Did you see in The Celt (1971 to 1980)?

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March 5th 1971:

Dennis Condon is appointed Manager AIB to succeed the late Michael O Sullivan. Dennis is Treasurer of Drumalee GFC and a prominent member of County Cavan Golf Club.

Same Week Martin Gaffney buys the Abbey Bar from Joe Goode for £18,000.

Terry and Siobhan Smith are pictured after their Marriage in Saint Felim’s Ballinagh.Father Gillbride officiated.

March 12th 1971:Senator Andy O Brien is appointed President of the Ulster Council GAA.

Same Week:Swimming Pool Bazaar netts £800 in profit.

Death of Donal McGovern  Saint Patrick’s Swellan.Native of Virginia.Played with the local Blues and later Cavan Harps.Publican in Bridge Street for a number of years ,Donal was a very popular Porter in Lisdarn.Survived by his sons Eamonn and Cyril (Athy).Rev Father P J Gargan Adm.

 officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

County Cavan Bridge Team of Four qualify for the All Ireland Finals.Team:Ena Hickey,Kathleen Sullivan,Dermot Morgan and Maureen McDonald.

March 19th 1971:Kells outpolls Carrickmacross by 17 votes to 12 and is the new Administrative headquarters of the North Eastern Health Board.The new premises are to be built at a cost of £40,000

The Itinerants are well settled into their 3 tigins at ‘Saint Francis’ halt.

March 26th 1971 Jimmy Graham Saint Phelim’s Place fatally injured in two car collision at New Inns.Family were on their way to Bingo session in Virginia.The driver (Richard Graham) and Willie McGovern discharged from Surgical after treatment. Detained in Hospital are Annette McGovern (daughter) and Patricia Graham (Daughter in law).Jimmy Graham worked for over 30 years in McCarrens.Survived by his wife Annie 5 sons Richard,Jimmy,Patrick John and Francis and 3 daughters Annette ,Mary,Julie and Margaret.

Death of Elizabeth Foster Connolly Street in Belfast.She was in her mid 40s and is survived by hr husband Isaac and daughter Eleanor and son Bill.

Death of Thomas Woods former star hurler with Cavan Slashers.he was 47 and spent the last 14 years in England.He was a Bread Salesman before emigrating. Survived by his three brothers Robbie,Paddy and Johnny and 2 sisters Mollie and Mrs B Kavanagh.Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

April 2nd 1971:John McConnell grandson of Jack McConell wins the Irish youth Snooker Championship in the Irene Hall Dublin.John is coached by Jack Rodgers brother of Bookmaker Terry.

Same Week Death of James McGahern Wolfe Tone Street. Surviving member of the Slashers County Championship team of 1917.Worked with GNR and member of the LDF during the Emergency.Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Strand players Dublin win the premier award and Best Director at Cavan Dram festival with ‘A Pridigious Snob’.Susan Coyle (Loreto College) wins the gold medal for elocution. Certificates awarded to Micheal Harding (Saint Pats) and Ann O Reilly (Loreto).

Ireland host the Eurovision in the Gaiety Theatre Dublin.Severine wins for Monaco with’ Un Banc,Un Arbre,Une Rue.RTE’s first colour outside broadcast.

April 9th 1971:Saint Felim’s Hospital win the Tops of Breffni,while Sister Mercy and Ann Lennon are voted best Producers.Organising committee:Rev Des O Dowd,Gerry Maguire,Brother Cassenus,Peter Coogan,Phil Smith,Eithne Maguire,Lily Reilly,Ann Jenkins,Michael Leddy and Mary Goldrick.Adjudicator Martin Dempsey.

Same Week GAA abolish its ban on the playing of foreign games.Lar Brady of Laois was the only disenter when Rule 27 was formally deleted.

April 16th 1971:Highfield Road Resident’s Association.Chairman Tom McHugh,Vice Chair Inspector Sam Donegan,Secretary Seamus De Faoite,Treasurer Mrs Sean O Laoire.Committee:Frank O Neill,Sean O LearyRicharf Cassidy,Walter Myles,John Qunn and Noel Egan.

April 23rd 1971 Con A Smith appointed a Director of the Confederation of Irish Industry.He is Chirman of the Smith Motor Group and a member of the Board of the Central Bank.Son of Con P and Mrs Smith Aylesbury Road Dublin.

Same Week Martin Carroll Chairman of the Cavan Youth Club is pictured presenting a cheque for £50 proceeds of their recent concert to Mrs Dawson of the National Council for the Blind.Geraldine Fox,G Lynch (Secretary),Charlie Donohoe,Sean Gilchrist,Finian Farrell and Brian O Reilly are part of the presentation group.

April 30th 1971 Folk Museum sponsored by Cumaiin Seanchas Breffni to be housed in Poor Clare Convent and grant aided by Cavan County Council.Proceeds of the Owen Roe Wek 1949 amounting to £1,200 will be donated to the project.

Same Week Death of Tommy Graham Upper Main Street at the age of 58.One of Cavan’s greatest ever tradesmen,Tommy was a Tinsmith but could turn his hand with equal distinction to any other task.Member of the old Protestant Brass and Reed Band.Predeceased by his wife May and survived by son Mervyn,daughters Hillary and Joyce and sister Rita.Rev George Millar officiated at the funeral from Cavan Parish Church to the New cemetery.

Death of Ellen McGahern Wolfe Tone Street just one month after the death of her brother James.Funeral from the Cathedral to Drumcor.

Walk in aid of the Mentally Handicapped is led off by Bishop Quinn and the Breffni Boys Band.

Death of Nan Thompson Connolly Street at the age of 54.Survived by husband William, son William ,sister Maggie Scott and brother Willie Moynehall.

May 7th 1971 Dessie,Bernadette Hughes and family are left homeless by a fire at their home 6 Owen Roe caused by an electrical fault.Dessie went to work in McCarrens as usual at 7:30 but fire broke out at 8:45 Am when Bernadette,Thomas (5),Desmond Patrick (3) and Stephen Paul (8 months) had to flee for their lives as flames engulfed their 5 room dwelling.

Same Week Cavan Gaels beat Killinkere to win the 9  as ide Minor League.4 goals from rampant full forward Brendan Crowe swung the game in the Gaels favour.TeamS Kane,Sean Leddy,Declan Crowe,Joe Mulligan,Ciaran O Keefe,Dominick Sheridan,John Cullen,Brendan Crowe and Charlie Donohoe.Subs Finian Farrell,Fergus Costello and Pat Mcnamara were all introduced and played a big part in the victory.

Timmy Murphy objects to Urban Council.s continued support of £40 per year to Breffni Boys Band because the band were importing their uniforms from abroad.Johnny O Rourke points out that two years were spent trying to source an Irish supplier but only after every avenue was exhausted did the Band seek an import licence.Tom O Connor points out that the Defence Forces are in exactly the same position as the Band.

Rev AB McGrath officiates at the marriage of John Reilly Corfree Gowna and Emer Dillon 25 Bridge Street in the Cathedral.

Housewive Association 1980 Chairman Mauren Watter,Vice Chair Mrs P Smith,Secretary Ann Curry,Treasurer E Gilbride.

Death of Michael Kane Wolfe Tone Street.Farmer and native of Carrickaboy,came to live in Cavan 3 years ago.Rev T Brady officiated at the funeral to Lowrer Lavey

May 14th 1971 Norman Cinnamond is appointed a Director of Jacksons Garage.He is 22 years with the firm and was formerly Parts Sales Manager.International member of Cavan Angling Club,founder member of Badminton Club,Motor Club,Gun Club and Rugby Club.Norman was a sergeant in the RAF during World War 2.

Same Week State Funeral for Sean Lemass one of the major architects of modern Ireland pictured with Father Malachy Byrne following the official opening of Cavan Engineering in 1964.Joined Fianna Fail in 1927,Minister for Industry and Commerce in 1932 and youngest Cabinet Minister in Europe.During the war he was Minister for Supplies.again Minister for Industry and Commerce in Fianna Fail Governments of 1951 and 1957.Succeeded Eamonn De Velera as Taoiseach in 1959.First Taoiseach ever to visit Stormont and the following year Terence O Neill visited Dublin.Lemass retired as Taoiseach in 1966 and quit the Dail in 1969.

Gardai John Munnelly,Jerry Coady,Malachy Cardiff and James McGrath are made a presentation by Senator Andy O Brien in the Farnham Hotel on behalf of the people of the town on the occasion of their transfer from Cavan.

Death of Parick Smith Cullies Honary President Drumalee GFC.Survived by his wife Mary,5 sons Tommy,Michal,Peter,Sean Paddy,daughters Mrs J Smith,Mrs C Harten,Mrs Jim McQuaid and Kathleen.Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Woodskills part of the P Eliott Company are exhibiting at ‘The Irish Homes Beautiful Exhibition.’At present there are 12 people employed in the production of high quality furniture.

Sean Lynch from Aughawee Kilnaleck and Saint Mary College is one of 5 Irishmen on the Lions tour of Australia and New Zealand.

New Athletic Club Chairman Brother Eugene,Vice Chairman Matt Lynch,Secretary Frances Sullivan,Treasurers Etna Reilly and Dolores Connolly.Committee Karl Bornemann,Patsy Lee,F Leahy,B O Hanlon,Helena Sharkey,Rita McGinnity and Brother Paul.

Saint Felims Hospital Show produced by Ann Lennon and Sister Mercy win the Player Wills Tops of the Town at Kilnacrott.

Newly formed Cavan United fail to Tunney Meat Packers 4-2 in thriller at Clones after extra time.Paddy Blessing outstanding in goals Oliver Galligan and Richard Graham solid at the back while up frony Tony Dunne,Jim Simpson,Paddy Muray and Thomas Greene were dangerous throughout.

Boy Scoutsd 5 a Side Tournament Saint Felims Place 12 Inland Fisheries 1 Scorers for Saint Felims Thomas Johnston 8,Vincent Coyle 2 and Gerry O Keefe 2,Denis Harding replied for the Inland Fisheries.

Smith Family are pictured promoting the big Boy Scouts Walk Madelin,Oliver,Sheila,Mona,Geraldine,Cisy,,Peggy,Mary,Michael (Snr) and Jimmy.Martin is not able to go as he has a fractured ankle while Michael (Jnr) was away distributing sponsorship cards.

May 21st 1971 Death of Kathleen Murray College Street at the age of 59.Native of Daisyhill Ballyconnell,she was charitable quiet and unassuming of nature.She is survived by her husband Philip,and son Eamonn.Father PJ Gargan officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Same Week Martin McDonagh 7 ½ Saint Francis Halt is drowned while fishing at Butlersbridge.Body is recovered by Martin Fitzpatrick after 3 hour search in 20 foot of water.Inquest returns a verdict of drowning and white coffin bearing the remains is removed to Ballyhaunis County Mayo.Over 20 vans packed with itinerants accompanied the hearse.

Death of Elizabeth O Neill Connolly Street at the age of 70, last of an old and respected family.Father AB McGrath officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Over 200 students in 4 buses enjoy the Voactional School annual outing to Dublin including visits to Kilmainham Jail and Dublin Zoo.Maura Maguire Heamistress accompanied the party.

Cavan Boy Scouts 5 a side league Congo Slashers 9 Mel Dohertys 1.Scorers for Congo John Lynch 4,Dicky Smith 3John O Neill 2,Seamus Smith replied for Mel Doherty’s.County Council 4 Drapers 3.Council scorers Tom Rehill 3 Micheal Greenan 1 and Philip Brady 2 and Frank Lyons replied for the Drapers.

Cavan win the County Senior Red Cross title.(Pictured)Team Eileen Maloney,Kathleen McCormack,B Kelly,Gladys Donohoe,(Capt) and L McMahon.

May 28th 1971 Over 360 pilgrims and invalids leave Cavan for Lourdes on Kilmore Diocescan Pilgrimage organised by McGinnity Travel.

Same Week First ever Stock Car Racing in Tierquin Park in aid of the Breffni Boys Band

Weekly Swimming Pool Draw 1st Eamonn Leonard Tractamotors,2nd £5 Stephen Johnston 3 Saint Brigids,Promoters Prize £1 Paddy McCormack Highfield Road.

June 4th 1971 44 new homes to be built at Tullac Mongan (Saint Martins) at a cost of £3,500 each.Johnny O Rourke expresses the hope that the Council are not creating a “working man’s ghetto”but is assured by Town Clerk Michael Geraghty that these are the best that money can buy and no expense will be spared.

Same Week Cmdt Jim Scanlon takes the salute in bright sunshine outside the Courthouse at his standing down parade after 31 years service to 8th Batallion FCA.Parade is led by the Drogheda Brass and Reed Band and units from Monaghan,Bailieboro,Drogheda and Dundalk are part of the biggest parade of its type in Cavan.Later in the week a reception is held for Jim and Maureen Scanlon in the Lakeland Hotel where Jim is made two presentations by (1)Paddy Duffy OC D Company 8th Battalion of an illuminated address signed by all of Jim’s former colleagues and a bouquet of flowers for Mrs Scanlon (2) Col.W Barratt OC 2nd Brigade presents Jim with a silver tray in recognitionof his outstanding service to the Defence Forces over the last 31 years.

Presentation to Michael Kenneddy Guinnes Group Sales is made by Francis McDermott Secretary of the Barmen’s Association in Farnham Hotel on the occasion of his departure from Cavan.Pictured are Martin Gaffney,Sean Boylan,John Gilbride (Chairman Barmen’s Association),Francis McDermott,Michael Kenneddy,John Donohoe (Congo),Michael McEvoy (Manager Guinness Group Sales),T Cloonan (Manager Farnham Hotel) and Walter Smith.

Death of Michael J Smith Cootehill Road at the age of 63.Secretary of Cavan County Council for a period of 22 years.Having served 451 years with the Council,he retired last year due to bad health.Son of Mr and Mrs Peter Smith Market Street Cootehill.He served for a period as Town Clerk in both Cavan and Belturbet,later Staff Officer and Accountant of Cavan County Council.Founder and prominent member of Cavan Badminton Club and Cavan Pavilion where took a leading part in the stagingof the famous annual Pantomimes.Member of Cavan Angling Club and Cavan Golf Club.His organistaional abilities were much in demand and he was Secretary of the very popular Cavan Carnival and Treasurer of the Owen Roe Tercentenary Celebrations of 1949..He was recognised as one of the most able County Secretaries in the country and was tireless in his pursuit of the new Regional Hospital and relocation of Government Departments to the town.He is survived by his wife Eileen,son Coleman,daughters Dr.Marlis and Mrs D Maguire.Rev PJ McManus Adm officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Death of  Patrick O Reilly Drumalee.Former Storeman in saint Phelims for the last 30 years.Native of Lacken.He was an outstanding footballer in his youth with Lacken Celtic and later Treasurer of Drumalee GFC.Survived by his wife Ktty,son Gerard,and 3 daughters Rosemary,Patricia and Angela.Rev Des O Dowd officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Pat Raffert Church Street Horticulturist will judge this year’s UDC garden Competition for which there is a prize fund of £50.

John O Neil General Manager of Kileshandra Co Op is appointed Chairman of Bord Bainne.

Chamber of Comerce launch their’Welcome to Cavan’ booklet.Pictured are JC Lord (Chairman Cavan County Council),Matty Connolly (President Cavan Chamber),Brendan Young (Vice President) Mervyn Johnston (Secretary),Brian O Grady (County Development Officer),Aidan Conaty (Treasurer)

Presentation to Peter Lynch Manager of Potobello Motors on his departure from Cavan.Pictured are Eugene Reilly (Tractamotors),George McClarey (Tractamotors),Maurice Jackson,Tommy Donohoe and Tom Brady.

June 11th 1971 Holy Rosary Sisters celebrate the centenary of the birth of their founder Bishop Shanahan with concelebrated Mass in the Convent which he founded in 1924.Born in Glenheen County Tipperary on June 8th 1871,he was consecrated Bishop on the 6th June 1920.He died on Christmas Day 1943 in Keyna

Same Week Death of Terry Dowd in Sligo.Native of Cullies Cavan,he was very well known in motor circles where he served with Jacksons and the Smith Motor Group as Sales Manager before opening his own business in Sligo 5 years ago.Very popular and well known,he played football for Cavan Slashers in his youth.Survived by his wife Mary,sons Tony,Jim ,Martin,daughter Mrs P McMinn.Father PJ Gargan officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

June 18th 1971 Mary B Monahan Hillcrest Kinnypottle is awarded a Red Cross Nursing Scolarship.Member of Cavan branch for the last four years.

Same Week Death of Margaret Clail Wolfe Tone Street at the age of 90.Widow of John,native of Killnacreeva Stradone.Survived in Cavan by Eddie Swellan and Packy Saint Phelims Place.Rev P J Gargan adm officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Cavan grind out a result in 1st Round Ulster Championship in Ballybay 2-10 to 1-12.Dour struggle which Monaghan probably should have won.Team Patrick Blessing,Pat Tinnelly,Gareth O Reilly,Andy McCabe,Perase Gilroy, JJ Martin,Jimmy Fay,Hugie Mewmann,JJ O Reilly (Cavan Gaels),Donal Meade,Hugie McInerney,Gene Cusack and Phil Murray.

Sympathy is extended to Peter Murphy Cavan Crystal on the death of his father Henry ex Garda.in Carlingford Co Louth

Girls Club celebrate 21 years with Flag day and later in the year a magazine will be published and edited by their founder Sarah Cullen.

Dermot Morgan and Ena Hickey team up to win the President’s Bertie Cullen’s Prize at County Cavan Golf Club.

July 2nd 1971 Death of Bridget Sharkey widow of Tommy Drumalee at the age of 63.Native of Lahinch County Clare,she was held in the highest regard by everyone.Survived by her sons Sean,Pat and daughter Rose.Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Same Week Sympathy is extended to Mrs Michael Geoghegan on the death of her father James Ward aged 68 from Longfield Castleblayney.

New £120,000 Resevoir at Killynebber nearing completion.it will hold 1million gallons of water.

CYMS Outing to Bundoran and Rosnowlagh.Tickets (including meal) £1-2-0 available from Paddy O Reilly,Arthir Downey,Ned Kinsella or Father Des O Dowd Chaplain.

Tenants Association 1971 Chair Bridie Fay,Vice Chair John McDermott,Secretary Mary Koghan,Assistant Secretary Kathleen Smith,Treasurer Mary Fay (College Street).

Huge crowd witness Final of Boy Scouts 5 a Side where Leonards A beat Saint Felims Place 3-1 after extra time.Saint Felims were heading for the title whenMurphy equalised for Leonards with 2 minutes left to bring the game to extra time.Gerry McCarthy struck fom the penalty spot and Eugene Quinn sealed the title with time almost up.Thomas Johnston scored for Saint Felims.Leonards A Gerry McCarthy (Capt),Pat Ryan,Eugene Quinn,Thomas Murphy and Michael O Reilly.Saint Felims Place Gerry O Keefe,Vincent Coyle,Thomas Johnston,John Johnston and Paul Ronan.Winning team receive trophy and tankards sponsored by Tractamotors and presented by former Derry City and Cavan Shamrocks great George McClarey while Providers sponsored the trophies for the Runners Up.Goalkeeper of the Tournament Aidan Elliott,Top Scorer John Sheridan (McCarrens).Curtain raiser was the Juvenile final where Town Hall Street beat Tullac Mongan 5-0.Team Denis Cullen,Jim Cullen,Barry Mulligan,Christy Smith and Cathal Johnston.

July 9th 1971 Bus to Drogheda for Blessed Oliver Plunkett Crusade is priced at 12/6.Procesion from Saint Peters Church to Lourdes Church

Same Week Death in Manchester of Jim Smith  at the age of 46.Survived by his wife,7 small children and mother Mrs P Smith Jubilee.

Death of Stanley McNally at the age of 55 in England where he has resided for nearly 30 years.Survived in Cavan by his sister Molly McNally College Street.

July 16th 1971 Vociferous complaints about the new houses in Fairview.Johnny O Rourke says he viewed one of them and there are multiple defects while Michael Geraghty (Town Clerk) reports that each house cost £3,000 (aprox) and the Inspctor from the Department had noted only a couple of minor defects.Dermot McCarthy (County Manager) tells the meeting that the Council are withholding the £4,000 retention money until he has personally visited and inspected the houses.

Same Week UDC Annual Gardening Competion Winners Henry Coyne 29 Saint Felims Place,John Murray 10 Tullac Mongan,Michael Donnolly 19 Breffni and Hughie Cosgrove 9 Saint Aidans.

Michael Leddy and Greg Sheridan win the Ulster Junior softball doubles beating Tyrone 21-17,21-12 while Dominic Sheridan wins the Minor Softball Singles beating Donegal 19-21,21-16,21-12 and later teams up with Matt Lynch to win the Minor Doubles also against Donegal 21-13,21-4.

Death of Brigid M Brady College Street at the age of 77.Native of Oldtown,funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Cavan beaten by Down in free ridden,bad tempered,scrappy  Ulster semi final 0-11 to 2-3 in Castleblayney before a crowd of 20,000.Gene Cusack goaled with two minutes left and Cavan laid siege to the Down goal to the final whistle.Game is remembered for the vicious off the ball assault by Down full back Dan McCartan on Cavan’s Hughie McInerney resulting in the latter being hospitalised with a fractured jaw.Cavan County Board call on the Ulster Council to take the severest possible action .No apology from Down or no member of the team or officials visit Hughie in hospital adds futher to the sense of outrage at such a savage and unprvoked act of thugery.

July 23 1971 Mona Hoban Belturbet is co opted on to Cavan County Counci replacing James Clarke to become the 1st ever female mmber of the Council.She is a native of Letterkenny and graduate of UCD.

Same Week 30 senior boy scouts on their way to France for 3 weks holiday in two cars and 1 minibus.Each scout paid £28 for the holiday led by Father Torlac O Reilly.They will visit Paris,San Sebastin (Spain) and stay in Lourdes for 5 nights.Just returning from 3 weeks in Glenstal Abbey are 28 junior scouts accompanied by Father Torlac O Reilly.

Fairview FC defeat Cavan Town in Quarter Final of the Murnane Cup in Belturbet 3-2.Brilliant header by Eamonn McGovern and great finish by Johnny Lynch for Cavan Town

August 6th 1971:Thomas Greene Saint Phelims Place emigrates to Motherwell Scotland.Played for Cavan in all grades.

Same Week Billy and Sean McCabe are pictured with their goats and donkeys.Very large business.They export 75 goats per month to Northern Ireland.The donkeys are sold to the Seaside resorts in Britain for beech rides.The goats are priced at £1 ach and are kept on waste ground adjoining the Green Lake.The two dogs ‘Shep’ and ‘Brownie’ round them up from the surrounding hills in the evening.Long tradional business their father used to export 100 goats per week.

Stephen Shanaghy (Jnr) is the winner of the Smithwick trophy and £100 for his heaviest catch with pike of 6 ½ lbs in Belturbet Festival of the Erne.320 competitors took part in the competition

August 13th 1971:150 refugees from the Falls Road in Belfast pour into Saint Patrick’s College .Jack Lynch declares that “The Northern administration must be brought to an end-internment is only a means to suppress the minority”.Room in Town Hall is allocated for the receipt of footwear and tinned foods for distribution to the refugees.

Internment is introduced in the North.jack Lynch Taoiseach describes the move as “deplorable evidence of the political poverty of Ulster’s politics.After 4 days of rioting it is estimated that 5,000 Catholics and 2,000 Protestants have their homes burnt to the ground.

August 20th 1971:Death of Bridget Cosgrove (NeeMcNamara) in Clones.She is survived by her 6 sons and 4 daughters.

Same Week Boy Scouts on 3 week camp to the Continent .The party incudes Father Torlac O Reilly,Greg Sheridan (Scoutmaster),Michael Murray,Brian Sullivan,Jimmy Mulcahy,and 2 nurses from Lisdarn Hospital Sally Mckenna and Rita Higgins.Seniors Arthur McKenna,Donal Smith,Dominick Sheridan,Gerry Finnegan,Gerry O Keefe,Niall Smith,Gerry Dunne,Paul Ronan,Ray O Conor and Paul McCusker.Juniors:Dessie McEntee,John Rehill,Stephen Sheridan,Noel Conaty,Brendan Fox,Johnny McCormack,PK Hourican,Michael Smith,Paddy Gargan and Terry O Connor.

August 27th 1971:Sean Young selected on the Irish Fly fishing team to fish in Perth Scotland.

Same Week:Tragic death of two year old Edward McManusGolf Links Road

Kilmore Legion of Mary Golden Jubilee celebrations in Holy Rosary Convent Killeshandra.

September 3rd 1971:Midnight bomb alert in Farnham Hotel.30 guests are evacuated.

Same Week:Rosemary Power pictured beside her miracle peach tree at the rear of her residence

Celebration s to mark the 400th Anniversary of the Birth of Bishop Bedell-the first man to translate the Bible into Irish.Chairman Dean Turkington,Secretary Seamus De Faoite,Treasurer Leo McGrath and PRO Rev.John Murphy.

Ballyconnell is Ireland’s Tidiest Town.Cavan 5th in its category (5,000-7,000).

Retirement of P J Coughlan Chief Agricultural Officer for County Cavan since 1931.Succeeded by Denis O Donnell.

September 10th 1971 Dunnes Stores are granted permission to develop a Supermarket at the old Ulster Arms site.

Same Week Ben Simpson son of Annie of Owen Roe is appointed Stage Manager of the Grand Theatre in Wolverhampton.Outstanding actor, he has appeared in ‘Emergency Ward Ten’ and ‘No Hiding Place’.

Alcoholics Anonymous hold first public meeting in the Scout Den.

Ulster Fly Fishing Team:Sean Young,Onslow Bredin,GV Maloney,Tommy Donohoe,Andy Gilchriest and Norman Cinnamond.

Father Gus Leydon wins The Captain’s prize (George McLarey) at County Cavan Golf Club.

Magnet Cinema burnt to the ground.Erected 36 years ago it had accommodation for 650 patrons.Mrs Mae Cullen raises the alarm at 6 am and Brigades from Belturbet ,Killeshandra and Cavan contained the blaze.1st film was a newsreel of Cavan’s second All Ireland triumph as a curtain raiser to ‘Top Hat’ with Fred Astaire and Ginger Rodgers.The last film shown was ‘The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes’.

Death of Venerable Arcdeacon Shire at the age of 90.He was the oldest clergy man in County Cavan.

Death of Arthur James Ormsby formerly Munster and Leinster Cavan.Served in Ballinasloe,Wexford and Galway.Survied by his wife and family.

September 17th 1971:Jim McDonnell is appointed umpire for the Galway Offaly Senior All Ireland Final.Fintan Tierney has charge of the Minor Final Cork V Mayo.His umpires are Séan Browne,Tommy Browne,Bud McNamara and Tommy Garvey.

Same Week:Special prayers in the Cathedral for peace in Northern Ireland. Father P J McManus in his homily calls for “Peace with justice this time”!

Airmid O Hanlon wins the Captain’s Marese Binchey’s Prize at County Cavan Golf Club.

September 30 1971:Crosserlough win 6 in a row beating Killygarry by 1-12 to 1-04 before a crowd of 5,000 with record gate receipts of £924.Killygarry are only 5 years in existence and faded in the 2nd half.The switch of John Joe Reilly to midfield at half time proved deceisive.Killygarry scorers Dickie Smith 1-01 and Francie Galligan 0-03.

October 8th 1971:Timmy Murphy drops a bombshell by resigning in protest from Cavan UDC “This Council never mentioned the trouble in Northern Ireland although we are only six miles from the border”.

Same Week: Angela O Dwyer Drumnavanagh qualifies for the National Finals of ‘Housewife of the Year’

Death of Joe Conlon Master Baker  Mons Terrace brother of Nurse Dale Jenkins.Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies

Death of Elizabeth Monaghan Lake View.Survived byher 2 sons Francis and John and two daughters Kathleen and Elizabeth.

Maureen Hunt is the new Captain of Cavan Bridge Club.

Cavan Town Soccer club beat Belturbet 1-0 in AUL League.Team:Joe Johnstone,Tommy Murray,Paddy Sheridan,Eamon Cusack,Dominck Lynch,Richard Graham,Dickie Smith,Johnny Lynch and Gerry Walsh.They now move up to 4th place in the table.

Pearse Smyth Main Street produces futuristic drawing of proposed new layout for Market Square.All that is missing is the fountain.UDC unanimous in their approval.

Jim Beirne (4) and Dr. Tony Farrelly (8) reach the Quarter Final of the Daily Mail competition from an entry of over 3,000.

British Forces start blowing up border roads.

Disastrous turn out for youth mission in the Cathedral prompts the Missioner to ask for a bigger crowd this weekend.

November 5th 1971:Oliver Malone appointed sub agent for Smith’s of Trim Minerals.”Will be calling on my friends shortly”!

November 12th 1971:Cavan Girls Club celebrates it 21st birthday with Gala concert and Dinner in the Sports Centre.Sarah Cullen is later voted personality of the year by the Cavan Association in Dublin.

Same Week Chamber of Commerce announce that there will be no Christmas lighting in the town this year due to lack of interest by the traders.

Cavan Social Services host the local old folks in CYMS each Tuesday and Friday afternoons. They play cards or read the paper or just chat over a cup of tea and a biscuit.

CYMS Table Tennis Committee 1972:President Father Des O Dowd,Chairman Séamus White,Vice Chair Mickey Breslin,Treasurer Mary Beirne.CommitteeHelen McGovern,Jim Fay,JJ Reilly,Eithne Reilly,Felicity Sheridan and BrianTighe.

Cavan Credit Union now has £28,000 on loan.Social Committee:John Sharkey,Lily O Rourke,Alex Weir,Kathleen Smith,Noel Fay,Jack Galligan and Sean McCann.

“Social life of the town to get a great boost with the introduction of Saturday night dancing in the Town Hall”.Bishop Quinn in a letter read at all Masses says “I am convinced that the introduction of Saturday night dancing will have an adverse affect on attendances at Sunday Mass”.Patrons later stay away in numbers from the Saturday night dancing but within a few months attendances are back to normal.

November 19th 1971:Paul McDonald B Com Church Street returns to UCD to do an honours degree in Philosophy.

Same Week Stained glass window in Cavan Parish Church dedicated to the memory of Archdeacon Shire recently deceased.

Father Hart on Rosary Crusade in Cavan equipped with public address,Breffni Boys Band and youth choir.

Death of Nora Walsh wife of John former member of Cavan UDC at the age of 65.She is survived by her sons Teddy,Gerard,Jimmy,Michael,Martin and Connie and 2 daughters in England.Native of Aghadoe Killarney.She was uncle of the Irish International golfer Michael Guerin.Father P J McManus officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

November 26th 1971:Series of Lectures on Entry to EEC in Cavan Vocational School.

Same Week:Jimmy McCormack of Tullac Mongan is conferred with his BA at UCD.He is son of Maisie and the late Tommy.

January 7th 1972:John Charles McQuaid Archbishop of Dublin retires after 31 years service.Born in Cootehill July 28th 1895.He will be succeeded by Rev.Dermot Ryan.

Same Wek Swimming Pool Committee now have £6,000 in the kitty-they need a further £6,000 to qualify for a Government Grant.

Continuing prayers for Peace in Northern Ireland.FCA and Gadra attend The Peace Mass in the Cathedral on New Years Day.

Untimely death of Tony Dowd at the age of 28 in Lucan County Dublin. Accomplished accordionist he joined the world famous Gallowglass at the age of 15.Former member of the Boy Scouts Troop.He is survived by his wife ,daughter,mother,brothers and sisters.

Strenuous opposition to the proposed siting of new Vocational School at Drumbo instead of on the original site at Tullac Mongan.Committee:Chairman Mary Keoghan,Vice Chair Bridie Fay,Secretary Kathleen Smith,Assistant Secretary Sheila Maguire,Treasurer Annie Murray.

Boy Scouts Pantomime ‘The Merry Matador’ starring Nuala Bornemann, Seamus McCormack,Noel; Fay,Patsy Lee,Maura Mullen,Sheila McGinnity and new talent Tony Sheridan.

January 13th 1972:Forty four houses at Saint Martins to be built at a cost of £130,000.

Same Week Death of Michael O Callaghan ‘Saint Monicas’ Cathedral Road at the age of 49.Native of Shercock.Prominent in music circles and formed a band with his old friend and neighbour Pee (Peter) Galligan.He was a telephone operator in the Clinic.He is survived by his wife Helena.Rev AB McGrath officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Death of Paddy Donlon former employee of GNR Swellan at the age of 76.He is survived by his 6 sons James Peter,John Brendan,Michael and Brian. and 3 daughters.

Cavan Youth Club very successful and enjoyable Concert in Poor Clare Convent raises £66 for the Nuns.Stars of the show are the McConnell Brothers,Maura McNally,Dermot Maloney,Bernard Galligan,Marie Farrell and Geraldine McGovern.

Father Séamus Gilroy from Shannow Ballinagh is ordained a priest in Drumkilly Church by the Bishop of Birmingham Dr.Joseph Gray.

January 21st 1972:Boy Scouts promoting the big Box Office films in the Scout Den.Magnet Cinema still out of commission.

Same Week:Death of Clara Donohoe on holiday with her parents (Mr and Mrs Michael Donohoe) in Swellan.She spent the last 15 years in Birmingham and had been a Clerical Officer with Cavan County Council.

Mickey Breslin beats Vincent O Connor in the CYMS men’s table tennis final while Monica Fay beats Mary Beirne in three sets to win the Ladie’s.14-21,21-15,21-17.

February 4th 1972:Bloody Sunday-“The nation mourns with Derry-13 shot dead in Massacre”. Later British Embassy burnt to the ground by protestors.3,000 march in Cavan Protest following Mass in Cathedral and Communion Service in Cavan Parish Church on National Day of Mourning.

Same Week: Death of Michael Reilly Ashe Street at the age of 61.Native of Mulnacron Kingscourt.Foreman mechanic with Smiths and Portobello Motors.His wife died 9 years ago and he is survived by his sons JJ ,Paddy,Michael,Noel and Eugene.Funeral from the Cathedral to Kilygarry.

Death of James Gibney Wolfe Tone Street at the age of 84.Engine driver with CIE for 41 years.Survived by his wife Margaret and 4 daughters.Father P J Gargan officiated at the funeral to Cullies.

February 11th 1972:Sean Kelly succeeds Paddy Cusack as Coroner for county Cavan.

Same Week Sympathy to Mary Milner on the death of her father Richard at the age of 79 at Convent Road Claremorris County Mayo.

Death of Mrs MA Young at the age of 91 Tierquin.Survived by her son Paddy and daughter Mrs Hegarty Drung.She was a member of the Brady family Tullyco.Father P J McManus officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Barmen’s Association 1972:Chairman Walter Smith,Secretary Terry Lynch,Treasurer Martin McGowan,Committee Pat Conaty,Jimmy Browne,Donie Fay,B Faulkner,Sean Brady and Peter Farrelly.

Public Convenience at Town Hall being built by P Elliott and Company at a cost of £7,000.

February 18th 1972:Dr. Tony Farrelly new Captain at County Cavan Golf Club.President Dr.Bertie Cullen,Treasurer Séamus Fox,Secretary Jack Brady Assistant Secretary Dermot Morgan.

Same Week:Cavan County Council unanimously adapt a motion proposed by Paddy Conaty that “there be a Pub established in Saint Phelim’s Hospital”.The 333 patients are reported to be very enthusiastic but the scheme is condemned by the staff and Medical profession.

Death of James Farrell Military Row at the age of 81 .He was a tailor in a premises adjacent to the Farnham Hotel from 1919 to 1960.Native of Caledon County Tyrone. He is survived by his wife Rose and two sons Paddy and Des and three daughters.Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

February 25th 1972:John McFeeley son of Jean and the late Dr. John Earlsvale Place is conferred with his MB BCM BAO at UCD.

Same Week Death of Tommy Keyes The Town Crier at the age of 70 at his residence Breffni Terrace.He succeeded his brother Frank in the job which his father also carried out.They also operated a Bill Posting service on the Market Square and Town Hall bill board sites.He is survived by his son Tommy.Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

March 3rd 1972:Gerry Collins Minister for Posts and Telegraphs opens the new £40,000 Post Office in Market Square replacing the old one in existence since 1898 in Church Street.

Same Week“Beautifully dressed Iolanthe” in Poor Clare Convent Hall while South Pacific is being staged in Saint Patricks College.

March 17th 1972:Saint Pats beat Abbey CBS Newry  by 1-09 to 2-04 to win their 1st McRory Cup in ten years.

Same Week:Mary Casey (Sister of Father Peter) late of Cootehill Road is among the glamorous models at the Annalee Boutique’s Fashion Show.

March 24 1972 ‘Goodbye Mr Chips’ signals the end of the Boy Scouts disastrous venture into hosting films. Undaunted Father Torlac is on location shooting ‘Mulligan’s Millions’ with Mel Doherty.

Same Week Two early season trout caught by Jackie Jermyn and Bill Thompson Connolly Street are pictured on the front page.Both fish weighed 7 lbs and were caught at Killykeen.

Sean McManus Central Café is the star of the Show in Monaghan’s Musical Society’s production of ‘New Moon’ in Saint Louis Convent Hall.

Breffni Boys Band lead the Cavan contingent in the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade in Dublin.

Chief Fire officer Stan McCarthy is promoted to similar post in Kerry after 9 years in Cavan.

Cavan Credit Union 1972.President Father P J McManus,Vic President Ena Hickey,Secretary Lauri McConnell,Treasurer Vincent Walsh,Committee:John Sharkey,May Reilly,J P Smith,Séamus Fay and Paddy Crossan.Membership is now at 520.

March 30th 1972:Berie Cullen is elected Honary Life member of Cavan Angling Club.

Samre Week Donagh O Malley Minister for Justice on tour of border area is greeted by Capt A O Sullivan,Capt.P Fay and Lieut.M O Dwyer when he calls for 15 minutes to Cavan Army Barracks on Wolfe Tone Street.

April 7th 1972:Chamber of Commerce 1972:.President Matty Connolly,Vice President Brendan Young Secretary Mervyn Johnston and Treasurer Aidan Conaty.

Same Week“Ropes of rain and shrouds of cloud turn the streets of Cavan into a quagmire for the Easter holiday.Several sporting and entertainment events are cancelled.

April 21st 1972:Saint Pat’s 2-11 beat Saint Brendan’s Killarney 1-05 to win their first ever Hogan Cup in Croke Park.Star of the game was Ciaran O Keefe who was “rampant” throughout and scored 1-05 from play.Team Aidan Elliott,Pat McGill,Eamonn Gillick,John Sweeney,Oliver Brady,Gerry Smith,Ciaran O Keefe,Sean Leddy,Pat Brady,Niall Brennan (Capt) Brian Brady ,Michael English and Hugh Reynolds.Sub Charlie Donohoe for English.Referee Paul Kelly (Dublin).

Same Week: John and Eileen Costello officially open the new ‘Meadow View Lounge’ formerly Narrack’s.

Over 300 take part in Boy Scouts charity walk to Ballinagh and back via Crossdoney.The following Sunday another 150 completed the 13 mile trip for Gorta.

45 acre residential farm at Corgagh Crosskeys fetches a record £8,000.the purchaser is William Cullivan.

Continuing power strikes grip the nation.McCarrens are operating from 12 midnight to 5 am on a much reduced kill-all frozen foods in Providers are sold off at ½ price.

April 28th 1972:Cavan Gaels win the 1971 League Final beating Lacken by 3-09 to 1-09.Team Paddy Blessing (Capt),Joe Mullery,Gabriel Kelly,John McNamara,PJ Carroll,Oliver Galligan,Pearse Gilroy,JJ Reilly,Paddy Reilly,Tony Dunne,Pat McNamra,Noel Smith,Phil Smith,Haulie Reilly and Eugene Reilly.Subs Frank Glancey for Mulligan,Charlie Donohoe for Eugene Reilly. “Superior fitness and dry day were the decisive factors in the Gael’s favour”.

May 5th 1972:Jim Ward (Friars Walk) wins Ulster Fly Fishing competition on Lough Sheelin with trout weighing 5 lbs 4 ozs.

Same Week CYMS Dance in aid of Lourdes Invalid Fund a great success.Over 750 in attendance.Oliver Malone donates the minerals and local band ‘Blend’ give their services free.

Dunnes Stores open in Cavan while Tom McKenna reopens after the disastrous fire in his Bridge Street premises 12 months ago.The firm was founded by his parents Mr and Mrs E J McKenna in April 1919.

May 12th 1972:Emphatic Yes to Entry to EEC in Referendum.National poll of over 75%.In Cavan the total valid poll was 27,724 and Yes 24,266 while No 3,178.

Same Week:Gene Stuart performs the opening ceremony at the new ‘Mervyn’s Filling Station on the Ballinagh Road (Timmy Murphys).

May 19th 1972:NEHB decide to close Cavan Surgical Hospital.Tom Hickey describes the premises as “a dump,fire hazard and death trap.”.According to Tom the only saving grace is the wonderful work of the doctors nurses and staff in maintaining the death rate among patients to below the National average.!

Same Week Housewives Association 1972:Chairman Angela O Dwyer,Vice Chair Brid Myles,Secretary Irene Egan and Treasurer Brid Rooney.

May 26th 1972:Phillip McDonald (Brother of Leo) is appointed a Director of Penneys.

Same Week: Death of John Moore farmer Lisdarn at the age of 84.Funeral from Cavan Parish Church to Annagh cemetery.

Hilda Fairbrother and Peggy Johnstone on behalf of the Mother’s Union present a number of armchairs to Sister Mercy Saint Phelims for use in Saint Aidan’s Ward.

Tommy Murray (Fairview) receives his prize from Walter Myles (Guinness) as top angler at Breffni Anglers outing to Derryheen.Also in picture is Alex Weir and Pat Johnstone.

June 2nd 1972 :Death of Hugh Lee at the age of 88.He was Lord Mayor of Manchester and native of Corraghoe Lavey.

Same Week Over 300 depart for Lourdes on the Kilmore Diocesan Pilgrimage

Mary Hannigan is a finalist in the Sunbeam Beauty Contest in Jurys Hotel Dublin.

June 9th 1972:Inspector Sam Donegan is fatally injured in bomb blast at Legakelly .Lieut John Gallagher Cavan Barracks is less seriously injured.Sam Donegan was 61 and a native of Longford.Bee keeping and gardening were his hobbies and he was regarded by his peers as an expert.Joined the Garda in 1932 and served in Balina,Castlebar,Westport,Ballymote Sligo and Bellmullettt before being posted to Cavan.His funeral  was attended by the Minister for Justice Dessie O Malley who called to the Donegan household in Highfield Road and Gerry Cronin Minister for Defence.Tom Fitzpatrick represented theOpposition.In attendance were 9 Chief Superintendents,53 Superintendents led by Garda Commissioner A Ward.The RUC were represented by Basil Stanwick Chairman of the RUC Police Federation.Father P J Gargan Adm was the chief celebrant and Bishop Austin Quinn presided also present were Rev.George Millar representing Bishop Moore.The lessons were read by John Donegan (Son) and Inspector Willie Foran (Monaghan).In his homily Father Gargan said Inspector Donegan was “an outstanding Guardian of the Peace and a protector of life and property”The remains were borne by 6 Garda Sergeants Micheal Lee (Cavan),Michael McCarthy (Arva),Des Fallon (Cavan),Tony McLoughlin (Ballinagh),Nicky McCarthy(Stradone) and Willie Weldon(Cavan).The Garda Band was under the direction of Sgt.Tom Boyle and played the Dead March from Saul and Chopin as the remains were conveyed to Killygarry cemetery.Inspector Donegan is survived by his wife Mai,Sons John and Michael and daughters Kathleen,Sheila,Frances and Mrs D Rossney.On Sunday Cavan Gardai attend  a special Mass in Killoughter celebrated by Father Felim McGovern CC.

June 16th 1972::Death of Kevin Johnstone late of Swelan.He was a printer with both the Anglo Celt and Blacks.

Same Week Sean McCormack leaving Cavan for Drogheda sells his residence in Highfield Road ‘San Catriona’ for a record £4,900.

Death of  Anna T O Reilly (Jubilee Nurse) 5 Earlsvale Road.She was attached to the Clinic for over 21 years and assisted in hundreds of home births.She was Vice Captain of County Cavan Golf Club and a prominent member of the Bridge Club.Funeral from the Cathedral to Shercock.

Saint Norberts College Kilnacrott closes-opened in 1960.

June 23rd 1972:Father Oliver Kelly and Father Con Dolan ordained to the Priesthood in the Cathedral by Bishop Quinn.

June 30th 1972:Dermot McCarthy retires as County Manager later moves to Dublin.He is replaced as County Manager by John Casiddy.

Same Week:Death of James A Binchey Solicitor Clonmel,Jack Binchey’s father.

Death of Kathleen Galligan widow of Jim (Saddler) Behey at the age of 54.She was a native of Owley Ballyhaise.

June 30th 1972:Tom Fitzpatrick (nephew of Tom’s) Cootehill qualifies as a Solicitor.

Same Week:Death of Eileen Lawlor Killynebber at the age of 92.She was a sister of Phil Lawlor the Professional at County Cavan Golf Club.Father P J McManus officiated at the funeral to Killygarry.

July 7th 1972:Séan Walsh completes a marathon swim of 9 mile in Carrick on Shannon.

Same Week: CYMS outing to Bray on July 23rd.fare including meal £1-50.Please contact Ned Kinsella if travelling.

July 14th 1972:Itinerant crisis continues at Mount Saint Francis.Tom Fitzpatrick states at UDC meeting “The ordinary citizen is not hounding the itinerants but the itinerants are continuing to hound the ordinary citizens”!

Same Week:Death of Mary Reilly 17 Connolly Street-widow of Jack Reilly (Barber) who died in 1967.She is survived by her sons Peter,Hugh,Alex,Danny and John and 4 daughters living abroad.Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

July 11th 1972:Sudden death of Richard Kelly (Galway) father of Tommy Drumnavanagh.He was an Inspector in the Post Office and gave 52 years loyal service.He only retired 5 months ago.

Same Week UDC Garden Competition.Zone 1 Michael Smith No 2 Saint Phelim’s Place,Zone 2 Edward Maguire 19 Saint Brigids,Zone 3 John Smith 5 Owen Roe,Zone 4 Rita O Rourke 4 Saint Aidans and Zone 5 Paddy Smith 14 saint Patricks Terrace.Each receive £5.

July 18th 1972:Record 732 entries at last Golf Open Week in old clubhouse.Moving to Aranmore House shortly.There are enties from33 clubs.

Same Week Pat Smith Cootehill is elected Chairman of Cavan County Council at the age of 87.He is a member of the Council for 60 years.Tom Fitzpatrick is elected Chairman of Cavan Urban Council for a record 12th consecutive year.

:Una Hickey daughter of Tom and Ena wins the ladies singles for the third consecutive year and just for good measure adds the Ladies Doubles and Mixed Doubles titles at County Cavan Tennis Club Farnham Street.

July 25th 1972:GT Electric Connolly Street Cavan Proprietors Robert Goode and Tony Tully start business to day.

Same WeekProvisional IRA explode 22 bombs in one day with minimal warning in Belfast.9 people dead and 125 injured

Sean Walsh swims from the Fox Hole in Killykeen to Rann both ways ,a journey of 8 miles completed in 3 hours and 5 minutes.John Sharkey and Jimmy McEntee timekeepers while Tom Fitzpatrick (pictured in sunglasses) presents a trophy to Séan as a memento at the finish.

45 Pilgrims from the Diocese of Kilmore in crowd of 12,000 at Blessed Oliver Plunkett’s shrine in Drogheda.

Record price of £19,000 for 25 acres of land at Moynehall.

Michael Connolly purchases Tara Electric (Manor Chemist) for an undisclosed price.

Winners of Boy scouts 5 a side tournament are Drumalee Ladies:team:Noreen Greenan,Monica Fay,Evelyn O Keefe,Ann Sheridan and Ann O Brien.Winners of the PJ Lee Cup:Saint Felims represented by  Eamonn Cuscak,Thomas Johnstone,Jerry O Keefe,(Capt),Joseph Johnstone and Vincent Coyle.Winners of the Boys Under 13: ‘Top of the Town’ represented by Tommy Fay (Coach),Brian Carmichael,Philip Sexton,Jerry Smith,Martin Cosgrove and David Smith.

Sheila Donegan Highfield Road is conferred with her BA H dip at UCD and returns to Cavan as a teacher in the Poor Clares NS.

Brilliant Summer weather continues with Killykeen and Annagh Lake very popular with the locals.

Donegal win their 1st Ulster title beating Tyrone 2-13 to 1-11 in 80 minute final in Clones.Brian McEniffe (trainer and captain) states that “ we lasted the pace better even if some of our fellows are competing for over 10 years”.Donegal were beaten finalists in 1963 and 1966.

Same week: Death of Kathleen Plunkett Saint Felim’s Place at the age of 59.Native of Gorey County Wexford.Survived by her husband Jim and son Oliver.and 2 daughters.Rev P J Gargan officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Death of James Lang Wolfe Tone Street.Native of Crossdoney.Rev Mr.Patterson officiated at the funeral from Cavan Parish Church to Kilmore.

August 4th 1972:Tenants Association 1972:Chairman John McDermott,Vice Chairman Sean Maguire,Treasurer Ann McKiernan and Secretary  Bridie Fay.

August 11th 1972:Eddie Leddy from Ballinamore will run for Ireland in the 3,000 metre steeplechase at the Munich Olympics.

Same Week: Death of Andy Connell Gortnakesh at the age of 74.native of Glencurran Carrickaboy,he served his time in Cassells (Helen’s Fashions) 61 Main Street.Accomplished Irish dancer-“loved all things Irish”.He acted as MC throughout the locality at concerts,ceilidhes and functions.Played with Cavan Slashers in the 1920s.Survived by his wife Ann and son Andy.Rev AB McGrath officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Same Week:Death of Paddy O Reilly Jesup House Drumalee at the age of 67.Native of Lower Lavey.He spent over 40 years in the USA.Before emigrating, he took an active part in the War of Independence and served in the local Sinn Fein (Roger Casement branch).

August 18th 1972:Death of Phil Reilly The Imperial Hotel at the age of 79.Native of Carrickallen and a keen huntsman. He served his time to the licensed trade in Larry Brady’s The Cross Stradone.He is survived by his 2 sons Phillip and Oliver and 3 daughters Marie,Breda,Christina.His wife Anne died 20 years ago.Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Same Week Death of Paddy Lee Upper Main Street at the age of 60.Keen fisherman with his brother in law Barney Connolly.Mechanic with Jack McConnell for a number of years.Survived by his wife Mary one brother Phil and 2 sisters Susan and Nellie.Rev AB McGrath officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Death of Rose Meehan Bridge Street at the age of 82.Native of Drumavaddy,she took an active part in the fight for Independence and greeted Michael Collins on his visit to Cavan in 1919.She is survived by her son Packy,daughters May and Rose SRN.Her husband Paddy died in 1931.Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Ted Keenan (37) from Enniskillen becomes the 1st Irishman to swim the North Channel Dover to Calais in a time of 18 hours and 11 minutes.

August 25th 1972 Saint Josephs Young Priests Society 1972-1973.President Michael Harding,Treasurer Maureen Reilly,Secretary Margaret Smith (Bridge Street).The membership is now 680 and they recently sent a cheque to head office for £410.

Same Week:Sean Young is elected to the National Council of Ireland Fisheries.

Boy Scouts back from 2 weeks holiday adjacent to Muckross House Killarney. Dreadful weather-they were washed out.

Paddy Ronaghan qualifies as a Pilot at San Angelo Airport in Enniskillen. Pictured with his instructor Micheal Barry.

September 1st 1972:Death of Tommy Meehan Wolfe Tone Street at the age of 77.Founder member of Cavan Shamrocks FC.Tommy was a noted footballer in his youth and played with Portadown in the Irish League.Returned from England 7 years ago.Father PJ Gargan Adm.officiated at the funeral to Cullies.

Same Week Death of Mary Gilchreest Saint Mary’s Terrace at the age of 88 widow of Andrew.Survived by 4 sons Michael,Tommy Andrew and Dessie and 2 dughters Kathy and Mary.Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

September 8th 1972:Gertie Walsh wins the Captain’s Nellie Harding’s prize at County Cavan Golf Club.

Mark Spitz of the USA wins 7 gold medals in swimming at the Munich Olympics.

11 Israeli athletes and a Grman policeman shot dead as Arab guerrillas bring violence to the Munich Olympics.4 of the Black September group are killed and the remaing 4 are arrested

September 15th 1972:John Casiddy (County Manager) and Sean Kielty (Town Clerk) are welcomed to their first meting of Cavan UDC.

Same Week;Death of Charles McPartland Jubilee Terrace.Porter in Saint Phelims for 22 years and later served with Portobello Motors.Native of Doogara Ballyconnell.Father P J McManus officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Kilnavart.

 Pat Cahill Breffni Park Lane receives his 1st prize (£200) from Brendan Young Chairman Cavan Swimming Pool.Ned Maguire was the seller of the winning ticket.

Fintan Tierney (Butlersbridge) will referee the All Ireland Senior Final between Kerry and Offaly.

September 22nd 1972:7 in A row for Crosserlough as they beat Saint Brigids ( Laragh/Stradone) by 3-08- to 2-06 before a crowd of 4,680 who paid gate receipts of £1,057.In the curtain raiser Drumlane beat Cavan Gaels by 2-10 to 3-04 to win their first ever Minor crown.

September 29th 1972:Kerry and Offaly finish at 1-13 each in Senior final while Cork beat Tyrone 3-11 to 2-11 to win the All Ireland Minor crown.

October 6th 1972:NewSports Complex for Cavan at a cost of £150,000

October 13th 1972:Joseph Scanlon of Town Hall Street is awarded a Cadetship in the Irish Army.Joseph is a past pupil; of Saint Clares,De La Salle and Gormanstown College.

Same Week:Girls Club (21 years in existence) merge with new Youth Club.Sarah Cullen donates the assets of the Club £100 and 2 table tennis tables to the new organisation under the Chairmanship of Jim O Brien.The Youth Club have now over 100 members.

Congratulations Ann O Reilly (Donohoe) Bridge Street this month’s winner of the £200 top prize in Cavan Swimming Pool draw.

Michael Drysdale founder member of the Chapter is voted outstanding delegate at Junior Chamber National Conference  while Maura Mullen PRO is created a Senator of Junior Chamber International.

October 20th 1972:Bihop Austin Quinn steps down after 22 years as Bishop of Kilmore.He is succeeded by Very Rev.Francis J McKiernan a native of Drumreilly Ballinamore.

Same Week:Gaelic Football Wedding of the Year as Mick O Connell weds Rosaleen O Reilly of Poles PO in Killygarry Church which was packed to capacity with hundreds of well wishers gathered outside.

Chamber of Commerce 1972:President Brendan Young,Vice President Denis Condon,Secretary Mervyn Johnston,Treasurer Aidan Conaty.

Death of William Weir at the age of 57 following a road traffic accident.World War 2 veteran-he spent 4 years in a German prisioner of war camp.Survived by his wife Marjorie, son Terry and daughters Marjorie and Mary.

Arthur McKenna is named Scoutmaster of new 4th Cavan Troop,Jerry O keefe is his assistant.Paul Ronan is promoted Scoutmaster at the old 2nd Cavan Troop while Gerry Finnegan is the new Cubmaster with Ray O Connor assistant.

Offaly overwhelm the Kingdom by 1-19 to 0-13 despite Mick O Connell’s personal tally of 0-7 points.Fintan Tierney is unjustly denied the opportunity to referee the Replay and is replaced by Packy Devlin of Tyrone.

Cavan Football mourns the untimely death of the great Tom Hardy MRCVS Mullingar.He was a native of Kilnaleck and centre half on the Cavan All Ireland winning team of 1952.

October 27th 1972:Death of Patrick Mulloy Behey at the age of 82.Native of Mountemple Athlone.He was a former head constable in the RIC.Fought with the famous Connaught Rangers in the 1st World War 1914-1918.President of Drumalee GFC.Survived by his son Tommy and daughter Kathleen.His wife Susan died 15 years ago.Father Des O Dowd officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

November 7th 1972:Fidelma Fitzpatrick Farnham Street obtains her B Social Science degree with honours at UCD.She is the youngest daughter of Tom and the late Betty.

Outcry as the pint is increased to 18p, ½ pint 10p,bottle of stout 11p and 19p for ½ of whiskey.

Cavan CYMS 1972:President Tom McCarren and Jimmy McCormack,Vice President Benny Cafferty,Secretary Bernard Johnston,Assistant Sec.Frank Conaty,Treasurers Jerry Higgins and Jimmy (Dan) Smith.Committee:Paddy O Reilly,Jerry Ellis,Arthur Downey,John Walsh and Jimmy Sharkey

Death of John Kellegher Wolfe Tone Street at the age of 73.Worked in McCarrens all of his life.Served in the LDF during the Emergency .

November 14th 1972:Christmas Tree Committee:Chair Annie Murray,Secretary Kathleen Smith,Joint Treasurers Alex Weir and John Sharkey.

Same Week:President Richard Nixon is returned as President of the USA as he wins a second term

by 61% to George McGovern’s 38%.

Death of Mary McGillacuddy widow of William of Farnham Street.Native of Edinburgh.Worked for many years in the Magnet Cinema.Funeral from the Presbyterian church to the New cemetery.

Death of Elizabeth Pender in her 70s Farnham Street.Native of Cootehill.She was a very prominent member of the Mother’s Union.She is survived by her husband George,daughters Hilda and Ann and 1 son George.Funeral from Cavan Parish Church to the New cemetery.

November 21st 1972:Swimming Pool Committee for 1973:Chairman Brendan Young,Vice Chair Michael Leddy,Secretary Brigid Murray ,Assistant Secretary Frances Galligan,Treasurer S McGeever and Assistant Treasurer Brother Cassenius.The total cash in the bank is £9,874.

Same Week:Ena Hickey succeeds Maureen Hunt as Captain County Cavan Bridge Club.

Mr and Mrs Owen Fay celebrate their Golden Wedding Anniversary.They have 6 children,29 grandchildren and 11 great grandchildren.

November 24th 1972:Bon Voyage to Jim Simpson who is leaving Cavan for Canada.Recipient of a presentation from Cavan Gaels and Cavan Engineering.

Same Week:Death of Elizabeth Donohoe Saint Patricks Terrace at the age of 72.Survived by her husband Michael,sons Brian ,Sarsfield and Gerry and 2 daughters.

January 12th 1973:Cavan Youth Club Concert(Print).

Rev John McFall is installed as Presbyrtien minister in Cavan.Previously served in Bailieborough.

Same Week Mrs Billy O Neill succeeds Ann Drysdale (Native of Dingle) as assistant in Crubany.

Dominick Sheridan is the Junior Player of the Year at Cavan Gaels.Joe Mulligan is the Minor Player of the Year while Wilie Doonan is theThe Coach.

January 5th 1973:Bomb Blast in Belturbet.Two dead.Geraldine O Reilly (student) Drumcon Belturbet  and Paddy Stanley from Clara County Offaly when a car bomb blows up outside Slowey’s Fish and Chip shop on the Diamond. Damage to property estimated at £200,000.Sheila Gorby’s miraculous escape when she stops to listen to Tom Jones on television.Registered number of ‘death car’ AIL2402 stolen in Enniskillen on the day of the explosion.

January 12th 1973:Junior Chamber 1973:President Tadgh Connolly,Deputy President Ivan Bolton, Treasurer Sheila McGinnity,Secretary Roisin Harrington).Council Eva Bonney,Leonard Brady,Ben Keegan Maura Mullen and Tom Murtagh.The PRO Geraldine Glasgow is voted ‘most valuable member’.

January 19th 1973:Tom McGurk Ballyjamesduff pays a record £25,000 for the Protestant Rectory and adjoining lands at Keadue.He intends to build 40 houses on the site.

Same Week Octave for the Reunion of Christendom begins in the Cathedral.

Sudden death of Gerry Hunt Farnham Street at the age of 72.Native of Coolaney Sligo.Came to Cavan in 1930.Prominent member of County Cavan Golf Club and founder member and star of Cavan Bridge Club.He was President of the Contract Bridge Association of Ireland from 1964-1965. “Good humour and consideration for the thousands of patients won the confidence and gratitude of all”.Rev. AB McGrath assisted by Rev Cathaldus McKiernan and Rev.Arthur Tierney (representing the Abbott of Glenstal) officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.Gerry Hunt is survived by his wife Maureen,sons Gerry,Dermot and Harry and 1 daughter Miriam (Walshe).

January 26th 1973:Death of Margaret Coyle at the age of 54.Native of Drung.She operated a very successful grocery and confectionery business at the bottom of the Half Acre.She is survived by her husband John,sons Sean and Brendan and daughters Susan and Kathleen.Father P J Gargan Adm.officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Drung.

Same Week CYMS Snooker Finals:Pictured are Martin Jermyn who beat Felim Coffey in Senior Final while Jimmy Sharkey beat John Murray in Junior Final

John McGinnity is re-elected Chairman of Midland Regional Tourism Board.Calls for the establishment of a large tourist hotel in the area.

Boy Scouts Pantomime: ‘3 Mugateers’.Script by Bill Henry and Father Torlac O Reilly.

Cavan Minor Board:Chairman Father Tom McKiernan,Secretary Patsy Lee,Registrar Father Paddy Mallon and Treasurer Father Sean Brady.

February 2nd 1973:Death of Joe Crowe Proprietor Dew Drop Inn.Native of Coolbawn Corlesmore.Played with Wateraughey and Cavan Juniors in his youth.Survived by his wife Annie,sons Gussie,Damien, George,John and Martin,4 daughters Mary,Margaret,Attracta and Philomena.Rev P J Gargan Adm officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Potahee.

Same Week RTS Wired Television  Services Phone Smyth’s Cavan 88.

Death of John Conaty Alackan at the age of 59.Hard working farmer.Survived by his wife Ettie,son John,daughters Geraldine,Theresa and Mary.Father PJ Gargan Adm officiated at the funeral to Killygarry.

Death of Mollie Reilly College Street at the age of 71.member of an old and respected Cavan family.She is survived by her brother Peter (New York) and sister Maggie Maguire (Connolly Street).Rev PJ Gargan officiated at the funeral to Cullies.

February 9th 1973:Death of Rev.Canon Patrick McEniffe PP VF Ballinamore former President of Saint Patrick’s College from 1937-1948.

Same Week Cavan Bridge Club represented by Father Thomas Woods,Kay Henry,Maureen McDonald and Jim Beirne win the Clones Open.

Death of Mary Cassidy Bridge Street widow of John at the age of 78.They first came to Cavan when they bought a farm in Annaglough which they operated very successfully until John’s death in 1932.She then sold the farm and opened a very successful Restaurant and Catering business in Bridge Street. “She was a popular,kind and respected member of the Community”.Father Des O Dowd officiated at her funeral from the Cathedral to Ballyconnell.

February 16th 1973 Untimely death of Annie Rehill wife of Jack Drumnavanagh.she was in her 40s and a native of Roseduff Moyne County Longford.Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Heaviest snow in years closes all the local schools.Barack hill is impossible to negotiate.Numerous windows shattered in snow ball fights involving the locals young and old.

February 23rd 1973 Cavan County Board GAA Officers 1973:Jim McDonnell,Vice Chair Father Paddy Morris,Secretary Hughie Smith,Micheal Greenan (Ast Secretary),Seamus Morirs (Registrar),TP O Reilly (Central Council),Phil Smith and Frank McBrierty (Ulster Council).Jim McCorry (Treasurer) succeeds P C Donohoe who did not seek relection.

March 2nd 1973:General Election returns a National coalition under Liam Cosgrove.Tom Fitzpatrick id appointed to the Cabinet as Minister for Lands.Result of 1st Count Cavan (3 seats)Tom Fitzpatrick (Fine Gael)7,276,Paddy Smith (Fianna Fail) 5,979,John Wilson (Fine Fail) 3,846,Paddy Reilly (Fine Gael ) 3,459,Seamus Dolan (Fianna Fail) 3,731,David Coleman (Fine Gael) 2,828,Jim Kelly (Aontact Eireann) 2,068.Subsequently Tom Fitzpatrick, Paddy Smith and John Wilson elected.Paddy Reilly (Murmod) losing his seat to the newly elected John Wilson.

Same Week Benny Cafferty,Jim Fay and Tom McCusker are the only winners as the CYMS are defeated by Drogheda 5-3.Defeated were:Martin Jermyn,Felim Coffey,Mickey Breslin,Sean McManus and Bernard Sharkey.

Death of Bridget McNally 48 Drumalee.native of Ardee,she was a leading member of Cavan ICA and penned many short stories and plays “Quiet charm and unassuming nature”.She is survived by her husband Jim (Supt.) sons Francis and Michael and 1 daughter Maura and her parents Mr and Mrs Michael O Neill Whitehall.

Same Week:ITGWU 1973 Chairman John O Rourke, Vice Chair Seamus Fay,Secretary Pat McKiernan,Trustees Edward Maguire,Peter Clarke and Danny McCarthy.Tommy Meehan is presented with a silver medal for 25 years loyal service.

Father Patrick Mallon new President Saint Pats .Jim Mcdonnell is appointed Vice President.Father Mallon was appointed to Saint Pats in 1940 succeeds Father Terence McManus who is now PP VF Ballinamore.

Death of Dicky Graham 11 Lakeview.Former professional jockey he served in the Cavalry Corps during World War 1 and was a native of Belfast.He is survived by his sons Tommy,Dicky and Paddy and 3 daughters Maureen (Clarke),Rosaleen Sheridan and Eileen.Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

March 9th 1973;Pressure from Housewive’s Association leads to Cavan UDC sweeping the streets on a Sunday morning.

