brigid’s.

Cavan County Library in conjunction with Cavan County Board GAA mount a pictorial record of the GAA in Cavan since 1884 in the Lakeland Hotel.

LoretoCollege beat the Vocational School in No Name Final in packed Community Centre Ballinagh to win the 1st prize of £300 runners Up £200.McCarrens with Producer Gerry O Kefe receive £100 for Best Newcomer.Loreto show is entitled ‘Cavan Community Television’ and Produced by Mags Ammond Carmel McGee and Maura McNally. Musical Director is Kathleen Fitzpatrick. Martin O Neill (Drums) Jim Leonard (Bass Guitar) Matty Smith (Lead Guitar) John Conlon and Deidre Quinn (Lighting and Sound).The Vocational School’s Show is entitled ‘Charlie and Co’ Producers Roisin O Connor and Rose O Brien Musical Director Ellen Fleming Dessie Ronan was on Piano John Walsh (Guitar) Sandra McCormack (Clarinet) and Eddie Mallon (Drums) Ray O Connor was in charge of the Sound while John Conlon  looked after the Lighting.

P Ellioott and Company complete the £100,000 building of the 8 old folks houses at bottom of the Cock Hill (Opposite Singer’s).

Jimmy McMahon on behalf of AOR presents County Cavan Rugby Captain Cyril O Keefe with a new set of jerseys for the coming season.(Pictured)

April 20th 1984  C 60 (Picured) are voted the Best Pop Group at the 1st Anglo Celt Music Awards in the Kilmore Hotel.Paddy Cole is best Instrumentalist Larry Cunnigham best Country Singer Philomena  Begley Best Femal Country Singer Paddy Reilly has the Hit of 1983 ‘The Fields of Athenry’ Ronan Collins best Disc Jockey and the Fureys and Davy Arthur are the Best Folk Group.Ian Corrigan was an excellent MC in the unavoidable absence of Charlie McNally. All the artistes apart from Philomena Begley on tour are cheered and applauded by the over flow audience in the Kilmore Hotel.

Same Week Saturday evening Mass in Cathedral for the first time to replace the Sunday night Mass which is described by the Bishop of Kilmore as a complete failure due to pressure rush and late comers fitting in Mass at thelast minute to fulfil their Sunday duty.

Death of Ann May Moorehead College Stret at the age of 79.She was a native of Cootehill and member of the well known McMichael family.Exceptional cook, she won many awards at the Home Exhibition at the local agricultural shows.Predeceased by her husband John Moorehead many years ago.She is survived by her daughters Muriel and Gladys.Funeral from Cavan Parish Church to New Cemetery.

Presentation to John and Josephine McGinnity of an inscribed Coat of Arms and bouquet of flowers by Brigid O Hanlon (Secretary) on behalf of Cavan Tourist Association.John was a founding member of the organisation and Chairman for 22 He still maintains his interest by serving as Vice Chairman.

Michael Leddy teams up with Matt Donagh (Kingscourt) to win the Ulster Golden Masters Handball title beating Tyrone in the final..

Cavan Parish win the County  Cavan Community Games Under 12 Draughts title.Team Brian Galligan Eamonn Byrnes Dessie Galligan Barry Galligan Steven Johnston Noel Galligan (Captain) with Pat Ryan Team Manager.

April 27th 1984 Contract for the new 301 bed Cavan General Hospital is finally signed (Picured) while P Elliott and Company are awarded the Contract for the new £500,000 extension at Saint Patrick’s College (Pictured).

Same Week Paddy O Reilly Church Street makes representation on behalf of Cavan Lawn Tennis Club for a further frant of £200.Andy O Brien seconds the motion.Patrick Conaty says that this is the second time that the Tennis Club have made application and the Council did make a grant towards the building of the new clubhouse and there are other deserving organistaions in the town!.

Jerry Clarke 7 Tullac Mongan is knocked from his bike oppositre the Cavan Mart.Diagnosed with a broken arm but later discharged from Cavan Surgical Hospital.

Cavan Number 1 School are the only Cavan School to receive an award of Merit in National Savings Competition.

Aisling Collins (Poor Clares) wins the Niall Kenny Scolarship for Primary Schools while the winner of the post primary award is Eileen Lynch (Loreto College)

Death of Jim Rice Market Street Cootehill after a life time of dedication to athletics in the County.Chairman of Cavan County Athletic Board.Gifted musician,he was a member of the famous Cootehill Brass and Reed Band who paraded the Cavan and Monaghan teams before the memorable Ulster Finl of 1952 played in Breffni Park..Could play every instrument and he was particularly gifted on the Cello and performed at all the local shows.Gifted baritone voice he was a life time member of Saint Michael’s Church Choir.Rev.Edward Burns CC officiated at the funeral from Saint Michael’s Cootehill to Middle Chapel Cemetery.

Death of Mary Joe Lally (nee Doherty) Saint Brigid’s at the age of 71.Eldest of 14 children of the late Joe and Mrs Doherty,she was born in Edgeworthstown but came to Cavan in 1935.Wonderful company and great with and humour.She is survived by her daughter Maureen (Peters) brothers Mel Sean and sisters Margaret Bridie and Agnes.Father John McMahon officiated at the funeral fom the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Bishop Frank McKiernan will administer the Sacrement of Confirmation to162 boys and girls in the Cathedral this week end.

CND Meting in McGinnity’s Bier Keller entitled ‘Ireland and the Bomb’.Speakers from RTE and Dublin.Later the Chairman Jane McCormack appeals to Cavan County Council to declare County Cavan a Nuclear Free Area.

May 4th 1984 Killeshandra beat Cavan CYMS in the Final of the County Cavan Snooker Competition in the Hut.CYMS team Tom McCusker (Captain) Sean Jermyn John Fitzpatrick Paddy O Reilly Jim Fay and Jimmy Mulcahy.

Same Week Cavan Parish (Pictured) capture the Under 14 Draughts County Community Games title.Team Sean O Donnell Orla Collins Paul Tighe Brian Galligan Damien Johnston Patrick Connolly.Team Manager Ray Griffith.

Delores Moore fails for the second successive year to capture the County Cavan Lady’s darts title in a packed Farnham Hotel.Margaret McKiernan is presented with the Phil Gilbride trophy and £50 while Delores has to do with the runner up Oliver Malone trophy and £20.Semi Finalists Patricia Graham and  D O Rourke receive £15 each while Gene Sheridan receives £10 for the Highest Shoot Out of the tournament.Hubert McDermott plays the best darts of his life to see off the challenge of  Pat Donohoe in a keenly fought Men’s Final.the difference between the two players on the night was McDermmott’s superior check out.He is presented with the JJ Higgins trophy and £100 while Pat Donohoe receives another Oliver Malone trophy and £60.Martin Jermyn and Paddy Phair beaten semi finalists receive £20 each while Noel Phair receives £20 for the highest shoot out .Phil Cullen (Chairman) describes the Championships as the best ever hosted by the Cavan Club.The winner of the draw and portable TV or £100 is Francis McKiernan 5 Ard Na Grenne.

May 11th 1984 Sudden death of Dessie Hughes Owen Roe at the early age of 39.Native of Crenard Ballinagh,he worked in McCarrens all of his life and supplemented his income as doorman at Butlersbridge Carnival and Town Hall.Keen fisherman and GAA enthusiast.Outstanding huntsman with dog and gun Dessie was quiet gentle and extremely kind and decent.Survived by his wife Bernadette sons Thomas Desmond Srephen John Paul daughter Martina and father Jimmy.

Same Week Death of the well known John Brady (John the Bawn) ‘Greenville’ Drumalee at the age of 75.He was 45 years as the Land Steward in Saint Patrick’s College and was a legend to the numerous students who passed through the College.Native of Butlersbridge.he is survived by his wife Mary son Terry daughters Mary and Mauren. Funeral from the Cathedral toButlersbridge.

Cavan Gaels are voted Centenary Club of the Year in County Cavan.”Great credit is due to JJ Reilly PRO and his helpers.”Club will now contest the Ulster Finals.The GAA assesors were Alf McMurray and Paddy McFlynn (Pictured with Gaels) both of whom are past Presidentsof the GAA.

Cavan Gaels become the 1st club in the County to achieve the Senior double when their Senior Hurlers clinch the League at Breeffni Park against Saint Mary’s by 7 points to 6.Michéal Smyth RTS Limited presents the RTS trophy to Gaels’ Captain Paddy Ferncombe.Scorers for Cavan Gaels Jim Ivers 0-3 D Maguire 0-2 Jim Kelly and PJ Kelly 0-1 each.Gaels team Jack Dunne Finbar Noonan Cecil O Reilly John Sheridan Shay Whelan Jim Ivers S Daly Jim Kelly Martin Butler D Maguire John Heffernan Peter Veale Paddy Ferncombe Jim Coen and Jim Fraher.Subs PJ Kelly for Paddy Ferncombe Patsy Walsh for J Coen and Dessie Gardiner for D Maguire.

Cavan Town win the biggest indoor soccer tournament and £1,000 ever promoted in the area with win over Athlone in Senior replay at the Sports Complex Cavan.Over 300 crammed the arena to witness a tense hard fought encounter.Cavan Charlie Greene Martin Maguire Tommy Fay Dessie Gardiner Noel Smith Sean McKeown  and Hubert Smith (Pictured with their array of trophies after their  epic victory).the winning team were sponsored by ‘Tommy’s Bar’.

May 18th 1984  Cavan UDC have receivd 32 applications for the 8 old folks houses at the Cock Hill.

Same Week Death of John (Jonie Brady ) Wolfe Tone Street at the age of 79.Originally an Ambulance Driver before emigrating to England from where he returned 6 years ago to live in Ballyjamesduff.Survived byhi sisters Agnes and Rose.Funerl from the Catheral to Cullies.

Mary Fay Proprietor of ‘Happy Days’ Boutique makes a presentation of £400 to Geraldine Powell of the Preschool Group at Saint Augustine’s.The cheque is the proceeds of a fashion show promoted by Mary and The Happy Days Boutique.Pictured with Mary and Geraldine are Ruth Simpson and Bernie Gumley.

Cavan are humiliated by Meath in the Semi Final of the Centenary Cup before an attendance (mostly from Cavan) of 17,161 at Croke Park.Gutless performance in most humiliating defeat for over 20 years.The Celt describes the performance as a “complete shambles”Cavan scorers Ray Cullivan 0-3 Paddy McNamee Derek McDonell and Donal Donohoe 0-1 each.

May 25th 1984 Mel Doherty is voted Person of the Year at The ReHab/Anglo Celt Banquet in the Kilmore Hotel where the MC for the evening was Marian Finucane (RTE) who is pictured mesmerised by one of Mel’s vintage performances.

Same Week Minister for Health Barry Desmomd lays the foundation stone for the 273 bed Cavan General Hospita on the 26th May 1984 (Number of beds changes weekly!).Contract is signed by the North Eastern Health Board on the 26th April when John Sisk was awarded the contract worth £16,376,370 including VAT.

Peter O Hanlon youngest son of Edward T and Airmid ‘Glenair’ Cathedral Road is appointed by the Minister for Education Gemma Hussey to the Board of the College of Art and Design.

Hockey Coaching Course at the Vocational School directed by Des Buggy and Ian Rafter of the Irish Hockey Federation.Later a lady’s hockey team is formed in the town

Cavan Gaels captained by Charlie Donohoe defeat Cavan Gardai to win the Centenary Cup in Breffni Park before a big attendance.Cup presented by Phil Brady Chairman Cavan County Board.

Sean McIntyre and Peter O Reilly are selected to fish for Ulster in upcoming Interprovincial competition while Sean Young (Capt) Bendan Young Declan Young and Peter O Reilly team up to win the Maloney Cup on Lough Sheelin.

Vera Coulter Lady Captain is the 1st recipient of Captain’s pin presented by Airmid O Hanlon at County Cavan Golf Club.

Acot locate their new area headquarters at Ballyhaise Agricultural College.Michael Sheridan (Regional Director) Denis O Donnell is Regional Operations Adviser Oliver Burke Cattle and Sheep Specialist and Felix McCabe is Dairy Specialist.

June 1st 1984 Barry Desmond Minister for Health unveils the foundation stone at Cavan General Gospital as the rain poured down while the Chairman of the NEHB Joseph Farrell states that “this is the finest Summer’s day ever for the town of Cavan”.Pictured are Joseph Farrell (Chairman NEHB) Seamus Dolan County Council Tom Fitzpatrick Ceann Comhairle Niall Walsh Hopital Administrator John P Wilson TD Pat Lyons NEHB Senator Andy O Brien and Annie Murray (Chairman Cavan UDC).Monsignor PJ McManus in the unavoidable absence of Bishop McKiernan (shingles) joins Bishop Gibert Wilson Church of Ireland Rev D Nesbitt Moderator and Rev W Hearn Clerk of the Presbyterian Church in blessing the stone.Work continued throughout the cermony on the 273 bedroom hospital on the magnificient 44 acre site at Lisdarn.Provision is made in planning for 30% expansion of all services including beds and a spokesman for the Contractors John Sisk stated that work will be completed on the site in 1987.Barry Desmond states “It was always my intention despite the recent bitter controversies to provide the best possible health care for the people of this region at a cost that will be value to the Taxpayer”.Meanwhile the High Court rules that the Minister for Health does have the statutory authority to close down Monaghan General Hospital.

Same Week Heysel Stadium disaster as 39 people are dead and 400 more injured prior to the Liverpool V Juventus European Cup Final in Brussels Belgium.Blame is squarely laid at the feet of Liverpool hooligans who charged the Juventus fans resulting in many of the Italians being trampled to death before the game.The match went ahed in an eerie atmosphere and Michelle Platini won the European Cup for Juventus 1-0 with a penalty.English clubs are now banned from all European competition.

President’s (Louis Blessing) Prize at County Cavan Golf Club is won by Louis’ good friend Dr Daragh Smith with an amazing 60 Nett (79 Gross) with Anthony Sheridan 2nd with 64 nett and E Rice 3rd 64 nett.Jim Beirne shot a very impressive 74 to win the Gross.

Violent protests in Monaghan over alleged downgrading of Monaghan General Hospital as an Taoiseach Garett Fitzgerald enters Town of Monaghan Co Op t o open the new £5 million Mona yoghurt plant.

Night Sheleter for Homeless Men is being built at River Street by the Saint Vincent De Paul.Architect is Philip Brady Fortview while the Contractor is P Elliott and Company who state that they hope to have the Centre complete for Christmas.

Death of Helen Gaffney Tierquin a member of the well known Brady family Tierquin at the age of 70.Quiet religious and decent she was predeceased by her husband Harry 11 years ago.Survived by her son Larry daughter Rose and sister  Margaret.Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Great displays by the two Cavan town representatives on Cavan Minor team Packy Kiernan (Cavan Gaels ) and John Pat Reilly (Drumalee) in Cavan’s draw 1-7 each against Derry in Breffni Park in 1st round of the Ulster Minor Championship.Cavan lead all the way and were just caught on he post by a late late Derry point.In the senior game with no town representative Cavan are defeated by Derry 1-13 to 0-14 after appearing to be coasting to victory when they lead by 0-9 to 0-6 early in the second half.The selectors then “plucked defeat from the jaws of victory” by making needless changes.Cavan were excellent down the middle but their wide men let them down and only Jim McAweeney Joe Dillon Stephen King Mickey McEntee and Michael Faulkner and to a  lesser extent Barry Tierney and Ray Cullivan are worthy of mention.Brian O Grady was introduced as a sub for Barry Tierney late in the game as the thousands of Cavan supporters treked to the exits in disgust.This is the 7th time in 11 years that the Breffni men have been beaten in the 1st Round of the Ulster Championship.

Captain Percy Gilchriest  and Lieutenat Terry O Connor win the  prestigious Eastern Command FCA Pistol Shoot at McKee Barracks while Lietenant Terry is best individual shot.

June 8th 1984 President Ronald Reagan on visit to Ireland and Ballyporeen the home of his ancestors in a bid to bolster the Irish vote in the upcoming Presidential Election in the USA..

Same Week Sympathy is extended to Leo Morton 2 Tullac Mongan on the death of his sister Jenny in Reading.Native of Newtownbutler.Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Cavan Man of the Year Mel Doherty will host a gala concert in the Sports Centre in aid of the ReHab.Ann McKiernan ‘Tara’ Dermot Smith Webber School of Dancing Cornafean Group John O Connor and Sean McManus are the stars assembled by Mel.

Cavan Minors are beaten by Derry11 points to 0-6 in Replay at Ballinascreen.Derry were in total command almost all through and Cavan missed the boat the first day in Breffni Park.

Hurling in Saint Patrick’s College receives a huge boost when the Under 14 team trained by Jim Hannon win the Under 14 Post Primary Chmpionship.among the stars pictured are Eddie Cooke Mark Elliott and Joseph Connolly.

Cavan Hockey Club 1984 Captain A O Driscoll (Loreto College) Vice Captain Paula Caffrey (County Clinic) Chairman Fidelma O Brien (Crubany) Secretary Mary Gannon (Cavan Vocational School) Treasurer Heather Pearson (Arva) PRO Fiona McKay (Drumelis) Committee Ita Harten Denise Pearson and Kathleen Fahy.

Louise Ward retains her Ulster Junior 400 metre title in a time of 56.86 at the Mary Peters Track in Belfast following her 4th place in the Irish Seniors on the previous day.Relay team of Louise Ward Mairead McCahill Imelda Lynch and Theresa McHugh win the 4*100 metres easily.

June 15th 1984 Cathedral Choir are to make their 1st RTE appearance  on Sunday.Celebrant will be Very Rev Des O Dowd Adm while Father Gerry Kearns is the Musical Director and Sister Mary O Farrell (Loreto) is the Organist.

Homemakers is slightly damaged by fire when car explodes outside the premises.Gardai are unsure of the cause of the explosion.Fire Brigade bring the fire under control in a matter of minutes.

Same Week Sympathy is extended to Helen Carroll Billis and the John Sullivan Home on the death of her Mother Belinda Colreavey Drumanmore Ballinamor and to Jimmy Brennan Main Street on the death of his sister Rose Ann Derries Loughduff.

Cavan Gaels the 1983 finalist are defeated by Lacken in the 1st Round of the Senior Championship in Breffni Park by 3-5 to 1-9.Lethargic display in 1st half ,the Gaels trailed by 7 points at the interval.Despite the dismissal of Haulie Reilly by Referee Ben Geraghty for an alleged off the ball incident early in the second life,the Gaels sparked into life and Brian O Grady from a free levelled the game with 5 minutes remaing.Martin Maguire then out paced the Lacken defence to shoot a brilliant point to put the Gaels in the lead with time almost up but a fisted goal by Finian Hyland for Lacken sealed the issue with the last score of the game.Team Aidan Elliott John McHugh Myles McEntee Joe O Connor Charlie Donohoe (Captain) Packy Kiernan Tommy Fay Haulie Reilly Pat McNamara Padraic O Connor  JJ Reilly Brian O Grady Kevin O Grady Charlie Prendergast  and Martin Maguire Subs Berni Quinn for Joe O Connor  and Jimmy Fay for JJ Reilly.Referee Ben Geraghty Cootehill.

‘Just Frenz’ win the 1st Prize and £2,500,voted group and overall winners of the ‘Passage to Stradom’ Competition in Drogheda sponsored by the Sound Shop Drogheda.Members of ‘Just Frenz’ Geraldine Smith Paula Smith Carmel Duffy and Geraldine O Reilly.

John McDermott presents the new Jim Rice Memorial Trophy to Tom Monaghan acting Chairman Cavan County Board for athletic competition within the County.

Impressive detailed GAA Centenary Supplement with the Celt this week.It is available as a book from the Anglo Celt for £3 including postage.Pictured are the famous Killygarry Camogie team who won 11 county Championships between1935 and 1945 Mollie Donohoe Kathleen Smith Bridie Reilly  Leisha McMohan Nancy Reilly Mary Brady Julia R O Reilly Nora Reilly Peggy Lynch Moya Donnolly and Alice Lee.

June 22nd 1984 Oliver Malone Coras Point Cavan is elected Chairman of Cavan Urban Council.Oliver is married to Vera (McGovern) and they have 2 children.He is son of Kate and the late Jim Malone Gaelic House Rossa Place .In the contest for the Chair Oliver was proposed by Senator Andy O Brien and seconded by Paddy O Reilly while Patrick Conaty was proposed by Dr Eamonn McDwyer and seconded by himself.Oliver was elected by 5 votes to 3 but Patrick was elected Vice Chair as a consolation.

Same Week Sean Flanagan (Fianna Fail) causes a major surprise by ousting Neill Blayney from the last seat in Connaught Ulster Election at count conducted by Tommy Owens at the Astoria Ballroom Bundoran.Ray McSharry (Fianna Fail) topped the poll and also elected was Joe McCartin (Fine Gael).Nationaly Fiann Fail gain 8 seats Fine Gael 6 and the last seat was won by former farmer’s leader TJ Maher.Labour lost all of their 4 sitting MEPS.In the North Ian Paisley John Hume ard John Taylor retain their seats.

Ireland votes Yes to Referendum to extend voting rights to non Irish citizens.In Cavan 71% voted Yes while the No was 24% with 5% spoiled votes.Pictured are the two Corkmen Paddy McCarthy (Fianna Fail) and Tim O Brien (Fine Gael) who were the Chief Tallymen at the count in Cootehill.

John Morre son of Brigid and Charlie Fairview and one of a family of 14 is pictured with his collection of concrete horses and statue of the Virgin Mary. All of the work is pre sold.Displaying also some of his paintings the Celt remarks that John has had no scientific training but his work is pure genius.John’s hobbies are listed as feretting rabbits and breeding terrier dogs.

Death of Alicia O Reilly relict of Barney O Reilly Bridge Street (McCaul’s) at the age of 93 in the Richmond Hospital Dublin.They were over 40 years in business and retired from their Bar and Grocery in 1959.Survived by her sons Joe TP daughters Maureen Pat Mona and Philomena (Coleman). Funeral from Saint John the Evangelist Church Kilbarrack to Balgriffin Cemetery.

Louis Mallon from College Street former Cavan footballer is home in Cavan with his wife Josie and son Paddy to celebrate with Cavan the Centenary of the foundation of the GAA.Won Minor Championship medal with Harps in 1926 following year Louis was on the All Ireland Junior winning team.Played for Ireland in International Championships defeating England in Dundalk in 1928.He was later to win 7 more medals with Cavan Slashers.in the period 1927-1936.Manager of Jacksons Garage before emigrating to England in 1956.

Cavan CND continues to gain in popularity and they are expecting a huge crowd in the Town Hall for the visit of Amnesty International Lennin and Nobel Peace Prize winner Sean McBride.

40 members of Cavan Gardening Club leave for 3 day trip to view the magnificient new Garden Centre at Liverpool Dockslands.

Lions Club (Pictured) presenting a piano to the John Sullivan Home.Pictured are Nurse Madge Tighe Ann Conaty (Matron) Seamus McConnon (Lions Club) Tom Gavigan (Navan Lions Club) and Cmdt. Der Coogan (President of Cavan Lions Club).

Cavan Juniors surprise Tyrone 2-7 to 0-10 to win the Ulster Junior Championship at Enniskillen for the 1st time since 1962.Cavan have now won 14 Ulster Junior titles but this was their first title in Ulster since the Minor triumph of 1974.Cavan will now play Leinster Champions Wexford in the All Ireland Semi Final in Breffni Park.Celt describes the dispay as “full of courage and spirit”.scorers fo Cavan Pat Faulkner 2-0 Simon Axworthy 0-2 and Sean Gilheaney Jimmy Galligan Kevin Og Carney Fionan McDonagh and Paddy McGovern 0-1 each.Team P McKenna Sean Leddy Jim McGovern M Caffrey Gery Sheridan Pat Faulkner G O Clarke Sean Gilheaney (Capt) Simn Axworthy G Reilly Jimmy Galligan Kevin Og Carney Tony Lynch Fionan McDonagh and Paddy McGovern.Subs Kevin Reilly for Carney  Brian Smith for McGovern and Gerry Smith for Sean Leddy.Phil Smith President of the Ulster Council GAA is delighted to present the trophy to Sean Gilheaney after an epic performance.Ray Carolan is the Team Manager while the selectors are listed as Gerry O Rourke (Killygarry) Sean Clarke (Shercock) Mickey Reilly (Redhills) and Mickey McGearty (Killeshandra)

Record 73 competitors in Lady Captain’s Prize (Vera Coulter) at County Cavan Golf Club.Winner is Sandy Davis Maura Maloney is 3rd Madge Boucher again has the best gross Mary Dempsey Best 1st Nine and Oliver Galligan Men’s Prize

373 people including 69 in invalid section on the 15th Annual Kilmore Diocesan Pilgrimage to Loudes led by Bishop Frank McKiernan who is just recovering from an acute bout of shingles.He is described by Monisignor Patrick McManus VG Director of the Pilgrimage as an inspiration to everyone and his presence is most appreciated.On the first evening Bishop McKiernan delivers the homily at the Grotto entitled ‘The Message of Lourdes’.Rev Colm Hrley is the Assistant Director Rev Des O Dowd Adm Choirmaster Medical Officers are Drs Jimmy Fay and Aine Sullivan Chief Matron is Peggy Willock while Ethna Fitzsimmons is Assistant Matron.Chief Handmaid Philomena Coleman Asistant Chief Handmaid Maureen Watters.Chief Brancardier is Andy Gilchreest Assitant Chief Brancardier is Ray Carr.Among the Brancardiers are John Conlon Terry Argue Martin Gilchreest (Belturbet) John Gilhooley (Drumkeerin) Gene Murphy and Ned McMahon (Blackbull Crosskeys).McGinnitys Cavan are once again the Travel Agents while Martins Coaches Bawnboy provided the transport from Cavan to the airport and home.

June 29th 1984 Minister for Justice Michael Noonan announces that the new Garda Headquarters for the area will be situated in Monaghan and P Elliott and Company Cavan are the Contractors for the job.

Same Week Death of Michael Smith 21 Keadue at the age of 60.He was over 40 years an Ambulance Driver with CavanCounty Council and the NEHB.Popular and very caring and helpful Michael was a native of Latester Lowr Lavey

His hobbies were gardening and walking.Survived by his wife Evelyn and son Angelo.Rev Anthony Fagan officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

‘Revival 50’ with Des Jenkins Paddy Smith Tommy O Donnell Paddy Duffy and Eamonn Donohoe are the star attraction at The Bailieboro Festival.

Mass in the Cathedral to mark the Centenary of the GAA in Cavan.All surving members of the Cavan All Ireland winning teams attend.Parade to Breffni Park of all the clubs in the county is followed by a Siamsa at which Paddy Reilly (‘The Fields of Athenry’) is the star attraction.Centnary Dinner is attended by  430 guests in the Kilmore Hotel.

Cavan Parish Soccer team win the Ulster Championship and qualify for the All Ireland in Mosney Team Karl Deegan Eddie Johnston Sean Barry Jonathan Graham Terry Murphy Daryl Doyle  Finbar McDowell Colin Sheridan Paul Kinsella David Pryce and Padraic McCaffrey.

July 6th 1984  Bailieboro beat Cavan Gaels in Roinn A Under 12 Final where the Bailieboro side converted their chances better than their Gaels’ counterparts. .Scorers for the Gaels JohnKinsella 1-2 David Pryce 1-1 Jimmy Pryce Peter McCaffrey and Ray Fallon 0-1 each. Team Eddie Johnston J Crowe Damien Mulhern G Sheridan Thomas Gormley Peter Cassidy Andrew McCarthy John Kinsella Edwin Burns Ray Fallon Eddie McCormack Patrick Nallen Paul Kinsella  David Pryce and Joseph Pryce .Referee Michael Johnston Stradone

Same Week Cavan Town Darts Team travel to All Ireland 4s Final in Metropole Hotel Cork Team Patsy Kane Gerry McKiernan Phil Cullen Damien Johnston and S Dunne.

Death of May Reilly College Stret long time Fianna Fail member of Cavan Urban Council.Tributes are paid to May by her colleagues on Cavan UDC and all agreed that May was very fortright in her views and remarks.Eamonn McDwyer says May was born the year of the Rising in 916 and always showed a remarkable resilient spirit in all sorts of adversary.She had looked after her mother into old age and only came into public life after the death of her mother.Fulsome tributes are paid to her sister Peggy and the entire Allen family for their love and care of May in her last tedious illness.She was a member of many of the local organisations and founder member of the Breffni Boys Band.In earlier times she kept lodgers in her house and such was the bond that was forged, they alays paid a visit to May when passing through Cavan.Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Huge parade over a mile long led by the Eastern Command Pipe Band and colour party from the loal FCA to Breffni Park in glorious sunshine for the last Feile Na Nog in Cavan.Mick Loftus Peident of the GAA pays tribute to the founders particularly Tony Looney and Fintan Tierney for establishing this very popular annual event which will take place in Cork next year after the first thre years of its life in Cavan Winners Under 14 A Saint Finbars Cork B Ardee C Antrim D Tullow County Carlow who beat the local Castletara club in the Final.

Death of May O Reilly (Nee Mehhan) late of Bridge Street at the age of 66.May was a member of the all conquering Killygarry and Cavan Camogie teams winning an Ulster Senior medal in 1941.Predeceaed by her husband Joe,she is survived by brother Packy (Hairdresser) and Rose.Funeral from the Cahedral  to Cullies.

Death of a character Pat (Patch ) Donegan 12 Tullac Mongan at the age of 51 in England .He was an outstanding entertainer and singer and was particularly outstanding with Al Jolson and Black and White Minstrel numbers where he poured his heart and soul into the rendition of the song having blackened his face earlier with a burnt cork.Worked in Flood Florists before emigrating .He is survived by his wife Nellie sons Nigel Patrick and Terence.

Suzanne Conaty daughter of Paddy and Ann Farnham Road is voted Miss Lakeland at the annual Festival in Baileborough.

July 13th 1984  Richard O Regan UCG wins the annual long distance swim on a very choppy Lough Sheelin over 4 ½ miles in a fantastic time of 1 hour and 45 minutes. Michael O Connor UCG was second in 1 hour and 53 minutes Noman Bettys Belfast 3rd in 1 57 .1st Lady ws Ann Moyle of Belfast 2nd Margaret Smith world famous British breast stroke champion.There were 12 competitors and the boats were organised by Cavan Anglers Club while the awards were presented by Billy Wallace Secretary of the Irish Long Distance Swimming Association

Same Week Paddy Barry is presented with the keys of the first ever Renault 25 GTSin Cavan by Paddy Gaffney Manager of Brady’s Garage Main Renault Dealers.

July 20th 1984

Jimmy Fox pictured is heading for stardom in London .Founder member of the Irish Theatre and Film Group.He is in the lead role in the West End in a new play by Declan Sweeney entitled ‘Lovely’.Son of Seamus and Rose Church Street.

Same Week Death of Eileen Boylan Tierqin at the age of 61.Survived by her brothers PJ and Tony  Packie Charlie and Eddie and sister Anna Mae.Father Anthony Fagan officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Pauline Brady is the County Cavan Under 14 Long Jump Champion.Noel Galligan gets Bronze in Under14 Boys Long Jump while Craig Powell from Killygarry is winner of the Boys Under14 Discus .

Live Aid organised by Dubliner Bob Geldoff raises over £30 million for the poor and starving people of Africa.13 hour broadcast co ordinated by the BBC was beamed to over 1.5 billion people in 60 countries.Concerts at Wembley London and Philadelphia taking place simultaneously was opened by Princes Charles and Diana Princess of Wales and Status Quo performing ‘Rocking All Over The World’.Line up included David Bowie Paul McCartney Wham Dire Straits Dublin’s U 2 and Queen

Frank McGuigan is outstanding in Tyrone’s 4th Ulster sSenior Fotball victory over a “sluggish” Armagh 0-15 to 0-7 in Clones.30 year old McGuigan from the Ardboe Club scores 11 points from play to establish himself as one of the greates players ever to grace an Ulster Final .An attendance of 25,000 paid gate receipts of £60,000 to witness Tyrone win their 1st title since 1971 in perfect weather condition in sun kissed Clones.

All Ireland Champions Derry retained their title when beating Armagh 1-4 to 0-3 in a very poor Minor Final.

July 27th 1984  Paddy and Ann Conaty are pictured with Kevin Kilduff on their way to the Los Angeles Olympics courtesy of their win in the Telecom Eireaann Social Club Draw in which there were 8,000 participants.

Same Week Jackie Maloney wins 3 awards at Song Contest in East Germany with her own song ‘To Your Harbour to Your Shore’3rd prizes in Audience and Adjudicator section but overall winner with her friend from Northern Ireland Peter Beckett who co arranged Jacqueline’s composition.

Moving Statue hysteria in Ballinspittle County Cork.Thousands flock to the scene where two women say they have seen a miraculous moving statue of the Virgin Mary.

Deidre and Brenda Montgomery complete  Rann to Killykeen both ways in a ime of 4 hours and 14 minutes and 4 hours and 24 minutes respectively .Deidre was just outside Sean Walsh’s record set in 1966 of 4 hours and 06 minutes. Willie Beatty and Alex Moran were the boatmen while Sean and Frank Coyle were the timekeepers.

Sudden death of Elizabeth (Ena ) McCaul Bridge Street.Just returned from Continental holiday when she took sick and rushed to Saint Joseph’s Lisdarn.Aged only 47 Ena and Vincent were 20 years in business in Bridge Street while Ena (Nee Kelly) was born and reared on the opposite side of the street (The Well) where her Mother Margaret ran a very high class establishment.. “Outstanding wife and Mother”.She is survived by her husband Vincent sons Declan Patrick Barry and daughter Orla .Father Anthony Fagan officiated at the funeral from he Cathedral to Killygarry.

Death of Phil Murray 49 College Street at the age of 71.He was 35 years a representative for Irish Life Assurance.His courtesy and manner were legendary among a legion of customers friends and neighbours.Native of Killygarry,he was a keen GAA fan but took a great interest in his son Eamonn’s exploits with the legendary Invincibles 5 a side masters and winners of tournaments throughout the region.He is survived by his son Eamonn and sister Margaret Creamfield Kilnaleck.Father Felim Kelly officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Death of John O Mahoney Saint Brigids at the age of 56.Worked in Monery Bi Products for over 25 years and servd his apprenticeship with Joe Green in Green’s Mills where he always took an active interest in the progress of the business.Immensely strong well built and very handsome he was quiet and decent John is suvived by his brother Charlie sisters Bridie Esther and Margaret.Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Woolworths is to close with the loss of 6 jobs at 81/82 Main Street.First opened on the 27th May 1955 ,the premises is the finest in Cavan consisting of 2,840 prime retail space in the centre of the town and was the site of the old renowned Cavan Stores (Cavan Crdit Union) .The store has already been purchased by Brendan Young Menswear .

Cavan fail miserably 0-9 to 0-4 to a strong physical Wexford team in poor All Ireland Junior Semi Final in Brffni Park.An expectant Cavan crowd of 500 who paid gate receipts of £979 witnessed a game where marksmanship was extremely poor and Wexford shooting 17 wides to Cavan’s 9.Scorers for Cavan were T Doonan 0-2, Simon Axworthy  and G O Reilly 0-1 each.

August 3rd 1984 23 teams are entered for the Cavan Gaels Seven a Side Willie Doonan Tournament.Games will be of a duration of 20 minutes, interval 3 minutes.There will be a Sin Bin for punishment of rough or dirty play.The Senior Tournament is sponsored by Ulster Bank Cavan and the Junior Tournament is sponsored by P Elliott and Company in honour of its former employee Cavan and All Ireland footballer Willie Doonan.

August 10th 1984 Suden death in Westport of the popular Larry Burke Highfield Road at the age of 39.Native of Castlebar,he was Superintendent Cavan Coarse Fishing and had served in Mullingar Boyle and Lough Shelin before coming to Cavan.Founder member of Cavan Rugby Club,.he was an outstanding forward on all the early teams from 1974.Played gaelic football with Ballymachugh and was a founder member of the Cavan Raquets and Squash Club at Saint Patrick’s College.Winner of many of the tournaments at Saint Pats.Founder member of Cavan Lions Club,Larry was generous  charitable and keenly aware of the plight of those less well off.Quizmaster at all the recent Pub Quizes in aid of the Re Hab.Survived by his wife Peggy son Larry and daughter Deidre.Father Felim Kelly CC presided at the funeral Mass from The Holy Rosary Church Castlebar to Killygarry.

Same Week Benny Cullen is made a presentation of Cavan Crystal and a Certificate for outstanding service from the Post Office Workers Union by the Overseer Leo McGrath on behalf of Benny’s colleagues in Cavan Post Office.Benny (Pictured) is retiring after 20 years service.

40 swimmers take part in the Annual Annagh Lake Swin raising a total of £1,000 for Spina Bifida.

August 17th 1984 Street Traders on the move again from the Market Square to the new Connolly Street Car Park.

Same Week Unveiling of the Corner Stone at the new Killeshandra House Convent Cavan by Tom Fitzpatrick Ceann Comhairle.Sisters will move to Cavan in early 1985.Contractors are P Elliott and Company Patrick Gaffney (Architect).Pictured are Bishop McKiernan who blessed the stone and Sister Margaret Ledwith (Superior General of  the Holy Rosary Sisters).

Terry O Sullivan  a native of Kells and Lifeguard at Monaghan Swimming Pool wins the Annual Killykeen to Rann swim in aid of the Irish Kidney Association.Her time was a very impressive 1 hour and 39 minutes while next were Brenda and Deidre Montgomery in a time of 2 hours.Sean Walsh finished 2-50 while Bolus Hanna (County Surgeon) 3-05.There were 7 swimmers taking part and the official starter was Sean Coyle.Presentations were made by Senator Andy O Brien.

Derek Melia records a record 66 to win the Junior Scratch Cup at County Cavan Golf Club.2nd was Willie Harrington with a 71 while Sean Galligan took 3rd place with a very respectable 74.

August 24th 1984 New Night Shelter and 6 private rooms being built by the local branch of the Saint Vincent De Paul at  a cost of £100,000.The Contractors are P Elliott and Co while the Architect is Philip Brady Fortview Farnham Road.

Same Week Patrick Joseph Hayes is appointed Postmaster in Cavan.Educated at the Patrician Academy Mallow he served in Mallow Clonmel and Rathmore.Founder member of Mallow Credit Union his hobbies are fishing and sport.Patrick is married with 6 children.

John Treacy Silver medallist in the Los Angeles Olympic Games is given a huge welcome to his wife’s home village of Scotstown.Fionnolla is daughter of the legendary Scotstown and Monaghan GAA star Tommy Moyna.

Mary Brady Ricehill is the over all winner of the Cookery Prize at Arva Show while Eisish Donohoe once again wins the  Home Industries and Crafts section.

Rugby Committee 1984 President Michael Crosby Secretary Peter Pollock Treasurer Thomas Young 1st Team Captain Sean McKiernan Second Team Captain Frank Walls Coach is Ken Ruddock and Jim Lord is PRO..

Cavan Town AFC President Gene Cullivan Chairman Patsy Walshe  Vice Chair Joseph Johnston Secretary Cecil O Reilly Assistant Secretary Carena Cosgrove Treasurer Gerry Egan and Assistant Treasurer Declan Keoghan.Selectors Ken Simpson Declan Keoghan and Francis Ellis.

Death of local farmer Patrick Carroll Stragella at the age of 76.Founder member of Behey IFA, he was one of the last surviving members of the old Drumcrave Band.Survived by wife Margaret sons Michael John Pat daughters Rose Mairead Jane and Kathleen.Father Anthony Fagan presided at the funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Death of William Henry Simpson while on holiday in his native town.40 years in England .Survived by his wife, daughters Claire Margaret sons Billy George and Gerard.Rev Canon Millar officiated at the funeral from Cavan Parish Church to the Nw Cemetery.

Death of Eileen Whelan Church Street.Set up business adjacent to old Post Ofice along wih her sister Baby Ann in 1936.Mecca for all the children from miles around with toys sweets and fancy goods.They were the first to introduce Expresso Coffee to Cavan and had a packed house from early morning to late in the evening.Eileen was a very well known successful Irish dancer in her youth and won prizes at all the major competitions.She was predeceased by her sister Kathleen in 1963 and is survived by her sisters Bridget and Minnie (Connolly) brothers Tom Jim Gerry and Denis (Dinny).

Cavan qualify for their 1st ever Junior Camogie Final when they “crushed” Galway 6-4 to 3-5 in the All Ireland Semi Final in Cootehill.

Eugene Magee a native of Aughnacliff and former Manager of All Ieland winners Offaly 1982 and UCD Sigerson Cup winners is the unanimous choice to succeed Gabriel Kelly as Cavan Team Manager.He has not seen Cavan play for the last four years but is confident he can build a successful team in 3 years.Sole responsibility for Selectors etc,he nominates Hughie McInerney Paddy Maguire  Mickey Reilly (Redhills) and Tom Dowd from Crosserlough.

Evelyn O Connor is the popular winner of the Lady’s President Prize (Airmoid O Hanlon ) at County Cavan Golf Club  2nd was Roisin Donohoe while 3rd was Delores O Reilly ,Gertie Walsh was 4th and Pat Kinsella wins the Gent’s Prize.

August 31st 1984 Aiming for Gold at the Community Games in Mosney are the Ulster Draughts Champions Barry (14) Noel (12) Brian (11) and Dessie (9) sons of Eddie and Ann Galligan The Favourite Bridge Street.The 5th memberof the team is Stephen Johnston son of Damien and Babs Saint Bridget’s.

Same Week Death of the very popular and industrious Kathy McManus Main Street and College Stret at the age of 80.Extremely popular with a great sense of humour and ready witt.Kathy worked in McCarrens for nearly  40 years and brought a touch of class to all her dealings.Father Anthony Fagan officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Death of Mick Greene native of Swelan.Worked as a Carpenter with Tom McManus Contractors before emigrating to England.

Death of Michel Fitzparick fomer farmer at Drumbo at the age of 86.He was the second eldest son of  Patrick and Mary Ann Coranure.Took an active part in the War of Independence.

Drumalee qualify for the Centenary Senior Football Final in Ballyconnell by virtue of their 3-15 to 1-9 victory over Ballinagh in the Semi Final in Breffni Park.

Diploma in Religious Studies to be awarded by Saint Ptrick’s College Maynooth to the successful candidates at 2 year course at Cavan Vocational School.The entry is £2 per person paid by their parish and classes are held wekly each Tuesday from 8 to 10.30.

September 7th 1984 Death of Edddie Cartwrigh at the age of 74. Well known horse dealer he was quiet  charitable religious and decent.Member of an old established respectable Cavan family.Eddie is survived by his sister Margaret (Loonam) and brother Robert in London.Father Des O Dowd Adm officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Same Week Death of the great George Lunn at the age of 80.Native of Gowran County Kilkenny,George was an expert in Mechanics and Electrical Plant.Worked as Maintenance Manager with McCarrens for over 50 years.He was the main  reason for McCarren’s well known reliability and efficiency.George was available 24/7 to maintain and operate the Plant.He was an acknowledged expert at his hobby Boat Building.Survived by his daughters Carmel and Kathleen in Longford and sister Lily Durneen.Rev Anthony Fagan CC officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Butlersbridge.

Death of Phil Shanaghy Lisdarn at the age of 76.Post Office Driver and Postman,popular and obliging .Phil was a native of Potahee.Outstanding footballer with Lacken and Wateraughey.Member of the LDF during the Emergency stationed in Corduff Hall.Survived by wife Julia sons Liam Oliver Joseph Michael daughters Mary and Kathleen Father John McMahon and cousin Father Matt McGaghern officiated at the funeral  from the Cathedral to Potahe Cemetry

Death of Peter Duffy Mons Terrace at the age of 95.Spent most of his life in the British Army and retired to Mons Terrace about 15 years ago.Native of Longford,well known figure around the town with his dog Prince.Father Felim Kelly officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.On the same day his old faithful friend Prince was put down to join Peter in eternity.

September 14th 1984 Terry Smith with a score of 42 wins the Captain’s (Peter Keogh’s Prize) at County Cavan Golf Club 2nd was Dr.Brendan Fay Jim Beirne had the Best Gross Madge Boucher Lady’s Prize and Niall Walsh (Junior) Beginners Prize.

Same Week Ramor United win the Cavan Gaels’ Seven a Side Tournament at Terry Coyle Park beating the Printers in an exciting final.Printers ran out of steam after tempestious Semi Final against Tommy’s Bar.Tankards presented by John Nallen Ulster Bank (The Sponsors).Ramor beat the favourites star studded Loughan House in their Semi Final.Printers Philip Finegan Aidan Watters Seamus Watters P J  Carroll Packie Kiernan Martin Maguire Finbar Donohoe and Mick Cryan.

‘Frozen George’ owned by George Donohoe of the Blackhorse Inn is a winner of The Greggs Apprentice Handicap at Roscommon at 16/1 resulting in only 1 winner of the Tote Jackpot of £1,461.

Twenty Four hour sit in at Wolworths over the poor redundancy packager offered to the 6 staff Pictured Marie Gaffney Sue Walsh  Mary Cumiskey Theresa McEvoy and Sue Brady

Denn captained by Sean Gaffney and powered by Declan Keoghan  win their 1st ever Junior Championship in their 80 year history beating Mountnuggent 2-9 to 1-1 at Breffni Park.

Cork beat Cavan 5-8 to 2-2 in Junior Camogie final at windy Croke Park.Magnificient display by Cavan who were unlucky not to score when they hit the post three times.The skill and guile of the Cork lady’s won the day.Later in the eving a huge crowd gereted the Cavan team which included Lorraine O Neill and Theresa Lynch back home in the pouring rain at the Market Square.

September 21st 1984

Hugh Hayes Assistant Manager Bank of Ireland Cavan is presented with his Institute of Bankers Certificate at a cermony in Dundalk.

Same Week The Church of Ireland Cavan which was built in 1813-1816 at a cost of £4,963-10 with seating capacity of 850 now needs urgent repairs to the Spire which will cost in the region of £30,00.Included in the Church is a silver Communion platter dating from 1625.The present Rector is Canon George Millar MA who replaced Archdeacon Shire in the early 1960s.All donations to George Fairbrother Solicitor Allen and Halpin Cavan.The Consulting Architect is PhilCullivan while the Contractor is Enright Clarke.

Death of Pappy McNamara at the age of 73 Lurganboy Cavan.Along with brothers Bud Kevin and Tom outstanding player with Cavan Harps.Main mover for the formation of the Cavan Gaels from the Harps side back in 1957.Many of the old Harps bitterly opposed the amalgamation with the Cavan Slashers.Emigrated to America in 1964 where he worked as a Bank Security Officer where he was engaged in a gun battle , he was injured but the robber was shot dead.Retired home to his beloved Cavan and the Gaels in 1973.Survived by his wife Margaret son Paddy daughter Phyllis and Ann. Guard of honour at both the removal and funeral was formed by Cavan Gaels .Father Anthony Fagan officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry

Death of Mary Farrelly Saint Mary’s Terrace at the age of 57.Outstanding member of the Cavan Lady’s Darts Team, she won many of the local pub tournaments and had many friends in the Community.Member of the highly respected Kelly family Swellan Cross ,she is survived by husband John sons Willie Jimmy John  Thomas Gerard Noel daughters Eileen Catherine Nora Bernadette and Sharon.Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies Cemetery.

John Cassidy County Manager announces that on the recommendation of the MOH the following are the new trenants of the much sought after Old Folks Houses at bottom of The Cock Hill.1 William West 2 Mary McNamara 3 Frank Carroll 4 Agnes Sexton 5 Mary Maguire 6 Thomas Ruddy 7 Mary Brady and 8 Kathleen Monaghan.P Elliott and Company entertain the residents and dignitaries to a much appreciated meal and refreshments following the opening ceremony and blessing.

Terry Murray MAgr Sc Hort. will give the 1st lecture of the season at Cavan Gardening Club entitlerd ‘Autumn and Winter Colour in the Garden’

Cavan Bridge Club 1984-1985  President Maureen Hunt Captain Delores O Reilly Vice Captain Maura Goodman Secetary Aileen Timoney Assistant Secretary Kay Henry and Treasurer Vera McMahon .

Drumalee are beaten by Laragh United in historic Centenary Final in Ballyconnell 0-16 to 2-7.Drumalee displayed plenty of commitment fitness and endeavour but just didn’t have the players of the calibre of Fionan McDonagh Donal Donohoe and Ray Cullivan (Man of the Match) who accounted for 0-15 of their side’s total of 16 points.Drumalee only scored once in the second half until a late flourish when Philip Maguire scored two brilliant goals and put them in with a last minute chance of at least snatching a draw.A crowd of 4,800 paid record gate receipts of  £8,959 in perfect weather conditions on a small tight pitch which added to the great atmosphere and sense of occasion.

Cavan Parish win silver in Hardcourt Tennis at the Community Games at Mosney Pictured are Josephine Brady (Coach) Daragh Donohoe Helen O Mahoney Dominick McCabe Doris Fitzpatrick Fergal Maguire and Grace O Mahoney.

Pictured are the members of the new Cavan Hockey Club training at the Vocational School Wilma Browner Carmel McGee Mary Gannon (Secretary) Fidelma O Brien (Chair)  Paula Caffrey (Vice Chair) Aenid O Driscoll (Captain) Peggy O Reilly Kathleen Reilly and Fiona McKay

September 28th 1984 Pictured on front page is the erection of 34 3 bedroom semi detached houses to be known as ‘Harmony Heights’.The scheme is being constructed by McCaughey Construction Dundalk.Prices range from £25,475 to £29,775.

Same Week George Crowe is the Fianna Fail replacement for May Reilly RIP on Cavan Urban Council.

Sudden death of Eddie Reilly Cavan and Sligo at the residence of his father in law Johnny Donohoe in Bridge Street.Like his father Ned, Eddie was Manager of Cavan ESSO Station but was living in Sligo.He had just returned from a game of golf at the Cavan Club when he took ill.Survived by his wife Essie  sons Edward John and Gerald and daughter Margaret, brothers Mel and Keneth sisters Rosaleen and Marie..Funeral from Sligo Cathedral to Starden Cemetery.

Delores O Reilly from Drumalee is the new Captain at Cavan Bridge Club.

Niall O Brien and Brian O Grady are the Cavan representatives on the AIB team to tour the USA taking in New York Boston ad Chicago over the next three weeks.

October 5th 1984 Monochrome TV License is increased from £34 to £39 while the colour is increased from £52 to £57.

Same Week P Elliott and Company are the Contractors for the new Pavillion at Cavan Rugby Club.Pictured signing the deal are Thomas Young Paddy McManus Peter Pollock  Harry Hunt and Noel Elliott representing the Contractors.

Recorded Music Society 1984-1985 Chair John Smith Secretary Angela Smith Treasurer Sheila Crotty and PRO John Smith.

Denn win the Willie Doonan Junior Tournament beating Killeshandra 3-12 to 1-11 in the final at the Terry Coyle Park.Oliver Shields of the Frnham Hotel presents the trophy while P J Carrol Chairman presents the plaques sponsored by AOR to the winning team.

Cavan Gaels retain their Senior Hurling title beating Woodford Gaels 2-5 to 1-7 in an exciting and very entertaing Centenary Final in Brefni Park.Scorers for the Gaels. PJ Kelly 0-4 Jim Ivers 1-0 each Jim Fraher 0-1.The Gaels showed courage and determination in defence of their crown.

October 12th 1984 1st ever Harvest Thanksgiving in Cavan Cathedral.Altar decorated with seasonal fruits and crops by Cavan Gardening Club.Father Des O Dowd Adm celebrated Mass while Bishop Frank McKiernan preached the homily.

Same Week Death of the very well known and popular Mary E Fay widow of Charles Drapers Upper Main Street.Nee Cliford, she hailed from Lisnaskea and was in business with her husband Charles in Cavan since 1937.She was an actve member of all the Church religious groups including the Legion of Mary and Saint Josep’s Young Priests Society.She is survived by her daughters Eleanor and Theresa. and sisters Winifred Keenan and Rosaleen Coyle (Clones).Father Anthony Fagan CC officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Death of Sean Brady formerly Saint Felim’s Place in England at the age of 51.Before emigrating he was a skilled electrician with Smyth’s Electrical 60 Main Street.Fiery forward for both Cavan Harps and Cavan Juniors.He is survived by his wife Dorie and daughter Virginia.Funeral from Saint Joseph’s Highgate London.

Death of a Living Saint Rose Ann Coffey Emmett Place at the age of 83.Deeply religious and charitable ,she spoke well of all.Native of Potahee she was married to Walter a master butcher in Black’s of Bridge Street.She is survived by her son Phelim.Funeral from the Cathedral to Potahee.

Cavan Rugby Club are top of the League following their exciting win over NIFC at home.Sean McKirnan (Capt) is again the hero,the captain scores the first try of their new season.Frank Walls added a second try and the win was based on very sharp tackiling notably by Kane and O Reilly.Team M Clegg P O Reilly A Acheson F Walls M Kane J Browner Gordon O Bric Eric Trenier M Fay PJ Quinn Johnny Fortune S Richmond Gerry Lennon Sean McKiernan (Captain) and Brian Lee.

October 19th 1984 Shona Swords representing Loreto College daughter of Michael and Bernadette from Moynehall is the winner of the poster competition and The Father Des O Dowd Cup for her brilliant sketch entitled ‘Our Door Is Always Open’ for the Night Shelter competition sponspred by the local branch of the Saint Vincent De Paul.Runners Up include Christy Benn Claire McEnroe Helen O Reilly and Pauric Nallen.

Same Week Barry McGuigan hammers Felipe Ortego of Columbia to bring him one step closer to a shot a the World featherweight crown before a capacity 8,000 fans  in the Kings Hall Belfast.

October 26th 1984 Tommy Wade’s world famous horse Dundrum dies at his county Tipperary farm at the age of 33.Winner of 2 Agha Khan trophies and numerous prizes throughout the world during his illustrious show jumping career.

Same Week John Wilson TD opens annual Art Exhibition in the Protestant Hall.Over 200 exhibits from Dublin Cavan Leitrim Meath Westmeath and Fermanagh.Special school exhibition with exhibits from Loreto and Cavan Vocational School.

Kitty Quiin member of the famous Fay family from  Drumconnick wins $1 million dollars in New York State Lottery..Kitty is married to Martin from County Clare and they have two boys  aged 14 and 15.

Death of Joseph Anthony (Poly) McCabe in West Bromwich England.Son of the late Joe McCabe Saint Aidan’s Cavan.

 Film on the life of the well known holy Italian priest Padre Pio who died in 1968 in the Town Hall admission is £1.Eileen Maguire Director of the Information Office for Padre Pio will give the lecture and exhibit the glove worn by Padre Pio.

Cavan CYMS 1984 1985 Presidents Andrew Cafferty Ned Sharkey James McCormack Chairman Charlie Leddy Vice Chairman Michael Breslin Secretary Pat Kinsella Assistant Secretary Jimmy Mulcahy Joint Treasurers Paddy O Reilly and JimFay  Spiritual Director Father John McMahon.Comittee Aidan Crossan Bernard Sharkey  Tom McCusker Richard Cassidy Tomy McKiernan and Hugh Maguire..

Community Games Chairman Ray Griffith Vice Chairman Tommy Connolly.Secretary Tony Looney Treasurer John McDermott and PRO Paddy Carroll UDC.

Eamonn Brady Drumalee is pictured receiving the premier IPBS Marketing award at Dundalk Regional College.Son of Pauline and the late Eamonn Drumalee.

Martin Lawless wins the Plate competition at the Ulster Racquetball Championships in Cootehill.First Provincial title won by the Saint Pat’s Club.

Cavan Gaels win  the Roinn A Under 14 title beating Crosserlough in the replay by 1-8 to 0-6 in Crosskeys.Total transformation after the interval.Michael Fallon’s move to midfield was decisive and the Gaels forwards thrived on the better supply.Scorers for the Gaels Niall Lynch  1-0 Michael Fallon 0-2 Stephen Connolly 0-2 Andrew Griffith Cian Byrne  and Stephen Johnston 0-1 each Team Eddie Cooke Peter Cassidy Eamonn Donohoe Paul Jermyn P McEntee Noel Galligan David Meade Michael Fallon Niall Carolan Cian Byrne Niall Lynch Andrew Griffith and Leo Costello. Referee Tommy Lyons (Drumalee).

November 2nd 1984

Death of the very popular Molly McDowell Mons Terrace at the age of 85.Member of an old respected Cavan family.She was predeceased by her husband Ben (War Veteran and Post Man).Molly was a good neighbour and friend and very religious.She is survived by her son Ben and daughters Phyllis Kathleen and Theresa.Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Same Week Centenary Photographic Exhibition entitled the ‘GAA in Action’ results in a win of £75 for Paddy McAdam with Frank McCormick Cootehill Road 2nd.Presentation by Fintan Tierney in Cavan Gaels Clubhouse.

Mass in the Poor Clare Convent to mark the Silver Jubilee of D Company 8th Infantry FCA Cavan.

Margaret English receives a scroll and £75 in recognition of the Tidy Town’s performance of Cavan voted the most improved town of its size in the Lakeland area..

Rev Gene Mackeral is ordained Minister at Cavan Presbyterian Church.She is one of a family of 12 of the Litchen family Kill Cootehill.Married to farmer Nigel Mackeral Stone Bridge Clones.She is the second woman in the Presbyterian Church to be ordained the other is Miss Patterson Belfast Presbytery.Rev Gene will minister in Billis Cavan Drumkeerin Derrylane and Croghan Killeshandra as assistant to Rev John Mawn (Clones).

Charlie Leddy (Chairman Cavan CYMS) expresses his delight that the Annual Icebreaker’s Christmas Swim at Rann Point will be in aid of the Cavan CYMS Building Fund.

Eddie Brady President of Cavan Chamber of Commerce and native of Urney Ballinagh is voted Cavan Person of the Year by the Cavan Men’s Association in Dublin..He will be presented with his trophy at the 26th Annual Dinner in the Green Isle Hotel.

November 9th 1984 Ronnie Delaney Olympic Gold medallist at the 1956 Melbourne Olympics will open the Seminar entitled Fitness and Injuries in Sport hosted by Cavan Vocational Committee.Contributors include Eugene McGeee Cavan GAA Team Manager  Dr Moira O Brien and Dr Tony Watson from Thomond College Limerick.

Same Week Kilmore Regional Council CBSI 1984-1985 Chairman Danny O Hanlon Vice Chairman Joe Brennan (Ballyjamesduff) Secretary Joe Donnolly (Teemore) Treasurer Rosaleen Cosgrove (Teemore) Commissioner Kevin Killduff and Chaplain Father Torlac O Reilly (Drung).New Units in Drung and Laragh were affiliated.

Cavan CBSI AGM Chairman Joe Cullivan Secretary Roisin O Reilly Treasurer Sean Sharkey Unit Leader Danny O Hanlon and Chaplain Father Anthony Fagan

Icebreakers Committee 1984 Chairman Alex Moran Vice Chairman Willie Mimnagh Secretary Elizabeth Smith and Treasurer Enda Smith.Committee Johnny and Brian McCormack Jacinta Walsh San Walsh Frank Coyle and Jim Gillhooley.

Restoration of Cavan Parish Church in progress pictured are Phil Cullivan Consulting Architect explaining some of the finer detail to David Small (Church Warden) Enright Clarke (Building Contractor) Basil Clarke (Church Warden) and Canon George Millar Rector Cavan Parish.


November 16th 1984 Strand Players Dublin with their play ‘Death Watch’ win The Cavan One Act Drama Festival in the Town Hall .Adjudicator remarks that their performance was beautifully interpetated and orchestrated.Cloonclare Players win the Confined Section.While the Strand Player’s’Marie Shalvey is Best Producer and  Paul Kenneddy Best Actor.

Same Week Light Aircraft with 9 on board breaks up in mid air over Easbourne.Among the dead are Kevin Marron (Editor Sunday World) John Feeney (Evening Herald) Tony Henneghan (Irish Independent) Niall Hanley (Editor Evening Herald) and Pat Gibbons (Owner of Jules Night Club Baggott Street and the Sands Hotel Portmarnock).

Poor reception for the announcement that Hamilton Brothers Shercock are to build the new evelopment of 32 house (Laragh Crescent) for Cavan UDC at a cost  of £1,291500.All of the Councillors express keen disappointment that a local contractor was not engaged..Paddy O Reilly says that all materials and labour must be sourced locally and not imported from the North.

The Anglo Irish Agreement is signed giving the Republic a formal role in the North’s affairs for the 1st time.Personal triumph for Taoiseach Garrett Fitzgerald .
Ecumenical blessing of Old Folk’s Houses at Cock Hill by Rt Rev Gilbert Wilson DD Bishop of Kilmore Rev John Mann Presbyterian Minister and Rev Father Des O Dowd Adm .Oliver Malone Chairman UDC presided. The Council and its guests at the ceremony were entertained to lunch by the Contractors to the Houses P Elliott and Company Cavan.The Architects were Gaffney Cullivan Cavan

Saint Pats win the An Taisce Quiz and Perpetual Shield at Cavan Teacher’s Centre while Cavan Vocational were runners up

November 23rd 1984 Death of Rose Ann McDermott Mitchell Street in London at the age of 63.Member of an old established Cavan family noted for Hawking .She was widow of William and 25 years in England.She is survived by her sons Tommy Bill daughters Aine and Eileen brothers Jimmy and Simon and sister Nancy in London.Funeral in England.

Same Week Death of Mary Ann Hennessy Cock Hill at the age of 59.Native of Castletara she is survived by her brother Matt sister Bridie.Rev Peter McPartland officiated at the funeral to Castletara Cemetery.

Cavan Post Office win their second All Ireland title beating the holders Dublin by 1-7 to 1-3 in a thrilling final in cold windy and frosty conditions at Croke Park.Local representatives on the team are Jimmy Fay Fergus and John Costello Mark Goldrick.3 buses travelled from Cavan to cheer their colleagues to their 2nd All Ireland which they first won in 1973.Scorers for Cavan F McCabe 1-0 Jim McCabe 0-3 Jimmy Fay 0-2 and Mark Goldrick and Sean Kelly 0-1 each. Cavan’s determination and fight were decisive in a wonderful win.Team  Liam McCabe M Brady Fergus Costello Eamonn Dalton Gerry McGovern G McMeel  John Costello F Kelly Jim McCabe  Sean Kelly Mark Goldrick Jim Fay Mickey Reilly  Sub PJ Leddy for Mark Goldrick (injured)

Racquetball Doubles Finals at Saint Pats Senior won by Eamonn McEntee and Seamus Watters beating Aidan Watters and Father Pat Smith.Paul and Adrian Ronan beat Brendan Crowe and Gabriel Cullivan to win the Novice Doubles.sponsored by Cavan Crystal.

Cavan Arts Society 1984 Chair Mervyn Johnston Vice Chair Dolie Cullivan Secretary Eamonn Gaffney Treasurer Viola Cole  PRO Pat Nally.

Divorce Action Group host a seminar in the Imperial Hotel entitled ‘Marriage Breakdown in Ireland –The Consequences’

Paul Connolly son of Theresa and Michael Farnham Stret is conferred with his Diploma in Opthalmic Optics and wins the Harte Barry Prize for the outstanding student at the College of Technology Kevin Street Dublin.

November 30th 1984 Famine crisis in Ethiopia results in a special collection in the Parish which amounts to a very generous £18,515 which will be distributed by Trocaire.

Same Week 4 Cavan runners Paul Myles Seamus Fallon Noel Teahan and Michéal Smyth donate £1500 sponsorship from their recent Dublin City Marathon run to Cavan Lions Club for the Christmas Party for the Handicapped.

Amanda Sheridan only daughter of Tom and Eithne 47 Highfield Road

 wins the Under 11 title at Rossinver Feis and qualifies for the World Step Dancing Championships at Easter in the Gresham Hotel Dublin.Amanda is a member of the Coffey School of DancingClones.