March 16th 1973:John (Jack) Brady ‘Fort View’ Farnham Road is the new Captain at County Cavan Golf Club.

Same Week Liam Cosgrove is elected Taioseach and Tom Fitzpatrick is appointed Minister for Lands.

Lenten Collection for Trocaire amounts to £1,101.

Tommy Owens Solicitor Cootehill is appointed County Registrar to succeed Peter McDywer.Tommy native of Ballsbridge Dublin is aged 39 and qualified as a Solicitor in 1955.Practicing in Cootehill since 1958.

Lord Kilbracken (John Raymond Godley ) becomes an Irish citizen.as a protest against the British atrocities in Derry on Bloody Sunday,returns his 6 War medals to the Queen.

Death of Kathleen Smith Courthouse at the age of 72.Having spent 5 years in America,she returned in 1932 to take over the office of Births Marriages and Deaths in Cavan County Council.She is survived by her brothers Hughie,Pete and Barney and sisters Eileen,Josie,Winnie and Sister St.John New Jersey.Rev. P J Gargan officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

March 23rd 1973:Mary Fay SRN College Street wins the Gold medal for Nurse of the Year at Ards Hospital Newtownards.

Same Week Father Benny Maguire is appointed Team Manager with the senior county team.He will be assisted by Seamus Morris and Gabriel Kelly.

Father Joe O Hanlon BA BD receives his Masters (Theology) at Nottingham University.

Macrh 30th 1973:Leo McDonald’s shop is extensively damaged by fire.Brigades from Cavan,Belturbet and Ballyjamesduiff contain the blaze.

Same Week:New NEHB Headquarters in Kells to be built at an estimated cost of £40,000.

George Fairbrother presents Mrs Mack with a cheque to mark 50 years service to Allen and Halpin Solicitors. She commenced in 1923 at half crown per week.

Tom Fitzpatrick Minister for Lands is struck down with pneumonia and will not resume until 14th of April 1973.

Cavan Credit Union 1973:Chairman Rev Father PJ McManus,Vice Chair John P Smith,Secretary Tony Coyle,Treasurer Vincent Walsh.Supervisors Frances Mulcahy,Noel Martin and Frank Lyons (Snr).Membership is now over 600.turnover for the year is £69,300.

CYMS are defeated by Navan 4-3.Winners are Bernard Sharkey Tom McCusker and Martin Jermyn while Benny Cafferty,Paddy O Reilly Felim Coffey and Jim Fay lost their matches

Beekeepers Association 1973:.Chairman:Rev.Thomas Woods,Vice Chair Jimmy Scott,Treasurer Anthony Leddy,Secretary Charlie Robinson (Milltown).

April 6th 1973:Eamonn Walsh BDS NUI commences practice at 16 Farnham Street(Hunt’s).

Same Week Death of PV Coughlan Farnham Road former CAO Cavan for 40 years.Survived by his wife Monica a daughter Nancy and 92 year old Mother.Funeral from the Cathedral toKillygarry.

De La sale Brothers are withdrawing from Saint Felim’s Boys School after 30 years service to the Community.Superiors 1942-1974 Brother Florence,Brother Oswam,Brother Augustus,Brother Conleth,Brother Ultan and Brother Cassenus.

Sean Walsh is pictured receiving £100 sponsorship towards his costs for his attempt on the Channel Swim later in the year

Death of Billy Flynn late of Saint Patricks Swellan at the age of 69.Long serving skilled tailor.Survived by his wife and two sons Paddy and Eammon.

Boy Scouts Committee 1973:President Michael Smith (Saint Phelims Place),Vice President Kevin Kilduff,Treasurer Tony Darcy,Assistant Treasurer Tommy Reilly,Secretary Betty Ryan and Assistant Sec.Brian Sullivan.The Troop consists of 6 adult Leaders,15 Venturers Leaders,40 Scouts and 48 Cubs.

27th Cavan Drama Festival with adjudicator Wesley Burrowes.Winners Strand Players Dublin with ‘The Threepenny Opera’Runners Up Ballintra with ‘Duff’s Dimple’.Best Producr Tomy McCardle (Ballintra),Best Actor Terry Martin (Sundrive Players) and Best Actress Joan Walsh (Strand Players).

April 13th 1973:Death of John Charles McQuaid former Archbishop of Dublin.Born in Main Street in Cootehill.

“Cavan Town Rate ‘Soars’ to £6-46p”

“For the exclusive gift”.Mary Glavey opens her new store ‘The Killykeen’ (Leonards).

Carmel O Mahony Loreto College will represent Cavan in the All Ireland final of ‘Euro Fashion Schoolgirl of the Year’ in the Shelbourne Hotel Dublin.

Gold pin and plaque for Pat Kelly (Brady’s Garage) as he is voted Salesman of the Year by Volkswagen.

Cavan UDC pass a motion condemning Tony O Reilly’s takeover of Independent Newspapers. “Takeover not in the best interests of Democracy”

April 20th 1973:Tom Fitzpatrick is finally welcomed home as Minister for Lands by a huge crowd at the Cavan/Meath border and later a meeting in Cavan’s Market Square.

April 27th 1973:Brendan Young is on the move to his new spacious premises (Opposite Patsy Boyle’s). “Opening in May 1973”.

May 4th 1973;Untimely death of Angela Gaffney at the age of 25.Daughter of Frank and Kathleen Crowe Moynehall.She worked in the Civil Service in Dublin before her marriage to Ben Gaffney Main Street.Survived by husband Ben,daughter Joanna (3) and 1 year old Bernard. Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

May 12th 1973:Andy O Brien re elected to the Senaid, toping the Poll with 110 votes in the Administrative Panel.

Same Week Death of Kathleen McGovern Pullamore at the age of 53. “remembered for her many acts of charity”.Survived by her husband Michael,sons Packy,Willie,Michael,Seamus,Andrew and Eamonn and 4 daughters Kathleen ,Vera,Susan and Bernadette.Father Dan Sheridan (Nephew) assisted by Father P J McManus officiated at her funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

500 schoolchildren receive the Sacrament of Confirmation administered for the first time by Bishop Frank McKiernan.Lessons are read by Brother Augustine and Sister Lorna.Gus Kenny NT and Lilly Reilly NT were the Sponsors for all 500 recipients.

May 19th  1972 333 Pilgrims on the Kilmore Diocesan Pilgrimage to Lourdes including the two Bishops (McKieran and Quinn) and 16 priests.Father P J McManus Cavan is the Director.

Same Week:Erskine Childers in Cavan on whistle stop tour in his bid for the Presidency.7 Meetings in 1 day.

Death of Margaret Cusack former proprietor of The Shop (O Neills) at Drumalee Cross.Widow of Owen.Survived by her two sons Kieran and Owen and 2 daughters Pauline and Gertie.Funeral to Dean’s Grange Dublin.

May 25th 1973:Harry Hunt qualifies as a Solicitor.Now assistant to Jack Binchey in Cavan and partner in Binchey/Hunt Cootehill (Formerly Tommy Owens).Harry is son of Maureen and the recently deceased Gerry Hunt Farnham Street.

Same Week Pauline Flynn youngest daughter of Benny and Mrs Flynn wins the Under 18 Singing at Dublin Feis Cheoil.Pauline is a pupil at the Mercy Convent Ballymahon.

Erskine Childers elected President of Ireland.Cavan-Childers 14,001 to Tom O Higgin’s 13,399 majority of 602.Nationally Childers received 636,162 to Higgins 587,577.Turn out of 61.8%.

June 1st 1973:Sudden death of Margaret (Daisy) McCarren.Native of Carrigallen where her family the Smiths owned a drapery store. and widow of Patrick.Director of McCarren and Company.She was “hospitable,fortright and her charity knew no bounds”.She is survived by her 4 daughters Pauline,Helen,Eileen and Bernadette.Father PJ Gargan officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Same Week Jimmy Fox (Pictured) is the top sprinter at Saint Pats College Sports winning both the 100 and 200 metres in record time.

June 8th 1973:George Donohoe sells the Farnham Hotel to Sean Farrelly (Dublin) for £100,000

Same Week Maurice Jackson is new Chairman of Cavan UDC succeeding Tom Firzpatrick who was Chairman from 1960-1972.Paddy O Reilly (Kilnaleck) Clann Na Poblacht is new Chairman of Cavan County Council.

June 15th 1973:Death of Samuel Mills Kilmore at the age of 79.survived by his wife Bella and sons Sammy,Norman and Joe.

July 13th 1973:Tenants Association 1973:Chairman May Reilly,Vice Chair Brigid Sheridan (Owen Roe),Secretary Bridie Fay and Treasurer Kathleen Smith (Tullac Mongan).

July 20th 1973:Sudden death in Belfast of Bob Henderson MPSI Church Street at the age of 68.Native of Clones ,he qualified in 1932 and took over Jacksons Pharmacy Church Street in 1933.Prominent member of County Cavan Golf Club ,he was Captain in 1950.Member of Cumann Seanchas an Cabhain,Photographic Society.Superintendent Presbyerian Sunday School from 1940-1945.He was ordained an elder in 1947.Board of Governors Royal School and Protestant Hall.Survived by his wife Myrtle,2 daughters Rosemary and Valerie.Rev John McFall officiated at the funeral to Kilmore.Among the attendance was Bishop Moore and Dean Turkington.

July 27th 1973:T P O Reilly (Solicitor)Ballyconnell is appointed a District Justice at the age of 54.Won minor and senior all Ireland medals with Cavan.

Same Week End of Crosserlopugh’s 7 year reign as county Champions as Cootehill beat them 1-10 to 1-07.

August 3rd 1973:John Wilson is appointed shadow Minister for Education.

Same WeekEileen Maloney is appointed to Central Council Irish Red Cross.She is a member since 1969 and holds the position as senior lecturer and examiner.

August 10th 1973:Death of John M Breen MA former Professor in Saint Pats.Native of Callan County Kilkenny,he joined the staff of Saint Pats in 1923 and retired in 1955.Group leader Cavan LDF and Red Cross.Secretary and founder member of Cavan Executive Fianna Fail.he was a founder member of Cavan CYMS in 1936 and Cavan Drama Festival 1945.Survived by his wife Jennie,sons Rev Dan,Rev Sean,Kieran and Oliver,daughters Peggy and Ita.Funeral from Saint Patrick’s Church Glencullen to the adjoining cemetery.

Same Week Death of Brigid McConnell well known dressmaker Town Hall street at the age of 75.Native of Keeney Redhills.Funeral from the Cathedral to Drumalee Belturbet.

August 17th 1973:Mervyn Cinnamond (Pilot) makes world news as his plane is hijacked at Dubai Airport.Sige lasts for 3 days and after the passengers are released flies on to Libya where it is blown up.

August 24th 1973:Lord Brookborough dies in his sleep at the age of 85.Prime Minister of Northern Ireland since 1943 until his resignation in 1963.Former Commandent of Fermanagh branch of the B Specials.fought in World War 1 and won both the MC cross and the Croix De guerre for bravery.He was cremated and his ashes spread over his estate at Colebrooke.

August 31st 1973:Sean Walsh swims Lake Bola the coldest lake in Britain being 13,000 feet above sea level.His time for the swim was 6 hours and 58 minutes.Had swam 211 miles in training.

Same WeekTommy Donohoe representing Ieland and Ulster wins fly fishing competition and the Dan McAree cup for the heaviest fish with a trout of 13 lbs.

September 9th 1973;Noel Murtagh BA NT new Principal of Saint Felim’s Boys School.Native of Kingscourt,taught in Carickmacros,Virginia and latterly in Kilmainhamwood.He won the gold Medal in educational psychology while at UCD.

September 14th 1973:Annagh (Belturbet /Redhills) captained by Hughie McInerney beat Ramor United by 4-11 to 3-08 to win their first county Senior Championship.Record crowd of over 7,000 with record Gate Receipts of £1,607.

Same Week Brian Finlay (Mighty Avons) opens his new Record Shop-‘Musicland’ at 3 Connolly Street Phone 469.

Month long Mission in the Cathedral.The Passionist under Rev C McNiffe brother of Fr Patrick McNiff former President of Saint Pats and Parish Priest of Ballinamore.

Ray Carolan retires from inter county football.winner of Ulster senior medals in 1962,64,67 and 69.McRory Cup 1961 and 62.Ray won a record 6 Railway Cup medals with Ulster.

September 21st 1973:Brendan Corish Minister for Health appoints Tom O Connor UDC to the Board of the North Easten Health Board.Tom is the County Secretary of the Federation of Rural Workers

Same Week Rev George Simms Archbishop of Dublin delivers a fascinating and erudite lecture on Bishop Bedell on the 400th Anniversary of his death.Overflowing attendance in Farnham Hotel including Bishops Moore and McKieran.

Death in Sligo of Annie Mulvaney formerly of Annagelliffe.Survived by her son Jim.funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Walter and Michael Smith Aughaconey purchase the lease of the Avon Lounge from Ray Boylan who is leaving town.

September 28th 1973:Redhills beat Killeshandra 3-07 to 3-03 to win the County Intermediate title.

Same Week Brady Garage Cavan pay £34,000 for garage premises of PP Mooney and Co Castleknock

Death of Brigid Scott in her mid 50s Moynehall.Native of Drumcrave,she is survived by her husband Billy,son John,daughters Ann,Margaret,Frances ,Jean and Breda.Rev Des O Dowd officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Same Week Sympathy is extended to Evelyn O Connor Rosculligan on the death of her father Patrick O Hare former Garda Tullyvin.Predeceased by his wife Veronica.Funeral from Saint Patricks Churc Cornick to new cemetery

Arthur McKenna succeeds his brother in law Greg Sheridan as Scoutmaster

October 5th 1973:Eucemenical service for Peace in Town Hall led by Bishops McMiernan and Moore.

Same Week Sudden death of Andrew Gilchriest in Clapton London at the age of 53.Corporal in Irish Army 1939-1945.Emigrated in 1954.He is survived by his wife Rita.sons David,Patrick,Martin and Peter and 1 daughter Mary.

Jerry McCarthy AIB transferred to Dublin.Former Chairman and star of the Youth soccer team.

October 12th 1973;Phil Gargan Ritz Bar wins 3 Hogan Stand tickets for the All Ireland Final in Gaels Annual Draw while Seamus Fox (treasurer) wins the £100 1st prize in County Cavan Golf Club.

Same Week Full length films in the Town hall by Xenon Cine Services London on Sundays.The screen is 14 foot wide.Last films shown in Town Hall by Ned McKiernan 1961.

Bridge Club 1973:President Dr BT Cullen,Secretary Kay Henry,Assistant Secretary Kathleen Sullivan,Treasurer Maureen McDonald and Jim Burke,Tournament Director Dermot Morgan and Captain Joan O Hanlon.

John O Connor, Mel Doherty,Bill Anderson and members of Cavan Youth Club entertain patients from Saint Davnett’s Hospital on visit to Saint Phelim’s Hospital.Attendance included George and Olive Millar,Father Des O Dowd and Tom Gawley Chairman of Cavan Branch Mental Health Association.

‘Flashpoint’ the organ of Junior Chamber Cavan printed by Blacks wins the National premier award for Junior Chamber publications.

October 19th 1973:The new Garda Siochana Band under conductress M Reilly enthralls a capacity attendance in aid of Cavan Social Serices in the Sports Centre.Father Des O Dowd Chairman returns thanks to both the Band and the audience .

Same Week Sudden death of the legendary Mae Ward Coras Point.Expert interior designer specialising in curtains and fabrics and member of ICA.Father PJ McManus officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Drumcor.

Constant power cuts as the ESB operate at 2/3 of normal capacity due to continued industrial unrest.

October 26th 1973:Mrs Chad Varch World President of the Mothers Union is guest of the Cavan Branch.There are 15,000 members in Ireland and over 500,000 worldwide.Her husband is Founder of the Samaritans

Same Week Death of Paddy Brady former goalkeeper with Cavan Harps.Spent over 30 years in Manchester.Survived by his wife Kathleen,sons Robert,Ray and Terence.3 Daughters Kathleen,Margaret and Angela.Father P J McManus officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Nationwide power cuts continue.Industrial strike at ESB is protracted.

Benny Caffert UDC Saint Felims Place is appointed a Peace Commissioner by the Minister for Justice Paddy Cooney.

November 2nd 1973:29 year old Eamonn Cooke is appointed Town Clerk Kells county Meath.Clerical Officer with Cavan County Council,prominent member of the Arts Society and the Auxillary Fire Brigade.

Same Week Pope Paul V1 celebrates Mass in Saint John Lateran in Rome to open Holy Year while Bishop McKiernan continues to exhort families  to “pray together”.

Frank and Greta Nannery open their new Roadhouse ‘The Lavey Inn.

Value added tax is introduced and the Revenue Commissioners hold a seminar in the Farnham Hotel.

Death of MJ (Joe) Mullen Mountnuggent at the age of 69.Former Chairmanof Cavan County Board GAA.Father of Maura PRO Cavan Junior Chamber.

Cavan CYMS 1973:Presient Jimmy McCormack,Chairman John McCaffrey,Vice Chairman Benny Cafferty,Secretary Bernard Johnston,Treasurer Paddy O Reilly,Committee Jim Fay,Hughie Smith,Hughie Maguire,Mickey BreslinArthur Downey and Tom Crowe,

Cavan CYMS Table Tennis Committee 1973:Pesident Rev D O Dowd,Chairman Seamus De Faoite,Secretary Maura Farrelly,Treasurer Miss M Beirne.Membership £1 now due.

November 16th 1973:Cavan Swimming Pool committee apply for planning permision to erect a swimming pool at Lurganboy on a two acre site recently purchased from the Royal School.

November 23rd 1973:Cavan Post Office defeat Dublin in Croke Park by 1-11 to 1-09 to win the All Ireland Post Office Championship.Team:Tony Coyle (Drumalee),Michael McGovern (Kilygarry),Paddy Smith (Arva)Joey Browne (Drumalee),Brendan Crowe (Killygarry),Pat Reynolds (Killehandra),Dominick Sheridan (Cavan Gaels),Jackie Sheridan (Cavan Gaels),O McCrudden (Redhills) and Seamus McCardle (Killinkere).Subs John Dalton Mulahoran for McCrudden and Hugh Reynolds (Killeshandra) for Jackie Sheridan (injured).

Same Week Sympathy is extended to Ann O Grady on the death of her father Matthew Murphy the Glen Kinsale.

Month long power cuts continue to cripple the country.

1st CYMS Mass for deceased members and friends in Saint Clare’s Church.

Brendan Toal (Fine Gael) wins the Monaghan By Election.Vacancy left by Erskine Childers the new President.

Phyllis Farris and Ray Carolan are the recipients of ‘Claim to Fame’ awards presented by the Cavanmen’s Dublin Association.

November 30th 1973:Death of Leonard Dillon Bridge Street at the age of 67.Native of Castlederg county Tyrone .Master Plasterer.Came to Cavan to work on old Vocational school in Farnham Street and later the new Cathedral.Outstanding footballer with his native Castlederg.Survived by his wife Moly,son Damian and daughters Rachael, and Eimear.Father P J Mcmanus officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Same Week:Death of Jimmy O Brien Bridge Street at the age of 90.Native of Munelta Stradone,he was a carpenter by trade .Twin brother of the late Andy.outstanding athlete with Laragh starred with his brothers on the famous tug of war teams.Member of the LDF during the Emergency.Father Des O Dowd officiated at his funeral from the Cathedral.

County Cavan Golf Club Ladies 1973:President Margaret English,Captain Ena Hickey,Vice Captain Rose Fox,Secretary Joan O Hanlon and Treasurer Kathleen Brady.

December 7th 1973:Sunningdale Agreement.Delegations from London Dublin and Belfast agree on a new ‘Council of Ireland’.Culmination of 20 months of hard work by the Northern Secretary William Whitelaw.Ian Paisley announces an immediate start to campaign to wreck the Agrrement.

Same Week Cavan is recommended as suitable location for the new Geneal Hospital in the Fitzgerald Report.Vigorous Monaghan opposition.

December 14th 1973:Dr.Michael McGinnity son of John and Josephine Bridge Street receives his BchBAo degrees at UCG.Begins his one year internship in Lisdarn on the 1st January 1974.

Same Week Congratulations to Jimmy and Mrs Little Gartbrattan celebrating their Golden Jubilee.

Town Hall concert in aid of Cavan Mental Health is very well attended starring Mary Smallhorne,Mel Doherty,Kay Lawlor,Cait Coyle,Brid Graham,Noreen Donohoe and Valerie Smith.

December 21st 1973:Sudden death of Paddy Heslin Swellan at the age of 49.Having served with the 8th Army in North Africa and Casino Italy during world War 2.returned to Cavan in 1949 and took up employment with McCarren and Company.He is survived by his wife Christe,sons John,Patrick and Michael, daughter Isabella and mother Kathleen in Norfolk England.Rev Father PJ McManus officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Same Week: Christmas Turkey Market:600 on offer.Hens 35p while cocks were selling at 30 p per lb.

Death of Pat Leddy Rosculligan Lane.former playing member with Cavan Slashers.He is survived by his wife Rose,4 brothers Terry,James,Peter and John,1 sister Margaret (Goldrick).Funeral in Crosskeys.

Junior Chamber 1974:President Roisin Harrington,Deputy President Walter Myles,Vice President Tadgh Connolly,Treasurer JimWard,Secretary Maura McNally,PRO Maura Mullen,

January 4th 1974:Pictured are Tom Fitzpatrick and his new bride Carmel McDonald ‘Ardcarn’ Earlsvale Road who were married at the Church of Our Lady Seat of Wisdom at UCD Campus.Chief celebrant was Father John McMahon CC cousin of the groom assisted by Father PJ Gargan Adm Cavan and Fr.Felim McCabe Head Chaplain Defence Forces.Beryl McDonald Bridesmaid and the Bride was given away by her brother in law Niall Whelan.Dermot Fitzpatrick was Best Man.The reception was held in the Royal Hibernian Hotel Dublin.

Same Week: Presentation to Myrtle Henderson by Denis Condon on behlf of Cavan Tidy Towns Committee.Mrs Henderson is leaving Cavan to reside in Lisburn.

Death of James Carroll College Street.He had been in failing health for sometime.Worked in McCarren’s Bacon Factory.Secretary Cavan Slashers for a number of years.Survived by his wife Rose,sons Paddy ,Gerard,daughters Tessie and Philomena.Rev AB McGrath  officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Brendan Hannon is appointed new Area Manager for ACC Bank.He is a native of Enniscrone and is a graduate of UCG.

January 11th 1974:Charlie Donohoe is Junior Player of the Year,PJ Buggy Senior and Philip Finegan Minor.Jimmy (Inky) Sheridan just back from England is the new Team Manager .Presented with their awards at Cavan Gaels dinner in the Lakeland Hotel.

Same Week Hurricane winds and most violent storm in living memory cause2 deaths and damage estimated at £1.5 milion nationally.Berney Mastervision report 130 aerials blown down.

Peter Keoghan Jubile Terrace brother of John and native of Drumbess Ballinagh dies at the age of 65.Spent 43 year with the ESB.Rev.PJ McManus officiated at the funeral to Kilygarry.

Death of Henry Agnew Emmett Place at the age of 75.Served in the Middle East during World War 1 and fought in France during World War 2.Prisioner of War in Germany for 5 years.Distinguished member of the old Cathedral choir under Father Willie Buchanan.Played the Tuba in the Foresters Band.Predeceased by his wife Nellie 8 years ago.Henry is survived by his sons Jim,Brendan, Michael, Henry,Jackie,Ernie and Dessie and daughters Lily and Pearl.Rev.PJ Gargan Adm officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

January 18th 1974 Death of Margaret Burns at the age of 75.widow of Michael.Survived by her daughters Margaret,Rose and Mary,sons Johnny and Michael.Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Prayers for Christian Unity in Cavan Parish Church where Bishop McKiernan preached .The following week Bishop Moore preached the homily in the Cathedral.

Death of Catherine Ruddy Bridge Street at the age of 92- widow of Phil N T.Survived by her sons Tom and Father ,daughters Sheila,Frances ,Bernadette and Kathleen.Rev PJ Gargan officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

January 26th 1974:Boy Scouts Musical Society present ‘the Sheik of Arabee’.Starring Sean Mcmanus as the Sheik,Paddy Murray as Sam Spade,J J O Reilly as Pipes,Gene Cullivan as Castor,Peter McGinnity as Hennessy,Jim Hannon as Mrs Devine ,Sheila McKienan as Olive Devine and Patsy Lee as Jim Fogarty.

John Johnstone well known Inter county referee is made a presentation on his retirement by Alo Donohoe on behalf of Cavan Referees Association.Later John was the recipient of a further presentation from the Ulster Council.Star player with Cavan Slashers,he won 2 All Ireland Minor medals with Cavan in 1937/38.

February 1st 1974:Death of the legendary Jimmy Donohoe College Street.World’s longest serving Linotype Operator.Served the Celt for 69 years of “loyal devoted and highly skilled service”.It is estimated that he set 200,000000 words.Founder member of Cavan Angling Club,he was an expert fly fisherman.In his youth,he was a top class athlete and trained on the roads leading to the town.He won many track and cross country titles.He is survived by his son Charles (Abbey Street) and daughter Kathleen.He was predeceased by his wife Minnie 34 years ago and his daughter Maisie 5 years ago (famous ballroom dancer).Rev PJ Gargan Adm officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry where his colleagues in the Anglo Celt formed a guard of honour.

Same Week Cavan Swimming Pool AGM:Chairman Brendan Young,Vice Chair Michael Leddy,Treasurer Seamus McGeever,Secretary Bridgid Murray and Assistant Secretary.Frances Galligan.

Ray Dunne (28) is elected President of Macra Na Tuaithe.He is presently doing his Post graduate studies in Career Guidance at UCD.

February 8th 1974:Tragic death of Susan Connolly eldest daughter of Pee and Mary 24 Saint Brigids.Aged 16.She was killd in a traffic accident at Cornick Bridge Cootehill on Friday evening.Before leaving home she joined with the other members of the family in reciting the nightly rosary.Survived by her parents,sistersCarena(14),Julia(11),Helen(8),Ann(6) and brothers Bernard (11) ,Michael (5) and David (2).Rev PJ McManus officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral after 11:30 Mass on Sunday to Cullies cemetery.

Same Week Death of Charles Nelson Emmett Place at the age of 65.Funeral from Saint Brigids Killygarry to adjoing cemetery.

Same week:World Oil Crisis.Filling stations are open only from 9 am- 11 am and 4-6 pm and strict rationing applies.

Walter Myles is voted Personality of the Year by Cavan Junior Chamber.

Diocese of Kilmore contribute £3,607 to Peter’s Pence.The Pope sends his Apostolic Blessing in appreciation.

Cavan ICA celebrates its 21st Birthday with concert in Poor Clare Hall.

February 8th 1974:HL Smith is sensationally ousted from his position as Secretary of County Cavan GAA after a period in office of 37 years.Officers Chairman (new) PC Donohoe,Vice Chairman Rev Mickey McManus,Treasurer Jim McCorry,,Secretary Jimmy Smith (Crosserlough),Ulster Council Phil Smith and Frank McBrearty,Central Council TP O Reilly.The new Secretary is 35 year old Jimmy Smith from Tullyboy Crosserlough.He was captain of the 1956 county Minor team and star player in both the 1958 and 1961 Championship winning teams for Crosserlough.Team Manager Father Benny Maguire in a resignation statement read to Convention states “ In the interest of self preservation and in the knowledge that the team is in a worse position now than when I took over. I am resigning from my post as Team ManagerThe whole episode has been a shattering experience for me”

February 15th 1974:Community Games: Chairman Tony Darcy,Vice Chair Tom Caslin,Secretary Patsy Lee,Assistant Secretary Tommy Smith (Drumalee) and Treasurer Father Des O Dowd.

Same Week County Cavan Golf 1974:Captain Paddy Fleming,President Dr.BT Cullen,Vice President Dr.FPE Smith,Secretary Phil Cullivan,Assistant Sec.Dermot Morgan Treasurer Seamus Fox.

February 22nd 1974 Maurice Brady (Jnr) is new County Secretary Handball Board replacing Andy Cullen who served in the position for a period of 12 years.

Same Week Garda Sean Kerigan is promoted to sergeant and transferred from Cabra to Irishtown.Native of Lisreagh and son of Mary and the late Pat.Educated at Crubany and Cavan Vocational school.

Death of Gerry Leddy College Street at the age of 55.Like his father George he was a Master Baker in Pat McDonnells.Survived by his brothers George and Charlie,sisters Sister Louise,Sister Monica,Bernadette,Phyllis and Kitty.Rev Des O Dowd officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

March 1st 1974 Cavanmen’s Association Dublin 1974:Chairman Packy Saunderson,Vice Chair RevP O Donohoe,Joint Secretaries Theresa Smith and Sheila Maguire,Joint Treasurers Séan McKeown and Gene Rudden,PRO Mary McCormack.

20,215 copies of the Anglo Celt are sold weekly.

March 8th 1974:Saint Pats College 1874-1974 celebrates its Centenary.Founded by Bishop Nicholas Conaty,first President Father Bernard Finegan (later Bishop of Kilmore),1st winners of the McRory Cup in 1934/35.Pesident Erskine Childers leads the tributes and Cardinal Conway presides at Centenary Mas in the Cathedral where the chief celebrant is Bishop Frank McKiernan.Lessons are read by Richard Burke (Minister for Education) and Jim McDonald.Rev Fergus Clarke on the organ while the College Choir is under the baton of Father Gerry Kearns.Rev Peter Brady MA Phd preaches the homily in which he says “his respect for the college grew as experiences of life deepened”.Rev Terence Cunningham and Father Dan Gallogly launch their book ‘Saint Patrick’s College-Centenry History’Tom Fitzpatrick plants the Centenary tree while President and Mrs Childers are pictured in the company of Father John Murphy enjoying the presentation of ‘Carousel’ by the student Musical Society.

March 15th 1974: “Senator Billy Fox is Murdered-Shocking outrage near Clones”.Aged 38 both parents dead,he lived with an uncle (Thompson Fox) at Cortubber Castleblayney.President Childers and Taioseach Liam Cosgrove lead the shocked nation in mourning .The Cabinet and members of the Oireacthas in attendance and also there was John Hume and Paddy Devlin (SDLP).

March 22nd 1974:Death of Alice Smith Ashe Street at the age of 73 ,widow of James (tailor).Survived by her sons Tommy and Jackie and daughters Alice,Eileen,Terry and Betty.Rev AB McGrath officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Same Week: Pearse Gilroy Cathedral Road qualifies as a Chartered Accountant.Educated at De L:a Salle,Saint Pats and UCD where took his B Com-he is articled to Stokes Kenneddy Crowley for the last three years.

March 29th 1974:Death of Margaret (Reta) Donnolly Tierquin at the age of 56.She was employed for many years in the Elmbank Hatchery.Rev Des O Dowd officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

April 5th 1974:Rick Lewis is Secretary of the newly formed Cavan Chess Club Phone 114.Recent results Rick Lewis beat Pat Ryan and Séan Galligan beat Fergal Donohoe.

Same Week Cavan Urban District Council:May Reilly fills the vacancy left by Timmy Murphy.Overdraft facility 1974 is £20,000.Johnny O Rourke states that “there is no refuse collection in River Street and the residents have to dispose of their rubbish in the river”!

Sudden death of Eamonn (Buttons) Brady at his residence Saint Joseph’s Drumalee at the age of 36.Star of numerous Boy scout Pantomimes both on stage and on drums in the Orchestra.Drummer in the first Boy Scouts Accordion Band of 1954.Member of the Gaels panel for first County Final of 1958 and later the successful League sides.Very meticulous worker ,he was Store and Parts Manager with Smith Motors until his recent transfer to Autorac.Survived by his wife Pauline (Nee Sheridan),4 sons Noel (12),Eamonn (10)Martin (9),Joseph(4) and daughter Pauline (3)Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry

Death of Patrick (Stick) Donohoe14 Bridge Street at the age of 70.Nativeof Roy Templeport,he was a Clerical Officer with Cavan Committee of Agruiculture.Studied Agriculture at Ballyhaise and Albert College Dublin.Joined the Garda in the 1920s and was stationed Ballinshuttle near Kinsale where he later had the misfortune to have a motor cycle accident in which he lost his leg.Later returned to Cavan and opened a public house in Bridge Street and joined the Department of Agriculture.Winner of a County Junior medal with Templeport Saint Aidans in 1922 and Intermediate and Senior in the following years.He is survived by his wife Elizabeth,sons Paddy,Harry and daughters Monica and Ann.Rev Father P J McManus assisted by Rev.Harry Ramsbottom Naas officiared at the funeral from the Cathedralto Killygarry.

Death of Liam Bogue Sawmills Dublin Road at the age of 52.Native of Drogheda.Worked in family sawmills in Drogheda and when he came to Cavan 24 years ago set up a sawmills adjacent to his residence on the Dublin Road.Prominent footballer with Owen Roe GFC Drogheda,he was Captain of County Cavan Golf Club in 1964.Prominent and active membe of the Saint Vincent De Paul and the Pionerer Total Abstinence Society.He is survived by his wife Angela,son Declan and two daughters Claire and Dympna.Rev Father PJ McManus officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

April 12th 1974:Sundrive Players Dublin win the 27th Cavan Drama Festival with their production of ‘Vivat Vivat Regina’.2nd were Ballintra while Carrigallen won the rural section.Best Producer Una Parker (Sundrive) while adjudicator was Wesley Burrowes.

Same Week Holy Year starts in the Cathedral with Father Des O Dowd celebrating Mass at which Bishop McKiernan presided.

Death of Edward Daniels Drumard House at the age of 81.Extensive farmer and member of Cavan Parish Choir for over 50 years.Survived by his ife Wilhelmina.Funeral from Kilmore Cathedral to adjoing cemetery.Rev Dean Turkington presided assisted by Rev Jack Paggot England nephew of the deceased.

April 19th 1974:Dr.Tony Farrelly is elected President of the Irish Medical Organisation

Same Week: 38 students from Loreto on 1 week holiday to Paris accompanied by Sister Dominic and H Sheridan.

Death of Tommy Reilly Earlsvale Road at the age of 60.Native of Mullaloher Ballyhaise.He spent 12 years in New York and was employed locally as a barman.Survied by his wife Lily NT Corlurgan .Rev Des O Dowd assisted by Rev Brendan Bracken (family friend) officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Death of James Plunkett Saint Phelims Place painter and decorator.He painted many of the sets for Cavan Boy Scouts Musicals.He was a keen fisherman and active member of the Legion of Mary.Survived by his son Oliver and daughters Mary and Bridie.Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

April 19th 1974:Cavan Rugby Club:Committee of 8 elected to run the affairs of the new club.Tony Dunne (Secretary),Ken Ruddock (Coach),Michael O Calaghan,Michael Crosby,PJ Carroll,Harry Hunt, and Peter Pollock.The Club have leased Tierquin.32 players later report for training and instruction on the rules of the game.Their first game is against Monaghan.

Same Week New £400,000 Voctional School opens at Drumbo There is accommodation for 510 pupilas and 27 teaching areas.The Headmaster is Ronan Rice.Students transfer by foot fom the old Vocational school at Farnham Street.There is a nationwide school bus strike.Séamus Dolan Cavan VEC calls for the Army to be brought in !

April 26th 1974:Outstanding Youth Concert in Poor Clare Concert Hall features ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ and ‘Phil the Fluter’s Ball.’Producd by Bill Henry and Tommy McCardle,the latter has just been appointed Producer of the educational programmes at RTE.

May 3rd 1974:Voluntary retirement scheme for farmers introduced by Tom Fitzpatrick (Minister for Lands).

Same Week Death of Katie Buckley at the age of 67 in London.Merchant Family ,she was a familiar sight as a Hawker at Football matches etc in Brefni Park.Survived by her sons Paddy,Barney,Simon,Jimmy and Cosa and 3 daughters Joan,Rose Ann and Kitty.

Same Week:Death of Patrick Monaghan 13 Lakeview.Survived by his wife Elizabeth,2 sons John and Francis and 2 daughters Mary Ann and Kathleen.Father PJ McManus officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Jim Sheridan former star with Cavan Shamrocks captains Finn Harps to a 3-1 victory in FAI Cup Final.Huge crowds at Bus Office on Monday to greet the team on their triumphant journey home to Donegal.

10th May 1974:Pearse Gilroy,Oliver Leddy and Gareth O Reilly star for UCD in their All Ireland Club Final replay victory over Clann Na Gael from Armagh.

Same Week:Frank O Rourke late of the Market Square is appointed Chief General Manager Bank of Ireland.Son of Frank and Theresa,he joined the Bank in 1950.

Death of Edward (‘Bates’) McEvoy at the age of 68.served in British Army during World War 2.Dedicated member of the Total Absitinence Asociation.Survived by his wife Josephine,3 sons Gerry,Tommy and Edward and 3 daughters Tony,Anne and Kathleen.Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Fianna Fail candidiates for Local elections 1974:May Reilly,Paddy Conaty,Brian Sullivan,Frank Ellis and Packy Smith (Highfield Road).

Jim Kelly,Joe Duffy and Tommy Reilly are the recipients of a presentation on their retirement from their colleagues in the Fire Brigade at a well attended function n he Lakeland.

NITRO Officers 1974:Chairman Séamus Fay,Vice Chair Paddy McCormack,Secretary Clare Conroy,Assistant Secretary Helena Muray, Treasurer Tom Caslin and PRO Barry Hughes.

May 17th 1974:Leggykelly Inn is blown up by mask raiders..Patrick O Reilly only purchased the premises n June last year from Bertie Reilly for a sum of £36,700.His wife Sarah and children Ann (12),Patrick (9) and Vincent (7) were ordered from their beds and made their escape by foot.

May 24th 1974: “Horror of the Dublin and Monaghan Bombings”.6 killed in Monaghan while there were many casualties.Friday evening bomb went off without any warning in ‘Greacen’s Bar’ killing the few people on the premises.

Same Week:Old Technical school sold to Cavan County Council for £24,000.Mrs E Tierney has been granted her caretaker premises for the duration of her lifetime.

Paddy Smith (Abbey Printers) and Steve Duggan (Sports Centre) join forces to form an auctioneering business.

Death of Edith Noble Wolfe Tone Street.Member of an old respected Protestant family.Rev George Millar officiated at the funeral from Cavan Parish Church to the New cemetery.

May 31st 1974:Norbertine Fathers celebrate the 50 years of their return to Kilnacrott.Away from Ireland over 400 years until Bishop Finegan invited them to set up a House at Kilnacrott in 1924.

Same Week:Cavan Post Office lose their All Ireland title at the first hurdle beaten by Castlebar 4-8 to 3-8 in first round in Breffni Park.

Cottehill beat Cavan Gaels 3-9 to 2-7 in 1973 Senior League Final.The Gaels lost the title after a 50 from Tom Kissane found its way to the net.Gate receipts for the Final were £90.Cavan Gaels:Aidan Elliott,Noel Galligan,Jim Fay,Frank Glancy,Louis Blessing,John McNamara,Eugene Reilly,JJ Reilly(Capt),Oliver Galligan,PJ Carroll,Haulie Reilly,Charlie Donohoe,John Cullen,Gabriel Kelly and Philip Murray.Sub Dominic Sheridan for Cullen (injured).Gael’s scorers PJ Carroll and Haulie Reilly 1-1 each,Gabriel Kelly 0-2,Phil Murray,Oliver Galligan and Charlie Donohoe 0-1 each

June 7th 1974:Work commences on the £150,000 John Sullivan Home.The Nursing Home will cater for 40 residents and 20 non residents.

Same Week Tom Fitzpatrick (Minister for Lands) unveils the development Plan for Killykeen which will cost £100,000.

Death of Michael McEntee Saint Phelims Place .Cavan County Council lorry driver in road traffic accident with school bus.Second tragedy to befall the family in the space of 12 months,his son Noel was also killed last June (1973).Michael McEntee was 52 and is survived by his wife ,3 sons Tom,Mickey Joe and Allen,2 daughters Aggie and Margaret.

Death of Mary Joe Hewitt Crubany at the age of 96.Native of Leitrim. Widow of Robert,survived by her sons Joe and Jimmy.Rev George Millar officiated at the funeral from Cavan Parish Church to the New cemetery.

June 14th 1974 The Minister for Justice Paddy Cooney has appointed Paddy O Reilly 85 Church Street a Peace Commissioner

Same Week 150 pupils from De La sale enjoy a tour of Connemara in beautiful weather after having a dip in Galway’s new Sports Complex Leisureland Salthill

Patrick Blesing son of Louis and Susan is appointed manager of Alan King’s Fashion store Dublin.Patrick did his apprenticeship with Brendan Young.

Death of Mary Brady Saint Phelim’s Place.very popular old resident.Survived by her two sons Paddy,Sean,daughters Rita,Moya and Collete.Only two months ago her son Eamonn died suddenly.Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Cavan swimmers qualify for Community Games Finals after winning gold medals at the County title at Longford swimming pool.Maureen Cosgrove,Millicient Cosgrove,Deidre O Dwyer,Sean McDermott,Steve McGrath,Paddy Maloney,Finnola Maloney

June 21st 1974 Local Elections Cavan Urban Council Electorate .total valid poll 1519 quota 152.First Count Benny Cafferty (Fine Gael) 61,Packy Clail (Independent)38,Paddy Conaty Snr (Fianna Fail)127,Frank Ellis (Fiann Fail) 29,Maurice Jackson (Independent)121,Benny Little (Sinn Fein) 78,Dr Eamonn McDwyer (Fianna Fail) 114,Joe McGovern (Clann Na Poblacht) 61,Annie Murray (Fne Gael) 127,Andy O Brien (Fine Gael)176 (Elected),Tom O Connor (Labour) 88,Johnny O Rourke (Labour) 109,May Reilly (Fiann Fail)141,Paddy O Reilly (Fine Gael) 120,Packy Smith (Fianna Fail) 40,Brian Sullivan (Fiana Fail) 87.Elected to Council are Senator Andy O Brien,Paddy Conaty,Maurice Jackson,Paddy O Reilly,Dr Eamonn McDwyer,May Reilly,Annie Murray,Johnny O Rourke and Tom O Connor.Joe McGovern and Benny Cafferty lose their seats to Eamonn McDwyer and Annie Murray.Brian Sullivan just failed to take the last seat from Tom O Connor by 9 votes despite a recount by the Returning Officer Sean Leddy.Packy Clail and Frank Ellis lost their deposits of £5 not having reached a 1/3 of the quota on elimination.

Cavan County Council (Cavan electoral area)Total Poll 8,240 quota 1,014.First Count Vincent Bartley (Fiann Fail) 530,Andrew Boylan (Fine Gael) 602,Charlie Boylan (Sinn Fein)744,Tom Brady (Aontacht Eireann) 50,J Cassidy(Fiann Fail)241,Paddy Conaty (Fiann Fail)768,JC Lord (Independent)601,PJ Masterson (Fianna Fail)599,Andy O Brien (Fine Gael)1,102,Tom O Connor (Labour)331,Matt O Reilly (Clann Na Poblact)544,Paddy Reilly (Fine Gael) 647,Brian Rudden (Fianna Fail)579,A Sexton (Fine Gael)148.Andy O Brien,Paddy Conaty,Charlie Boylan,Andrew Boylan,PJ Masterson,Paddy Reilly and Brian Rudden elected.

Death of James Smith Carrickane at the age of 60.Native of Milltown,ambulance driver at saint Felims since 1948.Survived by his wife Annie,3 daughters Mary,Collette and Breda.Funeral from the cathedral to Killygarry.

Father Bernard Colins is appointed Mosignor by Cardinal Timothy Manning Archbishop of Los Angeles.Monsignor Collins ordained for Los Angeles in 1929.

June 28th 1974 Death of Jimmy Carmichael Tullac Mongan at 52.Driver with the Department of Posts and Telegraphs.Gifted violin player and vocalist ,he was a regular in Rehills of Bridge Street for many years where he often accompanied his brother in law John McCaffrey on the violin.Keen fisherman and very interested in all sports.Survived by his wife 8 sons Peter John,Jim,Joe,Noel,Brian,Brendan,Dermot and daughters Patricia,Annie,Margaret,Geraldine,Karen, and Josephine.Funeral from the Cathedral to Drumcor.

Same Week Death of Jack Gray Drumullen at the age of 78.Worked in McCarrens as a pork butcher for 50 years and fought in World War 1 with his two brothers Bobby and Shady.Outstanding goalkeeper in his youth,he played for both the soccer and gaelic teams.Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Church Gate Collection for Gorta raises £174-55

Deputation  from Tenants Association to Co Secretary Peter Hayden are assured that playgrounds will be provided at Tullac Mongan,Saint Phelims Place and Saint Patricks Terrace.Members of Deputation May Reilly,Mary Keoghan,Annie McKiernan and Bridie Fay

July 5th 1974:Death of Elizabeth Carmichael Farnham at the age of 89.son James well known fruit merchant and violinist only died last Sunday week..Funeral from Drumcor to the adjoining cemetery.

Same Week:Tragic death in train accident of Aidan Madden former Fire Chief (1950-1957) with Cavan County Council.Survived by his wife Noreen and son Louis.Funeral to his native Kiltimagh.

Betty Hickey sells two winning tickets in Hospital Sweepstake.The tickets have consecutive numbers!

July 12th 1974:.Paul Smith (pictured) son of Colm and Mrs Smith 95 Bridge Street Cootehill qualifies as a Doctor at UCD.

Same Week Na Piarsaigh captained by Francis Goodeman win the inaugural Under 16 Parish Final beating Craobh Rua (captained by Michael Graham) 3-04-to 0-6 hosted by Cavan Gaels.Trophy and set of medals presented to the victorious team by Bishop Frank McKiernan.Na Piarsaigh:Greg GomanJoe Mullery,Greg Conlon,Hughie Murray,Brian Cullen,Michael Flanagan,Francis Goodeman (Capt),Sean McKiernan,Don Mulligan,Liam Henry,Tommy Fay,Gerry Clarke and Martin Sorahan..Referee Michéal Greenan (Drumalee).

Youth Club 5 a side tournament all entries to Jimmy Fox or Donney Kenneddy.

July 19th 1974:Death of the legendary Jack Smallhorne 31 Coleman Road at the age of 67.Father was a Station Master in Float County Westmeath where Jack was born in 1907.Played club football with Saint Mary’s Granard,Crosserlough,Innishowen,Ballybay and Carrick on Shannon.Outstanding member of the Cavan All Ireland winning teams of 1933/1935.Latterly staunch,reliable member of Cavan Gaels Committee-he was a common feature of the Bingo sessions on a Friday night.Courteous and efficient official with CIE,Jack served in Donegal with the Irish Army during the Emergency.He is survived by his wife Mary,2 brothers James and Michael,2 sisters Ettie andMollie..His only son Paddy was killed in a road traffic accident on the main Cavan/Dublin road in 1966.Rev Des O Dowd officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Ballybay.

Same Week:Simon O Hanlon (pictured)‘Glenair’ Cathedral Road is conferred with his Bachelor of Comerce degree at Trinity College.

July 26th 1974:Sudden death of Tom Hickey at the age of 57.Native of the town. Son of Mr and Mrs Joseph Hickey Main Street.Educated at Saint Patrick’s College,qualified as a Dentist at the Royal College of Surgeons Dublin in 1941.During the Emergency Tom served in the Army Medical Corps.He was a founder member of the Pavilion Lawn Tennis club and Producer of their record breaking outstanding Pantomimes 1949-1956 :Member of the Committee of Cavan Drama Festival of which he was Treasurer for a number of years.Past Capain and Treasurer of County Cavan Golf Club.He was a founder member of Cavan Credit Union and both himself and his wife Ena played a pivotal role in establishing the movement in Cavan.Leading campaigner for the location of a General Hospital in Cavan.Tom was a vociferous and influential member on behalf of Cavan on the NEHB.He is survived by his wife Ena,sons Joseph,Albert and Xavier and daughters Una and Marie.Rev PJ McManus officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Same Week Marie Linehan (pictured) Farnham Street daughter of Dr.Con and Mrs Linehan receives her SRN at Saint Vincents Elm Park Hospital Dublin.

Concern Church Gate Collection amounts to £147

Father PJ Gargan Adm is the recipient of a car radio from the Church of Ireland Select Vestry at a function in the Derragara Inn to mark the Silver Jubilee of his ordination while the Boy Scouts present Father Torlac with a gold wrist watch to mark his Silver Jubilee.

August 2nd 1974:Dr.John B Sullivan will commence practice at 33 Church Street (Phone 62) from next Tuesday August 6th.He has just started a practice in Ballinagh.

Same Week:Miraculous escape by Eugene May and Father Tommy Monaghan as PA’s chimney crashes through their roof.

Richard Nixon President of the USA announces his resignation following revealations in the Watergate affair.

Death in Chesterfield of Seamus Smith College Street at the age of 52.He was 21 years in England and is survived by his brothers JP and Peter Post Office Ballinagh and Laura Crossan College Street.

Over 100 attend Water Safety classes at Annagh Lake where the tutors were Beatrice Maloney,Amelia Crowe and Mrs Seamus Kelly.A collection of the town to defray expenses realised £54.

Cavan Minors beat Derry 3-09 to 1-04 to win the Ulster Championship in Clones.The Senior game between Down and Donegal ended in a draw.Cavan will now play London at Croke Park in the Quarter Final.Cavan:Frank Maguire,Christy McCutcheon,Damien Sheridan,Ray Cullivan,Robbie McDermott,Matt Rudden,Martin Brady,Paddy McNamee,Sean Brady,Owen Martin,Pauric Martin,Philip Finegan,Brendan Donohoe and Tony Brady.Subs Hubert Conaty for Robbie McDermott and Sean Carney forTony Brady.A jubiliant Tommy Kelly Secretary of The Minor Board stated that he was always confident since the Minor Legue that this team would win the Ulster Championship.

September 21st 1974:Private Coach Hire Committee 1974:Chairman Frank McConnell,Secretary Benny Hannigan and Treasurer James G Martin.

Tom and Kathleen Wilson launch the new American Bar.Tom is anative of Moynalty county Meath while Kathleen is from Mohill County Leitrim.they have 6 girls and 1 boy and have extensive experience in the bar and catering trade having spent 17 years in England.

September 28th 1974:Greg and Dominic Sheridan representing Cavan are pipped in the All Ireland Junior Doubles Handball Final 21-20,17-21 and 17-21

Same Week Sympathy is extended to Mrs Phyllis O Neill Keadue on the death of her father Michael Moran Eslin Bridge Leitrim

Death of Elizabeth Coughlan Farnham Road at the age of 91.She was mother of PV former CAO Cavan.Father PJ McManus officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Frank Glancy is promoted to the rank of sergeant Garda SiochanaNative of Cortubber Carrick on Shannon,joined the force in 1965.He is a star defender with Cavan Gaels

October 4th 1974:Funeral of Bishop Austin Quinn in the Cathedral.Born on March 15th 1892,he was a native of Derrynoose county Armagh and was Bishop of Kilmore from 1950-1972.Bishop Frank McKiernan the main celebrant also present were 18 Bishops.The Papal Nuncio Doctor Alibrandi presided.In his homily Bishop McKiernan stated “Bishop Quinn was truly a humble and holy man,may God have mercy on his gentle soul”.His motto was ‘Soli Deo’ (To God Alone is Glory Due).He is buried adjacent to the front door of the Cathedral.

Same Week Death of Michael Walsh 20 Wole Tone street at the age of 70 after a brief illness.Old respected resident,he was predeceased b his wife Mary 9 years ago.Served in the Irish Army during the emergency.he is survived by his son Séan the well known long distance swimmer.Father Felim Kelly officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

DermotHealy aged 26 wins the Hennessy prize and £100 for Literature with his short story set in County Roscommon ‘First snow of the year’

October 11th 1974:Sudden death of Ned Kinsella College Street at the age of 74.Native of Keady County Armagh.Served on the old Cavan /Clones GNR railway for 47 years and later spent 6 years driving the Dublin/Belfast express with CIE.Came to Cavan in 1940 on transfer from Clones.Long time loyal and meticulous Caretaker of Cavan CYM.Survived by his wife Josephine.Sons Gerry ,Teddy ,Liam,Peter John,Pat and Séamus,daughters Sister Jacinta,Betty,Maureen,Bernadette,Anne and Kitty.Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Same Week Death of Terry Sheridan Creighan at the age of 76.Funeral from the Cathedral to Drumavaddy.

Patrick Myler former  Cavan Asistant County Engineer is appointed County Engineer in Laois.

October 18th 1974:Father Torlac O Reilly is appointed Curate in Swanlinbarr.Over 400 attend farewell social and presentation in the Lakeland by Cavan Boy Scouts while Father AB McGrath is the new Parish Prist of Castletara and is replaced in the Presbytery by Father Peter McPartland.

October 25th 1974:Death of Tommy O Donnel 17 Breffni Terrace at the age of 64.Native of Carrick on Suir County Tipperary.Prominent member of the Slashers and County hurling teams of the 1930s.Attached to 5th Battalion Irish Army based in Collins Barracks Dublin,Tommy was an outstanding boxer and won may of the All Army titles in his youth.Employed by Cavan Urban Council for 36 years,Tommy was one of nature’s gentlemen making light of his deafness handicap.Survived by his wife Rose,sons Tommy,Oliver,daughters Rosaleen,Kathleen.Father Harvey presided at the funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Same Week Death of Cecil Hamilton Dawson Keadue Lodge.member of an old and respected Cavan family,his late father was a Veterinary Surgeon in the town.Survived by his brothersJimmy,Stanley,Harry and sister Ada.Funeral from Cavan Presbyerian Church to New cemetery.

Congratulations to Joseph Scanlon son of Maureen and Jim Francis Street new Army Officer.Received his commission at Custom Barracks Atlone from Paddy Donegan Minister for Defence.Joseph is a second year Enineering student at UCG.

November 1st 1974:Cavan CYMS 1974/1975:President Benny Cafferty and Jimmy McCormack,Chairman John McCaffrey,Vice Chair Edward Sharkey,Treasurer Paddy O Reilly.Committee:Francis Ellis,Christy Smith,Bernard Sharkey,Gerry Pryce,Bernard Johnston,Oliver Malone,Francis Cosgrove,Declan Keoghan,John Murray,Gerard McCaffrey,Joey Jackson.Chaplain Father Des O Dowd.

Sympathy to Bill Allen Saint Phelims Place on the death of his sister Peggy at the age of 49 in Carrickmacross.

Matt Donnolly (Tierquin),Noel Barrett and Patsy Smith (Poles) are among the Council drivers receiving medals and certificates for 5 year accident free driving with Cavan County Council

November 8th 1974:Sudeen death of Hughie Doonan Fairview at the age of 46.Lifetime service to Cavan UDC.Noted footballer with Harps and Cavan Gaels.It was Hughie who suggested that the new team be called ‘Gael and Cabhain’ at the famous founding meeting in Town Hall in February 1957.Survived by his wife Sarah,5 sons and 6 daughters.Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Same Week Death of Robert Loonam Emmett Place at the age of 68.Native of Athlone where both his parents were teachers.Esteemed member of the Post Office Engineering Section for over 50 years.He is survived by his wife Margaret,sons Barney,Roger,Anthony and Austin and daughters May,Kathleen Frances,Caroline Margaret, and Alacoque,Funeral from the Cthedral to Athlone.

Death of Molly McGurk College Street at the age of 81.Leading member of the old Cathedral Choir under Father Willie Buchanan.She sang and entertained at numerous shows both in the parish and further a field.Survived by 2 sisters Anne Duffy and Chrissie.Rev PJ McManus officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

November 15th 1974 Sudden death of Benny Cafferty Saint Phelims Place at the age of 61.member of Cavan Urban Council for 14 years.Prominent member of Cavan CYMS elected Pesident only a couple of weeks ago.Member of the Committee of Cavan Gaels.Employed as salesman with McCarren’s whom he served faithfully for 42 years.Active member of the ITGWU.Cavan Urban Council adjourned their monthly meeting having passed a vote of sympathy with the family.He is survived by his wife Ann,son Hugo,daughters Josephine and Anna.Rev Father PJ McManus officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Same Week President Erskine Childers dies suddenly following impassioned and emotional address to Irish Medical Association on the over prescribing of tranquillisers.Lying in State in St Patrick Hall for 3 days .Over 80,000 filed past the coffin to pay their respects.Among thos present at the funeral were King Bauodin of Belgium,Harold Wilson (British Prime Minister) and the French Premier Jacques Chuirac.Erskine Childers was laid to rest in Roundwood County Wicklow.

Same Week Newly formed Cavan Rugby Club draw with Mullingar.Team:Michael O Callaghan,David Small,Michael Flynn,Brian Lee,PJ Carroll,Joe Fletcher,Eamonn Hartmann,J Trearty,Richard Graham,Pat Begley,Mchael Johnstone,Ned O Hara,Jim Lyndsey,Peter Polock (Capt) and Joey O Keefe.

Disaapearance of Lord Lucan (Richard John Bingham) following the death of children’s nanny and assault on Lady Lucan

Cavan Drama Festival Committee 1974/1975:President Rev PJ Mcmanus,ChairmanBill Henry,Vice Chair Brian Sullivan,Treasurer Pauline Flanagan and Secretary Sarah Cullen.

November22nd 1974:Tragic death of Jack McCann adjacent to his home at Moynehall.Aged 73,Jack was a carpenter by trade and noted musician.Member of the old Confraternity Brass and Reed Band.Latter years star of the ‘Wild Rovers ‘ballad group.Survived by his brothers Eddie and Tommy , sisters Sarah Josephine.Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Death of Ellen Sheridan at the age of 91 at the residence of her daughter Brid Farnham Road.Funeral from the Cathedral to Ballinagh.

Presentration on his retirement to Surgeon Paddy Maloney by the Cavan Branch Irish Medical Association.

Cavan Chamber of Commrce 1974:Oficers Elected President Michael Smith (Oakvale),Vice President Seamus Fox,Secretary Michael Kilroy,Treasurer Leo McDonald,

Cavan UDC strike a Rate of £7-70 in the pound an increase of £1.71

November 29th 1974:Loreto College Musical Society present ‘Salad Days’ in College Music Hall.

Same Week:Memorial service for Erskine Childres in Cavan Parish Church.Bishop Moore preached the sermon while the service was conducted by Dean Turkington and Rev George Millar.

December 6th 1974:Petrol shoots up by 14p a gallon to 65p a gallon.50 mile speed limit imposed and Winter time is abolished until the end of the fuel crisis.

Same Week Tommy Smyth captains Butlersbridge to Junior Championship success,beating Mullahoran 2-04 to 0-04 in the Final in Breffni Park.Exciting game in heavy underfoot conditions.the Bridge made certain of victory with late penalty.Butlersbridge:Niall Sheridan,B Reilly,Ray Dunne,Tommy Smith,Philip Dunne,Oliver Sheridan,Sean Leddy,Oliver Leddy,Brian McEntee,Terry Leddy,TP Leddy,Martin Fitzpatrick,J Browne,Eamonn Reilly and Johnny Cusack.sub Gerry McGerty for Oliver Sheridan (njured).

Annie Brady retires after44 years service as Supervisor Cavan Telephone Exchange.Served in Dublin,Portlaoise,Clones,Drogheda and Ballybay before returning to Cavan

Marriage Advisory Service set up for Diocese of Kilmore with headquarters at ‘Cana House’ Phone Cavan 80.Twelve married men and women have completed an 18 month course in preparation for the work.

Death of John Carroll,native of College Street at the age of 54 in Wellington New Zealand.Native of College Street.retired Sergeant in New Zealand Army.Uncle of Paddy,Gerard and PJ Carroll.

Death of John Hannigan Earlsvale Road at the age of 49.Native of Ashfield Cootehill.Prominent member of Cavan Parish Council.He was legal assistant with Cavan County Council.He is survived by his wife Eileen and daughters Mary and Cathriona.Father Peter McPartland officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Kill.

Blessed Oliver Plunkett is proclaimed a Saint in Rome by Pope Paul 6.He is the first Irish saint for over 700 years.

December 13th 1974:Swanlinbar Church is wrecked by a bomb.Pictured is the recently appointed curate Father Torlac O Reilly examining the damage.

Same Week Death of Phil Lee Behey.Outstanding gaelic footballer with Behey Benburbs and Drumalee.Survived by his wife Ellen and son Pat.Funeral from Saint Brigids Church Killygary to the adjoining cemetery

December 20th 1974:7thAnnual Christmas swim.Sean McManus presents certificates for 7 years participation to Sean Walsh,Clive Jenkins and T Ryan (Dublin) while Sean McCann receives a certificate for 5 years.

Same Week Death of Peter McDwyer Belturbet.Qualified as a solicitor in 1933.County Registrar December 1957.Founder member of Belturbet Show,Feis Erne,Irish Waterways.Past President of Saint Pat’s PPU.Founder member of Cumann Seanchais Breifne.Survived by his wife Ena ,daughters Patricia,Keyna and N Archer SRN,sons Peter Damian,Raymond,Eamonn,Tommy and Dennis.Rev James Carroll officiated at the funeral from the Curch of the Immaculate Conception to Drumalee cemetery.

Junior Chamber 1975:President Walter Myles,Vice Pesident Roisin Harrington,Deputy President Ray McDywer,Secretary Sheila McGinnity,Treasurer Pat Clarke,PRO Maura Mullen.

Inauguration of Cearbhaill O Dallaigh as the 5th President of Ireland.All schools in the Parish are closed for the occasion.

January 3rd 1975:7th Christmas Swim “13 brave bodies immerse themselves and were left gasping.Water tempreture 46% F”

Same Week:Twin sisters Kathleen and Bernadette Watters from Cavan Road Ballyhaise pass their final SRN exams at Saint Joseph’s Hospital Clonsilla.

Surgeon Paddy Maloney is made a presentation on his retirement by the Cavan Legal Profession,Cavan Bridge Club,NEHB and Cavan County Council at function in the Farnham Hotel.

IRA Christmas Cesefire is extended by 14 days.

Death of Sister Mary Paschal Poor Clare Convent at the age of 82.Native of Tullamore.Bishop McKiernan officiated at the funeral on Christmas Day from the Poor Clare chapel to the Convent cemetery.

Father Felim Kelly assisted by Father Joe O Hanlon celebrates Mass for Peace in the Cathedral on New Years Day.Father Des O Dowd conducted the choir while Maisie Magee was on the organ.

48 hour Christmas fast by members of Cavan Youth Club raises £275 for charity.Participants (48 hours) Seamus Henry,Tony Flanagan,Michael Lee,Dominick Mulligan and Mchael Flanagan.Fasting for 24 hours were Jane Kennedy,Yvonne Sheridan,Mary Burke,Marie Farrell,Ann McEntee and Maura Byrne.

January 10th 1975:Sinéad Béan D Velera dies at the age of 96. “Great and gentle soul.”

Same Week: Paddy Conaty is made a presentation by his friends in Fianna Fáil to mark 25 years as a public representative.Brian Lenihan makes the presentation and also in attendance are John Wilson TD,Jimmy Leonard TD and Senator Seamus Dolan.

Cavan Gaels Senior player of the year is P J Carroll,while Brian Cullen is the Minor and Berni Quinn the Junior player of the year.

January 17th 1975:Death of Nellie Clarke Mill House Swellan at the age of 69.Survived by her brother Tommy,sisters Annie and Lizzie.Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Same Week:Launch of Gene Stuart and the Homesteaders managed by Peter Smith ex Mighty Avon. Ballyhaise.Featuring Pat Hamill,Declan Nerney,Gerry Walsh,Brian McCormack (Trumpet),John McCafferty and Billy (Drums).making their debut in the Sports Centre Cavan on Friday January 17th 1975.

Tom Fitzpatrick Minister for Lands is re-elected National Chairman of Fine Gael.

Cavan CYMS beat Killeshandra 4 games to 1 in Snooker challenge in Hut.winners are Phelim Coffey,Bernard Sharkey,Martin Jermyn,C Smith,Gerry McCaffrey was  a narrow loser.

Finbar O Mahony is appointed Manager of Ulster Bank Cavan in succession to Sam Mullen. Native of Bantry County Cork,Finbar was educated at Saint Columbs College Derry.

Boy Scouts Pantomime ‘The Green Pound’ stars Sean McManus (King of Eldorado),Susan Coyle (Queen of Eldorado),Pauline Flanagan (Doll),Charlie Donohoe (Count Cash),Cait Coyle (Honey),Carmel Duggan (Princess Belle),Tom Caslin (Duke Casino),Peter McGinnity (Captain),Sěamus McCormack(Boo),Richie Casiddy (Second Soldier),Jim Hannon (Studs)Gene Cullivan (Sugar Daddy),Sěan Fagan (Earl),Terry O Connor (Brooder),JJ Reilly (Whalebone),Aindreas McEntee(Gunner),Alexis Sheridan (Zero),Dolores Connolly (Ma) and Gerry McCarthy (1st Soldier).

January 31st 1975:Swimming Pool deputation to Cavan County Council led by Brendan Young accompanied by Michael Leddy and Frances Galligan state.(1)The swimming pool will be situated 1 mile from town centre,(2) 10 minutes from farthest school,(3)Ideally situated beside a recreational centre catering for other sports and activities,(4) voluntary committee will pay £12,000 or 20% of the cost of erecting the pool and (5) be managed,owned and maintained by the Local Authority.After John Cassidy (County Manager) stated that the project would cost a further rise of 7p in the pound on the Rates,a decision was postponed for further consultation.

Same Week:Death of James (Spud) Murphy at the age of 69 at his residence 26 Tullac Mongan.outstanding hurler with Cavan Slashers.played competitive badminton and hurling for the County.Came to Cavan in late 1920s as a member of the Irish Army. “he won the respect and admiration of everyone for his gentlemanly behaviour both on and off the field of play”.His old colleague Tom O Donnell of 17 Breffni only died a few months ago.He is survived by his wife Annie ,17children Phillip,Jimmy,Timmy,Patrick,Terry,Thomas,Eamonn,Jack,Joseph,Michael,Mary,Rose,Valerie,Anna,Adele,Lynda and Theresa.Rev Father Felim Kelly officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killgarry.

Maura Fay daughter of Gerard VS and Lyla late of Moynehall House on holiday from Winyard Tasmania Australia with old family friend Joe McGovern UDC Church Street.

February 7th 1975:Death of Mary Crowe Wolfe Tone Street sister of Kate Malone ‘Gaelic Bar’ and Nellie Crowe Church Street.Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Same Week Death of Eileen (Nelly) Lee Saint Brigids Terrace at the age of 73.Spent most of her life in Carrick on Shannon.Sister of Phil Ashe Street and Susan Connolly Saint Brigids Terrace.Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

February 14th 1975:Sudden death of Surgeon Bertie Cullen at the age of 84.He had just returned from his weekly Bridge Club session.He was House Physician in Saint Phelims Hospital “He cured as much by his calm mild manner as by the aid of pills”.Unique distinction of being the last Captain of County Cavan Golf Club in Killynebber and the 1st Captain in Drumelis in 1920.Played off single handicap and in match play he was always the man to beat.President of the Club since 1957.Represented Ireland and Ulster at Angling and “was as well known on Lough Levin as he was on Sheelin”.Founder member and President of Cavan Bridge Club-great ability ,he derived much pleasure from the game of Bridge.Bishop Frank McKiernan presided at the funeral Mass in the Cathedral at which the chief celebrant was Dr Cullen’s son Dom Celestine Cullen OSB (Headmaster of Glenstal) assisted by Father P J McManus Adm.He is survived by his wife Maura,sons Dom Celestine,Dr Barry,Dr Niall and Maurice.daughters Rosemary and Mary.Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Same Week Death of Gerry Kelly Connolly Street at the age of 81.Printing engineer in the Anglo Celt for 62 years.Outstanding footballer with Cavan Slashers.Won a senior County Championship medal in 1917.His jousts with John (‘The Horse’ ) Reilly from Cornafean were legendary.Finished his playing career with Cavan Harps.Gerry took an active part in the fight for Independence and was a life long member of Fiann Fail.Member of Cavan Urban Council.He was Chairman on 2 occasions.Keen angler,Gery was a household name on such diverse patches as ‘Smutty’s Hole’,Laragh,Ball Alley,Annalee and Ballynarry.Gerry is suvived by his brothers Fred and Jim,sisters Mrs Egan and Molly.His colleagues in the Anglo Celt and Fiann Fail formed a guard of honour and the coffin was draped in the tricolour.Father Harvey officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

February 14th 1975:Eva Bonney of Saint Felim’ Place is one of three girls from the Department of Posts and Telegraphs in charge of telephone lines for the 1st EEC Foreign Ministers meeting in Dublin Castle.Eva is an area supervisor in the Department.

Same Week:Tommy and Jimmy Swarbrigg of the Times Showband win the National Song Contest with ‘That’s What Friends Are For’.First contest to be televised in colour.Tommy and Jimmy natives of Cootehill wrote,composed and sung their own composition.

Death of Jack Morris Plumber and Electrician 14 Main Street at the age of 80.Well known Plumbing Contractors.The firm was set up in Cavan in the 1850s.He qualified as a Sanitary Engineer and Plumber at athe age of 22 in 1916.They wired the Farnham Hotel for electricity in 1910 installing a generator.Jack was a membe of the Select Vestry Church of Ireland and trustee of the Protestant Hall.He is survived by his wife and family and brother Harry and sister Pearl.Rev George Millar officiated at the funeral from Cavan Parish Church to the New cemetery.

Death of Annie McCabe at the age of 64 Earlsvale Road.Native of Drumgoon.Distinguished member of the nursing profession.She is survived by her brother Sonny,sisters Bridget,Sue and Margaret.Father Tom Harvey officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Kill.

Cumann Rinnce an Cabhain 1975:President Doreen Gaffney,Secretary Bridie Galligan,Treasurer Joe Baxter and Dance Director Séamus De Faoite.

Patricia Fannin from Drung (sister of Dorothy Anderson) is awarded her SRN at Ards Hospital Newtownards.She was 1st in the recent Maternity Medical examination.

Harry O Connell is the new Captain at County Cavan Golf Club.By a coinncidence his sister Mrs Michael Walsh is Captain in Dundalk.Daragh Smith succeeds the late Bertie Cullen as President of County Cavan Golf Club and by another coincidence his wife Una is elected Lady President.

February 21st 1975:In protest at the treatment of prisioners in Portlaoise, members of Kevin Street Sinn Féin try to take over the Post Office.In the belief that it was a raid Noel Finn grapples with the intruders and all cash and documents are protected and safe.Noel is a well known member of the recently reformed Cavan Rugby Club.

Same Week:Cavan CYMS Snooker Finals.Junior Gerard O Donnell beats John Murray 87-42 and 72-56 while in the Senior Final Jim Fay beats Martin Jermyn 86-9,33-63 and 70-39.

Michael Leddy is elected Chairman of the Ulster Handball Board.Andy Cullen is the new Secretary.

February 28th 1975:Joe Hickey son of the late Tom and Ena Church Street is appointed Catering Officer in Saint Phelims Hospital.He trained at Shannon Airport Hotel and has worked in Dublin,London and New York.He comes to Saint Phelim’s from Saint Josephs Hospital in Limerick where he filled a similar role.

Death of Thomas Maloney Glasdrummond.took part in the War of Independence.Survived by his sons Packie,Sean and Bennie and daughters Annie,Mollie and Peggy.Rev Felim Kelly presided at the funeral from Killygarry to the adjoing cemetery.

Death of Paddy Martin Church Stret at the age of 58.Native of Cootehill,he was a conductor on the buses before coming to Cavan as Parcel Manager. “Cheerful disposition and friendly nature endered him to all who had the pleasure of dealing with him”.He is survived by his wife Kitty and daughters Frances,Kathleen and Patricia.Father Peter McPartland assisted by Monsignor Thomas Brady (brother in law) officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry cemetery.

March 7th 1975:Dr. Conor Cruise O Brien Minister for Posts and Telegraphs opens the new Cavan automatic exchange which cost £500,000 to install.The area code for Cavan and Butlersbridge is 049.

Same Week Father Dan Gallogly delivers lecture on Cavan through the eyes of the Anglo Celt 1865-1875.The Celt first appeared in 1846 owned by John F O Hanlon great grandfather of Johnny O Hanlon the present Editor.The 1871.census reveal that 30% of the inhabitants were illiterate,there were 337 national schools attended by 18,550 children.Only 304 attended post primary in Royal School or Saint Augustines Academy Farnham Street.The population of county Cavan in 1871 was 140,725 a drop of 10,000 on the previous ten years.80% were Roman Catholic which enjoyed a great revival under Bishop Nicholas Conaty.11 new churches were built,10 redecorated and reconstructed.numerous schools and parochial houses.Mercy Sisters came for the first time to Balyjamesduff and Belturbet while the Christian Brothers took over responsibility for the primary education in Cavan town.Saint Patricks College opened in 1874

March 14th 1975 Cavan Credit Union 1975:President Rev. P J Mcmanus Adm,Vice President Michael McEvoy,Secretary Sarah Cullen and Treasurer Vincent Walsh.Now over 850 members and profit for the year amounted to £16,000.Supervisory Committee Noel Martin,David Deegan and John P Smith.

Same Week Death of Anna O Neill Bridge Street at the age of 70.Member of the well known Donnolly family from Corisalee.She is survived by her husband John,sons John and Frank,daughters Eilish,Geraldine Jean,Nancy and Joan.Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Death of John O Connell formerly from Church Road Miltown Malbay.He came to live in Cavan some years ago with his daughter and son in law Mary and Benny Dunne Coleman Road. “Deservedly popular with everyone”. Funeral to Saint Joseph’s Milltown Malbay.

Con Linehan Farnham Street plays the title role in ‘Joseph and His Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat’ in Saint Patrick’s College.The Narrator is Terry O Connor while Jimmy Fox is Pharoah.

Carrigallen Players win all the awards in the rural section of Cavan Drama Festival with the ‘Honey Spike’.Tommy Moran is best actor,Maura Farrelly is best actress while Alfie Hart is the best support..Sundrive Players Dublin win the premier award and the Patrick Lyons Cup for ‘Voice of Sneem’.Best actor is Terry Martin (Sundrive Players).The adjudicator was Noel O Brien (Producer of the O Riordans).Carrigallen later win the All Ireland Rural in Loughrea.

Death of John Coyle Mons Terrace.veteran of World War 1.Volunteered for service in World War 2 but was assigned an office job in Belfast for the duration of the war.Outstanding soccer player,helped the local team to win the Jackson Cup in 1939.Member of the Committee of Cavan Shamrocks.Survived by his wife Ellen sons Frank and John,daughters Margaret,Ellen and Mary.Rev Tom Harvey officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Pioneer Total Abstinence 1975:President:Seamus De Faoite,Vice President David Deegan,Secretary John McDermott,Treasurer Arthur Downey,PRO Bridie Galligan and Spritual Director Father PJ Mcmanus Adm.

Father P J Gargan (Manorhimilton) and Father Paddy Mallon (President Saint Pats) are elevated to the staus of Canons of the Cathedral Choir.

March 21st 1975;Death of Jimmy Costello River Street.well known barber for over 40 years.Survived by his brothers Packy and Jack.Father Peter McPartland officiated at the funeral from the Cathdral to Cullies.

March 28th1975:Death in Bristol of John James Greene former Butcher in Upper Main Street (Harvest) 27 years ago.Went to Kingscourt from Cavan and later emigrated to Bristol.Survivd by his wife Bridie,sons Leo,Noel,Paddy and daughters Ann and Monica.Father P J McManus officiated at the funeral from Saint Brigids Church Killygarry to the adjoining cemetery.

April 4th 1975:Mildred Cullivan receives the Fashion scholarship and £1,000 from Coras Tractala for the second successive year.Mildred is daughter of Joe and Mary CullivanCathedral Road and is a gradute of the College of Art Dublin.

Hail sleet and snow once again herald the arrival of an early Easter.Calls are made for the Feast to be celebrated on a fixed date later in the month.

Same Week:Death of Brigid Brady Corasilee .Survived by her husband John James,sons Sean,Pat Mattie and daughter Susan.Rev PJ Mcmanus officiated at the funeral from Saint Brigids Killygarry to Drumavaddy cemetery..

April 4th 1975;GAA approve the 70 minute game and no charging of goalkeepers within  the small square.The goalkeeper shall now wear a distinctive coloured jersey and failure to do so will result in a £2 fine.

Same Week:Death of Harry Jenkins at the age of 85.Founder of the well known painting and decorating business.Harry was a native of Colec Victoria Australia.Came to Cavan in 1920 and was employed by Daniels Coach Builders Coleman Road.He subsequently started his own business in the early 1930s.Played cricket for Victoria with whom he toured South Africa.Outstanding 100 metre sprinter and all round athlete.Survived by his wife May,sonsTom,Jackie,Clyde,Mike,Brendan,Paddy ,Dessie and 1 daughter Melba.Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

April 16th 1975:Death of James McKiernan of Owen Roe at the age of 68.Keen GAA fan he seldom missed a game in Breffni Park.Survived by his wife Maisie,sons Noel Mattie,Jim ,Sean and 4 daughters Maura,Rosaleen,Dympna and Una.Father Des O Dowd officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Same Week Death in England at the age of 58 of Thomas Miney Rossa Place.Worked in Leonards Drapery before emigrating.

Gus Kenny Farnham Road is appointed a member of the Adoption Board.

Memorial Service in Cavan Parish Church for Mrs M Daniels organist in the Church for 53 years.

Father Torlac O Reilly produces and scripts the new musical ‘Paddy McGinnity’s Ghost’ for the highly talented Swanlinbarr Musical Society.All 4 nights are packed to the rafters by an enthusiastic and appreciative audience.

April 23rd 1975:Death of Olive Morris widow of Bertie ColemanRoad.Native of Ballymachugh.Prominent member of the ICA and Mother’s Union.She is survived by her son Cyril.Funeral from Cavan Parish Church to Kilmore.

Same Week Cavan Social Services 1975: Chairman Rev.Des O Dowd,Vice Chair Sister Michael,Secretary Patsy Reilly Smith,Treasurer Peter Coogan.Father O Dowd states that “during the year they provided socials and outings for the old folk and a weeks holiday in Oznam House in Bundoran.They delivered 1,650 meals on wheels and donated £450 to the local branch of the Saint Vincent De Paul”.

Death of Mary O Rourke Saint Aidans.survived by her brothers John and George.Rev Peter McPartland officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral toKillygarry.

Butlersbridge captained by Tommy Smith win the 1974 Junior Leagu Final beating Kill Shamrocks 2-11 to 0-04.

April 30th 1974:Richard Burke Minister for Education opens the new 3 teacher Kilmore school costing £30,000.There is accommodation for 70 students.Kilmore school is an amalgamation of Gartbrattan,Crossdoney,Clinogonnell and Ballintemple.

Same Week:Experience of Jim Mooney member of the local Fire Brigade prevents a fire outbreak at neighbouring Robert Gray’s house spreading.Smoke damage, but Bobby Christina and their young child were out visiting at the time.

Michael Smith (Oakvale) President of the Chamber of Commerce announces that Richie Ryan (Minister of Finance) and Tom Fitzpatrick (Minister for Lands) will be guests of honour at the Annual Chamber Dinner in the Farnham Hotel.

Death of Matt McCutcheon at the age of 61.He was the proprietor of the ‘Man’s Shop’ in Upper Main Street and prior to that was employed in Leonards.Outstanding footballer with Kill Shamrocks, Fore (Co.Westmeath) and Cavan Slashers.Captain of County Cavan Golf Club in 1968.Funeral from Saint Brigids Church Kill to adjoinintg cemetery.

May 5th 1975 Death of Susan Clarke at the residence of her son Tom Cathedral road.Native of Monnery Crossdoney,she was a National Teacher.Survived by her sons Tom and James together with her daughters Rita and Mary.Father PJ McManus officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Drumcor.

Same Week Death of Benny Conaty Publican Connolly Street at the age of 62.Native of Alackan.Inherited the pub from his uncle Terence in 1937 when he had the distinction of being the youngest Publican in Cavan town.He is survived by his wife Kathy brothers Terry,Tommy and Dominck all in the USA.Sisters Susan, Elizabeth,,Katie and Mary.Rev Father P J McManus officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Death of John Sheridan in Enniskillen.He was aged 66 and was a brother of Katie Murphy Tullac Mongan,Rose Buckley,Margaret (Lake View) and Cissie Donohoe (Lake View).

Credit Union announce their 1,000th member and assets exceeding £40,000.

ICA Flag Day raises £181-90p for Lady Goulding and the Central Remedial Clinic.

May 13th 1975 MHR Electric managed by Nigel Pratt open for business in old Berney’s shop at Bridge Street Corner.Sean Sharkey from Drumalee is Sales Manager while Loreto Bonney is the Receptionist.Ray Fay is Service Manager for MHR in Cootehill.

Ria Hickey from Church Street is in the last 14 of the Mary Quant fashion competition for designing ,making and modelling outfits.Ria is a first year student in the Grafton Academy for Dress Designing in Dublin.

Same Week Sympathy is extended to Roisin Harrington on the death of her Mother Mary Harrington NT Feakle county Clare.

May 20th 1975 Steve Duggan Sports Shop at Bridge Street Corner is opened by Jimmy Keaveny (Dublin),Micheal  Leech (Shamrock Rovers) and Frank Murphy (European 1500 metere champion).

Same Weeek 92 girls sit for Civil Service exam in Sports Centre.Supervisors are Geraldine Crotty,Bernadette McGovern  Breege Shields and Brian Johnston.

May 27th 1975:Three weeks Mission in the Parish conducted by the Pasionists.Devotions morning afternoon and evening.Every house in the Parish is to  be visited .

Same Week:Death of James Kinane Breffni Café at the age of 64.Spent 18 years in London as a Property Manager and was a keen angler and huntsman.He is survived by his wife Nancy,sons Erick,Dermot and Ernie.Funeral from the Cathedral to Finea.

Tidy Towns 1975:Chairman;Michael Smith (Oakvale)-Committee Paddy O Reilly UDC,Sr.Lucia,Tom O Connor UDC,John Conlon,Brian Sullivan Maurice and Mrs Jackson,Frank Ellis and Hugh Cosgrove.

George Hussey Editor of the Dundalk Argus wins the Provincial Paper award in Nation Newspaper Awards 1975.

Over 100 take part in Anglo Celt annual Golf outing at Cavan Golf Club.Best nett Willie O Hanlon and Paddy Carroll,Runners Up Pat McKiernan and Jimmy McEntee,Highest nett Una McKiernan and Paul Ronan,highest score at 7th hole Eamonn McGovern and Frances McKiernan.

Micheal Crosby of Cavan Rugby Club is appointed a selector for the Leinster provincial team.Native of Ballinasloe,Mick is a former Interprovincial player with Connaught.

June 3rd 1975 Father Felim McGovern is the chief celebrant at Killoughter Mass Rock assisted by Father Johnny Cusack (Bunnoe),Canon Trayor and Rev Canon Patrick Mallon (Saint Pats).Bishop McKiernan presided.Congregation make their way on foot through Shannow Wood.6 young people from the parish receive their First Holy Communion at the 1st Mass to be celebrated on the site for over 200years.

Anglo Celt is increased to 9 p from next week.

Same Week John McQuillan native of Clones opens his new Hardware store at 3 Connolly Street.He has 17 years experience of the trade and was manager of the hardware in Providers.

Month long strike at Cavan Crystal ends following talks between Pat McKiernan (ITGWU) and management of the Company.

Cavan Chess Club unbeaten win the BA Cup in Leinster Chess Union Championships.Team:Sean Galligan (ICC Champion),P O Reilly,Jim Scanlon,Rick Lewis,Fergal Donohoe and S McDonnell.

Sudden and untimely death of Tina McGinnity Farnham Road.She was a hairdresser and “her courteous and  cheerful manner made her many friends”.He death occurred at Saint Vincents Hospital ,following the birth of a baby girl complications arose which led to her death.She is survived by her husband Doctor Michael McGinnity,daughter Tina,parents Mr and Mrs Michael McEvoy,brothers Niall and Michael,sisters Ursuala and Ashling.Rev Tom McKiernan was chief celebrant assisted by Father P J McManus Adm at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

June 10th 1975:Death of Mary Brady wife of Martin (Plumber) Church Street.they emigrated to Canada 10 years ago.she was a member of the well known Dowd family from Latt and is survived in Cavan by Kathleen Carroll Highfield Road.

Same Week Sympathy is extended to Lena Foster Market Square on the death of her sister Mary at home in Culmore Aughamore Carrick on Shannon.Funeral was to Rosses Point cemetry

June 17h 1975:Doctor Mervyn Jackson son of Maurice and Mrs Jackson is conferred with his MB B ch BAOdegrees at Trinity College.Educated at Protestant school Cavan and Mountjoy school Dublin.He will do his 1 year internship at Baggott Street Hospital Dublin

July 5th 1975:Sean Walsh will swim (1) Lough Leene from Castlepollard to Collinstown,(2) Hinds Shore to Kllykeen (3) Lough Ramor and (4) Lough Conn all wihin the next month.

Same Week Brian Murphy and Gay Condon win the President’s Prize (Daragh and Una Smith) at County Cavan Golf Club.Their Daughter Britta Smith (daughter of the Presidents) with partner Sean Galligan were runners Up.

July 12th 1975:Tom O Connor succeeds Andy O Brien as Chairman of Cavan Urban Council.Andy is elected Vice Chairman.

Same Week:Phillip Sexton (14) son of Terry and Lily Saint Patricks Terrace loses his life in drowning tragedy in Swellan lake.Non swimmer,he was on the lake on an air bed when he disappeared from the view of his friends on the shore.Second year student at the Vocational school.Gifted soccer player ,he was a member of the successful ‘Barcelona’ team who won the recent Boy Scouts Under 14 5 a side tournament.He was also a member of ‘Tweety’s Army’ Under 16 team.Before the final there was a two minutes silence in his memory and his brother Edward accepted Phillip’s winning trophy.He is survived by his parents Terry and Lilly,brothers Paddy Edward,Terry,Luke,Michael,Peter,Stephen and 6 sisters Anna Rose,Margaret,Lilly,Catherine,Martina and Carmel.Father Tom Harvey officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

July 19th 1975 Death of Brenda Dunne Church Street after a long illness at the age of 21 “Brenda’s likeable personality,good looks and zest for life endeared her to a host of friends in all walks of life”.Trainee Nurse in Sir Patrick Dunns hospital Dublin,she recently returned from the Kilmore Pilgrimmage to Lourdes.Her nursing colleagues formed a guard of honour as her coffin was carried the short journey to the Cathedral by relatives.She is survived by her parents Brendan and Mrs Dunne,brother Tony  and sisters Jacinta and Noleen.Rev Tommy Monaghan assisted by Fr PJ McManus Adm officiated at her funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Same Week Tom McGurk Building Contractor Ballyjamesduff is granted planning permission for the erection of 24 houses at Keadue.The Architect is Ron White Farnham Street.

July 26th 1975:Paddy O Reilly PC UDC has been appointed a Commissionar of Oaths by Chief Justice Tom O Higgins in the Supreme Court.

Same Week:Death of James Maguire Drumlark at the age of 54.Native of Mullahoran,he was right corner forward on the great 4 in a row Dreadnoughts team 1947-1950 and collected 6 Senior Championship medals during his career.Survived by his wife Susan,sons Paddy ,Martin ,Brendan ,Desmond,John,Tom,Phillip and Noel and 3 daughters Eileen,Sheila and Anne.Funeral from the Cathedral to Butlersbridge.

Concern Church Gate Collection realises the sum of £252-36 which is an increase of £100 on last year.

August 8th 1975:Father Eddie Brady is conferred with his BA at UCD.former Town Clerk and Producer for the ‘Moonlight Players’Castletara,he is on the teaching staff of the White Fathers Templeogue.

Same Week Death of Peter McMahon Breffni Terrace at the age of 72.Played in goals for both the Slashers and the Harps.Former Foreman in the Gas Yard in Abbey Street,he later went to England and fought with the British army in World war 2.Avid Cavan supporter,he never missed agame in either Breffni Park or Clones where his mode of conveyance was always by train.He is survived by his wife Mary,sons Jimmy,Peter and Jackie,daughters Kathleen,Margaret,Susan,Maura,Annie,Bernadette,Bridie,Elizabeth (Lilly) and Collette.Funeral from the Cathdral to Cullies.

Miami Showband massacre by UVF.Dead are lead singer Fran O Toole,trumpeter Brian McCoy and guitarist Tony Geraghty.Bass guitarist Stephen Travers was critically injured.Two members of the UVF blown up n same incident by their own bomb which detonated prematurely.

Father McManus Adm purchases the old Poor Clare national school Main Street to give access to the public to the Poor Clare chapel.

Cavan Tenants Association 1975:Chairman Christina Morton,Vice Chair John Murray,Secretary Mary Keoghan and Treasurer Kathleen Smith.

A-Z Factory opened in Moynehall by Tom Fitzpatrick (Minister for Lands) who describes it as “a with it company” specialising in the manafacture of tools for oil drilling in the North Sea.21 people are presently employed at the Cavan plant and there will be 40 by Christmas 1975.

August 15th 1975:Cavan branch Spina Bifida spearheaded by Andrew Boylan Butlersbridge raises the impressive total of £800 with Dance in Sports Centre  and Collection of the town.

Same Week Death of Harry Morris member of the well known plumbing family.Caretaker of the Protestant Hall, he was greenkeeper at County Cavan Tennis Club.He was a keen bird keeper and his house was filled with species of every kind.One of the first motorists in Cavan,he purchased a ‘Maxwell’ in 1916.It created great excitement and curiousity among the townspeople.He is survived by his wife Sadie.Rev. George Millar officiated at the funeral from Cavan Parish Church to the New cemetery.

Drumalee captained by Michael Smith are crowned Junior B Champions beating Ballymachugh by 0-10 to 1-04 in Stradone.Jim McCorry referee seriously assaulted by a Ballymachugh player.the game was eventually abandoned 8 minutes from the end when the same player again rushed on to the pitch.

Death of Mona Halligan daughter of the late Edward and Annie Swellan in Birmingham.former member of the clerical staff Cavan County Council.Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies cemetery.

Sympathy extended to Father Felim Kelly CC on the death of his father Patrick ‘Vale House’ Bailieborough.

August 22nd 1975:John McEntee son of Andy and Judy ChurchS is appointed to the Fleet Street office of the Irish Press.Started his career with the local Anglo Celt.

August 29th 1975:Jimmy Tully (Minister for Local Government) opens new 44 house Saint Martins and 8 houses on the Barrack Hill built with no chimneys at a ccost of £246,000.Houses are blessed by Bishops Moore and McKiernan before Reception in Farnham Hotel where it is stated that the Council have plans to build 190 more houses in the next 5 years.

Same Week Phil Gargan sells his premises the Ritz Bar to his neighbour Sean Boylan for an undisclosed price:Phil, Nellie and son Paddy are retiring to a new house in Keadue.

September 5th 1975:Death of Eamonn De Velera at the age of 92.He was Taoiseach  for a record 21 years and President for 14.President of the 1918-1921 Republic.State Funeral to Glasnevin.Day of National Mourning- all schools and public buildings closed throughout Ireland.

Same Week:Advert Anglo Celt “Sean Quinn Gortmullen Derrylin for all your sand and gravel,building materials and land drainage.All materials washed in our recently installed barrel washer ensures 100% cleanliness.Phone Derrylin 277.

September 12th 1975:New fire station for Connolly Street Car Park.Exits from both College Street and Connolly Street.John Cassidy (County Manager) explains that with all th building required to house the Brigade and administarative offices the size of the Car Park will be reduced to half the present size.The siren would be retained at the Town Hall in the capable hands of the Caretaker Mrs May Cullen.

Same Week Death of Kathleen Gorman Drumbo in her 80s.Rev Des O Dowd officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

September 19th 1975:Crosselough force a draw ith superior Cavan Gaels outfit in county Senior Final.Cavan Gaels 1-11 Crosserlough 2-08.”Little to shout about”.Small attenadance of 3,800 paying record gate receipts of £1,931-36p witnessed a tame affair.1st draw since 1963 when Bailieborough drew with Mullahoran.Scorers for the Gaels Charlie Donohoe 0-4 (2 frees),Pat McNamara 0-2 (1 free),Noel Smith 1 goal,Phil Murray 0-2 and J J and Haulie Reilly (0-1 each).Replay next Sunday 26th September.

Same Week Youth Club Committee:Chair Seanie Henry,Vice Chair Ann McEntee,Secretary Jane Kenneddy,Assistant Sec Maura Farrell,Treasurer Dennis Cullen.Advisers to committee Ursula McEvoy,John Cullen and Aindreas McEntee.

Sudden death of Michael Young Carrickane at the age of 57.Extensive farmer.During the Emergency (1939-1945) he was a Section Leader with Drumvrave LDF.Chairman of Cavan Cumainn Fianna Fail and member of Parish Council.Survivd byhis wife Annie,sons Padraic Michael and Charles,daughters Rosemary,Catherine,Eilish,Bernadette,Pauline and Josephine.He was a brother of Father Joe Young CC Shecock and Oliver Young (Draper and Auctioneer) Church Street).Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies cemetery.

County Cavan Rugby 1st XV to play Navan away Brian Lee,Ray Bannigan,Eamonn Hartmann,John Brady,D Kiernan,Joe Flaherty,Basil Bothwell,George Crowe,D Hogan,Eric Trenier ,Liam McMenamin (Captain),Joey O Keefe,J Bannon,Peter Pollock and Nelson Heaslip.

September 26th 1975:Cavan Gaels capture their second Senior Football title in magnificient style-late penalty by P J Carroll destroys Crosserlough’s hopes.Played before an attendance of 4,800 who again paid record gate receipts of £2,322.Cavan Gaels 1-11 Crosserlough 0-8.Gaels displayed their skill,determination and most of all their fitness in the final quarter to trounce a lack lustre Crosserlough.Tommy Moran from Ballinamore had no problem letting a sporting contest flow from end to end without any major ntervention.PJ Carroll is the Gaels Man of the Match and is pictured receiving the RTS trophy from Manager Jimmy (Inky) Sheridan.PJ received 8 points from the panel of judges while Pee Cahill Crosserlough and JJ Reilly (Cavan Gaels ) ran him close with 7 points.Cavan Gaels Senior Champions 1975:Aidan Elliott,Eugene Reilly,Gabriel Kelly,Jimmy Fay,louis Blessing,Dermot Dalton,Oliver Galligan,JJ Reilly (Captain),PJ Carroll,Pat McNamara,Haulie Reilly,Noel Smith,Charlie Donohoe,Paddy Reilly and Phil Murray.Scorers for the Gaels:PJ Carroll 1-03 (1 Penalty and 1 free),Pat McNamara 0-2 (Frees),Haulie Reilly 0-2 and Paddy Reilly,Phil Murray,Noel Smith and Charlie Donohoe 0-1 point each.,J J Reilly Captain receives the Plunkett Cup on behalf of Cavan Gaels and is later pictured in the Surgical Hospital with his team mate Gabriel Kelly displaying the trophy to Lorraine (7),David (10) and Rita Kelly.Lorraine is presently hospitalised.

Same Week Oliver Plunketts win County Under 16 title beating the holders Kingscourt by 7-11 to 5-02 in the curtain raiser at Breffni Park.team:Richard Kelly,Laurence Caffrey,Kevin McNamara,Michael McNally,SeamusHenry,Michael Flanagan,Savid Smith,Sean Carolan,Martin Maguire,Dennis Cullen,Gerry Smith,Jim Cullen and Brian O Grady.Scorers for Oliver Plunketts:Brian O Grady 2-3,Gerry Smith 2-2,Denis Cullen 1-2,Martin Maguire 1-1,Jim Cullen 0-2 and David Smith 0-1.

Anglo Celt will cost 10p from this week’s issue.

Death of Tommy Fitzpatrick Drumalee at the age of 82.played as a forward with both Cavan Slashers and the County but injury cuailed his career.Rev father PJ McManus Adm officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Over 200 travel from the Diocese of Kilmore on the week long pilgrimage to Rome led by Bishop McKiernan for the Beatification of Blessed Oliver Plunkett in Saint Peter’s next Sunday.

Cumainn Rinnce an Cabhain 1975:Chairman Tom Murtagh,Vice Chair Doreen Gaffney,Secretary Bridie Galligan,Treasurer Joe Baxter and Class Director Seamus De Faoite.Irish language classes catering for both beginners and advanced will proceed the dancing lessons in the Vocational School.

Young Kerry team surprise Dublin (holders) to win the All Ireland Senior Football title 2-10 to 0-11.The attendance was the lowest since 1952 66,342.”Many of the fans stayed away due to the heavy rain and the risk of trouble from Dubln supporters packed on to Hill 16”.Double for Kerry as their minors beat Tyrone 1-10 to 0-4 in Minor Final.

Cavan Rugby 1st XV trounce Ashbourne 23 points to 4.Team:Tony Dunne,D Kiernan,Ray Bannigan,Joe Fletcher,Jim Lord,Jim Lyndsey,Eamonn Hartmann,Eric Trenier,Dave Hogan,George Crowe,Liam McMenamin (Captain),Michael Johnston,Brian Lee,Peter Pollock and David Ormond.Referee was Ken Ruddock.

October 3rd 1975:Four Cavan people die in tragic road accident at Fairyhouse Cross just outside Dublin at 7 pm on Monday.The dead are Elizabeth Molloy (60) Saint Patricks Terrace Cavan,her son in law James Rudden Holborn Hill Belturbet and his son Brian (4) same address.The 4th Cavan person killed is John McCabe (35) The Lawn Belturbet.Thomas Gaffney proprietor of the ‘Summit Inn’ Howth the driver of the second car was also killed.Betty Rudden wife of James Rudden is seriously injured and was removed to the Richmond Hospital where her condition is described as critical.Margaret Gaffney widow of Thomas and Margaret Bravendar (18) Saint Phelims Place Cavan are detained at Our Lady’s Hospital Navan where their condition is described as comfortable.

With the heavy traffic Garda described  the scene “as utter chaos” while firemen on the scene said “it was the worst accident in their experience”.

October 10th 1975:Great scenes of celebration and joy as Pope Paul VI declares Blessed Oliver Plunkett a Saint in the presence of 70,000 pilgrims in Saint Peter’s Square.Martyred Primate of All Ireland (he was hung ,drawn and quarted on a charge of high treason against Charles 2 at Tyburn in 1681) from Oldcastle county Meath is the first Irish saint for over700 years.6 Irish Bishops led by Cardinal Conway concelebrate the first Mass of Saint Oliver to the delight of over 18,000 Irish pilgrims.Pope Paul VI describes Saint Oliver as “a model of reconciliation and a sure guide and example for our day”.Pope Benedict XV sanctified Oliver Plunkett in 1920.The Irish Government were represented by Taoiseach Liam Cosgrove and the two Meath Ministers Jimmy Tully (Minister for Local Government ) and Mark Clinton (Minister for Agriculture).

Same Week: Over 700 enrol for 25 Night Classes in the new Vocational school.this compares favourably to the 120 who took part in last year’s classes.

October 17th 1975;Micheal McIntyre (3 ½) second eldest son of Séan and Etta McIntyre dies in the Richmond Hospital Dublin following a road traffic accident adjacent to his home at Cathedral Road.He is survived bu his parents brother Gerard and sister Fiona.Internment took place in Killygarry following Mass of The Angels.

Same Week Death of John James Ryan Drumelis.Former auctioneer and drapery manager in Tweedy Achesons Main Street.Farmer of note John was a shrewd judge of cattle.His hobby was gardening.He is survived byhis wife Barbara and 2 daughters Jennifer and Diana.Funeral from Cavan Parish Church to Kilmore.

Adge Galligan formerly of Cathedral Road is the winning composer with ‘Roulette’ sung by Des Smith at the 10th Castlebar International Song Contest.

New film society formed in Cavan.Chairman Robert Norton,Secretary J Tierney .Committee Angela Clarke,Mrs Hayes,Mrs Nicholson,John Conlon,Erick Kinane,Tom Gawley,Tom Caslin and Brian Sullivan.

Sudden and untimely death of Surgeon Paddy Maloney FRCSI ‘Rineen’ Church Street aged 67 at Lisdarn Hospital.Native of Skibereen.Graduate of the Royal College of Surgeons,he practiced first in Portsmouth where he met and married his wife Dr Celia.In 1952,he was appointed Cavan County Surgeon in succession to Dr J C McMullin (Grandfather of Jonny O Hanlon)..He devoted his entire life and his exceptional professional talent to the Community in Cavan.His patients and ailing humanity came first at all times day or night without a single thought for his own welfare.Wonderful charisma which contributed greatly to the comfort and recovery of his countless patients.He was very approachable,helpful and obliging at all times leaving happy patients and staff in Cavan Surgical.How he carried on his work under the very poor structural conditions is a miracle in itself.In the little leisure time afforded to him Paddy Maloney was an outstanding Bridge player of International repute.Founder member of the Cavan club,he had many memorable scalps to his credit.A keen golfer,he enjoyed the Company as much as the golf.He was predeceased by his wife Celia in 1973 and is survived by his sons Martin,Dermot and Finian,daughters Moya,Clare,Nora,Rosaleen,Blaithin and Siobhan.Rev PJ McManus Adm officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Kilygarry.Guards of honour were provided by the staff of all the Cavan hospitals.

October 24th 1975:Brendan Corish Minister for Health announces a new General Hospital for Cavan.Monaghan Urban Council meting in emergency session are angered at the downgrading of Monaghan Hospital to the status of Community Hospital.Monaghan County Council call for the retention of Monaghan as a Geneal Hospital with Cavan “on a trial basis”.

Same Week:Death of Peter Storey at the age of 40 formerly Saint Patrick Terrace in Leeds.Son of Garda Abe and Florence Storey,Peter was employed a s a Jeweller before emigrating.Survived by his wife Terry (nee McEntee College Street),Father,8 brothers Wilie,Gerard,Leo,Joe Philip,Tony,Martin,George and 1 sister Frances.

Magnificient display by Cavan Gaels beating Bellaghy 2-7 to 2-6 away in Magherafelt.Next opponents are theTyrone Champions Trillick in Breffni Park.Gaels feel the bigger pitch will suit their style of football.Cavan Gaels scorers against Bellaghy Haulie Reilly 2-1,Philip Muray and Nol Smith (0-2 each) and PJ Carroll,Pat Mcnamara 0-1 each.

Cavan County Rate is struck at £8-40 for 1975.Increase of 1-30p or 18.30%.County Manger states that the roads are a top priority and as we have no railay facilities the Council as matter of urgency should send a deputation to the Minister looking for more money in order to kep the roads usable.

October 31st 1975:Death of Brendan Greene Main Street at the age of 70.Born in Strabane he spent his youth in Cavan where his father was a senior reporter with the Anglo Celt.Took active part in War of Independence,he later took the Free State side in Civil War.Joined the Irish Army from 1922-1927,he late emigrated and spent the rest of his working life in the British Army where he attained the rank of Company Sergeant.Served in Singapore,Hong Kong and Malaysia before  joining the Irish Brigade in Africa where he was taken prisioner by Rommel’s forces and interred in a concentration camp in Berlin.In his youth he was a prominent rugby player and represented the British Army.One time welterweight boxing champion of Singapore.After leaving the army Brendan worked as an Insurance representative in London before returning to Cavan in 1970.Keen gardener,he was a prominent member of Cavan Bridge Club.He is survived by his wife Betty and brother Kevin.Father PJ McManus Adm officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Same Week: Death of Ned Cinnamond formerly Church Street at the age of 79 in Dublin.He was a commercial traveller and won the respect of all for his kindness and cheerful attitude.Noted hockey player in his youth,He was a life long member of County Cavan Golf Club.He is survived by his sons Ted,Frank,Kenneth,Norman and Mervyn and daughters Edwina and Isobel.Funeral was from Cavan Presbyterian Church.

November 7th 1975:Patrick J Lindsey SC is appointed new Master of the High Court.He is a former Irish teacher in the Royal School and was Minister for the Gaeltacht in Coalition led by John Costello.He is a brother in law of Jack Brady Cathedral Road and Tom Brady Rock Cross.

Same Week Death in England of Patrick Keaney late of Crubany.Former star footballer with Lavey GFC.He is a brother of Sue Fitzpatrick (Crubany) and Marie Cahill (London).Funeral from Saint Brigids church Killygarry to the adjoining cemetery.

Death of Mary Ellen Smith Connolly Street last of an old and very distinguished family.She was a sister of the late Bartley of Cavan Harps and Breffni Park fame.Father Felim Kelly officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Death of Canon Charles Travers BCL BA HDE Parish Priest of Virginia at the age of 68 .Native of Glenfarne County Leitrim.He spent 35 years as a distinguished professor in Saint Pats (1933-1968).Brilliant historian,contributor to all the local journals.Founder member of Cumainn Seanchais an Cabhain.He had a huge collection of books,guns and antiques.Outstanding orator of his day.he was much in demand to deliver the keynote address at the opening of new churches etc.Bishop Lyons  successfully deployed Father Travers as the commentator on all of the big occasions surrounding the building of the new Cathedral relayed on the public address to those outside who could not gain admission to the new Cathedral.Secretary with Tommy Hughes (Cavan Post Office) of the famous Owen Roe Week in October 1949 which marked the tercentenary of the death of Owen Roe O Neill.Father Travers was buried after Requiem Mass in Saint Matthews Church Maghera.

November 7th 1975:Cavan Gaels defeat the Tyrone Champions Trillick in a thriller in Breffni Park 2-11 to 3-06.Such was the quality of the football and the sportsmanship that out of 22 scores only 2 points came from frees.The Gaels scored 5 points without reply in the final 7 minutes to shade a magnificient game.Scorers for Cavan Gaels Haulie Reilly 1-03,Phil Murray 1-1,Paddy Reilly 0-3,Pat McNamara 0-2 and PJ Carroll and Willie Connor 0-1 each.

November 14th 1975:Cavan Urban Rate is struck at £8-75p an increase of £1-05.Doctor Eamonn McDwyer walks out of meeting in protest against the Street Traders who pay no rates.Tom O Connor (Chairman) states that the Council have a statutory obligation as a body to strike an Annual Rate.

Same Week  Dr Tiede Herrema 55 year old Dutch Industrialist is freed unharmed after a siege of a house in Saint Evin’s Park Monasterevin.Eddie Gallagher and Marian Coyle are taken into custody and charged with kidnapping and keeping him under arrest for 36 days.

Death of Katherine Bohan sister of Bridget Ollwill AbbeyStreet.Widow of Michael,deeply religious she spent nearly all of her life in USA.Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Tragic death of Sister Concepta Doyle Saint Felims Hospital in road traffic accident near Kells.Native of Roseduff Moyne county Longford,her final profession took place in Belturbet on the 8th July 1960.She qualified as a nurse in the Mater Hospital in Belfast and from there took up an appointment in Saint Felims Hospital where she endeared herself to both patients and staff.Guard of Honour outside Saint Phelims stretches for hundreds of yards and simultaneously a prayer service is held in the Hospital chapel.He funeral Mass in Mary Immaculate Belturbet is celebrated by her 2 brothers Fathers Mike Joe and JJ Doyle.Internment in the Convent cemetery.

Death of Doctor Malachi O Reilly at the age of 69.After qualifying as a doctor joined the Merchant Navy and spent all of his working life at sea.Came to live in Cavan 20 years ago (his father was a native of Mullahoran and well known Licensed Vintner in Dublin).Father Felim Kelly officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

November 21st 1975:Cavan Vocational School captained by Barney Coyle (Pictured) win thrilling County Vocational title for the first time beating Virginia who were going for their 8th in a row by a score of 2-7 to 0-5.Scorers for Cavan Brian Gumley and Theo Duke 1 goal each,Barny Coyle 0-3,Paddy Grogan 0-2,S Galigan and Gene Finegan 0-1 each.Team:Packie Donelly (Annagh),Philip Rooney (Ballyhaise),Fergal Cahill (Killygarry),Tadhg McGinley (Belturbet),Eddie Halligan (Ballinagh),Tommy Fay (Cavan Gaels),Gerry Smith (Cavan Gaels),Brian Gumley (Ballinagh),Paddy Grogan (Belturbet),Pat Brady (Denn),Theo Duke (Laragh),Barney Coyle (Ballyhaise),Gene Finegan (Cavan Gaels).Sub Martin Rooney (Ballyhaise) for McGinley (injured).

Same Week Johnny O Hanlon son of Edward and Airmid ‘Glenair’ Cathedral Road qualifies as a Farm Manager following a 3 year course under Farm Apprenticeship Board.Educated at De La Salle,Clongowes Wood and  Salesian Agricultuaral College Pallanskerry county Limerick.

Death of General Franco in Spain following illness of 34 days attended by 32 Medical Consultants.In his final message Franco asks for unity,forgiveness and support for his successor Prince Juan Carlos who will be declared King of Spain to day at meeting of Parliament.

Death of Susan Lee Wolfe Tone Street.survived by 9 brothers and sisters.Father PJ McManus officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Kilygarry.

Saint Vincent De Paul Cavan state that they need a minimum of £1,450 this year to provide fuel for the poor of the Parish.

Saint Patricks College Past Pupils Union 1975:President Brian O Grady,Treasurer Jim McDonnell,Secretaries Fathers Fintan Mc Kiernan and John McTiernan,Committee Canon Patrick Mallon (President of the College),Ray Carolan,Paddy King,Charlie Donohoe,J J Smith (Dublin),Michael Gillheany (Dublin),Larry McCloskey (Cotehill) ,Sean Kelly,Patrick Sanderson (Dublin) and Noel McEnroe (Oldcastle).

November 28th 1975;Cavan Gaels outclassed by a much superior Saint Josephs Ballyshannon/Bundoran in Ulster Semi Final 3-8 to the Gael’s 1-7 at Bllyshannon.Saint Joseph’s lethal full forward line scored 3-4 from play.Tight pitch and artic conditions did not suit the Gaels style of play.Gaels scorers were Pat McNamara 1 goal and Haulie Reilly,Noel Smith,Phil Murray,PJ Carroll,Paddy Reilly and Willie O Connor 1 point each.

Same Week Congratulations to Helen Sheridan Drumalee star and award winner of the Ulster Bank production of ‘The Land of Heart’s Desire’ by W B Yeats.Helen is on the staff of the Ulster Bank in Stephens Green.

New athletic club for Cavan.Committee Chairman Tom O Connor,Vice Chair Felix Gormley,Secretary Tony Darcy,Assistant Secretary Sister Lucia, and Treasurer Finbar O Mahony .

December 5th 1975:Street Traders forced to move to site adjacent to Magnet Cinema when the local shopkeepers jammed the Market Square with cars overnight.

Same Week Michael Smyth (Pictured) son of Bridie and the late Phillip (PA) Main Street  receives his Commission from the Minister of Defence Paddy Donegan at Curragh.Lieutenant Smyth is posted to the Army Artillery Barracksl in Kildare.

Mr and Mrs James Smith Corahoe celebrate the Diamond (60th) wedding Anniversary.they were married in the old Cathedral by Father Hugh Brady Adm on the 25th November 1915.They have 9 children and 26 Grandchildren.James was employed with Cavan County Council for a long number of years.He has the distinction of being the first man to drive a bus in Cavan,driving the famous Magnet Bus.Service started by the late AH Gordon who pioneered long distance bus services in Ireland.

Sympathy to Pat McGovern on the death of his mother widow of Terence McGovern Leeglass Glanglvin at the age of 89.

Cavan Chamber of Commrce 1975:President Michael Smith (Oakvale),Vice President Seamus Fox Secretary Leo McDonald and Teasurer Tom McKenna.

Saint Josephs Ballyshannon/Bundoran are Ulster Club Champions beating Blayney Faughs 3-06 to 1-08 in a thrilling final in Omagh.as in the Semi Final against Cavan Gaels the full forward line took scores at every opportunity.

Trouble at newly opened Saint Martins Estate.Uproar at UDC meeting over problem of heating the new houses without any chimneys.Gas company are to be alerted to give a demonstration on central heating system.Dr Eamonn McDwyer states that “this system was installed in Drumnavanagh but had to be replaced due to continous problems”.Tenants Association picket the meeting and urge all tenants not topay any rent until this problem is sorted to their complete satisfaction.May Reilly UDC described the situation as “chaotic with no radiators in the houses and tenants did not know how to operate the gas system because nobody from the Company bothered to show them”!

December 12th 1975 Best soldier at Border Batalion passing out parade is Private Danny McCarthy.Pictured being congratulted by his wife Margaret and children Andrew (3) and John (6)

Same Week Maurice Jackson is appointed sole agent in the Republic of Ireland for the Van Hool luxury coaches.It is a tribute to his succss in the public bus and private coach hire service

:Micheal (Mick) Quigley from Scotshouse is made a presentaion on his retirement from District Veterinary Office after 42 years service.He is Chairman of Curin GFC and former Vice Chairman of Monaghan County Board GAA.

December 19th 1975:Death of Kathleen Maguire at the age of 59 Saint Brigids Terrace.She was a native of Graiguenaman county Kilkenny.Quiet hard working woman.Active member of the Tenants and Housewives Committee.She is survived by her husband Edward CIE,sons Sean,Teddy,Martin PJ and Michael,daughters Ann,Marie,Sadie and Sheila.Funeral from the Cathedral following Requiem Mass to Killygarry.

Same Week Senator Andy O Brien will start this year’s Annual Christmas Swim at Rann Point.

Street Traders are back in Market Square-blockade by local shopkeepers lifted for Christmas.

Bill Coughlan father of the famous miler Eamonn Coughlan is elected BLE President at Annual  Congress in the Lake Hotel in Virginia.Father John O Donnell (Manorhamilton) is elected Vice President.

Drumalee win their second title of the year beating Virginia (Intermediate Champions) 1-12 to 0-6 to win the Division 2 Senior League.at Breffni Park.Oustanding performance by Drumalee who threw caution to the wind and attacked for the full 60 minutes. “this is a great achievement and a success they will relish and cheish for a long time to come”.Scorers for Drumalee Paddy McGovern 1-06,Micheal Greenan 0-3,Joey O Keefe,Peter McPartlin,Paddy Maguire and Patrick O Keefe 1 point each.Team:Frank Lyons,Joey Browne,Fergus Costello,Gerry McCabe,John Costello,Brian Comiskey,Oliver Shanaghy,Joey O Keefe,Andy Monson,Gerry Reilly,Peter McParlin,Paddy McGovern,Paddy Maguire,Micheal Greenan and John Joe Lee.Sub Patrick O Keefe for J J Lee,Cyril O Keefe for Shanaghy (both injured).

Junior Chamber 1975-76:President John McLoughlin, Vice President Walter Myles ,Treasurer Terry Murray,Deputy President Pat Clarke.Council Tadgh Connolly,Tom Murtagh,Tim O Brien and Pauline Flanagan.

December 26th 1975;Death of Dick Donohoe  farmer Edenticlare at the residence of his sister Molly O Brien Crubany.Member of the Board of Poles Co Operative, member of Killygarry GFC.Took a prominent part in the provision of the Community Centre at Killygarry.He is survived by his sister Molly.Rev PJ McManus assisted by Rev Patrick Argue SSCC Los Angeles officiated at the funeral from Saint Brigids Church Killygarry to the adjoining cemetery.

Same Week Death of Nelly Smith late of Carrigallen at the residence of her sister the late Margaret (Daisy) McCarren The Hollow Cavan.Lived in Cavan since 1962.Prominent in the drapery trade in Carrigallen.Rev Malachy Byrne and Father PJ McManus Adm officiated at the funeral to Carrigallen.

Sympathy is extended to Jim Malone Gaelic Bar on the death of his mother at Emmett Road Carrick macross at the age of 93.The family were very well known in the pig trade.

Death in London of Terence Brady eldest son of the late Bernard and Mrs Brady ‘The Globe Hotel’.He spent over 60 years at sea as a ship’s radio officer.Survived in Cavan by brother Paddy Cullies,Kathy,Nora and Annie Town Hall Street.

Annual charity match between Cavan Rugby team and Cavan Gaels is in the Terry Coyle Park on New Years Day.

January 2nd 1976: Death of Dympna McConnell formerly of Main Street at Saint Vincents Private Nursing Home Dublin.Ill for the last year,she was only 42 and had built up a thriving Minibus and Car Hire Service with her husband Frank and invaluable assistance from her brother Mickey Rooney.She was daughter of John and Mary Rooney Bridge Street Belturbet.Dympna is survived by her husband Frank,sons Micheal,John and Paul and daughters Ann,Dympna,Frances and Breda.Father Felim Kelly officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Same Week Death of Maureen Lynch Highfield Road at the age of 53.she is survived by her husband Quartermaster Matt Lynch,sons Terry and Matt,daughters Margaret,Marie Jean and Lilly.Rev Anthony Fagan officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Death of Jimmy McKeown Church Street.Native of Clontarf Dublin.He was a Garage Foreman with CIE where his courtesy and pleasant demeanour made him many frinds.He is survivd by his wife Winnie and son Jimmy.Rev George Millar officiated at the funeral from Cavan Parish Church to Ballyhaise.

January 9th 1976 Ten Protestant workers machine gunned to death at Kingsmills Co Armagh by IRA.Worst atrocity of the ‘Troubles’ to date

Same Week Death of former Taoiseach John A Costello at the age of 84.Noted as being the man who in 1949 led Ireland out of the British Commonwealth.Born on the 20th of June 1891,he was educated at O Connell schools and UCD where he qualified as Solicitor with first class honours in 1914,he was called to the bar later in 1914.Attorney General from 1926-1932.First elected to the Dail for Dublin in 1933.He was elected Taioseach in 1949.Dr Dermot Ryan assisted by Doctor Alibrandi were the chief celebrants of the Requiem Mass  at the Sacred Heart Church in Donnybrook.The President Cearbhail O Dalaigh was in attendance while the Government were represented by the Taioiseach Liam Cosgrove and Tanaiste Brendan Corish.Jack Lynch leader of Fianna Fail represented the Opposition.John A Cosgrove is survived by his sons Declan (Attorney General),Wilfred and John and 1 daughter Eiavan.Funeral to Deans Grange cemetery.

Same Week Hurricane winds accompanied by “blinding” rain sweep the country.4 people dead with millions of pounds of damage.Cavan escaped the worst of the storm but all the paling at Breffni Park was torn down together with hundreds of TV aerials and Cathedral Road was impassable for a number of days due to flooding.

Micheal Greenan is the new Secretary of Cavan County Board GAA defeating the incumbent Jimmy Smith by 102 to 99 votes.In the contest for the post of Treasurer Eddie Brady Ballinagh defeated Paddy O Reilly Cavan Gaels by 156 votes to 43

Simon P O Hanlon new Anglo Celt correspondent from New York states that the Cavan Association in New York which was founded in 1848 is the oldest in the USA.

January 16th 1976 Death of Alfred Myles Smith BA LLB Kevitt Castle at the age of 63.Member of a well known Cavan family,he was educated at Clongowes Wood and Trinity where he qualified as a Solicitor in 1936.Apprenticeship with his cousin Philip N Smith.Joined the Irish Army on the outbreak of World War 2 and rose to the rank of Captain 20th Batalion.Returned to Kevit Castle on the death of his father in 1943 and proceeded to modernise the farming methods on the estate.Founder member of Cavan Macra Na Tuaithe.President of Cavan IFA ,he was Legal Advisor to the national executive.Prominent active member of the old Cavan Show Society.Joined in the Legal practice by his wife Joan herself a Solicitor.In 1953 the firm acquired the Practice of Paddy Cusack Ballyjamesduff.Suffered a very serious setback in 1963 when he broke his back in a road traffic accident.With characteristic patience and extreme courage made little of his burden and recovered nearly all of his health.Expert marksman and outstanding cricketer,he represented North Leinster for a number of years and was a prolific batsman.Survived by his wife Joan,son John Frederick and Grandson Myles.He was a brother of Dr.Daragh Smith Farnham Street.Funeral from Saint Phelims Church Ballinagh to the adjoining cemetery.

Same Week Cavan Bridge Club:recent winners are Maureen McDonald,Ena Hickey,Tommy McCormick,Jim Scanlon,Jim Burke,Norman Moore,Jim Rafter and P Whitney.

Merlyn Rees Secretary of State for Northern Ireland in a statement to the House of Commons states that the total amount paid out by the British Government for criminal damage in Northern Ireland during 1975 was £5356539-00 and the total paid since 1968 was £1873886-00p.

January 23rd 1976;Sympathy is extended to Sean Guider on the death of his mother Josephine at the age of 70 at home in Ahascragh Ballinasloe.

Same Week Tullac Mongan Residents association:President Annie Murray,Chairman Mrs M Brady,Vice Chair Eileen Johnston,Secretary Moira Simpson,,Treasurer Patricia Walsh, Asistant Treasurer Brigid McEvoy.

Cavan Rugby team defeat Rathdrum in 1st Round of Leinster Provincial Cup in Wicklow.Bigger physical presence, they dominated for the full 80 minutes and ran out winners 24 points to 10.George Crowe at prop was outstanding as was 2nd rows Liam McMenamin and Joey O Keefe.Gabriel Kelly,Ray Bannigan,Tony Dunne and Joe Fletcher were the outstanding running backs.

January 30th 1976:Cavan Upper Main Street Traders meet the County Manager to vigorously oppose the proposed siting of the  Fire Brigde in the ConnollyStreet Car Park.Later Paddy O Reilly UDC stated that he had proposed the adaption of the County Council request to site the Fire Brigade in the Car Park but was not in receipt of the full information at that time.He now withdrew the motion  as did his seconder Mrs Annie Murray and recommended to the County Manager (John Cassidy) that an alternative site be sourced by the Council.

Same Week Toughest Budget in recent years introducd by Richie Ryan Minister of Finance.It will raise an additional £107000,000 in taxes.Petrol is up by 10p a gallon,car tax by as much as 80%,glass of spirits up 7p,beer up 6p a pint while cigarettes will cost an extra 4 ½ p for a packet of 20.VAT is increased to 10% and the measures will add a full 5% to the cost of living index.

Death of Owen McGovern NT Farnham Road.Native of Glangevlin.Educated at the De La Salle school Waterford.Taught in Ballyjamesduff,Aughaloora and Drumkilly fom where he retired to Cavan in 1961.Secretary of County Cavan INTO,he was a member of the National Executive.Member of Cavn VEC for a number of years.He was a past Captain of County Cavan Golf club,outstanding member of the Bridge Club.Member of the Knights of Columbanus,Cumainn Seanchais an Cabhain and Conradh na Gaeilge.His wife Maura NT died in 1964.He is survived by his son Colum in Sydney,daughters Sister Pauline Saint Louis Convent Monaghan,Helen,Ethna and Una.Father Felim Kelly presided at Mass in the Cathedral followed by internment in Drumkilly.

Mary McManus Main Street is the new Lady Captain at County Cavan Golf Club.

Ceremonies in Cathedral to mark Christian Unity week.Bishop McKiernan presided and Bishop Moore preached the sermon.In attendance was Rev George Millar and Rev John McFall (Presbyterian Church).

Breffni Boys Accordion Band Committee 1976:Chairman May Reilly,Vice Chair Segt.Michael Lee,Secretary Pat Ryan,Treasurer PJ Carroll.

Open Chess Congress in Cavan Vocational School.Youngest players taking part are the three Cavan boys Seamus McDonnell,John Conaty and Eamonn Brady.Seamus son of the famous footballer Jim McDonnell is the individulal champion from last year’s Community Games.Chess is presently “booming in Cavan” under the direction of Rick Lewis and 27 year old school teacher Paud O Reilly.

Town Hall is totally renovated ncluding new enlarged stage and dressing facilities.The hall will open as a Theatre on February 3rd hosting the Irish Theatre Company with Hugh Leonard’s latest play  featuring Godfrey Quigley and Clare Mullen.Tom O Connor Chairman of the UDC will introduce the Company to Cavan audiences on each of the three nights.Tickets from McGinnity Travel 80p-30p.

February 6th 1976:Post office Engineering Union (P&T) picket the Main Post Office in nationwide strike for better pay and conditions.negotiations are ongoing.

Same Week:Outcry at UDC meeting over Garda enforcement of Parking regulations.Andy O Brien calls for leniency while Paddy Conaty states “if they continue prosecuting people-they will drive

 them out of the town for good”.So far there have been two prosecutions.!

February 13th 1976:Anglo Celt wins the McNamee GAA award  for best coverage of a County Final 1975.Edward O Hanlon (Editor) states at the presentation “this award will be cherished by each and every member of the staff ”.

Same Week Untimely death of Eugene Monaghan Main Street at the age of 57.Native of Crosserlough,Eugene spent all of his adult life in Cavan as an apprentice barman in Tom Donohoe’s and later married May McCormack and ran his own business.He was in turn a rate collector with Cavan County Council and a driving school instructor with Tractamotors.Founder member of Cavan Gaels GFC.Most of the early meetings took place on Eugene’s premises.Pleasant witty and good humoured,his company was aways sought and cherished by the thousands who knew him.Many years Secretary of Cavan CYMS and Cavan branch Fianna Fail.Gifted actor and mimic Eugene was an active and talented member of the Cavan Players.He is survived by his wife May, son Father Tommy.Guards of honour at the funeral were provided by Cavan County Board GAA,Cavan Gaels and Fianna Fail;.Father Tommy was the chief celebrant assisted by Father PJ McManus Adm.Bishop Frank McKiernan was in attendance at the Mass in the Cathedral.Funeral was to Killygarry.

County Cavan Golf Club 1976:Captain Norman Cinnamond,President Dr.Daragh Smith,Secretary Phil Cullivan,Treasurer Seamus Fox.Committee:Joe Connolly,Niall Crowe,Paddy Duffy,Dr.Tony Farrelly,Brendan Jenkins,Paddy McManus,George McClarey,Rev George Millar,Willie O Hanlon and Brendan Young.

Frankie Dolan from Templeport is Cavan’s only representative on the Ulster Railway Cup team to play Munster.

Cavan Rugby Club win away to Carlow 13points to Nil in Provincial Town’s Cup.Cavan:Gabriel Kelly,Michael Waters,Joe Fletcher,J Brady,Tony Dunne,Ray Bnnigan,Basil Bothwell,Erick Trenier,Peter Pollock,George Crowe,Liam McMenamin(Captain),Brian Lee,David Ormond,Michael Johnston and Joey O Keefe.Same day the second XV beat Monaghan 19-0 with scoes from Michael Flynn,Martin Flatley and Larry Burke.

February 20th 1976 20th Boy Scouts Pantomime: ‘Hells Angels’ in the Town Hall.The script is by Father Peter Casey who also directs the show.Newcomers this year are Eamonn Gilick (Clutch),Sean Leddy (Lord John)Jackie McLoughlin (Tea),Finian Farrell (Rooster),Ailish Hayden(Joan) and Bernie Mullery (Kitty).Myles Sweeney (bank official) plays the leading part as Herd and Sabrina Hamill (Frenchie) the latter is a teacher in the Vocational school and hails from France.The Principals are seasoned campaigners in Patsy Lee,Gene Cullivan,Jim Hannon,Dolores Connolly,Gene Cullivan and the evergreen Seamus McCormack.

Same Week Bomb Scares clears the centre of town twice in the one week.First call is from a lady to a girl in Allied Irish Banks pointing out that “there was a bomb ready to go off in the building”.Later in the week a man’s muffled voice was heard on the phone to Dunnes Stores with a similar hoax call.

Tom Fitzpatrick performs the opening ceremony for Hibernian Insurance at their new offices in the Magnet Building managed by Mervyn Johnston.The firm have been operating on the Main Street in Cavan since 1953.

Cavan Gaels launch new Camogie Club.Chair Mary Smith,Secretary Helena Murray,PRO Maura McNally, Committte Brigid Murray,Mary Kelly and Mrs McEntee.The trainers of the team are Mary Dempsey and Tommy Kelly.

Cavan Rugby Seconds XV account for Tullow in the 1st round of the Anderson Cup.Team Ray Charles,David Small,Jackie Lindsey,Michael Flynn ,Joe Smith,D Kiernan,Nelson Heaslip,Sean McKiernan,Rick Graham,OA Quinn,Joe Gormley ,Tommy Owens,J Brennan,Robert Lyndsey and Noel Finn (Captain).Front Row of Sean McKiernan,Pa Quinn and Rick Graham very impressive,centres Micheal Flynn and Jackie lyndsey were involved all afternoon Ray Charles sound as a full back while David Small and Joe Smith lent great support on the wings.

February 27th 1976:John Kenneddy sells his farm of 24 acres  at Coras Point to Eamonn Malone of Swellan for £19,100 while Jackie Smith Main Stret pays a record price of £20,000 for a bungalow in Ballyhaise the property of John  Foley (College Superintendant) who is moving to Kilkenny).

Same Week Anglo Celt is up in price again to 12p from this issue.

Martin Jermyn beat Arthur Downey to win the Senior Snooker Championship while Michael Kelly beats a very young Laurence Flood to win the Junior title at Cavan CYMS.

Death of Sister Mary Carmel Poor Clare Convent.Born Mary Josephine Garvey in Sligo 1904.She qualified as a teacher and taught in the local Mercy Convent for a number of years before entering the Poor Clares Cavan where she was professed in 1933.Outstanding teacher,her pleasant manner,easy charm and great ability endeared her to all who had the pleasure of knowing her.She was an excelent pianist preparing many choirs for religious ceremonies and feiseanna.She had two brothers members of the Passionist order and she herself was most particular about her pupils religious education.Very many of her pupils and orphans returned regularly to see her and seek her advice.She was the last remaining member of her family.Rev P J McManus Adm assisted by  Rev Des O Dowd and Rev O Kelly CP presided at her funeral from the Convent Chapel to the adjoining cemetery.

March 5th 1976:General Hospital in Cavan is now a “National Priority”according to members of the Cavan General Practitioners Association with Dr.Paddy Faulkner presiding.Among the attendance are Paddy Smith TD,John Wilson TD,Senators Andy O Brien and Seamus Dolan.Tom Fitzpatrick is unable to attend and sends his apologies.Dr.Eammon McDwyer states that by 1981 the catchment area for the proposed new hospital will be 186,000.Dr Hession and Dr McMahon state that for he last 40 years Cavan has been trying to get a proper Hospital but successive Governments have ignored Cavan’s plight.

Same Week:Bowmaker Bank are offering 12% interest on deposits from £2,000 while the Irish Permanent Building Society announce  that their assets have increased by £30,000000 in the last year.

John McGinnity Chairman of Cavan Tourists association calls once again for the establishment in the Cavan area of a 70-100 bedroom tourist hotel .John says that despite the trouble in the North the prospects for the coming year are very good with the new development at Killykeen and their hosting of the All Ireland Coarse Fishing competition in June next.