December 7th 1984 Re Hab are moving to their new custom built premises at Moynehall at a cost of £260,000.It will cost a further £130,000 to equip the new premises.

Same Week J P (Jim) McKiernan formerly Owen Roe Terrace is elected to the State Senate at Regional Elections in Australia.Jim aged 39 is 12 years in Australia and has a wife and 3 childrem.He is the Educational Oficer with the Amalagamated Metal Workers and Shipwright Union..

Sudden death of Tom Moore Steward to Lord Farnham following a trip to Dublin airport to collect Lord Farnham.Member of the Kilmore Brass Band where he played the clarinet.Served his time with Dean Askins in Danesfort,he was 25 years with Lord Farnham Survived by his wife Marion and daughters Elizabeth and Linda .Rev Canon Millar offictaed at the funeral from Kilmore Cathedral to the adjoining cemetery.

Death of the very popular Bernadette Graham Cathedral Road at the age of 51.Survivor of the tragic Poor Clare Convent Fire of February1943 Bernadette was kind generous and obliging to everybody.She exonerated the nuns completely from any wrong doing and visited the Convent on a regular basis.Member of many of the local religious organisations, she had a legion of friends in Cavan.Native of Deanery Street Belturbet,she is survived by her brother James sisters Madge Josie  Eithne Kathleen Claire and Frances .Rev John McMahon officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

24 hour Custom Strike on the Border is a ‘God Send’ for thousands of Christmas shoppers where there are no checks on the Irish side for the 1st time since the foundation of the State.The 700 customs men are striking in support of better conditions and subsistence.

Dominick Sherian and Maurice Brady win the County Doubles 40 x 20 Handball title for Cavan Gaels in Cootehill beating Kingscourt 21-9 21 16 with Sheridan using his spin service to great effect.

Cavan beat Dublin in titanic darts match while Rosaleen Smith is Player of the Tournament in Darts match against Monaghan at the Meadow View.

Retirement of Paul Caffrey NEHB and Cavan County Council whom he served faithfully for 38 years is marked by the presentation of a colour TV and cheque by Niall Walsh Hospital Administrator.Pictured are Niall Walsh Tom Brady (Maintenance Craftsman) Brian Daly (Foreman) Paul Caffrey John Byson (Social Committee) Noel Cosgrove (Maintenance Foreman) and Anna OReilly (Assistant Matron)

Cavan Gaels beat County Champions Laragh United 2-6 to 1-7 to qualify for the Wilie Donan Senior Final at Terry Coyle Park.Outstanding team performance with Kevin McNamara Joe O Connor  Kevin O Grady Jimmy Fay  Tommy Fay Packy Kiernan and Minor star Sean McDermott contributing most to their win and qualification to play Drumalee in the Final.Scorers for the Gaels Martin Maguire 2-0 Jimmy Fay 0-4 and Charlie Prendergast  and Philip Finegan 0-1 each.Referee was Gerry O Rourke (Kilygarry).

December 14th 1984 Garda Sergeant Anthony Bendan Sexton retires after 30 years service to the force.Spent his early years in the Brideswell and later transferred as Sergeant to Quin County Clare in 1964.Winner of the Scott medal for bravery in 1976 when he entered a burning house in Quin and rescued children  from the inferno.Followed in father’s footsteps and played football with the Slashers and County teams.Deeply interested in athletics ,he was a personal friend of Billy Morton and brought some of the biggest stars in Irish and International athletics to the annual sports day in Quin including Ronnie Delaney Noel Carroll Tom O Riordan Billy Twoomey (USA).Brendan his wife Kathleen and family will continue to live in Quin..

Same Week Peter Keogh and Mary Donohoe are the new Captains at Couny Cavan Golf Club for the 1985 Season.

Christopher Joseph (Noel) O Reilly dies in Newcastle.Native of Aranmore Farnham Road he was 40 years in England.Survived by brothers Seamus Brian and sisters Phyllis and Mary.

Tragic death of Barney Buckley Emmett Place at the age of 40.Popular with everyone Barney was industrious and reliable.Worked with many of  the local building  contractors and with Cavan UDC.Survived by his brothers and sisters.Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

34 pupils from Loreto College tour the Irish Stock Exchange accompanied by their teachers Carmel Dolan and Kathleen Fahy.

Cavan Open Racquetball in Saint Pats attracts a huge talented entry from all over Ireland including Pat Duignam and his wife Marie the Irish Number 1s who won their respective sections in scintillating exhibitions. Mick Ryan won the C and D category in impressive fashion.Tony Greenan Cootehill won the A and B Plate while local Councillor Oliver Malone was in sparkling form to win the C and D Plate.Seamus and Aidan Watters took the C and D Doubles title in impressive style.

P C Donohoe is honoured by an Post for his contribution to the development of the GAA in Cavan with their Centenary Award.Paddy is a native of College Street and ‘Saint Anthonys’ Glenside Road,Played senior football with Cavan Slashers and the County.It is as an administrator he is most noted holding the posts of Treasurer Chairman and Representative to Ulster Council.As a mark of the work he did in the development of Breffni Park (it was Paddy that initiated the drive for a proper stand and accommodation),he has ben appointed to the Grounds Development Committee of The Ulster Council.Paddy who is overseer in Cavan Post Ofice had the foresight to initiate the project for Father Dan Gallogly to write the History of the GAA in Cavan-the first history of its kind for any County in Ireland.

Cavan Town the League leaders in devestating form as they beat Longford Wanderers 7-0 Team John Heffernan Peter Burns Tommy Fay Cecil O Reilly Hubert Smith Manus Birt Bobby Bury Brian Carmichael Des Gardiner Tom (Bomber) Byrne and Gene Cullivan Sub Billy Sheridan for Robbie Bury (Injured).

Charlie Moore the legendary Cavan boxer of the late 1940s and 1950s is pictured giving some classy tips to members of the new Cavan Boxing Club in the Sports Complex.

December 21st 1984 Bombshell Judgement by the Supreme Court rules that “The Minister for Health is not empowered to discontinue the Maternity or Paediatric Services in Monaghan General Hospital”.Work on the new Cavan General Hospital is continuing while the Minister studies the judgement.Over £80,000 was collected in Monaghan to fund the campaign and the promoters are stated to be very happy with the outcome.

Same Week Launch of the annual Christmas Road Safety Campaign .Pictured are Peter Hayden (County Secretary) Andrew Boylan (Chair Cavan County Council) Supt. Frank Hanley and Colm Smith (Road Safety Oficer for Cavan)

Desmond O Malley launches the Progressive Democrats made up almost entirely of Fianna Fail dissidents who are opposed to Charles Haughey.

Kevin Moore beats Kevin McRory (Smithboro) in featherweight contest at the 1st tournament sponsored by the new boxing club in the Town Hall and in the bout of the night Hughie Sheridan had the capacity crowd on their feet as he out pointed Frank Hearty (Dundalk) on points in the all action middleweight contest.

Rory Hayden and Garett Fortune join forces under the name Hayden Fortune and Company Solicitors Credit Union House Ballinagh. Phone 37495.

Results of Annual UDC Garden Competition Amenity Zone 1 Brigid McGrath 5 Saint Felim’s Place Zone 2 Mary Murray 28 Tullac Mongan Zone 3 Patrick Hand 17 Owen Roe Zone 4 John Wrynne 15 Saint Martins .Vegetables Zone 1 Michael Bravendar 34 Saint Felim’s Place  Zone 2 Mrs Brady 30 Tullac Mongan  Zone 3 John O Rourke 9 Jubilee Zone 4 Anthony McCaul 24 John Paul Zone 5.Margaret Clarke 38 Saint Felim’s Place.

Death of Rev Dean Turkington Danesfort at the age of 71.Native of Lurgan County Armagh, he took his MA in Trinity and was ordained in 1937.Served in Belturbet Castletara and Bailieborough.He was appointed Dean of Kilmore in 1957.Secretary of the Church of Ireland Diocesan Synod. He founded branches of the Boys and Girls Brigade throughout the Diocese. Founder member of the Kilmore Brass and Reed Band.Vice Chair of the Board of Governors Cavan Royal School. Quiet and reserved the Dean had a remarkable intellect and was much sought after dinner speaker. Founder member of the 1st Cavan Rugby Club at Loreto when among his playing colleagues was Paddy McManus and Edward O Hanlon.He was also an outstanding badminton and table tennis player. Survived by his wife Kathleen (Buda) daughters Maureen and Olive. Bishop Gilbert Wilson presided at the funeral from Kilmore Cathedral where among the huge gathering of clergy were Bishop Moore former Bishop of Kilmore Canons Millar Richey and Archdeacon George Cave.Dean Robert Christoher Howard Turkington was interred in Kilmore Graveyard.

Kieran Cullivan Lecturer at the College of Marketing and Design Dublin is holding a very successful exhibition at the Bank of Ieland Cavan.

John McKay CEO Vocational School informs his Committee that he has secured £25,000 from the European Social Fund for the purchase and installation of Computers in every school in the County.Seamus Dolan asks has the Fire Service been informed of this development as he was less than impressed with all the wires required for computing as seen in the pilot scheme at Cavan Vocational School!Senator Andy O Brien congratulates the CEO on procuring the grant and says this will be a great boost to schools in their area..S Lynch congratulated the CEO on his publication outlining the case for a 3rd Level College in Cavan.The installation of the computers in the Cavan schools strengthens the Cavan case for the early provision of a 3rd Level College .

December 28th 1984 17th Annual Icebreaker’s Christmas Swim most popular to date in mild weather at Rann Point.Proceeds of £1,050 are presented to the Cavan CYMS for the Building Fund while Sean Walsh is made an honary life member of Cavan CYMS in recognition of his 17th swim and big effort in promoting this year’s event.Youngest Swimmer 4 year old Liam Mimnagh Youngest Girl 3 year old Irene Armstrong .SenatorAndy O Brien sends the swimmers on their way while the Certificates to each swimmer were awarded by Cavan Chamber of Commerce.

Same Week Tragic death of Geraldine Logan (Nee Smith) at the age of 28.Native of Glasdrumond, she was very popular and well known.Survived by her husband Michael daughter Michelle and parents Mr and Mrs Benny Smith.Funeral on Christmas Day from Saint Brigid’s Church to the adjoining Cemetery..

Death of Annie Lawlor Saint Brigid’s Terrace at the age of 87.Widow of Patrick, she was gentle humourous and charitable.Enjoyed a daily punt on the horses and was an expert on all aspects of horse racing and form.She is survived by her sons Philip Patsy Peter daughters Ann Susan and Eileen and sister Mary Higgins 7 Jubilee.

Sympathy is extended to Bridie Smith (PA) on the death of her mother Mary A O Brien Park Road Longford .Her late husband Dan O Brien was for many years Manager of the Longford Leader.

January 3rd 1985 Bank of England one pound note in operation since 1797 is replaced by the one pound sterling coin.

Same Week Telecom Eireann launch their new mobile phone which enables extension from land numbers.

Twenty Four Hour Christmas Fast for Ethiopia netts £1,368.Sister Ann led the choir on her guitar and beautiful strong singing voice.

Packed Community Centre in Killeshandra say goodbye to the Holy Rosary Sisters who have been domiciled among them since 1924.An inscribed silver tray and substantial cheque was presented to the Superior Sister Theresa Stapleton on behalf of the people of Killeshandra.In returning thanks she says that the order has always been known as the ‘Killeshanda Nuns’ and she and the sisters would wish that they would in the future be known by that name.The Mother House in Cavan will be named ‘Klleshandra House’ in honour of the generosity and kindness of the people of Killeshandra.In 1924 when they first came to purchase Drumullae House and adjoining lands they had no money but the local business community and the Co Op went guarantor for them in the Bank.The spirit of cooperation and outstanding charity from the local community will forever be remembered by the Nuns.The enormous changes wrought by Vatican 2 and the lack of vocations has meant that their present building is much too large and thy are locating to a more central economic premises for the future retirement of the Community.Open air Mass will be celebrated at the Convent as their final act of gratitude to the people of Killeshandra.

The great John Joe O Reilly from Cavan is named at Centre Half Back on the GAA Team of the Century and a postage stamp is issued by an Post to mark the event.

Cavan Gaels  beat Drumalee in a thrilling climax to the Willie Doonan Senior Tounament 1-8 to 1-5 at the Terry Coyle Park.The game was a thriller living up to all the pre match hype.Coditions were perfect and a good crowd who paid gate receipts of £560 witnessed a very sporting contect where football was the real winner.Scorers for the Gaels Martin Maguire 1-1 Kevin O Grady 0-3 and Brian O Grady 0-3 Jimmy Fay Joe O Connor 0-1 each.Drumalee replied per Joey O Keefe 1-0  Felim Costello 0-2 Paddy McGovern Tom Cunningham and John Costello 0-1 each. Gaels Aidan Elliott Myles McEntee Brian Lynch Kevin McNamara Tommy Fay John McHugh Charlie Donohoe (Captain) Packy Kiernan Pat McNamara  Joe O Connor Jimmy Fay Martin Maguire Kevin O Grady Brian O Grady and Pauraic O Connor .Referee Gerry O Rourke (Killygarry) Noel Elliott on behalf of the sponsors P Elliott and Company presented the trophy and silver tankards to the winners after the game

Mass for Peace in the Cathedral is co celebrated by the Bishop Francis McKiernan Father Des O Dowd Adm and Father Felim Kelly CC.the Bishop preached the Homily on ‘Peace’

January 10th 1985 Brother David formerly of the De La Salle School Cavan is ordained a priest in Pretoria South Africa.Father James Delaney is presently stationed in the Cathedral Pretoria.As a De La Salle brother he taught in Ireland South Africa Muritius and Nigeria.

Death of Betty McSweeney late of Rathcorrick and Templeogue Dublin at the age of 45.Survived by her husband Frank sons Brian Declan and Gerard daughter Frances mother Mary brothers Father Benny Jim sisters Maura (McFaul) Madeline (McCormack) and Ann. Funeral from Saint Jude’s Willington Templeogue to Bohernabreena cemetery.

C60 make guest appearance on ‘Davis At Large’ on RTE.The Group recently released their new hit single ‘Reaching Out’ now have 7 singles and 1 album on release and are managed by former MightyAvon Peter Smith from Carrickmore Ballyhaise..

Drumalee GFC 1985 President Charlie Smith Vice Presidents Denis O Keefe Tommy Walsh Sean Walsh Tommy Greenan  Paul Caffrey and Pippy Smith.Chairman Matthew O Reilly Vice Chair Brian Lee Secretary Gordon O Bric Assistant Secretary Sean Leddy and Treasurer Frank Lyons Assistant Treasurer Brian Comiskey PRO John Lynch Irish Officer Paddy McGovern and Registrar Joe Freeman.

Death of Elizabeth Smith Pullamore at the age of 80.Last of a family of 5 highly regarded and respected in the Community.She moved from Pullamore to Lower Lavey 5 years ago.Funeral from Saint Brigid’s Killygarry to the adjoining cemetery.

January 17th 1985 Justice Thomas A Finlay succeeds Tom O Higgins as Chief Justice.His Grandfather was the 1st Secretary of Cavan County Council residing at Killynebber House (John Conlon’s).His brother William A Finlay SC is a fomer Governor of the Bank of Ireland.The new Chief Justice was  TD in the Coalition Government from 1954 -1957 and is a nephew of Eileen Maloney (Glenauileen) Cootehill Road.

Same Week Sudden death of Johnny Donophoe Bridge Street at the age of 80..Native of Urney Butlrsbridge Johnny set up business in Bridge Stret over 50 years ago and established a thriving grocery vegetable fishing tackle shop while his wife Alice was the proprietor of a busy Restaurant that was a household name in Cavan for generations.In the early years Johnny rented back gardens to grow the vegetables and always had a fresh stock available as a result of his industry and  enterprise.Founder member of Cavan Anglers Club ,he was over 50 years involved with the Club..Predeceased by his wife Alice he is survived by his sons Father Pat SSC Johnny Noel Eamonn daughters Anne Essie Celine Margaret and Alice.Father Pat Donohoe was the chief celebrant of Mass in the Cathedral where he was joined by colleagues fom the Columbans and the Diocese with Bishop McKiernan presiding..Father Des O Dowd Adm. officiated at the interment in Butlesbridge cemetery.

Death of Bernard Joseph (Benny ) Hannigan Ashe Stret at the age of 60.Best known as a very successful Hackney Man Benny started his life as a progressive hard working farmer in Cullentra Castletara.Purchased the Hackney business of Eddie Flood Bridge Stree, he built it up to be a hive of activity day and night.Member of the Rosary Group ,a large part of his business was religious excursions where along with driving the bus Benny took a full part in the ceremonies.Brancardier at Knock Benny was known the lenghth and breath of the country.In his early life he was an outstanding Irish dancer and won many honours with his group which included Willie Mimnagh and Seamus (Lilter) Fay.Tremendous supporter of Camogie, he refereed many of the games and presented medals and trophies for competition.He was actively involved with the Red Cross Social Services Irish Wheelchair Association and Chamber of Commerce.Survived by his wife Margaret mother Mary Ann Hannigan sisters Maura Rita and Evelyn and Sister Rosina.

Death of Bridget (Baby ) Whelan at the age of 88 a member of the famous business family from Mohill.Established a business in Cavan in 1936 with her two sisters Eileen and Kathleen and through good management and enterprise built it into a thriving concern catering for Souvenirs Toys Confectionery and Expresso Coffee.The premises were a hive of activity from early moring to late at night and the coffee shop was frequented by customers and staff from the adjoining Post Office and Telephone Exchange.Brigid took an active part in the War of Independence and was attached to the South Leitrim Cumainn Na Mbhan as a courier.Sheis survived by her brohers Tom Denis Gery and Jim and sister Minnie Connolly (Cavan).Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry

January 24th 1985 Much deserved honour for Tommy Gilroy as Cavan County Board name the Gael’s man ‘Clubman of the Year’.Tommy was actively involved in the Re Development of Breffni Park which reopened in 1952.Delegate to the County Board Tommy is known as the ‘Great Debater’ presenting the Gaels’ point of view in a clear concise sensible manner.

Same Week Death of Benny Dunne in Manchester at the age of 66.Native of Saint Brigid’s Terrace he spent over 40years in England.Before emigrating worked with McCormacks in the Egg Market.Suvived in Cavan by brother John Joe and sister Brigid Quinn Rosculligan.

Sympathy is extended to Garda Joe O Connor Shantemon and Cavan Gaels on the death of his father Patrick Glenmore Ballintubber Claremorris County Mayo.Funeral was from Ballintubber Abbey.

January 31st 1985 Wesley Anderson is appointed Advertising and Sales Manager Anglo Celt.He has been 18 years a member of the web off set staff.Native of Derrylane Arva.He was educated at Derrylane NS Royal School Cavan and Bolton Street College of Technology.Married to Dorothy (Nee Fanin) they have three daughters Michelle Elaine and Gayle.

Same Week Ray Griffith on behalf of his colleagues in the Anglo Celt presents Jimmy McEntee with a decanter of Cavan Crystal to mark Jimmy’s 57 year service..Ray presents Jimmy’s wife Josephine with a bouquet of flowers to celebrate the event.

Death of Sean Lee CC TC Kilconney Belturbet.Consummate politician represented Belturbet as a Fianna Fail Councillor with grace and style for nearly 60 years.

Death of Patrick Dowd Corhoogan at the age of 70.Rate Collector with Cavan County Council and deep interest in traditional Irish music.Survived by his brothers Michael sisters Mary Isobel Margaret and Susan.Funeral from Saint Brigid’s Church Killygarry to the adjoining cemetery.

Death of the very popular David Lee at the age of 33.Great character with a terrific sense of humour he was extremely well known and cherished in the Community.Outstanding singer he took part in many of the Boy Scouts Pantomomes in the Town Hall.Very clever and witty he could sum up a situation in a few well chosen humerous words.He is survived by his father Phil mother Ellen and brother Patsy.Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Death of Helen Gavin formerly Sexton fom Connolly Street in Dublin.She was a Nurse in Saint Ultans Hospital and was the first to pull a ticket at the Irish Hospitals Sweepstake.Survived by her husband Richard brother Jim sisters Gretta and Molly.

Cavan Gaels 1985  Presidents Maurice Brady and Paddy Conaty Chairman Tony Looney Vce Chair Tommy Gilroy Secretary Maurcie Hoare Assistant Secretary  Michael Flynn Treasurer Michael Flynn PRO J J O Reilly Delegates to County Board Tommy Gilroy and P J Carroll Irish Officr Paddy Reilly.Team Captains 1985 Senior Jimmy Fay Vice Captain Packie Kienan Junior Jimmy Sheridan Vice Captain John Conaty Under 21 Paul Leddy and Vice Captain John McHugh

Death of Patrick (Pappy ) Lynch Fair Geen Hill.Over 30 years in England, he was an annual visitor home.Worked on the Land Project Scheme of the 1950s before it was transferred to private contractors..Survived by his sisters Delia (Gumley) and Ann (O Rourke)

Death of Packy Newmann Lisdeegan Ballyhaise at the age of 70.Packy was one of the leading GAA personalties in the County.Father of Kathleen Murray Billis.Funeral from Saint Patrick’s Castletara to the adjoining cemetery.

February 7th 1985 Death of Father Jimmy O Reilly PP VG Cootehill at the age of  80.Born in New York,outstanding Churchman ,he came to Cavan as Adm in 1943 and supervised the completion and consecration of the magnificient new Cathedral.Extremely popular and gregarious he was an excellent Solo player and member of the CYMS Number 1 Card School.Among the clergy at the funeral from Saint Michaels Church were Bishops Joe Duffy Clogher and Bishop Francis McKienan who officiated.Ray Carr is pictured as one of the people carrying Father Jimmy’s coffin to its final resting place in Cootehill.

Same Week American space shuttle ‘Challenger’ explodes killing all 7 astronauts aboard witnessed by onlookers including familes and millions on TV around the world..The 5 men and 2 women were just 1 minute into their flight at Cape Canaveral Florida.Crew led by Commander Dick Scobbie aged 46 . Christa McAuliffe aged 37 married with 2 children was a teacher and hoped to be the 1st civilian in space.

Tommy Cullivan is Chairman of the 30 strong Irish Association of Irish Composers.Tommy is son of Joe and Mary Cullivan 29 Cathedral Road.

Death of George Smith Farnadolly brother of Eadie Condron and James Smith.Rev Bishop Gilbert Wilson officiated at the funeral from Kilmore Cathedral to the adjoining cemetery.

Denis O Keefe is in training in the Sports Complex on new weight machine for his proposed 84 mile  3 day row from Butlersbridge to the Atlantic scheduled for Saint Patrick’s Day 1986.

Cavan’s 8th International Song Contest is televised live on RTE 1 from 8-9.Carmel Duffy’s entry ‘An Irish Dream’ will be sung by ‘Just Frenz’.

Hughie Sheridan at Middleweight is the star attraction at the new Cavan Boxing Club.Just misses out in Cavan Monaghan Boxing Finals in Castleblayney when two public warnings for improper use of the head shades the decision in favour of Tony Murray the Smithboro representative.Brian McKeown and Ron Tidy Cavan Boxing Club’s trainers are reported to be “dismayed by the decision”Martin Maughan lands the 1st ever title for the new Club when he wins the Schoolboy’s 36 Kilo Championship.Jimmy Farrelly in his 1st competitive outing starts like a whirlwind but his lack of fitness tells in round two when he is stopped at the end of the round by Enda Brown Clontibret

Leinster inspired by Dublin’s Brian Mullins defeat the hoders Ulster 2-7 to 2-6 in Croke Park before an attendance of 1,325.Jim Reilly is the only Cavan representative on the Ulster team and the game was switched from Brefni Park Cavan bcause the pitch was flooded..

Cavan Motor Club 1985 Chairman Wilie McCormack Secretary Francis Graham Treasurer Vincent Walshe and PRO Des Crossan.

P Elliott and Company are the Contractors for the refurbishment of County Cavan Golf Club’s premises Aranmore House Pictured are Aidan Elliott Phil Cullivan (Architect) Noel Elliott (Site Manager) Peter Keogh (Captain) and Willie Harington (Secretary)

Over 70 people are travelling with the Cavan Gaels to Los Palmas at the beginning of October 1985.Contact P J Carroll  Chairman Social Committee Phone 32329.

Cavan AC complete their three race series of races with Michael Graham capturing the Premier award in a time of 31.29 for the 6 mile Farnham run.Hughie Smith is the winner of the Veterans Prize while Mai McKiernan is the 1st Lady followed by Patricia Cregan.McGinnitys Bar win the Businee Houses while Cavan Housewives win the corresponding Lady’s Section.

Aer Lingus present John McGinnity McGinnity’s Travel with a cut glass decanter and certificate to mark the Company’s long service as one of the foremost Aer Lingus Agents in Ireland.

February 14th 1985 Bradley and Stewart James are the winners of the Open Section and £3,000 with ‘Maybe To Night’ at the 8th televised Cavan International Song Contest in the Hotel Kilmore.Gerry Henderson and Paul Myers win the Irish Section and £300 with their composition‘Lady of the Erne’ sung by local group Tapestry.Comperes were Val Joyce and on Final Night Larry Gogan.Musical Director Earl Gill.TV Direction by Billy McGrath and Executive Producer Niall Matthews.Jury was under the Chairmanship of Phil Cullivan.Hall Stewards Benny Little Brian Derham Brendan Young Joe Bradley Bud O Neill Sean McGilly Frank O Keefe Greg Sheridan Hubert Porsche Michael Reilly Pat McGonnell and Der Coogan.Tecnical Staff John Conlon Nigel Pratt and Brian Sullivan. Travel Co Ordinator Sheila McGinnty.Hostesses Dolie Cullivan Maura Sullivan Maura McNally Kathleen Young Mary Davis Colette McGilly Angela Gaffney Gina Gaffney Joanne Healy Antoinette Coleman Rosemary Porsche Miriam McGilly Jacqueline Maloney Finola Maloney Margaret Cogan and Olivia Fitzpatrick

Same Week Brendan M Harding FRCSI receives his Masters Degree in Surgery from the National University of Ireland.Brendan won the Registrar’s Prize at the Royal Academy of Medicine in 1983.The new Surgeon is son of Nellie and the late Michael Harding ‘Gleann Na Smol’ Rock Cross .

Presentations to the departing Lions Tadhg Connolly and Dr.Seamus Fallon by Der Coogan Prsident Cavan Lions Club.Dr Seamus is off to a new promotion in Dundalk while Tadgh and his family have emigrated to Salisbury Maryland USA.

Death of Henry Martin former Court Clerk in Carlow at the age of 78.Native of Owen Roe, he began his career in the County Council in Cavan under Eugene Smith later taking up a similar post in Waterford before being appointed Court Clerk in Carlow .Member of the old Foresters Band Henry later joined Jimmy Mallon Tom McCusker and Stan Mullery to form the very popular Jimmy Mallon and the 4 Aces Band in which Henry played the Clarinet.Survived in Cavan by his brother Johnny.Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Death of Josephine Tully late of Highfield Road.Quiet and inoffensive she was married to Garda Sergant Tom Tully (Ballinagh).She is survived by her son Patrick and daughter Moira.Funeral from Saint John The Baptist Clontarf to Fingall cemetery.

Cavan Equestrian Centre opens for business .Details from Pauline Clarke Shalom Stables Latt Cavan Phone 32017.

Februry 21st1985 Death of the legendary Joe Greene Green’s Mills and Saint Felim’s Place at the age of 70.Imposing build and presence ,Joe was an expert on all things in Nature and was a keen observer of all the seasonal changes.Played football in his youth but it is as an Angler he is best known.Knew every twist and turn of the Rann Kilykeen waterway.Trusted and respected by all the land owners in the area,his integrity and decency were respected by all.Enjoyed a Sunday walk with his great friend from his youth Paddy Smyth and these two men worked out all the problems afflicting the world each Sunday on their long hikes down the old Railway Lines or around by Farnham.Joe was a Miller of the highest calibre,farmers came from all over the country to have their corn and maize refined by a real professional.Survived by his wife Ann sons Raymond Thomas and Joseph.Brothers Roy Gerry Francis Charlie and Sister Maggie (Cissy).Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Same Week Death of Maurice O Neill former Sales Director with the Smith Renault Group at the age 59.It ws he who set up the dealer network when Con A acquired the Renault Agency.He is survived by his wife Kathleen sons Shane Maurice and daughter Catherine.Funeral from Our Lady of Perpetual Succour Foxrock to Shankill cemetery.

Death of Alice McConnell late of Ashe Stret.Daughter of Michael J JP UDC and Mary Smyth 60 Main Street Cavan.Born in 1901 her father was a J P and Mayor in 1911 when Alice presented the new Viceroy Lord and Lady Aberdeen with a bouquet of flowers on the occasion of their 1st visit to Cavan.Outstanding home knitter she could make clothes fom any old rags.Outstanding cook she was always busy but each night she devoted an hour to quiet prayer and reflection.Lover of the Old Time Music Hall,she loved to sing along with all the numbers on radio and tv.Survived by her sons Frank Sean Patsy Philip Gerry Tony  Joe and daughters Mai and Lauri.Father John McMahon CCofficiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry cemetery

February 28th 1985 Cavan Chamber of Commerce invite Miss Ireland Olivia Treacey to launch this year’s Queen of Breffni competition in the Farnham Hotel..

Same Week Michael Lee from Stragelliffe at the age of 51 is appointed Superintentendant Garda Siochana for the Carrickmacross area.Native of Manorhamilton, Michael joined the force in 1954.Appointed Sergeant in 1960 Inspector 1977.Michael has served the force in Cork Monaghan Cavan and Donegal.Married with 6 children.

Kate O Hanlon SRN and SCRN is appointed to the staff of Our Lady’s Hospital for Sick Children Crumlin.Daughter of Edward and Airmid ‘Glenair’ Cathedral Road.

Rev Herbert Cassidy MA is appointed Rector and Dean of Kilmore Cathedral to succeed the late Dean Turkington by Bishop Gilbert Wison.Aged 50 Rev Herbert is a native of Cork and was ordained in 1958.

Martin Donohoe (Accodion) and David Molloy (Banjo) members of the local branch of Comhaltas win the All Ireland Pioneer’s Readoiri Competition.

Des O Malley is expelled from Fianna Fail Party by a vote of 73-9.He recently abstained from the vote on Contraception in the Dail and Mr Haughey explained that the Party had no option but to expel the dissident from a party. He represented Limerick East since 1968 when Des won the seat vacated by his uncle the late Donagh O Malley.

Brian O Grady and Felim Costello are selected on the Cavan team to play Tyrone in the Quarter Final of the National League in Clones.

Jimmy Sheridan and Mick McCarthy team up to win the Peter Keogh Drive in Prize at County Cavan Golf Club.2nd are Joe Connolly and Tom Sheridan.

Death of Eamonn English 89 Church Street at the age of 77.Native of Ballina County Mayo Eamonn was an outstanding sportsman in his youth playing Rugby for Connaught at Centre and Golf off a 3 handicap at Royal Dublin.Solicitor by profession, he had an exceptional intellect and was totally dedicated and reliable.Outstanding Amatuer Photographer,he exhibited his work and was always among the Prizes.Lifelong member of County Cavan Golf Club ,he was Captain in Ballina in 1933.Retired to Cavan 5 years ago and was known and respected throughout the Community.Survived by his wife Margaret sons John Edward daughter Anne Catherine and Margaret.Father Charles Gardiner GM (Nephew) Castleknock officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Culies.

Presentation to Josie Smith to mark her retirement fom CavanCounty Council after 38 years service as Chief Telephonist Pictured are Eileen Smith Josie Smith Connie McEntee Mel Keaveney Kathleen Smith Angela Smith (Library) and Micheal Greenan.

Niall Carolan son of Ray and Una (Pictured) is awarded a Bluskies Holiday Voucher for £500 as his prize for the winning essay in recent Bluskies competition.

Cavan draw 6-6 with Westmeath in outstanding Sunday afternoon Darts Classic at McCabe’s Mountain Lodge.Winners for Cavan were Patsy Kane Gerry McKiernan John Lyng D Byrne H Gafney and Patrick (Duster ) McDermott.

Barry McGuigan British and European Featherweight Champion takes a giant leap towards a fight for the World Championship when he outpoints the Puerto Rican Juan Laporte in an ecstatic King’s Hall Belfast.McGuigan in dire trouble in rounds 5 and 9 hung on to his opponent to score a merited points victory in by far the hardest bout of his career. Laportes in defeat says that he was surprised by McGuigan’s class and he should beat Eusebio Pedroza in the up coming World Title Bout to be staged sometime this Summer probably in London.

March 7th 1985 Sudden death of the legendary Dave Dixon Newtownbutler Road Clones Bandleader of the big band orchestra of the 1950s

Same Week Hugh and Mary Fitzpatrick invite Denis Fitzgibbon (Din Joe) Chairman Toyota Ireland to open their new Cavan Showrooms Erne Motors on the Dublin Road.They have been selling Toyota cars in their Belturbet premises for some years.Sales Manager is Peter (Pete) O Reilly Sean Brogan Stores Manager  Loreto McMenamin Office Manager Marie Leddy Clerk/Typist.Father Michael Cooke CC Balinagh blessed the premises prior to the official opening.

Hacklers present ‘Horeseman Pass By’ in the Town Hall Cavan.Ray O Connor Paddy Murray Paddy Dillon and Paul Dolan are the surviving veterans of their All Ireland winning production of 1979.

Saint Patrick’s College Musical Society’s 14th Annual Musical is entitled ‘Smike’ based on Dickens’ Nicholas Nicholby.The Producer is Bill Hnry  Choreography Frances Galligan Fr Gerry Kearns is Musical Director Sound Father John Tiernan Stage Manager John Conlon Costumes Sister Rosari and PRO Father Gerry Ollwill.The lead role of Mrs Squees is played by Dervala Crotty while Art Duffy from the teaching staff plays Mr Squees .

Sympathy is extended to Phil Gilbride on the death of his sister Ann Feehill in London.The Gilbrides are natives of Donard Rosinver County Leitrim.

Thomas and Nuala Smith retain their County Mixed Doubles Dart title in a packed Melvin Bar. by defeating Herbie and Jean Gaffney in an exciting exhibition of darts.

Retirement of Bill Allen Saint Phelim’s Place after 48 years loyal and industrious service to Pat McDonnell’s Bakery.Richard Cassidy makes the presentation to Bill and Peggy and is pictured with Margaret Finnegan and Linus McDonnell at a function to mark Bill’s long service to McDonnells.

John and Eileen McQuaid win the prestigious Cullen Cup at Cavan Bridge Club in the Farnham Hotel.

Cavan trounced by Tyrone in quagmire at Saint Tiernach’s Park Clones by 2-8 to 1-3 in National League Quarter Final.Tyrone the reigning Ulster Champions showed all their skills to overpower a lighter inexperienced Cavan team .Underground conditions appalling and stewarding for the 3,000 crowd (90% from Cavan) was non existant.Scorers for Cavan Stephen King 1-0 Barry Tierney Michael Faulkner and Felim Costello 0-1 each.

March 14th 1985 Well known Cavan Coarse Angler Gerry Lally hooks a beautiful brown trout weighing 7 lbs while fishing at Lough Oughter.

Same Week Sheila Croty will give this wek’s recital at the Recorded Music Society in the Imperial Hotel.

Dr Alan Hunter will give this month’s lecture at Cavan Gardening Club entitled ‘Natural and Created Landscapes of North West America’

On the casting vote of the Chairman Oliver Malone the Urban Rate is struck at £23-49 in the £1 increase of 7 ½% on lat year.Oliver will offically start this year’s Saint Patrick’s Day Parade.Dignitaries on the Reviewing Stand at Post Office include Tom Fitzpatrick Ceann Comhairle John P Wilson TD Members of Cavan UDC and Cavan County Council.The Master of Cermonies is again Mel Doherty.

Death of Elizabeth Tweedy at the age of 90 in Lisburn.She was widow of the legendary John Tweedy Auctioneer and Draper Main Street (Cara Chemists).Native of Magheraveely County Fermanagh,she left Cavan after the death of her husband 20 yrars ago.She is survived by her son Des and daughter Moira McGahey.Bishop Gilbert Wison presided at the funeral from Lisburn to Ballintemple.

Death of Onslow Bredin Emmett Place at the age of 66.Served in the Royal Air Force as a Segeant during World War 2 and was hit by a Japanese sniper in the War in Burma.Later returned to his native Cavan and developed the Building Contracting Business of his late father James Bredin.Outstanding house builder he built the 34 houses in TullacMongan to a high specification in the early 1950s.Later developed the Paddy McManus owned site at Drumnavanagh..All his work was of the highest standard of workmanship and priced to meet the market demand of the time.Later built houses at Earlsvale Road adjacent to the main road.Outstanding photographer Onslow’s pictures were splendid and very professional capturing the mood and the people of the time on both still and cine where he was an acknowldged expert in editing and shooting.Keen Angler member of the local Anglers Club and Lough Sheelin Trout Protection Society.Each year a party of anglers including Onslow George Maloney Sean Young Jim McNally and Tommy Donohoe headed for Lough Corrib and the fishing waters of the West including Muleraney and Furnes.Onslow is survived by his son Hugh P brothers Victor Bob Billy Joe Charlie Ben and sisters Martha and Winnie.Canon George Millar presided at the funeral from Cavan Parish Church to Ballyhaise cemetery.

Saint Patrick’s College magnificient new extension built by P Elliott and Company Cavan is officially opened by the Ceann Comhairle Tom Fitzpatrick.Following Mass in the new Complex Bishop McKiernan the chief celebrant blessed the new extension which cost £600,000.Contains 6 General Classrooms 3 Science Rooms Demonstraton Room Activities Room Language Laboratory Computer Room and Geography Rom.Pictured at the official opening are The President Father Dan Gallogly John Wilson TD Tom Fitzpatrick Ceann Comhairle Noel Elliott P Elliott and Company and Cormac Dunne President of the Saint Patrick’s College Past Pupils Union.

Cork beat Cavan 2-7 to 1-7 in Open Draw Cup at Pairc Ui Caoimh.An attendance of 1,000 (Stadium capacity is 60,000) saw a much better performance from the Cavan men who were unlucky not to get at least a draw.

March 21st 1985 TM Gilroy is conferred with his Centenary award as Cavan Clubman of the Year by Paddy Buggy President of the GAA.

Same Week Cavan Rugby Club relinquish their Forster Cup title when failing to a more experienced and solid Coleraine at Tierquin.The home team started like a whirlwind but were contained by the more economical visitors.Eventaully the tie swung away from Cavan particularly in the 2nd half as they became frustrated by the Coleraine tactics and ended Cavan 12 Coleraine 15.Cavan TeamSean McPhilips (Man of the Match) Gordon O Bric  Cyril O Keefe Philip Brady Frank Walls Jim Browner Paul Hayes Eric Trenier  Noel McGlade PJ Quinn S Richmond Tom Farrell Shane Devine Winston Morison and Paul O Dowd..

Cavan Civil Defence win the County Finals and qualify for the Regional Final to be held in Monaghan Team Anne Lawless (Team Leader) Mary Smith Irene Bergin John Maguire Therese Reilly Gerry McCormack.Subs Peter Galligan Fiona Hanley and Teresa Downey.Instructor Jean Goode Cloverhill.

March 28th 1985 Death of Rose Jordan at the age of 90.She lived much of her life with her husband Michael at Drumelis.Familiar figure on her bicycle attending to the daily needs of Betty Gannon (Charles Fay’s).She was industrious kind and generous.Member of most of the Church organisations including the Legion of Mary.Native of Drumkilly ,she was predeceasded by husband Michael 3 years ago.Funeral from the Cathedral to Laragh cemetery.

Death of Anna Biddle (Nee Sharkey ) Bridge Street in Wolverhampton England .Predeceassed by her husband Roy.Survived by her sons and daughters in England.

New PMPA offices opened in Farnham Street (Axa Insurance) by Tom Fitzpatrick Ceann Comhairle.Pictured are Kevin Kelly (Administrator PMPA) Frank Cunningham (Manager) Gus Hatch (CEO PMPA) Seamus Herity and Tom Fitzpatrick Ceann Comhairle.

Congratulations to Kathleen Smith 32 Tullac Mongan on winning the 1st Prize of £100 in the Cavan Gaels Members Draw for March 1985.

Jim McGlynn retuns to Cavan to once again win the Cavan Half Marathon in an outstanding time of 65 minutes and 9 seconds Tony Hartigan (Lourdes AC) is 2nd while Gerry Craig (Derry) former winner of the Belfast City Mrathon is 3rd

In the 10 Kilometre race run in conjunction with the Cavan Half Marathon Martin Harte sprints away from the veteran Denis Noonan (Clonliffe Harriers ) to record a magnificient victory in a very fast 31minutes even.

Cavan Gardening Club 1985 Chairman Jimmy Scott Vice Chair Viola Cole Secretary Bridie Galligan Assistant Secretary Joan Graham Treasurer Shirley Booth and Assistant Treasurer Mary Joe McGahon.

 April 4th 1985 Death of Dessie Gilchreest Saint Mary’s Terrace at the age of 66.Worked in the Mineral Waters for most of his life,Dessie was quiet decent and inoffensive.Joined the LDF for the duaration of the Emergency (1939-1946).Survived by his brother Tommy and sisters Kathy and Mary.Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Same Week Erick Johnstone Chairman of An Taisce presents Danny O Hanlon Scoutmaster with 3 oak trees to be planted at the Scout’s Den.Charlie Robinson Chair of the Beekeepers Association presents Danny with a lime tree which provides as much food to the bee as an acre of clover.

Death of John L Murphy ex NT Earlsvale Road at the age of 73.Had just returned from Cavan Drama Festival when he fell ill at home.Native of Newry County Down served as a National Teacher in West Cavan Denbawn and Banahoo before being appointed Principal Drumavaddy in 1954.Retired just 8 years ago having given over 50 years to the Profession.Outstanding teache,rencouraged his many pupils to stay in touch  with him and exhorted them to continue their education.Well known army man ,he joined the FCA for the duration of the Emergency and stayed active with the local Company until his retirement as Lieutenant.On the Committee of Ballyjamesduff Feis John loved all things Irish history folklore and place names.During his youth particularly at school in the CBS Dndalk he excelled as an athlete and cyclist.Great speaking voice John was also a very enthusiastic and valuable member of the Cathedral Choir and had the honour of singing at the Papal Mass in  the Phoenix Park on the 29th of September 1979.Member of the Saint Vincent De Paul and Usher at Knock Shrine John was deeply religious and charitable.He is survived by his wife Ann Marie sons Captains Paddy and Paul Murphy,Lorcan, JJ,Hugo, Michael,daughters Mairead Mary and Nora.His remains were received at the Cathedral by his brother in law Rev.P McCabe PP Killinkere and Funeral Mass was celebrated by Rev Pat Brady in the Cathedral.Guard of honour drawn from all the organisations that John served so loyally.The coffin was draped in the tricolour.Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Death of Charlie Leddy Drumsilla Butlkersbridge at the age of 78.His name will always be associated with bargain drapery and footwear.Father Dan Sheridan officiated at the funeral from Saint Aidan’s to Butlersbridge cemetery

John McHugh from Highfield Road a prominent member of CavanGaels and County Under 21 star is included in the Advanced College Panel to play the Combined Universities and Army.John is Captain of the Saint Patricks Drumcondra team.

Monaghan qualify for their 1st ever National League Final by virtue of their 1-8 to 0-8 win over Tyrone in a Semi Final that lasted 150 minutes.

Cavan Vocational School beat Stranoler County Donegal 4-9 to Nil in Final of the Ulster Vocational Schols Camogie at Lisnaskea.Team Martina Rehill Eileen Higgins Delores Leddy Frances Mulvaney Susan Fitzpatrick Rosaleen O Reilly Margaret Reddy Martina Gilsenan Noreen Mulligan.Jeanie King and Kathleen Smith.

April 11th 1985  Eoin Dualing from Dublin is appointed General Manager of Cavan Crystal.He was educated at Belvedere College and UCD.

Same Week Monaghan win their 1st ever National League Final in cold windy Croke Prk before a crowd of 15,000 when they beat a strong Armagh team 1-11 to 0-9.Thousands out to greet them on their return to the County on Monday.They toured every town and village and were accorded a hero’s welcome.In Monaghan town 4 bands led the Parade and a Civic Recepton was accorded by Monaghan UDC and Monaghan County Council.Captained by Eugene Sherry, Eamonn McEneaney with 1-4 was Monaghan’s Man of the Match

The Maynooth Class of 1949 hold their annual reunion in the Diocese of Kilmore this year with the highlight being the Concelebated Mass in the Catheral at which Bishop McKiernan presided.The class numbers 50 including the Bishop of Cork Michael Murphy ,Bishop of Kerry (Designate)Dermot Sullivan PP Tralee ,Gerard Brooks Bishop of Dromore and Kevin McNamara the Archbishop of Dublin.Packed Cathedral for the Mass at which the Adm Father Des O Dowd welcomed his classmates which includes Fathers Pat Brady and Torlac Reilly.The beautiful singing voice of Father Torlac was a joy to hear and greatly enriched the cermonies to honour his illustrious classmates.The Urban Council later hosted a Civic Reception for the visiting clergy who stayed in the Park Hotel in Virginia.

Tragic work accident of Paddy Reilly Kilnavara leads to his death in London at the age of 48.His brother John Joe was also tragically killed while alighting from a bus in London 18 years ago.They are survived by their parents Mr and Mrs Paddy O Reilly Kilnavara.

Mary McDonagh Fair Geen is among the Handicapped Group led by Father Felim Kelly to receive Confirmation in Lourdes.

Bellinda Carroll Highfield Road is the winner of the Competition to design the new emblem for the Cavan Lions Club.Over 50 from Loreto Saint Pats and Cavan Vocational participated.

Billy Gallaghr Cavan AC achieves “the sweetest win of running career” when he wins the Cork 800 Marathon in a record time of 2 hours 18 minutes and 56 seconds a personal best over the 26.20 miles distance.

April 18th 1985  Choral Concert in the Cathedral to feature Cavan Singers under the direction of Martin Cahill Cathedral Choir under the baton of Father Gerry Kearns and the world famous Palestino Choir from the Pro Cathedral conducted by Ita O Donovan.

Same Week Death of Matt King Poles at the age of 68.Extensive farmer he was a great neighbour and friend.Outstanding musician with his brothers he formed the Nationally famous King Brothers Orchestra which was a big attraction throughout the area in the 1940s.Founder member of Laragh GFC,his two sons Adge and Kieran are prominent members of the Senior team.Survived by his sons Adge and Kieran daughters  Marie Jacinta Angela and Bernadette.Funeral from Saint Brigid’s Killygarry to the adjoining cemetery.

Death of Kate Donlon Swellan member of an old and esteemed family.Served as an Usherette in the Magnet Cinema later transferring to the Box Office.She was gentle decent and deeply religious.Survived by her sister Margaret.Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies cemetery.

Bishop Francis McKiernan presides at Mass in the Cathedral to commemorate the 400 th Anniversary of the birth of Mary Ward Founder of the Loreto Order.

Death of Michael Meehan in England late of Wolfe Tone Street.Survived by his wife Mary sisters Mary Coyle Saint Felim’s Place Cathy Lizzie and Tommy in Saint Felim’s Place.

Winter League of Showjumping concludes at Cavan Equestrian Centre with 7 hour Marathon of Showjumping.Prizes of over £2,000 with numerous trophies.Ian Fearon wins the Style and Appearance with his horse ‘Sir James’ while Brenda Coole from Dunshaughlin won the premier award and the PJ O Reilly trophy with her father’s horse ‘Suil Na hEireann’.Many of the competitors were from the North and supported the Winter League from the start bfore Christmas including Ronnie Smith well known Internation Show Jumper and his two sons Stephen and Nigel.Wendy Morton from Armagh was the star of the Series winning two of the competitions and being placed in two more.

Maurice Brady teams up with Patsy Hand from Kingsourt to win the Ulster Junior Doubles title beating the Rainey Brothers from Antrim 21-10 12-21 and 21-16 at the Athletic Grounds Armagh.

Cavan Town qualify for the final of the Jackson Cup beating Monaghan 6 goals to 2 in Monaghan.They now play Killylough in the Final at Clones. Team John Heffernan Peter Burns Gene Cullivan Brian Webber Hughie Murray (Captain) Adrian Ronan Billy Sheridan Hubert Smith Des Gardiner and HP Clarke.

April 25th 1985 Sean Woods Drumalee is organising a Re Union of the 1949 De La Salle class to honour the recently ordained Brother David who is coming to Cavan in the Summer.

Same Week Death of Eddie Kelly at the age of 39.Native of Aughnacliffe he was for many years employed by the Lakeland Hotel.He was courteous friendly and efficient.

Death of Veronica O Farrell late of Cathedral Road at the age of 74 at Saint Vincents Hospital Dublin.Nurse by profession she later wed the famous Sean O Farrell Sinn Fein TD and member of the first Dail.Sean was later appointed an Inspector of Taxes for Cavan.She is survived by her sons Michael Rory  Frank daughters Mary and Margaret.Funeral followed concelebrated Mass in Saint Columbs Iona Road to Deans s Grange.

Death of Rose Lyons Clonervey House at the age of 78.Well known and respected farming family.Rev Peter McPartland presided at the funeral from Saint Patrick’s Castletara to the adjoining cemetery.

Death of Patrick Keoghan in Saint Phelim’s Hospital late of Jubilee Terrace.Survived by his two sisters.Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

May 2nd 1985 Loreto College represented by Maeve O Connor Angela Alcock Josephine Brady and Dervala Crotty are the over all winners of the Bank of Ireland Competition with their project ‘Money Grows on Trees’ pictured at Bank of Ireland Headquarteers with the Minister for Forestries and Fishries Paddy O Toole and their teacher Phyllis McMonigle.

Same Week World’s worst ever Nucler Disaster at Chernobyl just North of Kiev Ukraine Russia. When one of the reactors blows up.

Interest on the National Debt again rises to £1.4 billion (10.8% of Domestic Debt)

Cavan Vocational Camogie team stage a late rally but are beaten by the more skilful and experienced Thomastown Kilkenny 3-2 to 3-0.in the All Ireland Semi Final.

Cavan Town retain the Jackson Cup beating Killylough 1-0.Hubert Smith scored the winner against tough opponents making their debut in a major final 15 minutes from the end of a thriller in Clones.The introduction of Billy Sheridan at the interval proved decisive as he added punch to the attack going forward.Hughie Muray (Capt) and Adrian Ronan dominated midfield.

Doctors John and Aine Sullivan move their practice from Church Street to 2 A Railway Road Phone 31382.

153 children from the Parish Schools are confirmed in the Cathedral on a very wet and stormy day not suited for photographs.The number of children is exactly the same as last year.

Margaret Devaney National Council for the Blind may be contacted at the Social Services Centre adjacent to the John Sullivan Home..

Death of Josephine Frances (Ena) McDwyer Deanery Street Belturbet at the age of 69.Born and reared in Belturbet her family owned the old Central Hotel (Seven Horeshoes).Fianna Fail representative on Belturbet Town Commissioners since 1961.She was vociferous in her continual campaign to advance a better way of life for the people of Belturbet.Educated at the Convent of Mercy and Loreto College Cavan,she was Secretary of Belturbet Show from 1966 to 1981.Tireless in her bid to promote tourism and angling in the area she promoted the River Erne and all its attractions to visitors and locals alike.Kind and charitable,her deeds were never done for publicity and she had the confidence of the entire Community.Wife of the late Peter (County Registrar).Survived by her sons Damien Ray Eamonn  Tommy and Dennis daughters Patricia Keyna Noeleen.Funeral from the Church of the Immaculate Conception Belturbet to Drumalee cemetery.

Retirement of the very popular Paddy McEntee Cullies after 27 years service to Cavan County Council and the Health Board..Special commemorative medal is commissioned and presented to Paddy by the National Executive of the Federation of Workers Union Ireland.While Sister Fiona and Sister Paul Matron and Assistant Matron make a presentation to Paddy and his wife Maura of Cavan Crystal cheque and bouquet of flowers for Maura...

 E Donohoe beats the favourite Rosaleen Smith to take the Cavan Darts Lady’s title in a jam packed Meadow View by 2 sets to 1.The winner is awarded a cup and £30 while Rosaleen wins a cup and £15 for a wonderful effort.Patsy Kane is the easy winner of the Men’s Title beating V Brady 4-0 in the best of 7 men’s decider. Scintillating darts by the in form Kane,his magnificient check outs was the decisive factor.Patsy receives Cup and replica together with a cash prize of £100 while the runner up gets ample compensation with Cup and £40.

May 9th 1985 Eileen Maloney’Glenauileen’ Cootehill Road is once again appointed to the new Central Council of the Irish Red Cross for a thre year period until 1988.

Same Week Death of John Beatty Fortfield Terrace Rathmines at the age of 84.Former Chief Agriculture Officer Cavan, he resided at Cathedral Road for some time before going to Dublin.He was later Chief Inspector at the Department of Agriculture.Funeral from the Church of the Three Patrons Rathgar to Kill cemetery.

Death of Bridget Collins Corrahoe well known and respected family she was sister of the late Monsignor Bernard Collins and is survived by her sister Mary.Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies cemetery.

Pat O Keefe Billis Cavan makes his inter county debut when he takes charge of the Ulster Junior Championship game between Fermanagh and Tyrone .Patrick is one of the leading referees in the County.

Jackie Bannon of Belturbet is the new Queen of Breffni sponsored by Cavan Chamber of Commerce.

Cavan Darts team win the prestigious Jerry Kane Cup and £100 in Kilnaleck from an entry of 28 teams Team Tommy Smith (Captain) Damien Johnston Patsy Kane S Dunne Gerry McKiernan and Phil Cullen.

May 16th 1985 Over 400 attend the Choral Concert in the Cathedral where the Cathedral Choir Cavan Singers and Palestrinio Choir from the Pro Cathedral joined forces to give a memorable performance.The organist was John O Keefe the Organ Scholar Pro Cathedral since 1981.

Same Week Der Coogan President on behalf of the Lions Club presents £1,500 to Anselem Lovett President of Saint Peter’s Conference Saint Vincent De Paul for the new Night Shelter at River Street also in attendance at the handing over cermony was Sean Kelly President Saint Patrick’s Conference Cavan Brendan Young (Cavan Lions Club) and John Nallen (Ulster Bank and Cavan Lions Club)

County Fleadh is once again being held in Cavan over the Whit Weekend.Entries to Bridie Galligan or Paddy McEntee.

Death of Paddy (Packy ) Meehan at Saint Luke’s Hospital Dublin at the age of 71.Served his time to the hairdressing businesss and worked a total of 55 years serving the people of the town.Great wit and conversationalist,Packy was an outstanding footballer in his youth with Cavan Slashers.Ken interest in greyhound racing and coursing Packy had many winners at the local dog tracks and meetings.Survived by his sister Rose .Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies..

Death of Paddy Drumm at the age of 77.Native of the town  Paddy was a great walker and covered a huge amount of country on his daily meandering .Played with Cavan Harps in his youth his height and build were a great asset to the town team.Served in the British Army in World War 2 and was in the advance part to liberate Holland and Germany .He was a beautiful singer and a valued member of the famous Father Vincent Buchanan Cathedral Choir-“it was a privilege to hear Paddy’s rendition of Panis Angeliculs”.Worked part time packing the papers for delivery by the Anglo Celt and endeared himself to  management and staff.Survived by his siter Kathleen O Keefe Saint Felim’s Place.Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Death of Michael (Mickey ) Reilly late of Main Stret in Dundrum Dublin at the age of 90.Mickey and his family ran an extensive Bar an Grocery (Eleanor Fay’s) in Main Street for over 40 years.Michael was a first class greyhound breeder and trainer and his dog ‘Rascal’ got to the Semi Finals of the Irish Coursing Championships in Clonmel in 1940 causing great excitement in the town and surrounding areas..Took active part in the War of Independence and was Quartermaster of the Castletara IRA .Survived by his wife Mary daughters Mary Theresa Josephine Rosaleen Bernadette Nuala and Jacinta.Funeral to Dean’s Grange cemetery Dublin.

Death of Rose McMahon late of Main Street at the age of 93 in Dublin.She was the Proprietor of the Melifont Nursing Home Dunlaoighre for over 20 years until her retirement.Last surviving member of an old and distinguished Cavan family.

Death of Kathleen Curran late of 17 Beffni and member of the well known Burns family in Birmingham.She is survived by her husband Michael.Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry

New Cavan Youth Band 1985 Chairman Paddy Carroll Secretary Matt Donnelly Treasurer Paddy McCabe Assistant Treasurer Molly Donohoe .Musical Instructors Dermot Smith Liam Cooke and John Donohoe.

Abysmal performance of Cavan Under 21 team in their defeat to Antrim 1-10 to 0-2 in Ulster Semi Final.Packie Kiernan and Ciaran Costello were the local representatives.

May 23rd 1985 Cavan Junior Chamber reformed Oficers  1985 President Theresa Moore  Treasurer Elizabeth Coleman Secretary Joe O Reilly NT Project Manger Niall Fox Deputy President PRO Brian Kenny Assistant Project Manager Brian Coleman (Junior)

Same Week Detah of John O Reilly Drumcrave.Born in Liverpool, he returned to Ireland to take an active part in the War of Independence.Later joined the Irish Army and alternated between Dublin and Scotland.Retired to Drumcrave 25 years ago.Staunch republican all of his life.His coffin draped in tricolour and Brain McCormack sounded the last post at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry at which Father Dan Sheridan officiated.

Death of Phiolomena Farrell Glasdrummond at the age of 57 in Cavan Surgical Hospital.Native of Grehagibney Poles.She is survived by her husband Paddy brother John and sisters Theresa (McConnell) Rose Sadie and Rita .Rev Anthony Fagan officiated at the funeral from Saint Brigid’s Cemetery Killygarry to the adjoining cemetery.

Death of Maisie Clarke Rathcorrick at the age of 65.Survived by her husband Matt son Peadair (Peadair’s Bar) daughters Marie and Brid.Funeral from the Cathedral to Lathlurcan cemetery Monaghan.

Death of Marjorie Lovett Cathedral Road at the age of 88.Native of Cobh County Cork.After a distinguished academic career, she took up a position with the US Consul in Cobh.She could recall in detail the events leading to the sinking of the Lusitania and the Easter Rising of 1916.Wife of Gerry Lovett former Headmaster of Cavan Vocational School ,she came to Cavan in 1938 and endeared herslf to all who had the pleaure of meeting with her.She is survived by her sons Diarmuid Anselem Gerard John and daughter Mary.Rev.Des O Dowd Adm. officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Finbar Crowe (Drung) Finian Galligan (Killygarry) and Niall Carolan (Cavan Gaels ) on Saint Patrick’s College Dalton Cup Under 14 Final team beaten by Saint Colman’s Newry in Ballybay.Bad start by Saint Pats cost them the game and they never recovered from the early set backs to finish losers on the scoreline Saint Colman’s 2-8 Saint Patrick’s Cavan 2-2.

Ciaran Parker Earlsvale Road Cavan and Trinty College Dublin is appointed Auditor of the new Dublin Historical Society.Ciaran will give the initial lecture entitled ‘The O Reillys of East Breffni in the Middle Ages’ at the James Usher Theatre Trinty College.

May 30th 1985 Bruce Springsteen (Boss) is the star attraction at Slane Castle this weekend. “Bruce Saringsteeen is a  tough lean rocker from way back but has emerged as the New Man of the 1980s”.All 65,000 tickets for the event have been sold out in advance.

Same Week Oliver Malone teams up with Sean Heraghty beating Mick Ryan and Adrian Ronan to win the Senior Final at Saint Pat’s Racquetball Club.In the Novice Final Joe Johnston and Paul Ronan beat Michael McCormack and Martin Maguire.

 Drumalee win the County Cavan Table Tennis League defeating Saint Patrick’s College 7-6 in the Final at the Scout Den Cavan.Team Kevin McGowan John Gorman and Ronan Lynch.

(Pictured) Mickey Breslin (Chairman) Cavan CYMS presents Gerry Bravendar with the Senior Snooker trophy which he won by beating Laurnence Flood Runner Up while in the Junior Final Paul McGovern beat Michael Connolly in an exciting final.

Sudden death of Philomena Trenton at the age of 34  in England.Native of Breffni Terrace ,she is survived by her husband Peter children Pearse and Paula and her Mother Rosie Keogh.

County Cavan Golf Club qualify for the Regional Finals  of  the Carrolls International Pro Am.Team Philip Murray Jim Beirne  and PJ Dolan.The finals will be played at Royal Dublin.

Cavan defeat Antrim by 0-9 to 0-5 in lack lustre Ulster Championship 1st Round in Breffni Park.Before an attendance of 3,000 .The local representatives Felim Costello ,Packie Kieran and Brian O Grady who was introduced as a sub acquitted themselves in style to qualify for the more difficult task of playing Tyrone (holders) in the Ulster Semi Final.Scorers for Cavan Donal Donohoe 0-3 Derek McDonald 0-2 Felim Costello Jim Reilly Sean Cole and Packie Kiernan 0-1 each.

S Dunne and Ena Hickey are the winners of The Captain’s (Delores O Reilly’s Prize) at Cavan Bridge Club,2nd NS are Kathleen Clarke and Una Smith.Father Thomas Woods was the Tournament Director.

June 6th 1985 Father Joe O Hanlon BA BD MTHLSS is appointed Director of Biblical studies at Uphollow Northern Institute in Lancashire.Father Joe is son of Brigid and the late Bill O Hanlon Creighan Cavan.

Same Week Jack Reilly (Latt) and Mickey O Brien (Killynebber) are pictured at Cavan Fleadh on the Market Square playing their tin whistles.

Tackney Family from Maudabawn Cootehill are the big winners at Cavan County Fleadh in Cavan. Pictured  Kieran (12-15) 1st Accordeon 1st Mouth Organ 1st Drums and 2nd Piano.Eileen (Under 12) 1st Accordeon 2nd Piano.Seamus(12-15) 1st Conradh and 2nd Piano.Joe Baxter (Chairman) presented the prizes at the Ceilidhe in the Town Hall to mark the close of the Fleadh.

Death of Rory Sharkey Drumalee at the age of 10.Outstanding footballer with Drumalee and prominent member of the Boy Scout’s Cubs.He was also an altar boy in the Cathedral.Coffin drapped in Drumalee colours and guard of honour formed by his friends and fellow pupils from Saint Felim’s Boy’s School.Rory is survived by his parents Sean  and Carmel sisters Noeleen and Fona.Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Death of Una Creighton a member of the McDermott family formerly of Owen Roe at the age of 52 in Fulham London.Survived by her husband sons ,daughters mother Bridget brothers and sisters including Kevin author of the ‘Time of the Corncrake’

Jim O Leary Cavan AC presents a cheque for £400 to Cavan Multiple Sclerosis sponsorship of his recent outstanding run in the London Marathon 1985.Pictured are Eddie Brady (Chairman) Shirley Sheriff (Treasurer) Jim O Leary  and Felicity Sheridan (Secretary Cavan MS)

Major surprise as Cavan Gaels topple Laragh 4-14 to 0-8 in Breffni Park to halt Laragh’s march to their 4th Senior County title.The champions were completely overwhelmed and went out of the competition at the Quarter Final stage without a whimper.Dessie Gardiner the 33 year old Army Corporal from Clonmel was the architect of this win and showing his silken skills to great effect bagging a personal tally of 3-2.Sean Kilduff 1-1 Jimmy Fay 0-4 and Packy Kiernan and Kevin O Grady 0-1 each.Donal Donohoe replied for the Champions with 4 points from frees in each half.Gaels Aidan Elliott Kevin McNamara  JJ Reilly Joe O Connor Brian O Grady Joe Mullery Tommy Fay Charlie Prendergast Packy Kiernn Pat McNamara Haulie Reilly Sean Killduff Jimmy Fay Dessie Gardiner and Kevin O Grady.Sub Padraic O Connor for Pat McNamara (injured)

Oonagh O Connor is pictured with her proud parents and Directors Patsy Lee and Lucy Coakley receiving the Niall Kenny award for 1st year post primary students.Lena Tiernan of Swanlinbar is the winner of the Primary School award

June 13th 1985 Barry McGuigan the Clones Cyclone is the new Featherweight Champion of the World beating the holder Eusebio Pedroza on a unanimous points decision at Loftus Road London.Fight televised live on both RTE and BBC 1.All the streets and towns were deserted as people tuned into the fight of the century.Ecstatic scenes in Clones as Barry is welcomed back.Civic reception hosted by Monaghan County Council and Clones Town Council..Tom Fitzpatrick Ceann Comhairle addressing the crowd on the Diamond says Barry has brought great honour and renown to Clones.Barney Eastwood appeals to the crowd to continue their support for Barry by attending his fights saying Barry McGuigan is the greatest boxer ever to come out of Ireland.The only blot on the landscape is the extensive house fire in Kate McGuigan’s (Barry’s mother) which almost burnt the house to the ground but all were evacuatated without injury!