Sudden death of John Reilly Connolly Street at the age of 56.Member of the famous ‘Jack Reilly Barbers’ family.John served in the Irish Army for the duration of the Emergency.He is survived by brothers Danny,Alec,Hugh and Peter and sisters Peggy Sheila and Nancy.Rev Felim Kelly officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

March 12th 1976 Cavan CYMS team to play Arva in the Final of the County Cavan League is Tom McCusker,Michael Jermyn,Jim Fay,Paddy O Reilly and Oliver Malone.

Same Week Beekeepers Association 1976:President Jimmy Scott (Crossdoney),Vice Chair Tom Caslin,Treasurer Anthony Leddy(Milltown) and Secretary Charlie Robinson (Milltown).Vote of gratitude passed to the Superintendant John Verling and staff of Ballyhaise Agricultural College for facilitating their many meetings over the years.

Cavan CYMS beat Arva 3-2 to win the P Elliott and Company Perpetual Cup.Team Tom McCusker (Captain),Jackie Smith,Felim Coffey,Martin Jermyn,Jim Fay ,Oliver Malone and Paddy Reilly.

Death old Cavan resident Annie Duffy College Street at the age of 80.Her husband John died many years ago.She is survived by her sons Noel (Smith) and Paddy and sister Chrissie McGurk.Rev Anthony Fagan officiated at her funeral to Killygarry.

Women’s World day of Prayer in Presbyterian Church.Leader Mrs McFall.Taking part were Sisters Pauline and Ann (Loreto),Mrs Turkington  and Mrs Doreen Clarke (Kilmore Cathedral Parish),Ms Millar,Sadie Kenneddy (Cavan Parish),M/s Crean,Acheson,Neill,Ruth Dawson and Margaret Crean (Cavan Prsbyterian).Girls from Loreto and Royal school reneactd the scenes from the Bible while Mrs MB Dawson was organist.

Chess Club Team:Sean Galligan,Paud O Reilly,Jim Scanlon,Rick Lewis,Liam O Farrell and Pat Ryan.Team meets every Thursday night in Willie Finnegans Bridge Street for pratice and meetings.

March 19th 1976:Presentation to Owen Lee retiring as chief Porter Cavan Surgical Hospital after 48 years service.He is replaced by Michael Bravendar Saint Phlims Place.

Same Week Pat Rafferty Church Street retires as Horticultural Adviser He served in the position for 34 years.

Drama Festival Committee 1976:Patron Rev Bishop McKiernan,President Father PJ McManus Adm,Chairman Bill Henry,Vice Chair Brian Sullivan,Secretary Maura Mullen,Assistant Secretary Sarah Cullen,Treasurer Pauline Flanagan.Committee Roisin Donohoe,Kathleen Young,Mary Fay SRN,Margaret McCabe,Sheila McGinnity,Sally McKenna,Maura McKiernan,John Conlon,Phil Cullivan,Walter Myles ,Tommy Reilly and Pat Nally.

Death of well known farmer Paddy Gillmartin Drumgola at the age of 95.Native of Ballinagleera county Leitrim.Funeral from Ballinagleera Church to the adjoining cemetery.

Breffni Boys Band give a recital after the 11:30 Mass after which they paraded the town.Rev Father Anthony Fagan celebrated the 7:30 Mass in Irish on Saint Patricks evening at 7:30 pm.

Maurice Jackson celebrates 21 years in luxury coach business.Bought out the firm of John McGirr comprising 4 old buses.The fleet to day comprises 20 luxury coaches and 9 service buses serving Dublin/Longford and other destinations.Norma Flaherty is the Secretary,John Costello is Coach Manager,Noel Bartley (General Manager),Norman Cinnamond(Parts Manager),George Hillis (Service Manager),Micheal McGovern (21 years with Jacksons),Benny Dunne,John Duffy and Ronnie Elliott are Coach Drivers.Alec Dempsey is Sales Manager and has served Jacksons faithfully for the last 15 years.Hazel Pickens is Maurice Jackson’s (Managing Director) Personal Secretary.

March 26th 1976:Death of Patrick (Pa) Sheridan of College Street.In his 70s Pa worked in McCarrens for over 50 years.He is survived by his wife Una.Funeral from the Cathedral to Butlersbridge.

Same Week Brendan Corish (Minister for Health) and Tom Fitzpatrick (Minister for Lands) together with their wives are guests of honour at the Annual Chamber Dinner.New 320 bed General Hospital for Cavan is now in the advanced planning stage the Ministers tells the assembled guests.The two ministers toured the 3 existing Cavan Hospitals and met every patient including Paddy Carroll (pictured) who is laid up in Lisdarn.

Sundrive Players Dublin win the 30th Annual Drama Festival with ‘Down by The Liffeyside’.Best actor again is Terry Martin while Una Parker (Sundrive) is best Producer while Maura Farrelly of Carrigallen is the best actress of the Festival.Carrigallen once again win the Rural section by  a mile with ‘Big Maggie’.Anglo Celt express their thanks to the Committee for their special provision for the Press during thir coverage of the nightly performances.

Same Week:Sudden death of Kate Smith 6 Jubilee attending the Convent Mass.She was widow of Peter (Pee) and is survived by her son Peter and daughters Kathleen and Margaret.

Death of William (Bill) Rickard Highfield Road.Native of Balivor county Meath,he spent nearly all of his life in America.Noted craftsman and carpenter.He is survived by his wife Susan.Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Quiz Final results in outstanding win for Butlersbridge with 43 marks,Cavan Rugby Club are second with 36 and Abbey Players are 3rd with 28.Willie O Hanlon presents the magnificient Anglo Celt trophy to the winning captain Gene Cullivan.Butlersbridge Team:Gene Cullivan (Captain),Fiona Tierney,Sean Leddy,PJ Dunne and Fintan Tierney.Patsy Lee was the Quizmaster,Bridie Galligan the Timekeeper and John McDermott the Scorekeeper.In the Schools Final Saint Pats captained by Richard Mullery beat Loreto by 45 points to 34.

Cavan Gaels beaten by Laragh United captained by Adge King 1-07 to 1-03 in County Under 21 Final.Aidan Elliott in the Gaels goal saved them from a much heavier defeat.Myles McEntee,Joe Mullery and Joe Mulligan played well in defence.Willie Conor tried hard at midfield and in the attack only Jimmy Fox and Francis Goodman were prominent.Scorers for the Gaels Jimmy Fox 1-0,Willie Connor 0-2 and Francis Goodeman 0-1.

April 2nd 1976:Death  of Sister M Perpetua Loreto Convent at the age of 85.In the Loreto order for the last 65 years.Native of Dublin she first came to Loreto Cavan 28 years ago.Retired in 1963,she was an aunt of the well known actor and radio presenter Aidan Grenell.Mass in Convent Chapel celebrated by Bishop McKiernan assisted by Fathers Des O Dowd and PJ McManusAdm.Funeral to Convent cemetery.

April 9th 1976:Cavan Vocational School are beaten by Newry in the Ulster Final 1-11 to 0-2 at Emmett Park Carrickmaros.The occasion got to the Cavan lads as this was their first Ulster Final outing.Scorers for Cavan Theo Duke and Brian Gumley 1 point each.

Same Week Death of Brigid McGuinness River Street at the residence of her daughter Henrietta Doyle.Returned to Ireland 2 years ago after spending over 40 years in the USA.She is survived by her son Paddy,daughter Y and brother Tony in Cavan.Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Loreto Past Pupils Union is being reorganised.The annual retreat commences for members in the College next Sunday at 11:30 pm.Details from the Secretary Sheila McGinnity Cavan.

Saint Patricks College Quiz team captained by Richard Mullery win the Bank of Ireland trophy in Junior Chamber Final in the Vocational School.

April 16th 1976:Death of Brother Gerard Fitzpatrick brother of Luke (Killygarry).Native of Denn Crosskeys Brother Gerard joined the Franciscians in 1925.

Same Week Boy Scouts on Easter weekend camp to Swanlinbarr are welcomed by their former Chaplain Father Torlac O Reilly CC.Paul Ronan is Scoutmaster assisted by Gerry Dunne ,Dessie McEntee,Noel Conaty and Paddy Gargan.

John Loftus (Town Clerk) is leaving Cavan after 18 months on promotion to Westport.John is a native of Castlebar.

Cavan Rugby team fail to Tullow (County Carlow ) in Interprovincial Cup Final by 16 points to 6 in Drogheda.Outstanding display by the Cavan team.Tullow had just a little more experience having played at this level on a couple of previous occasions.

Danny McDaid (Tir Conaill Striders) wins the National Marathon in Limerick in a new record time of 2:13:06 ,2nd Jim McNamara(Donore). 3rd Neill Cuscack (Limerick) Danny will now represent Irelland in the Montreal Olympics at the Marathon.

April 23rd 1976:Cavan ITGWU 1976:Chairman John O Rourke,Vice Chairman Demot Brough,Trustees Edward Maguire and Joe Hegarty,Secretary Pat McKiernan who complains that the factory in the lake field in Swellan is now over 18 months closed!

Same Week Beautiful continental type weather for Easter brings thousands to Killykeen.Everybody very complimentary about the new facilities but the road into Killykeen is as bad as ever.There was no sign of any swimmers despite the high temprtures.

TP O Reilly is defeated on the second count with 54 votes in his bid to become President of the GAA.The new President is Con Murphy from Cork.Southern Health Board employee.he is father of two boys and two girls and is the holder of 4 All Ireland hurling medals.

Legal history in Cavan as 3 women are elected to serve on the Jury at Cava Circuit Court.Mary Murray an employee of Tractamotors (pictured ) was appointed Foreman while the other two ladies are Eileen Boylan (Wolfe Tone Street) and Ethna Yore (Virginia).Their first deliberations returned a not guilty verdict.

April 30th 1976:Death of Bridget Conaty Alackan at the age of 92.widow of John E. She is survived by her daughters Kathleen Galigan(Pullamore),Greta,Bridie,Rosaleen and Sue and sons Paddy and Arthur.Rev Des O Dowd officiated at the funeral from Saint Brigids Killygarry to the adjoining cemetery.

Same Week Death of Nellie Leonard late of Bridge Street widow of the great Packie Leonard.They were in business for a long number of years and went to Dublin in 1961.She was a native of Shercock and is survived by 1 daughter Kathleen .Rev D O Dowd officiated at the funeral to Killygarry.

Sue Cafferty beats Rosaleen Mulvaney 26-24,21-6 in the Under 16 Final at Cavan Table Tennis Championships in the Vocational School..

May 1st 1976:Sheila’s Boutique (Sheila Gorby) thanks all their patrons for their wonderful support in the first year of trading at Upper Main Street Phone 049- 31257.

Same Week 15% paid on all deposits at Irish Commercial Society C/o Brian Murphy 98 Main Street.

Cavan Lawn Tennis Club 1976:Secretary Barbara McCabe,Treasurer Delores Brady,Committee Berni O Gorman,Jackie Smith,Lorraine Smith,Roisin Young,Fiona Young,Jane Fleming,Peter O Hanlon,Edward O Hanlon and Sadie Cassidy.

Loreto College wins National Project Award with their project ‘Fire Prevention Pays’.Team Pictured) Eithne O Calaghan,Moya Smith,Mary O Reilly,Mary Murphy,Breda Fitzpatrick and Geraldine McGovern.Teacher Phyllis McMonigle

Death of George Pender Head Gardener in Farnham for over 40 years.Native of Wicklow.George is survived by his daughters Hilda and Annie and son George.Funeral from Cavan Parish Church to New cemetery.

Bus Service from Cavan  to Sligo which used to run 4 times wekly is discontinued as is the twice weekly service to Mullingar.The Sligo Service is in operation since 1935.

May 14th 1976:Jimmy Rooney Post Office Technician is seriously injured in accident near his home at Drumgola when the car driven by Sean Gilchrist is in collision with Northern Ireland cattle lorry.His daughter Grainne (19) was discharged from Cavan Surgical Hospital where Sean Gilchrist is reported to be comfortable. Jimmy is seriously ill in the Richmond Hospital in Dublin.the driver of the cattle truck escaped unhurt.

Same Week National Council for the Blind 1976:Chair Phyllis Farris,Vice Chair Rev George Millar,Secretary B Dawson,Treasurer F Smyth (Ulster Bank Belturbet).Cavan Branch needs £2,500 this year from public contributions to finance their various schemes.

Joan Byrne,Jeremy Sheridan,Sinead Morow,Lisa Sheridan,Elaine Donegan, and Allison Webber,Dympna McConnell,Eileen Donohoe,Paddy O Rourke,Theresa O Reilly and Julie Connolly all members of the Webber school of Dancing are Feis winners in the Town Hall.

Scouts Committee 1976:Chair Kevin Kilduff,Vice Chair Frank O Keefe,Treasurer Tony Darcy,Secretary Mrs Ryan.

Eileen Maloney ‘Glenauilin’ Cootehill Road is appointed to the National Executive of the Irish Red Cross for a period of 3 years until 1979.She is Deputy Area Commissioner of the Red Cross.

Glorious Summer weather of the last ten weeks comes to an abrupt end with thunder storm and torrential rain.Tree blown down at Saint Pats blocks the traffic for a number  of hours but Percy Mulligan (Drumgola) with his electric saw clears the debris and traffic flowed freely after a short time.

Sean Galligan retains his county Championship in Chess,Rick Lewis is second while Paud O Reilly NT was 3rd.Sessions will continue in Willie Finegan’s all through the Summer.

Annual Church gate collection in aid of the ICA realises a record £226.

May 21st  1976: “Three wounded in Melvin Bar Shooting”.5 shots fired by the lone gunman.Wounded are Ian Taylor 32 (Clerical Officer in Scotland Yard),his wife Ann 29 (Public Health Nurse in London).Nellie Judge aged 20 and Jim Kelly Connoly Steet have miraculous escapes when bullets grazed their clothing.Both Mr and Mrs Taylor are detained in Cavan Surgical Hospital-condition is reported as comfortable.They were on their annual trip to see Mrs Taylor’s parents Jimmy and Mrs Smith (Shoemaker ) Abbey Stret.Later Sgt Eddie Kelly gives evidence of arresting a 35 year old man from Swellan under section 30 of the offences against the State Act.

May 29th 1976:Jim and Molly Finegan (pictured) present the Kilmore Diocesan Pilgrimage to Lourdes with 3 top of the range wheelchairs .

Same Week Death of the legendary May Jenkins Saint Phelms Place at the age of 80 District Health Nurse in Cavan for over 50 years.She was born into the job as her Mother Mrs Conlon was also District Nurse in the old Dispenasay in Town Hall Street. “Her charm,friendliness,dedication and expertise provided great comfort to rich and poor”.She was predeceased by her husband Harry a year ago and is survived by her sons Tom Jackie,Clyde,Mike, Brendan,Paddy Dessie and daughter Melba.Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Cavan Gaels relinquish their county title at 1st hurdle beaten by Woodford gaels 3-09 to 1-13 in entertaining game played in warm humid conditions.Gaels ran out of steam in final minutes as Woodford scored freely.Scorers for the Gaels Phil Muray 1-1,Haulie Reilly 0-4,Pat McNamara and Noel Smith 0-2 each and PJ Carroll,Dermot Dalton and JJ Reilly 0-1 each.Referee Fintan Tierney (Butlersbridge).

June 4th 1976:New look Breffni Park stand,dressing rooms,showers toilets built by P Elliott and Company at a total cost of £70,000.The stand will accommodate 3,000.Cavan beat Donegal in 1st Round of Championship 1-09 to Donegal’s 8 points.Attendance of 6,000 witness a very scappy game with underfoot conditions described as “deploranble”.In the Minor game Cavan beat a very poor Donegal outfit by 4-13 to 1-02.New scoreboard is operated by Hugh (Bud) McNamara,Willie Browne and Packie Newmann.Referee Tommy Johnstone (Fermanagh)

Same Week :D Company FCA win Battalion Gustav shoot in Dundlak (Pictured) Cmdt.George Maloney(3rd),Sgt.Tommy Smith(Winner),Sgt.Patsy Lyttle (2nd).Cpl.Johnny McCormack was voted  Best Bren Gun Shot.

County Cavan Golf Club Team to play Ardglass in Pierce Purcell Shield:Brian Murphy,Brendan Murray,Paddy Smith,Jim Burke,D Donohoe,Paddy Barry,Phil Cullivan,Jack Brady,Jimmy Sheridan,Willie Harrington,PJ Creamer,Aidan Conaty and Martin Clarke.

June 11th 1976:Church Gate Collection in aid of the SDLP realises £153.

Same Week;7th Kilmore Diocesan Pilgrimmage to Lourdes 4th to 9th of June 1976 includes 340 Pilgrims and 48 invalids.This year Kilmore untites with Middlesborough.Bishop McKiernan celebrates Mass at the Grotto at which the Sermon was preached by Dr McClean (Bishop of Middlesborough).Staff Director Father PJ McManus Adm,Assistant Father Colm Hurley,Choirmaster Father Des O Dowd,Chaplain to the Sick Father John Phair,Medical Officer Dr.Paddy Faulkner,Matron Peggy Willock,Assistant Matron,Sister Martina,Nurses Mary Galligan,Jeanie Harte,Cassie King,RosaleenReilly and Catherine Kenny.Chief Brandcardier Andy Gilchrist,Assistants Ray Carr,Eddie Brady,Robert Gray,Gerry Maguire and Tom Tierney.Chief Handmaid Philomena Coleman,Assistants Maureen Watters,Marie Curran,Bridie Fay,Maureen Galligan,Phyllis McAdam (Redhills) and Kathlen Smith (Lisdarn).Jacksons fleet of luxury coaches ferried the Pilgrims to and from the Airport.McGinnity Travel Agents Cavan acted as Travel Agents to the Pilgrimmage in a “highly satisfactory manner”.

June 18th 1976:Cavan Rugby Club AGM.President Michael Crosby,Treasurer Paddy McManus,Secretary Frank O Neill,.1st Team Captain Liam McMenamin,Vice Captain Eammon Hartmann and PRO Tony Dunne.

Same Week Death of Amelie Allen at the age of 83 at residence of her son Jack Cootehill Road.Native of Edgworthstown.she is survived by her sons Jack and Paddy,daughters Olive McCormack (Swellan),Peggy and Louisa.Rev John McFall officiated at the funeral from the Presbyterian Church to Edgeworthstown.

June 25th 1976:Maurice Jackson is he subject of bitter criticism for his proposed development of Garage Showroom in Farnham Street at Cavan UDC.Tom O Connor (Chairman) states that initially Maurice’s application for planning was turned down by Cavan County Council but he appealed the decision to the Minister of Local Government who granted the application.Paddy Conaty states “Farnham Street is one of the finest streets in this country and that building won’t blend in to it”!

Same Week Bishop McKiernan is joined in celebrating Mass in the Cathedral for the Silver Jubilee of his ordination by two Golden Jubilarians Monsignor JJ O Reilly PP VG Coothill and  Canon Keaney PP Kinawley.

Chess Club 1976:President Paud O Reilly NT,Vice President Paddy Melia,Secretary Rick Lewis,Treasurer Jim Scanlon.Sean Galligan is 1st Team Captain while Jim O Leary is 2nd Team Captain.

Death of Michael O Connor MRCVSI Killygarry House at the age of 49.Chif Inspector of Agriculture for Cavan and Monagan since 1967.Native of Kiskern County Cork.He is survived by his wife Mary sons Declan,daughters Una and Maura.Father PJ McManus Adm. officiated at the funeral in the Cathedral to Cork..

Steve Duggan is ‘Sports Star of the Week’ following his 10 point contribution to the defeat of Down in Ulster Semi Final in Castleblayney.Before  a crowd of over 10,000 Cavan were magnificient in their 1-18 to 0-10 points win over Down-.first since 1969.Scorers for Cavan Steve Duggan 10 points-4 frees,Owen Martin 1-1,Noel Smith,Gene Cusack and Ciaran O Keefe 0-2 each and Ollie Leddy 0-1.In the curtain raiser Cavan beat Down 1-5 to 1-4 in a scrappy game.

Irish Nationwide Building Society comes to Cavan.New office at Fay’s Insurance Wesley Street.The Society under Managing Director Michael Fingleton now have assets of £10 million.

July 2nd 1976:Dolie Cullivan and Pat Brennan team up to win the President’s (Dr Dara Smith’s Prize) at Cavan Golf Club.

Same Week Power School of Dancing win both the 8 hand and 6 hand reel competition at Ballyjamesduff Feis pictured are Jacinta Morgan,Mary Mulvaney,Rosaleen Mulvaney,Marie Henry and Louise O Reilly.Back Row:Mary Sheridan,Pauline Maguire and Denise McGrath.

July 9th 1976 Death of Michael Tully Kilynebber at the age of 78.Native of Roslea County Fermanagh ,he was an accomplished farmer.His wife Theresa died 6 years ago.He is survived by his 3 sons Jimmy,Joe and Michael.Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Same Week Car registration of ID has reached the limit of 35,000 vehicles.the new Cavan registration is ZID.

1st Clas honours for Ria Hickey as she takes her Diploma in Dress Design after two years at the Grafton Academy in Dublin.Ria is the youngestdaughter of Ena and the late Tom Hickey Church Street.

Another Bank Strike.Long stoppage expected.Presure is now on the Post office who are paying out all State salaries and pensions.

CYMS £1,000 Draw.£100 Ethel Fanin Drung,£30 Pat Smith 35 Highfield Road and 3rd £20 Pat McGovern Connolly Street.

July 16th 1976:Lord Farnham hands over the keys of the Hut to Oliver Malone (Chairman Cavan CYMS).Looking on are Paddy O Reilly,Jim Fay and Jimmy McCormack.

July 23rd 1976:Cavan earn late late draw with Champions Derry 1-08 each in Clone before a crowd of 30,000 in a tough robust encounter.Scorers Steve Duggan 1-03 (Penalty and Free),Owen Martin,Gene Cusack,Ciaran O Keefe,Adge King and Ollie Brady 0-1 each,Minor Final Cavan defence crumbles as Tyrone triumph 5-07 to Cavan’s 1-9.

Same Week:Death of Hugh Sexton Drumcrave.native of Killinkere.Employee of Cavan County Council.Survived by his wife Mary and 2 sons Martin and Thomas.Rev Felim Kelly officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Death of Michael Harding Accountant Cavan County Council.Native of Donnybrook ,he came to Cavan 35 years ago.Exceptional literary talent ,he reviewed books and articles for the National papers.President of Saint Joseph’s Young Priests ,Saint Vincent De Paul,Knights of Columbanus.Treasurer for many years of the National Council for the Blind.Founder member of the old Cavan Players.He is survived by his wife Nellie (nee Finlay),Micheal and Brendan.Rev Des O Dowd officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

July 30th 1976“Cavan Fail Gallantly in Ulster Title Bid”-Derry 0-22 Cavan 1-16 after the first ever extra time in Ulster Final replay before 30,000 in sun soaked Clones.Derry finished the stronger team but this was a titanic battle.Referre Gerry Fegan fom Armagh favoured Derry with many of his decisions within scoring distance-he was equally generous to Cavan but never within 40 yards of the Derry goal.Scorers for Cavan Steve Duggan 0-7 (5 frees),John Dwyer 1-3,Owen Martin and Ollie Brady 0-2 each and Gene Cusack and Oliver Leddy 0-1 each.Cavan team:Aidan Elliott,Pat Tinnelly (Capt.),Dermot Dalton,Enda McGowan,Sean Leddy,Frankie Dolan,Pat McGill,Oliver Leddy Donal Meade,Ciaran O Keefe,Oliver Brady,Owen Martin,Gene Cusack,Steve Duggan and John Dwyer.Subs for Cavan Garett O Reilly for Dermot Dalton (injured),JJ Martin fot Pat McGill,Jimmy Carroll for Sean Leddy and in extra time Adge King for Gene Cusack.

Same Week Doroth Neary wins the Captain’s (Mary McManus’ prize) at Cavan Golf Club,Kathleen O Gorman is Runner Up while Muriel Doherty shot the best gross.

Cavan Soccer Club is reorganised after a number of years and training two nights a week at Saint Pats College.!

Greg and Dominick Sheridan win the Ulster Softball title beating Tyrone 13-21, 21-17,21-18 in Monaghan.Now play Mayo in All Ireland Semi Final in Kells.

August 6th 1976:Bank Strike into its 6th week.No sign of a settlement.

Same Week:Sean Walsh swims Lough Conn from Glass Island to School House Bay a distance of 3 miles in a time of 55 minutes.conditions were very poor with water tempreture only 10% above Christmas Day while 3 foot waves rocked the accompanying boat.

Eddie Leddy breaks the Irish record in the Montreal 5,00 meteres in a time of 13 40 05.Lasse Viren of Finland wins gold at both the 10,000 and 5,000metres.

August 13th 1976:Cavan Boys Under 14 Relay qualify for Butlins.Pictured re Padraic O Connor,Noel Brady,Terry McGovern and Senan O Reilly.

Same Week Denis McCarthy (Pictured ) from Drumalee qualifies as a Civil Engineer at Trinity having qualified by way of Dundalk Regional College and Bolton Street Colege of Technology.

Death of Pat Hourican Upper Main Stret.Native of Aughnacliffe ,Pat set up a thriving business with his wife Mary in the old ‘Commercial Bar and Grocery’which he purchased 30 years ago.He is survived by his wife Mary,son Philip and daughters Anne and Frances.Rev Anthony Fagan CC officiated  at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Death of Eileen Smith Saint Patrick Terrace Sweelan.Native of Irishtown Claremorris,she was a Publican in Bridge Street for a nunber of years and is survived by her husband Paddy.Funeral from the Cathedral toKillygarry.

Death of the legendary Sam Ross at the residence of his sister Dora Montgommery.Together with his brother in law Tommy Montgomery they built a business empire in the Market Yard, thriving during the scarceity of the war years.Rev George Millar officiated at the funeral from Cavan Parish Church to Kilmore.

Derry lead Kerry by 1 point at half time in All Ireland Semi Final but in the second half run out of steam to be trashed 5-14 to 1-10 before a paltry attendance of 30,963 while Tyrone fail to Cork 3-8 to 1-4 in dull ,scappy,mediocre Minor Semi Final.

August 20th 1976:Kathleen Leddy (Butlersbridge) leads Cavan to their 1st Ladies Ulster Championship when they beat Armagh over two legs.Ann Shanaghy and Veronica Sharkey are the two local heroines.Now meet Kerry in the All Ireland semi Final.

Same Week Frank McCormick (pictured) receives his Diploma in Poultry Husbandry from Humber Adams Agricultural College in Newport Shropshire.25 year old Frank is the only person in Ireland with this qualification and he is now managing the Elmbank Hatchery in Cavan.

Brian Faulkner former Prime Minister and leader of the Ulster Unionists retires from all active politics.

Death of Frank O Reilly 85 Church Stret.Pig Dealer with McCarrens for most of his life.Native of Cornafean,he was an uncle of John Joe Big Tom and Rev.Brian O Reilly.He is survived by his wife Susan and daughters Ethna,Maura ,sons Paddy UDC and Bryan.Father Felim Kelly CC officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral toKillygarry.

August 27th 1976:Hilda Bolton’Hilvanion’Swellan (pictured) is conferred with her BA H dip Ed at Trinity.She is the eldest daughter of George and Mrs Storey Staghall Belturbet.Primary school teacher in Dublin for the last 3 years.

Bank strike is settled after 8 weeks.Very little concessions –no winners.Paddy Lane (President of the IFA) calls for the setting up of a Farmer’s Bank.

Cavan Town FC to play Belturbet at Saint Patricks College.Team Joseph Johnston,Adrian Ronan,Vincent Coyle,Martin Heslin,Jerry Sexton,Terry Murray,J Mguire,D Treanor,Dermot Walsh,Rick Lewis,T Lynch,Hubert Smith,Frank McCormick,Shane Leddy and Gerry Egan.

Sympathy is extended to Matty and Eilish Connolly Dungarvan on the tragic death of their son (Ciaran) in a drowning tragedy in Waterford last Sunday.

Death of Garda Jerry Lyons late of Bridge Street.Native of Cork,he was the backbone of many social and sporting events during his time in Cavan.Brilliant hurler,tennis,badminton and handballer.He is survuived by his wife Kate,son Jerry and daughter Josephine.Funeral took place to Saint Fintans Sutton Dublin.

Cavan (Greg and Dominck) Sheridan qualify for the all Ireland Final beating Mayo 21-19,21-15 in Kells.

Death of Willie Doonan at the age of 56.Holder of 2All Ireland senior medals.he was right back on the 1947 and 1948 teams.Won every honour the game could bestow including All Ireland Minor 1938.National League 1948,4 Ulster Senior,2 Ulster Minor,1 Senior County Championship with Cavan Slashers 1941,Senior League Cavan Harps 1949.Served with the British Army in Italy during World War 2.He was shot,injured in ankle and honourably discharged in 1945 when he was selected for Cavan in the Ulster campaign and subsequent all Ireland Final defeat to Cork.He later returned to England for a period of 15 years but came home to assist the Gaels as Team Manager in their League win of 1971.Gentle giant,he was a brilliant soccer player of International stature and assisted Dundalk for a couple of seasons missing out on Cavan’s All Ireland final defeat to Meath in 1949.His friend HL Smith former Secretary of the County Board in tribute stated “Willie was a great player in an era of great players,there was none so staunch or as loyal to the GAA in Cavan.Ar Dheis Dia go raibh an anam trocaire”.

Marie Soden 23 year old daughter of Sean and Eileen Soden formerly of Main Street representing New York is the new Rose of Tralee.She has 2 brothers Declan,Peter and 1 sister Annette.

Death of Nicholas(Nicky) Mulligan at the age of 65 Wolfe Tone Street.former Customer Relations officer with the ESB.Native of Dundalk,outstanding footballer with Dundalk Young Irelanders ,Dundalk Gaels and Cavan Slashers.His Father Joe won All Ireland medals with Louth in 1910 and 1912.He is survived by his wife Chris,sons Joe,Thomas,Dominick,Barry and daughters Doreen,Olivia and Pat.Funeral from Saint Patricks Cathedral Dundalk.

September 3rd 1976:Lord Farnham presents the deeds of the Franciscian Abbey to Cavan UDC (Chairman Andy O Brien).Rev Canon Patrick Gaffney last surviviving member of the Owen Roe 1949 Trust pledges all monies in the trust to providing a recreational area adjacent to the Abbey.

Same Week Kilmore Pilgrimmage to Knock attracts 10,000 to the newly opened Basillica of Our Lady Queen of Ireland.Over 200 travel from the town including 40 invalids from Saint Phelims Hospital.Nurses in attendance F O Rourke,J O Brien and M/s Paddy Talon and Patrick Conaty.Bishop McKiernan in his homily says that “the Irish Mothers are the best in the world particularly in times of trouble and need.Mary is the model for all Mothers.”

Lecture by Brian Boydell Profesor of Music TCD entitled the ‘Enjoyment of Music’ sponsopred by Cavan Arts Society.The Society are presenting in the Town Hall next week an all star concert featuring the RTE Light Orchestra conductor Colman Pearce Compere Liam Devalley,Leader Audrey Park.Soloists are Frank Patterson and Joan Merrigan.

New Karate Club meets in Sports Centre each Monday night.The Instructors are qualified from Dublin.

Winners of UDC Garden Competition Zone 1Front: Paddy Smith 14 Saint Patrick Swellan,Back:Mrs McGrath 5 Saint Phelims Place.Zone 2 Front and Back John McDowell 21 Tullac Mongan.Zone 3 Tommy McGuigan 3 Breffni.Zone 4 Front:Philomena O Rourke 17 Lake View,Back:John Wall 22 Saint Martins.Zone 5 Tommy O Donnell 13 Saint Bridgets.

September 10th 1976:Banks reopen after another 8 weeks strike “Very little demand as most people have opened accounts down the North.During the Strike over 2,000 new accounts were opened in Enniskillen alone and Banks in Kesh and Newtownbutler opened thousands more.With the number of strikes in recent years the local population have lost confidence in the Irish Banks”.

Same Week Sean O Reilly from Cavan town finishes a crditable 14th in the Marathon at the Community Games in Mosney.

Greg and Dominick Sheridan are All Ireland Junior Softball Champions defeating Meath21-17,8-21 and 21-20 in the Final at Croke Park.They are pictured with Michael Leddy President of the Ulster Council and HL Smith who won an all Ireland in 1940.

Willie Harrington wins the Captain’s (Norman Cinnamonds) Prize with a score of 39,Tom Cuddy is 2nd with 38 while David Small was Best 2nd Nine and Niall Walsh had the Best Gross.

September 17th 1976:Death of Chairman Mao Tse Tung at the age of 82.Nation of 800 million mourn their leader by wearing black arm bands while the ladies wore white paper flowers.He will lie in state for a period of 8 days in the Great Hall of the People in Peking.

Same Week Roy Mason is the new Northern Ireland Secretary.In the Labour Party reshuffle Merlyn Rees is promoted to Home Secretary after 30 months in the North.

Jacinta Walsh daughter rof Sean and May Wolfe Tone Street is the first child from the Republic to be awarded the 50 metre and 200 metre Diploma at Newry Swimming Pool.

Death of Michael O Neill Wolfe Tone Street.Survived by his son Michael.Rev PJ McManus Adm officiated at the funeral from theCathedral to Cullies.

Smyth's TV and Video will present the trophy for Man of the Match at the County Final between Saint Marys and Ballyhaise.PJ Carroll was the recipient of last year’s initial award.

Cavan Town soccer club win their 1st competitive match beating Carrickmacross 3-1.scorers in an impressive display at Cavan Rugby grounds were Hubert Smith (2) and Francis Goodeman.

‘Let There Be Peace’ written by Jimmy Kennedy and recorded by Ann Lennon at Trend studios Dublin is distributed by Micheal Clerkin’s Release  Records.

September 24th 1976:Sudden death of John (Jack) Brady Fortview Farnham Road at the age of 53.Member of well known estaablishe Cavan family.Agricultural Adviser to Cavan Committee of Agriculture.Qualified with a degree in Agriculture  from UCD in 1953 and served 3 years in Kilrush before returning to Cavan in 1956. “Deeply interested in the welfare of the small farmer”.Played with both Cavan Slashers and Drumalee.Fomer Secretary of County Cavan Golf Club,he was Captain in 1973.Active member of Saint Vincent De Paul Society.Jack is survived by his wife Dolly,son Phillip,daughters Majella and Delores.Rev Des O Dowd officiated at he funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Same Week Death of Margaret (Annie) Smith of 45 Highfield Road.Native of Glencurran,she came to live in the town in 1969.Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Saint Mary’s (Killinkere/Mountnugent) capture their 1st Senior county title beating Ballyhaise 12 points to 0-9 in a game which only sparkled in the last quarter when the long time leaders Ballyhaise were outclassed.Crowd of 3,8000 paid record receipts of £2,440.Mattie Hetherton is voted Man of the Match and pictured receiving the trophy from Jimmy Sheridan General Managr RTS.

Cavan Gaels are also overhauled in the last 10 minutes of the Minor Final by a Lavey/Laragh combination 0-19 to 3-06 with Donal Donohoe recording a personal tally of 12 points.Gaels:Liam Caffrey,Seamus Henry,Cyril O Keefe,Gerry Higgins,Michael Flanagan,Tommy Fay,Sean Carolan,Fergus Costello (Capt),Sean McKiernan,Denis Cullen,David Smith,Gerry Smith,Brian O Grady,Adrian Ronan, and Barney Coyle.Fortnight later the Cavan Gaels won the Minor Urban League beating Ramor United 7-13 o 2-03.

Anglo Celt will cost 14p from next Friday

Sonny Magee retires as Principal of Farnham school but is unable to attend the Presentation by the pupils and staff due to illness.

Jackson’s new £250,000 showrooms in Farnham street blessed by Bishops Moore and McKiernan  and officially opened by Tom Fitzpatrick (Minister for Lands) heralds the launch of the new Ford Cortina.

Death of John (Yankee) Murrray Tullac Mongan after a long illness.Member of Cavan UDC from 1955 to 1969.Initially elected as an Independen ,he later joined Fine Gael.His father Tom also served on the Council in the 1940s as a Fianna Fail deputy.Played with Cavan Harps in his youth and served in the British Army during world War 2.Preident of Cavan Branch Fine Gael and founder member of Cavan ITGWU.Survived by his wife Annie UDC,sons Johnny,Raymond,Tommy,Andy,Martin and daughters Vivienne and Margaret.Father Felim Kelly CC presided at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Loreto Past Pupils Union 1976; President Sheila McGimnity,Vice President Gráinne Boylan (Kilnaleck),Secretary Maura McNally,Treasurer Niamh Reilly (Cavan).

Death of Rose Sheridan Church Street.native of Urney Ballinagh.Spent most of her life as a Nurse in America.Survived by brothers Tommy and John (Ballinagh) and by sisters Agnes(Carolan),Kitty,Angela (Cathedal Road) and Betty and Margaret USA.

October 1st 1976:Dublin beat Kerry 3-8 to 10 points to record their 1st win against the Kingdom in the Championship since 1934.Crowd of 73,586  witness one of the great All Ireland Finals with Kevin Moran Man of the Match.

Same Week Butter shoots up to 50p per lb.Increase of 15p is imposed by the Government.

October 8th 1976:Death of Charles Collins Corahoe at the age of 82.Last member of distinguished farming family.Rev P J McManus Adm officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Same Week Death in London of Mary Brady a member of the Belford family (Drapery store-Andy Sloweys).Her husband Terry was a member of the Brady family the ‘Old Globe Hotel’ and only died earlier this year.Mary is survived by her sons Noel and Brian and sisters Nellie (Cavan)  and Nancy(London).

October 15th 1976:Kate O Hanlon ‘Glenair’ Cathedral Road is awarded a Montessori teaching Diploma in London.Presently teaching in the Moira Jones Montessori School in Foxrock.

Same Week Sudden death of Russell Pollock at the age of 68.Pleasant, jovial character he worked in Tractamotors.Survived by his wife Isabella,sons Tom and Peter and daughter Hillary.Rev Turkington presided at the funeral from Kilmore Cathedral to the adjoining cemetery.

Death of Aidan Geraghty Coleman Road at the age of 48.In Cavan he was a member of the Cathedral Choir and the Saint Vincent De Paul.Clerical officer with CIE.He is survived in Cavan by his sisters Rosaleen Coyne (Saint Phelims Place) and Noelle O Reilly Coleman Road.Funeral from the Church of the Most Holy Redeemer Bray to Saint Peters cemetery Little Bray.

October 22nd 1976:Dermot Healy wins another Hennessy Literary award “If there is a better account of modern changing Ireland I have yet to read it”-Judges.

Same Week CYMS Committee 1976:President Jimmy McCormack and HL Smith,Vice Chairman Ned Sharkey,Secretary Arthur Downey,Assistant Secretary Peter Sheridan,Treasurer Paddy O Reilly PC UDC.Committee Brian Smith,Martin Jermyn,Robert Harrison,Gerry McCaffrey,Francis Ellis,Laurnence Flood,Christy Smith and Billy Doonan.

Cavan Town FC beat Dromin County Louth to top the North Eastern League.They are settling into their new home at Carrickane and field two teams and a very strong Youth team.

29th October 1976: Cearbhaill O Dalaigh resigns from the Presidency after Paddy Donegan Minister of Defence accuses him of “being a thundering disgrace”.Paddy Hillery Ireland’s EEC Ambassador has indicated that he will fill the vacancy if nominated.

Same Week Cavan’s 1st One Act Drama Festival is won by the Navan Players with ‘Us and Them’.Cross ICA are the best Rural group with ‘Romantic Lover’.Tommy McCardle is the adjudicator.

Social Services 4th Annual Gala Concert in the Sports Centre is attended by over 800 patrons.Father Des O Dowd returns thanks to The Derry Singers with William McLoughlin (Bass) and James McCafferty (Musical Director) for a captivating performance.Meantime Patsy Lee and Bill Henry are compiling the 21st Annual Boy Scouts Pantomime ‘Robin Hood and His Merry Men’

November 5th 1976;Patrick Hillery is the agreed candidate for President of Ireland.In America Jimmy Carter 52 year old Peanut farmer from Plains Georgia is the new President of the USA.

Same Week After a glorious Summer September and October are the two wettest months since records began in 1837 recording 12 inches of rain in Dublin.

National Pioneer Seminar in Saint Pats is attended by over 200 delegates.Among the speakers are Rita Childers (Former 1st lady),Father Dan Gallogly and Oliver J Flanagan TD.Semus De Faiote presides.

Death of James Leddy Rosculligan brother of Terry.Extensive farmers.Father Des O Dowd celebrated the Mass in the Cathedral while Father PJ McManus officiated at the graveside in Killygarry.

Credit Union 1976:Now has 1,500 members.£115,000 in loans during 1976.Full time Manager is to be appointed and a new branch in Belturbet will be opened soon.

Bridge Club 1976:Captain Peggy Willock,President Maura Cullen,Secretary Jim Burke,Assistant Secretary Pat Plunkett,Treasurer Maureen McDonald.

Cavan Rugby 1st XV beat Navan in tough, uncompromising encounter at Tierquin while Drogheda beat the Seconds 19-6 in a disappointing encounter in Drogheda.

‘Deragarra Inn Butlersbridge’ owned by John and Angela Clancy wins the National Bar Food title sponsored by Irish Distillers.

Dr.Tony Farelly is elected President of the World Medical Association who will hold their annual conference in Dublin next year.

November 12th 1976:Mary Peters (Olympic Champion) is welcomed to Cavan by the Directors of Elegant Interiors (Fagans) Pat Gaffney and Con Smith together with thousands of autograph hunters to open their ultra modern furniture store.Ted Hanratty is General Manager.

Same Week Death of May Monaghan widow of Eugene Upper Main Street .Member of an.old established licensed business family.Survived in Cavan by her son Father Tommy and Sister Bee Abbey Street.Among the large turnout of clergy were the Bishop Frank McKiernan.Father PJ McManus assisted Father Tommy at the removal and burial in Killgarry.

Oliver Plunketts win County Under 16 Title beating Arva 2-5 to 0-3 in final.Team:Peter O Hanlon,Michael McNally,Martin Sexton,Kevin McNamara,Sean Carolan,C Johnston,Brian O Grady,David Smith,Finbar Donohoe,Richard Kelly,Terry McGovern,Jim Cullen and Barry Mulligan.

November 19th 1976:Father PJ McManus is elevated to the rank of Monsignor and Vicar General of the Diocese of Kilmore Monsignor McManus has been in Cavan since 1958 and Adm since 1974.

Same Week Death of Charles Coyle Church Street at the age of 63.Native of Drumryan Killygarry.Retired from farming at Cullentra Drung in 1971 when the family came to live in Cavan.Very religious and involved with Irish music and song.He is survived by his wife Kate,sons Tom ,Michael,Charlie,Phil,Sean,Frank,Mary,Kathleen,Patricia and Margaret.Funeral from the Cathedral to Castletara.

Death of Mary Ann Smith Coranure.member of a well known,old Cavan family.She is survived by hr husband Jimmy (ex Cavan County Council),sons Sean,Tom and Jimy and daughters Rosaleen,Nellie Sheila,Peggy,Dympna and Nuala.Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Cavan Rugby Club field 3rd XV against the Dublin side Carlisle away.Cavan beaten 22 to 6 by a much more experienced side.Team:Martin Flatley,M Hannon,J McDermott,M McCaul,Ray Charles,C Hennessy,S Brady,Oliver Hackett,Noel McGlade,Jimmy Browne,Dermot Sheridan,Johnny McCormack,S Martin,P Fischer and Owenie Fay.

Quay Celtic (Dundalk) hammer Cavan Youths XI 13-1 in 1st Round of the Leinster Youths Cup at Carrickane.Cavan conceded height ,weight,age and experience to the visitors but stuck gallantly to the task.Finian McDonagh from Drumalee was man of the match for Cavan at centre half.Kevin McNamara,Michael Brady and Joe Greene did their best at he back.Up fron Terry McGovern,Niall Walsh, and Barry Mulligan never stopped trying while the goalkeeper Peter O Hanlon saved the Town from an even heavier defeat.Germaine Cullivan,Martin Maguire and Kevin McDonagh were prominent in midfield for the losers.

November 26th 1976:Death of Hughie Reilly Cootehill .Member of the 1933 and 1935 winning Cavan team and trained Cavan to their All Ireland triumphs of 1947,1948 and 1952.

Same Week Ned and Mrs McKiernan Drumbar celebrate the Golden Jubilee of their Marriage.They were married in Carrigallen Church by Rev Phillip Smith PP in November 1926.They have 7 children and 13 Grandchildren.

Pady Duffy (Birdie) is the new President of County Cavan Golf Club.Niall Walsh is Captain while Bridie Farrelly (Dr Finegan) is Lady Captain.

Willie Doonan Memorial Committee 1976:Chairman Patrick McKienan,Vice Chair Paddy Lee,Treasurer HL Smith,Secretaries Tom O Connor and Johnny O Rourke.Committee John Johnston,John (Foley ) O Rourke,Paddy Graham,Tom McNamara,Billy Sheridan and Jimmy (Inky) Sheridan.

December 3rd 1976: John Costello late of the ‘Meadow View’ purchases the ‘Four Seasons Hotel’ in Monaghan for £300,000.

Same Week Cavan Urban Rate is increased by a respectable 80 p in the £.Chairman Senator Andy O Brien praises the work of John Cassidy (County Manager) “for maintaining a first class service at the minimum cost”.May Reilly endorses this sentiment “but can’t say the same for those responsible for house repairs-they should tell the truth to the tenants”.Paddy Gaffney (Town Surveyor) tells the meeting that “they are doing the repairs terrace by terrace and will be up to date by the end of the year”!

Kieran Cullivan Cathedral Road pictured on the front page having restored the 18th Century golden gilded Dublin Lord Mayor’s Coach built in 1791 in Dublin at a cost of £2,690.

Chamber of Commerce 1976-77.President Eamonn McDwyer,Vice President Coleman Smith,Secretary Margaret Brady (Bridge Street) and Treasurer Joe Connolly.Christmas shopping 1976 all shops will open each Monday and Christmas Eve until 9 pm.

Death of James Thomas (Jim) Geelan Wolfe Tone Street.Bus Inspector with CIE, served in his native Donegal,Sligo,Dublin and Cavan.popular with both staff and commuters.Survived by his wife Molly and daughter Breega.Father Anthony Fagan presided at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Death of John O Rourke relict of Delia Saint Aidans at the age of 86.Uncle of Johnny UDC.Survived by his sons George  Phillip and Johnny and brother George in Saint Phelims,Rev Des O Dowd officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

December 10th 1976:Cormac D Dunne youngest son of Joe and the late Veronica Butlersbridge. qualifies as a Solicitor at Incorporated Law Society.Now an Assistant to Sean KellyChurch


Same Week Death of Hugie Quinn at the age of 54 in Scotland.Spent 5 years in Irish Army prior to emigrating.Survived by his wife Vera,daughter Patricia mother and father Phil Lake View and brothers Sean Eddie,Pat,Henry,Jimmy and sister Mary USA.

Church Gate Collection for Gota in the parish realises a total sum of £286.

Sudden death of Michael (Mick ) Smyth 60 Main Street at the age of 73.Electrician,he was a noted expert fly angler .Survived by his wife Kathleen,sons Micheal,Oliver,Pearse ,Niall,daughters Mary,Doreen and Catherine.Father Des O Dowd officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Four Cavan town winners at Open Badminton Ann Fallon (Minor A ladies Doubles),Maura Henry and Irene McCabe (Novice Ladies Doubles) and Bernadette Mullery (Minor A Ladies Doubles).At the conclusion of the most successful tournament in the Vocational School a presentation of a bouquet of flowers was made to their outstanding Secretary Sheila Cosgrove.Joe Mullery Chairman was presented with a badminton racquet.

December 17th 1976:Monaghan Military Barracks built by P Elliott and Company (pictured) is officially opened by the Taoiseach Liam Cosgrove

Same Week Jacqueline Gilroy daughter of Tommy and Nelly ‘Greenbank’ Cathedral Road is conferred with her B Com at UCD.Presently training to be a Chartered Accountant with Henry Murphy and Co.Trinity St.Jacqueline is a playing member of UCD ladies football team and former Secretary of the Club.

Following ‘Thundering Disgrace’gaffe Paddy Donegan is replaced as Minister of Defence by Oliver J Flanagan..

Death of Phil Rehill Lakeland Hotel at the age of 57.Farmer, native of Stradone,he bought the Lakeland (Rivals Inn) ten years ago “His natural grace and integrity endeared him to all”.survived by his wife Susan,son John,daughter Helen.Father Felim Kelly officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Kilygarry.

Solid fuel burners being fitted to the chimneyless Saint Martins Estate houses at the rate of 2 a day.

Winners of Turkeys at Bridge Club.Delores O Reilly,Elizabeth Galligan,Pat Plunkett and Father Thomas Woods.

Grainne Smith from Rock Cross rpresenting Loreto College is the overall winner of Oratory competition sponsored by the Junior Chamber.Maura Mullen,Sarah Cullen and Louis Courtney are the adjudicators.

Jim Rafter and Noel Bartley are presented with wrist watches to mark 21 years service to Jacksons Garage.

Senan O Reilly from Farnham Street finishes 2nd in Boys Under 13 All Ireland Cross Country in Dundrum Dublin from a field of 156.While Catherine Gormley finishes 18th in Girls Under 15 2,000metres.

December 24th 1976:Morna O Hanlon SRN (pictured) qualifies as a Nurse at Saint Vincents Elm Park.She is presently nursing in New York.

Same Week Death of Rose Cafferty late of Killynebber and Town Hall Street at the age of 76.Widow of Bernard she was a native of Drung and lived in Cavan for the last ten years.Survived by her sons Seamus White Star),Ben and Michael and daughters Madge,Eileen,Mary and Dora.Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Cavan Gaels are 1976 League Champions defeating old rivals Crosserlough by 2-8 to 0-6 on a heavy wet pitch.Game brimful of good football-fast open play.Scorers for the Gaels Paddy Reilly and Pat McNamara 1-1,Hauley Reilly,PJ Carroll 0-2 each and Charlie Donohoe and Francis Goodeman 0-1 each.Team Aidan Elliott,Eugene Reilly,Jimmy Fay(capt),Myles McEntee,Oliver Galligan,Dermot Dalton,Dominick Sheridan,PJ Carroll,Haulie Reilly,Pat McNamara,Tommy Fay,Francis Goodeman,Philip Murray,Paddy O Reilly and Noel Smith.sub Charlie Donohoe for Tommy Fay.Gaels first League title since 1971

December 31st 1976:Senator Andy O Brien Chairman UDC starts the Icebreakers swim on Christmas Morning at Rann Point.38% F 6 degrees colder than last year.Visitors from Crosserlough,Navan,Dublin and Ballyjamesduff.

Same Week Arthur Mckenna is the 1st Scout from Cavan to receive the Woodenbridge Certificate at Larch Hill.Arthur is now Leader of the Venturers following 3 years as Scout Leader when he brought the Troop to the Isle of Man 73 and 75 and Dunmore East in 1974

Junior Chamber 1977 President Pat Brennan,Vice President John McGloughlin.,Deputy President Tim O Brien,Secretary Angela O Keefe,Treasurer Joe Costello.Council Tanya McDwyer,Mary O Brien,PJ Dunne and Pat Egan.

Bill Galvin and Frank Ellis make a presentation to John Donohoe on behalf of the committee and parents of Breffni Boys Band at a packed Lakeland Hotel.John is presented with a Cavan Crystal bowl cut by members Noel Smith,Tommy Kenny and Martin Carroll and the Tara Group all former members of the Boys Band give their services free for the night.

Francis Mooney winner of the Under 8 300 metres at Cross Country at Farnham Estate,Senan O Reilly 2nd Under 14 1,500 metres and in the Senior Men 12,000 local man Hugo Cafferty representing.Larah AC is 3rd.

Death of Julia Gilchreest late of Pullamore.Funeral from the Cathedral toKillygarry.

Money was plentiful for Christmas 1976,despite late opening on Christmas Eve there was no sign of last minute rush.

Customs dying out in Cavan-only the few usual faces on Saint Stephens Day with ‘musical renditions’ ‘burying the wren’.Christmas cards too were scarce as their cost and the rising cost of postage hindered many from sending greetings.

January 7th 1977:Social Services move from CYMS to larger premises at the Poor Clare Convent.Chiropody every Wednesday at the new venue.

January 14th 1977 More power cuts interrupt the supply of the Anglo Celt which contains few pages this week.

Same Week Cavan AC win Boys Under 16 3,000 metres at County Cross Country Championships in Bailieborough.Team:Liam Magee,Noel Brady (Capt),Declan O Neill ,Senan O Reilly,Paul Tobin,Michael Kane and Kieran Murray.

January 14th 1976 Cavan Credit Union move from Town Hall Street into custom built premises (Ann Donohoe’s) Bridge Street

January 21st 1977:Death of:Matty Reilly farmer and cattle dealer from Poles.Survived by his wife Susan,sons Felim,Matty,Oliver Noel,daughters Theresa,Elizabeth,Marie,Bernadette,Beatrice and Carmel.Rev Anthony Fagan CC officiated at the funeral from Saint Brigids Killygarry to the adjoining cemetery.

Same Week Assistant County Manager Peter Hayden  unveils new €6,500 sheme for the Franciscian Abbey in Abbey Street at UDC meeting.New walkways,trees and landscaping and a comemorative plaque to Hugh O Reilly and Owen Ro O Neill.The remaing proceeds of the Own Roe week (1949) have been pledged for this improvement.

Death of Michael Collins Corahoe brother of Monsignor Bernard Los Angeles USA and popular farmer.survived by his wife Molly,sons Michael,John, and daughter Marie.Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Death of Mike O Reilly (Fairtown Motors)American born, returned to the land of his parents about 15 years ago and set up a very successful business Fairtown Motors.Engaged in the repair and scrapping of old cars.Very talented member of both the Barman’s Tops of Breffni  and the Boy Scouts Pantos.Lost his sight at an early age and forced to retire to Dublin where he died.Funeral from Columbus Chrch Iona Road to Deans Grange cemetery.

Boy Scouts 21st Annual Pantomime written and produced by Patsy Lee and Bill Henry stars Sean McManus as Robin Hood.Una Carr is Maid Marion,Myles Sweeney is Will Carlett,JJ O Reilly is Litle John,John Allen is Dole Agent,Jackie Mcloughlin is Groover,Charlie Donohoe is Myself,Finian Farrell is Me and Terry O Connor is I,Eugene O Reilly is Prince John,Aindreas McEnte Sheriff of Notingham,Marty McCullough is King Richard.Cait Coyle stars and is the Choreographer.Playing to packed audiences for the duration of 10 days with matinees.

Captain Casiddy’s ‘ Fabric Folio’ moves from Bridge Street to Auburn House Phone 31436.

Willie Clarke from Cornacrea is appointed sole agent for County Cavan for farm sheds and fabrications  by T and J Engineering Newtowngore.

January 28th 1977:Death of Maura Galligan Cathedral Road and ConnollyStreet at the age of 76.Her father Andy had a very successful business in Connolly Stret which Maura ran for years supplying school books and stationary.Family natives of Alackan, she was married to Mick Galligan first Manager of Providers. “She was loved by all classes and creeds and her unbounded charity knew no bounds”.Survived by her 2 sons in Dublin Adge and Sean.Rev Anthony Fagan CC assisted by Father Noel McIntyre officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Same Week Robert Norton is appointed President of the North East Insurance Institute.Robin is resident Inspector in Cavan for Guardian Royal Exchange.

February 4th 1977:Brother Cyril De La Salle is appointed National President of the Community Games.

Same Week Death of Frances Whelan at the reidence of her daughter Kathleen Fitzsimmons Pullamore.Relict of Bernard.The Family were well known in the Grocery business in Cavan and carried on Busines in Main Street (Maurice Brady’s).Canon Patrick Mallon officiated at the funeral from Saint Matthews Maghera to the adjoining cemetery.

Death of Tommy Graham in England.In his 50s,he is survived in Cavan by Paddy ,Dickie and Maureen Clarke Swellan,Eileen Sheridan Farnham and Eileen Carter (Cobh).

Niall Tobin 1st Cavan appearance in the Lakeland. “One of Ireland’s leading comics-laugh a minute”

Death of Ned McKiernan Drumbar at the age of 79.Native of Fartrin Ballyconnell.Haulier in Ballyconnell ,he later was an extensive Coal Merchant in Cavan.Pioneer in the film business,he had shows in Town Hall Arva and Bailieborough .During the war years travelled to these venues with the Projectionst (Michael Donohoe,Jimmy and Tommy McCormack) on a tandem bike with the films strapped to their backs.Chairman of the Gun Club,he was an avid Gael and cycled to Dublin to see Cavan win their two All Irelands of 1933 and 1935.For leisure,Ned played the violin and had a great love of Irish music.He is survived by his wife Maureen,sons Father Cathaldus,Paul,Ambrose,Eucharius,Finian and daughter Dr.Nuala and Astrid.Frs Kevin Smith,Killian Mitchell,Thomas Brady and Monsignor PJ McManusAdm concelebrated Mass with Father Cathaldus in our Lady of Lourdes Church Ballyconnell.

Death of Tommy (Ashe) Murray at the age of 76 Saint Aidans Terrace.Took active part in War of Independence and joined the LDF during the Emergency.Member of Cavan UDC outdoor staff.President of Cavan town Ceanntair Fianna Fail.Survived by brothers Jimmy,Johnny,Terry and sister Nanny Murphy 26 Tullac Mongan.Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Death of John McGowan Drumelis at the age of 75.Lifetime in McCarrens,he was a playing member of Cavan Slashers and member of the old Forresters band.Survived by his sons Paddy,Peter,Larry,Johnny,Martin and daughter Margaret.Father Anthony Fagan officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Butlersbridge.

February 11th 1977:Death of Sadie Morris late of Church Street in London.Widow of Herbie Fancy Goods shop Bridge Street.She was  native of Portadown.Survived by her son Billy and funeral in London.

Same Week Death of Sister Mary Saint John Smith (Courthouse) in New Jersey at the age of 67.Daugter of Joe and Mary Anne Smyth.Professed a nun in 1927 and worked with the blind of New Jersey where the Order has a school.Survived by her brothers Pete,Hughie,Barney and sisters Winnie,Eileen and Josie.Burial in New Jersey.Mass was concelebrated in the Cathedral by Fathers Kevin Smith,Rev PJ McManus Adm,Rev Colm Hurley,Rev Joe Donohoe and Rev Sean Brady (Saint Pats).

Royal School beat Mercy Convent Navan 6-0 in Hockey League at home on heavy pitch.next outing against Loreto Navan.

Brian Murphy is appointed a member of Lloyds Insurance Brokers London.”Most Exclusive Club in the World”

Death of Ellen Quinn at the age of 80 Lakeview.last surviving member of the old Sheridan family Mitchell Street Survived by her husband Phillip,Sons Jimmy,Eddie,Pat ,Henry,Sean and Mary in New York.Rev Des O Dowd officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Barry Brady AIB sells his private residence on Cathedral Road to J P Burns Crossdoney for €20,800 and Michael Empey buys his bungalow at Derrycramp from Eddie Galligan for €16,000.

February 18th 1977 Death of Kathleen Sullivan relict of Dr.Jack Church Street.Member of the well known Sullivan family from Ballylongford county Kerry .Outstanding member and Captain of County Cavan Golf Club and Cavan Bridge Club of which she was Secretary-she won every tournament in the Club calendar and represented Cavan with distinction at Bridge at all of the national tournaments “Her brusque exterior cloaked a most generous and caring spirit-she was a wise counsellor and staunch friend”.Kathleen was predeceased by her husband Jack 7 years ago and is survived by her son Dr.John,daughters Carina (Coleman),Dr.Aine and Frances Galligan.Rev Father Tom McKiernan assisted by Father Colm Hurley,Cathaldus McKiernan,Dan Gallogly,Fr Walsh CSSP andFather Enright celebrated Mass in the Cathedral with interment in Killygarry.

Same Week Adrian Ronan is on the wanted list at Finn Harps following his outstanding display for the North Eastern League.Adrian scored in their 2-0 win over the Donegal League.

February 25th 1977 Death of Essie Flood widow of Eddie late of Abbey Street in Roscommon.Past Captain of County Cavan Golf Club,she was a prominent member of the ICA.Member of the Smyth family Hoteliers Roscommon.Funeral from the Sacred Heart Church Roscommon to Saint Comans cemetery.

Same Week Death of Brigid King daughter of Richard and Mary Farrelly Mons Terrace.Survived by her husband Charles,sons Francis,Charles,daughter Brigid (Moore) Fairview and Mary.she was a sister of Margaret Jackson 18 Fairview.

Gabriel Kelly stars in Cavan Rugby success against Old Kilcullen and leads them into the Quarter final of the Provincial Towns Cup.Joey O Keefe was the outstanding player on the field while the half back partnership of Eamonn Hartmann and Pat Kearney were in “devastating form”.

March 4th 1977 Death of Patrick G Smyth Solicitor only son of ME Smith Merchant Main Street (‘Central Bar’-Houricans).Playing member of the Cavan Slashers and ardent Gael.Survived by his wife Elizabeth ,sons and daughters in Dublin

Same Week Berni Quinn captains Cavan Gaels to Junior B Success 1976-beating Crosserlough 3-8 to 1-3.Great team effort and everything went right on the day.Scorers for the Gaels John Cullen 1-1,Tommy Fay 1-0,M Campbell OG,Michael Flynn 0-3,Philip Finegan 0-2,Noel Reilly and GerySmith 0-1 each.Team Oliver Conaty,Sean McKiernan,Myles McEntee,Berni Quinn,,Michael Flanagan,Joe Mullery,Dominck Sheridan,Noel Reilly,Michael Flynn,Philip Finegan,Tommy Fay,Gerry Smith,John Cullen,David Smith and Liam Henry.

March 11th 1977:Death of Andrew Galligan formerly of the Eagle Bar in Dublin where the family are well known in the Licensed trade.Survived by his wife brother and family.

Same Week Cavan Rugby Club beat Naas in Quarter Finals of Provincial Cup (3 Penalties) to a try in tough uncompromising battle at Saint Pats.Michael Flynn is Man of the Match.fine individual performances of Joey O Keefe and hooker PJ Quinn.Eamonn Hartmann was again the outstanding back on the field.

March 18th 1977:Tragic death of three people in traffic accident on the Ballinagh Road.The dead are named as Patrick J Owens New Inn Ballyjamesduff and Tommy and Owen Gaffney Mountnugent.The crash occurred on Sunday night at 12:30 am at Creighan and involved 3 cars.

Same Week Saint Patricks Day:Boy Scouts parade to 10 am Mass and later the Breffni boys band parade the town after the 11:30 Mass.

Death of Jimmy (Boxty ) Reilly Saint Mary Terrace and Drumhowra Loughduf.Hard worker-he worked in Reynolds Upper Main Street and dug the vegetables for later sale in the shop.Avid GAA fan.Funeral from Saint Josephs Loughduff to the adjoining cemetery.

Death of Hughie Browne 13 Breffni at the age of 56.well known greyhound breeder.He raced succesfully in Clones Mullingar and Longford with homegrown talent.Survived by his wife Moya and daughter Rose.Father PJ McManus officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Death of George O Rourke Saint Aidans.in his 70s , he was an uncle of John O Rourke UDC.Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Over 10,000 see 14 man Cavan go under to Dublin in National League clash in Lonfgord.Receipts are in excess of £5,000.Turning point was the sending off of Kieran O Keefe at the ned of 1st half.Scorers for Cavan Steve Duggan 1-04,Ollie Brady,Owen Martin and Gene Cusack 0-1 each.

March 25th 1977:Beatrice and Jackie Maloney raise £618 in their ‘Wonder Shop’.Maura Maloney collects£124 and bequests amount to £325 for National Council for the Blind .John Cassidy proposes that Deputation consiting of Rev George Millar,Mrs Dawson and  Mrs Phyllis Farris be sent to the NEHB in Kells to discuss adequate Annual funding for the organisation.

Same Week Death of Gabriel Smith 2nd eldest son of Tom and Mrs Smith Newsagents Bridge Street in Randolph Mass.He is survived by his brother Jack in USA and sister Margaret in Bridge Street.

Maura Smith of 32 Tullac Mongan in frightening experience as £7,000 is stolen in armed hold up of the Ashling Hotel Dublin.Maura and her friend Nancy Fox from Mullingar were very shaken but uninjured in the raid.

Saint Pats win the National Leinster Chess League.Team John Conaty,Eamonn Galligan,Conor Caslin,Eamonn Brady,Eddie McGovern,Seamus McGovern and Eugene Cusack.

Joseph Connolly Drumelis (81/2 ) is knocked down on the Farnham Road.Joeph is presently in the Surgical with a fractured leg.

Terry Murray and Niall Galligan give the monthly lecture at Cavan Gardening Club in the Scout Hall.

Homemakers-Cavan’s newest Harware shop opening shortly in Church Street.

Cavan Rugby Club are defeated by the Curragh 15-12 in extra time of Provincial Towns Semi Final. “They were unlucky not to force a replay”.Cavan played magnificiently and were well served by Eric Trenier and Joey O Keefe.Eamonn Hartmann was again the outstanding back at scrum half.in the Anderson Cup Cavan seconds are defeated by Killkenny 7-6.Outstanding displays by Jackie Lyndsey,Paddy Malone,Johnny Murray and Bill McNamara.

:Veronica Sharkey is elected Secretary at the All Ireland Ladies Football Convention held in the Farnham Hotel.