June 20th 1985 Barry McGuigan’s first task as Champion is to open the £200,000 extension to the local Sacred Heart Nursing Home.

Same Week Cavan is dubbed the dirtiest town in Ireland.The level of dirt and litter would not have been tolerated 20 years ago .The town river is an absolute disgrace and when the water is low the mess is there for all to observe.

Death of Paddy (Packy) Brady Drumnavanagh and formerly of Narrack’s Pub Dublin Road at the age of 77.Just returned from canvassing with his good friend Paddy Conaty when he became ill.Great character his company was much sought and the yarns were always laced with humour and colour.40 years in business as Publican (Meadow View).Worked with Ned McKiernan in his youth showing pictures in Arva and Bailieborough which they accessed during the War Years on a tandem bike with the film strapped to their backs.Keen angler Packy was known as an outstanding fisherman on the Killykeen waterway.Survived by his wife Paggy and sister Sarah.Father Dan Sheridan officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Death of Osyn Smith Highfield Road.Herself and husband William were extensive farmers at Corrick Cootehill and originally retired to Clones but came to Highfield Road 7 years ago.She was an active member of the ICA.Canon George Millar officiated at the Service to Glasnevin Crematorium.

Noel O Gorman wins the President’s (Louis Blessing) Prize at County Cavan Golf Club 2nd is Sean Galligan while Paddy McCormack is 3rd.

Pictured at the official opening of County Cavan Rugby Club’s new Pavilion at Swellan are Mick Crosby (Past President) Paddy McManus (President) Ronan Deignan (ICC Bank) Eugene Magee (ICC Bank) Peter Pollock (Secretary) Sean McKiernan (Captain) and Jim Lord (PRO).

Presentation to Noel Egan on completing 34 years service to the Anglo Celt and Paddy McCormack 23 years service both men are retiring from the staff and were presented with 2 solid brass carriage clocks to mark the occasion.

June 27th 1985 Danny and Veronica Brady are returned at the head of the poll in Cavan County Council Elections.Later Danny was appointed Chairman of Cavan County Council.

Same Week Dr.Eamon McDwyer tops the poll at Cavan Urban Council Election and is later elected Chairman with Paddy O Reilly elected Vice Chairman.He is the first Fianna Fail Chairman of the Council since Michael Young in 1959.The Parties agreed that the Chair shuld be rotated.Result of First Count16 candidates total poll 1,603 quota 158 with Gabriel Cullivan (Town Clerk ) Returning Officer and  Matt Donnolly Supervisor of the Count in the Town Hall.Eamon McDwyer (FF) 298 Patrick Conaty (FF) 129 Paddy O’ Reilly (FG) 120 Terry Argue (FG) 112 Oliver Malone (FG) 108 Angela Gaffney (FF) 102 Breege Graham (FG) 97 Tom Wilson (FG) 97 George Crowe (FF) 94  Patricia Walsh (FF) 94 Chrissie Morton (SF) 78 Carena Cosgrove (FG) 73 Paul Dolan (Independent) 63 Anthony McGreevey (Independent) 58 Mary Keoghan (Independent) 42 and Packy Clail (Independent) 16.Elected after a long count that had to be adjourned were Eamon McDwyer (FF) Paddy Conaty (FF) Paddy O’Reilly (FG) Terry Argue (FG) Oliver Malone (FG) George Crowe (FF) Angela Gaffney (FF) Tom Wilson (FG) and Paul Dolan (Independent).

County Council Elections Cavan Area 7 Seats 1st Count Veronica Sharkey (FF) 1,065 Elected Gerry Murray (FF) 1,018 Elected Senator Andy O Brien (FG) 909  Andrew Boylan (FG ) 841 Joe O Reilly (FG) 741 Francie Smith (FF) 693 Paddy Conaty (FF) 662 Charlie Boylan (Sinn Fein) 651 Paddy O Reilly (FG) 554 Mary Smith (FF) 416.Elected were Veronoica Sharkey (FF) Gerry Murray (FF) Andy O Brien (FG) Andrew Boylan (FG) Paddy Conaty (FF) Joe O Reilly (FG) and Francie Smith (FF) .

Poor display by Cavan as they are soundly beaten by Derry 0-11 to 0-7 before a small attendance in Ulster Semi Final at the Athletic Grounds Armagh.Packie Kiernan ,Felim Costello and Aidan Watters were the the local representatives.

Cavan qualify for the Ulster Minor Final with a convincing win over Derry 2-5 to 1-1 in curtain raiser.Cavan are installed as firm favourites to beat Donegal in Ulster Final.Scorers for Cavan Tom Shalvey 1-1 Sean Pierson 1-0 Ronan Carolan 0-2 and Dessie Brady and Vivion Dowd 0-1 each.

July 4th 1985 Garda Sergeant Patrick Morrisey shot dead as he heroically foils a Bank raid at Tallonstown County Louth.Aged 60 and native of Belturbet, Sergeant Morriseys’s mother still lives in Belturbet .Very Rev Canon EP Tully officiated at the funeral to Drumalee cemetery.

Same Week Brendan and Kathleen Young open their new super store in Main Street (Credit Union).There is 2,000 square feet of retail space and they intend to open Cavan’s first Shopping Mall.Brendan’s staff are Philip Brady John Smith Hubert McGrath and Tommy Connolly.

Cavan Parish Church reopens after extensive renovations to the building.Bishop Gilbert W Wilson presided assisted by Canon Johnstone Rector Rev.George Millar and Canon GN Cave.Music is supplied by the Church Choir and the Ulster College of Music Madragals amongs whom is BBC  News Broadcaster Sean Rafferty

Martin Donohoe (Accordeon) and John Campbell (Bouzouki) are guests on the RTE 1 ‘Mountain Lark’ programme.

Aidan Fortune is elected King of the Land in local Macra Finals and will represent Cavan in the Finals in Mayo later in the year.

Huge increases in admission prices to All Ireland Finals in Croke Park .Nally Stand and Upper Cusack Stand are now £9 while the lower Cusack (Covered) is £8 Lower Cusack Open is £7 Prime Centre Hogan Stand rise to £14 while outer Hogan Stand is £12.Admission to Hill 16 and Canal End (Standing) is increased to £4.

July 11th 1985 Tommy Sheridan Kinnypottle Cavan receives his safe driving award (25 years) from Jim McDermott Supervisor Cavan Bus Ofice.Tommy is the proud holder of  gold silver and bronze awards for his safe and courteous driving from CIE.He was one of the very first Coach Tours drivers with CIE and reckons he has covered over 1 million miles in the course of his duty.

Same Week Death of Peter (Pappy) Smith Drumgola at the age of 65.Native of Cavan town Pappy was born at 59 Main Street (Peter Veales).Joined Poles Co Op in his youth and rose to the rank of Manager.Founder member of the reorganised Drumalee GFC in 1949,he was President and Trustee of the Club at his death.Coffin draped in the Drumalee colours.Survived by his brother John and sister Kathleen.Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Stackallen Kells Cavan and Mullingar Clubs dominate the Cavan Open Tennis Championships played in appalling weather conditions.Peter Fennelly of Stackallen beats the holder Paddy McCullen of Kells 3-6 6-2 6-2 .Later Fennelly joined Stackallen clubmate Brendan Weldon to beat David  and Brian Smith (Mullingar) 6-1 6-2..Christine Foley beats Cora Doyle (Kells) in the Lady’s Singles Final 4-6 7-6 6-1.The outstanding feature of the event was the brilliant display of local girl Doris Fitzpatrick who was only beaten by  the number1 seed Cora Doyle after a titanic struggle.Sheila and Noreen Cassidy played outstanding tennis to get to the Final of the Lady’s Doubles only to meet the top seeds in the Final (Christine Foley and Cora Doyle) who ran out easy winners over the gallant Cavan pair 6-2 6-2..Bernie Condon and Noel O Gorman were finalist in the Special Plate Competition but both were beaten in straight sets after playing brilliant tennis all week.

Death of the very popular Mickey Burns 17 Tullac Mongan at the age of 63.Outstanding footballer in his youth with the all conquering Cavan Harps winning a Senior County League medal in 1949.Mickey worked with Cavan Urban Council and later as a civilian with Cavan Military Barrack.Good humoured and witty,he was a treat to speak to and recall the halcyon days of the town in the 1940s.Survived by his wife Bridget sons and daughters.Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Barry Galligan David Lovett and Mark Lynch are cleaning windows in the town with all proceeds going to the SVP Night Shelter presently under construction in River Street.

Lynn Mulligan replaces Margaret Devaney as Carer for the Blind in Cavan.Lynn can be contacted at the Day Centre Cathedral Road Phone 31369.

Michéal Greenan a member of Drumalee GFC and Cavan’s Ulster Council Representative will referee this year’s Ulster Final between Monagh and Derry in Clones.

July 18th 1985 Garrett Fitzgearlad (Taoiseach) adds his support to the call for Bob Geldoff to be given this year’s Nobel Peace Prize following the successful Live Aid Concerts which raised over £45 million for the oppressed people of Africa.Ireland’s contribution was a magnificient £3 million.

Same Week Rev Desmond O Dowd is named Parish Priest of Cootehill after 17 years loyal and industrious service to Cavan town both as a Cuarate and Adm for the last 5 years.Father Dan Sheridan will accompany Father O Dowd to the Cotehill Parish (Drumgoon).Father Felim Kelly CC is appointed Adm while Father Gerry Kearns is transferred from Saint Patrick’s College to the Presbytery.Pictured is a presentation to Father Des O Dowd from the Social Services Patsy Reilly-Smith (Secretary) Sister Carmel Rev George Millar Sister Michael and Sister Assumpta.Numerous organisations pay tribute and make prsentations to the departing Father O Dowd who was one of the most outstanding Churcmen ever to grace the Parish.

Cavan Lions Club are staging the Silver Jubilee of Jimmy Magee’s All Stars in Breffni Park.Among the stars are Jimmy Keaveney Father Michael Cleary Dermot O Brien and appearing by popular demand at the Cabaret in the Hotel Kilmore are local group C 60.

July 25th 1985 Jim O Regan son of Pat and Jean Highfield Road is conferred with his BSc at UCG.Jim was educated at the Saint Felim’s Saint Pat’s College and UCG.

Same Week Sparkling display by Monaghan coached by Sean McCague as they win the Ulster Championship in spectacular style in Clones beating Derry 2-9 to 0-8.

Appalling display by Cavan in the curtain raiser as they are trounced  by Donegal 2-11 to 1-3.Cavan were the favourites but never rose to the task and PaddyMaguire and his selectors are at a  loss to explain the collapse of a team who sparkled all through this year’s Championship.Team Eamon McEnroe John Reilly D McDonnell Brendan Sweeney Niall Cotter John Donnellan Pat Sharkey Vivian O Dowd Dessie Brady Ronan Carolan Laurence Brady Tommy Shalvey Seamus Donohoe Dessie Cahill and Sean Pierson (Captain) Subs Tony Talbot for Pat Sharkey.

Death of Paddy McEntee Cullies one of the best known traditional Irish music figures in the area.Native of Maudabawn Paddy served his time as a stone cutter before joining Cavan County Council as a Ward Attendant at Saint Phelim’s Hospital where he endeared himself to patients and staff for a period of 27 years.Chairman of Cavan Town and County Comhaltas Ceoltoiri Eireann.Highly skilled fiddle player Paddy was ever ready to accompany dancers and singers on the violin.Played with the Green Valley Ceili Band (Ballinagh) and the Doonaree Broadcasting Ceili Band from Corcavity Drung.Noted Irish dancer, he was a founder member of Cumainn Rinnce an Cabhain.Survived by his wife Maura .Rev John McMahon officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry where the Guard of Honour was formed by his work colleagues in Saint Phelim’s Hospital and members of Comaltais Ceoilteoiri Eireann.The graveside oration was given by Brian O Mordha CCE and the the lament on the uileann pipes played by PJ Flood and Richella Murray (Tin Whistle).

Printers win the McGinnity Cup after extra time defeating Pauwells on penalties in appaling weather conditions at Drumalee.Gerry Egan scored from the penalty spot for Printers Brian Gumley equalised for Pauwell’s and P J Carroll tucked away his penalty to ensure that the Printers won the McGinnity Cup after 4 runner up spots Team Seamus Watters Kevin Ronan Martin Maguire Gerry Egan P J Carroll Michael Cryan and Finbar Donohoe.Subs Adrian Ronan for Finbar Donohoe  Philip Finegan Charlie Greene and Peter O Hanlon.

.August 1st 1985 Barry McGuigan the Clones Cyclone will fight Bernard Taylor (Tennessee USA) the leading contender in the 1st defence of his title in The King’s Hall Belfast,Barry will receive over £1 milion sterling for the fight.

Same Week Tom Fitzpatrick Ceann Comhairle Dail Eireann greets Ameican Vice President George Bush (Snr) and prsents him with a copy of the Book of Kells as he leads a delegation of Irish Parliamentarians to the USA at the invitation of Tip O Neill (Speaker of the US Senate).

Sheila Fay and Geraldine Gavin open their new Hairdressing and Beauty Salon at Connolly Street ‘Shady Lady’

Tragic death of Sheila Crotty at the age of 50.Daughter of Mary Ann and John O’ Reilly Church Stret.Prominent member of An Taisce at local and National Executive level.Regular recitalist at Recorded Music Society.Member of Cavan Drama Festival Committee and Cumainn Seanchais Breifne.Survived by her husband Vincent sons John Oisin daughters Dearbhla and Recognet(?) brothers Paddy and John Joe sister Molly .Father John McMahon CC officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Death of Annie McConnell Gortnakesh.In business with her husband Andy for over 40 years.She was known and respected throughout the area.Native of Lavey she was a founder member of Cavan ICA and was very popular and sociable.Survived by her son Andy .Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Death of Tony Smith Wolfe Tone Street at the age of 57.Quiet and affable Tony was an outstandingly skillful painter and did all of the decorations in the Onslow Bredin built houses.Survived by his brother Hugh (USA) and sisters Betty (Doyle) and Mary.Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Death of the very well known Lillian M (Lilly) Beatty’ Woodview’ Billis.Native of the town her family were in business for over 50 years.Well known figure as she cycled to town daily..Funeral from Cavan Parish Church to New cemetery.

Death of Margaret Carmichael (Nee Whelan) 4 Tullac Mongan at the age of 60.Native of Wexford, she was very popular and charitable.Predeceased by her husband Jimmy she is survived by her sons John Peter Jim Joe Noel Brian Brendan Dermot daughters Patricia Ann Margaret Geraldine Karen and Josephine.Funeral from the Cathedral to Drumcor cemetery.

Death of Phil Brady Danesfort at the age of 72.Worked in Monery By Products until his retirement 7 years ago.Great GAA fan, he never missed a county match and was a regular visitor to Breffni Park.Survived by his brother Paddy and sister Jenny.Funeral from Saint Patrick’s Drumcor to the adjoining cemetery.

Frank Coyle swims the Straits at Killykeen for the 1st time in an excellent time of 2 hours and 37 minutes.Liam Rooney  got into difficulties within sight of the finish but will be back next year to complete the swim of 3 ½ miles.Sean Walsh was Coach to both swimmers while  Boatmen were Ivan Smith Willie Beatty Mel O Hanlon and Alex Moran.Timekeepers Sean Coyle and Nurse Nora Browne.The swim took place in poor weather conditions with constant rain throughout and a water temperature of 68%F.

August 8th 1985 Marie Martin from Newbliss opens her new ‘Little Wonders’ Creche at 11 Railway Road..Available to children from 3 months to 4 years and open from 8 am to 8 pm daily.

Same Week Death of Josephine Meehan Saint Felim’s Place after a brief illness.Native of Drumhurk Butlersbridge she was aged 75.Popular religious and hardworking she is survived by her husband Tommy sons Oliver Tom and Michael.Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Pictured is Jacinta McDowell who was crowned Miss Cavan for 1985 at a function in The Farnham Hotel.

Kathleen O Gorman wins the Lady President’s Prize (Philomena Coleman) Prize at County Cavan Golf Club 2nd was Ann Fallon Best Gross Madge Boucher and Des Coulter wins the Men’s Prize.

August 15th 1985 Death of Benny Hickey late of Headfort Park Kells and Cathedral Road Cavan.Butcher by trade Benny and his brothers continued the successful business of their late father and had shops in Bridge Street and Main Street (Cara Chemists).After Mickey’s death Benny and the family moved to Kells and took up farming which was always his first choice.Member of the Cavan Little Theatre Group of the 1940s Benny was an outstanding actor and was an ever present member of the old Pavilion Pantomimes .Kenn racing fan, he was a regular at Navan and Fairyhouse.Survived by his wife Joan sons Brian Pauric Desmond Shannon David and daughter Anne brother Paddy Dublin and sister Maggie Cavan.Funeral from Saint Columcille’s Church Kells to Kells cemetery.

Monaghan rise to the occasion in wonderfu draw with the all conquering Kingdom Monaghan 2-9 Kerry 1-12..Eamonn McEneaney the hero with a last minute equalising point from a fifty.Kerry held to a draw in semi final for the 1st time since 1955 when Cavan were comprehensively beaten in replay.In the Minor game Donegal had nearly all of the play but failed miserably with over elaboration to convert their advantage on the scoreboard compounded by  last minute penalty miss from John Cunningham who’s shot for the net was deflected over the bar by Cork goalkeeper  Jerome O Mahoney.

August 22nd 1985 Death of the very popular Benny Dunne Coleman Road.Worked with Jackson’s on the International Coach Tours and was known throughout the land as a decent obliging and affable companion and friend.Native of Edenticlare Alackan Benny started his driving career with the famous McGirr Buses.Outstanding musician Benny was a well known pianist appearing at many of the local concerts and accompanied members of his bus tour on the piano during their nightly stop over.Survived by his wife Mary sons Noel and Gerard.Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Same Week Death of Dr Sean Reilly in Saint Joseph’s Hospital Lisdarn.Sean was born and reared in Athbara House.His father the late Paddy was Secretary Cavan County Council and Treasurer Cavan County Board GAA.Sean was a noted footballer and hurler with the Cavan Slshers in his youth.Well known Angler he was a frequent visitor to both the Annnalee and Lough Sheelin.Qualified as a doctor in UCD and later specialised in Opthalmic Medicine.He had a large practice in England and was known and respected as an authority on the subject.Follower of horse racing he had a punt each day and was an expert on form and betting.He was an outstanding golfer and played off single figures.When the enormity of his last illness was manifest he expressed a wish to die in peace in his native Cavan and was flown home to Saint Joseph’s Lisdarn only last Thursday.Survived by his wife Phyllis brother Tony sisters Moira Gery and Patsy.Father Felim Kelly Adm officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Father Tom Hogan CSSR Redemptorist launches the 1st 9 day Solemn Novena to Our Lady of Perpetual Succour in the Parish.There will be 4 sessions per day and Mass at each celebration.He is assisted by fellow Redemptorist Rev Peter Flannery Seamus Devitt Donal O Callaghan and Sean Bennett.

Cavan AC Ladies team win the Ladie’s Prize at Kavanagh 10 Km in Stradone Team Patrica Creegan Rola Creegan and Nola O Hanlon.The first three men home were all Monaghan Phoenix Dermot Clarke Noel Kenneddy and Gabriel Reilly.1st lady home was Theresa Kidd (Ballinascreen) with Lyla Cafferty a fast finishing 3rd.Sean McGuigan (Ballinascreen ) was the 1st Veteran with Mike Duggan 2nd and Paddy Lynch 3rd.

August 29th 1985 Ann Gordon from Enniskillen sets a new record for the Hinds Rann Killykeen Swim (2 ways) 3 hours 15 minutes while 2nd was Terri O Sullivan from Kells in 3 hours and 25 minutes.The previous record was set by Sean Walsh Wolfe Tone Street in 1966 when he swam the distance in 4 hours and 6 minutes.Boatmen for the swim were Alex Moran Ivan Smith Fred Smith Frank Coyle and Willie Beatty.Time keepers Sean Coyle and Liam Rooney.Nurse Nora Browne attended to all the medical problems experienced by the swimmers in the biting cold conditions.

Same Week Over 800 entries from Cavan Monaghan Fermanagh and Meath at the inaugural Open Show hosted by Cavan Gardening and Flower Arranging Club

in the Town Hall.Among the winners are Angela Flynn Cathedral Road for her Dahlias (Cactus) Teresa Keogh Rock Cross  for her Hybrid Tea Roses Jennie Fagan Oldtown for her Floribunda Roses.The overall winner and 1st holder of the Jim Scanlon Perpetual Cup was Hugh Fitzpatrick Belturbet for the most entries in the Show.


Death of Peter (Petesey) Lwlor formerly of 12 Saint Brigid’s Terrace in London.Before he emigrated 30 years ago Petesey was an outstanding boxer with the local club and graced the ring with such stars as Sean (Spider) Donohoe Teddy McCormack and the great Jim Brady.Member of the Harps GFC ,Peetesey was an outstanding player with the Club in his youth.Survived by his wife Ann sons Patrick Peter Raymond Tony and daughter Delores.Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

September 5th 1985 Huge crowd attend the Parish Presentation in the Town Hall to Father Des O Dowd new PP Cotehill who spent 17 years in the Parish ,5 of them as an outstanding Adm.Father Dan Sheridan who spent 4 years here in Cavan is also honoured as he leaves Cavan to take up the post of  Curate Drumgoon.

Same Week Death of James Brady Corawelis.Native of Crubany, spent nearly all of his life in London before returning home 5 years ago.He is survived by his sister Kathleen Lynch Crubany.Funeral from Drumavaddy to Killygarry.

Captain Matt Murray wins the Captain’s (Peter Keogh’s) Prize at County Cavan Golf Club 2nd is Padraic McEntee and 3rd George McClarey.Best Gross Jime Beirne while the Ladie’s Prize is won by Madge Boucher.Beginners Joe Cullivan and Maisie Freeman.

Over 50,000 attend the Novena in the Cathedral.Average of 1,200 each sesion at 4 sesions per day.The 5 missioners are joined by 42 priests from the parish in their celebration of Mass and Confessions.Bishop McKiernan urges parishioners to join with the crowds flocking to this huge renewal of faith in the Parish and places the Solemn Novena under the Patronage of Mary Mother of Perpetual Help.Bands from Kingscourt Castletara Cavan and Killeshandra playing outside the Cathedral lend a festive air to proceedings.

Seamus Fay Owen Roe and Paddy McGowan (Butlersbridge) are presented with gold watches on the occasion of their retirement from McCarrens.The two men have served McCarrens for a total of over 100 years.Pictured at the Reception in the Farnham Hotel are Seamus Fay Hannah Fay Paddy McGowan Joe Johnston (Treasurer) Jimmy Smith (Committee) Liam Cooke (Chairman) who made the presentations,Julie Simpson (Secretary) and Paddy Graham.

September 12th 1985 Death of Mary Brady Ballymacenroe.In latter years she was confined to a wheelchair but had a smile and a greeting for everyone.She is survived by her husband Joseph sons Oliver Jimmy and Noel.Father Felim Kelly Adm officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Butlersbridge cemetery.

Same Week County Cavan Darts 1985 Chairman John Lynn Vice Chair Patricia Graham Secretary Tommy Smith Assistant Secretary Mickey McDonald Treasurer Nuala Smith PRO Rosaleen Smith Committee Olive McIntyre and Paul Clerkin.

Cavan Gaels hurlers on crest of a wave as they deservedly beat Armagh Champions Middleton in 1st Round of Ulster Club Championship 3-7 to 1-11 in Breffni Park..The introduction of the injured Jim Fraher at half time lent punch and weight to the Cavan attack.Fibar Noonan in goals was outstanding and saved the Gaels on several occasions G O Donohoe Martin Butler and Shay Whelan were rock solid in defence while T Walsh John Heffernan and Mick Ryan sparkled in the attack.The Gaels now meet Monaghan Champions Clontibret in the next round in Clontibret.Team Finbarr Noonan Shay Whelan G O Donohoe Sean Daly Martin Butler Tony Ryan PJ Kelly Jim Ivers John Heffernan Mick Ryan Noel O Halloran Paddy Ferncombe and Michael Doheny and Peter Veale.Subs T Walsh for Peter Veale (injured) Jim Fraher for Noel O Halloran Patsy Walsh for Michael Doheny..

Death of Rose Neary in Dover Essex at the age of 85.Daughter of Peter and Rose Ann Market Square Cavan.Engaged in the footwear business in Town Hall Street.Her father was blind and lived next door to his great friend Peter Paul Brady (formerly Old Globe) who was also blind.Both men played a leading part in the establishment of the National Council for the Blind of Ireland.

Death of Stanley Booth Manager of Pauwells Trafo Dublin Road at the age of 59.Came to Cavan 8 years ago and endeared himself to everybody who had the pleasure of his company.Keen gardener he was a valued member of the Gardening Club and frequent exhibitor at the neighbouring shows.Survived by his wife Joan daughters Sally and Caroline.

September 19th 1985 Peter Rafferty 26 year old bachelor from Emyvale opens the New Lakeland with John Glenn and his Band providing the music at the gala opening dance.Peter started in the hotel business at the age of 15 and worked for 5 years  as a Chef in the Four Seasons Hotel Monaghan.Later moving to the Great Southern Eyre Square Galway and Killiney Castle.Purchased the Bridge Hotel in 1981 and through good management and quality keenly priced food, he has built up a huge trade being adjacent to the busy Bus Station.John McMahon is the Manger of the Bar while Tom Kilbane is the Assistant Manager..A unique aspect of the pub is the Video Jukebox where selections from the chart topping stars are always updated and available and the latest ultra violet infinity lighting lends a relaxed ambience to the décor which appeals to the younger set.

Same Week Ramor United managed by former Cavan Curate Father Tom McKiernan spring a huge surprise by hammering a lack lustre Kingscourt (Holders) in the County Final to win their 2nd title 1st was in 1974 witnessed by 3,000 who paid record gate receipts of £9,704.Two first half goals were enough for Ramor to exert total dominance.Jim Reilly and Tommy McKeon from Kingscourt and Hughie McNamee (Ramor) were dismissed in the last quarter by referee Michéal Greenan who exercised quiet control all through.Brian McDonnell of Ramor was voted Man of the Match.The Celt comments that the highlight of the afternoon was the excellent and enjoyable recital given by The Mountain Road Pipe Band Teemore (Pictured) who were making their 1st appearance at a County Final in Breffni Park.

Social Services Committee 1985-1986  Chairman Rev Felim Kelly Adm Vice Chairman Canon George Millar MA Treasurer Breege Myles Secretary Maureen Barrett.

Matt Lohan from Kildare will give the inaugural lecture of the new season entitled ‘Trees and Shrubs’ at Cavan Gardening Club.

September 26th 1985 Cavan Itinerant Halt (pictured ) is completed at a cost of £250,000.There are 12 bays measuring 60” by 30” with washing and toilet facilities in each and a central showering area.Public lighting and Caretaker quarters are also supplied by Cavan UDC.

Same Week The Anglo Celt is increased in price from 40p to 45p

‘Ardkill Bay’ owned by Patsy McConnell from Drumavaddy Carrickaboy and ridden by Simon Trent wins the Captain Vance Memorial Competition at the Champion of the Year Show at the Exhibition Centre in Navan.

Tom Fitzpatrick Ceann Comhairle opens the new Tourism Centre at 1 Farnham Street (Opposite Johnston Central Library).Pictured are Paddy Shaffrey (Architect) Danny Brady (Chair Cavan County Council) Patricia Fay (Tourist Office) Dr.Eamonn McDwyer (Chairman Cavan UDC) and Tom McIntyre (Playwright).

Residents of Drumnavanagh bid farewell to the very popular Melia family who have been in Cavan for over 17 years.Paddy is retiring as Sales Manager Arthur Guinness to Bray County Wicklow.Angela O Dwyer (Chair) wishes Paddy Amelia and Family joy and happiness in their new abode and expresses the regret  of the entire community that they are leaving Cavan.Paddy was a prominent member of Cavan Golf Club.Paddy in returning thanks says that their time spent in Cavan was full of joy kindness and friendship.

October 3rd 1985 Cavan Gael’s hurlers are beaten by Clontibret 1-6 to 1-5 in Ulster Championship Replay in Breffni Park.The Gaels never  rose to the heights of their magnificient display in the drawn game and Clontibret’s late arrival at the ground by a full 25 minutes seemed to throw the Gaels’ totally off their game particularly in the 1st half.Scorers for the Gaels Paddy Frncombe 1-0 PJ Kelly 0-2 Jim Ivers Martin Butler and Jim Fraher 0-1 each.

Same Week Grant of £36,000 for Killygarry GFC under the Social Employment Scheme is announced by Minister of State Willie Bermingham.

Flower Arranging Club are organising a mini bus trip to Monaghan to view the display of Rev McMillen.All are welcome phone Maureen Crowe Edermine at 31987.

ISPCA are organising the blessing of animals in the Scout Den on the Feast of Saint Francis.Each person is responsible for their own animals.

October 10th 1985 8th Cavan International Song Contest will be sponsored by Emmetts to the increased tune of £10,000.RTE are again covering the contest and transmitting the Final live.

Same Week Cavan Gaels Holiday Bus leaves Bus Ofice at 8 am,flying out from Dublin at noon.There are 59 people in the party going to Grand Canaria.They will fly back on the 20th October after their 2 weeks holiday.

Death of John Allen Drumard very well known farmer in the area.Survived by his wife Anna sons Robert and David and daughter Jean .Reverend Jean Mackeral officiated at the funeral from Cavan Presbyterian Church to Kilmore cemetery.

David Small reports that this has been the wettest Summer in living record.In September there was a rainfall total of 15 inches, rained every day except the last 4 days of the month and the only other time we had 4 consecutive good days was at the beginning of June.

John McDermott is the first man from a Cavan club to be elected to the Executive of BLOE when he was elected to the post of Vice Chairman at the annual Congress.

Bary McGuigan’s 1st defence of his title against Bernard Taylor in the Kings Hall is relayed by satellite to the Exhibition Hall in Cootehill by Liam Hayes and Staff.The atmosphere was electric in Saint Michael’s Hall as Barry edged out the American to retain his featherweight championship of the world.

Cavan’s Black Horse is once again voted Pub of the Year sponsored by Black and White Scotch Whiskey .Now goes forward to the All Ireland Finals.

Gowna clinch the three in arrow of Minor Championships when beating  Bailieborough 1-9 to 1-7 in the Minor decider at Breffni Park.

Michael Graham in sensational form as he wins the Invitational Cavan 10 K in a time of 31.36.This is Michael’s last competitive race until the Dublin City Marathon at the end of the month.Patricia Griffin is the first holder of the Jim O Leary Cup when she wins the Lady’s race in 37.25 2 minutes ahead of Rose Owens with Lyla Cafferty closing them all down in the final stages to record a very respectable 4th place in 40.32 exactly 2 mimutes ahead of the off form Kathleen Tonge in 5th.Fidelma Carolan wins the Junior Lady’s from Karen Lambert and Pauline Brady.Eamonn Tully Laragh AC is the clear winner of the Veterans Race in the absence in Grand Canaria with Cavan Gaels of the main Cavan AC contender Hughie Smith

October 17th 1985

Holy Rosary Sisters vacate their Convent and complex set in secluded and beautiful countryside at Killeshandra.Founded by Bishop Francis Shanahan in 1924, the Sisters spent over 80 years in Drumulen House but for economic reasons and lack of vocations, they have vacated this beautiful place to reside adjacent to Cavan Cathedral.The Sisters minister in South America and Africa.

Same Week Belder and Annie Pratt celebrate the Golden Jubilee of their marriage with function in the Farnham Arms Hotel.They were married in Denn Church in 1935 by Archdeacon Shire and have 8 children and 27 grandchildren.

Cavan Ecumenical Movement hold service in Saint Clare’s Church and later Concert in Town Hall at which the choirs of Cavan Cathedral conducted by Father Gerry Kearns Kilmore Diocesan Choral Union conducted by  Philip Knowles. Musical items by both the Ballybay and Manorhamilton Groups while Father Gerry Kearns and Philip Knowles rounded off the evening with solos on the piano.

Death of Austin Brady Clonsilla Dublin at the age of 59.Son of Gusty Brady Church Street and Tullyco Austin followed his father into the Plumbing business.He was Clerk of Works at the construction of Cavan General Hospital.Survived by his daughter Anne sisters Joan and Cora.Funeral from Saint Brigid’s Church Blanchardstown to Mulhuddart cemetery.

Death of Madeline McHugh Latt Cavan at the age of 57.Native of Roscrea County Tipperary, she was highly respected and well known in the town.Survived by her husband Pat daughters Angela (Flynn) and Pauline (Johnston) and mother Bridget Gantley in Roscrea.

Gramaphone Society 1985 Chairman John Smith Vice Chair Alice McMahon Secretary Angela Smith Treasurer Eileen O Connor.Committee Hugh Lennon Mary Dunne Mervyn Johnston Maureen Hand Patricia McMahon Martina Lee and Tom Pollock.

Icebreakers 1985 Chairman Willie Mimnagh Vice Chairman Alex Moran Secretary Liam Rooney Treasurer Enda Smith Committee Sean Walsh Jacinta Walsh Frank Coyle Sean Coyle John Gillhooley Deidre Montgomery and JohnMcGovern.Proceeds from this year’s swim will go to the National Council for the Blind.

Father and son Robert and Edward Sharpe from Cootehill on the same team that defeats Hollywood 9-3 at Cavan Rugby Club.Both togged out on the wings and impressed with their speed and skill all afternoon.

October 24th 1985

Peter Hayden (County Secretary) once again opens the Annual Art Exhibition in the Protestant Hall.

Same Week Jim O Leary Michael Graham Greg Weitz Peter McGinnity Noel Teahan Tom Donohoe Rick Lewis Kevin Moore Gerry O Donnell Ann Lawless and Simon and Hilda Fairbrother are running in this weekend’s Dublin City Marathon.Most of the runners are heavily sponsored for local charities and wished good luck as they set out on the 26.2 mile journey around the Dublin suburbs next Monday.

Death of Anna M Kane (Nee Smith) in Philadelphia.Nurse by profession she qualified in 1928.Last of the well known and respected Smith family Drumcrave.

Ramor United are just pipped by Scotsown 2-4 to 0-11 in 1st round of Ulster Senior Club Championship in Breffni Park.Scotstown are renowed campaigners having won this competion 1978 1979 and 1980.

Shane Connaughton the well known Kingscourt author and dramatist domiciled in London wins the 1985 Hennessy Literary Award.

October 31st 1985 Michelle Geelan 40 Highfield Road is pictured wining the ‘Most Appealing Child Award’ (Under 5) at the Industrial and Business Exhibition in Cootehill.The photograph was taken by well known Cootehill lensman Brian

Mulligan Pictured are Brian Mulligan Maria Geelan (mother) Michael Geelan (father) and Willie O Hanlon Managing Director Anglo Celt.

Same Week Sudden death of Andy Cafferty Drumelis at the age of 71.Very industrious and popular member of an old Cavan family,Andy worked in McCarrens and later for a long period of time in Monery By Products.President of Cavan town branch Fine Gael.He was a lifelong member of Cavan CYMS and held every executive position on the Committee being President of the Club at his death.Probably the greatest exponent of Solo ever to grace the hallowed halls of both the Temperance Hall and later the Hut.His play was simply poetry in motion and his dry with lent itself to a total aura of mystique and invincibility.Survived by his wife Anna sons Sean Hugo and Andrew and daughter Lyla and Susan.Guards of honour drawn from the CYMS and Fine Gael at both the removal and funeral at which Father Gerry Kearns officiated to Killygarry.

Death of Elizabeth Hicks (Nee Wray) in London formerly of River Street.Predeceased by her husband Patrick and survived by her daughters Kathleen and Lily brothers Jimmy (Cavan)  Phil (London) sisters Mary Ellen,Bridie and Julia.Funeral in London.

Michael Graham displays his international class by taking 16th place in the Dublin City Marathon in a time of 2 hours 26 minutes and 9 seconds.The race was won by Dick Hooper of Raheny Shamrocks.Michael’s time still remains the fastest ever recoreded over the Marathon distance (2008) by a Cavan native.

Death of the legendary John Thomas Kenneddy Coras Point and formerly Fagans Cavan suddenly at the age of 74.Native of Killeevan Newbliss,he joined forces with his great friend Robert Mackeral to take over the business of George Fagan and Company in 1939 and traded successfully despite many fires and setbacks until 1975.Tall pleasant handsome, John had a commanding presence and gave the customer his complete and total attention.All classes and creeds flocked to Fagans in its heyday and there was a welcome for everybody by name.In latter years in his retiremnt John continued the lucrative funeral undertaking at which he was a role model of perfection.Reared hens at home and sold the produce to his many customers who were always assured of service with a smile and first class produce deivered to their door.Member of the Select Vestry of the Church of Ireland and a member of the Board of Management Royal School.Survived by his wife Sadie.Funeral from Cavan Parish Church to the New cemetery.

November 7th 1985 Sister Ann O Keefe (Loreto College) celebrates her Golden Jubilee in the company of some of her past puils.Sheila Kilkenny makes a presentation to the very popular Sister Ann on behalf of the legion of pupils she she taught in Loreto Cavan.Pictured are Annette Coleman Ann Marie Bogue Rosemary Reilly Carol Brady Monica Fay Mairead Cadden Angela Flynn Geraldine McGee and Madeline Argue.

Same Week Patrick Cosgrove with strength aggression and fitness proves himself the emerging star at Cavan Boxing Club when he decisively beats L Tracey (Newry) at The Mid Ulster Boxing Championhips in Newry.

Death of Patrick Joseph (Joe) Dunne Butlersbridge suddenly at the age of 72. One of the best known and highly esteemed figures of the Irish Insurance business.Native of Shantemon involved in the insurance business for over 50 years setting up his own brokerage at Connolly Street in 1963.Joe’s integrity was never compromised and his dealings were always of the highest order.Member of the famous Castletara Brass Band, Joe later set up his own band and travelled the country halls with ‘The Magnet Band’ one of the most popular and musical on the circuit.All members wore dress suits and dancing was from 8-12 with patrons expected to vacate the hall as soon as the National Anthem was played at 12 midnight sharp.Appointed Agency Manager for the Educational Building Society in 1965.Outstanding company, he could recall humourous events of the people and times he grew up with and always added stature to the subject never demeanng or undermining anybody.Quiet and perceptive Joe had the rare art of being a busy man never in a hurry with a perceptive ear and wise counsel fo all who sought his advice.Pedeceased by his wife Veronica (Nee Smith Alackan) in 1970, Joe took on the additional responsibility of being a sole parent and carried out the task with distinction.He is survived by his sons Raymond Philip P J Cormaac daughters Mary (Johnston) Gabrielle (O Hanlon) and Collette (Bedford).Funeral from Saint Aidan’s Butlersbridge to Butlersbridge cemetery

Mac’s Bakery owned by Peter McDonald (Milsean Breifne) sells at auction for a record price of  £132,000.Purchsed in trust for the Irish Nationwide Building Society by Michael Smith (Auctioneer ) Cootehill.AOR acted for the vendor who has purchased another property at Drumalee Cross.Cormac D Dunne had carriage of sale.

Brady Brothers sell their thriving Mart business in Cavan Cootehill and Mohill to Bailieboro Co Op for a sum believed to be in the region of £1 million.

Sudden death of Bill Anderson Royal Schol at the age of 51.Youngest son of John and Martha Anderson.Bill travelled the world and his passport was his talent as a pianist. Taking up appointments in Nairobi before coming back to Ireland as Resident Pianist in ‘The Paradiso Club’ Wicklow Street Dublin.Reurning to Cavan for health reasons he took up the post as Pianist in the Derragarra Inn.In his youth Bill was an outstanding Inter Provincial tennis player and an able horseman competing at the local Agricultural Shows with great success.Bill is survived by his brother Douglas Henry (Canada) Clive (South Africa).Funeral from Cavan Parish Church to the the Anderson plot in Drumcree cemetery Portadown.

Hacklers with ‘Zoo Story’ win the prize for best Production at Bundoran One Act Drama Festival while Ray O Connor takes the prize for Best Actor.

Sympathy is extended to Ann Lennon on the death of her father Thomas Murray Grenfield House Longford at the age of 71.

Jacqui Maloney the 26 year old daughter of George and Maura Maloney  wins the Best New Entry at The International Singing Contest in Prague.Later tours the country accompanied by her mother Maura and Ann Lennon.

Eugene O Neill is the lucky winner of the Boy Scout’s Raffle which followed their 40 mile cycle via Ballinagh Killeshandra and Belturbet led by their Scout Master Danny O Hanlon and Chaplain Father Anthony Fagan.

George Crowe retains his place on the Leinster team at tight head prop to play Munster in Interprovincial.George is a member of Longford Rugby Club.

Gaels win the big relegation battle at Terry Coyle Park Cavan Gaels 1-12 Drumalee 1-3.Hero of the hour was the brilliant youthful John Maguire with a well worked goal 8 minutes into the second half.Gaels led by 0-10 to 0-1 at half time playing with the gale force wind.Small attendance and vociferous complaints again about the late start. Gaels’ scorers John Maguire 1-5 Haulie Reilly 0-4 Kevin O Grady Jimmy Fay and Brian O Grady 0-1 each Drumalee Tom Milner 1-0 Cyril O Keefe Felim Costello and Brian Higgins 0-1 each.

Cavan Town are beaten by the favourites Castlevilla 3-1  in the 2nd round of the FAI Cup at Castledermot.Gerry Nevin put the Cavan side in the lead finishing a move started by Billy Sheridan and Francis Mooney.Castlevilla forced the game into extra time with an early second half equaliser .Tony Kelly gave the home side the lead with 6 minutes remaining and with a minute left Noel Kelly made the tie safe and sent Castlevilla forward to the 3rd round of the competition Cavan Town John Heffernan Brian Smith Peter Burns Paul McHugh Gabriel Walsh Gerry Egan Hubert Smith Robbie Bury Billy Sheridan Gerry Nevin and Francis Mooney.12th man Robbie Harrison

Anglo Celt are the Five a side Tournament Champions at Cavan Sports Complex beating McDwyer/Lennon 6-3 in a thrilling final.Denis McDwyer the Chief Organiser hopes to enlarge the tournament above the present 10 teams next year.The proceeds of the tournament £295 go to the Lions Club.

Kevin Moore from Fairview is the new Novice Cross Country Champion at meting in Kingscourt.Conditions are firm with no rain,Tony Dunne finishes 2nd only 40 yards adriftof the in form Moore who recently ran the Dublin City Marathon in a debut time of 2 hours and 52 minutes.Simon Fairbrother and the veteran Michéal Smyth ensured that Cavan AC finshed 2nd team to favourites Kill.

November 14th 1985 Cavan UDC unanimously reject new traffic plan outlined by County Engineer Tom Desmond which envisaged that traffic would flow one way up Farnham Street and on to the Dublin Road via Main Street.It was unanimously decided that letting heavy freight and lorries up the Main Street was neither good for business or the existing structures.Oliver Malone said “ it was premature to discuss such a radical plan before we had the By Pass.What they should be talking about was the present deplorable state of the footpaths at the ESB offices”!

UDC impose a levy of £5 per week on people using the new halting site at Fairgreen.Eucemenical blessing and official opening will take place shortly.Places have now been allocated to 12 local itinerant families.

Same Week Death of Rosaleen Coyne (Nee Geraghty) Saint Phelim’s Place at the age of 75.Outstanding Secretary and Office Mangeress at Smith’s Garage and later PMPA.Member of the old and respected Geraghty family from Coleman Road,her cheertful demeanour endeard her to everybody.Predeceased by her husband Henry she is survived by brothers Eamonn Joe and sister Noelle.Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Death of 15 year old Raymond Murray late of Tullac Mongan at Fatima Court in Dundalk.His one great love was visiting Cavan and going to fish on the waters of Rann and Kilykeen.Survived by his parents Raymond and Anne brothers Rodney  Stephen Paul and grandmother Annie Tullac Mongan.Funeral to Saint Brigid’s Dundalk.

PJ Carroll Cavan Gaels is appointed County Minor Team Manager for the coming year while PJ Galligan (Killygarry) is appointed Under 16 County Team Manager for 1986.

Killeshandra Holy Rosary Sisters hand over the keys of their Convent and Motherhouse to Killeshandra Co Op.after spending over 62 happy fruitful years among the people of Killeshandra.Pictured are Andrew Boylan (Chair Killeshandra Co Op) Sisters Sinead O Sullivan Theresa Dillon  Teresa Stapleton (Superior) handing the keys to Frank Flanagan (CEO Killeshandra Co Op) and Sean Brady (Killeshandra Co Op).

Cavan Gaels topple the favourites Laragh United with 3-6 to Laragh’s 1-3 in Junior B Semi Final at Brffni Park.

Tom McManus introduces his new innovative toy ‘The Cottage Kids’ to the nation on the RTE Late Late Toy Show.All the major stores are stocking this silent and amusing toy which retails at £9-99 for Christmas.Tom is son of Paddy and Mary Farnham Road and is a graduate of the Dundalk Institute of Technology.

November 21st 1985 Retirement presentation to long serving Peggy Willock in Nurse’s Home.Pictured are Paddy Fay (Porter) Betty Kelly (Nurse) Dr.Roy Hayes,Anna O Reilly (Assistant Matron) ,Peggy Willock Sister Rosemary (Matron Cavan Surgical Hospital) who made the presentation Des Scully RMHC and Bernadette Donohoe (Nurse)

Same Week Dolman Theatre Group Dundalk win Cavan One Act Drama with their production ‘Galway Girl’.Stradone Drama Group with ‘Shadow of the Glen’ win Section B.The Adjudicator was Biddy White Lennon of Riordan’s fame.

November 28th 1985 Official opening and blessing of the new £210,000 Halt at Fairgreen.Pictured are Father Felim Kelly Adm and Canon George Millar blessing the Halt also included are Sister Margaret (Superior Poor Clares) who donated the site Dr.Eamonn McDwyer (Chairman UDC) Enright Clarke (Contractor) Paddy Gaffney (Architect) and Gabriel Cullivan (Town Clerk)

Same Week Phil Gillbride is selling the ‘Meadow View’ while Kate Malone has the popular ‘Gaelic Bar’ up for sale.

Death of Jack Cosgrave Emmett Place at the age of 86.He was a postman in the Farnham area for over 25 years and his quiet efficiency and courtesy was most appreciated by all.One of the last remaining members of the Old Cathedral Confraternity, Jack was deeply religious and charitable.Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Death of the great Eileen Morgan Farnham Street.Last of a an old and distinguished Cavan family.Daughter of Edward and Mrs Morgan Farnham Street her father was Headmaster in the old Boy’s School.Eileen was a gifted musician and majored on the piano.In the early years played the piano as an accompaniment to the old silent films in the Magnet Cinema.Involved with all the major Pantomimes and Musicals performed over the last fifty years in Cavan Town Hall.She spent thousands of hours at rehearsals, yet she approached each show with great enthusiasm and style.Played the Church organ in both the Old and New Cathedrals.She loved the live shows and particularly Drama being an ever present and annual season ticket holder at Cavan Drama Festival.She worked in Providers as an Ofice Clerk for a long number of years.Concerned about the Social and Cultural life of the town she loved so well.Always met her neighbours and friends with a smile, she was an outstanding friend to all who had the pleasure of knowing her.Survived by her sister in law Maisie.Father Anthony Fagan CC assisted by Father Torlac O Reilly PP (Drung) celebrated her funeral Mass in the Cathedral at which a Guard of Honour was formed by the members of the Boy Scouts.Interment in Killygarry cemetery.

Mel Doherty hands over his title as Cavan Man of the Year to Paddy O Brien CEO Bailieboro Co Op at the Anglo Celt /ReHab awards in the Kilmore Hotel.Local award winners were Danny O Hanlon Father Torlac O Reilly Noel Martin Shirley Sherriff and Father Tom McKiernan

County Cavan Rugby Teams 1st V Bangor Sean McPhillips Michael Kane Cyril O Keefe Philip Brady Frank Walls Johnny Browner Paul Hayes D Connolly P Rogers PJ Quinn S Richmond Tom Farrell 2nds (away to Portadown) P O Donnell Brian Lee Winston Morrison T McKiernan Mick Flynn S Bradley Bernard Geoghehan P Reilly Gordon O Bric M Keenan Eric Trenier Noel Finn G Sweeney Johnny Fortune Johnny McCormack Sean McKiernan F Brady and Peter Pollock.3rd Team (Home to Mullingar Sunday) M Gilsenan A Denning B Dunne A Acheson P Denning Sean Coyle Raymond Dunne T Bannon Noel McGlade Dclan McCaul David Sheils F Donohoe G McCarron B O Kane and Michael Johnston.

Tourist Association 1986 Chairman Eddie Brady Vice Chairman John McGinnity Treasurer Elizabeth Dunne (Hill Top Belturbet) Secretary Breege Myles.At the meeting Hugh Gough points out that Cavan once the mecca for cross channel fishermen has lost its former image .The marketing system is changing and it is important to lay on fishing competitions and entertainment for the tour operators and angling correspondents!

December 5th 1985 Cavan Gaels beat Gowna 2-10 to 0-3 to win the Junior B title at Breffni Park.Gaels superior skill and fitness were the telling factors in comprehensive win.Gowna only scored 1 point in second half such was the dominance of the Gaels.Martin Maguire and Conor McDwyer rampant at midfield .Scorers for the Gaels John Conaty and Adrian Ronan 1-0 each Martin Maguire Tony Talbot 0-3 each Eamonn Brady 0-2 and Bernie Quinn and Sean Daly 0-1 each. Team Paul Leddy Bernie Quinn Paddy Reilly Maurice Hoare Sean McDermott Jimmy Sheridan Brian Lynch Conor O Dwyer Martin Maguire Tony Talbot Cian Murtagh D Bolger Eamonn Brady Sean Daly Adrian Ronan.Subs John Conaty for S Daly and Jim Ivers for Bolger.

Same Week Doctor Anton Mac Gabhainn is Cavan Person of the Year at the 27th Annual Reunion of the Dublin Association in the Grand Hotel Malahide.The President Tom Smith presented the award.In his address to the 400 guests John McCabe thanks everybody who contributed to their fundraising of over £40,000 for the purchase of a Laser Beam Machine at Children’s Hospital in Crumlin.

Robert Treacey is the new Captain for 1986 at County Cavan Golf Club.Ladies Section 1986 Philomena Coleman is President Captain Dolié Cullivan Frances Connolly Vice Captain Evelyn O Connor is Secretary Gertie Walsh Treasurer and Joan O Hanlon Handicap Secretary.

Saint Clare’s School wins the National award in the Yoplait/Irish Press Sport For All Competition Caroline Cleary and Clodagh Murray accept the trophy on behalf of the school Pictured with Caroline and Clodagh are Sister Lucia (Principal) Father Felim Kelly Adm Jim Monaghan (Yoplait) and Alan Maxwell (Irish Press).

Annual General Meeting of Cavan Gael’s Hurlers in Eddie O Gormans Lounge.

Sheila’s Boutique hold their Christmas Fashion Show in packed Blessing’s Lounge in aid of Re- Hab.Pictured are Angela Mulligan Breda Mulligan Deidre Sheridan Geraldine Reilly Caroline Gorby Sheila Gorby Pierce Gorby and Angelina Tully.

Drumalee Juvenille Committee Chairman Gerry Reilly Vice Chair Eugene Greenan Secretary Tommy Lyons Asistant Secretary Joe O Reilly Treasurer Kevin McGowan Assistant Treasurer and Youth Officer Patrick Sharkey (Jnr) PRO Michael Lyons Under 10Team Coach Terry Sexton Under 12 and 14 Team Coach (Joint) Michael Lyons and Terry Sexton.

Over 100 students are presently attending the new College of Further Studies situated at the old Poor Clare Secondary School.Many new technology courses are being introduced.

December 12th 1985 Ecumenical Christmas meeting in Saint Felim’s Boys School is adressed by the former Archbishop of Dublin George Simms and chaired by Jim Hannon.Ballybay Group led the singing of the Seasonal Carols and Readings.

Same Week Icebreakers Final arrangements for their 18th Annual Christmas Morning Swim .Sean Walsh is going for his 18th Paddy O Reilly PC UDC for his 12th Jim Gillhooley and Tony McDonnell for their 11th John McGovern 10th.Mickey Breslin is the heaviest sponsored participant as he goes for his 1st swim sponsored to the tune of £70 for the National Council for the Blind.Nola O Hanlon is going for her 10th swim while Elizabeth Smith is plunging for her 9th and Eilish Mmnagh at 9 years old is going for an incredible 5th consecutive swim.All proceeds are going to the local branch of the National Council for the Blind.

Speake Amatur Boxing Club from Liverpol will make their Cavan debut at tournament in the Town Hall in February 1986.

December 19th 1985 Barry McGuigan is the winner of the prestigous BBC Sports Personality of the Year award in London.Ian Bootham is second with top middle distance runner Steve Cram 3rd while the European Ryder Cup team win the Team Prize.

Same Week Cavan UDC are victims of their own success as itinerants pour in from all over the area to the new £210,000 halt at Fairgreen.Gabriel Cullivan (Town Clerk) says “there are many caravans and vehicles blocking the road and the overcrowding has to be stopped.Both himself and the Gardai have visited the site daily to ask them to move on but to no avail,the matter is now with the Council’s Law Agent”.Paul Dolan says it is a shame that Cavan UDC are being called upon to solve the entire County’s Itinerant problem.The Halt was provided for local families but caravans fom all over including Northern Ireland registration are flocking to the site daily.Oliver Malone states that the Halt is a wonderful success but he is ‘cut up’ over the total abuse of their generosity.

Cavan Lions Club present a Macabed to Cavan Surgical Hospital Pictured are Margaret Scott (Nurse) Ray Bannigan Seamus McConnon Evelyn Smith (Nurse) Anna O’ Reilly (Assistant Matron) Martina Dalton (Nurse) Ray Carr Terry Argue and Sister Rosemary (Matron).

Death of Tommy Igoe late of College Street in England at the age of 72.Employed as a Postman,Tommy was also a Labour member of Cavan UDC.President of the National Union of Postmen.Later moved to Drogheda and took up the upholstery business at which he excelled.Continued at this trade in England,he was an annual visitor to his home town.Survived by his wife Mary son John daughters Joan Barbara and Deidre.Beezie O Hanlon Creighan is a sister of Tommy’s.Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry

Cavan Boy Scouts Parents Association (Pictured) Roisin Reilly (Secretary) Bishop Frank McKiernan  Joe Cullivan (Chairman) Dympna Baldwin Barbara Lynch Danny O Hanlon (Unit Leader) Rev Anthony Fagan CC( Chaplain )Mel Doherty Ray Griffith PRO Frank McManus  and Kevin Killduff (Regional Commissioner).

Fifteen scouts and their leaders are commissioned by the Bishop of Kilmore Rev Frank McKiernan (Pictured) Richard Flood Mel Doherty (Junior) Mark Greaney Darren Egan Alan O Connell Brian Baldwin  Alan Baldwin Anthony Fannon Colin Kelly Noel Haren Declan O Donnell Mark Leddy Rossa O Regan Noel Haughey Brendan Brady Rory Smith (Assistant Scout Leader) Andrew Fannon (Assistant Scout Leader) Noel Lee (Assistant Scout Leader) Paul McCusker (Assistant Scout Leader) Danny O Hanlon (Unit Leader) and Father Anthony Fagan (Chaplain)

County Cavan Juvenille Board 1986 Chairman Tony Looney  Vice Chairman Tommy Lyons Secretary Wilie Mimnagh (Killygarry) Assistant Secretary and Registrar P J Gill (Ballymachugh)Treasurer P J Galligan (Killygarry) PRO Hubert Conaty (Castletara)

Mary Galvin daughter of Lily and the late Bill Drumnavanagh is conferred with her BA in Geography and Politics at UCD.She is presently studying for a Masters in Regional and Urban Planning.Mary was educated at the Poor Clare’s Loreto College and UCD.

December 26th 1985 Margo Leddy daughter of Michael and Maura 63 Wolfe Tone Street is conferred with her BSc in Environmental Health at Trinity College .She was educted at Saint Clare’s Loreto Cavan College of Catering Dublin and Trinity College.

Same Week No contest for the major positions at the forthcoming Cavan GAA Convention.Chairman Phil Brady Vice Chair Peter Brady Secretary Andy Feeney Assistant Secretary Tony Looney Treasurer Tom Boylan Development Officer Brendan Keaney.PJ Carroll and Barney Cully are seeking the position of PRO vacated by Eddie Brady who is not seeking relection.At Convention PJ Carroll was elected PRO for 1986.

Death of the industrious courageous and obliging  James Thomas (Thomas) McCabe after a long illness at his residence 34 Saint Marins Estate.He was a most respected dealer in goats donkeys and other livestock.Learned the trade from his late father Joe and always kept a large stock on Green Commons adjacent to the old Green Lake on the Dublin Road..In latter years Thomas was a most industious self employed haulier and ferried goods from Dublin for distribution in the Cavan area.Spent part of his early life in England and joined the British Army seeing action on the Continent in the liberation of Europe.Thomas was married twice his first wife Margaret (nee Keyes) was a member of the old respected Keyes family Fruit Merchants Bill Posters and Town Criers.Thomas is survived in Cavan by his second wife Kathleen sons Sean Joe Thomas David Jason daughters Sadie O Neill Margaret McNamara  Pauline Sheridan Caroline Amanda Valentine brothers Oliver Kevin Sean sisters Susan Hand and Mary.

Dolié Cullivan is the new Lady Captain for 1986 at County Cavan Golf Club while Vincent Walsh is the new Captain of Belturbet Golf Club.

Cavan/Acro/Gymnastic Club Competition 1st Irene Maguire and Camilla O Reilly 2nd Aine Hughes and Pauline Cosgrove 3rd Mary Sharkey and Emma Talbot 4th Mary Leech and Audrey King 5th Una O Connor and Frances McCaffrey 6th Shalom Binchey and Fiona Faulkner.Mixed Pairs Jenifer Lewis and Dara King Boys Pairs Brian O Leary and Noel Haren Lady’s Group (3) Irene Maguire Pauline Brady  and Audrey King.Chairman of the Club is Jimmy Smith Farnham Street while the Coach is Jim O Leary Owen Roe.

January 2nd 1985 38 swimmers take part in the 18th Annual Icebreaker’s Christmas Swim at Rann.Senator Andy O Brien sent the swimmers on their way each of whom was awarded a signed certificate.Mickey Breslin was the heaviest sponsored with £70 going to this year’s Chairity Cavan Branch National Council for the Blind.

Same Week Continuing strength of the Irish £ against Sterling and the reduction in the price of petrol on this side of the border ensured a bumper trading Christmas for the town where the exodus of previous years was reversed with shoppers flocking into Cavan from Northern Ireland.

First Christmas at the Night Shelter where the residents are treated to Christmas Dinner with all the frills and later relax to the music of Dermot Smith Tommy Kenny Mel Doherty and the Webber School of Dancing.Later in the evening an enjoyable concert was held graced by the beautiful voice of Ann McKiernan and the instrumental accompaniment of Kieran Galvin (Drumnavanagh).

Coldest Christmas in living memory with ground tempretures of -30 reported on two nights over the Festive Season

Cavan Gaels complete the Junior B double in dramatic fashion with Dessie Gardiner converting the last kick of the match with a goal from a free kick against Laragh United in Cootehill by 2-4 to Laragh’s 1-6 .Gaels were outplayed but never threw in the towel and Gardiner struck for the 1st time with a sensational goal five minutes from time before winning the Double for the Gaels with his last minute strike.Scorers for the Gaels Dessie Gardiner 2-1 John Maguire Martin Maguire and Eamonn Brady 0-1 each .Cavan Gaels Paul Leddy Bernie Quinn Paddy Reilly Sean McDermott Kevin McNamara Jimmy Sheridan (Captain) Brian Lynch Martin Maguire Conor O Dwyer Adrian Ronan Pauric O Connor Sean Kilduff John Maguire Dessie Gardiner and Eamonn Brady.Subs Cian Murtagh for John Maguire and Sean Carolan for SeanMcDermott.

Unexpected death of Angela Clancy Deragarra Inn at the age of 44.Native of Borrisokane County Tipperary, Angela was a hairdresser in New York and after her marriage to John Clancy they returned home to run ‘The Wooden Bridge Hotel’ in Arklow.Later they purchased the Derragarra Inn in 1969 from Harry O Connell for a sum in the region of £14,000.They carried out massive repairs and set up shop as a tourist attraction.Angela with her quiet charm,personality and good looks was a perfect hostess.Her courtesy and ability to smooth over any crisis and entertain many different parties supplying their every need was the major reason that the Derragarra Inn became nationally known as a centre for excellence.She was a member of Butlersbridge ICA where her skills in cooking and crochet were much admired and appreciated.She is survived by her husband John sons Sean Garrett daughters Angela’ Church to Butlersbridge cemetery.

Death of Annie Murphy 26 Tullac Mongan at the age of 77.Native of Breffni Terrace and member of the most respected Murray family .She was totally committed to the welfare of her large family.She was an outstanding Cavan character and her good humour and laughter were infectious.Predeceased by her husband James (Spud) she is survived by her sons Timmy Phildy Jimmy Patsy Thomas Terry Eamonn Jackie  Michael Joseph and daughters Mary Rose Valerie Ann Adele Linda and Theresa.Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Kevin Moore from Fairview is the Boxer of the Year at Saint Felim’s Boxing Club Killygarry.Coaches are Charlie Moore and Leo Ronan themselves outstanding exponents of the art of self defence.

Suden death of Francis Smith extensive farmer and well known building contractor from Keelagh Ballyhaise.Member of Cavan County Council since 1979 and Chairman of Cavan Committee of Agriculture.

Cavan Town Soccer Club are going through a period of rebuilding under their captain Hughie Murray.This year they only won 1 trophy the Jackson Cup but finished in the top four in both the Cavan/Monaghan and Longford Leagues.

January 9th 1986  Death of the very popular Annie Greene Saint Phelim’s Place.Native of Clones she came to Cavan to work as a Manageress in Johnny Brady’s Drapery and was known far and near as a lady of integrity and great ability.Chairiable and courteous ,she devoted herself to the welfare of her husband and three boys.She was predeceased by her husband Joe and is survived by her sons Raymond Thomas and Joseph sisters Nora Peg and Elizabeth.Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Same Week Phil Lynott Lead Singer with Dublin Rock Band ‘Thin Lizzy’ dies from heart failure and pneumonia brought on by alleged drug misuse.

Death of John Sadler Drumbar at the age of 72.Worked with Andrew McCarren and Griffith Black on the farm for a long number of years and was very popular and industrious.Survived by his sisters Frances Sophie and Sadie.Canon Millar officiated at the funeral from Cavan Parish Church to the New cemetery.