April 1st 1977 Tragic drowning of Louise Kelly aged 3 and Austin Murphy aged 4 Farnham Road adjacent to the back of their houses in town river which at the moment is in Winter flood after the recent heavy rain.The Army and Garda assisted by Paddy Ronaghan,Dennis O Keefe George Maloney and Eamonn Donohoe play big part in the recovery of the two bodies.

Same Week Brendan Corish (Minister for Health) announces that detail plans for new Cavan General Hospital will be ready to be submitted for Planning within the next two years.

Cavan Dram Festival 1977:Patron Bishop Francis McKiernan,President Father PJ McManus Adm,Chairman Bill Henry,Vice Chair Sarah Cullen,Secretary Maura Mullen,Treasurer Sheila McGinnity,Chief Steward Tommy Reilly (Regal),Festival Club Walter Myles,Stage Manager John Conlon,Sundrive Players Dublin win the Premier award and their Producer Maura Parker is best Producer.Brian O Riordan best actor and Murial Caslin best actress both from 33 Players Dublin.Carrigallen’s ‘Playboy of the Western World’wins the Rural section with Maura Farrell once again the best actress.

Death of James O Brien in Clonmel at the age of 55.Native of Killynebber,he was an official with the Department of Posts and Telegraphs.Survived by his wife Queenie brothers Andy and Michael and sisters Rose and Sarah.

Death of Michael Tully former proprietor of the Farnham Hotel in Dunlaoghaire.survived by his wife,son and daughter.

Sudden death of Michael J Smith Oakvale in his early fifties.Native of Corahoe Stradone.President of Cavan Chamber of Commerce,he played a very energetic and influential role in the location of the new General Hospital at Lisdarn.Former proprietor of Breffni Motors (Singer) Church Street.He won many Bord Failte honours for his horticultural skills at Oakvale and built a very attractive and lucrative business on the site.Survived by his wife Nellie,son Philip and 2 daughters Lorraine and Katherine.Rev Felim Kelly officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Worst aviation tragedy in history at Tennerife Airport as Pan Am and KLM jumbo jets crash while taking off resulting in 500 deaths.

April 8th 1977:Meeting of Cavan UDC is adjourned as mark of respect to the Murphy and Kelly families on the death of the two children.Sympathy to the Smith family Oakvale on the sudden death of Michael former President of the Chamber of Commerce and to Andy O Brien on the death in Clonmel of his brother James.

Same Week Senior Citizens from Cavan are this week’s guests on ‘Going Strong’ on RTE.

Cavan Town FC defeat top Dundalk side Barrck Rangers 2-0 in Oriel Park Dundalk.

April 15th 1977:Sudden death of Sean Smith 8 Tullac Mongan at the age of 37 on Easter Monday.Outstanding footballer with Cavan Harps and Cavan Gaels.He was a founder member of Cavan Shamrocks.Clerical officer in May Roberts.he is survived by his Mother,brothers Dickie,Jimmy,Gene and sisters Margaret Josephine and Mary.Guard of honour at the funeral formed by his workmates in May Roberts and Cavan Gaels.Father PJ McManus Adm officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies

Same Week Finbar O Donohoe plays the title role in ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ in Saint Pats

April 22nd 1977:Death of Cardinal William Conway at the age of 64 in Armagh.Eldest of 9 children.Before adjouring their meeting of the UDC.Tom O Connor in tribute says that Cardinal Conway was in a very difficult situation in the North but his good work is even now bearing fruit.Paddy O Reilly states that the Cardinal will be remembered as a peacemaker and founder of Trocaire.

Same Week Death of Kathy Kelly Swellan Cross at the age of 77.Very religious and keen gardener.Survived by her brother Paddy and sister Mrs Cosgrove Emmett Place.Father PJ McManus officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Death of Charlie Coyle Wolfe Tone Street brother of the late Terry Cavan All Ireland footballer.Served in the Irish Army for over 20 years.Survived by his sons Frankie and Charlie and daughter Angela.Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Death of Elizabeth Bravendar of Saint Marys Terrace at the age of 83.Native of Lacken.survived by her sons Michael,Joe,Willie,Matt,Eddie,daughters Mary,Margaret,Nellie,Josephine,Phyllis,Ann and Nora.Father Des O Dowd officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Potahee.

April 22nd 1977:Sympathy is extended to Paddy Barry Church Street on the death of his father John Barry Ballyduff Waterford.

Same Week Cavan Town leaders in the North Eastern League win their 1st trophy The Jackson Cup beating Tunney Meat Packers 2-1 at Carrickmacross.Brothers Noel and Hubert Smith the scorers.Dessie Gardiner was the architect of this win with his outstanding performance in midfield.Tragedy at end of game when Terry Murray’s father Gerard collapses and dies.Presentation cancelled.team Joe Johnston,Damien Treanor,Terry Murray,Noel Smith,Adrian Ronan,Johnny Lynch,Huber Smith,Dessie Gardiner,Dermot Walsh,Jim Ivers and Gerry O Keefe.sub Cecil O Reilly.

April 29th 1977 Presentation to Ronan Rice by Parents Association Cavan Vocational School.Ronan has been appointed CEO in Bray.Native of county Longford,he worked in Cootehill and Dun Laoghaire before coming to Cavan as Headmaster of the new Vocational School in 1971.

Same Week Bishop McKienan confirms 130 boys and girls in the Cathedral assisted by the Adm Father PJ- McManus and Father Des O Dowd.Father Anthony Fagan was Master of Cermonies.

Cavan Barracks win  North Eastern Army Volleyball Pictured are Finbar Noonan (Capt),John Heffernan,Jimmy Scanlon presenting plaques,Cmdt.Morrin O/C 29th Battalion,Michael Maden,Paddy Ferncombe,Thomas Byrne,Tony Brady and Matt Lynch.

May 6th 1977 Jim McNally is 6th with 3 fish weighing 4 3/4 Lbs,Tommy Donohoe was 15th with 2 fish weighing 3 ½ lbs.Jim automaticall qualifies for the Irish International team while Tommy is named a sub.

Same Week Cavan Players to stage for 1 night only in Town hall ‘Cat on a Hot Tin Roof’.Producer is Father Peter Casey and the Cast includes Maura McNally,Ettie McAuley,Sheila McGinnity,Ray O Connor,Finian Farrell,Charlie Donohoe and Aindreas McEntee.

Michael Ellis Tullac Mongan unearths copper coin dated 1867 while working on the redevelopment of the Franciscian Abbey.

County Cavan Public Library total stock of books is 74,000,148 service points throughout the County of which 10 are Branch Libraries.Brian Connolly is pictured presiding in adult library while Sarah Cullen is in charge of the refernce library.

Gerry Keyes Cootehill former Cavan footballer is elected President of Saint McCartans College Past Pupils Union..

Seamus De Faoite is made a presentation by Cumainn Rinnce an Cabhain to mark 25 years as a Ceilidhe dance teacher.

May 13th 1977 Martha Cahill beats Phyllis Walsh Drumale in the Final of the Cavan Ladies Darts in th Melvin Bar.

Same Week Saint Pats qualify for the Leinster Finals of the Chess in Kilkenny  with 23 points out of 24.Team:John Conaty,Eamonn Galligan,Conor Caslin,Eamonn Brady,Seamus McDonnell and Edward McGovern.Area Organiser is Jimmy Scanlon (Jnr).

Fred and Florence Daniels return to Cavan for the 1st  time in 51 years.Famous coach builders on Coleman Road.The journey to Australia took 5 weeks in 1926 but this time they flew from Melbourne to London in 30 hours.

May 20th 1977:Death of Matthias Donnolly Tierquin at the age of 66.Member of oudoor staff of Cavan County Council.Top musician he was a member of the old Donnolly Family Ceilidhe Band.He is survived by his wife Kathleen,sons Matt,Pat,Eamonn and daughter Rose.Father AB McGrath officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Same Week Death of Kathleen(Kathy) Bannon in Ratoath Nursing Home .Ran a thriving confectionary and toy shop in Town Hall Street.Native of Bawnboy.Father Tom McKiernan officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Corlough.

May 27th 1977 County Cavan Rugby Committee President Noel Elliott,Treasurer Paddy McManus,Secretary Peter Pollock,Match Secretary Frank O Neill,First Team Captain George Crowe,Coaching Ken Ruddock.Committee Joe Fletcher,,Liam McMenamin,John Sullivan ,Harry Hunt and Michael Crosby.

June 9th 1977 Tom Fitzpatrick Minister for Transport and Power on trade promotion trip to the USA as the 20th Dail is dissolved.June 16th is Polling Day.

Same Week Architect for the new Cavan General Hospital is Richard Hurley Dublin.Quantity Surveyors David P Kelly,Mechanical and Electrical Consulting Engineers Brian K Reilly,Civil and Structural Consulting Engineeer Morgan Sheehy.The entire project before fittings will cost £5.2 million.

June 16th 1977;Father Benny Maguire resigns as Team trainer of Cavan County team for the final time.Re-echoing the words he spoke the last time “I have not the heart to continue after recent poor display against Armagh.I wish my successor more luck than I had”!

Same Week Jack Lynch addresses huge enthusiastic pubic meeting in Market Square on whistle stop tour of the country.

Cavan Golf Club 50/50 draw.Winner £100 John T Kenneddy Coras Point,2nd£20 Gabriel Kelly and 3rd £10 Kathleen O Gorman Drumalee.

Hilton Shield winners 1977 (Pictured) Cavan team:Evelyn O Connor,Dorothy Neary,Mrs B Farrelly,Goldie Fleming (Captain),Judy McEntee and Gay Condon.

Death of John Reilly farmer Strageliffe.member of the old Drumcrave band.Father PJ McManus officiated at the funeral from Killygarry to the adjoining cemetery

John Brady formerly of Saint Aidans dies in England.Survived by wife and family in Cavan Eamonn,Hugh P,Tommy,Kathleen and Rita.

Blood donors number 564 and 14 gold and 22 silver pelicans are awarded.

John Lynch son of Bernard and Rose Lynch opens new Gents Outfitters at Sullivans Sweet Shop Church Street.Prominent member of Drumalee GFC,he served his time with Brendan,Oliver Young and E&M Cootehill.

Cavan beat Offaly  2-13 to 2-9 to win Division 2 of the National League before a small attendance of 500 fans at Breffni Park.

June 24th 1977:Fianna Fail sweep back to power-win 84 seats in General Election,they have a huge majority of 20 seats.Government casualties include Paddy Cooney (Minister for Justice),Justin Keating (Minister for Industry and Commerce),Conor Cruise O Brien (Minister for Posts and Telegraphs) and PJ Reynold Ballinamore (Secretary to the Minsiter for Local Government).Liam Cosgrove resigns as Taoiseach and leader of Fine Gael.

Cavan Monaghan turnout of 56,543 (81%),quota 9,338.Result of 1s count Wilson (Fiann Fail) 9,168,Fitzpatrick (Fine Gael) 9,060,Jimmy Leonard (Fianna Fail) 8,695,Conlon (Fine Gael)6,347,O Hanlon (Fianna Fail) 6,045,Smith(Fianna Fail) 4,912,Toal (Fine Gael) 5,809,McKenna (Fine Gael) 3,166,Jim Kelly (Aontacht Eireann) 2,016,Kirk (Sinn Fein) 713 and Patrick Harwood (Independent) 94.TP Owens the Returning Officer at Cavan Courthouse deems Kelly,Kirk and Harwood to lose their deposit of £100.John Wilson,Tom Fitzpatrick,Jimmy Leonard,Rory O Hanlon and John F Conlon fill the 5 seats and are elected to the 21st Dail to represent Cavan/Monaghan.

Same Week Eamonn McDwyer’s motion to hold a ballot to finally settle on the proper names for the streets in Cavan is adapted by Cavan UDC

Death of Henry (John) Coyne Saint Phelims Place at the age of 69.Bus driver with CIE since 1935.outstanding gardner.Survived by his wife Rosaleen (Geraghty) and brother Edward.Father Anthony Fagan officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

New £100,000 car park for the centre of Cavan town.Johnny Bradys recently acquired by the Council will be demolished to make way for the car park

Town Clerk P McKenna returning home to Monaghan as Town Clerk after a stay of 9 months in Cavan.

Father Gerry Olwill pictured with his parents Margaret and Michael is the first priest to be ordained in Saint Brigids Church Killeshandra since 1868.

Cavan beaten by Down 3-05 to 0-10 points in Ulster Under 21 Final despite outstanding game by Myles McEntee at left full back.Cavan on top until two late Down goals ensured victory for the Mournemen.

July 1st 1977: Death of Brian Murphy at his residence Saint Dympnas Farnham Street at the age of 63.Native of Ballyjamesduff ,came to Cavan in 1935.First worked with Pearl Assurance later taken over by Irish Life.In 1943 he was appointed  agent for Sun Life Assuarance Canada.Winner of the McCauley Cup 1944-1959 for the best sales in Ireland for Sun Alliance.Formed a Company with John Quinn Longford to run their own Brokerage and later Auctioneering firm subsequently appointed Manager of the Irish Permanent Building Society in Cavan.Such was Brian’s midas touch that the Branch in Cavan acquired deposits to the Building Society double the amount of any other provincial branch. “His business acumen was always tempered by a sense of humour and great humanity”.Founder and President of Cavan Chamber of Commerce.Founder member and Director of Cavan Crystal.Took a leading part with Paddy Cusack and John McBreen in the establishment of the ‘Frolics’ in his native Balyjamesduff.Popular member of County Cavan Golf Club,he was Captain in Virginia in 1964.He is survived by his wife Annette,sons Paddy and Brian,daughters Eileen and Annette.Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

July 8th 1977 Dan McDonald is elected Chairman of Cavan County Council while Johnny O Rourke is the new Chairman of Cavan UDC while Maurice Jackson is returned as Vice Chairman,.

Same Week Jim Burke wins the President’s (Paddy Duffy) Prize at County Cavan Golf Club,Pat Swaine is the Runner Up while Sean McSharry has the best gross.

Death of Josephine Brady Drumalee.Native of Cornfean.widow of Patrick,survived by her sons Noel,PJ and daughter Maura.Canon McAuley officiated at the funeral from Saint Brigids Killeshandra.

Old Folks Social club 1977 Chairman Paddy O Reilly,Secretary Theresa Kitson,Treasurer Rev Des O Dowd.Committee Molly O Brien,Margaret Kelly,Mrs Moorehead and Maureen Leinster.

Belgian firm Pauwells Trafo acquire Cavan Engineering for a sum of £2.5 milion.Specialise in the production of transformers range 25 to 250 KVA.

July 15th 1977 Maurice Jackson at the age of 62 is appointed a Director of Bord Failte

Same Week Geraldine SheehanFAOI Opthalmic Optician will commence practice at 4 College Street Monday.200 Members of Wheelchair Group staying in Vocational School for the last 2 eeks are entertained to a Gala Dinner prepared by Joe Hickey and served by members of the Army

Senan O Reilly Cavan AC wins the  Boys Under 14 800 metres at Breffni park.second year to represent Cavan.Catherine McKiernan wins the Under 8 100 metres.Other winners Girls Under 12 4100 metres Helen Quinn,Bernadette Condon,Teresa McHugh,Ann O Mahony and Imelda Lynch.Aileen Gormley 1st girls under 10 200 metres while her sister Catherine is 1st girl under 16 100 metres.Loise O Reilly is 1st Under 16 high jump.

Death of Joe McCarville Barrack Hill at the age of 80.Native of Newbliss.captain of the local Ol;d IRA at the signing of the Truce.took part in the famous Gun Batle at Clonee Post Office in 1922 when 4 Specials were shot dead.Promoted to Lieutenant Irish Army until 1924.Caretaker of Cavan Barrack for 42 years.Hobby was training greyhounds and raced with success in Clones Mullingar and Longford.Survived by sons Paddy (Coventry),daughters Joan (Cavan) and Margaret (Coventry).Coffin draped in tricolour.Guard of honour Cavan town Fine Gael.Army Unit under Cpl Andy McEvoy fire a volley of shots over the grave.Father Felim Kelly CC officiated.

July 22nd 1977 Ann Lennon with her own composition ‘Country Girl in Love’ to be sung  herself is one of the favourites for this years Castlebar Song Contest.

Same Week Francis Smith and Sons commence clearing the site for the erection of the John Sullivan Home and Day Centre at Cathedral Road.

Double Bereavement for Rehill family with the death of Mary and on the day of her funeral the death of her husband John.survived by their son Benny.Funerals from Saint Brigids Killygarry to adjoining cemetery.

Death of Kathy Heuston at the residence of her daughter Margaret Gormley Drumnavanagh.she was a native of Belturbet and Rev Anthony Fagan officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Staghall

July 29th 1977:After fire gutted the premises,Josie Sheridan Post Office Upper Main Street transfers the business to the premises of Sean Reilly MRCVS while her own property is being renovated.

August 5tth 1977:Catherine Gormley is on the Ulster team (9 Counties ) for AAA competition in Wales.

Same Week Cheque for £100 is forwarded by the  Slough Irish Society Club for the Willie Doonan Memorial Trust.Former President of the Society is the present Bishop of Galway Dr.Eamonn Casey.

Cavan Gaels win the double when they add the Junior B League to Championship won earlier in the year.They beat the same old rivals Crosserlough in both finals ,this time 3-7 to 0-13 in Breffni Park.Scorers for the Gaels Myles McEntee 2-1,Michael Flynn 0-4,Liam Henry 1-0 and Tommy Fay 0-2.

Philip J Smith Oakvale is conferred with this BE degree in Agriculture at UCD.Educated at Farnham,Saint Felims Boys,Saint Pats and UCD.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip on two day visit to Northern Ireland.No Republican protests outside Belfast.

August 12th 1977:Elvis Presley dies of a heart attack at the age of 42 at his Graceland mansion in Memphis Tennessee.Burst on to the scene in 1954 with the Number 1 Hit ‘You ain’t nothing but a houndog’ and dominated the popular music scene for nearly quarter of a century.

Death of Sean Quinn late of Lake View in England at the age of 46.Spent over 25 years in England.Playing member of Cavan Slashers,won a Minor Championship medal before emigrating.

Same Week Tragic death of John Smith Drumalee at the age of 21.Son of Tommy and Mrs Smith,he is survived by his parents,brothers Brian,Turlough,Aidan and Fergus,Sisters Rosemary,Jennifer and Fiona.Rev PJ McManus Adm officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Sean Brown (Jnr) Butlersbridge is appointed Catering Manager of Royal Bethlam Hospital London.

August 19th 1977:18,841 girls and 16,427 boys making a total of 35,268 sit Leaving Certificate in 1977.

Same Week Tragic death of John Joe Donegan formerly Emmett Place,87 Main Street and latterly Kilmainham Ballinagh.Kiled on the 15th of August 1977-his 42nd birthday as he walked home from Ballinagh.Member of the AngloCelt Staff “Brightened our working day and frequently enlivened our evening leisure-his outlook on life was uplifting”.He is survived by his wife Molly (nee Moore),daughters Josephine and Anna Mae,his mother Ellie brothers Paddy Tommy Eamonn and Christy and sisters Betty and Carmel.Father Felim Kelly officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Ballinagh.

Death of old time music hall legend Benny O Rourke The Shop Ashe Street.Outstanding comedian with soft voice forever linked with another old favourite Jimmy Mallon.Benny was an expert greyhound breeder and trainer and member of the Committee of Clones Greyhound Club.Survived by his sisters Ellen,Minnie,Annie.Rev Des O Dowd officiated at the funeral from the Catedral to Cullies.

Death of Patrick O Rourke at the age of 63 late of Mitchell Street in Malta.Well known Cavan boxer.Joined the British Army at the outbreak of War  in 1939 and fought in Palestine and Malta later marrying a local girl and settling on the island.He is survived in Malta by his wife Marius,6 sons and 5 daughters.

August 26th 1977:Pauwells Trafo are recruiting staff for their factory on the Dublin Road.Peter Loughrey the Irish Manager says that they will employ 70 in year 1 rising to 200 in year 4.

Same Week Pope Paul VI appoints the former President of Saint Patricks College Maynooth Tomas O Fiach as Archbishop of Armagh and Primate of All Ireland.First time in 110 years that this appointment was made in Rome.He is a native of Crossmaglen,53 years of age,fluent Irish speaker and the 113th successor to Saint Patrick.

Andy O Brien and Seamus Dolan are returned on the Labour Panel to the Senate.State of the parties Fianna Fail 20,Fine Gael 18,Labour 7 and Independents 4.

September 2nd 1977AIB business transferred to Farnham Street as main building at 41 Main Street is demolished.Reconstruction will take 6 months.Up to 1923 when the premises were acquired by the Munster and Leinster Bank these premises were known as Erskine House owned by John and Fanny Gannon who ran a private school there.John was Chairman of Cavan UDC for a number of terms and uncle of Willie and Edward O Hanlon Anglo Celt.

Same Week Greatest All Ireland Semi Final in living memory as Dublin come with a late flourish to beat Kerry 3-12 to 1-13.Referee Seamus Murray from Monaghan kept the game flowing from end to end.In the Minor game Meath beat Cork by 0-12 to 1-05 to qualify for the Final against Down.

Sean McIntyre is the star for Ireland in fishing competition at Lough Leven in Scotland against the Home Countries.Sean has the heaviest catch and wins the Laverley trophy and an automatic place on the next International team.

September 9th 1977:Ann Lennon and Maura Maloney compose the winner of the Wild Rose Festival in Manirhamilton ‘Tell Me When It is Over’ sung by Pat McGeegan .Vocal backing by Ann,Maura and a very youthful Jackie Maloney

Same Week Mel Doherty is on the move fom Coleman Road to Gortnakesh after 8 years at the Riverside Service Station.Mel is moving to bigger custom premises near his home where he will concentrate on his lucrative signwriting business.Frank McConnell the new owner will operate his minibus business from Riverside Service Station.

Eilish Donohoe continues to dominate all of the craft and needlework competions at the Agricultural Shows.Wins the Perpetual Cup for the 5th consecutive time at Oldcastle.Similiar wins at Virginia,Clones,Arva,Mohill and Granard Shows.

Death of Margaret Cosgrove the Bungalow Keadue Lane at the age of 88.Spent Many years in America.survived by her niece Maureen Brady.Funeral from the Cathedral to Butlersbridge.

Death of Patrick Eaton late of Emmett Place at the age of 69 in Lincoln England.Tailor by trade.he joined the British Army for the duration of World War 2 and fought in North Africa.Outstanding handballer and snooker player in his youth.Survived by his sons Anthony,Patrick,Jack,daughters Phyllis Walsh (Drumalee),Patsy ,Kathleen,Eileen,Ann and Eva.Funeral in Lincoln.

Record attendance at annual visitation to Killygarry.Father Des O Dowd leads the congregation in prayers for the dead.Benediction is imparted in the church by Father Anthony Fagan while in attendance is the Bishop of Kilmore Frank McKiernan.

ACC open new offices in Main Street and meeting of the national body take place in Cavan for the 1st time.Brendan Hannon is General Manager.

September 16th 1977Ann Pol daughter of Poppy and Mrs McNamara Kilnavara is appointed a Director of the Fire Dept.Bureau of Personel in New York.

Same Week Death of Olive J McCormack Glenbeg Swellan at the age of 63.Widow of James and native of Corboy Edgeworthstown.Survived in Cavan by her son Willie and brother Jack (Allen) Cootehill Road.Rev Des O Dowd officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Sudden death of Eamonn Smith Glenside Road at the age of 28.Eldest son of Henry and Mrs Smith.Welder by trade ,he was an outstanding handballer and won many Cavan and Dublin championships.He is survived by his parents brothers Barry,Noel Gerard,Kevin and sisters Bridget,Eithne and Marie.Rev Des O Dowd officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Mullahoran.

Frank McDonagh opens his new Butchers Shop at 1 Wolfe Tone Street.

Deromot Healy twice winner of the Hennessy awards is granted a bursary of £2,500 by the Arts Council.The cavan town native is now domiciled in Cootehill.

C Walsh wins the Captains Niall Walsh’s Prize at County Cavan Golf Club.Jimmy (Inky) Sheridan is the Runner best Gross Jim Beirne,Best over 18 handicap Dr.Paddy Faulkner,Ladies Prize Mauren Hartmann.Juvenile Captain (Sean O Connor’s) Prize won by James Moore.

Cavan Ladies relay team are bronze winners at the Community Games in Mosney.Team:Ann O Mahony,Helen quinn,Teresa McHugh,Imelda lynch and Bernadette Condon.Chess team also take bronze paul Galligan,eddie McGovern,Eamonn Brady,Eamonn Galligan and john Conaty.

Death of Arthur Fagan Swellan at the age of 58 former Steward of the Fegan’s estate in Swellan.noted badminton player in his youth.rev George millar officiated at the funeral from Cavan parish Church to Cloverhill.

Death of Ellen Culleton Mons Terrace native of New ross at the age of 71.husband Mihael teacher and member of the British army.survived by her husband,son james and daughter Annastasia.funeral from the cathedral to Killygarry

.Death of Georgina M Galligan widow of Phil fomer proprietor of the Eagle Bar in Brisdge Street

Death of Mihael Gilsenan Lisreagh at the age of 55 in England.Spent 20 years in EnglandSurvived by his brothers Tommy,Alec John,Phil,Jim,Bartley and Rose and Alice.

Sympathy is extended to Jimmy Veale Anglo Celt and 59 Main Street on the death of his father Laurnece A Veale Bayview Dungarvan.

September 23rd 1977 Dermot Dalton captains Cavan Gaels to win their 3rd Senior Fotball title in brilliant style beating saint Marys 3-13 to 1-6 in one sided final in beautiful weather conditions at Breffni Park.Played before an attendance of 4,982 who paid record gate receipts of £3,710. “team played with a great deal of assurance and poise and their ultimate success was evident from their great start and goal from Charlie Donohoe in the 2nd  minute”Gaels Aidan Elliott,Eugene Reilly,Jimmy Fay,Myles McEntee,Oliver Galligan,Paddy Reilly,Dominic Sheridan,PJ Carroll,JJ Reilly,Pat McNamara,Haulie Reilly ,Noel Smith,Charlie Donohoe,Dermot Dalton and Phil Murray.Marksmen for the Gaels Pat McNamnara 1-4 Charlie Donohoe 1-2,Noel Smith 1-1,Dermot Dalton 0-2,PJ Carroll,Haulie Reilly and Phil Murray 0-1 each.Referee Micheal Greenan (Drumalee) who was in charge of his 1st County Final.Before the Senior Game Jack Clarke Secretary of the County Board 1922 to 1937 and star of the Slashers 1917 Senior county win was introduced to the attendance.Later in the week the Gaels bring the cup to Saint Felims Boys school where it was filled for every class.14 of the winning team are past pupils

September 30th 1977:Pope Paul VI is 80.

Same Week Captains Prize (Mrs B Farrelly) at Cavan Golf Club Dorothy Neary (Winner),Judy McEntee (Runner Up).Kathleen O Gorman (Best 1st 9),Marita Leech (Best 2nd 9) and Kathleen Brady (Best over 36 Handicap)

Dublin retain their All ireland title beating Armagh 5-12 to 3-6.poor start and desperate defensive blunders cost Armagh the game.Down beat Meath 2-6 to 0-4 to win their 1st All Ireland Minor title.

Cavan UDC vote on street names results in only 2 being changed Wesley Street to Thomas Ashe Street and Mill Street to James Connolly Street.Paddy Conaty and May Reilly state that it is a pity the people of the town failed to honour more of the Irish patriots.Paddy O Reilly proposes a vote of thanks to Phyllis O Reilly and Cissie Greene on the outstanding manner the voting was arranged and counted Johnny O Rourke Chair and Peter Hayden County Secretary endorse this vote of thanks.

October 7th 1977 Seamus Dolan is elected Cathaoirleach of the Senad

Same Week Miss Cavan selected at Lakeland Hotel is Mary O Hare from Butlersbridge.She is amember of the staff of the Derragarra Inn.

Norbert Kearns is the New Town Clerk.Native of Scotshouse ,he was previously Town Clerk Carickmacross.replaces Paudge McKenna now Town Clerk Monaghan.

Wheelchair Association 1977 Chairman Frank Goodman,Vice Chair Gene Cullivan,Secretary Lilly O Reilly and PRO Mary Glavey.

October 14th 1977 Saint Felims win the Under 14 league beating Kingscourt 3-3 to 0-2.scorers for Cavan Paraic O Connor,Eddie McGovern and Peter Higgins 0-1 each,Declan Mckiernan 0-2 and Eamonn Brady 0-1 each.

Same Week Pat McNamara makes his debut for the County in League defeat to Mayo 0-12 to 0-8 in Castlebar.Pat scores 0-1 from play.

Death of Hugh Smith Kilnavara at the age of 67.Foreman builder in Limerick.Survived by his wife Delia.Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Over 1,000 adults are engaged in adult courses sponsored by Cavan Vocational School in Cavan ,Ballinagh,Crossdoney,Crosskeys,Bruskey and Killadoon.

October 21st 1977 Letter in the Anglo Celt from Trustees of Cavan Swimming Pool Committee now defunct stating that (1) Invested funds have now risen to £15,122,(2) Time to proceed with a 25 metre pool,(3) Responsibility lies with Local authority to provide this long sought amenity.Signed Alex Weir,Bridget Murray,Elizabeth Maguire,Brendan Young and Richard Black.

October 28th 1977;Jim Rice Chairman Cavan Athletic Board calls for all young people to get involved in athletic activity and be humble in victory and gracious in defeat.County Board Chairman Jim Rice,Vice Chairman John Finegan,Secretary Jim Cochrane,Assistant Secretary Brian McEnroe,Treasurer Joe Fulton.Registrar Vincent Rudden and PRO Tony Darcy.

Same Week Bishop McKiernan on Ad Lumina Mission to Rome (5 yearly) is accorded a Private audience with Pope Paul VI.

Gerry McCarthy is this year’s Producer of Boy Scouts Pantomime while the script is by Bill Henry and Patsy Lee.Eileen Morgan is the Musical Director.

Cavan Rugby 1sts with full points win the North Eastern Lague and the Jenkinson Cup.Next Sunday they play UCD Freshmen at Belfield.Team:Ray Charles,M Waters,B McNamara,Kevin Lavelle,C Crowley,M Sutton,J Murray Eric Trenier,F O Neill George Crowe,Joey O Keefe,Liam McMenamin,N Heaslip,B Bothwell and Tom Farrell.

Death of John Tully Glenconnor at the age of 73.First elected to Dail Eireann in 1948 and was successful on 4 further occasions spending 18 years in Dail Eireann as Clann Na Poblacht representative.He was interred in 1922 and again in 1940-1943.Kingmaker in Dail Eireann on a number of occasions “don’t care if Taoiseach comes from North East West or South if only he could be Taoiseach of an All Ireland Republic”!Personal friend and confidant of Nobel Peace Laureate Sean McBride. “He was regarde by friend and foe as an honest man”.He is survived by his son Tony,daughter Kathleen and brother Jimmy (Ballyhaise).Old Comrades of the IRA under Dan McDonald (Chairman Cavan County Council) acompanied the tricolour draped coffin on its final journey.Rev M McNiff officiated at the funeral in Casteltara.John Joe McGirl gave the oration at the graveside while Sean Keenan representing his interred colleagues in 1940 recited  a decade of the Rosary in Irish.Brian McCormack from Cavan sounded the Last Post on the bugle.

November 5th 1977 Cavan Second XV win the McGee Cup defeating Mullingar 15-3 in Tierquin.outstanding front row in PJ Quinn,Sean McKiernan and Peter Pollock while Joe Gormley and Robbie Lyndsey control the line outs.Back row of Paddy Malone,David Ormond and Paddy Lee laid the foundation for this cup win.

Same Week Catherine Gormley  is honoured by BLOE as one of the athletes of the year at function in Newbridge

Cavan Ladies Under 16 captained by Rita Briody win the All Ireland at Hyde Park defeating Roscommon 1-8 to 0-2.

Tragedy at Saint Felims school as William Buckley aged 8 is knocked down and killed at busy Tuesday intersection.Emergency meeting of Cavan UDC decides to appoint a Trafic Warden to escort the children at this busy intersection.

Michael Lee native of Manorhamilton is appointed a Garda Inspector.Michael is in Cavan since 1966.

Cavan Gaels and Carrickmore draw in Ulster Senior Semi Final in Breffni Park.

81 acres and a bungalow at Belturbet fetch a record £50,000.

Chamber President Eamonn McDwyer announces a Trade Fair for the Town Hall in December.Christmas tree in Market Square and lights for the town.Calls again for Traffic wardens at dangerous junctions.

Sudden Death of Ben McDowell Mons Terrace at the age of 79.Maried to Molly for 60 years.Prisoner of war World War 1.Postman from 1922.Caretaker of the County Cavan Lawn tennis Courts.Survived by his wife Mollie,daughters Kathleen ,Phyllis,Teresa and Maggie and son John in England.Rev Tom McKiernan officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Future of Cavan CYMS in jeopardy as sparse attendance forces the postponement of the Annual General Meeting until the 23rd of November.

Icebrekers 1977:Chairman Clyde Jenkins,Vice Chairman Sean McCann,Secretary Sean Walsh.Commitee Paddy O Reilly,Maureen Cosgrove,Kevin Kilduff,Frank Milner Paddy Ronaghan Pat Ryan and Phil Cullen.

November 12th 1977 Sudden death of Frank Conlon Killynebber House at Richmond Hospital at the age of 67.He was the 4th son of Mr and Mrs John Conlon Crosskeys.After finishing National school Frank was apprenticed to the Drapery business.Later Area Rep for the Prudential Insurance and subsequently very successful Auctioneerinhg business.Later successfully operated the Ritz Bar in Church Street and in 1957 sold the business to Phil Gargan.His first love was furniture and antiques and he was acknowledged an expert.Customers came from all over the area to purchase and seek his advice.Frank was always smiling and in good humour made light of all his difficulties-always happy to hear about the success or good fortune of others.Survived by his wife Anna,sons John,Michael,Frank and Gregory,daughters Marlene and Deidre.Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Same Week Helen Carolan from Cathedral Road is conferred with her BA Honours degree at UCG.

Cavan Town draw with Dundalk team Bank United in 2nd Round of Irish Junior Cup.In dreadful weather conditions Dermot Walsh saves the home side with a late late equaliser Team:Cecil O Reilly,G Noonan,Tony Ryan,T McMahon,G Savage,W McKeever,Hubert Smith,Dessie Gardiner,M Sheehan,Dermot Walsh and Jim Ivers 12th Man Martin Maguire for Ivers,13th Man Berni Quinn.Referee Noel Clifford.

November 19th 1977 Reverend George Millar MA is appointed Canon of Drumlease in Cathedral Chapter.Installed by Rev Dean Turkington in Kilmore Cathedral.

Same Week Paschal Lyons from Drumlark wins the Ulster Intermediate Boys Championship.Now goes forward to the All Ireland.

Death of Charley Fay Draper and Footwear Man Street .In his late 70s,Charlie was a native of Bunnoe.In Cavan since 1927,he built up  the business to be a household name for quality and value.Suvived by his wife Mary,daughters Eleanor and Teresa.Rev Anthony Fagan officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Death of Peter Brady at the age of 57 in Castleblayney.son of the late John (Scottie) Brady,he was an avid gunman and trained horses for Showjumping.Survived by his wife Mary and daughter Ann.

November 26th 1977 Ann Lennon and Maura Maloney two courageous local women are organising the 1st Cavan Song Contest for the Sports Centre from the 14th to the 15th of April 1978.

Same Week Kathleen Murray is Captain of County Cavan Golf Club for 1978 while Kitty Jenkins is the President.

Cavan Gaels are strengthened by the return of Haulie Reilly and Myles McEntee for the replay against Carrickmore in Healy Park Omagh next Sunday.

December 2nd 1977 Presentation to Eddie Clail on the occasion of his retirement from the ESB.Pictured with his colleagues at the Presentation function in Carraig Springs Roy Baldwin,Mrs E Clail,Eddie Clail,Arthur Downey (Area Supervisor),Oliver Hackett,John Costello,Joey O Keefe,M McKiernan and Larry Gaffney.

Same Week Death of the Great Michael J (Sonny) Magee Saint Phelims Place at the age of 67.Native of Greaghrahaen Ballyconnell where his Father Michael was a Headmaster .Member of Drumlane Sons of O Connell,Erins Hope and Cavan Sl;ashers.Winner of County medals with Slashers in Cavan and Erins Hope (Dublin).Member of the 1933 and 1935 Cavan All Ireland winning team-his general play and place kicking were crucial to Cavan’s success.Permanent fixture on the Ulster railway Cup teams.Later served on Cavan County Board as Chairman 1942-1944. After retiring from football,he took up golf at Cavan Golf Club.Played off single figures with the minimum of pomp and ceremony in addressing the ball or lining up a put.Founder member of Cavan Drama Festival.Producer and Comedian with the famous Pavilion Pantomime Group.His partnership with Frank Lynott was spectacular and professional guaranteed to sell out the Town Hall for a full 10 nights.Taught first in Drumkinn and Corliss Killeshandra before being appointed to Farnham School 1954-1977. “Thousands of Cavan men and women have reason to be thankful to him for the wonderful education he provided to them in their most formative years”.Sonny was humble modest and private no time for pomposity or pretence.He is survived by his wife Maisie,brother Tom and sister Mrs J Fee Ballyconnell.Monsignor PJ McManus Adm officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Kilygarry.

Cavan Wheelchair Group hold their first function in the Caraig Springs.Music by Phelim and the Magnets and Tommy Kenny and Tara.50 Wheelchairs in attendance including groups from Dublin and Ardee.

New Parking Laws.(1) No Parking on double yellow lines,(2) single yellow lines are for loading and unloading only.Fines of £5 for anyone breaking the Law-so far no person has been prosecuted yet.

Paddy McManus is captain while Edward O Hanlon is President at County Cavan Golf Club for 1978.

Sgt.Brendan Sexton (Breffni Park) stationed in Quin County Clare is the recipient of the Scott Medal for Bravery.Bravely rescued 2 young children from burning inferno.Brendan is married with 4 children.

December 9th 1977 Cavan Gaels qualify for the Final of the Ulster Club Championship beating Carrickmore 1-8 to 0-10 in extra time.J J Reilly is the star at midfield but got little support from PJ Carroll or his replacement Francis Goodman.Scorers for the Gaels who now meet Saint Johns Belfast in the Final were Phil Murray 0-4,Noel Smith 1-1,Charlie Donohoe 0-2 and Haulie Reilly 0-1.

Same Week Death of Tommy Connolly 12 Farnham Street at the age of 83.Native of Annalitton Castleblayney.Over 50 years a Chemist and Dentist at 58 Main Street.Expert on animal remedies his advice was widely sought.As an extracting Dentist he had no equal and visited Clinics in Arva and Kilnaleck where his skill was attested to by a record number of patients.Fair and honest in his dealings he later set up another shop ‘The Royal’adjacent to the Farnham Hotel.Made many of his own remedies and his hair restorer was very widely sought by a large number of clients.Member of County Cavan Golf Club,he was great company in a fourball and could spin a yarn to suit any occasion or company.Prolific walker,he thought nothing of a walk to Butlersbrisdge and back before his lunch.Outstanding member of the famous Senior Card School at Cavan CYMS Tommy was known as the ‘Killer’ always holding an Ace for an Emergency in a tight Solo game.Forever in good humour Tommy was deply religious and visited Lough Derg on 37 occasions.Survived by his wife Minnie,Sons Michael Mattie and Toggy and daughter Mary another son Seamus died in 1949.Rev Monsignor PJ McManus Adm. assisted by Rev Martin Kelly and Rev Martin Rafferty officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

CCE 1978.Chairman Paddy McEntee,Vice Chair Seamus Fay,Secretary Joe Baxter,Treasurer Margaret Quinn.

Cavan win their 1st All Ireland Senior Ladies title defeating Roscommon 2-3 to 2-0 in Hyde Park before an attendance of over 3,000.Kathleen Leddy from Butlersbridge is the local heroine at centre field.her partnership with Bernie Callaghan swung the game for Cavan.

New Gym,changing rooms,music room,tv room costing £150,000 at Lorteto College.Received no Government Grant and the Contractor is Tom McGuirk from Ballyjamesduff.

Death of Phil Quinn Lake View at the age of 77.Played in goals with both the Sl;ashers and later Cavan Harps.Outstanding soccer player with Cavan United.Independent Labour Councillor on Cavan UDC for a long number of years.In his teens he joined the British Army and saw action in World War 1.Served in the Irish Army during the Emergency.Postman in the town for almost 50 years.Expert Bird Fancier,he had a wonderful array of canaries.In latter years Phil was almost blind but still managed to engage in his hobby with great enthusiasm.Rev Des O Dowd officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral toKillygarry.

December 16th 1977:Dr Timothy Lynch Farnham Street is appointed director of Community Care and new MOH for Cavan/Monaghan.

Same Week Junior Chamber AGM is addressed by John O Rourke Chairmanof Cavan UDC.

Trade Fair organised by Cavan Chamber of Commerce attracts over 1,400 visitors over the two days at Cavan Town Hall.There were 36 stands and many of the exhibits including copperware were totally sold out

Death of Katie Galligan (Nee Rinn) Connolly Street at the age of 82.Native of Ballinagleera with her husband (member of Cavan UDC) she ran a most successful bar and grocery at 62 Main Street (Smith& Wilson).Chief organiser for the Annual Pilgrimage to Knock for a period of 34 years.Member of the Children of Mary.All her family were in religion including two priests and 2 sisters nuns.Funeral from the Cathedral to her native Balinagleera.

Death of Seamus Maguire Jubilee Terrace in his early 50s.He worked most of his life in Hickeys Butchers.Survived by his brothers Paddy,Eddie sisters May and Bridget.Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

December 23rd 1977 Geraldine Hickey from Butlersbridge is conferred with her B Ed degree.she is one of the first in Ireland to receive this degree and has been appointed a teacher in Drumcrave

Same Week Cavan Gaels are beaten 2-10 to 2-2 by Saint Johns of Belfast in a dismal scrappy Ulster Club Final in Castleblayney before a good attendanc of 3,000.Peter McGinnity was Saint John’s outstanding player.Gaels started with Myles McEntee and JJ Reilly at centre field PJ Carroll at centre forward and Pat McNamra full forward.Saint Johns led by 1-5 to 1-0 at half time.Early in the second half PJ Carroll missed a penalty for the Gaels.Aidan Eliott saved them from an even heavier defeat.Dominick Sheridan was the outstanding defender but Dermot Dalton at full back was uncomfortable and improved when switched to centre field.Jimmy Fay and Paddy Reilly tried hard.Up front Charlie Donohoe was the outstanding Gaels forward with 2 goals while PJ Carroll and Pat Mcnamara scored 1 point each.Father Felim Kelly,Brendan Keaney and Gabriel Kelly were the backroom team but had no answer to the Saint John dominance.

Death of Ellen Coyle widow of John Mons Terrace at the age of 79.She was a native of Arva but lived most of her life in Cavan.Survived by her sons John and Frank,daughters Ellen and Margaret.Rev PJ McManus Adm. officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Death of Sarah Donlon Swellan at the age of 77.widow of Paddy.She is survived by her sons John Brendan Michael NT Peter Seamus  Brian and her daughters Maura Phyllis and Kathleen.Father Tom McKiernan officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Drumalee are relegated from Division 1 after relegation play off with Crosserlough losing  by 0-8 to 0-6.Drumalee Frank Lyons Fergus Costello George Crowe Gerry McCabe Seamus Fay Cyril O Keefe John Costello Joey O Keefe Oliver Shanaghy Owen Fay Kevin Lavelle Paddy McGovern Philip Maguire Micheal Greenan and Felim Costello.Subs Eddie Quinn for Seamus Fay and Jerry Reilly for Owen Fay.Referee Fintan Tierney.

December 30th 1977:Cavan County Rate £10-21 in £.Central Government pay 73%.Expenditure for 1978 is estimated at £5,174,345.The Urban Rate is struck at £10-60p in the £ an increaee of 11%.County Secretary Peter Hayden states that there may be a small surplus at the end of the year and may have enough to purchase additional building land.Council are allowed to spend £30,000 per year on land purchase.

Same Week Cavan AC host very successful cross country at Swellan.Competitors from North Leitrim,Longford Loughrea Scotstown Mullingar Belfast Olympic Crannford and Cavan.Line Benson of the USa wins the Senior Mens with Ray Flynn Longford 2nd.outstanding performance by Senan O Reilly winning the Boys Under 14 1,500 metres from Brian Reilly and Eamonn Brady Cavan AC 3rd.

Death of Joseph McDonald at the age of 28.Eldest son of Maura and the late Austin Church Street.Survived by his Mother,brothers Paul, Roger and  Declan.Father Felim Kelly officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Death of Matthew McConville formerly of College Street at the age of 82 in Dublin.Holder of the Military Cross and Distinguished Flying Cross from British Army.

Sympathy is extended to Arthur Downey on the death of his father John J Downey Castlebellingham County Louth.he is survived by his wife sons John ,TM,Arthur and 2 daughters Patricia and Noreen.

Youth Club raise £346 as 18 members of the Club go on 48 Hour Christmas Fast for Concern.

Record 42 swimmers take part in Icebreakers 10th Christmas Swim.Senator Andy O Brien is once again the starter.In attendance are Tom Fitzpatrick and the Minister for Education John Wilson.Very mild and dry with water tempretures 4% warmer than last year.Highlights of the swim are shown on RTE  News for the 1st time courtesy of local newsman Paddy Ronaghan.

January 6th 1979 Peter McDonald is the new proprietor of the Bridge St/College Street Corner shop purchasing from Tom O Reilly.Appeals for support to all his friends.

Same Week Death of Margaret O Reilly College Street at the age of 90.Husband who was a well known Blacksmith died 43 years ago.Mother of May Reilly UDC and Peggy Allen Saint Phelims Place and her sons Seamus Bennie,Dominick and John Joe.Father Des O Dowd officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Death of Kathleen Caldbeck wife of Samuel agent for Lord Farnham.She was aged 70 and a native of Nenagh.Family moved to Dublin after death of Samuel 5 years ago.Survived by her daughters Arlene Val Gertie and Geraldine.Funeral to Deans Grange.

January 13th 1978 Death of Peter Sexton at the age of 55.Native of the town Peter was a highly skilled Carpenter Joiner.Active part in Boy Scouts and CYMS.Survived by his wife Helen,sons Gerard Patrick, Philip and Martin,daughters Mary Helen and Pauline.Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Same Week Death of Ciara Brady widow of Johnny former GNR employee Wolfe Tone Street.Father Anthony Fagan officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Death of Nora O Reilly Drumcrave in Surgicla Hospital.Survived by her huisband John.Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Death of Charles Rountree Highfield Road.Survived by his wife Josie,son daughter and sister.

Jogging every Tuesday and Thursday from the Cathedral.Reflective arm bands must be worn.

Cavan Town defeat Dromin 2-1 in North Eastern League at DerrycramphTeam Cecil O Reilly G Noonam,Adrian Ronan,D Treanor,Marco Heslin,Gerry Egan,Dessie Gardiner Dermot Walsh,Hubert Smith,M Sheehan,Jim Ivers.Hughie Murray for Ivers,Bernie Quinn for D Treanor.

Phil Coyle with his friend Paddy McEntee catches the 1st 7 lbs pike of 1978 at Carritraw.

January 20th 1978 Death of Hugh Maguire Drumelis at the age of 61.Worked for many years in Monnery and was Groundsman at County Cavan Golf Club.Father Felim Kelly officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Butlersbridge.

Same Week ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ is the Boy Scouts 22nd Pantomime in Town Hall.Mairead Cassidy is the new face as Ma.Myles Sweeney is Da,Aindreas McEntee is Packie,Una Carr Cook 1,Terry O Connor Cook 2.Charlie Donohoe is Gojak,Paul Ronan Sgt.Sticky,Finian Farrell is Garda Butch,Adrian Ronan Professor while Richie Casiddy is  Jamsie Garter TD.Choreography is by Loreto Donohoe,Cait Coyle and Gerry O Keefe.Amplification Kevin Kilduff.Makeup Bety Hickey,Bill Henry and Gene Cullivan.Wardrobe Mary Kennedy and Valerie Finegan.Script once agin is by Patsy lee and Bill Henry while Father Des O Dowd is PRO.

Cavan Seconds captained by Peter Pollock are beaten 10-0 in the final of Lalor Cup by North Kildare.Poor display by Cavan and their lack of fitness told in the latter stages of the game.

Dermot Dalton (Cavan Gaels) is Player of the Year at the Annual County Board Awards.

55 Houses later known as John Paul Avenue are under construction by Cavan UDC.Contractors are Cunningham Brothers Lucan and the cost is £502,835.

Tom Fitzpatrick is relected Chairman of Fine Gael.Tom is presently Shadow Minister of the Envioronment.

Philip Gorman 66 Regaskin is killed when his car is in collision with a lorry adjacent to his home.

January 27th 1978:Extensive damage to Seamus Fay’s Chip Inn.Cause of the fire is a mystery!

Same Week Death of Rose Brady Moynehall in her mid 70s.Native of Lavey spent most of her life in USA.In Cavan since 1968,survived by her husband Ben.Father Tom Mckiernan officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Kill

Rebels win the Cavan Senior Skittles sponsored by the Melvin Bar.runners Up are Farnham.Rebels Team (Pictured) Norman Mills,John Joe Dunne (Captain),Ollie Smith,John Joe McKiernan,John Joe Carmichael,John Joe Dunne(2),Mick McKiernan.Trophies sponsored and presented by Phil Gillbride.

Death of John Doonan at theage of 64 in England where he was resident fr the last 45 years.Outstanding player for Cavan Slashers..Son of John and the late Mary Ann Doonan Lake View.Survived by his wife Bella,brothers Paddy,Eddie Seamus and 3 sisters Bridget ,Susan and Annie.Funeral in Manchester.

February 3rd 1978 Sheila Butler is the new Assistant Court Clerk.She the first woman in Ireland to hold such a post.

Same Week George Colley’s 1st Fianna Fail Budget very warmly received.Increase in income tax allowance,capital taxes transformed,wealth tax abolished and social welfare benefits up by 10%.,

Golden Jubilee of Sister Mary Paul McCarren Holy Rosaty Sister and member of the famous local business family.Entered the Order on the 1st May 1925.Qualified as a Nurse and left for Kenya and Nigeria in 1935 where she spent 41 fruitful years serving an impoverished people.Bishop Francis McKiernan presided at Cermonies and Mass to mark the Golden Jubilee of her Profession.Now retired and resident in Killeshandra.

Death in Ailesbury Road Dublin of Anna Teresa Smith wife of Con P Smith.Native of Killeshandra, she helped her husband in the establishment of a garage in Cavan before moving to Termofeckin where they ran a very successful hotel (An Grianan).Subsequently moved to Dublin.She is survived by her husband Con P ,son Dr Charles and daughter Maura.Her eldest son Con A was killed in an air crash on the 18th of June 1972.

Death of Moya Lindsey (Nee Brady) wife of PJ Master of the High Court and former Minister for the Gaeltaccht.Survived by her Husband PJ son John daughter Erris and Alison,brothers TomJack,Tony and Frank and sister Laura.Funeral to deans Grange.

Same Week Prayer service in Cathedral for Church Unity week.Penetential Prayer Bishop McKiernan,Gospel Bishop Moore,Lessons JJ Reilly and Rev John McFall (Presbyterian Minister),Prayer of Intercession Rev George Millar,Master of Ceremonies Rev Anthony Fagan and Organist Rev Gerry Kearns.

Death of Phil Lawlor Profesional at County Cavan Golf Club at the age of 82.Native of Killynebber adjacent to the original Golf Course where he was first introduced to the game by his uncle ‘Red’ Jem Brady.Profesional with the Club for over 60 years,he set up house adjacent to the new course in Drumelis in 1920.Superb golfer,slight in build his chipping and putting made up for lack of length.In the early days Phil was also the sole Greenkeeper and the greens were among the best cultivated and manicured in the country.He also had the responsibility for the Bar and Pavilion which was run efficiently and profitably by Phil and his family.Lived to see the Club expand to an 18 hole course in 1971,for Phil it was the fulfilment of a lifetime’s ambition.Took an active part in the War of Independence and was Captain of the Drumcrave Battalion Old IRA .Phil is survived by his wife Rita,sons Seamus and Philip and daughters Helena and Margaruite.Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Cavan Chess Club host the 4th National Chess Congress including Cavan Crystal Open and Stars Barred Competition sponsored by Jim Scanlon.Prize money is over £850 and the tournament organisers are Jim O Leary ,Frank McCormick .Sean Galligan,Rick Lewis,Pat Ryan,John Conaty The congress will be opened by John Wilson Minister for Education.

Cavan Town defeat Belturbet 2-1 in dreadful underfoot conditions at Derrycramph to maintain their challenge for the North Eastern League.Scorers Sheehan 2.

February 10th 1978 Death of Michael Donohoe 6 Tullac Mongan at the age of 59.Outstanding footballer with Cavan Harps.Projectionist for the popular film shows in the Town Hall.Worked in McCormicks before going to McCarrens.Popular Caretaker of Cavan CYMS.Survived by his wife Kathleen,sons Patsy Michael Peter and Tom daughters Monica and Kay and sister Maisie McCormack Tullac Mongan.Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Same Week Tragic death of Thomas (Cosa) Buckley 36 knocked down near his home in Finsbury Park London.Son of the late Mr and Mrs Patrick Buckley Wolfe Tone Street.Survived by brothers Paddy,Jimmy,Simon and Barney.sisters Rosaleen Joan and Kitty.Funeral in London.

Cavan Chamber of Commerce 1978 President Dr.Eamonn McDwyer,Vice President Colman Smith,Secretaries Margaret and Eddie Brady,Treasurer Paddy O Reilly UDC.

James P McKenna from Ashfield Cootehill is appointed new Town Superintentedent replacing P J Dolan now with the Board of Works.

February 17th 1978 New Teachers Centre at Poor Clare Convent Main Street.

Same Week Maureen Potter welcomes Cavan Cahedral Choir to the Gaiety Theatre on their annul outing.The Choir were accompanied by Monsignor P J McManus Adm,Father Des O Dowd and Father Gerry Kearns.Coach back in Cavan by 1:30 am.

Death of Bill Galvin at the age of 50.Native of Moate County Westmeath.Joined the P&T in 1943,appointed to Cavan in 1950.Appointed Overseer Cavan Post office in 1971.Prominent member of the Cavan Players,Chairman of the Breffni Boys Band.Member of both the Gardening Club and County Cavan Golf Club.Survived by his wife Lilly,son Kieran and daughter Mary.Father Des O Dowd assisted by Father Brian Galvin (Nephew).Guard of Honour drawn from Breffni Boys Band Loreto and Post Office.

Leinster fail to show up for Railway Cup Semi Final in Breffni Park.No snow and pitch in perfect conditions.Due to snowdrifts in the Dublin area the Leinster team were unable to negotiate a passage to Breffni Park.

February 24th 1978 Paddy Haren pictured is the new physical team trainer of Cavan county team.Presently living in Cavan and teaching in Castleblayney Vocational School.Pady is a native of Clones.

Same Week Fiona Tierney (Butlersbridge) representing Loreto college qualifies for the All Ireland schools Public speking.subject ‘Politics in Ireland’.

Death of Elizabeth Clarke member of an old and respected Cavan family.Rev Des O Dowd officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Death of Michael Donohoe 2nd eldest son of Mick (Bunnoe) and Mrs Donohoe Colege Street at the age of 49 in Dublin.Employed with Arthur Guinness for the last 30 years.Survived by brothers Jim Connie,Val Joe,sisters Gertie Josephine and  Kathleen.Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies

Death of Catherine (Kathy) Lyons at the age of 83 in Dublin.widow of the late Garda Jerry Lyons.Survived by her son Jerry and daughter Josephine.Funeral in Dublin.

Death of Frank Fay late of Owen Roe.Building contractor in England.Survived in Cavan by Phyllis and Seamus.

Cavan Town FC with 25 points from 16 games are just 1 point adrift of Carrick Rovers in the run in for the North Eastern League.

March 3rd 1978 Entries from Malta,Japan,Turkey Gibralter,UK and Ireland for the 1st Cavan International Song Contest.Cavan Crystal are the sponsors of the Open Section to the tune of £1,000 while the Derragarra Inn are sponsoring the Cavan Section for £500.Nolans of Castlepollard and London are sponsors of the Amplification which is in the capable hands of Nigel Pratt. .Further details from Ann Lennon at 31359.

Same Week Death of Frank Jackson late of Saint Phelim’s Place.8 years in England.survived by his wife Lil,sons Anthony (US),Paddy and daughter Noreen.

Death of Marian McKiernan widow of Ned Drumbar.widely known for her unbounded charity and goodness.Survived by her sons Father Cathaldus,Paul Ambrose,Eucharias and Finian and daughters Dr.Nuala and Astrid.Funeral to Ballyconnell.

March 3rd 1978 Cavan AC captained by Noel Brady  win the County Road League Championship and Gypsum Cup for the 1st time (Pictured).Final Road League table Cavan 132,Kingscourt 118,Bailieborough (Holders)78.Stars on the day Boys Under 15 Aidan Watters,Padraic O Connor,Paul Tobin,Eamonn Brady,Brian O Reilly,Eamonn O Reilly,Brendan Young and Alan Dempsey.

Same Week Eamonn Gaffney chief sports reporter Anglo Celt receives the McNamee Award from the President of the GAA Con Murphy at a Gala Function in the Roayl Dublin Hotel.The Celt are winners fro the 2nd time in 3 years for their coverage of the County Final between Saint Marys and Cavan Gaels.

March 10th 1978 Cavan Scool of Motoring est 1972 71 Main Street Phone 31091.Dual control cars for the test.

Same Week Death of Rose Ann Brady 4 Saint Mary’s Terrace late of Creighan at the age of 70.Survived by her son Gerry daughters Doreen and Christina.Quiet,religious and popular.Rev Tom McKiernan officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Death of Rose Smith Church Street at the residence of her daughter Maura in Ballyjamesduff.Widow of Eugene former Court Clerk.Deeply religious she was a prominent member of the Legion of Mary and Cavan Apostolic Workers.Rev J Duffy officiated at the funeral  from the Cathedral to Kilygarry.

March 17th 1978 32nd Cavan Drama Festival is won by the  Fairview Theatre Company with the ‘Scatterin’Cloonclare Players Glenfarne win the rural section with ‘Plough and the Stars’.Best Producer Brendan Gleson (Fairview) while Jim Lalor of Ballintra is Best Actor and Grainne Walsh BOI Dublin is Best Actress.Best setting Peter Ward Blallintra Players.Joe Dowling Artistic Director of the Abbey Theatre is the Adjudicator.

Same Week Veronica Sharkey is elected National Secretary of the Ladies Football Association.

Sheila’s Boutique Fashion Show in Sports Centre.Collections from London,Paris and Dublin. “Beautiful clothes at reasonable prices.”

Sympathy is extended to Paddy King (Dentist) ont he death of his mother Brigis King Tullygonnelly Stradone at the age of 85.Member of Cumainn Na Bean,Drumbo and Cavan County camogie teams.Survived by her sons Paddy,John and daughter Therese.Funeral from SaintBrigids Church Laragh.

Death of Susan Cosgrove Lake View at the age of 60.Survived by her husband Paddy,sons Francis John, Hughie and daughter Susie and Maisie.

Terry Murray B Agr Sc gives this months lecture at Cavan Gardening Club entitled ‘Layout and Design of Farmhouse Gardens’

Sudden death of Mya B Dawson Keadue Lodge at the age of 79.Daughter of Tom Polock former proprietor of County Cavan Stores (Credit Union).Educated at Cavan Number 1 Royal School and Princess Garden Belfast.Her life was an outstanding contribution to her Church and County.Secretary and Founder member of Cavan National Council for the Blind,Founder member of Cavan ICA –she held every post in the Organisation.Member of Cavan Gardening Club t was her flowers and arrangements that adorned the altar of Cavan Prsbyterian Church for over 50 years.Secretary and teacher in Sunday School.Beautiful voice she was  a member  of Monaghan Presbyterian Choir for over 40 years.Meticulous Secretary of Cavan Presbyeterian Church and the Annual Women’s World Day of Prayer.Survived by her husband James A sons Tom and Alex and daughter Ruth.brothers Norman,Dr.Frank and Alan.Rev John McFall assisted by Rev Blackstock officiated at the funeral from the Presbyrtian Church to the New cemetery.

March 24th 1978 Death of former President Cearbhaill O Dalaigh at the age of 67.President from December 19th1974-October 22nd 1976.

Same Week Death of Walter Hickey Butcher in Stoneybatter for 40 years.Survived by his wife son Arthur daughters Jacqueline and Brenda.

Death of Andrew Smith Alackan House at the age of 56.Extensive farmer,he was a prominent member of the Pioneers.Survived by his wife Kathleen and daughter Maria.Rev Tom McKiernan officiated at the funeral from Saint Brigids Church Killygarry to the adjoining cemetery.

Cavan crumble to Laois in second half of Quarter Final of National Football League in Croke Park 4-7 to 2-10.Pat McGill,Aidan Elliott and John Jo Martin were sound in defence while only Donal Donohoe Paddy McGovern and Owen Martin seemed capable of finding the target.Scorers Paddy McGovern 0-7,Donal Donohoe 1-1,Gene Cusack 1-1 and Steve Duggan 0-1.

March 31st 1978 Death of Ted Sheridan Cavan Road Ballinagh popular overseer with Cavan County Council for 35 years.Played football for both Crubany and Denn and Cavan Juniors.Survived by his wife Bridget (Cullen),sons Martin and Terence.Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Same Week Maureen Mulvaney and her sister Sr.Rosaleen Poor Clare Convent Kenmare donate vestments to the Cathedral.Made from Bainin wool and incorporating designs from the interior of the Cathedral worn for the 1st time by the 13 con celebrants of the Maundy Thursday Mass in the Cathedral Vestments include a chausible and stole for the chief Concelebrant and 12 other stoles and 13 albs all in white.Sets of purple and green are planned for the future.

Recent Winners at Cavan Bridge Club.Maura Goodman,Elizabeth Galligan,Jim Scanlon,Maureen Hunt,Jim Burke Dermot Morgan,Paddy Faulkner and Jim Rafter.

April 4th 1978 Paschal Lyons is runner Up in the Worl Irish Dancing Competitions in the Mansion House.He is the holder of 3 All Ireland medals and is a member  of the Coffey School of Dancing.

Same Week‘West Side Story’ in Saint Pats is “adorned” for the 1st time with the inclusion of girls in the cast.Packed houses –unqualified success.

 Cavan beat Edenderry18-4 in heavy wet underfoot conditions in Navan to qualify for the final of the Provincial Towns Cup.

Bishop Francis McKiernan is in Paris to celebrate 400 years of the Irish College there.Confirmation is postponed until his return.

Brigid Tyrell (Nee Connolly) sister of Mrs Tommy Lynch dies in Oldham.Survived by 3 sons and 1daughter in England.

Sean Galligan is 2nd receives £20 while Eamonn Galligan is Joint 3rd and receives £8 in National Intermediate Chess.Outstanding displays by John Conaty,Robin Norton and Pat Ryan.

Beekeepers AGM Chairman Jimmy Scott,Vice Chair Tom Caslin, Treasurer Bridie Galligan and Secretary Charlie Robinson (Millown.

Cafferty Double in Road Champonships in Kilnaleck.Lyla wins the Ladies Senior 1,500 metres while her brother Hugo wins gruelling Mens 10,000.The Girls 600 metres Champion is Aideen Gormely while the Boys Under 10 800 mtres was won by Nathan O Reilly (Cavan), family

double when Senan wns the Boys Under 16 2,000metres.

April 11th 1978 Charles Haughey Minsiter for Health tells the Dail that the Planning for the new Cavan Hospital is proceeding with all possible speed.Tender stage expected by mid 1979.Delay due to Priority staus for the new Beaumont Hospital.

Same Week Death of John Johnston Saint Mary’s Terrace at the age of 58.Winner of 2 All Ireland Minor medals with Cavan 1937 and 1938.Member of Cavan Harps and Cavan Slashers.Committee member of Cavan Gaels.Outstanding referee at club and inter county level.Survived by his sons Bernard,Cathal,David and daughters Margaret and Elizabeth.Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Mattie Hand is the 1st winner of £100 in new Fine Gael 50/50 Draw.

Wilie Maloney son of Eileen and the late GV is the new Governor of Lions Club Ireland .Wiilie joined Shannon airport in 1954 and is General Manager of all commercial activity at the Airport.Willie pictured with his wife Noreen is a prominent member of Limerick Lions Club.

April 11th 1978 Cavan International Song Contest Open section and £600 is won by Joe Cuddy with Ed Welch’s song ‘It Happened Along’.Dr.Marlis McDwyer’s ‘A Lake For Every Day of the Year ‘sung by Ian Paickens wins the Derragarra Inn Prize of £500 for the Cavan section.Social Services are the benefactors of the massive draw at the interval and return thanks to Maura and Ann together with Tom Mcknna who displayed the prizes sponsored by Cavan Crystal and McIntyre Brothers

Same Week Confirmation in the Cathedral for 130 children from the Parish administered by Bishop McKiernan and Mass is concelebrated by Father PJ McManus Adm,M O Reilly PP Laragh,Vincent Duffy PP Clifferna and Father Michael Cooke CC Ballinagh.Ethna Maguire is the organist while the choir is conducted by Mary McGoldrick.Father Anthony Fagan is Master of Cermonies.

April 18th 1978 Buy Irish Week Window Display organised by Junior Chamber.Hardware Homemakers,Souvenirs The Killykeen,Ladies Fashions Helenas Fashions,Chemist J Hand,Gents Fashions Tom McKenna.Helena’s Fashions wins the best over all.