Death of Walter Little Lisdarn on New Year’s DayHe was one of the foremost Woodwork Instructors in Ireland specialising in teak and mahogany, inlay carvings were a feature of his work.Native of Longford Town,Walter trained as an Instructor in Limerick and after serving in Donegal for 3 years was appointed to Cavan Technical School in 1935.He passed on his skills to thousands of pupils who prospered as a result of his expert tuition which also included Mechanical Drawing.He designed and erected at his own expense a diving bard at Swellan and almost every day Walter was seen diving and swimming in the lake during the Summer months.Such ws his skill and reputation that he was always called by the recuse services and Gardai to assist in locating bodies following drowning accidents but many of these tragedies were averted if Walter was on the scene and many of the the swimmers on Swellan owed their lives and safety to his courage and technique.Market Gardener of the highest order Walter had many customers for fresh vegetables fom his resplendent well cultivated garden adjoining the house.Before the advent of television Walter never missed a change of film in either the Magnet or Town Hall.He was a prolific reader and expert on construction carpentry and mechanics.Above all he had the gratituide of a generation of students who owed their careers and trade to the tuition and encouragement they received from Walter.Religious and charitable, he is survived by his wife Mary daughters Lila Jennie and Vivienne.He was predeceased by his son Randolph and daughter Norma.Funeral to Glasnevin.

Hugh Gough and Derek Davis are the recipients of a presentation of Cavan Crystal Bowls at the Annual Dinner of the Cavan Angler’s Club in recognition of their promotion of the sport in the area.

Martin McDonagh 27 Kilos continues on his winning ways for Cavan Boxing Club with well earned points victory over Barry McCardle Clontibret at the Clontibret Tournament while Seamus Mahon beats his old adversary Fergal McKenna (Smithboro) in the bout of the night.

January 16th 1986 Michael Lee is welcomed back to Cavan as Superintendent for the arera by Justice Dermot McCardle at Cavan District Court.

Same Week Packed houses for Jack and the Beanstalk in Cavan Town Hall starring Sonny Knowles Eileen Reid Helen Jordan and Alan Aynsley (Mr Pussy).Proceeds are in aid of the Lion’s Club

Niall O Donnell son of Tommy and Gretta Arva Post Ofice is conferred with his BSc in Applied Physics at NIHE Dublin.Niall’s Mother is the former Greta Maguire of 69 Main Street Cavan opposite Smyth’s..

Death of Kitty Quinn (Nee Reilly) Rosculligan at the age of 52.Native of Milltown.Quiet and reserved Kitty was a noted dressmaker of great skill.Survived by her husband Eddie (Butcher) Philip Bernie Edward Sean daughters Helen and Carmel.Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Death of Edward (Ned) Simpson Clondalkin and late of Owen Roe at the age of 74.Worked for nearly 20 years with Millars Wines and Spirits Merchants Dublin .Joined the Irish Army in 1930 and retired in 1959.Noted boxer and basketball player,he also lined out with Owen Roe Shamrocks in the local Cavan League.During his retirement he was caretaker of Saint Michans Church Dublin.Survived by his wife Isabella  sons David and Dermot brother George in Roscommon and Hannah (Fay) Cavan.Funeral from Cavan Parish Church to the New cemetery.

Death of Mrs Billy Flynn Swellan in England.Prdeceased by husband Billy ,she is survived by her sons Paddy and Eamonn.

Death of Charlie Greene The Mill Rock at the age of 66 after a long illness in Cavan Surgical Hospital.Craftsman of the highest order ,he was a protégée of Walter Little who only died last week.Member of the famous Greene family who have a long and distinguished association with the town.The Mill was founded at the Mill Rock by Charlie’s father Joe and carried on by his late brother Joe.In addition the Greenes owned the Flax Mill at Tierquin and hundreds of farmers flocked to both establishments in their hey day.Charlie was attached to Cavan County Council with his workshop adjacent to the old Technical School later he worked with the Health Board at Lisdarn.Such was his passion for Carpentry he ran a very successful; workshop from his own home and turned out outstanding work in windows doors and household furniture all finished to the highest specification.He was an authority on most subjects and his conversation was laced with humourous anecdotes and great good humour.Noted coarse angler he was very well known on the Erne waterway and knew all of the best fishing holes on the lake.Attached to the famous Cavan Boxing Club of the 1940s which starred such names as Sean (Spider) Donohoe Teddy McCormack Jim Brady and Leo Ronan,Charlie acted as coach driver and second and took a great pride in the members achievement.Charlie is survived by his wife Brigid sons Joseph and Charles and brother Roy Gerry and Francis and Cissie.Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Tommy McKiernan Dara Donohoe Adrian Dunne Eugene Fitzpatrick  and Bernard Jermyn members of Cavan CYMS Farnham Street have all qualified for the Under 19 All Ireland Snooker Finals in Dublin.

January 23rd 1986 Bad start for Eugene Magee as Cavan TeamManager as the expenses of the County team rise from £20,000 to £30,817 .Many delegates at the County Convention are enraged by this increase.Eugene Magee in a letter to the Anglo Celt says that  this year the County Team had 104 get togethers against 60 in 1984,he himself clocked up 8,387 miles in car at 14p allowance per mile and was the recipient of a small subsistence allowance.

Same Week Cavan Minor Board 1986 Chairman Paddy Kelly Vice Chairman Thomas McDermott Secretary Gerry Soden Assistant Secretary Joe Bredin Treasurer Paddy Duggan Registrar Tom Coyle (Killygarry) and PRO P J Carroll.

Marian Reilly is the recipient of a presentation by the Parents Committee of Farnham School as she movs from Farnham to Killygarry.Pictured are Eugene Reilly (NT Farnham) Seamus McConnon (Committee) Maura Dunne (Committee) John Nallen (Committee) Michael Reilly (NT Killygarry) and Oliver Malone (Parents Committee and UDC) making the presentation to Marian Reilly.

January 30th 1986 Death of Patrick J O Reilly Bailieborough former State Solicitor for County Cavan at the age of 66.He was a brother of the well known Father Torlac O Reilly PP Drung.

Same Week Reverend G Jean Mackaral BA BD is installed as Rector in Bellasis Church Billis Virginia.Jean is the 1st ever lady Presybeterian Minister in County Cavan.

Thomas Lynch (25-27 kilo) and Emanuel Moore (33-36 kilo) winners of the Monaghan/Cavan County Championships in The Hope Arms Castleblayneye pictured with their coaches Charlie Moore and Leo Ronan aty Saint Felim’s Boxing Club Killygarry.

Death of Jack Sheridan at the residence of his sister Kay Donohoe 6 Tullac Mongan.Native of 13 Saint Brigids.Jack was interested in all things Cavan and was a frequent visitor to Terry Coyle Park and Tierquin to follow the fortunes of the local football teams.Ready smile and quick with Jack was great company and could recall events from his school days with great clarity and affection.Always spoke well of people Jack was popular with all.Worked first with Onslow Bredin and Tom McGurk before joining Smyth’s in the installation of cable television systems  in Cavan Naas Bailieborogh and Longford.Survived by his brothers Paddy Billy Tom Christy sisters Kathleen Rose Florrie and May  

Death of Winifred Florenc (Winnie) McKeown 83 Church Street at the age of 75.Last surviving member of the old and respected Morris family Church Street.Very outgoing with a ready wit and humour, she knew all of the old families and could recall in detail events of 60 years or more ago before the foundation of the State.Predeceased by her husband James she is survived by her son Jimmy.Funeral from Cavan Parish Church to Ballyhaise cemetery.

Death in England of Sister Mary Catherine Battles at the age of 88.Daughter of Mary Battles late of Mitchell Street one of the oldest and most respected Cavan families.Survived by her brother Michael sisters Mary Ellen Elizabeth and Agnes.Funeral from the Church of Our Lady and English Martyrs Cambridge England.

February 6th 1986 Death of the legendary May Daly from Crossdoney Road Ballinagh at the age of 59.She was an official at the Office of Social Welfare in Cavan for over 40 years orking first adjacent to the old CYMS in Farnham Street before moving to the Dublin Road.Striking appearance wiyth a cultured voice May was a great wit and character viewing everything in ahumourous light.Outstanding lady she was available day and night to assist people in filling out forms and answering queries about their entitlements.Everything was done with style and charm and the recipient never felt under a compliment.President of Ballingh ICA she was a committee member of the local Multiple Scelorosis Society .Survived by her sister Nancy (Ryan) in Dublin.Reverend Father Michael Cooke officiated at the funeral from Saint Felim’s Church to the adjoining cemetery.

Same Week Sympathy is extended to Alice Elliott Church Street on the death of her ‘

House of Fabric’ are moving to more spacious premises adjoining Musicland House.

Jacinta Kenneally Dawn Brady Sharon Crowe present cheque to Sisters Martina and Lucia proceeds of their 24 hour Fast to be donated to the Saint Vincent De Paul Night Shelter at River Street.

Tony Dunne wins his 1st County Cavan Junior Cross Country title in Bailieborough,

 2nd Paul Reilly (Kill) and 3rd Sean Bannon (Kill).Teams 1st Kill 2nd Laragh and 3rd Cavan.Fidelma Carolan wins the Junior Ladie’s title and leads the Cavan team to victory and team gold.Team Fidelma Carolan Doris Fitzpatrick Pauline Brady and Nianh O Reilly.Fiona McGonnell (Ballinagh) winner of the Under 14 title 

Judge D Shehy attacks Cavan County Councillors for the deplorable state of the Courthouse calling them “irresponsible and incompetent”.Andy O Brien later states at County Council meeting  “when some legal people don their wigs it leaves their heads unduly hot.Their wigs should be fitted with thermostats to moderate their outbursts”!

Death of Kathleen Carroll 39 Saint Felim’s Place at the age of 69.Native of Paisley in Scotland.Deeply religious and charitable.Member of the Kilmore Diocesan Pilgrimmage to Lourdes for the last 10 years.Survived by her husband Packy sons Tommy and Patsy and daughters Carmel and Geraldine.Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Death of Josephine Lyons Bridge Street ,she was daughter of the well knopwn Garda Jerry Lyons.Survived by her brother Jerry in Monaghan and aunt Maggie (Hickey )Cavan.

Patrick Cosgrove at Flyweight and Hughie Sheridan at Light Middleweight will represent Cavan Boxing Club at Senior during 1986.Johnny Mitchell Jerry Smith Thomas and Martin Mongan Seamus Mahon Brian McDonagh and Martin McDonagh are listed as the promising Juniors all preparing for the visit of Speake BC at the end of February 1986.

Barry McGuigan the Clones Cyclone defends his title against the late treplacement 22 year old Daniel Cabreera from the Dominician Republic at the RDS in Dublin on February 15th.Barry will receive £400,0000 for the defence of his title.

Sean Shields (Bookmaker) presents a perpetual cup and £200 for Cavan Open Snooker Team Competition at Cavan CYMS.There are 36 teams entered for the tournament.Pictured are Paddy O Reilly PC UDC (Treasurer CYMS) JP Malone Sean Shields Mickey Breslin (Chairman) Paul Carey (Secretary) Richard Cassidy (Vice Chairman) Aidan Crossan and Tommy McKiernan.

Maurice Jackson celebrates Jackson’s 40th Birthday by presenting Philomena McCabe Fortview Cootehill with a cheque for £1,000 as winner of the free draw for all those who purchased new cars in Jackson’s Garage during January 1986. Pictured are Ian Smith (Sales) Phil Murray (Sales) David Jackson (Director) Philomena McCabe Muruice Jackson (Managing Director) and Norma Flaherty (Director).

Hotel Kilmore are the sponsors of the new Cavan Basketball team.Pictured are Patrica Ann McHugh Carmel Gaffney Charlie Donohoe (Chairman) Bernie Walsh (Treasurer  Eugene Brady making the presentation on behalf of the Hotel Kilmore and Michael McGrath

February 13th 1986 Death of the legendary James Dillon at the age of 83 at his home Ballaghaderreen County Mayo.Favourably compares to Daniel O Connell as the greatest orator of his day.First elected to the Dail in 1932 as an Independent, he later teamed up with John F O Hanlon Farnham Street Cavan to form the Centre Party.James Dillon represented Donegal from 1932 to 1937 and as a Fine Gael candidate represented Monaghan from 1937 to 1969.Minister of Agriculture in two Coalition Govenments he was also elected leader of Fine Gael but never attained the office of Taoiseach.

Same Week 9th International Song Contest Section A and £3,000 is won by the UK entrant

Community shocked to learn that the Brady Group are forced into receivership.The Ulster Bank have appointed Tom Grace of Craig Gardiner as Receiver and Manager of Brady Holdings.The crisis was precipitated by the failure of Bailieboro Co Op to complete the purchase of the Group’s three Marts at Cavan Cotehill and Mohill for a consideration of £800,000 despite paying an initial deposit of £60,000.White Horse Hotel Cootehill Hillgrove Hotel Monaghan and Kilmore Hotel Cavan are listed among the assets.

Death of James Monaghan Clonervy Poles At the age of 71.Well known industrious farmer in the area .Survived by his wife Margaret and funeral to Castletara.

Death of Ellen Donegan Emmett Place at the age 79.Native of Ballyconnell she came to Cavan following her marriage to Patrick Donegan.Wise counsellor and outstandingly humble and charitable,she devoted herself to the welfare of her family.Survived by her sons Paddy Tommy Eamonn Christy daughters Betty Carmel and brother Patrick in Ballyconnell.Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Dennis O Donnell is appointed the new Chief Agricultural Officer for County Cavan succeeding Michael Sheridan now Regional Director North West Region for Acot.

Cavan Social Services are hosting Phil Coulter and his 19 man Orchestra in Concert in the Cathedral Booking at the Presbytery £10,£8 and £6.

Scanlon’s of Town Hall Street are sponsoring the Seiko Clocks at this year’s Cavan Half Marathon (Listed as a Classic in Irish Runner).One will be mounted on the lead car and the main clock will be on the Finishing Gantry.

February 20th 1986 Tommy Cullivan Cathedral Road and Furbo Galway is relected  as Chairman of Irish Composers at AGM in Dublin.

Same Week PJ Clarke CEO NEHB announces that work on Cavan General Hospital is proceeding on time and the Minister for Health will attend the topping out ceremony on May 9th.Sisks the Main Contractors have been paid a total of £6 million of the contract price of £16millin to date.

Cavan Chamber of Commerce 1986 President Jim McMahon Vice President Oliver Young Treasurer Michael O Connell Secretary Jimmy Scanlon (Junior) Assistant Secretary Eddie Brady PROTony Finlay Committee Leo McDonald Brendan Young Peter McGinnityMargaret Brady Jackie SmithMartin Carroll Michéal Smyth Terry McGovernTommy Brides Willie Mimnagh Fintan Tierney John Clancy and Brendan Coulter.It was agreed to charge an annual membership of £10 per annum and a letter to be sent to the Receiver of the Brady Group asking for the speedy resolution to the crisis.

Contract for development of toilets and facilities at Breffni Park to the tune of £51,000 signed with P Elliott and Company in Farnham Hotel following Railway Cup game in Breffni Park..T M Gilroy Chairman of the Park Development Committee says they are working towards providing a venue that will comfortably accommodate an Ulster Final!

Death of Mary Collins Billis  a member of an old and distinguished Cavan family.She spent some years in the USA as housekeeper to her brother Rev Monsignor Bernard Collins and before that in a similar capacity for her uncle Rev Charles Collins PP Lavey.Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Father Gerry Kearns CC Cavan is the Musical Director of ‘South Pacific’ being staged by the students in Saint Patrick’s College.

Death of Millicient McCarren Saint Helen’s Farnham Road at the age of 80.Native of Devon England where she was employed as a Private Nurse before marrying Tom McCarren and coming to Cavan.She worked tirelessly in the interests of her family and her husband’s business.Her’s was always the voice of reason and fair play.She encouraged the development and diversification of the business and revelled in the meeting with the Queen Mother during one of the Company’s frequent exhibitions at Smithfield Market in London.Outstanding golfer,she played throughout the year in her earlier life and was President and Captain at County Cavan Golf Club.Outstanding card player her forte was poker which often lasted well into the night.Outstanding gardener and exhibitor.She was a frequent visitor to Leopardstown Phoenix Park and provincial race tracks where she always had a small punt on the horses.Very fashion conscious ,Minnie was always impeccably turned out.Married for 55 years to husband Tom ,she celebrated her 80th birthday with her children and 15 grandchildren.Minnie was always full of the joys of life which she lived to the fullest.Survived by her husband Tom son Andrew daughters Sheelagh Valerie and Lorraine.Father Felim Kelly Adm. Officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Hugh Leddy (The Carpet Market Butlersbridge ) takes delivery of the 1st Toyota Liteace van to be sold in County Cavan.Pictured are Hugh Leddy Tom Maguire (Sales Erne Motors) Mark Reynolds (Leddy Carpets) and Peter O Reilly (Sales Manager Erne Motors)..

Death of Brigid Fitzpatrick ‘Rose Cot tage’ Drumelis.Cook in the Annex at Saint Phelim’s Hospital.She preiously had worked as a housekeper for Father Con Dolan.Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies

Lacklustre Ulster show no spirit or commitment as they lose to Leinster 3-7 to 1-9 at bitterly cold Breffni Park where only 800 “die hards” braved the elements and paid £2,008 for the privilege.

Aidan Watters finishes one point behind Gerry Loftus to finish 3rd in the televised Irish Milk Superstars.The winner is the defending champion Alan Bates (Enniskillen) who was 2nd in the recent World Superstars.

Barry McGuigan has his toughest fight to date when stopping Daniel Cabrerra from the Dominician Republic in the 14th round in The King’s Hall in Belfast.Fight very even but Barry eventuaslly wore down the 8/1 outsider but described it as a “very slippery and difficult fight”not helped by Cabrera sticking his thumb in Barry’s eye on two occasions.Barney Eastwood announces that they received £800,000 in World TV Rights £500,000 on the Gate and the Irish Permanent Building Society sponsored the fight for £150,00.

February 27th 1986 Capacity attendance of 1,200 in Cathedral for the Phil Coulter ‘Ttranquillity Concert’ in aid of the local Social Services.Father Felim Kelly Adm welcomes the Social Services the audience and Phil Coulter and his 17 piece Orchestra to the Cathedral.Phil enthrals the audience on a magical night of music with numbers such as ‘The Town I Loved so Well’ ‘Carrickfergus’ Pupett on a String’ ‘Congratulations’ and ‘Cavan Girl’ Rev.George Millar MA Chairman of the Social Services thanks the audience and Father Kelly and makes a presentation to Phil Coulter for “a sublime evening of melodious magic”.Barry McGuigan and his wife Sandra are among the audience who enjoyed a night to remember.

Same Week Easter Ecumenical meeting will be addressed by Dr Donal Caird Archbishop of Dublin and Glendelough.

Culmination of a busy weekend of boxing was the hosting by the Cavan Club of a Mid Ulster V Speke BC Liverpool in the Cavan Rugby Clubhouse before a capacity attendance.S Mahon Hughie Sheridan Gerry Smith all fom Cavan BC were beaten Sheridan and Smith were stopped to avoid further punishment.

Patrick Cosgrove on his first appearance on the Shankill Road Bill when he beat East Ender G Mekes.Thomas Mongan beat Elmfield’s W Close while dissapointment for Martin McDonagh dropping a points decision to Stewart Gould.

Teacher’s Centre 1986 Chairman Maura Nallen Vice Chair Dominick Sheridan Secretary Ann Marie Bogue Treasurer Brid Roary.CommitteeEvelyn Brady Patsy Lee Art Duffy Tom Conaty Co Directors Mary Maguire and Maureen Gaffney.

Bridge 1st and Best Gross Elizabeth Galligan and Maura Goodman..

Josephine O Connell Rock View Ballyhaise is conferred with her BSc in Marketing at Trinity College .She is daughter of Harry and Peggy O Connell Rock View Ballyhaise.

Cavan Ladies in All Ireland Dart Finals in Leixlip County Kildare Picured are Olive McIntyre (Runner Up) Rosaleen Smith (Semi Finalist) Rosie Byers (Semi Finalist) and Patricia Graham (Quarter Finalist).

Peter Quinn the 42 year old business man from Teemore succeeds 57 year old Butlersbridge teacher Phil Smyth as President of the Ulster Council of the GAA.

John Lowe seeded number 2 in the World gives an exhibition of precision darts to a packed Meadow View Lounge.

March 6th 1986 Father Sean Brady Vice Rector of the Irish College in Rome is promoted by Pope John Paul 2nd to be called Right Reverend Monsignor.Native of Drumcalpin in the parish of Laragh Father Sean was educated at CaulfieldNS Saint Pats and Maynooth where he obtained his BA in ancient classics  before being sent to Rome in 1960 where he obtained his STl and DCL at The Lateran University.Ordained in Rome on the 22nd February 1964.Father Sean was first appointed a teacher in Saint Patrick’s College in 1967  until his appointment as Vice Rector of the Irish College in 1980

Same Week Danny O Hanlon Joe Donnelly from Teemore are awarded the Woodenbridge and Father Torlac O Reilly Thomas Erickson (Virginia) and Danny O Hanlon are awarded long service medals .CBSI.Kevin Killduff (District Commissioner) makes the presentation.

South Pacific in Saint Patrick’s College is a big hit with the patrons. Back to performing Rodgers and Hammerstein after a period of modern musicals.The Producer is Bill Henry Musical Director Father Gerry Kearns CC Lighting Brian Sullivan Sound Father John McTiernan Stage Manager John Conlon Costumes Sister Rosari Choreography Frances Galligan.Leads are played by John Donnellan Emile De Becque Dervla Crotty and Isabel Maguire.Programme Design is by David McCormack (Leaving Cert Class 1986)

Robert Treacey and Dollié Cullivan drive in as the new Captains at County Cavan Golf Club 1986.

1st ever Special Olympics in Cavan’s Sports Complex.North Leinster Gymnastic Competion hosted by The Holy Family School Cootehill and sponsored by Cavan Friends of the Mentally Handicappped.Over 60 athletes took part in a most enjoyable and competitive competition.

Death of Nelli Belford Pound Archway Main Street at the age of 85.Daughter of John and Ellen Belford ‘Belford’s Corner ‘(Andy Sloweys).Nellie served over 50 years with  4 different County Registrars in Courthouse.She worked mainly on Land Registration and Sheriff’s Court work.Quiet very efficient and able,Nellie endeared herself to everybody by her pleasant demeanour and good humour.She was a member of most of the Church organisations but particularly prominent in the Children of Mary.Prolific walker Nellie covered many miles on her daily walks around by Drumcrave..Survived by her sister Nancy in Putney London and her niece Patsy (Maloney).Father Anthony Fagan CC officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Death of Mai O Rourke Kilmacud Dublin at the age of 68.Member of the Reilly family Farnham Road and College Street.Survived by her husband Mark sons Padraig Seamus and Breffni and daughter Siobhan.Funeral from Saint Laurence Kilmacud to Saint Laurence cemetery.

Death of Sheila Bennett Beach Park Laytown County Mayo and late of Behey Cavan.Worked as a Bank Official in various centres before her marriage.Survived by her husband Michael sons Damien daughters Michelle and Niamh parents Bob and Annie McCabe brothers Danny and Roy and sisters Therese Bernie Monica and Kathleen.

Dublin beat Cavan 3-6 to 0-9 in thrilling National League contest at Croke Park before an attendance of 13,132 .Cavan almost caused an upset with their fast slick play but they never reaped  full rewards of a constant supply of the ball from Man of the Match Stephen King who totally outplayed Jim Roynane and Jim Bissett at centre field.Dublin now gain promotion to Division 1 and a place in the Quarter Finals of the National League while Cavan are condemned to another year of Division 2 football.None of the teams from the Parish were represented on the team but earlier in the day Cavan Gaels played Erin’s Isle in an Under 14 challenge in Finglas.Scorers for Cavan Ronan Carolan 0-4 Dereck McDonald 0-2 and Stephen King Michael Faulkner and Ray Cullivan 0-1 each.

March 13th 1986 Paddy O Toole the Minister for Defence visits Cavan Military Barracks Wolfe Tone Street Met by Cmdt Der Cogan and Guard of Honour under Cpl.Shay Whelan.

Same Week Tommy Smith from 10 Jubilee is the 1986 News of the World Darts Champion for Cavan/Louth/Monaghan.Two car loads accompany Tommy to the Finals in the Grand Hotel in Malahide where Tommy sparkles in his first encounter with L Nolan of Waterford before going under to the favourite and eventual winner J McKenna in the All Ireland Semi Final.Tommy is presented with a Silver Medallion  inscribed Carriage Clock and 1 ½ litres of Captain Morgan Rum.Later at a function in the Well (Brian and Marie Lynch’s) Cavan Lady’s Darts Club honour Tommy and his wife Nuala with an inscribed silver tray to mark the event.

Sean Connolly brother of the late Barney Saint Brigid’s Terrace dies in Birmingham at the age of 70.He was over forty years in England.

Final of the Sean Shields Team Competition in Cavan CYMS between Cavan’s ‘Sunday Masses’ and Killeshandra Snooker Club.’Sunday Masses’ are represented by Dara Donohoe Gerard McIntyre and Pauric Fitzpatrick.The winners will receive £200 and the Sean Shields Perpetual Cup while the Runners Up receive £100.All competitors in the Final will receive inscribed silver tankards donated by Cavan CYMS.

Jimmy Sheridan and John Talbot win the 18 hole Foursomes at County Cavan Golf Club with a 67.

Death of Jim Rafter Garryduff House Clough Portlaoise at the age of 78.Native of Rathdownety County Laois,Jim worked for a number of years as an electrical salesman in England before returning to Ireland in 1939 when he bought a pub in Bridge Street (Owen Roe) where he carried out an extensive business for 15 years before selling it on to Chris Smith in 1954.Jim then joined Jacksons as a car salesman and was much sough after for his knowledge and integrity.Active member of County Cavan Golf Club ,he served as a member of the Committee and Captain.Vry well educated Jim was affable humourous and witty and could endear himself to any company.Survived by his brothers and sisters.

Cavan’s 41st Drama Festival will feature a one man show by Niall Tobin on the closing night.In section A The Temple Players Dublin are going for a hat trick of Bishop Patrick Lyons’ trophies with their production of Private Lives.

March 20th 1986 P J Clarke CEO North Eastern Health Board announces a deficit of £421,000 on an expenditure of £97.7 million.This is the 1st time ever that the Board have incurred a deficit and the CEO announces cut backs in over time ,premium and call out expenses and weekend expenditure.

Same Week Death of Jack Clarke at the age of 87 in Blackrock Dublin.Secretary of Cavan County Board from 1927 -1937 .Lined out with Cavan Slashers usually at full back and won 7 Senior Championship medals with the Slashers 1917 19221924 1925 1927 1930 and 1931.Native of Teemore County Fermanagh he came to Cavan as an 18 year old post office official in 1916.Member of the Cavan county team until 1928 when he retired from county football but played club football until 1937 when he retired at the age of 38.Jack left Cavan on promotion to Tralee in 1937.Served in Enniskillen and Ballyhaunis before being appointed Postmaster in Tralee later served as head postman in Mullingar

Saint Patrick’s Day Parade biggest to date led out by an FCA Colour Party and 15 bands .Winners of the Best Float was Cavan Manpower 2nd Kevin McPhillips Derragarra Inn Butlersbridge with his Donkey and Cart.Youth Float Cavan VEC Mini Company.Novelty Cavan Playschool Cana House.Irish Float Cavan ICA Sporting Float Cavan Acrobatics Club.Industrial Cavan Aluminium and Original Harten’s Concrete.The stand was as usual decorated by Cavan Gardening Club and the parade was started by the President Jim McMahon.assisted by Oliver Young (Vice President)

Death of the very popular William Sheridan Drumullen Farnham .Survived by his wife Margaret sons Billy and Michael.Funeral to Drumcor.

Death of Margaret Healy (Nee Muligan) late of Mons Terrace and Derragarra Butlersbridge.Popular and charitable she was predeceased by her husband Gerald and is survived byher son Gerry.Funeral from Saint Aidan’s Butlersbridge to Butlersbridge cemetery.

Death of Nora McConville in Dublin.Hairdresser by profession she ran the ‘Salon’beside the Farnham Hotel for many years before departing Cavan for Dublin in 1962.Later set up a thriving hairdressing business with her husband Tom in Dalkey.Survived by her husband Tom sons Tony Oliver and Pat.Funeral from Sybil Hill Nursing Home Raheny to Glasnevin.

Death of Jack Brady Navan Road at the age of 88.Native of Lettekenny he served as Superintendent Garda Siochana in Gort Boyle Cavan and Dublin.

March 27th 1986 Killeshandra Diamonds are the 1st winners of the Sean Shields Trophy and £200 at Cavan CYMS defeating ‘Sunday Masses’ from Cavan in the Final.Pictured are Killeshandra Team John Burns John Fitzpatrick Liam Duffy John Corcoran and Leo Thompson while Sunday Masses were represented by Dara Donohoe Gerard McIntyre and Pauric Fitzpatrick.Paddy O Reilly Jim Fay Kieran Keoghan and Paul Carey (CYMS) are pictured at the presentation of the trophy by Sean Shields to the Killeshandra Diamond’s Captain Sean Fitzpatrick.

Warriors from Cavan beat Old Trafford from Rockorry in the 5 a side final in the Sportslann in Cootehill.Team Germaine Cullivan Gene Cullivan Jimmy Jackson (Captain) Charlie Grene Jimmy Grenan (Sportlann Manager) Patrick McDermott and Brian Gumley .Hughie Cosgrove (Referee).

Same Week Hall of Fame awards for Paddy Conaty (President of the Club) and John Foley O Rourke (Vice President and former star goalkeeper) at Cavan Gaels Function in the Farnham Hotel.Pictured are TM Gilroy (Vice Chair) John O Rourke Paddy Conaty Jimmy Sheridan making the presentation and Tony Looney (Chairman of Cavan Gaels).

March 27th 1986 Michael Smith Cootehill member of Cavan County Council tells the monthly meeting that repairs to the Courthouse will cost £1,8989,707. At 1986 interest rates the job will cost £1,000 per working day for the next 30 years.Contractors for the repair and restoration are P Elliott and Company Cavan.

Same Week Pauwells Trafo are the winners of the Pub Quiz at County Cavan Golf Club.46 teams competed and all the proceeds go to the Cavan Re Hab.Pictured are Oliver Galligan (Quizmaster) Paul Barr (Pauwells) Robert Treacey (Captain County Cavan Golf Club) Ronan O Reilly (Pauwells) David Muldoon (Manager Re Hab) Paddy Haren (Quizmaster) and Donal Crotty (Quizmaster).

Death of Mary Lyons Drumalee at the age of 88.Member of the well known Collins Family from Killygarry.Hardworking charitable and deeply religious.She is survived by her husband Michael,sons Pat (Joe) and daughters Sue May and Margaret .Funeral from Saint Brigid’s cemetery Kilygarry to the adjoining cemetery.

Cavan Rugby Club win the Forster Cup at Ravenhill beating neighbours Monaghan  7-3 in heavy ground conditions and gale force wind.Cavan showed determination skill and total commitment from the start playing with the wind in the 1st half.Steve Richmond scored the decisive try after WinstonMorrison’s charge for the Monaghan line was just held up and he offloaded to Richmond who went over for the unconverted try.Sean McPhillips scored a massive penalty goal from halfway to put the Cavan side 7 points ahead at the interval.Monaghan’s only reply was a superb dropped goal but they could never pierce a resolute Cavan defence..Hundreds of fans made the journey to see their favourites perform with distinction in a close hard fought encounter.P J Quinn lifts the Forester Cup for Cavan for the first time since 1983-84.Great celebrations at the Club and the video is on continuous view at the Clubrooms in Swellan.Team Sean McPhillips Michael Kane Cyril O Keefe Philip Brady Frank Walls Jim Browner Gordon O Bric Declan Connolly P Rodgers P J Quinn (Captain) Steve Richmond Tom Farrell Sean McKiernan P O Dowd and Winston Morrison.

Golden Bar Competition for customers who have recently purchased Zanussi products.Ticket is drawn by Michelle Anderson of 7 Keadue and the winner is David Morgan. David Cunniffe (Zanussi Sales) Michelle Anderson and Breda Cosgrove (Sales GT) are pictured at the draw in GT Electic Showrooms.

Clean sweep for Cavan AC as Michael Graham wins the Men’s race Kathleen Tonge the Lady’s and Fiona McGonnell theunder 14 at Road Championships  in Bailieboro.

Eamonn Tierney from Clonliffe Harriers is the winner of the Mitsubishi Cavan Half Marathon in a time of 64 minutes just 32 seconds outside the course record set by the absent Gerry Deegan in wet windy conditions.Billy Gallagher Cavan AC 2nd Michael Graham is the 1st Cavan native in 5th place in a very impressive 1 hour 6 minutes and 37 seconds.Cavan AC Lady’s win the  Team award Team Fidelma Carolan Niamh O Reilly Kathleen Tonge Lyla Cafferty and Concepta Lee.Cavan placings were 2nd Billy Gallagher 5th Michael Graham 20th Kevin Morre 21st Fred Finch 39th Donal Aherne (Toomeregan) 41st Hughie Smith 74th Niall Carolan 77 Simon Fairbrother  82nd Paddy Dilon 89th Aindreas McEntee Seamus Fallon Joseph Connolly 95th Thomas McKiernan 103 Greg Weritz 109 Tom Donohoe  112 Noel; Teahan 113 Tony Coyle 114 Dennis Hanrahan  115 Patricia Creegan 116 Mai McKiernan 117 Hilda Fairbrother.

Martin McDonagh is the first Provincial Champion at Cavan Boxing Club when he wins the Under 11 27 kilos championship beating the favourite E McGlinchey (Ventures) in the Ulster Juvenille Boxing Championship in Clonoe.McDonagh’s sheer aggression strength and fitness gradualy wore down his more skilful and experienced opponent as he never took a backward step wining a deserved unanimous points decision to the delight of the large vociferous travelling Cavan contingent.

The 41st Drama Festival the best ever for attendances and quality of the productions is brought o a close by the hilarious 1 Man Show by Niall Tobin.Tommy McCardle says that Cavan has gained an unrivalled reputation for hospitality and fine productions and the recent renovations to the Town Hall ensure that all patrons were accommodated in comfort depite the arctic weather prevailing

April 3rd 1986 Cavan UDC rate soars to £28.54 in the £ an increase of 21.50%.The Chairman Dr. Eamonn McDywer says that this is the biggest crisis the Urban Council has ever faced.The stiff new rate will reduce the town’s attractiveness as an area to set up business as the prospective investor has only to relocate outside the Urban area to enjoy much lower rates and conditions.Inevitably there are going to be job losses and a down turn in the economy in the town.In the course of the discussion Paddy O Reilly (Vice Chair) enquires from the Town Engineer why the town is so dirty in recent weeks.The Town Enginer explains that at the moment there is only 1 man to sweep the streets as the 4 others are all off on sick leave and doctor’s certificates.After a long discussion it is agreed to cut the Council’ budget by £43,000 curtailing weekend employment seasonal work delay in the commencement of new sewerage scheme and reduced expenditure on Electricity. All of the Councillors except Councillor Paul Dolan voted to adapt the new rate and keep the Urban Council in existence.

Same Week Saint Felim’s Clini Fund holds its annual church gate collection adjacent to all churches over the Easter Weekend.Harry Smith (Founder) thanks all for their donations and says already they have supplied rotary beds wheelchairs special mattresses to the Hospital and they will continue to work in the interests of Patient Comfort at Saint Felims.

David Small reports that there was a total of 4 inches of rain during March and that there was rain on 28 days.The highest tempreture was 13.50 C while the lowest was recorded at -2.5 C.

Pictured are 30 Cubs at the Investiture ceremony in the Scout Den at which the Chaplain Father Anthony Fagan officiated.In attendance were Enda Smith (Assistant Cub Leader)Danny O Hanlon (Unit Leader) Gerry Finegan (Cub Leader) Gay Connolly (Assistant Cub Leader) and Paul Barr (Assistant Cub Leader)

April 10th 1986 Cathedral Chapter appoint as Canons of the Cathedral Choir Fathers James Carroll Killeshandra Vincent Duffy Knockbride Sean O Reilly Lavey and Des O Dowd Cotehill and former Adm in Cavan.

Same Week Death of Michael Maguire (Michelle of Brusells) in Dublin at the age of 63.Native of Cavan lived in Kilnavara and later Wolfe Tone Street and Main Street.Hairdreser by profession he owned a string of Salons in Dublin and high society flocked to avail of his services.He later retired to Cavan and opened a salon with his wife Greta at Main Street (Geraldine Sheehan’s ) which was very popular with the locals.Michael always enjoyed life to the full and was a wonderful character recalling his exploits in the boom days of the 1960s when the country was rocking.Early in life he joined the British Army and it was while he was stationed in Belgium he first plied his talent as one of the world’s leading hairdressers.In latter times Michael fell into poor health culminating in a leg amputation.His father was Pat Maguire from Clones while his mother was Mary Leddy Loughdavin Loughduff.He is survived by his wife Greta son Conor  and daughter Claudine.Funeral  from Berkley Road Church to Glasnevin.

Death of Kevin Sheanon College Street at the age of 64.Spent 40 years in England as a Computer Programmer.Survived by brother Sean and sister Mary.Funeeral from Saint Mary’s Crosserlough to the adjoining cemetery..

Investiture of 15 Beavers at Cavan Scout Den .Pictured are Joseph Dohert Noel O Carroll Michael Mooney Barry Murphy Kevin Downey Colin Sheridan Sean Sharkey Gavin Dunne Paul Leonard Garrett O Connell Kieran Rabbitt Barry Egan Ultan McManus Gary Moloy Niall Gaffney Father Anthony Fagan CC Chaplain Joe Rabbitt (Assistant  Beaver Leader) Kathrina McCusker (Beaver Leader) Greg Sheridan (Assistant Beaver Leader) Danny O Hanlon (Unit Leader)

Patsy Kane in scintillating form as he wins the area final of the Smithwick’s Darts Competition and now accompanies Pat Donohoe to The All Ireland Finals in Portlaoise.In the final Patsy beats the in form Tommy Smith checking out in the final game with 180 and 94.

Ian Parkes wins the Ulster 25 Kilometres title hosted by Cavan AC.Course was from the gates of the Vocational School around by Crossdoney Ballinagh and back to the Vocational School.The winners time was 1 hour and 24 minutes .Mike Dugan (Laragh AC) wins the Veterans section in a time of 1 31 27 from Hughie Smith Cavan AC 1 36 18 with Sean McGuigan (Balliascreen) 3rd.Lyla Cafferty had a  fine performance in Lady’s race winning the silver medal in a time of 1 47 16 with Noreen Martin (Finn Valley) just edging her out of 1st place.Great day for Laragh as they take 3rd place in the hotly disputed Team Race Eugene Sheridan Brian Reilly Paddy Lynch Owen McPhillips and Michael Smith.Feature of the race was the small high quality field and the scorching pace set by Cavan AC runner Kevin Moore who only relinquished the outright lead after a suicidal opening 5 kms.

April 17th 1986 Death of Vincent Bartley Anglo Celt Sales Rep and County Councillor at the age of 74.Worked with Jackson’s Garage from 1947 as a Sales Rep   before joining the Anglo Celt in 1965 in a similar capacity.Son of the late John and Margaret Bartley Publicans Butlersbridge.Vincent sold the business to Danny Smith and concentrated on his small shop selling groceries sweets and provisions.Member of Cavan County Council from 1967 to 1974.Vincnt was always courteous friendly and efficient for both the Customer and his Employers.Presidnt of Butlesbridge Fianna Fail.Predeceased by his wife Mary Kate 8 years ago and is survived by his sons Noel and Vincent daughters Vera Nuala Geraldine and Mary.Father John McMahn presided at the funeral from Saint Aidan’s Church Butlersbridge to the adjoining cemetery.Clergy in attendance included Canon Edward Tully PP  Belturbet Father John A Young PP Carrigallen and Father Patsy Young CC Shercock.

Same Week Cavan Bridge Club Championship 1986 1st Gross Una Smith and Tommy McCormick 2nd and Gross L Hayes and Aileen Timmoney.

Belfast  teacher Brian Keenan is kidnapped in Beirut as the Civil War in the Lebbanon escalates.

Death of Seamus Soden Eden Park Dundrum at the age of 65.Native of Cavan town and son of Peter Soden well known businessman and member of Cavan UDC  and Cavan County Council (Tesco).Seamus was a traveller for Fitzgearald Importers Dublin.Outstanding tennis player he won many of the tournaments staged in Cavan in the 1940s.Survived by his wife Rose son Felix and Peter and daughter Marie.Funeral took place in Dublin.

Death of Peggy Doherty Oldtown wife of the late Pat well known farmer and outsanding Building Contractor.Last of the Maguire family from Bredagh Carrigallen.Survived by her son Sean.Funeral from Saint Mary’s Carrigallen to adjoining cemetery.

Death of the very popular Brigid Ollwill Abbey Street at the age of 94.Predeceased by he husband Patrick.She was the last surviving member of the well known and highly respected Lynch family from Shankill.Kind generous and charitable she looked after her neighbours in a quiet decent and generous manner.Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Patrick Cosgrove Cavan BC signals his arrival on the scene as a boxer of International quality when outpointing the more experienced Frankie Mullen from Port Moor at Armagh Sports Complex.Cosgrove with his hands held high brought the fight to Mullen and his strength and aggression floored Mullen for a count of 8 in round 2 and his opponent was lucky to hang on as Cosgrove won a clear points victory and Boxer of the Tournament.

April 24th 1986 Health Board are told that the future of Saint Felim’s as and Old Folks Home and Hospital is in serious doubt.Paddy Conaty states that the new General Hospital will be complete shortly and the patients from Saint Joseph’s Hospital Lisdarn transferred.Paddy states that there will be a shortfall of 150 beds in Saint Joseph’s but the patients from West and East Cavan should be accommodated nearer home in new smaller purpose built Nursing Homes.Meeting is arranged with Minister for Health Barry Desmond who is visiting the New Hospital for the topping out cermony on May 9th 1986.

Mighty Avons are pictured organising their Farewell Tour in the Kilmore Hotel.Paddy Smith Larry Cunningham Brian Finlay Michael Brady Ronnie Griffith and Jimmy and Peter Smith.

In form Patsy Kane storms into the 1986 Cavan Darts Final with a 3-0 victory over Victor Smith in McGinnity’s.Michael Logan plays outstanding darts to edge out Ollie Quinn by 3 sets to 2  and will play Kane in the Final in Louis Blessing’s Loft.Patricia Graham beats Mary Johnston 2 -0 and will meet the favourite Rosaleen Smith who accounted for Nuala Smith 2-1 in the second Semi Final.

Cavan UDC discuss financial matters with the Town Clerk Gabriel Cullivan stating that the Council are owed £9,000 to £10,000 in arrers .About 30 clients owe the Council substantial arrers.Paddy Conaty suggests that some of the people on the list could be accommodated by the Council offering to deduct rent and arrers at source but ruled out the possibility of the Council embarking on evicting tenants in this day and age.!

Bridget O Hanlon and Brendan Coulter are the recipients of a presentation from Cavan Tourism on their retirement after sterling service to the organisation..Pictured are  Elizabeth Dunne (Treasurer) Bridget O Hanlon (Former Secretary) Brendan Coulter (Former Treasurer) Eddie Brady (Chairman) and John McGinnity (Vice Chairman).

Death of Henry Agnew late of Emmett Place at the age of 61 in Cheshire England.Well known singer with the Savanah Showband during the 1940s he also appeared in the Boy Scouts Pantomimes of the era and was an outstanding character.Over 35 years in England.Survived by his wife Patricia sons Raymon Henry Alan and Stephen brothers Erenest Jim Michael Brendan Dessie sisters Lilly and Pearl .Funeral in England.

Sympathy is extended to Madge Conlon on the death of her Mother Eileen McKenna Emyvale at the age of 73.Served all of her adult life as the District Nurse in the area and was extremely efficient and able, operating a 24/ 7 service to the people of the Emyvale area.Funeral from Saint Patrick’s Corracrin.

Sympathy is extended to Rita Kelly ‘Tara’ Drumelis on the death of her father John L (Jack) Denning Brews Hill Navan.Extensive Plumber .Among his cotracts was maintenance at Fairyhouse Racecourse.Funeral from Saint Mary’s Church Navan to Saint Mary’s cemetery Navan.

Cavan CYMS are holding their annual Church Gate Collection which is in aid of the Renovation Fund.£3,000 is needed to defray the expenditure recently incurred.

Monaghan are back in the National League Final by virtue of their 0-10 to 1-6 victory over Mayo before an attendance of 37,000 at Croke Park.

Gerry McGowan (3 hours) and Paddy Leddy (3 hours and 44 minutes) are among 23,000 to complete the London Marathon run in blustery conditions on Sunday .The winner was Tosheko Seko of Japan.

Jim McDonnell of Cavan is appointed Manager of the GAA Tour of Australia.Kevin Heffernan and assistant Liam Sammon are the Team Coaches.

May 1st 1986 Cavan Icebreakers present a cheque for £2,5000 to John Tynan member of Cavan National Council for the Blind, proceeds of the Christmas Swim 1985 at Rann Point.Cheque presented by the Chairman Willie Mimnagh at a function in the Farnham Hotel.

Same Week Death of Felix McGovern late of Highfield Road in Florida USA.Spent over 50 years in the USA and returned there after a short sojourn with his wife in Highfield Road.Native of Glangevlin .Interment in Florida.

Death of Marcella McCann formerly Main Street daughter of Tony and Mrs McCann Bakers and Licensed Vintners (Celine).Sister of the late Dr Matty McCann, she is survived by two sisters.

Job losses in Cavan rose to 357 nett in the year while employment in Monaghan rose by 74 in the same period.

May 8th 1986 Sir Peter Lawler Australian Ambassador and his wife pay a courtesy call to Cavan Courthouse.Sir Peter’s Grandfather emigrated from Mountnuggent in 1862.Welcomed by Danny Brady (Chairman County Council) Dr. Eamonn McDwyer (Chairman Cavan UDC) John Cassidy (County Manager) Des Gorby (Chairman Belturbet Town Commissioners) and Sean Leddy (Acting County Scretary).

Same Week Peter Rodgers from Cookstown buys The Hotel Kilmore for £750,000 from the Receiver Tom Grace of Craig Gardiner.Pat Buckley former Finacial Controller of Brady Brothers is retained as a Director of the Hotel.

Cavan CYMS A defeat Cavan CYMS B in the County Cavan Open Snooker Competition.Aidan Elliott is pictured presenting Tom McCusker (Captain A) with the P Ellioott and Co Trophy.CYMS A Team Tom McCusker (Captain) Paddy O Reilly UDC Laurence Flood Michael Breslin Jim Fay Martin Jermyn and Bernard Sharkey.The CYMS B Team  Kieran Keoghan Adrian Dunne Hugh Doonan Gerry Bravendar Eugene Fitzpatrick Dara Donohoe and Gerry Smith.

Death of Matthew Lyons Shankill Poles at the age of 83.Last of an old respected farming family in the area.Funeral from Killygarry to the adjoining cemetery.

Death of Sarah Brady late of Tierquin.Last of an old established Cavan business family.Rev D Lehane CC officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Annual CYMS Pilgrimmage to Knock next Sunday.Tickets from Jim Fay 69 College Street Paddy O Reilly Church Street or Father John McMahon Presbytery.

April lived up to its reputation with rainfall on 18 days amounting to 3 ¼ “ while the mean tempreture was 5.3 Celsius.

May 15th 1986 Barry Desmond Minister for Health ‘Tops Out’ the new Cavan General Hospital marking the completion of the construction part of the Hospital which will be opened in 18 months.The Ecumenical Blessing was performed by Bishop Frncis McKiernan and Bishop Gilbert Wilson of Kilmore and also in attendance were Sister Rosemary Matron Senator Andy O Brien John P Wilson TD Tom Fitzpatrick Ceann Comhairle Joseph Farrell Chairman NEHB L Flanagan (Secretary Department of Health) and Niall Walsh (Hospital Administrator and Project Secretary)

Same Week Death of Bernard (Barney) Brady ‘Claudville’ Cullies at the age of 70.Son of James and Rose Brady, he was engaged in mix farming and bred some very fine horses which he exhibited at the local Shows.Very strong, he was a top class tug of war participant in his youth and won many trophies for his enormous strength.Later bred greyhounds and raced successfully in Clones Longford and Mullingar.Survived by his wife Mary daughter Geraldine.His brother in law Rev Brian McNamara was the chief celebrant at the funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Mel Greaney local Vocational Officer of the National Re Hab Board is appointed by Barry Desmond Minister for Health to the Board of  Directors of the National Rehabilitation .

Death of Tommy Lynch 31 Tullac Mongan at the age of 71.Worked with Cavan UDC all his life and at one time with the late Tommy O Donnell 17 Breffni collected the Refuse each week in a horse and cart.Outstanding footballer in his youth with Drumalee.Survived by his wife Mary sons Johnny Dominick Paddy Barney daughters Bridie Kathleen Rosaleen Eileen Maisie Margaret and Ann.Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Death of Mae Brady Rock Cross at the age of 58.Wife of Tom Brady of ‘Johnny Brady’s’ ,Mae joined the staff soon after leaving school and spent the rest of her life working either in the Drapery or the Ulster Arms.Kind decent religious and very hard working she maintained the business in splendid condition despite all the difficulties and drawbacks.She was truely an outstanding member of the Community.Later retired with her husband Tom to Rock Cross and excelled at gardening which she enjoyed and gave her great pleasure in the leisure years she so richly deserved.Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Death of Willie Pratt Toneymore.Outstanding farmer and farm contractor he purchased the 1st Ferguson tractor from Con Smith in 1947.Founder member and supporter of Kilmore FC, he also was a great fan of Cavan Shamrocks for whom his son George starred for a long number of years.Relict of Mabel,he was predeceased by his sons William and Norman.Survived by sons Bob George and Eddie.Funeral from Kilmore Cathedral to adjoining cemetery.

Cavan Branch Saint Joseph’s Young Priests are holding their annual pilgrimage to Knock on June 29th at which the Cavan Cathedral Choir will represent the combined Diocese of Armagh at Mass in the Basillica.

Death of Josephine Kiernan (Nee McCarren) Terenure Dublin and late of Cavan.Married to the late Bernard F Kiernan an official of the Ulster Bank, she spent over 25 years in Belturbet before going to Granard and retiring to Terenure.Sister of Tom and Margaret English and Sister Mary Paul Holy Rosary Sisters Dartry.Funeral from the Church of the Immaculate Conception Staghall to the adjoining cemetery.

Alex Dempsey joins Phil (Lightning) Murray on the Sales staff of Jackson’s Garage.

May 22nd 1986 Paddy O Reilly  at UDC meeting says “Iam ashamed to be a Public Representative because of the continuing appalling state of the road at Farnham Road”.Oliver Malone says that the residents will have to be compensated by way of a waiver on the water rates or some other compensation for this dreadful long drawn out saga.Terry Argue draws attention to the vandalism at the Protestant Graveyard.Councillors Argue and Malone accompanied the Rector Canon Millar on an inspection and report back that some of the graves were vandaliseed and wreaths etc stolen.The Town Clerk Gabriel Cullivan was instructed to write to all the schools in the Parish asking for their co-operation.

Same Week Tom Clarke Swellan Cavan is pictured with a fine brown trout which he landed while fishing at Killnahard Lough Sheelin.

Death of Phillip Patrick (Phil) Hill ‘Latt House’ at the age of 80.Extensive farmer, he was one of the largest suppliers of milk and vegetables to Saint Phelim’s Hospital.Survived by his sisters Kathleen Nancy and Stella (Greene).Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies .

Claire Galligan Drumcrave NS and Enda Smith Saint Clare’s College Ballyjamesduff are this year’s winners of the Niall Kenny Scolarships at Cavan Teacher’s Centre.

Irene Maguire and Camilla O Reilly take the bronze medal at The All Ireland Acro Gymnastics All Ireland in Athy while Noel Haren and Brian O Leary struck bronze in the Boy’s Pairs event finishing ahead of the defending champions.

Death of Daniel (Dan) Galligan Farnham at the age of 72.Extensive farmer,he also ran a grocery business in New Inns.Survived by wife Margaret sons Dan Patrick Gerard Michael Hugh,daughters Bridget and Mary.Funeral from Saint Patrick’s Drumcor to the adjoining cemetery.

Mickey Breslin is the CYMS Snooker Champion for 1986 beating Laurence Flood in an enthralling Final.Mickey is pictured receiving the Scanlon trophy from Jimmy Scanlon (Junior) .Jim Fay and Adrian Dunnr were the beaten Semi Finalists.

Jackson’s Garage celebrate their 40th Anniversary.Maurice Jackson is Managing Director Norma Flaherty Director Norman Cinnamond is Director and Parts Manager Brendan Flynn is General Manager Alex Dempsey and Phil Murray Sales George Hillis (Service Manager) Edgar White (Second Hand Car Manager) while Office and Administration is Hazel Pickens Olivia Johnston and Caroline Casey.

Kevin Dockery is clear winner of the inaugural 400 metres road race promoted by Cavan AC fom the Magnet to the Cathedral.Dockery took command at the Corthouse with 200 metres to go when he overhauled the early leaders Kevin and Emmett Mooore.Paddy Dillon finished srongly to be 2nd with the Moores filling the minor placings.1st Lady Emma Moore.The second leg consisting of 800 metres from PMPA to the Cathedral takes place next week with Dockery again favourite.

May 29th 1986 Charles O Rourk son of Theresa and the late Frank Market Square is appointed Head of Construction Division Foras Forbatha.Charles is a Civil Engineer with a Masters in Business Administration and Diploma in Public Administration.

Same Week Dr Paddy Faulkner is the popular winner of the President’s (Louis Blessing) Prize at County Cavan Golf Club. P J Dolan is 2nd with Garry Moore 3rd.

Luck is with Cavan as they overcome Antrim 1-8 to 0-7 in 1st Round of Ulster Championship in Casement Park.Niall O Donnell is the outstanding player on the field.While Patrick (Packy) Kiernan at centre field is the lone representative from the town.Scorers for Cavan Ronan Carolan 0-4 Dereck McDonnell 1 goal Gerry Smith 0-2 and Niall O Donnell 0-1.Cavan Minors make it a double over Antrim in the curtain raiser winning on the score of Cavan 2-8 Antrim 1-5.Early first half goals from Dessie Brady and Jodie Clarke are decisive.

Patrick McCarville Lisaraw Monaghan and member of the Anglo Celt Staff is back on the Late Late Show with the results of his restoration of antiques which he commenced on the Show in February 1986.

Death of Hugh P and his wife Ena McEntee in Galway.Aged 67 Hugh P was born and reared in ‘The Breffni Bar’ 56 Upper Main Street son of Andrew and the late Mrs McEntee.Hugh P served his time as a Law Clerk with LCP Smith.At the outbreak of War joined the Irish Army and served as a Corporal until the end of hostilities.Later appointed a Rate Collector with Cavan UDC.Transferred to Galway to work until his retirement with Porter and Company who were the Distributors for newspapers and books in the West of Ireland.As a means of leisure he started a taxi service after his retirement and he was known throughout the city and county for his numerous deeds of charity and compassion..Expert gardener he was self sufficient and supplied all of his friends and neighbours as well..Funeral from the Church of the Holy Family Mervue where the coffin was draped in the tricolour and tears were shed when Hugh’s favourite song ‘Come Back Paddy Reilly to Ballyjamesduff’ was rendered by a family friend complete with guitar.Funeral to new cemetery Bohermore.His wife Ena having attended Hugh P’s funeral died suddenly the following day.Member of one of the oldest and most respected Galway families the Kenneddys.She was laid to rest beside her husband in Bohermore and they are survived by their sons Andrew Hugo and Declan.

Death of Tom Kenny Belturbet Civil Engineer ,he was responsible to Cavan County Council for the Belturbet area for over 40 years.Native of Lanesboro County Longford,he was married to Cavan girl and former star camogie player of the 1940s Rita Sullivan sister of the late Dr Jack Sullivan.

June 5th 1986 Aindreas McEntee Cavan Road Ballyhaise a teacher in the Vocational School is  awarded a BA by the Open University in England The presentation and conferring took place in Queen’s University Belfast.Aindreas is son of Jimmy and Josephine McEntee of Drumnavanagh

Same Week 6 Loreto nuns are dead following inferno at the Loreto  Convent Saint Stephen’s Green.Among the dead are Sister Gonzaga aged 81 a former Superior in Loreto Cavan and Sister Margaret Kane aged 60 a native of Kerry and former geography teacher in Loreto Conven Cavan.

John Quinn (Pictured) from Rosculligan wins 1st Prize in the Accordion 15-18 years Boys at County Fleadh in Cootehill

Death of Thomas Coyle Alackan at the age of 86.Well known sight on the streets of Cavan as he sold his farm produce from an ass and cart.Survived by the wife Rose sons Phil Tom Michael Francisand daughters Mary and Margaret.Funeral from Saint Brigid’s Kilygarry to the adjoing cemetery.

Michael Graham clear winner of the 3rd leg of the Round the Houses Road Races sponsored by Cavan AC.Scintillating prfomance over the distance of 1.2 miles around the streets of the town before a very large and appreciative audience in a time of 5 minutes and 25 seconds.Star of the race again was Kevin Moore who led the race out at break neck speed and while challenged by the 400 and 800 metre champion Kevin Dockery edged out the Longford man with a magnificient finish to record 5.34 and Dockery finishing in a very respectable 5.38.Nola O Hanlon ran a controlled race to record  victory in the Lady’s Race in a time of 7.18 with Emma Moore 2nd in 7.27.

June 12th 1986 Miraculous escape from injury as the ceiling collapses in entrance hall of Cavan Courthouse.One of the trusses in the main roof gives way and crashes into entrance hall in the 19th century building which accommodates County Council and County Registrar Staff.The County Council  has a plan before the Department of the Environment to renovate the main building and erect an office block at the back to accommodate the Council and Cavan County Court Staff.

Same Week Captain’s Prize (Maura Goodman) at Cavan Bridge Club 1st E/W Father Thos. Woods and Kay Henry while winners of N/S are Mrs M Greene and Mrs A O Reilly.

Allied Irish Banks are the sponsors of the 1986 County Cavan Open Badminton.Pictured is John Talbot (Manager Cavan) presenting a cheque to John Lyndsey also in picture is long time Chairman of the Club John Relly (Drumalee)

Cavan Town Girls win the County Community Games Basketball title.Team Grace O Mahony Eilish Donohoe Frances McCaffrey Karen Lambert Doris Fitzpatrick Irene Maguire Ethna Smith and Niamh O Reilly.

June 19th 1986 Patricia Treacy win’s the Captain’s (Dolié Cullivan’s) Prize at County Cavan Golf Club 2nd is Evelyn O Connor and Madge Boucher had the Best Gross.

Same Week Liam Kavanagh the Minister for Tourism Fisheries and Forestries officially opens and launches the 20 magnificient chalets at Killykeen in the presence of the EEC Commissioner for Regional Policy and Development Alois Pfeiffer.

John O Rourke Baran Blacklion is ordained priest in Killinagh Church by the Bishop of Kilmore Francis J McKiernan.

Pictured are David Johnstone and Seamus Watters Winners of the C-D Plate and Michael Ryan and Oliver Malone the winners of the C-D All Ireland Final in Cootehill.

Tyrone’s 2-16 experience craft too much for Cavan 1-12 in the Ulster Semi Final before 8,000 in Saint Molaise Park Irvinstown.Scorers for Cavan were Ronan Carolan 0-4 Derek McDonnell 1-0 Michael Faulkner 0-3 Joe Dilon 0-2 Packie Kiernan (Cavan Gael’s) Jim Reilly and Niall O Donnell 0-1 each.Double bad day for Cavan when Derry crush Cavan’s feeble challenge in the Minor Match 3-10 to 1-2 Scorers for Cavan Dessie Brady 1-0 Seamus Conaty and Fintan Cahill 0-1 each.

Terence McKeever Director of McKeever Brothers who are the main electrical contractors on the new Cavan General Hospital is shot dead by the Provisional IRA who killed him because he was alleged to be engaged in contracting at Security Sites in the North.His body was found at Mullaghduff Bridge in South Armagh and his death has provoked anger and revulsion on both sides of the border.

Sensation in Las Vegas as Barry McGuigan relinquishes his World Featherweight crown to 14-1 outsider Steve Cruz after 15 rounds fought in gruelling humidity and sweltering heat.Barry ‘Clones Cyclone’ held the World Featherweight crown for 1 year and 17 days.

Drumalee 1-8 to Lacken’s 2-3 win the Roinn B Under 14 County Championship in Breffni Park.Scorers for Drumalee are Eugene Reilly 1-0 Padraig Woods 0-3 Paul Tighe 0-2 and Tom Kelly Christopher McCaffrey and Joe Reilly (Captain) 0-1 each.

June 26th 1986 Cavan Icebreakers are presented with a Cavan Crystal Bowl at a reception hosted by the National Council for the Blind.Willie Mimnagh (Chairman Cavan Icebreakers) accepts the bowl in recognition of the Icebreakers Christmas Morning Swim raising £2,500 for the National Council for the Blind.

Same Week Cavan Gardening Club are travelling to the Garden Show at Stoke on Trent with the bus leaving from outside the CYMS at 5 am on Friday returning to Cavan at 8 am on Tuesday 1st of July 1986

Bishop Francis McKiernan opens Cana House for the Catholic Marriage Advisory Council with over 60 guests in attendance..CMAC is under the patronage of Bishop Francis McKiernan and was established in the Diocese in 1974.

July 3rd 1986 Divorce option is rejected by the Irish people in the Divorce Referendum by 63% to 37%  935,642 Voted No to Divorce while 536,279 voted Yes.In Cavan Monaghan the result was even more emphatic with 72.53% voting No and 27.47% voting Yes.

Same Week Death of Peter (Pete) Donohoe Rossa Place at the age of 56.Eldest son of the late JJ nd Margaret Donohoe Rossa Place. Employed with Cavan County Council as a Lorry Driver.Ulster Boxing Champion at Flyweight and Bantamweight on a number of occasions, he was a member of the old Cavan Boxing Club who had their headquarters in the Market House.Sergeant in the FCA which he served for over 25 years, he was also a valued member of Cavan Fire Brigade.Member of Cavan Slashers GFC in his youth.Survived by his brothers Sean (Spider) Eammon and sister Kitty.Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Death of Robert Inglis Stradone at the age 77.Native of Glenarm County Antrim ,he is survived by his wife Ruby and brother Alan Glenarm.Rev Dean Cassidy assisted by Rev Wilkinson officiated at the Funeral from Kilmore Cathedral to Kilmore cemetery.

July 10th 1986 County Cavan Golf Club are to host Lancia Pro- Am at their course in August.Prize money for the Professionals is £7,500 while the Amateurs will receive £1,500 in prizes.Pictured at the launch in Dublin are Eamon Leonard (General Manager Tractamotors) Michael McCumbey (Irish PGA) Dolie Cullivan (Lady Capatain) Robert Treacy (Captain) and Paddy Cororin (Lancia Ireland).

Same Week Death of Moya Donnolly Corislalee .Member of the well known musical family-‘Donnolly’s Ceidhe Band’.Moya worked for many years in Ballyhaise Post Office and later Elmbank Hatcheries.Member of the famous Kilygarry Camogie team that won Cavan Senior Camogie titles from 1935 -1945,Moya was also a member of the County team that won Cavan’s only Ulster Senior Camogie title in 1941.Deeply religious and highly respected .Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry cemetery

Death of Mary Lynch 31 Tullac Mongan at the age of 74 .She was predeceased by her husband Tommy just two months ago and also lost a son from her first marriage when Tom Drumm was tagically drowned in Swellan in the 1950s. She also lost two daughters in the tragic Poor Clare Convent fire of February 1943.She is survived by her sons and daughters Paddy Barney Johnny Dominic daughters Maisie Bridie Kathleen Ann and Rosaleen.Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry .

Death of Ellie Galligan relict of P (Peter) Porter in Saint Phelim’s and well known accordionist with ‘The P Galligan’ and‘The Dunaree Ceilidhe Band’ Cathedral Road at the age of 85.Native of Blacklion.Nurse in Saint Phelim’s Hospital for all her adult life.Funeral from the Cathedral to Drumavaddy cemetery.

Senator A J O Brien presents the medals to the Crubany School Camogie team who were finalists in the County Final.John Hayes and Madeline Argue were the trainers of the team.

345 people travel on the 17th Diocesan Plgrimmage to Lourdes led by Bishop Francis McKiernan.Met by torrential rain on arrival, the weather was warm and sunny for the rest of the pilgimmage.On Friday the Bishop and 12 priests from the Diocese celebrated Mass at the Grotto and Bishop McKiernan preached a homily entitled ‘Speak to us Bernadette’Musical Director Rev Canon O Dowd PP Revs John Gillhooley and PJ Sexton Chaplains to the Sick Matron Peggy Willock Assistant Matron Breege Graham Chief Brancardier Andy Gilchreest Assistant Chief Brancardier Ray Carr  Chief Handmaid Philomena Coleman Assistant Maureen Watters. The Brancardiers were Terry Argue John Conlon Barney Cully Eugene Cusack Seamus Dolan Martin Gilchreest Brendan Hannon Gerry McCormack  Michael McNulty Sean McGauran and Gene Murphy. Handmaids Margaret Allen May Cullen Gladys Donohoe Petrea Ruddy  Margaret Smith Sheila Smith Geraldine Sheridan and Geraldine Tully.The tour operators were McGinnity Travel Cavan who once again carried out their duties in an exemplary manner ensuring that every detail was attended to.

July 17th 1986 Paddy O  Reilly PC Church Street is elected Chairman of Cavan Urban Council for the 3rd time.First held the post in 1978/1979 and again in 1981/1982.Paddy Conaty (Junior) is elected Vice Chairman.

Same Week Death of Catherine (Kathy) Fitzsimmons Killygarry member of a well known farming family.Relict of Patrick, she is surived by her  sons Peter Vincent Michael Benny Eamonn and daughters Kathleen Breege and Mairead.Funeral from Saint Brigid’s Church Killygarry to the adjoining cemetery.

Death of Margaret Murray Drumelis and late of Killynebber at the age of 86.One of the famous Lawlor golfing family she had a great interest in golf and gaelic football and followed the fortunes of all the local players with intense interest.Predeceased by her husband Patrick she is survived by her sons Phil Eddie and daughter Susan.Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry cemetery.

Death of Frank Carroll Church View at the age of 76.Worked for over 30 years in the Anglo Celt and was a very well known ballroom dancer forming a magnificient partnership with Maisie Donohoe College Street.Later moved to England and was employed as a Security Officer with the House of Frazier in Bath.Survived by his sisters Lily Sheridan and Maisie Brady.Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Micheal Greenan is appointed to referee the Ulster Final between Down and Tyrone in Clones.This is Michéal’s second Final in a row and is testimony to his outstanding ability with the whistle.

The Members Cup is won by Niall Walsh on the 29th 8 Up against the youthful Des Cummins from Granard.Masterly display by a player playing the best golf of his life.The Members Cup was first played for in 1914 and is the oldest competition in the Club.The Farnham Cup was won in equally outstanding style by Pat and Therese O Connor over Paddy McCormack and Mary Dempsey.

Retirement of Billy Sheridan Owen Roe and Ned Sharkey Saint Phelims is marked by a presentation from their colleagues in McCarren’s Social Club.Pictured are Bernard Sharkey who received the presentation on behalf of his absent father.Moya Sharkey (wife) Liam Cooke (Chairman) Mrs Sheridan and Billy Sheridan.At back is Tommy Smith (Committee) Joe Johnston (Secretary) Julie Kellegher (Treasurer) Hughie Cosgrove (Committee) and Jimmy Smith (Committee)

July 24th 1986 Seamus Lynch of Fianna Fail is the new Chairman of Cavan County Council elected at meeting in The Kilmore Hotel.

Same Week Tom Fitzpatrick (Ceann Comhairle) annnounces that The College of Further Studies is to be recognised by the Department of Education as a 3rd Level College and were awarding a recognised Certificate for 1st Year N Cert in Business Studies (Secretarial Studies) from September 1986.Further courses would be introduced.Principal speaker at the reception was Paddy Cooney (Minister for Education) with Clifford Kelly (Chairman Cavan VEC ) presiding.Clifford Kelly paid tribute to the CEO John McKay for his sterling efforts to have a 3rd Level College sited in Cavan.

Tyrone 1-11 supreme in robust Ulster Final against Down 0-10 before an attendance of 18,000 in sweltering heat in Clones.Michéal Greenan of Drumalee took charge of the game and it was only his presence and discretion that resulted in any open play.The winners will now play Galway in the All Ireland Semi Final on the 17th of August.

Paul Jermyn 15 year old son of Jackie and Joan swims the Rann to Killykeen Straits in an outstanding time of 1 hour and 57 minutes.Only swimming for a few months Paul is coached by Sean Walsh.

July 31st 1986

Death of Brian O Grady County Development Officer Cotehill Road at the age of 56.Mainly responsible over the last 20 years for establishing Cavan as an attractive location for foreign and IDA Development.Native of Ballyconnell son of Standish and Rose O Grady.Educated at Ballyconnell NS Multyfarnham and Saint Patrick’s College Cavan.Staff Officer with Monaghan County Council later Town Clerk Clones.Served as Town Clek Kinsale and Letterkenny in 1957 where he remained until 1964.Appointed Staff Officer in Cavan, he took up the post as County Developmemt Oficer replacing Paddy Long..Decent and honourable Brian succeeded in attracting Industries such as Wellmann International Carton Brothers (Shercock) and Pauwells Trafo to Cavan.His father was a former Captain of the Cavan senior football team, Brian lined out with Drumlane  Belturbet Clones Kinsale and Saint Eunans Letterkenny.Introduced Civil Defence to Cavan,he was a welcome guest speaker at CavanAssociation Dinners both here and abroad and he himself was named Cavan Man of the Year by the Dublin Association in 1964.Founder member of Cavan Credit Union, Brian was a great advocate of self help and encouraged people to set up their own enterprises and assisted them greatly in the development of these businesses.Survived by his wife Ann (native of Kinsale) sons Brian Kevin and daughter Noreen..Cavan Gaels for whom both Kevin and Brian star and of which Brian senior was a wonderful supporter formed a guard of honour at the funeral from the Cathedral to Annagh cemetery.

Same Week Death of Father Sean Canon  O Reilly former Dean of Saint Patrick’s College and son of the late Doctor JJ O Reilly former Cumainn na Gael TD for Cavan.Winner of both the Captain’s Prize and Cullen Cup at County Cavan Golf Club in 1955.Chief celebrant at the Mass in Saint Dympna’s Lower Lavey was the Bishop Francis McKiernan and interment took place in the adjoining graveyard.

45 of Ireland’s top professional golfers including Christy O Connor Royal Dublin will compete in County Cavan’s Lancia Pro- Am.Pictured making the draw is Bishop Frank McKiernan with Vincent O Connor (Treasurer ) Phil Cullivan (Assistant Secretary) Robert Treacy (Captain) and Willie Harrington (Secretary).

63 Boy Scouts from Cavan and Killeshandra led by Scout Leaders Danny O Hanlon and Brian Connolly are on their way to the annual camp in Scotland.They will be pitching tents at Auchengillen Scout Camping and Activities Centre on the shores of Lough Lomond.Their itinerary includes Glasgow and Edinburgh where they are booked to swim in the famous Commonwealth Games swimming pool.

Death of Sister Mary Michael O Reilly at the age of 86.Former Matron at both the Surgical and Lisdarn.Due to celebrate her Golden Jubilee in October.She treated each patient with love and respect and if she found their spirits flagging always recommended a drop of punch to cheer them up..Daughter of John and Mary O Reilly Coroneary Corlough, she was educated at the local school and Convent of Mercy Baggott Street.Qualified as a National Teacher and taught in a number of West Cavan Schools.Both herself and her sister (Sister John) entered the Mercy Convent in Belturbet in 1936.Professed as a Nun in 1939 by Bishop Patrick Lyons.Her first assignment was as teacher in Belturbet National School.Joined the staff of the Surgical Hospital in 1941 she succeeded Sister Austin as Matron in 1944 and served in that position until her retirement in 1975.Served the patients and staff with admirable zeal she saw the inadequacies of the Surgical and took every opportunity to lobby the Health Board and Politicians for the building of a proper General Hospital in Cavan.She is a key reason why the new Hospital is now being built at Lisadarn.On retirement she served as Matron in Saint Patrick’s College and took up the post of Pastoaral care of the sick and dying in the Surgical a position she held until her death.Founder along with Canon Desmond O Dowd of the Social Services Committee ,she lobbied for many years for the building of the John Sullivan Home and cut out bureaucracy within the NEHB to attain her dream.Funeral from the Cathedral to The Mercy Convent cemetery in Belturbet.

Cavan Parish Under 10 14 and 16 Draught teams win the Community Games Ulster Championship.Under 14 team Michael Collins Orla Collins Damian Johnston (Capt) Declan O Donnell Sean O Donnell Sorcha Dunne and Sinead Martin.Team Manager Ray Griffith.Under 16 team Steven Sexton Dessie Galligan Brian Galligan Eamonn Burns Noel Galligan (Capt) Jimmy Meade.Pat Ryan (TeamManager) Under 10 Team Padraig Martin (Captain) Deborah Egan Cathal Collins Seamus Curtin Sean Meade Sean McCullough and Niall Johnstone.Ray Griffith (Team Manager).

County Cavan Community Games Finals in Mullahoran.Cavan Parish winners were Antonia Hayes in the long puck despite injuring her thumb.Paula McCusker was an impressive winner of the Long Jump while her brother Gary was the winner of the High Jump.Karen Lambert just pipped her team mate Pauline Brady to win gold in the Girs Under 16 100 metres.Fidelma Carolan was the outstanding winner of the Lady’s Marathon..

August 7th 1986  Gertie Walsh wins the Lady’s Preident’s (Philomena Coleman) at County Cavan Golf Club.Dorothy Neary had the Best 1st Nine Mary Dempsey Best 2nd Nine while Evelyn O Connor had the Best Gross.

Same Week Death of Tim O Riordan College Street at the age of 69.Native of Killorglin County Kerry Tim was a Plumber by trade.Joined the Army during the Emergency and was attached to The Second Field Corps Engineers.Employed by the Board of Works ,he was Plumber in the Military Barracks.Active boxer and Coach with the old Cavan Boxing Club.He witnessed a huge resurgence in the sport and many of his boxers won Ulster Championships.Long time member of the Fire Brigade.Tim was a prolific reader and at one time read all the books in McCourt’s (The Favourite) Lending Library). Very knowledgeable quiet and decent ,he is survived by his wife Marjorie sons Richard Timmy Cathal daughters Mairian and Ann.Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Death of Mary Leavy late of Wolfe Tone Street in London.Sister of Eddie and Packy Clail.She was over 50 years in London survived by her son Danny and daughter Mary.

Cavan Parish have 56 travelling to Mosney for this year’s Community Games Finals.

August 14th 1986 Mark Lawlor son of Phil and Kay Billis Cavan is nominated  for a Hennessy Literary Award for his short story ‘The Botanist’.

Same Week David Connolly 24 Saint Brigid’s is pictured with a 5 ½ lbs trout which he caught at Deredis using a Meps Spinner.

Death of Elizabeth (Betty ) Greene Main Street at the age of 72.Member of the old established Ronaghan Family who were originally Butchers in Main Street.Noted and accomplished pianist, she was a member of The Four Aces Showband.The group consisted of Jimmy Mallon Stan Mullery Henry Martin Tom McCusker with Betty on the Piano.Survived by her sister Sally (O Rourke),she was predeceased by her husband Brendan in 1976.Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies

At Abbeyshrule Air Display (pictured) is George Maloney giving a demonsration to Jimmy Smith Farnham Street on how to start a two stroke engine.

Lancia Pro Am at County Cavan Golf Club is played in bright sunshine 1st Professionals W Todd Scrabo 136 2nd Christy O Connor Royal Dublin and Tommy Halpin Bodenstown 137 (tie) 4th Liam Higgins Waterille 138 and 5th Bobby Browne Laytown/Bettystown 139.Ladies S Heraty County Longford 43 points B Murphy County Cavan 42 3rd M Croke Oughterard Best Gross Y Cassiddy Dundalk 28 points. Men PJ Dolan County Cavan 2nd P Dunne Headfort 3rd S Kilroy Rossmore Gross D McLoughlin Clones and 2nd Gross Frank Glancy County Cavan.1st Ladies Team Liam Higgins Kathleen O Gorman Ann Fallon and Madge Boucher Cavan.1st team Men C Monaghan Peter Veale (Cavan) PJ Dolan (Cavan) and Michael Og Dolan (Belturbet).Among the showbiz stars that entertained both on and off the course were Joe Cuddy Paddy Cole Aonghas McNally and Ronan Collins.Both Christy O Connor and Liam Higgins had massive galleries each day and enthralled the large crowd with their majestic hittting and shot making.

Death of Kathleen Monahan Convent House at the age of 74.Native of Gortnakillew Poles.Quiet and religious ,she is survived by her husband Patrick daughters Mary and Bernadette.Funeral from the Cathedral to Lower Lavey.

Cavan Crystal are among the 18 Irish Exhibitors at the New York Gift Show.

August 21st 1986 Phillip Brady and Peter Veale win the  Brian Murphy Memorial Fourball with a score of 47 points. Runners up are Dermot Smith and Kieran Galvin. at County Cavan Golf Club.

Same Week Tyrone qualify for the All Ireland Final by virtue of their 1-12 to Glway’s 1-9 in All Ireland Semi Final at Croke Park.Converted penalty by Kevin McCabe the decisive score just 4 minutes from the end.

Bishop Gilbert Wilson dedicates a brass tablet and prayer book to the memory of Dean Howard Turkington at a cermony in Kilmore Cathedral.A sanctuary prayer desk was also dedicated to the memory of Miss Frances Askins of Kilmore Rectory.The ceremony was conducted by the present Dean Cassidy and the sermon was preached by an old friend of Dean Turkington and former Curate in Cavan Parish Rev Canon AS O Connor.

Death of Mary Lee Drumcrave at the age of 69.Native of Milltown Belturbet, she is survived by her husband Thomas sons Michael Noel and daughters Mary and Eileen.Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Paddy O Reilly Chairman Cavan UDC opens the Tullac Mongan Community Games held in the Poor Clare Convent grounds started by his colleague Annie Murray.Huge crowds attend both as spectators organisers and competitors.Result Boys 12-14 Paddy McCaffrey Girls 12-14 Dawn Brady Sack Race Johnnny Mitchell Sack Race Girls Caroline O Shea. Wheelbarrow Race Boys Padraig McCaffrey and Martin McCaffrey Wheelbarrow Race Girls Caroline O Shea and Carmel Curran.Boys 10-12 100 yards Patrick Graham 100 Yards Girls Samantha McNamara.Sack Race Boys Gavin Monaghan Sack Race Girls Sinead Connolly.Wheelbarrow Boys Patrick and Michael Graham Girls Karen McCaffrey and Nicola Kavanagh.Boys 8-10 Years 60 Yards 1st Stephen Ferncombe Girls Olivia Graham.Sack Race Boys Thomas Benn  Girls Olivia Graham.Wheelbarrow Race Barry Gardiner and Michael Pryce Girls Olivia Graham and Patricia McNamara.Boys 6-8 Years 60 Yards Sprint Michael Pryce Girls Rachael Scorr.Sack Race Boys Michael Pryce .Girls Rachael Scorr.Wheelbarrow Boys Mark Quinn and Jimmy Keogh.Girls Rachael Scorr and Rosemary Lynch.Boys 4-6 50 Metres Sprint 1st Mark Scorr Girls Maria McCabe.Sack Race Timmy Curtis Girls Aideen Duffy.Wheelbarrow Boys Jonathan McCarthy and Mark Scorr Girls Marie McCabe and Lynn Murphy.Mother’s Race 100 Metres Helen O Neill 2nd Lucia Whelan and 3rd Rosie Rowan.Todlers Race 1st Mariena Ryan 2nd Andrew Murray 3rd Paul O Connell and 4th Lee Sheridan

Gardai win the McGinnity Cup beating Red Stars 4 goals to 1 in the replayed Final.Team Jim Fraher Tommy Fay Tom Cunningham Paul McHugh Pat Kelly Sean Daly and Ger O Shaughnessy.Subs  Gabriel O Donohoe for Tommy Fay Padraig Kelly for Paul McHugh.Red Stars George Harrison Hughie Nevin Laurence Lee John Sheridan Billy Sheridan Gerry Nevin and Willie Cawley.Presentation by Peter McGinnity to the winning captain Tom Cunningham of the McGinnity Cup and replicas while Anselem Lovett presented Red Star with their runners up trophies.

August 28th 1986 Judge TP O Reilly steps down bringing to an end 40 years service to the Legal Profession.He states that 80% of cases brought before him were drink related and this was the same trend in the Family Courts.He served in the Louth/Monaghan area for 13 years and before becoming a judge had offices in Ballyconnell Belturbet and Swanlinbar.Glittering fooball career,he was on the 1st Saint Pat’s McRory Cup winning team 1st UCD team to win the Dublin County Final 1st Ulster team to win the Railway Cup.County Board Chairman for 12 years TP is the holder of two All Ireland Minor (1937 &1938) and 2 Senior medals won in Polo Grounds 1947 and Croke Park 1948.His footballing career stretched from 1935 to 1949.

Same Week Death of Joe Pryce at the age of 40.Native of the town and son of Tony and Shiela .Mechanic by trade Joe served his time in Jacksons later working with Mervyn Foster and more recently with Joe Abbott Ballinagh.Outstanding member of the first Boy Scouts Accordion Band.,he played a leading role in Jackson’s Garage triumph in the Tops of Breffni.His sporting icon was his near near neighbour and great friend the ageless John Foley O Rourke.Joe is survived by his wife Mary Mother Sheila son David and daughter Delia.Father Felim Kelly Adm.officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

‘Declan McCaul (24) from Bridge Street swims the Straits at Killykeen in an excellent time of  2 hours and 7 minutes for the 3 ½ mile journey while 15 year old Paul Jermyn swimming the Straits for the 2nd time this season finished in 1 hour and 51 miutes.

‘Hurricane Charlie’ sweeps the country causing devastating damage to crops and leaving 4 dead in its wake.Described as the worst storm this century 8 inches of rain were recorded in Dublin in the 24 hour period from Monday to Tuesday and the Government meet to declare a State of Emergency.

Over 60 children take part in Leinster Under 11 Tennis Scheme at Cavan Tennis Club.Daire Smith Tomas Young Niamh Young Ciara Gaffney Steven Elliott and Decland Donohoe qualify for the next stage of the scheme which will be held in Mullingar.

September 4th 1986 Dorothy Neary Chairperson of Cavan Flower Arranging Club is herself the winner of the Pat Denning Cup and overall winner from an entry of 800 at the Annual Flower Arranging and Gardening Exhibition in the Town Hall.

Same Week Elizabeth Galligan Earlsvale Road is the new Captain at Cavan Bridge Club.

Aidan Watters the 23 year old Cavan footballer from Ballyhaise emigrates to Spain to teach English to students in El Pardo Secondary School Madrid.

Death of Annie Murray 10 Tullac Mongan at the age of 66.Member of Cavan Urban Council representing Fine Gael from 1974 to 1985.1st Chairman to don the new Chain of Office (Presented by Bank of Ireland) in 1983/1984.Her husband Johnny representing Fianna Fail was Chairman of Cavan UDC from 1955 to 1960.Outstanding woman, she was extremely popular and initiated the Tullac Mongan Sports as well as organising trips to Lourdes for the Physically Handicapped and Spina Bifada.She was the champion of the under privelleged and through her representations wrought huge changes in the improvement of housing and general facilities in her own area of Tullac Mongan.She is survived by he sons John Tommy Andy Raymond Martin daughters Vivion  and Margaret.Chief celebrant of her funeral Mass was Michael Cooke CC and there was a guard of honour formed by members of Cavan Town Fine Gael.Burial took place to Killygarry.

Branch of O N E formed in Cavan (National Ex Servicemen and Women) Chairman Pat Kinsella Paddy Grace Secretary and. John Molloy Treasurer .Committee Kevin Hand Hugh McDermott Jim Carthy Mick Kavanagh Colin Smith Danny McCarthy Tony Brady Dominick Johnston and Larry Moylan.

Basketball 1986-1987 Chairman Marie Henry Secretary Ann McHugh Treasurer Bernie Walsh PRO Fidelma Carolan Co Ordinators Patricia Mulligan and Finola Gallagher.

Bridge Club 1986-1987 Captain Elizabeth Galligan President Maureen Hunt Vice President Jim Scanlon Secretary Aileen Timmoney Asistant Secretary Kay Henry Treasurer Mrs Olive Carolan Assistant Treasurer Willie Finegan.

September 11th 1986 

Mary Ann Henthorne Cavan’s oldest citizen from Caulfield Tullyco celebrates her 103rd Birthday this time in Saint Phelim’s Hospital where she is a patient since April.She is pictured hale and hearty with the Matron Sister Fiona and massive birthday cake prepared by the Chef Joe Hickey complete with the 103 candles.She says that the secret of her long life is no smoking or drinking!

Same Week Death of Susan McCabe ‘Knockville’ Earlsvale Road at the age of 81.Nurse by profession, she spent all of her working life in Bristol.Friendly religious and courteous ,she is survived by her brother Patrick in Drumgoon.

NAWI (Widows) Association coach travelling to the Gaeity Theatre for the hit show Gypsy on the 22nd September.Dress Circle ticket and coach £10 from Maggy Hickey’s shop.

September 18th 1986 Kinscourt win their 4th County Senior title hammering a lacklustre Ballinagh 2-12 to 0-4.Kingscourt in devastating form while Ballinagh in their first ever appearance in a Senior Final were overcome by match day nerves on a perfect day for football.3,000 people paid gate receipts of £10,145  and County Captain Jim Reilly was Man of the Match.

Same Week Death of Margaret Flood Military Row  at the age of 71.Predeceased by her husband Clement three years ago, she was a native of Crimlin.Survived by her daughters Rosaleen Pauline and Anne..Funeral from the Cathedral to Drumavaddy.

Death of Mrs Mary Smith formerl.y of the Railway Hotel (Lakeland Hotel) in Castleblayney.Predeceased by her husband Tommy ,they did a huge business in the days of the GNR Railway and it was always a very popular hotel for commercial travellers and tourists to the Cavan area.Survicved by her daughter Mary (Berwick) and son Paddy.Funeral took place in Bruskey Church and burial in the adjoining cemetery.

Johnny O Hanlon wins the Captain’s (Robbie Treacy) Prize at County Cavan Golf Club  J McMahon 2nd and Pat Kinsella 3rd.Best Gross was Johnny Costello Lynn Hartmann (Winner Girls Juvenille) Mary Malone (Lady’s Pize) Ann Lee (Winner Beginners) E Mulvaney (Students Prize) and M Boucher (Best Gross Lady’s).Jimmy Sheridan (Best 1st Nine)

September 25th 1986 John Hewitt (President of the Ulster Branch IRFU) Peter Pollock (Secretary) Sir Ewart Bell (President IRFU) Rev Father Gerry Kearns CC Paddy McManus (President Cavan RFC) Rev George Canon Millar Thomas Young (Treasurer Cavan Rugby Club) and Winston Morrison are pictured watching John Hewitt unveil the plaque at the official opening of Cavan Rugby Club’s new Pavillion and Dressing Rooms at Swellan.

Same Week Local gardai Kevin Dockery Martin Creighton and Martin O Donohoe perform a parachute jump from 1,000 feet in Garvagh County Derry raising £706 in aid of the local branch of the Multiple Sclerosis Association.The three men trained for the jump in Coleraine and  now become members of the Wild Geese Parachute Club.

The Cavan Association in Dublin are seeking funds for the purchase of a Laser Gun to treat children born with unsightly birthmarks at Our Lady’s Hospital for Sick Children in Crumlin

Paddy O Reilly Chairman Cavan UDC is elected Vice Chairman of The Municipal Authorities of Ireland at their annual conference in Arklow while Patrick Conaty (Junior ) is elected to the executive of the Authority.

Cavan Gymnastics Club 1986-1987 Chairman Mary Haren Vice Chairman Jimmy Smith Secretary Irene Maguire Assistant Secretary Pauline Brady and Treasurer Audrey King.Chief Coach Jim O Leary.

Cavan County Council are to send a delegation to meet with the Director General of RTE in protest against the station’s refusal to afford live coverage to the forthcoming 10th Cavan International Song Contest.

Ailish Hayden daughter of Peter and Pauline Hayden Cullies Cavan is conferred with her MA (Honours) at UCD.Ailish is a past pupil of Loreto College.

Mary Glavey L.Ch attends the Imperial Hotel on Tuesday and Thursday while she holds a clinic at Drumalee each Wednesday and Friday.Phone 04931576.

Kerry 2-15 Tyrone 1-10.Tyrone led all the way to the 50th minute when Kevin McCabe shot only a point from a penalty to leave them ahead by 7 points.Kerry inspired by Man of the Match Pat Spillane dominate the last 20 minutes to win easily by 8 points.

Cavan Town beat AIB (Dublin) 5-0 in the 2nd Round of the FAI Junior Cup at Derrycramph.Team John Heffernan Hubert Smith Peter Burns Paul McHugh Thomas Byrne (Captain) Laurnence Lee Billy Sheridan Germaine Cullivan Francis Mooney Dessie Gardiner and Sean Killduff.12th Man Gerry Nevin for Germaine Cullivn (Injured) and 13th Man Gerry Clarke for Hubert Smith.Outstanding displays from Francis Mooney and Hubert Smith.

Deborah Simpson daughter of Ken and Moira Saint Phelim’s Place weds Paul Cox son of Phelim and Kathleen Killseshandra in the Cathedral..Paul is a member of the famous Pop Group C60

October 2nd 1986.

Cavan College of Further Studies commence N Cert in Business Studies (Secretarial) 2nd year in Athlone.Pictured are the students with their teachers and staff Claie Conroy Berndette Fitzpatrick Donal Crotty Ethna McKay and Sheila McGee.

Same Week Inaugural meeting of the Cavan Hospice Movement.Chairman Patrick J Nugent Vice Chairman Patrick B Drury Secretary Mary Smith Treasurer Sean Kelly PRO Breege Myles.Committee Dr Jimmy Fay Dr Roy Hayes Sister Assumpta and Paddy Grogan.

Joe O Reilly BA NT HDE a teacher at Saint Phelim’s School has been appointed a Pace Commissioner by Alan Dukes Minister for Justice.He is a member of Cavan County Council and Cavan VEC.

Terry Smith after losing the first 2 holes plays par golf to beat Martin Brady and win the Scratch Cup at County Cavan Golf Club.

October 9th 1986 Paddy Hillery President of Ireland opens the new ReHab headquarters at Moynehall.Pictured are Frank Flannery CEO ReHab Peggy O Connell Chairman Cavan ReHab Professor Bernard Moran (Board of Management) Bertie Hunt (Regional Manager) and Dan McQuillan (Supervisor).

Same Week Branch of the Catholic Girl Guides and Brigins is formed in Cavan.Pictured with the large group of members are Geraldine Crotty (Leader) Jenny Harte (Unit Leader) Rev Anthony Fagan (Chaplain) and Brid O Donnell (Leader).

In their first outing against Connaught opposition Cavan Rugby Club defeat Castlebar with “an erratic performance” at Tierquin by 16 points to 9.Impressive debuts for Chris McCarren and Peter Denning while the presentation of the Forster Cup medals took place in the new Clubhouse.Presentation to P J Quinn (Former Captain) who is emigrating to Boston.

Noel Elliott Junior Clive Finlay and Stuart Clarke will represent Ireland at Mill Lodge UK following their outstanding performances at the Horse of the Year Show in Navan.1st Noel Elliott riding ‘The Grey Guy’ (Katherine Elliott) 2nd Clive Finlay riding ‘Boadecia’(Phyllis Finlay) and 3rd Stuart Clarke riding ‘Indian Rupee’ (Pauline Clarke)

‘The Natives are Revolting ‘ is a showcase of young Cavan artists taking place in Louis Blessing’s Loft on Saturday 11th of October.Presenting the works of Jane McCormick and Tony O Brien.Kevin O Connor and Rosemary Finnegan will later read some of their. poetry.Ray O Connor will give a recital of music.Brendan Keenan will read some prose.Damiam O Brien and Jonathan Binchey will later perform a Mime.John Walsh will give a recital of music on the Classical Guitar.The evening will be rounded off by a dance featuring the new hit group ‘The Fireflys’.

Official opening of the annual Apostolic Work by Bishop Francis McKiernan will take place in Saint Augustrine’s Hall next Sunday.

Michael Graham of Cavan AC is selected to represent Ireland at the Crete Marathon.Team is Noel Greene (Waterford) Rosaleen Hayden (Raheny Shamrocks) and Michael Graham (Cavan AC) .Eddie Spillane BLE National Coach accompanies the team to Greece.

Toy Lending Library is established in Day Centre Cathedral Road.The Library will be run by the Friends of the Mentally Handicapped Cerebal Palsy Downs Syndrome and Spina Bifida Associations.

Mary McAleese is guest speaker at  Cavan/Monaghan Lady’s Fianna Fail Conference in Cavan.

Pat and Kate McGuigan are the guests of honour at the 1st Cavan Boxing Tournament of the season.The great Pat acted as MC for the evening and brought a touch of class to proceedings.Cavan Winners were Johnny Mitchell beating David Lafferty (stopped at end of Round 1) Martin McDonagh Cavan’s Ulster Champ hammered out a deserved decision against Omagh’s Seamus Mulcahy in the 11 year old 27 kilo clash.

October 16th 1986 Cavan UDC refuses to rezone land at the lake field from Industrial to Residential thus blocking the proposed P Elliott and Company development of 58 houses to be later known as Glenlara.Local Residents Association from Saint Patrick’s Sweelan Road Swellan Court Glenside Road and Highfield Road lobby the Council not to rezone on the grounds that it would block their view of Swellan Lake and the housing density in the area was far too high.The facility should be retained as a scenic area.After along discussion Paul Dolan proposed that the lands be not rezoned and Oliver Malone seconded.Dr.Eamonn McDwyer proposed that the lands should be rezoned to cater for residential development.Terry Argue seconded Dr.McDwyer’s motion.Against were Malone P O Reilly and Paul Dolan and for were Dr.Eamonn McDwyer Terry Argue and Patrick Conaty.No majority for the proposal the matter was referred back to the County Manager.George Crowe and Angela Gaffney were not in attendance for the vote.

Same Week Bernadette Egan of Highfield Road receives her City and Guilds and Anco Cert in Hairdressing at the Anco Training Centre in Dundalk.

Brian McCormack ex C 60 appears with the Drogheda Group ‘The Rockets’ on the UTV show ‘New Faces’ with whom he toured during the Summer.Brian is furthering his musical career abroad at the moment.

Death of George Hillis Drumalee at the age of 52.Native of Castleblayney Service Manager with Jackson,he joined the firm in 1953.Quiet approachable and very efficient ,George was popular with both staff and customers.In charge of servicing Jackson’ fleet of buses as well as customer’s vehicles and took great pride in the expansion of the Coach Tour business.Outstanding gardener George also liked to spend his leisure time fishing.Member of the Select Vestry Chuch of Ireland.Survived by his wife Violet and son Noel.Rev George Canon Millar officiated at the funeral from the Church of Ireland to Kilmore cemetery.

Death of Kitty McDonagh Bailieboro at the age of 64.Member of the well known Sullivan Family Main Street Cavan, she was sister of the late Dr.Jack and Dr Benny Laytown.Father John Maguire PP officiated at the funeral from Saint Ann’s Church Bailieborough to the adjoining cemetery.

Funeral of Padraig Cahill Glasdrummond Poles killed tragically in a farm accident.Very progressive farmer, he rarely missed an Acot or Teagasc Seminar and embraced all the modern methods of farming.Keen football fan he was a frequent visitor to Breffni Park and outstanding supporter of Killygarry GFC.Survived by his wife Brid children Aine Niamh and Padraig parents Francis and Ann.Funeral from Saint Brigid’s Killygarry to the adjoining cemetery.

There are now 6,104 members of Cavan Credit Union and the turnover for the year passed the £1 million mark for the 1st time.

Adrian and Kevin Ronan are running their 1st Dublin City Marathon in aid of the local branch Down’s Syndrome.

Padre Pio Group Rosary and Mass on the 1st Tuesday of each month at 7:15 in the Cathedral.

Sympathy is extended to Tommy Kelly Post Office Cavan on the sudden death of his brother Richard home on holiday from Colchester when he died suddenly in Galway

Gramaphone Society 1986-1987 Chairman John Smith Vice Chair Alice McMahon Secretary Angela Smith Treasurer Patricia McMahon PRO John Smith.Committee Hugh Lennon Mervyn Johnston Mary Dunne Maureen Hand Tom Pollock and Annie Brady.First recital of the season will be given by Tom Polock in the Imperial Hotel

Cavan Flower and Gardening Club donate £300 proceeds of their Annual Show to Saint Mary’s South Hill Delvin.

October 23rd 1986 Paddy O Reilly PC UDC Chairman of Cavan UDC opens the Annual Art Exhibition in the Protstant Hall.Pictured are some of the exhibitors with Paddy at the Opening.Martin Fullen (Donegal) Carol Diver (Donegal) Gertrude Holloway (Dublin) Patsy Lee (Cavan) Niall O Reilly (Virginia) and Liz Costello (Virginia).

Same Week Cavan Gaels win Roinn A Under 14 Title when hammering Mullahoran 7-9 to Mullahoran’s 1-1 at Breffni Park.Scorers for the Gaels John Kinsella 3-0 Eddie McCormack 2-2 Pauraic Nallen 2-0 Johnny Graham and Colin Sheridan 0-2 each and D Darcy 0-1.Team Pauraic McCaffrey Pierre Kinsella Damian Mullhern Declan O Donnell Andrew McCarthy Peadair Cassidy(Captain) Don Darcy Eamonn Burns John Kinsella Ray Fallon Paul Kinsella Johnny Graham Colin Sheridan Eddie McCormack and Pauraic Nallen.Sub Daryl Doyle for Colin Sheridan (Injured).Tony Looney (Coach)

Michael Leddy from Drumsilla Butlersbidge is tragically killed in a road traffic accident at Moynehall on Friday.Airlifted to Richmond Hospital but died in Dublin on Saturday morning..

County Cavan Rugby 1st XV emphatic win over Carrick 25-8 to continue their unbeaten recod in the League this season.Outstanding team performance.

Niamh O Reilly leads Cavan Ladies to victory in Novice Cross Country at Bailieborough.2nd Catriona McKiernan (Cavan AC) and Kathleen Tonge (Cavan AC) was 3rd.Doris Fitzpatrick Karen Lambert Pauline Brady and Irene Hackett were the other members of the winning team.

October 30th 1986 Deteriorating relationship between Barry McGuigan and Barney Eastwood (Manger) is brought to a head when Barry obtains a High Court Order compelling Barney Eastwood to reveal the exact terms for his recent disastrous world title bout with Steve Cruz in Las Vegas.

Same Week Dominck Sheriidan beats his good friend and Cavan Gaels teamamte Maurice Brady in the Senior Handball Final in Kingscourt.Each man won one game each with Dominick clinching the title 15-6 in the final game.Score 15-10 9-15 15-6.

Cavan Town Darts Team win the County Smithwicks title for the third consecutive year at a packed Lakeland Hotel.Team Tommy Smith S Dunne Gerry McKiernan Phil Cullen and Damian Johnston.In a one sided final they defeated Sweeney’s of Belturbet for the loss of 1 game and they now proceed to the All Ireland Finals in November .

Cavan Motor Club 1986-1987 Chairman Tom Fitzpatrick Vice Chair Patsy McIntyre Secretary Peter McGinnity Treasurer Douglas Mahood and PRO Dessie Crossan.The soaring cost of motor insurance for rally drivers the suitability of roads and the continuing trend towards off road racing were some of the topics discussed at the Club’s AGM in The Kilmore Hotel.

Billy Gallagher Cavan AC is 5th in Dublin City Marathon in a time of 2 hours 25 minutes while his clubmate Michael Graham finishes 12th in the extremely warm Crete Marathon in his first International race for Ireland. His time of 2 hours and 34 minutes is a highly creditable performance given the extreme weather conditions which caused him to cramp and dehydrate over the final miles.

Death of Charlie Mulligan Lisreagh at the age of 66.Farmer he worked for many years with Tom McGurk in the construction business.Quiet efficient and obliging he is survived by his brother Paddy sisters Maggie Sue and Mary.Funeral from the Cathedral to Drumavaddy.

Gramaphone Society Recital this week is by Patsy Lemon Earlsvale Road.

November 6th 1986 Cavan CYMS Membership now due Senior £12 Juniors £6 .Winner of the Golden Jubilee Cup sponsored by Terry Argue Insurance was Sean Coyle with the runner up being Adrian Dunne while Mickey Breslin and Laurnece Flood were the losing Semi Finalists..The Club extends a warm welcome to our new Chaplain Father John Murphy.

Same Week Icebreakers Club 1986-1987 Chief Organiser Liam Rooney Chairman Willie Mimnagh Vice Chairman Alex Moran Treasurer Frank Coyle and Secretary Jacinta Walsh.

ONE Ex Servicemen and Women Chairman Jim Scanlon Secretary Pat Kinsella PRO Jimmy McEntee.

 Dermot Healy launchs his book ‘Dancing With Shadows’ at a Reception in the White Horse Hotel Cootehill.Dertmot is introduced to the large gathering by Tom McIntyre himself a noted author and playwright from Bailieboro.

Brady Brothers buy back their marts from the Receiver Tom Grace of Craig Gardiner for a sum of £600,000.Eugene will operate the Mart in Mohill Tom in Cavan and Jimmy in Cootehill where he has also purchased back the White Horse Hotel from the Receiver.The Marts have a combined annual turnover of £25 million.

After the poorest Summer in living memory October is the driest and sunniest since records began in 1904 with 128 hours of sunshine a mean tempreture of 11.7% and rainfall of 1.9 inches most of which fell on the 31st of the month.

Greg and Domick Sheridan win the prestigious Frank McCrystal Memorial Trophy beating the Leinster pair Walter O Connor (Meath) and Pat Hall (Dublin) in the Final.The Cavan pair won the title 11-5 in the tie breaker.

McGinnity’s and the Kesh are the local representatives in the Final of the County Cavan Dart Team competition in the Lakeland at the end of the month.

November 13th 1986 Peter M O Hanlon youngest son of Edward and Airmid ‘Glenair’ Cathedral Road is presented with his Diploma in Craft Design at The College of Art and Design Dublin.

Same Week Cavan Singer are accorded a singular honour with invitation to the Welsh Choral Festival in Llandudno.

Philip McDonald’s high class Lady’s and Gents Drapery celebrate their centenary.Founded by Philip McDonal grandfather of the present proprietor Leo McDonald  in 1886.It was originally named ‘Drapery Warehouse’ and has ben a landmark in Cavan for 100 years.

Irish Nationwide open a full time branch at 19 Main Street with the Manager Sean Martin pictured with Secretary/Cashier Noreen O Grady from Earlsvale Road.

Iris Anderson from Derrylane Killeshandra wins 1st Prize in the ESB Competition and is presented with her prize by Arthur Downey Manager of the Cavan shop.

Sympathy is extended to Ann Smith Farnham Roa on the death of her Mother Ann Cahill Newtownforbes County Longford which occurred in Saint Joseph’s Hospital Lisdarn.

Death of Margaret Moran Drumlion Kilmore. Survived by her husband Jim and sons Aleck Jimmy and David and daughter Kathleen.Funeral from Saint Patrick’s Drumcor to Glasnevin Crematorium.

Adrian and Kevin Ronan finish the Dublin Marathon in a time of 4 hours and 20 minutes and in the process collected a large sponsorship for the local branch Downs Syndrome.Garda Joe O Connor finishes the Dublin City Marathon in a time of 3 hours and 59 minutes and in the process raises £780 for Our Lady’s Hospital for Sick Children in Crumlin.

Death of Patrick Farrelly late of Saint Phelims Place in Rockaways New York.Emigrated to America in the early 60s.His sons Francie and Hubert served with distinction in the US Army in Vietnam –Hubert winning the Purple Heart.He is survived in Cavan by his sisters Mrs Felix Sheridan Mollie (McMahon) and Maggie (Jackson) and brother Francis in Birmingham

Patrick Cosgrove wins the Ulster Light Flyweight title when he stops his more experienced oponent Troy Lowry (Ards BC) at the Finals in the Europa Hotel Belfast.Behind on points Cosgrove upped the tempo in Round 2 dropping Lowry and finished the job in Round 3 when after dropping his opponent the referee stepped in to save Lowry from further punishment.It is the first Ulster Championship to come to Cavan since the great days of Spider and Pete Donohoe in the late 1940s.

Rita Martin Hilda Fairbrother May McKiernan and Noel Teahan all members of Cavan AC are pictured with their plaques following this year’s Dublin City Marathon.

George Crowe is once again capped by Leinster .Playing member of Longfors Rugby Club George can play both loose or tight head prop and is a valued member of the Leinster team since 1982.

Cavan Catholic Girl Guides Saint Francis Company Cavan Chairman Teresa Keogh Secretary Ann Byrne Treasurer Maureen Mulvaney PRO Pat Smith Chaplain Father Anthony Fagan CC and Unit Leader Jennie Harte.

Catriona McKiernan (Cavan AC) is an impressive winner of the Ulster Lady’s Novice at Tullyvin hosted by Kill AC.She leads Cavan to Gold in team competition.Team Catriona McKiernan Ann Cullen (Mullahoran) Niamh O Reilly (Cavan) and Joanne Gargan (Kingscourt).

November 20th 1986 Phil Brady from Arva is named Cavan Man of the Year by the Cavan Men’s Association in Dublin.Phil is cited as giving invaluable service to Cavan GAA being Chairman for the last 7 years and providing invaluable employment in Dublin Arva and Cavan through the BradyGarage Group of which he is a Director.

Same Week ReHab Cavan present Cavan’s legendary Mighty Avons with travel bags as they set out on Concert Tour of the USA.Pictured are John McGinnity Brian Finlay Bertie Hunt (Regional Manger ReHab) Peter Smith and  David Muldoon (Cavan Manager ReHab).

November 27th 1986 Cavan Town Darts Team represented by Thomas Smith S Dunne Gerry McKiernan Phil Cullen and Damian Johnston (Capt) reach the Quarter Final of the National Smithwicks Competition in Ennis.Defeated by Cork in a close and exciting match which went right down to the last game.Damian Johnston Team Captain is presented with 5 Gold Medallions and £100.

Same Week Death of Annie Cullivan Wolfe Tone Street at the age of 95.Regular at Bingo 5 nights a wek until her death.Last surviving member of the Carr family Aughadreena Lavey.She ran a very successful restauarant with ther husband Tommy in Connolly Street for a long number of years.Popular and charitable character she is survived by her son Tommy daughters Rose Nancy Kathleen Philomena and Eileen.Rev Johnny O Rourke officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Cavan Gaels retain Division 1 A Championship beating Gowna 4-6 to 2-4 in Cornafean.Gaels took full control after scoring two goals just before half time.Scorers for the Gaels Francis Mooney 2-4 Dessie Gardiner 1-4 Johnny Farrelly 1-0 and P Kane 0-1.Team Charlie Greene Bernie Quinn Myles McEntee Jimmy Sheridan Brian Lynch Paddy Reilly Martin Sexton JJ O Reilly P Kane Martin Maguire Cian Murtagh Francis Mooney Johhny Farrelly Conor O Dwyer and Dessie Gardiner.

Cavan AC win the Lady’s Road League Team Niamh O Reilly Catriona McKiernan Karen Lambert Kathleen Tonge Lyla Cafferty Doris Fitzpatrick Pauline Brady.Coach John McDermott.

Mick Ryan wins the C&D Racquetball Championship at Saint Patrick’s Sports Complex beating Kilkenny man John Comerford in the Final.Later teams up with Oliver Malone to win the doubles this time beating local pairing Seamus Watters and Martin Lawless..

Death of Mary Ann Buckley 16 Tullac Mongan at the age of 50.Outstandingly decent and kind she was very religious and chaitable.Survived by her husband Paddy and sons Patrick and John daughters Katherine Susie Mary Ann and Frances.Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Death of the very popular and well known Owen Mullen at the age of 78.Native of Dervor Carnaross he came to live in Jubilee Terrace 10 years ago and endeared himself to all who had the pleasure of knowing him.He was assistant to Hughie Cosgrove Caretaker in Breffni Park and travelled with the county team as bagman for a number of years.Very reliable and efficient- every task entrusted was carried out with efficiency.Survived by his wife Agnes sons Eugene Larry Declan Paul and daughters Mary Berni Patricia Catriona Angela and Jacqueline.Rev Father Felim Mc Govern officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Lurgan cemetery Virginia.

Icebreakeers announce that proceeds from their Christmas Swim on Christmas Morning this year go to Spina Bifida and Multiple Sclerosis Cavan Branches.

Cavan Bridge Inter A Team qualify for All Ireland Final Olivia Carroll Aileen Timmoney B Brannigan and A Kelly (Cavan/Monaghan).

Bridie Smyth is the new President of the Lady’s section at County Cavan Golf Club.Captain Frances Connolly Vice Captain Ann Conaty Secretary Evelyn O Connor Treasurer A O Connor and Handicap Secretary Joan O Hanlon.

December 4th 1986 Sean Kelly Cavan’s best known Solicitor and County Coroner is the 1986-1987 ReHab Person of the Year at Gala Ball in the Kilmore Hotel where Derek Davis RTE was compere .

Same Week Hacklers are back in style winning the Cavan One Act Drama Open Section in the Town Hall.Mark Lawlor is Best Producer and Ray O Conor Best Actor with Samuel Beckett’s ‘End Game’.Continue on their winning way adding titles in Bundoran Drumgoon and Tubbercurry.Among the Cast are Catriona O Brien Damien O Brien Ray O Connor and Pady Murray.Stage Crew are Roisin Young Rosemary Finnegan Jonathan Binchey.Make Up Roisin O Connor and Lighting John Conlon.

Cavan Rugby Club continue the successful defence of The Forster Cup beating City of Derry by 25 points to 3 in Derry.Very even and well contested game until the last ten minutes when Cavan ran in 3 tries..The pack’s display of hard aggressive rugby in mauls and rucks laid the foundation for victory with Frank Walls the outstanding player on the field.County Cavan 1st Team.Declan Connolly P Rogers Johnny McCormack Steve Richmond S Devine M Hanley Winston Morrison Christopher McCarren Gordon O Bric Johnny Browner Philip Brady D Brennan Frank Walls J Barry –Murphy and Cyril O Keefe. Meanwhile the 2nd XV had a fine win by 12 points to 4 against Instonians in the 1st Round of the Seconds Cup at Tierquin.Team Tom Kiernan Greg Bannon Sean McDermott Sean Bradley Peter Denning Packie Kiernan Matt Keenan Peter Pollock  Noel McGlade Tom Bannon Tom McKiernan Jim McGannon Gerry Lennon Joe Gormley and Frank Brady (Captain)

Cavan Ecumenical Movement 1986-1987 Chairman Billy Stafford Vice Chairman Phyllis Farris Joint Secretaries Rev Roy Cooper and Pat Nally Treasurer Theodore Hastings.Committeee Jim Hannon Father Michael Cooke CC and Reverent Nesbitt.

Death of Sister Dympna Brady Poor Clare Convent Ballyjamesduff and late of Butlersbridge at the age of 85.In charge of the laundry in Cavan Poor Clares where she spent all of her religious life until the Convent was closed down 10 years ago when she went to reside in Ballyjamesduff.Survived by her nephew Terry .Funeral from the Convent Chapel Cavan to the adjoining cemetery.

Death of Mary McNamara Church View and late of Military Row at the age of 88.Native of Stradone,she was a member of the highly respected Mulligan family and was predeceased by her husband Michael a highly skilled tailor 35 years ago.Survived by her sons Liam and daughter Cassie.Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Death of Frances Ruddy Bridge Street daughter of the late Phil and Catherine Ruddy Bridge Street.Assisted her brother Tommy in the busy Chemist Shop (99p Shop).She was a staunch Republican and fluent Irish speaker and her late father was one of the founder members of Cavan Branch Fianna Fail.Survived by her brother Tommy MPSI and sisters Kathleen Bernadette and Sheila.Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Death of Francis (Cha) Murray 24 Tullac Mongan at the age of 56.Worked with the outdoor staff of Cavan Urban Council and was a very popular and obliging member of the staff.Survived by his wife Joan sons Francie Hughie Jimmy John Paddy Bernard daughters Joan Mary Ann and Catherine.His sister Mary Ann Buckley 16 Tullac Mongan only died last week.Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

ONE Ex Servicemen and Women Jim Scanlon Chairman John Molloy Treasurer Pat Kinsella Secretary and Jimmy McEntee PRO pass a vote of congratulations to Cavan CYMS celebrating their Golden Jubilee and compliment the CYMS on the outstanding Golden Jubilee Booklet.

County Cavan Golf Club 1986-1987 President Willie O Hanlon Captain Norman Moore  Vice Captain Father Peter Smith Secretary Willie Harrington Assistant Secretary Norman Cinnamond Treasurer Vincent O Connor Assistant Treasurer Niall Walsh.


December 11th 1986 Andrew Boylan and John F Conlon TD are selected by Fine Gael to contest the next General Election in Cavan /Monaghan.Caomhin O Caolain Member of Monaghan County Council is the Sinn Fein Representative in the General Election.

Same Week Despite the last minute witdrawal of the Saint Felim’s Boxers the Cavan /Monaghan Championships in the Lakeland provide top class fare for the large attendance.Cavan Winers Martin McDonagh beat Paul McKiernan (Castleblayney,Jim Conway beat E McAviney (Ballybay) Seamus Mahon beat B Duffy (Ballybay) Thomas Mongan W/O Finbar McDowell (Saint Felim’s) John Mitchell Patrick Cosgrove Colm Fagan and Jim Donegan also won Cavan/Monaghan titles.Bout of the night was between Clones’ David Moore and Hughie Sheridan where big punches were exchanged by both boxers and the Clones man lucky to get the majority decision of the judges.

Phil Brady from Arva is presented with his award as Cavan Man of the Year at at gala function in The Grand Hotel Malahide.Among the 400 guests are Tom and Carmel Fitzpatrick and Mel and Rosaleen Doherty.

Death of Ken Simpson Saint Phelim’s Place at the age of 48.Popular member of the Community Ken was a founder member of Cavan Credit Union Cavan Swimming Pool Cavan Shamrocks and later Cavan Town FC.Greatly assisted the Smyth family in the organisation and wayleaving for cable television in Cavan from 1972 to 1975.Lifetime member of Cavan town Cumainn Fianna Fail.Clerical Officer in May Roberts, he was very popular with both management and staff.Keen fishermen he was a weekly visitor to Killykeen and Derryheen in the company of Mick Smyth Tolly O Donnell and his father in law Jimmy Coyle.Survived by his wife Moira daughters Maria Julie Deborah Ruth and Karen.Funeral from Cavan Parish Church to Kilmore cemetery.

Death of Kathleen (Kathy) Plunkett in London following a road traffic accident.Aunt of Sean Tommny Brendan and Father Patsy Young.

Death of Sean Galligan Cornamahon in England at the age of 50.Former employee of Cavan County Council before emigrating 27 years ago.Survived in Manchester by his wife Margaret and in Cavan by his daughter Maureen Smith Emmett Place.

Sports Quiz comtinues in The Loft Blessings.Favourites are the ‘Four Tops’ but ‘Tommy’s Bar’ or the Army could cause an upset.Teams Army Tommy McMahon Finbar Noonan and Paddy Farrell.Rugby Club Peter Pollock John Browner and Sean Coyle.Tommy’s Bar Aidan O Donnell Franko Sheridan and Philip Finegan.Pauwells Domick Brady Noel Finn and Ronan O Reilly.Four Tops Sean Smith Des Taylor Jimmy Smith and Tommy Smith.

December 18th 1986 In response to numerous complaints from the residents of John Paul Avenue re speeding through the Estate the Urban Council are considering erecting ramps to slow down the speedsters.The UDC unanimously pass a motion congratulating Cavan CYMS on the publication of their Golden Jubilee Book and thank all of the business people who supported the splendid book..Cavan Gardening Club propose to the UDC that flowers be planted in the Market Square Car Parks Dublin Road and at the John Sullivan Centre on the Cathedral Road.

Same Week Patsy Kane and Martin Jermyn beat the holders M Gumley and Victor Smith to win the Cavan Town Darts Title Perpetual trophy and £60.The runners up receive two replicas and £20.

Final of Tommy’s Bar Pool Competition.Out of an entry of 52, 7 are left to contest the closing stages this weekend.Benny Moore John Conaty  John Cullivan James Fay  Willie Allen James Moore and Patsy Murphy.After his recent defeat of tournament favourite Aidan Elliott John Conaty is fancied to take the 1st prize of a trophy and £50 and as a consolation there is a trophy and £25 for the Runner Up.

December 25th 1986 In his Christmas message Bishop McKienan says “Look listen and do what you can for the poor needy and sick among us .I pray that Jesus Christ may bring you joy at Christmas and many blessings during 1987”.

Same Week Death of Maria Walsh Wolfe Tone Street at Jervis Street Hospital following a short illness at the age of 48.Native of Newry County Down she was a quiet sincere charitable and deeply religious person.Survived by her husband Sean and daughter Jacinta.Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Turkey Drive in Protestant Hall attracts 19 tables (76 persons) Winners Top Score John Faulkner First Gent Sam Fagan and 1st Lady May Gilsenan.

Winners in the draw for the recent sponsored cycle in aid of the Boy Scouts Sean Kelly Kilnaleck Eddie Sexton Saint Phelim’s Place and Paul McKiernan Swellan Court.

January 1st 1987  Cavan Icebeakers 19th Christmas Swin at Lough Oughter attracts 16 boys and 16 girls on a pleasant morning where the water temperature was described as “perishingly icy” .Before Senator Andy O Brien sent the swimmers on their way a minutes silence was observed in memory of the late Maria Walsh wife of Sean the founder member of the Club and Jacinta Secretary.Among the distinguished attendance was Tom Fitzpatrick Ceann Comhairle Terry Argue UDC and Paddy O Reilly Chairman Cavan UDC who was having his 14th swim in a row.Medical Supervisor Dr Eamonn Hartmann, each person was offered hot soup on completion.The swim was in aid of Spina Bifida and M S.Andrew Boyalan thanked the swimmers on behalf of Spina Bifida while Eddie Brady thankd them on behalf of M S.Willie Mimnagh Chairman thanked Breffni Canoe Club for their display prior to the swim and Alex Moran once again acted as Boatman..

Same Week Death of Martha McDermott 2 Tullac Mongan at the age of 64.Native of Arva she was deservedly popular being a kind decent charitable lady.Deeply religious she was a member of the Clail family from Arva .She is survived by her husband Hugh sons Hubert Patrick John and daughters Patricia Marie Theresa and Catriona.Funeral from the Cathedral to Coronea.

Death  of Ray O Connor Oldtown at the age of 31 .Monumental Sculpute with the O Connor Family business .Outstanding talent he helped the Hacklers to National success ‘In Waiting for Godot’in 1979 and he had just been named Best Actor at Cavan Bundoran and Tubbercurry Festivals for his performance in the Hacklers One Act Drama of Samuel Beckett’s ‘End Game’ .Survived by his wife Roisin children Ciara  son Kilian parents John and Theresa brothers Terry Frank Kevin and sister Angela.Funeral from the Cathedral to Glasnevin Crematorium.

Christmas  in Our Lady’s Night Shelter for Homeless Men packed to capacity for the Festive Season.Committee provided a beautiful Christmas lunch to their guests Dessie Ronan playing festive airs in the background..Later Brid Cahill and her Dancing Troup from Loreto danced and performed sketches with the full support of Dermot and Phyllis McMonigle.In the evening Ann McKiernan and her daughter Theresa Noone entertained the guests with a sing song, many of the inhabitants took to the stage and gave their own performance in what was a most enjoyable function on Christmas Night.Members of the Cavan Folk Choir sang carols and presented the proceeds £110 to the Nigh Shelter.

Death of Louis Mallon of College Street and Slough at the age of 82.Outstanding footballer in his youth with Cavan Slashes winning 2 Senior Championship medals i n 1927 and 1931.Member of the Cavan team who beat Kildare to win their 1st Junior All Ireland in 1926.Talented musician he played both Saxaphonr and Clarinet and at one time was attched to the ‘Four Aces’ ‘Lyric Dance Band’ and ‘Breffni Six Ceili Band’ along with such notables as Jimmy Mallon (brother) Molly McGurk Matt Smith Jimmy McEntee Peter King  Michael Farrell and Patrick Brady.Worked in Jackson’s Garage before emigrating in 1955 where he worked in a Motor Component Factory in Slough.Survived by his wife Josie and son Paddy.

Tragic death of Sean Bogue  Kilnaglare Upper Butlersbridge and late of the ‘Dew Drop Inn’ following a road traffic accident near his home.Native of Newtownbutler County Fermanagh.He first came to Cavan in the 1940s purchasing a farm on the Ballinagh Road, later emigrated to America but returned 7 years ago purchasing the Dew Drop Inn and a farm at Kilnaglare Lower Butlersbridge.Staunch Republican his premises were the Election Headquarters in 1982 where a brilliant election campaign spearheaded by Sean and the Bogue Family ensured the election to Dail Eireann of H Block Hunger Striker Kieran Doherty.Survived by his wife Moya sons Kevin Sean Brendan daughters Patricia and Maureen.Father J Murphy CC officiated at the funeral from Saint Aidan’s Church to the adjoining cemetery.The coffin was draped in the tricolour.


Death of Freddy Finlay late of Bridge Street and Dublin.Worked in both Cavan and Dublin in the Bacon Business.He was brother of Nellie Harding Molly Dillon Oliver  Finlay (Cavan) and Patrick (Dublin).Funeral to Drumavaddy following Mass in Ballinteer Chuch.

January 8th 1987 Old Cavan Bus Depot is knocked to make way for a brand new Complex at a cost of £280,000.Work will finish in June 2008.

Same Week Bishop and Priests of the Parish turn down a request from Father Dominick Greally PP Knock to hold a Church Gate Collection to defray the £1 million outstanding debt on Knock Airport.

Death of Pat Kelly Highfield Road at the age of 58.Native of Mountain Lodge Pat began life as a farmer and cattle dealer .Later set up his own band the ‘Pat Kelly Showband’ and was popular throughout the land drawing huge crowds to his Dixie Land show here Pat himself played Clarinet and Saxaphone.After his move to Cavan and marriage to Margaret (Kitson) ,Pat joined Brady’s Garage as Salesman.Voted National Volkwagen Salesman of the Year three years in succession.Pat later plied his trade with Motorman’s of Shercock with equal success.He is survived by his wife Margaret sons  Patrick Michael Paul Stephen and Declan daughters Nuala Fiona and Fidelma.Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Death of Martha Marron at the age of 86 in Dublin and late of Cootehill Road Cavan.Relict of Mick who worked as a Solicitor’s Clerk wth the late Fred Kenneddy and operated ‘The Ritz Ba’ in Church Street later selling to his good friend Frank Conlon.The family moved to Dublin over 20 years ago and later sold their residence on the Cootehill Road to Brendan Young.Survived by her sons Father Pat and Eamonn.Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Gramaphone Society next recital by Hugh Lemon in the Imperial Hotel.

E O Gorman is named Bridge Player of the Year at Cavan Bridge Club.

Death of Mae McCoy Connolly Street at the age of 75.Native of Leitrim her husband Con was a Master Plasterer who worked on the Cathedral and with local contractors.She was the last member of an old and respected Leitrim family the Gallaghers.Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Denis O Keefe from Harmony Heights catches the first salmon of the year weighing 11 ½  lbs using a Kingfisher minnow on the Bun Drowse. Later sells the salmon for £400 to the National Hotel in Donegal town and donates half to the Fisheries Protection Bun Drowse and Lough Melvin.Later in the day Adrian McGuigan from Carrickane catches the 2nd salmon of the year weighing 10 lbs on the same river.

 Death of Jimmy McEntee Printer Soldier and Man of Good Cheer. late of  ‘Dervor’ Drumnavanagh and ‘Breffni Bar’ 56 Upper Main Street on his 77th Birthday.Son of the late Andrew and Anna McEntee,Jimmy joined his father in the Anglo Celt on his 17th birthday and under the tutelage of James Donohoe and his near neighbour Billy Morris became one of the outstanding linotype operators of his generation giving the Anglo Celt 58 years of unbroken loyal service.Joined the LDF on the outbreak of World War 2 and rose to the rank of Captain being outstandingly popular with both the officers and men.Talented hurler in his youth he won many County Championships with Cavan Slashers and played Senior Hurling with Cavan for a number of years.Founder member of Cavan Ex Servicemen and Women’s Organisation (ONE) Jimmy acted as PRO.Great story teller Jimmy contributed a story to the Anglo Celt’s Christmas number every year for over 50 years.While he was an exceptional writer he was a master stoty teller and one would listen to him and his stories of exploits at annual FCA camps in Finner and Gormanstown and big fish caught and missed all day.The coffin was draped in the tricolour and the Ex Servicemen accompanied the cortege from Lisdarn to the Cathedral where they were met by a Guard of Honour drawn from colleagues from the Anglo Celt.Father Gerry Kearns celebrated the Funeral Mass while Father John Murphy recited the final prayers at the graveside in Killygarry.Jimmy McEntee is survived by his wife Josephine son Andrew daughters Mary Eilish Concepta and Catherine.

Catriona McKiernan (Cavan AC) wins the Cavan Lady’s Cross Country at Faybank Tullyvin.2nd Ann Carroll (Kingscourt) 3rd Niamh O Reilly (Cavan AC) 4th Mary Carroll (Kingscourt AC) and 5th Lyla Cafferty (Cavan AC).The team award was won by Kingscourt.Paddy Moynagh from Kill AC wins the Cavan Mens Cross Country and Kill are the team winners at the same venue.

January 15th 1987  Mattie McDonagh (Pictured front page) Inspector of Schools for County Cavan is promoted by the Department of Education  to Divisional Inspector where he will have responsibility for schools in Cavan Monaghan Leitrim and North Leinster.