Same Week Louis Blessings beats Tommy’s Bar in the Final of the JuniorChamber Pub Quiz (Pictured).Team Noel Finn,John Sullivan,Harry Hunt and Eamonn Hartmann.Tommy’s Team John Hannigan,Phil Lawlor,Paddy Murray,Michael Flynn and Colm Flynn.Louis and Cissie look very pleased but Tommy and Betty are not too downhearted.

Death of long time Cavan Star Noel O Reilly at the age of 47.Native of Crosserlough.Machinery Editor of the Farmers Journal for the last 22 years.Educated at Crosserlough NS,Saint Pats and BA at Saint Patrick’s Maynooth.Ulster Championship medal with Cavan in 1955,he was also a regular on the Ulster Railway Cup team.County Junior medal with Crosserlough,his finest achievement was leading them to the 1958 Senior Championship when they defeated Cavan Gaels in the final.Won 3 further senior Championship medals with Crosserlough.Outstanding worker fo Charities particularly for retarded children.Frequent contributor to farmer’s programmes on both radio and television.Survived by his wife Ita son Anthony and daughters Sylvia,Emer and his Mother Mary Kate Earlsvale Road Cavan.Funeral from Booterstown to Deans Grange.

Cavan Rugby Club win their 1st Interprovincial Towns Cup defeating old rivals the Curragh 9-6 in Mullingar.Tough uncompromising battle with place kicker Michael Flynn settling the issue with a penalty 2 minutes from the end.In the competitition Cavan amassed a total of 103 points with winger Michael Flynn contributing a personal tally of 51 points.Team:Cyril O Keefe,Michael Flynn,Kevin Lavelle,M Watters,Ray Bannigan,Mick Sutton,Paschal Lynch,Eric Trenier,Frank O Neill,George Crowe (Capt),Joey O Keefe,Liam McMenamin,Nelson Heaslip,Michael Johnston and Tom Farrell.

April 28th 1978 Grainne Smith daughter of Patsy Rock Cross and representing Loreto college wins national essay award with ‘What Does Denmark Mean to Ireland’?Grainne is received in audience by Queen Margaretha who is on a State visit to Ireland and presents the Queen with a Cavan Crystal bowl to mark the occasion.

Same Week Car registration for the 1st quarter of 1978 amounts to 29,978.Ford have 26.7%,Toyota 2nd with 13.30%

Liturgical Festival in the Cathedral.Choirs from Saint Pats Loreto and the Vocatonal school.Sister Ann Kilroy  Conductor.Chief Celebrant of Msss Rev Ray Brady Saint Pats assisted by Father Frank Kelly Vocational school,Rev J McKiernan Saint Pats,Monsignor P J McManus and Rev Felim Kelly CC.

Main Attraction featuring Paddy Smith (Ex Mighty Avon),Noel Fay,Joseph Tully Jnr (drummer) and Jimmy Tully (Leader) mke their debut at the Beechmount in Navan.

May 3rd 1978 Denis O Keefe from Klnavara bags record catch of rainbow trout on 1st May at Annagh six fish weighing 14 ½ lbs while Vincent McCaul weighs in with the heaviest individual brown trout of 3lb 5 oz

Same Week Death of Mary Josephine Smith (May Jo) Jubilee Terrace at the age of 66.Outstanding character,she was extremely religious and charitable.Survived by her huband Thomas,son Thomas (Pancho) and sister Eileen in Belfast.Father Felim Kelly officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Death of Elizabeth Fagan Oldtown.Survived by her husband Tom,son Robert and daughters Aileen,Sarah,Lily,Nan Marie,Bertha and Phyllis.Her son Jim died 18 months ago.Rev george Millar presided at the funeral from cavan Parish Church to Kilmore cemetery

Cavan Recoded Music Society 1978 Chair Walter Myles,Secretary Mrs A McMahon,Treasurer Winnie O Reilly,PRO Eamonn Gaffney.Committee Dr.Marlis McDwyer,Mrs M Hand Sheila Crotty and Mr Hugh Lemon.

Increased admission to all Ulster Championship Fixtures 1978.Dul Isteach £1 and Taobh Line 20 P extra

May 10th 1978 Death of Tom O Brien Publican Ballinagh last Manager of the old Magnet Cinema.

Same Week Traders are dissatisfied with the double and single yellow lines at Upper and Lower Main Street.Meeting of Chamber attended by Supt.Jim McNally and County Secretary Peter Hayden and Town ClerkH Kearns.Chamber requests that (1) Double yellow lines be changed to singles (2) Gas Yard Abbey Street ) turned into a Car Park.(3) Garda at Roundabout Junction Tuesdays and Thursdays and (4) Car Park signs for Connolyy Street Car Park to be erected.

Anie Murray is informed at meeting of UDC thst the Tullac Mongan Playground will be completed and in operation this year at a cost of £1,500.Paddy O Reilly proposes a vote of congratulations to Ann Lennon and Maura Maloney on the success of the 1st Cavan Song Contest “one of the finest efforts ever made in the town”.Votes of sympathy with the families of John Johnstone,Ted Sheridan and May Jo Murray who died recently.

Former Italian Prime Minister Aldo Moro is murdered by the Red Brigade.Kidnapped 8 weeks ago his body was found in a parked car in the centre of Rome.

May 17th 1978 Sean McKiernan aged 19 Highfield Road and Drumreilly Garadice is killed in road traffic accident adjacent to the Tara Towers Hotel in Dublin.The driver Patrick Kilmartin was injured.The McKiernan fanily moved to Cavan in 1973.Played under age with both Aughawillian and Cavan Gaels.Junior B and Minor medals with the Gaels.Member of the UCD Freshmen gaelic football team.He was son of the late Eugene McKiernan and is survived by his mother sisters Denise,Patricia and Pauline.Rev Tom McKiernan and Father Anthony Fagan officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Aughawillian

Same Week CYMS Snooker Final (Pictured) is won by Noel Dent with runner up Simon Buckley.among the semi finalists are Hughie Clarke and Patrick Donegan..Father Anthony Fagan Chaplain presented the prizes.

Mel O Hanlon is elected Chairman of the ‘Cavan Council against Blood Sports’ at AGM.

Death of Matt Gaynor Pullabawn in England.Noted Irish musician and accomplished accordion player.Brother of Mrs Crotty NT,Phil and Kathleen McCabe Killynebber.Rev Michael Cooke officiated at the funeral from Saint Matthews Drumavaddy to the adjoining cemetery.

Packy Kiernan wins the Boys Under 12 800 metres Ulster Championship.

Cavan Town FC are Top Four Champions beating Carrickmacross 4-1 in the Final.Team Joe Johnstone,Damian Traynor,Dermot Walsh,Adrian Ronan (Capt),Tommy Fay,Noel Smith,Martin Maguire,Germaine Cullivan,Gerry O Keefe,Desie Gardiner and Hubert Smith.Subs Gerry Egan and Hughie Murray

May 25th 1978 Captain Demot Coogan on his way for 6 month tour of duty with the Irish Troops to the Lebannon.Outstanding footballer with Cork and Cavan Gaels.

Same Week In ‘Letters to the Editor’ Philip and Ann Smith Rock Cross endorse  the recent motion passed at Cavan County Council calling on the Minister for Justice to review the entire Licensing Hours so that the “Extensions become the exception rather than the norm”!

Death in England of Eileen Maw (Nee Cullen) aged 58.She was resident in England for over 30 years .Survived by her husband George sons Peter and David, brothers Jimmy,Vincent,sisters Joan Sheila and Patricia.

Gold pelicans for Sheila Henry 9 Highfield Road,Hughie Cosgrove 9 Saint Aidans and Phil Smith Farnadolly.Silver pelicans for Jimmy Coyle 2 Wolfe Tone Street,Johnny McCormack 9 Saint Phelims Place,Peter Burns Military Barracks,Mary McDermott 5 Saint Patricks,Cyril O Keefe Billis,Geraldine Carroll 37 Saint Phelims,Adrian Ronan 12 Saint Phelims,John Cullen Town Hall,Teresa Keogh Saint Marys Farnham Road,Samuel Hewitt Crubany and Karl O Connell Rock View Ballyhaise.A total of 656 pints of blood were donated during the visit of the Mobile Blood Transfusion Unit.

Sean and Eamonn Galigan the stars as Cavan Chess Club  beat Monaghan 5 ½ to 2 ½

June 2nd 1978 Anthony Leddy from Milltown is the new President of the ICMSA succeeding Jim O Keefe.The 1st President in 1950 was James Fletcher Killeshandra.

Same Week Caroline Farrelly,Paul Henry,Martha Smith and Caroline McKiernan are pictured on B/I Lines Educational Tour of Britain.

Sudden death of Ann Glynn (Nee Maguire) on visit to her sister Delia Kilnavara.Ran an extensive business in Ballsbridge later retiring to Drumcondra.Survived by her husband Cecil son Patrick,brother Pat (Moynehall ) and Delia.Rev Des O Dowd officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

New Military Barracks planned for Cavan.Present Barracks has no married quarters and is reckoned to be the oldest in Europe.

‘Start Rite School of Motoring’ Proprietor JimmyGraham Swellan Phone 31877

Quartermaster Matt Lynch is made a presentation on his retirement from the Permanent Defence Forces.

Cavan Rugby Committee 1978 President Noel Elliott,Secretary Peter Pollock,Treasurer Paddy McManus,Match Secretary Frank O Neill,Cub Captain Frank O Neill (Jnr) Committee Mick Crosby,Harry Hunt,Liam Mcmenamin,Eamonn Hartmann,Joe Fletcher and George Crowe.Trustees Noel Elliott,Joe Fletcher,Frank O Neill,Mick Crosby and Harry Hunt.

June 9th 1978 Seamus McConnon Carrickane is appointed Area Manager by IFAC (Irish Farms Account Co Operative)

Same Week Death of Catherine Smith late of Main Street at the residence of her daughter Clair Moore 16 Saint Phelims Place.Aged 89 ,she was a native of Bawnboy.Her husband John Smith PC was a member of Cavan UDC.Survived by her sons Paddy,Frank and Jack,daughters Margaret,Mary,Teresa and Clair.Father Felim Kelly officiated at the funeral fvrom the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Death of Jim Jermyn Saint Marys Terrace.For many years he was the driver of the Mail Van from Cavan to Carrigallen.Noted singer with the old Cathedral Choir.Survived by his brother Michael and sister Katie.Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies

Death of Elizabeth Farrelly Tullac Mongan at the age of 73.Late husband Michael played the Big  Drum in old Labour Band.Extremely charitable and popular.survived by her son Michael,daughters Lila and Peggy.Rev Felim Kelly CC officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry

371 Pilgrims on Kilmore Diocescan Pilgrimage to Lourdes including 70 invalids leave on 3 separate flights from Dublin Airport led by Bishop Francis McKiernan,Spiritual Director is Monsignor PJ McManus Adm.

June 16th 1978 Massive 26 ½ lbs pike caught by Frank Lyons 25 Saint Martins is the biggest fish ever caught on the Gren Lake.

Same Week Winers of Cavan FC 50/50 Draw.1st £100 Martin O Neill Saint Phelims Place,2nd £20 Cait Coyle Ballinagh,3rd £10 Frank O Keefe Saint Phelims Place,4th £5 Gerry McCarthy Highfield Road,5th £5 Felix Sheridan Tullac Mongan and 6th £5 Brendan Foley Military Barracks.

Over 3,000 Pioneers from 70 diffent centres in Dioceses of Kilmore attend  Mass and Rally in Cavan Town.Speakers include Bernard McGuckian SJ and Tommy McCartin Newtowngore.

Cavan beat the holders Armagh in 1st round of Ulster Championship before a sun drenched crowd of 11,500 in Breffni Park.Scorers for Cavan were Donal Donohoe 0-6,Paddy McGovern 0-3,JJ Martin Adge King,Paddy McNamee,Ollie Leddy and Mark Goldrick 0-1 each.In the Minor curtain raiser.

Cavan are beaten by Armagh 1-7 to 0-8.Fionan McDonagh and Brian O Grady are the local representatives on a well beaten team.

June 23rd 1978 Death of Garda Bill Bergin late of Abbey Street.Native of Ringaskiddy County Cork He was aged 75.Joined the Garda Siochana in 1923 and served first in Cappawhite County Waterford before being transferred to Clones.Came to Cavan in 1929.Extremely popular,he had the confidence and trust of the Community in all his dealings.Passionate interest in the welfare of the youth of the town.Founder member of the old Cavan Boxing Club,brilliant card player won many of the big Whist Tournaments in Cavan Town Hall.Retired in 1965 as Superintendent’s Clerk Cavan Barracks when he was the recipient of multiple presentations from his colleagues and townspeople.Outstanding hurler in his youth,he was a prominent member of County Cavan Golf Club.Survived by his sons Sean,Michael,daughters Mary,Joan and Anna.Rev Tom McKiernan officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Same Week Drumcrave (Killygarry/Drumalee) defeat Sillian Gaels (Shercock/Knockbride) in 1st Round of the Senior Championship.Team Frank Lyons,George Crowe,Fergus Costello ,Donal Crowe,Gerry McCabe,Brendan Crowe Gabriel Cullivan,Kevin Lavelle Joey O Keefe,Paddy McGovern,George Crowe,Felim Costello,Niall O Brian,Michael Grenan and Declan Crowe.Sub Johnny Lynch for Declan Crowe..

Sudden death of Randolph (Dale) Little son of Walter and Mary Lisdarn at the age of 26.Employed at Anco Training Centre in Dundalk.Survived by his parents sisters Lila,Vivienne and Jennifer.Service in Saint Johns Longford to the adjoining cemetery.

June 30th 1978 Dr.Donal Joseph Smyth son of Bridie and the late Phlip Main Street is conferred with his BCh BAO degrees at UCD.Educated at the Poor Clares De La Salle Saint Pats and UCD.he has been appointed to the staff of the Mater Hospital.

Same Week Late Georgian Mansion and 225 acres at Tullyvin are sold for a record £225,000.

Huge turn out of Junior Pioneers for their Annual outing to Butlins.

Death of Margaret McAvoy Lisreagh in her 70s.Survived by brothers and sisters.funeal from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Eugene Monaghan buys the White Star from Seamus Caffrey for £65,000.Murphy and Quinn the Auctioneers.

Boy Scouts on weekend camp to Major Madden’s Estate in Clones.Scoutmaster in charge Paul Ronan assisted by Arthur McKenna,Desie McEntee,Paddy Gargan and Gerry Dunne.

Gardening Club are planning annual outing to Kinsealy Research Station and Howth Castle for the 15th of July.

July 7th 1978 Death of Mary Rose O Reilly Poles Post Office at the age of 84.Postmistress for over 30 years,she was a native of Caulfield Tullyco Cootehill.Deeply religious ,she was popular with all persuasions.Widow of Charlie who died 30 years ago ,she was aprominent member of Cumainn Na Mbhann during the War of Independence.Survived by her son Seamus Poles,daughters Rosalen Valentia Island,Kathleen and Anna.Rev S O Reilly CC Cootehill,Rev Pat Smith Laragh,Rev Seamus O Reilly PP Glasgow and Rev Anthony Fagan CC officiated at the funeral from the Saint Brigids Church Killygarry to the adjoining cemetery.

Same Week Phil Smith Rock Cross is the winner of Edward O Hanlon’s President Prize.Best Gross Tadhg Lynch,Joe Connolly Runner Up.Gay Condon is Winner of the Ladies section,Marita Leech the Runner Up and Mrs Boucher has the Best Gross.

Cavan A C’s Catherine Gormley wins the Ladies Under 16 at Cavan Track and Field at Saint Pats.following week she is back to win the same event at the same venue in the County Finals of the Community Games.Girls Under 16 Relay are Winneres and qualify for Butlins.team:Helena Quinn,Mary Leddy,Mary Keane and Ann O Mahony.Boys Under 8 100 Metres David Murray and 3rd Stephen Connolly,Under 12 Long Puck Sean Kilduff,Marathon Under 17 Noel Brady and once again Senan O reily is the clear winner of the Boys Under 16 1,500 metres.

July 14th 1978 Death of Eileen Lynch 79 Church Street.Social worker for the National Council for the Blind for over 20 years.Native of Tralee,gifted actress,she appeared in many of the local drama productions.Outsanding member of Cavan ICA.Funeral from the Cathedral to Old Kenmare cemetery county Kerry.

Same Week Cavan have facile win 2-13 to 1-10 over Antim in Semi Final of the Ulster Championsip in Castleblayney.Now meet Down in the Decider on July 23rd in Clones.Scorers for Cavan Paddy McNamee 1-3 Mark Goldrick 0-4,Ciaran O Keefe 1-0 Ray Cullivan 0-3,Pady McGovern 0-2 and Donal Donohoe and Owen Martin 0-1 each.

Cavan Minor Badminton Team (Pictured) are Runners up in Breffni League.Team:Rosemary Harrington,Carmel Duggan,Maureen Crowe,Leoni Tuly,Tony Higgins,Johnny Reilly Wilie Harrington and Jerry Graham

Cavan Lawn Tennis Club lose to visitors Mullingar 4-5.Winners for Cavan were David Jackson (Mens Singles) M Brady (Ladies Singles),David Jackson and Eamonn Condon (Mens Doubles) and Finian Farrell and B Fleming (Mixed Doubles)

July 21st 1978 Oliver Brady is B&I Lines Gaelic Personality of the Month.Ronnie Delaney presents the award at gala function in Dublin.

Same Week Sudden death of Teresa Dunne Saint Brigids Terrace at the age of 44.Member of the well known Moore family Upper Main Street,Tessie was a gifted dressmaker.Survived by her husband John Joe,sons BobbyPhilip,Emmett Rory and Pearse, daughters Carol Susan Ann Marie and Sharon.Monsignor PJ McManus Adm officiated  at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry .

Carrier Pigeon flies into Pat McGovern’s shop in Connolly Street inscription GB 78 L61623.Bird is being cared for by Pat until owner shows up.

Down are 6/4 favourites while Cavan can be backed at 6/4 with 10/1 the draw for next Sunday’s Ulster Final in Clones.

Advertisement Anglo Celt 21/07/1978 “ I wish to announce to the General Public that Iam opening a Funeral Undertaking Business at my Premises (Fosters) Market Square John McMahon Phone 049-3142”

July 28th 1978 £1.5 million per day is being spent on alcohol states Justice Sam Shaw as another spate of extensions are applied for this time for the Arva Festival

Same Week Dismal second half display by Cavan ensures that Down are Ulster Champions on the score of Down 2-19 Cavan 2-12.Colm McAlarney is Man of the Match as the game is decided in 13 minute spell from the 8th to 21st minute of the second half when Down score 1-7 without reply.Crowd of 27,000 pay record eceipts of £27,300.The gambit of springing a half fit Ciaran O Keefe was soundly snuffed out by a rampant McAlarney and only Adge King sparkled in the 1st half in the mid field sector.Aidan Elliott,Dermot Dalton and John Joe Martin wre sound throughout and up front the small Cavan forward line was found wanting.Tony Brady Mark Goldrick and Donal Donohoe played their hearts out.Very poor game for the tacticians on the line substituting Ray Cullivan in the 2nd half with half fit Sean Leddy who has recently spent a long period in hospital.All of Cavan’s key men were totally neutralised by the Down team and tacticians on the line.In the curtain raise Tyrone beat Monaghan 3-11 to 2-9-defensive blunders costing Monaghan the title.

Helen Timmoney is the winner of Kitty Jenkins’ Presidents Prize at Cavan Golf club,Mary Glavey is runner up while Rose Fox is 3rd.Donal Crotty wins the gents prize while once again Mrs Boucher is best gross.

August 4th 1978 Rev Sean Burke from Cleveland Ohio ordained in May is staying with his uncle Jim Burke of Drumnavanagh.Father Burke said the 11:30 Mass on Sunday and is on his way to the Misions in Hong Kong

Same Week Sean Harten from ‘Teach Carna’ Creighan and student at Saint Pats is best student at the Spiddal summer school for Irish

Sean Walsh becomes the 1st man to swim Lough Gill .Water tempreture 54%F.In accompanying boats Noel Elliott,Lalia Elliott,John McNamara,Paddy  Reilly Chairman Cavan UDC ,Senator Andy O Brien and local skipper Christy Hynes.Trophy presented to Sean by the deputy Lord Mayor of Sligo Sean Fallon.

Death of Pope Paul VI at his Summer residence Castlegondolfo at the age of 80.Hardworking Pope,he was the first Pope to travel to the 5 Continents and the first Pope to fly.Christned Giovanni Batista,former Archbishop of Milan.Elected Pope to succeed John XXIII in 1963.He was the 261st successor of Saint Peter.Concelebrated Mass in the Cathedral Cavan at which the chief celebrant is Bshop McKiernan who describes Pope Paul as a hard working simple,humble man of God.

August 11th 1978 Drum County Monaghan win the Brady trophy for 1st Prize in County Cavan Band Contest at Ricehill Kilmore.Chief organiser is Frank Johnstone (Farnham Hotel)

Same Week National Manpower Service appoint Michael Gaynor to replace Willie Harrington now Deputy Regional Director based in Limerick.

Boys Scouts are back from 2 weeks in France.They camped  in Port Bail adjacent to the Normandy Coast.Visited Paris and took in all the cities famous landmarks.Father Frank Kelly Saint Pats was Chaplain

August 18th 1978 Seventeen year old Barry McGuigan from Clones wins the Bantamweight Gold medal at the Commonwealth Games in Edmonton Canada.

Same Week Very Rev Canon Keaney Parish Priest of Swanlinbar pays tribute to his Curate Father Torlac O Reilly and Hubert Duffy Architect for their outstanding contribution to the building of the new Saint Mary’s Church Swanlinbar.the old building was wrecked by a bomb on the 8th of December 1974.Blessed by Bishop Francis McKiernan-all the co celebrants of the Mass were natives of the Kinawley Parish.

Cavan Festival opened by the Minister for Education John Wilson.Parade is led by the Army Pipe Band of the 5th Batalion.Captain’s XV Vs President’s XV at Tierquin features Irish Internationals Phil Orr Shay Deering,Ciaran Fitzgerald,Johnny Maloney and Robbie McGrath.In the Lakeland Hotel Pat McGeegan star of the recent Cavan International Song Contest is the featured artist in the Festival Cabaret.

August 25th 1978 Brendan and Anna Mae Farrell from Butlersbridge purchase the Percy French Hotel from Peter Shaffrey for a sum in the region of £90,000

Same Week Evelyn O Connor is the Winner of the Captain’s Kathleen Murray’s Prize at County Cavan Golf Club,C Boucher Arva Runner Up while B Sorahan was 3rd and Kathleen Gorman had the Best 1st Nine.

September 1st 1978 First stage of tour of Ireland finishes in Cavan.Special prizes presented by Steve Duggan to the winner Per Sandhil of Denmark who also won the stage from Clones to Cavan and a Cavan Crystal Bowl presented by Jimmy Mulcahy.Paddy O Reilly Chairman of Cavan UDC sends the 87 compertitors on the long trek to Derry on Monday morning.First time the race has entered Northern Ireland since 1971.

Same Week Sister Margaret Ledwith Granard is the New Superior General of the Holy Rosary Sisters.Her 3 Council Members are Sister M Marcella Murphy,Sister Catherine Healy and Sister M Conchella McDonnell.

Death of Michael Brennan at the age of 82 former Assistant County Engineer with Cavan County Council.Native of Ballinasloe,he retired in 1961.Survived by his wife Agnes and daughter Catherine.

Septenber 8th 1978 Paddy Gaffney Town Surveyor announces that a new Regional water scheme to supply water to Cavan town has commenced and the town will be fed from a lake at Mountain Lodge.

Same Week Hubert Kearns Town Clerk and native of Scotshouse is on the Irish Coarse Angling team at the World Championships in Vienna.

September 15th 1978 Sergeant Michael McCarthy of Saint Martins Estate is top rod for Ulster and winner of the McRea cup at the Interprovincial Championships at Lough Lein in Killarney.Automatically qualifies for the Irish International team.

Same Week No boat available for Sean Walsh’s attempted swim of Lough Camlough in South Armagh.Swims a record 420 lengths of the Newry swimming pool in a time of 5 hours instead.

September 22nd 1978 Francis Graham Saint Phelims Place is the main organiser of the new Cavan Stock Car Club who hold their first event next Sunday at Jimmy Reilly’s field Stradone Cross.

Same Week Cavan Gaels win their 4th Senior Championship beating Ballyhaise 1-10 to 0-6 points in bitterly disappointing game before a small crowd of 3,500 who paid £3,500 receipts.Francis Goodman scored the deceisive goal with 3 minutes left of the 1st half.Second half a damp squib and the two teams could only muster 6 points in the period.Gaels will now play Downpatrick at Breffni Park in 1st round of Ulster Club.Scorers for the Gaels John Cullen 0-4,Francis Goodman 1-0,Haulie Reilly 0-2 and Pat McNamara and Charlie Donohoe 0-1 each.Ballyhaise Steve Duggan 0-2,Hughie Newman and Barry Tierney 0-2.There were 4 Reilly brothers from Ashe Street on the wining team with another Noel listed as a sub while John Cullen and Myles McEntee are brothers in law.Gaels Aidan Elliott,Eugene Reilly,Jimmy Fay,Myles McEntee,Oliver Galligan,Paddy Reilly ,Joe Mullery,JJ Reilly Francis Goodman,Pat McNamara,Haulie Reilly (Captain),Charlie Donohoe,John Cullen,Dermot Dalton and Phil Murray.Sub Louis Blessing for Joe Mullery.Gaels later celebrate in style, the cup is brought by Haulie Reilly to Killygarry school for the very 1st tme and all the pupils partake while later in the week all the Saint Felims Boys school are treated and finally patients in Saint Felims Hospital enjoy a gala night with the Champions.

Curtain raiser Cavan Gaels captained by Brian O Grady overwhelm a very young Bailieboro team 16 ponts to 0-4.Bailieboro had no answer to the Gaels high quality speed,fitness and skill.Scorers Brian O Grady 0-6,Eamonn Reilly,D Reilly 0-3 each,Michael McNally,Terry McGovern,Finbar Donohoe and David Smith 0-1 each.Gaels Richard Kelly,Kevin Kilduff,Martin Sexton,P Donohoe,Kevin McNamara,Sean Carolan Noel Brady,Brian O Grady (Captain),Michael McNally,Jim Cullen,David Smith,Finbar Donohoe,Eamonn Brady,D Reilly and Terry McGovern.

Number of deaths on roads in August 1978 is 41 compared to 60 in August 1977

September 29th 1978 1,200 enrol for adult courses at Cavan Vocational School.Disco Dancing,Ballroom Dancing,Ceilidhe Dancing,Fashion and Shop Management are the top attractions.

Same Week 2nd Cavan International Song Contest will have an increased prize fund of £5,000.Section A Open £2,500 sponsored once again by Cavan Crystal.Section B Songs about Cavan again sponsored to the tune of £500 by the Derragarra Inn.Jingle for Song Contest sponsored by Noel Elliott Imperial Hotel. to the tune of £250.Brian Finlay and Musicland sponsor Best Folk Song £250.Vince’s Palace Best Pop £250 while best Ballad is sponsored by Mervyn Clarke.P Elliott and Co are awarding a cash bonus of £250 to the winner of Section A while PJ Reilly is awarding a similiar cash bonus to the winner of Section B.Already they have received 420 entries from as far away as Japan.Earl Gill will again provide the backing accompaniment while Larry Gogan will compere the final night and Pat McGeegan will be the Guest Atiste.Chairman of the Jury is Jimmy Kenneddy (Red Sails in the Suinset).

Incident packed All Ireland Final before a crowd of 71,503 as Dublin lose their crown to an Owen Liston inspired Kerry 5-11 to 09.Dublin defence crumbled as Kerry’s skill and speed tore them apart.Turning point of the game was when referee Seamus Aldridge from Naas penalised Dublin goalkeeper Paddy Cullen for charging Ger Power and while Paddy was busy arguing with the referee, Mike Sheehy took a quick free kick to an empty Dublin net.After that it was all one way traffic.Scorers for Kerry Eoin Liston 3-02,Mike Sheehy 1-4,John Egan 1-2, Ger Power,Jack O Shea and Pat Spillane 0-1 each.

County Cavan Rugby Club are again fielding three teams this Season.Friendly against Dundalk last Saturday in ideal sunny conditions.

October 6th 1978 Tom Fitzpatrick TD sends hundreds ranging in age from 6 to 60 in Co Spoir run from the Post Office.

Same Week Pope John Paul 1 is laid to rest in simple liturgica funeral in Saint Peters Rome.Former Patriarch of Venice aged 65,he reigned for 33 days and died suddenly of a heart attack.His Pontificate was dedicated to the good of mankind and the attainment of Universal Peace.Preached charity for the poor and oppressed. Always with a smile on his lips even at the moment of his death .

Tributes paid at UDC meeting to the retiring Waterworks Superintendent Tommy O Reilly ‘The Regal’.

Dr.E C J McDwyer,Dr M McDwyer and Dr.Eamonn J Hartmann are moving their practice to Magnet House Farnham Street Phone 31611.

Eileen and Josie Smyth of the Courthouse attend the last public audience of Pape John Paul 1 and later joined thousands of Irish paying their last respects to the dead Pontiff.Both have attended.

audiences given by Pius XII in 1957 and Pope Paul VI in 1975.

Four buses convey 116 pilgrims from the town on the Annual Saint Joseph’s Young Priests pilgrimage to Knock led by their Chaplain Father Phil Brady Corlough.

Teachers Centre in Main Street is handed over by Inspector of Schools Matt McDonagh on behalf of the Department to Richard Morgan Secretary of the Centre.Redecorated to a high specification for £6,500.Tributes paid to Richard for his dedication and tenacity and Bishop McKiernan for providing the building on Main Street.

Extensive Development at Cavan Gaels’ Terry Coyle Park in the provision of 4 dressing rooms two of them with showers,dug outs,car park and partial floodlighting.total cost is estimated at £30,000.As many as 20 school leavers employed on the project.Funded with Government Grant of £22,500

Bridge Club Captain Prize (1) Evelyn O Connor and Delores O Reilly,(2) Rev Thomas Woods and Kay Henry EW Una Smith and Helen Timmoney,(2) Jim Scanlon and Maureen Hunt.

Badminton Club 1978 Chair Clare Conroy,Secretary Mary Cunningham,Treasurer Tom Murtagh,Club Captain Hugh Leech.CommitteeMarita Leech,John Reilly,David Small and Seamus McIntyre.

Johnny Wilson Minister for Education officially opens Pauwells Tafo on the Dublin Road which presently employs 100 people in the manafacture of transformers.It is hoped to increased the work force to 200 in 18 months.Capital investment of £2.5 million.

Cavan Gaels beat Downpatrick 1-6 to 0-4 in 1st Round of Ulster Club Championship in Breffni Park.Gate receipts for a poor game amounted to £500.The Gaels almost kicked themselves out of the competition shooting 17 wides-11 in the 1st half.Now meet Carrickcruppin in the 2nd Round in the Athletic Grounds Armagh.Scorers for the gaels Francis Goodman 1-0,Charlie Donohoe 0-3,Haulie Reilly,Jimmy Fay (50) and Pat McNamara 0-1 point each.

Micheal Greenan witdraws his letter of resignation as County Secretary of the County Board GAA.Had taken exception to negative remarks of his handling of recent County Final between local rivals Cavan Gaels and Ballyhaise..

October 13th 1978 Jacqueline Maloney (21) new Cavan Solicitor.1st Class Honours in BCL degree at UCD.Won Scolarship to Chicago University where she is studying Constitutional Law.

Same Week Creighton Hotel Clones sold by Burke family for a record £180,000 to Liam Hair Armagh Manor Lisnaskea.The hotel was purchased by the Burke family in 1957 for £5,800 and spent £80,000 on renovations.

Dermot Healy is the Editor of the new journal for Cavan,Monaghan and Leitrim called the Drumlin.Regular contributors are John McGahern,Eugene McCabe,John McCardle and Anthony C West

Death of Mary K Bartley the Shop Butlersbridge.retired some few years ago but still took bookings for the boats on Annagh Lake.she was an extremely able and made alasting impression on all who met her.member of the reilly family from Urney,she is survived by her husband Vincent,sons Noel Vincent and daughters Mary,Vera Nuala and Geraldine and 26 grandchildren.Father P J McManus and Father EP Tully Ballinagleera officiated at the funeral from Saint Aidans Church in the Bridge to Butlersbridge cemetery.

Cavan County GAA selection Committee 1978 (Pictured) Phil Murray,Tom O Dowd,PJ Carroll(Team Manager),Paddy Kelly and Hughie McInerney.

Donald Smith son of Mr and Mrs Pat Smith Owen Roe  dies in New York at the age of 41.Detective with New York City Police.Survived by his wife,son Donald,daughters Noreen and Geralyn.

Allied IrishBbanks transfer back from Farnham Street to 41 Main Street after extensive renovations.

Cavan Arts Society present their Annual Art Exhibition at which 70 local artistes are featured.

Senan O Reilly winner of the all Ireland Cross Country and several all Ireland Track and Field medals is BLOE Athlete of the Year.

October 20th 1978 Election in Rome of Pope from Poland taking the name of John Paul II.Crowd of over 200,000 in Saint Peters Rome cheer and applaud the historic decision which ensured the election of the 1st non Italian Pope in 450 years.The election of the 58 years old Carol Wojtyla Arcbishop of Cracow was dramatic and surprising. After 8 ballots white smoke was seen billowing from the chimney of the Sistine Chapel on Monday evening.Anglo Celt comments that “the Church is now less Italianised and more Internationalised”.Cardinal O Fiach thanks “Poland a land so far away from Rome for the gift of a new Holy Father”.Ireland will be represented at the inauguration of the new Pope by President Hillery,Gene Fitgerald Minister for Labour and the Ambassador to the Holy See Gerard Woods.Cardinal O Fiach and Arcbishop Dermot Ryan of Dublin will represent the Irish Catholic Church.

Same Week Cavan Gaels are beaten by Carrickcruppin in the Secod Round of Ulster Club Championship in Armagh by 4 points to the diasappintment of the their small travelling band of suuporters.Phil (Lighting) Murray announces his retirement from football after serving the Gaels since 1957.Represented Cavan and Ulster and won honours at all levels with the county.Figured in 3 County Championship wins but was injured in 1965 when the Gaels won their 1st title.Recently appointed selector for the Cavan county team.

Breege Loughnane (Pictured) of Fairview is appointed Cavan’s first Traffic Warden.Took up duty at Saint Felim’s school last Monday.

John O Connor is this year’s Producer and script writer for the Boy Scouts Pantomime.

Social Services concert will feature Frank Patterson,Elly O Grady,Na Casaddaigh and the band of the CurraghCommand in Concert in Sports Centre.

October 27th 1978 Landed Gentry Exhibition at Cavan County Library

Same Week Celebrations to mark the 200th birthday pf Catherine McCauley (Founder of the Sisters of Mercy) brings nuns from all over the Diocese to the concelebrated Mass in the Cathedral at which Bishop McKiernan is the chief celebrant.10p postage stamp with her portrait is issued by the Post office.

Four day Retrreat at Cavan Vocational School given by Fathers Michael Cooke,Oliver Kelly,Sean Mawn and John Quinn.Mass and Confessions each day.Organised by Father Frank Kelly Chaplain and Sister Miriam (Poor Clares)

Cavan Golf Club host social for the Weelchair Group.Music by Mel Doherty,Busby Group,Dermot Smith and Paddy McEntee and the Castletara Traditional Dancer.

November 3rd 1978 Munster beat the all conquering All Blacks 12 points to Nil at Thomand Park before 12,000 delighted Munster fans.Coach Tom Kiernan said “the key to success was discipline and Munster did not concede a kickable penalty all afternoon”.All Blacks first ever defeat on Irish soil.

Same Week Ireland is officially the poorest country in the EEC with only half the average wage and only 1/3 as wealthy as the Danes according to the McDougall Report.

Ideal conditions for the October Bank Holiday above average tempretures and plenty of sunshine.Ideal for sporting events and outings. “It won’t last-too good to be true”!

Coleman J Smith (Managing Director ) and Tom Meehan (Sales Manager) are pictured in the Office and Schools Supply Shop in Town Hall Street Phone 31742.

Cavan Gaels the holders are beaten 1-11 to 0-6 by Laragh in Senior Leagus Semi Final.Laragh will now play Templeport in the Final.

November 10th 1978 Derragarra Inn are again Ulster regional champions in the Black and White Pub of the Year competition.

Same Week Eamonn McDwyer President of the Chamber of Commerce announces that the town will be bedecked with Triangular Lighting for this Christmas.Donnacha O Dualaing (Hyways and Byways) will turn on the lights to coincide with the launch of the Chamber’s Trade Fair in the Town Hall.

Regal next door to new AIB is robbed in broad daylight of £100 taken from the till when the shop was left unattended for a short time.

Tierlahood ICA present John Sharkey Anglo Celt with a top of the range wheelchair and £200 to Cavan Community Workshop.

Lakeland Hotel is acquired by Anthony and Denise McKinley from Antrim.Grand opening of refurbished premises.

Cavan AC win the Mitchell Cup and County Cross Country Novices title.Team Brian O Reilly,Eamonn Brady,Paul Tobin Aidan Watters and Padraic O Connor.

Cavan Town defeat Carrickmacross 3-0 to continue their march to the top of North Eastern League.Team Paddy Ferncombe,Declan Keoghan,D Treanor, Adrian Ronan

,Peter Burns,Martin Maguire,Dessie Gardiner,Brian Webber,Hubert Smith,Gerry Egan,Noel Smith,12th man M Sheehan,13th man Marco Heslin.

Bishop McKiernan assisted by Father Anthony Fagan and Monsignor PJ McManus receives the Fatima statue borne by member of the local CBSI Troop in the Cathedral.The statue is on route from Cork to Sligo to arrive in Sligo for The Feast of the Immaculate Conception.

Interest rates are increased by the 4 main banks by a staggering 2 ½ %.Mortgage rates are increasing by 3% for the New Year!

Death of the well known Larry Brady Laragh House at 57.Outstanding in the fields Industrial,Farming and Sporting.Member of Bord Bainne,he was a founder member of Virginia Milk Products.Prominent member of the IFA.Outstanding footballer in his youth.McRory medal in 1939,panel for the All Ireland winning Minor team of 1938, and Ulster Junior medal in 1944.Survived by his wife Betty,sonsBrian,Ciaran,Hugh,Laurence ,Michael and daughters Mary,Sheila and Catherine.Father M O Reilly PP assisted by Fathers Sean Brady and J McCaffrey (Blanchardstown) officiated at the funeral from Saint Brigids Laragh to the adjoining cemetery.

Vociferous complaints from residents of Farnham Road,Railway Road and River Stret about the smell from the river particularly during warm weather.Johnny O Rourke UDC states that a river running through the town can be an attraction or a nuisance and the only way the Council can deal with this problem is to acquire the rights to Green’s Mill and flush the river from the Damn each night!

November 17th 1978;Two new Squash Courts and indoor handball alleys at Saint Pats with accommodation for 400 spectators complete with ladies gents toilets showers changing rooms etc.Site acquired by Brian O Grady County Development Officer and under an Anco scheme and investment of £40,000 this magnificient complex managed by Father John Murphy (Bursar) has become a reality and a huge asset to Saint Pats.

Same Week Maura McNally daughter of Jim and the late Bridie Cullies Cavan is awarded an MA in Modern Irish History at UCD.Formerly taught in the Vocational, Maura is now teaching history in Loreto College.

Vocational School represented by Michael Quinn,Luke Sexton,June Maguire and Peadair Dolan win the Debate ‘Present System of Education Has Failed’ against Poor Clares Ballyjamesduff.Michael Quinn wins the award for the best speaker.Loreto College represented by Louise Reilly,Grainne Henry,Grainne McEntee and Breda O Connor, who also won the award for best speaker are successful in their qurter final against Saint Aidans Comprehensive School Cootehill.Subject ‘It’s A Man’s World’.The event is being sponored by Cavan Junior Chamber.

Top of the table Cavan AC host the 3rd leg of the Road league.over 500 athletes but less than 100 spectators.Cavan AC head the table with 122 points from Kingsvcourt with 122 and bailieborough 3rd with 32

November 24th 1978 Death of Margaret (Madge) O Donnell Wolfe Tone Street and 17 Breffni Terrace.Very popular,religious quiet and inoffensive.Towards the end of her life she became partially blind but bore her setback with fortitude and charm.Her husband Tommy from Carrick on Suir died in November 1974 and she is survived by her son Tommy (Tolly),Oliver and her daughters Rosaleen and Kathleen.Father P J McManus Adm officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Same Week.Larry McCluskey Headmaster of Bailieboro Comprehensive is the new President of the Vocational Principals Association of Ireland. Larry is married with 5 children.

Death of Ellie (Nellie) Meehan in her 70s Saint Brigids Terrace.Pedeceased by her husband Francis.Father Felim Kelly CC officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Death of the famous Terry  Leddy Rosculligan.He was a common sight laden down with cans delivering milk to the townspeople.Survived by brother Johnny in USA.Father Anthony Fagan presided at the funeral from the Cathedral to Kilygarry.

Garda changes.Sergeant Willie Weldon gone to Templemore replaced by Sergeant John McGloughlin (Ballinagh) the vacancy in Ballinagh is filled by well known Cavan Gaels footballer Garda Frank Glancey formerly stationed in Finea.Garda Cathal Kelly promoted to sergeant will replace Sergeant Enda Mullhern in Arva the latter is returning to Cavan.Sergeant Billy O Neill promoted to Detectie Sergeant and transferred to Dundalk while Garda Danny Thomas is promoted to the Detective Branch.

John Slatter MA HDe headmaster Cavan Vocational Scholl will lecture on ‘Post Primary English’ at Regional College Athlone already delivered this lecture in Dublin Navan and Cavan.

Cavan Chess Club beat UCD 5 ½ to ½  and Mullingar 4-2 where Andrew Smith was the winner against Times Showband Star TommySwarbrigg.

Georgina Tansey is the new Lady Captain at County Cvan Glf Club.

Shirley Sherriff and Valerie Sommerville raise £300 for Multiple Sclrosis with Fashion and Hair Do Show.

Brendan McCann’s new play ‘Perry Como Is Coming to Town’ wins the rural section of Cavan 1 Act Drama while Larry McCluskey is the producer of Aisteoir Drumlin Bailieboro with ‘Riders in the Sea’.Incredibly both plays win their respective sections at the All Ireland in Navan later in the month.

December 1st 1978 Peter Veale son of Jimmy and Mary Veale Keadue and 59 Main Street is conferred with his B.Sc (Parmacy) at UCD.Educated at Saint Felims, Franciscian College Gormanstown and UCD.

Same Week John Fitzpatrick nephew of Tom TD and eldest son of Peter and Rose (Nee Taggart Church Stret ) is the new Sherriff for County Dublin.

Jeremy Sheridan(9) Fairview and member of the Webber Schol of Dancing is crowned Ulster Minor DancingChampion in Ballyshannon.Wll compete at Easter in the World Championships in the Mansion House Dublin.

Rose Mary and Marian Allen feature in double wedding in the Cathedral.

Cavan Credit Union 1978-79 Chairman Vincent Walsh,Vice Chairman  J P Smith,Secretary Sarah Cullen,Assistant Secetary Mary Keoghan,Treasurer Tony Coyle.Vincent Walsh points out that £104,731 was loaned by the Union in 1978 while the total amount of loans since the foundation in 1969 is £650,000.

Loreto College beat Saint Pats in the Semi final of the debating  series hosted by Cavan Junior Chamber and the following week defeat Lourdesville Bailieborough by a split decision in the Final at Cavan Vocational School.Loreto Fiona Tierney (Captain),Louise O Reilly,Grainne McEntee and Breda O Connor.Louis Courtney was Chairman of the Adjudicators.

Over 1,000 people attend the Frank Patterson Show in the Sports Centre in aid of the new Welfare Cenre at Cathedral Road.

Allied Irish Banks sell the Provincial Bank (Kelly’s) in Farnham Street to Cavan County Council for £65,000 while Eddie Gorman obtains a record £22,500 for 79 Church Street purchased by Cavan UDC Chairman Paddy and Anna O Reilly.

Annual dedication of Nurses in the Cathedral at concelebrated Mass for the Sick while 4,000 of the membership including a large contingent from Cavan descend on Leinster House to lobby CJ Haughey Minister for Helth for improved pay and conditions.

Presentation to John and Mrs Galligan on John’s retirement as Overseer Cavan County Council.Spent 9 years as Overseer and before that was Store Manager at the Council Yard.Tom Desmond County Engineer makes a presentation of Cavan Crystal bowl and cheque on behalf of his colleagues in the Council.

December 8th 1978 34 songs from Malta,Hungary,Gibralter,Poland Czech Republic and America qualify for the Final stages of the Cavan International Song Contest from 12-14th of February 1979.

Same Week Death of Mary Frances McCusker Saint Patricks Swellan at the age of 71.She was widow of James who had a hairdressing business opposite Bridge Street corner.She was a native of America.Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Record success for the annual Parochial Sale of Work in the Town Hall.

Hubert Kearns is promoted to Acting  Assistant County Development Officer replacing Michael Geraghty who is promoted to Manager North East Development Organisation.Phyllis Reilly is new Acting Town Clerk.

In appalling weather and very slippy underfoot conditions Cavan Boys Under 14  win the County title in Kingscourt.Pictured are the winning team Mark Ward (5th),Patrick Kiernan (2nd),Derek Talbot (4th) Keneth Burns,Donal Sharkey (6th),Patrick Sorahan and Francis Lynch.

December 15th 1978 Bill Fleming receives his Solicitor parchement from the Incorporated Law Society,awarded BCL at UCD.Educated at Saint Phelims Boys,Saint Pats and UCD.

Same Week Chamber of Commerce 2nd Trade Fair in the Town Hall opened by Senator Seamus Dolan Cathaoirleach of the Senaid.Over 18 stands and 1,000 visitors.The Penthouse in the car park was the main attraction.

Disatisfaction with the Gas System in Saint Martins highlighted by Johnny O Rourke.Hubert kearns Town Clerk in defence says that the average cost per house is £4 and they have not received one complaint in the Office.Compliments for the Chamber of Commerce new lighting system for the Christmas shopping.Dr.Eamonn McDwyer says that it will cost £4,000 to defaray the expense and would have been double that only for the outstanding contribution of army personel in the erection of the lights.The Chairman Paddy O Reilly asks the Council to contact the developer on the Railway Road to light up the site at night as there is a grave danger to the motoits of running into some of his machinery etc.Paddy describes the situation as a ‘Death Trap’.the Chairman asks for the P&T lorries parked in College Street to be removed to the company’s own premises.

Tony Dunne and PJ Carrolly launch the 96 page ‘Breffni Sporting Life’ printed by the Anglo Celt

Vera and Sean Gilchriest present Margaret Mortimore Regional Director Re Hab with the proceeds of their recent Fashion Show.

Death of James Smith Coranure former Lorry Driver with Cavan County Council at the age of 82.Jimmy held the distinction of driving the first bus to Dublin.Survived by his sons Tom Sean and Jimmy,daughters Peggy Dympna Rosie,Nellie, Sheila and Nuala.Rev Des O Dowd officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Death of Mary Ann Farrelly Emmett Place at the age of 82.survived by her husband James,son andy and sister Christine Brady.Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Death in England of Joan White late of College Street Aranmore Farnham Road and 30 years in England.survived by her husband John.

On a split decision of the Jury headed by Louis Courtney,the Lorteo College team defeat Lourdesville Bailieboro in the final of the Junior Chamber Debating Competion in the Vocational School.The subject is ‘Welfare State is Undesireable’ and the winning team is Fiona Tierney (Captain),Louise O Reilly,Grainne McEntee and Breeda O Connor.

Breffni Boys Band are only operating at half strength and urgently need new members.

Death of Dssie Gardiner’s father leads to the postponement of the 5 a side Final in Longford between the Cavan Invaders and the Everglades Longford.

Recent winners at Cavan Bridge Kay Henry,Pat Plunkett,Maura Goodman,Sheila Burke,Jim Rafter,Delores Reilly and Maureen McDonald.

Day Telephonist on one day strike.27 girls involved in Cavan receiving a basic £58-14 per week want the wage increased to that of the Night Telephonist receiving £64-16 per week

December 22nd 1978 Pacelli Lynch Drumcrave is awarded a 1st Class Distinction in Mechanical Engineering at Dundalk Regional College.

Same Week Cavan Vocational School defeat Bailieboro 1-10 to 1-1 to win the County Vocational title.Team J Smith,G Brady,J Leddy,K McCarron,P O Connor, G Smith,J Gilchreest,Aidan Watters,P McGovern,S McPhillips,E Smith,N Browne,K Reilly,T Sexton and T Gilsenan.

NEHB unanimously agree to call the new Nursing Home and Welfare Centre on the Cathedral Road ‘The Jack Sullivan Memorial Home’ as a tribute to a great Cavan doctor.

Peter McDonald’s application for a wine license in respect of his recently acquired premises in Bridge Street (Tom Boylans) is opposed by Inspector R Manning and turned down by Judge Sam Shaw.

Cavan AC with 164 points win the Road League from Kingscourt with 138 and Laragh 46.Individual winners for Cavan Patrick Kiernan (Boys under 13 1,000 metres ) and Senan Reilly Boys Under 15 1,500 metres.

Death of Dr.Ben Galligan son of Peter and Brigid Corstruce Ballinagh.Born in New York and educated in Saint Mary’s Long Island,Saint Pats (1935) and UCD where he qualified as a doctor in 1945.Surgical Locum in Ballinagh before setting up practice in Cavan town.Founder member of Comalthas Ceoilteoiri Eireann-1st Fleadh Cheiol in Mullingar .Accomplished accordionist and flutist taught by his father.Founder member of Cumainn Rinnceoiri na hEireann and Cumainn Seanchas Breffni which now has a membership of 650.Instigator for the establishment of the ball alley at Highfield Road.His first wife Nancy died some years ago and he is survived by his wife Ann (Nee Brady),sons Joseph,Peter,Michael Bernard,Noel and Seamus daughters Marian and Ann.Monsignor Canon Pat Gaffney officiated at the funeral from Saint Patrick church Kilnaleck to Butlersbridge where his sons Joeph and Bernard played a haunting Irish lament at the graveside.Cavan County Council and the NEHB pass votes of sympathy with the family of Dr Ben at their monthly meetings.

John Duffy (Bus Driver) and Phil (Lightning ) Murray are the recipients of two watches from Maurice Jackson to mark 25 years with the firm while Malachy Byrne Drumnavangh receives a Carriage Clock from Tom Clarke which he won at the Tractamotor’s draw at th Trade Fair in the Town Hall.

December 29th 1978 36 swimmers immerse themselves in 32%F-4 degrees colder than last year at Rann Point.Among the attendance are the official starter Senator Andy O Brien,Tom Fitzpatrick TD and Senator Seamus Dolan.

Same Week John Cassidy Cavan County Manager is appointed to the Board of Foras Forbartha by the Minister of the Enviornment Sylvester Barrett for a 3 year period until end of 1981.

Saint Pats Musical Society present a brilliantly staged and produced ‘Evita’ in College with students from Loreto Vocational and Saint Pats taking part.Finbar O Donohoe is Che,Carmel Duffy and Geraldine Smith alternate as Evita,Peron is Lamer Nujequ.Musical Director is Father Gerry Kearns,Choreographer Frances Galligan,Jewellery Josie McDonagh,Props John Conlon,Lighting Brian Sullivan,Amplification Kevin Kilduff and Father John McTiernan,Make Up Betty Hickey and Bill Henry,Costumes Sister Rosari,Stage Manager J J O Reilly,Slides Father Gerry Ollwill,Producers Frances Galligan and Gerry Kearns.Orchestra Brian Finlay,John Hannigan,Paul Myers and Father Gerry Kearns.

Vincent O Connor is the new Captain at County Cavan Golf Club.

Eugene Monahan opens newly acquired and refurbished White Star.Bomb hoax clears the packed premises on the busiest day of the year 23rd December.All clear after 15 minute as town enjoys last bumper day of shopping-shops closed Sunday 24th December.

Record £416 collected by Youth Club on their annual 48 hour fast for Concern in Market Square.

Record takings for Christmas.Huge amount of exiles home for the Festival.All shops are closed for a rest on Christmas Eve as it falls on a Sunday this year.

Sudden death of Paddy Lee Fairview on Christmas Day.Worked with Cavan UDC and was a Butcher in both McCarrens and Blacks.Prominent footballer with Cavan Harps.Survived by his wife Nancy,sons Peter,Patrick,John,Tony Martin and daughters Ann, Dympna,Catherine and Bridget.Monsignor PJ McManus officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

January 5th 1979 Seat belts in cars and crash helmets for motor bike riders are compulsory from February 1st 1979.Fines of up to £20 will be applied for non compliance.

Same Week County Cavan Golf Club 1979 President Edward O Hanlon,Captain Vincent O Connor,Vice Captain Brian Coleman,Secretary Mel Keaveney,Assistant Secretary Norman Cinnamond and Brendan Young,Treasurer Joe Connolly.

January 12th 1979 Big freeze up for a full week.snow and freezing  arctic conditions leave the roads impassable.Garda barracks inundated with complaints about Council not gritting the roads.All bus services suspended and passengers booked into hotels for days after Donegal Expess fails to take the hill at Tractamotors.Burst pipes,schools closed,no bin collection etc and no customers in the shops.All sporting fixtures are cancelled for 2 wekends including the rugby match between Enniskillen and Cavan for the Pollock-Fletcher Cup.

Same Week Two new classrooms,cloakroom,toilets etc at Saint Felim’s School; at a cost of £90,000.

Christine Goodman Loreto Convent receives the College’s prize for winning their section in the National Care for the Enviornment.

On the proposition of Dr McDwyer Cavan UDC sends condolences to Bantry Town Commissioners on the Whiddy Island Disaster where 50 people died as a result of a tanker explosion.

Death of Paddy Reilly Killynebber at the age of 86.Native of Mullamagavin Lavey.General Merchant and extensive farmer.Among his interests were GAA and breeding of horses.Survived by his wife Kathlen sons Brendan,Austin Malachy and Finbar,daughters Claire Monica Celeste.Rev DO Dowd officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Kilygarry.

Death of John Smith Tullac Mongan.Spent 30 years in England.Worked in McCarrens and was a very keen GAA fan.His wife Josephine died 25 years ago and he is survived in Cavan by his brother Tommy.Father Anthony Fagan officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Death in New York of Michael Brady formerly Cavan House.He was a prominent member of the New York Fire Department.

January 19th 1979 Death of Jimmy Coyle  Saint Phelim’s Place at 68.Spent a lifetime with Paddy Elliott and Company as a skilled tradesman and loyal hardworking member of the staff.Very pleasant disposition he enjoyed a days fishing with the likes of Bill Meehan,Hughie (McGinnitys),John McQuillan and his son in law Ken Simpson.Brother of Terry Coyle who won an All Ireland medal with Cavan in 1933.Survived by his wife Julia,daughters Moira and Betty,sons Jimmy and Terry and sister Margaret Saint Phelim’s Place.Rev Tom McKiernan officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Same Week Symapthy to the Hickey family on the death of 6 ½ year old Michelle in Children’s Hospital in London where she was being treated for a hole in the heart.Survived by her parents Joe and Molly ,brother Christopher(2) and Grandmother Ena.Mass of the Angels in Killygarry followed by interment in the adjoining cemetery.

Paddy Donohoe beats off keen competition particularly from Phil Brady (Arva) to retain the Chair at Cavan County Convention.Officers Chair Paddy Donohoe,Vice Chair and Registrar Jim McCorry,Secretary Micheal Greenan,Assistant Secretary Hughie McInerney,Treasurer Eddie Brady,Youth Officer Father Oliver O Reilly Denn,PRO Father Sean Brady Saint Pats,Irish Officer Father Dan Gallogly Saint Pats.Father Oliver O Reilly resigns the post within the week and the Board are appointing a new Youth Officer.

Same Week Cavan Boy Scouts present their 23rd Annual Pantomime ‘Count and the Incredible Witch ‘ written and produced by John O Connor.Sean McManus is Count,Caroline O Reilly is Countess,Seamus McCormack is Buddy,Richard Cassidy is Betty,Jerry O Keefe is Jameser and Jacqueline Walsh is Witch.Scenery Mary Cahill and John Moore,Costumes Maureen Mulvaney,Stage Frank O Keefe,Greg Sheridan,Danny O Hanlon,Arthur McKenna,Turlough Smith and John Conlon,Lighting Brian Sullivan,Amplification Kevin Kilduff,Choreography Valerie Finegan,Jimmy Higins and Cait Coyle.Make Up Betty Hickey Gene Cullivan,Bill Henry and Patsy Lee,PRO Father Des O Dowd.Orchestra Piano Peter Veale,Drums John Smith,Guitar John Hannigan,Accordions Tommy Reilly and Des Jenkins,Violin Jackie Fitzpatrick,Sax Paddy Duffy,Clarinet Eamonn Donohoe,

January 26th 1979.104,461 cars registered in the Republic in 1978.Ford are a long way ahead as the market leaders.

Same Week Noel Smith stars in Cavan Town’s 5-2 win over Castleblayney at Derrycramph while their 2nd team are away to Connolly Rangers in Longford next Sunday.

Death of Jack Smith Bridge Street over 50 years in USA and Master Sergeant American Air Force during World War 2.In his youth played with Cavan Harps.Survived by his wife Katherine USA and sister Margaret Newsagewnt Bridge Street.Funeral in Largo USA.

Death of Olive Simon in Liverpool.Teacher in the Royal School,she retired to Liverpool. in 1968.Old Cavan family.Her grandfather was a noted Auctioneer and her father a Saddler on the Main Street.Funeral in Liverpool.

Death of Katherine McCabe The Shop and Woodland Cottage Drumullen at the age of 68.Sister of Father Bob McCabe former President of Saint Pats.Funeral from Drumcor Church to the old cemetery Bangor

Lieutenant Joseph Scanlon son of Jim and Maureen and serving in the Lebanon with the United Nations is promoted to the rank of Captain.

February 2nd 1979 Cavan Urban rate is now £11-66 in the £ an incease of 10%.Maurice Jackson calls for the urban area to be extended as there is far too few ratepayers and payment of the higher rates is a terrible headache for small businesses.

Same Week Cavan County Council now has 570 acres of a landbank including 24 acres at Moynehall,52 at Killygarry,12 acres at Kinnypottle,19 acres at Lisdarn for the Hospital,37 acres at Dawsons and 2 acres at Keadue for the provision of a Park

Brian O Grady makes his senior inter county debut against Roscommon in National League in Carrick on Shannon.Member of Cavan Gaels where he has been voted Minor Player of the Year.Brian was born in Letterkenny son of Brian and Ann Earlsvale Road.and is grandson of the famous Standish O Grady who captained Cavan in 1925.

Recorded Music Society 1979.Details of the programme for the coming season from Walter Myles (Chairman),Alice McMahon Earlsvale Road (Secretary) or Eamonn Gaffney PRO.

February 9th 1979 Ulster Slogadh Finals in Saint Patrick’s Hall Bundoran.Leatherwork Brid Goodman Lorteo,Painting Judith Cullivan Loreto and Embroidered Picture Jacinta Dermody also Loreto.

Same Week Cavan Rugby Club 1st XV Versus Ashbourne Joey Smith,Mick Flynn,Johnny McCormack,Mick Watters,Kevin McEntee,Mick Sutton,P Lynch,Eric Trenier Frank O Neill (capt),Sean McKiernan,Liam McMenamin,Tom Farrell,AN Other,Mick Johnstone and Paddy Malone.

Senan O Reilly wins Boys Under 16 3,000 metres while Hugo Cafferty (Drumelis) representing Laragh wins the Senior Men 12,000 metres at County Cross Country in Bailieboro.

February 16th 1979 American born Tom Moore wins both major sections of the 2nd Cavan Song Contest in the Sports Centre.’Baton Rouge’ wins Cavan Crystal prize and £1,000 while ‘Cavan Girl’ sung by the composer is the winner of the Deragarra Inn prize and £500 “Cavan and the Music Industry are indebted to the expertise of the two main organisers Ann Lennon and Maura Maloney”.The three day festival was opened by John Wilson Minister for Education.Ian Corrigan sang the very first song ‘My Hert Lies in Cavan’ written by Brian McCormack Saint Phelim’s Place.Phil Cullivan able,elegant and eloquent MC on 1st night,Candy Devine (Downtown Radio ) on the 2nd night while the final night was once again compered by Radio 2 disc jockey Larry Gogan.Stage Design Patsy Lee.Construction Jack Galligan,Danny O Hanlon,,Greg Sheridan and Frank O Keefe.Lighting Brian Sullivan.Amplifiication Nolan Castlepollard assisted by Ray Fay. Hostesses Dolie Cullivan,Sheila McGinnity,Kathleen Young,Kate O Hanlon,Kay Lawlor,Caroline Moane,Finnula Murray,Finola Maloney,Maureen Mulvaney and Jackie Maloney.Accomodation Brigid O Hanlon.Floral Decoration Maureen Mulvaney.Stewards Kevin Kilduff,Jim Mulvaney,J J O Reilly,Bud O Neill ,John Conlon,Danny O Hanlon,Greg Sheridan,Frank O Keefe ,Benny Little and Peter Coogan.

Same Week Death of Jimmy McDermott late of 16 Lake View.Labour activist,he was born in Abbey Street in 1895 and moved to 16 Owen Roe on completion of the scheme.Commanding presence and eloquent speaker on behlf of the working classes in the town.Labour member of Cavan Urban Council,he was a founder member of the old Labour Band.Postman in the old Post office ,he was Secretary of the Labour Union.Active member of the old IRA,he was one of the members who hoisted the tricolour on both the Military Barrack and RIC Station as the British were vacating the buildings in 1921.He held the 1917-1921 Service medal and the 1921-1971 Truce Commemoration medal.Caretaker of Cavan Waterworks,he emigrated to England in the 1940s and his family vacated 16 Owen Roe in 1955.Talented writer,he had many short stories published notably in the Anglo Celt Christmas Number.He is survived by his wife Brigid,sons Jim ,Sean,Kevin,Patrick,daughters Margaret,Rose and Una.Funeral to New Southgate London.

Table Tennis Committee 1979 Chairman Jimmy Cullen,Secretary Eddie O Reilly,Treasurer Des Drew,.Committee Monica Fay,Claire Timmoney,Charlie Greene and Donal Clavin.

John Slattery MA Headmaster of the Vocational school and Kilkenny native is appointed by the Minister of Education John Wilson to the Council for European Education.

Cavan UDC sell the Tower Hamlet site to the Office of Public Works for £45,000 with the proviso that development would commence within 3 years.

Hugh Gough Angling Officer of Inland Fisheries Trust pictured is on promotional tour for coarse angling in Britain.Presentations in Sheffield Birmingham,Liverpool,Manchester including 6 local radio broadcasts.As aresult of Hugh’s efforts enquires from Britain have jumped to over 1,000 per week.

Continued celebrations to mark the Bi Centenary of the birth of Catherine McCauley (Founderess of the Sisters of Mercy) born in Dublin 29 th of September 1778.Worldwide there are 22,000 sisters.while in Ireland there are 221 convents and 5,000 nuns.Kilmore is served by houses in Belturbet,Cootehill,Ballinamore and Manorhamilton while the sisters run both the Surgical and Saint Phelim’s from their Belturbet branch.

February 23rd 1979:Drawings of the proposed new Cavan General Hospital on display at Health Board meting while Barry Seagrave CEO announces that the schedule is on target.

Same Week Swimming pool again on the agenda at Cavan County Council meting where Peter Hayden County Secretary tells the meeting that the cost of erecting the pool is now £180,000 and it would cost £40,000 annually to operate.There is £18,000 in the Swimming Pool funds but the proposal gets a very lukewarm reception and is again put on the long finger.

Death of Pat Gilchreest of Drumbo at the age of 85 farmer and former star with Drumbo Sons of Erin.Father Tom McKiernan officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Death of Thomas Teevan Swellan formerly farmer in Castletara.

Cavan Gaels are again voted Club of the Year for the second successive year but lose one of their stars as Dermot Dalton is transferred to Detective Branch Dublin Castle.The Gaels won Senior,Minor and Minor League in 1978.

Cavan XV lose their Provincila Towns title when going down to Roscrea 10-7.Cavan finished with 13 men and lack of match practice due to the bad weather cost them dearly.Mick Suton,Mick Watters and Michael Flynn retire with injuries and fail to finish the game.

March 2nd 1979 Rich (10) and Phil (9) sons of Sean and Margaret McCormack are making the headlines at Sutton Swimming and Boxing clubs.

Same Week Junior Chamber 1979 President John O Brien, Deputy President Philip Cosgrove,Treasurer Angela McHugh,Secretary Teresa Reilly while John McLoughlin is voted Most Outstanding Member 1979.

Death of Margaret Donohoe Rossa Place at the age of 81 widow of J J.deply religious and outstanding neighbour.Survived by her sons Pete,Eamonn Sean,daughters Kitty and Ellie.Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Death of Jennifer Sheridan aged 6 ½  Harmony Heights.Survived by her parents Paddy and Kay and brother Colin.Guard of Honour formed by the pupils of Saint Clares School.Father Felim Kelly officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Death of Elizabeth Brady Connolly Street and late of Tierquin.She was in her 80s and was a highly skilled dressmaker,last of her family.Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Martin Cosgrove son of John and Sheila Keadue Lane is conferred with his degree in Business Studies at Trinity.