Same Week Death of Patrick Joseph Rafferty late of Church Street and Annaglough at the age of 75.Native of Beaufort County Kerry, the family later moved to Mountbellew and then Dublin where Patrick received his education.He trained in the gardens of Viscount De Vesci at Abbeyleix and at Dunboyne Castle County Meath.Much in demand as an Advisor on Horticulture and Bee Keeping.He conducted lectures and gave demonstrations for Students at Ballyhaise College and Cavan Vocational School.He was responsible for the award winning design and planting of the shrubbery at Lisdarn Hospital.Much sought after Judge at all the major Agricultural Shows ,he also adjudicated the annual garden competition sponsored by Cavan UDC.Kind gentle humble man of great intellect, he was considered an expert by his peers and contemporis.Predeceased by his wife 30 years ago and survived by his sons Pat John Paul and daughters Monica and Catherine.Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry

Death of John Murray 38 Saint Martin’s at the age of 56.Highly skilled plasterer for a long number of years with P Elliott and Company.Outstanding footballer with Cavan Harps, he was a great supporter of Cavan Gaels.3rd death in the Murray family in the last two months his brother Francis (Cha) and sister Rose Ann died in December 1986. Survived by his wife Rose Ann (Dumpsey) daughters Rosaleen Susan and son John.Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Death of Eddie Quinn Rosculligan at the age of 60.Master Butcher and Farmer, Eddie ws an outstanding footballer with Cavan Harps and later Cavan Gaels with whom he won two League medals to add to the Senior League memento won with the Harps in 1949.Starred in the famous 1958 Championship Final against Crosserlough and played in the game to mark the Silver Jubilee in Kilnaleck in 1983 at the age of 56.Keen fisherman and gunman-member of Killygarry Gun Club.He began his working life in Hickey’s of Bridge Street later joining Black’s also in Bridge Street (Donohoe’s).Later set up his own very successful business in Main Street before finally retiring to concentrate on farming.Foundrer member of the Breffni Boys Band Eddie was a prolific fundraiser on their behalf.Survived by his wife Kitty sons Philip Bernard Edward and Sean daughters Helen and Carmel.Cavan Gaels formed a Guard of Honour following the funeral Mass in the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Sean Shield’s Open Snooker Competition with £500 in Prizes commences in the CYMS Clubrooms on Sunday 1st February 1987.

Death of Tommy Michael Gilroy(TM) Cathedral Road at the age of 74.Native of Clonloskan Cornafean.Joined Cavan County Council Rates Department in 1935 later becoming a Rates Inspector.Appointed Staff Officer with responsibility for Health Assistance and Sanitation in 1950 and later in 1955 was appointed Staff Officer with responsibility for the 3 main hospitals in the town.Mainly responsible for the fundraising to completely renovate Breffni Park in 1952.His weekly Breffni Park Draw was one of the social highlights in Cavan at that time.Vice Chairman of Cavan County Board from 1965 to 1969.First associated with the Stradone Club, he later represented Cavan Slashers.One of the founding members and motivators for the establishment of a strong Cavan Gaels Culb in 1957.Nobody did more than Tommy to promote the Club and raise the finance to develop this organisation.After his death the Gaels erected a plaque in his honour and named their Clubhouse after him.He was Chairman of the Park and Finance Committee for 30 years and the Terry Coyle Park and indeed Breffni Park are testament to his detailed organising ability and supreme fundraising on their behalf.He lived to see Cavan win all of their 5 All Irelands being a member of the County Board from 1945 and his faith in the establshement of a town team justified with the Gaels winning 4 Senior County Championships and laying the foundations at Juvenille level for many more successes to come.Deservedly named Cavan Clubman of the Year in GAA Centenary Year(1984)..Survived by his wife Ellen Sons Des Pearse and daughters Mary Eileen Ann and Jacqueline.Coffin draped in the Cavan jersey and a Guard of Honour at both the removal and funeral formed by Cavan Gaels.Father Felim Kelly Adm officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Cavan Gymastic and Acrobatic Club 1987 Chairman Mary Haren Secretary Renee Maguire and Treasurer is Audrey King.Director of Coaching at the Club is Jim O Leary.Some of the outstanding girl gymnasts are Jenifer Lewis Una O Connor Anne Hayes Emma Talbot Shalom Binchey Lynn Hartmann Mary Leech Kathleen Corr and Lorraine McMahon.Brian O Leary is the Boys Under 10 Champion while Noel Haren is the outstanding performer at Under 12.

January 22nd 1987 Labour pulls out of the Coalition and the Taoiseach Garrett Fitzgerald asks the President to disolve the 24th Dail.Polling day for election to 25th Dail is on the 17th of February 1987 .

Same Week Thomas A Fitzpatrick Solicitor is appointed District Justice.Tom is son of Peter and Rose (Nee Taggart) Cootehill.Later a presentation of a pen set is made to the new District Justice by his friends in the ‘Abbey Club’ Pictured at the presentation are Jacqueline Maloney Tom Fitzpatrick Peggy Brady (Chairman) Willie McCormack (Treasurer) Mervyn Johnston (Assistant Secretary) Douglas Mahood (Vice Chair) Harry Hunt (President) Martin and Agnes Gaffney (Proprietors Abbey Bar) David Matthews (Secretary) Dessie Crossan (PRO) and George Maloney (Life Member)

Staff of the Anglo Celt make a generous donation of £600 to the Night Shelter Saint Vincent De Paul. Pictured are Vincent Walsh Michael Cryan Tom Tierney (Treasurer Saint Vincent De Paul) Ray Grifith Willie O Hanlon and Gerard Sheehan (Saint Vincent De Paul) .On arrival each guest has an evening meal before retiring and full Irish Breakfast in the morning before departing the Night Shelter.

Death of Bernard Kane Wolfe Tone Street and formerly of Derryglen Carrickaboy at the age of 70.Gardener by Profession, he spent most of his adult life in Dublin .Retird to Cavan town 18 years ago..Survived by his brothers and sisters.Funeral from Saint Dympna’s Church Upper Lavey to the adjoining cemetery.

Sister Mary Barkmann seriously injured on her way from the early Convent Mass to Holy Rosary House as she crossed the road at the Cathedral.Her condition was described as ‘seriously injured’ at the Richmond Hospital Dublin

Death of Bridget Reilly Coratubber.Member of a very well known farming family in the area.Survived by her sister Kathleen Brady Corratubbber and funeral fom Saint Mary’s Castletara to the adjoining cemetery.

Death of Bridget Duffy formerly of Ashe Street in Dublin at the age of 88.Wife of the late Patrick Artist and Musicial Tutor.For a period they ran a musical instrument’s shop from their premises.Survived by her son Brendan daughters Susan Mary and Theresa.Funeral from Our Lady’s Hospice Harold’s Cross to Killygarry

January 29th 1987 At a meeting of the County Council it is announced that local Cavan firm P Elliott and Company’s tender of £2 million has been accepted for the renovation and reconstruction of Cavan Courthouse.Work is expected to commence in the Spring.

Same Week Cavan Tourist Association 1987 Chairman Eddie Brady Vice Chairman John McGinnity Secretary Brid Myles Assistant Secretary Gladys Donohoe and Treasurer is Iris Neill.

Despite being refused permission to collect at Church Gates by the Bishop and the local clergy the Cavanl committee for Knock Airport have succeeded in raising £3,000 in the Diocese of Kilmore. Pales into insignificance when compared with the £250,000 raised in the 5 Connacht counties.A debt of £1 million remains to be cleared on the construction of Knock Airport.

Cavan County Board hold their annual County Convention in Saint Joseph’s Hall Ballyjamesduff to comemorate the centenary of the 1st Convention held in McGoldrick’s Hotel Ballyjamesduff.Each delegate is presented with a plaque as a memento of the occasion Honary President TP O Reilly Honary Vice Presidents Patsy Lynch Jimmy Dalton Tom Reilly P Brady and Tom Cully.Chairman Peter Brady Vice Chairman Tom Maguire Secretary Andy Feeney Assistant Secretary Tony Looney Treasurer Tom Boylan Development Officer BrendanKeaney Central Council Delegate Jim McDonnell Ulster Council Delegates Michéal Greenan and Reverend Dan Gallogolly Youth Officwr Thomas McDermott Irish Officer Aoghain O Farrell and PRO PJ Carroll.Central Council Rep Jim McDonnell is nominated for the position of President of the GAA.

Cavan Gaels AGM 1987 Honary Presidents Maurice Brady  and Paddy Conaty Honary Vice President John (Foley) O Rourke Chairman Tony Looney Vice Chairman Frank Farrell Secretary Maurice Hoare Assistant Secretary Jimmy Fay Treasurer Pat Conaty (Junior) PRO JJ Reilly and Irish Officer Paddy Reilly.

February 5th 1987 In his whirlwind tour of the nation by helicopter Charlie Haughey draws a huge crowd of Fianna Fail supporters to Bridge Street Cavan.On arrival at the helipad at Lisdarn Hospital, he is greeted by John Wilson Rory O Hanlon and Jimmy Leonard all contesting the Cavan /Monaghan Election for Fianna Fail.

Same Week Norwich Irish Building Society present a President’s Chain to Cavan Lions Club.pictured is Hugh Lennon LYM Agents for the Building Society presenting the chain to Ray Bannigan (President Cavan Lions Club).

Two minutes silence is observed at the Annual General Meeting O.N.E in Military Barracks in memmory of their late PRO Jimmy McEntee who died at Christmas.Officers Elected Chairman Jim Scanlon Secretary Pat Kinsella and Treasurer John Molloy who reported that the orgnisation was in a very sound financial condition.

Presentation to Rev Canon George Millar on serving in the ministry 40 years ,30 of them spent in Cavan by the Cavan Group of Parishes.

Lakeland Canoe Club Christmas Race at Rann Point 1st Bernie Fitzpatrick 20 Drumnavanagh 2nd Seamus Lynch Telecom Eireann Moynehall.

Cavan/Monaghan Senior Pairs Bridge 1st Vincent and Vera Kelly (Bailieborough) 2nd Rev Thomas Woods and Kay Henry (Cavan) and 3rd P Reilly and W Burns (Virginia)

February 12th 1987 Cavan International Song Contest has a 1st Prize of £1,000 sponsored by the Kilmore Hotel 2nd Prize is £300 sponsored by the Community of the EEC and 3rd Prize is £200 also sponsored by the Community of the EEC.1st ‘ I Suppose Making Love Is Out Of The Question’Sung by Graham McClean and Mandy Bell and composed by Graham McClean 2nd ‘Ashes and Pearls’ written composed and sung by Ulrich Remy from West Germany 3rd ‘Marian’ sung by Glen Curtin and composed by Tommy Healy (Ireland).The Jury was chaired by Phil Cullivan and comprised Michael Clerkin Larry Gogan Nigel Pratt and Barbara McKeon.

Same Week Cavan CYMS 1987 Honary Presidents Ned Sharkey and Jimmy McCormack Chairman Mickey Breslin Vice Chairman Richard Cassidy Secretary Paul Carey Assistant Secretary Aidan Crossan Treasurers Paddy O Reilly UDC and Jim Fay Committee Michael Jermyn Tommy McKienan Adrian Dunne Bernard Sharkey JP Malone and Hughie Maguire.

Dolores McDonald (Treasurer) and Joe Hickey (Chairman) Saint Felim’s Parents Association are pictured presenting a cheque for £900 proceeds of Christmas Raffle. towards the cost of a photocopier to Pat Ryan Prinipal Saint Felim’s Boy’s School

February 19th 1987 Fianna Fail with 47.6% sweep back to power as Fine Gael drop 10 points to 26.8% and Labour are reduced to 12 deputies..Dr.Rory O Hanlon tops the poll in Cavan/Monaghan and Andrew Boylan is the new Fine Gael member for Cavan/Monaghan but his colleague John F Conlon loses his seat following the count at Cootehill Comprehensive School.

1st Count Rory O Hanlon (FF) 11,265 Johnny Wilson (FF) 11,163 Andrew Boylan (FG) 10,132 Jimmy Leonard (FF) 9,319 John F Conlon (FG) 8,795 Caomhin O Caolain (SF) 4,219 P McKiernan (TR) 1,866 O Rogers (WP) 577 and P Duffy (Independent) 474.O Hanlon Wilson Leonard all Fianna Fail and Andrew Boylan Fine Gael elected in that order.Tom Fitzpatrick as Ceann Comhairle fills the 5th and final seat.

Same Week First swim of the season by Sean Walsh the 16 stone Cavan long distance swimmer in Swellan Lake.His only company on a cold wintry day were 2 swans and his daughter Jacinta to assist with towelling and hot drinks following the swim.Meanwhile Cavan Icebreakeers present cheques totalling £3,334 to Spina Bifida and M S at a function in the Farnham Hotel .Peterea Ruddy accepts on behalf of Cavan Spina Bifida and Monica Lyons accepts on behlaf of Cavan MS Society.

Pictured is Terry Argue Area President of the Saint Vincent De Paul and Anselem Lovett Saint Vincent De Paul receiving a consignment of 3,000 lbs of butter and 1,500 lbs of cheese from the EEC for distribution to the poor and needy of Cavan.

Magnificient performance by 15 year old Stuart Clarke riding his mother’s pony ‘Indian Rupee’ to two clear rounds at the International Show Jumping in the Exhibition Centre in Hamburg. Ireland finished 5th out of an entry of 13 while Stuart was 4th overall in the Individual Class.

Ulster Sports Acrobatics Finals in Cavan Sports Complex  Minor Pairs V O Connor and  S O Reilly (Cavan)  Junior Girls Irene Maguire and Jeniffer Lewis

Girls Threes Shalom Binchey Fiona Faulkner and Rachael Carolan.Novice Girls Emma Talbot and Mary Leech 2nd Jill Hartmann  and Mary Sharkey.Boys Novice Pairs Brian O Leary and Noel Haren.Judges Niall Tague and Jim O Leary.

February 26th 1987 Jim McDonnell and Peter Quinn are among the 7 nominated to contest the election for the new President of the GAA in succession to Mick Loftus (Mayo) at the annual Congress in Wexford at Easter.

Same Week After numerous recounts the final state of the parties following the General Election are Fianna Fail 81 (+10) Fine Gael 51 (-17) Labour 12 (-2) PD 14 (+5) and Others 8 (No Change).

Death of Rose Donohoe Dublin Road at the residence of her daughter Bridie Smith Farnham Street.Predeceased by her husband Phil who was fatallyinjured at the construction of the new garage at Dublin Road in 1955.Decent friendly and extremely kind and charitable, she was a wonderful conversationalist and could always look at the brighter side of life.Survived by her sons Tommy Phil and daughters Mary Susan and Bridie.Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

John and Maureen Hayes and their children John and Antonia from Alackan outstanding performance on Mike Muphy’s Micro Quiz on RTE.Just missed out on the top prize of a car by one question after leading all through.

Pat Cosgrave retains the Ulster Light Flyweight title without a contest.This is his 2nd Ulster title while he has 3 Cavan/Monaghan 3 Mid Ulster titles and boxed in the Finals of the Irish Senior Championships.

March 5th 1987 Brilliant photograph of Cardinal Tom O Fiach at the opening of the Harp Festival in Granard entitled ‘Condor Moment’ by Tom Hussey Anglo Celt is placed 3rd at the Professional Photograper’s Exhibition in Jury’s Hotel Dublin.

Same Week Death of Maura Farrell Coleman Road at the age of 65 .Daughter of the late Seamus and Mrs Gilheaney ,her father was Chairman of Cavan County Board from 1927 to 1935 and later President of the Ulster Council GAA.Teacher by profession she taught English at both Saint Clare’s and Loreto and always took a great interest in the welfare of her pupils.Avid interest in Drama and prolific reader, she also liked current affairs on television and had a wonderful intellect and great conversationalist.She was an outstanding communicator.She is survived by her husband Joe sons Donal Joe Finian and daughter Maura.Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Death of Lily Sheridan Saint Brigid’s at the age of 81.Predeceased by her husband William (Billy) 25 years ago, she was a member of one of Cavan’s oldest and most respected families the Carrolls originally from Creighan..She was a quiet decent religious family person and a prolific reader .Survived by her sons Jimmy Jackie Liam Frank daughter Rosaleen and her sister Maisie.Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Death of James (Sonny ) Brian in Hackney Hospice at the age of 76.He is survived by his wife formerly Nanny Connolly of Mitchell Street.

Angela Smith will give the next recital at Cavan Gramaphone Society in Killeshndra House.

March 12th 1987 Sensation in Dail Eireann as Charles Haughey is elected Taoiseach on the casting vote of the new Ceann Comhairle Sean Treacy (Labour).With Tony Gregory abstaining the vote was tied at 82 -82.Later John Wilson is appointed Minister for Communications and Dr.Rory O Hanlon Minister for Health.Garrett Fitzgerald announces his retirement as leader of Fine Gael to a stunned Fine Gael Parliamentary Party.

Same Week Ann Howard (Nee McCaffrey) and her daughter Catherine (21) are fatally injured in Zeebrugge Belgium Ferry Disaster.Husband Leslie escapes injury but later suffers a heart attack from shock.The Howards were on a cheap day excursion organised by the Sun newspaper when the ‘Herald of Free Enterprise’ capsized in icy waters.They were shopping in the ship’s duty free shop when the accident occurred and perished in the freezing waters along with 192 others off the Belgian Coast.Ann was daughter of John and Brigid McCaffrey 1 Tullac Mongan Cavan and is survived by her husband Leslie daughter Mandy (18) and son Leslie (24).Cvan Urban Council at their monthly meeting passed a vote of sympathy with the Howard and McCaffrey families.

Ben Gaffney from Moynehall Cavan is the popular winner of the Holiday for Two in Majorca at the Lions Club annual bazaar in the Town Hall.

Death of John Brady Drumcrave at the age of 66.Prominent member of the old Drumcrave Fife and Drum Band,he could play many other instruments including the harmonica and tin whistle.Member of the LDF during the Emergency.Survived by his sisters Mary (Sexton ) Drumcrave and Rose (Greenan) Ballkyhaise.Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Death of Sister Mary Ignatius of the Convent of Mercy Belturbet and late of Cullies at the age of 75.She was a member of the Brady family and was Assistant Matron in Our Lady’s Hospital Manorhamilton.She is survived  by her brother Jim in Donegal.Funeral from the Convent of Mercy Belturbet to the Convent cemetery.

Sympathy is extended to Dessie and Mary Brady Drumnavanagh on the death of their 2 ½ year old son Stephen John in New York.Survived by his parents and brother Daragh.Rev Monsignor PJ McManus PP VG uncle of Mrs Brady assisted by Father Felim Kelly Adm officiated at the funeral from Saint Brigid’s Church Killygarry to the adjoining cemetery.

Death of  Maurice Frederick Jackson at the Europa Hotel Belfast on his way back from a business trip in England at the age 72.Born in the Pleasure House Killykeen, he first set up a haulage business with his brother Alan.,ferrying flour sugar and potatoes from Dublin.Later commenced Agricultural Contracting until 1946 when they purchased George Robinson’s Garage in Farnham Street and set up a Ford Dealership.Maurice was elected to Cavan Urban Council in 1960 being Chairman in 1973.Urban Council Delegate to the Municipal Authorities for a period of 5 years.Served on the Board of Lakeland Tourism ,he was later appointed a Director of Bord Failte.In 1955 he purchased McGirr’s Buses which consisted of 4 buses which he built into one of ther biggest private fleets in the country being agent for TWA.Among the distinguished travellers was former Heavyweight Boxing Champion of the Worl Joe Frazier.In 1975 Jackson’s Coaches carried 213,000 people mostly from overseas .They also operated a daily service to Longford and ran a fleet of School Buses.Personal friend of Michéal O Hehir (RTE Broadcaster) to whom he sold his first Ford Consul in 1951 and subsequently Michéal bought all his cars from his good friend and racing colleague Maurice.Keen fisherman and game shooter in his youth.Presented the magnificient trophy cabinet to County Cavan Golf Club in honour of his good friend and fellow director Norman Cinnamond.Celebrated the 40th Aniversary of his establishment as a Ford franchise recently.Dedicated member of the Church of Ireland Community ,he was a member of the Select Vestry and was involved in all of the recent projects for the improvement and reconstruction of the Church.Chairman of the Committee who organised the celebrations marking the 150th anniversary of the Church in 1968 when Lord Farnham read the lesson and the cermoney was broadcast live on RTE.Survived by his wife Maisie sons Dr.Mervyn David and Norma.Funeral Service conducted by Murice’s good friend Canon George Millar in attendance were the two Bishops of Kilmore Francis McKiernan and GilbertWilson and his close friend and neighbour Tom Fitzpatrick TD.Cavan Urban Council adjourned as a mark of respect to Maurice Jackson who served the Council as an Independent member for 19 years.

Death of Paddy Maguire late of Saint Mary’s Terrace and Loughduff.Porter in the old Munster and Leinster Bank ,he later joined Allied Irish Banks and retired a few years ago.Survived byhis brothers and sisters .Funeral in Loughduff.

Death of Tom O Rourke well known catle dealer and farmer Rathcorrick at the age of 63.Rev Father Benny Fitzpatrick friend and neighbour officiated at the funeral from Saint Brigid’s Church Killygarry to the adjoining cemetery.

March 19th 1987 Death of Very Rev Canon Patrick J Gargan PP VF Manorhamilton former Curate and Adm in Cavan on Saint Patrick’s Day at the age of 72.Native of Virginia, he was educated at Virginia N S Saint Patrick’s College Cavan and Saint Patrick’s College Maynooth where he was ordained on June 22nd 1941.Returned to Saint Patrick’s Cavan as Dean, he served there until 1953 when he was appointed Curate in Cavan and Administrator in 1968.Succeeded Father Patrick McNiffe as trainer of the Saint Pat’s Senior Football  team in 1942 and won the McRory Cup  in his first year in charge beating Saint Patrick’s Armagh in Armagh.In 1948 the College won the McRory Cup again but were beaten in the All Ireland Final by Saint Mel’s Longford.Further successes were achieved in Ulster in 1951 and 1955 assisting Father Patrick Mallon.Played for a period with Cavan Slashers and was one of the main motivators for the formation of a strong Cavan Gaels team in 1957,being appointed Treasurer at the inaugural meeting in the Town Hall. His main hobby in recent years was fly fishing at which he was an acknowledged expert representing Ireland on 7 occasions and appointed Captain of his country twice.Member of Lough Sheelin Trout Protection Association for the last twenty years.On his promotion to Manorhamilton as Parish Priest and Canon he proceeded to develop the fly fishing on Lough Melvin and Rosinver Lakes.Regular with dog and gun, he was regarded as havng a very good shot.In Cavan he carried out extensive renovations to Saint Brigid’s Killygarry and Saint Aidan’ Butlersbridge.He started the Cemetery visitations and worked tirelessly for the development and accessibility of the three local cemeteries in the Parish.Outstanding Chaplain of CYMS ,he secured accommodation for them in the Hut with the Ex Servicemen when most others presumed the Club was facing extinction.Keen card player, he was a regular at the weekly CYMS Whist Drives and later at the big poker schools in the Cardrom of the old Temperance Hall which lasted into the early hours each Sunday..Survived by his brother Phil (Ritz Bar) and sister Margaret.Funeral from Saint Clare’s Church Manorhamilton to the adjoining cemetery

Same Week Joint Winners of Cavan Open Bridge for the Doctor Cullen Cup Father Thomas Woods and Kay Henry tie with Gerry Mackie and F Monaghan (Monaghan).Elizabeth Galligan Captain Cavan Bridge Club is pictured presenting the trophy which each pair will hold for 6 months.

 March 26th 1987 Illsustrious and founder member Maurice Brady is inducted into the Cavan Gaels’ ‘Hall of Fame’ at a function in the Lakeland Hotel.Pictured are Paddy Conaty (President Cavan Gaels) Maurice Brady Peter Brady (County Chairman GAA) and Tony Looney (Chairman Cavan Gaels).

Same Week Alan Dukes beats off the challenge of John Bruton to be elected the new Leader of Fine Gael in succession to Dr Garett Fitzgerald.

Mick Young sells his licensed house and business to Linus McDonell 6 Main Street for a sum in the region of £90,000.Founded in 1908 as ‘The Dublin Bar’ by Mick’s father the renowed TommyYoung ,it is an old and respected business house in the town.

Kieran Smith son of Kieran and Mrs Smith John Paul Avenue is the victim of a hit and run accident adjacent to the Social Welfare Office.Removed to Cavan Surgical Hospital where his condition is described as ‘out of danger and recovering’

Cavan UDC after months of discussion decide on the immediate installation of 3 Ramps in John Paul Avenue and 1 Ramp in Saint Martins to slow down the speeding traffic through th estates.

Cavan Lions Club supply free of charge a unique alarm system for the local elderly which is worn around the neck like a necklace .When the alarm is activated it lets out a very piercing shrill sound.Pictured are Mary Flynn Theresa Galligan Lily Donohoe Brendan Young (Cavan Lions Club) Ellen Coyle Frank Clancy (Connaught Electronics) Mary Keoghan Anastasia Carroll Ray Bannigan (President Lions Club) and Mary Gray.

Death of Tommy Clarke Swellan at the age of 81.One of a family of six two boys and four girls.They were extensive farmers and ran a shop at Swellan.They also had a milk round delivering milk both day and night before the introduction of refrigerators.Worked in the Anglo Celt for a number of year as a messenger boy later lionotype operator and stonman.Left the Celt to go into farming and business full time.Family comprised of Rose Jack Nanny Nellie Lizzie and Tommy .Bred pups and sold them as trained dogs later.Interest in antiques he attendd most of the local auctions.Last of the family none of them were married and they spent their lives frugally and working hard -decent honest people.Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

National Lottery tickets go on sale in 7 outlets in Cavan.Weekly sales in Cavan Post Ofice were £5,500 Tom Boylan and Pat McGovern £3,000 each Carl O Connell and Paddy Donohoe Farnham Road £2,000 each Sean Young £3,5000 and Quinnsworth had sales in excess of £1,750.Over 1 million tickets are sold nationwide at £1 per ticket as fears are expressed that the Lottery will spark a gambling epidemic!

The Musical ‘Tom Sawer’ performed  by Saint Patrick’s College Musical Society from a novel by Mark Twain draws capacity attendances to Saint Patrick’s College.Tom Sawer John Galligan Hucleberry Finn Peter Cassidy Aunt Polly Kelly Ann Kinsella Sid Tommy Sharkey Ben Rodgers Aidan McEvoy Joe Harpower Joe Brennan Jeff Tatcher Adrian Mulvey Dave Richards Damien Prior Johnny Millar Enda O Reilly Dr. Robinson Dan Reilly Injun Joe Dara Murtagh Muff Potter Michael O Dwyer The Minister Kathleen O Grady Mrs Rodgers Deidre Keogh Mrs Harper Karen Lambert Judge Thatcher Geofrey O Keefe Court Clerk Gerard O Dwyer Mrs Rodgers James Martin Jane Savage Clair Galligan Defending Attorney Paul Staunton and Prosecuting Attorney James Gilchrist.Producer Bill Henry Musical Director Father Gerry Kearns Choreography Frances Galligan Sets Leon Lynch and Patsy Lee Make Up Patsy Lee and Gene Cullivan Lights Brian Sullivan Stage Manager John Conlon Publicity Agent Father Tom McManus  Sound Rev John McTiernan and Costumes Sister Rosari.

April 2nd 1987 Ray McSharry in his first budget as Minister for Finance introduces tough draconian measures to deal with the economic crisis.There will be a £10 per day charge for all beds in Public Hospitals and there is a new charge of £10 for all out patients attending Accident and Emergency Services.

Same Week Death of Patrick Sheils Donaghmore Navan and Drumelis Cavan.Outstanding golfer, he began his career at County Cavan Golf Club where he first acted as a Caddy before progressing to play off a single figure handicap. Survived by his wife Mary and young family Patrick Terry Sarah and Eimear.Funeral from Saint Oliver Plukett Church Navan to Cullies cemetery.

Death of Kathleen (Kay) O Mahony relict of Dennis former Manager of Poles Co Op who died 12 years ago.Native of Skibereen, the family transferred from Petigo County Donegal to Poles in 1958.Outstanding member of the ICA.Her striking figure and friendly nature endeared her to all and she was a much sought after social companion.Member of Saint Joseph’s Young Priest Society she also contributed to the weekly Meals on Wheels and could always be counted to deliver the most welcome meals to the poor and needy of the area.She is survived by her  son Brian daughters Marie Carmel Winifred and Felicity.Rev Anthony Fagan celebrated the Funeral Mass in Saint Brigid’s Killygarry followed by burial in Kilfaughnabeg Cemetery Glandore County Cork

Death of Sean Walsh Drumalee and Dunshaughlin at the age of 55.Butcher by trade ,he served his time in Black’s Bridge Street before moving to Dublin and purchasing his own very successful business in Dunshaughlin 18 years ago.Winner of a Cavan Minor Championship medal with Cavan Slashers he gave sterling service to the new Drumalee Club (Formed in 1949) both as a young player and officer.Unique distinction at his death he was Honary President of Drumalee GFC  and Dunshaughlin GFC.Extremely popular both in Cavan and Dunshaughlin.Survived by his wife Phyllis and  sons Peter and Philip and daughter Phyllis.Funeral from Saint Patrick’s Dunshaughlin to the adjoining cemetery at which Drumalee and Dunshaughlin GFC provided the Guard of Honour.

Rachael Carolan and Mary Leech are the National Girls Pair Champions at Sports Acrobatics Finals in the Sports Complex.Emma Talbot Fiona Faulkner and Shalom Binchey are the National Minor Threes Champions.

Adran Dunne(Capt) and the Hustlers are the 1st winner of the Sean Shields Open Snooker Competition Peretual Trophy and £200 beating Bailieborough Sharps in the Final at Cavan CYMS.Team Adrian Dunne (Capt) Hughie Doonan Eugene Fitzpatrick.A total of 29 teams took part in the Competition.

Cavan Gaels win the 1986 Minor League Final defeating Lurgan 2-1 to 0-6 in heavy underfoot conditions in Kill.Stephen Johnston and bustling centre forward Michael Neary score goals in each half while Francis Mooney sees his speculative lob bounce in the square and over the bar for victory for Cavan Gaels managed by Phil Cullen John Byrne and Oliver Creegan.Don Crotty Cian Murtagh Michael Neary and Francis Mooney the outstanding Gaels players.Panel Stephen Johnston Leo Costello Francis Mooney Don Crotty Cian Murtagh (Captain) Noel Galligan Michael Neary Michael Cullivan Niall Carolan Michael Fallon Brian Galligan Desie Cullen Martin Weir Cian Byrne Fergal Maguire Stephen Connolly Andrew Griffith.

Michael Graham records a time of 30 minutes and 40 seconds for the 6 mile Drumelis course and wins the County Road Championship for the 3rd successive year at Road Races in Cavan town.2nd Paddy Moynagh (Kill) and 3rd Brian Reilly (Kill).Niamh O Reilly (Cavan) continues here recent outstanding form winning the Senior Ladies from Cathriona McKiernan (Cavan) 3rd Roisin Lynch (Bailieboro) and 4th Fidelma Carolan (Cavan).Cavan winning the team prize while Michael Carolan Niall Carolan Stephen Rudden and Enda Meegan win silver medals in the Boys Under 16 coming in a strong 2nd to Bailieborough.

April 9th 1987 Cavan Mineral Waters famed ‘Lemonade’ and ‘Ice Cream Soda’ receives International recognition as they both take silver medals at the International Exhibition of Soft Drink Producers in London.

Same Week Death of Archbishop of Dublin Kevin McNamara.He was a classmate in Maynooth of Rev D O Dowd PP Cootehill Father Pat Brady PP Denn Father Torlac O Reilly PP Drung and John Wilson Minister for Communications.The Class of 1949 recently visited the Cathedral in Cavan for their annual reunion and Dr.McNamara was chief celebrant at Mass in the Cathedral attended by a capacity crowd and enhanced by the beautiful singing voice of Father Torlac O Reilly PP Drung and native of the town.

Brian McKeown Coach Cavan Boxing Club passes the final exam of the Irish Amateur Boxing Association and is now a qualified Judge and Referee.

Death of Kathleen Smith 8 Tullac Mongan at the age of 68 .Native of Portadown County Armagh ,she was a member of the Faloon family.Predeceased by her husband Thomas a star footballer with Cavan and Cavan Slashers and her son Sean who starred with Cavan Harps and later Cavan Gaels.She is survived by her sons Thomas Jimmy and Gene daughters Margaret Josephine and Mary and by her 91 year old mother Rose Faloon Portadown. Rev Father John Murphy officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Annie Brady Town Hall Street special guest at a function in the Downhill Hotel Ballina to mark the closure of the Manual Exchange.Appointed to Ballina in 1931 Annie later served in Clones from 1934 and later in 1936 Navan Manual Exchange before being appointed Supervisor of Cavan Exchange in 1939 where she remained until her retirement in 1975.The Bradys are an old esteemed Cavan Family and former proprietors of the ‘Old Globe Hotel’

Beginners Canoing Course on Killykeen sponsored by Lakeland Canoing Club.Details contact Niall Fox  049-31570.

Cavan Bridge Championship 1987 1st Gross Father Woods and Kay Henry 2nd Gross Peggy Willock and Aileen Timmoney 1st Net Evelyn O Connor and O Carroll.

April 16th 1987 Tragic death of Margaret Flynn Drumalee at the age of 68 following an accident adjacent to her home in The Surgical Hospital Cavan.Native of Rossduff Moyne County Longford she carried on a very lucrative footwear business in Arva for over 30 years and the family continued to live over the shop after Benny and Margaret’s marriage.Member of the very well known Doyle family she was a quiet industrious charitable woman who supported her husband in the establishment of Saint Joseph Young Priest’s Branches in nearly every parish in the Diocese.Survived by her husband Benny sons Colm and Father Brian daughters Imelda Ita and Pauline .Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Same Week Canon George Millar MA is appointed Archdeacon of Kilmore by Bishop Gilbert Wilson.Educated in Kilkenny College Mountjoy School Dublin Trinity College.Ordained in 1946 Curate in Wesport 1946-1948  Mission to Seamen Belfast 1945-1949 Immingham Lincolnshire 1949-1950 Pennis Holland 1950-1955.Came back to Ireland in 1956 and was appointed Curate in Bills and Ballyjamesduff area..Apointed Rector Knockbride 1957-1965 .Rector Cavan 1965 he was appointed Canon of Drumlease in 1977.

Heather Loonam Drumconnick is selected the Anglo Celt Rose and now goes forward to the Cavan Rose of Tralee Festival in the Kilmore Hotel.

Death of James (Jim) Brady formerly of Cullies in Drumliff County Donegal at the age of 68.After qualifying as a Chemist he worked in Burke’s Chemists for a number of years before taking up a similar appointment in Boyle County Roscommon where he met and married his wife  Josephine O Regan.Later opened a Chemist Shop on the Diamond in Donegal Town and served the people of the area for over 35 years.Deeply religious and charitable he was very unassuming and always available to oblige any person in need.Former Captain of Donegal Golf Club.He is survived by his sons Patrick Jim John Brian and Michael daughters Mary Bernadette and  Eileen.Funeral from Killymard Church to Clara cemetery.

Martina Sexton is Overall Student of the Year at Cavan College of Further Studies.Pauline Brady is the best student in Information and Technology while Josephine Young is Best Shorthand Student Mary Smith is best Office Studies student Helen O Reilly best Office Sills student and Martina Dowd best Office Technology student .

April 23rd 1987 Another brilliant picture by Tom Hussey on front of Anglo Celt capturing a conversation at Killykeen between Sean Doherty (Chairman Lakeland Tourism) and Vincent Walsh (Lakeland Tourism) with John McGinity and John Wilson Minister for Communications Transport and Tourism paying close attention.

Same Week Cavan fail to last the pace and are well beaten by Down 2-9 to 1-10 in Dr McKenna Cup Final in Ballybay.Scorers fo Cavan Ronan Carolan 0-4 Brian Lynch 1-0 John Brady 0-3 and Niall O Donnell Stephen King and Michael Faulkner 0-1 each.There was no representative from any team in the Parish on the team.Their lack of pace and commitment in the second half is worrying given the fact that they play near neighbours Monaghan in the 1st Round of the Ulster Championship in Breffni Park in 5 weeks.

Mary Dunne Coleman Road will give the last recital of the season at Cavan Gramaphone Club in Killeshandra House.

Double presentation to Saint Felim’s Boys School by the Parents Association of a Television and Lions Club of a Video Recorder.Pictured are Frankie Johnston Kathleen Rabbitt Ann O Donnell Dolores McDonald Kathleen Sexton Sean Leinster Kathleen Fee Mary Elliott Pat Ryan (Headmaster) Michael O Connor (Cavan Lions Club) Joe Hickey Hary Hunt (Cavan Lions Club) and Eileen Graham.

April 30th 1987 John Wilson Mnister for Communications Transport and Tourism opens Cavan Industrial and Services Exhibition (Cavex) at IDA Factory on Dublin Road. Jointly promoted by Cavan Chamber of Commerce and County Cavan Development.On a beautiful weekend with wall to wall advertising “tens of thousands of people flock to Exhibition”,at which Audrey Loonam Anglo Celt Rose draws the winning ticket and presents the weekend for two in the Great Southern Hotel Galway to Kathleen Flood Abbey Street.John McCarren (Age 13) correctly guesses the length of the contents of a huge reel of cable at 10,400 metres and is rewarded for his good judgement with a cheque for £20.

Same Week Death of Christina Kelly Swellan Cross at the age of 49.He entire life was spent in the sevice of her family.Outstanding character she was a wonderful conversationalist and good company.Christina is survived by her brothers Paddy and Tommy.Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Death of John Cole B L Nahillah Park Cloverhill.Former Senator and well known farmer at the age of 75.Extensive farmer ,he was  an enthusiastic breeder of Aberdeen Angus Cattle.Eductaed at the Portora Royal School and Trinity College,called to the Bar in 1936 but spent all of his life as a farmer.His father JJ Cole was a prominent TD for the County but despite contesting General Elections in 1951 1954 and 1957 where his 1st preference almost assured election ,he failed to get sufficient transfers.Member of Cavan County Council for over 20 years.Appointed to the Senate by Taoiseach Eamonn De Velera in 1957 ,he served until 1968.Survived by his wife Betty sons John and David and daughter Jean.Rev DW Johnston officiated at the funeral from Saint John’s Cloverhill to the adjoining cemetery.

Phillip Rowan 8 year old son of Jim and Rose Rowan 55 John Paul Avenue is rescued from the town reservoir by Cavan Town soccer star and Captain Thomas Byrne assisted by Peter Burns.Gerry Egan and Michael Loughnane continued resucitation for 3 minutes before a faint pulse was restored.Rushed to Cavan Surgical Hospital where his condition is described as  “fine”.Eldest of 5 children, there was a football tournament in Brady’s Field when some of the children wandered off towards the Reservoir which was in a dangerous condition with two of the outside bars removed and the trap door to the water open.Outcry from the people of the town and the UDC are asked to rectify the situation immediately.

May 7th 1987 Best wishes are sent to the Cavan Rose Iseult Maguire Bank of Ireland Cavan who will represent Cavan in the Ulster Pagent at the Bailie Hotel Bailieborough on the 5th of June.Seen here being presented with a bouquet of wild roses by the Manager of Cavan Fabrics Tom Harvey who sponsored the event.

Cavan Fabrics are the winners of the Gold Medal for their exquisite design and magnificient range of Shady Lady Fabrics at European Trades Leader Club in London.

Same Week Maureen Coyle is the winner of the 1st Prize of a Ferguson Television in Cavan Town Dart’s Club Draw sponsored by Smyth’s 60 Main Street.Phyllis Walsh of Drumalee wins 2nd and Noel Hanley of Kilnaleck is 3rd.

Michael Noonan Minister for Defence announces on the site at Pullamore that the new army Barracks will cost £7 million and the construction which starts in the Autumn will create 50 jobs locally.

County Cavan Rugby Club are just beaten by Malone 6 points to 3 in Harden Cup Final at Ravenhill.Although the Malone pack shaded exchanges the decisive moment came when star scrum half Godon O Bric dislocated his knee and had to be replaced with the result that the entire Cavan team had to be reshaped.Cavan have the consolation of being League Champions and Finalists in the Harden Cup.Team Sean McPhillips D Brennan Philip Brady Cyril O Keefe S McDermott Johnny Browner Gordon O Bric Eric Trenier P Rodgers Johnny McCormack Steve Richmond J Gorman J Farrell S Devine W Morrison (Captain) Subs Sean McKiernan for Gordon O Bric and G Brennan for J Brennan.

Cavan Gaels Members Draw 1st £100 Brian Tully Coranure 2nd £20 Eamonn Gaffney Anglo Celt 3rd £10 Mollie Farrell Drumnavanagh 4th £10 Tommy McCormick Elmbank 5th £5 Jim Murphy Kells and 6th £5 Jack Rehill Drumnavanagh.

McCarrens and Cavan Crystal are forced to close as ESB Power Strikes brings the country to a halt.There is no sign of a settlement and the strike is due to escalate from next week.

Martin Donohoe completes two week tour of Ireland with CCE and is booked to tour America with CCE this autumn.

Cavan Town win the County Cavan Community Games Boys Under 16 Table Tennis title.Team Barry McGowan Bernard Gaffney John Gorman (Team Manager)  Fergal McManus Jimmy Meade and Brian Galligan.

Paul Victory scores the winning point for Saint Mel’s Longford as they beat Saint Mary’s Galway 0-8 to 1-4 in the Hogan Cup Final in Dr. Hyde Park Roscommon.

May 14th 1987 P Elliott and Company commences work on the demolition and reconstruction of Cavan Courthouse .The contract is worth £2 million to the Company.

Same Week Thomas (Dickie) Smith wins his 4th bout in  a row and is voted Boxer of the Tournament at Saint Felim’s Killygarry Boxing Club’s Tournament in Town Hall.The tournament was sponsored by Seamus Fay Bokmaker Cavan and the ring was courtesy of Brian McKeown Cavan Boxing Club.Five majority decisions went against the home club and Finbar McDowell Jason Brady Jim Dunne  Damien Smith and Donal Brady were very unlucky on the night not to receive the nod from the judges.

Cavan CYMS A defeat Arva B 3-2 to win the Cavan Open Snooker title at Cavan Golf Club.Pictured is Jim Fay Martin Jermyn Adrian Dunne (Capt) Michael Breslin Laurence Flood Bernard Sharkey Aidan Crossan and Padddy O Reilly PC Chairman Cavan UDC.

Death of Luke Fitzpatrick Killygarry at the age of 85.Shopkeeper and extensive farmer.Native of Drumliffe Crosskeys ,he was noted for his numerous works of charity and was deeply religious.Champion of the poor the old and the sick.He spent most of his leisure time performing corporal works of mercy.He was Sacristan in Saint Brigids Church Killygarry for over 50 years.Staunch member of the Saint Vincent De Paul Saint Joseph’s Young Priest Society and the 3rd Order of Saint Francis.He journeyed to Knock once a month to act as a steward at theMarian Shrine.When the graveyard at Killygarry expanded and was full, Luke offered free of charge one of his large adjoing fields which is now part of the graveyard.He was brother of Brother Gerald OFM and is survived by his wife Kathleen sons Tom Francis  Fonsie Jim Paddy Norbert and Desmond and daughters  Alice and Teresa .Rev Anthony Fagan CC officiated at the Funeral from Saint Brigids Church Killygary to the adjoining cemetery.Cavan County Committee of Agriculture passed a vote of sympathy with the wife and family of Luke Fitzpatrick at their monthly meeting. 

Johnny Logan singing ‘Hold Me’ written by himself wins his 2nd Eurovision Song Contest.

Death of Kathleen ( Kitty) Sheridan Cathedral Road at the age of 79.Native of Urney Ballinagh she served in many districts as a telephonist before being appointed Supervisor in Cavan.Funeral from Saint Felim’s Ballinagh to the adjoining cemetery.

May 21st 1987 Bishop Frank McKiernan opens new Activity Centre over John Conaty’s Shop at John Paul Avenue. Seen on front page with Bishop is Gene Murphy Organiser and Paddy O Reilly PC UDC Chairman Cavan UDC.

Same Week Litter Bins sponsored by Gem Oils and painted by Mel Doherty are presented to Margaret English Chairman Cavan TidyTowns Committee.

Death of Fergus Smyth at the age of 41 son of the late Benny and May 62-64 Main Street in Chichester England.Emigrated to England over 30 years ago and worked for British Telecom.Survived by his wife Linda and three daughters brothers Fredy Brian and sisters Lorna and Dorothy.

Sympathy is extended to Mary Kelly Drumnavanagh on the death of her Mother Mrs Ellen Kelly in Galway.Frequent welcome visitor to Cavan .Native Irish speaker she was one of the last surviving members of an old Galway Gaeltact area Waterdale Claregalway.Survived by her son Dermot and daughters Ann and Mary.

Cavan ICA present the proceeds of their flag day £800 to Saint Christopher’s Hospice.

Cavan Beekeepers Association 1987-1988  Chairman Jimmy Scott (Crossdoney) Vice Chairman Pat Smith (Redhills) Secretary Charles Robinson (Milltown) Treasurer Bridie Galligan (Cavan)

May 28th 1987 Glorious weather and strong sunshine as Cavan defeat the hot favourites Monaghan by 0-12 to 0-10 in a robust encounter at Breffni Park in the 1st round of the Ulster Championship.The crowd of 15,000 is the biggest at this venue since 45,000 tured up for the Down Donegal fiasco of 1963.Jim Reilly is Man of the Match while Ray Cullivan roamed the field to set up score after score for Cavan in a vintage performance.Just before the end Hugo Clerkin and Stephen King were sent off as the game threated to deteriorate with Cavan showing their ascendancy in the last ten minutes.Eugene Magee (Cavan Manager) states that “ this is a vintage performance by Cavan against a below par by the Farney men”.Cavan will now play either Down or Derry in the Ulster Semi Final.Meanwhile in the curtain raiser Francis Mooney Cavan Gaels scores 0-5 of Cavan’s total of 0-8 to defeat Monaghan 0-5 in the Minor Game.Michael Fagan Ronan Farrelly Fintan Cahill 0-1 each.

Same Week Rev Canon George Millar MA former Rector of Cavan Parish is installed as Archdeacon of Kilmore by the Bishop Rt.Rev.Gilbert Wilson Bishop of Kilmore Ardagh and Elphin at a cermony in Kilmore Cathedral.

Cavan Crystal have signed a major marketing deal with Landes Marketing Distributors of fine silverware and crystal. In the USA.Sales of £1 milion per annum initilly are projected.

Emma Talbot and Mary Leech win the Novice Pairs and the Minor Girls Pair of Sinead Reily and Una O Connor win the Under 16 National Tailteann Titles at the Lions Centre in Athy

Michael McCabe Sheelin Boats presents a 13 foot boat and trailer to Cavan Saint Vincent De Paul for a raffle towards the running of the Night Shelter for Homeless Men at River Street.Pictured are Anselem Lovett Pat Denning and Tom Tieney (Treasurer Saint Vincent De Paul) receiving the boat and trailer from Michael McCabe.

Oficial opening of the Dog Pound at Legaland Crossdoney.Among the attendance are Winnie O Reilly (Secretary Cavan ISPCA) Mel Keaveney (Cavan County Council )

and Aidan Woods (Dog Warden)


June 4th 1987 Cavan County Coucil decide to grant £2,000 to the Cavan International Song Contest an increase of £500.Joe O Reilly states that the ladies (Maura Maloney and Ann Lennon) made a great job of the recent contest despite the disappointment of RTE withdrawing live coverage of the event.

Same Week Presentation to Andy and Molly O Brien on the occasion of Andy’s retirement from Senaid Eireann in the Carraig Springs Crosskeys.In attendance is Alan Dukes TD the new Fine Gael leader and thousands of well wishers and supporters.

Knock is linking with all the Marian Shrines throughout the world to celebrate Marian Year.Buses to Knock this Sunday bookable from Kathleen McKenna Main Street.Phone 31612.

Cavan Vocational Camogie team beat Nenagh 3-3 to 3-2 to win the schol’s first ever camogie title in Clare.Alice Hayes sound full back Deidre Hughes outstanding at midfield Josephine Freeman and Caroline Power were the best of the forwards.Captain Susan Fitzpatrick was by far the best player on the field contributing 1-2 to her team’s total.Team Martina McGovern Martina Gilsenan Elizabeth Finnegan Margaret Watters Rosemary Smith Margaret McCabe Susan Fitzpatrick Celia Mulligan Jeanette Maguire Fidelma Farrelly Margaret Ruddy and Caroline Curran.Subs Lorraine Sheridan Carmel Finnegan Sheila Smith Kathleen McCabe and Ann Marie Donlon.

Summer Camp at Loreto College for the week June 29th to July 3rd 1987 for children 4 years up.Cost per child £25 includes a trip to Enniskillen to swim in the new Forum.Call Kathleen Tonge at Loreto College.

Bridge Club 1987/ 1988  President Ena Hickey Lady Captain Kathleen Clarke  Vice Captain Jim Scanlon Secretary Kay Henry Assistant Secretary Maura Goodman Treasurer Olivia Carroll Assistant Treasurer Willie Finegan.

Captain’s Prize (Elizabeth Galligan) 1st N/S Jim Burke and Pat Plunkett 2nd N/S Dolores O Reilly and Mrs Kathleen Clarke.1st E/W Ena Hickey and Mrs L Hayes.Best Gross E O Gorman and Mrs VS Malone.Gross Player of the Year Kay Henry.

Annual Subscription to Cavan Chamber of Commerce £10 now payable to Oliver Young Vice Chairman or direct to the Treasurer Michael O Connor Bank of Ireland Cavan.

June 11th 1987 Noel Lee son of Superintendent Michael and Kathleen Lee Stragelliffe follows in his father’s footsteps as he passes out as a new Garda at Templemore.Garda Noel’s first posting is to Blacklion County Cavan.

Same Week Week of celebrations to mark 25 years of RTE.Museum and office set up in Fagan’s (Melbourne) many of the popular programmes such as Out and About with Thelma Mansfield and Questions and Answers with Olivia O Leary will be recorded in Cavan.Thousands join in the RTE Radio 2 Beat on The Street from Dunne’s Stores Car Park.

Girl Guides weekend Flag Day raises £574 which will go towards equipping the local club.

Death of Donald (Don) Kenneddy Rossa Place at the age of 68.Native of Beaufort Killarney County Kerry.Carpenter by trade he worked most of his life in Dublin and had retired to a premises in Parnell Square but was a regular visitor to Cavan.Survived by his wife Margaret sons Emmanuel Brendan Donie and Tom daughters Margaret Mary Theresa Martina and Jane.Funeral from ther Cathedral to Killygarry cemetery.

Death of Michael Sexton brother of the late John Sexton Breffni Park.Retired overseer in the Post Office in Mullingar.Played outstanding football with Cavan Slashers and formed a lethal partnership with his star brother John who played for both Cavan and Monaghan.Survived by daughters Joan Marie and Dawn.Funeral from Christ the King Cathedral Mullingar to Ballyglass cemetery.

NAWI (Widows) Important meeting in Day Centre Cathedral Road.All members please attend to arrange for Party.

Philip and Mrs Brides Drumavrack Redhills celebrate the Golden Jubilee of their marriage in the Seven Horseshoes Belturbet.They have 5 children 18 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren.

Sympathy is extended to Mary Carroll 41 College Street on the death of her sisterAnnie Horan in New York.Member of the Connors family from Keadue Ballyhaise, she was a regular visitor to Cavan.Interment took place in New York.

Death of Philip Young Redhills.He was a prominent Blacksmith in the area and later took over the well known licensed premises at Drumliffe(Duggan’s).Predeceased by his wife Bridget two years ago.Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Cavan Tennis Club open their three new all weather tennis courts .The dreadful wet weather of recent years expediated the decision to scrap the grass courts as they were seldom playable.New £30,000 clubhouse will be officially opened on Saturday.One of the oldest club’s in the country the Open Week traditionally held on the last week in August was one of the major tournaments on the circuit and attracted players of International standard from Ireland and the UK.The grass courts were built on a hill but beautifully terraced in 1890.The most famous member was Percy French who lived just opposite and won many of the Club’s Perpetual trophies as well as designing the outlay of the courts and the old Clubhouse.Jack Halpin Cyril Anderson MA George Fairbrother were the people mainly responsible for the successful running of the Club down the years which enjoyed the patronage of Lord and Lady Farnham.To day the Club are lucky to have David Jackson and Eamonn Condon directing operations.TheOpen Week was revived in 1980 with the winner coming from Saudia Arabia. The Club are presently holding a series of monthly draws to defray the expense of laying the hard courts.Pictured is David Jackson presenting a portable colour tv to Catherine McKenna the April winner.The draw was sponsored by Oliver Smyth 60 Main Street.

Cavan UDC adjourns their monthly meeting as a mark of respect to Mrs Bridget Argue mother of Councillor Terry Argue who died recently at her residence Cavan Stret Cootehill.

Death of Peter McEvoy Lisreagh at the age of 88.Played at midfield on the Tullyco GFC team that won the County Junior Championship in 1924 later joined Crubany GFC and gave them sterling service.Farmer,he was decent charitable and religious.Took a great pride in tidying up Killygarry Graveyard ,he was active until his sudden death.Survived by his wife Annie sons James John Phil daughters Mary Kathleen Nancy Elizabeth Margaret Teresa and Susan.Funeral from Saint Brigid’s Killygarry to the adjoining cemetery..

Gerry Bravendar wins the Senior Handicap and Jim Scanlon Cup at Cavan CYMS.Hughie Doonan was the Runner Up while the beaten Semi Finalists were Adrian Dunne and Paul Carey.

Cavan Parish win the Under 13 County Community Football title.Team Frankie Lovett Dara King Johnny Graham Michael Graham S Grey F Boylan Darren McCusker Michael Leddy David Noonan Barry Hanrahan Mark Gillick G Clancy C TierneyDeclan Keaney and D Smith.

Margaret English with an excellent score of 32 wins the Grannie’s Competition at Cavan Golf Club.

Lions Club represented by Johnny O Hanlon John Lennon and Dr.John Sullivan are the outright winners of County Cavan Quiz Competition run over the last two months.Norman Moore (Captain) on behalf of the Club presents a cheque for £200 to Cavan Hospice the proceeds from the Quiz.

June 18th 1987 Cavan Ladies are the winners of the Senior Hilton Shield beating Rossmore in the Final at County Cavan Golf Club.Team Maureen Hartmann Evelyn O Connor Madge Boucher (Captain) Evelyn O Connor Mary Malone and Dr.Brigid Farrelly.

Same Week Margaret Thatcher leads the Conservatives to their third consecutive term in office.Fist Prime Minister for 160 years to gain the honour as the Tories comfortably account for Labour by 376 seats to 229 in the British General Election.

Woodbine Rovers beat Wiggies at Cavan Boy Scouts 5 a Side Final.After narrow misses by Gerard McIntyre (Wiggies) and Hughie Clarke (Woodbine Rovers) the deadlock was broken deep into the second half when Gerry Nevin gave Don Crotty in the Wiggies goal no chance with a bullet to the net.Michael Greenan called time and the Homemaker Cup was presented by Barry Elliott to Hughie Clarke (Captain Woodbine Rovers).The winners were best served by Hugh Clarke Gerry Bravendar Gerry Nevin and on the night they had just too much experience for Wiggies.Huge crowd thronged the arena each night throughout the Summer and the tournament was deemed a great success by Danny O Hanlon Unit Leader who  presented the Runners Up trophies to the Wiggies team.Woodbine Rovers John McDermott Hugh Clarke (Capt) Gerry Clarke Gerry Nevin and Gerry Bravendar.Sub Christy Benn.Wiggies Don Crotty Gerard McIntyre (Capt) Padraig Fitzpatrick John Crotty John Mulcahy.Sub Tony Mulcahy. Referee Michéal Greenan.

June 25th 1987 Sean Brogan Erne Motor Works is voted Parts Manager of the Year at a reception by Tyota in the Burlington Hotel.

Same Week Stephen King outstanding in Cavan’s drawn semi final with Derry in Omagh before 15,000 spectators who paid gate receipts of £34,000.Ronan Carolan shot the equaliser from a free deep into stoppage time.Scorers for Cavan Stephen King 1-2 Ronan Carolan 0-5 Ray Cullivan Niall O Donnell and Michael Falkner 0-1 each.A youg James McCartan son of the legendary James leads Down to a facile 3-5 to 0-3 winover Cavan in the Minor Semi Final at the same venue.Scorers for Cavan Francis Mooney 0-2 and Fintan Cahill 0-1.

Gabriel Kelly wins the President’s Prize (Willie O Hanlon) at County Cavan Golf Club Tommy McKiernan is 2nd while 3rd is Terry Smith.Stella Corr 1st Lady and Terry Brady Best Gross.

Pictured is Barry and Dermot McGuigan with Dave ‘Boy’ McCauley carrying the coffin containing the remains of Pat McGuigan from the Sacred Heart Church Clones to Mount Saint Oliver Cemetery Clones.Son of James and Mary McGuigan who came to live in Clones in 1920.Pat’s father was an official in GNR ,Pat later followed his father and joined GNR after finshing school being an apprentice Engine Driver.First sang with Eddie Roy McDevitt and later with the great Dave Dixon remained with Dixon until 1961 when he formed ‘The Big Four’ touring England America and being very popular on the Ballroom circuit here in Ireland.Joined Art Supple and The Victors from Cork in 1966 and later joined the Skyrockets with whom he won the National Song Contest with ‘Chance of a Lifetime’ in 1968.Finished a very creditable 4th in Eurovision Song Contest in London. A contest best remembered by Cliff Richard’s demotion to 2nd with ‘Congratulations’ by an Irish Jury who voted No Votes to ‘Congratulations’ despite the fact that it was the Number 1 record in Ireland for months.Gifted boxer with the Clones Club of the 1950s he also played gaelic football with Clones.Barry McGuigan’s great motivator he first introduced his son to Barney Eastwood who guided him to the World Featherweight Championship in 1985.Great supporter of Maura Maloney and Ann Lennon in their efforts to establish and promote the Cavan International Song Contest.Survived by his wife Kitty (Rooney) sons Barry Dermot and Daniel daughters Sharon Laura Rachael Rebecca and Catherine.Among the floral tributes was a wreath from Dennis Taylor (World Champion Snooker) Daley Thompson (Olympic Gold Medalist) and a basket of roses from the Sun newspaper.

Death of Terence S (Teddy) Smith renowd historian 7 Cootehill Road at the age of 88.Son of the late Michael and Mary Smith ,Teddy was born in 60 Main Street in 1899.Worked in the Engineering section of Cavan County Council.Member of the Institute of Public Administration and the Institute of Chartered Secretaries.Life time devotion to recording the history of the town of Cavan.He was author of ‘The Civic History of TheTown of Cavan’ and ‘History of Local Government in Cavan’.Contributor to many historical journals at home and abroad,he spent a lot of his retirement years researching in the National Library and was very well known in Historical circles.Founder member of Cavan Literary Society which met behind the old Royal Hotel adjacent to the Farnham Hotel.Founder member of Breifne Antiquarian Society which was addressed by such luminaries as Cardinal O Connell Archbishop of Boston Rev TP Cunningham DCL Maynooth Bridie M Smith- Brady (Town Clerk Cavan) Rev Martin Comey DD Rev PJ Gannon SJ Philip O Connell MSc Dr FPE Smit Kevitt Castle.Founder member of Cumainn Seanchais an Cabhain he contributed many articles to their annual journal.Predeceased by his brother Michael sisters Kathy (Conaty) and Alice (McConnell) he is survived by his brothers Tommy and Paddy sisters Mollie and Theresa.Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

July 2nd 1987 Sister Lily Sexton is pictured with her parents Lily and Terry and Bishop Frank McKiernan following her final profession in the Cathedral.

Kevin Manning is ordained priest in the Cathedral .Pictured following the cermony are his parents Dick and Mrs Manning and the ordaining prelate Bishop Frank McKiernan.

Corpus Christi Procession from The Cathedral to Keadue where Benediction was imparted bythe Bishop Frank McKiernan assisted by Father Felim Kelly Adm Father John Murphy CC and Father Anthony Fagan.Local residents carried the canopy.

Death of Ella Mary Adams Ex NT Farnham Road at the age of 81.Spent most of her professional life teaching in West Cavan.Since coming to Cavan very involved with Church of Ireland affairs.She was an active member of The Church of Ireland Friendly Society.Funeral from Cavan Parish Church to Killashee.

Frank Lyons 25 Sain Martins Estate is the popular winner of the Cavan Gun Club’s Annual Pike Fishing Competition at Flynn’s Pass.2nd John Sheridan from Breffni Terrace.In the Under 14 competition the winner was Martin Brady whil Shirley Wrynne Saint Martins was 2nd.

Retirement of Brian Tansey Assistant County Engineer having served 46 years in Local Government 24 of them in Cavan.Pictured are Connie McEntee (Organiser) John Cassidy County Manager Georgina Tansey Brian Tansey Tom Desmond County Engineer  Peig Cassidy Joe Neary Senior Executive Engineer Dorothy Neary Mel Keaveney Jim Hearn County Engineer Westmeath and Mrs Hearn.

Gala week in Cavan as RTE celebrate 25 years of television by choosing Cavan as one of the 9 towns where they celebrated their Silver Jubilee.All the major programmes such as ‘Out and About’ with Thelma Mansfield and ‘Questions and Answers’ with Olivia O Leary are recorded in Cavan and later transmitted from Dublin.RTE Radio 2 ‘ Beat on The Street’ draws thousands of young people to the Dunne’s Stores Car Park on Sunday evening where stewarding was in the capable hands of the Chamber of Commerce while the Baloon Man was a super attraction on the Saturday as Paul Dolan stated “the town was buzzing all week”.The ‘Pure Drop’ will be transmitterd at a later date and the Community Radio under the Chairmanship of Willie O Hanlon and Direction of Phil Cullivan and Sheila McGinnity was a great success broadcasting from Fagan’s (Melbourne).Paddy O Reilly Chairman UDC proposes a vote of thanks to Vincent Finn Director General RTE David Holden Director of Public Affairs and Paddy Clarke Cuarator  of RTE’s Museum.

Dr Diarmuid Loughrey in a wide ranging interview with Anselem Lovett states that Pauwells now employ 135 in Cavan and plans are afoot to employ a further 47 in the next two years.The family owned operation manafacture in Saudia Arabia USA and 2 plants in Belgium and are represented in every country in the world.They now manafacture single phase as well as dry transformers.Diarmuid born in Belfast but reared in Rathgar Dublin and educated in Dublin joined Pauwells in Belgium and came to Cavan from the parent Company. The Management team is  Harnon Busscats from Belgium Ronan O Reilly Gerry Cusack (Industrial Engineering) Padraig Plunkett (Quality Assurance Manager) and Gerry Finnegan from College Street who is the Purchasing Manager

July 9th 1987 Margaret Cooke raises £2,000 for the Hospice .Presentation to Sean Kelly and Noreen O Reilly (Cavan Hospice ) in The Well Bridge Street.

Same Week Monsignor Sean Brady Vice Rector of The Irish College in Rome since 1980 is promoted to Rector.Born in 1939 Ordained priest on the 22nd February 1964 at Saint John Latern Rome.Took a Doctorate in Canon Law at the Latern University Rome in 1967.Professor in Saint Patrick’s College Cavan 1967-1980.Prelate of Honour 1986.

Large crowd witness Drumalee retaining the Roinn B Under 14 title beating old foes Lacken 3-6 to 0-6 in Breffni Park.Goals from Adrian Dempsey and D Lynch early in the game assured Drumalee of victory.Scorers  D Lynch 1-0 Adrian Dempsey 1-0 Keneth O Keefe 1-0 Michael Lee 0-3 Paul Tighe 0-2 and E O Reilly 0-1.Team Noel Johnston Sean Barry E Powell Daragh King Hughie Cosgrove D Ollwill E Reilly Paul Tighe D Lynch Alex Leech Michael Lee Keneth O Keefe and Adrian Dempsey.Michael Lee with his great skill and jinking runs was voted Man of the Match.Tony Looney (Chairman Juvenille Board) presented the trophy to Paul Tighe Captain of Drumalee after the game.

Tony Loney (Assistant Secretary County Board) is promoted to Secretary to fill the vacancy created by Andy Feeney’s retirement.Gerry Soden is drafted in as Assistant Secretary.

Death of Paddy McGauran Cathedral Road at the age of 60.Native of Lacken Corlesmore.Worked as a Contractor in England before coming home and taking up farming on a 60 acre holding in Lacken.Later joined forces with Pat Denning and his cousin Bartley Mulligan in setting up a highly successful tarmacadam company.Good huntsman he was regarded as an excellent shot and was an outstanding fly fisherman catching lots of salmon on the River Moy.Socialised mostly in his native Ballinagh but was well known and popular in the town.Survived by his sisters Rose Finlay Susan Maguire Margaret Brennan and Mary Duffy.Funeral from the Cathedral to Potaheee.