March 9th 1979 Provision of a By Pass and Caravan Park for tourists together with new £115 million hospital which will employ 750 is part of the new Cavan Town Plan.

Same Week Death of Margaret Boylan widow of John Coratubber.Prominent Republican and member of Cumainn Na Bhan during the War of Independence.Survived by her sons Sean Seamus,Brian Tom Charlie and Matt daughters Jeromeen and Mary.Father Brian Flynn officiated at the funeral from Castletara to the adjoining cemetery.

Christy Ring dies suddenly and is buried in his native Cloyne.Funeral procession of 20 miles took over 3 hours to negotiate as crowds gathered to pay their last respects.Second hearse needed to carry the hundreds of wretahs and floral tributes.Christy was the holder of 8 All Ireland Senior Hurling medals.

March 16th 1979 First arrival Patrick Sullivan from Tunnyduff Bailieboro at new John Sullivan Home are welcomed by the Matron Pat Martin,Ann Conaty (Staff Nurs),Niall Walsh (Administrator NEHB),Theresa Coyle (Domestic Staff),Alice Fitzsimmons (Domestic Staff) and Philomena McKenna (Cook).

Same Week Youth Club (CYM) for the town situated at the old poor Clare Secondary School.Officers Chairman Edward McGovern (Connolly Street),Vice Chair June Maguire (Swellan),Treasurer Michael Kelly Drumnavanagh),Assistant Treasurer Claire O Dwyer (Drumnavanagh).Committee Brigid Quinn,Aidan Fortune,Sandra Conaty,Denise Coleman,Declan McKiernan,Liam Sheridan (Kadue) and Jerry O Donnell PRO.

Cavan beat Armagh 6-4 at home to qualify for the semi finals of the McGambly Cup.Club are organising a trip to the Isle of Man for Easter.

Death of Eileen Boylan Wolfe Tone Street.prominent member of the Wheelchair Association,Legion of Mary and ICA.native of Drumelis,survived by her husband Eugene.

Pat Ryan replaces Noel Murtagh at Saint Felims Boys School.Pat first came to teach here in 1969 and is the longest serving male member of the staff.

Chess Team 1969 Jim O Leary,Robin Norton,Andrew Smith,Seamus McDonnell,Tom Clifford and Ernie Kinane.Cavan beat Monaghan 7-2 in challenge.

Irish Pound is now a member of the EMS taking on 8 different European currencies including sterling.

PRSI begins from 6th of April 1979 Single payment in respect of (1) Social Insurance (2) Redundancy,(3) Occupational Insurance and Health.

Drumalee captained by Gerry McCabe beat Castlerahan 2-9 to 3-4 to take the Division 2 Senior League.Scappy but entertaining played in gale force wind.Drumalee were on top throughout and a late Castlrahan goal put a respectable face on the scoreline.Scorers for Drumalee Philip Maguire 1-1,Paddy McGovern 0-4 Felim Costello 1-0,Kevine Lavelle 0-2,Micheal Grenan 0-1 and Sean Leddy 0-1.Team Frank Lyons,Fergus Costello,Joey O Keefe,George Crowe,John Costello,Cyril O Keefe,Gerry McCabe (Capt),Kevin Lavelle,Andy Monson,Paddy McGovern,Sean LeddyFelim Costello,Philip Maguire,Micheal Greenan and Owen Fay.Subs Brian Lee for George Crowe (injured)

March 23rd 1979 Untimely death of Felix Gormley (junior ) at Saint Vincents Elm Park.He was aged 14 and 3rd year student in Saint Pats.Gold medallist at County Community Games in High Jump,Mile and Soccer.he was a prominent member of the Breffni Boys Band and played Under 14 with Cavan Gaels.He is survived by his parents Felix and Margaret,brother Thomas,and sisters Catherine and Aileen.Monsignor P J McManus was the chief concelebrant of the Mass assisted by Fathers Colm Hurley,John Murphy,Charlie Heery and Fintan McKiernan.Guards of Honour were formed by students from Loreto,Saint Pats Cavan AC and Breffni Boys Band.

Same Week 33rd Cavan Drama Festival.Adjudicator is Alan Wilson (London) and the booking is as usual at McGinnitys Travel.

Despite severe criticism particularly from Cavan Team Manager P J Carroll Sean O Neill guides Ulster to their first Railway Cup success since 1971 when they halt Munster’s 5 in a row bid 1-7 to 0-6 in arctic weather conditions at Croke Park before a crowd of 2,275.Paddy McNamee Ramor United was included in the subs.

March 30th 1979 John Treacy delights the huge Cavan contingent at Limerick Racecourse when he retains his World Cross Country title.Ireland were second in the team event to England.

Same Week Death of George Carroll in London formerly of Creighan.Prominent member of the old Cavan Soccer Club.Survived by his wife Patricia sons and daughters and in Cavan brothers Packy,F

rank and sisters Lily Sheridan and Maisie.Brady.

Membership of the recently formed CYM Youth Club is now 210.Film on Friday in the new centre at the Poor Clare Convent.

Cumainn Rinnce and Cabhain celebrate the centenary of the birth of Padraic Pearse with well attended function in the Town Hall.

Donnacdha O Dualin broadcasting his ‘Hyways and Byways’ on RTE from The Derragarra Inn. Among the guests are Phil (Gunner) Brady and the winning Polo Grounds team.Larry Cunningham teams up with the Mighty Avons for the night and Vincent Pilkington Cootehill gives a demonstration of turkey plucking.

Liam Mulvihill succeeds Sean O Siochan as Director General of the GAA while Paddy McFlynn from Down takes over the Presidency from Con Murphy of Cork at the Annual GAA Congress.

Dessie Gardiner partners Michael Sullivan (Dublin) to win the Army Doubles Badminton title 15-7,11-15 and 15-7.

County Library mounts an exhibition of pictures dating from BC to the present day to coincide with a lecture by Father Dan Gallogly on Cavan’s history.Sarah Cullen is pictured showing a very impressed Niamh Creamer some of the exhibits.

April 6th 1979 Death of Jennie Agnew Connolly Street at the residence of her niece Valerie in Dromore County Tyrone.She was aged 70 and a very popular old resident.Survived by her sisters May Peggy and Elizabeth (Simpson).She reared Valerie and Ivan McCelland in Connolly Street.Funeral from Cavan Parish Church to the New cemetery.

Same Week Cavan Rugby Club purchase 7 ½ acre site at Swellan.They will have 2 new pitches in operation for the start of the season in September.

Fly fishing tying course by Peter O Reilly is an outstanding success at Cavan Vocational School.Jim McDonnell makes a presentation on behalf of the class to Peter for the outstanding and informative lectures over the Winter months.

Brian Wall (senior) is the popular winner of the Ford Escort in the Saint Pats Past Puils Union Draw.Anna Crowe fom Kilnavara is 4th and receives £25 consolation prize.

April 13th 1979 Bishop McKiernan announces that communicants in the Diocese of Kilmore may receive Holy Communion on the hand as and from Holy Thursday Mass.While the Passion in the Cathedral is read by Monsignor P J McManus Adm,Charlie Gorman and Micheal Harding.Master of  Cermonies was Father Felim Kelly.

Same Week Death of Paddy Dunne at the age of 50 in Laytown.Native of Delvin County Westmeath,Foreman with P Elliott and Company.In his youth played hurling for Delvin and was a noted singer and musician adept at both the piano and guitar.Survived by his wife Kathleen,sons Jim,Fintan,and Cormack,daughters Pauline and Dympna and sister Alice Elliott.Students from Loreto College and his workmates provided a Guard of Honour.Rev P J McManus Adm officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Fuel crisis with petrol and diesel being rationed to £2-£3 per car.

Susan Leonard’s team beat Karen McDwyer’s team in the Badminton Finals in the Protestant Hall.Team Susan Leonard (Capt),Catriona Lee,Fintan Tierney,Philip Crowe ,David Fallon,Louise Ward,Marian Clarke,Phil Gilbride and Michael Fallon.

April 20th 1979 Brendan Murray is apponted to the Board of Bord Na Mona by Minister for Industry and Commerce Des O Malley.Brendan is Chairman of Cavan Crystal,Royal Tara Galway,Cavan Fabrics and Tractamotors.

Same Week Clyde Jenkins aged 22 ‘Capu’ Swellan son of Brendan and Kitty is killed in road traffic accident at Drumohan Castletara Cross when the car he was a passenger in crashed into the pier of a gate.Leo Slacke Ballinagh and Thomas Lyons Drumlark are detained in Cavan Surgical Hospital.Clyde was Painter and Decorator in his father’s business. Extremely popular member of the FCA,Cavan Icebreakers and Cavan Gaels.He is survived by his parents Brendan and Kitty and sister Catherine.Rev Des O Dowd officiated at the funeral assisted by Revs Johnny McGuinness SMA Newry,Mark Kirwan Kilkenny.Paddy Conaty proposed a vote of sympathy at the UDC meeting seconded by Andy O Brien who remarked that “Clyde Jenkins was a very popular young man and his death is a huge blow to his family and the community”.

ID Hangar Industrial Doors part of the Kingscourt Construction Group take over the A-Z Factory at Moynehall.Investment of ½ million.Employing 12 now and expect to have over 60 on pay roll by Autumn 1980

Mr and Mrs Harry Egan 9 Connolly Street are celebrating their Golden Jubilee in the White Horse Hotel.They were married by Father Willie Buchanan in Saint Brigids Church Killygarry on the 18th of April 1929.Seven children Leo,Paddy,Jimmy,Noel,Harry,Gerry and Annete and 21 Grandchildren.

Death of Tommy Owens farmer Oldtown at the age of 71 “He was very charitable and always available to help out a neighbour”.Survived by sons Bill Thomas,Gorge Mervyn,daughters Doreen, Ann, Pearl and Sylvia.Funeral from Cavan Parish Church to New cemetery.

Death of Kathy Brady ACLM music teacher Town hall Street at the age of 81.Member of a very well known family who owned the old Globe Hotel.Kathy herself was taught by the famous Pauline Scortine Church Street.Music teacher  for a number of years in Saint Pats.Survived by her brothers Johnny and Paddy,sisters Annie and Nora.Rev Des O Dowd CC officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

AIB to launch their own Credit Card operated under Visa world wide scheme.They have been agents for Barclay’s card since 1972

April 27th 1979 Des Gilroy son of Tommy and Nellie Cathedral Road is appointed Marketing Manager of Berger Paints.Formerly employesd with Midland International Bailieboro and Crhysler (Ireland

Same Week Saint Felims Boys students transfer to the Poor Clare Secondary building  due to development at the school which will be fully complete for the start of the new school year in September.Work is being carried out by Francis Smith and Company Ballyhaise at a cost of £90,000.

Sympathy  to Paddy Barry Singer Sewing Centre on the death of his mother Alice Barry Tournageeha Ballyduff Waterford.

Paddy Mulloy of Farnham Street is the first purchaser of the Fiat Ritmo at Tractamotors.The salesman is Danny Fay while  Edwin Mahood is Sals Manager (Pictured).

May 4th 1979 William Shannon (American Ambassodor) and his wife are on a 1 day official visit to Cavan.Presented with a Cavan Crystal Bowl and Mrs Shannon with a bouquet of flowers.Later John Casidy County Manager hosts a luncheon in their honour at the Omega Restaurant Belturbet at which members of Cavan UDC and Cavan County Council are in attendance.

Same Week Paul McDonald aged 25 from Church Street is ‘Brain of Meath 1979’.Presented with a trophy and £100.Educated at Saint Felims Boys,Saint Pats,Saint Marys Dundalk and UCD.Paul teaches commerce and maths at Drogheda Vocational School and is son of Mauren and the late Austin McDonald Church Street.

Clarice Reilly and Carmel Smith proprietors of Downtown Boutique make a presentation of £1,050 to Andrew Boylan Spina Bifida Cavan proceds from their successful Fashion Show.

Father Benny Maguire is the new coach at Drumalee who play Sliabh Gladh Rangers in 1st Round of Senior Championship.

Dromin grab late equaliser against Cavan Town to finish 2-2 in Jackson Cup Final in Carrickmacross.Week later the Dromin side beat Cavan 3-0 when the latter were completely off form and should have ben beaten by more.

Loreto Church Choir and Loreto traditional group win the Slogadh National Finals in Dublin.Team Fiona Tierney,Louise O Reilly,Carmel Cahill,Ann Duffy,Patricia Lynch,Nuala McGrath,Ursula Nannery,Josephine Brady and Jacinta Morgan.the teams stayed overnight in Loreto College Dalkey.

Death of Molly Geelan Wolfe Tone Street at the age of 73. Widow of Jim ex CIE,she was a native of Sligo and excelled in Dramatic circles in her youth.She is survived by her daughter Breega.Father Felim Kelly officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Death of Ellen Hicks College Street at the age of 85.Native of Kildallon,she is survived by her daughter Mae.Father Felim Kelly officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Death of John Burns Jubilee Terrace at the age of 75.Served in the Irish army during the Emergency.Survived by sons Johnny,Andy daughters Mary (Fannon) and Nancy.Coffin draped in tricolour at the funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies at which Monsignor P J McManus officiated

Courtney’s Circus are admitting all handicapped,deprived and sick children to their Circus free as it is the Year of the Child.

Johnny O Hanlon and Gabrielle Dunne are pictured after their marriage in Saint Aidans Church Butlersbridge.

May 11th1979 Margaret Tatcher becomes the 1st woman Prime Minister when she leads the Conservatives to a resounding 43 seat victory.Jack Lynch pays a courtesy call to 10 Downing Street at which the North was top of the agenda.

Same Week Sympathy is extended to Jim Burke on the death of his mother Angela at the age of 86 in the USA.

Eileen Maloney is reappointed by the Government to the Central Council of the Irish Red Cross.

Cavan beat All Ireland Champions Kerry 2-11 to 1-12 in challenge to mark the official opening of the new Breffni Park.Brian O Grady scores late goal and is voted Man of the Match.Bishop McKiernan blesses the new stadium while Con Murphy former President of the GAA performs the opening ceremony.

May 18th 1979 Pat Smith of Cootehill bows out of Public life at the age of 94.He was a member of Cavan County Council for a record 46 years and of Cootehill Town Commissioners for 74.

Same Week Anglo Celt is up again to 17 Pence from the 1st of June 1979.

Paddy Conaty and Maurice Jackson not seeking re election to the Urban Council.Elections on June 7th.In a farewell tribute Dr Eamonn McDwyer said “they were the people from whom us younger members learn the tricks of the trade”

Death of Henry James Gear in Dublin at the ageof 77.Native of the Isle of Wight.Came to Cavan as Superintendent of British Insurance firm ,he later was appointed Superintendent for Irish Life in 1939.Joined the LDF and LSF during the Emergency.Transferred to Dublin in 1960,he remained actively involved with Irish Life for a number of years.He is survived by sons George John,Tom,Harry,daughtersMary and Ena.

Death of James Patrick Mansfield former Cavan County Engineer in Dublin at the age of 76.Native of Oola County Tipperary,served as County Engineer from 1949 until his retirement in 1965.Specialised in the provision of new roadways within the County.Active ,skilful member of Cavan Bridge Club and Cavan Golf Club,he was an expert chess player.Survived by his wife Nellie,sons FatherEamonn Mansfield CSSP and Jim,daughters Una ,Ursula and Mary.Funeral to Saint Fintans Sutton.

National power crisis-queues for petrol rationed to maximum of £5 per customer,speed limit reduced to 55 mph and daily electricity blackouts.

Wilie Harrington wins the President’s(Edward O Hanlon’s) Prize at County Cavan Golf Club.Gabriel Kelly is Runner Up while Madge Bouchier again wins the Ladies and Shane O Connor is best Juvenille.

Sean McIntyre wins the magnificient Avon darts trophy presented by the Proprietor Don McGawley.

Death of Sister Mary Elizabeth Loreto College.Native of Wexford,she was 55 years in religion.Taught Latin,German,French and English.Bishop Francis McKiernan,Fathers Colm Hurley and Felim Kelly concelebrated the funeral Mass in the Convent chapel

May 25th 1979 Monsignor Bernard Collins celebrates the Golden Jubilee of his ordination in California USA.Further celebrations planned in Cavan on his annual holiday home to Corrahoe.

Same Week County Surgeon Bolus Hanna is completely exonerated and the enquiry finds no evidence of negligence or misconduct in the course of his duties at Cavan Surgical Hospital.

Seamus Fallon is appointed Consultant Obstertician at Lisdarn Hospital.Graduated in 1966.Worked previously in Castlebar,Glasgow,Derry and Tullamore.Privte practice at McCabe’s Farnham Street.Seamus is married to a doctor from Glagow and they have a family of 4.

June 1st 1979 Record price of £131,000 for Mount Prospect and 74 acres of land at  Ricehill the former residence of Ron White Architect.Auctioneers O Reilly Taylor and Tweedy.

Same Week Onslow Bredin is the contractor at Aranmore House for Cavan Golf Club who are adding a bar,lounge locker rooms,showers ,kitchen etc at a cost of £50,000.

Archbishop Tom O Fiach of Armagh will be raised to the position of cardinal at the consistory in Rome on June 30th.There are 6 Italians named in Pope John Paul’s first list.

John O Rourke tops the poll for the Rules and Revisions Committee at the Annual Congress of the ITGWU in Galway.

Andrew Boylan Butlersbridge is the new Vice Chairman of the national Spina Bifida Association.

Cavan Gaels beat Killinkere at Loreto College to win their first ever county Junior Camogie title.Team Marie McCaffrey,,Elizabeth Fitzpatrick,Lorraine O Neill,Martina Keoghan,Edel Allen,Catherine Smith,Pauline Smith,Helen Reilly,Geraldine Carmichael,Frances Smith,Helen Connolly,Dympna McConnell,Susan McEvoy,Patricia McCormack,Ann McConnell and Teresa Higgins.Coach Monica Fay.

June 8th 1979 Pope John Paul II on nine day trip home to Poland.1st Pope to visit a Communist state.Crowd of 250,000 gather for Mass in Warsaw’s Main Square..Pope calls for Polish unity and better relationship between Church and State.

Same Week Coolest May in 56 years while rainfall was 60% above average and sunshine 15% below average.

Death of Dr.Mitchell former Bishop of Kilmore (1950-1955) at the age of 77.

Patrick Conaty is elected to his father’s seat on Cavan UDC while Paddy (Snr) is returned in style to Cavan County Council.Both Labour seats on Cavan UDC are lost to Independents.Urban Council Count Tom Fitzpatrick FG 317, ,Paddy Carroll FG 183,Dr.Eamonn McDwyer FF 156,Ptrick Conaty FF 145,Andy O Brien FG 92,May Reilly FF 82,Paddy O Reilly FG 80,Brian Finlay FF 78,Mary Keoghan Sinn Fein 78,Annie Murray FG 68,Pat Nally Independent 56,Brian Sullivan FF 48,Packy Clail Independent 40,John O Rourke Labour 40,Tom O Connor Labour 39,Paul Dolan SLP 36,Phil Cullen Labour 30,Kitty Jenkins FF 29.Quota 181.Fine Gael take 5 seats while Fianna Fail hold on to their 3 seats,Labour lose their 2 seats.New council May Reilly,Mary Keoghan,Annie Murray,Dr Eamonn McDwyer,Senator Andy O Brien,Paddy Carroll Tom Fitzpatrick,Paddy Conaty jnr and Paddy O Reilly.Tom Fitzpatrick is later elected Chairman after Paddy Carrol flies back from holiday in France to vote in the election of officers.Dr Eamonn McDwyer is Vice Chairman.

Cavan County Council-Cavan Electoral Area Andy O Brien Fine Gael 1,230,Francis Smith FF 978,Paddy Conaty FF 972,Andrew Boylan Fine Gael 926,Charles Boylan Sinn Fein 851,Michael Nelson Fine Gael 746,Willie Sherriff Ind.646,Francis McCaughey Fine Gael 579,Mary Smith Fianna Fail 576,Brian Finlay Fianna Fail 571,Brian Rudden Fianna Fail 452,Patrick Harwood Independent 41.Turnout 77% Seats 7 Quota 1,067.Returned 3 Fine Gael,3 Fianna Fail and 1 Sinn Fein.Sean Lee Fiann Fail from Belturbet later elcted Chairman.

June 15th 1979 Rev Joseph Duffy CC Enniskilen is named new Bishop of Clogher to replace Bishop Mulligan who is retiring.The new Bishop was born in Clones in 1934 and ordained in Maynooth in 1958.

June 22nd 1979 Cavan are beaten by Derry 2-12 to 1-13 in 1st Round of Ulster Championship at Breffni Prk before an attendance of 5,000.Derry grew in confidence as the game progressed and finished much the superior outfit.

Same Week Sympathy is extended to Kathleen Carroll Highfield Road on the death of her sister Rosaleen in Canada formerly Dowd from Cullies also to Peter Watters Highfield Road on the death of his brother Charles at Donegal District Hospital.

Thomas Heaslip aged 19 from Rathcorrick dies fom injuries received in motor cycle accident.Son of Tom and Mrs Heaslip,he is survived by his sisters Sharon and Ann.Rev Turkington officiated at the funeral from Cavan Parish Church to the New cemetery

Cavan Rugby Club Committee 1979 President Joe Fletcher,Secretary Peter Pollock,Treasurer Paddy McManus,Match Secretary Frank O Neill,1st Team Captain Mick Sutton. and Coach Ken Ruddock.

Cavan Gaels relinquish their title in the Quarter Final defeat to Laragh United 2-8 to 1-6 who now meet Drumalee in the Semi Final.Drumalee beat Kingscourt 0-13 to 0-4 in their Quarter Final.

June 29th 1979 Massive increases for Post office workers after a strike lasting 19 weeks brings an end to chaos and disruption that cost the country millions of pounds.Increases range frm 12% to 18.10 %.Postmen get an increase of £9-40 to £73-59.Will also ge in addition the 2% negotiated in National Wage Agreement.

Same Week Sudden death of Cyril Duffy Ashe Street at the age of 45.Skilled mechanic,taxi driver and painter.Accomplished darts player and winner of many of the local tournaments.He is survived by his mother Bridget,brother Brendan sistersTeresa Susan and Mary.Rev Des O Dowd CC officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Death in England of Bridget Jackson late of Wolfe Tone Street at the age of 90.Widow of Joseph,spent the last tweny years in England.She is survived by her sons Benny,Joey Jimmy and Paddy ,daughters Mary Ann,Rosie and Lily.Funeral in Stevenagae.

Monahan topple Armagh 2-10 to 2-8 before a crowd of 15,000 in Breffni Park to qualify for their first Ulster Final since 1952.

July 6th 1979 Cavan AC 4th Annual Field Day in Saint Pats Una O Connor wins the Girls Under 6 60 metres while Aideen Gormley wins the Girls Under 11 100 and 400 metres,Ann O Mahony wins Girls Under 14 100 with Helen Quinn a close second.Catherine Gorml;ey wins the Girls Under 16 800 metres.Athletes frim Banbridge,Monaghan and Kingscourt took part.

July 13th 1979 First meeting of new Urban Council where Paddy O Reilly calls for the immediate cutting of the grass at Saint Phlim’s Place where the grass is now 4 feet high while Paddy Gaffney announces that the long awaited opening of the Old Abbey to the general public will take place before the end of the Summer.

Same Week Cavan Town win their first Tunney Cup beating Ballybay in the Final 4-2 at Carrickmacross.Town were two down but put on a superb display. John Heffernan,Damien Keoghan,Trainor and Dessie Gardiner  were the outstanding defenders while in attack Bomber Sheehan and Hubert Smith were dangerous all afternoon.Town had to line out without their two star defenders Adrian Ronan and JJ Murphy both injured.

Maura Mullen is appointed Resident Inspector for Guardian Royal Exchange covering Cavan Leitrim and Longford.

Hugh Lennon member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England,Wales and Ireland is admitted to Partnership at MR McDwyer and Company.

Death of Arnold Saddler Farnham at the age of 60.Former employee with Cavan County Council.Survived by brother John,sisters Sofie,Sadie and Fannie.Rev Dean Turkington presided at the funeral from Kilmore Cathedral to Denn.

Death of Judy McGirr in Dublin survived by her husband John,sons Paul Sean,Frank, daughters Katherine,Judy and Sadie and brothers Tom and Seamus McCusker.

Rugby Ground Committee 1979 Noel Elliott,Paddy McManus,Joe Fletcher,Jim Elliott,M Ponderly and Liam McMenamin.Club are still based at Tierquin but will move to their new grounds in 1980.

Philomena Coleman wins the Captain’s Prize(Georgina Tansey),Joan O Hanlon (Best Gross),Evelyn Beirne (Runner Up)

July 20th 1979 Drumalee GFC are developing a 7 accre site for playing pitch dressing rooms,showers etc including 2,000 sq yds of entrance roadway.Secured a grant from of £15,000 for Youth Employment and £2,000 from Cavan County Council.Officers Chairman Matt O Reilly,Joint Secretaries Paddy McCarthy and Shane Dempsey,Joint Treasurers Brian Cumiskey and Frank Connolly.Sean Boylan and Hughie O Reilly are named as key men in this new development which will cost the Club £75,000

July 27th 1979 Monaghan win their 1st Ulster tile in 41 years when they easily beat Donegal 1-15 to 0-11 in Clones before a crowd of 25,000 who paid record receipts.

Same Week Pope John Paul 2 is coming to Ireland to officiate at the centenary celebrations in Knock.Bishop Frank McKiernan is head of the organising committee for the visit and Father Sean Brady of Saint Pats is appointed to the national organising committee.

Severiano Ballesteros of Spain wins the British Open Golf Championship at Lytham and Saint Annes.Jack Nicklaus of the USA is 2nd 3 strokes behind the winner.

Una McGurk from Balyjamesduff called to the Bar by Chief Justice Tom O Higgins.She is 1st ever Lady Barrister in Cavan.Eldest daughter of Tom and Mrs McGurk Ballyjamesduff.

Death of Eugene Boylan Wolfe Tone Street at the age of 70.Native of Clonervy,retired from farming when he lost both his legs 9 years ago.Prominent member of the Cavan Wheelchair Association.His wife Eileen died 4 months ago and he is survived by his brother Jimmy in Coratubber.Father Anthony Fagan officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Brady Brothers Cootehill apply for planning permission to erect a 60 bedroom hotel in a 4 block complex on a 3 acre elevated site at Killygarry.

August 3rd 1979 Dominick Sheridan wins ‘Sports Superstar’ when he excels at a number of disciplines at Erne Festival in Belturbet.

Same Week Bette Stephenson Canadian Minister for Education presents Jim Simpson with his degree in mining.Jim is based in Sudbury Ontario the nickel capital of the world.

Mass at Cullies Visitation is celebrated by Bishop Francis McKiernan, Rev Des O Dowd,Felim Kelly,Tom McKiernan and John Young Drumcrave.Heavy showers of rain but canopy over the altar saved the celebrants from getting wet.

One Day Wonder in Butlersbridge organised by John Clancy in aid of Spina Bifida draws huge crowds and raises the amazing total of £5,055.

August 10th 1979 Death of Bridget O Neill at the residence of her daughter Etta McIntyre Cathedral road.Aged 84 she was a native of Fartrim Ballyconnell.Monsignor Felix McCabe celebrated the funeral Mass in Our Lady of Lourdes Church in Ballyconnell.

Same Week Death of Bridget Lynch at the age of 97 widow of Thomas Tullymongan.she is survived by her sons Tommy,Mickey and Johnny.Father Anthony Fagan officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies

Sean Walsh swims Lough Melvin a journey of over 2 miles in 50 minutes.Father Gus Leydon CC and Tom Feeney NT Kinlough accompany him in the boat.

Death of Helena Dunne late of O Gormans Drapery.Native of Drung she was a member of the Legion of Mary in Cavan.She later went to Dublin and worked with the Irish Sweepstake in Ballsbridge.Rev Noel Mcintyre officiated at the funeral from Saint Brigids Killoughter.

August 17th 1979 Pope to visit Dublin,Drogheda,Clonmacnoise,Knock,Galway,Maynooth and Shannon during his 3 day visit to Ireland.Visit to North is ruled out by the present escalation of violence.

Same Week Hubert Kearns Town Clerk presents Tommy O Reilly of ‘The Regal’ with a wall clock on the occasion of his retirement as Waterworks Caretaker.

Garda Frank O Neill former Captain of County Cavan Rugby Club and trainer of Cavan Athletic Club is transferred from Cootehill to Dublin.Led Cavan to their Leinster Provincial Championship in 1976.Native of Limerick,he is a former member of the Garryowen Club

Monaghan spectators resort to booing the Kerry team during their counties humiliation at the hands of the Kingdom 5-14 to Monahghan’s 0-7.In their first All Ireland Senior semi final since 1938 Monaghan were overcome by the occasion and embarrassed by their followers.Monaghan County Board issue a fulsome apology to the GAA and Kerry for the disgraceful behaviour of a small section of their supporters.

August 24th 1979 Liam McMullin son of Joseph P McMullin and grandson of former County Surgeon the late J C McMullin is admitted as a fellow of the Royal Collge of Surgeons.

Same Week Olive Millar wins the President’s (Kitty Jenkins ) Prize at Couny Cavan Golf Club.Kay Henry is Runner Up while Maureen Hartman wins the Special Prize,Joan O Hanlon Best Gross and Norman Cinnamond Men’s Prize.

August 31st 1979 Earl Mountbatten of Burma and three others are murdered by the IRA at Mullaghmore.He was a cousin of the Queen and highly respected General in World War 2.The dead are named as Earl Mountbatten of Burma,Paul Maxwell (15) from Enniskillen and a 15 year old grandson of Earl Mountbatten.Dowager Baroness of Brabourne later dies from her injuries in Sligo General Hospital.Lord and Lady Brabourne (Daughter of Earl Mountbatten) and their son Timothy are seriously injured and detained in Sligo General Hospital.

Same Week IRA murder 20 British soldiers in Warrenpoint while many others are maimed and injured.Jack Lynch breaks his annual holiday in Portugal to issue a statement condemning the IRA as the  “real enemies of Ireland,bringing shame on the nation at home and abroad”

Maura Roche is welcomed by Jim Beirne District Court Clerk as the first lady ever to preside at the District Court in Cavan.

Vincent Pilkington from New Line Cootehill breaks the world record for plucking a turkey which he accomplished in a time of 2 minutes and 40 seconds at the Sail Inn Shecock before a huge enthusiastic crowd who willed him into the Guinness Book of Records beating the old mark by 4 seconds.

Cathedral Choir are in intensive practice to participate at the Papal Mass in the Phoenix Park on the 29th of September.

Cavan FC 3rd AGM.Chairman Ken Simpson,Vice Chair Finbarr Nonan,Secretary Adrian Ronan,Assistant Secretary Vincent Drumm,Treasurer Marco Heslin and Pitch Ofice Gerry Egan.

September 3rd 1979 10,000 Invalids will be accommodated at the Papal Mass in the Phoenix Park.There are no Invalid tickets being allocated to the Diocese of Kilmore for the Mass in Knock.120 youth tickets for the Galway Mass are available to the Parish.Draw for these and the Invalid Passes will take place and be allocated within the next ten days.A church gate collection to defray the expense of the Papal Visit will be taken up at all Masses in the country next weekend.Scouts are heading for the Drogheda cermonies

Same Week Souvenir programme of 32 pages compiled by PJ Carroll (County Team Manager) and published by the Minor Board for next Sundays Senior and Minor Finals in Breffni Park.

September 10th 1979 Brian Tighe wins the Captain’s (Vincent O Connor) Prize at Cavan Golf Club,Wilie Harrington is 2nd while Jim Beirne is Best Gross,David McCormack wins the Boys Prize Joan O Hanlon Ladie’s Prize and Seamus Fox Grandfather’s Prize.

Same Week Cavan Rugby 1st XV to play Ballinasloe K McEntee,J J Lee,Michael Flynn,John Cullen,Johnny McCormack,Kevin O Connor,Mick Sutton (Cpt) ,Sean McKiernan,PJ Quinn,Peter Pollock,Liam McMenamin,Pat Lee,Noel Finn,G Lennon and Paddy Malone.Reserves Gerry O Rourke,David Shields and John Loughnane.

September 17th 1979 Tarmacadam-Roadways,Car Park Quotation without Obligation contact Pat Denning Drumcrave at 049-31362

Same Week Ann Shanaghy well known greyhound breeder from Lisdarn has two winners at Longford each of the dogs won by 6 lengths.

Sean Young is member of the winning Irish team at the Home International on Lough Conn.Competition established in 1932 this is the 3rd win for Ireland who last won the trophy in 1973 on Lough Corrib when Supt.J J McNally,Tommy Donohoe and Father PJ Gargan were members of the winning Irish team.

Father Pat Donohoe son of Johhnny and Mrs Donohoe from Bridge Street is home on holiday from the Missions in Korea.Father Pat is 23 yars in Korea where one of his fellow Columbans is Father Kevin O Rourke late of the Market Square.

Bernard (Golly) Galligan is runner up on concert flute at All Ireland Fleadh Cheoil in Buncrana.

Laragh United captained by Ciaran Brady win their 1st ever Senior Championship 3-14 to 1-7 “when Crosserlough had to give way to youthful exhuberance in poor County Final at Breffni Park”

September 21st 1979 Paddy Conaty again urges that all old folks homes in the NEHB area be equipped with a Bar to sell alcoholic drink.Sister Carmel from Trim says “we have enough problems without a bar and all our patients would prefer 1 pint in the Local to 10 on the pemises”

Same Week Mr George McMurray MB BCh BAO,FRCS from Donaghdee County Down is appointed Surgeon in Cavan Surgical Hospital to assist County Surgeon Mr Bolus Hanna.

Death of John Charles Lord Legaland Crossdoney at the age of 61.Outstanding dairy farmer and Internationally known breeder of Freisan cattle.Founder member of the ICMSA.Member of Cavan County Council and Cavan Agricultural Committee.Tireless worker for the Church of Ireland, member of the Diocesan Synod and the Masonic Order.Survived by his wife Doreen,son James,daughter Barbara.Members of the IFA formed a guard of honour at the removal.Bishop Moore and Canon George Millar officiated at the funeral from Kilmore Cathedral to adjoining cemetery.Cavan County Council on the proposition of Paddy Conaty seconded by Andy O Brien unanimously passed a vote of sympathy with the family of John Charles Lord.

Crosserlough and Ballyhaise on three week tour of the USA playing games in Nw York,Boston and Philladelphia.Anthony Rehill,Hugh Sheridan,Owen Reilly,Joe McKiernan,Sean Smith and Gene Cusack stay on in the USA leaving the club with acute difficulties in fielding a senior team.Joe Smith was the only member of the Ballyhaise team to stay on.

Cavan Gaels win the Urban Under 16 title beating Arva/Kileshandra by 3-6 to 1-6.Gaels overran the opposition in the second half.Scorers P McGovern 1-3,Paraic O Connor 1-0,Noel Browne 0-2,Brian Lynch,Finian O Reilly and Declan McKiernan 0-1 each.Team Paul Ledy,Jimmy Sheridan,P Donohoe,John McHugh,E Cullen,E Brady,Kevin O Grady Sean Harten,Declan McKiernan,Brian Lynch,Paraic O Connor,P McGovern,N Browne,F Reilly and Paul Higgins.Sub John Conaty for Paul Higgins and T O Neill for John Conaty.Referee Hughie McInerney (Redhills).

September 28th 1979 “All Ireland Welcomes the Pope with Open Arms”.Arrangements are complete.Pope John Paul II first Pope ever to set foot on Irish soil will arrive here to morrow Saturday morning.All businesses  in Cavan town and county are closed to give people the opportunity of participating in the ceremonies to mark the visit.

Same Week Rev Martin Cosgrove SVD from Kilnavara is ordained by the Bishop of Elphin at Drommon County Roscommon- home of the Divine Word Misionaries.Father Martin is assigned to Brazil from September 1980.

Sean Walsh swims continuously in Newry swimming pool for a period of 7 hours at the rate of 2 miles per hour.

October 5th 1979 “Unforgettable 3 days in the history of Ireland.The country will never be the same again.This most wonderful man has left behind a legacy that will change us all.Over 2 ½ million people throng the Phoenix Park,Clomacnoise,Knock,Gaway,Limerick and Maynooth.The pilgrims were remarkab in their endurance,patience,tolerance and above all great good humour.Most popular man ever to visit these shores” Quotes “I too like Saint Patrick have heard the voice of the Irish” “Young People of Ireland I Love You” “On my bended knee I implore you to turn away from the path of violence” “My devotion to the Mother of God (Maithir Dia) unites me in this place (Knock) in a special way with the people of Ireland”.Pilgrims from Cavan were arriving at the Phoenix Park from late Friday evening and continued to pour into the venue from first light on Saturday morning.Total of 3 minibuses, 11 buses including 2 with invalids and 2 with Cathedral Choir under their conductor Father Des O Dowd assisted by Father Gerry Kearns (Saint Pats).Father P J McManus was one of the cocelebrants in Drogheda while Fathers Felim Kelly and Tom McKiernan led the youth from the Parish in 6 buses to Galway for the Youth Mass.Marian Fitzpatrick from Crubany receives Holy Communion from the Pope-Marian is deaf and dumb and has just graduated from Saint Josephs in Cabra.Local branch of the Boy Scouts Army and Civil Defence were on duty in Drogheda.The Legion of Mary were allowed 1 bus for the pigrimmage to Knock and on board was John Smith late of 59 Main Street (Veale’s) whose miraculous cure at Knock is fully documented and accepted. “Heartiest congratulations to our Bishop Francis McKiernan as Chairman of the Organising Committee for the Papal Visit which was a masterpiece of timing coordination blessed by the wonderful weather”.Pictures of the Papal Visit are by Tom Hussey,Paddy Ronaghan and Hugh Brady (Dundalk).

Same Week Death of John Sharkey Farnham Road at he age of 62 after a long illness borne with the utmost fortitiude.During his days in the Anglo Celt,he was the welcome face of the Company throughout the area and could be relied upon to solve any problem to the mutual delight of everyone.From his earlies years John fought every battle with courage and tenacity that swept all obstacles aside.His courage in facing death and his fortitude was an example to everyone.It is not given to many generations to witness a character of the calibre and courage of John Sharkey”.Outstanding boxer in his youth,he was assistant to John Donohoe for many years in Cavan Boy Scouts and was a member of the original troop founded in 1929.He was the first local tenor to broadcast on Radio Eireann with a live link from the Town Hall in 1942.Masseur to the Cavan County football team for a number of years,he had the respect and confidence of all his players.Father of the Chapel of the National Graphical Association for a number of years.Largest funeral in the Cathedral,mourners came from all areas to offer their condolence.He is survived by his wife Nuala,sons Sean,Paul,Desmond,Thomas and brother Edward (Saint Felims Place) and Pat (Canada).Members of the Anglo Celt staff carried the remains part of the way fom the Hospital while the local troop of the Boy Scouts provided the Guard of Honor at the Cathedral.Father Tom McKiernan officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Paddy Carroll is elected to the executive of the Municipal Councils of Ireland.

County Cavan Senior Badminton Panel 1979 Joe Mullery,Seamus McIntyre,Stanley Bowles,Robbie O Connel Mervyn and Jackie Lyndsey,Brian McEntee,Kevin McEntee,Tony McCabe,Eamonn McCabe,Gerry Eggleton,Majella Brady,Catherine Fay,Carmel Duggan,Marita Leech,Paula Carolan,Lily Morrow and Laura Whelan.

Death of Annie Crowe late of The Dew Drop Inn and Crenard Ballinagh..Widow of Joe, she was 66 and highly respected in all circles.Survived by her sons Gussy,Martin,Damian,John,George ,daughters Mary Margaret,Attracta and Philomena.Her nephew Father Seamus Cullen (Columban Fathers) officiated at the funeral from Saint Felim’s Ballinagh to Potahee.

October 12th 1979 Bishop McKiernan plants oak tree at the Cathedral to commemorate the Papal Visit.David Degan,Fathers Kevin Mitchell O Praem,Anthony Fagan and Felim Kelly weigh in with some expert advice.

Same Week Peter Hayden opens Art exhibition in the Protestant Hall.There are 7 new artists from Cavan ,2 from Fermanagh and 1 from Monaghan on view his year.

Saint Joseph’s Young Priests 3rd annual pilgrimage to Knock is supported by a record 300 from the Diocese conveyed to Knock in 6 buses.

Death of Edward Allen in New York.He was 45 years an Inspector for American railways and a native of Emmet Place.

Sympathy is extended to Jim Scanlon and Family Town Hall Street on the death of his mother Ellen in Wexford at an advanced age

Shops are flooded with memorabilia of the Papal Visit.McIntyres advertise an exclusive wall rug with the Pope’s signature while records tapes,books,key rings,delph and pictures are snapped up by eager souvenir hunters.

Fidelma O Brien daughter of Senator Andy and Mollie graduates with a BA from UCD.Educated at Crubany,Loreto and UCD,Fidelma is presently teaching in Dublin.

Marese CallaghanKilnaleck (15) presents a cheque for £125 to Sister Christine Loreto towards the Year of the Child fund.Marese sold potted plants to raise the money.

October 19th 1979 Paul V Kelly eldest son of Sean and Mrs Kelly Moynehall graduates as a Solicitor.Educated at Ballinagh NS,Saint Pats,UCD and the Incorporated Law Society.Paul has joined his father’s practice in Church Street.

Same Week:Hubert Kearns Town Clerk is apponted senior staff officer Galway County Council.International coarse angler, Hubert is nephew of Rose Carroll College Street.

Cavan CYMS 1979.President Jimmy McCormack,Chairman Jim Fay,Vice Chair Hughie Maguire,Secretary Michael Breslin,Treasurer Paddy O Reilly,Assistant Treasurer H L Smyth.Committee Andy Cafferty,Oliver Malone,Billy Doonan,Laurence Flood,Robert Harrison and Jimmy Mulcahy.Chaplain Father Anthony Fagan.

Tragic death of Bill O Hanlon Saint Martins Creighan at the age of 69, knocked down by car as he was crossing to his home on the Ballinagh Road.Native of Carlow,he came to Cavan in 1936,spending 30 years as electrician with the ESB until 1966 when he suffered severe injuries in the course of his work.Member of Boy  Scouts Committee and Gardening Club a pastime in which he excelled.Survived by his wife Bridget (Igoe),sons Liam Father Joe,Alan Danny ,Declan,daughters Mary,Joanna,Fidelma,Eithne and Breda.Funeral following concelebrated Mass in the Cathedral to Killygarry.Cavan Boy Scouts provided the Guard of Honour.

Albert Hickey is Knight (Columbanus) of the year in Hamilton Canada.Albert is 5 years in Canada and is Manager of Beaver Foods in London Ontario.

Death of John Coulter founder of the Cavan Mineral Waters at the age of 80.Native of Newry ,he set up business first with John McShane in 1927 at the back of the Farnham and moved to more spacious accommodation with the acquisition of the old Boy’s School at Creighan in 1943. With the death of John McShane took full control of the Company from 1956.Lover of all things Irish,he was fluent in the Irish language which he dearly loved.Took active part in the fight for Independence in South Armagh.He was a member of the Breffni Historical Society and a great supporter of Irish culture in all its forms.Survived by his wife Catherine,sons Brendan,Dessie and daughter Maeve.Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Catherine Gormley Cavan AC is once again seleted by BLOE as Cavan Athlete of the Year.She won the award in 1976,’77 and now’79.

Huge auction of carpets flags,timber,cables spotlights,seating etc in Dublin and Galway .Dan Heaslip Auctioneer has 800 lots for sale.Proceeds will go towards defraying the debt on Papal Visit which is over £400,000.

Cavan County Council critical of the poor service and over charging of CIE during the Papal Visit.Bishop McKiernan and RTE are complimented on their huge contribution to the success of the Visit.

Ann Clail of 10 Saint Patricks Terrace dies suddenly on visit to Glastonbury Somerset.Native of Castlepollard.She is survived by her husband Eddie and son Gus.Monsignor PJ McManus Adm officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Cavan 1st XV Rugby beat Navan 14-12 in thriller at Tierquin while their 2nds beat a mediocre  Navan away 7-3.

26th October 1979 Cavan AC win the Boys Under 13 in Bailieboro leg of Road League(Pictured) Brian Coleman,Patrick Sharkey,Tony Talbot,Anthony McDermott,Thomas McKiernan,Nathan O Reilly,Cian Murtagh and Paul Timmony.Our only individual winner is Aidan Watters in Under 17 2,000 metres.Paul Myles makes his debut as runner up to Alexis Sheridan in Senior 8,000 metres.

Same Week Cavan Town defeat Carrick Rovers in 1st round of the FAI Cup at Derrycramph.Cavan had stars in Gardiner,Murphy,Hubert Smith,Adrian Ronan and Martin Maguire.

Liam Devalley of RTE and Colette McGahon are the 2 operatic stars for this year’s Social Services Concert in Sports Centre.Colette is a niece of Majo and Kathleen Mallon the latter was a star performer in Father Willie Buchanan’s Old Cathedral Choir.

Boy Scouts 23rd Annual Pantomime is ‘Friends Romans and Spacemen’ from December 16th to December 23rd.There is a cast of 60 with full orchestral backing.

November 2nd 1979 Cavan Junior Chamber present £700 to Andrew Boylan Chairman of Spina Bifida the proceeds of a Beer and Pork night in the Farnham Hotel.

Same Week James Murphy son of Mr and Mrs Martin Murphy ‘Corbell’ Farnham Road is conferred with BE Civil Engineering.Employed with Murphy Emgineering in Cork.

Death of Josephine Morris Ivy Cottage at the age of 83.Nurse by profession.she served in the old Fever Hospital before taking up a position as a private nurse “Her kindness and dedication to the sick was a household word in Cavan”.Member of Cavan Red Cross and County Cavan Golf Club,she was an expert card player and specialised in Poker.She was predeceased by her husband Jim Parcel Courier Cavan Post office.Survived by her daughters Pat, Moira and Joan.Monsignor PJ McManus Adm,Father Paddy Morris and Very Rev J Hanna PP Raheny officiated at the funeral to Saint Fintans cemetery Sutton.

November 9th 1979 Declan McDonald Church Street youngest son of Maureen and the late Austin is awarded his H Dip in Ed at Maynooth.

Same Week Death of Etta Fitzsimmons Pullamore and late of Bridge Street at the age of 69.Native of Aughawee Kilnaleck. Graduated from UCD in 1933 with a B Comm H Dip in Ed.Taught first in Saint Philomenas High School Drogheda and soon after Cavan Vocational School where she taught until her marriage in 1945.Returned to teaching in the Royal School from 1954 and later Vice Principal Saint Clares and finally Loreto College until her recent retirement.She was held in the highest esteem by both pupils colleagues and parents.She was fluent Irish speaker and active member of Conradh Na Gaeige.She was an official of ASTI.Survived by her husband Jimmy,sons Seamus and Philip and daughter Marita.Father Felim Kelly officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

County Manager John Cassidy accepts 96 applictions vetted by the County MOH for the new John Paul Avenue houses.The names are put in a drum and the first 56 secure houses.UDC are proceeding with another development of 20 houses starting in Spring 1980 (Ard Na Greinne).

Appeal for furniture fittings etc to equip the new Cavan Youth Club at Saint Clares.Contact Ethna Kellegher Cathedral Road Phone 31345.

Cavan’s new Cycling Club meting in Wheels are reminded that “this is a cycling club not a racing club”.Several events are being organised for the Spring including a Race.

November 16th 1979 Senator Edward Kenneddy to oppose the President Jimmy Carter for the Democratic nomination in his bid for the White House in 1980.

Same Week Cavan UDC Gardening Competition Zone 1 Amenity Edward Bonney 13 Saint Phelims Place,Vegetables Edward Sharkey 19 Saint Phelims.Zone 2 Ameniy  Felix Sheridan 13 Tullac Mongan Vegetables Eugene O Neill 12 Fairview.Zone 3 Amenity Seamus Fay 1 Owen Roe Vegetables Willie Weir 9 Jubilee.Zone 4 Amenity Hughie Cosgrove 9 Saint Aidans Vegetables Frank Lyons 25 Saint Martins.Zone 5 Amenity Annie Murray 10 Tullac Mongan Vegetables Mrs B McGrath 5 Saint Phelims.

Record 110,000 out of work and on the dole queues.5,000 extra added to the list in October 1979.

Concelebrated Mass in the Cathedral in thanksgiving for the graces received during the visit of Pope John Paul II.Concelebrants are Bishop Francis McKiernan,Monsignor PJ McManus Adm,Father Felim Kelly and Father Felim McGovern (Redhills).Master of Cermonies Father Anthony Fagan.

Derragarra Inn wins the Black and White Ulster Region Pub of the Year for the 3rd successive time.

Cavan Town are trashed 7-1 by Moyle Park in Clondalkin in FAI Junior Cup.Totally over run in second half.The home side led 2-1 at half time but netted 5 more times without reply.Brian Webber’s headed goal the only Cavan score.Team Charles Greene,Peter Burns,Jim Ivers,D Treaneor,J J Murphy,Des Gardiner,Martin Maguire,Brian Webber,Hubert Smith,Thomas (Bomber) Burns and E Reilly.Brian Carmichael for Thomas Byrne and Gerry Egan for Peter Burns.

November 23rd 1979 ‘Cavan’s Football Story’ written and compiled by Father Dan Gallogly is launched by Cavan County Board at a reception in Croke Park.

Same Week 2nd leg of Road League in Kilnaleck Boys Under 17 2,000 metres Senan O Reilly,3rd Aidan Watters.Senior Ladies 1st Lyla Caffert (Laragh) Senior Men 6,000 metres 1st Paul Myles,2nd Alexis Sheridan 3rd Hugo Cafferty.

County Manager tells Cavan UDC that  there are 83 Council houses requiring bathrooms including 20 at Breffni Terrace at a cost of £144,000. With the Central Government grant the nett cost to the Council will be £107,000.Dr McDwyer says the project will have to be tackled in stages.

Death of Mary Ann Smith Pullamore House at the age of 87.Native of Longfield Stradone.she was widow of John and is survived by her sons Paddy (Cavan All Ireland footballer),Donie and daughters Kathleen, Bee and Philomena.Father Felim Kelly officiated at the funeral from Saint Brigids Killygarry to the adjoining cemetery.

Death of Bridget (Bee) Donohoe late of Abby Street at the age of 87.She was the proprietor with her late husband Tom of a thriving Bar and Grocery in Main Street (Smith and Wison).Founder member of Cavan Apostolic Society.Monsignor PJ McManus officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Kllgarry.

Death of Philip J Smith formerly of Crubany House in Dublin .aged 95,he was a member of the Old IRA during the Troubles.Funeral to Killygarry.

Cavan CYMS Membership Senior members £5 and Juniors £2.

Mai Hayes of Brookvale is the new Captain at County Cavan Golf Club while Sean Connolly of Main Street wins the £100, 2nd and £20 John Young AIB in the Golf Club’s monthly draw.

Cavan Youths are eliminatd from the FAI Youth’s Cup by a very slick and skillfull Monaghan team 8-1.Overran by a fitter more experienced outfit in second half.

Santa’s Christmas Tree Committee 1979:Chairman H P Doyle,Secretary Des Crossan,Joint Treasurers John McCaffrey and John McMahon while the Chamber are extending the Chrstmas lighting and the Saint Vincent De Paul are trying to raise £3,000 for fuel for the needy this Christmas.

Cavan beat Monaghan 6 ½  to 1 ½ in Chess at home.Team Sean Galligan,Jim O Lary,Peter MurphyPat Ryan,John Murphy,Kieran Galvin Rory O Moore and John Munnelly.

November 30th  1979 Launch of the second edition of the Drumlin edited by Dermot Healy in the Imperial Hotel.Among the contributors are  Lord Kilbracken,Tom McIntyre,Desmond Leslie.Terence S Smyth.Cover design is by well known sculpture John Behan.

Same Week Well known Organist Peter Sweeney is giving a recital of classical and sacred music in the Cathedral.Admission by programme £1.

Launch of 3rd Cavan International Song Contest.Pictured are Jimmy Kennedy (Patron),Maura Maloney (Organiser),John Wilson Minister for Education,Ann Lennon (Organiser) and Tom Fitzpatrick giving the project a ‘thumbs up’ for April 1980.

One Act Drama Festival in Town Hall is won by Rathfarnham ICA while the Schools section is won by Loreto College Cavan  with ‘School’s Choir Practice’ written by Vice Principal Brendan McCann and produced by another teacher Alfie Harte.Patrick O Reilly Saint Pats is best actor in their production ‘Pardner’s Tale’.

December 7th 1979  Jack Lynch retires as Taoiseach and Leader of Fiann Fal at the age of 63.He was 32 years in politics 9 as Taoisech and 13 as leader of Fiann Fail.In a bitter divisive election for the leadership Carles Haughey emerges victorious over his old rival George Colley by 44 votes to Colley’s 38.Fierce opposition to Haughey’s appointment on “Black Tuesday”.Garet Fitzgerald calls him a “flawed political pedigree” while Frank Cluskey of Labour insinuates that Haughey is involved in gang tactics and is totally unfit to hold the office of Taoiseach.Eventually after a bitter debate of 6 hours Charles Haughey, 9 years after being sacked by Jack Lynch is elected Taioiseach by the Dail 82 to 62.John Wilson retains his position in the Cabinet as Minister for Education.

Same Week Saint Patricks College present outstanding ‘My Fair Lady’ in college concert hall.Kevin O Grady is Colonel Pickering,Angela O Reilly is Eliza,David Crean is Freddie,Marie Kellegher Mrs Higgins,Eugene Cusack is Profesor Higgins,Joan O Mahony Mrs Pierce and Paul Guerney is Alfie Do Little,

Brian Coleman is the new Captain at County Cavan Golf Club.President Edward O Hanlon,Vice Captain Denis Condon,Secretary Phil Cullivan,Assistant Secretaries Norman Cinnamond and Brendan Young,Treasurer Vincent O Connor.Committee Seamus Fox,Joe Connolly,Peter Keogh,Eamonn Hartmann,George McClarey,Paddy McManus,Robbie Treacy and Niall Walsh

Death of Sister Mary Oliver in Liverpool at the age of 55.Native of Athlone, she joined the Poor Clares in Cavan in 1940.Survived by her sister Mother Mary Theresa.Burial in Liverpool

Dr.Tony Farrelly is elected to the Secretaiat Committee of Doctors in EEC for 3 year period

Urban Council again debate the traffic chaos in the town.Vice Chairman Eamonn McDwyer says “the only long term solution is a one way system for the town”.Andy O Brien stated that the provision of a pedestrian crossing in College Street is vital as it is one of the busiest streets in Ireland and very dangerous to cross.Paddy Carroll states that “we have made adequate provision for the motorist with car parks etc but the pedestrian has not been accommodated”.

Mother Theresa of Calcutta at the age of 69 is 1979 Nobel Peace Prize winner in Oslo.Receives a gold medal and $191,000,she also receives $71,000 as People’s Prize winner and at her request the gala ball and presentation are cancelled and the cost of banquet $6,500 is given to her for the poor and needy in Calcutta.

December 14th 1979 Death of Pat Maguire Tullyco Moynehall.emigrated to the USA in 1914 until 1935.Quartermaster USA army during World War 1.Instrumental in having memorial to Geneal Phil Sheridan erected in Kilinkere.Great exponent of traditional music and noted fisherman..Survived by his wife Mary and sister Delia.Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Same Week Church Gate Collection for the Revival of Santa Claus at Christmas.

Junior Chamber hold their annual Christmas Party for the patients in Saint Felims with music by Fernando and musical items and dancing from Seamus Fay,Donie Fay and the Kelly sisters

Blood donations rocket up to 820 a massiv increase of over 200 on last year

December 21st 1979 Bishop in his Christmas message says “may we experience at Christmas the peace and joy of the days when the Pope was among us”

Same Week Fulsome and whole hearted praise for the quality and production of Father Dan Gallogly’s Cavan’s Football Story at UDC meeting.The Chairman Tom Fitzpatrick says “the best praise and admiration we can bestow on Father Dan is to go out and purchase the book”!

Parochial Sale of Work Committee raise £10,000 with parochial collection with Mrs Mary Smallhorne contributing £880 from her Jumble Sale.

Boy Scouts 24th Annual Pantomime dedicated to John Donohoe former Scutmaster for over 30 years.Writen and produced by Patsy Lee in collaboration with Finian Farrell and Charlie Donohoe.Among the huge cast of over 60 are Richard Cassidy,Gerry O Keeffe,Gerry Finlay and Kevin McKiernan.Maria Finn gives an outstanding performance as Lavonia while Finbar Donohoe with his fine tenor voice stars as Asbestus.Top performaces by Paul and Adrian Ronan.Maura McNally,Clair Timmoney and Joe Sheerin are glamourous and musical.Seamus McCormack as usual is a ‘scream’.Singing is directed by Terry O Connor while the choreography is by the professional Mary O Callaghan from Navan

Old Folks Party in Scout Den in its 20th year.Queen of the party is Susan Connolly from Saint Brigids while in attendance are the Bishop,John Wilson TD,Tom Fitzpatrick TD and Senator Seamus Dolan.

Death of Monsignor Bernard Collins at the age of 77.Recently retired as pastor Sacred Heart Parish Covina California.Born in 1902,he was educated at Drumcrave Saint Pats and Carlow where he was ordained in 1929.Spent 50 years as a priest in USA and celebrated his Golden Jubile last June.Survived by his brother Charles,sisters Mary and Bridget in Corahoe.Bishop McKiernan was the chief celebrant of the funeral Mass in the Cathedral and burial was in Cullies.

Death of Rita Kenny (Nee Sullivan) Belturbet at the age of 64.Founder member of Belturbet Golf Club.member of ICA,Badminton,Social Services,Civil Defence and Coarse Fishing Club.Before her marriage, she was an outstanding Camogie player and won a senior Ulster Camogie medal with Cavan in 1941.Daughter of the late Mr and Mrs Benny Sullivan,Rita was born in Main Street.(Easons).Survived by her husband Tom,sons Brian SS CC, Thomas BE,daughters Sheila and Maura.Funeral after concelebrated Mass in the Church of the Immaculate Conception Belturbet to Drumlane Abbey cemetery.

Bridge Club Turkey Winners Peggy Willock,Father Thomas Woods,Pat Plunkett and Ena Hikey.

Death of Owen Lee Behey at the age of 70.Spent 46years as Porter Surgical Hospital.Displayed courtesy and dedicated  willingness to help everybody whom he came into contact with in the course of his work.Only retired 4 years ago.Survived by his wife Nora,sons Michael Eugene ,Oliver and daughters Mary,Noreen,Carmel and Teresa.Guard of honour drawn from Staff NEHB. Father Anthony Fagan officiated at the funeral Mass in the Cathedral to Killygarry

Barry Seagrave CEO NEHB makes a presentation to TM Gilroy on his retirement as Senior Officer Community Care at function in the White Horse Hotel.Tommy was employed by Cavan County Council and later NEHB for a period of 44 years.

Kingscourt win the Road League and Gypsum trophy 166 to Cavan AC 142.Final leg of the league in Cavan run off very efficiently in appaling weather conditions in just over an hour Girls Under 11 Bernadette Clarke (Kingscourt) 2nd Catherina McKiernan Cavan AC,Under 13 1,500 metres Tony Talbot,Girls Under 13 800 metres Mairead McCahill,Boys Under 17 2,000 metres Senan Reilly 2nd Aidan Watters.Senior Ladies 1,500 metres 1st Lyla Cafferty (Laragh).Senior Men (6,000 metres) Paul Myles.

Patrick Blessing (goalkeeper) captains Ballyhaise in League decider against County Champions Laragh who win the double 1-14 to 0-6 before a very small attendance at cold and windswept Breffni Park.

December 28th 1979 Monica McCormick is conferred with her BA at Leicester University.She has joined the BBC Graphic Design Department in Cardiff

Same Week:Paddy Fleming CEO Cavan Vocational Committee tells them that it costs £5,000 per day to keep the Vocational schools of the county running.

Icebreakers 12th Christmas Swim in – 4% at Rann Point.Swim starter Senator Andy O Brien while the certificates were presented by Tom Fitzpatrick TD,John Wilson Minister for Education and Senator Seamus Dolan.Swimmers fromKileshandra,Kilnaleck,Ballyjamesduff,Crosserlough,Drumcar County Leitrim,Deredis and Cavan town.

Youth Club’s 48 hour fast for Concern raises the impressive total of £856

Town enjoys record Christmas with expensive gifts much in demand.No accidents reported and car parks full to capacity all week.Saint Vincent De Paul distribute 70 Hampers to feed the needy of the Parish.Loreto College carol singers raise over £300 for 3rd World Charity.

Death of Mary Connolly on Christmas Day at the age of 56.Founder of the well known Connolly Brothers with her husband Patrick who died in 1964.It was sad and ironic that she should die at Christmas.Native of Athea County Limerick.she is survived by her sons Patsy,Sean,Joe daughters Mona, Eileen and Pam.Monsignor PJ McManus officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Death of Tom Donlon Swellan at the age of 81.Survived by sisters Margaret and Katie.Father Felim Kelly officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Sympathy is extended to Bill Henry Earlsvale Road on the death of his father William Chaffpool Tubbercurry County Sligo.

First Christmas at the John Sullivan Home.Father Martin Cogrove SVD celebrates Mass on Christmas Day with soloist Una Carr,Canon George Millar Christmas Eve Service in the Centre.Sister Pat Marron and Staff have the centre beautifully bedecked with decorations and Christmas tree and plenty of food and drink for all..Bishop McKiernan among the many callers on Christmas Day while over the Christmas period there is entertainment from visiting musical groups including the Cathedral Choir.

Brian O Grady states that the recent census which shows the population of Cavan to have grown from 52,618 in 1974 to 53,706 in 1979 a growth of 2% augurs very well for the future growth and development of the County as it is the first time since the early 1940s that the population of Cavan is on the increase.

January 3rd 1980 Jacqueline Glroy (pictured ) daughter of Tommy and Nellie Cathedral Road is Cavan’s first lady Chartered Accountant recently admitted to the Institute of Chartered Accountants at Trinity College.She is presently on the staff of Henry M Murphy and Co Chartered Accountants Dublin.

Same Week In a tribute to Tommy Gilroy and the founders of Cavan Gaels a detailed history of the acquisition development of the Terry Coyle Park is included in this weeks Anglo Celt.

Development of Terry Coyle Park including car park,fully equipped dressing rooms,covered stand,floodlighting,toilets and dug outs is completed at a cost of £50,000.Puchased from the Agricultural Society on November 6th 1961,further land purchased from Con P Smith for £750 and finally in 1973 the cattle mart at entry from Gavin Lowe for £800.Debt outstanding is only £14,000 and when that is cleared the second phase of the development of the Terry Coyle Park will proceed

Irish Hierarchy hold their annual meeting in the Conference Centre Holy Rosary Convent Killeshandra.

Death of Frank O Neill 10 Highfield Road. At the age of 57 Match Secretary with Cavan Rugby Club,he was a founder member in 1974.Frank was attached to the Rates department Cavan County Council.Survived by his sisters Mary and Betty.Father Felim Kelly officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry at which the guard of honour was provided by Cavan Rugby Club.

Death of Johnny (Captain) Smith Creighan.First driver of the old Magnet Bus,he was a most popular and efficient bread salesman with Pat McDonalds.Survived by his wife Eileen,sons Brendan,Shane,Victor,daughters Ann and Rita.Father Felim Kelly officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry cemetery.

Decrease of 14,460 in car registration in 1979.

Soviet Union invade Afghanistan and Government in Kabul falls.

January 10th 1980 Charles J Haughey ‘State of the Nation Address’ on tv and radio (1st by any Taoiseach) calls for “Industrial Peace and end to the cycle of humiliating work stoppages that continue to plague the nation”.

Same Week Our Lady’s Choral Society conducted by Prionseas O Duinn soloists Irene Stanford (Soprano),May Sheridan (Contralto) Frank Patterson (Tenor) and William Young (Bass) will give a recital in the Cathedral before embarking on a coast to coast tour of the USA.They were the stars of the recent Papal Mass in the Phoenix Park.

Drumalee GFC 1979 President Charlie Smith,Vice Presidents Denis O Keefe Sean Walsh and Eugene Greenan ,Chairman Matthew Reilly,Vice Chairman Sean Boylan,Secretary Phelim Costello,Assistant Secreary John Lynch,Treasurer Brian Cumiskey,Assistant Treasurer Cyril O Keefe and PRO and Registrar Frank Lyons.

January 18th 1980 New tenants select the name John Paul Avenue for thei estate.19 voted for John Paul Avenue,15 for John Paul Estate and 1 for John Paul Place.Tom Fitzpatrick (Chairman) welcomes the decision as a fitting and wise choice, rest of the Council concur except for Dr Eamonn McDwyer who says that “the choice of John Paul Avenue is sectarian and 55% of the population in Northern Ireland would agree with him” !

Same Week Death of Margaret Theresa (Tessie) Burke at the age of 72.Member of an old and esteemed Cavan family .After the death of her first husband John McShane co founder with John Coulter of the Mineral Waters,she emigrated to the USA and spent many years there.She is survived in Cavan by her daughter Marese (Binchey) Swellan.Father Felim Kelly presided at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry cemetery.

Death of Philip O Rourke Lake View Terrace at the age of 53.Worked in McCarens for a number of years before emigrating 30 years ago.Survived by his wife Susan and family and in Cavan by brothers John (Foley),Billy,Thomas,Vincent,sisters Kathy,Philomena,Chrissie,Joan and Teresa.