Arlene Smith from Kilnaleck wins the Girls Under 13 60 metres dash ( time of 10.3) 100 metres and 800 metres in a new record time of 2.18.3 at the All Ireland Juvenille Track Championships at Santry.

Death of Ellen Ward Mount Saint Francis at the age of 78 .Native of Manorhamilton she is survived by her 12 children.Funeral from the Cathedral to Manorhamilton.

Ray Cullivan’s 11th hour defection from the Cavan team costs Cavan in Replay against Derry in Omagh before 12,000 spectators.Derry winning by 2-11 to 2-8.Man of the match was John Brady who scored 2-3 for Cavan all from play.Ronan Carolan Michael Faulkner 0-2 and Niall O Donnell 0-1.John McHugh the only local representative had a sound steady game at wing half back in a game full of passion and commitment.Derry under the guidance of former great Jim McKeever shakled the threat from Stephen King and Jim Reilly at centre field and were the better team.

Death of James Gordon Farris Legaland Crossdoney son of James and Mrs Faris Farinseer Cornafean at the age of 82.Joined the British Army at the outbreak of World War 2 and continued his association with the Army after the War when he joined the Admiralty Staff in Bath.Great collector of classical records Gordon was a member of the Bath Cathedral Choir and Bath Opera and Dramatic Society.He started his musical career as a member of the ‘Blue Star Dance Band’.Gordon was a very popular man and on retirement went to live with his sister Doreen Lord at Legaland Crossdoney.Dean Herbert Cassidy assisted by Dean Robin Richey (Blacklion) and Rev Nigel Sherwood officiated at the funeral from Kilmore Cathedral to the adjoining cemetery

July 16th 1987 Paddy O Reilly Chairman Cavan UDC in his final function before handing over the Chain of Office to Patrick Conaty receives the keys of the new UDC Waste Collection Truck costing £58,000 from Liam Dunne Mayck Plant Limited.Pictured at the handing over cermony are Tommy Conaty Hughie Doonan Frank O Keefe Gabriel Cullivan Town Clerk  Liam Dunne Jimmy McKenna Town Superintendent Robert Shortt and in the Cab is the Driver Hughie Curran.

Same Week Ciaran Parker Earlsvale Road receives his BA (Mod) degree in History at TCD.Educated at Corlurgan NS Royal School and Trinity College Ciaran is son of Mr and Mrs Dan Parker Earlsvale Road and is continuing to read for a Doctorate in Medieval Irish History at Trinity College.

Death of Kathleen Fitzpatrick Killygarry relict of Luke who only died recently.Native of Corislea Bllinagh, the family ran a thriving grocery shop.Spent some years in America before returning home and marrying Luke Fitzpatrick fom Killygarry.Very charitable and deeply religious she endeared herself to all.She is survived by her sons Tom Jim Paddy Desmond Brendan Alfonsus and Norbert daughters Teresa and Rose.Funeral from Saint Brigid’s Church to the adjoining cemetery.

Cavan Gaels beat Crosserlough to win the Under 16 County title by a single point.

July 23rd 1987 Patrick Conaty who succeeded his father on the Council in 1979 is elected Chairman of Cavan UDC.Tery Argue is elected Vice Chairman.

Michael Giles (FF) Bailieboro is elected Chairman of Cavan County Council promising that only items on the agenda would be discussed during his Chairmanship.His colleague Paddy Conaty runs foul of the new Chairman at the first meeting asking that the subject of derelict houses be discussed.Ruled out of order by the Chairman Paddy storms out of the meeting.

Same Week Cavan Parish win 7 gold medals at County Community Games in Mullahoran.They also won the Girl’s and Boy’s Under 17 Realay.Individual gold went to Fiona McGonnell and Gary McCusker in the High Jump.Olivia Keaney Long Puck.Niamh O Reilly won the Girl’s Under 16 15000 while Niall Carolan won the Boy’s Under 16 1,5000metres.Finian Sheridan wins his first gold in Boys Under 8 60 metres and Stephen Connolly won the Boy’s Under 17 100 metres.Girl’s Relay Team Irene Maguire Pauline Brady Niamh O Reilly Eilish Donohoe Karen Lambert.Boy’s Under 17 Relay Team Enda Meegan Don Darcy Niall Carolan and Noel Galligan.

Mick Murphy Dublin Road Cavan is pictured with his new patented chainsaw which on the change of cutting disc can cut through concrete steel and silage .Adaptor is Anco Machined with the backing of the IDA.

Patricia O Brien from Carrickaboy is the new Miss County Cavan at Carraig Springs .She  now goes forward to the Miss Ireland Contest in the Burlington Hotel.

In perfect weather conditions Pat Swaine playing off 9 scores a 63 nett to win the AOR sponsored competition at County Cavan Golf Club.Ray Fay had a brilliant round of 63 for 2nd and Enda Mulvaney was 3rd with 64.Frank Glancy won the Gross with a 72.

Desie Gardiner scores the winner for Army A as they beat Pauwells A 2-1 at Derrycramph to win the McGinniuty Cup.Robbie Bury opened the scoring after just 4 minutes and Dessie scored the winner mid way through the second half.Army A John Heffernan Robbie Bury Raymond Smith Cecil Reilly Tommy Walsh Thomas Byrne Dessie Gardiner Sub Kevin Campion.

Warriors take the Magnet Cup beating Army B 3-2 with a hatrick from Man of the Match Thomas Murray.Warriors Dermot Carmichael Larry Mullin  John Fitzpatrick Thomas Murray Adrian Dunne Bernard Muray and Billy O Rourke Subs Paul Morton and Martin Lewis.

Grasshoppers win the Lady’s Final comprehensively beating Drumalee 3-0 with goals from Geraldine Carmical and a bullett from Margaret McCabe.Grasshoppers Geraldine Carmicael Margaret McCabe Jeanette Wynne Teresa Noone and Tina McCabe.

Germaine Cullivan is voted Player of the Tournament and is presented with the Ken Simpson Memorial Trophy by Moira Simpson.

Tullacmongan Community Games Final over two days in the grounds of the Poor Clare Convent.Over 300 children and adults took part and with the good weather and outstanding competition everybody enjoyed the event wich took many months to organise.Father’s Race 1stJohn Halley 2nd John Smith and Joint 3rd John McCarthy and John Duffy Mother’s Race Geraldine Carmichael 2nd Patricia Mitchell and 3rd Theresa Wall.Sack Race (Boy’s 12-14) 1st Padraig McCaffrey 2nd Michael McNamara and 3rd Patrick Graham.Boys Under 12 Wheelbarrow 1st Michael Graham and Keith Murray 2nd David O Halloran and Michael Cawley 3rd Gene Smith and Gavin Monaghan Tiny Tots Girls 1st C Sexton 2nd Julie Graham and 3rd Ann-Marie Loughman.Tiny Tots (Boys) 1st Jonathan Smith 2nd Gerry McNamara and 3rd Michael Lynch.

Derry win their 5th Ulster Championship holding off the late challenge from 14 man Armagh by 0-11 to 0-9  (Vinny Loughran sent off at end of 1st Quarter) before a crowd of 28,000 in sun kissed Clones.Down overwhelm Armagh 1-7 to 0-4 in a poor Minor Final where fluency of play and marksmanship was woeful.

July 30th 1987 John Cassidy retires as Cavan Count Manager.Ray McSharry Minister for Finance pays fulsome tribute to him and his late colleague Brian O Grady for their huge contribution to the Central Development Committee.Chairman of County Development team for last 15 years, John has served on the Central Development Committee since 1982.Native of County Mayo John Cassidy had a distinguished career in Local Government.Serving as Town Clerk Dundalk from 1951 to 1955 Chief Clerk with Saint Conal’s Hospital Lettekenny from 1955 to 1957.Accountant and Acting Secretary Meath County Council from 1957 to 1959 Town Clerk Drogheda Corporation from 1959 to 1961 County Secreary Carlow 1961 to 1967 Waterford City Manager  1967 to June 1972.County Manager Cavan July 1st 1972 to August 22nd 1987.John is married to Peig and they have 8 grown up children 7 girls and 1 boy residing at Earlsvale Road Cavan.

Same Week Charles Haughey and Jaques Chirac French Premier are the first to congratulate Stephen Roche following his epic win in the 74th Tour De France.The race lasted 25 days and the riders covered 2,4885 miles.Roche finished 40 seconds ahead of Pedro Delgado of Spain.On Monday he is welcomed home a hero to his native city by hundreds of thousands of  Dubliners and is accorded a Government and Civic Reception in the Mansion House.Glorious year for Stephen winning The Tour Giro Italia and the World Championship all in the same year.

Cavan Town is officially twinned with Jaunay-Clan in France.Town of 8,000 people in wine making district 350 kilometres from Paris.5 representatives arrive from France and are entertained by Cavan UDC visiting Cavan Golf Club Breffni Park Cornafean Pig House Museum Anglo Celt Killykeen and Cavan Rugby Club culminating in a civic reception for the delegates in the Hotel Kilmore.

Death of John Smyth Drumryan at the age of 69 .Very popular farmer in the area.Survived by his wife Rose.Funeral from Saint Brigid’s Killygarry to the adjoining cemetery.

James Fitzpatrick and his wife Rose (Nee Sweeney from Donegal) celebrate the Golden Jubilee of their marriage at the residence of their niece Betty Finegan 35 College Street. Married in New York in 1937,James is a brother of Mrs Alice Smith late of Ashe Street and worked in Sullivan’s Hardware Main Street along with Joe Finegan before emigrating to America.He is an uncle of Jackie Smith (Mullen’s Footwear) and the celebrations were held in his niece’s residence as James was born and reared at 35 College Street.

Gold Pelican awards are presented to Gerard Finn Drumalee Bernadette Walsh Ulster Bank Peter Higgins 34 Wolfe Tone Street Bernard Quinn Rosculligan Carena Cosgrove 29 Highfield Road Marie McGovern 25 Tullac Mongan.

Death of Sheila McDonald Golf Links Road at the age of 51.Outstanding golfer she represented the Ulster Bank in several National competitions and was a very prominent member of County Cavan Golf Club.Charitable and religious, she was a member of the committee of the Friends of Jack Sullivan Home.Daughter of Philip and Bridget McDonald Drapers Main Street.Sheila is survived by her brothers Philip Leo Austin sisters Marcella Kitty Marie and Gertie.Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Death of James Bird Church Street.Retired farmer from Denmore Carrickaboy, Janes came to reside with his siters in Church Street 12 months ago.Survived by his sisters Ellen and Margaret.Funeral from the Cathedral to Drumavaddy.

Vera Coulter with a very impressive 48 points wins the President’s (Bridie Smith’s ) Prize at County Cavan Golf Club.2nd is Geraldine Crotty with a 45 while Miss P Long is 3rd with 43.Men’s Prize 1st Joe Neary 2nd Pat Cahill.

August 6th 1987 Michael Harding’s play ‘Strawboys’ opens in the Peacock Theatre Dublin.Winer of the Hennessy Literary award in 1980 ,he recently received a literary award from the Arts Council.Author of the much acclaimed book ‘Priests’ ,he is a regular contributor to literary discussions on RTE

Same Week Death of Jane Rowntree Highfield Road at the age of 76.Member of the Ball family Corglass Kingscourt who were engaged in farming before coming to Cavan 11 years ago.Predeceased by husband Charles ,she is survived by her son Tom and daughter Mary.Funeral from Cavan Prish Church to Bailieborough cemetery.

39 Boy Scouts and Leaders are on their annual camp in Snowdonia National Park Wales.

Suidden death of Kathleen Byrd Shankill Lower at the age of 46.Member of the Rudden family Carrigallen.Survived by her husband Thomas sons Bernard and Nicholas daughters Mary and Kathleen.Funeral from Saint Brigid’s Killygarry to adjoining cemetery.

Liam Rooney Porter in Lisdarn swim the Hinds /Rann Straits at the second attempt in a time of 2 hours and 29 minutes.Poor conditions with strong gale force winds and squally heavy showers made the task much more difficult.Boatman Frank Coyle Life Guard Ann Gordon Enniskillen and Observer Sean Walsh.In all this summer 10 people have now completed this difficult swim--  5 girls and 5 men.

August 13th 1987 Joey Purcell (Headfort) shoots a 65 for a new course record and wins the 2nd Fiat-Tractamotors Pro Am at County Cavan Golf Club with an aggregate score of 136 in ideal weather conditions over Saturday and Sunday.Last year’s winner Billy Todd (Scrabo) was 2nd with 137 Eddie Doyle (Carlow) and Leonard Owens (Royal Dublin ) were joint 3rd with 138.50 Professional golfers took part including the grand old man of Irish Golf Christy O Connor (Royal Dublin ) .Over 100 ladies took part in Saturday’s competition and the local winners Stella Corr Roisin Donohoe Maura Dunne and Professional P Posnett (Shandon Park) with a splendid score of 99 points just pipped Geraldine Crotty Irene Sullivan Ena Hickey and Professional Leonard Owen (Royal Dublin).Best Gross was by Patricia Smith (Island). with a 35 who also broke the Lady’s Course Record  with a 73 Gross.Oliver Galligan Paddy Haren  Pat Swaine with Professional Christy O Connor (Royal Dublin) won the men’s competition with 99 points with Dereck Aylcock Harry Gibbs and Val Maguire teaming up with Professional Billy Todd 2nd on 93 points.3rd was Dermot Smith Phil Murray Terry Smith teaming up with Billy Brown (Laytown/Bettyystown) recording 92 points.Winner of the Men’s Singles playing off 17 was the star of the weekend Oliver Galligan who shot a “staggering” 73 Gross.Cheered on by a large gallery and playing along with the legendary Christy O Connor brought the very best out of Oliver. Pat Gaffney was 3rd with 43 points.Best Gross Pat Swaine with 34 points.

Same Week Death of Cavan’s oldest resident Mary Reilly 11 College Stret at the age of 97.Hard of hearing ,she stood at the door on most Summer evenings greeting the passers by and was a most interesting conversationalist.Lover of all things Irish,prominent member of Comaltais Ceolteoiri Eireann she was a prize winning dancer at many Feiseanna in her youth.Valued member of the Apostolic Workers, she turned out magnificient garments for the Missions right up to her death.Native of Denn, she was predeceased by her husband Thomas and is survived by a niece and nephews.Father John Murphy CC officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killgarry where Martin Donohoe CCE played the lament ‘Mantle so Green’ on the button accordion.

August 20th 1987 Owen McConnon from Lavey joins BBC Radio Ulster as part time sports reporter.His first assignment was the replayed Cork and Kerry game in Killarney.

Same Week Lucky escape from serious injury for John V Kelly second son of Sean and Patricia Moynehall as he is caught up in vicious shooting battle following a bank raid on the Bank of Ireland Ballybay.One shot passed through the back window and out the windsctreen while another grazed the headrest and another went through a suit hanging in the back of the car.It is suspected that the ‘Border Fox’(Dessie O Hare) who was only released from Portlaoise Prison a year ago was responsible for the raid.

Niall Twoomey a nephew of Mrs Eileen Graham and 1st cousin of well known Cavan athlete Michael captains Cork to All Ireland Semi Final victory over Mayo playing a magnificient game for the Rebels.

Sister Ann Lyng daughter of Margaret Lyng Kilnavara is conferred with her B Ed at Queens University Belfast.Sister Ann was educated at the Poor Loreto College and Queen’s University Belfast.

Death of Brigid Galligan 77 College Street native of Drumavaddy .Spent most of her life in the town and is survived by her sister.Funeral from the Cathedral to Drumavaddy.

Sean Walsh is the 1st to swim Gartlan Bay from Bells Point to Gartlan Bridge.Conditions were very poor with gale force winds .His boatman Gerard Doherty had great difficulty in keeping the boat on course and stated after the race “Sean is the best fresh water swimmer this country has produced”.

Death of Sister Mary Hayes of the Missionary Sisters of the Holy Rosary at the age of 77.Native of Limerick she spent most of her life on the Missions in Lagos and Sierra Leone.She is survived by her two brothers.Chief celebrant of Funeral Mass Bishop Frank McKiernan and Father Colm Hurley officiated at the interment in the Holy Rosary Cemetery Killeshandra.

JJ Reilly holidaying with his brother Noel in the Cayman Islands takes part in the first GAA game ever staged on the Island.JJ lined up with his brother Noel (Captain) a former Cavan Gaels Junior and Senior player and  soccer star with Sunset on the Ulster team in a game against the Rest.JJ and Noel contributed 2 points each to the Ulster tally of 2-5 but the rest scored 2-9 to win a memorable encounter.Next match is planned for Saint Patrick’s Day 1988.

Martin Tierney son of Tom and Kathleen Tierney Highfield Road is conferred with his BSc (Management) in Trinity College.Educated at Saint Ann’s NS Bailieborough Saint Felim’s Cavan Saint Patrick’s College and College of Commerce Rathmines.Martin has taken up a position with Bailieborough Co Op.

Castlerahan outplay a gallant Killygarry 1-8 to 0-7 in Junior Championship Final at Breffni Park.Sterling displays by Paddy Fitzpatrick John T Gilsenan Tony Gilsenan D Crowe and Bendan Crowe .Tony Galligan and Gabriel Cullivan shared the honours at midfield while Seamus Lynch was Killygarry’s outstanding forward with great support from Dessie Cahill and Kevin Reilly.

August 27th 1987  Sean Walsh swims Carlingford Bay in wet windy and very difficult conditions .Met by a big crowd on emergence from the water.Started from Moygannon (between Warrenpoint and Rostrevor) at 10 am swimming on to Omeath and from there swam to Carlingford Lough

Same Week Death of Ellen Kelly Mountain Lodge at the age of 77.Survived by her daughter Mary McCabe Cavan, she was predeceased by her husband Patrick and son Pat late of 17 Highfield Road.

September 3rd 1987 Delegation from Cavan UDC travel to Jaunay –Clan in France to complete the twinning of Cavan and Jannay- Clan in France.Delegation led by Patrick Conaty (Chairman) Angela Gaffney Paddy O Reilly Terry Argue Oliver Malone Gabriel Cullivan (Town Clerk) and Breda Coulter (Interpeter).They bring with them gifts of Cavan Crystal and Emmett’s Liquer as examples of Cavan produce and skill.

Same Week Death of Mary Agnes (Cissie) Ronaghan  Town Hall Street at the age of 81.Native of Castletara she spent many of her early years in the USA and when she returned home took up dressmaking and later opened a Restaurant which was very well known and very popular.Facilitated Cavan Harps Cavan Shamrocks Soccer Club and later Cavan Rugby Club with the lease of Tierquin for which she only charged a nominal rent.She was predeceased by her her husband Andy in 1955 and is survived by her son Paddy daughter in law Kathleen grandchildren in Moynehall.Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry

Jim McNally Chief Superintendent is transferred from Roscommon to Headquartwers in the Phoenox Park where he will be in charge of Research and Planning.Spent 20 years on the border and was in charge of the recovery of Don Tidey at the time of his kidnap and rescue in Derradda Woods near Ballinamore.Jim will plan for the future situation of Garda stations and deployment of men in the force.

Michelle, Elaine Anderson and Ian Heaslip are the Cavan winners in the Art Competition sponsored by Killeshandra Co-Op.

National Legion of Mary Pilgrimmage to Our Lady’s Shrine at Knock.Details from Benny Cullen Saint Felim’s Place Phone 3219 or Sister Ann Loreto Phone 31729.

Cavan are again Under 14 Ulster Champions at Draughts Team Sinead Martin Orla Collins (Captain) Cathal Collins Declan O Donnell and Sorcha Dunne.The Coach is once again Ray Griffith.

Drumalee beat Cavan Gaels 2-6 to 0-8 points and thus become the 1st holders of the PJ McGovern Cup.Drumalee Michael Lyons Sean Leddy Fergus Costell Cyril O Keefe Patrick Sharkey Anthony Walsh John Pat Reilly Tommy Walsh John Costello Peter Higgins Paul Cuningham Donal Sharkey Paddy McGovern Ollie Leddy and Felim Costello.Referee Joe Braiden (Killeshandra).Mrs Susan McGovern wife of the late PJ presented the Cup to her son Paddy Captain of the winning Drumalee team after the game.

Death of Diarmuid Lovett late of Cathedral Road and Main Street Granard .Son of the late Gerry and Mrs Lovett former Headmaster Cavan Technical School.Survived by his wife Patricia sons Stephen Niall Coleman Kevin and Dermot daughter Louise brothers Gerard  Anselem and John  sister Mary.Funeral from Saint Mary’s Granard to Granardkille cemetery.

Death of Nina Bayloy Bray and late of Saint Felim’s Place at the age of 56 .Daughter of Sergeant Patrick and Bridget McGrath .Nurse by profession she worked for some years in England before returning to live in Bray County Wicklow.Funeral from Saint Fergal’s Church to Lttle Bray cemetery.

September 10th 1987 The Cavan team which won the All Ireland at the Polo Grounds New York in 1947 is included as one of The Great Teams of the Past at a function in The Kilmore Hotel where all of the surviving beaten Kerry team team and the Referee Martin O Neill (Wexford) team up for a Gala Night.Later at the 100th All Ireland Final between Meath and Cork the team are introduced to the crowd and presented with mementos of the occasion.Michéal O Hehir in the company of his son Peter gets a standing ovation in recognition of his most memorable broadcast when he brought the story and commentary from New York to an audience of millions at home on the 14th Septemver 1947.

Same Week Mary Ann Henthorne Caulfield Tullyco Cootehill in the company of Sister Fiona (Matron) celebrates her 104th Birthday in Saint Felim’s with a huge cake baked by Joe Hickey and topped off with 104 candles.

Bishop Francis McKiernan is pictured in Private Audience with Pope John Paul 2 during ‘Ad Lumini’ visit to Rome of the Irish Bishops.

Kilmore Region CBSI hold their Regional Camp in Saint Patrick’s College Cavan.Pictured is Kevin Kilduff (Regional Commissioner) Father Torlac O Reilly PP Regional Chaplain John Donohoe Scoutmaster 1936 to 1970 Bishop Frank McKiernan Joe Donnolly Regional Secretary and Danny O Hanlon Regional Chairman.

Arlene Smith wins the Girl’s Under 14 800 metres Gold Medal at the Community Games in Mosney.Rain all morning left the track sodden but Arlene flashed past her rivals in the last 30 yards.

Padraig McEntee playing off 17 is the winner of the Captain’s (Norman Moore) Prize  with a score of 43 at County Cavan Golf Club 2nd was Brian Tighe playing off 13 with 41 and 3rd Eamonn Rice playing off 10 with 40 points.The Best Gross was won by the Secretary Willie Harrington while Maura McCleary is 1st Lady and Lynn Hartmann won the Lady’s Juvenille prize.

Frank Elliss former Lord Mayor of Cavan is the very popular winner of the Cavan Gaels Draw and £6,000 presented to him by Frank Farrell (Chairman Gael’s Finance Committee).

September 17th 1987  Maurice and Kathleen Brady (Pictured) celebrate the Golden Jubilee of their marriage .They were married on the 6th of September 1937 in the Church of The Immcaculate Conception Staghall Belturbet .The same year Maurice purchased his business premises in Main Street then known as Whelans and the family still continue to reside over the premises despite the general trend to move out to the suburbs.

Same Week Kingscourt captained by Maurice Rowntree retain their county Senior Championship and record a facile win over Ramor United 1-8 to 0-6 to record theit 5th County Senior Championship in Breffni Park. Perfect weather conditions watched by a crowd of 4,000 paying record gate receipts of £11,326.

Michael Neary snatches victory for Cavan Gaels with injury time goal to defeat Bailieborough 2-7 to 2-6 in Cavan Minor Final.Gaels’ 4th title won in 1967 1968 1978.Aided by 3 minutes injury time added by Referee Tommy Lyons the Gaels scored 2-1 in the last 6 minutes of the game.Scores for the Gaels Michael Neary 2-0 Francis Mooney 0-4 Stephen Connolly 0-2 and Tommy Cullivan 0-1.Team Dessie Cullen Niall Carolan Barry Galligan Fergal Maguire Noel Galligan Timothy Murphy Michael Fallon Paul Jermyn Don Crotty  Francis Mooney Stephen Crotty Leo Costello Ciaran Byrne Tommy Cullivan Michael Neary Eamonn Donohoe.Sub Cian O Connor.

Death of Betty Kinsella at the age of 60 late of College Street and Newtownards where she resided for the last 30 years.Survived by her mother and brothers and sisters.Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Death of Brigid Donnolly Arch Bar Connolly Street at the age of 73.Native of Kilmacnoran Ballyhaise,she was a member of the much respected Brady family .Herself and her husband Paddy (Diver) ran one of the most outstanding and oldest licenced trades in the town.Deeply religious and very friendly her company was much sought after by all.Great neighbour and friend her concern was for her family and those less well off in the Community.Survived by her son Matt daughters Anna Patsy and her sister Ellie Reilly (Drumlark).Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

50 children led by Pat Sheridan (Chairman) and John Joe Gumley (Treasurer) enjoy a day out in Dublin courtesy of Tullac Momngan Development Committee.They visited the Zoo Botanic Gardens and enjoyed a meal in McDonalds.

September 24th 1987 Meath led by Mick Lyons beat Cork 1-14 to 0-11 to win their 4th All Ireland title just 20 years since they last won also beating Meath.It was the 100th All Ireland Final.In the Minor match Down win their 2nd All Ireland crown beating Cork 1-12 to 1-5 in a dull rugged featureless game where Cork led by Niall Twoomey (Nephew of Eileen Graham) faded after a bright start.

Same Week Boys and Girls Soccer Coaching at Ard Na Greinne pictured are coaches Hughie Murray Gene Cullivan (Jnr) Dessie Gardiner Patricia Walsh and George Harrison imparting some pearls of information to hundreds of boys and girls at Ard Na Greinne soccer pitch.

Death of Margaret Smith Corrahoe at the age of 69.Native of Redhills, she was an expert in rearing poultry.Daily Communicant at the early Convent Mass in the Poor Clare Convent, she had a wonderful devotion to Our Lady of Knock and made the pilgrimage on a twice yearly basis.Her leisure pursuit was mostly gardening at which she was an acknowledged authority.Survived by her husband Philip son Charlie daughters Bridie and Margaret.Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

October 1st 1987 John McDermott defeats  Dan Cash by 81 votes to 37 to be elected Chairman of BLOE.John was also elected to the Management Committee of BLE.

Same Week Dominick Anthony Beirne from Ohill Mohill weighs in at a record 13 lbs at Maternity Unit Lisdarn.Pictured are the child’s parents Mr and Mrs Patrick Beirne Nurse Eileen McBarron and Dr.Louis Courtney.

The Derragarra Inn Butlersbridge is selected Ulster Pub of The Year for the 7th time in 11 years.

Father Oliver Kelly a native of Bailieborough will join Father Oliver O Reilly on the Kilmore Mission to Minna it was announced at the Annual Apostoloc Display.Over £10,000 worth of vestments and equipment were on display which was opened by the Bishop Frank McKiernan in Saint Augustine’s Hall.

Cavan Bridge Club –Maloney Cup 1st Joan and Noel Cassidy.Invitation Pairs 1st and Best Gross Evelyn O Connor and Mrs V Wilson 2nd Maura Goodman and Lucy Hayes.

October 8th 1987 Cavan Hospice Committee are gifted a 3 ½ acre site by the Loreto Order at Carrickane.The Hospice is due to commence construction early in 1988 at a cost of £ 500,000.The Hospice will be known as Saint Christophers and will cater exclusively for terminally ill patients.

Same Week Dermot Healy’s new play ‘The Long Swim will have it’s world premiere at the Hawkkswell Theatre Sligo.The play will be performed by Acorn a professional group attached to the Hawkswell.Dermot is living in Sligo for the last year.

Tragic death of Rose Ann Smith Drumbo when the car she was travelling in hit a stationary tractor in twilight near Drung Chuch on the main Cavan/Cootehill road on Saturday around 8 pm.

Philomena Coleman member of both Cavan and Bundoran Golf Clubs wins the All Ireland Lady Captains Prize at Bundoran Golf Club.Playing off a handicap of 32 Philomena shot a magnificient 44 to lead home an entry of 153.

Presentation of 2 Tickets for foreign holiday of their choice and a colour television and bouquet of flowers for John and Peig Cassidy .Colleagues and staff say goodbye to their very popular County Manager John Cassidy at a function in the Kilmore Hotel.

Alan Dukes the new Leader of Fine Gael refreshes with a beautiful pint poured by his hostess Kate Malone in the ‘Gaelic Bar’.Pictured are Andrew Boylan TD Oliver Malone (Son) Alan Dukes Kate Malone Joe McCartin MEP and Tom Fitzpatrick TD.

Peter Mulry (5) beats Declan Kellegher (5) on the 17th to win the Doctor FPE Smith Scratch Cup at County Cavan Golf Club.

Willie Scott from Bunnoe wins the Guider/Mcintyre Cup on Lough Sheelin with 3 fish weighing 4lbs. 7 ozs.There were 40 rods taking part and a total of 18 fish weighing 26 lbs and 7 oz fish were caught during the competition. 2nd Jack Spratt (Enniskillen) and 3rd Michael Fitzpatrick Bunnoe .

Woodford Gaels beat Cavan Gaels 6-5 to 3-4 in an entertaining Senior Hurling Final in Breffni Park to retain their County Championship.Woodford Gaels had outstanding players in Ciaran Barry Murphy 1st cousin of Cork star Jimmy Barry Murphy Tom Downes and Liam McCabe.Scorers for Cavan Gaels John Heffernan 2-1 PJ Kelly 0-2 and Greg Maher 0-1.In the curtain raisrer Cavan Gaels beat Killeshandra in the Cavan Primary School Final.Picture shows Ciaran Maguire (Secretary Cavan Hurling Board) presenting the School’s Shield to Cavan Gaels captain Patrick Graham.

 October 15th 1987  Plans and Drawings for a new Swimming Pool and Athletic Track are examined by Cavan UDC.Peter Hayden says there is no shortage of plans and the site is available but acute shortage of finance for the project.Members to examine ways of financing the project via National Lottery Funds Social Enterprise Scheme and consultation with the new Minister for Communications Transport and Tourism John Wilson TD  to see if there is funds available under the Tourism schemes.

Same Week Farewell and Presentation of a colour television to Seamus Munnelly NT who is retiring after 35 years service to Tierlahood NS on Friday last.

Brian O Grady assists Navan O Mahony’s to Meath Senior Championship in Kells and after a period of two years inactivity due to leg injury enters the record books with unique treble of Senior and Minor medals Cavan Gaels Senior Castleblayney Faughs and now Senior with Navan O Mahoneys.Brian is son of of the late Brian and Ann O Grady Earlsvale Road and is a member of the staff of Allied Irish Banks Navan.In the curtain raise Joe Mullery in his 1st year in charge guides Moynalty to the Junior Championship after many years of failure and disappointment at the final hurdle.Included on the Moynalty team is Tom Sullivan Johnston Central Library Cavan.

Yash Palmatotra Indian businessman and owner of the Holmepatrick in Skerries and Arklow Bay Hotel in Arklow buys the Kilmore Hotel from Peter Rodgers for a figure in the region of £1 million.Yash has extensive interests in the clothes trade with his company Lisa Limited operating two shops in Grafton Stret and a large Wholesale Distribution Warehouse in South William Street.They hope to build up a chain of ten Irish hotels before the end of 1988.

October 22nd 1987 Terry King from Kilnacreeva Stradone is fatally injured when the car he was travelling in struck a pole on the main Cavan/Dublin Road 4 miles from the town.Survived by his wife Breedge and young family.

Same Week Michael Cryan (Our Lady’s Hospital for Sick Children) Diarmuid Wilson (Ballinagh Boy Scouts) Sean Leddy (Cystic Fibrosis) are some of the well known runners in this year’s Dublin City Marathon.Kevin Moore and Owen McPhilips from Cavan AC are running to achieve a personal best.

Death of Harry Egan Connolly Street at the age of 81.Native of Navan Harry came to Cavan to work with Bank of Ireland in the late 1920s.Later married Margaret (Kelly) and they set up their own very successful family grocery shop in 1959 ‘Mini Market’.Gifted snooker and billiards player in his youth.Harry was decent charitable obliging and kind.Outstanding conversationalist- it was a joy to share his most interesting company.Survived by his sons Leo Paddy Noel Jimmy Harry Gerry and daughter Annette.Father John Murphy received the remains at the Cathedral and officiated at the funeral to Cullies.

World’s Stock Markets collapse after shares on Wall Street suffered a wave of panic selling.Dow Jones plummeted by a record 508 points registering a percentage drop of 22.50 % in 1 day.In London the value of the quoted shares fell by £50 billion while the FTSE index also crashed by more than 300 points

Death of Maisie Morgan Farnham Street at the age of 85.Daughter of Joe and Mrs Taggart Church Street a former Chairman of Cavan UDC and Peace Commissioner.Her uncle Peter was a famous Coach Builder with workshop at bottom of the Cock Hill adjacent to ‘Singer’.Maisie spent her early years in France and was a fluent French speaker and aware of the customs and traditions of the French.Predeceased by her husband Dermot she is survived by her sisters Rose and Eileen.Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

October 29th 1987 Local Appointments Commission recommend John Quinlavin .Former Town Clerk in Dundalk and Drogheda and native of County Wexford to succeed John Cassidy as Cavan County Manager.Maried with a family,he is not expected to take up his new position until the new year.

Same Week 45 Years ago next Monday 250 young boys marched fom Reilly’s School (Mineral Waters) to the new Saint Felim’s De La Salle Boys School.On arrival they were met by Father John Maguire Adm Father Jimmy O Reilly (Schools Manager) and Father Malachy Byrne CC who introduced them to their new teachers.Brother Florence (Principal) Brother Dermot Brother Mark Brother Declan and Brother Basil Choir Master.The school is built on the site of the old County Gaol and cost £11,000 to construct in 1942.

Jim McDermott retires after 45 years service to CIE and Joe Mills after 41 years service as a driver with CIE.Jim and his wife Bernadette and Mr and Mrs Joe Mills are entertained by their colleagues at a function in the Hotel Kilmore at which a presentation is made to them .

Official opening of the Saint Clare’s Community Pre School Playgroup.Pictured is Gene Murphy Sister Lucia Eva Leonard Sister Monica Paddy Carroll (C Furniture) Eamonn Leonard Fergus Reynolds Father John Murphy CC and Gerard Crowley.

Cavan Chamber of Commerce 1987-1988 President Michael O Connell Vice President Oliver Young Secretary Eddie Brady Assistant Secretary Jimmy Scanlon Treasurer Peter McGinnity and PRO Willie Mimnagh.

Kevin Moore (Cavan AC) is the 1st  town athlete home in the Dublin City Marathon.In his 3rd  Marathon Kevin recorded a personal best of 2 hours and 51 minutes running for Kilmainhamwood and Kingscourt Boxing Clubs.

November 5th 1987 John McGinnity of the Midland Regional Tourist Board presents a plaque to Cathal O Dualaing Dublin who broke the hour for the 3 ½ mile Hinds/Rann swim during the Summer.His time of 59 minutes is a new record and unlikely to be equalled or broken for some time according to a statement by Willie Mimnagh PRO Cavan Icebreakers at the Presenatation.Liam Rooney Una Brady Robert Clarke Paul Jermyn and Father Liam Kelly are named as the Cavan people to have completed the swim during 1987.

Same Week Sean Quinn erecting a new £28 million plant in Derrylin for the manafacture of cement to supply North and South.The Quinn Group in existence since 1973 employ 75 people in Derrylin and Williamstown County Galaway in the manafacture of cement blocks roof tiles and supplying cement and sand.Employment is expected to increase to 150 when the new plant is in full production.

Death of Kathleen Breaden Glack Longford at the age of 53.Native of Coleman Road daughter of the late George and Kathleen Lunn.Very successful Bakery and Confectionery business in Longford Breaden’s was a household word for quality and value throughout the North Midlands.Survived by her husband Tommy sons Jude George daughters Theresa Carmel Mae (Sexton) Maureen and Patricia and her sister Carmel and Aunt Lily.Funeral from Saint Mel’s Cathedral to Ballymacormac Cemetery.

Mass relayed live from the Cathedral on RTE Radio.Celebrant Father Felim Kelly Adm. Cathedral choir under the direction of Father Gerry Kearns CC.The Readings were by John Smith and Brigid Duffy.Cantors Una Carr Wally Myles and Martina Lee.Prayers of the Faithful were read by Maura Egan and Sister Mary O Farrell provided the organ accompaniment.

Breffni Gun Club Pheasant Competition 1st John Connolly Drumaloor 2nd John Monaghan 3rd Matthew Lee Belfast and 4th Paddy Ellis Knockanork.

Cavan Gaels’ Terry Coyle Park is voted Best Ground in County Cavan and the Gaels receive £300 and a plaque to mark the achievement.

Death of Gerard Fitzmaurice in Bray at the age of 77 Manager of Providers for 7 year following the death of Mick Galligan in 1954.Survived by his wife Kathleen sons and daughters.Funeral from Our Lady Queen of Peace to Springfield Cemetery Bray.

Clara Town beat Cavan Town 2-1 in FAI Junior Cup at Clara venue.Early goal by Dessie Gardiner seemed to put Cavan Town in control but Clara hit back with an equalisrer and winner 4 minutes from the end.Germaine Cullivan Man of the Match as Sweeper for Cavan tackled well and built up the Cavan attacks from the back Bomber Byne HP Clarke Dessie Gardiner Hubert Smith were the outstanding players for an excellent Cavan team.John Heffernan Hughie Murray Hubert Smith Gerrmain Cullivan Bomber Byrne HP Clarke Robie Berry Sean Kilduff Gery Nevin Dessie Gardiner and Gene Cullivan.Sub Billy Sheridan for Sean Kilduff 13h Man Gerry Clarke.

November 12th 1987 Provisional IRA claim responsibility for the Rememberance Day Massacre in Enniskillien where 11 people lost their lives and 60 seriously injured.Irish Bishops condemn the atrocity and ask Irish people everywhere to condemn those who condone ,give refuge or shelter the mindless perpetrators.Cavan County Council pass a motion condemning the atrocity in the neighbouring county of Fermanagh proposed by Sean Lynch and seconded by Michael Smyth.In a brave act of defiance the British Prime Minister Margaret Tatcher flys to Enniskillen with her husbnd Denis and is pictured along with Tom King Minister of State for Northern Ireland Gerry Burns CEO Fermanagh District Council and Earl of Erne Lord Lieutenant of Fermangh at the special War Memorial Commemoration for dead and injured.

Same Week Both Cavan Singers and Loreto Choral Society excel at the 8th Annual Navan Choral Festival.Loreto comprised 64 students and the Musical Director was Sister Mary Farrell.The 31 strong mixed Cavan Singers was under the Musical Direction of Martin Cahill.

NAWI (Widows) Committee 1988 Chairman Helen Timmoney Vice Chair Doreen Lord Secretary Ena Hickey Treasurer Annie Young  Assistant Treasurer Maura Goodman .Committee Pauline Brady A Mulligan Mrs McGilly and Eileen Hannigan.

O N E Tony Brady succeeds Jim Scanlon as Chairman of the Cavan Branch at meeting in Military Barracks.

November 19th 1987 Conor Caslin 24 year old son of Tom and Mary Caslin Latt is killed in a car crash adjacent to Enfield on the main Galway Dublin Road.His two companions in the car were also killed as they turned into Enfield on their way to marketing children’s books. Adult Ceilidhe Dancing Class postponed as mark of respect to the Caslin family

Same Week Mary Sheridan Drumkeeran Cornafean and Denise Walsh Cavan Road Ballyhaise qualify as Chartered Accountants at Sligo Regional Technical College.Both are pictured with their employers McDwyer-Lennon Railway Road Cavan.

 Peter Hayden (Acting County Manager) informs Cavan UDC that funds will be soon available to give the Market Square a facelift.It appears that some of the Councillors are divided or confused on car parking priority but George Crowe ‘hits the nail on the head’ when he remarks “Cavan has no Town Centre and there is no place for the citizens just to sit and chat” !

Burren from Down beat Kingscourt 08 to 0-6 in the Ulster Club Final played in a downpour in wet and sodden Pearse Park Ballybay.3rd Cavan team to reach the Final since the competition was started in 1969 while Buren were playing in their 6th Final since 1981 and this is their 4th success.Scorers for Kingscourt Jim Reilly 0-5 and Michael Faulkner 0-1.

Mervyn Johnston will give the next recital at Cavan Gramaphone Society in Killeshandra House.

‘Another Watchman’ wins County Cavan Coursing Meeting at Crover Seamus McKiernan (Owner) receives the Gibney Cup and £1,500 from Michael Walsh (Chairman Cavan Coursing).

Over 500 people attend the 35th annual Dinner Dance of the Cavan Association in London held in The Grosvenor Rooms Willesden London.

George Crowe receives his 14th cap for Leinster when they play Munster at Enniscorthy in the Junior Interprovincial.George at 38 is a regular on the team at tight head prop since1982 and plays all his club rugby with Longford.

Enda Young son of Sean and Mary Youing Drumalee receives his Diploma in Plastic Engineering at Athlone Regional Technical College.Enda was educated at Saint Felim’s and Saint Pat’s College Cavan.

Gardening Club Monthly Meeting will be addressed by John McCollon  who is Superintendent of the Phoenix Park and since his appointment has embarked on a major tree planting programme.

November 26th 1987 Michéal O Hehir accompanied by his son Peter is the guest of the Cavan Association Dublin at their Annual Dinner in the Grand Hotel Malahide.John Deignan (President) presents Michéal with a Cavan Crystal Bowl to commemorate his epic broadcast of the 1947 Football Final from the Polo Grounds in New York.During the evening a cheque for £22,000 is presented to Liam Dunbar Saint James Hospital for a Laser which will remove unsightly Birthmarks.The Minister for Health Dr.Rory O Hanlon another guest is on hand to assure the large crowd at the dinner that the laser is purchased by the Department of Health and will be in operation shortly in Saint James Hospital .

Same Week Function in Killygarry Community Hall in aid of Father Jim Connolly Zambia who has been on the missions over 15 years.Father Jim is son of  Mr and Mrs Peter Connolly Killygarry.

Mobile Home belonging to 57 year old Mary McDonagh is destroyed by fire.Mary who lives alone escaped with slight facial injuries.

Iris Richmond Edward Lyndsey and Tom Heaslip are the winners of the monthly Whist Drive in the Farnham Hotel.

Cavan Bridge Club N/S 1st and Best Gross Mick Flanagan and Muriel Doherty 2nd Rory Moore and Imelda Brady 3rd Breda Plunkett and Mary Dowling.E/W 1st Vera McMahon and Eddie O Gorman 2nd Kathleen Clarke and Tommy McCormick (Best Gross) 3rd  Annie Brady and Mary McCarthy.

Enda Corr playing off 5 is the winner of 18 hole stableford competition at County Cavan Golf Club  with 39 points 2nd Paddy McCormack (12) 39 points 3rd Willie Harrington (6) 3rd also with 39 points.

December 3rd 1987 Brian Tierney is ReHab Cavan Man of the Year in succession to Sean Kelly Moynehall.Pictured with Willie O Hanlon (Managing Director Anglo Celt) and Joe Lynch (Dinny Glenroe) MC at Gala Dinner in the Kilmore Hotel.

Same Week INLA ‘renegade’ kidnapper Dessie O Hare known as the ‘ Border Fox’ wanted for the kidnap of Dublin Dentist John O Grady is captured in shoot out with Gardai in Kilkenny .His accomplice Martin O Brien was shot dead in the ambush.He was later sentenced to 40 years imprisonment for the kidnap and mutilation of Dubliner John O Grady a son in law of wealthy businessman Dr Daragh from Co.Meath.

Michéal Smyth on behalf of Smyth’s Audio and Video presents a new strip to Cavan Town Soccer Club.Pictured in Smyths are Hubert Smith Joe Johnston Michéal Smyth Gene Cullivan (Chairman Cavan AFC) Gery Egan (Treasurer) Peter Burns and Mary Murray.

Vincent O Connor will give the next recital at Cavan Gramaphone Society in Killeshandra House.

Death of James A (Jimmy ) Dawson Keadue Lodge Cathedral Road at the age of 87.Member of an old and respected Cavan family.Served his time in The Harland and Wolf Shipyards in Belfast before joining Cavan County Council in 1937 as overseer of the Machinery Yard at Drumnavangh.Diligent and conscientious worker he served the Council excellently until his retirement in 1968.Member and Captain of Cavan Fire Brigade for over forty years,he attended the Poor Clare Convent Fire in 1942 and was in the vanguard of promoting a better fire service for the County following the tragedy.Member of the old Cavan Show Society, he was a gifted gardener and exhibited with great success .Very well read, he was an acknowledged Horticultural expert and was a founder member of Cavan Gardening Club.Trustee of the Protestant Hall,he was very involved with the welfare of the Presbyterian Church and Community in Cavan.Survived by his sons Tom and Alex daughter Ruth and brother Harry and sister Ada.Funeral from the Presbyterian Church to the New Cemetery.

250 Poker players from all over Ireland Isle of Man and Britain throng the Kilmore Hotel in pursuit of the £62,000 Poker Jackpot organised by Ballyhaise Poker Club. Seamus Fitzpatrick Dundalk wins the final hand and £30,000 together with a Trip to Las Vegas for the World Championships at 5 am Monday morning 13 hours after the commencement of play,he had qualified from a satellite tournament in George Donohoe’s The Blackhorse.2nd place went  to 22 year old Declan Reilly from Bunnoe who received £10,000 and a trip to Las Vegas.Tournament Director was Terry Rogers the well known Dublin Bookmaker.

Niall Lynch and Jimmy Meade are pictured with their English teacher Patsy Lee following their recent academic successes.Niall was 3rd in the Patrick Kavanagh Schols Poetry Competition with his outstanding poem ‘Hands’ which explored the ultimate satisfaction with your life’s work.Jimmy Meade was awarded a special silver medal and Diploma from The European Parliament for his environmental essays for which he had already received commendation.

December 10th 1987 Anne Conaty from Farnham Road is the new Lady Captain at County Cavan Golf Club while Canon Peter Smith is the new Captain.President Willie O Hanlon.Secretary Matt Muray Assistant Secretary Norman Cinnamond and Niall Walsh Treasurer Vincent O Connor Assistant Treasurer Donal Crotty.Committee Phil Cullivan Seamus Fox PJ Dolan Sean Galligan Dr.Eamonn Hartmann  Des Lambert Brian Tighe and Robert Treacy

Same Week Father Ray Brady continues his popular ‘Reflection’ series in the Anglo Celt .Father Ray son of Maurice and Kay Brady Main Street Cavan taught in Saint Patrick’s College for a number of years.He is now a Director of the Mount Saint Oliver Institute in Dundalk County Louth and Adviser to Religious Education Diocese of Kilmore.Recently pubished a book ‘The Christian Way’

Death of Rev F J Patterson Rector of Larah and Lavey at the age of 87.Native of Rosnowlagh County Donegal.Rev Gilbert Wilson assisted by Dean Casidy and Canon WJ Garrett officiated at the funeral from Kilmore Cathedral to Saint Anne’s Cemetery Ballyshannon.

Major upset as Cavan town boxing star and favourite for the title Pat Cosgrove is well beaten by P Moore Saint Francis Boxing Club Limerick in the Semi Finals of the National Junior Featherweight Boxing Championships at the National Stadium Dublin.

Senior pupils of Saint Felim’s Boys School present ‘Joseph and His Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat’ in the Town Hall.The Musical Director is Father Gerry Kearns CC and Ann Jenkins. Producers Finian Farrell.Choreography Frances Galligan. Costumes Eilish Mullhern Mrs Nallen Mrs McGovern and Miss O Flaherty.Stage Manegement and Lighting Brian Sullivan John Conlon  Kevin Kilduff Greg Sheridan John Fee and Danny O Hanlon.Makeup Bill Henry and Patsy Lee.

‘The Treasure Chest’ a collection of short stories is published by Teresa Smyth 7 Cootehill Road.This is her second book her 1st ‘Birds Eye View of the Holy Land’ is in its second print.The book is on sale nationwide at £2.

Michael Giles Chairman of Cavan County Council makes a presentation to Tom Desmond and his wife on the occasion of Tom’s retirement as County Engineer.Pictured are Pauline Hayden Michael Giles Mrs Desmond (bouquet of flowers) Tom Desmond Peter Hayden (Acting County Manager) Maura Keaveney Joe Neary (Acting County Engineer) Dorothy Neary Tom Killgarriff (Senior Engineer) Mrs Kilgarriff Mel Keaveney (Acting County Secretary) and Connie McEntee (County Engineer’s Office).

Brian Derham Skerrries County Dublin marries Jacqueline Maloney Drumelis in Saint Brigid’s Church Killygarry.

December 17th 1987 Proposed merger between Klleshandra Co Op and the ailing Bailieborough Co Op are scuppered at the last minute by the intervention of Goodman International.

Same Week Mary Galvin daughter of Lily and the late Bill from Drumnavanagh is conferred with her Masters Degree in Regional and Urban Planning at UCD.Mary was educated at the Poor Clares  Loreto and UCD.

Death of Patrick (Paddy) Smith Saint Patrick’s Swellan at the age of 84.Bus driver with CIE for over 40 years Paddy later drove a school bus and after retirement ran a high class personal taxi service.Deeply religious and good humoured ,he was predeceased by his wife Eileen in 1975 and is survived by his brother Jimmy.Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Death of Domick Johnston at the age of 65.Outstanding footballer with Cavan Harps.Dominick was also a noted strong swimmer and was involved in several rescues in Swellan Lake.Served in the FCA for the duration of the Emergency.Life long member of Cavan Fine Gael-he was President of the Cavan Branch at his death.Deeply religious and kind Domick’s company was much sough after everywhere.Guard of Honour provided at the funeral by Cavan branch Fie Gael.Dominick is survived by his wife Rose sons Tom and Paul daughtersBreege Rose Maureen Philomena Barbara and Jacqueline.Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Johnny Mitchell (Cavan Boxing Club) almost out on his feet knocks out E Callan Killkerley in the 2nd round in the bout of the night at Boxing Tournament in Ballyhaise.Martin McDonagh unanimous points decision over B McGahon (Padre Pio) Thomas Benn and Derek Donlon over O Scallon (Drumshanbo) and P Cunningham (Dungannon) were the only other winners from Cavan but Patrick Cosgrove boxed an exhibition bout with Conor Loughran.

Adrian Donohoe receives slight burns to his legs following fire at his premises ‘Donohoe’s’on the Farnham Road.Smoke damage and canopy over the window are the only damage to shop.

Elaine Lennon daughter of Ann and John Earlsvale Road is conferred with her Diploma in Communications at the College of Commerce Rathmines.Elaine also received the prize for the Best Student.Elaine was educated at Saint Clares Loreto College and the College of Commerce Rathmines.

Cavan AC host very successful BLOE All Ireland Cross Country in the Agricultural College Ballyhaise.Arlene Smith from Kilnaleck wins the Girls Under 14 with a late scintillating kick.Mark O Rourke was 10th in the Boys Under 14 and received a Regional medal. Catherina Leonard and Ursula Newman were outstanding in their respectrive races and gave the home crowd plenty to cheer about.Record gate good day the layout and facilities for the 1,000s of athletes in the Agricultural College was a huge contributory factor to the overall success of the event.John McDermott (President BLOE) paid tribute to John Foley (Supervisor ) and his Staff for their unstinting support and generosity.

December 24th 1987 George Sisk (Manging Director John Sisk) hands over the keys of Cavan General Hospital to Dr.Rory O Hanlon Minister for Health. PJ Clarke CEO North Eastern Health Board Tom Fitzpatrick TD are also pictured at a function in the Hospital.The Hospital cost £28 million to build and will be opened before the end of 1988

Same Week John Quinlavin from Barntown Wexford is unanimously confirmed as Cavan County Manager following the recomendation of the Local Appointments Authority.Andrew Boylan TD proposed the appointment seconded by Andy O Brien.Many of the members of Cavan County Council criticise the manner in which the news of his appointment was relayed to them as they all read the news in the local Anglo Celt and were not officially informed until later.

A Pan American Jumbo jet with 258 passengers (including 3 children) on board crashes over the town of Lockerbie on the Scottish Border.The plane exploded at 31,000 feet and the debris from the plane was scatterd across 854 sq.miles.Two men suspected of having Lbyan intelligence connections are later charged with placing a bomb on the plane.

Big spending spree in Cavan town this Christmas. “The prosperity of the farming community after an excellent year is being reflected in the biggest spending spree for decades”

Inspector Tony McLoughlin returns to Cavan after a period in Drogheda and Navan.He replaces Inspector Pat Lambe who worked in Cavan since 1985 but now has returned to Navan.

For the first time in living memory a Christmas tree adorns the front of the Cathedral and comments have been very favourable.

Jim Maher is appointed Manging Director of the Kilmore Hotel and General Manager of the Lisa Group Ian O Gorman from Castleblayney is appointed Manager of the Kilmore Hotel John Brady from Killeshndra is appointed Entertainment Manager of the Lisa Group while Meave O Reilly from Virginia is appointed Assistant Manager Kilmore Hotel.

Presentation to May Joe McGahon College Street by Dermot Connolly (Assistant Manager) of an engraved silver service on the occasion of her retirement as Higher Agricultural Officer Poultry Products Cootehill.

McGinnitys beat the Cosy Bar A Ballyjamesduff 4-2 to win the County Cavan Darts League for 1987.Team Stephen Dunne Gerry McKiernan Tommy Smith and Pat Quinn.The winners receive a Shield and £100 while the Runners Up receive a trophy and £50.

Cavan Lions Club distribute 102 Christmas Hampers to the poor and needy of the County.Their appeal in association with RTE Radio 2 brings in 3,000 food items on the weekend.Pictured are Seamus Murphy Gordon Nicholson Pat Timmoney Seamus McConnon (President Cavan Lions Club) Tom Carolan (Treasurer) and Enright Clarke.

 Dcember 31st 1987 Sean Walshe completes his 20th Christmas morning swim and receives a shield set in 20 shields  sponsored by McIntyres Hall of Fame award sponsored by John McMahon and a gold medal presented by his colleagues in the Icebreakers Club.Andy O Brien the official starter for the 15th  time is presented with a Cavan Crystal bowl by Sean.Paddy O Reilly completed his 15th swim while Nola O Hanlon is the top lady with 12 swims with the Montogomery twins Brenda and Deidre on 10 consecutive swims.

Same Week Douglas Mahood Keadue and Robert Keith finish 3rd and 4th in their Class in Castrol National Autocross Championship.Douglas’ name is synonymous with Motorsport in County Cavan both as a competitor and organisrer.

Death of Tom McCarren Sain Helens Cavan.Managing Director of McCarren and Company which employs 200 at its Cavan Plant and 60 in Monery By Products.The Factory was established in 1860 by John McCareen its first Chairman until he handed over to his son Andrew McCaren in 1890.Succeeded by son Patrick in 1940 and Patrick was Chairman until 1954 when he was succeeded by his brother Tom .The family tradition is being carried forward by Tom’s son Andrew.Tom was dynamically associated with the Company since 1930 and sourced Pork to Allied troops during World War 2 and later to American troops serving in Korea.One of his main outlets was Smithfield Market in London and he was recently honoured by the Queen Mother for his services at an Exhibition in Smithfield.On Ireland’s accession to the EEC McCarrens were one of the 1st firms in the country to weekly send exports to Germany France Great Britain and other EEC countries on the Continent.McCarren and Company also supply 10% of the home market for ham and pork.Always seeking new markets Tom built up contacts in the USA and Japan with a view to future expansion.He set up Monery By Products in 1951 manafacturing protein feed for cattle and pigs.Tom was President of the local branch Saint Vincent De Paul for a quarter of a century and was extremely generous and decent to those poor and needy.Always paid the top industrial wage and it was frequently remarked while the work was hard the rewards were excellent.Along with his late wife  Minnie Tom was an avid racegoer and frequented all of the tracks both here and in Great Britain.Past President and Captain of County Cavan Golf Club,he was made an Honary Member following his donation of land to facilitate the development of an 18 Hole Course at Aranmore.As a mark of respect the Course closed on Christmas Eve the day of his burial.Outstanding fly fishermen, he always fished Sheelin with great success following the Rise of the May Fly. “He will be remembered as a Great Christian providing ample opportunity for work to the Community and rewarding his staff handsomely at a very difficult time in Irish Economics”. Survived by his son Andrew daughters Sheila Valere and Lorraine and his sisters Sister Mary Paul (Holy Rosary Sisters) and Margaret (English).Guards of Honour provided at his funeral by  Saint Vincent De Paul and the Staff McCarren and Company.Interment in Cullies following Mass in the Cathedral.

Death of Kathleen Kirby late of Saint Bidget’s Terrace in Manchester at the age of 85.Native of Kilconny Belturbet, the family emigrated to Manchester 24 years ago but always kept in touch with the town.Survived by her husband Paddy former Butcher in Hickey’s Bridge Street sons Paddy Peter and Eddie daughters Moira Vera Rosie Bridie Grace and Erin.Funeral from Saint Brigid’s Chirch Killygarry to the adjoining cemetery on Christmas Eve.

Death of Lilian Mackeral ‘Ardvana’ Farnham Road.Wife of  Robert Mackeral former partner in the firm of George Fagan and Company Cavan.She is also survived by her son Bill and daughter Jean

More than £2,000 raised by 60 members of the local Foroige Club during their 72 hour Christmas Fast in the Market Square.Sister Ann of the Poor Clare Convent was in charge of the choir who sang carols throughout the Fast

Helen Quinn Park Lane is appointed Traffic Warden by Cavan UDC.

Gerry Graham Kathy Durkin and Dessie Ronan visit Saint Felim’s Hospital Surgical Hospital Lisdarn and the Night Shelter all on Christmas Day .The trio delightd the patients with their lively blend of Country and Irish music.Mel Doherty visited the Surgical Hospital on Christmas Day and broughthis own blend of comedy and Christmas cheer to the delighted and appreciative patients.

Tommy McCormick Elmbank is Bridge Player of the Year at Cavan Bridge Club and receives the Jim Scanlon trophy joint 2nd are Kay Henry and Kathleen Clarke.

Death of Very Rev.Thomas Canon McCauley at his residence Mount Carmel Earlsvale Road at the age of 81.Native of Killesher County Fermangh, ordained in Saint Patrick’s College Maynooth in 1935.Bishop’s Secretary from 1935-1942.Later to serve in Derrylin Crosserlough Killinkere and finally Killeshandra from where he retired to Cavan in 1985.Founder of Kilmore Apostolic Society set up to assist the missions in 1938.Funeral following concelebrated Mass on Saint Stephens Day in Saint Brigid’s Church Killeshandra to the adjoining cemetery.

January 7th 1988 Golden Jubilee Sale in Maurice Brady’s 68 Main Street.Now run by his son Maurice with the help of brother Sean Frank Lyons.Maurice (Senior) acts in an advisory capacity and is there as usual to greet his customers old and new.The business was founded by Maurice and Kay Brady in the year of their marriage 1937.In an interview Maurice pays tribute to Anna Conlon who was a great help to them in the early years.Anglo Celt in tribute says “the name Maurice Brady means integrity and he is trusted in business by people everywhere”

Same Week Cavan Town B Soccer Club are runners up in the Longford League while their A team is top of the Division 1 Meath League.

Tullac Mongan Resident’s Association are holding a function in the Lakeland Hotel in aid of the Johnston family 33 Tullac Mongan who recently lost the entire contents of their house in a fire over the Christmas period.

Death of Maura Cullen at the age of 88 at Our Lady’s Hospice Harold’s Cross.Relict of Surgeon Bertie Cullen who died in 1975 .After his death she moved to Greystones County Wicklow.Native of Ballyfarnon CountyRoscommon.Educated at Ballyfarnon NS Ursuline Convent Sligo and UCG where she obtained her BA in 1920.Met her husband while both were on holiday in Bundoran and they were married in 1925.She played a huge role in the social and cultural life of Cavan.Founder member of Cavan Bridge Club the Cullen Cup played for annually was donated by Maura in memory of her husband in 1975.Former President and Lady Captain at County Cavan Golf Club.She was also a prominent member of Cavan Lawn Tennis Club which is situtated opposite the house (Louis Courtney’s) “She was a great and gracious lady of refined and aristocratic tastes and was a great and wity conversationalist”.Displayed great support and compassion for the many patients who visited her husband’s practice.Outstanding mother  and family person.The welfare of her family was of paramount importance.Lifetime patron of Cavan Drama Festival ,she  was a leading membe of the Irish Red Cross Committee for the Emergency.Travelled extensively in Europe ,she appreciated good misic and fine art. She is survived by her sons Dom Celestine Glenstal Abey Dr Barry Dr Niall and Maurice daughters Mary and Rosemary.Dom Celestine celebrated her funeral Mass in the Chapel of Our Lady’s Hospice ,among the large contingent of clergy was Dr Francis McKiernan Bishop of Kilmore.Interment too place in Cullies Cemetery.

Death of Richard (Dick) West  Leicester and late of Derryheen at the age of 65.31 years in England,he is survived by his wife Ann son Richard daughters Maryn and June.Funeral from Syston Parish Church Leicester to Barkby Road Cemetery on New Year’s Eve.

Death of Kathleen Cosgrove 8 Oaklawns Dundalk at the age of 54.National teacher she was a very well known respected lady in Dundalk and Cavan.Survived by her husband Leo (Cosgrove) sons Noel Paraic Geroid and Marin daughters Karen Bernadette Mary and Michelle and in Cavan sister in law Pauline McCormack 9 Saint Phelim’s.Funeral from Saint Joseph’s Church Dundalk to Mullagh cemetery.

January 14th 1988 Godman International win control of the ailing Bailieboro Co Op by a vote of  69% for and 31% against.Larry Goodman is seen celebrating with his wife Kitty in the Oasis Hotel Carrickmacross after the announcement of the result which now puts in jeopardy the entire future of the Co Op movement in Ireland.

Same Week Eileen Maloney Cootehill Road Vice Chair of Cavan Water Safety is the recipient of a Citation from the World Life Saving Association.Area Director of Cavan Red Cross,Eileen is a long time member of the Central Council Irish Red Cross.

Death of John McCarthy former National Teacher Drumelis.Native of Clonakilty County Cork,he first taught in Legaginny and later Schoil Mhuire in Lacken.Keen GAA fan and outstanding hurler in his youth. He followed the fortunes of his native Cork and Lacken GFC where his son Tadhg was an outstanding performer.Predeceased by his wife Brigid 15 years ago, he is survived by his sons Denis and Tadgh and daughters Angela O Connor Drumelis and Pixie in Killiney.Funeeral from the Cathedral to Saint Michael’s Cemetery Potahee.

Jimmy Sheridan replaces Tony Looney as Chairman Cavan Gaels while Frank Farrell is the new Vice Chairman replacing the late TM Gilroy.Philip Finnegan replaces Maurice Hoare as Secretary.Gabriel Kelly continues as Team Manager.

Extensive interview with Frank and Edith Goergan Kllygoan House Farnham Cavan.Native of Cologne Frank first came to Ireland on holiday in 1964 and three years later returned to Ireland to live in Carrickmacross. Purchased Killygoan House  which stands on 7 acres  and he runs it as a Guest House for German Anglers.Most of the reconstruction and layout was carried out by Frank a former German construction worker,They had two groups of German visitors over the Christmas and New Year and one of the party caught a 31 lb pike at nearby Rann Point Lough Oughter.They have 3 small children and view Kilygoan as an idyllic setting to rear their family and entertain their many guests who come from France  Holland Belgium and some from the USA.

‘Fireflys’ Cavan’s newest pop sensation are making their 1st TV appearance on RTE television’s Megavox.Members of the band are Niall Walsh Paul Cox and Barry Walsh.They will sing their new release ‘Key to Your Heart’.