Community Games Committee 1980 Chairman Tony Looney,Vice Chair Ray Griffith,Secretary Carmel Smith,Assistant Secretary Tony Darcy,Treasurer John McDermott and PRO Paddy Carroll.

Third Cavan International Song Contest has £7,000 in prizemoney and entries are pouring in from all over the world.

County team led by Paddy McNamee serves strike notice and demand the removal of P J Carroll and his selectors.The Celt describes it as the lowest ever ebb for Cavan football and unheard of in the history of the GAA.

January 25th 1980 750,000 parade in nationwide PAYE protest.The Cavan demonstration organised by Pat McKiernan and the Trades Council attracts a crowd of over 5,000 who are addressed by John O Rourke,Paul Dolan (ASTI) and Pat McKiernan (ITGWU).

Same Week Third time lucky for Phil Brady as he topples Paddy Donohoe from the position of Chairman Cavan County Board by 205 to 61.Phil was an unsuccessful candidate in 1970 and last year.Officers 1980 President PJ Masterson,Vice President HL Smith,Chairman Phil Brady,Vice Chairman Jim McCorry,Treasurer Eddie Brady,Secretary Micheal Greenan,Registrar Brendan Keaney,Central Council Rep Rev.Sean Brady,Youth Officers Hubert Conaty and J J Brady and Irish Officer Rev.Dan Gallogly.

Mel Greaney is Placement Officer of the National Rehabilitation Board for Cavan and Monaghan located at the Magnet Cinema.He states “that most handicapped people can now be located into the workforce with very little adjustment on either side.Mel is married with 3 children and is a native of Aughnacliffe County Longford and served in Dublin,Limerick,Clare and Tipperary before coming to Cavan.

Death of Tony Kerrigan Annaglough at the age of 44.Talented musician,he was an accomplished accordionist and mouth  organist.Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Death of Frank Fitzpatrick  at the age of 43 Saint Brigids Terrace.Francie was a very accomplished punter and pitch and toss expert.Known and respected throughout a wide area.Survived by his brother Willie in New Jersey.Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Junior Chamber 1980 Presient P J Mullen,Deputy President Teresa Reilly,Treasurer Donal O Gorman Assistant Treasurer Brian Tierney,Secretary Bernard O Gorman,Assistant Secretary Bridie McKiernan,PRO Thana McDwyer.

Tom McIntyre on tour of county Cavan performing poetry readings taking in the Imperial Hotel,Loreto,Saint Pats and the Comprehensive in Bailieboro before going to France for theatrical work.

Tom Cuddy is appointed Manager of Bowmakers Cavan succeeding Des O Connell recently promoted to Manager in Waterford.Tom is a native of Glenamaddy and joined the Company in 1969.Came to Cavan in 1971,he is married with 1 child.

February 1st 1980 Membership of the Credit Union has increased to 2,500.£165,000 in loans in the last year.Chairman Vincent Walsh,Vice Chairman Mick McEvoy,Secretary Sara Cullen,Assistant Secretary Mary KeoghanTreasurer Tony Coyle,Assistant Treaurer Kevin Lavelle.

Same Week Anthony and Denise McGinley sell The Lakeland Hotel to Eamonn Brady from Aughnacliffe former owner of the Fountain Blue.

Mary Smith Chemist PRO Junior Chamber from Fyhora Arva is the Chamber’s’Most Valuable Member for 1979’.Mary is 3 years in Cavan.

Ulster Cross Country Under 12-16 in Saint Pats attracts an entry of 550.Finn Valley are the overall winners.ground conditions are hard after two nights of heavy frost.

County Handball Board 1980 Chairman Brendan Moore,Secretary Dominck Sheridan,Treasurer Victor Sherlock and Assistant Secretary Philip Gray.Dominick reports that after the recent reorganisation, handball in the county is in a relatively healthy state.

Chess Congree attracts a huge entry of 154 in the 3 competitions.Overall winner is Philip Shortt from Cork.Cavan beat old rivals Mullingar 4 ½ to 1 ½  Team Seamus McDonnell,Hubert Smith,Pete Murphy,Eamonn Brady and Kieran Galvin

Death of James Glancy Clonogonnell at the age of 71.Keen GAA fan.survived by his sons Tom,Jimmy,Noel,Brian,Pat ,Philip,Peter,Vincent and Owen.Funeral from Saint Phelims Church Ballinagh to Castletara.

Death of Rose Donohoe Saint Martins at the age of 67.Survived in Cavan by her sister Katie Murphy Tullac Mongan.Father Felim Kell officiated at the funral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Cavan lose their last league game 0-12 to 0-8 to Tyrone thus completing a white wash of 5 defeats before the smallest ever crowd to witness a Senior league match at Breffni Park,gate receipts £360.Continued pressure for the removal of team manager PJ Carroll and his selectors leads to County PRO Father Sean Brady to ask the Anglo Celt not to continue to publish details of the players discontent as the matter is better resolved in a more tacit manner by the County Board.

Martin Brady is the Apprentice of the year at Cavan Crystal while Peter Tully wins the award for glass blowing.

February 8th 1980 McArtins of Newtowngore is put into receivership by the ACC to whom they owe £1.5 million.It is an 8 company concern and all but one of them is profitable.The pig rearing sector has lost over £250,000 over the last three years.The Company employ over 350 in an unemployment blackspot.The Liquidator Larry Crowley is continually denied access to the premises by the workers and Bishops McKiernan and Cathal Daly at a press conference call on the Government to intervene and creditors to extend more time to give the Company a chance to work their way out of the crisis.

Same Week The residents of the Barrack Hill vote by 37 votes to 2 to change the name of the street to Wolfe Tone Street.

Pat O Reilly (Bishop’s Brother) is appointed Assistant General Manager of the Industrilal Credit Corporation..Educated at Saint Pats and UCD where he graduated with B Com and later M Econ.

Death of William (Billy) Meehan Saint Phelims Place.worked for a long number of years in the poultry business.Gifted greyhound breeder and trainer,he had many winners.Survived by his wife Anne,Sons Jim,Bill and daughter Anna.Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Death of May O Rourke wife of the late famous  P J (Paudge)NT Drumcrave in Dublin

.Funeral from Saint Brigids Church Killygarry to adjoining cemetery.

Paschal Lyones (16) Drumlark and 4th year in Saint Pats qualifies for the World Irish Dancing Championships at Easter.Pupil of the Coffey Scool of Dancing Clones.

February 15th 1980 Paddy Fleming CEO in Cavan since 1959 is transferred on promotion to Dublin.native of county Sligo,before coming to Cavan ,he was Inspector of schools with the Department of Education in Cork.

Same Week Maurice Jackson sells his famous Coach Hire business comprising 26 coaches to the PMPA for a sum in the region of £500,000.

NEHB approve the provision of a shop to sell papers sweets etc with trolley service for Saint Phelims Hospital.Mary Smith welcomes the move but Paddy Conaty laments that the CEO doesn’t go the full way and provide a licensed premises for the patients “terible drawback that a couple of bottles of stout are denied to the patients and visitors”.!

Anglo Celt Social Committee (Eileen Gilroy Secretary) donate a rotary bed for use in Saint Phelims in honour of their recently deceased colleague John Sharkey.

Nominations for the post of Lord Mayor are invited.Nominations with £5 to Jim Mulvaney,Con O Dwyer,Willie Mimnagh or Fintan Tierney.proceeds in aid of the Boy Scouts.

Death of Anna Tierney at the age of 74 Wolfe Tone Street .Widow of Jim,they were farmers at Corlurgan before retiring to the town.Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Death of Michael Culleton Akbar Mons Terrace.Fought with the Irish Guards during World War 1 and later took a prominent part in the fight for Independence.Teacher in approved school in England,he retired to Cavan 15 years ago.Survived by his son Jim and daughter Annastasia.Father PJ McManus Adm officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

February 22nd 1980 Huge fire at McIntyres is contained by Cavan Fire Brigade but not before Danny O Hanlon was rushed to hospital having been overcome by the suffocating fumes of the burning bedding and furniture.

Same Week Staff in John Sullivan Home prepare over 40 meals per week for the SVP to distribute in the meals on wheels twice weekely.Sister Carmel is looking for more volunteers to distribute the meals.

February 29th 1980 Over 700 attend the Cathedral Fund concert in the Cathedral at which Our Lady’s Choral Society and the RTE Light Orchestra with soloists Mary Sheridan,Frank Patterson,Irene Sandford and William Young are the stars.Organising Committee are complimented by the Bishop at the conclusion of a night to remember where tribute is paid to Bishop Lyons  whose enthusiasm for the project ensured the completion of the construction of the Cathedral at a difficult time during World War 2.Committee members Father Des O Dowd,Sister Assumpta,Peegy Willock,Gladys Donohoe,Maura Sullivan,Ray Carr,Gerry Maguire,Brian Allen,Brian Sullivan,John Conlon,Jenny Harte and Kevin Killduff.

Same Week Senator Andy O Brien is appointed Vice Chairman of Dundalk Regional College Council and their delegate to Annual Congress in Sligo.

Tragic death of Steve Mulligan Butlersbridge following a road taffic accident adjacent to his home.Served in the British Army for almost 39 years and fought in two World Wars without sustaining a scratch.Tales of his exploits were featured in National and International media.Holder of numerous medals for bravery and valour.Very popular in the Bridge with both locals and visitors.Funeral from Saint Aidans Butlersbridge to the local cemetery

Death of Peter Taggart in Manohamilton.member of the well known coach building firm of Church Street.Peter was a talented pianist and member of the Old Cathedral Choir under Father Willie Buchanan.Manager of the local Ulster Bank.He is survived in Cavan by his sister Maisie (Morgan) and Rose (Fitzpatrick) in Cootehill.Funeral in Manorhamilton

Cavan 2nd Troop win the Rutland trophy for cooking and an interview on RTE Team Michael Walsh,Kevin McCarthy,Carl Murray and Brendan Sheridan.

Cavan 1st Rugby team beat Longford 9-7 in a thriller at Tierquin stars of the triumph are their scorers Kevin O Connor and Johnny McCormack.Team JJ Lee,Peter O Hanlon,J Farell,J Brady ,J McCormack,Kevin O Connor,Mick Sutton,Eric Trenier,PJ Quinn Peter Pollock,Liam McMenamin,Pat Lee,N Heaslip,Tom Farrell and Gerry Lennon.

“First class display of courage and skil”l by Cavan Town in their away victory over Ballybay 3-1 in Jackson Cup thriller.Scorers Dessie Gardiner,Hubert Smith and Brian Webber.

March 7th 1980 New Urban Plan for Cavan envisages By Pass within next ten years,shopping centre at Swellan and new luxury hotel for which planning has been granted.

Same Week Johnny Graham of Saint Phelims and Una McKiernan Owen Roe ar married in the Cathedral.

Cavan Community Radio goes on air at the end of October.Phil Cullivan is appointed Chairman while Sheila McGinnity is the Secretary of this project sponsored by RTE in the capable hands of Paddy O Brien of the Sports Dept.

Death of Annie Finlay Saint Marys Terrace.Native of the Donegal Gaeltacth,she was a fluent Irish speaker and active member of the Apostolic Group.Monsignor P J McManus Adm officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.Funeral

Death of Paddy Downey brother of Billy Killynebber at the age of 58 in Glasgow.

New £9,000 bright yellow Ford  Refuse Collection Lorry for the UDC.

Cavan team to play Behey in table tennis Lyla Cafferty,Sue Cafferty,Enda Cullen,Shane Corr,Packy Sextn and Charles Greene.

March 14th 1980 Cavan Gaels represented by Father Felim Kelly,JJ O Reilly and Ronan O Connor are the over all winners of Jimmy Magee’s Sports Quiz at County Cavan Golf Club.The Rugby Club are runners up just one mark behind the Gaels.

Same Week Ulster overwhelm Connaught 0-17 to 1-3 in Railway Cup Semi Final at Breffni Park before an attendance of 4,000.Paddy McNamee at right full forward is Cavan’s only representative on Sean O Neill’s selection.

Town Hall packed to capacity on the three nights for the outstanding Youth Club Concert .Cast of 150 ranging in ages from 12- 17.Over 2/3 are female and plentyof glamour.production is by Brian Allen and Marty McCulough.Guest Artist is Paddy McEntee violin who also gives an exhibition of Irish.dancing..

The Haclers are the surprise entry with Waiting for Godot in the 34rd Cavan Drama Festival.courageous decision by the Committee to include them in the Open section.

Cavan AC (pictured) represented by Paul Myles,Hugh Leddy,Rick Lewis,Aidan Watters,Eamonn Brady,Brendan Connolly,Paul Tobin,Tommy Connolly and Mark Ward win the Senior men’s title at Road Championship and following week the Matt Rudden trophy as Junior Cross Country champions. while (Pictured) Robert Gray,Jim Tully,Donal Murray,Stephen Connolly and Michael Fallon are the successful Under 10 Road champions.

Cavan Town beat Tunney Meat Packers after extra time 1-0 in Semi Final of the Jackson Cup.Dessie Gardiner broke the stalemate with time almost up.Cavan now play Carrickmacross in the Final.

March 21st 1980 Tragic death of John Willie (Ton) Doonan,knocked down by a car on his way home on Sunday night (16th March).John Harbinson State Pathologict reveals that death was due to fractured skull.Known as ‘Ton’ ,he had played with Drumalee earlier in the day and was a past star of Cavan Shamrocks FC,Kilygarry and Ballyhaise.One of the town’s truely great characters beloved by all .His rendition of ‘John Thompso’ still brings a tear to all who had the pleasure of his wonderful decent and good natured Company.He is survived by his mother brothers Seamus,Hugh,Packie,Edward,Paddy and sister Susan.he was a nephew of the late Willie Doonan Cavan All Ireland footballer.Guards of honour at his funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies at which Father Tom McKiernan officiated.

Hacklers win  on their debut in Ballyshannon.Paddy Murray as Didi is the Best Actor of the Festival.

Death of Colm Smith on Saint Patricks Day in Galway.Native of Aughnacliffe,Colm was a Licensed Vintner (Full Shilling) and Bottler for Minerals.He later joined Guinness Group Sales and at his death was the Manager for the Western Region.Oustanding footballer for Cavan and the Gaels.Played left half forward on the team beaten by Kerry in the A Ireland Semi final of 1955.Helped the Gaels to their first senior crown in 1965 having starred on the team beaten by Crosserlough in 1958.

Seamus De Faoite is the first Irish Officer for Donegal County Board.

Sean and Francesca McManus reopen their nely refurbished Central Café promising “better comfort and faster service”.

Poor Clare nuns are to build smaller more compact residence and chapel adjacent to the School to be known as Ard Mhuire.

Brian McKeown,TP Ennis,JJ McGirl andJohn O Rourke are the main speakers at H Block meeting in the Lakeland.Cavan Committee:Rev Noel McIntyre Redhills,Charlie Boylan,Willie Mimnagh,Capt.Jim Kelly,Kathleen Bogue,Ned Tully,Mick Mulvaney,Mary Keoghan,John O Rourke and Sean Lee.

Death of Katie Dunne in her  90s of Edenticlare.widow of Michael,She is survived by her sons Benny,Tom daughters Maura and Josie.Father Felim Kelly officiated at the funeral from Saint Brigids Killygarry to the adjoining cemetery.

Asdmission to the 3rd Cavan International Song Contest in the Sports Centre is £6 for Season Tickets and £2-50 Friday,Saturday with the final night priced at £3.

March 28th 1980 Barry Cassin Adjudicator names the Hacklers as the winners of the Open and Bishop Patrick Lyons Trophy.Dermot Healy is named as best Producer while Paddy Murray is voted the Best Actor.They were the first local group to win the open section in the history of the festival.Hall was only half full to witness their genius so encore is being planned for later in the month at which there is guaranteed a sell out crowd.Many months of practice in Saint Pats and the Poor Clares paid off for this talented group and they now go on to the Finals in Athlone with the best wishes of the entire community.

Same Week Death of Doctor Con Linehan Ultan House Farnham Street at the age of 61.Native of Banteer County Cork.Qualified as a doctor from UCC and later set up practice in Oldham for 25 years before coming to Cavan in 1965.He worked around the clock to alleviate the suffering of the sick.Built up a very extensive loyal base of patients and was deservedly popular.Staunch Republican with humble and caring approach.Married Mai Farrelly from Belturbet in 1950.He is survived by wife Mai,sons Desmond,Con and Sean,daughters Marie and Angela.Monsignor PJ McManus officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry while the Bishop offered the Last Supper Mass on Holy Thursday for the repose of his soul.Brother Ultan De La Salle travelled from England for the funeral and read the lesson.

April 4th 1980 Cavan UDC are looking for suitable premises for a Dog Pound.Replies to Phyllis Reilly Acting Town Clerk Town Hall.

Same Week New Cavan Urban Rate is £12.826 an increase of £1-66 or 10% the maximum allowed.

Estimate for house repairs 1980 materials £7,000,Labour £26,000.Tom Fitzpatrick says “this is crazy economics paying tradesmen so much to handle so little”.!

Karl Joeph Crotty son of Donal and Geraldine Farnham Road and Eilish Breege Finegan daughter of Gene and Valerie Annagelliffe are the two babies baptised at the Easter Vigil.The choir was under the baton of Father Gerry Kearns while the soloists are Brigid Kellegher,Ann McKiernan,J P Smith,Gerry Maguire and Miss M Kellegher.Good Friday Passion is read by Father Anthony Fagan,Paddy Murray and Terry O Connor.

April 11th 1980 Brigid Tierney is pictured as the Caretaker for 50 years of Cavan Vocatonal School during celebrations to mark the Golden Jubilee of the Vocational Educational Committee.

Same Week Death of Robert (Bob) Kenny Gartbrattan at the age of 79 well known Farmer and Lay Preacher.Survived b his wife Ivy,son Robert.Funeral from Kilmore Cathedral to adjoing cemetery.

Sympathy is extended to Josie Farrell Director B&J Motors on the death of her father Patrick.

Willie and Nuala O Hanlon are made a presentation of a silver bowl at the Aannual Dinner of the Provincial Newspapers of Ireland in the Newpark Hotel Killkenny.

April 16th 1980 3rd Cavan International Song Contest pemier award shared by  entries from Ireland and England with Teresa O Donnell’s ‘Farewell Party sung by Harry Ramsbottom and Patricia Creegan tied with Ed Welch’s ‘It Happened Along’sung by Michael Pryce.Colm T Wilkinson’s ‘Cavan’ wins the Derragarra Inn award as winner of Section B.9 countries represented.Local girl group’Just Friends’comprising of Deidre Smith,Grainne O Reilly,Geraldine Smith and Paula Smith are the big stars this year winning 4 awards.

Same Week Cavan Town win the Jackson Cup with victory over Carrickmacross 1-0 in ClonesHubert Smith broke the deadlock with a great goal.Team Charlie Greene,Damian Keoghan,Jim Ivers,JJ Murphy,D Treanor,Brian Carmichael,Martin Maguire,Brian Webber (Capt),Hubert Smith,Des Gardiner,Noel Smith.Subs Hughie Murray for Keoghan and Peter Burns for Camichael

Michael Woods Minister for Health and Social Welfare officially opens the John Sullivan Home.

Death of Margaret Gough Cathedral Road.Member of the well known Brady family Tullyco House.She was a sister of Rev Joe Brady former PP Belturbet. “Great sense of humour-her house was a haven for those in trouble”.Widow of James the family had a very popular licensed premises in Chuch Street called ‘Our House’.survived by her son Hugh and daughter Ita.Father Felim Kelly officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry

Death of Monsignor Canon Patrick Gaffney PP VF Criosserlough former President of Saint Pats.Former Captain of County Cavan Golf Club.

April 23rd 1980 Loreto Convent celebrate the Golden Jubilee of their foundation in Cavan.Chief celebrant of the Mass is Bishop McKiernan assisted by Monsignor PJ McManus and Fathers Michael Cooke and Oliver O Reilly Chaplains to the College.Music by the Lorteo choir under the baton of Sister Una assisted by Ann Lennon.Over 80 Loreto sisters in attendance including  Sister John Francis Grant only survivor from the group who opened the College on the 15th of May 1930 at the invitation of Bishop Patrick Finegan.

Same Week Cmdt.Michael Smyth son of Bridie and the late Philip stationed at the Artillery Barracks Kildare is on his way to the Lebannon as part of  47th battalion United Nations Peace Keeping Army.

Cavan auxiliary fire team win the Regional competition Team Martin Cosgrove,Hughie Cosgrove,Jimmy Smith (Deputy Leader),Peter Galligan,Noel Smith,Joe Johnston and team leader Paddy Carroll

Ireland win the Eurovision Song Contest for the second time with Johnny Logan singing ‘What’s Another Year’.Ireland received 143 votes 15 ahead of West Germany.Son of the well known Irish tenor Patrick O Hagan,Johnny was born in Australia but has spent most of his life in Ireland.Competed at last yars Cavan International Song Contest with ‘Funny How You Know’

Death of John Murray Creighan.Former star of the old Cavan Strollers soccer team.Survived by his wife Margaret,sons Philip,Johnny,daughters Margaret,Marian,Kathleen,Rosie,Patsy and Josie.

Liam McMenamin is made a presentation by Cavan Rugby Club on his retirement from the club.First captain,he led them to their unsuccessful Towns Cup Final in 1976 and was a prominent member of the team when they won the competition in 1978.

May 2nd 1980 Cavan Town are pipped by Tunney Meat Packers for the North Easten League when they suprisingly fail to Castleblayney at Derrycramph 1-0 in their final fixture.

Same Week Winners of the Under 15 Cavan Badminton Tournament pictured are Enda Mulvaney,Cathal Smith,Philip Gilbride,,Craig Powell,Theodora Hastings,Gemma Connolly,Josephine Brady,Catriona Lee,Tara Galligan and Sharon Murphy

Death of Florence Isabella Lavelle daughter of William and Alice late of Killynebber.Sister of Barbara Ryan Drumelis.Canon George Millar officiated at the funeral from Cavan Parish Church to Kilmore.

Strike at Jacksons Garage over redundancy payment to colleague laid off after 14 years service following coach hire sale to PMPA.Maurice says “he paid the statutory amount of £800 but Pat McKiernan and the ITGWU are looking for a figure in the region of £4,000.”

Ulster and All Ireland Boys Champion Paschal Lyons is placed second in the World Contest held in Dunlaoghaire.

May 9th 1980 Hacklers win the premier award and the ESSO trophy at All Ireland Drama Festival in Athlone.Paddy Dillon at 62 the eldest of the cast is voted Best Supporting Actor.Cast Paddy Murray,Ray O Connor,Paddy Dillon,Paul Dolan, and Gene Finegan.Producer Dermot Healy.Stage Management Damian O Brien,Sound Jimmy Fox,Lighting John Conlon,Costumes and Make Up Ann Marie Cusack and Roisin O Connor,Prompters Paul Kelly and Rory O Moore,Artistry Alia O Brien

Same Week Sean McIntyre is pictured with a rare brown trout from Lough Sheelin weighing 3 lbs 10 ozs.caught with a Dunkelt fly Sean was stuck in the fish for over 20 minutes before landing him.

Irish week in Cavan from 12th to the 16th of May 1980

Bridge Championship 1st Jim Scanlon and Maureen Hunt,2nd P McDermott and Miss McEneaney,Best Nett Elizabeth Galligan and Maura Goodeman.

May 16th 1980 Frank Ellis is elected Mayor of Cavan in close titanic battle with Tommy Browne Butlesbridge.Chain of office is bestowed on Frank by Senator Seamus Dolan.Contest raises over £1,000 for Boy Scouts.Nominations Tommy Browne,Packy Clail,John Conlon,Mel Doherty,Hugh P Doyle,Seamus Fay (Chip Inn),Mick McEvoy,Seamus McCormack,Sean Woods and Tommy Young.

Same Week Felix Gormley’s Cavan Agricultuaral Services CAS officially opened at Moynehall by Anthony Leddy President ICMSA.They are main agents for Massey Ferguson .

Sudden death of Sergeant Phil (Gunner) Brady in Castleblayney.holder of 3 All Ireland Senior medals,8 Ulster  Senior medals, National League 1948 and 11 senior Club medals with his beloved Mullahoran and Railway Cup with Ulster.He was Cavan’s greatest full back.Played with Cavan from 1944 to 1957.Winner of the Scott medal for bravery when he disarmed a gunman in Castleblayney in 1970.Survived by his wife Rita (Sherlock),sons Martin,Phil,daughters Julia,Denise and Noelene.Brothers Danny,John Father Jim,Tony,sisters Bridget,Susie,Mary,Rose,Margaret,Agnes,Teresa and Veronica and his mother Julia Middletown Loughduff.Rev Mark Mimnagh officiated at the funeral from Saint Mary’s Castleblayney to Loughduff cemetery.

Brady Brothers Mart achieves a record price for Aberdeen Angus bullock weighing 860 kilos of £750 while a Simental bullock weighing 748 kilos fetches £850.

May 23rd 1980 Aideen Gormley Under 12 100 and 600 metres and Long Jump ,Donal Murray Under 10 400 metres,Fergal Maguire Under 11 600 metres are the Cavan AC winners at the County Cavan Track and Field in the Terry Coyle Park.

Same Week Barry Seagrave CEO of NEHB since its inception in 1971 is promoted to CEO of Eastern Health Board.Native of Drogheda Barry is resident in Kells.

Fergal Quinn Chairman and Brendan Murray member of the new Board of an Post visit Cavan Post Office and state their aims are to (1) “Make the Post office viable and commercial and (2) Remove it from political control.”

Fifty Six countries including USA West Germany and Japan boycott the Olympic Games in Moscow in protest against the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.85 others including Ireland are taking part in the Games.

Jack Lynch  will not seek relection to the Dail at next General Election after 32 years service.

Pat McKiernan College Street is pictured receiving a presentation from his colleagues in the Anglo Celt to mark his retirement after 30 years service to the firm.Pictured are Willie O Hanon,Paddy Carroll UDC,Pat McKiernan,Pat O Regan and Edward O Hanlon (Editor)

Garda Dessie McEntee is made a presentation in Burnfort  county Donegal on the occasion of his transfer to Ballymun.

Tom O Connor is representing the ITGWU at EEC conference in Geneva.

May 30th 1980 Corpus Christi procession from Poor Clare Conent through  beautifully deorated and flower bedecked John Paul Avenue and Saint Martins for Benediction.There will be a different route each year.

Same Week Invaders led by Eamonn Murray College Street win the Longford 5 a side tournament and ESB trophy for the 4th consecutive year.Holders of the Fondermann Textiles and Leader Cups.Team Charlie Greene,Noel Smith,Eamonn Murray,Tommy Fay and Hubert Smith.Patrick (Duster) McDermott for Hubert Smith.The other members of the panel are Philip Finegan and Dessie Gardiner.

Presidents Prize (Edward O Hanlon) at County Cavan Golf Club is won by a very young Andrew Cafferty,Con Bouchier is Runner Up while John Costello is Best Gross and Philomena Coleman wins the Ladie’s Prize.

June 5th 1980 Aidan Watters is Internediate School champion at 100 metres hurdles in Belfast in a time of 14.80

Same Week Death of Annie Clarke Swellan at the age of 84.Member of the well known family of the shop.Survived by brother Tommy .Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Captains Prize Bridge NS J Spicer and J McGee 2 Tommy McCormick and P Whitney.EW Kay Henry and Ena Hickey 2 Jim Rafter and Rev.Peter Smith.

Sudden death of Pady McKiernan 16 College Street.Only retired a few weeks ago.Friends in all walks of life.Quiet shy but humourous and hard working.Member of the Irish Army during the Emergency.In his youth played with both Crubany and the Harps.Expert on horses and their form..His good manners,example and loyalty were exemplary.Survived by his wife Nan,son Gerard,daughters Patricia Frances and Marion.Rev Des O Dowd officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Death of Annie Simpson 3 Owen Roe last Saturday as she returned from Confessions in the Cathedral. “Open house for all those in trouble and want”.Kevin McDermott in his book ‘The Time of the Corncrake’ describes her as a ‘Saint’She was a great neighbour and friend.She is survived by her husband Ben,son Ben (Wolverhampton),daughters Marie and Hannah.Rev Tom McKiernan officiated at her funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

June 13th 1980 Father Charles O Gorman is ordained by Bishop McKiernan in the Cathedral.Son of Eddie and Mai (Nee Cullen) Upper Main Street.On Monday Father O Gorman celebrated his First Mass in the Cathedral assisted by his uncle Father Charles O Gorman Los Angeles.Remarkably, Father Charlie knew everone present by their first name.Music was rendered for the occasion by the Cathedral Choir with soloist Collete McGahon.Afterwards there was a very enjoyable Social in the Sports Centre.Rev.C Collins PP Lavey (Died 1928) is a gread grand uncle of the new priest.

Same Week Blood donations at Mobile Blood Transfusion visit to Cavan are 680 compared to 620 last June.

Pilgrimage to Lourdes leaves Cavan with 400 pilgrims including 52 invalids.Led by Bishop McKiernan with Monsignor P J McManus Adm  Director also on the trip is Father Des O Dowd.

Jackie Smith Main Street purchases Paddy Fleming’s 2 storey residence and surrounding 3 acres of land for £60,000. Mr Fleming is the new CEO for Dublin County VEC.

Rapturous reception for the all conquering Hacklers during their 1 week run in the Peacock Theatre Dublin

Check 22 and 29th of June 1980 Files in Library

July 4th 1980 Cavan outclassed by Tyrone in Ulster Semi Final 2-12 to 1-09 before a crowd of 10,000 gate receipts £17,000.5th Semi final defeat since 1969.In letter to the sports Editor Tommy Lyons Cathedral Road points the finger for defeat at Aidan Elliott “goalkeeper out of touch all season.Michael Faulkner sub goalie should have been introduced to steady up the defence.Too many challenge games close to the big game took the edge of the team and ensured a dismal tired performance”

July 11th 1980 Doctor Rosemary O Reilly is conferred with her MB Bch BAO degrees at UCD.Daughter of Sergeant Terry and Delores.Past pupil of Saint Clares and Lorteto.She is doing her internship at the Lourdes Hospital Drogheda.

Same Week Death of Joephine Connolly at the residence of her daughter Nancy Wall Farnham Road.Native of Foxrock Came to Cavan after the death of her husband William 30 years ago.She was an active member of the ICA and a regular at all the local Bingo sessions.Funeral from the Cathedral to Deans Grange.

Cavan Branch Saint Vincent De Paul spent £8,220 last year on the poor and needy in the parish.Church Gate Collection this Sunday.

July 18th 1980 Retirement of Senator Andy O Brien as Principal Crubany NS after 45 years service.Pictured with the pupils and teachers Phyllis O Neill and Maureen Tully.Presentation of a Cavan Crystal Bowl by the School Manager Father Tom McKiernan CC on behlf of the pupils and staff.

Same Week Community Games Finals 1980 Finbar Crowe Drung Boys Under 10 100 metres.Desmond Sharkey Boys Under 12 600 metres and Cavan Under 12 Relay Fergal Maguire,Don Crotty,Francis Mooney,Michael Fallon and Padraig Garvey.

Cavan Lawn Tennis Club defeat Navan.Winners Singles Majella Brady and Bill Fleming.Doubles Majella and Delores Brady,David Jackson and Irene McCabe,Eamonn Condon and Marie Henry and Barry Walsh and Delores Brady.

Gabriel Kelly is a patient in Our Lady’s Hospital Navan after breaking his jaw playing for a John Nallen selection against the Jimmy Magee All Stars in Ballyjamesduff.Gabriel is presently managing Cavan Gaels.

Swimming Pool Committee 1980:Senator Andy O Brien presides at meeting called by UDC.in attendance are Tom Fitzpatrick TD,John Wilson Minister for Education Monsignor PJ McManus Adm and local public representatives. Ms. E Whitney,Angela Higgins.M/S Gene Cullivan,Paddy Duggan,Terry Sexton,Mervyn Johnston,Brian Allen,Michael Kelly,Sean Maguire and John Clancy are elected to bring the long running swimming pool saga to a conclusion.

July 25th 1980 John Cassidy County Manager anounces new Sports Complex for Cavan. at a cost of £270,000 on 11 acre site at Aughnaskerry.Grant from the Department of Education is £166,000 and the running costs are estimated at £50,000 per annum.

Same Week Cavan Track and Field 1980 in Stradone Senior 1,500 metres Sean Reilly (Laragh) 4:23,Ladies 1500 metres Lyla Caffert (Laragh)5:36.5,Mens 200 metres Aidan Watters (Cavan AC) 25:03,Ladies 200 metres Catherine Gormley (Cavan AC) 28:07,Mens 400 metres Paul Myles (Cavan AC) 59.50,Mens 5,000 metres Hugo Cafferty (Laragh) 16:59.60.

Death of Michael Mannion Lake View at the age of 86.Survived by his sons and daughters.funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

County Cavan Golf Club 50/50 Draw 1st £100 Eamonn Condon Cathedral Road,2nd £20 Mel Doherty Gortnakesh,3rd £10 Airmid O Hanlon Cathedral Road.

Death of Father Tim Connolly Superior General of the Columban Fathers from 1952 -1962.Born in 1904 in Ballinagh.Joined the Columbans after a stint teaching in Saint Pats.Committed to the poor and suffering of Latin America.Funeral in Dalgan Park Navan.Concelebrated Mass in the Cathedral at which nearly all of the clergy in the Diocese are in attendance .

Armagh regain the Ulster Championship beating Tyrone 4-10 to 4-07 before 22,000 in Clones.Now meet Roscommon in the All Ireland Semi Final.

August 1st 1980 Death of Pddy Elliott Church Street at the age of 73.Master mason himself,he set up P Elliott and Company in 1943 and at his death was Chairman of the thriving much respected building contractors.Native of the town, Paddy was an outrstanding footballer with Cavan Harps.He was humble decent and honest and won the respect of all for his fair and honest stewardship.Remarkable record of building churches particularly in the Sligo area where he built among others Nazareth House.Very religious and Christian his salutation when parting from a friend was “God go with you”.Survived by his wife Alice,sons Jim,Noel,Barry,Malachy,Aidan,daughters Moira,Lala,Kathleen,Florence,Maeve ,Rita and Finola.Guard of honour formed by the staff at removal and funeral.Father Des O Dowd Adm officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies. Same Week Marie Watters from Kells is Cavan’s first lady post woman

Niall Patrick Kenny from Frnham Road is appointed new Headmaster in Crubany to succeed Senator Andy O Brien.Niall has taught in Booterstown,Shankill and Arva.

Tragic death of  Patrick McDermott Gallows Hill.Killed when a van reversed in to him.Only son of Mr and Mrs Martin McDermott.Survived by his parents and 4 sisters.Funeral in Carrick on Shannon

Father Des O Dowd assisted by Fathers Felim Kelly and Anthony Fagan at the ceremonies to mark the visitation of Killygarry cemetery.Benediction in the Church to end the ceremonies.

Aidan Watters is this year’s Superstar at the Festival of the Erne and receives the Milk trophy sponsored by George Crowe Cavan.

August 8th 1980 Death of Michael McGovern Pullamore at th age of 66.Extensive farmer,he was a native of Glangevlin.His courtesy ,decency and friendly manner made him many friends.He was predeceased by his wife Kathleen 7 years ago and is survived by his sons Packy,Willie,Michael,Seamus,Andy,Eamonn,daughters Kathleen,Vera and Bernadette.Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Same Week Death of Julien Gauthier at the age of 58 in Manchester.he was 19 years in England.Member of a family with deep roots in Irish traditional music.He is survived in Cavan by his sister Honnie (Smith) Swellan .Funeral in Manchester.

Sean Walsh swims Camlough lake in South Armagh the coldest lake in Ireland.

56 senior citizens on annual trip to Bettystown sponsored by Social Services.

Buttevant Rail tragedy when the main Dublin to Cork train is derailed at Buttevant and 17 people are killed and many more injured.Transport Minister Albert Reynolds orders afull inquiry by top CIE accident experts.

April 15th 1980 Linfield supporters storm McGinnity’s Bar.Noel McGinnity on duty is head butted and assaulted by a raging mob of hooligans returning in 5 buses and a number of private cars  from the Tyler Cup in Athlone where Linfield beat the home side 2-1.Bar is wrecked and bottles are thrown at customers and staff.Plate glass window smashed and contents of till taken amounting to a few hundred pounds.All available bottles of whiskey are stolen.Eventually they are removed by Gardai and escorted to the border by squad car.Kate Malone’s window is smashed and later she is removed to Lisdarm suffering from shock.Sean McKiernan’s door in Wolfe Tone Street is kicked in by the mindless drunken thugs.Noel McGinnity says “they were all lucky to get out alive”Eddie Brady Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce condemns these uncivilised mob of thugs and calls on the Government in the event of future matches in this part of the world to forbid the buses and supporters from stopping at towns en route.

Same Week Death of Esther Mahon Kilmore.She was in her 80s and widow of John she is survived by her sons John,Desmond,daughters Florrie and Patsy.Dean Turkington presided at the funeral from Kilmore to adjoining cemetery.

Death of Mary Jane Ebbit Cornacrea Kilmore.Aged 90 she is survived by her son Joe and daughters Matilda,Olive and Ena.Funeral from Kilmore Cathedral to the adjoining cemetery.

Death of Joseph Shannon Clonegonnell.Well known farmer,he is survived by his son daughter and sister

Invaders beat Kilnaleck Dynamo 4-3 to win the Festival trophy at Crosserlough Festival.Noel, Hubert(2) Smith and Brian O Grady were the scorers for the Invaders.Billy Doonan the new Invaders keeper was sound throughout.

Roscommon beat Armagh 2-20 to 3-11 before 36,043 spectators in All Ireland Semi Final while Derry beat Meath  1-11 to0-11 to qualify for the All Ireland Minor Final

Cavan AC are 3rd in BlOE Under 13 Relay in Cork pictured are Aideen Gormley,Mairead McCahill,Imelda Lynch and Louise Ward.

August 22nd 1980 Father Sean Brady at the age of 41 is appointed Vice Rector of the Irish College in Rome where he took his DCL as a student.He is PRO and Central Council Delegate of Cavan County Board GAA.

Same Week Death of Colm Crowe Brendrum Farnham at the age of 38.Farmer and Pig Dealer.keen GAA fan,his father was a member of the 1933 Cavan All Ireland winning team.Survived by his wife Mary (Nee Young) son Colm,daughters Sheila,Siobhan,Fidelma,Theresa,Caroline,and Ashling.Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Cavan Urban Council plan to build an additional 300 houses as the population of Cavan which at the moment is 3,258 will grow by 46% to 4,500 by 1986.This is without extending the Urban boundary.Town Clerk Sean Sheridan emphasies the need for additional car parking in the town.

Death of Packie Joe Lee Bridge Street in his 50s.Native of Shankill,he was an outstanding fisherman and huntsman.Worked first with Mullerys before opening his Bridge Street store 25 years ago.Specialised in the sale and repair of bicycles and later motor bikes.Survived by his wife Mabs (Nee Mullery) and daughter Martina.Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Church Gate Collection for Concern raise £432 for the Third World..

Raleigh Tour of Ireland 7th stage finishes at Jacksons with  Neil Martin (Ulster ) 1st 28 seconds ahead of Shaun Fenwick (Australia) with the other 78 riders in close contention.

Eilish Donohoe wins 12 1st Prizes,11 2nds and 10 3rd at Granard Agricultural Show while Mrs Mary Brady Ricehill wins 7 1sts 4 2nds and 3 3rds both are pictured at Granard Show with Eilish’s young daughter Anne.

Killygarry win Intermediate Camogie title beating Castletara 2-5 to 1-6 in the Final at Celtic Park Cootehill..F Smith scored all her sides points from frees an I Cusack scored the two goals at vital times in the game.

August 29th 1980 Foir Teoranta are called in by the Government to rescue as many of the McCartin jobs as possible following Laurence Crowley’s liquidation report which indicates that the firm owed £2.8 milion.

Same Week Holy Rosary Golden Jubilarians are Sister M Magdalena Brady (Corawelis Cavan),Sister M Rose Maguire (Clontarf) and Sister M Veronica Barr from Donegal.

People of the Crubany area with Chairman Brendan Keaney (Pictured) make a presentation to Andy and Molly O Brien on the occasion of his retirement after 45 years as Principal Crubany NS.

Sudden and untimely death of Anthony Gorman Behey at the age of 50.Extensive and progressive farmer.Survived by his wife Maureen, sons Brian,Padraig Andrew,Gary and Raymond.Rev Des O Dowd Adm assisted by Fathers John Young,E O Gorman (California) and Rev Eddie Brady SMA Coratubber officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Three buses bring the pilgrims and invalids from the town on Annual Diocescan Pigrimmage to Knock led by Bishop McKiernan who also gave the homily in the Basillica entitled ‘Prayer’.Father Des O Dowd Adm,Father Anthony Fagan and Father Joe Young (Diocescan Director) were also in attendance.

Doctor Donal Keenan former President of the GAA unveils the monument to Willie Doonan at Breffni Park.Bishop McKiernan blesses the stone and also present were the surviving members of the 1947/1948 All Ireland winning teams

Grace O Mahony Cavan AC is the new County Community Games champion at Under 10 200 metres and now represents the County in Mosney as does Louise McGonnell successful in the Under 8 60 metre dash

Martin Maguire scores a brilliant hat trick to send Cavan FC into the final of the McGinnity Cup when the beat Belturbet 3-1 at Derrycramph.

Lady Captain’s (Kitty Jenkins ) Prize at Cavan Golf Club 1st Ena Hickey,2nd Una Costello,3rd Maureen Hartmann.Best gross once again is Madge Boucher.

September 5th 1980 John Joe McKiernan from Farnham receives the Tony Kerrigan trophy from Tom Wilson American Bar as the winner of the Cavan Skittles tournament. Pictured also are John Joe Dunne,Phyllis Kerrigan,Kthleen Wilson and Ita O Reilly.

Same Week Mr and Mrs William Sheridan celebrate the Golden Jubilee of their Marriage they were married in Drumcor Church in September 1930 by Father Dan Reilly CC.They have 4 children,18 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren.

Martin Donohoe of College Street wins both the two row and three row button accordion section at Longford Fleadh Cheoil.

Death of Rose Reilly College Street at the age of 77.Native of Mountnugent Came to live in Cavan 11 years ago .Father Anthony Fagan officated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Balinacree cemetery.

Shirley Sherrif’s Jewellery shop is broken into and £15,000 in diamond rings and watches are stolen.Professional job, raiders crossed from the Farnham Hotel at about 6 am.

Barry Cowen to leave BBC Northern Ireland to front a new evening current affairs programme on RTE.

Death of Doctor Willie Montgomery son of he late Tommy and Dora Kilmore at the age of 44 in England.

North Easter League Committtee 1980 Chair Ronnie Flanagan (Clones),Vice Chair Gene Cullivan (Cavan),Secretary Bily Scotson (Caarickmacross),Assistant Secretary Eddie Murray (Monaghan) and Treasurer Vincent Drumm (Cavan)

Cavan Town win the McGinnity Cup beating Monaghan Town by 3 goals to 2 in a thriller at Derrycramph.Scorers Declan Keoghan,Gene Cullivan and Dessie Gardiner with the winner almost on full time.John McGinnity presented the cup to Hubert Smith Captain of Cavan Town after the game

Noel Smith leads Cavan Crystal to 7s success and is himself voted player of the tournament at Cavan Rugby Club.Crystal defeat a strong Lennon’s Drapery 9-4 in the Final.Crystal Panel Peter Pollock,Sean McKiernan,Eddie Halligan,Eamonn Fleming,Brendan Sheridan,Paschal Carbin and Noel Smith.The Ritz Bar are winners of the Plate powered by Ollie Leddy,Cyril O Keeffe,Joe Gormley and John Costello.

Rose Brennan is selected Miss Cavan 1980 at gala ball in the Lakeland now goes forward to Miss Ireland Final in the Burlington Hotel.

September12th 1980 John McKay from Dundrum Dublin is appointed new CEO of Cavan Vocational Committee replacing Paddy Fleming.Born in Derry, John was acting CEO for Dublin and is past Principal of Rathmines School of Commerce.Married to Ethna with 1 daughter,he will take up the post on September 1st 1980.

Same Week Criticism of the present refuse collection system at Cavan UDC Paddy Carroll says “we have a duty to collect all the bins in the Urban area.No use extending the urban boundary if we can’t provide the services in the present area”.Paddy Conaty proposes that the Urban Council publish list of planning notices in the Anglo Celt so the people of the town can discuss them.Paddy Gaffney warns that all the water for public consumption should be boiled Quality of the water being blamed for a number of illnesses locally.Some tourists are bringing their own water while most of the chemists are using distilled water to mix medications.

Death of Margaret Smith Owen Roe at the age of 78.Survived by her brothers Jimmy and Paddy.funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Poor Clare Nuns have moved to their new residence Ard Mhuire adjacent to the Poor Clare Convent while a reunion of the past pupils of Saint Clares Secondary is being organised.Enquires to Paddy Muray Billis or Anne Smith Ranelagh.

Jackie and Pat Smith sell their 4 bedroom bungalow at Cavan Road Ballyhaise to James Doyle Stradone for £37,500.

Tragic death of Jimmy Cusack Shankill at the age of 52 in silage accident near his home.Noted for his skill as a handyman.He was always available to help a friend or neighbour.His good humour and pleasant disposition brightened any company.Survived by his wife Dympna,father Michael and 2 sisters Ellie and Kathie.Father Dan Sheridan assisted by Father Gerry Cumiskey officiated at the funeral from Saint Brigids Church Killygarry to the adjoining cemetery.

Aiden O Mahony wins the Captain’s (Brian Colemans) Prize at Cavan Golf Club.Val Maguire Runner Up,John Costello Best Gross,David McCormack is the Juvenile winner while Madge Bouchier is the winer of the Ladies prize.

September 19th 1980 Phil Cullivan has 5 pen and ink sketches in exhibition at Bank of Ireland Lower Baggot Street.

Same Week Launch of the Torch edited by Tommy Moran (Ballinamore) produced by Kilmore Temperance Association and printed by the Abbey Printers Cavan.

Two killed in fatal accident at Drumlark when their car left the road and hit a stump of a tree.The dead are named as Padraig Gaffney aged 19 Garrymore Ballinagh and Sean Lynch aged 18 Shannow Ballinagh.The driver Philp Cosgrove aged 19 from Drumheel and Germaine Cullivan aged 19 Butlersbridge are comfortable in Surgical Hospital.The last passenger Josephine O Connell aged 18 Rock View Balyhaise was airlifted by helicopter to Dunlaoghire with serios neck injuries.

Death of Kathleen Maguire Church Street at the ag of 80.Clerical officer with Cavan County Concil.After her retirement she took over the clerical work of the Parish in the Presbytery-‘labour of love’.she was deeply religious and excellent company.Funeral Mass concelebrated by Fathers Felim Kelly,Anthony Fagan,Thomas McKiernan,Dan Sheridan,Martin Cosgrove SMA,Gerry Cumiskey with Father Des O Dowd Adm on the organ.

Paddy Doyle coach of the local Karate club leads Ireland to victory over New York in tour of the USA.John Ellis from Cavan was one of the stars of the team.

September 26th 1980 John Quinn former Postmaster dies suddenly on visit to his native Derry at the age of 74.Served in the Post office in Lifford,Arklow and the Curragh before being appointed Postmaster Cavan Post Office in 1962 until 1971.Survived by his wife Geraldine,sons John Gerard,Paddy,George and Peter and 3 daughters.Funeral in Faughanville Derry.

Same Week Death of Mary Ann Battles at the age of 82 in Saint Phelims since 1972.Her family were noted carpenters in her native Bawnboy.Survived by her sons and daughters.Funeral from the Cathedral to Klnavart.

Death of Brigid (Betty) Donohoe Drumalee at the age of 77.Spent most of her early life in USA and was a citizen of that country.Retired to live in Drumalee in 1950.Outstanding neighbour and friend.Father Tom McKiernan officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Hacklers Committee 1980-1981 Chairman Paddy Murray,Secretary Mary Kenan and Treasurer Paul Kelly.

Santa Committee 1980 Chairman HP Doyle,Secretary Des Crossan,Treasurers John McMahon and John McCaffrey.

Huge response to Saint Vincent De Paul Church Gate Collection of £1,780 which is 3 times more than was collected in 1979.

Cavan Gardening Club with Mrs Cole in the Chair will hold their monthly meetings in the new Vocational Scholl.next Monday Niall Gallagher B Agr Sc will lecture on the ‘Use of Glasshouses in Horticulture’

“Final Best Forgotten” as Kerry beat Roscommon 1-9 to 1-6 to win the three in a row.The game refereed by Seamus Murray was punctuated with fouls, vicious tackles and off the ball indiscretions.Mike Sheehy of Kerry was more accurate from the resulting frees and this was the difference between the two sides.

Alex Dempsey is appointed Sales Manager with PMPA.Native of Westport, Alex filled a similar role with Jacksons for the last 19 years.Popular member of Cavan Golf Club,Maried to Mary, they have 2 children.

October 3rd 1980 Pope John Paul 2 confers the title of Prelate of Honour on Rt Rev Monsignor PJ McManus PP VG.Crosserlough.He is Vicar General since 1978.

Same Week Kingscourt captained by Jim Reilly are County Champions for the first time in 60 years beating Crosserlough in a very entertaining game played in September sunshine in Breffni Park by 0-10 to 0-9.The attendance was 5,460 who paid record receipts of £7,400.Magnificient 40 page programme edited by PJ Carroll for the Minor Board –all 1,500 copies sold out.The referee for the final was John Brady Mullahoran

Derragarra Inn are Ulster Champions in Black and White Pub of the Year for the 4th consecutive time.Panel of judges are Jimmy Keaveney (Dublin footballer),Suszanne McDougall (Fashion) and Mike Murphy RTE.

Great enthusiasm for the 1st Laity wek in the Parish.Highlight is the Display of the Apostolic Workers and the well supported Saint Joseph’s Young Priests Pilgrimage to Knock.Week will end with Parish Social in the Town Hall.

Death of John Reilly 23 Saint Patricks Terrace at the age of 76.Staff Officer in Tax Office of Cavan County Council.Retired in 1967.Great interest in all games and civic affairs,he was particularly keen on rugby.Survived by his daughter Anna.Funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Fire Brigade prevent fire from engulfing Tom Fitzpatrick’s three storey residence in Farnham Street while later in the week a serious fire at Cavan Mineral Waters is brought under control with minimal damage.

On last day of fishing in Annagh Vincent Bartley lands a magnificient brown trout weighing 3 lbs 9 ozs.The record for the Season is held by Sean McCaul with a brown trout weighing 4 lbs 2 ozs while Johnny Donohoe Chairman of the Cavan Angling Club presents a cheque of £670 to Norman Cinnamond Chairman of Lough Sheelin Trout Protection Association.

Cavan Rugby 1st  (Away) and 2nd XV (Home) are defeated by Malone by 1 point in both encounters.1st XV to play Ballymoney S McPhillips,J Clarke,A Acheson,Paul Hayes,Kevin O Connor,Jim Lord,Matt Keenan,Eric Trenier,N McGlade,Pat Lee,Liam McMenamin,Sean McKiernan,N Heaslip,Gerry Lennon and Robbie Lyndsey.

Cavan Town include two necomersTerry Brady and Ernie Kenneddy in their comprehensive 6-0 home victory over Ashfield United.Town are drawn to play Saint Patricks CYMS in 1st Round of the FAI Junior Cup next Sunday.

Farnham Daybreakers win their 3rd consecutive All Ireland in Fay’ Yard Killeshandra.Team Mick McKiernan (Capt),Paddy Galligan,Norman Mils and J McKiernan.Subs Joey Connolly and Gerry Galligan.Billy White Chairman and Brendan McCann (Vice Chair) present the awrds to the winning team.

October 10th 1980 Larry McCluskey from Cootehill is the new CEO Vocational Schools in Monaghan.Former headmaster in Baileborough.

Same Week Micheal Harding wins the Hennessy award and £150 for literature.Son of Michael and Nellie Rock Cross.Micheal graduated from Saint Patrick’s Maynooth in 1974 with a BA.

Mark O Hanlon son of Willie and Nuala marries Lucilla Allen daughter of Billy and Peggy Allen Saint Felims Place in the Cathedral.

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October 24th 1980 Petrol rationiong and panic buying return to the Pumps as the Esso lorry drivers go on strike.Army are called in to deliver essential supplies .

Same Week 9th Annual Art Exhibition in the Protestant Hall opened by Tom Fitzpatrick TD140 exhibits from 40 different artists from Cavan Monaghan,Cork,Dublin and Antrim ranging in price from £10 to £300.

Death of Mary McKeown formerly from Connolly Street.She was a sister of Mrs Elizabeth Simpson Swellan.

Biggest ever turnout for the Saint Joseph’s Young Priests annual pilgrimage to Knock.Over 300 travel in 7 coaches.

New Community Centre at Killygarry is opened by the Minister for Education John Wilson TD.Blessed by Bishop McKiernan and Father Des O Dowd Adm.Senator Andy O Brien welcomes the large crowd while Marion Crowe is setting up a new badminton club at Kilygarry and is looking for new members (Phone 31092).

October 31 st 1980 Cavan CYMS Committee 1980 Presidents HL Smith,Andrew Cafferty,Jimmy McCormack,Chairman Jim Fay,Vice Chairman Pat Kinsella,Secretary Dominick Brady,Assistant Secretary Gerry Higgins,Treasurer Paddy O Reilly and Jimmy Mulcahy,Chaplain Father Anthony Fagan.Committee M/S Hughie Maguire,Arthur Downey,Seamus Fay,Billy Doonan,Thomas Crowe,John Loughnane,Edward Sharkey,John Murray and Francis Ellis

Same Week Providers take over from Cavan Crystal as the Sponsors of Section A to the tune of £3,000 Cavan International Song Contest.All enquires to Lennon/Maloney Phone 31604 or 31359.

Death of Thomas Lee Behey at the age of 69.Well Known farmer in the area.He is survived by his sons Michael,Patrick,Noel and daughters Mary and Eileen.Funeral from the Cathedral to Killygarry.

Objections to location of the new Army Barracks at Drumelis from residents, results in Cavan County Council refusing to sanction a loan for £82,000 to provide water and sewerage to the new Barracks.

Following damage done to their premises by Linfield supporters McGinnitys are awarded malicious damages of £400 for breakages of glasses,stereo,spirit level, furniture and plate glass window.Kate Malone of the Gaelic Bar is awarded £520 for breakage to two plate glass windows.

Golden Jubilee of Cavan Boy Scouts s celebrated with Mass in the Cathedral at which Father Des O Dowd is the chief celebrant.Sara Cullen (Editor ) lauches the Golden Jubilee Book in the presence of one of the founding members John Donohoe.

H Block hunger strike to go ahead as prisioners decide that Britain’s concession on prison clothing is “meaningless”

Evelyn O Connor is the new Captain at Cavan Bridge Club.

Roller Skates Final in Sports Centre among the winners are Vivienne Murray (Fairview),Patricia Reilly 94 Main Street,Joy Walsh (Swellan),Desmond Boyle (Cullies) and Best Couple Linda Higgins (Saint Felims Place) and Michael Reilly (Breffni Stores).

1st Dublin City Marathon 1980 Jim O Leary 4 hours and 43 minutes,Frank McCormick 3 hours and 58 minutes and Rick Lewis 3 hours and 58 minutes.

Death of Patrick Connolly formerly Merchant Ballinagh.Member of one of Cavan’s most distinguished families.he is survived by his wife Doreen (McCauley),sons Tadgh,John,Denis and Emer.Memorial Mass in Ballinagh.

Ladies Golf Union Silver medal for Mrs K O Connor while Kay Henry wins the Bronze.

November 7th 1980 Holy Rosary Sisters sell their convent and 300 acres of land to the local Co Operative Society.Purchased by Bishop Shanahan in 1924 it was the former residence of Thomas Lough MP.There were 7 in the first group of nuns but later hundreds joined the Order and served on the Missions in Africa,Brazil,America,England and Scotland.Sister Margaret Ledwith Superior Geneal says “it was costing too much of their income to maintain the house and this income is better spent helping the poor on the Missions”.

Same Week Paddy King BDS Main Street is the new President of the Irish Dental Association.

Mrs N McMahon ‘New County’ Farnham Road scores 82 marks to win her section of the Bord Failte Town and Country Homes competition.

Death of Charles Collins Corahoe at the age of 80.Extensive farmer and well knon family.Keen on sports,he was a founder member of the old Drumcrave Camogie Club.took an active part in the War of Independence and was a member of the Drumcrave Old IRA,Survived by his sisters Bridget and Mary.Father Anthony Fagan officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Cavan Town draw with Longford Town 3-3 at Derrycramph.Gene Cullivan scores a hat trick in a memorable performance.

November 14th 1980 Breffni Terrace celebrates its centenary. Built by William Hague on the site of the old Mud Wall Row which contained forty houses.

Same Week Pictured-Stephen Connolly,Robert Gray,Mark Elliott,Pauraic Galligan,Don Crotty,Noel Haren Jimmy Coyle,Deborah Smith.Francis Mooney,Padraic Garvey,Fergal Maguire,Christopher McCaffrey,Donal Murray,Robert Johnson,Noel Galligan,Helen O Mahony,Grace O Mahony,Claudine Kiernan.Michael Fallon,Fergus Crowe Joeph Connolly,Philip Gilbride,Paul Lyons Kevin Monaghan,Edward Cooke.Susan Ward,Turlough O Neill,Paul Galligan,John Galligan,Francis Lynch,Sean McDermott,Enda Corr,Kieran Galvin,John Murphy,Frances McCaffrey and Tina Smith are the recipients of awards at the Cavan Town Community Games Presentation.

Special Service to mark the reopening of Cavan Presbyterian Church after renovations costing £1,000.Service conducted by Rev Donald Fraser and Rev James C Peacock the latter is temporary rector until a replacement for Rev John McFall can be found.

Cavan Community Radio under the auspice of RTE quiz is won by Butlersbridge NS while Saint Pats win the Secondary school section.Question Master Father John Murphy,Secretary Community Radio Patsy Lee,Chairman Phil Cullivan and JJ O Reilly was the Adjudicator (Pictired with the winning teams).

Cavan Jogging Club 1980 Chairman John McDermott,Secretary Patsy Lee and Treasurer Kathleen O Gorman.Sessions every Monday and Wednesday from the Cathedral gates at 8:30 pm.

Recorded Music Society 1980 Chairman Mervyn Johnston,Secretary A McMahon,Treasurer Sheila Crotty,PRO John Smith,Committee Matty Hand,P Lemon,Angela Smith and Walter Myles.

BLOE select Aidan Watters for a Bank of Ireland  award as the outstanding juvenile athklete in County Cavan.

Dermot Healy and Simon Deignan are selected as this year’s recipients of the Claim to Fame awards by the Cavanman’s Association in Dublin.

November 21st 1980 Tragic death of Michael Logan as he cycled home at Edermine hit by a passing lorry and died later in the Surgical.Survived by his wife Betty ,seven sons and daughters.Funeral to Drumcor.

Same Week Kevin McDermott emigrated from Owen Roe in 1954 is awarded the long service medal for exemplary fire service station in Southwark London which he joined in 1958.He is also a class 1 driving instructor for the fire service.Well known as drummer and accordionist in Irish music circles in London

Peter McDonald sells his lucrative Foodmarket to Tom Boylan at Bridge Sreet Corner.

Cavan’s first healh food shop Harvest is opened in 19 Bridge Street (Bert Flood’s Butchers).

November 28th 1980 Peter Hanley Chairman of Aer Rianta makes a presentation of a photographic album of photos of the Papal Visit autohraphed by the Holy Father to Bishop McKiernan Chairman of the Organising Committee for the Visit when Bishop McKiernan unveils a plaque at Dublin Airport on the spot where the Holy Father first set foot on Irish soil.

Same Week Marita Leech and Majella Brady win the Ladies Doubles while Jackie Lyndsey and Majella win the mixed and Majella Brady rounds off a great tournament performance by winning the Minor Singles at Cavan Open Badminton in Cavan Vocational School.Competitors from Ulster Connaugh and Leinster played over 300 games over the two days of well organised competition.

Gullivar produced by the Cavan Youth Club edited by project leader Brian Allen who leads a 17 member editorial staff.First edition contains 4 pages of local interest and information and is selling at 20 p.The Christmas Number will be a bumper edition of 8 pages.

Death of Philip Dunne Shantemon.Well known farmer in the area.Known for his courtesy and gentle manner.Survived by his wife Susan,sons Sean,PJ,Phelim,daughters Teresa,Susan,Bernadette.Fathe PJ Flynn officiated at the funeral from Castletara Church to the adjoining cemetery.

Death of Mary Fitzpatrick Highfield Road at the age of 78.Resided in England for over 30 years and only 5 years back in Cavan.Survived by her daughter Anna.Rev Tom McKiernan officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Coronea.

Angela O Connor is the new Lady Captain of County Cavan Golf Club.

Seamus McCarville leads Monaghan champions Scotstown to their 3rd consecutive Ulster Club title when the beat Saint John’s Belfast 1-4 to 1-3 in the Final.

December 5th 1980 Denis Condon is the new captain at County Cavan Golf Club.President Jack Binchey,Vice captain Mick McCarthy,Secretary Phil Cullivan,Assistant Secretary Brendan Young and Norman Cinnamond,Treasurer Vincent O Connor.

Same Week Two page Christmas feature by Scanlon’s Jewellers pictured are Jim Snr,Vera Harrison and Jimmy Jnr “surrounded by a fairy cave of beautiful gifts for Christmas”

Senan Reilly Boys Under 17 and Donal Murray Boys Under 11 are Cavan AC winners at Road League in Kingscourt.Niall Mimnagh is 2nd is Boys Under 13 and Lyla Cafferty (Laragh) is the winner of the Ladies 1500 metres.Over 200 athletes take part.

AOR are appointed agents in Cavan for Irish Life Building Society.

December 12th 1980 Dr Moore Bishop of Kilmore to retire on May 31st 1981 at the age of 75.Native of Cootehill,he was educated at Drogheda Grammar school and Trinity.Ordained in 1930.Elected to the Canon of Christchurch Cathedral Dublin 1951-1957.Later Arcdeacon of Dublin.Appointed Bishop of Kilmore in 1958.Bishop Moore is married with two sons and two daughters

Same Week Death of Andrew McCarren Foxrock and late of Cvan at the age of 78.Third eldest son of the late Mr and Mrs Andrew McCaren.Former director of McCarrens and Manger of the Monnery plant.Known for his honesty and integrity.Predeceased by his wife Maureen in 1965,he is survived by his son David,daughters Clair,Jacintia,Andrea and Gabrielle.Rev Anthony Fagan presided at the funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Poor public support for 13th All Ireland One Act Drama Festival in Cavan Town Hall.Gorey Little Theatre Group win the open section and Irish Press Cup.

John Lennon ex Beatle is gunned down by Mark Chapmann aged 25 outside of his apartment in New York.

Brendan Smith son of Mr and Mrs Francis Smith Keelagh Ballyhaise is pictured receiving his BSc in Structural Engineering at Trinity College.

Theresa Calleray Secretary Breffni Breakers (pictured) presenting a CB radio to Josephine Lynch at a function in the latters honour.All proceeds went to Cavan Wheelchair Association.

Carl Murray and Michael Walsh receive their scouting stars from the Scoutmaster Paul Ronan.

Cavan Gaels win the award and £300 from Ulster Council for the best club facilities in the Provience.

December 19th 1980 1,000 babies are born in Lisdarn Hospital during 1980.

Same Week Hens fetch up to 85p while cocks are priced at 65 p at annual Turkey Market.Large larger number of geese on offer this year.

Half Marathon on the same scale of the Dublin City Marathon to be held in Cavan on March 15th 1981.Enquiries to John McDermott Swellan.Every person who competes in the race will receive a memento.

Winner of Christmas Bridge Ena Hickey,Jim Burke,Pegy Willock,Vincent Crotty ,Miss L Hayes,Dermot Morgan and Mrs McGilly.

December 26th 1980 Icebreakers hold their 13th annual Christmas Swim at Rann Point.24 swimmers took part watched by a very lage crowd.Water tempreture was 40%F.Oficial starter was once again Senator Andy O Brien Chairman Cavan Urban Council.Pictured are Senator AJ O Brien,Brian O Reilly,Sean Walsh,Willie Mimnagh,John McGovern,Paddy O Reilly UDC,Tony McDonnell,James Gillhooley,Liam Sheils ,Rick Lewis,Tommy Connolly,Seamus Dolan Cathaoirleach of the Seanad and Tom Fitzpatrick TD.Front Row Nola O Hanlon,Patricia Scanlon,Una O Mahoney,Brian Brady,Philip Wilson,Mary Smith,Rosaleen Keegan,Kathleen Smith,Nuala Keegan,Patricia Brady,Barbara Montgomery and Breda Montgomery.

Same Week Death of Anna (Nance) Flynn aged 73 at her residence 33 Cathedral Road on Saint Stephens Day.Native of Limerick,she was married to Thoma Flynn one of Cavan’s best known publicans and a member of Cavan UDC who died in 1959.Active with the Apostolic Workers,Nance was charitable and religious.Survived by her sons Tommy,Michael and daughter Sari.Rev Tom McKiernan officiated at the funeral from the Cathedral to Cullies.

Record Christmas trading in Cavan town.Superintenden Jim McNally calls for another Car Park to accommodate the shoppers now thronging to the town,saying that parking facilities over the Christmas were chaotic and totally inadequate