Opening Announcement Cavan Travel 87 Main Street opeing soon under the management of Michael and Margaret Geraghty.

Terry and Mary O Connor provide the background music at the highly successful Wedding Fair in The Kilmore Hotel.

Catherina McKiernan wins her 1st Cavan Senior Cross Country edging out her team mate Niamh O Reilly over 4,000 metres at Faybrook Tullyvin.Cavan are the 1st team.Senior Men race over 12,000 metres is won by Brian Reilly from Eugene Sheridan and Martin Lee.

January 21st 1988 P J Clarke CEO North Eastern Health Board announces that according to the latest data available the life expectancy for a woman in Ireland has risen to 76 while life expectancy for men is only 69.

‘Fireflys’ following their recent appearance on RTE are booked to appear on the Late Late Show this Friday.

Same Week Death of Kathleen (Kay) Anderson Royal School Cavan.She was the second wife of former Headmaster the late John Anderson MA and was a music teacher in the school.Taught singing and music in the Royal School before being appointed to a similar position at Rochelle College.She returned in the late 1940 and married John Anderson whose firs wife died in 1948.Dedicated Matron and Music Teacher very high standards which she expected the students to reciprocate.In the evenings she taught music to students of all denominations in the area.Regularly played the organ at Church services in the Church of Ireland.Loved the outdoor life ,she was a well known figure cycling around the town attending to the various requirements of a large boarding school.After the death of her husband she retired to her native Sligo in June 1982.Prfectionist and lady of discipline she was neat tidy and accomplished in everything she did.Rev.Jim Nelson conducted her funeral service in Glasnevin Crematorium and her ashes were laid to rest in Sligo Churchyard with her good friend Rev George Millar MA officiating.She is survived by her brother Nevile Burns Belfast and sister Olga Siggins Sligo..

Breffni Branch ONE Officers 1988 Chairman T Brady Vice Chairman Dominick Johnston Treasurer J May Secretary C Smith Assistant Secretary Paddy Grace PRO John Joe Gumley Emloyment Officer Sean O Shea.

Donal McEvoy of Pergola Nurseries Virginia is the guest speaker at the monthly meeting of Cavan Gardening Club.

Drumalee GFC AGM Pat Sharkey replaces Matthew Reilly as Chairman Secretary Michael Lyons Treasurer Frank Lyons Oliver Leddy TeamManager while younger brother Sean is  Team Captain.Trainer Cyril O Keefe and Team Coach is Paddy McGovern.

Killygarry GFC Bartley Gilsenan is returned as Chairman with Martin Brady Secretary Team Manager Brendan Keaney.

January 28th 1988 Ray Mc Sharry Minister of Finance introduces the 2nd Budget of the present Government.Current deficit of £1,180 million is £20 million less than budgeted.In future 63% of all PAYE workers will only pay tax at the Standard Rate.New PRSI Rate for all Self Employed.Unemployment Benefit rises to £42 per week while Contributory Old Age Pension is increased to £56-80 and non contributory £48-50 per week.

Same Week Andrew Cosgrave Latt is the winner of the Stephen Roche Jersey in the Bank of Ireland Young Savers Scheme.Noel Teahan (Manager Bank of Ireland) announces at the presentation that Andrew will now go forward to the Main Draw for a Stephen Roche bicycle valued at £600.

Aine Hughes wins silver in the Novice Girls and Mary Leech wins Bronze in the National Gymnastic Finals.Both girls are coachedc by Jim O Leary Coach with Cavan Gymnastics Club.

Gold pelican awards at Irish Blood Transfusion Martin Cosgrove 29 Highfield Road  Bernard Johnston Kilnavara  Ann Marie Bogue Cavan Barry Brady Cullies Michael Cryan Anglo Celt  Sister Mary O Farrell Loreto Convent  John J Lyons Shantemon  Noel Lee Behey

Death of Jimmy McCullough Lakeview Terrace at the age of 67. Member of the well known Quinn family one of Cavan’s oldest and most respected families.Jimmy after leaving school  worked with Tommy Montgommery collecting scrap and fruit. Later took up employment with Onslow Bredin in the building of Drumnavagh Earlsvale Road and other large contracts.Reliable decent and very industrious, Jimmy was a founder member of the Breffni Boys Band.In his youth he was an outstanding footballer with Cavan Harps.Survived by his brothers Henry and Pat and sister Mary in the USA.Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

February 4th 1988 Presentation of  a pair of watercolours by Phil Cullivan to Rt.Rev.Monsignor Patrick McManus Director of Kilmore CMAC (Catholic Marriage Advisory Council) by Sean V Kelly (Chairman) on his retirement.He is replaced on the Council by Father John Murphy CC Cavan.Principal guest at the reception in Cavan Golf Club was the Bishop Francis J McKiernan.

Same Week Cecil Lindsay from Clonegonnell is installed as Deacon by The Bishop of Kilmore Gilbert Wilson at a cermony in Kilmore Cathedral.Pictured are Arcdeacon George Millar (Rector Cavan) Bishop Wilson Cecil Lindsay and Dean Cassidy of Kilmore.

Top class boxing tournament before a full house at Cavan Rugby Club between Cavan Boxing Club and a strong Dublin Selection.Patrick Cosgrove was again the star of the night in the light flyweight contest, returning to his best form in a magnificient contest which he just shaded against Derek Maguire (Saint Pappins) the reigning Leinster Champion.Michael Davis (Bay City AC) three times Irish Champion brings Johnny Mitchell’s unbroken run to an end.The Dubliner winning on a unanimous decision.Martin McDonagh also fought gamely before dropping a points decision to Darndale’s J Prior.Brian McKeown Cavan BC announces further tournaments for the Lavey Inn and the Hackler’s Rest.

Niamh O Reilly wins the Cavan Junior Cross Country Lady’s title in Bailieborough and leads her team to Gold.Cavan AC Niamh O Reilly Jasmin Cusack Pauline Brady and Fiona McGonnell who was 4th overall.Stephen Rudden in one of his 1st Cross Country outings places 3rd behind Gary Cosgrove from Kll in the 6,000 metres Junior Men.Cavan AC were the 3rd team.

Aidan Browne is appointed  Assistant Matron in Saint Felim’s Hospital.Native of Enniscorthy he worked as a nurse in Dublin before coming to Saint Felims.

Death of  Billy Sheridan Owen Roe Terrace at the age of 64.Spent many years with Con Reilly (Noel Brady) both in the shop and on the farm.He later joined McCarrens and was an expert in the grooming of horses.Friendly cheerful and very hard working, Billy was an outstanding footballer with Cavan Harps.Survived by his wife Kathleen sons Matt Peter Billy John Martin  daughters Kay Mary Josephine Pauline Rose and Bridget.Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Death of Annie Meehan Saint Felim’s Place at the age of 84.Native of Granard, she worked in the licensed premises of John Moore Bridge Street (McGinnity’s) and was married to Billy Meehan a very prominent greyhound trainer.Survived by her son Jim (former Cavan Fotballer) Bill and daughter Anna (Crowe).Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Angela O Reilly fom Poles the Cavan Readoiri singing winner is crowned Ulster Champion in Ballygawley County Tyrone.Angela now goes forward to the All Ireland Finals in Shinrone County Offaly.

Brid Heslin will give the next recital at the Gramaphone Society in Killeshandra House.

Sympathy is extended to Paddy Gaffney Latt former Town Engineer on the death of his brother Eddie Shopkeeper and Egg Merchant Crimlin Carrickaboy

Patsy and Magella Carroll open their new ‘Music Man’ store in College Street with Paul Johnston as the Manager.They are stocking a huge selection of musical instruments amplification and accessories.Patsy is a household name in music circles and his talent has brought him around the Globe.

February 11th 1988 Pat McDonnells 6-8 Main Street is sold for a consideration believed to be in the region of £150,000.The purchaser is Tony Maguire Belturbet who has plans for a large entertainment Lounge on the site.Auctioneers were AOR.Kitty McDonnell is continuing in the Draper business and is moving to another McDonnell premises at 61 Main Street.McDonnells was founded by Pat McDonnell in 1927 and specialised in the baking and supply of fresh bread to nearly every town in Cavan Monaghan Leitrim Meath and Longford.They had the contract for the supply of bread to the three main boarding schools Loreto Saint Pats and the Royal School.Pat himself was a long time member and Chairman of Cavan UDC representing Clann Na Poblacta.The bakery closed in 1986 but they continued to bake confectionery until 1987.

Same Week Mick Higgins is voted All Time Great of Gaelic Football at the Bank of Ireland All Star Awards in the Burlington Hotel.Mick is the holder of 3 All Ireland Senior medals 1947 1948 and 1952 when he was also the Captain of the team.

Country wide storm causes havoc and five deaths as winds of up to 107 MPH sweep over the country.For a twenty four hour period storm force 11 winds are experienced in Cavan.Most of the damage caused in the Western Coastal Counties with over 80,000 losing power from the ESB.

Top prize of £1,000 in the 11th Cavan International Song Conrest goes to Ireland with Pat Dempsey’s song ‘Rebel’ sung by Dave Lawlor  in The Kilmore Hotel 2nd went to Yougoslavia with ‘Green Green Green’ 3rd went to ‘Annie’ sung by Tony Kenny.Music for the Festival was provided by Earl Gill and his Orchestra while the MCs were Myles Dungan and Larry Gogan.Jury Phil Cullivan (Chairman) Tom Flanagan (RTE) Jarzi Romanaki (Poland) and Oswin Bolila.Technical Staff John Conlon Brian Sullivan and Nigel Pratt.Backing for the vocals was provided by The Dawn Gold Trio.

February 18th 1988 Death of Jimmy Mallon Owen Roe at the age of 75. One of Cavan’s great stage and music personalities.Born ion College Street member of one of the oldest and most respected Cavan families Jimmy was an Electrician by trade .Served his time in the old Cavan Electrical Company in Abbey Street under Foreman Fred Gillespie .Among his colleagues were Tommy Smyth 60 Main Street and later Butlersbridge and Jimmy Farrelly Owen Roe.The Company was later taken over by the ESB and Jimmy served a number of years with the ‘Board’.Maintenance man in McCarren’s and later McCormack’s Killeshandra .Jimmy was attached to Smith’s Garage Electrical for a number of years before joining Mick Smyth’s where he specialised in electrical contract work for the Urban Council supervised by Town Engineer Paddy Gaffney.Outstanding boy sprano Jimmy was a prominent member of the Old Cathedral Choir under former town’s man Father Willie Buchananan.Wonderful comic Jimmy specialised in farce comedy and his early partner was Babs O Brien a native of Church Street.On their numerous appearances on stage they were popularly known as Jeanette and Babette.Later Jimmy teamed up with his old friend Benny O Rourke to bring patrons high class comedy in the Laurel and Hardy style.Member of the Confraternity and Foeresters marching bands Jimmy later formed  ‘Jimmy Mallon and Thr Four Aces Band’ playing saxophone and clarinet joining Stan Mullery Tom McCusker Betty Ronaghan and Henry Martin in the line up.Survived by his wife Mary sons Edward and Gerard  daughter Catherine and sister Katie in College Street.Funeral Mass celebrated in the Cathedral by Father John Murphy with burial in Cullies cemetery.

Same Week Death of Rev P F Canon Mallon PP Maghera and former President Saint Patrick’s College.Trainer of the McRory winning team of 1955.

David Taylor (Clonliffe Harriers) is the winner of the Men’s 12,0000 BLE National Senior Championship in Ballyhaise, the 1st ever held in Cavan or Ulster.Katherine Rooney from Sligo but representing Blackrock AC wins the Ladie’s 6,000 metresa from  Ann Buckley (Clonliffe) and Rosie Lambe (Knockbridge).The outstanding performer of the race was Cornafean and Cavan AC runner Catherina McKiernan who is brilliantly captured taking the high hurdles and  floating through the mud to take a highly creditable 10th place.Paul Logan (Limerick ) is the winner of the Junior Race.Reg Hayes President of BLE presents and inscribed plaque to John Foley (Superintendent Ballyhaise Colege) to comemorate the 1st Senior National Competition to be held in Cavan or Ulster.

David L Mackey aged 39 5 Lime Court Clonmel and native of Lettekenny County Donegal is unanimously elected Cavan County Manger following recomndation of the Local Authorities  Board.David began his career in local Government with Donegal County Council later Acting Town Clerk Bundoran Town Clerk Kinsale and later Town Clerk Leterkenny.Appointed Staff Oficer Donegal County Council and later Administrative Officer Donegal County Council.Secretary Tipperary South Riding  and later Assistant Manager and Acting County Manager Tipperary South Riding.David was proposed for the position by S Lynch seconded by Tom Smith.David Mackey has indicated he will take the position if appointed.Andy O Brien says “ its not a County Manager we want it’s a Magician who will change stones into gold!”

Death  of Jimmy Mallon

Ttragic death of Laurnce (Larry) Cafrey Drumalee at the age of 28.Killed when the car he was driving skidded on ice on the Gurteen Road near Ballymote in County Sligo.Electrician by trade he was employed by John Kelly & Son.Worked in Holland Oman and Saudia Arabia and South Africa before coming back to Ireland.Outstanding footballer, he played with Saint Felims School Cavan Gaels and Drumalee maintaining a family tradition with the latter club for whom his father Paul starred in the 1950s.Survived byhis parents Paul and Mai brothers Aidan Paul  Padraic and sister Moira.Father Felim Kelly presided at the Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.Guard of honour at both removal and funeral provided by Drumalee GFC.

Sudden death of Nellie Smith Oakvale at the age of 62.Just returned from the Cavan International Song Contest in the Kilmore Hotel when she suddenly became ill and died.Native of Enagh West Virginia, she ran a very successful petrol filling station with her late husband Michael who died 10 years ago 1st in Church Street (Singers) before developing a virgin site at Oakvale on the Farnham Road.Very tasty and neat, they won several national titles for their outstanding garden display at Oakvale.Nellie was a founder member of the Cavan branch National Association of Widows and was also an avid reader-sister of the late Sarah Cullen Assistant County Librarian..Survived by her son Philip daughters Lorraine and Catherine.Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Milk Run will be held in Cavan on the 27th March in aid of the Irish Heart Foundation.Chairman/Secretary  John McDermott Treasurers Alaoighas Bergin Daniel McMonigle Leone McDonald PRO Ray Griffith.

Bridge Gordon’s Gin Cup 1st Father Thomas Woods and Kay Henry 2nd Helen Timmoney and Mrs V Wilson.

February 25th 1988 Michael and Margaret Geraghty open Cavan Travel at 87 Main Street (Paddy Kings) opposite The Farnham Hotel.

Same Week Game of the season in Tierquin as Blackrock College snatch a late draw against Cavan Rugby Club at Tierquin on the score 12-12 at full time.This weekend the Cavan team travel to Castlebar to play the locals in the annaul Larry Burke Memorial Game.

Cavan B hammer Strokestown 5-0 away with Gene Cullivan the outstanding player on the field.The First Team beat Speedwell 2-1 to maintain their position at the top of Meath League with 21 points from 12 games.Goals from Gene Cullivan and Francis Mooney in each half sealed victory against a dour Speedwell team.

Thieves break into Connolly Brothers during the night and steal stock valued at over £2,000.Meanwhile Paul Harford and Michael Maguire from Coolock and Cabra Dublin are jailed for a period of 12months in Saint Patrick’s Institution for their part in a robbery at Scanlon’s Jewellers Cavan in January 1987 when £2,000 worth of jewellery and watches were stolen and never recovered

Next recital at Cavan Gramaphone Society is by Mary Dunne Coleman Road in Killeshandra House.

Blacks Printers Cavan founded as Smith’s Printers by T J Smith in 1828 at 49 Main Street later moving to 100 Main Street (O Briens) in 1860.Bought by RS Black in 1918, the name Smith’s Printers was retained until 1947.In 1978 a new Board of Directors was installed to modernise the plant with Richard Black Managing Director Ivan Black Sean Fitzpatrick Brian Lynch and Ray McDwyer.The Board decided to update to Computer Photo typesetting installing two Editmates in 1981 and 1983 without any IDA asistance.

Tom Brady Brady’s Garage Cavan hands the keys of the 1st Mitsubishi Galant to be sold in Cavan to Declan Sheridan Proprietor of the Meadow View Lounge.The Galant is Japan’s Car of the Year 1988.

Death of Mary Ruddy Poles at the age of 85.Sister of Nellie Gilroy Cathedral Road.

Sympathy is extended to Ann Lee on the death of her mothe Mary Curry Cavanagh Ballyconnell.Native of Fenaghan Belturbet she was a member of the well known and respected Brady family from Drumlane.

February 25th 1988 News Items

March 3rd 1988 Death of Paddy Gaffney Cavan Town Engineer ‘Ardeevin’ Latt at the age of 84.Born in 1904 Pat received his early education in  Derrabawn NS before going to Saint Patrick’s College and later UCD .Qualified as an Engineer in 1933 he served first  in Sligo  Board of Helath before being appointed  Clerk of Works in Ballinasloe before returning to Cavan and Cooethill Housing.Later was appointed Town Surveyor for Belturbet and Cootehill before coming to Cavan as Town Surveyor in 1938 a position he held with distinction for 50 years.The Surveyor was responsible for all aspects of life in the Community apart from roads and during the War Patrick was appointed Chief Air Raid Warden for the town to go with his many other duties.Brought his firm into the modern era when he teamed up with Phil Cullivan Architect to form the well known Engineering and Architectural firm of Gaffney and Cullivan in 1960 where he was very successful in designing schools and churches which were the firms main interest.Outstanding gaelic footballer in his youth being a member of the Tullyco (Laragh ) team which won the County Junior Championship in 1926.Teamed up also with his brother Eddie who only died recently with Denbawn O Sullivans where his displays  attracted the attentions of the County selectors.His other great sporting passion was Greyhound Racing .Not only did he breed and train a number of very successful dogs but he was a founder member and shareholder of Clones Greyhound Track.He won the Caesatawich in  1960 with ‘Pocket Glass’ and the Oaks in 1962 with ‘Purly Good’.His last major success was the Puppy Derby in 1965 which he won with ‘Prince Olly’.Predeceased by his wife Madge (Nee Smith New Inns Upper Lavey), he is survived by  sons Brian Patrick and Kevin daughters Helen Magdalen Doreen and Breda.Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies cemetery

Same Week Musical ‘Oliver’ in Saint Patrick’s College .Father Gerry Kearns Musical Director Bill Henry Producer Frances Galligan Choreography and Sets by Leoni Lynch.

Cavan Chamber of Commerce make a presentation of an inscribed silver tea set to Oliver Young (Vice President Cavan Chamber) and Mary Young receives a bouquet of flowers at retirement social in McGinnity’s Lounge.

Cavan Gaels present the entire proceeds of the Charity Football Match on Saint Stephens Day to Cavan Hospice received by Margaret Cooke and Angela Allen (Cavan Hospice) pictured is Frank Farrell (Chair Cavan Gaels Finance) and Jimmy Sheridan (Chairman Cavan Gaels) presenting the cheque.

Louis Blessing’s team are again the winners of the Annual Table Quiz promoted by Saint Felim’s Boys School Committtee and sponsored by the Anglo Celt.Pictured are Noel Finn Joe Hikey (Quizmaster) Mary Elliott (Saint Felim’s Parents Committee) Willie O Hanlon Harry Hunt Louis Blessing and Paul Dolan

March 10th 1988 Town Twinning Committee Chairman Paddy Carroll Vice Chairman Alan Cooke Secretary Gabriel Cullivan (Town Clerk) Treasurers Paddy Conaty PRO Johnny O Hanlon.Commitee will meet twice monthly and it is hoped that organisations such as the Chamber of Commerce Junior Chamber and Foroige will become involved in the development of the accord.

Same Week Death of Michael Sheridan Moynehal Cavan at the age of 67.Former Sales Manager with Hayes Electrical up to his recent retirement.Outstanding footballer with Denn in his youth,he spent his leisure hours in the garden and was an acknowledged gardening expert.Survived by his wife Mary sons John Paul Alan and Enda.Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Tom O Boyle has sold the practice of TJ Fitzpatrick and Company to John O Reilly Solicitor Main Street Ballyconnell who has been with the firm since 1979.Established in 1945 former partners are T J Fitzpatrick TD and Tom Fitzpatrick District Justice.

Highlight of the 43rd Cavan Drama Festival is the David Norris One Man Show.

March 17th 1988 John P Wilson Minister for Transport and Tourism turns the 1st sod on the new Department of Agriculture and Food Ofices behind the Courthouse.Employing over 150 high grade officers.It will mean an extra £1.5 million annually to the town.The Contractors are John Sisk and Company.

Same Week Rick and Jennifer Lewis are pictured on the front page following Rick’s All Ireland C& D Raquetball triumph in Saint Patrick’s College and Jenifer’s gold and silver medals at the All Ireland Gymnastics in Portumna.

Carmel O Callaghan and Diane Turner Harvest Restauarant are the new management team at the refurbished Bridge Hotel supplying quality meals and 1st clas accomodation.Carmel is a native of Tullytrain Crosskey while Diane is from Moneycas Tulyco Cootehill.Imelda Dolan is the Chef in the Bridge Hotel.

Cathriona McKiernan (Loreto Cavan) wins her 1st national title the Colleges Senior Girls 2,000 metres in Saint Augustine’s Dungarvan.Cathriona discarded her spikes and ran the race in heavy conditions in her bare feet.Niamh O Reilly (Loreto Cavan) is placed 11th and 1st Ulster scorer in the Girls Under 17 3,000metres.

Paddy Gaffney former Town Engineer.Patrick Conaty (Chairman) says that a total of 286 houses were developed between 1950 and 1967 under Paddy’s supervision and a further development of £2.6 million along with many other developments initiated by him. Peter Hayden (Acting County Manager) sums it up by saying “pound for pound Paddy Gaffney was the best value Cvan Urban Council ever got”

Death of Mrs Mary (Maisie) Farrelly Drumelis at the age of  64.Outstanding wife mother and neighbour.Survived by her husband Michael sons Hugh Michael and Paul daughters Catherine and Monica.Funeral from the Cathedral to Drumcor.

Death of Tommy Walsh at the age of 84.Founder member player and official of the old Drumalee team of the 1920-1930 era .President of the Club at his death he was also a prominent hurler in his youth.Worked all his life on the Saint Patrick’s College farm and everything he did with expertise and dedication.Survived by his brothers Frankey and Mickey and Mary (Smith) Cullies.Coffin draped in Drumalee colours and the club also provided a guard of honour at the removal and funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Death of Eugene O Reilly Drumheerish at the age of  83 brother of the famous Charlie of Clann Na Poblact fame, he was the first Secretary of Cavan Cow Testing Association and was a great supporter of  the late John Tully TD.Keen GAA supporter he followed the fortunes of Drumalee GFC with great interest.Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

First Cavan pilgrimage to Medugorje organised by Top Flight.Details from Kieran Galvin 4 Drumnavanagh Phone 31647

Loreto College win the Senior and Junor Cavan Colleges Basketball Finals in the Sports Complex beating Cootehill Comprehensive 21-14 in Senior and Bailieborough Community School 20-10 in the Junior.

March 24th 1988 Noel Teahan retires as Bank Manager Bank of Ireland Cavan.Native of Arklow ,Noel first came to Cavan in 1957 and apart from the period 1965-1970 spent all his banking years in Cavan.Appointed Manager Bank of Ireland on the amalgamation of the old Hibernian and Bank of Ireland in 1975.Noel and his wife Collette are retiring to 10 Keadue Cathedral Road.

Same Week There were over 1,000 taking part in this year’s Saint Patrick’s Day Parade in Cavan held in bright sunshine with Philip Cullivan replacing Mel Dohert as MC.Parade sent on its way at 12 midday when the President of the Chamber Michael O Connor cut the tape.Led by a colour party from the 2nd Battalion FCA there were 10 bands and 20 floats and numerous lorries together with representatives from all the major organisations in the town including a float from the ICA celebrating the 40th anniversary of their establishment in Cavan.Cavan Gardening Club tastefully prepared the reviewing stand with a spectacular display of daffodils and greenery.Best Overall Flat Cavan Aluminium Best Industrial McCaren and Company Best Youth Float Cavan Pony Club Best Cultural Cavan Ballroom and Oldtime Dancing (Cecil Gilpin) Best Original Homemakers  Best Newcomer McGinnity Travel.During the parade the Chairman of Cavan Urban Council Patrick Conaty was put through to his colleagues in Januay Clan and greetings were exchanged on the 1st Saint Patrick’s Day of the twinning of both towns.From a local point of view one of the highlights was the magnificient display of the new Youth Band consiting of 38 boys and girls.The 8 majorettes performed intricate  and exciting drills in perfect precision in front of the Reviewing Stand.The Band was under the Direction of Paddy Carroll and  Mrs D Smith.Later in the day The Cavan Ballroom and Oldtime Dancing Float was the overall winner of the Cootehill Parade.

Gerard McIntyre leads McIntyres to the Sean Shields Snooker Trophy and £200 when they deservedly beat ‘Taxi’ in the Final at Cavan CYMS.Team Gerard McIntyre (Captain) Dermot Carmichael Daragh Donohoe and Pauric Fitzpatrick.Taxi were represented by Laurence Flood Martin Jermyn Gerry Bravendar and Paul Morton.

Death of Paddy (Birdy ) Duffy late of Owen Roe and Annagelliff at the age of 86.Postman by profession Paddy was extremely efficient and courteous.Worked in Cavan town area as well as Drung and Finea for a period of 54 years.Member of the Cavan Slashers winning teams of 1925 1927 and 1930.Keen golfer Paddy was President of County Cavan Golf Club in 1977.Outstanding fly fishermen he wasa regular visitor to the Annalee  and Mullahoran rivers.Survived by his sons Hubert Paddy and daughter Anna May.Funeral from the Cathedral to Butlersbridge.

Noel Martin on behalf of Cavan Credit Union makes a presentation to Rev.Monsignor Patrick McManus on the occasion of his retirement in the Lakeland Hotel.Father McManus is a founder member of Cavan Credit Union.Pictured are Phil Cullen (Chairman Social Committee) Ann McCabe (Manager) Noel Martin (Chairman) Monsignor McManus Mary Keoghan (Secretary)Vincent Walsh (Treasurer) Gene Cullivan (Director) Jim Mooney (Director) Mickey Gallimore (Director)  Michael McEvoy (Supervisor) Elizabeth Mooney (Director) Tony Brady (Social Committee) Derek Graham (Director) Sean Maguire (Director) and Erik Johnston (Director)

Johnny Mitchell Cavan Boxing Club  wins the 42 kilo class at the Ulster Juniore Championships in Cookestown.The southpaw from 22 Saint Martins beats D Hargin from Derry on a unanimous decision after an outstanding display.Martin Mongan Martin McDonagh and Jimmy Donegan were the other beaten finalists from Cavan Boxing Club.

Oliver Malone and Martin Lawless team up for the 1st time to capture the silver medals at the All Ireland Under 35 Doubles Championship in Killkenny.

March 31st 1988 Cavan UDC call a general meeting to revive the swimming pool project.Chairman Paddy Conaty says the Urban Council have the plans the site and the information but no money.Paddy says plans have been drawn up by Gaffney and Cullivan for a 25 metre pool at the Sports Complex and he recommended that the Minister for Tourism and Transport be contacted as well as the National Lottery.The cost of the pool would be £650,000 of which the local contribution would be £130,000.He understood that a fund of £42,500 was already in existence so over the next year a further input of less than £100,000 would see the pool become a reality.In a more sobering comment the Town Clerk Gabriel Cullivan points out that the annual upkeep of the pool similar to the one in Athlone will cost £83,000 per annum to maintain and he felt that this was away above the capacity of a relatively small centre like Cavan.Frances Galligan rises to the challenge calling for a positive attitude.All negative thoughts are to be banished it is possible to raise £100,000 in a year.The Town and County are crying out for a swimming pool”!.Committe elected Chairman Patrick Conaty Vice Chair Frances Galligan Secretary Jacqueline Maloney Assistant Secretary Bernadette O Leary Joint Treasurers Margaret Tully and Paddy O Reilly UDC .Committee Enda Mullhern Liam Rooney Brian Sullivan Danny Thomas John Fee  Willie Mimnagh Brendan Young Mary Young and Gene Cullivan.All members of Cavan UDC Cavan County Council and Tullac Mongan Residents Association are to be co opted on to the Committee.

Same Week Jim McDonnell (Cavan Gaels ) is elected a Trustee of the Gaelic Athletic Association at their annual Congress in Bundoran.Frank Kenny from Roscomon is the 2nd Trustee.Both men are automatically elected to the Central Council and the GAA Management Committee.

John Sisk are awarded the contract for the building of the new Military Barracks in Pullamore at a cost of £7 million.

Hacklers Group with John Osbourne’s‘Look Back in Anger’ win 3 top awards at Killtyclougher Drama Festival .Best Actor Pauric Hand  Rosemary Toal Best Actress and  Best Supporting Actor Dermot Matthews.Great performance as none of the winners had any previous stage experience.Performance in the Lakeland Hotel next wek.

Paddy Kelly’s landmark house on Breffni Park Lane is demolished.His late wife daughter of Peter Galligan was born in the house.Pady himself came to live there 52 years ago and his daughter Molly was born in the house as was her three children Ann Patrick and Claudine.

Patrick Conaty (Chairman Cavan UDC) propses that the Council call the newly completed Estate Killymooney Drive seconded by Vice Chairman Terry Argue and unanimously adapted.

Pat McGovern sells the town’s first Lottery winner of £10,000.Nobody has come forward to claim the prize yet.

Cavan UDC are to sell the Tower Hamlet site to the Office of Public Works for £90,000.This is the second time in 10 years that the Council has sold the site to the OPW and the last time in 1978 the sale crashed as a result of heavy handed and procrastination attitude of the POW.This time they enter into a 3 year bond with the Urban Council to build the new Garda Barracks on the site.

Peadar and Mary Clarke open their new Lounge Bar known as’Peadar’s Bar’ in Connolly Street.Both are 30 years of age and will run the premises in a very personal manner.Mary who hails from Ballinamore is a former telephonist and says her communication skills will be put to good use in running the new busines.Peadar Clarke is from Crubany and son of Mattie.They are married with 3 children and plan to expand the premises to cater for music at the weekends.

Jill Hartmann wins he gold medal at the National Apparatus Gymnastic Finals in The Sports Complex with Mary Leech taking the silver medal.First time the Club has competed in the 4 Apparatuus Finals.

Frances Galligan presents the Kathleen Sullivan Perpetual Trophy on behalf of the Sullivan Family to Cavan Bridge Club in memory of their mother “an accomplished and illustrious Bridge player”.In presenting the trophy to the first winners Vera McMahon and Eddie Gorman Frances remarks “Bridge was my Mother’s life”!

Milk Run in aid of the Irish Heart Foundation draws thousands of competitors on the Run /Walk round by Loreto 4.8 miles on a beautiful sunny afternoon.Pictured on their way home to Town Hall Street after the run are David and Declan Brennan with their pet dog ‘Speedy’.The Tullac Mongan contingent are pictured after the run enjoying the refreshments at the Cathedral Adrian Swaine Michael Graham Patrick Graham Richard Graham and Gareth Murray.

Sundrive Players Dublin win the 43rd Open Section at Cavan Drama Festival with ‘A View from The Bridge’ Best Actor Pacelli O Rourke (Sundrive) Best Actress Betty Thompson (Arnotts Theatre Group) Best Newcomer Eileen O Sullivan (Arnotts) receives the Ray O Connor award for the most promising young performer. Best Producer Una Parker (Sundrive Players) and Best Set Cavan Vocational School who were also placed 2nd in the Confined section with ‘The Plough and the Stars’

April 7th 1988 1st Tractamotors/Fiat Sports Awards.Category winners are announced at a reception in the Cavan Rugby Club.Darts Tommy Smith Rugby Eric Trenier Handball Greg Sheridan Soccer Dessie Gardiner Raquetball Oliver Malone Motor Sport Pat Shields (Cootehill) Badminton Jim Lawlor (Belturbet) Boxing Pat Cosgrove Basketball  Damian O Reilly (Mullahoran) GAA Jim Reilly  Athletics Arlene Smith (Kilnaleck) Gymnastics Daragh King and Camogie Margaret Carroll (Killinkere).

Same Week Death of Francis  Farrelly formerly Mons Terrace in Birmingham.Resided in England for the last 33 years survived by his wife Susan sisters Margaret Jackson (Fairview) Molly McMahon (Breffni) and Mrs Felix Rudden (Tullac Mongan).

Sympathy is extended to Mrs Deidre Reilly Keadue on the death of her father Daniel (Dan) Shanahan a retired Garda in Kells County Meath.

Death of John Molloy Dromod County Leitrmi and late of O Gorman Drapers Cavan at the age of 80.At the age of 15 he contested the Final of the All Ireland Senior Handball Championships.Beaten by Pady Perry (Roscommon ) in 1929 in the Junior Singles,he was back with HL Smith in 1930 to win the All Ireland Junior Doubles.This was the 1st All Ireland Handball title ever won by Cavan.Ulster Senior Handball Champion for 10 years ,he was unbeatable in Ulster.Member of the Cavan team for all of his time in Cavan he won an AllIreland medal with Cavan in 1935 and was on the winning Slashers team of 1931.Represented Cavan with distinction at both hurling and badminton.Later emigrated to London and continued his association with the GAA as a top clss referee.Married Nurse Jenni Smith from Shercock and they returned to  John’s natïve Drumod in 1984.Legend in Cavan town where his company either for a drink or a game of poker was much sought after. “May the grass  grow lightly over John’s grave in Mohill Cemetery”.

April 14th 1988 To mark his installation as County Manager  David Mackey is seen assisting in the planting of 1,500 trees on Council property all over town.Pictured are Paddy Conaty (Chairman UDC ) with spade Dave Mackey(County Manager) Peter Hayden (County Secretary) JJ Carmichael  John McAtackny and Dominick McCaul planting trees on the embankment at the Dublin Road.

Same Week Death of Sister Mary Conlon Loreto Cllege at the age of 80.She was 13 years in Cavan .Native of Kilcolgan County Galway.She is survived by her sister Sister Eileen (Loreto) and brother Michael in Galway.Bishop Francis McKiernan officiated at the funeral from the Convent Chapel to the Convent Cemetery.

Death of Paddy Mullery in Stretford London at the age of 74.Born and reared in Town Hall Street ,he worked for many years as a mechanic in the family garage.Member of the LDF during the Emergency.He was a gifted musician playing both saxophone and clarinet.Member of the Pavillion Pantomime group who played to packed houses all through the late 1940s and early 1950s.Predeceased by his 1st wife Anna (Nee McConville College Street).Paddy is survived by his wife and family in London brother Stan and Dicky in Cavan and sisters Maureen Hand and Winnie Conlon Cavan.

Gun Club take on  Northern Ireland opposition at the Black Mountain Quarry Belfast.Cavan team Malcolm Lee (Captain) Franicie Murray  Gabriel Conolly Laurence Lee and John Sheridan .Outstanding performances by Francie Murray Laurence Lee and Gabriel Connolly.

Charles Greene goalkeeper with Cavan Gaels is called up to the County Senior team for the forthcoming Ulster Senior Championship. In brilliant form for the Gaels.

The clock at the front of Saint Pats which stopped 30 years ago is finally repaired by Stokes Antique Clock Repairs McCurtain Street.Cork.Manafactured by J Booth and Son Dublin in 1873 at Murphy Foundrey Dublin. The clock is an exact match of the clock in the front of Trinity College Dublin also manufactured by Booths.

Joseph Young Drumcrave at the age of 20 wins Virginia Milk Products Quality Silage award of £400 and Perpetual trophy presented to him by the President of the IFA Tom Clinton at a function in the Park Hotel Virginia.

Johnny Mitchell from 22 Saint Martins wins the 1st National Title for Cavan Boxing Club and his two trainers Brian McKeown and John Ellis.After suffering a badly bruised thumb in the Semi Final, Mitchell was floored by his final opponent P McGuigan (South Hill) in the 1st round.2nd and 3rd rounds won by the Cavan southpaw in spectacular style and Johnny receives a 4-1 decision from the judges to become the Under 15 42 Kilo National Champion at the Stadium in Dublin.Meanwhile Emmanuel Moore representing the Kilmainhamwood Boxing Club and reigning Leinster Champion is beaten in the Final of the  Under 14 48 kilos by Declan Higgins Fermoy on a close 60-59 points decision.

Daryl Doyle beats Declan Donohoe to win the Seamus Fay (Bookmakers) sponsored Junior Snooker Handicap Final at Cavan CYMS.Pictured at the presentation are David Connolly Paddy O Reilly UDC (Trasurer CYMS) Nevin Fitzpatrick Michael Judd Declan Donohoe Seamus Fay Daryl Doyle Francis Graham Aidan Crossan Jim Fay Jason Doyle Felix Johnston Michael Gilchreest Michael Jermyn Dara Smith Eddie Johnston (Beaten Semi Finalist).

Niamh O Reilly leads Cavan Ladie’s to the Road Championship at the event held in Cavan.Team Niamh O Reilly Lyla Cafferty Fidelma Carolan and Pauline Brady.Kenneth Smith running in the colours of Cavan AC  wins the Boys Under 16 Championship while Eugene Sheridan representing Lavey breaks from his team mate Martin Lee to impressively win the Men’s Race in a time of 31 minutes and 51 seconds.

Cavan Town are crowned Meath Division 1 A Champions after 3-0 play off win against Skryne.Star of the show was John Crotty who along with scoring twice played as an old fashioened winger and wrought havoc in the Skryne defence .Dermot Carmichael ensures the win and League title for Cavan with a 3rd goal.Billy Sheridan suffered a nasty injury and was removed by ambulance to Our Lady’s Hospital Navan.Team John Heffernan Gerry Clarke Hubert Smith Thomas Byrne (Captain) Germain Cullivan Adrian Ronan Martin Maguire Billy Sheridan Gerry Nevin Dessie Gardiner and John Croty.Subs HP Clarke for Billy Sheridan and Dermot Carmichael.

April 21st 1988 Jim Reilly is elected Fiat/ Tractamotors Cavan Sports Star of the Year while the great Mick Higgins is inducted into the Hall of Fame at Gala Awards night in the Kilmore Hotel compered by Jimmy Magee RTE.There were 13 categories and each nominee received a Cavan Crystal bowl.

Same Week David Mackey the new Cavan County Manager receives a warm welcome from Cavan County Council meeting in the Kilmore Hotel.According to the members the main priority is to tackle the appalling state of the county roads which have now fallen into disrepair and the potholes are rated the worst in Ireland.In his first address the new County Manager states that Cavan is a beautiful county with a lot more going for it than most other counties.We have to develop the amenities and then market the county.Funding is urgently required for several purposes particularly the roads infrastructure.David calls for teamwork between the elected representatives and his staff in the Council and calls for everybody to be positive about the task ahead.

In response to an application for £4 million to equip Cavan General Hospital the Minister for Health announces that £2 ½ million is being made available immediately and it is hoped to have the Surgical Department opened before the end of 1988.

Senator Jim McKiernan formerly of Owen Roe is part of an Australian Parliamentary delegation touring Ireland.The UDC will host a civic reception for the party in the Town Hall.

Cavan Gramaphone Society next recital will be given by John Smith in Killeshandra House.

Gardening and Flower Arranging Club lecture this month is by Hugh Glynn B Agr Sc entitled “Gardening the Easy Way”!

Des and Mary Nuggent open the Olde Priory Restaurant Main Street .Beautifull ambience and up market image.Des graduated in Edinburgh and worked with the Swallows Group of Hotels in the Borders before being appointed Head Chef in The Whie Horse Hotel Cootehill.Mary has worked in the Hotel business as a Manageress in Navan Dublin Jury’s New York Long Island and latterly in TheWhite Horse Hotel where she met Des.

Brendan Sherlock from Monaghan Phoenix retains the Jim Rice Memorial 5 mile classic title for Monaghan.Last year’s winner was Frncis Boylan also Monaghan Phoenix.Tributes are paid to Jim Cochrane for the efficient way the races were run off around the streets of Cootehill.

Cavan Vocational School with their adaptation of ‘The Plough and the Stars’ are 3rd in the All Ireland School’s Drama in Dublin.Martin Lovett is Best Supporting Actor.Roisin O Connor and Monica Tackney are voted Best Producers.Jim Costello another teacher receives comendation for the magnificient set design.

Cavan Vocational are very impressive on ‘Youngline’ on RTE television with Andrew Kelly discussing the political situation in Kuwait the troubles in Northrn Ireland potholes in Cavan and other topical subjects.Filmed by Paddy Ronaghan the particiapants from Cavan Vocational School are pictured Ann Rudden Joanne Lane Sheila Reilly Stephen Sexton  Gareth Maguire Elaine Walsh Melanie Pratt Dermot Gibney Kieran Monaghan and Morgan McMonigle.

April 28th 1988  RTE’S ‘To Day To Night’ Uncovers Massive Fraud at Baileboro Co-Op.A number of Northern Ireland Creameries and former members of the Bailieborough Co Op are alleged to have swindled £7 million from EEC funds.

Same Week Death of James (Corky) Smith at the age of 79.Great character worked all his life on the GNR Railways.Last of a family of 9 his brother Paddy from Saint Patrick’s Swellan only died 4 months ago.Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

  Death  of Canon Hugh McGrail in Manorhamilton at the age of 79.Native of Innismacgrath Drumkeeran County Leitrim.one of a family of 8, he was ordained priest at Saint Patrick’s College Maynooth in 1937.Spent 5 years in Cavan from 1945 to 1949.Tireless worker known for his efficiency and pride he took in his work.Outstanding golfer he was a member of Cavan Golf Club during his time in Cavan and later Rosses Point in Sligo.Bishop McKiernan officiated at the funeral in Saint Patrick’s Church Dromahaire and interment took place in the church grounds


Cavan regain the Doctor McKenn Cup for the 1st time in 20 years beating Derry very comprehensively 0-14 to 1-6 in Irvinestown.It is the first senior trophy to come to the County since Ulster Championship win in 1969.Gate receipts were  £2,500.Now preparing for the 1st round of the Ulster Championship against Monaghan in Clones on the 22nd of May 1988.Gene Larkin Vice President of the Ulster Council presented the McKenna Cup to captain of the Cavan team Jim Reilly amidst ecstatic scenes at the conclusion of the game.Scorers for Cavan Ronan Carolan 0-5 John Brady 0-4 Jim Reilly Seamus Donohoe and Stephen King 0-1 each.Cavan Damian O Reilly (Killinkere) Amby McMullin Gerry Sheridan Damian O Reilly (Mullahoran)Aidan Watters Sean Kiernan Philip Smith Jim Reilly Ronan Carolan Seamus Donohoe Ray Cullivan Fintan Cahill John Brady Stephen King and Derek McDonnell.

May 5th 1988 Luke warm reception for swimming pool project from Cavan County Council.The Chairman Michael Giles sets the tone from the start by remarking that the main benefactors would be in the Cavan area and that the upkkep of such a project at this stage is almost prohibitive.Veronica Sharkey says that the Pool would benefit the county as a whole and that Cavan is the only inland county without a swimming pool.Continuing Veronica says that the Committee are committed to raising £200,000 which is 1/3 of the total cost and that they are relying on the County Council to give them a site adjacent to the Sports Complex.Dave Mackey then asks the Council to agree to the principle of a swimming pool situated in Cavan and this was agreed

Same Week Paul V Kelly Solicitor Church Street is admitted to practice as an Attorney in the State of New York following a swearing in cermony in Albany New York.

Chief Superintendent Jim McNally transferred from the Phoenix Park headquarters to take charge of the Longford Westmeath Division.Former head of the Roscommon and later Cavan/Monaghan divisions.

Death of Mary Ellen Murray 26 Tullac Mongan.Native of Belturbet she was very well known and extremely popular in the area.Predeceased by her husband Joey (Caretaker Cavan CYMS) she is survived by her sons Philip and Tommy daughters Rose Peggy Pauline and Bridie.Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Cavan win their 1st Ulster Under 21 Championship following comprehensive win over Antrim in Park an Uir Newry.They were beaten in their last 4 appearances and the joy and relief is manifest among the Cavan supporters as the Cavan captain Dessie Brady receives the Irish News trophy from Gene Larkin (Vice President of the Ulster Council).Scorers for Cavan Fintan Cahill and Vincent Kelly 1-2 each Dessie Brady 1-0 Ronan Carolan 0-3 Michael Fagan Vivion Dowd and Seamus Conaty 0-1 each.Cavan Jimmy Reilly Shay Smith Damian Reilly Brendan Sweeney John Donlon David McDonald Pat Sharkey Ronan Carolan Michael Fagan Fintan Cahill Vincent Kelly Dessie Brady Francis Mooney Vivion Dowd and Seamus Donohoe.

Offical opening of the new £ 78,000 KillygarryAthletic Grounds by Peter Quinn (President Ulster Council).The ground is not vested in the GAA and any organisation in the Parish are welcome to play their particular sport here in the shadow of Slieve Gladh.Founded in 1965 First Chairman Gerry Brady Secretary  Francis McDermott Assistant Secretary Packie McGovern Treasurer Paddy L:ee and Reps to County Board PJ Boylan and Francis Galligan.Kilygarry will play Denn in Junior Challenge while Cavan play Leitrim in Senior Football Challenge.The first game of the day is between Killygarry and Killinkere in a Camogie Challenge.Grounds are situated in Crubany which is steeped in GAA tradition with a team affiliated  since 1930 later to be known as Cavan Harps.

May 12th 1988 Willie Harrington  opens ‘Cavan Tyre’ on the Ballinagh Road specialising in tyres batteries  Maxol oils and Petrol.all prices are reduced including petrol by 6p a gallon.Bernadette Gilroy is looking after the accounts Same Week Bailieboro Shamrocks beat Cavan Gaels 1-4 to 0-6 points in Under 16 County League Final at Crosskeys.In a very tight even game the vital goal came from a mistake by Peter McCaffrey in the Gaels goal just before half time.With John Kinsella dominating midfield the Gaels had enough pocession to win.Best for the Gaels was full back Damian Mullhern John Kinsella Eamonn Burns Johnny Graham Colin Sheridan Paul Kinsella and full forward Eddie McCormack.Team Peter McCaffrey Pierre Kinsella Damian Mullhern Tomas Gormley Peter Cassidy (Captain) Andrew McCarthy Charles Noonan  John Kinsella Eammon Burns Johnny Graham Colin Sheridan Raymond Fallon Paul Kinsella Eddie McCormack Pauric Nallen.Subs Don Darcey and James Doonan.

Dolores Smith Martin Donohoe Liam Cooke and Paddy Carroll outline the problems facing the new youth band at a meeting in Saint Augustine’s Hall.New working committee of Eddie Sexton Jackie McMahon Kevin McKiernan Molly Donohoe Pady McCabe Peter McGinnity Aidan Fortune Liam Cooke and Dolores Smith are elected to raise funds to support the ongoing development of the Band.

Cavan Diabetic Association 1988 Chairman Seamus Connolly Vice Chairman P Brady (Belturbet) Secretary M Lynch (Longford) Treasurer H Howell (Cootehill) PRO P Lynch Abbeycartron Longford.The branch covers counties Cavan Monaghand Longford

Friends of John Sullivan home raise £500 to be spent on further equipping the centre while the Bridge Club raise £600 for the Saint Felim’s Clini Fund administered by Harry Smith (Belturbet)

Cavan Badminton Club Winners 1988 Ladies Doubles Margaret Gannon and June Maguire Runners Up Teresa Brady and Margaret Gorman.Mens Doubles Brian Webber and Oliver Smith Runners Up Mervyn Lindsay and Noel Cassidy Mixed Doubles Joan Cassidy and Mervyn Lindsay and Runners Up Ethna Garry and Jackie Lindsay                                                                                                                                                                    

Tom and Carmel Fitzpatrick Drumelis suffer fire damage at their house in Drumelis originating in the hot press but destroying the kitchen.They were not at home at the time and nobody was injured but they are residing at 13 Earlsvale Road (McDonnell’s Home) while their own house is being repaired

Mass in Cavan CYMS for deceased members and friends next Monday 16th May.all are welcome.

May 19th 1988 Farnham Astronauts win the County Skittles Championship at Milltown Team Norman Mills  Brian Smith Michael Logan Thomas Brady Sean Brady (Captain) Noel Phair Michael McKiernan .Peter Smith ‘Crossroads Inn’ Milltown is the Sponsor Patsy Lynch the Referee John Bernard Gilroy the Umpire and the presentation was made by Christy  Woods Chairman of the Cavan Skittles Association.

Same Week Cavan outclass Galway 1-15 to 0-10 in the Under 21 All Ireland semi Final in Carrick on Shannon before an attendance of 3,000 most of them from Cavan.Scorers for Cavan Ronan Carolan  0-6 Dessie Brady 1-1 and Michael Fagan Vivion Dowd and Seamus Donohoe 0-1 each.

Cavan beat Leitrim 1-16 to 2-9 at the opening of the magnificient Kiilygarry Athletic Grounds at Crubany.Pictured is Peter Quinn (President of the Ulster Council) Paddy Fitzpatrick (Treasurer) Bartley Gilsenan (Chairman) and Tom Coyle (AsistantTreasurer).The grounds were blessed by the Bishop of Kilmore Most Reverend Dr Frank McKiernan and the Mountain Road Pipe Band rovided the musical entertainment.

1st Cavan GAA Golf outing is won by Kevin Blessing with the in form Oliver Galligan 2nd and Brendan Donohoe 3rd.The great Mick Lynch of Cavan and Bohemians fame is the winner of the Special Prize while Paddy Lyons had the Best 2nd 9.(Mick Lynch was the proprietor of an Electrical Shop in Bridge Street and first class Electrical Contractor during the 1950s and played Senior and Junior for Cavan.He was a master of every sport he undertook including cricket at which he represented his country)

Paddy Buckley from 16 Tullac Mongan is the very popular winner of the the Jackpot of £ 995 at Cavan Soccer Club.Pictured at the presentation are Eddie Sexton  Jackie McMahon (Seller) Gene Cullivan (Chairman Cavan Soccer Club presenting the cheque to Paddy Buckley  and Gerry Egan (Treasurer)

Mary Fitzsimons daughter of Benny and Ethna Killygarry is Chef of the Year after receiving her Diploma at the Hotel Training and Catering College in Killybegs.

Town Hall Street Traders Association are pictured fitting hanging baskets to their premises.Pictured is Michael McKiernan fixing the flower baskets on each premises in the Street Maureen McCaffrey Sheila Fay Bernie Tully Nigel Pratt Margaret Smith Jimmy Egan Catherine Jenkins Jimmy Brennan Jimmy Scanlon Dympna Fay and Brian Webber.For the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade the bunting on the street was sponsored by John McMahon.

Jim Lawlor a native of Wicklow and former employee of the old Hibernian Bank in Cavan in 1969 succeeds Noel Teahan as the new Manager at the Bank of Ireland Cavan.

Martin Jermyn wins the Big Snooker Competition and £150 in the Black Horse sponsored by McIntyre Brothers Willie Johnston is runner Up and receives £100 while Gerry Bravendar receives £50 for the highest break of the tournament.

May 26th 1988 Cavan are just pipped by Monaghan 0-16 to 0-14 in a rousing 1st Round Ulster Senior Football encounter in Clones on a beautiful sun kissed day.Nudie Hughes the great Monaghan all star the difference between two very well matched sides with the help of an in form full forward Eamonn Murphy.Eugene Magee Cavan team Manager since 1984 sensationally resigns following the defeat.First time in 50 years that Monaghan has defeated Cavan in the Ulster Championship.18,000 paid gate receipts  of £40,000 to witness a top class Monaghan performance back under the stewardship of Sean McCague who guided them to Ulster Championship  glory in 1985.Scorers for Cavan Ronan Carolan 0-10 (9 frees) Michael Faulkner Derek McDonald Fintan Cahill and John Brady 0-1 each.

In the Curtan Raise a late goal from John C Brady (Mullahoran) gives Cavan an undeserved 2-5 to 0-11 points draw with Monaghan.The replay is at Breffni Park next Sunday.Scorers for Cavan John C Brady 2-4 Stephen Tynan 0-1.

Same Week Cavan Badminton Club win the Breffni League Cup and are Runners Up in the Breffni League. Team Seamus McIntyre Mervyn Lindsey Jackie Lindsey Marita Leech Irene McCabe  John O Reilly Margaret Gorman and Clair Conroy.

Death of Tommy (Tolie) O Donnell 13 Saint Brigid’s Terrace at the age of 52.Son of Tommy and Rose O Donnell 17 Breffni Terrace .Outstanding talent Tommy took a leading role in the Boy Scouts Pantomimes from a very early age and was a member of the Scouts Broadcasting Harmonica Band of the 1950s.Member of the very first Boy Scouts Accordion Band Tollie played the drums.Later joined Des Jenkins and His Orchestra and was a household name throughout the country as a drummer par excellence.Invited to join the Mighty Avons at their formation but Tollie opted to stay with the Des Jenkins Orchestra.Devoted service to Smyth’s Electrical Tollie joined the firm in 1953 and served as a General Electrician and Foreman until his death.Engaged in the installation of Cable Systems in Cavan Bailieboro Carrickmacross Navan Naas and Longford Tommy was instrumental in the success of these ventures by Smyth’s in the 1970-1980 period.Worked on the installation of the Casble/Radio System at Cavan General Hospital and the new Military Barracks at Pullamore.Founder member of Cavan Shamrock Soccer Club, he never missed an International in Dalymount and was a staunch Tipperary hurling fan visiting Carrick on Suir on a regular basis.Outstanding member of Cavan Golf Club Tommy won the Members Cup in 1976.Well known along with Mick Smyth Ken Simpson on the Erne waterwazy fishing every weekend in Season.Above all else Tollie was a gentleman and delightful Company and is was a pleasure and an honour to share an evening with him.Survived by his wife Mae son Gerard brother Oliver sisters Rosaleen and Kathleen.Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

June 2nd 1988  Kevin McDonnell lands 13 ½ lbs brown trout on the Ballyhaise River using a Meps Lure.

Pupils of Saint Clare’s paint the Post Man Pat Mural at the school under the direction of teachers Carmel Lewis and Geraldine McGee.

Same Week Death of Rosaleen Dempsey 11 Rossa Place at Beumont Hospital Dublin.Worked with Jackson’s Coach Services for a long number of years.She was highly regarded and respected in Cavan.Survived by her husband Patrick son Alec  and dasughters Patricia and Rosaleen.Funeral from the Cathedral to Ballybay.

Mick O Beirne playing off 18 wins the Dr Cullen Cup with an excellent score of 64 Enda Mulvaney (9) and Cathal Smith (16) are joint second with 65.Johnny Costello (3) shoots  75 for Best Gross.

Jim Scanlon is the new Captain of County Cavan Bridge Club for 1988.

Derek Alecock playing off 8 is the Winner of the President’s W P O Hanlon’s Prize at County Cavan Golf Club Kevin Devine (17) 2nd and John Talbot (14) 3rd.Terry Brady playing off 3 has the Best Gross of 73.

Cavan Minors surprisingly beat Monaghan 0-10 to 1-6 in the replay of the Ulster Minor Football Championship in Breffni Park.John C Brady again the hero kicking over the winning point in the last 30 seconds.Scorers for Cavan John C Brady 0-6 Tommy Smith 0-3 and Ronan Farrelly 0-1.Cavan Team Gerard Reilly  Niall Carolan Ciaran Brady Ciaran Fitzpatrick James Brady Glen Crossan Michael Fallon Tommy Smith Gary Millar Ronan Farrelly Patrick Shiels Gavin Walsh John C Brady Noel Bartley and Thomas Lynch .sub Paul Staunton for Gavin Walsh.P J Carroll is Team Manager while PJ Galligan (Killygarry) and Norbrt Hanley (Crosserlough) are the selectors.

Retirement of the very popular Billy O Neill as Detective Sergeant in Cavan.Native of Kerry joined the force in 1951 Billy served in  Cork Galway and Dublin.Detective Sergeant in County Cavan, Billy was stationed first in Ballyconnell and later in Cavan town residing at ‘Ciarrai’ in Keadue Lane.Ardent and very knowledgeable GAA fan Billy played football for Ballyconnell when he first came there in 1957.He intends to keep active and enjoy his many interests including gardening.

Cavan Town Darts Finals in a packed McGinnity’s Lounge Rosaleen Smith going for her hat trick is beaten by the superior throwing of Nuala Smith 2 sets to 1 .Nuala  threw 3 tons to stamp her class on the final set and victory winning the Phil Gillbride Cup and  £ 150.In the Men’s Final Patsy Kane the Champion from 1985 and 1986 is back to his brilliant best to whitewash Tommy Brides 5-0 to take the J J Higgins Cup while Tommy Brides who never got an opportunity to settle receives a Cup and £75.Hugh McDermott and  H Dourneen receive £20 and trophies as the beaten Semi Finalists.

Iaranroid Eirean open their 39th Cement Depot to serve Cavan Leitrim Monaghan and North Longford on the Ballinagh Road.The Depot will be operated by Robert Treacy who is situtated in the adjoining unit with Cavan Refrigeration.

June 9th 1988 Maria Felicity Wilson daughter of John Minister for Tourism and Transport and Ita Wilson Killogolah Finea receives her MB Bch BAO (NUI) and is admitted as Licentiate of Royal College of Physicians.Over 100 medical students from 19 different countries were conferred at a cermony in the Royal College of Surgeons Dublin.

Same Week Mary Leech  daughter of Hugh and Marita Drumalee is this year’s winner of the Niall Kenny Scholarship at the Teacher’s Centre in recognition of her outstanding performances with Cavan Gymnastic Club.

Deborah Boyle is the winner of the Cavan Town Dart’s Club draw pictured receiving her prize of a portrable television from Michéal Smyth (Smyth’s) who sponsored the prize.In picture are Phil Cullen (PRO) Patsy Kane (Secretary) Deborah Boyle Michéal Smyth and Joe Johnston (Chairman Cavan Darts Club).

June 16th 1988 Plan of proposed new Market Square Development on display in Town Clerk’s Office .The development will be funded by a £ 225,000 grant from the Ireland Fund.Pictured are Dave Mackey (County Manager) Gabriel Cullivan (Town Clerk) Patrick Shaffrey (Architect) Patrick Conaty (Chairman Cavan UDC) and Tod Davis (County Council Town Planner).

Same Week Death of Mary (Mollie) McMahon Breffni Terrace  at the age of 80.Menber of the very well known and highly respected Farrelly family from Mons Terrace.Predeceased by her husband Peter.Survived by her sons Jimmy Peter and Jackie daughters  Lilly Maura Kathleen Anne Susan Bridie Margaret Colette  and Bernadette sisters Margaret (Jackson Fairview) and Annie Sheridan (Tullac Mongan).Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies cemetery.

Ray Houghton’s header gives Ireland a famous 1-0 victory over England in Stuttgert in the first round of the European Football Championships.Later a deserved draw with Russia and an ulucky loss to Holland the eventual Champions sends Ireland’s first time heroes home to a fantastic welcome from hundreds of thousands of people in Dublin.

Breffni Gun Club results of annual Clay Pigeon Shoot held on Hyland’s land Pullamore ‘Down The Line Cup’ Malcom Lee and James Connolly Ducking Mallard’ John Monaghan and ‘Driven Bird’  Malcom Lee and Gabriel Connolly  Springtime Teal’ Gabriel Connolly and Steven Hughes with Pady Elis and Malcom Lee Runners Up.Pictured are the Lady Competitors Eileen Connolly Jacinta Connolly Mary Lee Bridie Tully  (Runnner Up) Annette Hughes (Winner) and Mary Connolly.

June 23rd 1988 Death of Rose Meehan Bridge Street at the age of 66.Last member of an old and respectable Cavan family who were in the Gent’s hairdressing business for generations.Nurse by Profession after qualifying in England  Rose worked for over forty years in the old Sanatorium and later Saint Felim’s Hospital.Her devotion to to the old and sick was heoic.Took an active part in Church activities Rose was always available to help neighbours and friends over life’s humps and hollows.Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Same Week Monaghan defeat Down 1-11 to 0-9 before 16,000 spectators in the Ulster Senior Football Semi Final in the splendidly appointed Breffni Park.Managed by P J Carroll Cavan beat Down the All Ireland Champions 1-8 to 0-7 in the Minor Semi Final and will now play the favourites Tyrone in the Ulster Final in Clones. .

Cavan play Offaly in the All Ireland Under 21 Final in Pearse Park Longford next Sunday evening.It is Cavan’s first ever appearance in the All Ireland Under 21 Final.  

Cavan General Hospital first Open Day is on the 11th July from 2-5 when the general public are invited to view the recently built hospital.

ReHab Cavan launch the Dial A Tone Telephone Directory with the names of 10,000 Co Cavan Subscribers at a function in the ReHab.Welcome address by Hugh Lennon Chairman Cavan Town ReHab.Chairman of the Dial A Tone Committee is John McMahon Market Square othere members are Tana McDwyer Dolly Brady and the book will sell at £3.50 in all newsagents in the County..

Church of Ireland Union of Churches including Derryheen Denn and Cavan present a cheque to the Cavan Hospice.Pictured are Stanley Heaslip  Fred Tilson Noreen O Reilly (Cavan Hospice) Patrick Nuggent (Chairman Cavan Hospice) Ivan Bolton and Archdeacon George Millar MA making the presentation on behalf of the Union.

Ricky and Kathleen Walsh open Rosie’s Restaurant at Upper Main Street (Eugene Monaghan’s) formerly ‘The Galley’ accommodation on 2 floors for 72 guests.Phone 049-61097 for Reservations.Una Traynor is the Manageress .Ricky and Kathleen already operate ‘Rosies’ in Ballyjamesduff and they expect to bring the same quality and expertise to their new Cavan venture.They choose the name Rosie as it was the name of Paddy Reilly’s girl friend in the song composed by Percy French ‘Come Back Paddy Reilly to Ballyjamesduff’

June 30th 1988 Eugene O Dwyer from Fennor Oldcastle is granted a certificate to act as an Auctioneer.He has an auctioneering business in Cavan and 2 bicycle shops in Oldcastle and Bridge Street Cavan (Packy Joe Lee’s)

Same Week Delores Brady wins the Lady Captain’s Prize (Ann Conaty) at County Cavan Golf Club 2nd is Dorothy Neary and 3rd Sheila Moore.

Cavan Gymnastic Club win their 1st ever Artistic Gymnastics National Final. Team Lorraine McMahon Rachael Scorr  Trina McCauley Jennifer Lewis Mary Leech Sinead O Reilly Pauric Martin Jill Hartmann Rachael Carolan  Una O Conor and Brian O Leary.

Maureen Nallen from Cullies wins the gold medal at the County Cavan Swimming Finals of the Community Games and will swim for Cavan in the All Ireland Finals in Mosney.Seamus Curtin won silver in the Under 12 Boys.Roisin Webber (Under 10 Girls) Bronze.Simon Sharkey (Under 12 Boys) Bronze and Fiona Webber (Under 16 Girls ) Bronze.

 Cavan County Council unanimously endorse the decision of Dave Mackey (County Manager ) to add a further floor to the reconstruction of Cavan Courthouse at a cost of £228,000.The total cost of the refurbishment will now be over £3 million.The new floor will house the County Development and Engineering Staff.

Same Week Brian and Philomena Coleman buy the Acot offices on Farnham Road for £70,000 at a public auction in the Kilmore Hotel.Terry Argue and Rory Hayden acted for the purchasers.

Ray Carr from Earlsvale Road is the new President for 1988-1989 of Cavan Lions Club.Ray is very well known throughout the area for his work with Foroige and the annual Kilmore Pilgrimage to Lourdes.

Barry McGuigan stops Thomas Da Cruz after 1 minute and 43 seconds of round 4  at Luton Town Football Park in London .Meanwhile back home in Clones the local Urban Council unanimously agree to call their new Amenity Park The Barry McGuigan Park in honour of their most famous son.